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11/16/17 new patent  Method for detecting radio link failure for transmission over enhanced dedicated channel in a cell_fach state
11/16/17 new patent  Method and reduced flicker visible light communications (vlc)
11/16/17 new patent  Systems and methods for improved uplink coverage
11/16/17 new patent  Methods for dynamic tdd uplink/downlink configuration
11/16/17 new patent  Method for detecting radio link failure for transmission over enhanced dedicated channel in a cell_fach state
11/16/17 new patent  Method and multi-rat access mode operation
11/16/17 new patent  Method and performing component carrier-specific reconfiguration
11/16/17 new patent  Method and random access in multicarrier wireless communications
11/09/17Using security posture information to determine access to services
11/09/17Method and supporting machine-type communications with a mobile-originated-only mode
11/02/17Addressing wireless nodes
11/02/17Method and accelerated link setup
10/26/17Service-based discovery in networks
10/26/17Method and enabling cell reselection for wtru operating in discontinuous reception
10/26/17Coverage enhancement for time division duplex and enhanced interference mitigation and traffic adaptation in long term evolution systems
10/26/17Interface of an m2m server with the 3gpp core network
10/19/17Channel usage indication and synchronization for lte operation in unlicensed bands
10/19/17Method and using control plane to transmit and receive data
10/19/17Method and control of common control channel transmission over common enhanced dedicated channel resources in cell_fach state
10/19/17Signaling uplink control information in lte-a
10/19/17Method and handling random access channel responses
10/19/17Optimizations for prose communications
10/12/17Method and spatial sharing in wireless local area network (wlan) systems
10/12/17Multi-user multiple input multiple output communications in wireless local area networks and wireless transmit and receiver units
10/12/17Method and supporting uplink transmission and mbms for a wtru with reduced bandwith
10/12/17Edge caching of https content via certificate delegation
10/12/17Managing multicast traffic
10/12/17Enhanced active scanning in wireless local area networks
10/05/17Preamble selection for simultaneous transmissions in wireless local area network (wlan) systems
10/05/17Method and system for creating a pre-fetching list for managed caching in small cell networks
10/05/17Methods, apparatus and systems for enabling managed remote access
10/05/17Lte operation in small cells using dynamic shared spectrum
10/05/17Systems and methods of operating with different transmission time interval (tti) durations
10/05/17Method and non-voice emergency services
09/28/17Methods and content delivery via browser cache extension
09/28/17Procedures for content aware caching and radio resource management for multi-point coordinated transmission
09/28/17Staged control release in boot process
09/28/17Resource selection for device to device discovery or communication
09/28/17Fast control feedback for multiple downlink carrier operations
09/28/17Systems and methods for dynamic whitespace spectrum management
09/28/17Supporting random access and paging procedures for reduced capability wtrus in an lte system
09/21/17Method and capture caching
09/21/17Systems and/or methods for anchor node selection in networks using distributed mobility management (dmm)
09/21/17Method and power scaling for multi-carrier wireless terminals
09/21/17Method and enhancing cell-edge user performance and signaling radio link failure conditions via downlink cooperative component carriers
09/21/17Method and system for sounding and channel selection
09/14/17Method and detecting and measuring for home node-bs
09/14/17Method and triggering a machine type communication device
09/14/17Physical layer operation for multi-layer operation in a wireless system
09/07/17Method for wifi beamforming,feedback, and sounding (wibeam)
09/07/17Method and triggering machine type communications applications
09/07/17End-to-end architecture, api framework, discovery, and access in a virtualized network
08/31/17Apparatus and uplink power control for a wireless transmitter/receiver unit utilizing multiple carriers
08/24/17Uplink control data transmission
08/24/17System level procedures and methods to enable data sharing in cellular network
08/17/17Method and pcdp discard
08/17/17Injecting streaming media into a playlist
08/17/17Uplink power control for distributed wireless communication
08/17/17Communicating channel state information (csi) of multiple transmission points
08/10/17Systems and methods for smart harq for wifi
08/10/17Device-to-device (d2d) pre-emption and access control
08/10/17Multi-user parallel channel access in wlan systems
08/10/17Method and providing information to a network
08/03/17Method and selected internet protocol traffic offload
08/03/17Method and generating a radio link control protocol data unit for multi-carrier operation
Patent Packs
08/03/17Methods, apparatus and systems for handling additional power backoff
08/03/17State transition procedure in a wireless network
08/03/17Method and control of uplink feedback information in contention based access in wireless communications
07/27/17Data flow mobility
07/13/17Device validation, distress indication, and remediation
07/13/17Method and supporting home node-b mobility
07/13/17Methods to enable wlan proximity service
07/06/17Application layer group services for machine type communications
06/29/17Capture and delivery of online games spectators personalized commentaries to players
06/29/17Method and apparatus to deliver public warning messages
06/29/17Authentication for secure wireless communication
06/29/17Using personal wireless devices for network testing
06/29/17Methods and selection of dedicated core network
06/29/17Accessing localized applications in a communications network
06/22/17Behavior for wireless transmit/receive unit and mac control elements for lte drx operations
Patent Packs
06/22/17Method and supporting management actions for very high throughput in wireless communications
06/15/17Method and supporting segmentation of packets for uplink transmission
06/08/17Cell selection and reselection for closed subscriber group cells
06/08/17Wireless local area network (wlan) uplink transceiver systems and methods
06/08/17Method and operating in a discontinuous reception mode employing carrier aggregation
06/01/17Method for channel estimation and pilot reception for remote radio head (rrh) deployments and multi-antenna downlink mimo
06/01/17Method and transmitting acknowledgements in response to received frames
06/01/17Lawful interception for local selected ip traffic offload and local ip access performed at a non-core gateway
06/01/17Method and performing neighbor discovery
06/01/17Procedures for operating in long term evolution idle mode
06/01/17Method and selecting a radio link control protocol data unit size
06/01/17Channel state information transmission for multiple carriers
05/25/17Wtru measurements handling to mitigate in-device interference
05/25/17Collaborative session control transfer and inter-device transfer in internet protocol multimedia subsystem
05/25/17Desynchronized network access in m2m networks
05/25/17Method and detecting and managing user plane congestion
05/25/17Method and controlling the application of selected ip traffic offload and local ip access
05/25/17Method and simultaneously receiving on two carriers and performing discontinuous transmission and reception in dual cell high speed downlink packet access
05/18/17Methods, apparatuses and systems directed to enabling network federations through hash-routing and/or summary-routing based peering
05/18/17Method and radio link synchronization and power control in cell_fach and idle mode
05/18/17Method and component carrier aggregation in wireless communications
05/18/17Device-to-device synchronization
05/11/17Home nodeb (hnb) mobility in a cell forward access channel (cell_fach) state
05/11/17Method and supporting positioning measurements
05/11/17Random access procedures in wireless system
05/04/17Methods for reception failure identification and remediation for wifi
05/04/17Group transmissions in wireless local area networks
05/04/17Home node identification, interference reduction, and energy savings
04/27/17Method and inter-device transfer (handoff) between ims and generic ip clients
04/27/17Method and synchronizing mobile station media flows during a collaborative session
Social Network Patent Pack
04/27/17Method and supporting home node b services
04/20/17Data transfer between wireless devices
04/20/17Efficient medium access control (mac) header
04/20/17Methods, systems and apparatuses for operation in long-term evolution (lte) systems
04/20/17Transmitting control information for carrier aggregated spectrums
04/13/17Method and system information block (sib) acquisition for wireless transmit/receive units (wtrus) in non-ce and coverage enhanced (ce) modes
04/13/17Method and efficiently maintaining communications connectivity for a plurality of applications
04/06/17Method and offloading backhaul traffic
03/30/17Method and multiple-input multiple-output operation
03/23/17Method for half duplex - frequency division duplex (hd-fdd) operation in a long term evolution (lte) fdd network
Patent Packs
03/23/17Method and utilizing multiple carriers in high speed packet access communications technical field
03/23/17Method and concurrently processing multiple radio carriers
03/23/17Method and dual-band mesh operations
03/16/17Method and non-orthogonal access in lte systems
03/16/17Method and monitoring and processing component carriers
03/16/17Systems, methods and instrumentalities for enabling machine type communication group communication
03/16/17Wireless device for controlling transmission power
03/16/17Method and accelerated link setup
03/09/17Method and accommodating higher order modulation in wireless communication
03/09/17Enhanced active scanning in wireless local area networks
03/09/17Method and power control for wireless transmissions on multiple component carriers associated with multiple timing advances
03/09/17Method and handling uplink transmissions using multiple uplink carriers
03/02/17Certificate validation and channel binding
03/02/17Pcp handover in a mesh network after a change of role of a station associated with a first node receiving from another node an indication of association
03/02/17Efficient signaling for machine type communication
03/02/17Method and performing a handover in an evolved universal terrestrial radio access network
02/23/17System level information for discontinuous reception, cell reselection and rach
02/23/17Method and supporting machine-type communications with a mobile-originated-only mode
02/16/17Method, apparatus and system for distributed cache reporting through probabilistic reconciliation
02/16/17Sponsoring of a mobile station session by another mobile station in a wireless network
02/16/17Method and monitoring for radio link failure
02/16/17Optimized serving dual cell change
02/16/17Method, wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) and base station for transferring small packets
02/16/17Method and performing hybrid per station and per flow uplink allocations
02/09/17Controlling inter-cell interference in forward access channel (cell_fach) state
02/09/17Registration and credential roll-out for accessing a subscription-based service
02/09/17Service capability server (scs) terminated short message service (sms) systems and methods
02/09/17Method and prioritizing logical channels
02/02/17Fast automatic gain control (agc) for packet based systems
01/26/17Method and non-voice emergency services
Patent Packs
01/26/17Method and a wireless device for collecting sensor data from a remote device having a limited range wireless communication capability
01/19/17Full duplex operation in wireless systems
01/19/17Wifi efficient network transition
01/12/17Method and enabling access to applications integrated with a visited network
01/12/17Interference measurement in wireless networks
01/12/17Systems, methods and managing machine-to-machine (m2m) entities
01/12/17Method and serving high speed downlink shared channel cell change
01/12/17Uplink transmissions in wireless communications
01/12/17Uplink control data transmission
01/05/17Media presentation description
01/05/17Sensing measurement configuration and reporting in a long term evolution system operating over license exempt bands
01/05/17Method for controlling transmit power of a mobile station
01/05/17Multiplexing data for multiple wireless transmit/receive units in a subframe
12/29/16Priority handling for prose communications
12/29/16Interference mitigation in multi-provider wlan networks
12/29/16Methods, systems and managing and/or enforcing policies for managing internet protocol ("ip") traffic among multiple accesses of a network
12/29/16Method and apparatus of resolving pci confusion for providing inbound mobility to closed subscriber group
12/22/16Harq process utilization in multiple carrier wireless communications
12/22/16Component carrier activation/deactivation in multi-carrier systems
12/22/16Method and managing group communications
Social Network Patent Pack
12/22/16Method and adding csg identities to a white list in connected mode
12/22/16Local offload and small cell architecture (sca)
12/22/16Epc enhancements for proximity services
12/22/16Method and using non-access stratum procedures in a mobile station to access resources of component carriers belonging to different radio access technologies
12/08/16Inverse telecine filter
12/08/16Channel selection for uplink access
12/01/16Method of access and link adaptation for coverage enhanced wireless transmissions
11/24/16Non-access stratum architecture and protocol enhancements for long term evolution mobile units
11/24/16Method and allocating resources for an enhanced physical hybrid automatic repeat request indicator channel
11/24/16Method and dynamic bandwidth provisioning in frequency division duplex systems
11/17/16Method and operating supplementary cells in licensed exempt spectrum
11/17/16Operating with multiple schedulers in a wireless system
11/10/16Methods, apparatus and systems for interference management in a full duplex radio system
11/10/16High frequency radio environmental mapping and system procedures
11/10/16Method and selected internet protocol (ip) traffic offload (sipto) and local ip access (lipa) mobility
11/10/16Method and supporting dynamic and distributed mobility management
11/10/16Method and apparatus of signaling and procedure to support uplink power level determination
11/10/16Method and using control plane to transmit and receive data
11/10/16Method and sending uplink control information for multi-radio access technology operation
11/10/16Distributed reservation contention access (drca) for wireless local area network (wlan) carrier sense multiple access (csma) stations
Social Network Patent Pack
11/03/16Methods, apparatus, systems and mechanisms for secure attribute based friend find and proximity discovery
11/03/16Method and providing very high throughput operation and capability signaling for wireless communications
11/03/16Base station assistance for random access performance improvement
11/03/16Method and managing service continuity
10/20/16Web application acceleration with personalized cache or prerendering
10/20/16Method and providing security to devices
10/20/16Layered connectivity in wireless systems
10/20/16Timing and cell specific system information handling for handover in evolved utra
10/20/16Method and radio resources management in multi-radio access technology wireless systems
10/20/16Uplink power headroom reporting for carrier aggregation
10/13/16Quality of experience optimization using policy-based decision engines
10/13/16Open loop spatial processing
10/13/16Method and supporting management actions for very high throughput in wireless communications
10/13/16Systems and methods for conducting reverse auctions to improve qoe of networked applications
10/13/16Behavior for wireless transmit/receive unit and mac control elements for lte drx operations
10/13/16Uplink control information transmission methods for carrier aggregation
10/06/16System enhancements for using extended drx
10/06/16Managing control signaling overhead for multi-carrier hsdpa
10/06/16Methods and systems for integration of peer-to-peer (p2p) networks with content delivery networks (cdns)
10/06/16Methods, apparatuses and systems directed to proximity services (prose) direct discovery
10/06/16System enhancements for using extended drx
10/06/16Power control for closed loop transmit diversity and mimo in uplink
10/06/16Method and supporting wideband and multiple bandwidth transmission protocols
09/29/16Connectivity robustness in wireless systems
09/29/16Coordinated packet data network change for selected internet protocol traffic offload
09/29/16Method and performing component carrier-specific reconfiguration
09/29/16Wi-fi contention reduction
09/22/16Method and supporting machine-type communications with a mobile-originated-only mode
09/22/16Determining power headroom in a wireless network
09/22/16Method and fast assistive transmission operation
Social Network Patent Pack
09/22/16System and methods for handling priority services congestion
09/15/16Systems and methods for dynamic whitespace spectrum management
09/15/16Method and signaling the release of a persistent resource
09/15/16Reconfiguration and handover procedures for fuzzy cells
09/08/16Gaze-driven augmented reality
09/08/16Method and procedure for communication between databases or spectrum management functions
09/08/16Television band (tvbd) channel quieting across diverse radio access technologies
09/01/16Method and enabling multimedia synchronization
09/01/16Enabling information centric networks specialization
09/01/16Method and efficient signaling and usage of resources for wireless communications supporting circuit switched and packet switched sessions
09/01/16Method and data-splitting transmission from multiple sites
09/01/16Machine to machine (m2m) frame within a frame
09/01/16Enhancements for coordinated orthogonal block-based resource allocation (cobra) in wlan systems
08/25/16Bandwidth management (bwm) operation with opportunistic networks
08/25/16Control signaling in lte carrier aggregation
08/25/16Random access in dynamic and shared spectrums
08/18/16Method and system for millimeter wave hotspot (mmh) backhaul and physical (phy) layer transmissions
08/18/16Method and cross link establishment
08/18/16Method and monitoring and processing
08/18/16Protection mechanisms for multi-tiered spectrum access systems
08/18/16Device-to-device (d2d) link adaptation
08/18/16Method and inter-device transfer (handoff) between ims and generic ip clients
08/11/16Method and performing serving high speed downlink shared channel cell change
08/11/16Service-based approach to channel selection and network configuration for television white space networks
08/04/16Method and h(e)nb integrity verification and validation
08/04/16Group communication service enabler (gcse) group management
08/04/16Connectivity augmented services architecture, discovery and connection
08/04/16Clear channel assessment (cca) threshold adaptation method
08/04/16Multi-user parallel channel access in wlan systems

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