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Recent patent applications related to Imec Vzw. Imec Vzw is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Imec Vzw may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Imec Vzw, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Method for detecting at least one of a heart rate and a respiratory rate of a subject
06/22/17 new patent  Sensor, system, and holder arrangement for biosignal activity measurement
06/22/17 new patent  System and acquisition of biosignals with motion sensor-based artifact compensation
06/22/17 new patent  Memory cell
06/22/17 new patent  Pinch-off ferroelectric memory
06/22/17 new patent  Method of forming a feature of a target material on a substrate
06/22/17 new patent  Method for differential heating of elongate nano-scaled structures
06/22/17 new patent  Method for manufacturing a si-based high-mobility cmos device with stacked channel layers, and resulting devices
06/22/17 new patent  Two-dimensional material semiconductor device
06/22/17 new patent  Method of fabricating an enhancement mode group iii-nitride hemt device and a group iii-nitride structure fabricated therefrom
06/22/17 new patent  Self-aligned nanostructures for semiconductor devices
06/22/17 new patent  Multi-gate tunnel field-effect transistor (tfet)
06/22/17 new patent  Optical semiconductor device and making the device
06/22/17 new patent  Spin torque majority gate device
06/22/17 new patent  Semiconductor device with integrated magnetic tunnel junction
06/22/17 new patent  Small signal amplifier
06/22/17 new patent  Delay control circuit
06/22/17 new patent  Circuit for stabilizing a digital-to-analog converter reference voltage
06/22/17 new patent  Circuit and converting analog signal to digital value representation
06/15/17Spectral detector and image sensor including the same
06/15/17Method for inspecting a pattern of features on a semiconductor die
06/15/17Three transistor two junction magnetoresistive random-access memory (mram) bit cell
06/15/17Method for pattern formation on a substrate, associated semiconductor devices, and uses of the method
06/15/17Method for patterning a substrate involving directed self-assembly
06/15/17Transistor device with reduced hot carrier injection effect
06/15/17Method of producing a pre-patterned structure for growing vertical nanostructures
06/15/17Drain extension region for tunnel fet
06/15/17Magnetic memory device having buffer layer
06/08/17Field-effect transistor comprising germanium and manufacturing method thereof
06/01/17Bragg grating, and spectroscopy device including the bragg grating
05/25/17Arrays of optical devices comprising integrated bandpass filters and methods of production
05/25/17Memory access unit
05/25/17Integrated circuit comprising a metal-insulator-metal capacitor and fabrication method thereof
05/18/17Method for forming a field effect transistor device having an electrical contact
05/04/17Apparatus and delivering a gaseous precursor to a reaction chamber
05/04/17Methods for forming lithium manganese oxide layers
04/27/17Method and device for drug screening
04/13/17Device and non-invasive measuring of analytes
04/13/17Method for producing a pillar structure in a semiconductor layer
03/30/17Low-layer memory for a computing platform
03/30/17Conformal coating on three-dimensional substrates
03/23/17Integrated spectrometers with single pixel detector
03/23/17Semiconductor device for detecting fluorescent particles
03/23/17Inter-cluster data communication network for a dynamic shared communication platform
03/16/17Implantable sensor
03/16/17Magnetic topological soliton detection
03/16/17Reconfigurable photovoltaic module
03/09/17Method for cleaning a process chamber
03/09/17Directed self-assembly using trench assisted chemoepitaxy
03/09/17Texturing monocrystalline silicon substrates
03/02/17Method for coupling an optical fiber to an optical or optoelectronic component
03/02/17Buried interconnect for semiconductor circuits
03/02/17Method of forming a junction field effect transistor
02/23/17Method for verifying a pattern of features printed by a lithography process
02/23/17Al-poor barrier for ingaas semiconductor structure
02/09/17Gate-all-around nanowire device and manufacturing such a device
02/09/17Ferroelectric memory device and fabrication method thereof
02/02/17Apparatus and performing in-line lens-free digital holography of an object
02/02/17Strained group iv channels
01/26/17Semiconductor devices comprising multiple channels and making same
01/26/17Telecommunications device comprising an ebd circuit, a tunable impedance network and a tuning a tunable impedance network
01/19/17Method for designing a lithographic mask
01/12/17Method for producing an integrated circuit device with enhanced mechanical properties
01/05/17Sensing device with array of microelectrodes
01/05/17Integrated waveguide structure for fluorescence analysis
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01/05/17Adiabatic coupler
01/05/17Method for bonding and interconnecting integrated circuit devices
01/05/17Method and device for inspection of a semiconductor device
01/05/17Integrated circuit and manufacturing integrated circuit
01/05/17Switching circuit
12/29/16Coupling element for differential hybrid coupler
12/22/16Dynamic magnetic cell sorting
12/22/16Device for imaging and acquiring a time delay and integration image
12/08/16Optical spectrometer with matched etendue
11/24/16System for coupling radiation into a waveguide
11/24/16Substrate structure with array of micrometer scale copper pillar based structures and manufacturing same
11/17/16Method for manufacturing a cmos device and associated device
11/10/16Method for realizing heterogeneous iii-v silicon photonic integrated circuits
11/10/16Method for fabricating solid-state thin film batteries
11/03/16Fet biosensor
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11/03/16Method for producing fin structures of a semiconductor device in a substrate
11/03/16Devices and methods for generation and detection of spin waves
10/27/16Sensor for dielectric spectroscopy of a sample
10/27/16Method for hotspot detection and ranking of a lithographic mask
10/20/16Digital frontend system for a radio transmitter and a method thereof
09/29/16Complexity-reduced simulation of circuit reliability
09/29/16Optical semiconductor device and making the device
09/29/16Method of forming a stack of layers using a sacrificial layer
09/22/16Plasma etching of porous substrates
09/22/16Vertical fin field-effect semiconductor device
09/15/16Electroless metal deposition on a manganese or manganese nitride barrier
09/01/16Method for patterning an underlying layer
08/18/16Dual coupler device, spectrometer including the dual coupler device, and non-invasive biometric sensor including the spectrometer
08/18/16Gate-all-around semiconductor device and fabricating the same
08/18/16Front-end system for a radio device
08/11/16A semiconductor wafer and a producing the semiconductor wafer
08/11/16Direct digital radio frequency modulator
07/21/16Conductive bridging memory device having a cu-te-(ge/si) comprising top electrode
07/21/16Electrically interconnecting foil
07/14/16Integrated avalanche germanium photodetector
07/14/16Solid-state batteries and methods for fabrication
07/07/16Method of providing an implanted region in a semiconductor structure
07/07/16Method for tuning the effective work function of a metal
07/07/16Group iii-n lateral schottky barrier diode and manufacturing thereof
06/23/16Aptamer-based biosensing
06/23/16Miniature integrated sensor circuit
06/23/16Decreasing the critical dimensions in integrated circuits
06/23/16Method and real-time monitoring of plasma etch uniformity
06/23/16Vertical ferroelectric memory device and a manufacturing thereof
06/23/16Conductive bridging memory device
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06/23/16Organic photovoltaic cells with enhanced photocurrent
06/23/16Integrated tunable impedance network
06/16/16Integrated semiconductor optical coupler
06/16/16Method for blocking a trench portion
06/16/16Spin torque majority gate device
06/16/16In-pixel amplification device and method
06/09/16Methods for electrically connecting textile integrated conductive yarns
06/09/16Method for forming an electrical contact
06/09/16Integrated circuit comprising group iii-n transistors monolithically integrated on a silicon substrate and a manufacturing thereof
06/09/16Vertical three-dimensional semiconductor device and making same
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06/02/16System and heart rate detection
06/02/16Method for operating a conductive bridging memory device
06/02/16Metallization semiconductor structures
05/26/16Active multifocal lens
05/26/16Low voltage supply amplifier and amplification method
05/19/16Molybdenum disulfide film formation and transfer to a substrate
05/19/16Method for reducing contact resistance in mos
05/12/16Spectroscopic biological material and spectroscopic method using the same
05/12/16Spectroscopy system with displacement compensation and spectroscopy method using the spectroscopy system
05/12/16Image sensor
05/05/16Method for manufacturing a transistor device comprising a germanium channel material on a silicon based substrate, and associated transistor device
05/05/16Method for forming a transistor structure comprising a fin-shaped channel structure
04/28/16Method for forming contact vias
04/28/16Method for fabricating cmos compatible contact layers in semiconductor devices
04/21/16System and monitoring a subject's eye
04/21/16Error resilient digital signal processing device
04/21/16Method for dissolving chalcogen elements and metal chalcogenides in non-hazardous solvents
04/21/16Method for forming thin film chalcogenide layers
04/21/16System and compressed sensing
04/14/16Layered structure of a p-tfet
04/07/16Textile integration of electronic circuits
03/17/16Simulation of photovoltaic modules
03/10/16Method for fabricating crystalline photovoltaic cells
03/03/16Heterosection tunnel field-effect transistor (tfet)
02/18/16Method for selective oxide removal
02/11/16Method for manufacturing a floating gate memory element
02/04/16Method for nanowire cluster formation
01/28/16Integrated grating coupler and power splitter
01/28/16Sample-and-hold circuit for an interleaved analog-to-digital converter
01/28/16Finfet device with dual-strained channels and manufacturing thereof
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01/28/16Method for providing an nmos device and a pmos device on a silicon substrate and silicon substrate comprising an nmos device and a pmos device
01/28/16Method for forming a germanium channel layer for an nmos transistor device, nmos transistor device and cmos device
01/28/16Dual channel finfet cmos device with common strain-relaxed buffer and manufacturing thereof
12/31/15Active pixel sensor imaging system
12/10/15Compact fluid analysis device and method to fabricate
12/10/15Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising transistors each having a different effective work function
11/26/15Hyperdrive and neuroprobes for stimulation purposes
11/26/15Method of producing a iii-v fin structure
11/26/15Method for forming chalcogenide layers
11/19/15Vertical nanowire semiconductor structures
11/19/15Hybrid waveguide lasers and methods for fabricating hybrid waveguide lasers
11/05/15Carrier-depletion based silicon waveguide resonant cavity modulator with integrated optical power monitor
11/05/15Low power digital driving of active matrix displays
10/29/15Imaging sensor
10/22/15Digital driving of active matrix displays
10/15/15Method for bonding bare chip dies
10/08/15Integrated photonic coupler
10/08/15Method for manufacturing a transistor device
10/01/15Quality assessment of directed self-assembling method
10/01/15Test circuits
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10/01/15Semiconductor-on-insulator device and fabricating the same
10/01/15Gate-all-around semiconductor device and fabricating the same
10/01/15Signal processing
09/24/15Method for optical coupling between a photonic integrated circuit and an external optical element
09/03/15Thin nib or cob capping layer for non-noble metallic bonding landing pads
08/27/15Method for producing fin structures of a semiconductor device in a substrate
08/27/15Circuitry and multi-level signals
08/13/15Plasma reducing post-lithography line width roughness
08/13/15Contact formation in ge-containing semiconductor devices
08/06/15System and acquisition of biopotential signals with motion artifact reduction in real time operation
08/06/15Implantable sers sensing device and method to fabricate
08/06/15Modulation circuit for a radio device and a method thereof
07/30/15Electrostatic discharge protection
07/23/15Tunnel field-effect transistor
07/16/15Microstructured micropillar arrays for controllable filling of a capillary pump
07/02/15Imaging sensors
06/25/15System and acquisition of biopotential signals with motion artifact reduction
06/25/15Radiation coupler
06/25/15Nano-electro-mechanical based memory
06/25/15Data storage cell and memory arrangement
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06/25/15Method for aligning micro-electronic components
06/25/15Method for manufacturing transistor and associated device
06/25/15Magnetic multilayer stack
06/18/15Integrated fluorescence detection
06/18/15Plasmonic wavelength selective switch
06/18/15Method for activating a porous layer surface
06/18/15Bilayer graphene tunneling field effect transistor
06/18/15Restoring off-state stress degradation of threshold voltage
06/11/15Method for fabricating cmos compatible contact layers in semiconductor devices
06/11/15Integrated circuit device with power gating switch in back end of line
06/11/15Filed programmable gate array device with programmable interconnect in back end of line portion of the device
06/04/15Device and performing digital pcr
06/04/15Capillary flow plasmonic sensor
06/04/15Method to pattern substrates
05/21/15Titanium nitride electrode
05/14/15Method for manufacturing germanide interconnect structures and corresponding interconnect structures
04/30/15Episubstrates for selective area growth of group iii-v material and a fabricating a group iii-v material on a silicon substrate
04/30/15System and acquisition of biopotential signals with electrode-tissue impedance measurement
04/23/15Module-level processing of silicon photovoltaic cells
04/23/15Method for manufacturing a field effect transistor of a non-planar type
04/16/15Readout circuit for image sensors
04/16/15Electrical polynucleotide mapping
04/09/15Selector for rram
04/02/15Layer deposition on iii-v semiconductors
04/02/15Compact fluid analysis device and method to fabricate
03/26/15Method for the extraction of recombination characteristics at metallized semiconductor surfaces
03/26/15Donor sheet and light induced forward transfer manufacturing
03/19/15Protection of porous substrates before treatment
03/19/15Method for manufacturing transistors and associated substrate
03/19/15Method for transfering a graphene layer
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03/12/15Electrostatic discharge protection devices
03/05/15Method for dopant implantation of finfet structures
01/29/15Iii-v semiconductor device with interfacial layer
01/22/15Method for patterning a magnetic tunnel junction stack
01/22/15Method for fabricating photovoltaic cells with plated contacts
01/08/15Reservoir computing using passive optical systems
01/01/15Instrumentation amplifier and signal amplification method
01/01/15Biopotential signal acquisition system and method
12/25/14Pinned photodiode (ppd) pixel architecture with separate avalanche region
12/25/14Method for forming a strained semiconductor structure
12/18/14Self-rectifying rram element
12/18/14Micro-mirror arrays
12/11/14Solid-state battery and manufacturing thereof
10/23/14Reconfigurable pv configuration
10/02/14Method for fabricating heterojunction interdigitated back contact photovoltaic cells
09/04/14Two stage source-follower based filter
08/21/14Method and device for detecting analytes
08/21/14Front-end system for a radio transmitter
07/17/14Methods for characterizing shallow semiconductor junctions
07/25/13Complementary logic device comprising metal-to-insulator transition material
03/14/13Three-mass coupled oscillation technique for mechanically robust micromachined gyroscopes
03/14/13Esd protection device with reduced clamping voltage

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