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Recent patent applications related to Imec. Imec is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Imec may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Imec, we're just tracking patents.

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01/23/14Method for selective growth of highly doped group iv - sn semiconductor materials
07/06/17Mimcap structure in a semiconductor device package
03/16/17Method and cleaning a semiconductor substrate
03/02/17Analysis and sorting of objects in flow
02/09/17Methods and mask structures for substantially defect-free epitaxial growth
01/26/17Method for pore sealing of porous materials using polyimide langmuir-blodgett film
11/17/16Insulator material for use in rram
09/01/16Integrated circuit for spectral imaging system
09/01/16Integrated circuit for spectral imaging system
06/02/16Mimcap structure in a semiconductor device package
12/10/15Active micro sieve and methods for biological applications
12/03/15Method and fluid guided self-assembly of microcomponents
11/05/15Enhancement mode iii-nitride device and manufacturing thereof
10/22/15Biocompatible packaging
10/15/15Cmos compatible manufacturing a hemt device and the hemt device thereof
10/08/15Spectral camera with mirrors for projecting multiple adjacent image copies onto sensor array
10/01/15Spectral camera with mosaic of filters for each image pixel
08/13/15Apparatus and atomic force microscopy
08/06/15Biosensor using impedimetric real-time monitoring
07/30/15Method for producing a semiconductor device comprising a schottky diode and a high electron mobility transistor
07/16/15Plasma membrane isolation
07/02/15Probe configuration and fabrication thereof
06/25/15Three-dimensional resistive memory array
06/25/15Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
05/14/15Method for producing microbumps on a semiconductor component
05/07/15Method for cleaning and passivating chalcogenide layers
05/07/15Band engineered semiconductor device and manufacturing thereof
02/12/15Submount, assembly including submount, assembling and assembling device
02/05/15Semiconductor device having through-substrate vias
01/22/15Three-dimensional magnetic memory element
01/08/15Magnetic memory element
12/25/14Method for producing contact areas on a semiconductor substrate
12/25/14Analysis and sorting of objects in flow
12/18/14Method and system for measuring capacitance difference between capacitive elements
12/11/14Integrated photonics waveguide grating coupler
12/11/14Method for reducing second order distortion in harmonic rejection mixer
11/27/14Low temperature ohmic contacts for iii-n power devices
11/20/14Electric controlled micro-fluidic device
11/20/14Iii-v device and manufacturing thereof
11/13/14Method for providing a gate metal layer of a transistor device and associated transistor
11/13/14Deposition of nano-diamond particles
10/16/14Method for producing a semiconductor device comprising a schottky diode and a high electron mobility transistor
10/09/14Two-step interconnect testing of semiconductor dies
10/02/14Two axes mems resonant magnetometer
09/25/14Method and device for identifying cells
09/25/14Method and device to reduce leakage and dynamic energy consumption in high-speed memories
09/18/14Spectral camera with integrated filters and multiple adjacent image copies projected onto sensor array
09/18/14Spectral camera with overlapping segments of image copies interleaved onto sensor array
09/11/14Passivated iii-v or ge fin-shaped field effect transistor
08/28/14Oxygen monolayer on a semiconductor
08/28/14Heat-transfer resistance based analysis of bioparticles
08/21/14Conformal anti-reflective coating
08/14/14Vertical electromechanical switch device and manufacturing the same
07/03/14Method for tuning the effective work function of a gate structure in a semiconductor device
06/26/14Interdigitated electrode formation
06/26/14Micro-fluidic device for sorting particles, and methods for sorting particles
06/26/14Spectral imaging device and method to calibrate the same
06/26/14Method for bonding of group iii-nitride device-on-silicon and devices obtained thereof
06/26/14Current generator
06/26/14Tunable impedance network
06/26/14Method for forming patterns of differently doped regions
06/19/14Circuit for baseband harmonic rejection
06/19/14Thermally stabilised resonant electro-optic modulator and use thereof
06/19/14Methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices
06/12/14Iii-nitride transistor with source-connected heat spreading plate
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06/12/14Spin transfer torque magnetic memory device
06/12/14Integrated photonic devices with reduced sensitivity to external influences
06/05/14Finfet device with dual-strained channels and manufacturing thereof
06/05/14Mimcap structure in a semiconductor device package
05/22/14Avalanche photodetector element
05/15/14Etching method using block-copolymers
05/15/14Microcomputer for low power efficient baseband processing
05/08/14Semiconductor device comprising a diode and a producing such a device
04/24/14Transition delay detector for interconnect test
04/17/14Schottky diode structure and fabrication
04/17/14Method for manufacturing a dual work function semiconductor device
04/17/14Resilient sensor for biopotential measurements
04/10/14Method for producing strained ge fin structures
04/10/14Method for developing low dielectric constant film and devices obtained thereof
04/03/14Etching of block-copolymers
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04/03/14Non-volatile resistive memory devices and methods for biasing resistive memory structures thereof
03/20/14Band engineered semiconductor device and manufacturing thereof
03/20/14Hierarchical carbon nano and micro structures
03/06/14Method for forming a buried dielectric layer underneath a semiconductor fin
03/06/14Method for determining local resistivity and carrier concentration using scanning spreading resistance measurement set-up
02/27/14System for delivering ultrasonic energy to a liquid and use for cleaning of solid parts
02/27/14Method for self-assembly of substrates and devices obtained thereof
02/13/14Methods for manufacturing a field-effect semiconductor device
02/06/14Insulator material for use in rram
02/06/14Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
02/06/14Programmable device for software defined radio terminal
01/09/14Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor device comprising silicon and germanium and manufacturing thereof
01/09/14Heat-transfer resistance based analysis bioparticles
01/09/14Non-invasive cancer diagnosis
01/02/14Method for forming a nanostructure penetrating a layer
12/26/13Vertical semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
12/26/13Vertical memory device and making thereof
12/19/13Low voltage drop unidirectional smart bypass elements
12/19/13Tunnel field effect transistor device and making the device
12/19/13Method for determining the doping profile of a partially activated doped semiconductor region
12/12/13Biosensor using impedimetric real-time monitoring
11/28/13Graphene-based semiconductor device
11/21/13Feature detection in numeric data
11/14/13Method and system for real-time error mitigation
11/07/13Microfluidics system for sequencing
11/07/13Microfluidics system for sequencing
10/24/13Device and holographic reflection imaging
10/24/13Device and holographic reflection imaging
09/26/13Method for pore sealing of porous materials using polyimide langmuir-blodgett film
09/19/13Method for fabricating thin photovoltaic cells
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09/12/13Methods and mask structures for substantially defect-free epitaxial growth
09/12/13Enhancement mode field effect device and the production thereof
08/22/13Front-end system for radio devices
08/22/13Robust injection-locked local oscillator
08/22/13A/d converter and calibrating the same
08/22/13Device, analogue-to-digital conversion using a current integrating circuit
08/08/13Self-isolated conductive bridge memory device
08/01/13Method for determining an active dopant profile
08/01/13Methods for viterbi decoder implementation
07/25/13Nonvolatile memory device comprising a metal-to-insulator transition material
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07/25/13Calibration of micro-mirror arrays
07/18/13Method for manufacturing a field-effect semiconductor device following a replacement gate process
07/11/13Method and measuring concentration of biogenic substance
07/11/13Method for producing a led device
07/04/13Programmable device for software defined radio terminal
06/27/13Stacked rram array with integrated transistor selector
06/27/13Implant free quantum well transistor, making such an implant free quantum well transistor and use of such an implant free quantum well transistor
06/27/13Tunnel field-effect transistor and methods for manufacturing thereof
06/27/13N-channel laterally diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor device
06/27/13Euv photoresist encapsulation
06/20/13Enhancement mode iii-nitride device and manufacturing thereof
06/20/13Method for forming isolation trenches in micro-bump interconnect structures and devices obtained thereof
06/20/13Method for determining the active doping concentration of a doped semiconductor region
06/20/13Metal-insulator-metal stack and manufacturing the same
05/30/13Selector device for memory applications
05/30/13Method for bonding semiconductor substrates
05/23/13Ovenized system containing micro-electromechanical resonator
05/23/13Method for producing a ganled device
05/16/13Protective treatment for porous materials
05/09/13Variable capacitor circuit and method
05/09/13Biomedical acquisition system with motion artifact reduction
05/09/13System and the analysis of electrocardiogram signals
04/25/13Method for forming a mimcap structure and the mimcap structure thereof
04/25/13Oxygen diffusion barrier comprising ru
04/25/13Method of forming a semiconductor device
04/18/13Hybrid beamforming for a wireless communication device
04/04/13Method for selectively depositing noble metals on metal/metal nitride substrates
03/28/13Sealed porous materials, methods for making them, and semiconductor devices comprising them
03/21/13Method and system for analog beamforming in wireless communication systems
03/21/13Structured probes for neural applications
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03/14/13Tunnel transistor, logical gate comprising the transistor, static random-access memory using the logical gate and making such a tunnel transistor
02/14/13Optical shear sensor and producing such an optical shear sensor
02/14/13Tensometric transducer
01/31/13Fabrication of conducting open nanoshells
01/24/13Digital front-end circuit and using the same
01/24/13Deep-shallow optical radiation filters
01/24/13Methods for improving integrated photonic device uniformity
01/24/13Test access architecture for tsv-based 3d stacked ics
01/17/13Magnetic resonance imaging of single domain nanoparticles
01/17/13Stochastic analog-to-digital (a/d) converter and using the same
01/17/13Virtual camera system
01/03/13Semiconductor device and method
01/03/13Fault mode circuits
01/03/13Radio frequency modulators
12/27/12Method for fabrication of iii-nitride device and the iii-nitride device thereof
12/27/12Integrated circuit for spectral imaging system
12/20/12Cmos compatible manufacturing a hemt device and the hemt device thereof
12/13/12Method for detecting embedded voids in a semiconductor substrate
12/06/12Oven controlled mems oscillator device
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12/06/12Method for blister-free passivation of a silicon surface
11/29/12Method for manufacturing photovoltaic modules comprising back-contact cells
11/29/12Line-tunneling tunnel field-effect transistor (tfet) and manufacturing method
11/29/12Control of tunneling junction in a hetero tunnel field effect transistor
11/22/12Method for single side texturing
11/22/12Method for sharpening microprobe tips
11/15/12Method and fluid guided self-assembly of microcomponents
11/15/12Waveguide-integrated plasmonic resonator for integrated sers measurements
11/15/12Co-integration of photonic devices on a silicon photonics platform
11/08/12Method for manufacturing a hybrid mosfet device and hybrid mosfet obtainable thereby
11/08/12Window interposed die packaging
11/08/12Plasma probe and plasma diagnostics
10/25/12Method and cleaning semiconductor substrates
10/25/12Dual-sensor temperature stabilization for integrated electrical component
10/25/12Method for operating a multi-media wireless system in a multi-user environment
10/18/12Data transferring device
10/11/12System and electrochemical processing of non-flat samples
10/11/12Method for sealing a micro-cavity
10/11/12Plasmonic force manipulation in nanostructures
10/04/12Double gate nanostructure fet
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10/04/12Process for manufacturing a crystalline silicon layer
09/27/12Digital receiver for reactive radio
09/20/12Frequency-domain adaptive feedback equalizer
09/13/12Method and controlling optimal operation of acoustic cleaning
09/13/12Thermoelectric textile
09/13/12Resistive memory element and related control method
09/06/12Floating gate semiconductor memory device and producing such a device
08/23/12Method for fabricating organic devices
08/16/12Electron transporting titanium oxide layer
08/16/12Biocompatible packaging
08/16/12Adding fine grain tuning circuitry to integrated circuit design
08/09/12Method for fabricating photovoltaic cells
08/02/12Fabrication local back contact photovoltaic cells
07/26/12Optimal leg design for mems resonator
07/19/12Method for selective deposition of a semiconductor material
07/12/12Method for direct deposition of a germanium layer
07/05/12Spectroscopy using nanopore cavities
06/21/12Crack reduction at metal/organic dielectric interface
06/07/12Method of manufacturing low resistivity contacts on n-type germanium
06/07/12Method for forming isolation trenches
05/31/12Method for precisely controlled masked anodization
05/31/12Interleaved pipelined binary search a/d converter
05/24/12Methods for embedding conducting material and devices resulting from said methods
05/24/12Diffractive optical nano-electro-mechanical device with reduced driving voltage
05/24/12Holographic visualization system comprising a high data refresh rate dnd driver array
05/17/12Ehf wireless communication receiver using beamforming with a scalable number of antenna paths
05/10/12Method for producing a floating gate memory structure
05/10/12Tunnel field-effect transistor with gated tunnel barrier
05/10/12Inverse lithography for high transmission attenuated phase shift mask design and creation
05/03/12Photon induced formation of metal comprising elongated nanostructures
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04/26/12Method for copper electrodeposition
04/26/12Detection of contamination in euv systems
04/19/12Determination of electromagnetic properties of samples
04/19/12Metal-insulator-metal capacitor and manufacturing thereof
04/19/12Coupling methods and systems using a taper
04/19/12Method and detecting an analyte
04/19/12Multi-channel biopotential signal acquisition systems
04/12/12Dynamic range enhancement
04/05/12Laser atom probe and laser atom probe analysis methods
03/29/12Methods and systems for evaluating extreme ultraviolet mask flatness
03/29/12Method for producing a metal-insulator-metal capacitor for use in semiconductor devices
03/15/12Method for plasma texturing
03/15/12Method for operating a micromirror device with electromechanical pulse width modulation
03/15/12Wireless transmitters
03/15/12System and motion detection and the use thereof in video coding
03/15/12Active micro sieve and methods for biological applications
03/08/12Method for forming a nanostructure penetrating a layer
03/01/12Pulsed epr detection
03/01/12Stretchable electronic device
03/01/12Patterning of and contacting magnetic layers
03/01/12Stretchable electronic device
03/01/12Fabrication of porogen residues free low-k materials with improved mechanical and chemical resistance
02/23/12Tunnel effect transistors based on elongate monocrystalline nanostructures having a heterostructure
02/09/12Antiphase domain boundary-free iii-v compound semiconductor material on semiconductor substrate and manufacturing thereof
02/09/12Method and system for analog beamforming in wireless communication systems
02/09/12Method for selective deposition of a semiconductor material
02/02/12Capacitance measurement in microchips
02/02/12On-chip testing using time-to-digital conversion
02/02/12Methods for manufacturing arrays for cmos imagers

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