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Intel Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Intel Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011664704/28/16  new patent  Anti-moire pattern diffuser for optical systems
22016011695904/28/16  new patent  Device power management state transition latency advertisement for faster boot time
32016011717104/28/16  new patent  Real time instruction trace processors, methods, and systems
42016011719004/28/16  new patent  Virtual processor direct interrupt delivery mechanism
52016011726904/28/16  new patent  System and providing universal serial bus link power management policies in a processor environment
62016011749704/28/16  new patent  Computing platform security methods and apparatus
72016011749804/28/16  new patent  Computing platform security methods and apparatus
82016011761404/28/16  new patent  Methods and dynamically processing events based on automatic detection of time conflicts
92016011772204/28/16  new patent  Adaptively embedding visual advertising content into media content
102016011831504/28/16  new patent  Heat sink coupling using flexible heat pipes for multi-surface components
112016011835404/28/16  new patent  Microelectronic package utilizing multiple bumpless build-up structures and through-silicon vias
122016011838404/28/16  new patent  Self-aligned contact metallization for reduced contact resistance
132016011839304/28/16  new patent  Nand memory array with mismatched cell and bitline pitch
142016011846404/28/16  new patent  Apparatus and methods for forming a modulation doped non-planar transistor
152016011896704/28/16  new patent  Pulse width modulator for high speed digitally controlled voltage regulator
162016011900804/28/16  new patent  Mobile unit having internet protocol functionality
172016011904204/28/16  new patent  Feedback scheme for mu-mimo
182016011904604/28/16  new patent  Apparatus, system and beamforming
192016011912204/28/16  new patent  Architecture and instruction set for implementing advanced encryption standard (aes)
202016011912304/28/16  new patent  Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
212016011912404/28/16  new patent  Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
222016011912504/28/16  new patent  Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
232016011912604/28/16  new patent  Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
242016011912704/28/16  new patent  Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
252016011912804/28/16  new patent  Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
262016011912904/28/16  new patent  Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
272016011913004/28/16  new patent  Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
282016011913104/28/16  new patent  Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
292016011913904/28/16  new patent  Wireless device and rekeying with reduced packet loss for high-throughput wireless communications
302016011914404/28/16  new patent  Data encryption and/or decryption by integrated circuit
312016011917804/28/16  new patent  Method and system for recognizing radio link failures associated with hsupa and hsdpa channels
322016011962404/28/16  new patent  Dynamic on screen display using a compressed video stream
332016011984204/28/16  new patent  Inter-rat mobility of in-device coexistence
342016011992504/28/16  new patent  Communication device and controlling transceiver chains of a communication device
352016011996704/28/16  new patent  Resuming packet services in a mobile network
362016010955404/21/16 Adaptive optimization of time of flight (tof) exchange
372016010992504/21/16 An apparatus to reduce idle link power in a platform
382016011003804/21/16 Menu system and interactions with an electronic device
392016011005104/21/16 System and method to control a touchscreen user interface
402016011010604/21/16 Multi-level memory with direct access
412016011019604/21/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
422016011020404/21/16 Booting an operating system of a system using a read ahead technique
432016011020504/21/16 Booting an operating system of a system using a read ahead technique
442016011022304/21/16 Multi-threaded queuing system for pattern matching
452016011026904/21/16 Providing supervisor control of control transfer execution profiling
462016011029804/21/16 Memory protection key architecture with independent user and supervisor domains
472016011030904/21/16 Device power management state transition latency advertisement for faster boot time
482016011053204/21/16 User authorization and presence detection in isolation from interference from and control by host central processing unit and operating system
492016011054004/21/16 Interface between a device and a secure processing environment
502016011054204/21/16 Attack protection for valid gadget control transfers
512016011054604/21/16 Computing device boot software authentication
522016011076804/21/16 Location-based filtering and advertising enhancements for merged browsing of network contents
532016011106204/21/16 Ambient light-based image adjustment
542016011142304/21/16 Extreme high mobility cmos logic
552016011142604/21/16 Methods of integrating multiple gate dielectric transistors on a tri-gate (finfet) process
562016011153204/21/16 Source/drain contacts for non-planar transistors
572016011185804/21/16 Hybrid laser including anti-resonant waveguides
582016011208004/21/16 Communication device and processing a received signal
592016011208904/21/16 Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-code division multiple access system
602016011222204/21/16 Digital pre-distortion filter system and method
612016011267404/21/16 Object of interest based image processing
622016011270704/21/16 Policy-based image encoding
632016011291204/21/16 Hs-dsch inter-node b cell change
642016011295404/21/16 Method, system and apparatus of time of flight operation
652016011305904/21/16 User equipment and discontinuous reception (drx) mode in wireless communication networks
662016010328204/14/16 Optical device using echelle grating that provides total internal reflection of light
672016010342304/14/16 Bang-bang time to digital converter systems and methods
682016010347404/14/16 Providing per core voltage and frequency control
692016010348704/14/16 Brain computer interface (bci) system based on gathered temporal and spatial patterns of biophysical signals
702016010368404/14/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
712016010378504/14/16 Gather using index array and finite state machine
722016010378604/14/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
732016010378704/14/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
742016010378804/14/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
752016010378904/14/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
762016010379004/14/16 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
772016010463204/14/16 Non-uniform substrate stackup
782016010467904/14/16 Methods of forming substrate microvias with anchor structures
792016010515104/14/16 Switchable dual core power amplifier
802016010515504/14/16 Automatic adjustments of audio alert characteristics of an alert device using ambient noise levels
812016010522904/14/16 Apparatus, system and beamforming
822016010537504/14/16 Device-to-device communication for resource sharing
832016010540504/14/16 Multi-key graphic cryptography for encrypting file system acceleration
842016010543004/14/16 Systems and methods for distributed trust computing and key management
852016010553504/14/16 Systems and methods for signal classification
862016010572604/14/16 Wireless access point with digital television capabilities
872016010585104/14/16 Wireless wake-up device for cellular module
882016010597404/14/16 Integrated assembly for installing integrated circuit devices on a substrate
892016010600304/14/16 Automatic height compensating and co-planar leveling heat removal assembly for multi-chip packages
902016009807804/07/16 Providing per core voltage and frequency control
912016009807904/07/16 Providing per core voltage and frequency control
922016009814804/07/16 Parallel touch point detection using processor graphics
932016009819504/07/16 Method and determining a timing adjustment of output to a host memory controller
942016009836604/07/16 Method and encoding registers in a memory module
952016009861004/07/16 System, device, and geo-locating objects
962016009892004/07/16 Transcoder enabled cloud of remotely controlled devices
972016009898604/07/16 System and automatic speech recognition using on-the-fly word lattice generation with word histories
982016009904404/07/16 Method and a memory module to accept a command in multiple parts
992016009919004/07/16 Underfill material including block copolymer to tune coefficient of thermal expansion and tensile modulus
1002016010001004/07/16 Coordination for one-sided memory access in a partitioned global address space
1012016010009904/07/16 Interactive video conferencing
1022016010014804/07/16 Method and system of lens shading color correction using block matching
1032016010015904/07/16 Method and device for projecting a 30d viewable image
1042016010033604/07/16 Systems and methods for managing circuit switched fallback calls
1052016010036504/07/16 Methods and arrangements for frequency selective transmission
1062016010038404/07/16 Reference signal configuration for coordinated multipoint
1072016010040104/07/16 User equipment and resource allocation and device-to-device discovery hopping
1082016008952403/31/16 Contextual activation of pharmaceuticals through wearable devices
1092016008985503/31/16 Morphing form factor material
1102016009076603/31/16 360 degree hinge assembly for electronic devices
1112016009131303/31/16 Virtual gyroscope using dual magnetometers for electronic devices
1122016009133603/31/16 Location based haptic direction finding
1132016009133703/31/16 Wearable sensor data to improve map and navigation data
1142016009178103/31/16 Integrated and adjustable image projection with auto-image correction in electronic devices using an in-facing or world-facing image projector
1152016009186703/31/16 Digital analog display with rotating bezel
1162016009187403/31/16 System and electronically tagging items for use in controlling electrical devices
1172016009192003/31/16 Apparatus and controlling wearable devices using wireless energy harvesting
1182016009193403/31/16 Retractable support mechanism for an electronic device
1192016009193503/31/16 Hinge configuration for an electronic device
1202016009193803/31/16 System and adaptive thermal and performance management in electronic devices
1212016009194103/31/16 Adapting operating parameters of an input/output (io) interface circuit of a processor
1222016009195803/31/16 Method and a zero voltage processor sleep state
1232016009195903/31/16 Efficient power management of uart interface
1242016009196303/31/16 Remote wearable input sources for electronic devices
1252016009196403/31/16 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for gesture recognition and interaction
1262016009198203/31/16 Mechanism to provide visual feedback regarding computing system command gestures
1272016009208503/31/16 Selective access to interactive device features
1282016009211203/31/16 Instruction and logic for hardware compression with tiled data structures of dissimilar dimensions
1292016009211303/31/16 Host-managed non-volatile memory
1302016009211703/31/16 Reduction of performance impact of uneven channel loading in solid state drives
1312016009211803/31/16 Memory write management in a computer system
1322016009216003/31/16 User adaptive interfaces
1332016009221503/31/16 Instruction and logic for multiplier selectors for merging math functions
1342016009222003/31/16 Instruction and logic for machine check interrupt management
1352016009222203/31/16 Instruction and logic for bulk register reclamation
1362016009222303/31/16 Persistent store fence processors, methods, systems, and instructions
1372016009222603/31/16 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for zeroing of bits in a data element
1382016009222703/31/16 Robust and high performance instructions for system call
1392016009228503/31/16 Method and approximating detection of overlaps between memory ranges
1402016009228703/31/16 Evidence-based replacement of storage nodes
1412016009230003/31/16 Using reliability information from multiple storage units and a parity storage unit to recover data for a failed one of the storage units
1422016009235403/31/16 Hardware apparatuses and methods to control cache line coherency
1432016009236103/31/16 Caching technologies employing data compression
1442016009236303/31/16 Cache-aware adaptive thread scheduling and migration
1452016009236703/31/16 Hardware apparatuses and methods to control access to a multiple bank data cache
1462016009237103/31/16 Method and deterministic translation lookaside buffer (tlb) miss handling
1472016009237303/31/16 Instruction and logic for adaptive dataset priorities in processor caches
1482016009238103/31/16 In-band configuration mode
1492016009238203/31/16 Avoiding premature enabling of nonmaskable interrupts when returning from exceptions
1502016009238503/31/16 Single-wire communication with adaptive start-bit condition
1512016009238903/31/16 Unified device interface for a multi-bus system
1522016009239203/31/16 Adaptive termination scheme for low power high speed bus
1532016009239303/31/16 Serial bus electrical termination control
1542016009239603/31/16 Method and stacking a plurality of cores
1552016009240003/31/16 Instruction and logic for a vector format for processing computations
1562016009250403/31/16 Recognition of free-form gestures from orientation tracking of a handheld or wearable device
1572016009266503/31/16 Liveness detection for user authentication
1582016009301203/31/16 Method and a highly efficient graphics processing unit (gpu) execution model
1592016009308903/31/16 Techniques for multiple pass rendering
1602016009309803/31/16 Filtered shadow mapping
1612016009319903/31/16 Shoe-based wearable interaction system
1622016009328403/31/16 Method and apparatus to synthesize voice based on facial structures
1632016009328503/31/16 Systems and methods for providing non-lexical cues in synthesized speech
1642016009329203/31/16 Optimizations to decoding of wfst models for automatic speech recognition
1652016009337503/31/16 Reference architecture in a cross-point memory
1662016009337703/31/16 Nonvolatile memory module
1672016009354003/31/16 Inline measurement of molding material thickness using terahertz reflectance
1682016009394003/31/16 Communication device and display incorporating antennas between display pixels
1692016009394203/31/16 Method and in-mold laminate antennas
1702016009394303/31/16 Antenna integrated into a touch sensor of a touchscreen display
1712016009396003/31/16 Press-fit internal cable
1722016009397903/31/16 Protective cover for a connector
1732016009405403/31/16 Wireless load modulation
1742016009412103/31/16 Power supply topologies with capacitance management
1752016009423103/31/16 Open-loop voltage regulation and drift compensation for digitally controlled oscillator (dco)
1762016009424103/31/16 Apparatus and vector compression
1772016009427203/31/16 Signal routing with reduced crosstalk
1782016009428303/31/16 Enhanced node b and precoding with reduced quantization error
1792016009428603/31/16 Apparatus, system and wireless backhaul and access communication via a common antenna array
1802016009433803/31/16 Securing audio communications
1812016009434003/31/16 Instructions and logic to provide simd sm4 cryptographic block cipher functionality
1822016009455803/31/16 Securing sensor data
1832016009460503/31/16 Optimizing synchronization of audio and network tasks in voice over packet switched networks
1842016009466403/31/16 Hardware resource access systems and techniques
1852016009469103/31/16 Electronic device system with a modular second housing
1862016009480303/31/16 Content adaptive telecine and interlace reverser
1872016009484903/31/16 Thermal throttling of widi video stream resolution
1882016009501303/31/16 Multisensory change detection for internet of things domain
1892016009505403/31/16 Delivering media data to portable computing devices
1902016009506003/31/16 Method and power optimized iot communication
1912016009508003/31/16 Device-to-device assisted positioning in wireless cellular technologies
1922016009509003/31/16 Structured super-positioning coding to enhance control channel capacity
1932016009509203/31/16 Resource allocation and use for device-to-device assisted positioning in wireless cellular technologies
1942016009511203/31/16 Construction of transmission patterns for d2d communication
1952016009514903/31/16 Mechanism to enable rejection and cancellation of request actions from wireless peer-to-peer devices
1962016009517303/31/16 Control mechanism and method using rgb light emitting diodes
1972016009520903/31/16 Panel level fabrication of package substrates with integrated stiffeners
1982016009522003/31/16 Electronic package design that facilitates shipping the electronic package
1992016009522903/31/16 Electroplated plastic chassis for electronic device
2002016008506803/24/16 Compact illumination system
2012016008508403/24/16 Projection device
2022016008526303/24/16 Synchronization of domain counters
2032016008528703/24/16 Performing local power gating in a processor
2042016008529303/24/16 Configuring power management functionality in a processor
2052016008529603/24/16 Wearable input device
2062016008534303/24/16 Micro deflectors on touch sensor
2072016008535803/24/16 Dynamic input mode selection
2082016008544303/24/16 Apparatus, determining comparison information based on memory data
2092016008553103/24/16 Methods and apparatus to validate translated guest code in a dynamic binary translator
2102016008554703/24/16 Data element selection and consolidation processors, methods, systems, and instructions
2112016008555603/24/16 Instruction and logic for scheduling instructions
2122016008561903/24/16 Probabilistic flit error checking
2132016008562103/24/16 Recovery algorithm in non-volatile memory
2142016008566803/24/16 Techniques for improving reliability and performance of partially written memory blocks in modern flash memory systems
2152016008567503/24/16 Utilization of processor capacity at low operating frequencies
2162016008568503/24/16 Instruction and logic for support of code modification in translation lookaside buffers
2172016008569203/24/16 Encryption integrity check in memory
2182016008569503/24/16 Memory initialization in a protected region
2192016008570003/24/16 Hardware timer based mechanism to check interrupt disabled duration
2202016008570303/24/16 Discovery mechanisms for universal serial bus (usb) protocol adaptation layer
2212016008570703/24/16 Dual bus standard switching bus controller
2222016008571103/24/16 Throttling integrated link
2232016008571303/24/16 Apparatus, system and wireless docking
2242016008576303/24/16 Contextual application management
2252016008589903/24/16 Interconnect routing configurations and associated techniques
2262016008595803/24/16 Methods and multi-factor user authentication with two dimensional cameras
2272016008595903/24/16 Prevention of cable-swap security attack on storage devices
2282016008596003/24/16 Securely pairing computing devices
2292016008596503/24/16 Execution of a secured environment initialization instruction on a point-to-point interconnect system
2302016008596603/24/16 Detection of return oriented programming attacks
2312016008596903/24/16 Using a trusted platform module for boot policy and secure firmware
2322016008609503/24/16 Multifactor intelligent agent control
2332016008631703/24/16 Non-local means image denoising with detail preservation using self-similarity driven blending
2342016008637403/24/16 Constant buffer size multi-sampled anti-aliasing depth compression
2352016008640303/24/16 Apparatuses and methods for pet access control
2362016008645703/24/16 Apparatus and methods for haptic covert communication
2372016008667303/24/16 Sensing with boost
2382016008687103/24/16 Integrated heat spreader for multi-chip packages
2392016008689403/24/16 Control of warpage using abf gc cavity for embedded die package
2402016008690503/24/16 Shaped and oriented solder joints
2412016008717203/24/16 Edge coupling alignment using embedded features
2422016008732803/24/16 Exciting dual frequency bands from an antenna component with a dual branch coupling feed
2432016008736103/24/16 Techniques and configurations to control movement and position of surface mounted electrical devices
2442016008737603/24/16 Signaling link grounding
2452016008744703/24/16 Wireless power safety component
2462016008748903/24/16 Power supply
2472016008764103/24/16 Digital phase-locked loop supply voltage control
2482016008764603/24/16 Apparatus and mapping binary to ternary and its reverse
2492016008780503/24/16 Post-processing mechanism for physically unclonable functions

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