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Intel Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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02/23/17 new patent  Control panels
02/23/17 new patent  Polled time-of-flight response
02/23/17 new patent  Apparatus and saving and restoring data for power saving in a processor
02/23/17 new patent  Transparently monitoring power delivery in a processor
02/23/17 new patent  Technologies for remotely controlling a computing device via a wearable computing device
02/23/17 new patent  Multi-element instruction with different read and write masks
02/23/17 new patent  Vector compare instructions for sliding window encoding
02/23/17 new patent  Instructions and logic to vectorize conditional loops
02/23/17 new patent  Fusible instructions and logic to provide or-test and and-test functionality using multiple test sources
02/23/17 new patent  Instruction for fast zuc algorithm processing
02/23/17 new patent  Accessing a device on a remote machine
02/23/17 new patent  Virtualization event processing in a layered virtualization architecture
02/23/17 new patent  Assisted coherent shared memory
02/23/17 new patent  Apparatuses and methods for balanced transmittal of data
02/23/17 new patent  Fast image object detector
02/23/17 new patent  Provision of holding current in non-volatile random access memory
02/23/17 new patent  Substrate on substrate package
02/23/17 new patent  High density substrate routing in bbul package
02/23/17 new patent  Integration methods to fabricate internal spacers for nanowire devices
02/23/17 new patent  Confined epitaxial regions for semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having confined epitaxial regions
02/23/17 new patent  P-tunneling field effect transistor device with pocket
02/23/17 new patent  Non-planar quantum well device having interfacial layer and forming same
02/23/17 new patent  Method and managing applicaiton state in a network interface controller in a high performance computing system
02/23/17 new patent  Techniques for routing packets among virtual machines
02/23/17 new patent  Techniques for routing packets between virtual machines
02/23/17 new patent  Communication using avatar
02/23/17 new patent  Depth sensing auto focus multiple camera system
02/23/17 new patent  Audio enhancement in mobile computing
02/23/17 new patent  Communication device and communicating using a frequency range
02/23/17 new patent  Techniques for coordinated uplink power control
02/23/17 new patent  Device, system and ofdma full-duplex communication
02/23/17 new patent  System and controlling a licensed shared access radio
02/16/17Avatar keyboard
02/16/17Method and defect management in a non-volatile memory device
02/16/17Adaptive data compression for data storage in a memory device
02/16/17Facilitation of concurrent consumption of media content by multiple users using superimposed animation
02/16/17State recovery methods and computing platforms
02/16/17Method and system using exceptions for code specialization in a computer architecture that supports transactions
02/16/17Method and apparatus to support separate operating systems in partitions of a processing system
02/16/17Data coherency model and protocol at cluster level
02/16/17Auto-negotiation of content formats using a secure component model
02/16/17Securing sensor data
02/16/17Real-time mobile payment processing system
02/16/17Enabling use of three-dimensional locations of features with two-dimensional images
02/16/17Robot with awareness of users and environment for use in educational applications
02/16/17Integration methods to fabricate internal spacers for nanowire devices
02/16/17Semiconductor devices with germanium-rich active layers and doped transition layers
02/16/17Contact resistance reduction employing germanium overlayer pre-contact metalization
02/16/17Internal spacers for nanowire transistors and fabrication thereof
02/16/17Pinfield crosstalk mitigation
02/16/17Packet coalescing
02/16/17Contextual peer based guidance systems and methods
02/16/17Collaborative phone reputation system
02/16/17Protocol for communications between platforms and image devices
02/16/17Optical micro-projection system and projection method
02/16/17Gaze-directed content delivery
02/16/17Techniques for discovery of wi-fi serial bus and wi-fi docking services
02/16/17Instruction for accelerating snow 3g wireless security algorithm
02/09/17Acousto-optics deflector and mirror for laser beam steering
02/09/17Heading estimation for determining a user's location
02/09/17Self-calibrated thermal sensors of an integrated circuit die
02/09/17System maximum current protection
02/09/17Electronic device having an active edge
02/09/17State machine based tracking system for screen pointing control
02/09/17Memory access control
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02/09/17Double rounded combined floating-point multiply and add
02/09/17Threshold filtering of compressed domain data using steering vector
02/09/17Mechanism for facilitating dynamic and efficient management of instruction atomicity volations in software programs at computing systems
02/09/17Hardware apparatuses and methods to control access to a multiple bank data cache
02/09/17Loading data using sub-thread information in a processor
02/09/17Memcached systems having local caches
02/09/17Self-learning statistical natural language processing for automatic production of virtual personal assistants
02/09/17Privacy enforcement via localized personalization
02/09/17Object detection using directional filtering
02/09/17Remote prompting infrastructure
02/09/17Personalized shopping mechanism
02/09/17Method and system of demosaicing bayer-type image data for image processing
02/09/17Method and system of planar surface detection for image processing
02/09/17Avatar facial expression and/or speech driven animations
02/09/17Communication using interactive avatars
Patent Packs
02/09/17System and identifying learner engagement states
02/09/17Method and completing pending write requests to volatile memory prior to transitioning to self-refresh mode
02/09/17Desmear with metalized protective film
02/09/17Picture frame stiffeners for microelectronic packages
02/09/17Through-body-via isolated coaxial capacitor and techniques for forming same
02/09/17Avd hardmask for damascene patterning
02/09/17Interconnect routing configurations and associated techniques
02/09/17Conversion of strain-inducing buffer to electrical insulator
02/09/17Plug-and-play time-variant antenna module for wireless communication devices
02/09/17Extended drain non-planar mosfets for electrostatic discharge (esd) protection
02/09/17Digital clamp for state retention
02/09/17Method and compaction of data received over a network
02/09/17Remote configuration and pre-setup for limited input wearable devices
02/09/17Depth image enhancement for hardware generated depth images
02/09/17Preventing dropped calls through behavior prediction
02/09/17Management apparatus and method to support wlan offloading
02/09/17Outage notification and context preservation for energy-harvesting devices
02/09/17Discontinuous reception alignment in dual connectivity networks
02/02/17Light sensor with correlated double sampling
02/02/17Mems micro-mirror assembly
02/02/17Multiple voltage identification (vid) power architecture, a digital synthesizable low dropout regulator, and improving reliability of power gates
02/02/17Masking a power state of a core of a processor
02/02/17Efficient integrated switching voltage regulation
02/02/17Location aware power management scheme for always-on-always-listen voice recognition system
02/02/17Systems, apparatuses, and methods for performing delta encoding on packed data elements
02/02/17Generational thread scheduler
02/02/17Read training a memory controller
02/02/17Packet processing on graphics processing units using continuous threads
02/02/17Mechanism and seamless voice wake and speaker verification
02/02/17Methods and devices for securing and transporting singulated die in high volume manufacturing
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02/02/17Formation of solder and copper interconnect structures and associated techniques and configurations
02/02/17Dry-removable protective coatings
02/02/17First and second differential interconnects having interleaved stub traces
02/02/17Apparatus, system and single-user (su) multi-in-multi-out (mimo) communication
02/02/17Instructions and logic to provide simd sm4 cryptographic block cipher functionality
02/02/17Migration of full-disk encrypted virtualized storage between blade servers
02/02/17Playlist compilation system and method
02/02/17System, optimizing symmetric key cache using tickets issued by a certificate status check service provider
02/02/17Method and making intelligent use of active space in frame packing format
02/02/17Technologies for an automated application exchange in wireless networks
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02/02/17Apparatus,system and geofencing
02/02/17Techniques and configurations associated with operation of an evolved node b at multiple coverage enhancement levels
01/26/17Substrate or panel with releasable core
01/26/17System and channel feedback for location time of flight
01/26/17Film interposer for integrated circuit devices
01/26/17Techniques to achieve area reduction through co-optimizing logic core blocks and memory redundancies
01/26/17Thread livelock unit
01/26/17Automatically adjusting display areas to reduce power consumption
01/26/17Memory management
01/26/17Memory refresh management
01/26/17Systems, apparatuses, and methods for performing mask bit compression
01/26/17Extension of cpu context-state management for micro-architecture state
01/26/17Method and implementing dynamic portbinding within a reservation station
01/26/17Apparatus for hardware accelerated runtime integrity measurement
01/26/17Apparatus and method to manage high capacity storage devices
01/26/17Paging in secure enclaves
01/26/17Inter-component communication including posted and non-posted transactions
01/26/17Methods and remeasuring a virtual machine monitor
01/26/17Technologies for secure trusted i/o access control
01/26/17File vault and cloud based document notary service
01/26/17Method and encoding audio data
01/26/17Phase change memory mask
01/26/17Methods of forming under device interconnect structures
01/26/17Multi-die package structures
01/26/17System-in-package logic and method to control an external packaged memory device
01/26/17Techniques for forming vertical transistor architectures
01/26/17Monolithic integration of high voltage transistors & low voltage non-planar transistors
01/26/17Ionic cooling assembly for electronic device
01/26/17Master-slave digital voltage regulators
01/26/17Apparatus, system and steering a directional antenna
Patent Packs
01/26/17Cryptographic protection of i/o data for dma capable i/o controllers
01/26/17Wideband frequency shift modulation using transient state of antenna
01/26/17Andsf parameters for wlan network selection
01/26/17Methods for accessing to base station that uses sack mechanism and apparatuses using the same
01/26/17Connectivity management for mobile wireless low-power wake-up radios
01/26/17Weaved electrical components in a substrate package core
01/19/17High performance transient uniform cooling solution for thermal compression bonding process
01/19/17Adjustment of magnetic force in a computing device
01/19/17Apparatus, method, and system for early deep sleep state exit of a processing element
01/19/17Method and a zero voltage processor sleep state
01/19/17Touch-controlled electronic device and operating method thereof
01/19/17Cpu/gpu synchronization mechanism
01/19/17Low resistance bitline and sourceline improving read and write operations of a nonvolatile memory
01/19/17Apparatuses, methods, and systems for dense circuitry using tunnel field effect transistors
01/19/17Tungsten alloys in semiconductor devices
01/19/17Through-body via liner deposition
01/19/17Method and process for emib chip interconnections
01/19/17Techniques for forming a compacted array of functional cells
01/19/17Iii-n transistors with enhanced breakdown voltage
01/19/17Solid-source diffused junction for fin-based electronics
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01/19/17Afc/txagc pdm inl
01/19/17High performance repeater
01/19/17Apparatus and clock synchronization for inter-die synchronized data transfer
01/19/17Mobile device, radio transceiver circuit, and impedance adjustment device
01/19/17Redriver link testing
01/19/17Multicast broadcast multimedia service-assisted content distribution
01/19/17Method and a power-efficient framework to maintain data synchronization of a mobile personal computer to simulate a connected scenario
01/19/17Shared mesh
01/19/17Methods for controlling mobile phones and instruments and systems using the same
01/19/17Power saving architectures and techniques in wireless networks
01/19/17Device, system and simultaneously communicating with a group of wireless communication devices
01/12/17Inertial measurement unit for electronic devices
01/12/17Rotation sensor device
01/12/17Interconnect to communicate information uni-directionally
01/12/17Dynamically controlling cache size to maximize energy efficiency
01/12/17Dynamic thread splitting
01/12/17Mechanism for instruction set based thread execution on a plurality of instruction sequencers
01/12/17Address range priority mechanism
01/12/17Providing state storage in a processor for system management mode
01/12/17Accelerated lens distortion correction with near-continuous warping optimization
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01/12/17Compression using index bits in msaa
01/12/17Clustered palette compression
01/12/17Method, display adapter and computer program product for improved graphics performance by using a replaceable culling program
01/12/17Sparse rasterization
01/12/17Layered reconstruction for defocus and motion blur
01/12/17Power management in multi-die assemblies
01/12/17Apparatus for adaptive write assist for memory
01/12/17Semiconductor assemblies with flexible substrates
01/12/17Self-aligned floating gate in a vertical memory structure
01/12/17Vertical channel transistors fabrication process by selective subtraction of a regular grid
01/12/17Through-body via formation techniques
01/12/17Thickened stress relief and power distribution layer
01/12/17Semiconductor interconnect structures
01/12/17Embedded die-down package-on-package device
01/12/17Tsv-connected backside decoupling
01/12/17Germanium-based quantum well devices
01/12/17Transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductor assemblies
01/12/17Techniques for integration of ge-rich p-mos source/drain contacts
01/12/17Aspect ratio trapping (art) for fabricating vertical semiconductor devices
01/12/17Selectively regrown top contact for vertical semiconductor devices
01/12/17Omni directional broadband coplanar antenna element
01/12/17Balancing mobile device audio
01/12/17Mechanism for facilitating dynamic context-based access control of resources
01/12/17No-reference image and video quality evaluation
01/12/17Method and adaptively reducing artifacts in block-coded video
01/12/17Presentation of a multi-frame segment of video content
01/12/17Method for updating preferred roaming list of uim card
01/12/17Motion-based management of a wireless processor-based device
01/12/17User equipment power savings for machine type communications
01/12/17Systems and methods for enhanced user equipment assistance information in wireless communication systems
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01/12/17System and channel information exchange for time of flight range determination
01/12/17Location configuration information (lci) query
01/12/17Mechanism to enable rejection and cancellation of request actions from wireless peer-to-peer devices
01/05/17Devices and methods for testing integrated circuits
01/05/17Orientation indicating connector
01/05/17Measurement of distance between devices using audio signals
01/05/17Memory card connector for electronic devices
01/05/17Collaborative processor and system performance and power management
01/05/17Internal communication interconnect scalability
01/05/17Dynamic link width modulation
01/05/17Apparatus and reduced core entry into a power state having a powered down core cache
01/05/17Instruction and logic to provide vector horizontal majority voting functionality
01/05/17Controlled customization of silicon initialization
01/05/17Sharing memory and i/o services between nodes
01/05/17Secure direct memory access
01/05/17Memory mapping for a graphics processing unit
01/05/17Technologies for selectively etching oxide and nitride materials and products formed using the same
01/05/17Methods of forming high density metal wiring for fine line and space packaging applications and structures formed thereby
01/05/17Semi-conductor package structure
01/05/17Modulation of magnetic properties through implantation and associated structures
01/05/17Selective etching for gate all around architectures
01/05/17Optoelectronic packaging assemblies
01/05/17Boost converter circuit and a controlling a boost converter
01/05/17Low power analog to digital converter
01/05/17Transmitting magnetic field through metal chassis using fractal surfaces
01/05/17Apparatuses and methods for reducing switching jitter
01/05/17Orchestration and management of services to deployed devices
01/05/17Crowd sourced online application cache management
01/05/17System and user card reader impleted within mobile device

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