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Infinera Corporation
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Infinera Corp patents

Recent patent applications related to Infinera Corp. Infinera Corp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Infinera Corp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Infinera Corp, we're just tracking patents.

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05/25/17 new patent  Light absorption and scattering devices in a photonic integrated circuit
05/18/17Systems and methods for many-to-one bi-directional auto-discovery
03/30/17Systems and methods for latency based routing
03/16/17Ospfte extension to support gmpls for flexible grid
02/16/17Wavelength collision detection in carrier multiplexers
02/16/17Dynamic lsp resizing in a gmpls mesh network
02/09/17Providing ownership-based view and management of shared optical network resources
02/02/17Digital link viewer for data center interconnect nodes
02/02/17Digital link viewer with paging for super-channels
01/19/17Wavelength selective switch (wss) for shaping optical signals
01/12/17Systems, methods, and forwarding a data flow
01/12/17Systems, methods, and verification of a network path
01/12/17Systems, methods, and arp mediation
12/22/16Systems and methods for interleaved coded modulation with convolutional coding-based low-density parity check codes
12/22/16Multilayer packet optical communication networks
12/01/16Digital service path viewer
11/10/16Using artificial justifications to apply noise shaping to actual justifications associated with mapping client data
11/03/16Transmission of subcarriers having different modulation formats
10/27/16Feedback carrier recovery device
10/20/16Optical communication system having tunable sources
10/06/16Low-cost nano-heat pipe
09/08/16Frequency domain coded modulation with polarization interleaving for fiber nonlinearity mitigation in digital sub-carrier coherent optical communication systems
08/11/16Otu4 one level de-multiplexing spatial framer for g.709 optical transport networks
07/07/16Efficient processing of high data rate signals with a configurable frequency domain equalizer
06/30/16Wavelength selective switch (wss) based multiplexing architecture
06/30/16Reduction of wavelength selective switch (wss) filter-based impairment using differentiated channel baud rates
06/30/16Reduction of wavelength selective switch (wss) filter-based impairment using selective subcarrier adjustment
06/30/16Reduction of wavelength selective switch (wss) filter-based impairment using comparative channel pre-emphasis
06/30/16Reduction of wavelength selective switch (wss) filter-based impairment using multi-channel forward error correction averaging via interleaving
06/30/16Goal-based network routing
06/30/16Reduction of wavelength selective switch (wss) filter-based impairment using differentiated channel modulation formats
06/23/16Photonic integrated circuit (pic) and silicon photonics (sip) circuitry device
06/23/16Polarization tracking using signal tone information while keeping least mean squares frequency domain equalization
06/23/16Circuit diagnostic manager
04/28/16Integrated circuit package structure and interface and conductive connector element for use with same
04/21/16Optical link protection using common modulation of multiple combined wavelengths
04/21/16Arbitrary wavelocking of an optical transmitter using embedded data sequences
04/21/16Arbitrary grid wavelocking using digitally generated out-of-band tones
04/21/16Shared framework for optical network span based graphical applications
04/21/16Reconstruction of an optical network link in a link viewer based on a text file
04/21/16Optical channel tracing in a link viewer
03/24/16Planning and reconfiguring a multilayer network
02/25/16Assignment of wavelengths to optical signals in an optical network
02/04/16Hybrid polarization-multiplexed coherent pic transmitters and receivers
12/31/15Partitioning forward error correction decoding iterations to accommodate multiple data streams
11/19/15Tracking nonlinear cross-phase modulation noise and linewidth induced jitter in coherent optical fiber communication links
11/05/15Hybrid optical transmitter and/or receiver structure
10/29/15Efficient storage architecture for low-density parity-check decoding
10/29/15Code design and high-throughput decoder architecture for layered decoding of a low-density parity-check code
10/01/15Estimating phase using test phases and interpolation for modulation formats using multiple sub-carriers
10/01/15Accurate calculation of polarization mode dispersion using blind equalization
10/01/15Frequency and phase compensation for modulation formats using multiple sub-carriers
10/01/15Configurable frequency domain equalizer for dispersion compensation of multiple sub-carriers
08/27/15Systems, apparatus, and methods for non-blocking switch networks
07/02/15Multiplexer having ase suppression
04/02/15Optical transfer linearity using test tones
02/19/15Optical hybrid mixer without waveguide crossings
01/29/15Hamming coded modulation
01/29/15Viewer with navigation between optical network graphical views
01/22/15Clock phase detection in the frequency domain
01/08/15Modulation format change and license updating
11/06/14Reducing phase noise associated with optical sources
10/02/14Adjusting carrier spacing in a channel
10/02/14Dynamic activation of pre-deployed network resources
07/03/14Light absorption and scattering devices in a photonic integrated circuit
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06/26/14Nonlinearity compensation using pilot tones
06/19/14Optical amplifier controller
06/19/14Quality of service application for different data flow types
06/19/14Fec decoder dynamic power optimization
06/12/14Interface card cooling uisng heat pipes
06/05/14Backward-recursive path computation using rsvp-te
05/29/14Rapid recovery in packet and optical networks
05/15/14Polarization beam splitter
05/15/14Scattering device on an arrayed waveguide grating
05/15/14Intensity-based modulator
04/03/14Channel carrying multiple digital subcarriers
04/03/14Nonlinear compensation in wdm systems
04/03/14Dual-drive modulator
03/27/14Object replication framework for a distributed computing environment
01/16/14Suppression of resonant polarization conversion in photonic integrated circuits
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01/02/14Rotator external to photonic integrated circuit
01/02/14Shared propagation region for an optical multiplexer or an optical demultiplexer
01/02/14Coherent detection for an integrated circuit having a multiplexer or a demultiplexer with a shared propagation region
01/02/14Polarization material on an optical multiplexer or an optical demultiplexer
01/02/14Optical bandwidth manager
01/02/14Processing three-quadrature amplitude modulation (3qam) traffic using a four-bit phase modulation scheme
01/02/14Equalization mechanism for processing traffic based on three-quadrature amplitude modulation (3qam)
01/02/14Digital link viewer
01/02/14Digital link viewer
01/02/14Digital link viewer
01/02/14Digital link viewer
01/02/14Digital link viewer
10/24/13Banded semiconductor optical amplifier
10/24/13Raman pump circuit
10/03/13Reducing processing bias in a soft forward error correction (fec) decoder
10/03/13Iterative forward error correction (fec) on segmented words using a soft-metric arithmetic scheme
10/03/13Reducing processing complexity and cost associated with a soft forward error correction (fec) operation
07/04/13Mach-zehnder interferometer having bended waveguides
07/04/13Mach-zehnder having segmented drive signal electrodes
07/04/13Optical communication system having tunable sources
07/04/13Phase-modulated transmission control using embedded control symbols
07/04/13Optical communication system having tunable sources
07/04/13Forward error correction (fec) convergence by controlling reliability levels of decoded words in a soft fec decoder
05/02/13Super optical channel transport unit signal supported by multiple wavelengths
05/02/13Super optical channel data unit signal supported by multiple wavelengths
04/04/13Super-channel assignment using a flexible grid
03/28/13Heat transfer using a durable low-friction interface
03/14/13Using events data
01/31/13Cooling device installation using a retainer assembly
01/24/13Coherent detection using coherent decoding and interleaving
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01/10/13Wide passband awg
01/10/13Suppression of non-linear effects in low dispersion optical fibers
01/03/13Distributing control plane processing
01/03/13Channel de-skewing for a coherent optical receiver
01/03/13Adaptive voltage scaling based on the results of forward error correction processing
12/27/12Forward carrier recovery using forward error correction (fec) feedback
10/04/12Adaptively balanced detector
07/05/12Method and local optimization of an optical transmitter
07/05/12Method and local optimization of an optical transmitter
06/28/12Upgradable wdm system
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05/03/12Controlled depolarization using chirp for mitigation of nonlinear polarization scattering
04/12/12Frequency domain clock recovery
04/05/12Wavelength division multiplexed optical communication system having variable channel spacings
04/05/12Wavelength division multiplexed optical communication system having variable channel spacings and different modulation formats
04/05/12Wavelength division multiplexed optical communication system architectures
04/05/12Upsampling optical transmitter
04/05/12Accurate identification of software tests based on changes to computer software code
03/08/12Optical communication system having low latency
03/08/12Wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network
03/08/12Wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network
12/29/11Method, system, and carrier synchronization of qam modulated signals
12/15/11Optical amplifier
12/15/11Apparatus for compensating optical signal impairments
12/01/11Method, system, and blind equalization of bpsk signals
11/10/11Apparatus and controlling a dynamic gain equalizer
11/10/11Optical communication system
10/20/11Dual rate qpsk/tcm-qpsk optical modulation
10/06/11Optical autodiscovery for automated logical and physical connectivity check between optical modules
09/29/11Method and controlling an output of an optical amplifier
09/29/11Temporal alignment of data unit groups in a switch
09/29/11Method and determining propagation delay in a network
09/29/11In-band control plane and management functionality in optical level one virtual private networks
09/29/11Network management system
09/22/11Optical transmitter supplying optical signals having multiple modulation formats
09/22/11Apparatus and optimizing an iterative fec decoder
08/25/11Two-shelf interconnect
08/18/11Gmpls fast re-route for oadm and aux 10mbps support
07/28/11Method, system, and filter implementation using hermitian conjugates
06/30/11Clocking of client signals output from an egress node in a network
06/30/11Communication system
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06/30/11Multi-stage polarization rotator
06/23/11Photodiode isolation in a photonic integrated circuit
06/23/11Integrated circuit having a dummy transimpedance amplifier
06/23/11Optical integrated circuit
06/23/11Electrical return-to-zero (erz) driver circuit
04/07/11Interleaved correction code transmission
03/31/11Fast protection path activation using control plane messages
03/31/11System for generating optical rz signals based on electrical rz signals
03/31/11Power control of optical signals having different polarizations
03/03/11Integrated circuit with pins at multiple edges of a chip
03/03/11Simultaneous switching of multiple time slots in an optical network node
02/10/11Distributed rsvp-te in a multi-chassis node architecture
01/13/11Dual-level package
01/06/11Transimpedance amplifier having a shared input
01/06/11Providing access to client overhead while transparently transmitting the client signal
01/06/11Method and system for control of communication equipment based on a bit error rate derived from a frame alignment signal
12/30/10Non-blocking multi-port memory formed from smaller multi-port memories
12/30/10Tunable optical demultiplexer
12/23/10Variable optical attenuator
12/23/10Coherent optical receiver
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12/23/10Polarization beam splitter
12/23/10Optical receiver integrated on a substrate
11/18/10Photonic integrated circuit having bent active components
11/18/10Tunable photonic integrated circuits
10/07/10Photonic integrated circuit having variable length mach-zehnder modulators
10/07/10High-capacity switch
09/30/10Flat-top response arrayed waveguide grating
09/30/10Optical mode coupler
09/23/10Wavelength and power monitor for wdm systems
09/16/10Thermo-optic devices providing thermal recirculation
09/02/10Monitoring of a laser source with front and rear output photodetectors to determine frontal laser power and power changes over laser lifetime
08/19/10Path-level protection for digitally wrapped payloads
08/12/10Polarization beam splitter-polarization rotator structure
06/24/10Low stress package
06/24/10Method for wavelength assignment in a wdm network
04/08/10Planar lightwave circuit
04/01/10Optical interface assembly
04/01/10Automatic laser shutdown and recovery in response to a link break
04/01/10Ofdm direct detection using a balanced receiver
04/01/10Degradation adaptation network
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02/25/10Tunable optical filter
01/21/10Dual asynchronous mapping of client signals of arbitrary rate
12/31/09Communication network with node bypassed co-routed multi-channel traffic
11/12/09Dual output laser source
11/05/09Compact optical multiplexer and demultiplexer
10/01/09Programmable time division multiplexed switching
09/03/09Photonic integrated circuit employing optical devices on different crystal directions
09/03/09Three-arm dqpsk modulator
01/21/10Dual asynchronous mapping of client signals of arbitrary rate
10/13/16Automatic network-wide service configuration system and method
10/06/16System and determining nonlinear mitigation perturbative distortion coefficients using a received optical signal
07/14/16Supply chain risk mitigation system
06/23/16Broadband waveguide based optical coupler
06/09/16Methods and systems for recovery in coherent optical networks
04/21/16Configurable telecommunication equipment chassis
02/11/16Clamp interconnect
11/19/15Controlling an optical transmitter that supports multiple modulation formats and baud rates
11/19/15Optical layer protection switching applications
10/01/15Subsea optical communication system dual polarization idler
10/01/15System for translating instructions in a switch node
07/02/15Multi layer network resiliency with software defined orchestration
07/02/15Power-efficient maximum likelihood decoding for 5 bits per dual-pol-symbol modulation
07/02/15Detecting and correcting cycle slips to minimize system penalty
07/02/15Controlling an optical transmitter that supports multiple modulation formats and baud rates
05/14/15Management and control of software defined networking enabled open transport networks
05/14/15Multi layer, multi vendor, multi domain, applications for software defined networking enabled networks
04/02/15Pluggable module housing assembly
04/02/15License management system
04/02/15Disjoint path computation for arbitrary directed graph
04/02/15Optical bandwidth manager
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04/02/15License management system
01/29/15Use of switching for optimizing transport costs for bandwidth services
12/18/14Upsampling optical transmitter
07/03/14Network interface and aggregating processor circuits
05/29/14Multi-level recovery in transport networks
11/21/13Ospfte extension to support gmpls for flexible grid
11/07/13Optimal segment identification for shared mesh protection

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