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Industrial Technology Research Institute
Industrial Technology Research Institute itri
Industrial Technology Research Institute taiwan
Industrial Technology Research Institute lon
Industrial Technology Research Institute And Unimicron Technology Corp
Industrial Technology Research Institute And National Taiwan University
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Industrial Technology Research Institute_20131212
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100128
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100121
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100114

Industrial Technology Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Industrial Technology Research Institute. Industrial Technology Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Industrial Technology Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Industrial Technology Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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02/23/17 new patent  Highly reflective surface profile measurement system with liquid atomization and the method thereof
02/23/17 new patent  Highly reflective surface profile measurement system with air condensation and method thereof
02/23/17 new patent  Miniaturize particulate matter detector and manufacturing a filter
02/23/17 new patent  Miniaturized particulate matter detector and manufacturing a filter
02/23/17 new patent  Sensing chip
02/23/17 new patent  System and object recognition
02/23/17 new patent  Electrolyte composition, and sodium secondary battery employing the same
02/16/17Gold nanocluster composition and detecting thiol-containing compounds
02/16/17Biochemistry reactive material and device for eliminating electronegative low-density lipoprotein (ldl) and treating blood or plasma ex vivo to eliminate electronegative low-density lipoprotein therein
02/16/17Scattering measurement system and method
02/16/17Bipolar plate for fuel cell and fuel cell
02/16/17Stator module and magnetic field generating structure thereof
02/16/17Method of transmitting and receiving csi-rs and related apparatuses using the same
02/16/17Method of controlling heterogeneous network and related apparatuses using the same
02/16/17Dynamic beamforming method and related apparatuses using the same
02/09/17Device and powder distribution and additive manufacturing method using the same
02/09/17Electrode contamination-proof device and film coating system
02/09/17System for monitoring electronic circuit and monitoring electronic circuit
02/09/17Multi-axis motor synchronization control system and method thereof
02/09/17Transparent conductive film and manufacturing the same
02/09/17Thermoelectric conversion device
02/09/17Electrode structure of lithium ion battery
02/09/17Method for modifying surface of metal bipolar plate and bipolar plate for fuel cell
02/02/17Three dimensional printing system
02/02/17Metal circuit structure
02/02/17Optical component
02/02/17Optical receiver and optical transceiver
02/02/17Biometric device and method thereof and wearable carrier
02/02/17Detection electronic devices and electronic device transfer module having detecting elements
01/26/17Physiology measuring system and method thereof
01/26/17Graphene flower and manufacturing the same and composite material
01/26/17Power cable measurement device and measurement method thereof
01/26/17Method for generating power distribution network (pdn) model, and power distribution network analysis
01/19/17Dehumidifying base material, and device and forming the same
01/19/17Calibration equipment and calibration a mechanical system
01/19/17Circuit structure
01/19/17Flexible electronic device and fabricating method thereof
01/12/17Single-molecule detection system and methods
01/05/17Memory controlling method and memory system
01/05/17Electrolyte composition, and energy storage device employing the same
01/05/17Network controlling method and network controller
01/05/17Method for adjusting vehicle panorama system
12/29/16Adsorption material and fabricating the same
12/29/16Inorganic material for removing harmful substance from wastewater and preparing the same, and wastewater treatment
12/29/16Range extender and charging control method, power generation equipment and control power generation equipment
12/29/16Liquid crystal polymer composite film
12/29/16Apparatus, wireless batch calibration
12/29/16Method for post-authenticating user equipment, controller and network system
12/29/16Lighting apparatus of adjustable color temperature and a adjusting color temperature thereof
12/22/16Method for distributed interference coordination and small cell using the same
12/22/16Routing gateway selecting method, controller and vehicles network system
12/15/16Intralymphatic delivery of hyaluronan nanoparticle for cancer metastasis
12/15/16Sensing device
12/15/16Controlling method, network system and service platform for mobile-edge computing
12/08/16Video encoding methods and systems using adaptive color transform
12/08/16Video encoding methods and systems using adaptive color transform
12/08/16Method and apparatus of encoding or decoding coding units of a video content in a palette coding mode using an adaptive palette predictor
12/01/16Medication concentration detecting device for nebulizer
12/01/16Method, system and electronic device for diet management
12/01/16Method for network sharing of multiple network operators and network sharing management proxy device using the same
11/24/16X-ray reflectometry samples with a miniscule measurement area and a thickness in nanometers and method thereof
11/24/16Touch sensing device
11/24/16Magnetic domain wall shift register memory devices with high magnetoresistance ratio structures
11/24/16Apparatus for transmission of wireless energy
11/24/16Full-range image detecting system and method thereof
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11/24/16Environmental sensitive electronic device package having side wall barrier structure
11/17/16Bonding structure, manufacturing the same, and die structure
11/17/16Data center network system based on software-defined network and packet forwarding method, address resolution method, routing controller thereof
11/17/16Traffic steering method and heterogeneous radio access network system applying the same
11/17/16Synchronization source device for synchronization coverage extension and method and system using the same
11/17/16Communication system, base station, user equipment, and discovery device-to-device communication
11/10/16Computer-implemented recommending booths-to-visit
11/10/16Flexible touch panel, touch control device and operating method using the same
11/03/16Methods for measuring analyte concentration
11/03/16Method for transmitting signals, transmitter, receiver, and associated scheduling method
10/27/16Urea concentration identification device and urea concentration identification method
10/27/16Sensing device
10/27/16Optical film with touch function
10/27/16Sensing apparatus
10/27/16Composite conducting wire, manufacturing the same, and manufacturing the same
Patent Packs
10/27/16Electronic device package, electronic device structure and fabricating electronic device package
10/20/16Hybrid material and manufacturing the same
10/20/16Magnetic field sensors and sensing circuits
10/20/16Image sensing device, system and method thereof and charge sensing device
10/20/16Unlicensed carrier evaluating method and evolved node b using the same
10/13/16Energy saving using the same for planting racks
10/13/16Method for selective electrochemical removal of ions in water/wastewater
10/13/16Digital transaction
10/13/16Lte base station, ue and pre-association and pre-authentication methods thereof in wwan-wlan aggregation
10/13/16Method and device for uplink transmission by using unlicensed spectrum
10/13/16Method of performing handover procedure, making handover decision for device-to-device communications and control node thereof
10/06/16Multi-channel hollow fiber
10/06/16Cutting a multilayer structure containing a brittle layer
10/06/16Tunneling magneto-resistor device for sensing a magnetic field
10/06/16Organic metal compound, organic light-emitting device, and lighting device employing the same
10/06/16Organic light emitting device
10/06/16Methos for fabricating an organic electro-luminescence device
10/06/16Organic electro-luminescence device and fabricating method thereof
10/06/16Flexible electronic module and manufacturing method thereof
09/29/16Virtual image display system
09/29/16Method for automatically managing applications on digital convergence gateways, and application device and system thereof
09/29/16Cloud operation resource dynamic allocation system and method thereof
09/22/16Method for producing glass substrate
09/15/16Method for preparing hepatocyte and evaluating drug hepatotoxicity of interest
09/15/16Optical device and projection apparatus
09/15/16Touch device
09/15/16Picking-up and placing process for electronic devices and electronic module
09/15/16Light emitting device
09/15/16Motor efficiency analysis motor inverter
09/15/16Method for relaying signal and relay using the same
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08/25/16Event reconstruction system and method thereof
08/25/16Oxidant mixture for conjugated polymer synthesis
08/25/16Sheet and module structure
08/18/16Optical film structure and display apparatus
08/18/16Composition for conductive polymer synthesis
08/18/16Solar cell and manufacturing the same
08/18/16Beamforming millimeter wave communication and base station and user equipment using the same
08/18/16Apparatuses for transmitting uplink control information
08/11/16Pixel driving method and associated display device
08/11/16Method of radio resource scheduling in unlicensed spectrum and related apparatuses using the same
Patent Packs
08/04/16System and controlling excess bias of single photon avalanche photo diode
08/04/16Interposer layer for enhancing adhesive attraction of poly(p-xylylene) film to substrate
07/28/16Interactive projector and operation method thereof for determining depth information of object
07/28/16Encoding method and encoder
07/28/16Light emitting element
07/28/16Flexible environmental sensitive electronic device package
07/28/16Bipolar plate and fuel cell module using the same
07/28/16Hybrid motor structure
07/21/16Brushless rotary plasma electrode structure and film coating system
07/21/16Semiconductor light emitting device and fabricating method thereof
07/21/16Method and system for display control, breakaway judging apparatus and video/audio processing apparatus
07/14/16Resistive random-access memory and controlling resistive random-access memory
07/14/16Environmental sensitive element package and encapsulation method thereof
06/30/16System and detecting abnormal movement of a physical object
06/30/16Polymer, and pharmaceutical composition employing the same
06/30/16Composite beam generator and powder melting or sintering method using the same
06/30/16Antimicrobial composite material and fabricating the same
06/30/16Modified cellulose and composite material using the same
06/30/16Compound and polymer prepared therefrom
06/30/16Resin composition and coating material using the same
06/30/16Polysiloxane and hybrid material and manufacturing the same
06/30/16Method for producing extracellular proteins from genus tepidimonas
06/30/16Composition and coating structure applying with the same
06/30/16Detective device and detective method
06/30/16Apparatus and aligning two plates during transmission small angle x-ray scattering measurements
06/30/16Ultrasound imaging system and method thereof, and beamforming circuit
06/30/16Projector device
06/30/16Calibration method and automation apparatus using the same
06/30/16Method and system for multimedia summary generation
06/30/16Sample holding device for studying light-driven reactions and sample analysis method using the same
Patent Packs
06/30/16Top emitting organic electroluminescent devices
06/30/16Battery electrode paste composition
06/30/16Visible light communication apparatus and visible light communication
06/30/16Flexible electronic device
06/23/16Lifting resilient garment and adjusting the same
06/23/16Method of ultrasound imaging and ultrasound scanner
06/23/16Hollow fiber adsorbent compressed dry air system
06/23/16Method for preparing carbon fiber composite material
06/23/16Hybrid powertrain mechanism
06/23/16Multi-diameter clamp for clamping on tires of different sizes
06/23/16Enhanced wavelength converting structure
06/23/16Method for manufacturing an active substance for inducing self-lysis in microalga cells, active substance obtained therefrom, and inducing self-lysis in microalga cells
06/23/16Apparatus and obtaining depth information in a scene
06/23/16Probe and detecting metal ions and chemical/biochemical molecules
06/23/16Optical film and display assembly applying the same
06/23/16Transparent display panel
06/23/16Display device
06/23/16Object location guiding device and operation method thereof
06/23/16Compound solar cell and forming thin film having sulfide single-crystal nanoparticles
06/23/16Thermoelectric conversion device and application system thereof
Social Network Patent Pack
06/23/16Substrate structure for electronic device and production method thereof
06/23/16Method of handling communication operation in communication system and related apparatus
06/23/16Routing message delivery method applicable to netowrk node and network node using the same and communication network using the same
06/23/16Control method, controller and packet processing software-defined network
06/16/16Co2 adsorption and recovery system and method
06/16/16Oxidation catalyst for furfural compounds and applying method thereof
06/16/16Coating device
06/16/16Power heat dissipation device and controlling the same
06/16/16Leak hydrogen absorbing device, hydrogen energy utilization system and leak hydrogen absorbing method
06/16/16Pedelec power system and housing thereof
06/16/16Thin-film curvature measurement apparatus and method thereof
06/16/16Magnetic sensing apparatus and magnetic sensing method thereof
06/16/16Display module
06/16/16Depth information-based modeling method, graphic processing apparatus and storage medium
06/16/16Electron microscope having a carrier
06/16/16Electric-programmable magnetic module and picking-up and placement process for electronic devices
06/16/16Power module
06/16/16Integrated millimeter-wave chip package
06/16/16Semiconductor light-emitting structure
06/16/16Light emitting device, electrode structure and manufacturing method thereof
Social Network Patent Pack
06/16/16Multi-layered porous film and preparing the same
06/16/16Flexible device and fabrication flexible device
06/16/16Signal transmission board and manufacturing the same
06/16/16Package structure of electronic device
06/09/16Catalyst and manufacturing method thereof and manufacturing hydrogenated bisphenol a or derivatives thereof using the same
06/09/16Electrostatic air cleaner
06/09/16Laminated substrate separating device and separating laminated substrate
06/09/16Aqueous-phase catalyst compositions and preparing polyphenylene ether
06/09/16Anti-fogging, heat-insulating coating composition, preparing the same, and film formed from the same
06/09/16Photoimprinting resin composition solution, photoimprinting resin thin film, and patterning method
06/09/16Method and system for online estimating internal resistance of battery
06/09/16Signal comparison apparatus and controlling same
06/09/16Electronic incremental pose estimation and photographing thereof
06/09/16Augmented reality method and system, and user mobile device applicable thereto
06/09/16Electron microscope, reader and acquiring elemental spectrum method
06/09/16Chip structure having bonding wire
06/09/16Package structure for light emitting device
06/09/16Structure of thermoelectric module and fabricating method thereof
06/09/16Organic metal compound and organic light-emitting device employing the same
06/09/16Organic metal compound and organic light-emitting device employing the same
06/09/16Beam antenna
06/09/16Programmable battery source architecture and method thereof
06/09/16Outer-rotor permanent magnet brushless motor
06/09/16Mems microphone package
06/09/16Resource selection method and wireless device
06/09/16Accessing failure event reporting method, user equipment, adjusting access control mechanism, control node
06/09/16Hierarchical beamforming method and base station and user equipment using the same
06/02/16Catalyst and hydrogenation of 4,4'-methylenedianiline
06/02/16Metal/polymer composite material and fabricating the same
06/02/16Compliance motor structure and manufacturing method thereof
Social Network Patent Pack
06/02/16Focusing solar light guide module
06/02/16Illumination device and fabricating an illumination device
06/02/16Composite material, negative electrode, and sodium secondary battery
06/02/16Power collection device for electric machine
06/02/16Evolved nodeb and traffic dispatch method thereof
06/02/16Illumination developing target visual perception of an object
06/02/16Structure of conductive lines and manufacturing the same
06/02/16Power module
05/26/16Feedback control numerical machine tool and method thereof
05/26/16Hydraulic hydrostatic pressure rotation module
05/26/16Resin formulations, resin polymers and composite materials comprising the resin polymers
05/26/16Resin containing oxetane and epoxy groups and resin composition including the same
05/26/16Alloy casting material and manufacturing alloy object
05/26/16Optical encoder
05/26/16Three-dimensional laser processing apparatus and positioning error correction method
05/26/16Automatic guided vehicle and controlling the same
05/26/16Data-processing apparatus and operation method thereof
05/26/16Organic light-emitting diode apparatus
05/26/16A non-volatile semiconductor memory device with temporary data retention cells and control method thereof
05/26/16Base station, user equipment for integrating multiple rats using carrier aggregation and methods thereof
05/26/16Noc timing power estimating device and method thereof
05/26/16Method for managing periodic packets, server and network equipment
05/19/16Portable real-time heating and detection device
05/19/16Clamping and positioning device and operation method thereof
05/19/16Micro-electromechanical apparatus with multiple chambers and manufacturing the same
05/19/16Non-contact type voltage sensor for dual-wire power cable and compensating installtion position variation thereof
05/19/16Touch panel
05/19/16Conductive line structure and sensing device using the same
05/19/16Memory mapping method and memory mapping system

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