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Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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09/22/16 new patent  Wearable apparatus with a stretch sensor
09/22/16 new patent  Apparel items simulation apparatus and methods
09/22/16 new patent  Restraint apparatus and method with alert
09/22/16 new patent  Circuit device inspection systems using temperature gradients
09/22/16 new patent  Composite wire probe test assembly
09/22/16 new patent  Method, apparatus and system for dynamic bandwidth management in systems
09/22/16 new patent  Wearable electronic devices and components thereof
09/22/16 new patent  Touchscreen for use with flexible display
09/22/16 new patent  Mechanism to avoid unintentional user interaction with a convertible mobile device during conversion
09/22/16 new patent  Memory management in virtualized computing
09/22/16 new patent  Secondary display mechanism
09/22/16 new patent  Architecture for seamless integrated display system
09/22/16 new patent  Multiplier pipelining optimization with a bit folding correction
09/22/16 new patent  Apparatus, system, and persistent user-level thread
09/22/16 new patent  Systems, apparatuses, and methods for generating a dependency vector based on two source writemask registers
09/22/16 new patent  An apparatus, method, and system for a fast configuration mechanism
09/22/16 new patent  Hardware-based inter-device resource sharing
09/22/16 new patent  Instruction and logic for scheduling instructions
09/22/16 new patent  Cache and data organization for memory protection
09/22/16 new patent  Weakly ordered doorbell
09/22/16 new patent  Control of computer vision pre-processing based on image matching using structural similarity
09/22/16 new patent  Regulating digital content transmitted over a network
09/22/16 new patent  Color matching for imaging systems
09/22/16 new patent  Blob detection in noisy images
09/22/16 new patent  Machine vision image sensor calibration
09/22/16 new patent  Corner texel addressing mode
09/22/16 new patent  Sensor data visualization apparatus and method
09/22/16 new patent  3d face model reconstruction apparatus and method
09/22/16 new patent  Static frame image quality improvement for sink displays
09/22/16 new patent  Dynamically managing memory footprint for tile based rendering
09/22/16 new patent  Row hammer monitoring based on stored row hammer threshold value
09/22/16 new patent  Inductors for circuit board through hole structures
09/22/16 new patent  Inductors for circuit board through hole structures
09/22/16 new patent  Multi-chip self adjusting cooling solution
09/22/16 new patent  Integrated circuit package having wirebonded multi-die stack
09/22/16 new patent  Bumpless build-up layer package with pre-stacked microelectronic devices
09/22/16 new patent  Method of embedding wlcsp components in e-wlb and e-plb
09/22/16 new patent  Planar device on fin-based transistor architecture
09/22/16 new patent  Integrated inductor for integrated circuit devices
09/22/16 new patent  Method of fabricating semiconductor structures on dissimilar substrates
09/22/16 new patent  Heterogeneous pocket for tunneling field effect transistors (tfets)
09/22/16 new patent  Non-planar semiconductor device having hybrid geometry-based active region
09/22/16 new patent  Cable connector
09/22/16 new patent  Method and apparatus to change resonance frequency of an electronic device
09/22/16 new patent  Storage systems with adaptive erasure code generation
09/22/16 new patent  Downlink channel parameters determination for a multiple-input-multiple-output (mimo) system
09/22/16 new patent  High speed receiver with one-hot decision feedback equalizer
09/22/16 new patent  Network interface devices with remote storage control
09/22/16 new patent  Location and boundary controls for storage volumes
09/22/16 new patent  System and notification provision based on availability
09/22/16 new patent  Local change detection in video
09/22/16 new patent  User interfaces for electronic devices
09/22/16 new patent  Content adaptive entropy coding of coded/not-coded data for next generation video
09/22/16 new patent  Content adaptive entropy coding of modes and reference types data for next generation video
09/22/16 new patent  Acoustic camera based audio visual scene analysis
09/22/16 new patent  Antenna control system and method
09/22/16 new patent  Determination of enhanced physical downlink control channel candidates in a wireless communication network
09/22/16 new patent  Fluorescent conductive fill material for plated through hole structures and methods of defect inspection utilizing the same
09/15/16Adjustable heat pipe thermal unit
09/15/16Integrated crossflow blower motor apparatus and system
09/15/16Systems and techniques for geofence crossing-based control
09/15/16Datacenter optics (dco) edge mount transceiver assembly and plug connector
09/15/16Monolithic physically displaceable optical waveguides
09/15/16Apparatus and extending frequency range of a circuit and for over-clocking or under-clocking
09/15/16Virtual touch pad controlling an external display
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09/15/16Instruction and logic to provide vector linear interpolation functionality
09/15/16Apparatuses and methods to assign a logical thread to a physical thread
09/15/16Dynamically modifying a power/performance tradeoff based on a processor utilization
09/15/16Instruction and logic to test transactional execution status
09/15/16Techniques to prelink software to improve memory de-duplication in a virtual system
09/15/16Computing method and apparatus associated with context-aware management of a file cache
09/15/16Device, communication with heterogeneous physical layers
09/15/16Remote direct memory access adapter state migration in a virtual environment
09/15/16Securing thermal management parameters in firmware from cyber attack
09/15/16Systems and methods for account recovery using a platform attestation credential
09/15/16Technologies for low-power standby display refresh
09/15/16Negative bitline write assist circuit and operating the same
09/15/16Charge storage device, making same, making an electrically conductive structure for same, mobile electronic device using same, and microelectronic device containing same
09/15/16Substrate warpage control using temper glass with uni-directional heating
09/15/16On package floating metal/stiffener grounding to mitigate rfi and si risks
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09/15/16Techniques for enhancing fracture resistance of interconnects
09/15/16Methods to form high density through-mold interconnections
09/15/16Complementary tunneling fet devices and forming the same
09/15/16Techniques for forming contacts to quantum well transistors
09/15/16Snap connector for socket assembly and associated techniques and configurations
09/15/16Charger of an electronic device
09/15/16Digital phase-locked loop supply voltage control
09/15/16Radio communication devices and methods for controlling a radio communication device
09/15/16Internet of things group formation using a key-based join protocol
09/15/16Social network system and operation
09/15/16Range based user identification and profile determination
09/15/16Determination of device location in crowded indoor environments
09/15/16Emergency evacuation service
09/15/16Moving ad hoc network small cell relay handover
09/15/16Data throughput for cell-edge users in a lte network using down-link repeaters and up-link harq relays
09/15/16Mechanisms for co-existence of lte-u network with itself and with other technologies
09/15/16Bandwidth and channel notification for wide-channel wireless communication
09/15/16Intra-qci scheduler and intra-qci scheduling in a wireless access network
09/15/16Wireless station and methods for tof positioning using reverse-direction grant
09/08/16System debug using an all-in-one connector
09/08/16Mixed signal low dropout voltage regulator with low output impedance
09/08/16Smart variable torque display
09/08/16Controlling operating voltage of a processor
09/08/16Mapping a performance request to an operating frequency in a processor
09/08/16A method, apparatus, and system for controlling power consumption of unused hardware of a link interface
09/08/16Systems, apparatuses, and methods for synchronizing port entry into a low power status
09/08/16Display interaction detection
09/08/16Dynamic cache sharing based on power state
09/08/16Methods and apparatus to eliminate partial-redundant vector loads
09/08/16Elapsed cycle timer in last branch records
09/08/16Apparatus and detecting single flip-error in a complementary resistive memory
09/08/16Heap management for memory corruption detection
09/08/16Adaptive data striping and replication across multiple storage clouds for high availability and performance
09/08/16Alternate control settings
09/08/16Hybrid interconnect for low temperature attach
09/08/16Electronic assembly that includes stacked electronic devices
09/08/16Scalable package architecture and associated techniques and configurations
09/08/16Nanowire transistor devices and forming techniques
09/08/16Hybrid power delivery system for an electronic device
09/08/16Common n-well state retention flip-flop
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09/08/16Signaling for downlink coordinated multipoint in a wireless communication system
09/08/16Performing aes encryption or decryption in multiple modes with a single instruction
09/08/16Low power high speed receiver with reduced decision feedback equalizer samplers
09/08/16Method and secure network enclaves
09/08/16Conveyance of hidden image data between output panel & digital camera
09/08/16Multi-camera sync pulse synchronization
09/08/16Method and enhanced uplink multiplexing
09/08/16Ruggedized wearable electronic device for wireless communication
09/08/16Wireless communications system that supports multiple modes of operation
09/08/16Clasp assembly and data interconnection for wearable computing devices
09/01/16Computational array camera with dynamic illumination for eye tracking
09/01/16Sensor hub an electrical outlet
09/01/16Differential pressure attachment for an electronic device
09/01/16Priority based application event control (paec) to reduce power consumption
09/01/16Programmable power management agent
09/01/16Mechanism for employing and facilitating placement of a sensor cover over a capacitive circuitry sensor at a computing device
09/01/16Techniques for processing custom events
09/01/16Recycling error bits in floating point units
09/01/16Low-power, high-accuracy current reference for highly distributed current references for cross point memory
09/01/16Flexible command addressing for memory
09/01/16Precharging and refreshing banks in memory device with bank group architecture
09/01/16Set and reset operation in phase change memory and associated techniques and configurations
09/01/16Energy storage devices having enhanced specific energy and associated methods
09/01/16Socket contact techniques and configurations
09/01/16Optical interconnect on bumpless build-up layer package
09/01/16Wireless communication device using time-variant antenna module
09/01/16Memory integrity
09/01/16Systems and methods for enhanced mbms with mimo support
09/01/16Timing synchronization for downlink (dl) transmissions in coordinated multipoint (comp) systems
09/01/16Separable transport layer in cache coherent multiple component microelectronic systems
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09/01/16Providing geographic protection to a system
09/01/16Filter for network intrusion and virus detection
09/01/16Methods and devices for detecting open and/or shorts circuits in mems micro-mirror devices
09/01/16Reformatting data to decrease bandwidth between a video encoder and a buffer
09/01/16Area-based location privacy management
09/01/16Time division duplex (tdd) uplink downlink (ul-dl) reconfiguration
09/01/16Configuring component carriers in carrier aggregation
09/01/16Intelligent led bulb and vent method, apparatus and system
08/25/16Inline inspection of the contact between conductive traces and substrate for hidden defects using white light interferometer with tilted objective lens
08/25/16Accelerometer and making same
08/25/16Electronic device system with a configurable display
08/25/16Digital synthesizable low dropout regulator with adaptive gain
08/25/16Autonomously controlling a buffer of a processor
08/25/16Piezoelectric sensor assembly for wrist based wearable virtual keyboard
08/25/16Capacitive sensor action in response to proximity sensor data
08/25/16Techniques for setting volume level within a tree of cascaded volume controls with variating operating delays
08/25/16Seamless host system gesture experience for guest applications on touch based devices
08/25/16Instructions and logic to fork processes of secure enclaves and establish child enclaves in a secure enclave page cache
08/25/16Vector cache line write back processors, methods, systems, and instructions
08/25/16Cache performance by utilizing scrubbed state indicators associated with cache entries
08/25/16Techniques for block-based indexing
08/25/16Distributed persistent memory using asynchronous streaming of log records
08/25/16Secure access management of devices
08/25/16Authentication for network access related applications
08/25/16Physical marketplace interaction platform
08/25/16Collaborative graphics rendering using mobile devices to support remote display
08/25/16Furry avatar animation
08/25/16User gesture driven avatar apparatus and method
08/25/16Techniques for adding interactive features to videos
08/25/16Conformal low temperature hermetic dielectric diffusion barriers
08/25/16Replacement metal gates to enhance transistor strain
08/25/16Capping poly channel pillars in stacked circuits
08/25/16Method for making high density substrate interconnect using inkjet printing
08/25/16Integrated wluf and sod process
08/25/16Magnetic contacts
08/25/16Semiconductor chip stacking assemblies
08/25/16Planar heterogeneous device
08/25/16Heterogeneous layer device
08/25/16Interconnect architecture with stacked flex cable
08/25/16Methods, apparatuses, and systems for multi-point, multi-cell single-user based multiple input and multiple output transmissions
08/25/16Block acknowledgements for multiple devices in high efficiency wireless networks
08/25/16Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
08/25/16Methods and apparatus to process data based on automatically detecting a security environment
08/25/16Audio signal beam forming
08/25/16User equipment and cell association and beamforming training with a mmwave capable small cell
08/25/16Reducing connection time in direct wireless interaction
08/25/16Methods and apparatuses associated with reestablishment of a network connection with a child node
08/25/16Coordination techniques for discontinuous reception (drx) operations in dual-connectivity architectures
08/18/16Method and calibrating a sensor
08/18/16Hybrid electrical/optical connector
08/18/16Dual supply
08/18/16System, apparatus, and improved efficiency of execution in signal processing algorithms
08/18/16Vector operations with operand base system conversion and re-conversion
08/18/16Supporting multiple operating system environments in computing device without contents conversion
08/18/16Apparatus and scheduling graphics processing unit workloads from virtual machines
08/18/16Techniques for portable computing device virtualization
08/18/16Runtime dispatching among a hererogeneous groups of processors
08/18/16High performance persistent memory for region-centric consistent and atomic updates
08/18/16Instruction and logic for a binary translation mechanism for control-flow security
08/18/16Method and server platform architectures that enable serviceable nonvolatile memory modules
08/18/16Digital sign advertisement selection based on mobile device activity
08/18/16Methods of promoting adhesion between underfill and conductive bumps and structures formed thereby
08/18/16Microelectronic interconnect adaptor
08/18/16Antenna on ceramics for a packaged die
08/18/16Solder attach apparatus and method
08/18/16Techniques for improving gate control over transistor channel by increasing effective gate length
08/18/16Group iii-n transistors on nanoscale template structures
08/18/16Transistor structure with variable clad/core dimension for stress and bandgap
08/18/16Low profile zero/low insertion force package top side flex cable connector architecture
08/18/16Continuous current mode multi-load power regulator
08/18/16Apparatuses, methods, and systems for jitter equalization and phase error detection
08/18/16Clock calibration using asynchronous digital sampling
08/18/16Signal detection method and apparatus in mimo communication system
08/18/16Apparatus, system and communicating in an awareness cluster
08/18/16Display having an integrated camera
08/18/16Simulating multi-camera imaging systems
08/18/16Hew station and ul mu-mimo hew with improved receiver performance
08/18/16Reflected signal absorption in interconnect
08/18/16Electronic fabric with incorporated chip and interconnect
08/11/16Binarized frequency transform
08/11/16Method and cooling devices using phase change materials
08/11/16Time-of-flight location determination with unmanaged wlan
08/11/16A controlling the position of a mems mirror
08/11/16Low dropout regulator with hysteretic control
08/11/16Method and apparatus to provide telemetry data in a processor
08/11/16Selective power management for pre-boot firmware updates
08/11/16Techniques enabling low power states for a communications port
08/11/16Last branch record indicators for transactional memory
08/11/16Dynamically changing lockstep configuration
08/11/16Orientation aware authentication on mobile platforms
08/11/16Sm3 hash algorithm acceleration processors, methods, systems, and instructions
08/11/16Method and direct and interactive ray tracing of a subdivision surface
08/11/16System and creating profile of fuel quality
08/11/16Adaptive filtering for wired speaker amplifiers
08/11/16Method and dynamically adjusting voltage reference to optimize an i/o system
08/11/16Memory cell with retention using resistive memory
08/11/16Bumpless die-package interface for bumpless build-up layer (bbul)
08/11/16Microelectronic die having chamfered corners
08/11/16Partial layer transfer system and method

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