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Illumina Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Illumina Inc. Illumina Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Illumina Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Illumina Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Multibase delivery for long reads in sequencing by synthesis protocols

The present technology relates to molecular sciences, such as genomics. More particularly, the present technology relates to methods for obtaining long lengths of sequencing data.... Illumina Inc

Single cell whole genome libraries and combinatorial indexing methods of making thereof

Provided herein are methods for preparing a sequencing library that includes nucleic acids from a plurality of single cells. In one embodiment, the sequencing library includes whole genome nucleic acids from the plurality of single cells. In one embodiment, the method includes generating nucleosome-depleted nuclei by chemical treatment while maintaining... Illumina Inc

Transposase compositions for reduction of insertion bias

Presented herein are methods and compositions for tagmentation of nucleic acids. The methods are useful for generating tagged DNA fragments that are qualitatively and quantitatively representative of the target nucleic acids in the sample from which they are generated.... Illumina Inc

Compositions and methods for preparing oligonucleotide solutions

The present invention is directed to methods and compositions for generating a pool of oligonucleotides. The invention finds use in preparing a population or subpopulations of oligonucleotides in solution. The pool of oligonucleotides finds use in a variety of nucleic acid detection and/or amplification assays.... Illumina Inc

Compositions, systems, and methods for detecting events using tethers anchored to or adjacent to nanopores

Compositions, systems, and methods for detecting events are provided. A composition can include a nanopore including a first side, a second side, and an aperture extending through the first and second sides; and a permanent tether including head and tail regions and an elongated body disposed therebetween. The head region... Illumina Inc

Modified polymerases for improved incorporation of nucleotide analogues

Presented herein are polymerase enzymes for improved incorporation of nucleotide analogues, in particular nucleotides which are modified at the 3′ sugar hydroxyl, as well as methods and kits using the same.... Illumina Inc

Compositions, systems, and methods for detecting the presence of polymer subunits using chemiluminescence

Under one aspect, a composition includes a substrate; a first polynucleotide coupled to the substrate; a second polynucleotide hybridized to the first polynucleotide; and a catalyst coupled to a first nucleotide of the second polynucleotide, the catalyst being operable to cause a chemiluminogenic molecule to emit a photon. Under another... Illumina Inc

Tenant-aware distributed application authentication

Flexible authentication technologies customized to particular tenants of a data center network can be implemented. For example, an administrator can specify a primary authentication server and specify at which data centers different applications are to be hosted for a given tenant. End users can be shielded from the complexities of... Illumina Inc

Polynucleotide amplification using crispr-cas systems

A method for amplifying a target nucleic acid including providing a system having a crRNA or a derivative thereof, and a Cas protein or a variant thereof. The crRNA or the derivative thereof contains a target-specific nucleotide region substantially complementary to a region of the target nucleic acid, and contacting... Illumina Inc

Polymer coatings

The present disclosure relates to polymer coatings covalently attached to the surface of a substrate and the preparation of the polymer coatings, such as poly(N-(5-azidoacetamidylpentyl)acrylamide-co-acrylamide) (PAZAM), in the formation and manipulation of substrates, such as molecular arrays and flow cells. The present disclosure also relates to methods of preparing a... Illumina Inc

Kinetic exclusion amplification of nucleic acid libraries

A method including (a) providing an amplification reagent including an array of sites, and a solution having different target nucleic acids; and (b) reacting the amplification reagent to produce amplification sites each having a clonal population of amplicons from a target nucleic acid from the solution. The reacting can include... Illumina Inc


Presented herein are methods and compositions for thermostable DNA polymerases that may be used to improve the PCR process and to improve the results obtained when using a thermostable DNA polymerase in other recombinant techniques such as DNA sequencing, nick-translation, and reverse transcription.... Illumina Inc

Modified polymerases for improved incorporation of nucleotide analogues

Presented herein are polymerase enzymes for improved incorporation of nucleotide analogues, in particular nucleotides which are modified at the 3′ sugar hydroxyl, as well as methods and kits using the same.... Illumina Inc

Methods and systems for construction of normalized nucleic acid libraries

The present disclosure generally relates to nucleic acid amplification systems and methods suitable for construction of nucleic acid samples, including construction of normalized nucleic acid libraries. In some embodiments, the method includes providing one or more input nucleic acid samples, contacting each of the input nucleic acid samples (e.g., input... Illumina Inc

Haplotype resolved genome sequencing

Methods of determining a haplotype or partial haplotype of a DNA sample containing high molecular weight segments of genomic DNA are disclosed. Such methods may include sequencing DNA in an enriched DNA sample to produce a plurality of sequence reads, where some of the sequence reads contain a first allele... Illumina Inc

Methods for selecting and amplifying polynucleotides

The invention provides methods for generating a nucleic acid library. Target-specific primer-probes are hybridized to a target nucleic acid fragment to create a hybridization product. Each of the target-specific primer-probes comprises a target-specific sequence and a first adaptor sequence. The target nucleic acid fragment comprises a target genomic region of... Illumina Inc

Recombinase mutants

Presented herein are recombinases for improved recombinase-mediated amplification of nucleic acids, such as a PCR-library having single-stranded adapter regions, on a patterned flow cell surface for improved cluster amplifications, as well as methods and kits using the same.... Illumina Inc

Photonic superlattice-based devices and compositions for use in luminescent imaging, and methods of using the same

Under one aspect, a device is provided for use in luminescent imaging. The device can include a photonic superlattice including a first material, the first material having a first refractive index. The first material can include first and second major surfaces and first and second pluralities of features defined though... Illumina Inc

Compositions and methods for polynucleotide sequencing

Methods and compositions for characterizing a target polynucleotide, including, characterizing the sequence of the target polynucleotide, using the fractional translocation steps of the target polynucleotide's translocation through a pore.... Illumina Inc

Preservation of information related to genomic dna methylation

The present invention relates to compositions, methods and systems for analyzing the methylation state of nucleic acids. Some embodiments relate to a compositions, methods and systems for analyzing the methylation state of DNA with a gene array.... Illumina Inc

Hybrid nanopore sensors

The disclosure provides detection apparatus having one or more nanopores, methods for making apparatus having one or more nanopore and methods for using apparatus having one or more nanopores. Uses include, but are not limited to detection and sequencing of nucleic acids.... Illumina Inc

Functionalization and purification of molecules by reversible group exchange

Embodiments of the present disclosure include methods and compositions for functionalizing molecules, such as oligonucleotides, with functional groups, including polyhistidine tags useful in affinity methods. Some embodiments include methods for modifying and purifying complex mixtures of molecules by exchange of functional tags.... Illumina Inc

Integrated optoelectronic read head and fluidic cartridge useful for nucleic acid sequencing

A detection apparatus having a read head including a plurality of microfluorometers positioned to simultaneously acquire a plurality of the wide-field images in a common plane; and (b) a translation stage configured to move the read head along a substrate that is in the common plane. The substrate can be... Illumina Inc

Microarray fabrication system and method

A microarray is designed capture one or more molecules of interest at each of a plurality of sites on a substrate. The sites comprise base pads, such as polymer base pads, that promote the attachment of the molecules at the sites. The microarray may be made by one or more... Illumina Inc

Detection apparatus having a microfluorometer, a fluidic system, and a flow cell latch clamp module

Detection apparatus includes a microfluorometer having an objective, an excitation radiation source, and a detector. The detection apparatus also includes a fluidic system for delivering reagents from a reagent cartridge to a flow cell. The fluidic system includes a manifold body having a plurality of fluidic channels configured for fluid... Illumina Inc

Nucleic acid synthesis techniques

A method for synthesizing a nucleic acid includes synthesizing one or more nucleic acid fragments on a substrate. The synthesized one or more nucleic acid fragments may be amplified on the substrate. The method also includes sequencing the synthesized or amplified one or more nucleic acid fragments on the substrate.... Illumina Inc

Compositions and methods for representational selection of nucleic acids from complex mixture

The invention provides a method of selecting a representational sample of nucleic acid sequences from a complex mixture. The method includes: (a) contacting a complex mixture of nucleic acids under conditions sufficient for hybridization with a population of capture probes complementary to one or more nucleic acids comprising a predetermined... Illumina Inc

Distinguishing methylation levels in complex biological samples

Provided herein is a method for distinguishing an aberrant methylation level for DNA from a first cell type, including steps of (a) providing a test data set that includes (i) methylation states for a plurality of sites from test genomic DNA from at least one test organism, and (ii) coverage... Illumina Inc

Sequencing by orthogonal synthesis

A method for sequencing includes steps of (a) providing first and second nucleic acid templates, wherein the two templates have different sequences; (b) extending a first primer bound to the first template using a first polymerase species and a first set of nucleotide analogs; (c) extending a second primer bound... Illumina Inc

Data processing system and methods

Methods and systems for analysis of image data generated from various reference points. Particularly, the methods and systems provided are useful for real time analysis of image and sequence data generated during DNA sequencing methodologies.... Illumina Inc

Optical alignment tool

Provided is an inspection apparatus including: (a) a translucent or transparent plate having a bottom surface, at least a portion of the bottom surface having an opaque material printed thereon in a pattern having at least one transparent or translucent portion; and (h) a chamber disposed below the bottom surface,... Illumina Inc

Liquid storage and delivery mechanisms and methods

A liquid storage and delivery mechanism and method of use are provided. The mechanism comprises shells that include corresponding reservoirs to hold individual quantities of liquid. The shells include filling ends and discharge ends. The filling ends include fill ports that open to the reservoirs in order to receive the... Illumina Inc

Composite arrays utilizing microspheres with a hybridization chamber

The invention relates to sensor compositions comprising a composite array of individual arrays, to allow for simultaneous processing of a number of samples. The invention further provides methods of making and using the composite arrays. The invention further provides a hybridization chamber for use with a composite array.... Illumina Inc

Systems and methods including a rotary valve for at least one of sample preparation or sample analysis

Systems and methods for conducting designated reactions that include a fluidic network having a sample channel, a reaction chamber, and a reservoir. The sample channel is in flow communication with a sample port. The system also includes a rotary valve that has a flow channel and is configured to rotate... Illumina Inc

Array domains having rotated patterns

An article of manufacture having a plurality of sites in domains of regular patterns. Neighboring domains are oriented at different angles to improve the identification of the sites.... Illumina Inc

05/11/17 / #20170128940

Inertial droplet generation and particle encapsulation

Described are microfluidic devices and methods for providing a predetermined number of microspheres or beads, together with a cell, within a fluid droplet being processed. The system may provide each droplet with a single bead and a single cell, and the bead may contain DNA or other reagents for later... Illumina Inc

04/13/17 / #20170101676

Off-target capture reduction in sequencing techniques

Presented herein are methods and compositions for enhancing specific enrichment of target sequences in a nucleic acid library. Off-target hybridization probes may be used to reduce binding and/or capture of off-target regions of a nucleic acid library in a targeted sequencing workflow. The off-target hybridization probes may be specific for... Illumina Inc

02/23/17 / #20170051340

Detection of nucleic acid reactions on bead arrays

The present invention is directed to methods and compositions for the use of microsphere arrays to detect and quantify a number of nucleic acid reactions. The invention finds use in genotyping, i.e. the determination of the sequence of nucleic acids, particularly alterations such as nucleotide substitutions (mismatches) and single nucleotide... Illumina Inc

02/16/17 / #20170044525

Multiplexed single cell gene expression analysis using template switch and tagmentation

Presented herein are methods and compositions for multiplexed single cell gene expression analysis. Some methods and compositions include the use of droplets and/or beads bearing unique barcodes such as unique molecular barcodes (UMI).... Illumina Inc

02/02/17 / #20170029883

Compositions and methods for nucleotide sequencing

The invention provides nucleoside and nucleotide molecules containing cleavable linkers linking a label such as a dye. The invention also provides nucleosides and nucleotide molecules containing a blocking group, either immovable or non-removable. The invention additionally provides methods of using the nucleoside and nucleotide molecules containing a cleavable linker and/or... Illumina Inc

01/26/17 / #20170022559

Methods and compositions for nucleic acid sequencing

The present disclosure provides methods and systems for detecting multiple different nucleotides in a sample. In particular, the disclosure provides for detection of multiple different nucleotides in a sample utilizing fewer detection moieties than the number of nucleotides being detected and/or fewer imaging events than the number of nucleotides being... Illumina Inc

01/19/17 / #20170016060

Disposable, integrated microfluidic cartridge and methods of making and using same

The disclosed embodiments concern microfluidic cartridges for detecting biological reactions. In some embodiments, the microfluidic cartridges are configured to perform sequencing operations on a nucleic acid sample. In one aspect, a microfluidic cartridge includes a stack of fluidics layers defining channels and valves for processing the nucleic acid sample to... Illumina Inc

01/12/17 / #20170009227

Reducing adapter dimer formation

Provided herein is a method of reducing adapter dimer formation comprising contacting a sample comprising target nucleic acid sequences with 5′ and 3′ adapters in the presence of one or more hairpin oligonucleotides. Also provided is a method of preparing a library of nucleic acid sequences comprising contacting first adapter... Illumina Inc

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