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Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12016017911006/23/16  new patent  System maximum current protection
22016018271606/23/16  new patent  Collaborative phone reputation system
32016018310006/23/16  new patent  Device and self-interference cancellation
42016017462006/23/16  new patent  Depth proximity layering for wearable devices
52016017484306/23/16  new patent  Multispectral measurement for improved biological signal acquisition
62016017491306/23/16  new patent  Device for health monitoring and response
72016017837906/23/16  new patent  Locating services
82016017847506/23/16  new patent  Leak detection in liquid cooled computing systems
92016017866306/23/16  new patent  Formed wire probe interconnect for test die contactor
102016017890506/23/16  new patent  Facilitating improved viewing capabitlies for glass displays
112016017890606/23/16  new patent  Virtual wearables
122016017893506/23/16  new patent  Battery structure for eyewear apparatus
132016017906606/23/16  new patent  Contextually interactive apparel
142016017911706/23/16  new patent  Systems and methods for dynamic temporal power steering
152016017912206/23/16  new patent  Distributed power delivery scheme for on-die voltage scaling
162016017914006/23/16  new patent  Chassis design for wireless-charging coil integration for computing systems
172016017914706/23/16  new patent  Dynamic thermal platform operating point for electronic devices
182016017914906/23/16  new patent  Dynamic cooling for electronic devices
192016017915506/23/16  new patent  Apparatus and methods for power conflict resolution in power delivery systems
202016017915606/23/16  new patent  Hybrid power management approach
212016017915706/23/16  new patent  Systems and methods for synergistic software-hardware power budget management
222016017915806/23/16  new patent  Apparatus and method to provide a thermal parameter report for a multi-chip package
232016017916206/23/16  new patent  Holistic global performance and power management
242016017916306/23/16  new patent  Systems and methods for core droop mitigation based on license state
252016017917306/23/16  new patent  Systems and methods for dynamic spatial power steering
262016017917506/23/16  new patent  Method and systems for energy efficiency and energy conservation including on-off keying for power control
272016017919106/23/16  new patent  Method and controlling screen by tracking head of user through camera module, and computer-readable recording medium therefor
282016017920906/23/16  new patent  Gesture input with multiple views, displays and physics
292016017921306/23/16  new patent  Electroactive layer of a flexible input device
302016017921806/23/16  new patent  Systems and methods for improving the quality of motion sensor generated user input to mobile devices
312016017923006/23/16  new patent  Electroactive layer coupled to a flexible display
322016017923106/23/16  new patent  Electroactive privacy layer of a display device
332016017928406/23/16  new patent  Alteration of input device operations based on acceleration
342016017935306/23/16  new patent  Analog clock display with time events
352016017937506/23/16  new patent  Allocating and configuring persistent memory
362016017937606/23/16  new patent  Method and improving read performance of a solid state drive
372016017938106/23/16  new patent  Reduction of intermingling of input and output operations in solid state drives
382016017938306/23/16  new patent  Virtual serial presence detect for pooled memory
392016017941106/23/16  new patent  Techniques to provide redundant array of independent disks (raid) services using a shared pool of configurable computing resources
402016017942706/23/16  new patent  Low power entry in a shared memory link
412016017943406/23/16  new patent  Storage device and performing convolution operations
422016017946206/23/16  new patent  Connected device voice command support
432016017950406/23/16  new patent  Refactoring data flow applications without source code changes or recompilation
442016017951406/23/16  new patent  Instruction and logic for shift-sum multiplier
452016017951506/23/16  new patent  Apparatus and performing a check to optimize instruction flow
462016017952006/23/16  new patent  Method and variably expanding between mask and vector registers
472016017952106/23/16  new patent  Method and expanding a mask to a vector of mask values
482016017952206/23/16  new patent  Method and performing a vector bit reversal
492016017952306/23/16  new patent  Apparatus and vector broadcast and xorand logical instruction
502016017952606/23/16  new patent  Method and vector index load and store
512016017952806/23/16  new patent  Method and performing conflict detection
522016017952906/23/16  new patent  Method and performing a vector bit reversal and crossing
532016017953506/23/16  new patent  Method and efficient execution of nested branches on a graphics processor unit
542016017953706/23/16  new patent  Method and performing reduction operations on a set of vector elements
552016017953806/23/16  new patent  Method and implementing and maintaining a stack of predicate values with stack synchronization instructions in an out of order hardware software co-designed processor
562016017954606/23/16  new patent  Techniques for enforcing control flow integrity using binary translation
572016017954806/23/16  new patent  Instruction and logic to perform an inverse centrifuge operation
582016017954906/23/16  new patent  Instruction and logic for loop stream detection
592016017955006/23/16  new patent  Fast vector dynamic memory conflict detection
602016017955406/23/16  new patent  Methods, systems and apparatus to initialize a platform
612016017955606/23/16  new patent  Input/output (i/o) device configuration signature
622016017958206/23/16  new patent  Techniques to dynamically allocate resources for local service chains of configurable computing resources
632016017958506/23/16  new patent  Method and write-only inter-processor reset synchronization
642016017958606/23/16  new patent  Lightweight restricted transactional memory for speculative compiler optimization
652016017960406/23/16  new patent  Method and using an error signal to indicate a write request error and write request acceptance
662016017961006/23/16  new patent  Error handling in transactional buffered memory
672016017963206/23/16  new patent  Memory fault suppression via re-execution and hardware fsm
682016017964706/23/16  new patent  Test logic for a serial interconnect
692016017964806/23/16  new patent  System to detect charger and remote host for type-c connector
702016017965106/23/16  new patent  Enabling error detecting and reporting in machine check architecture
712016017966606/23/16  new patent  Apparatus and method to dynamically expand associativity of a cache memory
722016017967006/23/16  new patent  Pointer chasing across distributed memory
732016017967306/23/16  new patent  Cross-die interface snoop or global observation message ordering
742016017967406/23/16  new patent  Hardware apparatuses and methods to control cache line coherence
752016017967506/23/16  new patent  Granular cache repair
762016017967906/23/16  new patent  Speculative reads in buffered memory
772016017968706/23/16  new patent  Updating persistent data in persistent memory-based storage
782016017971006/23/16  new patent  Physical interface for a serial interconnect
792016017971806/23/16  new patent  Early identification in transactional buffered memory
802016017972106/23/16  new patent  Delivering interrupts to user-level applications
812016017972806/23/16  new patent  High bandwidth core to network-on-chip interface
822016017973006/23/16  new patent  High performance interconnect link state transitions
832016017973306/23/16  new patent  Two-part electrical connector
842016017973806/23/16  new patent  Method, apparatus and system for integrating devices in a root complex
852016017973906/23/16  new patent  Symmetrically coupled differential channel
862016017974006/23/16  new patent  High performance interconnect
872016017974206/23/16  new patent  Method and providing a host memory controller write credits for write commands
882016017988706/23/16  new patent  Graph operations
892016017998006/23/16  new patent  Assigning global edge ids for evolving graphs
902016018000106/23/16  new patent  System on chip configuration metadata
912016018006306/23/16  new patent  Licensing in the cloud
922016018008006/23/16  new patent  Protecting user input against focus change
932016018011406/23/16  new patent  Security plugin for a system-on-a-chip platform
942016018011506/23/16  new patent  Techniques for detecting false positive return-oriented programming attacks
952016018012206/23/16  new patent  Radio frequency identification (rfid) based defect detection in ssds
962016018014306/23/16  new patent  Eye tracking with 3d eye position estimations and psf models
972016018014406/23/16  new patent  Bi-directional community information brokerage
982016018042906/23/16  new patent  Pre-purchase wearable device testing
992016018048606/23/16  new patent  Facilitating dynamic pipelining of workload executions on graphics processing units on computing devices
1002016018048806/23/16  new patent  Exploiting frame-to-frame coherence for optimizing color buffer clear performance in graphics processing units
1012016018048906/23/16  new patent  Apparatus and implementing power saving techniques when processing floating point values
1022016018049506/23/16  new patent  Head mounted display update buffer
1032016018050406/23/16  new patent  Image de-noising using an equalized gradient space
1042016018055106/23/16  new patent  Resolving multi-sampled anti-aliasing buffers into single sampled buffers
1052016018057106/23/16  new patent  Frame removal and replacement for stop-action animation
1062016018058506/23/16  new patent  Method and a high throughput rasterizer
1072016018060606/23/16  new patent  Methods and devices for determining a location estimate
1082016018067906/23/16  new patent  Systems and methods for monitoring consumption
1092016018070906/23/16  new patent  System and interacting with digital signage
1102016018071906/23/16  new patent  Community drone monitoring and information exchange
1112016018072206/23/16  new patent  Systems and methods for self-learning, content-aware affect recognition
1122016018072306/23/16  new patent  Context derived behavior modeling and feedback
1132016018079706/23/16  new patent  Multi-user sensor-based interactions
1142016018079906/23/16  new patent  Multi-user notification system
1152016018080406/23/16  new patent  Refresh rate control using sink requests
1162016018080506/23/16  new patent  Computing device with a secondary display
1172016018082106/23/16  new patent  Distributed memory panel
1182016018088806/23/16  new patent  Annotating media content with user-specified information
1192016018090906/23/16  new patent  Write operations in spin transfer torque memory
1202016018095806/23/16  new patent  Dynamically compensating for degradation of a non-volatile memory device
1212016018108506/23/16  new patent  Integration of iii-v devices on si wafers
1222016018109906/23/16  new patent  Methods and structures to prevent sidewall defects during selective epitaxy
1232016018114506/23/16  new patent  Land side and die side cavities to reduce package z-height
1242016018116906/23/16  new patent  Organic-inorganic hybrid structure for integrated circuit packages
1252016018118906/23/16  new patent  Ground via clustering for crosstalk mitigation
1262016018120706/23/16  new patent  Method of making an electromagnetic interference shield for semiconductor chip packages
1272016018121106/23/16  new patent  Die package with superposer substrate for passive components
1282016018121706/23/16  new patent  Formation of solder and copper interconnect structures and associated techniques and configurations
1292016018121806/23/16  new patent  Low cost package warpage solution
1302016018123406/23/16  new patent  Electronic devices and methods having a compact multi-way transformer combiner
1312016018132406/23/16  new patent  Phase-change memory cell implant for dummy array leakage reduction
1322016018142406/23/16  new patent  Methods of forming low band gap source and drain structures in microelectronic devices
1332016018167106/23/16  new patent  Surface mount battery and portable electronic device with integrated battery cell
1342016018170306/23/16  new patent  Wireless antenna array system architecture and methods to achieve 3d beam coverage
1352016018171106/23/16  new patent  Midplane interconnect system with conductor twist mitigation
1362016018171206/23/16  new patent  Card edge connectors
1372016018171406/23/16  new patent  Multi-array bottom-side connector using spring bias
1382016018171906/23/16  new patent  High density cabled midplanes and backplanes
1392016018172906/23/16  new patent  Snap button fastener providing electrical connection
1402016018173606/23/16  new patent  Conductive attachment for shielding radiation
1412016018181206/23/16  new patent  Apparatuses, methods, and systems with cross-coupling noise reduction
1422016018182206/23/16  new patent  Wireless power repeating
1432016018182306/23/16  new patent  Cross body charging for wearable devices
1442016018182906/23/16  new patent  Battery charging method and apparatus with power point check and switchable control
1452016018183006/23/16  new patent  Adaptive charge current for a battery
1462016018185106/23/16  new patent  Wireless power transmitting coil disposed around a protruding magnetic component
1472016018185206/23/16  new patent  Wireless power receiving coil along a loop of a device
1482016018185306/23/16  new patent  Low emission coil topology for wireless charging
1492016018185706/23/16  new patent  Coil for mobile device context-driven switching and wireless charging
1502016018204606/23/16  new patent  Crosstalk compensation circuit
1512016018206106/23/16  new patent  Digital phase controlled delay circuit
1522016018209506/23/16  new patent  Low-impedance reference voltage generator
1532016018209606/23/16  new patent  Apparatus for providing a control signal for a variable impedance matching circuit and a method thereof
1542016018210406/23/16  new patent  Interference cancelation
1552016018210506/23/16  new patent  Interference cancelation
1562016018212006/23/16  new patent  Integrated transmit/receive switch
1572016018212406/23/16  new patent  Determining the signal quality of an electrical interconnect
1582016018215406/23/16  new patent  High performance optical repeater
1592016018217706/23/16  new patent  Techniques for synchronized execution of a command at network fabric nodes
1602016018218606/23/16  new patent  Sideband parity handling
1612016018222806/23/16  new patent  Diffie-hellman key agreement using an m-of-n threshold scheme
1622016018224506/23/16  new patent  System for multicast and reduction communications on a network-on-chip
1632016018225606/23/16  new patent  Pipelined hybrid packet/circuit-switched network-on-chip
1642016018225706/23/16  new patent  Data rate detection to simplify retimer logic
1652016018225906/23/16  new patent  Wireline receiver circuitry having collaborative timing recovery
1662016018226206/23/16  new patent  Apparatus and digital-to-time converter spur dithering
1672016018226706/23/16  new patent  Symbol constellation design
1682016018227106/23/16  new patent  Method of processing received digitized signals and mobile radio communication terminal device
1692016018230206/23/16  new patent  Device discovery using discovery nodes
1702016018232006/23/16  new patent  Techniques to generate a graph model for cloud infrastructure elements
1712016018235406/23/16  new patent  Link delay based routing a network-on-chip
1722016018236706/23/16  new patent  Parallel direction decode circuits for network-on-chip
1732016018239106/23/16  new patent  Shared flow control credits
1742016018239306/23/16  new patent  Combined guaranteed throughput and best effort network-on-chip
1752016018239606/23/16  new patent  Spatially divided circuit-switched channels for a network-on-chip
1762016018240506/23/16  new patent  Adaptively switched network-on-chip
1772016018249606/23/16  new patent  Extension of trust in a body area network
1782016018250906/23/16  new patent  Techniques for load balancing in a packet distribution system
1792016018252406/23/16  new patent  System platform for context-based configuration of communication channels
1802016018256706/23/16  new patent  Techniques to deliver security and network policies to a virtual network function
1812016018258106/23/16  new patent  Network proxy for energy efficient video streaming on mobile devices
1822016018268506/23/16  new patent  Mobile cloud proxy apparatus and method
1832016018271606/23/16  new patent  Collaborative phone reputation system
1842016018272706/23/16  new patent  Mute detector
1852016018279006/23/16  new patent  Synchronization of rolling shutter camera and dynamic flash light
1862016018291506/23/16  new patent  Motion estimation for arbitrary shapes
1872016018294006/23/16  new patent  Interactive binocular video display
1882016018294606/23/16  new patent  Latency and efficiency for remote display of non-media content
1892016018303106/23/16  new patent  Close proximity transport configuration
1902016018303206/23/16  new patent  System for securing an nfc transaction
1912016018303306/23/16  new patent  Near field communications (nfc)-based offload of nfc operation
1922016018303406/23/16  new patent  Wireless energy and data transfer to a display of an input device
1932016018304206/23/16  new patent  Location ble beacon
1942016018304906/23/16  new patent  Devices and methods for geo fencing
1952016018305706/23/16  new patent  Method and system for hybrid location detection
1962016018306406/23/16  new patent  Contextually aware dynamic group formation
1972016018309306/23/16  new patent  Cooperative security in wireless sensor networks
1982016018314406/23/16  new patent  Voice handover between wireless networks
1992016018317006/23/16  new patent  Method of processing received digitized signals and mobile radio communication terminal device
2002016018317106/23/16  new patent  Techniques for conducting fine timing measurements
2012016018318406/23/16  new patent  Reducing wireless reconnection time of a computing device
2022016018318706/23/16  new patent  Adjacent channel interference mitigation for low-power wake-up radio
2032016018321006/23/16  new patent  Selection of acknowledgment timing in wireless communications
2042016018322006/23/16  new patent  Evolved node-b, user equipment and methods for transition between unlicensed and licensed frequency bands
2052016018323806/23/16  new patent  Communication device and transmiting packets
2062016018325606/23/16  new patent  Signaling for wireless communications
2072016018326706/23/16  new patent  Signal buffering for licensed shared access (lsa) technology
2082016018327206/23/16  new patent  Method of processing received digitized signals and mobile radio communication terminal device
2092016018328106/23/16  new patent  Methods for improving on-time throughput in wireless networks
2102016018328706/23/16  new patent  Communication device and processing received signals
2112016018331306/23/16  new patent  Mechanism to select appropriate s2a connectivity mode for trusted wlan
2122016018331706/23/16  new patent  Method to reduce user perceived connection time for miracast/widi
2132016018336106/23/16  new patent  Microelectronic substrates having copper alloy conductive route structures
2142016018337006/23/16  new patent  Zero-misalignment via-pad structures
2152016018337506/23/16  new patent  Socket loading element and associated techniques and configurations
2162016018340206/23/16  new patent  Reducing trace length and insertion loss of high speed signals on a network switch board
2172016016835106/16/16 Narrow-gap flip chip underfill composition
2182016016925906/16/16 Attachment device
2192016016993206/16/16 Apparatus, method, and system for detecting acceleration and motor monitoring
2202016017028406/16/16 Electro-optical modulator with bias control
2212016017043806/16/16 Synchronization in a computing device
2222016017044606/16/16 Wearable device with power state control
2232016017045606/16/16 Power management integrated circuit
2242016017045906/16/16 Power management in a discrete memory portion
2252016017046306/16/16 Device-agnostic power monitoring and profiling system
2262016017046806/16/16 Configuring power management functionality in a processor
2272016017046906/16/16 Power balancing to increase workload density and improve energy efficiency
2282016017047806/16/16 Configuring power management functionality in a processor
2292016017064106/16/16 Gradual context saving in a data storage device
2302016017064506/16/16 Computing method and apparatus with persistent memory
2312016017067606/16/16 Memory device responding to device commands for operational controls
2322016017070006/16/16 Private image viewer
2332016017074906/16/16 Limited range vector memory access instructions, processors, methods, and systems
2342016017076706/16/16 Temporary transfer of a multithreaded ip core to single or reduced thread configuration during thread offload to co-processor
2352016017077106/16/16 Simd k-nearest-neighbors implementation
2362016017082006/16/16 Tracking deferred data packets in a debug trace architecture
2372016017084606/16/16 Accelerated data recovery in a storage system
2382016017084906/16/16 Leverage offload programming model for local checkpoints
2392016017085006/16/16 Performing an atomic write operation across multiple storage devices
2402016017088006/16/16 Multicast tree-based data distribution in distributed shared cache
2412016017088306/16/16 Apparatus and considering spatial locality in loading data elements for execution
2422016017088806/16/16 Interruption of a page miss handler
2432016017090006/16/16 Virtual memory address range register
2442016017090206/16/16 Low overhead paged memory runtime protection
2452016017091406/16/16 Data transmission using pcie protocol via usb port
2462016017092306/16/16 Aggregate baseboard management controller (bmc) controller
2472016017092806/16/16 Peripheral component interconnect express (pcie) card having multiple pcie connectors
2482016017092906/16/16 Data transmission using pcie protocol via usb port
2492016017093006/16/16 Low cost low overhead serial interface for power management and other ics

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