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Infineon Technologies Austria Ag
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag_20100114
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag_20131212

Infineon Technologies Austria Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Infineon Technologies Austria Ag. Infineon Technologies Austria Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Infineon Technologies Austria Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Infineon Technologies Austria Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Power semiconductor device trench having field plate and gate electrode
10/19/17 new patent  Semiconductor device having field-effect structures with different gate materials
10/19/17 new patent  System and a switched-mode power supply
10/05/17Protection from hard commutation events at power switches
10/05/17Semiconductor substrate with stress relief regions
10/05/17Power converter and power conversion method
10/05/17Power converter and power conversion method
10/05/17Circuits and methods for auxiliary secondary supply generation with self-starting primary side driver in isolated power converters
10/05/17Half bridge circuit, operating a half bridge circuit and a half bridge circuit package
09/21/17Substrate structure, semiconductor component and method
09/21/17Semiconductor transistor and forming the semiconductor transistor
09/14/17Dc-dc converter assembly, manufacturing a dc-dc converter assembly and manufacturing an output inductor for a dc-dc converter assembly
09/14/17Method of forming a semiconductor device
09/14/17Semiconductor devices and a forming a semiconductor device
09/07/17Metal shunt resistor
09/07/17Semiconductor device having field plate structures, source regions and gate electrode structures between the field plate structures
08/31/17Requirement runtime monitor using temporal logic or a regular expression
08/31/17Semiconductor device with needle-shaped field plate structures in a transistor cell region and in an inner termination region
08/31/17Semiconductor device with needle-shaped field plates and a gate structure with edge and node portions
08/31/17Double gate transistor device and operating
08/31/17Double gate transistor device and operating
08/24/17Transistor model, a a computer based determination of characteristic of a transistor, a device and a computer readable storage medium for performing the method
08/24/17Vertical potential short in the periphery region of a iii-nitride stack for preventing lateral leakage
08/24/17Semiconductor wafer and manufacturing semiconductor devices in a semiconductor wafer
08/24/17Power supply systems and feedback through a transformer
08/24/17Power supply systems and feedback through a transformer
08/24/17Power converter with a snubber circuit
08/24/17Power supply systems and feedback through a transformer
08/24/17Active gate-source capacitance clamp for normally-off hemt
08/17/17Methods of manufacturing a power mosfet
08/17/17Method of processing a semiconductor device
08/10/17Set point independent regulation of a switched mode power converter
08/03/17Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices including deposition of crystalline silicon in trenches
08/03/17Semiconductor device with superjunction structure and transistor cells in a transition region along a transistor cell region
08/03/17Semiconductor device including a lateral transistor
08/03/17Method and estimating load current for semi-resonant and resonant converters
08/03/17System and a cascode switch
08/03/17Resonant decoupled auxiliary supply for a switched-mode power supply controller
08/03/17Driver for the high side switch of the cascode switch
07/20/17Method for processing a substrate and an electronic device
07/20/17Electronic component and switch circuit
07/20/17Processing a semiconductor device
07/13/17Mold, producing a mold, and forming a mold article
07/13/17Production of an integrated circuit including electrical contact on sic
07/13/17Semiconductor device including an edge construction with straight sections and corner sections
07/13/17High electron mobility transistor with carrier injection mitigation gate structure
07/06/17Water and ion barrier for the periphery of iii-v semiconductor dies
07/06/17Transistor with field electrode
07/06/17Method for operating a power converter circuit and power converter circuit
07/06/17Power supply and method
06/29/17Semiconductor wafer and method
06/29/17Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with epitaxial layers and an alignment mark
06/29/17Method of producing an integrated power transistor circuit having a current-measuring cell
06/29/17Power factor correction using power factor correction circuitry from deactivated circuit
06/29/17Capacitor discharging
06/29/17Rectification and regulation circuit for a wireless power receiver
06/29/17System and a switching circuit
06/22/17Through-hole inductor for placement over a power stage of a power converter
06/22/17Surface mount inductor for placement over a power stage of a power converter
06/22/17Semiconductor devices with improved thermal and electrical performance
06/22/17Multiphase regulator with phase current testing
06/22/17Multiphase regulator with current pattern matching
06/15/17Semiconductor device comprising a first gate trench and a second gate trench
06/15/17Semiconductor wafer and method
06/08/17Semiconductor device and manufacturing thereof
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06/08/17Buck converter electronic driver with enhanced ithd
06/08/17Dynamic voltage transition control methods for switched mode power converters
06/08/17Control of asymmetric parallel synchronous rectifiers in power converter topologies
06/01/17Self-organizing barrier layer disposed between a metallization layer and a semiconductor region
06/01/17Electronic component and method
06/01/17Chip protection envelope and method
06/01/17Method of manufacturing superjunction semiconductor devices with a superstructure in alignment with a foundation
06/01/17Semiconductor device
06/01/17Transistor device with increased gate-drain capacitance
06/01/17Reduced gate charge field-effect transistor
06/01/17System and a power conversion system
06/01/17Multiphase power converter circuit and method
06/01/17Accessing data via different clocks
05/25/17Semiconductor chip package comprising side wall marking
05/25/17Field-effect semiconductor device having pillar regions of different conductivity type arranged in an active area
Patent Packs
05/25/17Semiconductor device and method
05/25/17Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a trench at least partially filled with a conductive material in a semiconductor substrate
05/25/17Adaptive open-load overvoltage control method and circuit
05/18/17Power device with overvoltage arrester
05/11/17Semiconductor device having a trench with different electrode materials
05/11/17Methods and power supply
05/04/17System and dual-region singulation
05/04/17Semiconductor chip with integrated series resistances
05/04/17Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with field electrode structures, gate structures and auxiliary diode structures
05/04/17Semiconductor device
05/04/17Iii-nitride bidirectional device
05/04/17Semiconductor device
05/04/17Latch-up resistant transistor
05/04/17Switch-mode power supply current monitoring with over current and overload protection
04/27/17Thermal interface material having defined thermal, mechanical and electric properties
04/27/17Delta-sigma modulation for power converter control
04/27/17Oscillator circuit
04/20/17Methods for forming semiconductor devices
04/20/17Bidirectional normally-off devices and circuits
04/20/17Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with trench gate by using a screen oxide layer
04/20/17Power conversion method and power converter
04/13/17Switch circuit, semiconductor device and method
04/13/17Semiconductor device
04/13/17Semiconductor device comprising a field electrode
04/06/17Power management for datacenter power architectures
04/06/17Functionalized interface structure
04/06/17Circuitry for power factor correction and methods of operation
03/30/17Interconnection structure, led module and method
03/30/17Transistor device
03/30/17Superjunction semiconductor device with oppositely doped semiconductor regions formed in trenches and manufacturing
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03/30/17Water and ion barrier for iii-v semiconductor devices
03/30/17Semiconductor device and method
03/30/17Power supply and method
03/23/17Integrated circuit with a plurality of transistors and at least one voltage limiting structure
03/23/17Semiconductor devices and a forming semiconductor devices
03/23/17Output capacitance calculation and control in a power supply
03/23/17System and a switched-mode power supply having a transformer with a plurality of primary windings
03/16/17Metal shunt resistor
03/16/17Needle field plate mosfet with mesa contacts and conductive posts
03/16/17High speed tracking current sense system
Patent Packs
03/09/17Semiconductor wafer, implantation implanting protons and forming a semiconductor device
03/09/17Voltage adjustment parallel-stage power converter
03/02/17Method for producing a semiconductor device having a beveled edge termination
03/02/17Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device by plasma doping
03/02/17Semiconductor device
03/02/17Power converter circuit with ac output
03/02/17Voltage converter and voltage conversion method
02/23/17Methods for producing semiconductor devices
02/23/17Semiconductor device including a vertical pn junction between a body region and a drift region
02/23/17Multi-topology power converter controller
02/16/17Method of manufacturing a multi-chip semiconductor power device
02/16/17Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit
02/16/17System and a switch having a normally-on transistor and a normally-off transistor
02/16/17Multi-mode quasi resonant converter
02/16/17Adjustable blanking time for overload protection for switch-mode power supplies
02/09/17Avalanche-rugged quasi-vertical hemt
02/02/17Breakdown resistant hemt substrate and device
02/02/17Conveying information between high side and low side driver
01/26/17Semiconductor component and manufacturing method therefor
01/19/17Semiconductor device comprising a clamping structure
01/19/17Controller for a free-running motor
01/19/17System and operating a switching transistor
01/19/17System and a switching transistor
01/12/17Controlling the reflow behaviour of bpsg films and devices made thereof
01/12/17Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device by forming a separation trench
01/12/17Input voltage detection for a converter
01/12/17Converter for supplying power to a load
01/05/17Electronic device and manufacturing the same
01/05/17Semiconductor devices and forming semiconductor devices
01/05/17Charge compensation device and manufacturing therefor
Patent Packs
01/05/17Semiconductor device including a contact structure directly adjoining a mesa section and a field electrode
01/05/17Semiconductor forming a semiconductor device
12/29/16Electronic device and manufacturing the same
12/29/16Current distribution in dc-dc converters
12/22/16Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device by hydrogen treatment
12/22/16Method of manufacturing an electronic component
12/22/16Semiconductor device arrangement with a first semiconductor device and with a plurality of second semiconductor devices
12/22/16Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a charge compensation region underneath a gate trench
12/22/16Switched-mode converter with signal transmission from secondary side to primary side
12/22/16Circuit arrangement with a rectifier circuit
12/08/16Semiconductor power package and manufacturing the same
12/08/16Power converter circuit with ac output and at least one transformer
12/08/16System and a gate driver
12/01/16Plasmonic and photonic wavelength separation filters
12/01/16Operational gallium nitride devices
12/01/16Discrete power stage transistor dies of a dc-dc converter under an inductor
11/24/16Interim power source system and method
11/24/16Vertical transistor with improved robustness
11/17/16Semiconductor device having gold metallization structures
11/17/16Method and circuit for reducing collector-emitter voltage overshoot in an insulated gate bipolar transistor
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11/10/16Semiconductor wafer and manufacturing semiconductor devices in a semiconductor wafer
11/10/16Voltage conversion method and voltage converter
11/10/16System and a switch transistor driver
11/10/16Power stage packages of a multi-phase dc-dc converter under a coupled inductor
11/03/16Semiconductor device and trench field plate field effect transistor with a field dielectric including thermally grown and deposited portions
11/03/16Super-junction semiconductor device comprising junction termination extension structure and manufacturing
11/03/16Semiconductor devices and methods for forming a semiconductor device
10/27/16Switch device
10/27/16Device including a logic semiconductor chip having a contact electrode for clip bonding
10/27/16Method and power semiconductor device having an insulating region arranged in an edge termination region
10/20/16Method for manufacturing a semiconductor substrate
10/20/16Method of forming a trench using epitaxial lateral overgrowth
10/20/16Cable compensation by zero-crossing compensation current and resistor
10/13/16Semiconductor device including a superjunction structure with drift regions and compensation structures
10/13/16Field plate trench semiconductor device with planar gate
10/13/16Method for forming a stress-reduced field-effect semiconductor device
10/06/16Switching voltage regulator input voltage and current sensing
10/06/16System and a switched-mode power supply
10/06/16Semiconductor devices including control and load leads of opposite directions
10/06/16Compound semiconductor device including a multilevel carrier
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10/06/16Compound semiconductor device including a sensing lead
10/06/16Integrated semiconductor device
10/06/16Semiconductor device comprising planar gate and trench field electrode structure
10/06/16Semiconductor device with gate fins
10/06/16System and a switched-mode power supply
10/06/16Single isolation element for multiple interface standards
09/22/16System and dual-region singulation
09/22/16Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device having a schottky contact
09/15/16Super junction semiconductor device having columnar super junction regions and electrode structures
09/15/16Field effect power transistor metalization having a comb structure with contact fingers
09/15/16Semiconductor device having a fin at a side of a semiconductor body
09/15/16Method for operating a power converter circuit and power converter circuit
09/08/16Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices by bonding a semiconductor disk on a base substrate, composite wafer and semiconductor device
09/08/16Semiconductor device with first and second field electrode structures
09/08/16Surface treatment of semiconductor substrate using free radical state fluorine particles
09/08/16Multi-cell power conversion method with failure detection and multi-cell power converter
09/08/16Electronic circuit
09/01/16Electrode-aligned selective epitaxy vertical power devices
09/01/16Magnetizing current based control of resonant converters
09/01/16Electronic drive circuit
08/25/16Compound semiconductor transistor with gate overvoltage protection
08/25/16Group iii-nitride-based enhancement mode transistor having a multi-heterojunction fin structure
08/25/16Driver controller with ac-adapted and dc-adapted control modes
08/25/16Circuit arrangement with a rectifier circuit
08/25/16Switching circuit, semiconductor switching arrangement and method
08/18/16Semiconductor device and a forming a semiconductor device
08/18/16Insulating block in a semiconductor trench
08/18/16Semiconductor device
08/11/16Semiconductor chip package having contact pins at short side edges
08/11/16Method of manufacturing a spacer supported lateral channel fet
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08/11/16Power mosfet semiconductor
08/11/16Multi-phase switching voltage regulator having asymmetric phase inductance
08/11/16System and secondary-side power regulation
08/04/16Electronic component
08/04/16Semiconductor device and method
08/04/16Semiconductor component with a space saving edge structure
08/04/16Superjunction device and semiconductor structure comprising the same
08/04/16Voltage converter with soft communication networks
08/04/16Self supply for synchronous rectifiers
07/28/16Controlling the reflow behaviour of bpsg films and devices made thereof
07/28/16Semiconductor device with a super junction structure and a field extension zone
07/28/16High voltage transistor operable with a high gate voltage
07/21/16Protection from hard commutation events at power switches
07/21/16Protection from hard commutation events at power switches
07/21/16Reducing switching losses associated with a synchronous rectification mosfet
07/21/16Analog to digital converter circuits and methods of operation thereof
07/14/16Metal deposition on substrates
07/14/16Embrittlement device, pick-up system and picking up chips
07/14/16Semiconductor device having field plate structures and gate electrode structures between the field plate structures
07/14/16Data integrity via galvanically isolated analog-to-digital converter for industrial systems
07/07/16Compensation devices
07/07/16Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
07/07/16Semiconductor component and producing it
06/30/16Bidirectionally blocking electronic switch arrangement
06/30/16Method of producing a semiconductor device
06/30/16Semiconductor device having switchable regions with different transconductances
06/30/16System and measuring power in a power factor converter
06/23/16Scalable current sense transistor
06/23/16Semiconductor device and method

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