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Intel Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17Property landscape management apparatus and method
06/22/17Ambient awareness in virtual reality
06/22/17Thermal management using phase change material
06/22/17Measuring surface layer thickness
06/22/17Predictive transportation system modeling
06/22/17Systems and methods to direct foot traffic
06/22/17Integrated circuit packages with temperature sensor traces
06/22/17Gas detector for mobile device
06/22/17Coated probe tips for plunger pins of an integrated circuit package test system
06/22/17Thermal head with a thermal barrier for integrated circuit die processing
06/22/17Interfaces for wireless debugging
06/22/17Self-characterizing high-speed communication interfaces
06/22/17Systems and methods for battery capacity estimation
06/22/17Ultrasound ranging method and apparatus
06/22/17Stacked wafer lens and camera
06/22/17Current sensor based closed loop control apparatus
06/22/17Hinge clip
06/22/17Electronic device having circuit board as chassis
06/22/17Integrated circuit thermal throttling with workload adapted thermal sensor maximum temperature
06/22/17Controlling telemetry data communication in a processor
06/22/17Power delivery architecture to increase performance of computing systems when docked
06/22/17Detection of undocking for electronic devices
06/22/17Techniques to power down output power rails for a storage device
06/22/17Method and providing power state information using in-band signaling
06/22/17Systems, methods and devices for standby power savings
06/22/17Smart power adapters and related systems and methods
06/22/17Natural human-computer interaction for virtual personal assistant systems
06/22/17Hand skeleton comparison and selection for hand and gesture recognition with a computing interface
06/22/17Wearable sensor system for providing a personal magnetic field and techniques for horizontal localization utilizing the same
06/22/17Method and apparatus to enable individual non volatle memory express (nvme) input/output (io) queues on differing network addresses of an nvme controller
06/22/17Apparatus and enforcing timing requirements for a memory device
06/22/17Technologies for performing a data copy operation on a data storage device
06/22/17Predictive memory maintenance
06/22/17Techniques to use open bit line information for a memory system
06/22/17Technologies for managing an operational characteristic of a solid state drive
06/22/17Dynamic audio codec enumeration
06/22/17Dynamic data difference generation and distribution
06/22/17Hardware cancellation monitor for floating point operations
06/22/17Hardware apparatuses and methods to switch shadow stack pointers
06/22/17Vector store/load instructions for array of structures
06/22/17Apparatus and retrieving elements from a linked structure
06/22/17Instructions and logic for blend and permute operation sequences
06/22/17Instruction and logic for permute with out of order loading
06/22/17Instructions and logic for load-indices-and-prefetch-scatters operations
06/22/17Instruction and logic for detecting the floating point cancellation effect
06/22/17Instruction and logic for compression and rotation
06/22/17Instructions and logic for load-indices-and-prefetch-gathers operations
06/22/17Instructions and logic for set-multiple-vector-elements operations
06/22/17Instructions and logic for even and odd vector get operations
06/22/17Instructions and logic for lane-based strided store operations
06/22/17Instructions and logic for get-multiple-vector-elements operations
06/22/17Instructions and logic for vector-based bit manipulation
06/22/17Instruction and logic for permute sequence
06/22/17Instruction and logic for vector permute
06/22/17Instruction and logic for getting a column of data
06/22/17Instructions and logic for lane-based strided scatter operations
06/22/17Instructions and logic for load-indices-and-scatter operations
06/22/17Adjoining data element pairwise swap processors, methods, systems, and instructions
06/22/17Instructions and logic for load-indices-and-gather operations
06/22/17Instruction and logic for reoccurring adjacent gathers
06/22/17Transaction end plus commit to persistence instructions, processors, methods, and systems
06/22/17Non-contiguous multiple register access for microprocessor data exchange instructions
06/22/17Management of power loss in a memory device
06/22/17Starting application processors of a virtual machine
06/22/17Systems, methods and devices for work placement on processor cores
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06/22/17Thread and/or virtual machine scheduling for cores with diverse capabilities
06/22/17Apparatus and an on-chip reliability controller
06/22/17Apparatus and enforcement of reserved bits
06/22/17Methods and apparatus to facilitate distributed data backup
06/22/17Monitoring the operation of a processor
06/22/17Data flow analysis in processor trace logs using compiler-type information method and apparatus
06/22/17System address reconstruction
06/22/17Computing system having multi-level system memory capable of operating in a single level system memory mode
06/22/17Minimizing snoop traffic locally and across cores on a chip multi-core fabric
06/22/17Multi-source address translation service (ats) with a single ats resource
06/22/17Apparatus and method to support a storage mode over a cache-line memory interface to a non-volatile memory dual in line memory module
06/22/17Method and sub-page write protection
06/22/17Apparatus and shared least recently used (lru) policy between multiple cache levels
06/22/17Instruction and logic for secure instruction execution pipeline
06/22/17Techniques to compress cryptographic metadata for memory encryption
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06/22/17Emulated msi interrupt handling
06/22/17Dram data path sharing via a split local data bus and a segmented global data bus
06/22/17Dram data path sharing via a segmented global data bus
06/22/17Architecture for software defined interconnect switch
06/22/17Downstream device service latency reporting for power management
06/22/17Aggregate scatter instructions
06/22/17Automatic text language selection mechanism
06/22/17Technologies for semantic interpretation of user input by a dialogue manager
06/22/17Prediction using a data structure
06/22/17Wearable health message delivery system with co exposure limiter
06/22/17Medical inventory management of storage container
06/22/17Computing devices
06/22/17Biometric cryptography using micromachined ultrasound transducers
06/22/17Crowd gesture recognition
06/22/17Control of computer vision pre-processing based on image matching using structural similarity
06/22/17Automatic response system for wearables
06/22/17User pattern recognition and prediction system for wearables
06/22/17Using a generic classifier to train a personalized classifier for wearable devices
06/22/17System, transferring ownership of a smart delivery package
06/22/17Facilitating smart geo-fencing-based payment transactions
06/22/17Clustered color compression for efficient processing of graphics data at computing devices
06/22/17Method and updating a shader program based on current state
06/22/17Code filters for coded light depth acquisition in depth images
06/22/17Morphological and geometric edge filters for edge enhancement in depth images
06/22/17Angle- dependent anisotropic filtering
06/22/17Interpolated minimum-maximum compression/decompression for efficient processing of graphics data at computing devices
06/22/17Real-time visualization mechanism
06/22/17Decompression and traversal of a bounding volume hierarchy
06/22/17Direct motion sensor input to rendering pipeline
06/22/17Transitioning augmented reality objects in physical and digital environments
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06/22/17Vehicle assistance systems and methods utilizing vehicle to vehicle communications
06/22/17Method and color buffer compression
06/22/17Graphics processor logic for encoding increasing or decreasing values
06/22/17Environmental noise detection for dialog systems
06/22/17Automatic self-utterance removal from multimedia files
06/22/17Wearer voice activity detection
06/22/17Emotional timed media playback
06/22/17Dram data path sharing via a split local data bus
06/22/17Magnetic storage cell memory with back hop-prevention
06/22/17Physically unclonable function circuit using resistive memory device
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06/22/17Non-volatile ferroelectric logic with granular power-grating
06/22/17Parallel deflate decoding method and apparatus
06/22/17Fuse-based integrity protection
06/22/17Method for forming an electrical device and electrical devices
06/22/17Through-mold structures
06/22/17Integrated circuit package support structures
06/22/17Thermoelectric cooler having a solderless electrode
06/22/17Integrated circuit surface layer with adhesion-functional group
06/22/17Perforated conductive material for emi shielding of semiconductor device and components
06/22/17Semiconductor package with trenched molding-based electromagnetic interference shielding
06/22/17Systems, methods and devices for stiffener construction for use in pick and place media
06/22/17Semiconductor package alignment frame for local reflow
06/22/17Semiconductor package interposer having encapsulated interconnects
06/22/17Solid state device miniaturization
06/22/17Package with dielectric or anisotropic conductive (acf) buildup layer
06/22/17Flexible electronic system with wire bonds
06/22/17Strain compensation in transistors
06/22/17Platform communications through piezoelectric vibrations in a pcb medium
06/22/17Energy storage device having a laser weld
06/22/17Void filling battery
06/22/17Multi resonator non-adjacent coupling
06/22/17Near field communications (nfc) coil with embedded wireless antenna
06/22/17Omni directional broadband coplanar antenna element
06/22/17Antenna arrangement
06/22/17Distributed on-package millimeter-wave radio
06/22/17Small form factor sockets and connectors
06/22/17Spring connector for electronic devices
06/22/17Providing orientation support in receptacles
06/22/17Power architecture and management scheme for iot applications
06/22/17Wireless charging coil placement for reduced field exposure
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06/22/17Systems and methods for adaptive charge termination
06/22/17Device control for wireless charging
06/22/17Uniform wireless charging device
06/22/17Embedded port in wearable mobile electronic device
06/22/17M-ary pulse amplitude modulation digital equalizer
06/22/17Apparatus, system and wireless backhaul and access communication via a common antenna array
06/22/17Systems, methods and devices for public announcements
06/22/17Privacy preserving group formation with distributed content key generation
06/22/17Secure unlock to access debug hardware
06/22/17Joint noncoherent demodulation and carrier frequency offset correction based on non-linear filtering
06/22/17Organically composable iot networks
06/22/17Techniques to generate workload performance fingerprints for cloud infrastructure elements
06/22/17Technologies for tracking out-of-order network packets
06/22/17Techniques for embedding fabric address information into locally-administered ethernet media access control addresses (macs) and a multi-node fabric system implementing the same
06/22/17Technologies for enforcing network access control of virtual machines
06/22/17System, safety state management of internet things (iot) devices
06/22/17Fair, secured, and efficient completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart (captcha)
06/22/17Chain of trust identification system and method
06/22/17User profile selection using contextual authentication
06/22/17Telemetry based feedback for improved media streaming
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06/22/17Media streaming through section change detection markers
06/22/17Group-based data transfer in machine-to-machine systems
06/22/17Scheduling highly parallel applications
06/22/17Access dock device content on a remote client device wirelessly
06/22/17System and gesture-based management
06/22/17Iris imaging
06/22/17Automatic event recorder
06/22/17Multiview video stabilization
06/22/17Station (sta), access point (ap), and communication of wake-up configuration messages
06/22/17Communication devices having an energy management interface
06/22/17Power harvesting
06/22/17Multimode base station
06/22/17Direct connection network
06/22/17Systems, methods and devices for a package securing system
06/22/17Warpage mitigation in printed circuit board assemblies
06/22/17Gradient encapsulant protection of devices in stretchable electronics
06/22/17Fpc connector for better signal integrity and design compaction
06/22/17Development of the advanced component in cavity technology
06/22/17Substrate or panel with releasable core
06/22/17Electromagnetic interference shields for electronic packages and related methods
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06/22/17Flexible substrate retention on a reusable carrier
06/22/17Assembly probe utlizing a fluid to assemble components and systems and methods of use thereof
06/15/17Sensing of a user's physiological context using a hand-held device
06/15/17Apparatus and estimating changes to human health based on monitoring hair parameters
06/15/17System to facilitate therapeutic positioning for a body part
06/15/17Universal pick and place head for handling components of any shape
06/15/17Directional pulse injection into a microelectronic system for electrostatic test
06/15/17Power consumption monitoring device for a power source
06/15/17Chip-to-chip interconnect with embedded electro-optical bridge structures
06/15/17Electromagnetically actuated microshutter
06/15/17Device, method, and system of providing extended display with head mounted display
06/15/17Method to realize reconfigurable memory topology
06/15/17Processor core energy management
06/15/17Touch sensitive active privacy screen
06/15/17Intelligent memory support for platform reset operation
06/15/17Technologies for customized crowd-sourced features, automated safety and quality assurance with a technical computing environment
06/15/17Instruction and logic for partial reduction operations
06/15/17Sorting data and merging sorted data in an instruction set architecture
06/15/17System management mode disabling and verification techniques
06/15/17Processor state integrity protection using hash verification
06/15/17Iterator register for structured memory
06/15/17Technologies for managing cache memory in a distributed shared memory compute system
06/15/17Reconfigurable transmitter
06/15/17Dictionary generation for example based image processing
06/15/17Mechanism for facilitating dynamic and proactive data management for computing devices
06/15/17Technologies for enhanced user authentication using advanced sensor monitoring
06/15/17Instruction execution that broadcasts and masks data values at different levels of granularity
06/15/17Management of collaborative teams
06/15/17Accelerated touch processing in computing environments
06/15/17Graphics processing of a vertex buffer using a relative index buffer
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06/15/17Scalable geometry processing within a checkerboard multi-gpu configuration
06/15/17Generation of synthetic 3-dimensional object images for recognition systems
06/15/17Personalized wearable gas sensor using both the average and the rate of change of the gas level
06/15/17High voltage tolerant word-line driver
06/15/17Performance of additional refresh operations during self-refresh mode
06/15/17Reduction of power consumption in memory devices during refresh modes
06/15/17Multistage set procedure for phase change memory
06/15/17Reducing verification checks when programming a memory device
06/15/17Boundary scan chain for stacked memory
06/15/17Material thickness device and method
06/15/17Molded composite enclosure for integrated circuit assembly
06/15/17Electronic package that includes multiple supports
06/15/17Two material high k thermal encapsulant system
06/15/17Flex circuit for accessing pins of a chip carrier
06/15/17Integrated circuit package structures
06/15/17Chip carrier having variably-sized pads
06/15/17Integrated circuit structures with interposers having recesses
06/15/17Reduced-height memory system and method
06/15/17Scalable polylithic on-package integratable apparatus and method
06/15/17Memory devices and systems having reduced bit line to drain select gate shorting and associated methods
06/15/17Field effect transistor with narrow bandgap source and drain regions and fabrication
06/15/17Integration of millimeter wave antennas on microelectronic substrates
06/15/17Back power protection circuit
06/15/17Foldable fabric-based packaging solution
06/15/17Wireless power transfer with improved device identification and signaling link security
06/15/17Capacitive compensation structures using partially meshed ground planes
06/15/17Systems and methods for frequency domain calibration and characterization
06/15/17Selective participation on full-duplex communications
06/15/17Methods and migrating keys

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