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Industrial Technology Research Institute
Industrial Technology Research Institute itri
Industrial Technology Research Institute taiwan
Industrial Technology Research Institute lon
Industrial Technology Research Institute And Unimicron Technology Corp
Industrial Technology Research Institute And National Taiwan University
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Industrial Technology Research Institute_20131212
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100128
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100121
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Industrial Technology Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Industrial Technology Research Institute. Industrial Technology Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Industrial Technology Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Industrial Technology Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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Sensing system and method for physiology measurements

Industrial Technology Research Institute

Sensing system and method for physiology measurements

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Count Application # Date Industrial Technology Research Institute patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014034143411/20/14 new patent  Dymanic fusion method and device of images
22014034339311/20/14 new patent  Sensing system and method for physiology measurements
32014033277311/13/14Light-extraction element and light-emitting device
42014033393111/13/14Visual error calibration method
52014033393611/13/14Thickness measuring system and method for a bonding layer
62014033426711/13/14Nonlinear dynamic focusing control method
72014033426811/13/14Methods for modification of insect behaviour
82014033452011/13/14Detached-type temperature indicator and method for using the same
92014032702511/06/14Light emitting diode package structure
102014033017111/06/14Method and device for monitoring postural and movement balance for fall prevention
112014033122311/06/14Single root input/output virtualization virtual functions sharing on multi-hosts
122014031841410/30/14Nano-metal solution and nano-metal complex grains
132014031904710/30/14Filtration material and method for fabricating the same
142014031993510/30/14Mover and stator assembly of electric machine
152014032006710/30/14Matrix charger apparatus and charging method
162014032016810/30/14Level shifter circuit and operation method thereof
172014032044710/30/14Touch apparatus and touch sensing method thereof
182014032129110/30/14Remote management systems and apparatuses for cwmp and methods for improving performance of remote management thereof
192014032254510/30/14Resin composition, prepreg, and substrate employing the same
202014032366610/30/14Polyphenylene ether oligomer and article employing the same
212014032489810/30/14Searching aliases associated with an entity
222014032531110/30/14Hybrid error correction method and memory repair apparatus thereof
232014031234310/23/14Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
242014031246810/23/14Semiconductor structure and manufacturing method thereof
252014031301210/23/14Updating electronic shelf labels and updating apparatus and method of an electronic shelf label
262014031502010/23/14Nano metal wire and method for manufacturing the same and nano line
272014031741510/23/14Multi-touch methods and devices
282014030131010/09/14Communication station with elevation beamforming and related communication device
292014029300710/02/14Method and image acquisition system for rendering stereoscopic images from monoscopic images
302014029390710/02/14Apparatuses for transmitting uplink control information
312014029391310/02/14Apparatuses for communicating with new carrier type physical broadcast channel
322014029519610/02/14Composite film and manufacturing method of the same
332014029799510/02/14Fault-tolerant system and fault-tolerant operating method
342014028460309/25/14Composite micro-electro-mechanical-system apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
352014028632509/25/14Vehicle network transmission method and transmission system
362014028945609/25/14Disk logging method applicable to storage medium and electrnoic device, storage medium using the same and electronic device using the same
372014028951209/25/14Method for certificate generation and revocation with privacy preservation
382014026139709/18/14Method of separating carbohydrate
392014026860609/18/14Package of environmentally sensitive electronic device and fabricating method thereof
402014026956509/18/14Interference management method for wireless communication system, anchor apparatus, base station and system thereof
412014027412409/18/14Device, system and method for identifying wireless apparatus
422014025344409/11/14Mobile communication devices and man-machine interface (mmi) operation methods thereof
432014025657009/11/14Methods for accurate sequence data and modified base position determination
442014024583209/04/14Micro-electro mechanical apparatus with interdigitated spring
452014024873109/04/14Apparatus integrating microelectromechanical system device with circuit chip and methods for fabricating the same
462014023872508/28/14Method of flattening surface of conductive structure and conductive structure with flattened surface
472014024231808/28/14Substrate structures applied in flexible devices
482014023174708/21/14Light emitting diode
492014023181108/21/14Semiconductor device structure, method for manufacturing the same and pixel structure using the same
502014023185108/21/14Light emitting diode
512014023315808/21/14Decoupling device
522014023581108/21/14Raw materials and methods of manufacturing bio-based epoxy resins
532014023615408/21/14Bone plate structure, surgery device and method for bone plate implant
542014022503908/14/14Radiation shielding composite material including radiation absorbing material and method for preparing the same
552014022618808/14/14Image recombination structure
562014022816008/14/14Hybrid mechanism and hybrid mode thereof
572014021644208/07/14Method for preparing sugars
582014021740008/07/14Semiconductor element structure and manufacturing method for the same
592014021795508/07/14Charge apparatus
602014021809208/07/14Pulsed latching apparatus and method for generating pulse signal of pulsed latch thereof
612014021919808/07/14Method for switching communication connection mode, communication system, base station, transmitter and receiver
622014022008508/07/14Method for tissue engineering
632014022089508/07/14Device-to-device communication devices, systems and related device-to-device wireless communications methods
642014022306308/07/14Usb ssic removable electronic device and the adaptor thereof
652014022334308/07/14Foldable display, flexible display and icon controlling method
662014020936007/31/14Flexible electronic device
672014021051407/31/14Configurable logic block and operation method thereof
682014021057707/31/14Component for fixing curvature of flexible device and deformation and fixing curvature method
692014021175807/31/14Method of handling network entry in a cell cluster and related communication device
702014021278107/31/14Stacked type fuel cell
712014021472907/31/14Management system, smart meter, server, operation method and management method
722014020403407/24/14Touch sensing and feedback apparatuses and methods
732014020429107/24/14Touch sensing film structure
742014020618807/24/14Method of forming a metal silicide layer
752014019678507/17/14Light concentration module
762014019708407/17/14Seawater desalination unit
772014019837607/17/14Optical sensing chip
782014019840007/17/14Light collector and light collection module
792014019870707/17/14Data transmission method through point to multi-point transmission service
802014019875207/17/14Method of handling communication operations and related communication device
812014019934907/17/14Ph-sensitive hyaluronic acid derivative and uses thereof
822014020176807/17/14Recording and analyzing audience information of audio/video program
832014019216407/10/14Determining depth information in augmented reality scene
842014019331607/10/14Method for recycling metals
852014019495107/10/14Electrical stimulation apparatus and method
862014018393007/03/14Detachable power module
872014018402907/03/14Microelectromechanical system-based resonator device
882014018408807/03/14Light source apparatus
892014018432207/03/14Through silicon via repair circuit
902014018443207/03/14Analog to digital converter and method for evaluating capacitor weighting of digital-to-analog converter thereof
912014018444107/03/14System and method of collaborative positioning calibration, and method of deploying reference station
922014018473907/03/14Foreground extraction method for stereo video
932014018475107/03/14Device for acquiring depth image, calibrating method and measuring method therefor
942014018481407/03/14Calibration reference pattern for vehicle camera and setting method thereof, and image conversion method and device
952014018517407/03/14Through silicon via bidirectional repair circuit of semiconductor apparatus
962014018518107/03/14Tunable capacitor
972014018528107/03/14Illuminating device and light module thereof
982014018547807/03/14Method of handling multiuser cqi for mu-mimo and related communication device
992014018547907/03/14Method of reporting cqi and related communication device
1002014018554807/03/14Method of handling cell selection and related communication device
1012014018575207/03/14Imaging system
1022014018641507/03/14Polymer composition and polymer material
1032014018660107/03/14Microparticle, addition agent and filtering membrane
1042014018671607/03/14Protected active metal electrode and device with the electrode
1052014018671807/03/14Gel polymer electrolyte and lithium polymer battery
1062014018689407/03/14Isolated dna polymerases, kits and applications thereof
1072014018698707/03/14Manufacturing methods for micro-electromechanical system device having electrical insulating structure
1082014018759107/03/14Solid form and method for preparing the same
1092014018788007/03/14Apparatus and method for measuring physiological signal
1102014018799507/03/14Electrode patch module and chronic pain detection method and apparatus thereof
1112014018848207/03/14Voice control method, device, and recording medium for the same
1122014018910107/03/14Auto-configuration server and management method of customer premises equipments
1132014018985807/03/14Generation method and device for generating anonymous dataset, and method and device for risk evaluation
1142014017419506/26/14Testing method of bending stress and testing apparatus thereof
1152014017420406/26/14Capacitive shear force sensor and method for fabricating thereof
1162014017429506/26/14Dehumidification system
1172014017431206/26/14Composition for gravure offset printing and gravure offset printing process
1182014017432106/26/14Coating composition, film prepared from the coating composition, and method for preparing the coating composition
1192014017449206/26/14Thermoelectric material and method for manufacturing the same
1202014017450506/26/14Solar cell encapsulating module and method for manufacturing the same
1212014017527006/26/14Display measuring device
1222014017540506/26/14Electronic device package structure and manufacturing method thereof
1232014017545706/26/14Sic-based trench-type schottky device
1242014017555906/26/14Integrated device having mosfet cell array embedded with barrier schottky diode
1252014017557206/26/14Mems device with multiple electrodes and fabricating method thereof
1272014017561406/26/14Wafer stacking structure and method of manufacturing the same
1282014017613206/26/14Magnetic field sensors and sensing circuits
1292014017650106/26/14Non-touch control system
1302014017683706/26/14Display panel
1312014017693806/26/14Method and system of detecting tilt angle of object surface and method and system of compensating the same
1322014017738106/26/14Working trough and method for maintaining uniform temperature of working fluid
1332014017750706/26/14Apparatus and method of bandwidth aggregation for radio accessing on multi-networks
1342014017755006/26/14Transmitting method, receiving method, transmitter, and receiver
1352014017760006/26/14Communications system, user equipment, mobility management entity and method thereof of transient handover for performing packet offloading
1362014017774606/26/14Method and apparatus with antenna selection in a communication system
1372014017790906/26/14Three-dimensional interactive device and operation method thereof
1382014017794206/26/14Three dimensional sensing method and three dimensional sensing apparatus
1392014017794906/26/14Unsupervised adaptation method and automatic image classification method applying the same
1402014017808006/26/14Apparatus and method for data embedding in light communication and the light communication system and method thereof
1412014017838806/26/14Multivalent antibody fragments and trimerized complexes thereof
1422014017875106/26/14Lithium ion secondary battery and electrolyte additive for the same
1432014017875306/26/14Lithium ion battery and electrode structure thereof
1442014017905306/26/14Method for fabricating absorbing layer of solar cell and thermal treatment device thereof
1452014017930506/26/14Method and system facilitating communication between user equipment and external network
1462014017977406/26/14Methods for inhibition of shc-1/p66 to combat aging-related diseases
1472014018004106/26/14Apparatus for non-invasive glucose monitoring
1482014018005706/26/14Aortic artery measuring probe, device and method of measuring diameter of aortic artery
1492014018047706/26/14Gripper apparatus and method for controlling the same
1502014018048006/26/14Comfort control system, user-end subsystem thereof, and system-end device thereof
1512014018074306/26/14Workflow monitoring and analysis system and method thereof
1522014018110906/26/14Analysing text stream message thereof
1532014018111906/26/14Accessing files on a storage system
1542014018116606/26/14Apparatus for low complexity sub-nyquist sampling of sparse wideband signals
1552014018123406/26/14Data storage method, data storage system and requesting node using the same
1562014016606506/19/14Structure of thermoelectric film
1572014016699306/19/14Organic light emitting diode
1582014016715106/19/14Stepped trench mosfet and method of fabricating the same
1592014016787206/19/14Modulation method and control device having the same
1602014016789606/19/14Coupled inductor
1612014016800506/19/14Pulse radar ranging apparatus and ranging algorithm thereof
1622014016824606/19/14Health check path evaluation indicator building system, method thereof, device therewith, and computer program product therein
1632014016837106/19/14Image processing apparatus and image refocusing method
1642014016841706/19/14Inspection device and inspection method
1652014016874706/19/14Electro-wetting element and operation method thereof, electro-wetting display device
1662014016877806/19/14Composite graded refractive index layer structures and encapsulation structures comprising the same
1672014016878006/19/14Beam generating apparatus
1682014016927206/19/14Device, method and system for communicating data
1692014016941806/19/14Receiver and transmitter apparatus for carrier aggregation
1702014016952706/19/14Photoacoustic detector, photoacoustic board and detector using the photoacoustic board
1712014016969506/19/14Method for in-image periodic noise pixel inpainting
1722014016979206/19/14Apparatus and method for enabling a passive optical network on supporting time synchronization
1732014017005706/19/14Manufacturing graphene sheet
1742014017025006/19/14Pharmaceutical compositions and method for inhibiting angiogenesis
1752014017025606/19/14Spinning device
1762014017040306/19/14Inorganic polymer material, method for forming the same, and inorganic polymer coating produced therefrom
1772014017060806/19/14Diet management
1782014017110706/19/14Wireless indoor localization based on inertial measurement unit and map information
1792014017144306/19/14Monohydrate crystalline form of 3-(5-(4-(3-fluoropropyl)-piperazin-1-yl)benzimidazol-2-yl)-1-azaazulen-2-one, preparation, and pharmaceutical composition thereof
1802014017156206/19/14Flexible non-combustible fire-resistant material
1812014017176506/19/14Apparatus for non-invasive glucose monitoring
1822014017181106/19/14Physiology measuring system and method thereof
1832014017215006/19/14Apparatus and method for positioning geometric model
1842014017228206/19/14Method and module for estimating after-charge drivable range of electric vehicle and driving assistance device
1852014017232806/19/14Monitor apparatus and method for identifying electronic apparatus thereof
1862014015817806/12/14Thermoelectric generator and thermoelectric generating system
1872014015905306/12/14Sic trench gate transistor with segmented field shielding region and method of fabricating the same
1882014015921206/12/14Stacked type power device module
1892014015951206/12/14Stator structure
1902014015970806/12/14Measurement device
1912014015970906/12/14Measurement device
1922014015971106/12/14Current sensing circuit and method thereof
1932014016026906/12/14Interposer testing device and method thereof
1942014016042006/12/14Liquid crystal displays
1952014016046906/12/14Measurement method, measurement apparatus, and computer program product for a stereoscopic display
1962014016070506/12/14Environmental sensitive electronic device package and manufacturing method thereof
1972014016071006/12/14Environmental sensitive electronic device package and manufacturing method thereof
1982014016077106/12/14Assembling structure and lighting device with assembling structure
1992014016102906/12/14Data traffic offload
2002014016136606/12/14Image and message encoding system, encoding method, decoding system and decoding method
2012014016143606/12/14Optical network failure recovery method
2022014016183706/12/14Vaccine adjuvant, vaccine composition and method for preparing a vaccine adjuvant
2032014016184206/12/14Bioresorbable porous film
2042014016197906/12/14Fabrication methods for chemical compound thin films
2052014016205406/12/14Interposer layer for enhancing adhesive attraction of poly(p-xylylene) film to substrate
2062014016211006/12/14Single fiber layer structure of micron or nano fibers and multi-layer structure of micron and nano fibers applied in separator for battery
2072014016211806/12/14Electrode structure of lithium ion battery
2082014016216006/12/14Fuel cell failure prediction apparatus and method
2092014016314706/12/14Organic dispersion, method for preparing the same, and coating composition prepared from the same
2102014016358706/12/14Nerve guide conduit
2112014016431806/12/14Method for developing multi-tenant application and data accessing method of multi-tenant application and system using the same
2122014016469506/12/14Storing and rebuilding data
2132014016505406/12/14Analyzing root causes of relating performance issues among virtual machines to physical machines
2142014015093206/05/14Multi-element alloy material and method of manufacturing the same
2152014015109006/05/14Stress relief structure
2162014015188406/05/14Self-forming barrier structure and semiconductor device having the same
2172014015249106/05/14Electronic device and method for sensing active state of object
2182014015259306/05/14Operating portable devices
2192014015298806/05/14Measuring the rotation angle of optical active substance
2202014015330906/05/14Frequency converter and switching method thereof
2212014015359406/05/14Apparatus for generating pulse train with adjustable time interval
2222014015359706/05/14Apparatus for generating short-pulse laser using temporally modulated sideband gain
2232014015404806/05/14Hub cooling apparatus adapted to wind-power generator and method thereof
2242014015445606/05/14Carbon fiber composite material and method for preparing the same
2252014015458206/05/14Lithium battery and method for manufacturing the same
2262014015527806/05/14Detecting biological materials
2272014015686406/05/14Multimedia stream buffer and output method and multimedia stream buffer module
2282014015703406/05/14Power management method for electro-chemical batteries in low capacity state
2292014014437705/29/14Substrate and mask attachment clamp device
2302014014438205/29/14Plasma apparatus
2312014014447805/29/14Thermoelectric conversion device and selective absorber film
2322014014475305/29/14Conveying apparatus
2332014014521505/29/14Ac led device and method for fabricating the same
2342014014527705/29/14Magnetic device
2352014014575305/29/14Through silicon via repair circuit of semiconductor apparatus
2362014014613405/29/14Encoding 3d video
2372014014638005/29/14Transparent electrochromic polyimide, method for manufacturing the same, and electrochromic device utilizing the same
2382014014764905/29/14Coating, method for manufacturing the coating and film formed by the coating
2392014014774905/29/14Electrode powder and electrode plate for lithium ion battery
2402014014792705/29/14Method for analyzing the liquefied petroleum gas and device thereof
2412014014815305/29/14Method for selecting and establishing a d2d communication path in mtc capillary networks
2422014014853905/29/14Pvc product and method for treating surface thereof
2432014014907005/29/14Analyzing movement trajectories
2442014013807505/22/14Heat exchanger and semiconductor module
2452014013873405/22/14Module structure
2462014013878205/22/14Magnetic sensing apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
2472014013905705/22/14Stator module and magnetic field generated structure thereof
2482014013905805/22/14Stator structure
2492014013925905/22/14Test method for interposer

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