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Intel Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Smart jack for lifting
04/27/17 new patent  Mechanism to provide workload and configuration-aware deterministic performance for microprocessors
04/27/17 new patent  Mechanism for facilitating power extension service at computing devices by one or more power saving techniques
04/27/17 new patent  Power gated communication controller
04/27/17 new patent  Fast inking a touch display
04/27/17 new patent  Techniques for entry to a lower power state for a memory device
04/27/17 new patent  System and execution of a secured environment initialization instruction
04/27/17 new patent  Latency by persisting data relationships in relation to corresponding data in persistent memory
04/27/17 new patent  Multi-core shared page miss handler
04/27/17 new patent  Universal controller to support remote monitoring of system and/or machine health
04/27/17 new patent  High performance interconnect physical layer
04/27/17 new patent  Eye movement based knowledge demonstration
04/27/17 new patent  Detection of return oriented programming attacks
04/27/17 new patent  Method, system, and device for selecting and displaying information on a mobile digital display device
04/27/17 new patent  Segmented erase in memory
04/27/17 new patent  Tungsten gates for non-planar transistors
04/27/17 new patent  Apparatus and system for generating a signal with phase angle configuration
04/27/17 new patent  Tunnel field-effect transistor (tfet) based high-density and low-power sequential
04/27/17 new patent  Method for signaling information by modifying modulation constellations
04/27/17 new patent  Packet processing with reduced latency
04/27/17 new patent  Techniques for video analytics of captured video content
04/27/17 new patent  Method and m2m device subscription
04/27/17 new patent  Mobile geo-fence system
04/27/17 new patent  Method and system of secured direct link set-up (dls) for wireless networks
04/20/17Photonic package architecture
04/20/17Balancing power supply and demand
04/20/17Multi-function key in a keyboard for an electronic device
04/20/17Hierarchical immutable content-addressable memory processor
04/20/17Data compression using accelerator with multiple search engines
04/20/17Instruction for performing an overload check
04/20/17Simd sign operation
04/20/17Method and apparatus to process sha-2 secure hashing algorithm
04/20/17Simd variable shift and rotate using control manipulation
04/20/17Techniques for adaptive interface support
04/20/17Virtualization exceptions
04/20/17Architecture and managing interrupts in a virtualized environment
04/20/17Work stealing in heterogeneous computing systems
04/20/17Apparatus and generating common locator bits to locate a device or column error during error correction operations
04/20/17Technique to share information among different cache coherency domains
04/20/17Implied directory state updates
04/20/17High performance interconnect coherence protocol
04/20/17Technique to share information among different cache coherency domains
04/20/17Multi-core shared page miss handler
04/20/17High performance interconnect physical layer
04/20/17High performance interconnect link state transitions
04/20/17Technique to share information among different cache coherency domains
04/20/17High performance interconnect
04/20/17Systems and methods for providing anti-malware protection and malware forensics on storage devices
04/20/17Performance of predicted actions
04/20/17Hybrid refresh with hidden refreshes and external refreshes
04/20/17Sram bit-line and write assist lowering dynamic power and peak current, and a dual input level-shifter
04/20/17Surface finishes for interconnection pads in microelectronic structures
04/20/17Heterogeneous compression architecture for optimized compression ratio
04/20/17Transceiver device and processing signals
04/20/17Method and system for beam alignment on directional wireless links
04/20/17Stable probing-resilient physically unclonable function (puf) circuit
04/20/17Mechanism for facilitating remote access of user and device credentials for remoting device activities between computing devices
04/20/17Technologies for distributed detection of security anomalies
04/20/17Interactive delivery of media using dynamic playlist generation subject to restrictive criteria
04/20/17Communication using interactive avatars
04/20/17Communication using avatar
04/20/17Communication using avatar
04/20/17Apparatus, system and communicating multicast traffic
04/20/17Apparatus, system and communicating a wakeup packet
04/20/17Periodic channel state information (csi) reporting using a physical uplink control channel (pucch)
Patent Packs
04/13/17Rack assembly structure
04/13/17Ebeam universal cutter
04/13/17Drone control through imagery
04/13/17Forcing core low power states in a processor
04/13/17Voltage regulator
04/13/17Virtual sensor fusion hub for electronic devices
04/13/17Apparatus, system, and persistent user-level thread
04/13/17Apparatuses and methods for generating a suppressed address trace
04/13/17Representing a cache line bit pattern via meta signaling
04/13/17Method, apparatus, and instructions for safely storing secrets in system memory
04/13/17Techniques and configurations for communication between devices
04/13/17Sensor bus interface for electronic devices
04/13/17Techniques for probabilistic dynamic random access memory row repair
04/13/17Apparatuses, methods, and systems for increasing a speed of removal of data from a memory cell
04/13/17Multi-gate transistor with variably sized fin
Patent Packs
04/13/17Package with bi-layered dielectric structure
04/13/17Integrated circuit package
04/13/173d integrated circuit package with through-mold first level interconnects
04/13/17Apparatus and methods for forming a modulation doped non-planar transistor
04/13/17Iii-n material structure for gate-recessed transistors
04/13/17Dominant power receiving unit selection
04/13/17Apparatus, system and multi-input-multi-output (mimo) beamformed communication with space block coding
04/13/17Techniques to perform forward error correction for an electrical backplane
04/13/17Selection of acknowledgment timing in wireless communications
04/13/17Technologies for end-to-end biometric-based authentication and platform locality assertion
04/13/17At least one mechanism to permit, at least in part, allocation and/or configuration, at least in part, of at least one network-associated object
04/13/17Device, low speed communication of sensor information
04/13/17Connection management techniques for wireless docking
04/06/17Enabling a non-core domain to control memory bandwidth
04/06/17Techniques and system for managing activity in multicomponent platform
04/06/17Bi-stable display based off-screen keyboard
04/06/17Write suppression in non-volatile memory
04/06/17Pipelined convolutional operations for processing clusters
04/06/17Caching for heterogeneous processors
04/06/17Caching for heterogeneous processors
04/06/17Method and bus lock assistance
04/06/17High performance interconnect physical layer
04/06/17Launching a secure kernel in a multiprocessor system
04/06/17Multi mode texture sampler for flexible filtering of graphical texture data
04/06/17Package integrated synthetic jet device
04/06/17Package integrated synthetic jet device
04/06/17Non-linear fin-based devices
04/06/17Open circut common junction feed for duplexer
04/06/17Support for asynchronous adaptation to uplink and downlink traffic demands for wireless communication
04/06/17Systems and methods for enabling service interoperability functionality for wifi direct devices connected to a network via a wireless access point
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04/06/17Smart searching of wireless devices using device location information
03/30/17Electronic skin
03/30/17Devices, systems, and methods for determining heart rate of a subject from noisy electrocardiogram data
03/30/17Carrier apparatus to deliver a substance and methods thereof
03/30/17Facilitating dynamic monitoring of body dimensions over periods of time based on three-dimensional depth and disparity
03/30/17Electronic puzzles
03/30/17Magic wand methods, apparatuses and systems for defining, initiating, and conducting quests
03/30/17Dissipating an electrostatic charge from an optical element
03/30/17Mems led zoom
03/30/17Projector distortion compensation in structured light depth reconstruction
Patent Packs
03/30/17Integrated molecular sensor system
03/30/17Vision and radio fusion based precise indoor localization
03/30/17Integrated antenna with display uniformity
03/30/17Alignment of an optical system
03/30/17Mems reinforcement
03/30/17Selective object filtering devices, systems and methods
03/30/17Magnetic fluid optical image stabilization
03/30/17Utility provisioning with iot analytics
03/30/17Environment customization
03/30/17Contextual clothing system
03/30/17Drone sourced content authoring using swarm attestation
03/30/17Dynamic adaptive clocking for non-common-clock interfaces
03/30/17Methods, apparatuses, and systems for deskewing link splits
03/30/17Docking station
03/30/17Spill resistant chassis for electronic device
03/30/17A/c adapter dock
03/30/17Context aware power management for graphics devices
03/30/17Haptic mapping
03/30/17Facilitating dynamic and intelligent geographical interpretation of human expressions and gestures
03/30/17Activity detection for gesture recognition
03/30/17Theremin-based positioning
03/30/17Technologies for computing context replay with visual searching
03/30/17Methods and apparatus to configure performance of a solid state drive based on host write bandwidth
03/30/17Processors, methods, systems, and instructions to allow secure communications between protected container memory and input/output devices
03/30/17Efficient storage and retrieval for wearable-device data
03/30/17Random number generator
03/30/17Scatter by indices to register, and data element rearrangement, processors, methods, systems, and instructions
03/30/17Data element comparison processors, methods, systems, and instructions
03/30/17Techniques for flexible and dynamic frequency-related telemetry
03/30/17Instruction and logic for programmable fabric hierarchy and cache
Patent Packs
03/30/17Technologies for multi-level virtualization
03/30/17Method and light-weight virtualization contexts
03/30/17Technologies for integrated thread scheduling
03/30/17Real-time local and global datacenter network optimizations based on platform telemetry data
03/30/17Low-latency internode communication
03/30/17System and universal serial bus (usb) protocol debugging
03/30/17System for correlation of operating system and hardware trace events
03/30/17Low-overhead hardware predictor to reduce performance inversion for core-to-core data transfer optimization instructions
03/30/17Method, apparatus, and system for allocating cache using traffic class
03/30/17Protect non-memory encryption engine (non-mee) metadata in trusted execution environment
03/30/17Techniques to couple with a storage device via multiple communication ports
03/30/17Universal scalable system: on-the-fly system performance conversion via pc-on-a-card and usb for smart devices and iot enabling
03/30/17Client-side web usage data collection
03/30/17Technologies for automatic partitioning of large graphs
03/30/17Techniques to determine distinctiveness of a biometric input in a biometric system
03/30/17Secure authentication protocol systems and methods
03/30/17Technologies for software attack detection using encoded access intent
03/30/17Contextual access of data
03/30/17Cryptographic operations for secure page mapping in a virtual machine environment
03/30/17Secure modular exponentiation processors, methods, systems, and instructions
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03/30/17Expression recognition tag
03/30/17People counting method and apparatus
03/30/17Method and system of low-complexity histrogram of gradients generation for image processing
03/30/17Instruction and logic for nearest neighbor unit
03/30/17Electronic digital display screen having a content scheduler operable via a cloud based content management system
03/30/17Online clothing e-commerce systems and methods with machine-learning based sizing recommendation
03/30/17Dense optical flow acceleration
03/30/17Facilitating projection pre-shaping of digital images at computing devices
03/30/17Device and depth image dequantization
03/30/17Non-volatile storage for graphics hardware
03/30/17Optimizing clipping operations in position only shading tile deferred renderers
03/30/17Augmented reality with off-screen motion sensing
03/30/17Technologies for determining a threat assessment based on fear responses
03/30/17Multiple input cryptographic engine
03/30/17Dynamic adaptation of language models and semantic tracking for automatic speech recognition
03/30/17Perceptual computing input to determine post-production effects
03/30/17Interactive adaptive narrative presentation
03/30/17Destructive reads from spin transfer torque memory under read-write conditions
03/30/17Method, apparatus and system for responding to a row hammer event
03/30/17Multi-threshold voltage devices and associated techniques and configurations
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03/30/17Thermal management solutions for microelectronic devices using jumping drops vapor chambers
03/30/17Thermal management for flexible integrated circuit packages
03/30/17Hybrid pitch package with ultra high density interconnect capability
03/30/17Hybrid pitch package with ultra high density interconnect capability
03/30/17Package topside ball grid array for ultra low z-height
03/30/17Extended-drain structures for high voltage field effect transistors
03/30/17Spin-transfer torque memory (sttm) devices having magnetic contacts
03/30/17Rechargeable battery and method to suppress dendrite
03/30/17Smart battery with integrated sensing and electronics
03/30/17Battery reliability odometer
03/30/17Waveguide antenna structure
03/30/17In-band full-duplex complementary antenna
03/30/17Board-edge interconnection module with integrated capacitive coupling for enabling ultra-mobile computing devices
03/30/17Detecting resonant frequencies
03/30/17Radio frequency filter for wireless power system
03/30/17Apparatus and instant on ability
03/30/17Methods and wireless charging
03/30/17Controlling a wireless power transmitter based on human presence
03/30/17Low ripple mechanism of mode change in switched capacitor voltage regulators
03/30/17Programmable on-die termination timing in a multi-rank system
03/30/17Systems, methods, and apparatuses for compression using hardware and software
03/30/17Distributed concatenated error correction
03/30/17Techniques for soft decision decoding of encoded data
03/30/17Sms4 acceleration processors having round constant generation
03/30/17Double affine mapped s-box hardware accelerator
03/30/17Methods and apparatus to provide isolated execution environments
03/30/17Facilitating portable, reusable, and sharable internet of things (iot)-based services and resources
03/30/17Service function path performance monitoring
03/30/17Technologies for performance inspection at an endpoint node
03/30/17Method and apparatus to securely measure quality of service end to end in a network
Social Network Patent Pack
03/30/17Technologies for network round-trip time estimation
03/30/17Technologies for receive side message inspection and filtering
03/30/17Sharing user information with proximate devices
03/30/17Data protection keys
03/30/17Mutual approval for privacy-preserving computing
03/30/17Methods and conveying a nonce via a human body communication conduit
03/30/17Magic wand methods, apparatuses and systems for authenticating a user of a wand
03/30/17Secure sensor data transport and processing
03/30/17Techniques for radio frequency identification (rfid) input/output (i/o) port management
03/30/17Methods and apparatus to facilitate end-user defined policy management
03/30/17Adaptive variable fidelity media distribution system and method
03/30/17Technologies for automatic processor core association management and communication using direct data placement in private caches
03/30/17Facilitating dynamic filtering and local and/or remote processing of data based on privacy policies and/or user preferences
03/30/17Establishing application-based routing policies in multi-mode user equipment
03/30/17Infrared and visible light dual sensor imaging system
03/30/17Drift correction for camera tracking
03/30/17Online compensation of thermal distortions in a stereo depth camera
03/30/17Single-view feature-less depth and texture calibration
03/30/17Method and system of 3d image capture with dynamic cameras
03/30/17System and providing integrated media
03/30/17System and controlling home network devices using multicast enabled remote controls
03/30/17Integrated sound bar hinge assembly for mobile electronic device
03/30/17Audio speakers with integrated sealing and assembly features for "caseless" installation
03/30/17Service discovery with beacons having ranked neighboring services
03/30/17Transceiver selection system
03/30/17Apparatus, system and communicating a wakeup packet
03/30/17Synchronizing time among two or more devices
03/30/17Mobile terminal device and processing signals
03/30/17Virtual sensor system

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