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Intel Corporation patents

Recent patent applications which may be related to Intel Corporation. They are listed under Intel Corporation because the company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Corporation may have other listings under a different name/spelling, and it's possible similarly-named companies could have patents on this list. Also, we're not affiliated with Intel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Intel Corporation patents (updated weekly))
12014011128304/24/14 new patent  Spin torque oscillator having multiple fixed ferromagnetic layers or multiple free ferromagnetic layers
22014010439404/17/14System and method for combining data from multiple depth cameras
32014009282804/03/14Os level wlan/cellular aggregation for integrated femto and ap deployments
42014009498704/03/14Tiered level of access to a set of vehicles
52014009566404/03/14Methods and systems for dynamic media content output for mobile devices
62014009615704/03/14Home media server control
72014008521003/27/14Electronic tabletop system
82014008529203/27/14Techniques to provide depth-based typeface in digital documents
92014008636303/27/14Pulse width modulation receiver circuitry
102014008886003/27/14Method, apparatus and system for mapping a course of a mobile device
112014008997103/27/14Home media server control
122014009007403/27/14Enhanced privacy for provision of computer vision
132014007777603/20/14Voltage regulator
142014008232803/20/14Method and apparatus to process 4-operand simd integer multiply-accumulate instruction
152014008266503/20/14Home media server control
162014007114703/13/14Providing support for display articulation-related applications
172014007228403/13/14Techniques for indexing video files
182014007330203/13/14Sensor and context based adjustment of the operation of a network controller
192014007490203/13/14Number representation and memory system for arithmetic
202014007512903/13/14Systems and methods exchanging data between processors through concurrent shared memory
212014007517803/13/14Providing support for device states
222014007521103/13/14Cascading power consumption
232014007545703/13/14Providing support for position-related applications
242014006422303/06/14Method for signaling information by modifying modulation constellations
252014006827503/06/14Measuring platform components with a single trusted platform module
262014005622102/27/14Method for paging-based delgate indication for m2m group
272014004954802/20/14Memory sharing via a unified memory architecture
282014004955102/20/14Shared virtual memory
292014005012702/20/14Enhanced node b and method for configuring an extension carrier
302014005148502/20/14Techniques for managing idle state activity in mobile devices
312014005227602/20/14Techniques for ceiling space or floor space mountable network computing devices
322014005296802/20/14Super multiply add (super madd) instruction
332014005296902/20/14Super multiply add (super madd) instructions with three scalar terms
342014005300002/20/14Instructions to perform jh cryptographic hashing
352014004335802/13/14Media encoding using changed regions
362014004397902/13/14Opportunistic carrier aggregation for dynamic flow switching between radio access technologies
372014004699602/13/14Unified computation systems and methods for iterative multiplication and division, efficient overflow detection systems and methods for integer division, and tree-based addition systems and methods for single-cycle multiplication
382014004747002/13/14Securing content from malicious instructions
392014003561702/06/14Spin transfer torque based memory elements for programmable device arrays
402014003583402/06/14Techniques for a mobile gaming device, apparatus and system
412014003611002/06/14Object selection in an image
422014003666902/06/14Machine-to-machine communication device and method for providing enhanced access barring in a wireless network
432014002867701/30/14Graphics lighting engine including log and anti-log units
442014002970801/30/14Dynamic optimization of carrier recovery performance for communication systems
452014000828101/09/14Device, method, and system for separation and detection of biomolecules and cells
462014001014001/09/14Group media access control message for machine-to-machine devices and method to update a group identifier
472014001032001/09/14Geographically isolated antennas
482014001154801/09/14Mobile device to operate in tablet mode and phone mode
492014001264101/09/14Micro digital signage hardware integration
502014001308201/09/14Reconfigurable device for repositioning data within a data word
512014001311601/09/14Apparatus and method for performing over-the-air identity provisioning
522014000158301/02/14Method to inhibit metal-to-metal stiction issues in mems fabrication
532014000218201/02/14Outphasing power combining by antenna
542014000233801/02/14Techniques for pose estimation and false positive filtering for gesture recognition
552014000246501/02/14Method and apparatus for managing image data for presentation on a display
562014000299801/02/14High heat capacity electronic components and methods for fabricating
572014000330601/02/14Clock-less half-duplex repeater
582014000347301/02/14Explicit control message signaling
592014000653601/02/14Techniques to accelerate lossless compression
602014000658801/02/14Context-driven local network services
612014000665201/02/14Device disconnect detection
622014000665301/02/14Device connect detection
632014000666301/02/14Low power universal serial bus
642014000669901/02/14Flexible command addressing for memory
652014000671501/02/14Sub-numa clustering
662014000671701/02/14Signature based hit-predicting cache
672014000675801/02/14Extension of cpu context-state management for micro-architecture state
682014000678401/02/14Techniques for user-validated close-range mutual authentication
692014000683001/02/14User behavior adaptive sensing scheme for efficient power consumption management
702014000686401/02/14No-touch stress testing of memory i/o interfaces
712014000690401/02/14Encoding information in error correcting codes
722014000695401/02/14Techniques for device connections using touch gestures
732013034255312/26/13Texture mapping techniques
742013034268912/26/13Video analytics test system
752013034318412/26/13Segmentation interleaving for data transmission requests
762013034614412/26/13Technique and apparatus for analyzing video and dialog to build viewing context
772013034702512/26/13Providing remote access via a mobile device to content subject to a subscription
782013034709912/26/13Keyboard as biometric authentication device
792013033505912/19/13Fully integrated voltage regulators for multi-stack integrated circuit architectures
802013033586712/19/13Charge injection and drain-based electrical overstress (eos) protection apparatus and method
812013033964912/19/13Single instruction multiple data (simd) reconfigurable vector register file and permutation unit
822013033967912/19/13Method and apparatus for reducing area and complexity of instruction wakeup logic in a multi-strand out-of-order processor
832013033971112/19/13Method and apparatus for reconstructing real program order of instructions in multi-strand out-of-order processor
842013034009112/19/13Method of creating ui layouts with desired level of entropy
852013033270712/12/13Speed up big-number multiplication using single instruction multiple data (simd) architectures
862013033274212/12/13Speed up secure hash algorithm (sha) using single instruction multiple data (simd) architectures
872013033274312/12/13Speed up secure hash algorithm (sha) using single instruction multiple data (simd) architectures
882013033270712/12/13Speed up big-number multiplication using single instruction multiple data (simd) architectures
892013033274212/12/13Speed up secure hash algorithm (sha) using single instruction multiple data (simd) architectures
902013033274312/12/13Speed up secure hash algorithm (sha) using single instruction multiple data (simd) architectures
912013032662912/05/13Method and apparatus for managing the privacy and disclosure of location information
922013031440911/28/13Coarse-to-fine multple disparity candidate stereo matching
932013031791611/28/13Location based technology for smart shopping services
942013031816811/28/13Vehicle-based social networks
952013031826411/28/13Optimized link training and management mechanism
962013031836711/28/13Method and apparatus for thermal sensitivity based dynamic power control
972013031837011/28/13Middleware power management
982013030182611/14/13System, method, and program for protecting cryptographic algorithms from side-channel attacks
992013030484211/14/13Endpoint caching for data storage systems
1002013030498011/14/13Autonomous initialization of non-volatile random access memory in a computer system
1012013030538311/14/13System and method to protect user privacy in multimedia uploaded to internet sites
1022013028699710/31/13Wireless communication sysytem with common cell id
1032013028708510/31/13Push-pull source-series terminated transmitter apparatus and method
1042013028874110/31/13User equipment having virtual mobile terminals
1052013029059710/31/13Generation of far memory access signals based on usage statistic tracking
1062013029064510/31/13Techniques to prelink software to improve memory de-duplication in a virtual system
1072013029067810/31/13Instruction and logic to length decode x86 instructions
1082013029094310/31/13Methods to optimize a program loop via vector instructions using a shuffle table and a blend table
1092013028299210/24/13Object-aware storage
1102013027107310/17/13Coil techniques
1112013027119910/17/13Voltage level shift with interim-voltage-controlled contention interrupt
1122013027120810/17/13Group iii-n transistors for system on chip (soc) architecture integrating power management and radio frequency circuits
1132013027141510/17/13Mechanism for employing and facilitating a touch panel thumb sensor pad at a computing device
1142013027155310/17/13Mechanism for facilitating enhanced viewing perspective of video images at computing devices
1152013027193810/17/13Formation of dram capacitor among metal interconnect
1162013027204910/17/13Stacked memory with interface providing offset interconnects
1172013027225210/17/13Method and apparatus for m2m device subscription
1182013027237310/17/13Video encoder with 2-bin per clock cabac encoding
1192013027257510/17/13Object detection using extended surf features
1202013027257610/17/13Human head detection in depth images
1212013027260910/17/13Scene segmentation using pre-capture image motion
1222013027385110/17/13Device, system and method of bluetooth communication
1232013027385710/17/13System and method for managing multiradio communications in a single device
1242013027531110/17/13Witnessed ad-hoc uservices
1252013027561510/17/13System and method for adapting video communications
1262013027563910/17/13Method to emulate message signaled interrupts with multiple interrupt vectors
1272013027568310/17/13Programmably partitioning caches
1282013027572210/17/13Method and apparatus to process keccak secure hashing algorithm
1292013027572810/17/13Packed data operation mask register arithmetic combination processors, methods, systems, and instructions
1302013027578110/17/13Mechanism for facilitating power and performance management of non-volatile memory in computing devices
1312013027598510/17/13Method, apparatus, and system to handle transactions received after a configuration change request
1322013027609110/17/13Method and apparatus to tunnel messages to storage devices by overloading read/write commands
1332013026344610/10/13Fluxing-encapsulant material for microelectronic packages assembled via thermal compression bonding process
1342013026626110/10/13Optical transceiver interface with planar alignment and securing
1352013025763110/03/13Automated driver alert system
1362013025788510/03/13Low power centroid determination and texture footprint optimization for decoupled sampling based rendering pipelines
1372013025808910/03/13Eye gaze based image capture
1382013025895310/03/13Techniques to manage group controling signaling for machine-to-machine devices
1392013026253610/03/13Techniques for intelligent media show across multiple devices
1402013026264210/03/13Remote management for a computing device
1412013026272710/03/13Race free interrupt
1422013026279310/03/13Split-word memory
1432013026283710/03/13Programmable counters for counting floating-point operations in smd processors
1442013026291010/03/13Time keeping in unknown and unstable clock architecture
1452013026292610/03/13Recoverable parity and residue error
1462013024288509/19/13Enhanced physical downlink control channel (epdcch) inter-cell interference coordination (icic)
1472013023256109/05/13Common data model and method for secure online signup for hotspot networks
1482013022349508/29/13Techniques using differential precoding for highly correlated channels in wireless networks
1492013022349508/29/13Techniques using differential precoding for highly correlated channels in wireless networks
1502013021574208/22/13Extended access barring (eab) signaling for a core network (cn) and node
1512013021574208/22/13Extended access barring (eab) signaling for a core network (cn) and node
1522013021233608/15/13Method and apparatus for memory write performance optimization in architectures with out-of-order read/request-for-ownership response
1532013021233608/15/13Method and apparatus for memory write performance optimization in architectures with out-of-order read/request-for-ownership response
1542013018850107/25/13Techniques for coordinated uplink power control
1552013019188807/25/13Method, apparatus, and system for sending credentials securely
1562013018850107/25/13Techniques for coordinated uplink power control
1572013019188807/25/13Method, apparatus, and system for sending credentials securely
1582013018199107/18/13Five-dimensional occlusion queries
1592013018199107/18/13Five-dimensional occlusion queries
1602013017702807/11/13Interconnecting network processors with heterogeneous fabrics
1612013017702807/11/13Interconnecting network processors with heterogeneous fabrics
1622013016884407/04/13Metal injection molded heat dissipation device
1632013017308207/04/13Method and apparatus for programmable thermal sensor for an integrated circuit
1642013016884407/04/13Metal injection molded heat dissipation device
1652013017308207/04/13Method and apparatus for programmable thermal sensor for an integrated circuit
1662013016709906/27/13Noise analysis using timing models
1672013016709906/27/13Noise analysis using timing models
1682013015214806/13/13Peer to peer streaming of dvr buffered program data
1692013015214806/13/13Peer to peer streaming of dvr buffered program data
1702013013739805/30/13Local security key update at a wireless communication device
1712013013739805/30/13Local security key update at a wireless communication device
1722013012041905/16/13Memory controller for video analytics and encoding
1732013012041905/16/13Memory controller for video analytics and encoding
1742013011452405/09/13Dynamic point selection via a coordinating set of base stations
1752013011452405/09/13Dynamic point selection via a coordinating set of base stations
1762013009119004/11/13Processor for performing multiply-add operations on packed data
1772013007380103/21/13Techniques to store configuration information in an option read-only memory
1782013005807103/07/13System and method for projection and binarization of coded light patterns
1792013004681802/21/13System and method for automatically managing media content
1802013002205701/24/13Communicating tone information in a network
1812013002486101/24/13Virtualization event processing in a layered virtualization architecuture
1822013001645201/17/13Charge storage device, method of making same, method of making an electrically conductive structure for same, mobile electronic device using same, and microelectronic device containing same
1832013000924801/10/13Independently accessed double-gate and tri-gate transistors in same process flow
1842013000352101/03/13Arrangement and method to perform scanning readout of ferroelectric bit charges
1852013000537601/03/13Method and apparatus for interference mitigation in wireless systems
1862013000778301/03/13System for controlling use of broadcast content
1872012032426512/20/12Coordinated link power management
1882012029906911/29/12Copper-filled trench contact for transistor performance improvement
1892012030068311/29/12Combined device and service discovery technique in stations supporting tunneled direct link setup (tdls)
1902012028900211/15/12Flexible interconnect pattern on semiconductor package
1912012027000810/25/12Aligned nanotube bearing composit material
1922012026428510/18/12Recessed workfunction metal in cmos transistor gates
1932012024956410/04/12Graphics pipeline scheduling architecture utilizing performance counters
1942012025371410/04/12Battery voltage measurement
1952012022187108/30/12Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including detecting and controlling current ramps in processing circuit
1962012021312208/23/12System for station group management and method for managing station-management groups
1972012019981308/09/12Extreme high mobility cmos logic
1982012020124208/09/12Packet forwarding
1992012019373408/02/12Stress sensor for in-situ measurement of package-induced stress in semiconductor devices
2002012018758307/26/12Methods and apparatuses to stiffen integrated circuit package
2012012019040807/26/12Intelligent graphics interface in a handheld wireless device
2022012017421407/05/12Enhancing biometric security of a system
2032012016133006/28/12Device packaging with substrates having embedded lines and metal defined pads
2042012016180806/28/12Methods and systems to measure a signal on an integrated circuit die
2052012016193906/28/12Temporary non-responsive state for rfid tags
2062012016360206/28/12Method and apparatus for providing seamless file system encryption from a pre-boot environment into a firmware interface aware operating system
2072012015335706/21/12Contact integration for three-dimensional stacking semiconductor devices
2082012015915506/21/12Direct anonymous attestation scheme with outsourcing capability
2092012014062306/07/12Low power and fast application service transmission
2102012013733405/31/12Home media server control
2112012012628605/24/12Monolithic three terminal photodetector
2122012013101005/24/12Techniques to detect video copies
2132012013141405/24/12Reliability, availability, and serviceability solution for memory technology
2142012012441605/17/12Dmi redundancy in multiple processor computer systems
2152012011296105/10/12Method and apparatus for faster global positioning system (gps) location using a pre-computed spatial location for tracking gps satellites
2162012009637004/19/12User interface to facilitate exchanging files among processor-based devices
2172012009637904/19/12User interface to facilitate exchanging files among processor-based devices
2182012008739004/12/12Thermal sensor device
2192012008845104/12/12Device, system, and method of wireless transfer of files
2202012007956403/29/12Method and apparatus for performing an authentication after cipher operation in a network processor
2212012006992703/22/12Cqi feedback mechanisms for distortion-aware link adaptation toward enhanced multimedia communications
2222012007093003/22/12Method and apparatus to fabricate polymer arrays on patterned wafers using electrochemical synthesis
2232012006015903/08/12Method and apparatus for scheduling the processing of commands for execution by cryptographic algorithm cores in a programmable network processor
2242012003613402/09/12Performing concurrent rehashing of a hash table for multithreaded applications
2252012003045702/02/12Offloading the processing of a network protocol stack
2262012001928501/26/12Method and apparatus for fast wake-up of analog biases
2272012002034001/26/12System and method for transferring wireless network access passwords
2282012002350201/26/12Establishing thread priority in a processor or the like
2292012001376201/19/12Determining a final exposure setting automatically for a solid state camera without a separate light metering circuit
2302012000064001/05/12Method and an apparatus for cooling a computer
2312012000295201/05/12Content synchronization techniques
2322011032104212/29/11Methods and systems to permit multiple virtual machines to separately configure and access a physical device
2332011032106512/29/11Methods and systems to implement a physical device to differentiate amongst multiple virtual machines of a host computer system
2342011031090912/22/11Packet switching
2352011030430612/15/11Current mode control of voltage regulators to mitigate output voltage ripple
2362011030776112/15/11Memory cell supply voltage control based on error detection
2372011030787812/15/11System for atomically updating a plurality of files
2382011029130412/01/11Method of making microelectronic package using integrated heat spreader stiffener panel and microelectronic package formed according to the method
2392011029404812/01/11Mounting a pellicle to a frame
2402011029426412/01/11Heat spreader as mechanical reinforcement for ultra-thin die
2412011029645712/01/11Converged communication server with transaction management
2422011028640211/24/11Method and apparatus for response scheduling in a downlink multiple-user multiple input multiple output network
2432011027798011/17/11Microfins for cooling an ultramobile device
2442011027671111/10/11Multicast service discovery
2452011027702311/10/11Audible authentication for wireless network enrollment
2462011025844410/20/11Network controller decryption
2472011025222310/13/11Encryption acceleration
2482011025240910/13/11Methods and systems to implement non-abi conforming features across unseen interfaces
2492011022409209/15/11Method and apparatus for combined electrochemical synthesis and detection of analytes

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