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Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Radio link monitoring


Radio link monitoring

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Count Application # Date Intel Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015014488005/28/15 new patent  Non-planar gate all-around device and fabrication thereof
22015014511805/28/15 new patent  Ridged integrated heat spreader
32015014513805/28/15 new patent  Embedded semiconductive chips in reconstituted wafers, and systems containing same
42015014579705/28/15 new patent  Dynamic bezel for a mobile device
52015014635605/28/15 new patent  Mobile computing device, apparatus and system
62015014654505/28/15 new patent  Handling signal quality measurements in a wireless communication network
72015014656205/28/15 new patent  Radio link monitoring
82015014658505/28/15 new patent  Apparatuses and method using enhanced control channel information for tdd-fdd carrier aggregation
92015014664505/28/15 new patent  Evolved node-b and methods for supporting co-existence with wi-fi networks in an unlicensed frequency band
102015014691505/28/15 new patent  Hardware convolution pre-filter to accelerate object detection
112015014705005/28/15 new patent  Time shifting by concurrently recording and playing a data stream
122015014968305/28/15 new patent  Pci express transaction descriptor
132015014973505/28/15 new patent  Memory system
142015014979405/28/15 new patent  Methods and systems to control power gates during an active state of a gated domain based on load conditions of the gated domain
152015014984905/28/15 new patent  Detection and recovery of harq nak-to-ack feedback error in wireless communications systems
162015014985705/28/15 new patent  Error correction in memory
172015015000805/28/15 new patent  Method and system for the protected storage of downloaded media content via a virtualized platform
182015013552605/21/15Secondary device integration into coreless microelectronic device packages
192015013736805/21/15Landing structure for through-silicon via
202015013912105/21/15Method and feedback in 3d mimo wireless systems
212015013912905/21/15Method and supporting amd re-segmentation
222015013916305/21/15Device, system and communicating during an association beamforming training (a-bft) period
232015013917905/21/15Parallel wireless communication apparatus, method, and system
242015013924205/21/15Anti-starvation and bounce-reduction mechanism for a two-dimensional bufferless interconnect
252015014107805/21/15Mobile unit having internet protocol functionality
262015014261505/21/15System and automatically managing media content
272015014305105/21/15Providing common caching agent for core and integrated input/output (io) module
282015014305705/21/15Adaptive data prefetching
292015014308405/21/15Hand held device to perform a bit range isolation instruction
302015014313905/21/15Providing per core voltage and frequency control
312015012983005/14/15Nanowire transistor fabrication with hardmask layers
322015013053405/14/15Interlayer communications for 3d integrated circuit stack
332015013149605/14/15Harq-ack handling for unintended downlink sub-frames
342015013152705/14/15Methods and arrangements for communications in low power wireless networks
352015013294005/14/15Copper-containing c4 ball-limiting metallurgy stack for enhanced reliability of packaged structures and making same
362015013314705/14/15Wireless indoor location air interface protocol
372015013314805/14/15Systems and methods for simultaneously and automatically creating databases of wifi signal information
382015013433005/14/15Voice and/or facial recognition based service provision
392015013478705/14/15Techniques for improved multicast content delivery
402015013487305/14/15Protocol neutral fabric
412015013489605/14/15Mechanisms to accelerate transactions using buffered stores
422015013493605/14/15Single instruction multiple data add processors, methods, systems, and instructions
432015013493705/14/15Simd variable shift and rotate using control manipulation
442015013495205/14/15Secure vault service for software components within an execution environment
452015013499105/14/15Negotiating a transmit wake time
462015013499905/14/15Method and atomic frequency and voltage changes
472015013517705/14/15Method and system for virtual port communications
482015013518905/14/15Software-based thread remapping for power savings
492015012397805/07/15Shared virtual memory
502015012438905/07/15Hinge configuration for an electronic device
512015012489805/07/15Multiple input, multiple output wireless communication system, associated methods and data structures
522015012491605/07/15System timing margin improvement of high speed i/o interconnect links by using fine training of phase interpolator
532015012596505/07/15Biosensor utilizing a resonator having a functionalized surface
542015012787405/07/15Platform communication protocol
552015012796205/07/15Optimizing power usage by factoring processor architectural events to pmu
562015012796405/07/15Method and thermal sensitivity based dynamic power control of a processor
572015012798305/07/15Test, validation, and debug architecture
582015011521604/30/15Conversion of thin transistor elements from silicon to silicon germanium
592015011691604/30/15Extendable wireless power delivery for small devices
602015011729604/30/15Techniques for hierarchical encoding for multicast broadcast services in wireless communication systems
612015011736104/30/15Reverse protocol for low latency wireless applications
622015011740804/30/15Gateway arrangements for wireless communication networks
632015012082204/30/15Cloud federation as a service
642015012096604/30/15Techniques for using an assigned switch identification at an input/output device
652015012097704/30/15Inter-component communication including slave component initiated transaction
662015012103904/30/15Method and shuffling data
672015012107404/30/15Methods and protecting digital content
682015012111504/30/15Multi-protocol i/o interconnect time synchronization
692015010820404/23/15Integrated circuit package with spatially varied solder resist opening dimension
702015010849604/23/15Group iii-n transistor on nanoscale template structures
712015010856704/23/15Method of forming stacked trench contacts and structures formed thereby
722015010866004/23/15Stacked memory with interface providing offset interconnects
732015010909904/23/15Mobile device and key fob pairing for multi-factor security
742015010995104/23/15Method and network management using perodic measurements of indicators
752015010997604/23/15Apparatus and methods of time domain multiplexing solutions for in-device coexistence
762015011005104/23/15Methods and arrangements to mitigate collisions in wireless networks
772015011005204/23/15Discovery and operation of hybrid wireless wide area and wireless local area networks
782015011009604/23/15Secure on-line signup and provisioning of wireless devices
792015011017504/23/15High frequency emphasis in coding signals
802015011019304/23/15Prediction parameter inheritance for 3d video coding
812015011150204/23/15Device, system and wireless communication via one or more antenna assemblies
822015011154604/23/15System and sending local information from a wireless browser to a web server
832015011156704/23/15Apparatus for end-user transparent utilization of computational, storage, and network capacity of mobile devices, and associated methods
842015011303804/23/15Distributing intelligence across networks
852015011305104/23/15Systems and methods for dynamic access to program features
862015011318604/23/15Multi-protocol i/o interconnect time synchronization
872015011318904/23/15Issuing requests to a fabric
882015011319904/23/15Maintaining processor resources during architectural events
892015011320004/23/15Maintaining processor resources during architectural events
902015011321504/23/15Read training a memory controller
912015011323404/23/15Read training a memory controller
922015011323504/23/15Read training a memory controller
932015011324604/23/15Instruction and logic to provide conversions between a mask register and a general purpose register or memory
942015011324904/23/15Methods and apparatus to perform adaptive pre-fetch operations in managed runtime environments
952015011325504/23/15Sharing virtual functions in a shared virtual memory between heterogeneous processors of a computing platform
962015011330704/23/15Link power management in an i/o interconnect
972015011330804/23/15Techniques to transmit commands to a target device
982015011357204/23/15Signaling three-dimensional video information in communication networks
992015010279104/16/15Voltage regulator calibration
1002015010379104/16/15Device, system and communicating aggregate data units
1012015010400704/16/15Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1022015010400804/16/15Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1032015010400904/16/15Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1042015010401004/16/15Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1052015010415704/16/15System and a centralized intelligence network
1062015010490704/16/15Bumpless build-up layer package including an integrated heat spreader
1072015010493504/16/15Replacement metal gates to enhance transistor strain
1082015010642304/16/15Scalable network content based switching or validation acceleration
1092015010659104/16/15Instruction and logic for processing text strings
1102015010659204/16/15Instruction and logic for processing text strings
1112015010659304/16/15Instruction and logic for processing text strings
1122015010659404/16/15Instruction and logic for processing text strings
1132015010671504/16/15Mechanism for facilitating multiple multimedia viewing planes in media display systems
1142015010695604/16/15Systems and methods for dynamic access to program features
1152015009715804/09/15Vertical tunneling negative differential resistance devices
1162015009729204/09/15Interconnects having sealing structures to enable selective metal capping layers
1172015009846104/09/15Device, system and communicating aggregate data units
1182015009934904/09/15Silicon germanium and germanium multigate and nanowire structures for logic and multilevel memory applications
1192015010071704/09/15Virtualizing physical memory in a virtual machine system
1202015010076004/09/15Processor to perform a bit range isolation instruction
1212015010076104/09/15System-on-chip (soc) to perform a bit range isolation instruction
1222015010079604/09/15Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1232015010079704/09/15Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1242015010079804/09/15Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
1252015010079904/09/15Method and configurable thermal management
1262015010080004/09/15Method and configurable thermal management
1272015010080904/09/15Dynamic core swapping
1282015010106704/09/15Systems and methods for dynamic access to program features
1292015008980604/02/15Hybrid-core through holes and vias
1302015009265804/02/15Method and devices for multiple station sounding in a wireless local area network
1312015009277904/02/15Sending packets with expanded headers
1322015009286304/02/15Method and adaptively reducing artifacts in block-coded video
1332015009286604/02/15Method and adaptively reducing artifacts in block-coded video
1342015009393704/02/15Modular power adaptor
1352015009399404/02/15Dynamic switching frequency control of an on-chip or integrated voltage regulator
1362015009402704/02/15System and transferring wireless network access passwords
1372015009536604/02/15Dynamic search service
1382015009554404/02/15Completion combining to improve effective link bandwidth by disposing at end of two-end link a matching engine for outstanding non-posted transactions
1392015009556504/02/15Read training a memory controller
1402015009558004/02/15Scalably mechanism to implement an instruction that monitors for writes to an address
1412015009559804/02/15Techniques to compose memory resources across devices
1422015009562304/02/15Vector indexed memory access plus arithmetic and/or logical operation processors, methods, systems, and instructions
1432015009567304/02/15Controlling a turbo mode frequency of a processor
1442015009567504/02/15Methods and apparatuses for controlling thread contention
1452015009573604/02/15Using read values from previous decoding operations to calculate soft bit information in an error recovery operation
1462015009605004/02/15Enhanced security for accessing virtual memory
1472015008281103/26/15Adaptive thermoelectric cooling in a processor
1482015008289003/26/15Biometric sensors for personal devices
1492015008400003/26/15Forming a non-planar transistor having a quantum well channel
1502015008557003/26/15Phase change memory mask
1512015008572203/26/15Method and enhancing ul harq process
1522015008587303/26/15Header replication in accelerated tcp (transport control protocol) stack processing
1532015008594603/26/15Methods and arrangements for communications in low power wireless networks
1542015008894703/26/15Multiply add functional unit capable of executing scale, round, getexp, round, getmant, reduce, range and class instructions
1552015008910703/26/15Providing a serial protocol for a bidirectional serial interconnect
1562015008911003/26/15Providing a consolidated sideband communication channel between devices
1572015008911103/26/15Accessing data stored in a command/address register device
1582015008912003/26/15Refresh of data stored in a cross-point non-volatile memory
1592015008912603/26/15Data compression in processor caches
1602015008914303/26/15Method and saving power by efficiently disabling ways for a set-associative cache
1612015008919503/26/15Method and performing a shift and exclusive or operation in a single instruction
1622015008919903/26/15Rotate instructions that complete execution either without writing or reading flags
1632015008920003/26/15Rotate instructions that complete execution either without writing or reading flags
1642015008920103/26/15Rotate instructions that complete execution either without writing or reading flags
1652015008928603/26/15Event counter checkpointing and restoring
1662015007657103/19/15Method of fabricating metal-insulator-semiconductor tunneling contacts using conformal deposition and thermal growth processes
1672015007669203/19/15Flip chip assembly process for ultra thin substrate and package on package assembly
1682015007726203/19/15Visual indicator and adjustment of media and gaming attributes based on battery statistics
1692015007742203/19/15Parallel flood-fill techniques and architecture
1702015007808803/19/15Extended select gate lifetime
1712015007836603/19/15Multi-carrier configuration, activation and scheduling
1722015007840103/19/15Communicating message request transaction types between agents in a computer system using multiple message groups
1732015007844803/19/15Content adaptive motion compensation filtering for high efficiency video coding
1742015007977603/19/15Integrated circuits with selective gate electrode recess
1752015008192103/19/15Dynamically modulating link width
1762015008197503/19/15Split-word memory
1772015008197603/19/15Caching for heterogeneous processors
1782015008197703/19/15Extending a cache coherency snoop broadcast protocol with directory information
1792015008198403/19/15High performance interconnect coherence protocol
1802015008199903/19/15Memory mapping in a processor having multiple programmable units
1812015008203103/19/15Method and system to securely migrate and provision virtual machine images and content
1822015008209103/19/15Communicating message request transaction types between agents in a computer system using multiple message groups
1832015006970203/12/15System for developing, managing, acquiring and playing electronic board games
1842015007013403/12/15Authentication system using wearable device
1852015007036803/12/15Instruction set architecture-based inter-sequencer communications with a heterogeneous resource
1862015007106503/12/15Method and enhanced uplink multiplexing
1872015007123503/12/15Uplink coordinated multi-point
1882015007125103/12/15L2 tunneling based low latency single radio handoffs
1892015007127803/12/15Clustering management in mmwave wireless systems
1902015007161003/12/15Systems and methods for content playback and recording
1912015007247403/12/15Backside mold process for ultra thin substrate and package on package assembly
1922015007249003/12/15Vertical nanowire transistor with axially engineered semiconductor and gate metallization
1932015007249803/12/15Non-planar iii-v field effect transistors with conformal metal gate electrode & nitrogen doping of gate dielectric interface
1942015007424003/12/15System and transferring playlists
1952015007435403/12/15Device, using a mask register to track progress of gathering elements from memory
1962015007437303/12/15Scatter using index array and finite state machine
1972015007441903/12/15Secure vault service for software components within an execution environment
1982015007444003/12/15Link power savings with state retention
1992015007466303/12/15Virtual environment manager
2002015006654703/05/15Method and dynamically processing events based on automatic detection of time conflicts
2012015006704103/05/15Information services for real world augmentation
2022015006720703/05/15High performance interconnect physical layer
2032015006720803/05/15High performance interconnect physical layer
2042015006721003/05/15High performance interconnect physical layer
2052015006734503/05/15Advanced watermarking system and method
2062015006741203/05/15Providing error handling support to legacy devices
2072015006768303/05/15Virtual environment manager
2082015006768403/05/15Virtual environment manager
2092015005403102/26/15Tin doped iii-v material contacts
2102015005560102/26/15Method and apparatus of connectivity recovery in wireless network
2112015005561002/26/15Device, system and communicating during a contention based access period
2122015005699402/26/15Selective joinder of machine-type communication user equipment with wireless cell
2132015005833802/26/15Promoting activity during periods of sedentary behavior
2142015005860302/26/15Permute operations with flexible zero control
2152015005866702/26/15Method and a zero voltage processor
2162015005870602/26/15Timing optimization for memory devices employing error detection coded transactions
2172015005878202/26/15System and creating and interacting with a surface display
2182015005900702/26/15Launching a secure kernel in a multiprocessor system
2192015004850802/19/15Nanowires coated on traces in electronic devices
2202015004907902/19/15Techniques for threedimensional image editing
2212015005094202/19/15Distributed policy architecture
2222015005237702/19/15Method and a zero voltage processor
2232015004268302/12/15Systems and methods for video/multimedia rendering, composition, and user-interactivity
2242015004351502/12/15Radio coexistence in wireless networks
2252015004506002/12/15Determining proximity of user equipment for device-to-device communication
2262015004673002/12/15Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including power and performance balancing between multiple processing elements and/or a communication bus
2272015004673102/12/15Systems and methods for reducing power consumption of a communication device
2282015004691002/12/15Hardware compilation and/or translation with fault detection and roll back functionality
2292015003656902/05/15Method to identify and differentiate background traffic
2302015003658102/05/15Multicast/broadcast service continuity in multi-carrier networks
2312015003992002/05/15Reducing power consumption of uncore circuitry of a processor
2322015004005902/05/15System, device, and scrolling content with motion blur on an electronic display
2332015004024202/05/15Enhanced privacy for provision of computer vision
2342015002920301/29/15Filtering mechanism for render target line modification
2352015003015301/29/15Repeatable application-specific encryption key derivation using a hidden root key
2362015003185301/29/15Method for the selective enrichment and labeling of phosphorproteins
2372015003276501/29/15System and generating homogeneous metadata from pre-existing metadata
2382015003292401/29/15Handling atomic operations for a non-coherent device
2392015003300101/29/15Method, device and system for control signalling in a data path module of a data stream processing engine
2402015002155301/22/15Junctionless accumulation-mode device isolated from semiconductive substrate by reverse-bias junction
2412015002253201/22/15Hierarchical motion blur rasterization
2422015002317101/22/15Device, system and scheduling communications with a group of wireless communication units
2432015002333701/22/15Device, system and selectively aborting reception of wireless communication packets
2442015002676401/22/15Detecting, enforcing and controlling access privileges based on sandbox usage
2452015001486101/15/15Embedded structures for package-on-package architecture
2462015001634101/15/15Device, system and indicating station-specific information within a wireless communication
2472015001652301/15/15Content adaptive partitioning for prediction and coding for next generation video
2482015001978801/15/15Providing a sideband message interface for system on a chip (soc)
2492015001988101/15/15Accelerated cryptography with an encryption attribute

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