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Intel Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Intel Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016003344402/04/16  new patent  Device and detecting redox reactions in solution
22016003399902/04/16  new patent  Methods, systems and apparatus to manage a spatially dynamic display
32016003402002/04/16  new patent  Staged power distribution control
42016003403302/04/16  new patent  Augmenting mobile computing device audio output via vibration elements
52016003419602/04/16  new patent  Techniques to configure a solid state drive to operate in a storage mode or a memory mode
62016003422402/04/16  new patent  In-place change between transient and persistent state for data structures on non-volatile memory
72016003428202/04/16  new patent  Instruction and logic to provide simd secure hashing round slice functionality
82016003433802/04/16  new patent  Sequential circuit with error detection
92016003434502/04/16  new patent  Memory latency management
102016003442002/04/16  new patent  Memory mapping in a processor having multiple programmable units
112016003471102/04/16  new patent  Cloud based real time app privacy dashboard
122016003490102/04/16  new patent  Controlled access to functionality of a wireless device
132016003507302/04/16  new patent  Method and device for processing digital image, and computer-readable recording medium
142016003572402/04/16  new patent  Tungsten gates for non-planar transistors
152016003572502/04/16  new patent  Tungsten gates for non-planar transistors
162016003573502/04/16  new patent  Antifuse element utilizing non-planar topology
172016003586002/04/16  new patent  Contact techniques and configurations for reducing parasitic resistance in nanowire transistors
182016003611502/04/16  new patent  Resonator structure for a cavity filter arrangement
192016003647002/04/16  new patent  Method and signal edge boosting
202016003686602/04/16  new patent  Ip multimedia sub mbms file repair using http servers
212016003696002/04/16  new patent  System and sending local information from a wireless browser to a web server
222016003717002/04/16  new patent  Golden frame selection in video coding
232016003730502/04/16  new patent  Building floor determination for a location based service
242016003733702/04/16  new patent  Open and encrypted wireless network access
252016003743302/04/16  new patent  Directional transmission techniques
262016003744502/04/16  new patent  Identification-assisted wireless network connections
272016003749702/04/16  new patent  Enhanced base station and communicating through an enhanced distributed antenna system (edas)
282016003749802/04/16  new patent  Blind decoding for an enhanced physical downlink control channel (epdcch)
292016002619801/28/16 Bandgap reference circuit with beta-compensation
302016002622901/28/16 Controlling operating frequency of a core domain via a non-core domain of a multi-domain processor
312016002623101/28/16 Adaptive algorithm for thermal throttling of multi-core processors with non-homogeneous performance states
322016002646401/28/16 Programmable counters for counting floating-point operations in simd processors
332016002646601/28/16 Instruction set for supporting wide scalar pattern matches
342016002646701/28/16 Instruction and logic for executing instructions of multiple-widths
352016002646801/28/16 Sm4 acceleration processors, methods, systems, and instructions
362016002649401/28/16 Mid-thread pre-emption with software assisted context switch
372016002654601/28/16 Hardware-assisted application checkpointing and restoring
382016002658101/28/16 Detection of unauthorized memory modification and access using transactional memory
392016002659701/28/16 Mode selective balanced encoded interconnect
402016002686201/28/16 Eye reflected content for verification of user liveliness
412016002688401/28/16 Controlled access to functionality of a wireless device
422016002691201/28/16 Weight-shifting mechanism for convolutional neural networks
432016002706601/28/16 Mechanism for facilitating dynamic user-based customization of advertisement content at computing devices
442016002714401/28/16 Exploiting frame to frame coherency in a sort-middle architecture
452016002739901/28/16 Mobile computing device technology and systems and methods utilizing the same
462016002742901/28/16 Integrated acoustic phase array
472016002775701/28/16 Bumpless build-up layer package including an integrated heat spreader
482016002778101/28/16 Iii-v layers for n-type and p-type mos source-drain contacts
492016002854601/28/16 Methods, systems and apparatus to self authorize platform code
502016002856001/28/16 High speed receivers circuits and methods
512016002894201/28/16 Method and supporting image processing, and computer-readable recording medium for executing the method
522016002904001/28/16 Prediction parameter inheritance for 3d video coding
532016002905801/28/16 Dynamically implementing an image protection policy
542016002912201/28/16 Multiple device noise reduction microphone array
552016002917801/28/16 Apparatus, system and estimating a location of a mobile device
562016002925401/28/16 Enabling ecsfb in hetnets
572016002926201/28/16 Systems and methods for wireless signal measurement and reporting for device-to-device communication
582016001806601/21/16 Lighting arrangement
592016001823701/21/16 Navigation systems and associated methods
602016001859501/21/16 Optical device using echelle grating that provides total internal reflection of light
612016001861001/21/16 Optical coupler
622016001888301/21/16 Dynamic power limit sharing in a platform
632016001903801/21/16 Apparatus, method, and system for providing a decision mechanism for conditional commits in an atomic region
642016001906301/21/16 Thread pause processors, methods, systems, and instructions
652016001914001/21/16 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
662016001916201/21/16 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
672016001916301/21/16 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
682016001916401/21/16 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
692016001916501/21/16 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
702016001916601/21/16 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
712016001917801/21/16 Memory mapping in a processor having multiple programmable units
722016001918401/21/16 No-locality hint vector memory access processors, methods, systems, and instructions
732016001940301/21/16 Apparatus, system, and protecting electronic devices in a virtual perimeter
742016002005101/21/16 Package mems switch and method
752016002016501/21/16 Multi-layer package with integrated antenna
762016002030401/21/16 Interlayer dielectric for non-planar transistors
772016002031701/21/16 Non-planar quantum well device having interfacial layer and forming same
782016002053801/21/16 Printed circuit board mounting and grounding device
792016002062101/21/16 Bidirectional voltage converter for multi-cell series batteries
802016002083401/21/16 Downlink transmit beamforming
812016002087001/21/16 Techniques to perform forward error correction for an electrical backplane
822016002089701/21/16 Using thresholds to gate timing packet generation in a tracing system
832016002109901/21/16 Data security
842016002113701/21/16 Proactive network attack demand management
852016002126101/21/16 Operations providing wireless communication services
862016002161501/21/16 Power management for wireless networks
872016002166901/21/16 Mac protocol for full duplex wireless communications
882016002179101/21/16 Server thermal management with heat pipes
892016001037501/14/16 Adjustable tension wrap end hinge
902016001112201/14/16 Detection of defect in die
912016001162301/14/16 Processor state control based on detection of producer/consumer workload serialization
922016001163801/14/16 Supply margining method and apparatus
932016001169901/14/16 Techniques for automatically distinguishing between users of a handheld device
942016001187001/14/16 Instruction set for eliminating misaligned memory accesses during processing of an array having misaligned data rows
952016001187201/14/16 Apparatuses and methods for generating a suppressed address trace
962016001187301/14/16 Instruction for implementing vector loops of iterations having an iteration dependent condition
972016001197501/14/16 Dynamically controlling cache size to maximize energy efficiency
982016001198601/14/16 Maintaining processor resources during architectural events
992016001222901/14/16 Protection against return oriented programming attacks
1002016001227001/14/16 Dynamic control for data capture
1012016001256501/14/16 Secure rendering of display surfaces
1022016001285401/14/16 Facilitating access to digital video
1032016001288701/14/16 Multi-level cell (mlc) non-volatile memory data reading method and apparatus
1042016001289201/14/16 Programming memory cells using a program pulse
1052016001345601/14/16 Contoured battery
1062016001424401/14/16 Thin chassis near field communication (nfc) antenna integration
1072016001442401/14/16 Storage of depth information in a digital image file
1082016001444901/14/16 Method and manipulating mpeg video
1092016001447301/14/16 Integrated presentation of secondary content
1102016001448301/14/16 Sharing of motion data between device subsystems
1112016001456501/14/16 Apparatus, system and performing a position measurement
1122016001466201/14/16 User equipment and methods for handover enhancement using reference signal received quality (rsrq)
1132016000429101/07/16 User level control of power management policies
1142016000429601/07/16 Autonomous c-state algorithm and computational engine alignment for improved processor power efficiency
1152016000453301/07/16 Methods and apparatuses for reducing power consumption of processor switch operations
1162016000458701/07/16 Method, apparatus and system for handling data error events with a memory controller
1172016000567201/07/16 Electronic package and connecting a first die to a second die to form an electronic package
1182016000569201/07/16 Interconnects with fully clad lines
1192016000582901/07/16 Nonplanar device with thinned lower body portion and fabrication
1202016000628901/07/16 Apparatus, system and wireless power transfer
1212016000635001/07/16 Techniques for reducing switching noise and improving transient response in voltage regulators
1222016000640101/07/16 Wide-band multi stage doherty power amplifier
1232016000644301/07/16 Apparatus and system for digitally controlled oscillator
1242016000648001/07/16 Detection of double talk in telecommunications networks
1252016000654401/07/16 Apparatuses, methods, and systems for jitter equalization and phase error detection
1262016000673201/07/16 Technologies for secure storage and use of biometric authentication information
1272016000702601/07/16 Techniques for image encoding based on region of interest
1282016000715101/07/16 Public and private geo-fences
1292016000715201/07/16 Proximity detection in a device to device network
1302016000716001/07/16 Mobile device position detection
1312016000721601/07/16 Coverage adjustment in e-utra networks
1322016000723201/07/16 Flexible configuration of uplink and downlink ratio by exchanging information using an x2 interface
1332016000725401/07/16 Downlink power management
1342016000730201/07/16 Techniques for adjacent channel interference mitigation
1352016000735501/07/16 Apparatus, system and establishing a wireless beamformed link
1362016000737301/07/16 Group carrier scheduling for unlicensed long term evolution network
1372016000749901/07/16 Heat dissipation lid having direct liquid contact conduits
1382015037692512/31/15 Smart variable torque display
1392015037795512/31/15 Apparatus and a user configurable reliability control loop
1402015037840012/31/15 Belt driven hinge assembly for electronic devices
1412015037842912/31/15 Method and precision cpu maximum power detection
1422015037843212/31/15 Gaze detecting heads-up display systems
1432015037853512/31/15 Apparatus and digital content navigation
1442015037861512/31/15 Accelerating boot time zeroing of memory based on non-volatile memory (nvm) technology
1452015037863312/31/15 Method and fine grain memory protection
1462015037873712/31/15 Sending packets using optimized pio write sequences without sfences
1472015037881412/31/15 Extensible memory hub
1482015037895212/31/15 Method and apparatus of usb 3.1 retimer presence detect and index
1492015037895312/31/15 Optimized credit return mechanism for packet sends
1502015037895712/31/15 Employing multiple i2c devices behind a microcontroller in a detachable platform
1512015037896112/31/15 Extended fast memory access in a multiprocessor computer system
1522015037966612/31/15 Pixel-based warping and scaling accelerator
1532015037966812/31/15 Method and determining thread execution parallelism
1542015037975212/31/15 Avatar-based transfer protocols, icon generation and doll animation
1552015037976212/31/15 Facilitating dynamic and efficient pre-launch clipping for partially-obscured graphics images on computing devices
1562015037976312/31/15 Method and filtered coarse pixel shading
1572015038005512/31/15 Techniques for indexing video files
1582015038009512/31/15 Techniques for improving reliability and performance of partially written memory blocks in modern flash memory systems
1592015038011112/31/15 Thermal disturb as heater in cross-point memory
1602015038048112/31/15 Conversion of strain-inducing buffer to electrical insulator
1612015038055712/31/15 Stain compensation in transistors
1622015038084312/31/15 Apparatus and using conductive adhesive fibers as a data interface
1632015038104012/31/15 High-frequency on-package voltage regulator
1642015038123712/31/15 Methods and systems for server power line communication
1652015038132112/31/15 Communication device and transmitting data in accordance with a retransmission protocol
1662015038133712/31/15 Segmented digital-to-time converter calibration
1672015038136112/31/15 Chaotic-based synchronization for secure network communications
1682015038149712/31/15 Handling user plane congestion in a wireless communication network
1692015038157512/31/15 Face based secure messaging
1702015038201712/31/15 Motion and quality adaptive rolling intra refresh
1712015038217012/31/15 Smart searching of wireless devices using device location information
1722015038220712/31/15 User station supporting a communication service and selecting duplex mode for the service
1732015038227212/31/15 Unlicensed spectrum offload architecture for small-cell base stations
1742015038235312/31/15 Device, system and wireless communication over non-contiguous channels
1752015036737812/24/15 Thermally and electrically conductive structure, applying a carbon coating to same, and reducing a contact resistance of same
1762015036809112/24/15 Mems devices utilizing a thick metal layer of an interconnect metal film stack
1772015036990012/24/15 Dead zone location detection apparatus and method
1782015037030212/24/15 Firmware interface with durable memory storage
1792015037056712/24/15 Method and performance efficient isa virtualization using dynamic partial binary translation
1802015037058612/24/15 Local service chaining with virtual machines and virtualized containers in software defined networking
1812015037062812/24/15 Employing intermediary structures for facilitating access to secure memory
1822015037066112/24/15 Method and dynamic node healing in a multi-node environment
1832015037075312/24/15 Architected protocol for changing link operating mode
1842015037107912/24/15 User authentication via image manipulation
1852015037127312/24/15 Location based advertisement system using wi-fi
1862015037161012/24/15 Programmable power performance optimization for graphics cores
1872015037192512/24/15 Through array routing for non-volatile memory
1882015037194912/24/15 Electroless filled conductive structures
1892015037237612/24/15 Low profile high performance integrated antenna for small cell base station
1902015037264312/24/15 Voltage-controlled oscillator with reduced single-ended capacitance
1912015037292112/24/15 Network congestion management
1922015037300712/24/15 Continuous authentication confidence module
1932015037301412/24/15 Method for assembling authorization certificate chains
1942015037342912/24/15 Low complexity tone/voice discrimination method using a rising edge of a frequency power envelope
1952015037373212/24/15 User equipment and methods for csi enhancements using interference cancellation and suppression receivers
1962015037384712/24/15 Modular printed circuit board
1972015036324212/17/15 Methods and apparatus to manage concurrent predicate expressions
1982015036330612/17/15 Methods and systems to identify and reproduce concurrency violations in multi-threaded programs using expressions
1992015036442312/17/15 Bridge interconnection with layered interconnect structures
2002015036442512/17/15 3d interconnect structure comprising through-silicon vias combined with fine pitch backside metal redistribution lines fabricated using a dual damascene type approach
2012015036448612/17/15 Self-aligned floating gate in a vertical memory structure
2022015036590812/17/15 Apparatus, system and transmit power control for wireless communication
2032015036593712/17/15 Signaling for downlink coordinated multipoint in a wireless communication system
2042015035803312/10/15 Trellis coded modulation
2052015035244012/10/15 Method and system for improving the efficiency of state information transfer over a wireless communications network
2062015035503512/10/15 In-package temperature sensor and methods therefor
2072015035547412/10/15 A reducing speckle
2082015035572012/10/15 User interaction with wearable devices
2092015035681912/10/15 Method and system for mediating interactive services over a wireless communications network
2102015035682012/10/15 Method and system for mediating interactive services over a wireless communications network
2112015035701112/10/15 Techniques for accessing a dynamic random access memory array
2122015035702512/10/15 Device, system, and memory allocation
2132015035718512/10/15 Methods of providing dielectric to conductor adhesion in package structures
2142015035725812/10/15 Multi-component integrated heat spreader for multi-chip packages
2152015035731112/10/15 Magnetic contacts
2162015035731212/10/15 Recessed and embedded die coreless package
2172015035773612/10/15 Interconnect cable with edge finger connector
2182015035808712/10/15 Optical apparatus with multiple transmission power levels
2192015035814112/10/15 Downlink channel parameters determination for a multiple-input-multiple-output (mimo) system
2202015035828012/10/15 Method and system for dynamic application layer gateways
2212015035832012/10/15 Techniques for extending communications chain of trust to client applications
2222015035873312/10/15 Multi-stream-multipoint-jack audio streaming
2232015035903812/10/15 Transducer access point
2242015035910012/10/15 Integrated circuit assemblies with molding compound
2252015034679912/03/15 Techniques for increasing energy efficiency of sensor controllers
2262015034681512/03/15 Eye tracking with detection of adequacy of lighting
2272015034696812/03/15 Geo-fence creation on touch-enabled devices
2282015034716812/03/15 Enabling virtualization of a processor resource
2292015034776812/03/15 Policy-based trusted inspection of rights managed content
2302015034818012/03/15 Non-monetary bidding based on bidder-specific data
2312015034822212/03/15 Method and parallel pixel shading
2322015034826612/03/15 Techniques for rapid stereo reconstruction from images
2332015034862312/03/15 Apparatuses and methods for detecting write completion for resistive memory
2342015034991312/03/15 System, device, and securing voice authentication and end-to-end speech interaction
2352015034993312/03/15 Power offset signaling techniques for network-assisted interference cancellation and suppression (naics) receivers
2362015034994212/03/15 Adaptive ul-dl tdd configurations in a heterogneous network
2372015035002012/03/15 Method and remote modification of system configuration
2382015035025512/03/15 Verified sensor data processing
2392015035038612/03/15 Device, system and communicating upper-layer protocol information
2402015035055412/03/15 Picture in picture recording of multiple regions of interest
2412015035066712/03/15 Methods and systems for motion vector derivation at a video decoder
2422015035082712/03/15 Geo-fence notification management
2432015035095312/03/15 Radio resource control (rrc) protocol for cell selection and traffic steering for integrated wlan/3gpp radio access technologies
2442015035098812/03/15 Radio resource control (rrc) protocol for integrated wlan/3gpp radio access technologies
2452015035098912/03/15 Interworking/co-existence of integrated wlan/3gpp rat architectures with legacy wlan/3gpp interworking solutions
2462015035107912/03/15 In-band control signaling for integrated wlan/3gpp rat architectures
2472015033835911/26/15 Liquid quality meter apparatus
2482015033864511/26/15 A mems device
2492015033871811/26/15 Acousto-optic deflector with multiple transducers for optical beam steering

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