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Intel Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Intel Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016014724905/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and method to provide multiple domain clock frequencies in a processor
22016014727305/26/16  new patent  Mixed cell type battery module and uses thereof
32016014727405/26/16  new patent  Controlling turbo mode frequency operation in a processor
42016014727505/26/16  new patent  Controlling a guaranteed frequency of a processor
52016014729105/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and thermal management in a multi-chip package
62016014759205/26/16  new patent  Header parity error handling
72016014766805/26/16  new patent  Memory address re-mapping of graphics data
82016014767805/26/16  new patent  Method and selecting one of a plurality of bus interface configurations to use
92016014767905/26/16  new patent  Posted interrupt architecture
102016014798205/26/16  new patent  Transparent execution of secret content
112016014798605/26/16  new patent  Energy harvesting wearable authentication
122016014806605/26/16  new patent  Detection of spoofing attacks for video-based authentication
132016014824705/26/16  new patent  Personalized advertisement selection system and method
142016014825405/26/16  new patent  Dynamic content insertion method and system
152016014833905/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and efficient frame-to-frame coherency exploitation for sort-last architectures
162016014859605/26/16  new patent  Compressing the size of color lookup tables
172016014865305/26/16  new patent  Method and using a pre-clock enable command for power management modes
182016014873005/26/16  new patent  Magnetic latching in a curve
192016014886905/26/16  new patent  Method and structure to contact tight pitch conductive layers with guided vias
202016014889205/26/16  new patent  Solder in cavity interconnection structures
212016014892005/26/16  new patent  Stacked microelectronic dice embedded in a microelectronic substrate
222016014912705/26/16  new patent  Dielectric thin film on electrodes for resistance change memory devices
232016014931505/26/16  new patent  Dual polarized antenna array
242016014943605/26/16  new patent  Systems and methods for wireless power distribution allocation
252016014943905/26/16  new patent  Power self-identifying energy harvesters
262016014954705/26/16  new patent  Automated audio adjustment
272016014957905/26/16  new patent  Voltage level shifter circuit
282016014958405/26/16  new patent  Interpolator systems and methods
292016014960205/26/16  new patent  Accurate desensitization estimation of a receiver
302016014962105/26/16  new patent  Method and devices for multiple station sounding in a wireless local area network
312016014962805/26/16  new patent  Channel state information (csi) reporting for carrier aggregation
322016014967505/26/16  new patent  Transmitter noise in system budget
332016014991205/26/16  new patent  Trusted computing base evidence binding for a migratable virtual machine
342016015017805/26/16  new patent  System and automatically creating a media archive from content on a recording medium
352016015020305/26/16  new patent  A for projecting an image with improved safety
362016015036805/26/16  new patent  Virtual sensor apparatus and method
372016015043705/26/16  new patent  Evolved node-b, user equipment and methods for mission-critical machine type communication
382016015055105/26/16  new patent  Dynamic channel quality measurement procedure implemented in a wireless digital communication system to prioritize the forwarding of downlink data
392016013569805/19/16 Ultra-low power continuous heart rate sensing in wearable devices
402016013897805/19/16 Current-mode digital temperature sensor apparatus
412016013923605/19/16 Differentiated station location
422016013965805/19/16 Supporting runtime d3 and buffer flush and fill for a peripheral component interconnect device
432016013980805/19/16 Using counters and a table to protect data in a storage device
442016013989705/19/16 Loop vectorization methods and apparatus
452016013991805/19/16 Performing rounding operations responsive to an instruction
462016013991905/19/16 Machine level instructions to compute a 3d z-curve index from 3d coordinates
472016013992105/19/16 Vector instruction to compute coordiante of next point in a z-order curve
482016013992405/19/16 Machine level instructions to compute a 4d z-curve index from 4d coordinates
492016013992905/19/16 Three-dimensional morton coordinate conversion processors, methods, systems, and instructions
502016013993005/19/16 Four-dimensional morton coordinate conversion processors, methods, systems, and instructions
512016013993105/19/16 Morton coordinate adjustment processors, methods, systems, and instructions
522016013993405/19/16 Hardware instruction set to replace a plurality of atomic operations with a single atomic operation
532016013993605/19/16 Method and multi-mode mobile computing devices and peripherals
542016014006905/19/16 Pci express tunneling over a multi-protocol i/o interconnect
552016014008105/19/16 Method, apparatus, and system for optimizing frequency and performance in a multidie microprocessor
562016014033205/19/16 System and feature-based authentication
572016014036405/19/16 Secure control of self-encrypting storage devices
582016014039005/19/16 Liveness detection using progressive eyelid tracking
592016014039105/19/16 Automatic target selection for multi-target object tracking
602016014039405/19/16 Visual object tracking system with model validation & management
612016014053105/19/16 Systems and selling content over a network
622016014064105/19/16 Customized shopping
632016014068405/19/16 Sort-free threading model for a multi-threaded graphics pipeline
642016014068605/19/16 Efficient preemption for graphics processors
652016014102205/19/16 Apparatus for reducing write minimum supply voltage for memory
662016014103105/19/16 Non-volatile register file including memory cells having conductive oxide memory element
672016014121205/19/16 Techniques and configurations to reduce transistor gate short defects
682016014126505/19/16 Bumpless build-up layer package including a release layer
692016014182905/19/16 Laser support for semiconductor laser fixation and laser support element assembly
702016014183105/19/16 Heat removal from photonic devices
712016014212005/19/16 Mobile device transmitter and methods for transmitting signals in different signal dimensions for 3gpp lte
722016014212705/19/16 Millimeter-wave relay device with bounded delay and retransmission of symbols
732016014216305/19/16 Apparatus, system and user-equipment (ue) centric access network selection
742016014221205/19/16 Trusted platform module certification and attestation utilizing an anonymous key system
752016014237805/19/16 Reaching anonymization service levels through added transactions
762016014267305/19/16 System for enabling eye contact in electronic images
772016014268705/19/16 Mems oscillator
782016014270205/19/16 3d enhanced image correction
792016014281605/19/16 Authentication through tissue-conducted sound
802016014305905/19/16 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for processing random acccess response messages for coverage constrained devices
812016012861705/12/16 Social cuing based on in-context observation
822016013084905/12/16 Micro-hinge for an electronic device
832016013207205/12/16 Link layer signal synchronization
842016013207705/12/16 Micro-hinge for an electronic device
852016013208305/12/16 Adaptive graphics subsystem power and performance management
862016013210105/12/16 Non main cpu/os based operational environment
872016013210305/12/16 User input via elastic deformation of a material
882016013221705/12/16 Presentation of metadata and enhanced entertainment media content
892016013226605/12/16 Methods and apparatus to manage workload memory allocation
902016013226905/12/16 Method and setting high address bits in a memory module
912016013233005/12/16 Instruction and logic for boyer-moore search of text strings
922016013235405/12/16 Application scheduling in heterogeneous multiprocessor computing platforms
932016013243705/12/16 Processor extensions for execution of secure embedded containers
942016013244705/12/16 Aggregating completion messages in a sideband interface
952016013266605/12/16 System and relicensing content
962016013271805/12/16 Face recognition using gradient based feature analysis
972016013283605/12/16 Methods and dynamically processing events based on automatic detection of time conflicts
982016013302905/12/16 Compression using index bits in msaa
992016013304505/12/16 Zero-coverage rasterization culling
1002016013355205/12/16 High density organic bridge device and method
1012016013355705/12/16 Offset interposers for large-bottom packages and large-die package-on-package structures
1022016013358905/12/16 Silicon space transformer for ic packaging
1032016013359605/12/16 Debond interconnect structures
1042016013369905/12/16 Reduced scale resonant tunneling field effect transistor
1052016013372405/12/16 Patterning of vertical nanowire transistor channel and gate with directed self assembly
1062016013374705/12/16 Semiconductor transistor having a stressed channel
1072016013382905/12/16 High stability spintronic memory
1082016013403605/12/16 Signal integrity in mutli-junction topologies
1092016013414905/12/16 Wireless charging unit and coupler based docking combo for a wireless device
1102016013441505/12/16 Multi-transceiver wireless communication adaptive multi-band communication
1112016013445605/12/16 Systems for communicating using multiple frequency bands in a wireless network
1122016013455105/12/16 Apparatus, system and controlling data flow over a communication network
1132016013459205/12/16 Secure network request anonymization
1142016013460205/12/16 Secure sharing of user annotated subscription media with trusted devices
1152016013460905/12/16 User authentication confidence based on multiple devices
1162016013462705/12/16 System for establishing ownership of a secure workspace
1172016013463605/12/16 Remote trust attestation and geo-location of servers and clients in cloud computing environments
1182016013472805/12/16 Apparatus, system and controlling data flow over a communication network
1192016013480305/12/16 Production of face images having preferred perspective angles
1202016013486305/12/16 Calibration for eye tracking systems
1212016013507105/12/16 Handling signal quality measurements in a wireless communication network
1222016013512005/12/16 Apparatus, system and selecting a mobility mode of a user equipment (ue)
1232016013521605/12/16 Multi-radio controller and methods for preventing interference between co-located transceivers
1242016013522005/12/16 System and controlling a licensed shared access radio
1252016013522805/12/16 Apparatuses, systems, and methods for access configurations
1262016013523705/12/16 Peer to peer networking and sharing systems and methods
1272016012374005/05/16 Provision of navigation service including reporting of elevation information and/or vertical guidance
1282016012375005/05/16 Navigation systems that enhance driver awareness
1292016012416505/05/16 Optical connector
1302016012416605/05/16 Optical connection techniques and configurations
1312016012421405/05/16 Electromagnetic mems device
1322016012421505/05/16 Electromagnetic mems device
1332016012449005/05/16 Dynamically controlling power management of an on-die memory of a processor
1342016012451505/05/16 Interaction with a computing device via movement of a portion of a user interface
1352016012457105/05/16 Mobile device rejection of unintentional touch sensor contact
1362016012474905/05/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
1372016012475105/05/16 Access isolation for multi-operating system devices
1382016012476605/05/16 Cooperated interrupt moderation for a virtualization environment
1392016012487705/05/16 Apparatus and rdma with commit acks
1402016012489405/05/16 Method, apparatus and system for measuring latency in a physical unit of a circuit
1412016012518005/05/16 Near field communication authentication mechanism
1422016012572005/05/16 System for determining sensor condition
1432016012578805/05/16 Dithering for image data to be displayed
1442016012584105/05/16 Device, system, and display calibration
1452016012589105/05/16 Environment-based complexity reduction for audio processing
1462016012592705/05/16 Apparatus for low power write and read operations for resistive memory
1472016012619105/05/16 Method of forming stacked trench contacts and structures formed thereby
1482016012631105/05/16 Stacked thin channels for boost and leakage improvement
1492016012645205/05/16 Balancing energy barrier between states in perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions
1502016012673005/05/16 Current sense techniques in a power supply system
1512016012705405/05/16 Proximate communication with a target device
1522016012717105/05/16 Apparatus and deferring asynchronous events notifications
1532016012719105/05/16 Method, apparatus and system for automatically discovering nodes and resources in a multi-node system
1542016012742205/05/16 Apparatus, system and differentiating between an ims connection and a non-ims connection
1552016012745905/05/16 Apparatus, system and communicating traffic to a plurality of peer to peer devices
1562016012756805/05/16 Operations providing wireless communication services
1572016012760205/05/16 Managing consistent data objects
1582016012761605/05/16 Global matching of multiple images
1592016012787005/05/16 Determining proximity of user equipment for device-to-device communication
1602016012789005/05/16 Apparatus, system and protecting a service identifier
1612016012798005/05/16 Extended access barring
1622016012799805/05/16 Communication terminal and controlling power consumption of a communication terminal
1632016012801405/05/16 Frequency correction in a multi-carrier communication system
1642016012811305/05/16 Apparatus, system and peer to peer communication
1652016012811505/05/16 Device-to-device (d2d) transmit behavior
1662016012812705/05/16 Discontinuous reception (drx) enhancements in lte systems
1672016012820705/05/16 Bga structure using ctf balls in high stress regions
1682016011664704/28/16 Anti-moire pattern diffuser for optical systems
1692016011695904/28/16 Device power management state transition latency advertisement for faster boot time
1702016011717104/28/16 Real time instruction trace processors, methods, and systems
1712016011719004/28/16 Virtual processor direct interrupt delivery mechanism
1722016011726904/28/16 System and providing universal serial bus link power management policies in a processor environment
1732016011749704/28/16 Computing platform security methods and apparatus
1742016011749804/28/16 Computing platform security methods and apparatus
1752016011761404/28/16 Methods and dynamically processing events based on automatic detection of time conflicts
1762016011772204/28/16 Adaptively embedding visual advertising content into media content
1772016011831504/28/16 Heat sink coupling using flexible heat pipes for multi-surface components
1782016011835404/28/16 Microelectronic package utilizing multiple bumpless build-up structures and through-silicon vias
1792016011838404/28/16 Self-aligned contact metallization for reduced contact resistance
1802016011839304/28/16 Nand memory array with mismatched cell and bitline pitch
1812016011846404/28/16 Apparatus and methods for forming a modulation doped non-planar transistor
1822016011896704/28/16 Pulse width modulator for high speed digitally controlled voltage regulator
1832016011900804/28/16 Mobile unit having internet protocol functionality
1842016011904204/28/16 Feedback scheme for mu-mimo
1852016011904604/28/16 Apparatus, system and beamforming
1862016011912204/28/16 Architecture and instruction set for implementing advanced encryption standard (aes)
1872016011912304/28/16 Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1882016011912404/28/16 Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1892016011912504/28/16 Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1902016011912604/28/16 Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1912016011912704/28/16 Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1922016011912804/28/16 Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1932016011912904/28/16 Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1942016011913004/28/16 Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1952016011913104/28/16 Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1962016011913904/28/16 Wireless device and rekeying with reduced packet loss for high-throughput wireless communications
1972016011914404/28/16 Data encryption and/or decryption by integrated circuit
1982016011917804/28/16 Method and system for recognizing radio link failures associated with hsupa and hsdpa channels
1992016011962404/28/16 Dynamic on screen display using a compressed video stream
2002016011984204/28/16 Inter-rat mobility of in-device coexistence
2012016011992504/28/16 Communication device and controlling transceiver chains of a communication device
2022016011996704/28/16 Resuming packet services in a mobile network
2032016010955404/21/16 Adaptive optimization of time of flight (tof) exchange
2042016010992504/21/16 An apparatus to reduce idle link power in a platform
2052016011003804/21/16 Menu system and interactions with an electronic device
2062016011005104/21/16 System and method to control a touchscreen user interface
2072016011010604/21/16 Multi-level memory with direct access
2082016011019604/21/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
2092016011020404/21/16 Booting an operating system of a system using a read ahead technique
2102016011020504/21/16 Booting an operating system of a system using a read ahead technique
2112016011022304/21/16 Multi-threaded queuing system for pattern matching
2122016011026904/21/16 Providing supervisor control of control transfer execution profiling
2132016011029804/21/16 Memory protection key architecture with independent user and supervisor domains
2142016011030904/21/16 Device power management state transition latency advertisement for faster boot time
2152016011053204/21/16 User authorization and presence detection in isolation from interference from and control by host central processing unit and operating system
2162016011054004/21/16 Interface between a device and a secure processing environment
2172016011054204/21/16 Attack protection for valid gadget control transfers
2182016011054604/21/16 Computing device boot software authentication
2192016011076804/21/16 Location-based filtering and advertising enhancements for merged browsing of network contents
2202016011106204/21/16 Ambient light-based image adjustment
2212016011142304/21/16 Extreme high mobility cmos logic
2222016011142604/21/16 Methods of integrating multiple gate dielectric transistors on a tri-gate (finfet) process
2232016011153204/21/16 Source/drain contacts for non-planar transistors
2242016011185804/21/16 Hybrid laser including anti-resonant waveguides
2252016011208004/21/16 Communication device and processing a received signal
2262016011208904/21/16 Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-code division multiple access system
2272016011222204/21/16 Digital pre-distortion filter system and method
2282016011267404/21/16 Object of interest based image processing
2292016011270704/21/16 Policy-based image encoding
2302016011291204/21/16 Hs-dsch inter-node b cell change
2312016011295404/21/16 Method, system and apparatus of time of flight operation
2322016011305904/21/16 User equipment and discontinuous reception (drx) mode in wireless communication networks
2332016010328204/14/16 Optical device using echelle grating that provides total internal reflection of light
2342016010342304/14/16 Bang-bang time to digital converter systems and methods
2352016010347404/14/16 Providing per core voltage and frequency control
2362016010348704/14/16 Brain computer interface (bci) system based on gathered temporal and spatial patterns of biophysical signals
2372016010368404/14/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
2382016010378504/14/16 Gather using index array and finite state machine
2392016010378604/14/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
2402016010378704/14/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
2412016010378804/14/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
2422016010378904/14/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
2432016010379004/14/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
2442016010463204/14/16 Non-uniform substrate stackup
2452016010467904/14/16 Methods of forming substrate microvias with anchor structures
2462016010515104/14/16 Switchable dual core power amplifier
2472016010515504/14/16 Automatic adjustments of audio alert characteristics of an alert device using ambient noise levels
2482016010522904/14/16 Apparatus, system and beamforming
2492016010537504/14/16 Device-to-device communication for resource sharing

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