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Industrial Technology Research Institute
Industrial Technology Research Institute itri
Industrial Technology Research Institute taiwan
Industrial Technology Research Institute lon
Industrial Technology Research Institute And Unimicron Technology Corp
Industrial Technology Research Institute And National Taiwan University
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100107
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20131212
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100128
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100121
Industrial Technology Research Institute_20100114

Industrial Technology Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Industrial Technology Research Institute. Industrial Technology Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Industrial Technology Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Industrial Technology Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Optical film, flexible device member comprising the optical film, and resin composition
11/16/17 new patent  Distance measuring device and distance measuring method thereof
11/16/17 new patent  Wireless communication apparatus and the method thereof
11/16/17 new patent  Method for receiving and transmitting synchronization signal and wireless communication device
11/16/17 new patent  Internet of vehicles, base station, and dynamic resource managing method thereof
11/16/17 new patent  Service identification method, network entity and user equipment using the same
11/16/17 new patent  Structure constructed by sheet
11/09/17Humanized monoclonal antibody and uses thereof
11/09/17Photovoltaic module
11/09/17Light source apparatus
11/09/17Driving planar organic electroluminescent device
11/02/17Method and device for robotic direct lead-through teaching
11/02/17Positioning measurement device and the method thereof
11/02/17Decoding device and absolute positioning code
10/26/17Flexible electronic module
10/19/17Method for determining antifouling ability of a material surface and determining device for determining antifouling ability of material surface
10/19/17Modular microwave power supply
10/12/17Fabricating a semiconductor light emitting device
10/12/17Luminaire positioning system and method thereof
10/12/17Access point in geographic routing system and controlling method thereof
10/12/17Device to device mobility management method, user equipment and network entity using the same
10/05/17Communication system, communication device, base station and method thereof for d2d communications
10/05/17Handover method used by network controller of transport network and network controller using the same
09/28/17Roll-to-roll apparatus
09/28/17Abnormality measuring method and abnormality measuring apparatus
09/28/17Security certificate management a vehicular network node and vehicular network node applying the same
09/28/17Load balancing method, load balancing system, load balancing device and topology reduction method
09/28/17Load balancing system, load balancing device and topology management method
09/21/17Physiology detecting garment, physiology detecting monitoring system and manufacturing textile antenna
09/21/17Hydrostatic bearing assembly
09/21/17Touch-sensing display panel
09/21/17Display device
09/21/17Voltage clamping circuit
09/21/17Method for saving power consumption of mobile station, and mobile station, base station, and access point
09/21/17Multi-layer circuit structure
09/14/17Pharmaceutical composition for treating or alleviating an autoimmune disease and/or complication thereof and/or nephritis and treating or alleviating an autoimmune disease and/or complication thereof and/or nephritis
09/14/17Electrical device
09/14/17Metal-doped graphene and growth the same
09/14/17Configuration and measurement performing a full-duplex communication and base station using the same
09/14/17Data transmission performing full-duplex communications and base station using the same
09/14/17Server and base station of a radio network, accessing a radio network, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium thereof
09/07/17Battery management system and battery system using the same
09/07/17Method, apparatus and system for managing transmission of notification messages
09/07/17Clock synchronization method, mobile network system, network controller and network switch
08/24/17Light emitting device
08/17/17Transmission hybrid powertrain mechanism
08/17/17Illumination system
08/10/17Analyzing system and analyzing evaluating calorie consumption by detecting the intensity of wireless signal
08/10/17Method for separating hydrolyzed product of biomass
08/10/17Method for controlling electronic equipment and wearable device
08/03/17Radiofrequency ablation electrode needle
08/03/17Method of performing uplink channel estimation and base station using the same
07/27/17Pharmaceutical composition for treating or alleviating autoimmune-related diseases and treating or alleviating autoimmune-related diseases
07/27/17Oligomer additive and lithium battery
07/20/17Polymerization process of polyarylene sulfide
07/20/17Two-speed transmission having two clutches for electric vehicle
07/20/17Two-speed transmission having two clutches
07/20/17Sensing display apparatus
07/20/17Method for forming thin film having sulfide single-crystal nanoparticles
07/20/17Galvanic isolator circuit
07/20/17Packet processing software-defined network
07/20/17Flexible substrate repair structure, manufacturing method thereof, and inspection and repair flexible substrate
07/13/17Method for preparing polyarylene sulfide (pas) monomer
07/13/17Method for preparing an aromatic sulfide or salt thereof
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07/13/17Method for preparing a polymer
07/13/17Composite fabrics
07/06/17Filtration material
07/06/17Genetically modified microorganism for producing medium-chain lauric acid and/or dodecanedioic acid and using thereof
07/06/17Raman detecting chip for thin layer chromatography and separating and detecting an analyte
07/06/17Method for evaluating skin tissue and system using the same
07/06/17Package substrate and fabricating the same
07/06/17Output stage circuit
07/06/17Multilayer circuit structure
06/29/17Introcular pressure detecting device and detecting method thereof
06/29/17Polymer and preparing the same
06/29/17Ion exchange membrane
06/29/17Dispersion solution, organic/inorganic hybrid material and preparation method thereof
06/29/17Method for estimating a risk for a subject suffering from hepatocellular carcinoma and the prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma
06/29/17Sensing chip
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06/29/17Micro-electromechanical apparatus having central anchor
06/29/17Method and system for generating queue based applications dependencies in virtual machines
06/29/17Method and system for recommending application parameter setting and system specification setting in distributed computation
06/29/17Pixel array structure, display panel and fabricating the pixel array structure
06/29/17Server device, client device and dynamic image transmission virtual desktop infrastructure
06/29/17Conductive composite and capacitor utilizing the same
06/29/17Capacitor structure
06/29/17Light sensing device and fabricating method thereof
06/29/17Image sensor and manufacturing method thereof
06/29/17Image sensor
06/29/17Solar cell
06/29/17Organic light-emitting device
06/29/17Actuating structure of battery safety valve
06/29/17Catalyst composition for alkaline electrochemical energy conversion reaction and use thereof
06/29/17Additive formulation and composition for lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery comprising the same
06/29/17Method of coordination multi point transmission, control node and wireless communication device
06/29/17Method for scheduling pilot signal, control node and wireless device
06/29/17Streaming service system, streaming service method and controller thereof
06/29/17Server device, client device and dynamic image transmission virtual desktop infrastructure
06/29/17Micro-electromechanical temperature control system with thermal reservoir
06/22/17Binder for capacitive deionization electrode and manufacturing the same
06/22/17System and detecting muscle activities
06/22/17Method and system for anaerobic threshold heart rate detection
06/22/17Membrane for protecting intraocular tissues and the protection methods used thereof
06/22/17Dental carrier
06/22/17Adsorption material and manufacturing the same and adsorption heat pump
06/22/17Metal patch, manufacturing the same and bonding method by using the same
06/22/17Fabrication magnetic device
06/22/17Porous hydrophobic fluorine-containing polymer membrane and production methods thereof
06/22/17Compatibilizer and thermoplastic resin employing the same
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06/22/17Low dielectric constant and solventless resin composition and substrate structure
06/22/17Protective material and protective structure and protective method
06/22/17Polyphenylene ether oligomer and high-frequency copper clad laminate
06/22/17Compound and liquid crystal composition employing the same
06/22/17Compound and liquid-crystal composition employing the same
06/22/17Hydrophobic alloy film and manufacturing method thereof
06/22/17Ceramic/polymer composite material and fabricating the same
06/22/17Heat dissipation module
06/22/17Voice coil motor
06/22/17Photo-imprinting resin composition, photo-imprinting resin film and patterning process
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06/22/17Additive manufacturing three-dimensional object
06/22/17Database batch update method, data redo/undo log producing method and memory storage apparatus
06/22/17Optical inspection system and optical inspection method thereof
06/22/17Apparatus and dual mode depth measurement
06/22/17Optical solid state prepolymer and molding composition
06/22/17Protective structure and electronic apparatus
06/22/17Lithium positive electrode material and lithium battery
06/22/17Coil assembly and wireless power transmission system
06/22/17Receiver device applied to mimo system and control method using the same
06/22/17Message pushing method and message pushing device
06/15/17Locker adjusting accommodating space
06/15/17Magnetic separator
06/15/17Machine tool and feed saddle structure thereof
06/15/17Heat shielding material, heat shielding composition and heat shielding structure employing the same
06/15/17Vehicle turning alarm method and vehicle turning alarm device
06/15/17Photo responsive material and optical device
06/15/17Cell culture carrier module, bioreactor and cell recovery method
06/15/17Solid catalysts and preparing sugars using the same
06/15/17Drying apparatus and drying method
06/15/17Heat shielding material, heat shielding composition and heat shielding structure employing the same
06/15/17Wideband compound phase-retardation film and wideband circular polarizer using the same
06/15/17Method for initializing peripheral devices and electronic device using the same
06/15/17Server backup method and backup system using the method
06/15/17Methods and systems for analyzing reading logs and documents thereof
06/15/17Internet question answering system and method, and computer readable recording media
06/15/17Method for system simulation and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium thereof
06/15/17Image recognition method
06/15/17Data visualization method and data visualization device
06/15/17Workpiece measuring measuring a workpiece
06/15/17Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
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06/15/17Semiconductor device
06/15/17Flexible device
06/15/17Multimedia content cross screen synchronization apparatus and method, and display device and server
06/15/17Wide-angle lens calibration system and method thereof
06/15/17Metadata delivery prose communication and related apparatuses using the same
06/15/17Power module and manufacturing method thereof
06/08/17Non-invasive blood glucose measuring device and measuring method using the same
06/08/17Implant device for osseous integration
06/08/17Bio-polyol composition and bio-polyurethane foam
06/08/17Epoxy resin compositions and thermal interface materials comprising the same
06/08/17Magnetic and thermally conductive material and thermally conductive and dielectric layer
06/08/17Thermally conductive resin and thermal interface material comprising the same
06/08/17Small interfering rna and pharmaceutical composition and inhibiting galectin-12 expression and/or enhancing lipolysis containing the same
06/08/17Iron-based alloy coating and manufacturing the same
06/08/17Evaporation method
06/08/17Electrical deposition apparatus
06/08/17Integrated combustion device power saving system
06/08/17Keyword-based user interface in electronic device
06/08/17Performing graphic user interface, tracking graphic user interface and electronic device using the same
06/08/17Information querying method based on user location, device to device relay gateway system and controller
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06/08/17System and predicting remaining useful life of component of equipment
06/08/17Mobile virtual reality (vr) operation method, system and storage media
06/08/17System and analyzing ingestion of diet
06/08/17Display pixel and display panel
06/08/17Photovoltaic module
06/08/17Solar cell structure for wireless charging
06/08/17Package structure of an ultraviolet light emitting diode
06/08/17Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device employing the same
06/08/17Composite barrier layer and manufacturing method thereof
06/08/17Substrate structure
06/08/17Electrode and manufacturing the same and battery
06/08/17Method for fabricating graphene electrode
06/08/17Laminated antenna structure
06/08/17Antenna array
06/08/17Rotor of electric motor
06/08/17Soft-switching auxiliary circuit
06/08/17Power amplifier circuit
06/08/17Multi-point spectral system
06/08/17Network entry millimeter wave communication system and related apparatueses using the same
06/08/17Wireless communication device and operating method using the same
Social Network Patent Pack
06/08/17Offload determination system for multiple wireless network, server and method thereof
06/08/17Post network entry connection method in millimeter wave communication system and related apparatuses using the same
06/01/17Device and system for physiological measurement
06/01/17Bone implant and manufacturing method thereof
06/01/17Method for estimating posture of robotic walking aid
06/01/17Device for heating to generate uniform motlen pool
06/01/17Laminating device for composite materials
06/01/17Integrated power module and electric bicycle having the same
06/01/17Composite fiber capillary structure, heat pipe thereof and fabricating the same
06/01/17Apparatus for detecting liquid level
06/01/17Optical sensing module
06/01/17Camera array apparatus
06/01/17System suspending method, system resuming method and computer system using the same
06/01/17Method for request scheduling and scheduling device
06/01/17Thermal simulation device and method
06/01/17Method for feature description and feature descriptor using the same
06/01/17Organic metal compound, organic light-emitting devices employing the same
06/01/17Organic metal compound, organic light-emitting devices employing the same
06/01/17Display device and optical film
06/01/17Power collection device for electric machine
06/01/17Method for virtual local area network fail-over management, system therefor and apparatus therewith
05/25/17Device for removing and adhering substrate and using the device
05/25/17Copolymer and epoxy resin composite
05/25/17Method of manufacturing hydrophobic material and hydrophobic film
05/25/17Packaging composition and packaging structure employing the same
05/25/17Solvent-free adhesive composition
05/25/17Gas compression system and compressing gas using the gas compression system
05/25/17Apparatus for measuring length of optical resonant cavity
05/25/17Measurement system
05/25/17Method and device of measuring breakdown status of equipment
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05/25/17Organic compounds, light modulating composition and light modulating devices employing the same
05/25/17Pcie network system with fail-over capability and operation method thereof
05/25/17Metal conducting structure and wiring structure
05/25/17Electric-programmable magnetic module
05/25/17Light-emitting assembly
05/25/17Thermoelectric conversion device
05/25/17Control speeding up light emission of laser diodes
05/25/17Light emitting device and driving method thereof
05/25/17Method for interference coordination, network server and communication system using the same
05/25/17Flexible electronic device and manufacturing the same
05/18/17Three dimensional tissue printing device, three dimensional tissue printing method and artificial skin
05/18/17Genetic engineered bacteria and methods for promoting production of succinic acid or lactic acid
05/18/17Internal hot gas bypass device coupled with inlet guide vane for centrifugal compressor
05/18/17Wavelength converting composition, wavelength converting structure, luminescence film having the wavelength converting structure, and backlit component having the wavelength converting composition
05/18/17Tunable optical device
05/18/17Scheduling method and processing device using the same
05/18/17Analyzing method and analyzing system for graphics process
05/18/17Trench structure on sic substrate and fabricating thereof
05/11/17Polymer and dispersion
05/11/17Image ranging system, light source module and image sensing module
05/11/17Touch and pressure sensing device
05/11/17Touch control apparatus and noise compensating circuit and method thereof
05/11/17Method for finding crowd movements
05/11/17Health assessment method and health assessment device for workpiece processing apparatus
05/11/17Apparatus management method, apparatus management device and non-transitory computer readable storage media
05/11/17Image inpainting using the same
05/11/17Method, apparatus, and system for monitoring manufacturing equipment
05/11/17Battery system and control method thereof
05/11/17Method and scheduling encoding of streaming data

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