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Infineon Technologies Ag
Infineon Technologies Agam Campeon
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100107
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100114
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100128
Infineon Technologies Ag_20131212
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Infineon Technologies Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Infineon Technologies Ag. Infineon Technologies Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Infineon Technologies Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Infineon Technologies Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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Circuit and  operating a half-bridge

Infineon Technologies Ag

Circuit and operating a half-bridge

Silicon carbide device and a  manufacturing a silicon carbide device

Infineon Technologies Ag

Silicon carbide device and a manufacturing a silicon carbide device

Fluid sensor chip and  manufacturing the same

Infineon Technologies Ag

Fluid sensor chip and manufacturing the same

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Count Application # Date Infineon Technologies Ag patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12009005140502/26/09Adaptive capacitance for transistor
22009004546702/19/09Bipolar transistor finfet technology
32015018363107/02/15 new patent  Semiconductor device having a micro-mechanical structure
42015018518007/02/15 new patent  Fluid sensor chip and manufacturing the same
52015018529707/02/15 new patent  Device, magnetic sensor device and method
62015018575907/02/15 new patent  Synchronization of a data signal
72015018787107/02/15 new patent  Silicon carbide device and a manufacturing a silicon carbide device
82015018853207/02/15 new patent  Circuit and operating a half-bridge
92015017731006/25/15Testing of semiconductor devices and devices, and designs thereof
102015017733906/25/15Current difference sensors, systems and methods
112015017737306/25/15Wireless communication system, a radar system and a determining a position information of an object
122015017775306/25/15Fast transient response voltage regulator
132015017813006/25/15Method and system for secure data processing
142015017927006/25/15Method and system for reducing the size of nonvolatile memories
152015017941306/25/15Process tools and methods of forming devices using process tools
162015017950706/25/15Methods for processing a semiconductor device
172015017953406/25/15Testing of semiconductor components and circuit layouts therefor
182015017958406/25/15Alignment mark arrangement, semiconductor workpiece, and aligning a wafer
192015017960606/25/15Method of processing a semiconductor wafer
202015017963606/25/15Semiconductor device
212015017963706/25/15Semiconductor devices
222015017983306/25/15Photodetector and manufacturing the same
232015018033306/25/15System and a controlled feedback charge pump
242015018048306/25/15Oscillator devices and methods
262015018058106/25/15Exchanging information between time-of-flight ranging devices
272015018059006/25/15Circuit and a circuit
282015018133506/25/15System and a cancelation circuit
292015018165806/25/15Device having a plurality of driver circuits to provide a current to a plurality of loads and manufacturing the same
302015016583506/18/15Pressure module, transceiver module, control module, methods and computer programs for providing information related to a tire pressure
312015016822606/18/15Temperature sensing circuit and sensing temperature
322015016845606/18/15Probe card and producing a probe card
332015016850806/18/15Low offset spinning current hall plate and method to operate it
342015016943806/18/15Method and device for incrementing an erase counter
352015016948806/18/15Bus driver circuit with improved transition speed
362015017071706/18/15Method, apparatus and device for data processing
372015017076206/18/15Word line address scan
382015017083506/18/15Method of manufacturing an inductor core for a chip assembly and chip assembly
392015017098706/18/15Semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices
402015017103306/18/15Semiconductor package with integrated microwave component
412015017104506/18/15Compound structure and forming a compound structure
422015017148406/18/15Panel, a fabricating a panel and a method
432015017172906/18/15System and a power converter
442015017282606/18/15Circuit assembly for processing an input signal, microphone assembly and following an input signal
452015016026606/11/15Passive input filter with adjustable clamping for shunt measurements
462015016032506/11/15Offset error compensation systems and methods in sensors
472015016092306/11/15Random permutation generator and generating a random permutation sequence
482015016130806/11/15Method and use in design of a system
492015016205606/11/15Wordline activation
502015016219206/11/15Method for forming a semiconductor device
512015016231806/11/15Chip, chip package and die
522015016240606/11/15Semiconductor device with recombination region
532015016240706/11/15Semiconductor device with recombination region
542015016241106/11/15Method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure and semiconductor structure
552015016241806/11/15Method for forming a semiconductor device
562015015342506/04/15Vertical hall sensor with high electrical symmetry
572015015522906/04/15Leadless semiconductor package with optical inspection feature
582015015526706/04/15Electronic component with sheet-like redistribution structure
592015015527106/04/15Device including two power semiconductor chips and manufacturing thereof
602015015527906/04/15Semiconductor device with bipolar junction transistor cells
612015015576906/04/15Method of di/dt current sensing
622015015577706/04/15Charge pumps with improved latchup characteristics
632015015683406/04/15Feedforward circuit for fast analog dimming in led drivers
642015015687206/04/15Integrated ic package
652015015585606/04/15Circuitry and operating such circuitry
662015014510905/28/15Semiconductor package and producing the same
672015014469705/28/15Chip arrangement and checking whether a chip is arranged in an intended chip carrier
682015014496605/28/15Schottky diode with reduced forward voltage
692015014498805/28/15Semiconductor device and insulated gate bipolar transistor with barrier regions
702015014499605/28/15Semiconductor esd device and making same
712015014502805/28/15Semiconductor device with cell trench structures and contacts and manufacturing a semiconductor device
722015014507405/28/15Mems device
732015014507805/28/15Semiconductor package with air gap
742015014507905/28/15Semiconductor devices and methods of fabrication thereof
752015014510705/28/15Semiconductor chip with electrically conducting layer
762015014511205/28/15Electronic component
772015014514905/28/15Semiconductor device packaging
782015014549905/28/15Interrupt protection circuits, sensors and other devices
792015014552005/28/15Circuit and evaluating cells in a battery
802015014553805/28/15Circuits and methods for measuring a current
812015014683105/28/15Sensor, control unit and method to communicate between sensors and control units
822015014689405/28/15Semiconductor device and a forming a semiconductor device
832015014785005/28/15Methods for processing a semiconductor workpiece
842015014895805/28/15Method and failure handling of a robot
852015013714205/21/15Junction field effect transistor cell with lateral channel region
862015013714305/21/15Junction field effect transistor cell with lateral channel region
872015013714405/21/15Predetermined kerf regions and methods of fabrication thereof
882015013722405/21/15Semiconductor device, integrated circuit and forming a semiconductor device
892015013722605/21/15Semiconductor device and producing a semiconductor device
902015013725305/21/15Stress-inducing structures, methods, and materials
912015013730505/21/15Protective structure and producing a protective structure
922015013730905/21/15Methods of fabricating isolation regions of semiconductor devices and structures thereof
932015013778905/21/15System and a serial bus interface
942015013779605/21/15On-axis magnetic field angle sensors, systems and methods
952015013779705/21/15Off-axis magnetic field angle sensors
962015013780005/21/15Rotation sensing method and system
972015013780505/21/15Vertical hall sensor with series-connected hall effect regions
982015013800605/21/15Multi-rate pipelined adc structure
992015013837105/21/15Integrated reference pixel
1012015013890605/21/15Systems and methods for non-volatile memory
1022015014077005/21/15Methods for producing a tunnel field-effect transistor
1032015014237605/21/15Perpendicular gradiometric angle sensors, systems and methods
1042015014300505/21/15Method and use in a data processing system
1052015014318905/21/15Coverage enhancement and power aware clock system for structural delay-fault test
1062015014355005/21/15Chip and detecting an attack on a chip
1072015012995005/14/15Semiconductor device and making same
1082015013001305/14/15Semiconductor device and forming a semiconductor device
1092015013003705/14/15Method of electrically isolating shared leads of a lead frame strip
1102015013004805/14/15Semiconductor package comprising two semiconductor modules and laterally extending connectors
1112015013007105/14/15Semiconductor package comprising a transistor chip module and a driver chip module and a fabricating the same
1122015013044605/14/15Magnetic out-of-axis angle sensing principle
1132015013054905/14/15Methods and devices for providing cross point information
1142015013055605/14/15Transistor and tunable inductance
1152015013124705/14/15Electrically conductive frame on substrate for accommodating electronic chips
1162015013124905/14/15Solder bridging prevention structures for circuit boards and semiconductor packages
1172015013181905/14/15Microphone package and generating a microphone signal
1182015013261405/14/15Sensor arrangement, energy system and method
1192015013286805/14/15Method of electrically isolating leads of a lead frame strip
1202015013534005/14/15Circuit arrangement and safeguarding a circuit arrangement with respect to repeated light attacks
1212015012313105/07/15Semiconductor devices and methods of formation thereof
1222015012314205/07/15Power semiconductor device including a cooling material
1232015012314505/07/15Semiconductor device and producing the same
1242015012314905/07/15Semiconductor device and producing the same
1252015012320105/07/15Strained semiconductor device and making the same
1262015012324705/07/15Semiconductor component having a dopant region formed by a dopant composed of an oxygen / vacancy complex
1272015012325505/07/15Method for manufacturing a chip arrangement, and chip arrangement
1282015012326405/07/15Semiconductor devices and methods of forming thereof
1292015012372905/07/15Voltage regulating circuit
1302015012435905/07/15Combined esd active clamp for cascaded voltage pins
1312015012436305/07/15Electronic safety path
1322015012442005/07/15Electronic device and fabricating an electronic device
1332015012500305/07/15System and a mems transducer
1342015011535304/30/15Field effect semiconductor component and producing it
1352015011535604/30/15Method for manufacturing a vertical semiconductor device and vertical semiconductor device
1362015011541704/30/15Methods for manufacturing a chip arrangement, methods for manufacturing a chip package, a chip package and chip arrangements
1372015011544204/30/15Redistribution layer and forming a redistribution layer
1382015011544804/30/15Method for processing wafer
1392015011544904/30/15Semiconductor device having a corrosion-resistant metallization and manufacturing thereof
1402015011545804/30/15Semiconductor device and manufacturing a semiconductor device
1412015011547504/30/15Device including semiconductor chips and producing such device
1422015011593204/30/15Circuit, method and sensor for obtaining information on a physical quantity
1432015011594604/30/15Systems and methods having omnipolar comparators for magnetic switches
1442015011610504/30/15Apparatus and determining a state parameter of an object to be monitored
1452015011786204/30/15System and a millimeter wave circuit board
1462015012003504/30/15Systems and methods for linking trace information with sensor data
1472015012101604/30/15Method, apparatus and device for data processing
1482015010866604/23/15Thinning in package using separation structure as stop
1492015010897104/23/15Apparatus and detecting an error in a measurement of a quantity
1502015010897204/23/15Sensor device and method
1512015010905004/23/15Method of operating a reverse conducting igbt
1522015010907204/23/15System and a tunable capacitance circuit
1532015011029504/23/15System and automatic calibration of a transducer
1542015011029604/23/15System and transducer biasing and shock protection
1552015011030004/23/15System and a transducer interface
1562015011134304/23/15Electronic component
1572015011363704/23/15Data processing arrangement and ensuring the integrity of the execution of a computer program
1582015010139504/16/15Photoacoustic gas sensor device and a analyzing gas
1592015010237204/16/15Semiconductor device for emitting frequency-adjusted infrared light
1602015010240404/16/15Semiconductor device
1612015010247904/16/15Electrically insulating thermal interface on the discontinuity of an encapsulation structure
1622015010280704/16/15Hall effect sensor with graphene detection layer
1632015010334904/16/15Photodetector with controllable spectral response
1642015010345204/16/15Esd protection devices and methods
1652015010082704/09/15Method of detecting bit errors, an electronic circuit for detecting bit errors, and a data storage device
1662015009636204/09/15Extraction of tire characteristics combining direct tpms and tire resonance analysis
1672015009704004/09/15Booster antenna structure
1682015009710504/09/15Photodiode with compensated spectral response
1692015009718404/09/15Semiconductor device and a forming a semiconductor device
1702015009723304/09/15Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1712015009728204/09/15Chip packages, chip arrangements, a circuit board, and methods for manufacturing chip packages
1722015009729404/09/15Method for processing a wafer and wafer structure
1732015009761304/09/15Gate clamping
1742015009774104/09/15Antenna with multifrequency capability for miniaturized applications
1752015009829204/09/15Methods and systems for addressing memory with variable density
1762015009934104/09/15Methods for producing polysilicon resistors
1772015010026404/09/15Resolver calibration for permanent magnet synchronous motor
1782015009003004/02/15Transducer arrangement comprising a transducer die and covering a transducer die
1792015009004204/02/15Pressure sensor package with integrated sealing
1812015009079804/02/15Electronic document with two antennas
1822015009105104/02/15Semiconductor device and forming a semiconductor device
1832015009105204/02/15Semiconductor device and forming a semiconductor device
1842015009105304/02/15Igbt with reduced feedback capacitance
1852015009108804/02/15Integrated circuit and manufacturing an integrated circuit
1862015009110904/02/15Magnetic shielding of perpendicular stt-mram
1872015009114804/02/15Explosion-protected semiconductor module
1882015009117104/02/15Metal redistribution layer for molded substrates
1892015009118304/02/15Arrangement and manufacturing the same
1902015009119504/02/15Method of packaging a die
1912015009155104/02/15Vertical shunt resistor
1922015009159504/02/15Touchdown monitoring for individual dies of a semiconductor wafer
1932015009166304/02/15System and a voltage controlled oscillator
1942015009166804/02/15System and a radio frequency coupler
1952015009230704/02/15On chip reverse polarity protection compliant with iso and esd requirements
1962015009237104/02/15Contact pad structure, an electronic component, and a manufacturing a contact pad structure
1972015009237604/02/15Power semiconductor module and producing a power semiconductor module
1982015009238004/02/15Semiconductor module comprising printed circuit board and producing a semiconductor module comprising a printed circuit board
1992015009246704/02/15Driver circuit for a pair of semiconductor switches in a leg of a three-level inverter half-bridge
2002015009281404/02/15Method of examining a substrate and corresponding device
2012015009539504/02/15Processing device and multiplying polynomials
2022015009566004/02/15Computational system
2032015008415703/26/15Electronic structure, a battery structure, and a manufacturing an electronic structure
2042015008419603/26/15Devices formed with dual damascene process
2052015008461803/26/15Electronic circuit and measuring a load current
2062015008465903/26/15Contact arrangements and methods for detecting incorrect mechanical contacting of contact structures
2072015008544603/26/15Substrate, chip arrangement, and manufacturing the same
2082015008606403/26/15Sound processing
2092015008680903/26/15Integrated circuit structure and a battery structure
2102015008713103/26/15Method for processing a chip
2112015008714503/26/15Chip comprising an integrated circuit, fabrication method and locally rendering a carbonic layer conductive
2122015008917503/26/15Bus system and protected memory access
2132015008933303/26/15Circuit arrangement and realizing check bit compacting for cross parity codes
2142015007599003/19/15Ion pump
2152015007655403/19/15Insulated gate bipolar transistor with mesa sections between cell trench structures and manufacturing
2162015007656803/19/15Junction field effect transistor with vertical pn junction
2172015007659003/19/15Semiconductor device, integrated circuit and manufacturing a semiconductor device
2182015007659103/19/15Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
2192015007659703/19/15Semiconductor component having a passivation layer and production method
2202015007663603/19/15Current sensor device
2212015007665003/19/15Semiconductor device and a forming a semiconductor device
2222015007667203/19/15Method of manufacturing a chip package, chip package, manufacturing a chip assembly and chip assembly
2232015007708103/19/15System and a switch driver
2242015007715103/19/15Apparatus and testing electric conductors
2252015007754203/19/15Adaptive distance estimation
2262015007858703/19/15Adjustable ventilation openings in mems structures
2272015007974903/19/15Termination arrangement for vertical mosfet
2282015008159903/19/15Method, apparatus and computer program product for determining failure regions of an electrical device
2292015008194003/19/15Enhanced serial interface systems and methods having a higher throughput
2302015006891803/12/15Wafer contacting device, and arrangement and electrochemical etching of a wafer
2312015006913203/12/15Smart card module arrangement, smart card, producing a smart card module arrangement and producing a smart card
2322015006939403/12/15Semiconductor device and manufacturing a semiconductor device
2332015006941103/12/15Semiconductor device, junction field effect transistor and vertical field effect transistor
2342015006942403/12/15Semiconductor component and triggering avalanche breakdown
2352015006957603/12/15Semiconductor device and manufacturing a semiconductor device
2362015006959103/12/15Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
2372015007000803/12/15Magnetic field sensors and systems with sensor circuit portions having different bias voltages and frequency ranges
2382015007000903/12/15Electronic device comprising hall effect region with three contacts
2392015007004203/12/15Systems and methods for internal and external error detection in sensor output interfaces
2402015007006003/12/15Multi-output phase detector
2412015007136903/12/15Sensor systems and methods utilizing band pass filter tuning
2422015007442203/12/15Electronic circuit and monitoring a data processing
2432015005945403/05/15Sensor arrangement
2442015006087803/05/15Semiconductor packages having multiple lead frames and methods of formation thereof
2452015006100303/05/15Power semiconductor package
2462015006104503/05/15Mems device
2472015006104803/05/15Packaged mems device
2482015006108903/05/15Vertical semiconductor device and manufacturing thereof
2492015006109103/05/15Functionalised redistribution layer

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