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Infineon Technologies Ag
Infineon Technologies Agam Campeon
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100107
Infineon Technologies Ag4
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100114
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100128
Infineon Technologies Ag_20131212
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100121

Infineon Technologies Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Infineon Technologies Ag. Infineon Technologies Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Infineon Technologies Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Infineon Technologies Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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02/26/09Adaptive capacitance for transistor
02/19/09Bipolar transistor finfet technology
11/16/17Angle sensor arrangement and the angle sensor arrangement
11/16/17System and temperature sensing
11/16/17Bus transceiver
11/16/17Communication between battery cells
11/16/17Stress compensated oscillator circuitry and integrated circuit using the same
11/16/17Optical sensor device and manufacturing the optical sensor device
11/16/17Optical sensor device and operating a time-of-flight sensor
11/09/17Embedded parity matrix generator
11/09/17Dynamic conservation of imaging power
11/09/17Twist independent mounting of a wheel speed sensor using a differential magnetoresistive sensor
11/09/17Sensor with micro break compensation
11/09/17Method and use in accessing a memory
11/09/17Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising a support element and semiconductor device comprising a support element
11/09/17Chip arrangements
11/09/17Switch having first and second switching elements connected in parallel with one another
11/09/17Poly silicon based interface protection
11/09/17Voltage regulator with fast feedback
11/09/17Device for detecting acoustic waves
11/09/17Device for detecting acoustic waves
11/09/17Microelectromechanical device, an array of microelectromechanical devices, a manufacturing a microelectromechanical device, and a operating a microelectromechanical device
11/02/17Xmr angle sensors
11/02/17Rotation angle sensor system and method
11/02/17Compact sensor package
11/02/17Angle based speed sensor device
11/02/17Scalable multi-core system-on-chip architecture on multiple dice for high end microcontroller
11/02/17Dynamic adjustment of imaging parameters
11/02/17Chip card module, chip card and forming a chip card module
11/02/17Semiconductor device having a defined oxygen concentration
11/02/17Method for processing a semiconductor region and an electronic device
11/02/17Semiconductor devices and methods for testing a gate insulation of a transistor structure
11/02/17Laminate package of chip on carrier and in cavity
11/02/17Electronic sub-module including a leadframe and a semiconductor chip disposed on the leadframe
11/02/17Device including a semiconductor chip monolithically integrated with a driver circuit in a semiconductor material
11/02/17Package with vertical interconnect between carrier and clip
11/02/17Cavity based feature on chip carrier
11/02/17Multi-layer metal pads
11/02/17Semiconductor device and manufacturing therefor
11/02/17Semiconductor device having a channel region patterned into a ridge by adjacent gate trenches
11/02/17Method for doping an active hall effect region of a hall effect device and hall effect device having a doped active hall effect region
11/02/17System and a high-ohmic resistor
10/26/17Sensors, residual current detection
10/26/17Directly cooled substrates for semiconductor modules
10/26/17Device and testing a mixer
10/26/17Magnetic field sensor arrangement and processing a magnetic field sensor output signal
10/26/17Method of using a memory device, memory device and memory device assembly
10/26/17Carbon vacancy defect reduction sic
10/26/17Method for forming a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
10/26/17Semiconductor devices and a detecting a crack
10/26/17Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
10/26/17Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
10/26/17Semiconductor devices with on-chip antennas and manufacturing thereof
10/26/17Method for processing an electronic component and an electronic component
10/26/17Semiconductor device comprising transistor cell units with different threshold voltages
10/26/17Carbon based contact structure for silicon carbide device technical field
10/26/17Semiconductor device having first and second circuits integrated in a semiconductor body
10/26/17Antenna tuning circuit, tuning an antenna, antenna arrangement and operating the same
10/26/17Tunable resonator element, filter circuit and method
10/26/17Electronic circuit and transferring data
10/26/17Dimension regulation of power device to elminate hot spot generation
10/26/17Methods and devices for storing parameters
10/26/17System and a microphone
10/19/17Device with low-ohmic circuit path
10/19/17Method of manufacturing an imager and imager device
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10/19/17Apparatus and monitoring a signal path, and signal processing system
10/19/17Method for forming a microelectromechanical device
10/19/17Open load detection in output stages
10/19/17Sensors, compensating for thermal emf
10/19/17Manufacturing of an imager device and imager device
10/19/17Method for manufacturing an integrated circuit including a lateral trench transistor and a logic circuit element
10/19/17Semiconductor devices and a forming a semiconductor device
10/19/17Multi-channel fault detection with a single diagnosis output
10/19/17Control of freewheeling voltage
10/19/17Control device and securing data
10/12/17Apparatus and processing an input-signal voltage
10/12/17Apparatus and processing an input-signal voltage
10/12/17Control infrastructure for automotive applications
10/12/17Wafer probing
10/12/17Control system for power train control
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10/12/17Current distribution device protected against over-voltage conditions
10/12/17Method and system for timeout monitoring
10/12/17Smart card and producing a smart card
10/12/17Method for producing a self-aligning masking layer
10/12/17Chip assembling on adhesion layer or dielectric layer, extending beyond chip, on substrate
10/12/17Electronic switching and protection circuit with several operation modes
10/12/17Electronic switching and protection circuit with test mode function
10/12/17Electronic switching and protection circuit with wakeup function
10/12/17Electronic switching and protection circuit
10/12/17Electronic switching and protection circuit with a logarithmic adc
10/05/17Molding system with movable mold tool
10/05/17Carrier tape comprising pockets including a base bottom portion and a raised bottom portion
10/05/17Transducer package with integrated sealing
10/05/17Semiconductor device including a mems die
10/05/17Shaft-integrated angle sensing device
10/05/17Multi-die pressure sensor package
10/05/17System and a transducer in an ewlb package
10/05/17Current difference sensors, systems and methods
10/05/17Differential bus receiver
10/05/17Baseplate for an electronic module and manufacturing the same
10/05/17Semiconductor package having a source-down configured transistor die and a drain-down configured transistor die
10/05/17Electronic device package having a dielectric layer and an encapsulant
10/05/17Mems heater or emitter structure for fast heating and cooling cycles
10/05/17Semiconductor device including an encapsulation material defining a through-hole
10/05/17Method of forming a graphene structure
10/05/17Embedded chip packages and methods for manufacturing an embedded chip package
10/05/17System and a high-side power switch
10/05/17System and an optical mems transducer
10/05/17Light emitter devices, photoacoustic gas sensors and methods for forming light emitter devices
10/05/17Light emitter devices, optical filter structures and methods for forming light emitter devices and optical filter structures
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10/05/17Reducing power dissipation in driver circuits
09/28/17Magnetic sensor
09/28/17Molded cavity package with embedded conductive layer and enhanced sealing
09/28/17Electric shield between magneto-resistive sensor elements
09/28/17Apparatus for determining a characteristic of a fluid
09/28/17Transistor bridge failure test
09/28/17Capacitive sensor testing
09/28/17Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
09/28/17Redirecting solder material to visually inspectable package surface
09/28/17Integrated system and making the integrated system
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09/28/17Semiconductor device having a graphene layer, and manufacturing thereof
09/28/17Battery, a battery element and a forming a battery
09/28/17Active common mode cancellation
09/28/17Lc network for a power amplifier with selectable impedance
09/28/17System and signal amplification using a resistance network
09/28/17System and an acoustic transducer and environmental sensor package
09/21/17Sensing systems and methods using a coupling structure
09/21/17System and a built-in-self-test of a battery
09/21/17Apparatus for redundantly measuring a magnetic field
09/21/17Memory arrangement and reading a memory cell of a memory
09/21/17Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit substrate
09/21/17Spatially selective roughening of encapsulant to promote adhesion with functional structure
09/21/17Direct selective adhesion promotor plating
09/21/17Leadframe leads having fully plated end faces
09/21/17Semiconductor device including a passive component formed in a redistribution layer
09/21/17Semiconductor device having a metal adhesion and barrier structure and a forming such a semiconductor device
09/21/17Method for producing a chip assemblage
09/21/17Semiconductor devices for integration with light emitting chips and modules thereof
09/21/17Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices with transistor cells and semiconductor device
09/21/17Glitch detection and detecting a glitch
09/14/17Current sensor devices and methods
09/14/17Systems and methods for storing information
09/14/17Method for planarizing one or more workpieces, a workpiece planarization arrangement, a chuck and a replaceable workpiece-support for a chuck
09/14/17Mems device and mems vacuum microphone
09/14/17Extension sensor and reduction of a drift of a bridge circuit caused by an extension
09/14/17Calibration of a current sensor
09/14/17Method of reducing defects in an epitaxial layer
09/14/17Arrangement having a plurality of chips and a chip carrier, and a processing arrangement
09/14/17Adapter tool configured to be attached to a loadport of a wafer handling system and wafer handling system with such an adapter tool
09/14/17Method for providing a planarizable workpiece support, a workpiece planarization arrangement, and a chuck
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09/14/17Wide bandgap semiconductor device including transistor cells and compensation structure
09/14/17Method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure and semiconductor structure
09/14/17Mixing stage, modulator circuit and a current control circuit
09/07/17Device including a switching unit and applications thereof
09/07/17Shaft-integrated angle sensing device for e-bike and e-bike comprising such device
09/07/17Resistive memory transition monitoring
09/07/17Integrated circuit and forming an integrated circuit
09/07/17Manufacturing a package using plateable encapsulant
09/07/17Method of manufacturing molded semiconductor packages having an optical inspection feature
09/07/17Semiconductor device including antistatic die attach material
09/07/17Semiconductor device comprising a first gate electrode and a second gate electrode
09/07/17Reverse current protection for a switching unit
09/07/17Switched-mode power converter with cascode circuit
09/07/17Power semiconductor package and applications
09/07/17System and high-ohmic circuit
09/07/17Spectrally shaped random signal
09/07/17Processing a data word
09/07/17Modulation engine for dimming control
09/07/17Substrate and multiple substrate, and producing thereof
08/31/17Magnetic angular position sensor
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08/31/17Bias field generation for a magneto sensor
08/31/17Chip card substrate and forming a chip card substrate
08/31/17Microelectromechanical system and a manufacturing a microelectromechanical system
08/31/17Microelectromechanical device and forming a microelectromechanical device
08/31/17Method and device for short circuit detection in power semiconductor switches
08/31/17Method and device for short circuit detection in power semiconductor switches
08/31/17Microcontroller and testing a microcontroller
08/31/17Microcontroller and modifying a transmission signal
08/31/17Semiconductor device and a forming a semiconductor device
08/31/17Semiconductor device including a clip
08/31/17Chip embedding package with solderable electric contact
08/31/17Semiconductor device having an active trench and a body trench
08/31/17Method for communicating data from a sensor device to an electronic control unit, a sensor device and an electronic control unit
08/31/17Apparatus for generating a three-dimensional color image and a producing a three-dimensional color image
08/24/17Magnet arrangement and sensor device
08/24/17Magnetic position sensor
08/24/17Using a variable switching threshold for providing an output
08/24/17Electronic device substrate and manufacturing the same
08/24/17Digital sensor system
08/24/17Sensitivity analysis systems and methods using entropy
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08/24/17Sensitivity analysis systems and methods using local gradients
08/24/17Method for implanting ions into a semiconductor substrate and an implantation system
08/24/17Integrated circuit substrate and manufacturing the same
08/24/17System and a microfabricated fracture test structure
08/24/17Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit substrate
08/24/17Integrated circuit substrate and manufacturing the same
08/24/17Semiconductor device and producing a semiconductor device
08/24/17Semiconductor devices and methods for forming a semiconductor device
08/24/17Producing a semiconductor device by epitaxial growth
08/24/17Semiconductor device with cell trench structures and contacts and manufacturing a semiconductor device
08/24/17Charge conservation in pixels
08/24/17System and signal read-out using source follower feedback
08/24/17Pcb based semiconductor package with impedance matching network elements integrated therein
08/17/17Three 3-contact vertical hall sensor elements connected in a ring and related devices, systems, and methods
08/17/17Tapered magnet
08/17/17Sensor arrangement for particle analysis and a particle analysis
08/17/17Method of sensing current flowing in a power module
08/17/17Radar employing preacquisition ramps
08/17/17Method for removing crystal originated particles from a crystalline silicon body using an etch process
08/17/17Semiconductor device including an antenna
08/17/17Semiconductor devices and processing methods
08/17/17Semiconductor device comprising a temperature sensor, temperature sensor and manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising a temperature sensor
08/17/17System and a beamformer
08/17/17Device and internal reset signal generation
08/17/17Level shifter
08/17/17Data processing devices and methods for reconstructing a puf value
08/17/17Mems microphone, apparatus comprising a mems microphone and fabricating a mems microphone
08/10/17Highly efficient diagnostic methods for monolithic sensor systems
08/10/17Sensor that transmits signals responsive to a request signal and receives information
08/10/17Semiconductor chip with fracture detection
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08/10/17Magnetic sensor device and a magnetic sensor device having a magneto-resistive structure
08/10/17Method of galvanic plating assisted by a current distribution layer
08/10/17Mechanical stress-decoupling in semiconductor device
08/10/17Method for forming a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
08/10/17Charge pump circuit and operating a charge pump circuit
08/03/17System and a mems transducer
08/03/17Sensor package
08/03/17Method of operating a memory device
08/03/17Semiconductor device packaging assembly, lead frame strip and unit lead frame with molding compound channels
08/03/17Power semiconductor device load terminal
08/03/17Attaching chip attach medium to already encapsulated electronic chip
08/03/17Electric circuit including a semiconductor device with a first transistor, a second transistor and a control circuit
08/03/17Semiconductor device and a forming a semiconductor device
08/03/17Xmr monocell sensors, systems and methods
08/03/17Intelligent detection unit (idu) to detect the position of a rotor controlled by pulse modulation
08/03/17Hybrid digital/analog noise shaping in the sigma-delta conversion
08/03/17Methods and apparatuses for speed and/or position sensing
08/03/17System and acoustic transducer supply
07/27/17Integrated photo-acoustic gas sensor module
07/27/17Multi-chip semiconductor power package
07/27/17Electronic chip inspection by backside illumination
07/27/17Method of manufacturing a semiconductor package having a semiconductor chip and a microwave component
07/27/17Communication systems and methods having reduced frame duration
07/27/17Car2x communication system, apparatus and method
07/20/17Tire parameter monitoring system
07/20/17Rotation angle sensor system and method
07/20/17Gamma ray detector and detecting gamma rays
07/20/17Wearable consumer device
07/20/17Chip card and forming a chip card

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