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Intel Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Magic wand methods, apparatuses and systems for conducting wand duels
03/23/17 new patent  System for flat-top intensity laser sheet beam generation
03/23/17 new patent  Integrating a power arbiter in a processor
03/23/17 new patent  User level control of power management policies
03/23/17 new patent  High definition multimedia interface power management
03/23/17 new patent  System and power management
03/23/17 new patent  Performing power management during a download and execute operation
03/23/17 new patent  Sytems, apparatuses, and methods for performing a conversion of a writemask register to a list of index values in a vector register
03/23/17 new patent  Secure tunneling access to debug test ports on non-volatile memory storage units
03/23/17 new patent  Supporting data conversion and meta-data in a paging system
03/23/17 new patent  Supporting data compression using match scoring
03/23/17 new patent  Multichip package link
03/23/17 new patent  High performance interconnect physical layer
03/23/17 new patent  Cryptographic cache lines for a trusted execution environment
03/23/17 new patent  Comprehensive task management
03/23/17 new patent  Mapping graphics resources to linear arrays using a paging system
03/23/17 new patent  Accelerated lens distortion correction with near-continuous warping optimization
03/23/17 new patent  Imaging system management for camera mounted behind transparent display
03/23/17 new patent  On demand knockout of coarse sensing based on dynamic source bounce detection
03/23/17 new patent  Integrated circuit defect detection and repair
03/23/17 new patent  Seam healing of metal interconnects
03/23/17 new patent  Platform with thermally stable wireless interconnects
03/23/17 new patent  Designs and methods for conductive bumps
03/23/17 new patent  Microelectronic package debug access ports
03/23/17 new patent  Flexibly-wrapped integrated circuit die
03/23/17 new patent  Method and stacking core and uncore dies having landing slots
03/23/17 new patent  Electrode materials and interface layers to minimize chalcogenide interface resistance
03/23/17 new patent  Tuning in a wireless power transmitter
03/23/17 new patent  Constant current radio frequency generator for a wireless charging system
03/23/17 new patent  Method, system and alternative power wireless charging
03/23/17 new patent  Impedance matching interconnect
03/23/17 new patent  Rls-dcd adaptation hardware accelerator for interference cancellation in full-duplex wireless systems
03/23/17 new patent  Wireless communication device using time-variant antenna module
03/23/17 new patent  Determining a high data rate for backchannel communications for initialization of high-speed networks
03/23/17 new patent  Pulsed decision feedback equalization circuit
03/23/17 new patent  Technologies for aggregation-based message synchronization
03/23/17 new patent  Techniques for a switch to receive network controller sideband interface control packets
03/23/17 new patent  Method for processing multimedia streams
03/23/17 new patent  Technologies for handling message passing interface operations
03/23/17 new patent  Method and dynamically offloading execution of machine code in an application to a virtual machine
03/23/17 new patent  Interactive video conferencing
03/23/17 new patent  Facilitating quantization and compression of three-dimensional graphics data using screen space metrics at computing devices
03/23/17 new patent  Configurable intra coding performance enhancements
03/23/17 new patent  Downlink resource scheduling
03/23/17 new patent  Mac protocol for wide-bandwidth transmission utilizing echo cancellation for wi-fi
03/23/17 new patent  Virtual multicarrier design for orthogonal frequency division multiple access communications
03/23/17 new patent  Light devices having controllable light emitting elements
03/23/17 new patent  Interconnects with trenches
03/23/17 new patent  Moveable server rack
03/16/17Self aligned and scalable nanogap post processing for dna sequencing
03/16/17Methods and apparatuses for determining a parameter of a die
03/16/17Heads up display systems for glasses
03/16/17Multi-orientation display device
03/16/17Wearable devices and associated control of media devices
03/16/17Finger gesture sensing device
03/16/17Techniques for gesture recognition using photoplethysmographic (ppmg) sensor and low-power wearable gesture recognition device using the same
03/16/17Micro deflectors on touch sensor
03/16/17Multi-level memory with direct access
03/16/17Disabling a command associated with a memory device
03/16/17Technologies for display calibration and adjustment
03/16/17Instruction for element offset calculation in a multi-dimensional array
03/16/17Event-based record and replay for advanced applications
03/16/17Technologies for managing a dynamic read cache of a solid state drive
03/16/17Memory encryption engine integration
03/16/17Technologies for object recognition for internet-of-things edge devices
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03/16/17Distributed neural networks for scalable real-time analytics
03/16/17Automatic perspective control using vanishing points
03/16/17Providing limited access to a service device via an intermediary
03/16/17Display driver capable of driving multiple display interfaces
03/16/17Row hammer refresh command
03/16/17Cross point memory control
03/16/17Multiple blocks per string in 3d nand memory
03/16/17Methods and apparatus to program multi-level cell memory using target-only verify
03/16/17Ebeam three beam aperture array
03/16/17Ebeam staggered beam aperture array
03/16/17Ebeam align on the fly
03/16/17Unidirectional metal on layer with ebeam
03/16/17Metal on both sides with clock gated-power and signal routing underneath
03/16/17Techniques for forming integrated passive devices
03/16/17Graphene fluorination for integration of graphene with insulators and devices
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03/16/17High electron mobility transistor fabrication process on reverse polarized substrate by layer transfer
03/16/17Embedded memory in interconnect stack on silicon die
03/16/17Power transmission with wireless transceiver
03/16/17On-die termination control without a dedicated pin in a multi-rank system
03/16/17Error-checking compressed streams in hetergeneous compression accelerators
03/16/17Apparatus and adaptive common mode noise decomposition and tuning
03/16/17Method of controlling uplink multiple user transmissions in densely deployed wireless local area networks
03/16/17Efficient uplink sdma operation
03/16/17System for sound capture and generation via nasal vibration
03/16/17Facilitating personal assistance for curation of multimedia and generation of stories at computing devices
03/16/17Content adaptive impairments compensation filtering for high efficiency video coding
03/16/17Analytics assisted encoding
03/16/17System for voice capture via nasal vibration sensing
03/16/17Device, method, and system for augmented reality security
03/16/17Interference averaging and interference resource groups in a wireless communication system
03/16/17Systems and methods for elimination of pdcch in resource allocation signaling for mtc devices
03/16/17Wavy interconnect for bendable and stretchable devices
03/16/17System, interconnecting circuit boards
03/09/17Ball grid array (bga) apparatus and methods
03/09/17Wireless charging apparatus with controlled power level adjustment
03/09/17Local power gate (lpg) interfaces for power-aware operations
03/09/17Application execution enclave memory page cache management method and apparatus
03/09/17Interleaved all-level programming of non-volatile memory
03/09/17Clearing poison status on read accesses to volatile memory regions allocated in non-volatile memory
03/09/17Scatter/gather capable system coherent cache
03/09/17Cost-sensitive classification with deep learning using cost-aware pre-training
03/09/17Digital advertising system
03/09/17Facilitating efficient scheduling of graphics workloads at computing devices
03/09/17Avatar generation and animations
03/09/17Automatic brightness control for displays
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03/09/17Power loss capacitor test using voltage ripple
03/09/17Path isolation in a memory device
03/09/17Nand memory addressing
03/09/17Tiled wireless charging coil solution for extended active area
03/09/17Ebeam non-universal cutter
03/09/17Data compression for ebeam throughput
03/09/17Anchored interconnect
03/09/17Silicon die with integrated high voltage devices
03/09/17Method for direct integration of memory die to logic die without use of thru silicon vias (tsv)
03/09/17Non-planar semiconductor device having omega-fin with doped sub-fin region and method to fabricate same
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03/09/17Vertical non-planar semiconductor device for system-on-chip (soc) applications
03/09/176f2 non-volatile memory bitcell
03/09/17Magnetic domain wall logic devices and interconnect
03/09/17High-frequency rotor antenna
03/09/17Electrical connector
03/09/17Systems and methods for frequency domain calibration and characterization
03/09/17Double consecutive error correction
03/09/17Preventing pattern recognition in electronic code book encryption
03/09/17Traffic management
03/09/17Unequalized clock data recovery for serial i/o receiver
03/09/17Override subsystems for rapid recovery from serial-link errors
03/09/17Mechanism for facilitating proxy user interface-based remote management and control of computing and non-computing devices
03/09/17Methods and systems for real time display of caller location, profile, and trust relationship
03/09/17Encoding techniques for display of text and other high-frequency content
03/09/17System for generating immersive audio utilizing visual cues
03/09/17Coverage adjustment in e-utra networks
03/09/17Mechanism for 256-qam capable user equipment to operate seamlessly with a node
03/09/17Opportunistic resource sharing between devices
03/09/17Ultrasound assisted immersion cooling
03/02/173d camera system for infant monitoring
03/02/17System for sensor-based objective determination
03/02/17Precursor and process design for photo-assisted metal atomic layer deposition (ald) and chemical vapor deposition (cvd)
03/02/17Sonic dust remediation
03/02/17Wearable electronic device including a formable display unit
03/02/17Retractable support mechanism for an electronic device
03/02/17Apparatus and method to reduce power losses in an integrated voltage regulator
03/02/17Controlling processor performance scaling based on context
03/02/17Technologies for managing a reserved high-performance memory region of a solid state drive
03/02/17Message passing framework for audio/video streaming in a topology of devices
03/02/17Apparatus and vector instructions for large integer arithmetic
Patent Packs
03/02/17Methods, apparatus, instructions and logic to provide population count functionality for genome sequencing and alignment
03/02/17Dynamic tuning of multiprocessor/multicore computing systems
03/02/17Memory device check bit read mode
03/02/17Memory device error check and scrub mode and error transparency
03/02/17Matrix operands for linear algebra operations
03/02/17Infrared lamp control for use with iris recognition authentication
03/02/17Road marking extraction from in-vehicle video
03/02/17Range image generation
03/02/17Updating an artificial neural network using flexible fixed point representation
03/02/17Technologies for offloading network packet processing to a gpu
03/02/17Compiler optimization to reduce the control flow divergence
03/02/17Facilitating body measurements through loose clothing and/or other obscurities using three-dimensional scans and smart calculations
03/02/17Lightweight cryptographic engine
03/02/17Color transformation using non-uniformly sampled multi-dimensional lookup table
03/02/17Systems and methods to rejuvenate nonvolatile memory using timestamps
03/02/17Radio die package with backside conductive plate
03/02/17Surface encapsulation for wafer bonding
03/02/17Thermally regulated electronic devices, systems, and associated methods
03/02/17Memory module adaptor card
03/02/17Digital current sensing in power controller
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03/02/17Memory device on-die error checking and correcting code
03/02/17Apparatus and method to increase throughput of a transmitter
03/02/17Efficient sharing of hardware encryption pipeline for multiple security solutions
03/02/17Loading and virtualizing cryptographic keys
03/02/17Estimation of application performance variation without a priori knowledge of the application
03/02/17Playlist compilation system and method
03/02/17Camera-assisted display motion compensation
03/02/17Method and system of frame re-ordering for video coding
03/02/17Reliable large group of pictures (gop) file streaming to wireless displays
03/02/17Digital mems loudspeaker
03/02/17Evolved node-b, user equipment, and methods for paging using a bitmap of paging indicators
02/23/17Control panels
02/23/17Polled time-of-flight response
02/23/17Apparatus and saving and restoring data for power saving in a processor
02/23/17Transparently monitoring power delivery in a processor
02/23/17Technologies for remotely controlling a computing device via a wearable computing device
02/23/17Multi-element instruction with different read and write masks
02/23/17Vector compare instructions for sliding window encoding
02/23/17Instructions and logic to vectorize conditional loops
02/23/17Fusible instructions and logic to provide or-test and and-test functionality using multiple test sources
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02/23/17Instruction for fast zuc algorithm processing
02/23/17Accessing a device on a remote machine
02/23/17Virtualization event processing in a layered virtualization architecture
02/23/17Assisted coherent shared memory
02/23/17Apparatuses and methods for balanced transmittal of data
02/23/17Fast image object detector
02/23/17Provision of holding current in non-volatile random access memory
02/23/17Substrate on substrate package
02/23/17High density substrate routing in bbul package
02/23/17Integration methods to fabricate internal spacers for nanowire devices
02/23/17Confined epitaxial regions for semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having confined epitaxial regions
02/23/17P-tunneling field effect transistor device with pocket
02/23/17Non-planar quantum well device having interfacial layer and forming same
02/23/17Method and managing applicaiton state in a network interface controller in a high performance computing system
02/23/17Techniques for routing packets among virtual machines
02/23/17Techniques for routing packets between virtual machines
02/23/17Communication using avatar
02/23/17Depth sensing auto focus multiple camera system
02/23/17Audio enhancement in mobile computing
02/23/17Communication device and communicating using a frequency range
02/23/17Techniques for coordinated uplink power control
02/23/17Device, system and ofdma full-duplex communication
02/23/17System and controlling a licensed shared access radio
02/16/17Avatar keyboard
02/16/17Method and defect management in a non-volatile memory device
02/16/17Adaptive data compression for data storage in a memory device
02/16/17Facilitation of concurrent consumption of media content by multiple users using superimposed animation
02/16/17State recovery methods and computing platforms
02/16/17Method and system using exceptions for code specialization in a computer architecture that supports transactions
02/16/17Method and apparatus to support separate operating systems in partitions of a processing system
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02/16/17Data coherency model and protocol at cluster level
02/16/17Auto-negotiation of content formats using a secure component model
02/16/17Securing sensor data
02/16/17Real-time mobile payment processing system
02/16/17Enabling use of three-dimensional locations of features with two-dimensional images
02/16/17Robot with awareness of users and environment for use in educational applications
02/16/17Integration methods to fabricate internal spacers for nanowire devices
02/16/17Semiconductor devices with germanium-rich active layers and doped transition layers
02/16/17Contact resistance reduction employing germanium overlayer pre-contact metalization
02/16/17Internal spacers for nanowire transistors and fabrication thereof
02/16/17Pinfield crosstalk mitigation
02/16/17Packet coalescing
02/16/17Contextual peer based guidance systems and methods
02/16/17Collaborative phone reputation system
02/16/17Protocol for communications between platforms and image devices
02/16/17Optical micro-projection system and projection method
02/16/17Gaze-directed content delivery
02/16/17Techniques for discovery of wi-fi serial bus and wi-fi docking services
02/16/17Instruction for accelerating snow 3g wireless security algorithm
02/09/17Acousto-optics deflector and mirror for laser beam steering
02/09/17Heading estimation for determining a user's location
02/09/17Self-calibrated thermal sensors of an integrated circuit die
02/09/17System maximum current protection
02/09/17Electronic device having an active edge
02/09/17State machine based tracking system for screen pointing control
02/09/17Memory access control
02/09/17Double rounded combined floating-point multiply and add
02/09/17Threshold filtering of compressed domain data using steering vector
02/09/17Mechanism for facilitating dynamic and efficient management of instruction atomicity volations in software programs at computing systems

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