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Infineon Technologies Ag
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Infineon Technologies Ag_20100114
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100128
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Infineon Technologies Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Infineon Technologies Ag. Infineon Technologies Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Infineon Technologies Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Infineon Technologies Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Infineon Technologies Ag patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12009005140502/26/09Adaptive capacitance for transistor
22009004546702/19/09Bipolar transistor finfet technology
32014034010011/20/14 new patent  Techniques for determining a resistance value
42014034018111/20/14 new patent  A switchable capacitance
52014034085311/20/14 new patent  Safety device
62014034132711/20/14 new patent  Transponder unit, system and method for contactless data transmission
72014033293611/13/14Package arrangement and method of forming the same
82014033295311/13/14Chip arrangement, and method for forming a chip arrangement
92014033324111/13/14Optimized control for synchronous motors
102014033346411/13/14Apparatus and method for the characterization of analog-to-digital converters
112014033565411/13/14Semiconductor device fabrication using a reconstituted wafer
122014033569911/13/14Application of fluids to substrates
132014032705311/06/14Semiconductor device including trench transistor cell array and manufacturing method
142014032707111/06/14Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
152014032712811/06/14Cooling system for molded modules and corresponding manufacturing methods
162014032752011/06/14Radio identification arrangement and method for indicating the position of a physical object
172014032774111/06/143d camera and method of image processing 3d images
182014032803211/06/14Chip arrangement, chip card arrangement and method for manufacturing a chip arrangement
192014031922810/30/14Smart card
202014031922910/30/14Radio communication processor arrangement
212014031962710/30/14Chip package and a method of manufacturing the same
222014031223310/23/14Time of flight illumination circuit
232014031248510/23/14Semiconductor module system, semiconductor module arrangement and method for mounting a semiconductor module on a heat sink
242014031249710/23/14Molding material and method for packaging semiconductor chips
252014031309210/23/14Antenna arrangement, communication appliance and antenna structure
262014031423510/23/14Apparatus for generating trusted image data, an apparatus for authentication of an image and a method for generating trusted image data
272014031536210/23/14Cmos transistor with dual high-k gate dielectric
282014030618410/16/14Two-dimensional material containing electronic components
292014030632710/16/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
302014030635610/16/14Arrangement having a plurality of chips and a chip carrier, and a processing arrangement
312014030670110/16/14Vertical hall sensor circuit comprising stress compensation circuit
322014030739110/16/14Three dimensional packaging
332014029169510/02/14Silicon carbide device and a method for manufacturing a silicon carbide device
342014029169710/02/14Silicon carbide device and a method for forming a silicon carbide device
352014029178810/02/14Magnetoresistive devices and methods for manufacturing magnetoresistive devices
362014029182410/02/14Leadframe, semiconductor package including a leadframe and method for producing a leadframe
372014029183210/02/14Integrated cooling modules of power semiconductor device
382014028462409/25/14Semiconductor component, semiconductor module and methods for producing a semiconductor component and a semiconductor module
392014028466309/25/14Method of manufacturing an imager and imager device
402014028518709/25/14Angle measurement system including magnet with substantially square face for through-shaft applications
412014028527409/25/14Wien-bridge oscillator and circuit arrangement for regulating a detuning
422014028888309/25/14Method for determining an angle of a magnetic pole of a rotating object
432014026054509/18/14Sensor and sensing method
442014026366309/18/14Smart card module arrangement
452014026425509/18/14Method for making a sensor device using a graphene layer
462014026437409/18/14Method for manufacturing a silicon carbide substrate for an electrical silicon carbide device, a silicon carbide substrate and an electrical silicon carbide device
472014026465109/18/14Semiconductor devices and methods of forming thereof
482014026467709/18/14Chip package with isolated pin, isolated pad or isolated chip carrier and method of making the same
492014026476409/18/14Layer arrangement
502014026481409/18/14Semiconductor chip, method for manufacturing a semiconductor chip, device and method for manufacturing a device
512014026486509/18/14Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
522014026495009/18/14Chip arrangement and a method of manufacturing a chip arrangement
532014026509809/18/14Lift pin for substrate processing
542014026557009/18/14Multi-load drive circuit
552014026617809/18/14Current sensor
562014026617909/18/14Magnetic-field sensor
572014026618009/18/14Sensors, systems and methods for residual current detection
582014026626009/18/14Apparatus and a method for generating a sensor signal indicating information on a capacitance of a variable capacitor comprising a variable capacitance
592014026626309/18/14Apparatus and method for determining the sensitivity of a capacitive sensing device
602014026626909/18/14Multiple current sensor device, a multiple current shunt device and a method for providing a sensor signal
612014026682709/18/14Adc with noise-shaping sar
622014026684109/18/14Circuit arrangement and method for operating an analog-to-digital converter
632014026844209/18/14Circuit arrangement and method for evaluating a signal
642014026890309/18/14A switched-mode power converter
652014026912609/18/14Circuit arrangement and method for operating a circuit arrangement
662014027270509/18/14Photoresist application
672014027339409/18/14Capacitors in integrated circuits and methods of fabrication thereof
682014027382509/18/14Semiconductor chip configuration with a coupler
692014028109809/18/14Conditional links for direct memory access controllers
702014025140809/11/14Manufacturing a temperature difference sensor
712014025249809/11/14Method for fabricating a field effect transistor, and field effect transistor
722014025254009/11/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
732014025258309/11/14Power semiconductor assembly and module
742014025310609/11/14Off-center angle measurement system
752014025314209/11/14Method for testing components and measuring arrangement
762014025422409/11/14Rectifier circuit
772014025485009/11/14Acoustic sensor package
782014025868409/11/14System and method to increase lockstep core availability
792014025878409/11/14Machine and methods for reassign positions of a software program based on a fail/pass performance
802014024650309/04/14Booster antenna, contactless chip arrangement, antenna structure and chip arrangement
812014024717709/04/14Data conversion with redundant split-capacitor arrangement
822014025033609/04/14Machine and methods for evaluating failing software programs
832014025054009/04/14Dynamic resource sharing
842014023849408/28/14Current driving system for a solenoid
852014023941108/28/14Through vias and methods of formation thereof
862014023942808/28/14Chip arrangement and a method for manufacturing a chip arrangement
872014023943808/28/14Semiconductor device
882014023947408/28/14Chip arrangement and a method for manufacturing a chip arrangement
892014023998708/28/14Determining operational robustness of a system on a chip
902014023999808/28/14Turret handlers and methods of operations thereof
912014024105508/28/14Reducing the complexity of electronically programmable nonvolatile memory
922014024237408/28/14Porous metal coating
932014024420608/28/14Sensor systems and methods having emulated line adaptation
942014023189508/21/14One-time programming device and a semiconductor device
952014023197008/21/14Method for processing a carrier, a carrier, an electronic device and a lithographic mask
962014023197108/21/14Chip arrangement and a method of manufacturing a chip arrangement
972014023197408/21/14Module and method of manufacturing a module
982014023200108/21/14Device bond pads over process control monitor structures in a semiconductor die
992014023201508/21/14Semiconductor modules and methods of formation thereof
1002014023258608/21/14Method and device for radar applications
1012014023320008/21/14Method for manufacturing an integrated circuit and an integrated circuit
1022014023326208/21/14Pseudo zero vectors for space vector modulation and enhanced space vector modulation
1032014023326408/21/14Single stage pfc power supply
1042014023328908/21/14Pseudo zero vectors for space vector modulation and enhanced space vector modulation
1052014023503508/21/14Methods of forming semiconductor devices
1062014023503908/21/14Method for producing a protective structure
1072014022512508/14/14Composite wafer and a method for manufacturing same
1082014022523308/14/14Layer arrangement
1092014022565408/14/14Phase-lock loop
1102014022677008/14/14Transmitter, receiver, method for transmitting and method for receiving
1112014022714708/14/14Microfluidic device and method
1122014022781808/14/14Semiconductor structure with lamella defined by singulation trench
1132014021667708/07/14Method of processing a substrate
1142014021706208/07/14Porous metal etching
1152014021746308/07/14Bipolar semiconductor switch and a manufacturing method therefor
1162014021750008/07/14Semiconductor device with low on resistance and high breakdown voltage
1172014021757708/07/14Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
1182014021801908/07/14Sensor package and method for producing a sensor package
1192014021939408/07/14Receiver and transmitter receiver system
1202014022025708/07/14Method of processing a substrate
1212014022074208/07/14Method for forming a thin semiconductor device
1222014022077008/07/14Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices and structures thereof
1232014022304808/07/14Communication network and method for communicating in a communication network
1242014022305008/07/14Receiver architecture
1252014022340508/07/14Providing a layout defining a structure to be patterned onto a substrate
1262014022356908/07/14System on chip with embedded security module
1272014021152607/31/14Active power factor corrector circuit
1282014020985207/31/14Semiconductor device including a phase change material
1292014020990407/31/14Integrated test circuit and method for manufacturing an integrated test circuit
1302014020990507/31/14Integrated circuit, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
1312014021002007/31/14Mems device and method of manufacturing a mems device
1322014021005407/31/14Semiconductor devices and methods of producing these
1332014021045807/31/14Offset reduction in sensor devices and systems
1342014021046107/31/14Vertical hall device with highly conductive opposite face node for electrically connecting first and second hall effect regions
1352014021064107/31/14Signal generator, decoder, method for generating a transmit signal and method for determining speed data
1362014021151007/31/14Voltage sensing in a voltage converter
1372014021512407/31/14Adaptive bit rate programming of a memory device
1382014021521907/31/14Method for verifying an electronic signature and data processing device
1392014020327807/24/14Chip package having terminal pads of different form factors
1402014020334907/24/14Method of producing a high-voltage-resistant semiconductor component having vertically conductive semiconductor body areas and a trench structure
1412014020336607/24/14Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof
1422014020338007/24/14Chip package comprising a microphone structure and a method of manufacturing the same
1432014020345507/24/14Feature patterning methods and structures thereof
1442014020384607/24/14Method for driving a load
1452014020435507/24/14Method for exposing an area on a substrate to a beam and photolithographic system
1462014020512807/24/14Chip arrangement and a method for manufacturing the same
1472014020523307/24/14Integrated circuit including non-planar structure and waveguide
1482014020610907/24/14Method of manufacturing and testing a chip package
1492014020616307/24/14Electronic component, a semiconductor wafer and a method for producing an electronic component
1502014019713007/17/14Method for manufacturing a plurality of nanowires
1512014019750107/17/14Mems device with polymer layer, system of a mems device with a polymer layer, method of making a mems device with a polymer layer
1522014019750207/17/14Comb mems device and method of making a comb mems device
1532014019750307/17/14Sensor package
1542014019752307/17/14Chip arrangement and a method for forming a chip arrangement
1552014019752707/17/14Chip arrangement and a method for manufacturing a chip arrangement
1562014019753907/17/14Bonded system with coated copper conductor
1572014019755107/17/14Method for fabricating a semiconductor chip panel
1582014019755207/17/14Chip arrangement, a method for manufacturing a chip arrangement, integrated circuits and a method for manufacturing an integrated circuit
1592014019782707/17/14Xmr-sensor and method for manufacturing the xmr-sensor
1602014019858307/17/14Reducing the size of nonvolatile memories
1612014019880407/17/14Variable load driver with power message transfer
1622014019883307/17/14Self synchronizing data communication method and device
1632014020078507/17/14Tire localization systems and methods in tire pressure monitoring systems
1642014019250007/10/14Method of electrophoretic depositing (epd) a film on an exposed conductive surface and an electric component thereof
1652014019510407/10/14Wheel speed sensor with support for indirect tire pressure monitoring
1662014019510707/10/14Wheel localizer, wheel localization device, system, method and computer program for locating a position of a wheel
1672014018371107/03/14Semiconductor device and method of making a semiconductor device
1682014018717007/03/14Testing a radio frequency integrated circuit
1692014018917607/03/14Processor arrangements and a method for transmitting a data bit sequence
1702014018943707/03/14Multi-tier trace
1712014017420106/26/14Torque sensor
1722014017465206/26/14Self-aligning pick-up head and method for manufacturing a device with the self-aligning pick-up head
1732014017555806/26/14Transistor device and method of manufacture thereof
1742014017559306/26/14Super junction semiconductor device
1752014017562406/26/14Method for manufacturing a chip arrangement, and chip arrangement
1762014017562506/26/14Semiconductor device including at least one element
1772014016704306/19/14Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
1782014016704406/19/14Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
1792014016709006/19/14Optoelectronic transmission system and method
1802014016714306/19/14Semiconductor device with step-shaped edge termination, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
1812014016715406/19/14Transistor cell array including semiconductor diode
1822014016718406/19/14Dummy structures and methods
1832014016719206/19/14Semiconductor devices having insulating substrates and methods of formation thereof
1842014016721506/19/14Electronic circuit arrangement
1852014016722406/19/14Semiconductor device and method of producing the same
1862014016722506/19/14Crack stop barrier and method of manufacturing thereof
1872014016722606/19/14Wafer and a method of dicing a wafer
1882014016726606/19/14Semiconductor device having peripheral polymer structures
1892014016727006/19/14Method of fabricating a layer stack
1902014016727206/19/14Semiconductor device having an identification mark
1912014016765406/19/14Circuit arrangements and methods for operating an electrical machine
1922014016780006/19/14Method for testing semiconductor chips or semiconductor chip modules
1932014016799006/19/14Accurate and cost efficient linear hall sensor with digital output
1942014016942306/19/14Sensor that transmits signals responsive to a request signal and receives information
1952014017044606/19/14Sensor module and battery elements
1962014017083606/19/14Chip comprising a fill structure
1972014017234306/19/14Emulation system and method
1982014017338606/19/14Circuitry and method for correcting 3-bit errors containing adjacent 2-bit error
1992014015877506/12/14Booster antenna for a chip arrangement, contactless smart card module arrangement and chip arrangement
2002014015919606/12/14Through substrate features in semiconductor substrates
2012014015920706/12/14Esd protection structure, integrated circuit and semiconductor device
2022014015922006/12/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
2032014015994306/12/14Compensating slowly varying if dc offsets in receivers
2042014016483206/12/14Test circuit and method for processing a test routine
2052014015169706/05/14Semiconductor packages, systems, and methods of formation thereof
2062014015170106/05/14Embedded chip package, a chip package, and a method for manufacturing an embedded chip package
2072014015171706/05/14Packaged vertical power device comprising compressive stress and method of making a packaged vertical power device
2082014015175806/05/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
2092014015178906/05/14Semiconductor device including trenches and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
2102014015179806/05/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
2112014015185406/05/14Method for separating a layer and a chip formed on a layer
2122014015185606/05/14Chip module, an insulation material and a method for fabricating a chip module
2132014015186206/05/14Embedded integrated circuit package and method for manufacturing an embedded integrated circuit package
2142014015186606/05/14Packaged semiconductor device with tensile stress and method of making a packaged semiconductor device with tensile stress
2152014015190506/05/14Devices and methods for providing an electrical connection
2162014015248506/05/14Symbol decoder, threshold estimation and correlation systems and methods
2172014015298906/05/14Selectivity by polarization
2182014015334806/05/14Operation scheme for non-volatile memory
2192014015613706/05/14Lightweight trace based measurement systems and methods
2202014015703506/05/14Bit-timing symmetrization
2212014014530505/29/14Capacitor and method of forming a capacitor
2222014014531805/29/14Semiconductor packages and methods of formation thereof
2232014014533305/29/14Device comprising a ductile layer and method of making the same
2242014014534505/29/14Method of forming a semiconductor structure, and a semiconductor structure
2252014014566405/29/14Power inverter including sic jfets
2262014014568605/29/14Charge conservation in pixels
2272014014577205/29/14Storage circuit
2282014014661805/29/14Circuit arrangement and method for operating a circuit arrangement
2292014014974805/29/14Securely transferring embedded code and/or data designed for a device to a customer
2302014013880305/22/14Chip arrangements and methods for manufacturing a chip arrangement
2312014013881305/22/14Method for manufacturing an electronic component
2322014013884105/22/14Integrated circuit, a semiconductor die arrangement and a method for manufacturing an integrated circuit
2332014013884305/22/14Method for fabricating an electronic component
2342014013923005/22/14Determining a charge state
2352014013926805/22/14Driver circuit with tight control of gate voltage
2362014013928505/22/14Chopper amplifier
2372014013928905/22/14Sensor signal processing using translinear mesh
2382014013929605/22/14Pulse modulation control in a dc-dc converter circuit
2392014013963105/22/14Dynamic conservation of imaging power
2402014014053805/22/14High input capacitive signal amplifier
2412014014159205/22/14Method for stress reduced manufacturing semiconductor devices
2422014014160805/22/14Semiconductor component and methods for producing a semiconductor component
2432014014385805/22/14Processing arrangement and a method for processing information in a machine-to-human communications interface
2442014013122405/15/14Sensor device, a method and a sensor to determine a relative concentration of a first kind of ions with respect to a second kind of ions solute in a drop of liquid
2452014013176605/15/14Inhomogenous power semiconductor devices
2462014013181505/15/14Semiconductor device
2472014013184405/15/14An electronic package with a fail-open mechanism
2482014013234705/15/14Linearized high-ohmic resistor
2492014013236305/15/14Generating a pulse-width modulated signal

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