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Infineon Technologies Ag
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Infineon Technologies Ag_20100107
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100114
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100128
Infineon Technologies Ag_20131212
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Infineon Technologies Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Infineon Technologies Ag. Infineon Technologies Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Infineon Technologies Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Infineon Technologies Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Infineon Technologies Ag patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12009005140502/26/09 Adaptive capacitance for transistor
22009004546702/19/09 Bipolar transistor finfet technology
32016003127202/04/16  new patent  Device, element, passive element, methods and computer programs for obtaining tire characteristics
42016003170102/04/16  new patent  Micromechanical structure and fabricating the same
52016003330802/04/16  new patent  Intelligent gauge devices and related systems and methods
62016003358502/04/16  new patent  Sensor with micro break compensation
72016003442102/04/16  new patent  Digital pre-distortion and post-distortion based on segmentwise piecewise polynomial approximation
82016003556002/04/16  new patent  Carrier system for processing semiconductor substrates, and methods thereof
92016003565402/04/16  new patent  Source down semiconductor devices and methods of formation thereof
102016003565802/04/16  new patent  Encapsulated electronic chip device with mounting provision and externally accessible electric connection structure
112016003566502/04/16  new patent  Circuit arrangement and manufacturing the same
122016003567702/04/16  new patent  Method for forming a package arrangement and package arrangement
132016003570002/04/16  new patent  Chip package and chip assembly
142016003582102/04/16  new patent  Power semiconductor device
152016003583402/04/16  new patent  Smart semiconductor switch
162016003583502/04/16  new patent  Smart semiconductor switch
172016003584502/04/16  new patent  Vertical semiconductor device having semiconductor mesas with side walls and a pn-junction extending between the side walls
182016003585002/04/16  new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing method
192016003586702/04/16  new patent  Reverse-conducting igbt
202016002552901/28/16 Apparatus and a system for detecting a physical variable
212016002562201/28/16 Sensing systems and methods using a coupling structure
222016002581901/28/16 Xmr sensor device
232016002620801/28/16 High frequency oscillator with spread spectrum clock generation
242016002767701/28/16 Substrate carrier system for moving substrates in a vertical oven and processing substrates
252016002774601/28/16 Semiconductor chip and forming a chip pad
262016002830701/28/16 High side switch with current limit feedback
272016002844001/28/16 Method for data transmission
282016002947801/28/16 Power semiconductor module system having a high isolation strength and producing a power semiconductor module arrangement having a high isolation strength
292016002077801/21/16 Method and device for use in analog-to-digital conversion
302016002079701/21/16 Receiver, detecting an error in a signal comprising a datum, transmitting a datum and a detecting an error in a signal
312016001644501/21/16 Tire pressure sensor modules, tire pressure monitoring system, wheel, methods and computer programs for providing information related to a tire pressure
322016001678701/21/16 Sensor module and semiconductor chip
332016001828101/21/16 Selfcalibration of capacitive pressure sensors with electrostatic forces
342016001847601/21/16 Molded sensor package with an integrated magnet and manufacturing molded sensor packages with an integrated magnet
352016001880701/21/16 Sensor interface with variable control coefficients
362016001997901/21/16 Method and device for evaluating a chip manufacturing process
372016002178001/21/16 Carrier, semiconductor module and fabrication method thereof
382016001105801/14/16 Integrated temperature sensor for discrete semiconductor devices
392016001123201/14/16 Testing device and a circuit arrangement
402016001127901/14/16 Magnetic field sensor device
412016001311701/14/16 Electrically conductive element, power semiconductor device having an electrically conductive element and manufacturing a power semiconductor device
422016001317601/14/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing a semiconductor device
432016001331101/14/16 Semiconductor device having a dense trench transistor cell array
442016001335401/14/16 Integrated circuit including esd device
452016001453801/14/16 Micromechanical digital loudspeaker
462016001491601/14/16 Power semiconductor module with current sensor
472016000139301/07/16 Method for producing a circuit carrier and for connecting an electrical conductor to a metallization layer of a circuit carrier
482016000368301/07/16 Remote temperature sensing
492016000369801/07/16 Motion detection using pressure sensing
502016000391101/07/16 Battery cell characteristic identification
512016000458501/07/16 Apparatus and a providing an error signal for a control unit
522016000494701/07/16 Chip card with integrated active components
532016000564701/07/16 Contacts for semiconductor devices and methods of forming thereof
542016000566301/07/16 Extended contact area for leadframe strip testing
552016000567501/07/16 Double sided cooling chip package and manufacturing the same
562016000568701/07/16 Radio frequency power device
572016000572801/07/16 Integrated system and making the integrated system
582016000581801/07/16 Igbt having at least one first type transistor cell and reduced feedback capacitance
592016000639401/07/16 System and a voltage controlled oscillator
602016000710101/07/16 Sensor device
612015037765112/31/15 Through bias pole for igmr speed sensing
622015037774012/31/15 Auto tire localization systems and methods utilizing a tpms angular position index
632015037782412/31/15 Graphene gas sensor for measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide in gas environments
642015037793112/31/15 Current measurement in a power semiconductor arrangement
652015037795412/31/15 Method for testing semiconductor dies and a test apparatus
662015037798612/31/15 Magnetoresistive device and manufacturing the same
672015038030612/31/15 Method for forming a vertical electrical conductive connection
682015038040312/31/15 Semiconductor device with thermally grown oxide layer between field and gate electrode and manufacturing
692015038049212/31/15 Semiconductor device containing chalcogen atoms and manufacturing
702015038051112/31/15 Field effect semiconductor component and methods for operating and producing it
712015038052212/31/15 Methods of forming low noise semiconductor devices
722015038053312/31/15 Insulated gate bipolar transistor device, semiconductor device and forming said devices
732015038054312/31/15 Semiconductor device with power transistor cells and lateral transistors and manufacturing
742015038096512/31/15 Hybrid power converter stage
752015038104412/31/15 Voltage converter
762015038107812/31/15 Mems device and manufacturing the mems device
772015038116012/31/15 Robust multiplexer, and operating a robust multiplexer
782015038119412/31/15 Sensor system using multiple modes for analog to digital conversion
792015038135112/31/15 Cryptographic processor, implementing a cryptographic processor and key generation circuit
802015036769212/24/15 Repeater for tire pressure monitoring system (tpms) auto localization
812015036809712/24/15 Methods for producing a cavity within a semiconductor substrate
822015036963512/24/15 Rotary speed sensor
832015036967412/24/15 Temperature sensor calibration
842015036988112/24/15 Low offset vertical hall device and current spinning method
852015037024912/24/15 Slow speed signal detection for abs sensors with adaptive time watchdog concept for 0hz capability
862015037185812/24/15 Method for treating a semiconductor wafer
872015037194212/24/15 Nanotube structure based metal damascene process
882015037197912/24/15 Methods for manufacturing an electronic module
892015037199512/24/15 Method for processing a carrier, a carrier, and a split gate field effect transistor structure
902015037207312/24/15 Coil and manufacturing a coil
912015037223012/24/15 Method of forming a memory and forming a memory array
922015037252712/24/15 Battery thermal acceleration mechanism
932015037261612/24/15 Rectifier with bridge circuit and parallel resonant circuit
942015036233512/17/15 Rotation sensor
952015036267212/17/15 Liquid sensing systems and methods using a ring resonator sensor
962015036272212/17/15 Membrane structures for microelectromechanical pixel and display devices and systems, and methods for forming membrane structures and related devices
972015036284112/17/15 Method and exposing a structure on a substrate
982015036432812/17/15 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices and structures thereof
992015036440212/17/15 Monitor structures and methods of formation thereof
1002015036446812/17/15 Discrete semiconductor transistor
1012015036452412/17/15 Power semiconductor device, manufacturing method therefor, and operating the power semiconductor device
1022015036455012/17/15 Optimized layer for semiconductor
1032015036458812/17/15 Semiconductor device having an insulated gate bipolar transistor arrangement
1042015036508312/17/15 Circuit and driving a power semiconductor switch
1052015036510212/17/15 Feed forward double-sampling modulator
1062015036587712/17/15 Matrix switch
1072015035334412/10/15 Cavity structures for mems devices
1082015035529512/10/15 Xmr sensors with high shape anisotropy
1092015035499912/10/15 Sensor device and sensor arrangement
1102015035529112/10/15 Magnetic sensor device with ring-shaped magnet
1112015035529212/10/15 Method for redundantly measuring a magnetic field
1122015035529312/10/15 Sensor system
1132015035531912/10/15 Method, device and system for processing radar signals
1142015035633412/10/15 Antenna arrangement and operating an antenna arrangement
1152015035674712/10/15 Time-of-flight camera with location sensor system
1162015035690712/10/15 Display device
1172015035722912/10/15 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising field stop zone
1182015035723412/10/15 Method for providing a self-aligned pad protection in a semiconductor device
1192015035732212/10/15 Diode biased esd protection devices and methods
1202015035743712/10/15 Mos-transistor with separated electrodes arranged in a trench
1212015035744912/10/15 Power semiconductor device
1222015035792712/10/15 Multi-mode operation and control of a resonant converter
1232015035873512/10/15 System and a microphone
1242015035909112/10/15 Printed circuit boards and methods of manufacturing thereof
1252015034628912/03/15 Hall effect sensor arrangement
1262015034429412/03/15 Lead frame based mems sensor structure
1272015034473012/03/15 Primer composition, forming a primer layer on a semiconductor device, and encapsulating a semiconductor device
1282015034603712/03/15 Integrated temperature sensor
1292015034624212/03/15 High di/dt capacity measurement hardware
1302015034624512/03/15 Current or voltage sensing
1312015034626512/03/15 Floating connector safety protection
1322015034627012/03/15 Test method and test arrangement
1332015034670312/03/15 State observers
1342015034674412/03/15 Method and compensating pvt variations
1352015034722712/03/15 Marker programming in non-volatile memories
1362015034775812/03/15 Methods and systems for securely transferring embedded code and/or data designed for a device to a customer
1372015034877612/03/15 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with a continuous silicate glass structure
1382015034882412/03/15 Semiconductor wafer and processing a semiconductor wafer
1392015034885212/03/15 Etching apparatus and method
1402015034886412/03/15 Connectable package extender for semiconductor device package
1412015034888212/03/15 Three-dimensional stack of leaded package and electronic member
1422015034892112/03/15 Processing of thick metal pads
1432015034906612/03/15 Semiconductor device, silicon wafer and silicon ingot
1442015034909712/03/15 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a rectifying junction at the side wall of a trench
1452015034911612/03/15 Semiconductor device having an active trench and a body trench
1462015034963612/03/15 System and switched power supply current sampling
1472015034977012/03/15 System and a radio frequency switch
1482015034998512/03/15 Generation of manchester-decoded binary values
1492015035024112/03/15 Data frame for protected data transmissions
1502015033631411/26/15 Device package configuration and compensating for unbalanced resin flow in mold cavities
1512015033643411/26/15 Apparatus and determining a state parameter of an object to be monitored
1522015033828211/26/15 Remote temperature sensing
1532015033828511/26/15 System and a capacitive thermometer
1542015033956511/26/15 Smart card module, smart card, and producing a smart card module
1552015034014811/26/15 Inductor and forming an inductor
1562015034022411/26/15 Method for coating a workpiece
1572015034023411/26/15 Method for processing a semiconductor device and semiconductor device
1582015034027711/26/15 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device and semiconductor device
1592015034030611/26/15 Semiconductor device package having asymmetric chip mounting area and lead widths
1602015034030711/26/15 Molded chip package and manufacturing the same
1612015034044211/26/15 Drain extended field effect transistors and methods of formation thereof
1622015034048711/26/15 Semiconductor device having a lower diode region arranged below a trench
1632015034088811/26/15 Battery management system
1642015034172611/26/15 Method for manufacturing an opening structure and opening structure
1652015034205511/26/15 Semiconductor module with low inductance load connections
1662015034207311/26/15 Electronic module and manufacturing the same
1672015033083611/19/15 Photocell devices, systems and methods
1682015033101311/19/15 Multi-channel probe plate for semiconductor package test systems
1692015033105611/19/15 Battery charge meter testing
1702015033106711/19/15 Sensor device and sensor arrangement
1712015033106911/19/15 Magnetic-field sensor
1722015033107011/19/15 Magnetic-field sensor
1732015033181011/19/15 Randomized memory access
1742015033275611/19/15 Method for accessing a memory and memory access circuit
1752015033293811/19/15 Electronic device package including metal blocks
1762015033295111/19/15 Wafer releasing
1772015033295611/19/15 Mechanical stress-decoupling in semiconductor device
1782015033302311/19/15 Semiconductor device having solderable and bondable electrical contact pads
1792015033303411/19/15 Semiconductor module bonding wire connection method
1802015033305811/19/15 Semiconductor device in a semiconductor substrate and manufacturing a semiconductor device in a semiconductor substrate
1812015033306011/19/15 Semiconductor device
1822015033316111/19/15 Insulated gate bipolar transistor
1832015033339511/19/15 Packaged antenna and producing same
1842015033339711/19/15 Communication module
1852015033369611/19/15 System and a voltage controlled oscillator
1862015033375211/19/15 Low-power magnetic slope detecting circuit
1872015033449911/19/15 Glitch detection and detecting a glitch
1882015033480011/19/15 Standby power for led drivers
1892015032568711/12/15 Semiconductor device and insulated gate bipolar transistor with source zones formed in semiconductor mesas
1902015032190111/12/15 Semiconductor devices and methods of forming thereof
1912015032361311/12/15 Vertical hall effect-device
1922015032361411/12/15 Vertical hall effect device
1932015032459911/12/15 Processing data in a device
1942015032544011/12/15 Method for forming a semiconductor device and semiconductor device
1952015032550311/12/15 Method of singularizing packages and leadframe
1962015032553511/12/15 Method for processing a semiconductor workpiece and semiconductor workpiece
1972015032568811/12/15 Semiconductor device and reverse conducting insulated gate bipolar transistor with isolated source zones
1982015032599911/12/15 Method of operating an electronic circuit with an electronic switch
1992015032615511/12/15 Motor control for stability and power supply protection
2002015032620311/12/15 Phase interpolator
2012015032633611/12/15 System having plastic waveguides
2022015031658611/05/15 Systems and methods for high voltage bridge bias generation and low voltage readout circuitry
2032015031664111/05/15 Automotive radar transmitter architecture
2042015031755311/05/15 Smart card module, smart card body, smart card and smart card production method
2052015031819911/05/15 Thin substrate electrostatic chuck system and method
2062015031827211/05/15 Semiconductor device including a phase change material
2072015031834711/05/15 Semiconductor device with a field ring edge termination structure and a separation trench arranged between different field rings
2082015031838411/05/15 Bipolar transistor
2092015031839411/05/15 Tunable stressed polycrystalline silicon on dielectrics in an integrated circuit
2102015031886711/05/15 High performance crc calculation with small footprint
2112015031898011/05/15 Phase detector
2122015030734410/29/15 Sensor producing a sensor apparatus
2132015030907810/29/15 Current sensor devices and methods
2142015030909110/29/15 Millimeter-wave transmitter on a chip, calibration thereof and millimeter-wave power sensor on a chip
2152015030912710/29/15 Magnetic field current sensors, sensor systems and methods
2162015030912810/29/15 Magnetic field sensor device
2172015030952310/29/15 Circuit and providing a reference voltage
2182015030995010/29/15 System and method to address devices connected to a bus system
2192015031115710/29/15 Nanotube structure based metal damascene process
2202015031116310/29/15 Anchoring structure and intermeshing structure
2212015031119610/29/15 Integrated semiconductor device having a level shifter
2222015031120210/29/15 Semiconductor chip
2232015031129410/29/15 Method for producing a controllable semiconductor component having a plurality of trenches
2242015031131710/29/15 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
2252015031187010/29/15 System and capacitive signal source amplifier
2262015031188310/29/15 System and a switchable capacitance
2272015031192210/29/15 System and a radio frequency integrated circuit
2282015031205310/29/15 Bus architecture and access plastic waveguide
2292015030909110/29/15 Millimeter-wave transmitter on a chip, calibration thereof and millimeter-wave power sensor on a chip
2302015030155210/22/15 Cable quality detection and power consumer devices
2312015030312810/22/15 Device including multiple semiconductor chips and multiple carriers
2322015030313410/22/15 Universal lead frame for flat no-leads packages
2332015030313510/22/15 Method for fabricating a semiconductor package and semiconductor package
2342015030319010/22/15 Semiconductor device having an insulated gate bipolar transistor arrangement and a forming such a semiconductor device
2352015030325410/22/15 Semiconductor structure and a processing a carrier
2362015030326010/22/15 Vertical semiconductor device
2372015030392710/22/15 Chip and manufacturing a chip
2382015030519010/22/15 Electronic system
2392015029314910/15/15 Test probe and manufacturing a test probe
2402015029382410/15/15 Processing a target memory
2412015029414210/15/15 Apparatus and a detecting a motion of an object in a target space
2422015029486810/15/15 Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices containing chalcogen atoms
2432015029491110/15/15 Method for processing a semiconductor workpiece
2442015029492610/15/15 Module comprising a semiconductor chip
2452015029493110/15/15 Baseplate for an electronic module and manufacturing the same
2462015029494310/15/15 Method for manufacturing a digital circuit and digital circuit
2472015029494410/15/15 Method for manufacturing a digital circuit and digital circuit
2482015029503410/15/15 Semiconductor device with semiconductor mesa including a constriction
2492015029552810/15/15 Alternator controller and communicating with an alternator controller

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