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International Business Machines Corp. patents

Recent patent applications related to International Business Machines Corp., listed under International Business Machines Corp. as Agent/Assignee. International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with International Business Machines Corp.. Updates: International Business Machines Corp. RSS RSS

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Application # Date International Business Machines Corp. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20150020183 01/15/15 Representation and control of the scope of impact in inherited settings
20150018060 01/15/15 System and method for decision making in strategic environments
20150019069 01/15/15 Reverse event signature for identifying hit and run vehicles
20150019198 01/15/15 Method to apply perturbation for resource bottleneck detection and capacity planning
20150019239 01/15/15 Identifying target patients for new drugs by mining real-world evidence
20150019284 01/15/15 Dynamically modifying business processes based on real-time events
20150019289 01/15/15 System and method for forecasting prices of frequently-promoted retail products
20150019373 01/15/15 Providing a consumer advocate recommendation utilizing historic purchasing data
20150019489 01/15/15 Interactive format manipulation and replication
20150019494 01/15/15 Speculative recovery using storage snapshot in a clustered database
20150019510 01/15/15 Applying a maximum size bound on content defined segmentation of data
20150020176 01/15/15 Using personalized url for advanced login security
20150020068 01/15/15 Utilizing client resources during mobility operations
20150019901 01/15/15 Tolerating failures using concurrency in a cluster
20150019851 01/15/15 State dependent optimization for sequential booting of heterogeneous systems
20150019828 01/15/15 System and method for mirroring data
20150019781 01/15/15 Managing over-initiative thin interrupts
20150019770 01/15/15 Dynamically calibrating the offset of a receiver with a decision feedback equalizer (dfe) while performing data transport operations
20150007427 01/08/15 Method of manufacturing a venting device for tamper resistant electronic modules
20150008947 01/08/15 Ball grid array configuration for reliable testing
20150011023 01/08/15 Multiple-patterned semiconductor device
20150011260 01/08/15 Mobile device trajectory estimation
20150012250 01/08/15 Clustering based continuous performance prediction and monitoring for semiconductor manufacturing processes using nonparametric bayesian models
20150012384 01/08/15 Shopping optimizer
20150012715 01/08/15 Distributed shared memory
20150006141 01/01/15 Method, computer program and system providing real-time power grid hypothesis testing and contigency planning
20150006149 01/01/15 Electronically based thesaurus leveraging context sensitivity
20150006170 01/01/15 Real-time speech analysis method and system
20150006189 01/01/15 Method and appartus for identifying possible treatment non-adherence
20150006234 01/01/15 Process networking and resource optimization
20150006267 01/01/15 Designing price incentives in a network with social interactions
20150006268 01/01/15 Designing price incentives in a network with social interactions
20150006431 01/01/15 Providing resource access
20150006438 01/01/15 Method and system for exploring the associations between drug side-effects and therapeutic indications
20150006439 01/01/15 Method and system for exploring the associations between drug side-effects and therapeutic indications
20150006450 01/01/15 Iterative learning for reliable sensor sourcing systems
20150006543 01/01/15 Determining mappings for application integration based on user contributions
20150006129 01/01/15 Inverse modeling procedure for building energy using integrated pde-ode models and stepwise parameter estimation
20150006112 01/01/15 Method of consumer/producer raw material selection
20150006111 01/01/15 System and method for incident detection with spatiotemporal thresholds estimated via nonparametric quantile regression
20150000868 01/01/15 Method and system for thermomechanically decoupling heatsink
20150001099 01/01/15 Tunneling junction to distinguish targeted dna segment
20150002294 01/01/15 Method of activating a supplemental visual warning signal based on frequency emitted from a generator of a primary audible warning signal
20150002313 01/01/15 Method to mitigate honking of vehicles
20150003174 01/01/15 Finfet-based boosting supply voltage circuit and method
20150003599 01/01/15 Identifying a contact based on a voice communication session
20150003697 01/01/15 Bidirectional blood vessel segmentation
20150004800 01/01/15 Self-aligned patterning technique for semiconductor device features
20150005008 01/01/15 Identification of location of a target address using position information transmitted by position identifying transmitter in vicinity of target address
20150005949 01/01/15 Multiple level computer system temperature management
20150006076 01/01/15 Identification of location of a target address using position information transmitted by position identifying transmitter in vicinity of target address
20150000097 01/01/15 Method and system for thermomechanically decoupling heatsink
20150006556 01/01/15 Integrating data between different enterprise systems
20150006951 01/01/15 Quick failover of blade server
20150006963 01/01/15 Memory dump optimization in a system
20150007006 01/01/15 Normalizing a page flow
20150007007 01/01/15 Discovering relationships in tabular data
20150007095 01/01/15 External data service integration to enhance data field metadata
20150007118 01/01/15 Software development using gestures
20150007119 01/01/15 Method of forming a semiconductor circuit
20150007130 01/01/15 Software development using gestures
20150007144 01/01/15 Breakpoint continuation for stream computing
20150007147 01/01/15 Determining control flow divergence due to variable value difference
20150007169 01/01/15 Deploying an application in a cloud computing environment
20150007320 01/01/15 Method, device and circuit for pattern matching
20150006949 01/01/15 Maintaining computer system operability
20150006912 01/01/15 Firmware for protecting data from software threats field of the invention
20150006568 01/01/15 Identifying a contact based on a voice communication session
20150006578 01/01/15 Dynamic search system
20150006584 01/01/15 Managing a complex object in a cloud environment
20150006600 01/01/15 Lookup table sharing for memory-based computing
20150006631 01/01/15 Collaborative analytics with edge devices
20150006650 01/01/15 Management of connections in a messaging environment
20150006706 01/01/15 Analytics caching based on users connected
20150006867 01/01/15 Optimization of instruction groups across group boundaries
20150006840 01/01/15 Generation-based memory synchronization in a multiprocessor system with weakly consistent memory accesses
20150006835 01/01/15 Backup management for a plurality of logical partitions
20150006735 01/01/15 Framework to improve parallel job workflow
20150006708 01/01/15 Determining the health of a network community
20140377929 12/25/14 Resistive memory with a stabilizer
20140377917 12/25/14 Semiconductor device including source/drain formed on bulk and gate channel formed on oxide layer
20140377572 12/25/14 Injection of a filler material with homogeneous distribution of anisotropic filler particles through implosion
20140376603 12/25/14 Testing a decision feedback equalizer ('dfe')
20140376123 12/25/14 Products with tape formats having one or more spare areas and apparatuses configured for use with such products
20140375842 12/25/14 Generating an image of a seal impression
20140375550 12/25/14 Generating an operating procedure manual
20140375483 12/25/14 High throughput decoding of variable length data symbols
20140375482 12/25/14 High throughput decoding of variable length data symbols
20140374802 12/25/14 Bipolar transistor with maskless self-aligned emitter
20140374695 12/25/14 Nanogap device with capped nanowire structures
20140379405 12/25/14 Modifying service levels in online meeting system
20140379431 12/25/14 Application of mobile devices for event data
20140380291 12/25/14 Extracting stream graph structure in a computer language by pre-executing a deterministic subset
20140380160 12/25/14 Pattern based video frame navigation aid
20140380099 12/25/14 Base protocol layer testing device
20140380096 12/25/14 Memory uncorrectable error handling technique for reducing the impact of noise
20140380051 12/25/14 Secure data access using sql query rewrites
20140380013 12/25/14 Execution of a perform frame management function instruction
20140379980 12/25/14 Selective duplication of tape cartridge contents
20140379856 12/25/14 Management of outbound transactions to an enterprise information system
20140379818 12/25/14 Aggregating message responses into topic-organized content
20140379678 12/25/14 Highly scalable tree-based trylock
20140379625 12/25/14 Spike tagging for debugging, querying, and causal analysis
20140372217 12/18/14 Optimal zoom indicators for map search results
20140372374 12/18/14 Difference determination in a database environment
20140372421 12/18/14 Optimal zoom indicators for map search results
20140372431 12/18/14 Generating differences for tuple attributes
20140372470 12/18/14 On-the-fly encoding method for efficient grouping and aggregation
20140372211 12/18/14 Real-time advertisement based on common point of attraction of different viewers
20140370683 12/18/14 T-shaped compound semiconductor lateral bipolar transistor on semiconductor-on-insulator
20140370662 12/18/14 Copper post solder bumps on substrates
20140370636 12/18/14 Extended gate sensor for ph sensing
20140370637 12/18/14 Nanochannel process and structure for bio-detection
20140368953 12/18/14 Tape head with tape-bearing surface exhibiting an array of protruding topographic features
20140367782 12/18/14 Lateral diode compatible with finfet and method to fabricate same
20140367752 12/18/14 Transistor having all-around source/drain metal contact channel stressor and method to fabricate same
20140372519 12/18/14 Diagnostic heartbeating in a distributed data processing environment
20140372538 12/18/14 System and method for generating intentional interruptions during gatherings
20140372598 12/18/14 Optimizing resource usage in systems which include heterogeneous devices, including sensors and smartphones
20140373159 12/18/14 After-the-fact configuration of static analysis tools able to reduce user burden
20140373158 12/18/14 Detecting security vulnerabilities on computing devices
20140373013 12/18/14 Synchronizing multicast groups
20140372964 12/18/14 Dynamic java bean for visualage for java
20140372960 12/18/14 Machine-learning based datapath extraction
20140372848 12/18/14 Optimizing automated interactions with web applications
20140372847 12/18/14 Optimizing automated interactions with web applications
20140372746 12/18/14 Port throttling across an operating system restart during a hot upgrade
20140372600 12/18/14 Storage disk file subsystem and defect management systems and methods
20140372640 12/18/14 Processing input/output requests using proxy and owner storage systems
20140372705 12/18/14 Least-recently-used (lru) to first-dirty-member distance-maintaining cache cleaning scheduler
20140372724 12/18/14 Allocation of distributed data structures
20140372725 12/18/14 Allocation of distributed data structures
20140363699 12/11/14 Current-perpendicular-to-plane magnetoresistive read sensor
20140363964 12/11/14 Gate electrode with stabilized metal semiconductor alloy-semiconductor stack
20140363969 12/11/14 Double self aligned via patterning
20140364096 12/11/14 Information sharing for third party applications in cellular telecommunication infrastructure
20140364574 12/11/14 Surface-selective carbon nanotube deposition via polymer-mediated assembly
20140365022 12/11/14 Managing time-substitutable electricity usage using dynamic controls
20140365180 12/11/14 Optimal selection of building components using sequential design via statistical based surrogate models
20140365276 12/11/14 Data-driven inventory and revenue optimization for uncertain demand driven by multiple factors
20140363641 12/11/14 Surface modification using functional carbon nanotubes
20140362638 12/11/14 Structure and method for adjusting threshold voltage of the array of transistors
20140361314 12/11/14 Semiconductor alloy fin field effect transistor
20140361338 12/11/14 Reduced resistance sige finfet devices and method of forming same
20140361350 12/11/14 Thin-film hybrid complementary circuits
20140361975 12/11/14 Management of input methods
20140361978 12/11/14 Portable computer monitoring
20140362061 12/11/14 System and method to display information on a hard disk drive assembly
20140362174 12/11/14 Generating a composite field of view using a plurality of oblique panoramic images of a geographic area
20140362636 12/11/14 Capacitor backup for sram
20140365342 12/11/14 Resource provisioning for electronic books

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