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Infineon Technologies Ag
Infineon Technologies Agam Campeon
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100107
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100114
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100128
Infineon Technologies Ag_20131212
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100121


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Infineon Technologies Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Infineon Technologies Ag. Infineon Technologies Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Infineon Technologies Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Infineon Technologies Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Infineon Technologies Ag patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12009005140502/26/09 Adaptive capacitance for transistor
22009004546702/19/09 Bipolar transistor finfet technology
32016016994006/16/16 Magnetic field current sensors
42016016794706/16/16 Microphone module and manufacturing thereof
52016016873906/16/16 Electrolyte, forming a copper layer and forming a chip
62016016976306/16/16 Pressure sensor module having a sensor chip and passive devices within a housing
72016016998406/16/16 Magnetic field sensor
82016017001006/16/16 Method and device for radar applications
92016017202906/16/16 Nonvolitile memory refresh
102016017227606/16/16 Bonding clip, carrier and manufacturing a bonding clip
112016017235206/16/16 Power semiconductor device with improved stability and producing the same
122016017243806/16/16 Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices using light ion implantation and semiconductor device
132016017246806/16/16 Method of forming a silicon-carbide device with a shielded gate
142016017284906/16/16 Esd/eos detection
152016017308806/16/16 Integrated hall-controlled switch devices
162016017313306/16/16 Method and data processing device for determining an error vector in a data word
172016016157406/09/16 Soft switching of magnetization in a magnetoresistive sensor
182016016288106/09/16 Processing data on smartcard
192016016338706/09/16 Reuse of electrical charge at a semiconductor memory device
202016016361606/09/16 Heat spreader, electronic module comprising a heat spreader and fabrication thereof
212016016367406/09/16 Method of packaging integrated circuits
222016016368906/09/16 Semiconductor devices with transistor cells and thermoresistive element
232016016385206/09/16 Semiconductor device with a trench electrode
242016016427906/09/16 Circuit and measuring a current
252016015390706/02/16 Photonic crystal sensor structure and a manufacturing the same
262016015441506/02/16 Dual mode low-dropout linear regulator
272016015516406/02/16 System and methods for order promising using atp aggregation
282016015567706/02/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing a semiconductor device
292016015568006/02/16 Semiconductor package and fabrication thereof
302016015571206/02/16 Semiconductor chip
312016015571406/02/16 Semiconductor device, a power semiconductor device, and a processing a semiconductor device
322016015573506/02/16 Semiconductor component including a short-circuit structure
332016015586106/02/16 Method of manufacturing a device by locally heating one or more metalization layers and by means of selective etching
342016015608506/02/16 Active quasi circulator
352016015636506/02/16 Sensor system using multiple modes for analog to digital conversion
362016015641906/02/16 Transceiver device, access control devices, a transmitter device and a receiver device
372016015642006/02/16 Access control devices and a transceiver device
382016015703606/02/16 Microphone configuration and calibration via supply interface
392016014873105/26/16 Magnet arrangement for position sensor device and corresponding position sensor device
402016014454405/26/16 Ejector pin and method manufacturing the same
412016014467405/26/16 Rfid-tag, a tpms device, a tire, a receiver device and a providing information related to identification of a tire
422016014868105/26/16 Parallel forming of memory cells
432016014881905/26/16 Method for producing a material-bonding connection between a semiconductor chip and a metal layer
442016014883605/26/16 Vias and methods of formation thereof
452016014892505/26/16 Smart semiconductor switch
462016014902105/26/16 Vertically integrated semiconductor device and manufacturing method
472016014952905/26/16 Generator excitation regulation using pulse width modulation
482016014970205/26/16 Communication arrangement and generating a cryptographic key
492016013568405/19/16 Functional skin patch
502016013849205/19/16 Reduced power consumption with sensors transmitting data using current modulation
512016013907705/19/16 Apparatus for analyzing ion kinetics in dielectrics
522016013921405/19/16 Systems and arrangements of three-contact hall-effect devices and related methods
532016014043305/19/16 Semiconductor device including a radio frequency identification tag
542016014118705/19/16 Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit with imprint, integrated circuit with imprint, device for forming an integrated circuit with imprint and verification system for an integrated circuit with imprint
552016014118905/19/16 Frame cassette
562016014120805/19/16 Method for processing a semiconductor substrate and a processing a semiconductor wafer
572016014124805/19/16 Chip card module arrangement, chip card arrangement and producing a chip card arrangement
582016014125605/19/16 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
592016014125905/19/16 Method of forming a bondpad and bondpad
602016014139905/19/16 Method for forming a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
612016014140305/19/16 Semiconductor device and insulated gate bipolar transistor with transistor cells and sensor cell
622016014140605/19/16 Semiconductor to metal transition
632016014141005/19/16 Semiconductor component with dynamic behavior
642016014177005/19/16 Electrical connection module, semiconductor module and producing a semiconductor module
652016014204305/19/16 Output driver
662016014207105/19/16 Receiver, transmitter, determining a value encoded in a pwm signal, and transmitting a value encoded in a pwm signal
672016014208005/19/16 Receiver, sender, retrieving an additional datum from a signal and transmitting a datum and an additional datum in a signal
682016013172205/12/16 Sensor arrangement having thermo-emf compensation
692016013174305/12/16 Method and device for processing radar signals
702016013174405/12/16 Method and device for processing radar signals
712016012973605/12/16 Wheel localizer, wheel localization device, system, method and computer program for locating a position of a wheel
722016013072205/12/16 Method of manufacturing a silicon ingot and silicon ingot
732016013169605/12/16 Unit and monitoring an integrity of a signal path, signal processing system and sensor system
742016013206905/12/16 Circuit carrier, producing a circuit carrier, producing a circuit arrangement, operating a circuit arrangement and producing a semiconductor module
752016013209105/12/16 Digital sensor system
762016013356005/12/16 Capacitors with barrier dielectric layers, and methods of formation thereof
772016013358405/12/16 Semiconductor device and an electronic device
782016012595905/05/16 Health state of non-volatile memory
792016012698605/05/16 Communication devices and methods
802016012380805/05/16 Spectrometer, manufacturing a spectrometer, and operating a spectrometer
812016012403905/05/16 Edge damage inspection
822016012405505/05/16 Bias circuit for stacked hall devices
832016012614905/05/16 Method for processing a substrate and a process screening for integrated circuits
842016012615405/05/16 Power semiconductor module and producing a power semiconductor module
852016012616305/05/16 Lead frame strip with molding compound channels
862016012616505/05/16 Method of connecting a substrate and chip assembly
872016012618905/05/16 Programmable devices and methods of manufacture thereof
882016012619205/05/16 Power semiconductor module having a direct copper bonded substrate and an integrated passive component, and an integrated power module
892016012619705/05/16 Semiconductor device having a stress-compensated chip electrode
902016012621105/05/16 Semiconductor arrangement, producing a semiconductor chip
912016012621205/05/16 Chip assemblage, press pack cell and operating a press pack cell
922016012621605/05/16 Method of forming an interconnection and arrangement for a direct interconnect chip assembly
932016012622705/05/16 Method for attaching a semiconductor die to a carrier
942016012695105/05/16 Integrated magnetic field sensor-controlled switch devices
952016012715705/05/16 Common-mode suppressor based on differential transmission line
962016012813905/05/16 Single led short detection in multichannel led
972016012814505/05/16 Second stage calibration in dc/dc led current regulation
982016011634404/28/16 Determining a temperature
992016011649704/28/16 Sensor system and alerting unit for sensing and verifying data related to a movement of an object
1002016011652304/28/16 Testing of semiconductor packages with integrated antennas
1012016011814104/28/16 Method and device for evaluating a chip manufacturing process
1022016011821104/28/16 Communicating with power switching devices
1032016011838204/28/16 Method of manufacturing a reverse blocking semiconductor device
1042016011846604/28/16 Semiconductor chip arrangement
1052016011847704/28/16 Method of production of field-effect transistor with local source/drain insulation
1062016011848404/28/16 Bipolar transistor with enclosed sub areas and a manufacturing such a bipolar transistor
1072016011887904/28/16 Charge pump
1082016011897604/28/16 Methods and circuits for improved reliability of power devices operating under repetitive thermal stress
1092016011900604/28/16 Receiver and receiving a signal
1102016010718304/21/16 Application of fluids to substrates
1112016010787904/21/16 Electronic device with suspended mass
1122016010921204/21/16 Electronic fuse
1132016010926604/21/16 Time capture based resolver to digital converter
1142016010950504/21/16 Device testing
1152016010953604/21/16 Magnetoresistive sensor module and manufacturing the same
1162016010953704/21/16 Magneto resistive device
1172016010986804/21/16 Load driver circuit including load model parameter estimation
1182016011024104/21/16 Apparatus, protecting data
1192016011125504/21/16 Separation of chips on a substrate
1202016011128904/21/16 Semiconductor device and forming a semiconductor device
1212016011139504/21/16 Method of forming a chip assembly and chip assembly
1222016011141304/21/16 Avalanche diode having an enhanced defect concentration level and making the same
1232016011141504/21/16 Insulated gate bipolar transistor comprising negative temperature coefficient thermistor
1242016011150804/21/16 Semiconductor device having a trench gate and manufacturing
1252016011152804/21/16 Semiconductor device with auxiliary structure including deep level dopants
1262016011171904/21/16 Method for manufacturing a plurality of nanowires
1272016011178704/21/16 Hybrid antenna, antenna arrangement and manufacturing an antenna arrangement
1282016011195404/21/16 Voltage generator and biasing thereof
1292016011207204/21/16 System and a radio frequency filter
1302016011269604/21/16 Imaging apparatuses and a time of flight imaging method
1312016011279504/21/16 Very high dynamic-range switched capacitor adc with large input impedance for applications tolerating increased distortion and noise at large input signal levels
1322016011312304/21/16 Method for soldering a circuit carrier to a carrier plate
1332016011312704/21/16 Electronic module having an electrically insulating structure with material having a low modulus of elasticity
1342016010317304/14/16 Apparatus and a providing an output parameter and a sensor device
1352016010321904/14/16 Sonic sensors and packages
1362016010432204/14/16 Apparatus for generating a display control signal and a method thereof
1372016010462204/14/16 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor wafer, and semiconductor device having a low concentration of interstitial oxygen
1382016010463104/14/16 Electronic module and producing an electronic module
1392016010464004/14/16 Method for processing a carrier
1402016010466904/14/16 Semiconductor structure with improved metallization adhesion and manufacturing the same
1412016010468204/14/16 Crack stop barrier and manufacturing thereof
1422016010477904/14/16 Silicon carbide device and a forming a silicon carbide device
1432016010478004/14/16 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing thereof
1442016010479704/14/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing a semiconductor device
1452016010528104/14/16 Chip and operating a processing circuit
1462016009672604/07/16 Mems device and making a mems device
1472016009782204/07/16 Single led failure detection in a led chain
1482016009782604/07/16 Three 3-contact vertical hall sensor elements connected in a ring and related devices, systems, and methods
1492016009782704/07/16 Xmr-sensor and manufacturing the xmr-sensor
1502016009837104/07/16 Serial peripheral interface daisy chain communication with an in-frame response
1512016009918604/07/16 Method for postdoping a semiconductor wafer
1522016009918804/07/16 Semiconductor device with sensor potential in the active region
1532016009918904/07/16 Semiconductor packages and modules with integrated ferrite material
1542016009931104/07/16 Semiconductor structure and a processing a carrier
1552016009940504/07/16 Magnetoresistive devices and methods for manufacturing magnetoresistive devices
1562016009968004/07/16 Oscillator circuit
1572016009969904/07/16 Adjustable impedance matching network
1582016009029403/31/16 Package arrangement, a package, and a manufacturing a package arrangement
1592016009190503/31/16 System and a power supply
1602016009237803/31/16 Processing data
1612016009334703/31/16 Reference values for memory cells
1622016009350003/31/16 Method for processing a carrier, a operating a plasma processing chamber, and a processing a semiconductor wafer
1632016009369003/31/16 Soft switching semiconductor device and producing thereof
1642016009370603/31/16 Method of forming a transistor, patterning a substrate, and transistor
1652016009372203/31/16 Bipolar transistor
1662016009372403/31/16 Semiconductor device and reverse conducting insulated gate bipolar transistor with isolated source zones
1672016009372803/31/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1682016009373103/31/16 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and semiconductor device
1692016009379703/31/16 Vertical hall device comprising a slot in the hall effect region
1702016009415503/31/16 Plate, transducer and methods for making and operating a transducer
1712016009419403/31/16 System and adjusting the sensitivity of a capacitive signal source
1722016009421203/31/16 Clock monitoring for sequential logic circuits
1732016009421603/31/16 Drive circuit for reverse-conducting igbts
1742016009422903/31/16 Chip and identifying a chip
1752016009437003/31/16 Communication devices
1762016008468403/24/16 Sensor system using safety mechanism
1772016008488703/24/16 Current sensor device having a sense resistor in a re-distribution layer
1782016008491403/24/16 System and a battery and test circuit
1792016008676303/24/16 Ion source devices and methods
1802016008679303/24/16 Method and a processing device for processing at least one carrier
1812016008683803/24/16 Wafer arrangement and processing a wafer
1822016008684203/24/16 Method for producing a semiconductor device
1832016008684403/24/16 Method for manufacturing a composite wafer having a graphite core, and composite wafer having a graphite core
1842016008685403/24/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing a semiconductor device having a glass piece and a single-crystalline semiconductor portion
1852016008687603/24/16 Electronic component
1862016008700503/24/16 Semiconductor device with variable resistive element
1872016008760603/24/16 Packaged mems device and calibrating a packaged mems device
1882016008762103/24/16 Integrated magnetic field sensor-controlled switch devices
1892016008767203/24/16 Sensor device and sensor arrangement
1902016008773403/24/16 Rf receiver with testing capability
1912016007691003/17/16 Magnetic position sensor and sensing method
1922016007691103/17/16 System that obtains a switching point with the encoder in a static position
1932016007815703/17/16 Age estimator for safety monitoring based on local detectors
1942016007908703/17/16 Method of processing a semiconductor device and chip package
1952016007918303/17/16 Semiconductor device arrangement and a forming a semiconductor device arrangement
1962016007944503/17/16 Circuit arrangement and forming a circuit arrangement
1972016007946503/17/16 Photo cell devices for phase-sensitive detection of light signals
1982016007964903/17/16 System and a directional coupler module
1992016007965003/17/16 System and a directional coupler
2002016008000603/17/16 Circuit and a circuit
2012016008037503/17/16 Method and device for processing data
2022016008037603/17/16 Method and device for checking an identifier
2032016008087903/17/16 System and a transducer
2042016007067203/10/16 Slave device for a serial synchronous full duplex bus system
2052016006970803/10/16 Linear position and rotary position magnetic sensors, systems, and methods
2062016006971003/10/16 Linear position and rotary position magnetic sensors, systems, and methods
2072016007027903/10/16 Monitoring current in power switch devices
2082016007156503/10/16 Memory circuits and a forming a memory circuit
2092016007175903/10/16 Method of forming a semiconductor substrate with buried cavities and dielectric support structures
2102016007181403/10/16 Preform structure for soldering a semiconductor chip arrangement, a forming a preform structure for a semiconductor chip arrangement, and a soldering a semiconductor chip arrangement
2112016007183303/10/16 Diode biased esd protection device and method
2122016007197203/10/16 Semiconductor switch with integrated temperature sensor
2132016007197403/10/16 Semiconductor device with control structure including buried portions and manufacturing
2142016007237603/10/16 Rectifying devices and rectifier arrangements
2152016007238303/10/16 System and a controlled feedback charge pump
2162016007309303/10/16 Imaging circuits and a operating an imaging circuit
2172016006010503/03/16 Mems device and manufacturing a mems device
2182016006014403/03/16 Method of removing particulate silicon from an effluent water
2192016006163003/03/16 Off axis sensor system
2202016006163703/03/16 Integrated angle sensing device
2212016006196703/03/16 Gamma ray detector and detecting gamma rays
2222016006238503/03/16 Generating a current with inverse supply voltage proportionality
2232016006288603/03/16 Method, device and system for data processing
2242016006420603/03/16 Method for processing an oxygen containing semiconductor body
2252016006425503/03/16 Method for manufacturing a chip arrangement
2262016006425803/03/16 Adapter tool and wafer handling system
2272016006429803/03/16 Embedding additive particles in encapsulant of electronic device
2282016006436203/03/16 Semiconductor device package and methods of packaging thereof
2292016006443103/03/16 Integrated circuit with cavity-based electrical insulation of a photodiode
2302016006445103/03/16 Semiconductor component comprising magnetic field sensor
2312016006450403/03/16 Method of manufacturing a device by locally heating one or more metalization layers and by means of selective etching
2322016006456403/03/16 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof
2332016006515203/03/16 System and low distortion capacitive signal source amplifier
2342016006539903/03/16 Edge-based communication
2352016006609903/03/16 Mems microphone with low pressure region between diaphragm and counter electrode
2362016005277602/25/16 Mems device
2372016005339702/25/16 Method of forming a composite material and forming a composite material
2382016005511402/25/16 High-speed serial ring
2392016005608802/25/16 Cold plate, device comprising a cold plate and fabricating a cold plate
2402016005609502/25/16 Leadframe strip with sawing enhancement feature
2412016005612102/25/16 Metallized electric component
2422016005613202/25/16 Low-inductance circuit arrangement comprising load current collecting conductor track
2432016005625102/25/16 Semiconductor switching device including charge storage structure
2442016005628002/25/16 Minority carrier conversion structure
2452016005636902/25/16 Hall effect device
2462016005670202/25/16 Mixed-mode power factor correction
2472016005677402/25/16 System and a low noise amplifier
2482016005751002/25/16 Protected transmission of independent sensor signals
2492016005784202/25/16 Device having a plurality of driver circuits to provide a current to a plurality of loads and manufacturing the same

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