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International Business Machines Corp. patents

Recent patent applications related to International Business Machines Corp., listed under International Business Machines Corp. as Agent/Assignee. International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with International Business Machines Corp.. Updates: International Business Machines Corp. RSS RSS

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Application # Date International Business Machines Corp. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20150096673 04/09/15 Dual adhesive bonding with perforated wafer
20150098476 04/09/15 Temperature sensitive routing of data in a computer system
20150098565 04/09/15 Privacy enhanced spatial analytics
20150098608 04/09/15 Management of electronic racks
20150098638 04/09/15 Finding similar coronary angiograms in a database
20150098661 04/09/15 Video object classification
20150098860 04/09/15 Odor source release based on odor detection and user preference information
20150098867 04/09/15 Odor source release based on odor detection and user preference information
20150098976 04/09/15 Antimicrobial and antifouling catechol-containing polycarbonates for medical applications
20150099257 04/09/15 Empathy injection for question-answering systems
20150099435 04/09/15 High speed barrel polishing device
20150100136 04/09/15 Providing instructions to a mainframe system
20150100367 04/09/15 Extrapolating a time series
20150100368 04/09/15 Forecasting a time series based on actuals and a plan
20150100369 04/09/15 Selecting representative models
20150100379 04/09/15 Generating a succinct approximate representation of a time series
20150098475 04/09/15 Host table management in software defined network (sdn) switch clusters having layer-3 distributed router functionality
20150098308 04/09/15 Method and system using vibration signatures for pairing master and slave computing devices
20150098186 04/09/15 Automatic sealing of a gap along a chassis positioned in a rack
20150096799 04/09/15 Device for attenuating propagation of electromagnetic emissions from an enclosure
20150097217 04/09/15 Semiconductor attenuated fins
20150097243 04/09/15 Semiconductor device including soi butted junction to reduce short-channel penalty
20150097247 04/09/15 Lateral bicmos replacement metal gate
20150097257 04/09/15 Integrated waveguide structure with perforated chip edge seal
20150097266 04/09/15 High performance e-fuse fabricated with sub-lithographic dimension
20150097270 04/09/15 Finfet with relaxed silicon-germanium fins
20150097271 04/09/15 Self-healing crack stop structure
20150097274 04/09/15 Through-silicon via structure and method for improving beol dielectric performance
20150097283 04/09/15 Plug via formation with grid features in the passivation layer
20150097297 04/09/15 Semiconductor article having a zig-zag guard ring
20150097548 04/09/15 Cable detection in a pin constrained connector
20150097550 04/09/15 Cable detection in a pin constrained connector
20150097615 04/09/15 Operating and manufacturing a dc-dc converter
20150098149 04/09/15 Locating data stored on a magnetic medium
20150100384 04/09/15 Personalized pricing for omni-channel retailers with applications to mitigate showrooming
20150101017 04/09/15 Cloud resource cloning based on collaborative content
20150100731 04/09/15 Techniques for moving checkpoint-based high-availability log and data directly from a producer cache to a consumer cache
20150100732 04/09/15 Moving checkpoint-based high-availability log and data directly from a producer cache to a consumer cache
20150100770 04/09/15 Dynamic reconfiguration of queue pairs
20150100771 04/09/15 Dynamic reconfiguration of queue pairs
20150100776 04/09/15 Non-disruptive code update of a single processor in a multi-processor computing system
20150100817 04/09/15 Anticipatory protection of critical jobs in a computing system
20150100816 04/09/15 Anticipatory protection of critical jobs in a computing system
20150100834 04/09/15 Processing core data produced by a computer process
20150100937 04/09/15 Implementing enhanced net routing congestion resolution of non-rectangular or rectangular hierarchical macros
20150100939 04/09/15 Semiconductor device burn-in stress method and system
20150100945 04/09/15 Resuming a software build process
20150100948 04/09/15 Irreducible modules
20150100958 04/09/15 Traffic migration acceleration for overlay virtual environments
20150100971 04/09/15 Acceleration prediction in hybrid systems
20150100972 04/09/15 Acceleration prediction in hybrid systems
20150100705 04/09/15 Dynamic symbolic links for referencing in a file system
20150100681 04/09/15 Temperature sensitive routing of data in a computer system
20150100671 04/09/15 Identifying compatible system configurations
20150100386 04/09/15 Digital framework for business model innovation
20150100387 04/09/15 Providing guidance to a business organization by one or more of a plurality of business advisor modules
20150100391 04/09/15 Systems and methods for discovering an optimal operational strategy for a desired service delivery outcome
20150100398 04/09/15 Method for dynamic coupon pricing
20150100452 04/09/15 Presentation of product recommendations based on social informatics
20150100454 04/09/15 Presentation of product recommendations based on social informatics
20150100521 04/09/15 Empathy injection for question-answering systems
20150100541 04/09/15 Automatic generation of an extract, transform, load (etl) job
20150100549 04/09/15 Extending a content repository using an auxiliary data store
20150100670 04/09/15 Transporting multi-destination networking traffic by sending repetitive unicast
20150100624 04/09/15 Method and system for supporting vnc/rfb protocol tranversal through firewalls without the need to configure open ports
20150100615 04/09/15 Drag and drop of a uri to link resources
20150100613 04/09/15 Random number generation using a network of mobile devices
20150100606 04/09/15 Free space management in a database
20150100588 04/09/15 Optimized data visualization according to natural language query
20150100564 04/09/15 Search query obfuscation via broadened subqueries and recombining
20150095246 04/02/15 User access to a registry of business entity definitions
20150095183 04/02/15 Methods and apparatus for generating recommendations
20150095117 04/02/15 Managing key performance indicators
20150095103 04/02/15 Creating and managing commerce insights in waste management
20150095093 04/02/15 Node-pair process scope definition and scope selection computation
20150095086 04/02/15 Smart calendar
20150095087 04/02/15 Calendar integration in a collaborative environment
20150095079 04/02/15 Determining one or more skills required to address the problem symptoms of a problem report files
20150095078 04/02/15 Resource scheduling based on historical success rate
20150095250 04/02/15 Supporting information transfer during organizational changes
20150095257 04/02/15 Node-pair process scope definition adaptation
20150095333 04/02/15 Activity based analytics
20150095332 04/02/15 Automatic log sensor tuning
20150095311 04/02/15 Crowd-powered self-improving interactive visualanalytics for user-generated opinion data
20150095305 04/02/15 Detecting multistep operations when interacting with web applications
20150095304 04/02/15 Crawling computer-based objects
20150095295 04/02/15 Reducing decompression latency in a compression storage system
20150095289 04/02/15 Archival management of database logs
20150095286 04/02/15 Database auditing for bulk operations
20150095282 04/02/15 Multi-site heat map management
20150095035 04/02/15 Wideband speech parameterization for high quality synthesis, transformation and quantization
20150095010 04/02/15 Virtual power management multiprocessor system simulation
20150095009 04/02/15 Virtual power management multiprocessor system simulation
20150092349 04/02/15 Implementing redundant and high efficiency hybrid liquid and air cooling for chipstacks
20150092009 04/02/15 Streaming playback within a live video conference
20150091686 04/02/15 Inductor structure having embedded airgap
20150091601 04/02/15 On chip bias temperature instability characterization of a semiconductor device
20150091584 04/02/15 Contactless readable programmable transponder to monitor chip join
20150091181 04/02/15 Self-aligned vias formed using sacrificial metal caps
20150091131 04/02/15 Power distribution for 3d semiconductor package
20150091129 04/02/15 Heat dissipative electrical isolation/insulation structure for semiconductor devices and method of making
20150092352 04/02/15 Thermal interface solution with reduced adhesion force
20150092374 04/02/15 Solder void reduction between electronic packages and printed circuit boards
20150092478 04/02/15 Distributed current clock for nano-magnetic element array
20150094997 04/02/15 Explaining partially illegal combinations in combinatorial models
20150094996 04/02/15 System for design and execution of numerical experiments on a composite simulation model
20150094995 04/02/15 Managing interconnect electromigration effects
20150094985 04/02/15 Graphical identification of misbehaving systems
20150094871 04/02/15 Managing devices in micro-grids
20150094013 04/02/15 System and method for participants data retrieval post accident or event
20150093872 04/02/15 Lateral heterojunction bipolar transistor with low temperature recessed contacts
20150093859 04/02/15 Electronic module assembly with patterned adhesive array
20150089805 04/02/15 Chip joining by induction heating
20150095340 04/02/15 Information sets for data management
20150096041 04/02/15 Identifying and ranking pirated media content
20150095891 04/02/15 Eliminating redundant interactions when testing computer software applications
20150095886 04/02/15 Progressive black-box testing of computer software applications
20150095884 04/02/15 Automated test runs in an integrated development environment system and method
20150095815 04/02/15 Method and system providing viewing-angle sensitive graphics interface selection compensation
20150095722 04/02/15 Pattern oriented data collection and analysis
20150095721 04/02/15 Detecting error states when interacting with web applications
20150095716 04/02/15 String generation tool
20150095710 04/02/15 Debugger timed thread release
20150095893 04/02/15 Optimizing test data payload selection for testing computer software applications that employ data sanitizers and data validators
20150095894 04/02/15 Detecting race condition vulnerabilities in computer software applications
20150095902 04/02/15 Initiating use of software as part of a messaging window
20150096036 04/02/15 Security testing using semantic modeling
20150096033 04/02/15 Security testing using semantic modeling
20150096032 04/02/15 Detecting vulnerability to resource exhaustion
20150095928 04/02/15 Delivering content via a content delivery device that includes audio delivery capabilities and video delivery capabilities
20150095917 04/02/15 Distributed uima cluster computing (ducc) facility
20150095908 04/02/15 Failover detection and treatment in checkpoint systems
20150095907 04/02/15 Failover detection and treatment in checkpoint systems
20150095906 04/02/15 Ranking virtual machines based on value
20150095700 04/02/15 Isolating a pci host bridge in response to an error event
20150095693 04/02/15 Memory system for mirroring data
20150095608 04/02/15 Verification of dynamic logical partitioning
20150095476 04/02/15 Dynamic port naming in a chassis
20150095468 04/02/15 Synchronizing configurations amongst multiple devices
20150095452 04/02/15 Differential encoder with look-ahead synchronization
20150095417 04/02/15 Generating a multi-dimensional social network identifier
20150095379 04/02/15 Merging metadata for database storage regions based on overlapping range values
20150095373 04/02/15 String generation tool
20150095357 04/02/15 Resource reconciliation based on external factors
20150095344 04/02/15 Database access using partitioned data areas
20150095341 04/02/15 System and a method for hierarchical data column storage and efficient query processing
20150095485 04/02/15 Reactive throttling of heterogeneous migration sessions in a virtualized cloud environment
20150095530 04/02/15 Dynamic port naming in a chassis
20150095607 04/02/15 Verification of dynamic logical partitioning
20150095584 04/02/15 Utility-based invalidation propagation scheme selection for distributed cache consistency
20150095568 04/02/15 Storage system and storage device configuration reporting

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