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Intel Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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08/25/16 new patent  Inline inspection of the contact between conductive traces and substrate for hidden defects using white light interferometer with tilted objective lens
08/25/16 new patent  Accelerometer and making same
08/25/16 new patent  Electronic device system with a configurable display
08/25/16 new patent  Digital synthesizable low dropout regulator with adaptive gain
08/25/16 new patent  Autonomously controlling a buffer of a processor
08/25/16 new patent  Piezoelectric sensor assembly for wrist based wearable virtual keyboard
08/25/16 new patent  Capacitive sensor action in response to proximity sensor data
08/25/16 new patent  Techniques for setting volume level within a tree of cascaded volume controls with variating operating delays
08/25/16 new patent  Seamless host system gesture experience for guest applications on touch based devices
08/25/16 new patent  Instructions and logic to fork processes of secure enclaves and establish child enclaves in a secure enclave page cache
08/25/16 new patent  Vector cache line write back processors, methods, systems, and instructions
08/25/16 new patent  Cache performance by utilizing scrubbed state indicators associated with cache entries
08/25/16 new patent  Techniques for block-based indexing
08/25/16 new patent  Distributed persistent memory using asynchronous streaming of log records
08/25/16 new patent  Secure access management of devices
08/25/16 new patent  Authentication for network access related applications
08/25/16 new patent  Physical marketplace interaction platform
08/25/16 new patent  Collaborative graphics rendering using mobile devices to support remote display
08/25/16 new patent  Furry avatar animation
08/25/16 new patent  User gesture driven avatar apparatus and method
08/25/16 new patent  Techniques for adding interactive features to videos
08/25/16 new patent  Conformal low temperature hermetic dielectric diffusion barriers
08/25/16 new patent  Replacement metal gates to enhance transistor strain
08/25/16 new patent  Capping poly channel pillars in stacked circuits
08/25/16 new patent  Method for making high density substrate interconnect using inkjet printing
08/25/16 new patent  Integrated wluf and sod process
08/25/16 new patent  Magnetic contacts
08/25/16 new patent  Semiconductor chip stacking assemblies
08/25/16 new patent  Planar heterogeneous device
08/25/16 new patent  Heterogeneous layer device
08/25/16 new patent  Interconnect architecture with stacked flex cable
08/25/16 new patent  Methods, apparatuses, and systems for multi-point, multi-cell single-user based multiple input and multiple output transmissions
08/25/16 new patent  Block acknowledgements for multiple devices in high efficiency wireless networks
08/25/16 new patent  Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)
08/25/16 new patent  Methods and apparatus to process data based on automatically detecting a security environment
08/25/16 new patent  Audio signal beam forming
08/25/16 new patent  User equipment and cell association and beamforming training with a mmwave capable small cell
08/25/16 new patent  Reducing connection time in direct wireless interaction
08/25/16 new patent  Methods and apparatuses associated with reestablishment of a network connection with a child node
08/25/16 new patent  Coordination techniques for discontinuous reception (drx) operations in dual-connectivity architectures
08/18/16Method and calibrating a sensor
08/18/16Hybrid electrical/optical connector
08/18/16Dual supply
08/18/16System, apparatus, and improved efficiency of execution in signal processing algorithms
08/18/16Vector operations with operand base system conversion and re-conversion
08/18/16Supporting multiple operating system environments in computing device without contents conversion
08/18/16Apparatus and scheduling graphics processing unit workloads from virtual machines
08/18/16Techniques for portable computing device virtualization
08/18/16Runtime dispatching among a hererogeneous groups of processors
08/18/16High performance persistent memory for region-centric consistent and atomic updates
08/18/16Instruction and logic for a binary translation mechanism for control-flow security
08/18/16Method and server platform architectures that enable serviceable nonvolatile memory modules
08/18/16Digital sign advertisement selection based on mobile device activity
08/18/16Methods of promoting adhesion between underfill and conductive bumps and structures formed thereby
08/18/16Microelectronic interconnect adaptor
08/18/16Antenna on ceramics for a packaged die
08/18/16Solder attach apparatus and method
08/18/16Techniques for improving gate control over transistor channel by increasing effective gate length
08/18/16Group iii-n transistors on nanoscale template structures
08/18/16Transistor structure with variable clad/core dimension for stress and bandgap
08/18/16Low profile zero/low insertion force package top side flex cable connector architecture
08/18/16Continuous current mode multi-load power regulator
08/18/16Apparatuses, methods, and systems for jitter equalization and phase error detection
08/18/16Clock calibration using asynchronous digital sampling
08/18/16Signal detection method and apparatus in mimo communication system
08/18/16Apparatus, system and communicating in an awareness cluster
08/18/16Display having an integrated camera
08/18/16Simulating multi-camera imaging systems
08/18/16Hew station and ul mu-mimo hew with improved receiver performance
08/18/16Reflected signal absorption in interconnect
08/18/16Electronic fabric with incorporated chip and interconnect
08/11/16Binarized frequency transform
08/11/16Method and cooling devices using phase change materials
08/11/16Time-of-flight location determination with unmanaged wlan
08/11/16A controlling the position of a mems mirror
08/11/16Low dropout regulator with hysteretic control
08/11/16Method and apparatus to provide telemetry data in a processor
08/11/16Selective power management for pre-boot firmware updates
08/11/16Techniques enabling low power states for a communications port
08/11/16Last branch record indicators for transactional memory
08/11/16Dynamically changing lockstep configuration
08/11/16Orientation aware authentication on mobile platforms
08/11/16Sm3 hash algorithm acceleration processors, methods, systems, and instructions
08/11/16Method and direct and interactive ray tracing of a subdivision surface
08/11/16System and creating profile of fuel quality
08/11/16Adaptive filtering for wired speaker amplifiers
08/11/16Method and dynamically adjusting voltage reference to optimize an i/o system
08/11/16Memory cell with retention using resistive memory
08/11/16Bumpless die-package interface for bumpless build-up layer (bbul)
08/11/16Microelectronic die having chamfered corners
08/11/16Partial layer transfer system and method
08/11/16Etchstop layers and capacitors
08/11/16Electrode configurations to increase electro-thermal isolation of phase-change memory elements and associated techniques
08/11/16Self-aligned gate edge and local interconnect and method to fabricate same
08/11/16Strained channel region transistors employing source and drain stressors and systems including the same
08/11/16Low power clamp for electrical overstress protection
08/11/16Low power analog to digital converter
08/11/16Reconfigurable repeater system
08/11/16User equipment using hybrid automatic repeat request
08/11/16Alternate channel for carrying selected message types
08/11/16Power line based theft protection of electronic devices
08/11/16Method and storing mobile station physical measurements and mac performance statistics in a management information base of an access point
08/11/16Near field communication assisted device and service discovery
08/11/16System and improved transmit power adaptation for wireless platform
08/11/16Techniques for identifying physical hybrid automatic request indicator channel resources
08/11/16Methods and arrangements to coordinate communications of different types of devices on a wireless network
08/04/16Wireless systems and methods
08/04/16Wearable computing device
08/04/16Hybrid memory architecture
08/04/16Hardware-supported per-process metadata tags
08/04/16Techniques for determining victim row addresses in a volatile memory
08/04/16Apparatus and architectural performance monitoring in binary translation systems
08/04/16Performing a cyclic redundancy checksum operation responsive to a user-level instruction
08/04/16Methods and systems to identify and reproduce concurrency violations in multi-threaded programs
08/04/16Fine grained address remapping for virtualization
08/04/16Apparatus, system and protocol adaptation layer (pal) communication to indicate transitioning a device to a default state
08/04/16Social circle and relationship identification
08/04/16Dynamically rebalancing graphics processor resources
08/04/16Assist circuit for memory
08/04/16Row hammer refresh command
08/04/16Method, apparatus and system for responding to a row hammer event
08/04/16Methods and systems to selectively boost an operating voltage of, and controls to an 8t bit-cell array and/or other logic blocks
08/04/16Solid-state supercapacitor
08/04/16Interconnect wires including relatively low resistivity cores
08/04/16Non-planar i/o and logic semiconductor devices having different workfunction on common substrate
08/04/16Electronic assembly that includes stacked electronic devices
08/04/16Microelectronic transistor contacts and methods of fabricating the same
08/04/16Providing power to integrated electronics within a cable
08/04/16Apparatus and method to change current limit
08/04/16Forwarded clock jitter reduction
08/04/16Framing with error-correction parity bit support for high-speed serial interconnects
08/04/16Systems, methods, and a low rate phy structure
08/04/16Generating and/or receiving at least one packet to facilitate, at least in part, network path establishment
08/04/16Secure wireless location interface protocol
08/04/16Security data aggregation and business intelligence for web applications
08/04/16Stateless attestation system
08/04/16System and transferring playlists
08/04/16Filling disparity holes based on resolution decoupling
08/04/16Systems and methods for device provisioning
08/04/16Transmission modification
08/04/16Drs based power control in communication systems
08/04/16Forming carrier aggregation timing advance groups in a heterogeneous network
08/04/16Precoding resource block group bundling enhancement for full dimension multi-in-multi-output
08/04/16Aperiodic channel state information (csi) reporting for carrier aggregation
07/28/16Indoor navigation to known points of interest
07/28/16Device, system and orientation estimation of a mobile device
07/28/16Apparatus utilizing computer on package construction
07/28/16Power management in computing devices
07/28/16Processors, methods, and systems to relax synchronization of accesses to shared memory
07/28/16Method and system to provide user-level multithreading
07/28/16Handling operating system (os) transitions in an unbounded transactional memory (utm) mode
07/28/16Firmware sensor layer
07/28/16Host controlled hybrid storage device
07/28/16Method and apparatus to improve performance of chained tasks on a graphics processing unit
07/28/16Multistage memory cell read
07/28/16Offset interposers for large-bottom packages and large-die package-on-package structures
07/28/16Method and in-mold laminate antennas
07/28/16Ground routing device and method
07/28/16Wireless load modulation
07/28/16Near field communications (nfc) coil and proximity sensor for portable devices
07/28/16Transmitting magnetic field through metal chassis using fractal surfaces
07/28/16Sharing user information with proximate devices
07/28/16Apparatus, system and managing an application service platform (asp) session
07/28/16Techniques for remapping sessions for a multi-threaded application
07/28/16Threshold filtering of compressed domain data using steering vector
07/28/16Apparatus, system and neighbor awareness networking (nan) geo-fencing
07/28/16Wi-fi scan scheduling and power adaptation for low-power indoor location
07/28/16Apparatuses and methods for coordinating operations of multiple wireless communications modules with multiple subscriber numbers
07/28/16Enhanced listen-before-talk (lbt) for unlicensed band operation with cell splitting
07/28/16Systems, methods, and devices for indoor positioning using wi-fi
07/21/16Detection of biking, walking, and running
07/21/16Optical coupler
07/21/16Projection of a plurality of structured light patterns
07/21/16Method, apparatus, and system for improving resume times for root ports and root port integrated endpoints
07/21/16Method, apparatus, and system for improving resume times for root ports and root port integrated endpoints
07/21/16Apparatus and managing power in a computing system
07/21/16Scalable compute fabric
07/21/16Method and performing error handling operations using error signals
07/21/16Resilient register file circuit for dynamic variation tolerance and operating the same
07/21/16Graph-based application programming interface architectures with node-based destination-source mapping for enhanced image processing parallelism
07/21/16Graph-based application programming interface architectures with equivalency classes for enhanced image processing parallelism
07/21/16Graph-based application programming interface architectures with producer/consumer nodes for enhanced image processing parallelism
07/21/16Dual-sided die packages
07/21/16Thermal compression bonding process cooling manifold
07/21/16Non-silicon device heterolayers on patterned silicon substrate for cmos by combination of selective and conformal epitaxy
07/21/16Internal spacers for nanowire transistors and fabrication thereof
07/21/16Vertical non-planar semiconductor device for system-on-chip (soc) applications
07/21/16Electrostatic discharge for electronic device coupling
07/21/16Data storage, input, and output for human body communication
07/21/16Transmit beamforming sounding with traveling pilots
07/21/16Eye width measurement and margining in communication systems
07/21/16Data receiver circuit with offset edge samplers
07/21/16Method and scrambling read data in a memory module
07/21/16Apparatus, system and supporting streaming over a protocol adaptation layer (pal)
07/21/16Apparatus, system and tearing down a protocol adaptation layer (pal) session
07/21/16Apparatus, system and tearing down a protocol adaptation layer (pal) session
07/21/16All-in-focus implementation
07/21/16Image matching-based pointing techniques
07/21/16In-loop adaptive wiener filter for video coding and decoding
07/21/16Dynamic product placement in media content
07/21/16User behavior based data population of devices
07/21/16Minimal maintenance link to support synchronization
07/21/16Communication transmission xhrpd
07/14/16Acceleration of color conversion
07/14/16An image projector and optical assembly
07/14/16Low dropout voltage regulator integrated with digital power gate driver
07/14/16Power management control of remote servers
07/14/16Predicting future power level states for processor cores
07/14/16Indicating critical battery status in mobile devices
07/14/16Control head-mounted information systems
07/14/16Novel passive stylus
07/14/16Devices, methods, and systems for providing interactivity with digital signs
07/14/16Voltage controlled nano-magnetic random number generator
07/14/16Method and apparatus to process 4-operand simd integer multiply-accumulate instruction
07/14/16Memory management in secure enclaves
07/14/16Instruction and logic to test transactional execution status
07/14/16Instruction and logic to test transactional execution status
07/14/16Virtual machine power management
07/14/16Instruction and logic to test transactional execution status
07/14/16Methods and systems to identify and migrate threads among system nodes based on system performance metrics
07/14/16Instruction and logic to test transactional execution status
07/14/16Data partition and transformation methods and apparatuses
07/14/16Digital rights management handler and related methods
07/14/16Method and system for monitoring calls to an application program interface (api) function
07/14/16Hybrid draft mode printing
07/14/16Sensor hierarchy
07/14/16Memory sharing via a unified memory architecture
07/14/16Automatic brightness control for displays
07/14/16Adaptive configuration of non-volatile memory
07/14/16Apparatus and method to optimize stt-mram size and write error rate
07/14/16Sacrificial material for stripping masking layers
07/14/16Self-aligned via and plug patterning for back end of line (beol) interconnects
07/14/16Making a defect free fin based device in lateral epitaxy overgrowth region
07/14/16Integrating vlsi-compatible fin structures with selective epitaxial growth and fabricating devices thereon
07/14/16Bridge interconnect with air gap in package assembly
07/14/16Electronic package and connecting a first die to a second die to form an electronic package
07/14/16Composite high-k metal gate stack for enhancement mode gan semiconductor devices
07/14/16Selective epitaxially grown iii-v materials based devices
07/14/16Ge and iii-v channel semiconductor devices having maximized compliance and free surface relaxation
07/14/16Improved cladding layer epitaxy via template engineering for heterogeneous integration on silicon
07/14/16Chassis design for wireless-charging coil integration for computing systems
07/14/16Apparatus and fast phase locking for digital phase locked loop
07/14/16Geographically isolated antennas
07/14/16Power management implementation in an optical link
07/14/16Signaling techniques to support downlink (dl) multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (mu-mimo) in 60 ghz wireless networks
07/14/16Method and efficiently implementing the advanced encryption standard
07/14/16Personal communication drone
07/14/16Techniques for group-based spatial stream assignment signaling in 60 ghz wireless networks
07/14/16Intelligent ringer in smartphones

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