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Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/20/16 new patent  Pre-sculpting of si fin elements prior to cladding for transistor channel applications
10/20/16 new patent  Apparatus and power management with a two-loop architecture
10/20/16 new patent  Controlling power management in micro-server cores and peripherals
10/20/16 new patent  Apparatus and adjusting processor power usage based on network load
10/20/16 new patent  Interrupt return instruction with embedded interrupt service functionality
10/20/16 new patent  Instruction and logic for memory access in a clustered wide-execution machine
10/20/16 new patent  Execution-aware memory protection
10/20/16 new patent  Managing consistent data objects
10/20/16 new patent  System and transferring playlists
10/20/16 new patent  Performing user seamless authentications
10/20/16 new patent  Technologies for managing security threats to a computing system utilizing user interactions
10/20/16 new patent  User controllable platform-level trigger to set policy for protecting platform from malware
10/20/16 new patent  Supporting multi-level nesting of command buffers in graphics command streams at computing devices
10/20/16 new patent  Media hub device and cache
10/20/16 new patent  Apparatus and non-uniform frame buffer rasterization
10/20/16 new patent  Techniques for merging virtual and physical floor maps
10/20/16 new patent  Self-forming, self-aligned barriers for back-end interconnects and methods of making same
10/20/16 new patent  Direct plasma densification process and semiconductor devices
10/20/16 new patent  Laser die backside film removal for integrated circuit (ic) packaging
10/20/16 new patent  Three dimensional nand flash with self-aligned select gate
10/20/16 new patent  Wide band gap transistors on non-native semiconductor substrates and methods of manufacture thereof
10/20/16 new patent  Randomly shaped three dimensional battery cell with shape conforming conductive covering
10/20/16 new patent  Single-package phased array module with interleaved sub-arrays
10/20/16 new patent  Phase-locked loop with lower power charge pump
10/20/16 new patent  High speed receivers circuits and methods
10/20/16 new patent  Digital predistortion for dual-band power amplifiers
10/20/16 new patent  Rsa algorithm acceleration processors, methods, systems, and instructions
10/20/16 new patent  Capability determination for computing resource allocation
10/20/16 new patent  Distributed traffic pattern analysis and entropy prediction for detecting malware in a network environment
10/20/16 new patent  Platform security using processor assists
10/20/16 new patent  Sensor input transmission and associated processes
10/20/16 new patent  Techniques for transmitting video content to a wirelessly docked device having a display
10/20/16 new patent  Methods and providing assistance services for large crowds
10/20/16 new patent  Method, apparatus and system of managing an encoder output rate based upon wireless communication link feedback
10/20/16 new patent  Parallel wireless communication apparatus, method, and system
10/20/16 new patent  Decoupling arrangement
10/13/16Microelectronic test device including a probe card having an interposer
10/13/16Power efficient processor architecture
10/13/16Power efficient processor architecture
10/13/16Methods and apparatus to protect memory regions during low-power states
10/13/16Methods and systems for performing a replay execution
10/13/16Common architectural state presentation for processor having processing cores of different types
10/13/16Methods, apparatus, instructions and logic to provide permute controls with leading zero count functionality
10/13/16Live migration of virtual machines from/to host computers with graphics virtualization
10/13/16Instruction and logic for run-time evaluation of multiple prefetchers
10/13/16Cache allocation with code and data prioritization
10/13/16Transition-minimized low speed data transfer
10/13/16Content protection system using biometric authentication
10/13/16Facilitating efficeint free in-plane rotation landmark tracking of images on computing devices
10/13/16Image capturing apparatus and method
10/13/16Avatar video apparatus and method
10/13/16Method and system of random access compression of transducer data for automatic speech recognition decoding
10/13/16Reduction of power consumption in memory devices during refresh modes
10/13/16Hybrid memory and mtj based mram bit-cell and array
10/13/16Faradaic energy storage device structures and associated techniques and configurations
10/13/16Advanced etching technologies for straight, tall and uniform fins across multiple fin pitch structures
10/13/16Low temperature thin wafer backside vacuum process with backgrinding tape
10/13/16Crosstalk polarity reversal and cancellation through substrate material
10/13/16Microelectronic substrate having embedded trace layers with integral attachment structures
10/13/16High density interconnection of microelectronic devices
10/13/16Photodetector with tapered waveguide structure
10/13/16Systems, methods and devices for adaptable battery charging
10/13/16Managing presence and long beacon extension pulses
10/13/16Configurable transceiver circuit architecture
10/13/16Dynamic interconnect with partitioning on emulation and protyping platforms
10/13/16Temperature compensated pll calibration
10/13/16Sleeved garment equipped for human body communication
10/13/16Coverage estimation of wireless cellular networks by user equipment (ue) idle mode measurements
10/13/16Wireline receiver circuitry having collaborative timing recovery
10/13/16Authenticating to a network via a device-specific one time password
10/13/16Real-time 3d reconstruction with a depth camera
10/13/16Method and evolved node-b for geographic bin data collection and reporting
10/13/16Methods and arrangements for advertising services in wireless networks
10/13/16Machine-to-machine communication device and providing enhanced access barring in a wireless network
10/13/16Mechanisms for roaming between 3gpp operators and wlan service providers
10/13/16Techniques for selecting an access point for wireless network discovery
10/13/16Device-to-device receive window selection for inter-cell operation
10/06/16Intelligent photoplethysmograph signal-to-noise ratio control for recovery of biosignals during times of motion
10/06/16Integrated circuit test temperature control mechanism
10/06/16Transmitter precoding for optimizing positioning performance
10/06/16Location estimation based upon ambient identifiable wireless signal sources
10/06/16Method and flexible electronic communicating device
10/06/16Context-based indoor power management
10/06/16Power monitor for an electronic device
10/06/16Adaptive enclousre for a mobile computing device
10/06/16Deduplication-based data security
10/06/16Audio obstruction effects in 3d parallax user interfaces
10/06/16Custom class library generation method and apparatus
10/06/16Facilitation of guest application display from host operating system
10/06/16Memory and resource management in a virtual computing environment
10/06/16Manageability redundancy for micro server and clustered system-on-a-chip deployments
10/06/16Instruction and logic for support of code modification in translation lookaside buffers
10/06/16Tracking heart rate for music selection
10/06/16Hardware configuration reporting systems
10/06/16Apparatus and methods for capturing and generating user experiences
10/06/16Systems and methods for forecasting discounts using crowd source information
10/06/16Simd algorithm for image dilation and erosion processing
10/06/16Facial gesture driven animation communication system
10/06/16Avatar audio communication systems and techniques
10/06/16Aggregated analytics for intelligent transportation systems
10/06/16Mechanism for facilitating watermarking-based management of echoes for content transmission at communication devices.
10/06/16Multi-chip-module semiconductor chip package having dense package wiring
10/06/16Bi-axial tensile strained ge channel for cmos
10/06/16Tensile source drain iii-v transistors for mobility improved n-mos
10/06/16Nonplanar iii-n transistors with compositionally graded semiconductor channels
10/06/16Constrained anode fiber for rechargeable battery
10/06/16Magnetic field pass through surfaces in carbon fiber reinforced polymers
10/06/16Universal serial connector
10/06/16Apparatus for charge recovery during low power mode
10/06/16Voltage level shifter circuit
10/06/16Apparatus configured for visible-light communications (vlc) using under-sampled frequency shift on-off keying (ufsook)
10/06/16Table-driven routing in a dragonfly processor interconnect network
10/06/16Location-aware mobile application management
10/06/16Network-assisted mobility management using multiple radio access technologies
10/06/16Electronic device having two processors to process data
10/06/16Remote wakeup for wi-fi devices
10/06/16Methods and arrangements for synch frame transmissions
10/06/16Enhanced physical downlink control channel scrambling and demodulation reference signal sequence generation
09/29/16Antenna system
09/29/16Smart clothing
09/29/16Misalignment detection of a wearable device
09/29/16Sensor data transmissions
09/29/16Facilitating dynamic and seamless breath testing using user-controlled personal computing devices
09/29/16Detection and calculation of heart rate recovery in non-clinical settings
09/29/16Hidden feature for accessing or repairing mobile devices
09/29/16Adaptive zone of safety
09/29/16Impairment recognition mechanism
09/29/16Methods of forming sensor integrated packages and structures formed thereby
09/29/16Interposer for hermetic sealing of sensor chips and for their integration with integrated circuit chips
09/29/16Technologies for providing information to a user while traveling
09/29/16Integrated gas sensor
09/29/16Integrated photonics based sensor system
09/29/16Ocean-deployed subsurface sensor location positioning system
09/29/16Method, apparatus and system of determining a time of arrival of a wireless communication signal
09/29/16Optical higher-order mode frustration in a rib waveguide
09/29/16High index contrast waveguide devices and systems
09/29/16Technologies for bio-chemically controlling operation of a machine
09/29/16Near field communications-triggering for wireless display/docking
09/29/16Calibration scheme for improving flexibility on platform implementation
09/29/16System, energy efficiency and energy conservation by configuring power management parameters during run time
09/29/16Haptic user interface control
09/29/16Human body communication with touch devices
09/29/16Touch screen control
09/29/16Customized contextual user interface information displays
09/29/16Read operations in memory devices
09/29/16Implied directory state updates
09/29/16Sequential write stream management
09/29/16Measurement and reporting of the latency of input and output operations by a solid state drive to a host
09/29/16Method and improving immunity to defects in a non-volatile memory
09/29/16Efficient data compression for solid-state memory
09/29/16Managing prior versions of data for logical addresses in a storage device
09/29/16Mechanism to adapt garbage collection resource allocation in a solid state drive
09/29/16Multiplier pipelining optimization with a postponed estimation correction
09/29/16Apparatuses and methods to prevent execution of a modified instruction
09/29/16Apparatuses and methods to accelerate vector multiplication
09/29/16Apparatus and vector horizontal logical instruction
09/29/16Embedded branch prediction unit
09/29/16User-level fork and join processors, methods, systems, and instructions
09/29/16Apparatuses and methods to selectively execute a commit instruction
09/29/16Shared resource access control method and apparatus
09/29/16Isolating communication streams to achieve high performance multi-threaded communication for global address space programs
09/29/16Byte level granularity buffer overflow detection for memory corruption detection architectures
09/29/16Reliability, availability, and serviceability in multi-node systems with disaggregated memory
09/29/16Extracting selective information from on-die dynamic random access memory (dram) error correction code (ecc)
09/29/16Apparatus and detecting and mitigating bit-line opens in flash memory
09/29/16Errors and erasures decoding from multiple memory devices
09/29/16Boot operations in memory devices
09/29/16Apparatus of wireless gigabit display extension (wde) device
09/29/16Technologies for application validation in persistent memory systems
09/29/16Changing cache ownership in clustered multiprocessor
09/29/16Shared buffered memory routing
09/29/16Mechanism to avoid hot-l1/cold-l2 events in an inclusive l2 cache using l1 presence bits for victim selection bias
09/29/16Two level memory full line writes
09/29/16Storage cache performance by using compressibility of the data as a criteria for cache insertion
09/29/16Asymmetric set combined cache
09/29/16Pooled memory address translation
09/29/16Dynamic configuration and peripheral access in a processor
09/29/16Cache-less split tracker architecture for replay protection trees
09/29/16Apparatus and implementing a forked system call in a system with a protected region
09/29/16Return oriented programming stack pivoting protection
09/29/16Methods and apparatus to utilize a trusted loader in a trusted computing environment
09/29/16System and method to enable closed chassis debug control interface using a universal serial bus (usb) type-c connector
09/29/16Additional secured execution environment with sr-iov and xhci-iov
09/29/16Multichip package link
09/29/16Method, apparatus and system for encapsulating information in a communication
09/29/16System-on-a-chip (soc) including hybrid processor cores
09/29/16Value sorter
09/29/16Method and improving performance and power in an electronic design using standard cells
09/29/16Control-flow integrity with managed code and unmanaged code
09/29/16Memory scanning methods and apparatus
09/29/16Out-of-band host os boot sequence verification
09/29/16Systems, methods, and apparatus to provide private information retrieval
09/29/16Technologies for hardening data encryption with secure enclaves
09/29/16Flexible counter system for memory protection
09/29/16Gesture recognition mechanism
09/29/16Clustered palette compression
09/29/16Printer monitoring
09/29/16Optical communication using differential images
09/29/16Secure transactions with connected peripherals
09/29/16Providing real-time access to resources based on driving record
09/29/16Computing intermediating interactions between computing devices
09/29/16Method and intelligent cloud-based graphics updates
09/29/16Data distribution fabric in scalable gpus
09/29/16Edge sensing measure for raw image processing
09/29/16Non-local means image denoising with an adaptive directional spatial filter
09/29/16Automatic orientation estimation of camera system relative to vehicle
09/29/16System and safe scanning
09/29/163d model recognition apparatus and method
09/29/16Augmentation modification based on user interaction with augmented reality scene
09/29/16Adaptive linear luma domain video pipeline architecture
09/29/16Content adaptive backlight power saving technology
09/29/16Voice personalization for machine reading
09/29/16Voice activity detection technologies, systems and methods employing the same
09/29/16Impedance compensation based on detecting sensor data
09/29/16Method and performing data operations within a memory device
09/29/16Cost optimized single level cell mode non-volatile memory for multiple level cell mode non-volatile memory
09/29/16Integrated setback read with reduced snapback disturb
09/29/16Apparatus and drift cancellation in a memory
09/29/16Multistage set procedure for phase change memory
09/29/16Self-storing and self-restoring non-volatile static random access memory
09/29/16Dynamic application of error correction code (ecc) based on error type
09/29/16Method of forming a surface mount component having magnetic layer thereon
09/29/16Bendable and stretchable electronic devices and methods
09/29/16High density package interconnects
09/29/16Embedded structures for package-on-package architecture
09/29/16Pillar arrangement in nand memory
09/29/16Nanowire transistor with underlayer etch stops
09/29/16Field effect transistor with narrow bandgap source and drain regions and fabrication
09/29/16Materials and components in phase change memory devices
09/29/16Method and low power wireless docking discovery
09/29/16Parallel via to improve the impedance match for embedded common mode filter design
09/29/16Method and enhancing guardbands using "in-situ" silicon measurements
09/29/16Ad-hoc wireless communication network including wearable input/output transducers
09/29/16Techniques for device-to-device communications
09/29/16Antenna system
09/29/16Virtualization of natural radio environments to test a radio device
09/29/16Pseudorandom bit sequences in an interconnect
09/29/16Apparatus and method to protect digital content
09/29/16Challenge response authentication for self encrypting drives
09/29/16Stable probing-resilient physically unclonable function (puf) circuit
09/29/16Adaptive channel prediction and mitigating interference in ofdm systems
09/29/16Technologies for gpu assisted network traffic monitoring and analysis
09/29/16Selectively enabling first and second communication paths using a repeater
09/29/16Facilitating tracking of targets and generating and communicating of messages at computing devices
09/29/16Cooperated approach to network packet filtering
09/29/16Contextual contacts for html5
09/29/16Protecting a memory
09/29/16Context sensitive multi-mode authentication
09/29/16Facilitating dynamic and seamless transitioning into online meetings

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