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Intel Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Intel Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015024189008/27/15  new patent  Digitally phase locked low dropout regulator
22015024235808/27/15  new patent  Universal serial bus repeater
32015024333508/27/15  new patent  Write operations in spin transfer torque memory
42015024333608/27/15  new patent  Decreased switching current in spin-transfer torque memory
52015024350808/27/15  new patent  Electropositive metal containing layers for semiconductor applications
62015024359908/27/15  new patent  Method of forming high density, high shorting margin, and low capacitance interconnects by alternating recessed trenches
72015024455908/27/15  new patent  Migration of full-disk encrypted virtualized storage between blade servers
82015024473908/27/15  new patent  Network security elements using endpoint resources
92015024515408/27/15  new patent  Mechanism and seamless voice wake and speaker verification
102015024521708/27/15  new patent  Multiple radio devices for implementing dynamic band access background
112015024522108/27/15  new patent  Pci partition and allocation for cellular network
122015024534908/27/15  new patent  Enhancement to the buffer status report for coordinated uplink grant allocation in dual connectivity in an lte network
132015024536608/27/15  new patent  Interference reduction using hybrid signaling
142015023163308/20/15 Gel-based bio chip for electrochemical synthesis and electrical detection of polymers
152015023403408/20/15 Polled time-of-flight response
162015023407708/20/15 Circuit, transmission determining proximity of an object
172015023425108/20/15 Display apparatus including mems devices
182015023427208/20/15 Metal oxide nanoparticles and photoresist compositions
192015023477608/20/15 Facilitating, at least in part, by circuitry, accessing of at least one controller command interface
202015023534808/20/15 Joint enhancement of lightness, color and contrast of images and video
212015023562608/20/15 Adaptive frame rate control for a graphics subsystem
222015023569608/20/15 Memory cell with improved write margin
232015023610008/20/15 Field effect transistor with narrow bandgap source and drain regions and fabrication
242015023695808/20/15 Scalable network content based switching or validation acceleration
252015023702308/20/15 Scalable network content based switching or validation acceleration
262015023739908/20/15 System and providing integrated media
272015022717408/13/15 Hinge assembly
282015022746908/13/15 Method for pinning data in large cache in multi-level memory system
292015022747008/13/15 Maintaining processor resources during architectural events
302015022748908/13/15 Embedded universal serial bus solutions
312015022809108/13/15 Texture unit for general purpose computing
322015022829008/13/15 Non main cpu/os based operational environment
332015022832308/13/15 Magnetic state element and circuits
342015022877208/13/15 Nanowire transistor devices and forming techniques
352015022990208/13/15 Techniques for stereo three dimensional video processing
362015023033808/13/15 Circuit board with integrated passive devices
372015021799508/06/15 Arrangement of through-hole structures of a semiconductor package
382015022012608/06/15 Computing subsystem hardware recovery via automated selective power cycling
392015022013408/06/15 Optimizing boot-time peak power consumption for server/rack systems
402015022014008/06/15 Device, operation of a low power phy with a pcie protocol stack
412015022016408/06/15 Techniques for using a cable as an input device
422015022031308/06/15 Register liveness analysis for simd architectures
432015022033808/06/15 Software polling elision with restricted transactional memory
442015022034508/06/15 Vector mask driven clock gating for power efficiency of a processor
452015022037108/06/15 Energy aware information processing framework for computation and communication devices coupled to a cloud
462015022037208/06/15 Techniques for controlling use of locks
472015022039208/06/15 Storage systems with adaptive erasure code generation
482015022043608/06/15 Power efficient level one data cache access with pre-validated tags
492015022052808/06/15 Mechanism for facilitating dynamic and proactive data management for computing devices
502015022073808/06/15 Security co-processor boot performance
512015022074208/06/15 Anti-theft in firmware
522015022074508/06/15 Protection scheme for remotely-stored data
532015022091608/06/15 Techniques for an in-vehicle electronic wallet
542015022092708/06/15 Method, apparatus and system for providing transaction indemnification
552015022134508/06/15 Embedding thumbnail information into video streams
562015022160808/06/15 Processes of making pad-less interconnect for electrical coreless substrate
572015022160908/06/15 Methods of forming ultra thin package structures including low temperature solder and structures formed therby
582015022174408/06/15 Nanowire transistor with underlayer etch stops
592015022233308/06/15 Apparatus, system and beam selection for beamformed diversity wireless communication
602015022239208/06/15 Maximizing data rate by adjusting codes and code rates
612015022241708/06/15 Low power squelch circuit
622015022251608/06/15 Techniques associated with server transaction latency information
632015022253308/06/15 Transport of ethernet packet data with wire-speed and packet data rate match
642015022260208/06/15 Authenticated time-of-flight indoor positioning systems and methods
652015022284208/06/15 Device for adaptive projection
662015022284308/06/15 Techniques and system for multiple display media presentations
672015022301508/06/15 Optimizing distributed location managing entities in wireless devices
682015022302208/06/15 Geofencing
692015022305908/06/15 Techniques for establishing access to a local wireless network
702015022307208/06/15 Implementing third generation partnership project protocols that combine use of international mobile telecommunication bands and non-international mobile telecommunication bands of licensed wireless communication spectrum
712015022308808/06/15 Techniques for mmwave-capable small cell detection
722015022309608/06/15 Device, system and link measurement of a wireless communication link
732015022315708/06/15 Seamless connectivity across devices with heterogeneous transports
742015022327608/06/15 Techniques for wireless communication between a terminal computing device and a wearable computing device
752015022333608/06/15 Circuit component bridge device
762015022335108/06/15 Chassis of electronic device
772015020978007/30/15 Controlled fluid delivery in a microelectronic package
782015021203207/30/15 Method and match quality analysis of analyte binding
792015021249707/30/15 Universal serial bus active cable power management
802015021256407/30/15 Adaptive interrupt coalescing for energy efficient mobile platforms
812015021260707/30/15 Multi-function tablet pen input device
822015021281607/30/15 Method and performing logical compare operations
832015021282807/30/15 Techniques for pre-os image rewriting to provide cross-architecture support, security introspection, and performance optimization
842015021283207/30/15 Techniques for dynamically redirecting device driver operations to user space
852015021295907/30/15 Inter-component communication including slave component initiated transaction
862015021296907/30/15 Configuring a remote m-phy
872015021326907/30/15 Providing a secure execution mode in a pre-boot environment
882015021360407/30/15 Avatar-based video encoding
892015021390007/30/15 Extended select gate lifetime
902015021411807/30/15 Forming arsenide-based complementary logic on a single substrate
912015021489607/30/15 Systems and methods for combining power through a transformer
922015021495907/30/15 Clock generation system with dynamic distribution bypass mode
932015021536407/30/15 System and locating and capturing desired media content from media broadcasts
942015021544507/30/15 Disabling of wireless transmission of wireless communication devices using messages
952015021557707/30/15 Managing traffic flow on a network path
962015021580107/30/15 Machine type communication monitoring framework for 3gpp systems
972015021587007/30/15 Idle state management
982015021593407/30/15 Apparatus, method, and system of inter-node communication
992015020534407/23/15 Techniques and system for managing activity in multicomponent platform
1002015020547907/23/15 Noise elimination in a gesture recognition system
1012015020571407/23/15 Methods and apparatus to manage workload memory allocation
1022015020572307/23/15 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
1032015020572807/23/15 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
1042015020573607/23/15 Delivering interrupts directly to a virtual processor
1052015020574107/23/15 High performance interconnect physical layer
1062015020574807/23/15 Telecommunications chassis having mezzanine care interfaces
1072015020598407/23/15 Optical communication using differential images
1082015020627807/23/15 Content aware video resizing
1092015020694207/23/15 Contact resistance reduction employing germanium overlayer pre-contact metalization
1102015020694807/23/15 High-voltage transistor architectures, processes of forming same, and systems containing same
1112015020754307/23/15 Wireless power transfer apparatus and method thereof
1122015020768007/23/15 Device, system and configuring a radio transceiver
1132015020773807/23/15 Scaling egress network traffic
1142015020814507/23/15 Progressive adaptive routing in a dragonfly processor interconnect network
1152015020827407/23/15 Control and data plane solutions for carrier-aggregation based wlan offload
1162015020836207/23/15 Communication terminal and determining a power scaling factor
1172015019880007/16/15 Mems scanning mirror light pattern generation
1182015019898007/16/15 Detachable forward cradle dock
1192015019900207/16/15 Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including determining an optimal power state of the apparatus based on residency time of non-core domains in a power saving state
1202015019924807/16/15 Inter-component communication including slave component initiated transaction
1212015019928507/16/15 Inter-component communication including slave component initiated transaction
1222015019929407/16/15 Method and apparatus to facilitate system to system protocol exchange in back to back non-transparent bridges
1232015020030107/16/15 Pulsed laser anneal process for transistors with partial melt of a raised source-drain
1242015020071807/16/15 Techniques for beamforming to mitigate multi-user leakage and interference
1252015020076707/16/15 Eye width measurement and margining in communication systems
1262015020093907/16/15 Secure and automatic connection to wireless network
1272015020101007/16/15 Method and remotely provisioning software-based security coprocessors
1282015020123807/16/15 Validation of tv viewership utilizing methods, systems and computer control logic
1292015020131007/16/15 Method and wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) for receiving multimedia broadcast/multicast service
1302015020137507/16/15 Discontinuous reception (drx) reconfiguration
1312015020149707/16/15 High-density inter-package connections for ultra-thin package-on-package structures, and processes of forming same
1322015019295807/09/15 Enabling stiff plastic chassis with thin metal skins
1332015019296007/09/15 Electronic device system with a configurable display
1342015019297607/09/15 Contextual platform power management
1352015019297707/09/15 Data inversion based approaches for reducing memory power consumption
1362015019298507/09/15 Apparatus, method, and system for early deep sleep state exit of a processing element
1372015019300907/09/15 Foldable configurations for a thumb typing keyboard
1382015019308807/09/15 Hands-free assistance
1392015019314407/09/15 System and implementing ssd-based i/o caches
1402015019324707/09/15 Efficient graphics virtualization with address ballooning
1412015019325207/09/15 Method and remotely provisioning software-based security coprocessors
1422015019337107/09/15 Observing an internal link via an existing port for system on chip devices
1432015019350707/09/15 Emotion-related query processing
1442015019360907/09/15 Device, method, and system for augmented reality security
1452015019365607/09/15 Performing hand gesture recognition using 2d image data
1462015019398607/09/15 Dynamic augmentation of a physical scene
1472015019440107/09/15 Forming sacrificial composite materials for package-on-package architectures and structures formed thereby
1482015019440607/09/15 High density substrate routing in bbul package
1492015019472407/09/15 Millimeter wave antenna structures with air-gap layer or cavity
1502015019497007/09/15 Apparatus to reduce power of a charge pump
1512015019506107/09/15 Techniques for transmitting video content to a wirelessly docked device having a display
1522015019520607/09/15 Packet switching
1532015019531907/09/15 Playlist compilation system and method
1542015019533407/09/15 Remote user interface for self-service computing device
1552015019571307/09/15 Secure and automatic connection to wireless network
1562015019573807/09/15 Methods and apparatuses for rate adaptation of quality of service based application
1572015019580007/09/15 Communication of power consumption configurations during handover
1582015019580107/09/15 Dual base stations for wireless communication systems
1592015018500207/02/15 Apparatus, system and estimating an orientation of a mobile device
1602015018526007/02/15 Power adapter detection
1612015018537707/02/15 On-chip diffraction grating prepared by crystallographic wet-etch
1622015018554407/02/15 Segemented light guide panels in liquid crystal displays
1632015018574107/02/15 Fuzzy logic control of thermoelectric cooling in a processor
1642015018579507/02/15 Method and apparatus to configure thermal design power in a microprocessor
1652015018580807/02/15 Electronic device having a controller to enter a low power mode
1662015018607707/02/15 Processor with architecturally-visible programmable on-die storage to store data that is accessible by instruction
1672015018613807/02/15 Sms4 acceleration processors, methods, systems, and instructions
1682015018613907/02/15 Sm3 hash function message expansion processors, methods, systems, and instructions
1692015018614107/02/15 Versatile packed data comparison processors, methods, systems, and instructions
1702015018619107/02/15 Deadlock prevention in a processor
1712015018619407/02/15 Electronic device to provide notification of event
1722015018620107/02/15 Robust link training protocol
1732015018627307/02/15 Method and apparatus to facilitate shared pointers in a heterogeneous platform
1742015018630707/02/15 Adaptive interrupt moderation
1752015018632707/02/15 Control messaging in multislot link layer flit
1762015018645807/02/15 Efficient method and hardware implementation for nearest neighbor search
1772015018667807/02/15 Processors, methods, systems, and instructions to change addresses of pages of secure enclaves
1782015018668007/02/15 System and implementing a trusted dynamic launch and trusted platform module (tpm) using secure enclaves
1792015018704207/02/15 Using a global barrier to synchronize across local thread groups in general purpose programming on gpu
1802015018743607/02/15 Integrated circuit defect detection and repair
1812015018751507/02/15 Charge storage device, making same, making an electrically conductive structure for same, mobile electronic device using same, and microelectronic device containing same
1822015018759207/02/15 Methods for single exposure - self-aligned double, triple, and quadruple patterning
1832015018771307/02/15 Apparatus, system, and wireless connection in integrated circuit packages
1842015018772707/02/15 Solder in cavity interconnection structures
1852015018778507/02/15 Self-aligned floating gate in a vertical memory structure
1862015018803307/02/15 Methods of forming a magnetic random access memory etch spacer and structures formed thereby
1872015018811207/02/15 Battery pack having a spring to connect at least two battery cells
1882015018811407/02/15 Non-uniform battery cell
1892015018813007/02/15 Anode structure having silicon elements
1902015018854807/02/15 Integrated clock differential buffering
1912015018869007/02/15 Dynamic configuration of uplink (ul) and downlink (dl) frame resources for a time division duplex (tdd) transmission
1922015018870207/02/15 Efficient key derivation for end-to-end network security with traffic visibility
1932015018870507/02/15 Cryptographic key generation using a stored input value and a stored count value
1942015018881707/02/15 Table-driven routing in a dragonfly processor interconnect network
1952015018895207/02/15 Apparatus and computer controlled call processing applications in packet switched telephone networks
1962015018895307/02/15 Apparatus and computer controlled call processing applications in packet switched telephone networks
1972015018928507/02/15 Analytics assisted encoding
1982015018940307/02/15 Interchangable charm messaging wearable electronic device for wireless communication
1992015018948507/02/15 Emergency mobile originated location report
2002015018950907/02/15 Apparatus, system and protecting domains of a multimode wireless radio transceiver
2012015018951807/02/15 Adjacent channel leakage reduction in scalable wireless communication network
2022015018952107/02/15 Coverage adjustment in e-utra networks
2032015018954907/02/15 Method, system and apparatus of wireless local area network (wlan) communication in conjunction with cellular communication
2042015018957507/02/15 Device and public land mobile network searching
2052015018959107/02/15 User equipment assistance information signaling in a wireless network
2062015018959607/02/15 Techniques and apparatus to manage power in wireless device
2072015018961207/02/15 Methods and systems for multi-directional time preservation distribution in multi-communication core devices
2082015018967707/02/15 Sequence generation for cell specific reference signal (crs)
2092015018979707/02/15 Magnetic field shielding for packaging build-up architectures
2102015017485906/25/15 Panel with releasable core
2112015017791806/25/15 One-click tagging user interface
2122015017794406/25/15 Capturing objects in editable format using gestures
2132015017807906/25/15 Instruction and logic for processing text strings
2142015017808006/25/15 Instruction and logic for processing text strings
2152015017808106/25/15 Instruction and logic for processing text strings
2162015017808206/25/15 Instruction and logic for processing text strings
2172015017808306/25/15 Instruction and logic for processing text strings
2182015017808406/25/15 Instruction and logic for processing text strings
2192015017809806/25/15 Dynamic core swapping
2202015017811206/25/15 Method for certification of reconfigurable radio equipment when reconfiguration software developed by third party
2212015017817706/25/15 Coherence protocol tables
2222015017820006/25/15 Scatter-gather intelligent memory architecture for unstructured streaming data on multiprocessor systems
2232015017821006/25/15 Satisfying memory ordering requirements between partial reads and non-snoop accesses
2242015017824106/25/15 General input/output architecture, protocol and related methods to implement flow control
2252015017848106/25/15 Platform-hardened digital rights management key provisioning
2262015017850006/25/15 Methods and apparatus to protect memory regions during low-power states
2272015017859206/25/15 Image capture feedback
2282015017903306/25/15 Methods and pairing items for security
2292015017947906/25/15 Methods to prevent filler entrapment in microelectronic device to microelectronic substrate interconnection structures
2302015017955906/25/15 Forming functionalized carrier structures with coreless packages
2312015018026206/25/15 Battery pulse charging method and apparatus
2322015018050706/25/15 High performance interconnect link layer
2332015018055506/25/15 Dynamic point selection via a coordinating set of base stations
2342015018059206/25/15 Distortion measurement for limiting jitter in pam transmitters
2352015018075106/25/15 Enhanced carrier sensing for multi-channel operation
2362015018121606/25/15 Inter-layer pixel sample prediction
2372015018145806/25/15 Systems and methods for rate adaptation in full-duplex wireless communication
2382015018150206/25/15 Moving ad hoc network small cell relay handover
2392015018152506/25/15 Communication state transitioning control
2402015018155306/25/15 Apparatus, system and estimating a location of a mobile device
2412015018160106/25/15 License shared access in cellular network
2422015016680406/18/15 Robust ink formulations for durable markings on microelectronic packages and its extendibility as a barrier material for thermal and sealant materials
2432015016844106/18/15 Optomechanical sensor for accelerometry and gyroscopy
2442015016844206/18/15 Optomechanical inertial sensor
2452015016902506/18/15 Efficient integrated switching voltage regulator
2462015016904306/18/15 Method and a zero voltage processor sleep state
2472015016932506/18/15 Providing, at least in part, at least one indication that at least one portion of data is available for processing
2482015016938406/18/15 Methods and apparatus to bypass object locks
2492015016947306/18/15 Flexible architecture and instruction for advanced encryption standard (aes)

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