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Infineon Technologies Ag
Infineon Technologies Agam Campeon
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100107
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100114
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100128
Infineon Technologies Ag_20131212
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100121


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Infineon Technologies Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Infineon Technologies Ag. Infineon Technologies Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Infineon Technologies Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Infineon Technologies Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Infineon Technologies Ag patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
02/26/09Adaptive capacitance for transistor
02/19/09Bipolar transistor finfet technology
08/25/16 new patent  Detection compensation of mechanical stresses
08/25/16 new patent  Shaft-integrated angle sensing device
08/25/16 new patent  Circuitry and instruction stream protection
08/25/16 new patent  Semiconductor element and methods for manufacturing the same
08/25/16 new patent  Resistive element
08/25/16 new patent  Systems and methods for cascading radar chips having a low leakage buffer
08/25/16 new patent  Partitioning of a chip supporting a sw-control architecture for inductive loads
08/25/16 new patent  Arrangement and checking the entropy of a random number sequence
08/25/16 new patent  Semiconductor substrate arrangements and a forming a semiconductor substrate arrangement
08/25/16 new patent  Bonded system and a adhesively bonding a hygroscopic material
08/25/16 new patent  Method of manufacturing a semiconductor package having an integrated microwave component
08/25/16 new patent  System and a fault protection circuit
08/25/16 new patent  System and a low noise amplifier module
08/25/16 new patent  Communication device and calibrating an oscillator
08/18/16Fluid sensor chip and manufacturing the same
08/18/16Offset voltage compensation
08/18/16System reference with compensation of electrical and mechanical stress and life-time drift effects
08/18/16Dynamically adapting device operations to handle changes in power quality
08/18/16Chip card reading arrangement
08/18/16Processing of semiconductor devices
08/18/16Dielectric structures with negative taper and methods of formation thereof
08/18/16Method for electrophoretically depositing a film on an electronic assembly
08/18/16Integrated antennas in wafer level package
08/18/16Electrical device and manufacturing same
08/18/16Semiconductor devices and a forming a semiconductor device
08/18/16Semiconductor devices and a forming a semiconductor device
08/18/16High-frequency switching circuit
08/18/16Stress compensated oscillator circuitry and integrated circuit using the same
08/18/16Rf switch
08/18/16Semiconductor chip
08/18/16System and a transducer interface
08/18/16Surface mountable microphone package, a microphone arrangement, a mobile phone and a recording microphone signals
08/11/16Sensor self-diagnostics using multiple signal paths
08/11/16System and error detection of executed program code employing compressed instruction signatures
08/11/16Sensor network supporting self-calibration of pressure sensors
08/11/16Bias drift compensation
08/11/16Sic-based superjunction semiconductor device
08/11/16Semiconductor device and producing same
08/11/16Gated diode in a press-fit housing and an alternator assembly having a gated diode arranged in a load path
08/11/16System and a low noise amplifier
08/11/16Inductively coupled transformer with tunable impedance match network
08/11/16Cross-coupled input voltage sampling and driver amplifier flicker noise cancellation in a switched capacitor analog-to-digital converter
08/11/16Rf receiver with testing capability
08/11/16Sound transducer with interdigitated first and second sets of comb fingers
08/04/16Method and use in signal processing
08/04/16Implantable vessel fluid sensor
08/04/16System and an integrated transducer and temperature sensor
08/04/16Detection of a rotational position of a shaft
08/04/16Sensor bus system and unit with internal event verification
08/04/16System and a wind speed meter
08/04/16Sensor system and method
08/04/16Apparatus for determining distance information, a time of flight light source and a docking station
08/04/16Circuit arrangement and a operating a circuit arrangement
08/04/16Method for producing a semiconductor
08/04/16Device including a metallization layer and manufacturing a device
08/04/16Method for producing a connecting medium on an assembly partner, producing a material-fit connection between an assembly partner and a metal layer, and a system for carrying out the methods
08/04/16Semiconductor device having a chip under package
08/04/16Composite wafer having a sic-based functional layer
08/04/16Method of triggering avalanche breakdown in a semiconductor device
08/04/16Communicating with power switching devices
08/04/16Automatic short led detection for light emitting diode (led) array load
08/04/16Method of operating a reverse conducting igbt
08/04/16Method and providing a joint error correction code for a combined data frame comprising first data of a first data channel and second data of a second data channel and sensor system
07/28/16On-axis magnetic field angle sensors, systems and method
07/28/16Sensor arrangement, circuit arrangement and manufacturing a sensor arrangement
07/28/16Rotary encoder with shielded magnet
07/28/16Intermediate layer for copper structuring and methods of formation thereof
07/28/16Method for handling a product substrate, a bonded substrate system and a temporary adhesive
07/28/16Device comprising a ductile layer and making the same
07/28/16Method of thinning and packaging a semiconductor chip
07/28/16Circuit arrangement having charge storage units
07/28/16Sensor signal transmission
07/28/16Walsh encoding for peripheral sensor interface 5
07/28/16Sensor interface that provides a long package crc to improve functional safety
07/28/16Power semiconductor module arrangement
07/21/16Bias field generation for a magneto sensor
07/21/16Generating of random numbers
07/21/16Current sensor positioning error correction using auxiliary hall cells
07/21/16Method for processing a semiconductor surface
07/21/16Tank switch and monitoring a fluid rate
07/21/16Method of dicing a wafer and semiconductor chip
07/21/16Method of processing a semiconductor substrate and semiconductor chip
07/21/16Chip carrier laminate with high frequency dielectric and thermomechanical buffer
07/21/16Integrated circuit and manufacturing an integrated circuit
07/21/16Semiconductor device including a protection structure
07/21/16Semiconductor substrate arrangement, a semiconductor device, and a processing a semiconductor substrate
07/21/16Semiconductor device with a semiconductor body containing hydrogen-related donors
07/21/16Semiconductor device with surge current protection
07/21/16Asynchronous output protocol
07/14/16Sensor structure for sensing pressure waves and ambient pressure
07/14/16Magnetic field sensor and magnetic field sensing method
07/14/16Magnetic field strength and magnetic field angle detection system in magnetoresistive sensors
07/14/16Semiconductor arrangement including buried anodic oxide and manufacturing method
07/14/16Semiconductor chip and processing a semiconductor chip
07/14/16Semiconductor device having overload current carrying capability
07/14/16Power switch device
07/14/16Device comprising chip and integrated circuit
07/14/16System and a voltage controlled oscillator
07/14/16Protected switching element
07/14/16System and synchronizing multiple oscillators using reduced frequency signaling
07/07/16Intelligent field shaping for magnetic speed sensors
07/07/16System and a low emission network
07/07/16Baseplate for an electronic module and manufacturing the same
07/07/16Device and stopping an etching process
07/07/16Semiconductor device having contact trenches extending from opposite sides of a semiconductor body
07/07/16Method of producing a semiconductor arrangement
07/07/16Sensor with switching matrix switch
06/30/16Booster antenna structure for a chip card
06/30/16Chip card
06/30/16Semiconductor device having a metal-semiconductor junction and manufacturing therefor
06/30/16Semiconductor device having areas with different conductivity types and different doping
06/30/16Chip package and a wafer level package
06/30/16Semiconductor device with transistor cells and enhancement cells
06/30/16Semiconductor device including an isolation structure and manufacturing a semiconductor device
06/30/16Transistor structure with reduced parasitic side wall characteristics
06/30/16Semiconductor device including a transistor with a gate dielectric having a variable thickness
06/30/16Semiconductor device with stripe-shaped trench gate structures, transistor mesas and diode mesas
06/30/16Method of forming a graphene structure
06/30/16Commmunication systems and methods having reduced frame duration
06/30/16Capacitive microphone with insulated conductive plate
06/23/16Supply circuit
06/23/16Method, apparatus and computer program for digital transmission of messages
06/23/16Sensor circuit, a sensor device and a forming a sensor circuit
06/23/16Fail-safe operation of an angle sensor with mixed bridges having separate power supplies
06/23/16Rf system with an rfic and antenna system
06/23/16Method for forming a semiconductor device and a semiconductor substrate
06/23/16Method of manufacturing a semiconductor component and semiconductor component
06/23/16Semiconductor device with multi-layer metallization
06/23/16Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising a metal nitride layer and semiconductor device
06/23/16Semiconductor device with stripe-shaped trench gate structures and gate connector structure
06/23/16Transistor device with field-electrode
06/23/16Temperature sensor
06/23/16Digital modulator non-linearity correction
06/23/16System and a programmable voltage source
06/16/16Magnetic field current sensors
06/16/16Microphone module and manufacturing thereof
06/16/16Electrolyte, forming a copper layer and forming a chip
06/16/16Pressure sensor module having a sensor chip and passive devices within a housing
06/16/16Magnetic field sensor
06/16/16Method and device for radar applications
06/16/16Nonvolitile memory refresh
06/16/16Bonding clip, carrier and manufacturing a bonding clip
06/16/16Power semiconductor device with improved stability and producing the same
06/16/16Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices using light ion implantation and semiconductor device
06/16/16Method of forming a silicon-carbide device with a shielded gate
06/16/16Esd/eos detection
06/16/16Integrated hall-controlled switch devices
06/16/16Method and data processing device for determining an error vector in a data word
06/09/16Soft switching of magnetization in a magnetoresistive sensor
06/09/16Processing data on smartcard
06/09/16Reuse of electrical charge at a semiconductor memory device
06/09/16Heat spreader, electronic module comprising a heat spreader and fabrication thereof
06/09/16Method of packaging integrated circuits
06/09/16Semiconductor devices with transistor cells and thermoresistive element
06/09/16Semiconductor device with a trench electrode
06/09/16Circuit and measuring a current
06/02/16Photonic crystal sensor structure and a manufacturing the same
06/02/16Dual mode low-dropout linear regulator
06/02/16System and methods for order promising using atp aggregation
06/02/16Semiconductor device and manufacturing a semiconductor device
06/02/16Semiconductor package and fabrication thereof
06/02/16Semiconductor chip
06/02/16Semiconductor device, a power semiconductor device, and a processing a semiconductor device
06/02/16Semiconductor component including a short-circuit structure
06/02/16Method of manufacturing a device by locally heating one or more metalization layers and by means of selective etching
06/02/16Active quasi circulator
06/02/16Sensor system using multiple modes for analog to digital conversion
06/02/16Transceiver device, access control devices, a transmitter device and a receiver device
06/02/16Access control devices and a transceiver device
06/02/16Microphone configuration and calibration via supply interface
05/26/16Magnet arrangement for position sensor device and corresponding position sensor device
05/26/16Ejector pin and method manufacturing the same
05/26/16Rfid-tag, a tpms device, a tire, a receiver device and a providing information related to identification of a tire
05/26/16Parallel forming of memory cells
05/26/16Method for producing a material-bonding connection between a semiconductor chip and a metal layer
05/26/16Vias and methods of formation thereof
05/26/16Smart semiconductor switch
05/26/16Vertically integrated semiconductor device and manufacturing method
05/26/16Generator excitation regulation using pulse width modulation
05/26/16Communication arrangement and generating a cryptographic key
05/19/16Functional skin patch
05/19/16Reduced power consumption with sensors transmitting data using current modulation
05/19/16Apparatus for analyzing ion kinetics in dielectrics
05/19/16Systems and arrangements of three-contact hall-effect devices and related methods
05/19/16Semiconductor device including a radio frequency identification tag
05/19/16Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit with imprint, integrated circuit with imprint, device for forming an integrated circuit with imprint and verification system for an integrated circuit with imprint
05/19/16Frame cassette
05/19/16Method for processing a semiconductor substrate and a processing a semiconductor wafer
05/19/16Chip card module arrangement, chip card arrangement and producing a chip card arrangement
05/19/16Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
05/19/16Method of forming a bondpad and bondpad
05/19/16Method for forming a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
05/19/16Semiconductor device and insulated gate bipolar transistor with transistor cells and sensor cell
05/19/16Semiconductor to metal transition
05/19/16Semiconductor component with dynamic behavior
05/19/16Electrical connection module, semiconductor module and producing a semiconductor module
05/19/16Output driver
05/19/16Receiver, transmitter, determining a value encoded in a pwm signal, and transmitting a value encoded in a pwm signal
05/19/16Receiver, sender, retrieving an additional datum from a signal and transmitting a datum and an additional datum in a signal
05/12/16Sensor arrangement having thermo-emf compensation
05/12/16Method and device for processing radar signals
05/12/16Method and device for processing radar signals
05/12/16Wheel localizer, wheel localization device, system, method and computer program for locating a position of a wheel
05/12/16Method of manufacturing a silicon ingot and silicon ingot
05/12/16Unit and monitoring an integrity of a signal path, signal processing system and sensor system
05/12/16Circuit carrier, producing a circuit carrier, producing a circuit arrangement, operating a circuit arrangement and producing a semiconductor module
05/12/16Digital sensor system
05/12/16Capacitors with barrier dielectric layers, and methods of formation thereof
05/12/16Semiconductor device and an electronic device
05/05/16Health state of non-volatile memory
05/05/16Communication devices and methods
05/05/16Spectrometer, manufacturing a spectrometer, and operating a spectrometer
05/05/16Edge damage inspection
05/05/16Bias circuit for stacked hall devices
05/05/16Method for processing a substrate and a process screening for integrated circuits
05/05/16Power semiconductor module and producing a power semiconductor module
05/05/16Lead frame strip with molding compound channels
05/05/16Method of connecting a substrate and chip assembly
05/05/16Programmable devices and methods of manufacture thereof
05/05/16Power semiconductor module having a direct copper bonded substrate and an integrated passive component, and an integrated power module
05/05/16Semiconductor device having a stress-compensated chip electrode
05/05/16Semiconductor arrangement, producing a semiconductor chip
05/05/16Chip assemblage, press pack cell and operating a press pack cell
05/05/16Method of forming an interconnection and arrangement for a direct interconnect chip assembly
05/05/16Method for attaching a semiconductor die to a carrier
05/05/16Integrated magnetic field sensor-controlled switch devices
05/05/16Common-mode suppressor based on differential transmission line
05/05/16Single led short detection in multichannel led
05/05/16Second stage calibration in dc/dc led current regulation
04/28/16Determining a temperature
04/28/16Sensor system and alerting unit for sensing and verifying data related to a movement of an object
04/28/16Testing of semiconductor packages with integrated antennas
04/28/16Method and device for evaluating a chip manufacturing process
04/28/16Communicating with power switching devices
04/28/16Method of manufacturing a reverse blocking semiconductor device
04/28/16Semiconductor chip arrangement
04/28/16Method of production of field-effect transistor with local source/drain insulation
04/28/16Bipolar transistor with enclosed sub areas and a manufacturing such a bipolar transistor
04/28/16Charge pump
04/28/16Methods and circuits for improved reliability of power devices operating under repetitive thermal stress
04/28/16Receiver and receiving a signal
04/21/16Application of fluids to substrates
04/21/16Electronic device with suspended mass
04/21/16Electronic fuse
04/21/16Time capture based resolver to digital converter
04/21/16Device testing
04/21/16Magnetoresistive sensor module and manufacturing the same

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