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Infineon Technologies Ag
Infineon Technologies Agam Campeon
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100107
Infineon Technologies Ag4
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100114
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100128
Infineon Technologies Ag_20131212
Infineon Technologies Ag_20100121

Infineon Technologies Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Infineon Technologies Ag. Infineon Technologies Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Infineon Technologies Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Infineon Technologies Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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02/26/09Adaptive capacitance for transistor
02/19/09Bipolar transistor finfet technology
07/20/17 new patent  Tire parameter monitoring system
07/20/17 new patent  Rotation angle sensor system and method
07/20/17 new patent  Gamma ray detector and detecting gamma rays
07/20/17 new patent  Wearable consumer device
07/20/17 new patent  Chip card and forming a chip card
07/20/17 new patent  Memory device and testing a memory device
07/20/17 new patent  Method of forming a semiconductor device
07/20/17 new patent  System having plastic waveguides
07/20/17 new patent  Communication systems and methods having reduced frame duration
07/20/17 new patent  Printed circuit boards having a dielectric layer which includes a polymer and methods of manufacturing such printed circuit boards
07/13/17Tire pressure sensor modules, tire pressure monitoring system, wheel, methods and computer programs for providing information related to a tire pressure
07/13/17Off-center angle measurement system
07/13/17Apparatus and distinguishing data of a plurality of multidimensional magnetic field sensors
07/13/17Semiconductor chip package comprising laterally extending connectors
07/13/17Transistor device with segmented contact layer
07/13/17System and measuring a plurality of rf signal paths
07/13/17System and a variable flow transducer
07/06/17Motion detection using pressure sensing
07/06/17Enhanced protection, diagnosis, and control of power distribution and control units
07/06/17High efficiency digital light processing engine
07/06/17Method of making a semiconductor device formed by thermal annealing
07/06/17Parallel plate waveguide for power circuits
07/06/17Methods of forming semiconductor devices
07/06/17Method of manufacturing a layer structure having partially sealed pores
07/06/17Multi-level chip interconnect
07/06/17Methods for producing polysilicon resistors
07/06/17Method for processing a semiconductor device and semiconductor device
07/06/17Intelligent input for relay device containing a solid state relay
07/06/17Double calibration loop for random spread spectrum modulator
07/06/17Detection and mitigation of non-linearity of phase interpolator
07/06/17Passive equalizers for directional couplers
07/06/17Sensor subassembly and sending a data signal
06/29/17300 mhz to 3 thz electromagnetic wave sensor for determining an interstitial fluid parameter in vivo
06/29/17Chip card sleeve
06/29/17Semiconductor device including a heat sink structure
06/29/17Method of forming a semiconductor device
06/29/17Memory device and operating a memory device
06/29/17System and a switchable capacitance
06/22/17Test pin configuration for test device for testing devices under test
06/22/17A processing a carrier, a carrier, an electronic device and a lithographic mask
06/22/17Electronic component and methods of manufacturing the same
06/22/17Power semiconductor devices, semiconductor devices and a adjusting a number of charge carriers
06/22/17Bipolar transistor
06/22/17Method of manufacturing a bipolar semiconductor switch
06/22/17System and high-speed analog beamforming
06/22/17Mems device
06/15/17Blood pressure sensor
06/15/17System and a differential comb drive mems
06/15/17Magnetic sensor device and a magnetic sensor device having a magneto-resistive structure
06/15/17Scattering parameter calibration to a semiconductor layer
06/15/17Method for processing a silicon wafer
06/15/17Semiconductor package with interlocked connection
06/15/17Method for connecting a semiconductor chip metal surface of a substrate by means of two contact metallization layers and producing an electronic module
06/15/17Semiconductor devices and a circuit for controlling a field effect transistor of a semiconductor device
06/15/17Semiconductor devices and a forming a semiconductor device
06/15/17Current measurement in a power semiconductor device
06/08/17Xmr sensors with high shape anisotropy
06/08/17Method for simultaneous structuring and chip singulation
06/08/17Protected transmission of independent sensor signals
06/08/17Forming a contact layer on a semiconductor body
06/08/17Apparatus and ion implantation
06/08/17Semiconductor substrate-on-semiconductor substrate package and manufacturing the same
06/08/17Connector block with two sorts of through connections, and electronic device comprising a connector block
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06/08/17Semiconductor device comprising a field effect transistor and manufacturing the semiconductor device
06/08/17Semiconductor device with trench edge termination
06/08/17Semiconductor device having a desaturation channel structure for desaturating a charge carrier concentration in an igbt cell
06/08/17Apparatus with integrated protection profile and method
06/08/17System and a beamformer
06/08/17Robust high speed sensor interface for remote sensors
06/08/17System and sensor-supported microphone
06/01/17Remote temperature sensing
06/01/17Sensor device and sensor arrangement
06/01/17Radar device with phase noise estimation
06/01/17Interconnect serialization system and method
06/01/17Method for structuring a substrate
06/01/17Substrates with buried isolation layers and methods of formation thereof
06/01/17Electronic module and manufacturing the same
06/01/17Method for singulating a multiplicity of chips
Patent Packs
06/01/17Method for processing a wafer and wafer structure
06/01/17Semiconductor device and producing a semiconductor device
06/01/17Local phase detection in realigned oscillator
05/25/17Tire pressure measurement device, an integrated circuit, a printed circuit board, a method and a computer program for a vehicle to receive data
05/25/17System and testing an integrated circuit
05/25/17Method for producing a power semiconductor module
05/25/17Thin substrate electrostatic chuck system and method
05/25/17Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a vertical edge termination structure
05/25/17Method for thinning substrates
05/25/17Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having electrode trenches, isolated source zones and separation structures
05/25/17Power semiconductor transistor having increased bipolar amplification
05/25/17Semiconductor devices having insulating substrates and methods of formation thereof
05/25/17Method of manufacturing a lithium ion battery
05/25/17System and switched power supply current sampling
05/25/17Fast starting crystal oscillator with low variation
05/25/17Signal generator, a decoder, a generating a transmit signal and a determining speed data
05/18/17Magnetic field current sensors
05/18/17System and a synchronized driver circuit
05/18/17Xmr angle sensor arrangement with safety mechanism and monitoring the same
05/18/17Receiver architecture
05/18/17Method of forming a semiconductor device
05/18/17Method of manufacturing a cooler for semiconductor modules
05/18/17Wafer edge shape for thin wafer processing
05/18/17Power semiconductor arrangement having a plurality of power semiconductor switching elements and reduced inductance asymmetry
05/18/17Semiconductor devices for integration with light emitting chips and modules thereof
05/18/17Semiconductor device comprising a first transistor and a second transistor
05/18/17Semiconductor device having an oxygen diffusion barrier
05/18/17Current threshold detection in syncronous regulation
05/18/17Voltage standing wave radio measurement and tuning systems and methods
05/18/17System and a perpendicular electrode transducer
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05/11/17Magnetic sensor
05/11/17Redundant magnetic angle sensor with improved accuracy
05/11/17Frequency modulation scheme for fmcw radar
05/11/17Method and use in wafer processing
05/11/17Semiconductor chip
05/11/17Method of forming a semiconductor device and semiconductor device
05/11/17Outphasing power amplifier signal splitter using next stage input impedance and multiple biasing
05/11/17Integrated analog delay line of a pulse-width modulator
05/11/17Mixed analog-digital pulse-width modulator
05/04/17Circuit, method and sensor for obtaining information on a physical quantity
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05/04/17Magnetoresistive devices and methods for manufacturing magnetoresistive devices
05/04/17Multi-die package having different types of semiconductor dies attached to the same thermally conductive flange
05/04/17Method for producing a power semiconductor module
05/04/17Insulated gate semiconductor device with soft switching behavior
05/04/17Tunnel field effect transistors
05/04/17System and a switch driver
05/04/17Feedforward circuit for dc-to-dc converters with digital voltage control loop
05/04/17Voltage regulator
05/04/17Optimum current control cmos cascode amplifier
05/04/17Enhanced semiconductor switch
05/04/17Error correction
05/04/17Analog rf pre-distorter and non-linear splitter
04/27/17Method and measuring a disturbed variable
04/27/17Method for protecting data and data processing device
04/27/17System and removing dielectric material
04/27/17Method and separating semiconductor devices from a wafer
04/27/17Silicon-carbide transistor device with a shielded gate
04/27/17Transistor structure with reduced parasitic "side wall" characteristics
04/27/17Method for forming a semiconductor device
04/27/17Bipolar transistor with superjunction structure
04/27/17Semiconductor device with deep diffusion region
04/27/17Power semiconductor transistor having fully depleted channel region
04/27/17Electric assembly including a semiconductor switching device and a clamping diode
04/27/17Frequency synthesizer with injection locked oscillator
04/27/17Systems and methods for oscillators using quadratic temperature compensation
04/27/17Methods and devices for storing parameters
04/27/17Devices and methods for multi-channel sampling
04/20/17Sonic sensors and packages
04/20/17Semiconductor forming a semiconductor device
04/20/17Method of dicing a wafer and semiconductor chip
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04/20/17Digital circuit and manufacturing a digital circuit
04/20/17Semiconductor chip device
04/20/17Magnetoresistive sensor module and manufacturing the same
04/20/17Semiconductor devices, power semiconductor devices, and methods for forming a semiconductor device
04/20/17Localization system and animal cage comprising the same
04/20/17Receiver and receiving a signal
04/13/17Method of forming a protective coating for a packaged semiconductor device
04/13/17Method of treating an acid effluent containing phosphoric acid
04/13/17Digitally-controlled output amplitude of analog sensor signal
04/13/17Interface circuit
04/13/17Method of manufacturing semiconductor wafers and manufacturing a semiconductor device
04/13/17Method of manufacturing a silicon carbide semiconductor device by removing amorphized portions
04/13/17Electronic controller with automatic adjustment to unknown input and load voltages
04/13/17Communication arrangement
04/13/17Contactless circuit arrangement
04/06/17Inverter with thermal conductivity interface material and hybrid vehicle to which the same is applied
04/06/17Device, a tire pressure measurement device, a tire, a method and a computer program to obtain information indicating a tread depth
04/06/17Sensor systems and methods utilizing adaptively selected carrier frequencies
04/06/17Memory unit and operating a memory unit sector
04/06/17Wafer carrier, manufacturing the same and carrying a wafer
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04/06/17Substrate carrier, a processing arrangement and a method
04/06/17Method for producing a number of chip assemblies and producing a semiconductor arrangement
04/06/17Semiconductor device load terminal
04/06/17Apparatus and testing an analog-to-digital converter
04/06/17Sensor systems and methods utilizing band pass filter tuning
04/06/17Sensor with movable part and biasing
03/30/17Using cartesian coordinates for position detection with a magnetic sensor
03/30/17Magnetic field current sensors, sensor systems and methods
03/30/17Semiconductor device having one or more of a shock sensor and an acceleration sensor
03/30/17Apparatus and a providing an error signal for a control unit
03/30/17Method for use in manufacturing a semiconductor device die
03/30/17Electronic module and manufacturing the same
03/30/17Direct selective adhesion promotor plating
03/30/17Semiconductor esd protection device and method
03/23/17Gas-sensitive hall device
03/23/17Electronic sensor device including a flip-chip mounted semiconductor chip and a substrate with an opening
03/23/17Initial angle detection in stand still
03/23/17Temperature sensor
03/23/17Zero detection circuit and masked boolean or circuit
03/23/17Method for processing a wafer and dicing a wafer
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03/23/17Preform structure for soldering a semiconductor chip arrangement, a forming a preform structure for a semiconductor chip arrangement, and a soldering a semiconductor chip arrangement
03/23/17Shallow trench isolation area having buried capacitor
03/23/17Insulated gate bipolar transistor device having a fin structure
03/23/17System and a radio frequency switch
03/16/17Photoacoustic gas sensor device and a analyzing gas
03/16/17Device and current sensor for providing information indicating a save operation of the device of the current sensor
03/16/17Comb mems device and making a comb mems device
03/16/17Arrangement and manufacturing the same
03/16/17Plasma system, chuck and making a semiconductor device
03/16/17Methods for processing a semiconductor workpiece
03/16/17Semiconductor device with stripe-shaped trench gate structures and gate connector structure
03/16/17Calculation of mosfet switch temperature in motor control
03/16/17Sensor interface that provides a long package crc to improve functional safety
03/16/17Electronics assembly with interference-suppression capacitors
03/09/17Substrate carrier system for moving substrates in a vertical oven and processing substrates
03/09/17Apparatus and in-situ calibration of a photoacoustic sensor
03/09/17Balancing an eddy current effect and a skin effect on a magnetic sensor using die paddle notches
03/09/17Monitor structures and methods of formation thereof
03/09/17Power semiconductor module having a two-part housing
03/02/17Diversity in magnetic sensors
03/02/17Sensor device
03/02/17Method of forming a protective coating for a packaged semiconductor device
03/02/17Detecting fuel injector timing with current sensing
03/02/17Magnetoresistive angle sensor with linear sensor elements
03/02/17Transmission of information associated with a possible sensor fault of a magnetic sensor
03/02/17Particle irradiation apparatus, beam modifier device, and semiconductor device including a junction termination extension zone
03/02/17System and estimating a performance metric
03/02/17Method for soldering an insulating substrate onto a carrier
03/02/17At least partially balancing out thickness variations of a substrate
03/02/17Mold packaged semiconductor chip mounted on a leadframe and manufacturing the same
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03/02/17Power semiconductor module and manufacturing the same
03/02/17Chip carrier, a device and a method
03/02/17Semiconductor device, silicon wafer and manufacturing a silicon wafer
03/02/17Hall effect device
03/02/17Supplying load having inrush-current behaviour
03/02/17Devices and methods that facilitate power amplifier off state performance
03/02/17Method and drive circuit for driving a transistor
03/02/17Data cipher and decipher based on device and data authentication
02/23/17Shaft-integrated angle sensing device
02/23/17Method for processing a carrier and transferring a graphene layer
02/23/17Current loop sensor interface using a terminated symmetrical physical layer
02/23/17Dynamic pressure sensor
02/23/17Method, a semiconductor device and a layer arrangement
02/23/17Latch-up free power transistor
02/23/17System and motor control using position sensors
02/23/17Optimized field oriented control strategies for permanent magnet synchronous motors
02/23/17Method for driving a transistor device and electronic circuit
02/16/17Angle sensing in an off-axis configuration
02/16/17Io matching current modulated output for sensors
02/16/17Method, device and system for processing radar signals
02/16/17Error correction using wom codes
02/16/17Memory device and correcting a stored bit sequence
02/16/17Data processing device and protecting a data processing device against attacks
02/16/17Method for manufacturing vertically integrated semiconductor device
02/09/17Fuse arrangement
02/09/17Wide bandgap semiconductor device
02/09/17Semiconductor devices, a semiconductor diode and a forming a semiconductor device
02/09/17Method and providing an adjustable high resolution dead time
02/09/17Circuitry and operating an electronic switch

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