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Intel Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/12/17Method and head worn display with multiple exit pupils
10/12/17Near-eye display system
10/12/17System power management
10/12/17Techniques to route power to a usb host in dead battery condition
10/12/17Power supply unit (psu) switching
10/12/17Dynamic voltage regulator sensing and reference voltage setting techniques for multiple gated loads
10/12/17Composite field scaled affine transforms-based hardware accelerator
10/12/17Sensitive data tracking using dynamic taint analysis
10/12/17Parallelized authentication encoding
10/12/17Control transfer termination instructions of an instruction set architecture (isa)
10/12/17Road crossing assistance for the visually impaired
10/12/17Automatic cinemagraph
10/12/17Cross-point memory single-selection write technique
10/12/17Gate aligned contact and method to fabricate same
10/12/17Method, apparatus, system for centering in a high performance interconnect
10/12/17Signaling for downlink coordinated multipoint in a wireless communication system
10/12/17Apparatus and buffering data in a switch
10/12/17Method and system of video coding using an image data correction mask
10/12/17Cooperative provision of personalized user functions using shared and personal devices
10/12/17Handover at spectrum release for licensed shared access
10/12/17Mechanisms for roaming between 3gpp operators and wlan service providers
10/12/17Memory module adaptor card
10/05/17Technologies for managing the health of livestock
10/05/17Opportunistic measurements and processing of user's context
10/05/17Compressive sensing sparse sampling photoplethysmogram (ppg) measurement
10/05/17Piezoelectric package-integrated switching devices
10/05/17Pourable smart matter
10/05/17Methods and systems for vertical trajectory determination and automatic jump detection
10/05/17Internet of things device for monitoring the motion of oscillating equipment
10/05/17Buried electrical debug access port
10/05/17Navigation device and determining navigation information
10/05/17Rogue object detection algorithm for wireless charging notification
10/05/17Optical isolator
10/05/17Automatic false pupil contact lens
10/05/17User interchangeable ornamental portions of electronic devices
10/05/17Transducer access point
10/05/17Split structure design for an internet of things device
10/05/17Drone control registration
10/05/17Bandgap reference circuit with capacitive bias
10/05/17Piezoelectric package-integrated film bulk acoustic resonator devices
10/05/17Determining thermal margins in a multi-die processor
10/05/17Systems, methods and devices for using thermal margin of a core in a processor
10/05/17Method and apparatus to maintain node power budget for systems that share a power supply
10/05/17Programmable power management agent
10/05/17Power supply interface light load signal
10/05/17Processor power monitoring and control with dynamic load balancing
10/05/17Voltage regulation techniques for electronic devices
10/05/17Method and apparatus to improve energy efficiency of parallel tasks
10/05/17Coordinating power management between virtual machines
10/05/17Sensor signal processing to determine finger and/or hand position
10/05/17System to provide tactile feedback during non-contact interaction
10/05/17Electronic device with fingerprint sensor
10/05/17Intelligent pressure sensitive display
10/05/17Read delivery for memory subsystem with narrow bandwidth repeater channel
10/05/17Search and replace operations in a memory device
10/05/17Memory copy instructions, processors, methods, and systems
10/05/17Methods and apparatus to perform erase-suspend operations in memory devices
10/05/17Methods and apparatus to manage a process under a memory constraint
10/05/17Techniques to provide run-time protections using immutable regions of memory
10/05/17N plane to 2n plane interface in a solid state drive (ssd) architecture
10/05/17Memory subsystem with narrow bandwidth repeater channel
10/05/17Method and processing sequential writes to portions of an addressible unit
10/05/17Custom class library generation method and apparatus
10/05/17Dynamic capsule generation and recovery in computing environments
10/05/17Update failure rebooting and recovery for a smart device
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10/05/17Instruction, circuits, and logic for piecewise linear approximation
10/05/17Processors, methods, systems, and instructions to partition a source packed data into lanes
10/05/17Auxiliary cache for reducing instruction fetch and decode bandwidth requirements
10/05/17Instruction, circuits, and logic for data capture for software monitoring and debugging
10/05/17Bit shuffle processors, methods, systems, and instructions
10/05/17Processors, methods, systems, and instructions to atomically store to memory data wider than a natively supported data width
10/05/17Processors, methods, and systems to allocate load and store buffers based on instruction type
10/05/17Instruction and logic for configurable arithmetic logic unit pipeline
10/05/17Processors, methods, systems, and instructions to fetch data to indicated cache level with guaranteed completion
10/05/17Instruction, circuits, and logic for graph analytics acceleration
10/05/17Systems, methods and devices for dynamic power management of devices using game theory
10/05/17Technologies for dynamically allocating hardware acceleration units to process data packets
10/05/17Work conserving, load balancing, and scheduling
10/05/17Adaptive queued locking for control of speculative execution
10/05/17Validation of memory on-die error correction code
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10/05/17Handling of error prone cache line slots of memory side cache of multi-level system memory
10/05/17Energy efficient read/write support for a protected memory
10/05/17Method and an error tolerance aware data retention scheme in a storage device for multi-scale error tolerant data
10/05/17Workload behavior modeling and prediction for data center adaptation
10/05/17Method and using target or unit under test (uut) as debugger
10/05/17Trusted execution of called function
10/05/17Method and processing sequential writes to a block group of physical blocks in a memory device
10/05/17Wear leveling based on a swapping operation between sets of physical block addresses of a non-volatile memory
10/05/17Apparatus, caching compressed data
10/05/17Implementation of reserved cache slots in computing system having inclusive/non inclusive tracking and two level system memory
10/05/17Sharing aware snoop filter apparatus and method
10/05/17Method, system, and a coherency task list to minimize cache snooping between cpu and fpga
10/05/17Pipelined prefetcher for parallel advancement of multiple data streams
10/05/17Techniques to provide a secure system management mode
10/05/17Avoiding redundant memory encryption in a cryptographic protection system
10/05/17Memory protection at a thread level for a memory protection key architecture
10/05/17Multi-standard single interface with reduced i/o count
10/05/17Read training a memory controller
10/05/17Arbiter based serialization of processor system management interrupt events
10/05/17Enhanced directed system management interrupt mechanism
10/05/17Methods and combining multiple, codependent, media agnostic usb operations
10/05/17Transmitting universal serial bus (usb) data over alternate mode connection
10/05/17Function extenders for enhancing a displayport feature set
10/05/17Method, apparatus, and system for plugin mechanism of computer extension bus
10/05/17Peripheral component interconnect express (pcie) card having multiple pcie connectors
10/05/17Enhanced quality of service mechanism for ma usb protocol
10/05/17Method, apparatus and system for communicating between multiple protocols
10/05/17Sensor bus communication system
10/05/17Usb interface using repeaters with guest protocol support
10/05/17Pattern matching circuit
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10/05/17Prioritization for presentation of media based on sensor data collected by wearable sensor devices
10/05/17Instructions and logic to fork processes of secure enclaves and establish child enclaves in a secure enclave page cache
10/05/17System, filtering memory access logging in a processor
10/05/17Unlocking electronic notepads for writing
10/05/17Methods and apparatus to initialize enclaves on target processors
10/05/17Piezoelectric package-integrated delay lines for radio frequency identification tags
10/05/17Method and system of facial expression recognition using linear relationships within landmark subsets
10/05/17Real time video summarization
10/05/17Event-driven learning and reward modulation with spike timing dependent plasticity in neuromorphic computers
10/05/17System for optimizing storage location arrangement
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10/05/17System and caching for pixel synchronization-based graphics techniques
10/05/17Reduction of bvh-node bandwidth with incremental traversal
10/05/17Directed acyclic graph path enumeration with application in multilevel instancing
10/05/17Apparatus and conservative rasterization of polygons
10/05/17Per-sample msaa rendering using comprehension data
10/05/17Early warning of non-compliance with an established workflow in a work area
10/05/17Wear compensation for a display
10/05/17Micro led display pixel architecture
10/05/17Video with selectable tag overlay auxiliary pictures
10/05/17Method and apparatus to synthesize voice based on facial structures
10/05/17Synthetic oversampling to enhance speaker identification or verification
10/05/17Speaker recognition using adaptive thresholding
10/05/17Systems and methods for video/multimedia rendering, composition, and user-interactivity
10/05/17Memory mapping
10/05/17Techniques to mitigate bias drift for a memory device
10/05/17Timing control for unmatched signal receiver
10/05/17Resistive random access memory cell having bottom-side oel layer and/or optimized access signaling
10/05/17Thermally activated switch
10/05/17Water soluble flux with modified viscosity
10/05/17Electronic device package
10/05/17Stretching retention plate for electronic assemblies
10/05/17Shell structure for insulation of a through-substrate interconnect
10/05/17Extended temperature operation for electronic systems using induction heating
10/05/17Dual-sided die packages
10/05/17Leadframe top-hat multi-chip solution
10/05/17Semiconductor package substrate having an interfacial layer
10/05/17Localized high density substrate routing
10/05/17Three dimensional storage cell array with highly dense and scalable word line design approach
10/05/17Electrical interconnect bridge
10/05/17Systems and methods for electromagnetic interference shielding
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10/05/17Semiconductor package having an emi shielding layer
10/05/17Monolithic three-dimensional (3d) ics with local inter-level interconnects
10/05/17Strain assisted spin torque switching spin transfer torque memory
10/05/17Semiconductor devices with germanium-rich active layers and doped transition layers
10/05/17Group iii-n nanowire transistors
10/05/17Optical sensor shield
10/05/171s1r memory cells incorporating a barrier layer
10/05/17Cellular flexible battery cells
10/05/17Electrical cable
10/05/17Hardware interface with space-efficient cell pattern
10/05/17Linear edge connector retention
10/05/17Linear edge connector with a cable retention mechanism having a body with a groove with an indentation to receive a bolster plate protrusion
10/05/17Power harvesting
10/05/17Power supply control system
10/05/17Multifunction battery charging and haptic device
10/05/17Impedance matching multiple coils in an electronic device
10/05/17Shield for a wireless power transmitter
10/05/17Wireless power transmission
10/05/17Internet of things battery device
10/05/17Wireless power transmitter with array of transmit coils
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10/05/17Load balancing and scheduling in wireless power transfer network
10/05/17Methods and cross connection detection and mitigation in wireless power transfer networks
10/05/17Magnetic circuits for mems devices
10/05/17Quiescent power supply
10/05/17Piezoelectric package-integrated crystal devices
10/05/17Piezoelectric package-integrated delay lines
10/05/17Piezoelectric package-integrated contour mode filter devices
10/05/17Embedded buffer circuit compensation scheme for integrated circuits
10/05/17Voltage tolerant termination presence detection
10/05/17Coarse delay lock estimation for digital dll circuits
10/05/17Tunable radio frequency systems using piezoelectric package-integrated switching devices
10/05/17Apparatus, system and beamforming
10/05/17Optoelectronic transceiver assemblies
10/05/17Time offset validation of components with independent silicon clocks
10/05/17Time aware audio streams with heterogenous frame rates
10/05/17Methods and mobile communication devices for performing spur relocation for phase-locked loops
10/05/17Power side-channel attack resistant advanced encryption standard accelerator processor
10/05/17Authenticating a system to enable access to a diagnostic interface in a storage device
10/05/17Secure key storage using physically unclonable functions
10/05/17Cryptographic protection for trusted operating systems
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10/05/17System, providing a physically unclonable function (puf) based on a memory technology
10/05/17Method for signaling information by modifying modulation constellations
10/05/17Techniques and systems for logical mesh networks
10/05/17Switch, devices and methods for receiving and forwarding ethernet packets
10/05/17Hierarchical enforcement of service flow quotas
10/05/17Modular fabric internal datapath
10/05/17System, first hop security
10/05/17Secure archival and recovery of multifactor authentication templates
10/05/17Adaptive internet of things edge device security
10/05/17Method and apparatus to coordinate and authenticate requests for data
10/05/17Joint edge enhance dynamic
10/05/17Device, system and method to mitigate loss of signal integrity in a communication of image information
10/05/17High dynamic range depth generation for 3d imaging systems
10/05/17Temporal control for spatially adaptive tone mapping of high dynamic range video
10/05/17Trusted wlan connectivity to 3gpp evolved packet core
10/05/17Multi-camera dataset assembly and management with high precision timestamp requirements
10/05/17Sensor data management for muliple smart devices
10/05/17Bluetooth assisted nan cluster discovery
10/05/17Geo-fence notification management
10/05/17Technologies for preventing loss of compute devices in a cluster
10/05/17Self-learning locator for mobile device
10/05/17Autonomous semantic labeling of physical locations
10/05/17Smart device for notification loopback routing to a primary communication device
10/05/17Write delivery for memory subsystem with narrow bandwidth repeater channel
10/05/17Collaborative transmission management for smart devices
10/05/17Transmission power control methods and devices
10/05/17Techniques and systems for logical mesh network control
10/05/17Human proximity detection techniques for wireless communication devices
10/05/17Secure on-line sign-up and provisioning for wi-fi hotspots using a device-management protocol
10/05/17Electro-magnetic interference (emi) shielding techniques and configurations
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10/05/17Surface-mountable power delivery bus board
10/05/17Circuit board having a passive device inside a via
10/05/17Batch component placement template
10/05/17Trusted wlan connectivity to 3gpp evolved packet core
09/28/17User's physiological context measurement method and apparatus
09/28/17Immersive gaming
09/28/17Proactive vehicle control systems & methods
09/28/17Electronic device with keyboard protection
09/28/17Apparatuses, systems, and methods for usb high-speed chirp detection
09/28/17Method, apparatus and system for interacting with content on web browsers
09/28/17Control system for user apparel selection
09/28/17Technologies for securing a firmware update
09/28/17Deployment rule system
09/28/17Technologies for dynamically managing data bus bandwidth usage of virtual machines in a network device
09/28/17Mitigating load imbalances through hierarchical performance balancing
09/28/17Methods and apparatus to assign indices and relocate object fragments in distributed storage systems
09/28/17Multi-level memory management
09/28/17Method and distributed and cooperative computation in artificial neural networks
09/28/17System and generating and using a wearable device profile
09/28/17Secure control of self-encrypting storage devices
09/28/17Automated facial recognition systems and methods
09/28/17Identifying local coordinate system for gesture recognition
09/28/17Multi-camera device
09/28/17Method and multi format lossless compression
09/28/17Motion adaptive stream processing for temporal noise reduction
09/28/17Image modification and enhancement using 3-dimensional object model based recognition
09/28/17Dynamic bandwidth usage reduction for displays
09/28/17Technologies for automatic speech recognition using articulatory parameters
09/28/17Techniques to use chip select signals for a dual in-line memory module

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