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Recent patent applications related to Intel Ip Corporation. Intel Ip Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intel Ip Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intel Ip Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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05/18/17 new patent  Methods and arrangements for power efficient reverse direction communications
05/18/17 new patent  User equipment and transmitting a data stream to an evolved node b
05/18/17 new patent  Apparatus, system and communicating non-cellular access network information over a cellular network
05/18/17 new patent  Methods and arrangements to determine station assignments to restricted access windows in wireless networks
05/18/17 new patent  Gateway arrangements for wireless communication networks
05/11/17Content url authentication for dash
05/11/17Methods in short range radio communication master subsystems, mobile devices, and multi-mode radio communication systems
05/11/17User equipment and methods for operation in coverage enhancement mode with physical random access channel preamble
05/11/17Mechanisms of virtual clear channel assessment for wi-fi devices
05/11/17Systems and methods for varied cell barring times
05/11/17Wireless high-efficiency (he) communication with additional subcarriers
05/11/17Systems, methods and devices for small cell activation and detection
05/11/17Mobile terminal devices and methods in mobile communication devices
05/11/17Aggregated wireless driver and method
05/04/17Navigation system and method
05/04/17Methods for performing radio measurements and mobile terminal devices
05/04/17Apparatus, system and communicating control information in a physical layer convergence protocol (plcp) protocol data unit (ppdu)
05/04/17Apparatus, system and fine timing measurement (ftm)
04/27/17Device, system and method to support communication of test, debug or trace information with an external input/output interface
04/27/17High efficiency signal field load balancing
04/27/17Apparatus, system and communication based on clear channel assessment (cca) in one or more directions
04/20/17Pulse diagnosis
04/20/17Virtualization of natural radio environments using field traces and a channel emulator
04/20/17Reference signal enhancement for shared cell
04/20/17Master station and hew communication using a transmission signaling structure for a hew signal field
04/20/17Interleaving and deinterleaving source data for single carrier modulation and coding schemes
04/20/17Wireless gigabit-enabled device configuration
04/20/17Generation and use of a user equipment location distribution in a wireless communication network
04/20/17Apparatus, system and communicating in a data link group
04/20/17Apparatus, system and discovering a wireless communication device
04/20/17Network coverage hole detection
04/20/17Apparatus, system and discovering a wireless communication device
04/20/17Discontinuous reception (drx) alignment techniques for dual-connectivity architectures
04/13/17Device, system and global navigation satellite system method using local fine time information
04/13/17Programmable memory device sense amplifier
04/13/17Coverage extension level for coverage limited device
04/13/17Long training field in uplink multi-user multiple-input multiple-output communications
04/13/17An apparatus and method enhancing quality of service architecture for lte
04/06/17Circuit, a time-to-digital converter, an integrated circuit, a transmitter, a receiver and a transceiver
04/06/17Transport format selection
04/06/17Channel estimation and compensation in high speed scenarios
04/06/17Uplink requests for communication resources
03/30/17Seat safety apparatus with a resilient sensor
03/30/17Estimation of complex antenna impedance using scalar measurements
03/30/17Powering up a wireless power receiving device
03/30/17Sense amplifier
03/30/17Antenna system
03/30/17Method for operating radio frequency digital to analog conversion circuitry in the event of a first and a subse-quent second input sample with different signs and an digital to analog conversion circuitry
03/30/17Highly selective low-power card detector for near field communications (nfc)
03/30/17Preamble-based transmission power detection
03/30/17Mobile terminal devices, mobile processing circuits, and methods of processing signals
03/30/17Digitally controlled two-points edge interpolator
03/30/17Frequency-selective quadrature baseband coupling cancellation
03/30/17Internet of things device hierarchies
03/30/17Mobile communications device and a controlling a mobile communications device
03/30/17Interference mitigation by a scalable digital wireless modem
03/30/17Mobile terminal devices, mobile baseband modems, and methods of detecting network access points
03/30/17Wireless circuitry with scalable accuracy
03/30/17Closed-loop power control in multi-transmission wireless systems
03/30/17Adjustment of bluetooth (bt) golden reception range in the presence of long term evolution (lte) interference
03/30/17Communication device and performing radio communication
03/23/17Positioning device and determining the position of a communication device
03/23/17Real-time cost management for utilities
03/23/17Position-robust multiple microphone noise estimation techniques
03/23/17Method, wireless device, and computer readable medium for conducting a multiple station beam refinement protocol in a wireless network
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03/23/17Calibration of dynamic error in high resolution digital-to-time converters
03/23/17High efficiency signal field enhancement
03/23/17Detection of wireless power transmitters
03/23/17Methods, systems, and devices for network-provided autonomous handover
03/23/17Methods for performing wireless communications, mobile terminal devices, and servers
03/23/17Mobile terminal device, mobile processing circuit and processing signals
03/23/17Apparatuses, systems, and methods for paging enhancements for low complexity user equipment
03/23/17Radio receiver and processing an uplink transport block
03/16/17Systems and methods for cross-layer bearer splitting and cross-radio access technology retransmission
03/16/17[11ax] conditions for spatial reuse using joint tpc and cca
03/16/17Prioritized cell identification and measurement method
03/16/17Communication device and a operating a communication device
03/16/17Methods and scheduling a narrowband response to wideband data in a high-efficiency wireless local area network
03/16/17Slicing architecture for wireless communication
03/09/17Adaptive mid-packet detection in wireless communications
Patent Packs
03/09/17Systems and methods for frame addressing in wireless networks
03/02/17Facilitating intelligent calibration and efficeint performance of three-dimensional printers
03/02/17Facilitating dynamic and intelligent conversion of text into real user speech
03/02/17Cooler for semiconductor devices
03/02/17Mixer impairment correction based on volterra series
03/02/17Apparatus for correcting linearity of a digital-to-analog converter
03/02/17Enabling radio frequency multiplexing in a wireless system
03/02/17Method and a system for controlling a plurality of electronic components arbitrarily assignable to a plurality of integrated circuits of a mobile communications device
03/02/17Packet structure for frequency offset estimation and ul mu-mimo communication in hew
03/02/17Expedited robust peer-to-peer connection
03/02/17Apparatus, system and fine timing measurement (ftm)
03/02/17Apparatus, system and fine timing measurement (ftm)
03/02/17Solution to skip authentication procedure during circuit-switched fallback (csfb) to shorten call setup time
03/02/17[11ax] conditional spatial reuse
03/02/17Reconfiguration control channel resource mapping collision avoidance
02/23/17Self-calibrating antenna system
02/23/17Mobile terminal devices and methods of detecting reference signals
02/23/17User equipment and methods for adapting system parameters based on extended paging cycles
02/23/17Uplink synchronization with assisted mmwave enhanced node b
02/16/17Trajectory modification technique for polar transmitter
02/16/17Automatic gain control gain adjustment
02/16/17Connection identifier for high-efficiency wireless networks
02/09/17Demodulation reference signals containing side information for interference cancellation
02/09/17Bandwidth and sub-channel indication
02/02/17Techniques for performing multiple-input and multiple-output training using a beam refinement packet
02/02/17Apparatus, system and wireless communication via polarized antennas
02/02/17Low peak-to-average power ratio long training field sequences
02/02/17Apparatus, system and communicating a non-data physical layer convergence procedure (plcp) protocol data unit (ppdu)
02/02/17Methods and arrangements to extend operational bandwidth
02/02/17Access point position determination by mobile devices crowd sourcing
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02/02/17Apparatus, system and wireless transmission over a bonded channel
02/02/17Listen before talk protocol selection
01/26/17Apparatus, system and downloading firmware from a mobile device to a docking device
01/26/17Apparatus, system and selectively responding to wireless transmissions
01/26/17Configuration of data path groups in wireless networks
01/26/17Multicast mechanism for wireless devices
01/26/17Apparatus, system and offloading traffic at a user equipment (ue) based on a mobility state of a wlan access point
01/26/17Enodeb and ue for dynamic cell on and off
01/26/17Apparatus, system and communicating in a neighbor awareness networking (nan) cluster
01/26/17Systems and methods for concurrent operation of devices over different network types
Patent Packs
01/19/17Uplink power control for user devices at varying distances from an access point
01/19/17Method and wi-fi location determination
01/19/17Master station and hew communication using a transmission signaling structure for a hew signal field
01/12/17High efficiency signal field encoding structure
01/12/17Apparatus, system and performing a fine time measurement (ftm) procedure with a responder station
01/12/17Apparatus, system and performing a fine time measurement (ftm) procedure with a responder station
01/12/17User station supporting dynamic channel selection and operation on dsrc band
01/12/17Metrics for traffic steering in a wireless network
01/12/17High efficiency signal field coding
01/12/17User equipment and methods to indicate power saving mode configuration to ran nodes
01/12/17Power headroom reporting with dual connectivity
01/12/17Transmission feedback mechanism for polling wireless devices
01/12/17Carrier measurements for multi-carrier devices
01/05/17Location-based power saving solution for wireless docking products
01/05/17Uplink or downlink mu-mimo apparatus and method
12/29/16System and a determining an image rejection characteristic of a receiver within a transceiver
12/29/16Device and operating a controllable electronic device
12/29/16Instruction and logic for execution context groups for parallel processing
12/29/16Instruction and logic for real-time behavior of interrupts
12/29/16Noise reduction for electronic devices
12/29/16Transformer based duplexer
12/29/16Apparatus for overload recovery of an integrator in a sigma-delta modulator
12/29/16Interference cancellation
12/29/16Techniques using a first band of communication to synchronize beamforming for a second band of communication
12/29/16Method for feedback reporting and a mobile communications device
12/29/16Optimal electric field coupling techniques for human body communication (hbc)
12/29/16Architecture and control of analog self-interference cancellation
12/29/16Devices and methods for processing one or more received radio signals
12/29/16Encoding circuit, transmitting data over a data bus, and radio communication device
12/29/16Patch download with improved acknowledge mechanism
Patent Packs
12/29/16Frame bit detector in near field communications
12/29/16Non-network controller communication
12/29/16Dynamic management of inactivity timer during inter-processor communication
12/29/16Method and transmitter geo-location in mobile platforms
12/29/16Adaptive frequency hopping (afh) with channel inhibition (ci) for bluetooth
12/29/16Methods for aperiodic csi report triggering for flexible subframes in lte tdd eimta systems with dynamic ul-dl reconfiguration
12/29/16Mobile terminal devices and methods of performing radio measurements
12/29/16Method for processing radio signals and mobile terminal device
12/29/16Systems, devices, and methods for long term evolution and wireless local area interworking
12/29/16Bluetooth low energy devices, systems, and associated methods
12/29/16Preemptive automatic gain control (agc) for interference mitigation
12/29/16Apparatus, system and communication by co-located wireless communication modules
12/29/16Methods and apparatus to establish groupcast with retries service for wireless communications over bridged links
12/22/16Systems and methods for modulation and coding scheme selection and configuration
12/22/16Loudspeaker cone excursion estimation using reference signal
12/22/16Correlation-based self-interference suppression
12/22/16Early indication for high efficiency fields
12/22/16Systems and methods for mobility state estimation framework for lte network
12/22/16Apparatus, system and communicating in a data path group
12/22/16Systems and methods for determining device-specific signal extension durations
Social Network Patent Pack
12/22/16Controlling uplink transmissions in communication systems with scheduled trigger frames
12/22/16Apparatus, system and multiband wireless communication
12/22/16Apparatus, system and communicating in a multicast group
12/22/16Dynamical time division duplex uplink and downlink configuration in a communications network
12/15/16Apparatus for correcting linearity of a digital-to-analog converter
12/15/16Receiver identification by encoder state
12/15/16Three-dimensional advanced imaging
12/15/16Method, system, and apparatus of range measurement in a wireless network
12/15/16Apparatus, system and determining a time synchronization function (tsf) based on fine time measurement (ftm) messages
12/15/16Apparatus, system and securing communications of a user equipment (ue) in a wireless local area network
12/15/16Techniques to enable wi-fi direct services application service platform capability negotiation
12/08/16Apparatus and generating an oscillator signal
12/08/16Radio frequency shielding within a semiconductor package
12/08/16Coverage extension level for coverage limited device
12/08/16Apparatus, method and system of communicating acoustic information of a distributed microphone array between mobile devices
12/08/16Device and modifying cell measurements based on device mobility
12/01/16Power conservation via gnss-wireless activity synchronization
12/01/16Quantized eigen beams for controlling antenna array elements in a wireless network
12/01/16Calibrating rf path delay and iq phase imbalance for polar transmit system
12/01/16Apparatus, system and wireless communication to a plurality of stations
Social Network Patent Pack
12/01/16High efficiency signal field in high efficiency wireless local area network
11/24/16Secure boot download computations based on host transport conditions
11/24/16Conductive paths through dielectric with a high aspect ratio for semiconductor devices
11/24/16Systems and methods for frequency multiplexing mu-mimo
11/24/16Quality of service for a universal serial bus
11/24/16Techniques for securely receiving critical communication content associated with a critical communication service
11/24/16Circuit switched fallback
11/24/16Power optimization for network based internet protocol flow mobility
11/24/16System and methods of time synchronization between wirelessly connected devices
11/24/16Multi-device pairing and provisioning
11/17/16Feedback calibration of digital to time converter
11/17/16User equipment and packet based device-to-device (d2d) discovery in an lte network
11/17/16Access point and coexistence of wi-fi and airborne radars in the 5 ghz band
11/17/16Transmission power control for improved time-of-flight performance
11/17/16User equipment, computer readable medium, and method to determine the mobility of user equipment in a long-term evolution network
11/17/16Wireless device, method, and computer readable media for signaling a resource allocation in a high efficiency wireless local-area network
11/17/16User equipment and evolved node-b and methods for random access for machine type communication
11/17/16Performing primary cell functions in a secondary cell
11/10/16Stacked semiconductor device package with improved interconnect bandwidth
11/10/16Codebook for full-dimension multiple input multiple output communications
11/10/16High-efficiency wireless preamble structures with efficient cyclic redundancy check
11/10/16High-efficiency wireless preamble structures with efficient tail bits
11/10/16Apparatus, system and power management in a wireless network
11/10/16Communication terminal and establishing a csfb call
11/03/16Apparatus, system and multi-user wireless communication
11/03/16Apparatus, computer readable medium, and higher qam in a high efficiency wireless local-area network
11/03/16At command for secure esm information
11/03/16Apparatus, system and beamforming
11/03/16Apparatus, computer readable medium, and alignment of long training fields in a high efficiency wireless local-area network
11/03/16Apparatus, system and wireless communication according to a band plan and channelization
Social Network Patent Pack
11/03/16Mobile radio communication devices, mobile radio communication networks, and methods for controlling the same
10/27/16Apparatus, computer readable medium, and multi-user request-to-send for wide channel access in a high efficiency wireless local-area network
10/27/16Transmission of physical broadcast channel (pbch) contents
10/27/16Methods and devices for channel estimation and ofdm receiver
10/27/16Methods and devices based on dynamic receive diversity
10/27/16Circuit, integrated circuit, receiver, transceiver and receiving a signal
10/27/16Apparatus, computer readable medium, and multi-user request-to-send and clear-to-send in a high efficiency wireless local-area network
10/20/16Wireless transmission precoding
10/20/16Subframe aligned listen-before-talk for cellular in unlicensed band
10/20/16Systems and methods for wlan network selection
10/20/16Methods and arrangements for frame transmissions
10/20/16Apparatus, system and communicating over a data path
10/20/16Apparatus, system and communicating in a neighbor awareness networking (nan) cluster
10/13/16Communication device and performing radio communication
10/13/16Mobile communication device and adaptive rf front-end tuning
10/13/16Master station and high-efficiency wi-fi (hew) communication using multi-device hew preamble
10/13/16Systems, methods, and devices for component carrier management in carrier aggregation systems
10/13/16Device, system and cell specific probability load balancing
10/13/16Methods, apparatuses, and systems for enhancement of evolved physical downlink control channel for machine type communications
10/13/16Random access procedure for enhanced coverage support
10/13/16Signaling for proximity services and d2d discovery in an lte network
10/06/16Techniques for wireless time-of-flight calculation complexity reduction
10/06/16Integrated circuit package configurations to reduce stiffness
10/06/16Hybrid reference signals for wireless communication
10/06/16Interactive video conferencing
10/06/16Listen before talk for cellular in unlicensed band
10/06/16Signaling interference information for user equipment assistance
09/29/16Apparatus, system and communication between wireless networks having different coordinate domains
09/29/16Tuning inductance ratio of a passive device

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