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Recent patent applications related to Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/01/16 new patent  Adaptable depth sensing system
12/01/16 new patent  Apparatus and condition monitoring of multiple electrical sub-systems
12/01/16 new patent  Power protected memory with centralized storage
12/01/16 new patent  Controlling performance states of processing engines of a processor
12/01/16 new patent  Calibration for touch detection on projected display surfaces
12/01/16 new patent  Memory device specific self refresh entry and exit
12/01/16 new patent  Access control for memory protection key architecture
12/01/16 new patent  Wireless display adapter device
12/01/16 new patent  Apparatus and an instruction that determines whether a value is within a range
12/01/16 new patent  Source operand read suppression for graphics processors
12/01/16 new patent  Multiple processor modes execution method and apparatus including signal handling
12/01/16 new patent  On-die ecc with error counter and internal address generation
12/01/16 new patent  System, method, and improving throughput of consecutive transactional memory regions
12/01/16 new patent  Managing sectored cache
12/01/16 new patent  Workload batch submission mechanism for graphics processing unit
12/01/16 new patent  Latency improvements on a bus using modified transfers
12/01/16 new patent  Input output data alignment
12/01/16 new patent  Technologies for dynamic automated content discovery
12/01/16 new patent  System, controlling multiple trusted execution environments in a system
12/01/16 new patent  Method and managing reference templates for user authentication using behaviometrics
12/01/16 new patent  Gaussian mixture model accelerator with direct memory access engines corresponding to individual data streams
12/01/16 new patent  Techniques for forming spin-transfer torque memory (sttm) elements having annular contacts
12/01/16 new patent  Phase change memory current
12/01/16 new patent  Non-lithographically patterned directed self assembly alignment promotion layers
12/01/16 new patent  Antifuse element using spacer breakdown
12/01/16 new patent  Integrated circuit chip attachment using local heat source
12/01/16 new patent  Pillar arrangement in nand memory
12/01/16 new patent  High mobility strained channels for fin-based nmos transistors
12/01/16 new patent  Non-planar transistors and methods of fabrication thereof
12/01/16 new patent  High density cabled midplanes and backplanes
12/01/16 new patent  Rate scalable connector for high bandwidth consumer applications
12/01/16 new patent  Wireless power transmitting coil disposed at an input device
12/01/16 new patent  Wirelessly providing power to a fully discharged battery
12/01/16 new patent  Generating multiple secure hashes from a single data buffer
12/01/16 new patent  Streaming with coordination of video orientation (cvo)
12/01/16 new patent  Driving displays at cinematic frame rates
12/01/16 new patent  Spatially adjustable flash for imaging devices
12/01/16 new patent  Method and apparatus to present three-dimensional video on a two-dimensional display driven by user interaction
12/01/16 new patent  Media encoding using changed regions
12/01/16 new patent  Sensor based signal transmission methods and apparatuses
12/01/16 new patent  Providing multiple content items for display on multiple devices
12/01/16 new patent  Handover using group evolved packet system (eps) bearers
11/24/16Protected power management mode in a processor
11/24/16Switchable input modes for external display operation
11/24/16Gathering sensed data from devices to manage host command transmission and cooling of the devices
11/24/16Providing vector sub-byte decompression functionality
11/24/16Functional unit having tree structure to support vector sorting algorithm and other algorithms
11/24/16Apparatus and a hybrid latency-throughput processor
11/24/16Register error protection through binary translation
11/24/16Adaptive hierarchical cache policy in a microprocessor
11/24/16Common die implementation for memory devices with independent interface paths
11/24/16Protected device management
11/24/16Head pose determination using a camera and a distance determination
11/24/16Method and injecting errors into memory
11/24/16Reduction of underfill filler settling in integrated circuit packages
11/24/16Techniques for trench isolation using flowable dielectric materials
11/24/16Glass clad microelectronic substrate
11/24/16Techniques for forming interconnects in porous dielectric materials
11/24/16Embedded multi-device bridge with through-bridge conductive via signal connection
11/24/16Forming sacrificial composite materials for package-on-package architectures and structures formed thereby
11/24/16Integrated circuit packaging techniques and configurations for small form-factor or wearable devices
11/24/16Multi-layer gate dielectric
11/24/16Non-planar iii-n transistor
11/24/16Crosstalk, power supply noise and/or emi reduction methods and apparatuses
11/24/16Apparatus, system, and re-synthesizing a clock signal
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11/24/16Apparatus, system and simultaneous transmit and receive (str) wireless communication
11/24/16Dynamically assigning packet flows
11/24/16Apparatus and methods for adaptive data compression
11/24/16Mobile application acceleration via fine-grain offloading to cloud computing infrastructures
11/24/16Integrated digital camera platform with nir apodization filter for enhanced depth sensing & image processing
11/24/16Improved video watermarking techniques
11/24/16Preventing a mobile device from repeating a request toward a mobile network
11/24/16Power optimization for network based internet protocol flow mobility
11/17/16Micro louvers for active privacy screen
11/17/16Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including autonomous hardware-based deep power down in devices
11/17/16Read and write masks update instruction for vectorization of recursive computations over independent data
11/17/16Live error recovery
11/17/16Create page locality in cache controller cache allocation
11/17/16Method and system for maintaining release consistency in shared memory programming
11/17/16Presentation of direct accessed storage under a logical drive model
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11/17/16Integrity protection of a mandatory access control policy in an operating system using virtual machine extension root operations
11/17/16Mechanisms for locking computing devices
11/17/16Facial liveness detection in image biometrics
11/17/16Detection, tracking, and pose estimation of an articulated body
11/17/16Hybrid rendering systems and methods
11/17/16Iterative closest point technique based on a solution of inverse kinematics problem
11/17/16Cross-point memory single-selection write technique
11/17/16Erase and soft program for vertical nand flash
11/17/16Substrate conductor structure and method
11/17/16Molded insulator in package assembly
11/17/16Method of forming stacked trench contacts and structures formed thereby
11/17/16Method for improving transistor performance through reducing the salicide interface resistance
11/17/16Method for improving transistor performance through reducing the salicide interface resistance
11/17/16Voltage regulation in wireless power
11/17/16Power regulation in wireless charging
11/17/16Reconfigrable charging station for extended power capability and active area
11/17/16Glitch-free digitally controlled oscillator code update
11/17/16Frequency calibration a voltage-controlled oscillator
11/17/16Apparatus and measuring power supply noise
11/17/16Increasing communication safety by preventing false packet acceptance in high-speed links
11/17/16Backchannel communications for initialization of high-speed networks
11/17/16Multi-radio communication between wireless devices
11/17/16Techniques to convert signals routed through a fabric cable assembly
11/17/16Cloud data storage location monitoring
11/17/16Methods and apparatus to perform fractional-pixel interpolation filtering for media coding
11/17/16Quality of experience reporting for combined unicast-multicast/broadcast streaming of media content
11/17/16Mechanism to prevent load in 3gpp network due to mtc device triggers
11/17/16System acquisition mechanism for fixed devices in mobile broadband networks
11/17/16Context-aware collaborative user tracking
11/17/16Radio based location power profiles
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11/17/16Methods and dynamic bandwidth management in millimeter wave systems
11/17/16Apparatus, system and communicating a wakeup packet
11/17/16Method, apparatus and system to manage distributed channel access with time reservation
11/17/16Solder contacts for socket assemblies
11/10/16Wearable personal computer and healthcare devices
11/10/16Clock generation system with dynamic distribution bypass mode
11/10/16Flexible system-in-package solutions for wearable devices
11/10/16Power state transition analysis
11/10/16Display integrated antenna
11/10/16Apparatus and efficient memory renaming prediction using virtual registers
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11/10/16Packed finite impulse response (fir) filter processors, methods, systems, and instructions
11/10/16Context switching mechanism for a processor having a general purpose core and a tightly coupled accelerator
11/10/16Instruction for implementing iterations having an iteration dependent condition with a vector loop
11/10/16Performing partial register write operations in a processor
11/10/16Adjustable over-restrictive cache locking limit for improved overall performance
11/10/16Tree-less integrity and replay memory protection for trusted execution environment
11/10/16User authentication via image manipulation
11/10/16Facial spoofing detection in image based biometrics
11/10/16Apparatus and efficient graphics processing in a virtual execution environment
11/10/16Exploiting frame to frame coherency in a sort-middle architecture
11/10/16Shared virtual memory
11/10/16Avatar facial expression animations with head rotation
11/10/16Augmented facial animation
11/10/16Facial gesture driven animation of non-facial features
11/10/16Sketch selection for rendering 3d model avatar
11/10/16Integration of embedded thin film capacitors in package substrates
11/10/16Multilayer substrate for semiconductor packaging
11/10/16Embedded fuse with conductor backfill
11/10/16Two-dimensional condensation for uniaxially strained semiconductor fins
11/10/16Iii-v layers for n-type and p-type mos source-drain contacts
11/10/16Dynamic heterogeneous hashing functions in ranges of system memory addressing space
11/10/16Tone count selection
11/10/16Attack detection through signal delay monitoring
11/10/16Configure smartphone based on user sleep status
11/10/16Image quality compensation system and method
11/10/16Ambulatory system to communicate visual projections
11/10/16Resolution loss mitigation for 3d displays
11/10/16Exposing media processing features
11/10/16Apparatus, system and estimating a location of a mobile device
11/10/16Transmission power for device-to-device communication
Patent Packs
11/10/16Performing multiple timing advance adjustments in a carrier aggregation communication system
11/03/16Alternating current coupled electronic component test system and method
11/03/16Wearable electronic device having a fingerprint identification display
11/03/16Controlling processor consumption using on-off keying having a maximum off time
11/03/16Signal synchronization and latency jitter compensation for audio transmission systems
11/03/16Reducing power consumption in a fused multiply-add (fma) unit of a processor
11/03/16Method and speculative decompression
11/03/16Determine when an error log was created
11/03/16Cache closure and persistent snapshot in dynamic code generating system software
11/03/16Controlling displacement in a co-operative and adaptive multiple-level memory system
11/03/16Changing a hash function based on a conflict ratio associated with cache sets
11/03/16Adaptive interrupt moderation
11/03/16Creating secure original equipment manufacturer (oem) identification
11/03/16Trusted predictive analytic execution middleware
11/03/16Indicating unreliable reviews on a website
11/03/16Networked capture and 3d display of localized, segmented images
11/03/16Techniques and architecture for improved vertex processing
11/03/16Imaging for foldable displays
11/03/16Method and managing image data for presentation on a display
11/03/16Substrate for integrated circuit devices including multi-layer glass core and methods of making the same
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11/03/16Thermal expansion compensators for controlling microelectronic package warpage
11/03/16Multichip integration with through silicon via (tsv) die embedded in package
11/03/16Selective germanium p-contact metalization through trench
11/03/16Magnetic nanocomposite materials and passive components formed therewith
11/03/16System and safe wireless charging station
11/03/16System and rank adaptation in mimo communication system
11/03/16Method and system to improve link budget of a wireless system
11/03/16Secure import and export of keying material
11/03/16Digital charms system and method
11/03/16Multinode hubs for trusted computing
11/03/16Method, apparatus, system, and computer readable medium for providing apparatus security
11/03/16Methods, wireless communication station, and system for wlan channel selection through beacon requests
11/03/16Apparatus, system and multi-user wireless communication
11/03/16Apparatus, system and communicating a wireless communication frame with a header
11/03/16Device, system and scheduling communications with a group of wireless communication units
10/27/16Semiconductor device tester with dut data streaming
10/27/16Enabling a non-core domain to control memory bandwidth
10/27/16Providing per core voltage and frequency control
10/27/16Utilization of processor capacity at low operating frequencies
10/27/16Method and efficient store/restore of state information during a power state transition
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10/27/16Apparatus and execution unit for calculating multiple rounds of a skein hashing algorithm
10/27/16Instruction and logic for identifying instructions for retirement in a multi-strand out-of-order processor
10/27/16Technologies for scalable remotely accessible memory segments
10/27/16Memory sharing via a unified memory architecture
10/27/16System and providing differentiated storage service in a database
10/27/16Computing device authentication based on user's hair follicle pattern
10/27/16Bitcell state retention
10/27/16Apparatus to reduce retention failure in complementary resistive memory
10/27/16Method of forming high density, high shorting margin, and low capacitance interconnects by alternating recessed trenches
10/27/16Group iii-n nanowire transistors
10/27/16Apparatus for starting up switching voltage regulator
10/27/16Method and signal edge boosting
10/27/16Base station front end preprocessing
10/27/16Beamforming using base and differential codebooks
10/27/16Apparatus for visible light communications in accordance with ufsook and fsk dimming
10/27/16System and obtaining and sharing media content
10/27/16Methods and apparatus to securely share data
10/27/16Policy-based secure containers for multiple enterprise applications
10/27/16Calibrating a one-dimensional coded light 3d acquisition system
10/27/16Techniques for communicating display streams
10/27/16Aggregation of multiple media types of user consumption habits and device preferences
10/27/16Techniques for wirelessly docking to a device
10/27/16Software defined cellular system with distributed antennas
10/27/16Device pairing
10/20/16Pre-sculpting of si fin elements prior to cladding for transistor channel applications
10/20/16Apparatus and power management with a two-loop architecture
10/20/16Controlling power management in micro-server cores and peripherals
10/20/16Apparatus and adjusting processor power usage based on network load
10/20/16Interrupt return instruction with embedded interrupt service functionality
10/20/16Instruction and logic for memory access in a clustered wide-execution machine
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10/20/16Execution-aware memory protection
10/20/16Managing consistent data objects
10/20/16System and transferring playlists
10/20/16Performing user seamless authentications
10/20/16Technologies for managing security threats to a computing system utilizing user interactions
10/20/16User controllable platform-level trigger to set policy for protecting platform from malware
10/20/16Supporting multi-level nesting of command buffers in graphics command streams at computing devices
10/20/16Media hub device and cache
10/20/16Apparatus and non-uniform frame buffer rasterization
10/20/16Techniques for merging virtual and physical floor maps
10/20/16Self-forming, self-aligned barriers for back-end interconnects and methods of making same
10/20/16Direct plasma densification process and semiconductor devices
10/20/16Laser die backside film removal for integrated circuit (ic) packaging
10/20/16Three dimensional nand flash with self-aligned select gate
10/20/16Wide band gap transistors on non-native semiconductor substrates and methods of manufacture thereof
10/20/16Randomly shaped three dimensional battery cell with shape conforming conductive covering
10/20/16Single-package phased array module with interleaved sub-arrays
10/20/16Phase-locked loop with lower power charge pump
10/20/16High speed receivers circuits and methods
10/20/16Digital predistortion for dual-band power amplifiers
10/20/16Rsa algorithm acceleration processors, methods, systems, and instructions
10/20/16Capability determination for computing resource allocation
10/20/16Distributed traffic pattern analysis and entropy prediction for detecting malware in a network environment
10/20/16Platform security using processor assists
10/20/16Sensor input transmission and associated processes
10/20/16Techniques for transmitting video content to a wirelessly docked device having a display
10/20/16Methods and providing assistance services for large crowds
10/20/16Method, apparatus and system of managing an encoder output rate based upon wireless communication link feedback
10/20/16Parallel wireless communication apparatus, method, and system

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