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Infosys Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Infosys Limited. Infosys Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Infosys Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Infosys Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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03/16/17Method and system for masking of cheque image based on user access privileges
03/02/17System and generating platform-agnostic abstract syntax tree
03/02/17System and data join and metadata configuration
02/02/17Dynamic input device for providing an input and method thereof
12/22/16System and template creation for a data extraction tool
11/10/16Method and system for omni-channel multi-hub order and inventory management
10/13/16Automated approach for extracting intelligence, enriching and transforming content
10/06/16System and detection of duplicate bug reports
10/06/16Method and system for searching in a distributed database
08/11/16System and creating gamification framework
08/04/16Methods and systems for enabling vision based inventory management
08/04/16Proactive employee retention through engagement indicator
06/30/16System and registration of brain images
06/23/16Measuring affinity bands for pro-active performance management
06/16/16Method and system for freight management
03/24/16System and tokenization of data for privacy
03/24/16Service-based consulting framework
03/24/16System and optimizing software maintenance delivery characteristics using client portfolio characteristics
03/24/16System and verifying varied electronic signature
03/17/16Method and system for monitoring health of a virtual environment
03/17/16Method for improving energy efficiency of map-reduce system and apparatus thereof
12/24/15Methods, systems and computer-readable media for converting a surface to a touch surface
12/24/15Adapting services of applications
12/24/15System and enhancing usability of applications running on devices that securely store data
12/24/15System and detecting and preventing service level agreement violation in a virtualized environment
10/29/15Method and system for detecting symptoms and determining an optimal remedy pattern for a faulty device
10/29/15Individual productivity measurement
10/22/15Methods for generating a negative test input data and devices thereof
10/22/15Methods and systems for optimizing efficiency of a workforce management system
10/01/15Method system and computer readable medium for dynamic gamification over a network
09/24/15Method and architecture for accessing digitally protected web content
09/24/15Convenient electronic commerce
09/24/15Methods and systems for providing telecommunication services from disparate telecommunication service providers
09/24/15Methods for enterprise based socially aware energy budget management and devices thereof
09/17/15Method and system for generating stateflow models from software requirements
09/17/15Methods for generating test suites and devices thereof
09/17/15Methods for reconciling transactions and devices thereof
09/17/15Methods for dynamic destruction of data in a remote data storage platform and devices thereof
09/17/15Methods for defending static and dynamic reverse engineering of software license control and devices thereof
09/17/15Customer experience measurement system
08/13/15Method for assessing corroded pipeline defect growth from partial inspection data and devices thereof
08/13/15Technique for plagiarism detection in program source code files based on design pattern
08/13/15Methods of software performance evaluation by run-time assembly code execution and devices thereof
08/13/15Methods for drug repurposing and devices thereof
08/13/15Methods for embedding and extracting a watermark in a text document and devices thereof
08/13/15Keyword ordered storage, search and retrieval on encrypted data for multiuser scenario
08/06/15Method and system for analyzing an extent of speedup achievable for an application in a heterogeneous system
07/23/15Method, system, and computer-readable medium for providing a near field secure electronic token transaction
07/23/15Detecting code injections through cryptographic methods
07/16/15Method for creating software factory for developing j2ee applications
07/16/15Systems and methods for correcting geometric distortions in videos and images
07/02/15Systems and methods for rapid processing of file data
07/02/15Method system and computer readable medium for identifying assets in an asset store
07/02/15Methods, systems and computer-readable media for componentizing a business requirement
07/02/15Method for replacing a texture of an apparel with an other texture preserving the wrinkles, in a video file
06/25/15Enhancing understandability of code using code clones
06/25/15Methods for converting an xml artifact into a topic map instance and devices thereof
06/25/15Method and system for mining frequent and in-frequent items from a large transaction database
06/25/15System and implementing online analytical processing (olap) solution using mapreduce
06/25/15Systems and methods for creating rules for equity corporate actions
06/25/15Framework to control and measure the flow of messages
06/25/15System and verifying integrity of cloud data using unconnected trusted device
06/18/15Assessing modularity of a program written in object oriented language
06/18/15Method and system for software analytics using business intelligence
06/18/15Methods, systems and computer-readable media for managing a local stack
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06/18/15System and universal structure preserving data masking
06/18/15Systems and methods for analyzing social network content of a key influencer
06/18/15System and providing graphical dynamic user authentication and device access
06/18/15Unexpected holiday management for debt instruments
06/18/15System for determining an illegitimate three dimensional video and methods thereof
06/18/15Method and system to identify key logging activities
06/11/15Chat based collaboration tool and corresponding method
06/04/15Method and system for optimizing testing efforts in system of systems testing
06/04/15Methods for identifying silent failures in an application and devices thereof
06/04/15Methods for securing a communication to a social media application and devices thereof
05/07/15Method and system for originating a banking relationship using different electronic communication channels
05/07/15Methods for providing internet services through a toll free connection to a user and devices thereof
04/30/15Systems and methods for effective selection of disparate distributed power sources for smart grid
03/26/15Methods for computing an alarm time and devices thereof
03/26/15Methods for scene based video watermarking and devices thereof
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03/26/15Method and system for providing enterprise based gamification as a service
03/26/15System and categorization of social media conversation for response management
03/26/15System and method to detect online privacy violation
03/26/15Methods, systems and computer-readable media for distributed probabilistic matrix factorization
03/26/15Method and system for automated transaction analysis
03/26/15Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for testing applications on a handheld device
03/26/15Systems and methods for extracting cross language dependencies and estimating code change impact in software
03/26/15Methods, systems and computer-readable media for quantifying a bug detection efficiency of a bug prediction technique
03/26/15Systems and methods for colocating virtual machines on one or more physical infrastructure
03/26/15Systems and methods for fault tolerant batch processing in a virtual environment
03/19/15Watching arm
03/19/15Method and system for presenting personalized content
03/19/15Systems and methods for selecting process element variants in business processes
03/19/15Systems and methods for establishing non data delivery channel to check device capabilities
03/19/15Systems and methods for locking an application to device without storing device information on server
03/12/15System and multi-standard browser for digital devices
03/05/15Systems and methods for obtaining a deterministic value for one or more financial products
01/15/15Determining, managing and deploying an application topology in a virtual environment
01/15/15Methods for creating user based tv profiles and devices thereof
01/01/15Systems and methods for designing foam trench and hog ring window
01/01/15Method and system for secure data communication between a user device and a server
12/25/14Methods for dynamically sending alerts to users and devices thereof
12/25/14Methods, systems and computer-readable media for tracking a position of an object
12/25/14Systems and methods for data-driven anomaly detection
12/25/14Systems and methods for supplier selection using robust optimization
12/25/14Methods, systems and non-transitory computer-readable media for calculating a risk associated with a project
12/25/14Methods, devices and non-transitory computer-readable media for augmented reality shopping
12/25/14Methods for calculating return on investment for a contact center and devices thereof
12/25/14Systems and methods for generating billing data of a composite cloud service
12/25/14Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for providing financial transactions
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12/25/14Method and system for instant processing of an sms related to a business
12/25/14Method, system and computer product program for governance of data migration process
12/25/14System for influencer scoring and methods thereof
12/25/14Method and system for translating user keywords into semantic queries based on a domain vocabulary
12/25/14Method and system for scenario-driven standard-compliant user interface design and development for effort estimation
12/25/14Methods and systems for energy management in a virtualized data center
12/25/14Methods for determining authentication requirements of information centric network based services and devices thereof
11/13/14Deriving business transactions from web logs
10/02/14Centralized administration tool for operating with existing host system having non-centralized administrative functions
10/02/14Accelerated test automation framework
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09/25/14Systems and methods for learning and learning oriented assessment
09/25/14Methods, systems and computer-readable media for determining a time-to failure of an asset
09/25/14Healthcare recall management
09/25/14Medical device safety management
09/25/14Methods for identifying and providing notification about web content associated with an organization and devices thereof
09/25/14Methods, systems and computer-readable media for recommending a shopping path
09/25/14System for management of sentiments and methods thereof
09/25/14Calculating trust score on web based platform
09/25/14Methods and systems for content delivery
09/25/14System and locally managing network appliances in a closed area network via a gateway device
09/25/14System and locally optimized managing of network appliances in a closed area network
09/25/14Systems and methods for allocating one or more resources in a composite cloud environment
09/25/14Portable digital vault and lending of same
09/25/14Tool support for content review
09/25/14Methods, systems and computer-readable media for detecting a partial commit
09/04/14Methods for secure transmission of sensitive data and devices thereof
08/21/14Method and system for generating transition plans for applications of organizations
08/21/14Unified platform for big data processing
07/10/14System and generating an account number automatically
06/12/14Methods for analyzing user opinions and devices thereof
06/12/14Methods for detecting plagiarism in software code implementing a design pattern
06/12/14System and functional test case generation of end-to-end business process models
05/29/14System and determining optimal combinations
05/29/14Managing video-on-demand
05/15/14Method and system for seamless interaction and content sharing across multiple networks
05/01/14Methods for synthesizing a voice guiding signal to a gaming controller and devices thereof
05/01/14Intelligent systems, methods, and computer readable media for managing integrity of a field asset
05/01/14Providing searching over encrypted keywords in a database
05/01/14Systems and methods for estimating an impact of changing a source file in a software
04/17/14Smartphone with detachable input and output (i/o) components (dioc)
Patent Packs
04/10/14System and testing and validation
04/10/14System and utilizing a dynamic virtual keyboard
03/20/14System and test output evaluation of a java component
03/13/14Methods for clustering networks based on topology discovery and devices thereof
03/13/14Method and system for securely accessing different services based on single sign on
02/20/14Dynamic enforcement of power management policy and methods thereof
02/20/14Method and system for managing sustainability goals of an organization
02/20/14Methods for detecting plagiarism in software code and devices thereof
02/13/14System and checking the conformance of the behavior of a process
02/13/14Providing access of digital contents to online drm users
02/13/14System and providing access of digital contents to offline drm users
01/30/14Systems and methods for generating a dynamic and localized atm keypad
01/30/14System and providing intelligent recommendations
01/30/14System and granting a temporary overdraft automatically
01/30/14Methods for managing network elements within a network environment and devices thereof
01/30/14Methods for predicting one or more defects in a computer program and devices thereof
01/23/14Simultaneous micro space and assortment optimization for products
01/23/14Cloud-based application testing
01/23/14Systems and methods for replication of test results in a network environment
01/16/14Method and a system for securing financial transaction
Social Network Patent Pack
01/16/14Integrated network architecture
01/02/14Structural size estimation model for eai projects
12/19/13Method, system, and computer-readable medium for providing a scalable bio-informatics sequence search on cloud
12/19/13Deriving a service level agreement for an application hosted on a cloud platform
12/19/13Mobile application management framework
11/28/13Information technology energy wastage management system
11/28/13Methods for assessing transition value and devices thereof
11/28/13Method and system for maintaining status corresponding to each cheque leaves of a cheque-book
11/28/13Method and system for analyzing data in artifacts and creating a modifiable data network
11/28/13Method and system to dynamically render services for multiple channels
11/28/13Unified user interface framework for creating configuarble web-portals using menu options
11/14/13Methods and systems for accomplishing business application processes through a messaging service
11/14/13Method and system for detecting symptoms and determining an optimal remedy pattern for a faulty device
11/14/13Methods for managing work load bursts and devices thereof
11/14/13Systems, methods and computer readable media for calculating a security index of an application hosted in a cloud environment
11/07/13Mobile payment using dynamic authorization code and multi-payer shared card number
11/07/13Method for providing development and deployment services using a cloud-based platform and devices thereof
10/31/13Localization quality assurance of localized software
10/31/13Method and system for facilitating non-interruptive transactions
10/31/13System and accessing integrated applications in a single sign-on enabled enterprise solution
Social Network Patent Pack
10/24/13Systems and methods for estimating cost of system testing request based on table unit
10/24/13Mobile device-based cardless financial transactions
10/17/13System and performance measurement of networked enterprise applications
10/03/13Method, system, and computer-readable medium for embedding and extracting a watermark in a video
10/03/13Ranking of jobs and job applicants
10/03/13System and increasing the capabilities of a mobile device
09/26/13Multicast smart leave technologies
09/26/13Method and system for assessing usability of a website
09/26/13Composition studio to develop and maintain surveillance and compliance scenarios
09/26/13System and internationalization encoding
09/26/13Methods and systems for optimizing the performance of software applications at runtime
09/19/13Methods for managing data intake and devices thereof
09/12/13Systems, methods and computer-readable media for identifying an anonymous patient
09/12/13Method, system, and computer-readable medium for detecting leakage of a video
09/12/13System and identifying text in legal documents for preparation of headnotes
09/12/13Methods, systems and computer readable media for comparing xml documents
08/29/13Systems and methods for optimizing the performance of an application communicating over a network
08/29/13Systems and methods for predicting abnormal temperature of a server room using hidden markov model
08/29/13Methods, systems and computer-readable media for integrating a composite mime message
08/29/13End-to-end network service assurance solution
08/29/13Systems and methods for generating and authenticating one time dynamic password based on context information
08/29/13Systems and methods for fixing application vulnerabilities through a correlated remediation approach
08/22/13Effective utilization of an integrated self-care portal for an enriched customer experience
08/08/13Efficient xml/xsd to owl converter
08/08/13Workload patterns for realistic load recreation in performance testing
08/08/13Methods for facilitating communications in a presence and messaging server and devices thereof
08/01/13System and effective equipment rental management
08/01/13Systems and methods for providing decision time brokerage in a hybrid cloud ecosystem
08/01/13System and cursor-based application management
08/01/13Systems and methods for semantic data integration
Social Network Patent Pack
07/25/13System and job scheduling optimization
07/18/13Computer implemented generating a one time password
07/04/13System for implementing plurality of interactive services associated with financial organization
07/04/13System and assessment and consolidation of contractor data
06/27/13Method and system to dynamically detect and form a master slave network
06/27/13Methods for discovering and analyzing network topologies and devices thereof
06/27/13Method and registering a computing device with a service provider
06/27/13Methods for assessing data center efficiency and devices thereof
06/27/13System and system integration
06/27/13Financial transfers from mobile devices
06/27/13Methods for analyzing a database and devices thereof
06/27/13System and monitoring and analyzing social network databases
06/27/13Systems and methods for extracting business process metrics from a uml model
06/27/13Activity points based effort estimation for package implementation
06/27/13Promotion and package build tool for configurable network computing systems
06/27/13Systems and methods for demarcating information related to one or more blocks in an application
06/20/13Method and system for performing transcoding resistant watermarking
06/20/13Method and system for limiting risk in banking transactions
06/13/13Method and system for building an influence commerce network and use thereof
06/13/13Software internationalization estimation model
06/13/13System and multi-standard browser for digital devices
06/06/13Smartphone with detachable input and output (i/o) components (dioc)
06/06/13Systems and methods for extracting attributes from text content
06/06/13Determining one or more probable medical codes using medical claims
05/30/13System and supply chain optimization
05/30/13Method and system for integrating wireless devices with existing point of sale systems
05/30/13System and creating financial tools
05/23/13System and remote management of medical devices and patients
05/23/13Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling a service level agreement

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