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Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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08/17/17 new patent  High throughput biochemical detection using single molecule fingerprinting arrays
08/17/17 new patent  Multi-pass patterning using nonreflecting radiation lithography on an underlying grating
08/17/17 new patent  Electronic device with interchangeability and modularity
08/17/17 new patent  Adaptive virtual keyboard for handheld device
08/17/17 new patent  Apparatus and shuffling floating point or integer values
08/17/17 new patent  Method and apparatus to process 4-operand simd integer multiply-accumulate intruction
08/17/17 new patent  Providing vector horizontal compare functionality within a vector register
08/17/17 new patent  Unified register file for supporting speculative architectural states
08/17/17 new patent  Method and speculative decompression
08/17/17 new patent  Method and scheduling of instructions in a multi-strand out-of-order processor
08/17/17 new patent  Processor for speculative execution event counter checkpointing and restoring
08/17/17 new patent  System for speculative execution event counter checkpointing and restoring
08/17/17 new patent  System-on-chip for speculative execution event counter checkpointing and restoring
08/17/17 new patent  Systems and methods for invasive debug of a processor without processor execution of instructions
08/17/17 new patent  Maintaining processor resources during architectural events
08/17/17 new patent  Serial sideband signaling link
08/17/17 new patent  Systems and methods for providing dynamic file system awareness on storage devices
08/17/17 new patent  Methods, systems and apparatus to initialize a platform
08/17/17 new patent  Event scheduling
08/17/17 new patent  Facilitating dynamic parallel scheduling of command packets at graphics processing units on computing devices
08/17/17 new patent  Ray compression for efficient processing of graphics data at computing devices
08/17/17 new patent  Techniques for video playback decoding surface prediction
08/17/17 new patent  Data transfer for multi-loaded source synchrous signal groups
08/17/17 new patent  Memory refresh operation with page open
08/17/17 new patent  Dual demarcation voltage sensing before writes
08/17/17 new patent  Hybrid electrochemical capacitor
08/17/17 new patent  Wurtzite heteroepitaxial structures with inclined sidewall facets for defect propagation control in silicon cmos-compatible semiconductor devices
08/17/17 new patent  Patterning of vertical nanowire transistor channel and gate with directed self assembly
08/17/17 new patent  Nand memory array with mismatched cell and bitline pitch
08/17/17 new patent  Low sheet resistance gan channel on si substrate using inaln and algan bi-layer capping stack
08/17/17 new patent  Wide band gap transistor on non-native semiconductor substrates and methods of manufacture thereof
08/17/17 new patent  Wireless antenna array system architecture and methods to achieve 3d beam coverage
08/17/17 new patent  Midplane interconnect system with conductor twist mitigation
08/17/17 new patent  Method and dynamic memory termination
08/17/17 new patent  Digital phase control with programmable tracking slope
08/17/17 new patent  Methods and arrangements for generating a waveform for frequency shift keying communications
08/17/17 new patent  Reliable transport of ethernet packet data with wire-speed and packet data rate match
08/17/17 new patent  Method, apparatus, and system for qos within high performance fabrics
08/17/17 new patent  Cloud compute scheduling using a heuristic contention model
08/17/17 new patent  Qos based binary translation and application streaming
08/17/17 new patent  Single microcontroller based management of multiple compute nodes
08/17/17 new patent  Optical micro-projection system and projection method
08/17/17 new patent  Systems and methods for a wireless network bridge
08/17/17 new patent  Cellular network scanning control based on ambient identifiable wireless signal sources
08/17/17 new patent  Mapping an enhanced physical downlink control channel
08/10/17Integration of laminate mems in bbul coreless package
08/10/17Selecting a low power state based on cache flush latency determination
08/10/17Watch face representation of intent timeline and state and intent elements
08/10/17Method and device to distribute code and data stores between volatile memory and non-volatile memory
08/10/17Memory state management for electronic device
08/10/17Write mechanism for storage class memory
08/10/17Methods, apparatus, and instructions for user-level thread suspension
08/10/17Execution using multiple page tables
08/10/17Systems and methods for flushing a cache with modified data
08/10/17Hybrid mobile interactions for native apps and web apps
08/10/17Processor extensions to protect stacks during ring transitions
08/10/17Encrypted code execution
08/10/17Creating and managing optimal routes for users' day
08/10/17System and interacting with digital signage
08/10/17Method and system of image segmentation refinement for image processing
08/10/17Techniques for reducing accesses for retrieving texture images
08/10/17Recognition-based object segmentation of a 3-dimensional image
08/10/17Color space conversion logic having reduced conversion error
08/10/17Digitally trimmable integrated resistors including resistive memory elements
08/10/17Memory cell with improved write margin
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08/10/17Cross point memory control
08/10/17Transistor fabrication technique including sacrificial protective layer for source/drain at contact location
08/10/17Cmos implementation of germanium and iii-v nanowires and nanoribbons in gate-all-around architecture
08/10/17Techniques and configurations to control movement and position of surface mounted electrical devices
08/10/17Interconnect structures with polymer core
08/10/17Apparatus and methods to create an indium gallium arsenide active channel having indium rich surfaces
08/10/17Multi-gate high electron mobility transistors and methods of fabrication
08/10/17Beamforming using base and differential codebooks
08/10/17Systems and methods for signal classification
08/10/17Technologies for remote attestation
08/10/17Protection system including machine learning snapshot evaluation
08/10/17Trajectory planning for video stabilization
08/10/17Projection device and a manufacturing a projection device
08/10/17Computing infrastructure optimizations based on tension levels between computing infrastructure nodes
08/10/17On-line signup and provisioning of certificate credentials for wireless devices
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08/10/17Radio resource control messaging for dual connectivity networks
08/10/17Method of forming a substrate core structure using microvia laser drilling and conductive layer pre-patterning and substrate core structure formed according to the method
08/03/17Intelligent led bulb and vent method, apparatus and system
08/03/17Torque hinge for a computing device
08/03/17Technologies for managing power during an activation cycle
08/03/17Efficient gesture processing
08/03/17Technologies for reducing duplication of stored data
08/03/17Hash map support in a storage device
08/03/17Performing rounding operations responsive to an instruction
08/03/17Performing rounding operations responsive to an instruction
08/03/17Performing rounding operations responsive to an instruction
08/03/17Apparatus and method to reverse and permute bits in a mask register
08/03/17Monitoring performance of a processor using reloadable performance counters
08/03/17Sharing a guest physical address space among virtualized contexts
08/03/17Processing device for performing convolution operations
08/03/17Improved fixed point integer implementations for neural networks
08/03/17System and method to provide location-based digital signage services
08/03/17Transpose of image data between a linear and a y-tiled storage format
08/03/17Method and filtering compressed textures
08/03/17Methods and apparatus to read memory cells based on clock pulse counts
08/03/17Transistors with high concentration of boron doped germanium
08/03/17Non-uniform substrate stackup
08/03/17Single base multi-floating surface cooling solution
08/03/17Self-aligned via and plug patterning for back end of line (beol) interconnects
08/03/17Bridge interconnect with air gap in package assembly
08/03/17Microelectronic substrate having embedded trace layers with integral attachment structures
08/03/17Methods of forming buried vertical capacitors and structures formed thereby
08/03/17Non-planar semiconductor device having group iii-v material active region with multi-dielectric gate stack
08/03/17Integration of iii-v devices on si wafers
08/03/17Pre-sculpting of si fin elements prior to cladding for transistor channel applications
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08/03/17Enhanced dislocation stress transistor
08/03/17Device, system, and processor-based data protection
08/03/17Apparatus, system and managing an application service platform (asp) session
08/03/17Method, apparatus and system for exchanging a data communication via an audio connector
08/03/17Facilitating quantization and compression of three-dimensional graphics data using screen space metrics at computing devices
08/03/17Identifying coverage holes using inter-rat handover measurements
08/03/17Dynamic cca scheme with interface control for 802.11 hew standard and system
08/03/17Extended access barring
08/03/17Methods, systems, and devices for enabling multiple radio assisted discovery
08/03/17Dynamic uplink and downlink configuration using flexible subframes
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08/03/17Uplink channel transmission in dual connectivity
08/03/17Group carrier scheduling for unlicensed long term evolution network
07/27/17System for developing, managing, acquiring and playing electronic board games
07/27/17Providing access from outside a multicore processor soc to individually configure voltages
07/27/17Scalable input/output system and techniques
07/27/17Techniques for cooperative execution between asymmetric processor cores
07/27/17Enhanced virtual function capabilities in a virtualized network environment
07/27/17Facilitating dynamic thread-safe operations for variable bit-length transactions on computing devices
07/27/17Accelerated data recovery in a storage system
07/27/17Hardware profiling mechanism to enable page level automatic binary translation
07/27/17Non-volatile memory interface
07/27/17In-system provisioning of firmware for a hardware platform
07/27/17Decoy-based matching system for facial recognition
07/27/17Smart optimization of unused graphics buffer memory in computing environments
07/27/17Generating random sampling distributions using stochastic rasterization
07/27/17Environmentally mapped virtualization mechanism
07/27/17Destructive reads from spin transfer torque memory under read-write conditions
07/27/17Memory subsystem i/o performance based on in-system empirical testing
07/27/17Technique for filling high aspect ratio, narrow structures with multiple metal layers and associated configurations
07/27/17Nanostructures and nanofeatures with si (111) planes on si (100) wafers for iii-n epitaxy
07/27/17Privacy enhanced key management for a web service provider using a converged security engine
07/27/17Socket management with reduced latency packet processing
07/27/17Transform unit size determination for video coding
07/27/17Long term reference picture coding
07/27/17Bearer mobility and splitting in a radio access network-based, 3rd generation partnership project network having an integrated wireless local area network
07/27/17Packet data unit mapping into time resource patterns for efficient device-to-device communications
07/27/17Module with laterally translatable component platform
07/20/17Adjustable pupil distance wearable display
07/20/17Passive radiator cooling for electronic devices
07/20/17Dynamically updating a power management policy of a processor
Patent Packs
07/20/17Gesture pre-processing of video stream using a markered region
07/20/17Method and apparatus to shutdown a memory channel
07/20/17Technologies for reducing latency in read operations
07/20/17Collapsing of multiple nested loops, methods, and instructions
07/20/17Scalable compute fabric
07/20/17Systems, methods and devices for determining work placement on processor cores
07/20/17Tcam soft-error detection method and apparatus
07/20/17Interrupts between virtual machines
07/20/17Routing of messages
07/20/17Emotion augmented avatar animation
07/20/17Methods and apparatus to provide extended graphics processing capabilities
07/20/17Low frequency converters having electrochemical capacitors
07/20/17Exposure activated chemically amplified directed self-assembly (dsa) for back end of line (beol) pattern cutting and plugging
07/20/17Methods and apparatuses to form self-aligned caps
07/20/17Package assembly with gathered insulated wires
07/20/17Package structure to enhance yield of tmi interconnections
07/20/17Bridge interconnection with layered interconnect structures
07/20/17Multi-layer package
07/20/17Pattern decomposition lithography techniques
07/20/17Integrated circuit structures with recessed conductive contacts for package on package
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07/20/17Floating body memory cell having gates favoring different conductivity type regions
07/20/17Iii-n devices in si trenches
07/20/17Self-aligned gate last iii-n transistors
07/20/17Transistor gate metal with laterally graduated work function
07/20/17Active regions with compatible dielectric layers
07/20/17High speed receivers circuits and methods
07/20/17Techniques for wireless communication between a terminal computing device and a wearable computing device
07/20/17Apparatus, system and communicating a multiple-input-multiple-output (mimo) transmission
07/20/17Apparatus, system and communicating according to a transmit space-frequency diversity scheme
07/20/17Apparatus, system and protecting a service identifier
07/20/17Technologies for pre-action execution
07/20/17System and motion estimation for video coding
07/20/17Wearable device command regulation
07/20/17Multiplexing of channel state information and hybrid automatic repeat request - acknowledgement information
07/20/17User equipment and methods for allocation and signaling of time resources for device to device (d2d) communication
07/13/17Method and efficient scheduling for asymmetrical execution units
07/13/17System and hypervisor-based remediation and provisioning of a computer
07/13/17Systems and methods for acquiring data for loads at different access times from hierarchical sources using a load queue as a temporary storage buffer and completing the load early
07/13/17Address translation for scalable virtualization of input/output devices
07/13/17Techniques to access or operate a dual in-line memory module via multiple data channels
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07/13/17Replay attack detection in automatic speaker verification systems
07/13/17Sram bit-line and write assist lowering dynamic power and peak current, and a dual input level-shifter
07/13/17Novel method and materials for warpage thermal and interconnect solutions
07/13/17Microelectronic structures having laminated or embedded glass routing structures for high density packaging
07/13/17Microelectronic package debug access ports and methods of fabricating the same
07/13/17Methods for forming fins for metal oxide semiconductor device structures
07/13/17Configurations and techniques to increase interfacial anisotropy of magnetic tunnel junctions
07/13/17Segmentation, handshaking, and access control solutions for opendots technology
07/13/17Wireless charger coupling for electronic devices
07/13/17Multiuser multiple-input and multiple-output setup frame
07/13/17Techniques associated with server transaction latency information
07/13/17Traffic control on an on-chip network
07/13/17Dynamic media content output for mobile devices
07/13/17Method and safe network access point detection
07/13/17Method, system and providing coexistence between low power stations and non-low power stations
07/13/17Aborting an extended service request procedure
07/13/17Panel with releasable core
07/06/17Hand gesture recognition for cursor control
07/06/17Touch-based link initialization and data transfer
07/06/17User interface for liquid container
07/06/17Instruction and logic to provide vector compress and rotate functionality
07/06/17Binary translation support using processor instruction prefixes
07/06/17Cache allocation with code and data prioritization
07/06/17Dynamic home tile mapping
07/06/17Method and preventing non-temporal entries from polluting small structures using a transient buffer
07/06/17Gather using index array and finite state machine
07/06/17Spoofing detection in image biometrics
07/06/17Color transformation using one or multi-dimensional hierarchical lookup table
07/06/17Facial movement based avatar animation
07/06/17Selective epitaxially grown iii-v materials based devices
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07/06/17Semiconductor device having group iii-v material active region and graded gate dielectric
07/06/17Deep gate-all-around semiconductor device having germanium or group iii-v active layer
07/06/17On-die termination control without a dedicated pin in a multi-rank system
07/06/17Self-biased oscillator
07/06/17Method and efficiently implementing the advanced encryption standard
07/06/17Computing system with off-load processing for networking related tasks
07/06/17Techniques for trusted location application and location provider communications
07/06/17Apparatus, system and supporting streaming over a protocol adaptation layer (pal)
07/06/17Multiple-device screen capture
06/29/17Intelligent agricultural systems
06/29/17Technologies for wireless charging of electric vehicles
06/29/17Heatstroke safety system
06/29/17Integrated photonic electronic sensor arrays for nucleic acid sequencing
06/29/17Technologies for communicating roadway information
06/29/17Energy efficient combustion heater control
06/29/17Low power, high resolution solid state lidar circuit
06/29/17Apparatus, method, and system for detecting acceleration and motor monitoring
06/29/17Chip fabric interconnect quality on silicon
06/29/17Serial i/o functional tester
06/29/17Memory with enhancement to perform radiation measurement
06/29/17Double-sided orthogonal grating optical coupler
06/29/17Orbiting hinge
06/29/17Cooling solution for a dock
06/29/17Adjustable power delivery scheme for universal serial bus
06/29/17Method and apparatus to control number of cores to transition operational states
06/29/17Mitigating component performance variation
06/29/17Method to assess energy efficiency of hpc system operated with & without power constraints
06/29/17Single sensor brain wave monitor
06/29/17Tracker for cursor navigation

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