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Industrial Technology Research Institute
Industrial Technology Research Institute itri
Industrial Technology Research Institute taiwan
Industrial Technology Research Institute lon
Industrial Technology Research Institute And Unimicron Technology Corp
Industrial Technology Research Institute And National Taiwan University
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100107
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20131212
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100128
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100121
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100114


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Industrial Technology Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Industrial Technology Research Institute. Industrial Technology Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Industrial Technology Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Industrial Technology Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Industrial Technology Research Institute patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015032865911/19/15  new patent  Tin oxide film and manufacturing the same
22015033088611/19/15  new patent  Apparatus and mixing solution and monitoring particles in solution
32015033281311/19/15  new patent  Superconducting film unit and manufacturing the same
42015033451011/19/15  new patent  Method of handling resource allocation for mtc and related communication device
52015033457911/19/15  new patent  Wireless communication method, wireless communication device and non-transitory computer readable recording medium thereof
62015033482111/19/15  new patent  Via structure
72015032033611/12/15 Pulsed ultra-wideband sensor and the method thereof
82015032326111/12/15 Pulsating multi-pipe heat pipe
92015032367911/12/15 Electrical radiography imaging system and method thereof
102015032663311/12/15 Parallel scheduling network data transmission
112015032734211/12/15 Light source apparatus
122015030773210/29/15 Substrate structure, manufacturing method thereof, and manufacturing an electronic device
132015030883010/29/15 Micro-electromechanical apparatus with pivot element
142015030962810/29/15 Panel package structure
152015031126310/29/15 Pixel structure and electroluminescent display having the same
162015031158810/29/15 Communication device and designing multi-antenna system thereof
172015030336810/22/15 Method of repairing defect in superconducting film, coating superconducting film, and superconducting film formed by the method
182015030417610/22/15 Method and system for dynamic instance deployment of public cloud
192015030477910/22/15 Piezoelectric electroacoustic transducer
202015029322210/15/15 Ultrasound apparatus and ultrasound beamforming with a plane wave transmission
212015029362410/15/15 Touch panel
222015029364610/15/15 Touch sensing structure
232015029403410/15/15 Machine tool design method and machine tool design system
242015029495310/15/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
252015028483310/08/15 Coating layer with protection and thermal conductivity
262015028596010/08/15 Display structure
272015028604810/08/15 Lissajous dual-axial scan component and scan frequency generation method thereof
282015028605010/08/15 Driving apparatus, driving method thereof, and scanning mirror
292015028678210/08/15 System, method and recording medium for calculating physiological index
302015028781810/08/15 Semiconductor structure
312015028817210/08/15 Circuit and electrostatic discharge clamping
322015028829510/08/15 Energy voltage regulator and control method applicable thereto
332015027281010/01/15 Walking assist device
342015027331310/01/15 Exercise guiding system, exercise guiding method and anaerobic threshold measuring method
352015027673310/01/15 Optical readout imaging system and biochemical detection method using the same
362015028012210/01/15 Resistive random access memory and fabricating the same
372015026519309/24/15 Portable analytical device and system
382015026852909/24/15 Ambient light adjustment apparatus, method and system
392015026993009/24/15 Spoken word generation speech recognition and computer readable medium thereof
402015027023109/24/15 Package of environmental sensitive element
412015025857409/17/15 Piezoelectric electroacoustic transducer
422015026051709/17/15 Micro-electromechanical apparatus utilizing folded spring for rotary element
432015025216109/10/15 Printable process for forming a multi-layered gas barrier laminate film
442015025573009/10/15 Biphenyl derivative and organic electroluminescent device
452015025634609/10/15 Method and device for managing certificates
462015025634709/10/15 Apparatuses and methods for certificate generation, certificate revocation and certificate verification
472015024175208/27/15 Transparent electrochromic polymer and electrochromic device
482015024192408/27/15 Touch panel
492015024202208/27/15 Touch panel and sensing method thereof
502015024390208/27/15 Carbazole derivative and organic electroluminescent device
512015024393908/27/15 Cap assembly for battery
522015024547008/27/15 Flexible substrate embedded with wires and fabricating the same
532015023186408/20/15 Composite board structure and flexible device
542015023272408/20/15 Wood adhesive, adhering wood materials using the same, and composite wood structure using the same
552015023395408/20/15 Method for manipulating droplet
562015023629008/20/15 Blue light emitting device and light emitting device
572015023732508/20/15 Method and converting 2d images to 3d images
582015023748008/20/15 Indoor positioning method, indoor positioning system, and computer-readable medium
592015022552408/13/15 Polyester films and methods for manufacturing the same
602015022725808/13/15 Touch device, processor and touch signal accessing method thereof
612015021251007/30/15 Apparatus and providing feedback force and machine tool system
622015021262107/30/15 Touch panel controlling method and system
632015021588307/30/15 Device to device synchronization method applicable to user equipment and user equipment using the same
642015020759207/23/15 Data transmission method, device and system
652015019719607/16/15 Vehicle collision warning apparatus and method
662015019763107/16/15 Organic-inorganic hybrid resin, molding composition, and photoelectric device employing the same
672015019946707/16/15 Apparatus and generating a power delivery network
682015019980607/16/15 Apparatus and vehicle positioning
692015020038107/16/15 Organic light emitting device
702015020077607/16/15 Portable electronic device and secure pairing method therefor
712015020079407/16/15 Charge-domain filter apparatus and operation method thereof
722015020131807/16/15 Device to device discovery user equipment and network entity and user equipment and network entity using the same
732015019096207/09/15 Three-dimensionally shaped object and appratus and manufacturing three-dimensionally shaped object
742015019157407/09/15 Prepreg and manufacturing the same
752015019267807/09/15 Satellite positioning method, satellite positioning apparatus, and computer-readable medium
762015019396507/09/15 Apparatus and inpainting three-dimensional stereoscopic image
772015019407407/09/15 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation teaching system and method
782015019573607/09/15 Base station and resource allocation method thereof
792015018214007/02/15 Arterial pulse analysis method and system thereof
802015018295007/02/15 Photocatalytic film structure
812015018363207/02/15 Micro-electro mechanical apparatus with pn-junction
822015018389707/02/15 Polyelectrolyte and energy storage device
832015018393007/02/15 Fire-resistant composite material
842015018393607/02/15 Inorganic passivation material, forming the same, and inorganic passivation protective film produced therefrom
852015018394807/02/15 Bio-polyol composition and bio-polyurethane foam material
862015018395007/02/15 Hybrid carbon black, coating composition and shielding material employing the same
872015018399907/02/15 Method of manufacturing hydrophobic antifouling coating material and forming hydrophobic antifouling coating film
882015018412107/02/15 Culturing medium and culturing a bacterium of genus tepidimonas
892015018414907/02/15 Agent and kit for isolating nucleic acids
902015018528707/02/15 Detection device for power component drivers, and detection method thereof
912015018615107/02/15 Electronic resuming from hibernation
922015018642907/02/15 Method and system for data dispatch processing in a big data system
932015018712307/02/15 Apparatus and tile elimination
942015018714007/02/15 System and image composition thereof
952015018745507/02/15 Transparent conductive film composite and transparent conductive film
962015018749607/02/15 Composite electrode and electrolytic capacitor
972015018757307/02/15 P-type metal oxide semiconductor material and fabricating the same
982015018773707/02/15 Molding package assembly and molding material
992015018784607/02/15 Light emitting element
1002015018787607/02/15 Nitride semiconductor structure
1012015018801607/02/15 Electric conductive heat dissipation substrate
1022015018801707/02/15 Graphene thin film with folded configuration, thermoelectric device including graphene thin film and fabrication method thereof
1032015018805907/02/15 Organic metal complexes and organic electroluminescent devices comprising the same
1042015018806007/02/15 Organometallic compounds and organic electroluminescence devices employing the same
1052015018811007/02/15 Battery with heat-resistant layer and manufacturing the heat-resistant layer
1062015018854107/02/15 Dynamically adjustable circuit with circuit of characterized-path and generating circuit of characterized-path
1072015018863007/02/15 Transmitting apparatus and receiving visible light communication, and visible light communication system
1082015018866507/02/15 Communication system, method and receiver applicable thereto
1092015018904107/02/15 Server and management and sharing of personal digital resources
1102015018925307/02/15 Depth map aligning method and system
1112015018933307/02/15 Method and system for image processing, decoding method, encoder, and decoder
1122015018940807/02/15 Optical router and terminal devices therewith based on dynamic wavelength assignment
1132015018973607/02/15 Flexible electronic module
1142015017482206/25/15 Apparatus and adjusting and controlling the stacking-up layer manufacturing
1152015017545006/25/15 Composite and electrode for electrochemical removal of phosphorus, and apparatus and method using the electrode
1162015017547106/25/15 Interleaving element for a roll of glass substrate
1172015017577106/25/15 Composite and forming the same
1182015017690406/25/15 Sample holder for annealing apparatus and electrically assisted annealing apparatus using the same
1192015017700306/25/15 Vehicle position calibration method and apparatus
1202015017735506/25/15 Compensating a non-contact current sensor installing variation in two wire power cable
1212015017786706/25/15 Touch panel structure and fabrication the same
1222015017816306/25/15 System and transmitting files
1232015017876706/25/15 Electronic shelf label controlling system, electronic shelf label installing method and electronic shelf label updating method
1242015017917106/25/15 Device and generating recognition network
1252015017988006/25/15 Nitride semiconductor structure
1262015017995906/25/15 Organic metal compound, organic light-emitting device employing the same, and preparing the same
1272015017996006/25/15 Organic metal compound, organic light-emitting device, and lighting device employing the same
1282015018014706/25/15 Combo connector for micro sd and micro usb/ssic thin cards
1292015018031106/25/15 Motor controller with cooling function and cooling cooling a motor controller
1302015018072306/25/15 Method and system for brokering between devices and network services
1312015018093006/25/15 Stream sharing method, apparatus, and system
1322015018150406/25/15 Communication methods of ip flow mobility with radio access network level enhancement
1332015018169306/25/15 Circuit board having via and manufacturing method thereof
1342015016434306/18/15 Management managing physiology data measurement
1352015016634706/18/15 Polyamide-imides, graphite films and preparation for the graphite film
1362015016695206/18/15 Cultured hepatocyte and preparing the same
1372015016748106/18/15 Inlet guide vane assembly
1382015016896406/18/15 Controlling device and hvac system
1392015016908806/18/15 Interactive writing device and operating method thereof using adaptive color identification mechanism
1402015016909006/18/15 Laser patterning of frame wire area on touch panel
1412015016909106/18/15 Bend sensor, bend sensing method and bend sensing system for flexible display panel
1422015016954206/18/15 Method and system of searching and collating video files, establishing semantic group, and program storage medium therefor
1432015016963206/18/15 Method and image processing and computer readable medium
1442015017003806/18/15 Method and system for generating item recommendation
1452015017123806/18/15 Conductive paste composition and manufacturing electrode
1462015017125506/18/15 Solar cell and forming the same and forming n-type zns layer
1472015017127406/18/15 Led structure
1482015017272806/18/15 System and providing video-on-demand (vod) service in network
1492015017297406/18/15 Home base station and supporting plurality of cells under carrier aggregation
1502015015797806/11/15 Loop tower co2 capture system, carbonator, calciner and operating method thereof
1512015015914106/11/15 Isolated human liver tumor cell line and agent screening
1522015015993506/11/15 Apparatus with dehumidification and defrosting abilities and controlling method thereof
1532015016019506/11/15 Human liver tumor cell line and agent screening
1542015016067106/11/15 Power supply for variable speed blowing devices with electrical energy management
1552015016196206/11/15 Touch sensing device
1562015016213906/11/15 Power storage device and super capacitor device
1572015016219606/11/15 Method for forming patterned doping regions
1582015016248206/11/15 Method for forming solar cell with selective emitters
1592015016256006/11/15 Light emitting device
1602015016262006/11/15 Air battery and air electrode thereof
1612015016284506/11/15 Dc-dc power conversion apparatus and method
1622015016285506/11/15 Output control apparatus of a motor and controlling a controller of the same
1632015016311406/11/15 Network controller for delay measurement in sdn and related delay measurement system and delay measurement method
1642015016348506/11/15 Method and system of coding prediction for screen video
1652015015055706/04/15 Bionic fixing apparatus and pulling out the same
1662015015061406/04/15 Bionic fixing apparatus
1672015015301806/04/15 Beam diffusing module and beam generating system
1682015015349006/04/15 Heat shielding material and manufacturing the same
1692015015375806/04/15 Leakage-current start-up reference circuit
1702015015395006/04/15 System and receiving user input and program storage medium thereof
1712015015520406/04/15 Tsv substrate structure and the stacked assembly thereof
1722015015579606/04/15 Interlocking device and three-phase interlocking device for dc to ac converter
1732015015685706/04/15 Plasma device and operation plasma device
1742015014460405/28/15 Laser machining system utilizing thermal radiation image and method thereof
1752015014554605/28/15 Coated probe and fabricating the same
1762015014610805/28/15 Video pre-processing motion estimation
1772015014652305/28/15 Multiple-interface network device and selection transmitting network packets
1782015014684605/28/15 Method and eliminating residual charges in a flat-panel x-ray detector
1792015014696405/28/15 Inspection apparatus, method, and computer program product for machine vision inspection
1802015014772205/28/15 Bionic fixing apparatus
1812015014789005/28/15 Multi-mode thin film deposition apparatus and depositing a thin film
1822015014830005/28/15 Method and pharmaceutical composition for hair growth
1832015014999105/28/15 System for firmware upgrade in ami and method thereof
1842015013595805/21/15 Regenerating-type compressed air drier and dehumidificating-and-regenerating unit
1852015013733205/21/15 Carrier for a semiconductor layer
1862015013766005/21/15 Surface elastic wave generator, transceiver, and generation method thereof
1872015013932205/21/15 Method and inter-picture cost computation
1882015013959205/21/15 Optical fiber laser and anti-reflection device, and manufacturing method thereof
1892015013975905/21/15 Rotation mechanism
1902015012875005/14/15 Linkage mechanism, robot working platform and design robot working platform
1912015012901105/14/15 Solar cell module
1922015012901905/14/15 Solar cell module and solar cell thereof
1932015012902505/14/15 Hit solar cell
1942015012982705/14/15 Via structure, memory array structure, three-dimensional resistance memory and forming the same
1952015012984805/14/15 Illumination device
1962015012991205/14/15 Light-emitting device package
1972015013009805/14/15 Polyamic acid, polyimide, and manufacturing graphite sheet
1982015013011805/14/15 Powder shaping method and apparatus thereof
1992015013123705/14/15 Foldable package structure
2002015013187905/14/15 Apparatus based on image for detecting heart rate activity and method thereof
2012015013189605/14/15 Safety monitoring system for human-machine symbiosis and method using the same
2022015013312205/14/15 Method of handling radio link failure
2032015013353905/14/15 Liver function and treatment of liver disease
2042015013494305/14/15 System and a building a primary system
2052015012207205/07/15 Twin rotation driving apparatus
2062015012253305/07/15 Method for forming metal circuit, liquid trigger material for forming metal circuit and metal circuit structure
2072015012308205/07/15 Organometallic compound, organic light-emitting device, and lighting device employing the same
2082015012421005/07/15 Liquid crystal compound with negative dielectric anisotropy, liquid crystal display, and optoelectronic device
2092015012474105/07/15 Method of radio coverage extension and base station using the same
2102015012527405/07/15 Inlet guide vane device
2112015012570905/07/15 Polyester composition, electronic device, and forming film
2122015012668105/07/15 Organic-inorganic composite film and manufacturing the same
2132015012819705/07/15 Method and device operable to store video and audio data
2142015011522804/30/15 Light emitting device
2152015011524904/30/15 Light emitting device
2162015011718104/30/15 Method of handling uplink transmission and related communication device
2172015011733504/30/15 System of dynamically adjusting generation frequency of messages in vehicular networks and method thereof
2182015011771804/30/15 Method and system for measuring distance
2192015011780204/30/15 Device of the axial-directional oil chamber of hydrostatic spindle
2202015011832204/30/15 Biomedical composition
2212015011958404/30/15 Cayalyst system and manufacturing cyclic carbonate by the same
2222015012042304/30/15 Method, apparatus and system for generating and verifying color barcode
2232015010850804/23/15 Display panel
2242015010852604/23/15 Light emitting diode
2252015010852704/23/15 Light emitting diode
2262015010878204/23/15 Beam splitting module and projector device using the same
2272015010896304/23/15 Voltage compensation circuit and control method thereof
2282015010954204/23/15 Touch panel
2292015011046604/23/15 Video indexing method, video indexing apparatus and computer readable medium
2302015011096704/23/15 Method for fabricating broadband cholesteric liquid crystal film
2312015011132904/23/15 Transfer-bonding light emitting devices
2322015011183404/23/15 Recipe for in-situ gel, and implant, drug delivery system formed thereby
2332015010279204/16/15 Voltage regulator and control method thereof
2342015010299904/16/15 Display apparatus
2352015010470604/16/15 Ni-mn composite oxalate powder, lithium transition metal composite oxide powder and lithium ion secondary battery
2362015010492704/16/15 Semiconductor structure and manufacturing method thereof
2372015010560404/16/15 Filter and neutron beam source including the same
2382015010694404/16/15 Method and device for risk evaluation
2392015009715204/09/15 Magnetic field-partitioned non-volatile memory
2402015009725904/09/15 Conductive via structure, package structure, and package of photosensitive device
2412015009729804/09/15 Semiconductor substrate assembly
2422015009824004/09/15 Light source module
2432015009832204/09/15 Method for buffer status report in dual connectivity
2442015009837004/09/15 Method of handling harq resource for fdd carrier and related communication device
2452015009838604/09/15 Systems and methods for service in multimedia broadcast multicast services
2462015009862504/09/15 System and multi-user coaching inside a tunable motion-sensing range
2472015009908804/09/15 Release layer, substrate structure, and manufacturing flexible electronic device
2482015009195204/02/15 Sub-pixel driving system and the driving method thereof
2492015009402004/02/15 Method and notifying access control information

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