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Industry academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University
Industry academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University Of Seoul
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Industry academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University_20100114
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Industry academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University patents

Recent patent applications related to Industry academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University. Industry academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Industry academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Industry academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Highly sensitive pressure sensor and input device using the same
03/16/17Volatile organic compound sensor
03/16/17Methods of selective cell attachment/detachment, cell patternization and cell harvesting by means of near infrared rays
03/16/17Error correction and decoding
03/09/17Tube-type lens, optical emission spectroscopy (oes) apparatus including the tube-type lens, plasma monitoring system including the oes apparatus, and manufacturing semiconductor device by using the plasma monitoring system
03/02/17Preparation magnetic composite for treating and diagnosing cancer
03/02/17Airborne microbial measurement apparatus and measurement method
03/02/17Method and device for transforming 2d image into 3d
03/02/17Anisotropic conductive material, electronic device including anisotropic conductive material, and manufacturing electronic device
02/23/17Method for predicting prognosis of cancer
02/23/17Semiconductor memory device
01/26/17Gene implicated in abiotic stress tolerance and growth accelerating and use thereof
01/19/17Electronic cigarette, data processing apparatus, measuring smoking amount and smoking management system employing the same
01/05/17Composition containing fucosterol for skin whitening or moisturizing
01/05/17Threshold voltage measuring device
01/05/17Method for healing defect of conductive layer, forming metal-carbon compound layer, 2d nano materials, transparent electrode and manufacturing the same
12/29/16Decoy peptides inhibiting binding of amigo2 and 3-phosphoinositide-dependent kinase 1
12/29/16X-ray detector, x-ray imaging device using same, and driving method therefor
12/29/16System and writing occupancy grid map of sensor centered coordinate system using laser scanner
12/15/16Painless and patchless shooting microstructure
12/08/16Saxatilin-fc fusion protein and use thereof
12/01/16Composition for inducing differentiation of multipotent neural stem cells into dopaminergic neurons and inducing differentiation of multipotent neural stem cells into dopaminergic neurons by using the same
12/01/16Method and apparatus of recovering and encoding for data recovery in storage system
11/24/16Thin film transistor substrate having high reliability metal oxide semiconductor material
11/17/16Method and feedback in mobile communication system
11/17/16Method for setting resource for fdr communication by node in fdr communication environment
11/10/16Apparatus and controlling droplet
11/10/16Inverter-based stand-alone microgrid control system using pmu
11/03/16Electromagnetic wave shileding dielectric film
10/27/16Method for patterning mesoporous inorganic oxide film, and electric device including mesoporous inorganic oxide film patterned by the same
10/20/16Method for repairing oxide thin film and oxide thin-film device
10/20/16Flexible high performance inorganic matter fet using built-in strain of inorganic matter on insulator wafer
10/20/16Data transmission method according to battery use pattern
10/13/16Omega-transaminase mutants with activity improvements toward ketones and methods for producing optically pure amines
10/13/16Method and providing surgery-related anatomical information
10/13/16Apparatus and recommending operation path
10/13/16Apparatus for optical emission spectroscopy and plasma treatment apparatus
10/06/16Semiconductor device managing power budget and operating method thereof
10/06/16Method for promoting hair growth using composition comprising pdgf-d treated adipose-derived stem cells
10/06/16Carbon thin-film device and manufacturing the same
10/06/16Adaptive disturbance rejection using dead zone filter
09/29/16Pattern input apparatus and method, and recording medium using the same
09/29/16Method for controlling transmission power and transmission delay, and communication terminal using same
09/22/16Small molecule, indirubin-3-oxime, for prevention and treatment of bone disease
09/22/16Method and forming thin oxide film
09/22/16Semantic search apparatus and method using mobile terminal
09/22/16Method for generating filter for audio signal and parameterizing device therefor
09/22/16Method and processing audio signal
09/22/16Method and transceiving signal in wireless communication system
09/15/16Transceiving modulation signal transmission in filter bank multi-carrier communication system
09/15/16Gene associated with non-biological stress resistance, and transformed plant
09/15/16Adaptive real-time transcoding method and streaming server therefor
09/08/16Thin film activation method using electrical energy and thin film transistor fabrication method
09/01/16Polymer electrolyte membrane for a fuel cell, manufacturing same, and fuel cell comprising same
09/01/16Power control system for energy storage devices, and control device and control method thereof
08/18/16Receiving method and receiver device for a coherent optical communication system
08/11/16Alternative magnetic stimulating system for preventing or treating brain tumor growth
08/04/16Self-expanding stent transfer device
08/04/16System and image-based structural health monitoring suitable for structures having uncertain load conditions and support conditions
07/28/16Superconducting tape current leads
07/28/16Apparatus for optical emission spectroscopy
07/21/16Packet transmission use in filter bank-based multi-carrier wireless communication
07/14/16Methods for retrieving sequence-verified nucleic acid fragments and apparatuses for amplifying sequence verified nucleic acid fragments
07/07/16Transparent film heater and manufacturing method thereof
07/07/16Transparent electrode and manufacturing method thereof
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06/30/16Flame retardant comprising graphene oxide doped phosphorus on the surface
06/30/16Method for hybrid solar tracking, and hybrid solar tracking and photovoltaic blind system using same
06/30/16Data transmitter, data receiver and smart device using the same
06/30/16Method of performing scheduling for d2d multicast communication in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
06/23/16Sense amplifier and semiconductor memory device employing the same
06/16/16Method of cancelling si signal at rf-front end and ue for the same
06/16/16Serializer and data transmitter comprising the same
06/09/16Balloon catheter having micro needles and manufacturing the same
06/09/16Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
06/09/16Oxide semiconductor device and manufacturing same
06/02/16Semiconductor device including a global buffer shared by a plurality of memory controllers
05/26/16Method for preparing hydrogel bead for detection of hydrofluoric acid and kit comprising the same
05/26/16Apparatus and object detection based on dominant pixel information
05/19/16Carrier for dry adsorbent for carbon dioxide including spherical silica whose surface is engraved in the form of nanowires and preparing the same
05/19/16Memory device
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05/12/16Method and quantifying properties of an object through magnetic resonance imaging (mri)
05/12/16Methods for etching substrate and semiconductor devices
05/05/16Method for synthesis of transition metal chalcogenide
05/05/16Conductive yarn, conductive yarn based pressure sensor and methods for producing them
05/05/16Apparatus and generating momentum using superconducting coils
05/05/16Method and device for recognizing image
05/05/16Apparatus and message communication
04/28/16Apparatus and cancelling self-interference signal in rf front end
04/21/16Methods and high-throughput label-free cell assay
04/21/16Indolizino[3,2-c]quinoline derivatives, pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, preparation method thereof and pharmaceutical composition for treatment of cystic fibrosis containing the same as active ingredient
04/14/16Microporous polyimide sponge and producing the same
04/14/16Construction of mitochondrial uqcrb mutant expressing cells and utilization of the cells for uqcrb assay system thereof
04/07/16Heterogeneous catalyst for production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid from allyl alcohol, and preparation of 3-hydroxypropionic acid from allyl alcohol using the same
03/31/16Apparatus and measuring hemoglobin concentration within blood using light and heat light scattering
03/24/16Microfluidic separation device, separation method using the same and kit for separating circulating rare cells from blood using the same
03/24/16Self-assembled peptide nanostructures by exploiting conformational change, biosensor using the same and detection biomolecules using the same
03/24/16Cpu control improving application processing speed and power consumption
03/24/16Apparatus and cancelling interference in communication system supporting multi-user multiple-input multiple-output scheme
03/17/16Buffer layer for preventing breakage of glass panel for panoramic sunroof, glass panel comprising the same, and manufacturing the same
03/10/16Method for extracting biomarker for diagnosing biliary tract cancer, computing apparatus therefor, biomarker for diagnosing biliary tract cancer and diagnosing biliary tract cancer comprising same
03/03/16Method and transmitting and receiving channel-related information
03/03/16Method and channel estimation and equalization in qam-fbmc system
02/25/16System for monitoring user utilizing pulse signal
02/25/16Method for extracting biomarker for diagnosing pancreatic cancer, computing device therefor, biomarker for diagnosing pancreatic cancer and device for diagnosing pancreatic cancer including the same
02/25/16Method of forming a metal sulfide alloy and an electronic device with the metal sulfide alloy
02/18/16Transmission apparatus and massive multi-antenna system
02/11/16Dye sensitized solar textiles and manufacturing the same
02/04/16Flexible near field optical imaging device including flexible optical head with thin film layer for formation of dynamic optical nano apertures
02/04/16Method for forming coating layer and coating material having waterproof property
02/04/16Superhydrophobic coating material and manufacturing the same
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02/04/16Method of measuring biological sample properties and biological sample property measuring apparatus
02/04/16Mask for photolithography, manufacturing the same and manufacturing substrate using the same
01/28/16Flexible transparent electrode and manufacturing same
01/21/16Sample plate for maldi-tof mass spectrometer and manufacturing the sample plate and mass spectrometry method using the sample plate
01/21/16Apparatus and etching substrate, stamp for etching substrate and manufacturing the same
01/21/16Layered detection qam-fbmc system
01/07/16Method for preparing electroconductive polymer and thermoelectric device comprising electroconductive polymer film prepared using the same
01/07/16Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of eye pain, containing pge2 synthesis inhibitor
01/07/16Mri contrast agent including t1 contrast material coated on surface of nanoparticle support
01/07/16Terminal device for reducing power consumption and controlling the same
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01/07/16Mobile terminal for controlling icons displayed on touch screen and method therefor
01/07/16Oscillator and semiconductor device including the same
01/07/16Scheme for transmitting and receiving symbols in filter bank multi carrier system
01/07/16Resource allocation method in wireless communication system and apparatus using the same
12/31/15Dual write wordline memory cell
12/31/15Method of transceiving feedback information in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
12/31/15Data transmitting method using wlan
12/24/15Method and feeding back channel estimation in multi-input multi-output system
12/24/15Bio signal measuring apparatus using bandwidth of pulse signal and user monitoring system including the same
12/24/15Gene delivery system containing relaxin gene and pharmaceutical composition using relaxin
12/24/15Electronic apparatus and managing function in electronic apparatus
12/24/15Compositions for solution process, electronic devices fabricated using the same, and fabrication methods thereof
12/17/15Hydrogel, preparation method thereof, and ph sensor comprising the same
12/17/15Per-stream channel gain feedback-based multi-stream mu-cqi estimation method and apparatus
12/17/15Spinel-type lithium titanium oxide/graphene composite and preparing the same
12/17/15Heterogeneous catalyst for preparing acrylic acid from allyl alcohol, and preparing acrylic acid from allyl alcohol using the same
12/10/15Method, base station and user equipment for performing d2d service in wireless communication system
12/10/15Method for transmitting and receiving signal in multi-cell cooperative communication system and apparatus therefor
12/10/15Method, base station and user equipment for performing d2d service in wireless communication system
12/03/15Method and sending and receiving channel state information in multiiple-input multiple-output network wireless communication systems
12/03/15Transmitter, receiver, and methods for controlling thereof
11/26/15Dynamic optical head and imaging device using flexible nano film optical structure
11/26/15Three-dimensional graphene composite, preparation the same, and supercapacitor comprising the same
11/26/15Flexible organic thin-film transistor and sensor having the same
11/19/15Apparatus for in real time detecting biological particle and non-biological particle in the atmosphere and detecting biological particle and non-biological particle using the same
11/19/15Plasmonic optical waveguide using plasmonic coupling between nano-aperture and nano-particle
11/19/15Bio signal measuring apparatus and user monitoring system including the same
11/19/15Microstructure-based drug delivery system comprising microporous structure
11/19/15Multisensing platform using nanoporous cantilever sensor
11/19/15Method for transmitting and receiving data on the basis of adaptive blind interference alignment
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11/19/15Method of user equipment selecting cell in wireless communication system and user equipment using the method
11/05/15Glass substrate manufacturing method and glass thereof
10/29/15Methods for cancer diagnosis, anti-cancer drug screening, and test of drug effectiveness on the basis of phoshorylation of ras at thr-144 and thr-148
10/29/15Analog-to-digital converter and an image sensor including the same
10/29/15Reconfigurable analog-to-digital converter, image sensor and mobile device including the same
10/29/15Optical network unit capable of reducing optical beat interference and controlling the same
10/22/15Multilayer ceramic capacitor using poling process for reduction of vibration
10/22/15Method and device for transmitting and receiving signal in multi-cell cooperative communication system
10/15/15Magnesium material and manufacturing the same
10/15/15Diaromatic amino acid substrate for cathepsin detection
10/15/15Method for synthesizing a halogen-functionalized carbon material and fabricating an electronic device employing the same
10/08/15Method for preparing optically active amino acid using cosubstrate shuttling of transaminase
10/08/15Method and adjusting the parameters of a magnetic resonance image
10/08/15Video encoding parallel processing using reference picture information, and video decoding parallel processing using reference picture information
10/01/15Method for increasing gui response speed of user device through data preloading, and said user device
10/01/15Cardiovascular oct image making method and detecting stents using thereof
10/01/15Carbon dioxide separation membrane comprising porous hollow titanium dioxide nanoparticle and manufacturing method thereof
10/01/15Polypeptide having multiple directionality and self-assembled nanostructure containing the same
10/01/15Apparatus and providing three-dimensional air-touch feedback
10/01/15Online advertisement system and online advertisement method
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10/01/15Method for forming oxide thin film and fabricating oxide thin film transistor employing germanium doping
09/17/15Apparatus and measuring concentration of hemoglobin using photothermal effect
09/17/15Method for managing power in electronic device and the electronic device
09/17/15Nanoparticle polymer and preparing a nanoparticle polymer
09/17/15Delay locked loop
09/10/15Use of a compound for inducing differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into cartilage cells
09/10/15Method and transmitting feedback about channel having spatial correlation
09/10/15Apparatus and channel feedback in multiple input multiple output system
09/03/15Dynamic optical head layer and lithography method using the same
08/27/15Gas sensor and manufacturing the same
08/27/15System and generating pseudo electrogram
08/27/15Method and apparatus of recognizing facial expression using adaptive decision tree based on local feature extraction
08/27/15Clock and data recovery device
08/27/15Tsm rate-distortion optimizing method, encoding using the same, and processing picture
08/20/15Hydrogen sensor
08/20/15Apparatus and controlling driving device of self-driving vehicle
08/20/15Stretchable conductive nanofibers, stretchable electrode using the same and producing the stretchable conductive nanofibers
08/20/15Apparatus and channel feedback in multiple input multiple output system
08/13/15Wire stent
08/13/15Composition for promoting wound healing
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08/13/15Nmos-offset canceling current-latched sense amplifier
08/13/15Semiconductor device having structure capable of suppressing oxygen diffusion and manufacturing the same
08/06/15Metal material having protective coating and manufacturing the same
07/30/15Device for preventing intensity reduction of optical signal, optical emission spectrometer, optical instrument, and mass spectrometer including the same
07/30/15Internal device, external device, diagnosis apparatus including the same, and endoscope apparatus
07/30/15Use of flavone compound for prevention or treatment of obesity
07/30/15Magnetic resonance imaging operating the same
07/23/15Polarization antenna
07/09/15Use of kaempferia parviflora wall. ex. baker extracts or flavone compound for preventing or treating muscle diseases, or improving muscle function
07/09/15Method of generating voltage island for 3d many-core chip multiprocessor
07/09/15Method of removing oxide from substrate and manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
07/09/15Voltage converter
07/09/15Video encoding and decoding methods based on scale and angle variation information, and video encoding and decoding apparatuses for performing the methods
07/09/15Image encoding and decoding methods for preserving film grain noise, and image encoding and decoding apparatuses for preserving film grain noise
07/02/15Self-powered piezoelectric structure and manufacturing the same
07/02/15Medical patch
07/02/15Halogen doping source for doping oxide thin film wlth halogen using atomlc layer deposition, manufacturing the halogen doping source, doping oxide thin film wlth halogen using atomic layer depositlon, and oxide thin film doped with halogen manufactured by using the doping oxide thin film with halogen
07/02/15Method for forming tungsten sulfide layer and forming tungsten sulfide layer
07/02/15System and analysing business environment of overseas gas plant project
07/02/15System and assessing sustainability of overseas gas field
07/02/15Self-powered generator, fabricating the same and piezoelectric enery-harvesting device using the generator
07/02/15Hybrid zero-forcing beamforming method and apparatus
07/02/15Stereo camera
07/02/15Apparatus and access point selection
06/25/15Vehicle detecting method and system
06/18/15Method for implanted-ion assisted growth of metal oxide nanowires and patterned device fabricated using the method
06/18/15Gas turbine device using supercritical fluid as cooling fluid
06/18/15Heartbeat measuring apparatus, heartbeat measuring method and driver monitoring system
06/11/15Adaptive transmission device using limited feedback information in a mobile communication system, and a method thereof
06/04/15Method for preparing zinc-histidine self-assembly biomimetric complex, zinc-histidine self-assembly complex prepared by said method, and reducing carbon dioxide using said zinc-histidine self-assembly complex
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06/04/15Method and performing uplink scheduling in a multiple-input multiple-output system
05/28/15Method of recognizing contactless fingerprint and electronic device for performing the same
05/28/15Plasma enhanced vapor phase deposition
05/21/15Method and detecting an envelope for ultrasonic signals
05/21/15Metal oxide thin film, manufacturing the same, and solution for metal oxide thin film
05/21/15Denoising multi-contrast mri
05/21/15Methods of forming oxide semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing display devices having oxide semiconductor devices
05/14/15Superconducting synchronous motor
05/14/15Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and operating the same
05/14/15Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating tuberculosis
05/14/15Novel compound, preparing method thereof, and use thereof as inhibitors of histone demethylase
05/07/15Magnesium alloy for precipitation strengthening extrusion and manufacturing the same
05/07/15Sample plate using maldi-tof mass spectrometer and manufacturing the sample plate
05/07/15Method for fabrication of porous fibrous microstructure with various 3-dimensional structures
04/30/15Composition for preventing or treating hair loss or promoting hair growth comprising secoiridoid glucoside derivatives
04/30/15Modified b+ tree node searching method and apparatus
04/30/15Gene implicated in drought stress tolerance and transformed plants with the same
04/30/15Genes related to salt or drought stress resistances and transformed plants with the same
04/23/15Method and generating acceleration structure in ray tracing system
04/23/15High-strength and high-ductility steel sheet and manufacturing the same
04/23/15Hollow microneedle and subretinal syringe for subretinal injection or extraction
04/09/15Apparatus for measuring floating microorganisms in a gas phase in real time using a system for dissolving microorganisms and atp illumination, and detecting same
04/02/15Method of inserting dna fragments into genome by using marker gene expression
03/26/15Multiple parallel confocal system and surface measurement method using the same
03/26/15Method for quantitatively evaluating antimicrobial activity of antimicrobial sample using disc diffusion measuring antimicrobial activity using the same
03/26/15Apparatus and extracting feature point for recognizing obstacle using laser scanner
03/19/15Method and traffic load balancing in mobile communication system
03/19/15Pharmaceutical composition for viral treatment, and screening antiviral agent
03/12/15Apparatus and recognizing obstacle using laser scanner

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