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Ihi Corporation
Ihi Corporation Tokyo Japan

Ihi Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Ihi Corporation. Ihi Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ihi Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ihi Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17Abnormality diagnosing method and abnormality diagnosing system
11/09/17Method of manufacturing ni alloy casting and ni alloy casting
10/26/17Stator-vane structure and turbofan engine
10/26/17Spline connection structure and spline shaft
10/26/17Multi-chamber heat treatment device
10/26/17Design support apparatus, design support method, and program
10/19/17Friction stir welding method
10/19/17Friction stir welding device
10/19/17Failure detection device
10/19/17Variable nozzle unit and variable-capacity supercharger
10/19/17Compressor vane or blade for engine
10/19/17Thrust bearing
10/12/17Ceramic matrix composite member and manufacturing the same
10/05/17Shield member and jet engine using the same
10/05/17Method and controlling inlet temperature of dedusting apparatus in oxygen combustion boiler equipment
09/28/17Vane coating apparatus
09/14/17Wireless power-supplying system
09/07/17Thermal treatment device
09/07/17Wireless power-supplying system
08/31/17Method for constructing cylindrical tank
08/24/17Anti-cancer agent and cancer cell killing method
08/17/17Coil device, wireless power transfer system, and auxiliary magnetic member
08/03/17Information providing system, power receiving device, information providing method and information providing program
08/03/17Method for producing ceramic matrix composite
08/03/17Center vent tube aligning mechanism and center vent tube support device
08/03/17Inspection probe
08/03/17Double stator-type rotary machine
08/03/17Rotary machine and manufacturing rotary machine
07/27/17Image analysis apparatus, image analysis method, and program
07/20/17Uniflow-scavenged two-cycle engine
07/20/17Compressor vane or blade for engine
07/13/17Centrifugal compressor and turbocharger
07/13/17Stator-vane structure and turbofan engine employing the same
07/06/17Tension control device and conveying device
07/06/17Environmental barrier coating
07/06/17Jet engine
07/06/17Power transmission device, power transmission method, and wireless power transfer system
06/22/17Desulfurization device
06/22/17Desulfurization device
06/22/17Cylindrical case and jet engine
06/22/17Heat treatment device and cooling device
06/22/17Uniflow scavenging two-cycle engine
06/22/17Axial flow device and jet engine
06/08/17Power reception coil device and wireless power transfer system
06/08/17Bearing structure and turbocharger
06/08/17Topology optimization using reduced length boundaries on structure segments of different thicknesses
05/25/17Variable flow valve mechanism and turbocharger
05/25/17Variable flow valve mechanism and turbocharger
05/25/17Rotary device for nuclear power facility
05/18/17Hollow rotating shaft finishing method and hollow rotating shaft
05/11/17Variable nozzle unit and variable geometry system turbocharger
05/04/17Variable-flow-rate valve mechanism and turbocharger
04/27/17Debris removal device and debris removal method
04/20/17Airfoil for axial flow machine
04/13/17Coil device and inductance-changing mechanism
04/06/17Compressor stator vane, axial flow compressor, and gas turbine
04/06/17Pneumatic valve
03/30/17Coating to suppress adhesion of deposits, and flow path component including coating
03/30/17Afterburner and aircraft engine
03/30/17Power-receiving device, wireless power-transmitting system, and power-transmission device
03/23/17Cooling apparatus and multi-chamber heat treatment apparatus
03/23/17Turbo pump
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03/23/17Variable nozzle unit and variable geometry turbocharger
03/23/17Cylindrical case
03/23/17System for cooling electric driving unit of aircraft
03/16/17Heat treatment apparatus
03/16/17Cooling device and multi-chamber heat treatment device
03/16/17Condenser and cleaning device
03/16/17Axial turbo machine
03/16/17Bearing structure and turbocharger
03/16/17Coil device
03/16/17Coil device
03/16/17Power-transmitting device, power-receiving device, and wireless power supply system
03/02/17Cleaning apparatus
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03/02/17Variable nozzle unit and variable geometry turbocharger
03/02/17Heat treatment device
02/23/17Combustion experiment device
02/23/17Ocean data measurement system
02/16/17Foreign-matter-removing device, ground equipment for wireless power-supplying system, and wireless power-supplying system
02/16/17Bearing structure and turbocharger
02/16/17Bearing structure and turbocharger
02/16/17Bearing structure and turbocharger
02/16/17Non-destructive inspection apparatus
02/02/17Knife and blade finishing method
02/02/17Dynamic system estimation device and method
02/02/17Pneumatically-actuated valve
02/02/17Method of discharging residual liquid in liquefied gas tank
02/02/17Wireless power supply system and power receiver
01/26/17Method of manufacturing ni alloy part
01/26/17Friction stir welding device
01/26/17Cooling device and multi-chamber heat treatment device
01/26/17Carburizing device
01/26/17Vacuum processing device
01/26/17Bypass duct fairing for low bypass ratio turbofan engine and turbofan engine therewith
01/26/17Thrust increasing device
01/26/17Conveyance device for heat treatment device and heat treatment device
01/26/17Cooling cooling electronic device in aircraft
01/19/17Method of manufacturing packing and packing
01/19/17Workpiece securing device for friction stir welding device
01/19/17Control device for rocket
01/19/17High-pressure fluid discharge device
01/19/17Wireless power transfer system and vehicle power supply device
01/19/17Wireless power-supplying system, power-receiving device, and power-transmitting device
01/19/17Double-stator switched reluctance rotating machine
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01/12/17Casting mold, manufacturing same, tial alloy cast product, and casting same
01/12/17Wireless power transfer system and vehicle power supply device
01/12/17Composite vane and manufacturing composite vane
01/12/17Turbine stator vane of ceramic matrix composite
01/12/17Measured value analysis apparatus and measured value analysis method
01/12/17Wireless power transfer system and object power supply device
01/12/17Wireless power transfer system
01/05/17Wireless power transfer system and vehicle electric power supply device
01/05/17Graphitization furnace
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12/29/16Electric power supply system program, electric power supply device, parking device program, and parking device
12/29/16Heat treatment apparatus
12/29/16Power-transmitting device and wireless power-supplying system
12/29/16Cooling device and wireless power supply system
12/01/16Turbocharger and turbocharger oil supply system
12/01/16Radial foil bearing
12/01/16Bearing structure and turbocharger
12/01/16Heat treatment device
12/01/16Power-transmitting device and wireless power transmission system
11/24/16Desulfurization apparatus and exhaust gas processing system using the same
11/17/16High-temperature processing furnace and reinforcement fiber joining method
11/17/16Furnace for continuously graphitizing carbon fiber
11/17/16Support balance correction
11/03/16Wireless power supply system
11/03/16Crosshead engine
11/03/16Impeller fastening structure and turbo compressor
11/03/16Thrust bearing
11/03/16Rare earth permanent magnet and rare earth permanent magnet manufacturing method
10/27/16Tension control device
10/27/16Carburizing device
10/27/16Discharge electrode and testing device
10/20/16Conveyor device
10/20/16Heat-resistant composite material production method and production device
10/20/16Coupling part structure for vane and jet engine including the same
10/20/16Seal mechanism
10/20/16Afterburner and aircraft engine
10/13/16Heat-resistant composite material production method and production device
10/06/16Parking assistance apparatus and system
10/06/16Tar reforming furnace
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10/06/16Fan case and fan case manufacturing method
09/29/16Piston ring
09/29/16Plasma nitriding apparatus
09/29/16Variable nozzle unit and variable geometry system turbocharger
09/22/16Dome-shaped roof construction method and dome-shaped roof intermediate structure
09/15/16Metal-salen complex compound, local anesthetic and antineoplastic drug
09/08/16Variable geometry system turbocharger
09/01/16Membrane anchor mechanism
09/01/16Cryogenic tank
09/01/16Cryogenic tank
09/01/16Cryogenic tank
09/01/16Wireless power-transmitting system
08/25/16Variable nozzle unit and variable geometry system turbocharger
08/25/16Image analyzing apparatus and program
08/11/16Inspection system
08/11/16Image analyzing apparatus and program
08/04/16Method for jointing metal injection molded parts
07/21/16Fiber waviness detection conductive composite materials
07/14/16Fuel system
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07/14/16Underwater device and controlling posture of underwater device
07/07/16Iron-salen complex
07/07/16Electric conduction structure for jet engine
07/07/16Seal for turbofan engine
07/07/16Thrust bearing
07/07/16Thrust bearing
07/07/16Combustion assisting fluid preheating device for oxygen combustion system
06/30/16Method of welding shaft and wheel in turbine shaft, turbine shaft, and welding device
06/30/16Fuel system
06/23/16Vane structure for axial flow turbomachine and gas turbine engine
06/16/16Thermal barrier-coated ni alloy component and manufacturing method thereof
06/16/16Fuel supply aircraft engine
06/16/16Device for preventing steam from being produced in flue gas cooler for oxyfuel combustion boiler
06/09/16Composite vane
06/02/16Methanation catalyst
06/02/16Gas generator
06/02/16Projectile for simulating bird strike
05/26/16Shield apparatus and wireless power supply system
05/26/16Gas turbine engine optimization control device
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05/19/16Centrifugal compressor and turbocharger
05/19/16Above-ground low-temperature tank
05/19/16Boiler water supply preheater system and boiler water supply preheating method
05/19/16Method for manufacturing wireless power-transmitting device, and resonator
05/12/16Centrifugal compressor and turbocharger
05/12/16Power-supplying device and wireless power-supplying system
05/05/16Transport system
05/05/16Tilting-pad bearing and turbo compressor
04/28/16Vertical take-off and landing aircraft
04/21/16Stator vane structure and turbofan jet engine using the same
04/21/16Centrifugal compressor and turbocharger
04/14/16Catalyst structure, reactor, and manufacturing catalyst structure
04/07/16Exhaust gas purification device and co2 recovery system
04/07/16Prestressed concrete roof for cylindrical tank
03/31/16Power transmission system
03/31/16Underwater mobile body
03/24/16Method for constructing cylindrical tank
03/24/16Centrifugal compressor and turbocharger
03/24/16Power transmission system
03/17/16Centrifugal compressor and turbocharger
03/10/16Device for removing impurities from water-containing gas and impurities removal system
03/03/16Exhaust gas processing system and processing method
03/03/16Impurities removal system
03/03/16Heat storage system
03/03/16Uniflow scavenging 2-cycle engine
03/03/16Uniflow scavenging 2-cycle engine
03/03/16Uniflow scavenging 2-cycle engine
03/03/16Flow volume measurement device for turbo compressor, and turbo compressor
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03/03/16Heat storage system
02/25/16Desulfurization device
02/25/16Wing surface finishing method and wing component
02/25/16Methanation catalyst
02/18/16Movement mechanism
02/18/16Blade in fan, and fan
02/18/16Wireless power supply system
02/11/16Wireless power-transmitting device and system
02/04/16Fire extinguishing equipment
02/04/16Vehicle power-supplying system
01/21/16Foreign matter detection device and wireless power supply device
01/21/16Underwater device
01/21/16Alkalinity control agent supply compressor impurity separation mechanism
01/21/16Continuous heating furnace
01/14/16Wireless power transmission device and vehicle
01/14/16Fluidized bed operating fluidized bed furnace
01/14/16Method of making a ni-based single crystal superalloy and turbine blade incorporating same
01/14/16Variable nozzle for aeronautic gas turbine engine
01/14/16Compressor wheel, centrifugal compressor, machining compressor wheel, and machining compressor wheel
01/14/16Radial foil bearing
01/14/16Wireless power supply system
01/07/16Recovery method and recovery apparatus of carbon dioxide
01/07/16Actuator power transmission mechanism and turbocharger
01/07/16Combustion heater
01/07/16Cooling promoting structure
01/07/16Magnetic wave gear device
12/31/15Method and preventing corrosion of compressor impurity separation mechanism
12/31/15Vehicle power-supplying system
12/31/15Method for machining ceramic matrix composite

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