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Infineon Technologies Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Infineon Technologies Ag. Infineon Technologies Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Infineon Technologies Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Infineon Technologies Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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02/26/09Adaptive capacitance for transistor
02/19/09Bipolar transistor finfet technology
03/23/17 new patent  Gas-sensitive hall device
03/23/17 new patent  Electronic sensor device including a flip-chip mounted semiconductor chip and a substrate with an opening
03/23/17 new patent  Initial angle detection in stand still
03/23/17 new patent  Temperature sensor
03/23/17 new patent  Zero detection circuit and masked boolean or circuit
03/23/17 new patent  Method for processing a wafer and dicing a wafer
03/23/17 new patent  Preform structure for soldering a semiconductor chip arrangement, a forming a preform structure for a semiconductor chip arrangement, and a soldering a semiconductor chip arrangement
03/23/17 new patent  Shallow trench isolation area having buried capacitor
03/23/17 new patent  Insulated gate bipolar transistor device having a fin structure
03/23/17 new patent  System and a radio frequency switch
03/16/17Photoacoustic gas sensor device and a analyzing gas
03/16/17Device and current sensor for providing information indicating a save operation of the device of the current sensor
03/16/17Comb mems device and making a comb mems device
03/16/17Arrangement and manufacturing the same
03/16/17Plasma system, chuck and making a semiconductor device
03/16/17Methods for processing a semiconductor workpiece
03/16/17Semiconductor device with stripe-shaped trench gate structures and gate connector structure
03/16/17Calculation of mosfet switch temperature in motor control
03/16/17Sensor interface that provides a long package crc to improve functional safety
03/16/17Electronics assembly with interference-suppression capacitors
03/09/17Substrate carrier system for moving substrates in a vertical oven and processing substrates
03/09/17Apparatus and in-situ calibration of a photoacoustic sensor
03/09/17Balancing an eddy current effect and a skin effect on a magnetic sensor using die paddle notches
03/09/17Monitor structures and methods of formation thereof
03/09/17Power semiconductor module having a two-part housing
03/02/17Diversity in magnetic sensors
03/02/17Sensor device
03/02/17Method of forming a protective coating for a packaged semiconductor device
03/02/17Detecting fuel injector timing with current sensing
03/02/17Magnetoresistive angle sensor with linear sensor elements
03/02/17Transmission of information associated with a possible sensor fault of a magnetic sensor
03/02/17Particle irradiation apparatus, beam modifier device, and semiconductor device including a junction termination extension zone
03/02/17System and estimating a performance metric
03/02/17Method for soldering an insulating substrate onto a carrier
03/02/17At least partially balancing out thickness variations of a substrate
03/02/17Mold packaged semiconductor chip mounted on a leadframe and manufacturing the same
03/02/17Power semiconductor module and manufacturing the same
03/02/17Chip carrier, a device and a method
03/02/17Semiconductor device, silicon wafer and manufacturing a silicon wafer
03/02/17Hall effect device
03/02/17Supplying load having inrush-current behaviour
03/02/17Devices and methods that facilitate power amplifier off state performance
03/02/17Method and drive circuit for driving a transistor
03/02/17Data cipher and decipher based on device and data authentication
02/23/17Shaft-integrated angle sensing device
02/23/17Method for processing a carrier and transferring a graphene layer
02/23/17Current loop sensor interface using a terminated symmetrical physical layer
02/23/17Dynamic pressure sensor
02/23/17Method, a semiconductor device and a layer arrangement
02/23/17Latch-up free power transistor
02/23/17System and motor control using position sensors
02/23/17Optimized field oriented control strategies for permanent magnet synchronous motors
02/23/17Method for driving a transistor device and electronic circuit
02/16/17Angle sensing in an off-axis configuration
02/16/17Io matching current modulated output for sensors
02/16/17Method, device and system for processing radar signals
02/16/17Error correction using wom codes
02/16/17Memory device and correcting a stored bit sequence
02/16/17Data processing device and protecting a data processing device against attacks
02/16/17Method for manufacturing vertically integrated semiconductor device
02/09/17Fuse arrangement
02/09/17Wide bandgap semiconductor device
02/09/17Semiconductor devices, a semiconductor diode and a forming a semiconductor device
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02/09/17Method and providing an adjustable high resolution dead time
02/09/17Circuitry and operating an electronic switch
02/09/17System and a pumping speaker
02/09/17System and a multi-electrode mems device
02/02/17Method of manufacturing a plurality of glass members, a manufacturing an optical member, and array of glass members in a glass substrate
02/02/17Method of examining a substrate and corresponding device
02/02/17Microfiltration device
02/02/17Method and calibrating an iq modulator
02/02/17Structuring over topography
02/02/17Method for protecting a surface of a substrate and semiconductor device
02/02/17Semiconductor chip arrangement and method thereof
02/02/17Plasma systems and methods of processing using thereof
02/02/17Substrate carrier, a method and a processing device
02/02/17Method for forming a wafer structure, a forming a semiconductor device and a wafer structure
02/02/17Method for forming a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
Patent Packs
02/02/17Electrical device and fabrication method
02/02/17Semiconductor devices and methods of forming thereof
02/02/17Semiconductor device and a manufacturing a semiconductor device
02/02/17Capacitors in integrated circuits and methods of fabrication thereof
02/02/17Method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure and semiconductor device
02/02/17Semiconductor device comprising a gradually increasing field dielectric layer and manufacturing a semiconductor device
02/02/17Semiconductor device and transistor cell having a diode region
02/02/17Semiconductor devices
02/02/17Imaging apparatus and imaging capturing imaging data via a pixel array
02/02/17Sound transducer structure and manufacturing a sound transducer structure
02/02/17Pcb based semiconductor package having integrated electrical functionality
01/26/17Method and use in measurement data acquisition
01/26/17Method and use in measurement data acquisition
01/26/17Test strip and system for determining measurement data of a probe fluid
01/26/17Method for finishing a glass product and glass product
01/26/17System and a mems sensor
01/26/17Sensor device, evaluation device and corresponding systems and methods
01/26/17Method for determining an intergrity of an execution of a code fragment and a providing an abstracted representation of a program code
01/26/17Semiconductor chip having a dense arrangement of contact terminals
01/26/17Method for positioning a semiconductor chip on a carrier and material-fit bonding of a semiconductor chip to a carrier
01/26/17Electronic device with multi-layer contact
01/26/17Semiconductor device with a reduced band gap zone
01/26/17System and a directional coupler
01/26/17Method and decoder for determining an error vector for a data word according to a reed-muller code
01/19/17Apparatus and generating signals for esd stress testing an electronic device and system for performing an esd stress test of an electronic device
01/19/17Circuit arrangement
01/19/17Semiconductor device comprising an oxygen diffusion barrier and manufacturing method
01/19/17Semiconductor device including at least one lateral igfet and at least one vertical igfet and corresponding manufacturing method
01/19/17Semiconductor device with a switchable and a non-switchable diode region
01/19/17Method for processing a carrier, a carrier, and a split gate field effect transistor structure
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01/19/17Semiconductor device and a forming a semiconductor device
01/19/17Desaturable semiconductor device with transistor cells and auxiliary cells
01/19/17Method of manufacturing a battery, battery and integrated circuit
01/19/17Method of manufacturing a battery, battery and integrated circuit
01/19/17Low-power activation circuit with motion detector
01/19/17Method for manufacturing a digital circuit and digital circuit
01/12/17Pressure sensitive foil, a tire pressure sensor module, a tire, a method and a computer program for obtaining information related to deformations of a tire
01/12/17Apparatus for detecting a pre-aligning element at a wafer
01/12/17Capacitive microelectromechanical device and forming a capacitive microelectromechanical device
01/12/17Wakeup receiver circuit, electronic system and method to wakeup a device
Patent Packs
01/12/17Method for use in manufacturing a semiconductor device die
01/12/17Insulated die
01/12/17Lead frame including u-notch
01/12/17Semiconductor device
01/12/17Method for reducing bipolar degradation in an sic semiconductor device and semiconductor device
01/12/17Vertical ferrite antenna including pre-fabricated connection members
01/12/17Techniques for controlling a brushless dc (bldc) electric motor
01/12/17Gain calibration for adc with external reference
01/05/17Micromechanical semiconductor sensing device
01/05/17Determining mechanical stress
01/05/17Chip arrangement and a manufacturing a chip arrangement
01/05/17Power semiconductor device edge structure
01/05/17Electro-mechanical switching devices
01/05/17System and a voltage controlled oscillator
12/29/16System and a mems transducer
12/29/16Chip and testing a processing component of a chip
12/29/16Multi-functional interconnect module and carrier with multi-functional interconnect module attached thereto
12/29/16Method for fabricating a semiconductor chip panel
12/29/16Method of dicing a wafer
12/29/16Semiconductor device and manufacture thereof
12/29/16Semiconductor device with metal structure electrically connected to a conductive structure
12/29/16Power package with integrated magnetic field sensor
12/29/16Method for producing a semiconductor component with insulated semiconductor mesas in a semiconductor body
12/29/16Semiconductor package with integrated magnetic field sensor
12/29/16System and starting a switched-mode power supply
12/29/16Alternator control with temperature-dependent safety feature
12/22/16System and integrated inductor
12/22/16Methods for forming a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
12/22/16Method of electrically isolating leads of a lead frame strip by laser beam cutting
12/22/16Laminar structure, a semiconductor forming semiconductor devices
Patent Packs
12/22/16Electrically insulating thermal interface on the discontinuity of an encapsulation structure
12/22/16Semiconductor to metal transition for semiconductor devices
12/22/16Alternator with current measurement
12/22/16Devices and methods for adaptive crest factor reduction in dynamic predistortion
12/15/16Tire monitoring system and method
12/15/16Current measurement
12/15/16Circuitry and testing an error-correction capability
12/15/16Detection of dependent failures
12/15/16Semiconductor device including structure to control underfill material flow
12/15/16Semiconductor arrangement, semiconductor system and forming a semiconductor arrangement
12/15/16Electronic devices with increased creepage distances
12/15/16Semiconductor module, semiconductor module arrangement and operating a semiconductor module
12/15/16Semiconductor device with reduced emitter efficiency
12/15/16Transistor with field electrodes and improved avalanche breakdown behavior
12/15/16Transistor with improved avalanche breakdown behavior
12/15/16Charge injection circuit for instantaneous transient support
12/15/16Safety circuit and brush holder for preventing fault conditions in an alternator
12/15/16Pulse-density modulated fast current controller
12/15/16Devices and methods for adaptive crest factor reduction in dynamic predistortion
12/15/16Electronic circuit and transferring data between clock domains
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12/08/16Modular measuring device using interface members for testing devices under test
12/08/16Current sensor chip with magnetic field sensor
12/08/16Current sensors
12/08/16Method for testing semiconductor dies
12/08/16Probe-pad qualification
12/08/16Xmr angle sensors
12/08/16Semiconductor device including a clip
12/08/16Arrangement of multiple power semiconductor chips and manufacturing the same
12/08/16Diffusion solder bonding using solder preforms
12/08/16Capacitors in integrated circuits and methods of fabrication thereof
12/08/16Methods for forming a plurality of semiconductor devices on a plurality of semiconductor wafers
12/08/16Optimized control for synchronous motors
12/08/16Multiple input and multiple output switch networks
12/01/16Stress compensation systems and methods in sensors
12/01/16System and short-circuit detection in load chains
12/01/16Method for processing a semiconductor layer, processing a silicon substrate, and processing a silicon layer
12/01/16Semiconductor device including lead frames with downset
12/01/16Solder metallization stack and methods of formation thereof
12/01/16Method for producing an integral join and automatic placement machine
12/01/16Stripe-shaped electrode structure including a main portion with a field electrode and an end portion terminating the electrode structure
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12/01/16Semiconductor devices, a fluid sensor and a forming a semiconductor device
12/01/16Method for manufacturing the magnetic field sensor module
12/01/16Controlling reverse conducting igbt
12/01/16Micromechanical structure and fabricating the same
11/24/16Method and simultaneously encapsulating semiconductor dies with layered lead frame strips
11/24/16System and a mems transducer
11/24/16Single diaphragm transducer structure
11/24/16Magnetoresistive devices and methods for manufacturing magnetoresistive devices
11/24/16Segmented edge protection shield
11/24/16Semiconductor device including at least one element
11/24/16Semiconductor structure and making same
11/24/16Batteries and a forming a battery cell arrangement
11/24/16System and high input capacitive signal amplifier
11/24/16Micro-electro-mechanical system devices
11/24/16Driving several light sources
11/24/16Driving several light sources
11/17/16Discrete magnetic angle sensor device, a magnetic angle sensor arrangement, a generating an angle signal and a providing a sensor signal
11/17/16Devices with thinned wafer
11/17/16Structured-light based multipath cancellation in tof imaging
11/17/16System for a transducer system with wakeup detection
11/17/16Method of reducing a sheet resistance in an electronic device, and an electronic device
11/17/16Integrated circuit including lateral insulated gate field effect transistor
11/17/16Processing a semiconductor wafer
11/17/16Semiconductor device having an impurity concentration and manufacturing thereof
11/17/16System and a multi-phase snubber circuit
11/17/16Hysteresis controllers for power factor correction in ac/dc power converters
11/17/16Corrected temperature sensor measurement
11/17/16Mixing stage, modulator circuit and a current control circuit
11/10/16Mechanical relay and solid-state relay for controlling heating elements
11/10/16Axial and perpendicular angle sensor in single package
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11/10/16Systems and methods for time of flight measurement using a single exposure
11/10/16Electronic device including a metal substrate and a semiconductor module embedded in a laminate
11/10/16Semiconductor device having a copper element and forming a semiconductor device having a copper element
11/10/16Semiconductor package configured for connection to a board
11/10/16Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices and semiconductor device containing oxygen-related thermal donors
11/10/16Circuit arrangement and forming a circuit arrangement
11/10/16System and a driving a radio frequency switch
11/10/16Low-complexity acpr-enhancing digital rf mimo transmitter
11/10/16Rf front-end with power sensor calibration
11/10/16Failure sensitivity analysis
11/10/16Communication devices
11/03/16Implantable device and implantable system comprising the same
11/03/16Mems device and manufacturing a mems device
11/03/16Magnetic field sensor
11/03/16Ion source for metal implantation and methods thereof
11/03/16Wafer releasing
11/03/16Bimos device with a fully self-aligned emitter-silicon and manufacturing the same
11/03/16Integrated circuit substrate and manufacturing the same
11/03/16Electronic module comprising fluid cooling channel and manufacturing the same
11/03/16Switch comprising a field effect transistor and integrated circuit
11/03/16Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device using tilted ion implantation processes, semiconductor device and integrated circuit
11/03/16Method of forming a semiconductor substrate with buried cavities and dielectric support structures
11/03/16Semiconductor device comprising a field effect transistor and manufacturing the semiconductor device
11/03/16Producing a semiconductor device by epitaxial growth
11/03/16Systems and methods for temperature compensated oscillators having low noise
10/27/16Chip package and a producing the same
10/27/16Sensor device, a method and a sensor to determine a relative concentration of a first kind of ions with respect to a second kind of ions solute in a drop of liquid
10/27/16Photo-acoustic gas sensor module having light emitter and detector units
10/27/16Method of detaching semiconductor material from a carrier and device for performing the method

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