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Intermolecular, Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Intermolecular, Inc.. Intermolecular, Inc. is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Intermolecular, Inc. may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Intermolecular, Inc., we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Intermolecular, Inc. patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014032250710/30/14Systems, methods, and apparatus for production coatings of low-emissivity glass
22014032288410/30/14Nonvolatile resistive memory element with a silicon-based switching layer
32014031533110/23/14Screening of surface passivation processes for germanium channels
42014030852810/16/14Systems, methods, and apparatus for production coatings of low-emissivity glass
52014030267110/09/14Selective etching of copper and copper-barrier materials by an aqueous base solution with fluoride addition
62014026166009/18/14Tcos for heterojunction solar cells
72014026415509/18/14High-selectivity wet patterning of source-drain electrodes over taos for a bce device structure
82014026423909/18/14Using multi-layer mimcaps in the tunneling regime as selector element for a cross-bar memory array
92014026830109/18/14Low-emissivity panels including magnetic layers
102014026831609/18/14Systems, methods, and apparatus for production coatings of low-emissivity glass including a ternary alloy
112014026831709/18/14High solar gain low-e panel and method for forming the same
122014026834809/18/14Anti-reflective coatings with porosity gradient and methods for forming the same
132014026834909/18/14Optical coatings with plate-shaped particles and methods for forming the same
142014026899309/18/14Nonvolatile resistive memory element with an oxygen-gettering layer
152014027212709/18/14Anti-glare coatings with sacrificial surface roughening agents and methods for forming the same
162014027229009/18/14Polymer anti-glare coatings and methods for forming the same
172014027233509/18/14Low-e glazing performance by seed structure optimization
182014027235309/18/14Color shift of high lsg low emissivity coating after heat treatment
192014027235409/18/14Method to generate high lsg low-emissivity coating with same color after heat treatment
202014027238409/18/14Anti-reflection coatings with aqueous particle dispersions and methods for forming the same
212014027238709/18/14Anti-glare coatings with aqueous particle dispersions and methods for forming the same
222014027239009/18/14Low-e panel with improved barrier layer process window and method for forming the same
232014027239509/18/14Low-emissivity glass including spacer layers compatible with heat treatment
242014027245409/18/14Barrier layers for silver reflective coatings and hpc workflows for rapid screening of materials for such barrier layers
252014027245509/18/14Titanium nickel niobium alloy barrier for low-emissivity coatings
262014027333309/18/14Methods for fabricating znose alloys
272014027346709/18/14Polycrystalline-silicon etch with low-peroxide apm
282014027349709/18/14Wet processing systems and methods with replenishment
292014026202809/18/14Non-contact wet-process cell confining liquid to a region of a solid surface by differential pressure
302014026274909/18/14Methods of plasma surface treatment in a pvd chamber
312014026422409/18/14Performance enhancement of forming-free reram devices using 3d nanoparticles
322014026424109/18/14Znte on tin or pt electrodes as a resistive switching element for reram applications
332014026425209/18/14Current selector for non-volatile memory in a cross bar array based on defect and band engineering metal-dielectric-metal stacks
342014026428109/18/14Channel-last methods for making fets
352014026432009/18/14Compositional graded igzo thin film transistor
362014026432109/18/14Method of fabricating igzo by sputtering in oxidizing gas
372014026449209/18/14Counter-doped low-power finfet
382014026450709/18/14Fluorine passivation in cmos image sensors
392014026463409/18/14Finfet for rf and analog integrated circuits
402014026470809/18/14Optical absorbers
412014026474709/18/14Deposition of anisotropic dielectric layers orientationally matched to the physically separated substrate
422014026482509/18/14Ultra-low resistivity contacts
432014026487109/18/14Method to increase interconnect reliability
442014026837709/18/14Ultrathin coating for one way mirror applications
452014026900409/18/14Method for improving data retention of reram chips operating at low operating temperatures
462014027211209/18/14Combinatorial methods and systems for developing electrochromic materials and devices
472014027330009/18/14Method for forming reram chips operating at low operating temperatures
482014027330909/18/14Controlling radical lifetimes in a remote plasma chamber
492014027331109/18/14Optical absorbers
502014027331409/18/14High productivity combinatorial workflow to screen and design chalcogenide materials as non volatile memory current selector
512014027334009/18/14High productivity combinatorial screening for stable metal oxide tfts
522014027334109/18/14Methods for forming back-channel-etch devices with copper-based electrodes
532014027340409/18/14Advanced targeted microwave degas system
542014027342709/18/14Electrode for low-leakage devices
552014027349309/18/14Hydrogen plasma cleaning of germanium oxide surfaces
562014027352509/18/14Atomic layer deposition of reduced-leakage post-transition metal oxide films
572014025611109/11/14Nonvolatile memory elements
582014025256509/11/14Nucleation interface for high-k layer on germanium
592014024664009/04/14Doped electrodes used to inhibit oxygen loss in reram device
602014024764909/04/14Bipolar resistive-switching memory with a single diode per memory cell
612014023174408/21/14Methods for forming resistive switching memory elements
622014023095508/21/14Systems for discretized processing of regions of a substrate
632014023170408/21/14Silicon texturing formulations
642014022505608/14/14Resistive-switching memory elements having improved switching characteristics
652014022787108/14/14Formation of a masking layer on a dielectric region to facilitate formation of a capping layer on electrically conductive regions separated by the dielectric region
662014022788008/14/14Combinatorial plasma enhanced deposition and etchtechniques
672014019126207/10/14Material with tunable index of refraction
682014019136507/10/14Device design for partially oriented rutile dielectrics
692014018267007/03/14Light trapping and antireflective coatings
702014018369607/03/14Methods to improve leakage for zro2 based high k mim capacitor
712014018503407/03/14Method to extend single wavelength ellipsometer to obtain spectra of refractive index
722014018659807/03/14Base-layer consisting of two materials layer with extreme high/low index in low-e coating to improve the neutral color and transmittance performance
732014018699507/03/14Method of fabricating cigs solar cells with high band gap by sequential processing
742014018704107/03/14High dose ion-implanted photoresist removal using organic solvent and transition metal mixtures
752014018705107/03/14Poly removal for replacement gate with an apm mixture
762014018705207/03/14Selective etching of hafnium oxide using diluted hydrofluoric acid
772014018266507/03/14Optical absorbers
782014018303607/03/14In situ sputtering target measurement
792014018316107/03/14Site-isolated combinatorial substrate processing using a mask
802014018343207/03/14Moox-based resistance switching materials
812014018343907/03/14Current selector for non-volatile memory in a cross bar array based on defect and band engineering metal-dielectric-metal stacks
822014018366407/03/14Fullerene-based capacitor electrode
832014018366607/03/14Flourine-stabilized interface
842014018369507/03/14Methods for reproducible flash layer deposition
852014018369707/03/14High work function, manufacturable top electrode
862014018373707/03/14Diffusion barriers
872014018535707/03/14Barrier design for steering elements
882014018661707/03/14Low-emissivity coatings
892014018701507/03/14Methods to improve leakage for zro2 based high k mim capacitor
902014018701607/03/14High work function, manufacturable top electrode
912014018701807/03/14Methods for reproducible flash layer deposition
922014018826407/03/14Workflow manager and bar coding system for processing of samples/substrates in hpc (high productivity combinatorial) r&d environment
932014017535906/26/14Diffusion barrier layer for resistive random access memory cells
942014017561806/26/14Transition metal aluminate and high k dielectric semiconductor stack
952014017704206/26/14Novel silver barrier materials for low-emissivity applications
962014017865706/26/14Antireflection coatings
972014017908206/26/14Selective etching of hafnium oxide using non-aqueous solutions
982014017910706/26/14Etching silicon nitride using dilute hydrofluoric acid
992014017911206/26/14High productivity combinatorial techniques for titanium nitride etching
1002014017448106/26/14Processing and cleaning substrates
1012014017454006/26/14Ald process window combinatorial screening tool
1022014017465606/26/14Method to improve the operational robustness and safety of combinatorial processing systems
1032014017490706/26/14High deposition rate chamber with co-sputtering capabilities
1042014017491006/26/14Sputter gun shield
1052014017491106/26/14Reducing particles during physical vapor deposition
1062014017491806/26/14Sputter gun
1072014017492106/26/14Multi-piece target and magnetron to prevent sputtering of target backing materials
1082014017542206/26/14Deposition of rutile films with very high dielectric constant
1092014017556706/26/14Method of depositing films with narrow-band conductive properties
1102014017560306/26/14Method of forming an asymmetric mimcap or a schottky device as a selector element for a cross-bar memory array
1112014017560406/26/14Two step deposition of molybdenum dioxide electrode for high quality dielectric stacks
1122014017737806/26/14High dilution ratio by successively preparing and diluting chemicals
1132014017857806/26/14Barrier layers for silver reflective coatings and hpc workflows for rapid screening of materials for such barrier layers
1142014017858306/26/14Combinatorial methods and systems for developing thermochromic materials and devices
1152014017903006/26/14Dissolution rate monitor
1162014017903306/26/14Methods for forming templated materials
1172014017909506/26/14Controlling gate dielectric interfaces of mosfets
1182014017910006/26/14Method to control depth profiles of dopants using a remote plasma source
1192014017911306/26/14Surface treatment methods and systems for substrate processing
1202014017912306/26/14Site-isolated rapid thermal processing methods and apparatus
1212014016647206/19/14Temperature control to improve low emissivity coatings
1222014016875906/19/14Methods and apparatuses for patterned low emissivity panels
1232014017030806/19/14Antireflective coatings with gradation and methods for forming the same
1242014017033806/19/14Pvd chamber and process for over-coating layer to improve emissivity for low emissivity coating
1252014017041306/19/14Silver based conductive layer for flexible electronics
1262014017042106/19/14Low-e panel with improved barrier layer and method for forming the same
1272014017042206/19/14Low emissivity coating with optimal base layer material and layer stack
1282014017043406/19/14Two layer ag process for low emissivity coatings
1292014016605006/19/14Chuck for mounting a semiconductor wafer for liquid immersion processing
1302014016610706/19/14Back-contact electron reflectors enhancing thin film solar cell efficiency
1312014016613406/19/14Pump with reduced number of moving parts
1322014016661606/19/14Combinatorial processing using a remote plasma source
1332014016684006/19/14Substrate carrier
1342014016695806/19/14Controlling reram forming voltage with doping
1352014016722106/19/14Methods to improve leakage of high k materials
1362014016722306/19/14Semiconductor cooling device
1372014016906206/19/14Methods of manufacturing embedded bipolar switching resistive memory
1382014017004906/19/14Low refractive index material by sputtering deposition method
1392014017033506/19/14Methods and apparatus for combinatorial pecvd or peald
1402014017077506/19/14Hpc workflow for rapid screening of materials and stacks for stt-ram
1412014017080206/19/14Absorber layer for a thin film photovoltaic device with a double-graded band gap
1422014017080306/19/14Cigs absorber formed by co-sputtered indium
1432014017080606/19/14Tcos for high-efficiency crystalline si heterojunction solar cells
1442014017083306/19/14Methods to improve leakage of high k materials
1452014017085706/19/14Customizing etch selectivity with sequential multi-stage etches with complementary etchants
1462014016238406/12/14Pvd-ald-cvd hybrid hpc for work function material screening
1472014015819006/12/14Absorbers for high efficiency thin-film pv
1482014015912006/12/14Conformal doping
1492014016198906/12/14Anti-glare using a two-step texturing process
1502014016199006/12/14Anti-glare glass/substrate via novel specific combinations of dry and wet processes
1512014016239706/12/14High-efficiency thin-film photovoltaics with controlled homogeneity and defects
1522014015162606/05/14Selector device using low leakage dielectric mimcap diode
1532014015485906/05/14Methods and vehicles for high productivity combinatorial testing of materials for resistive random access memory cells
1542014015024506/05/14Pneumatic clamping mechanism for cells with adjustable height
1552014014759405/29/14Magnesium fluoride and magnesium oxyfluoride based anti-reflection coatings via chemical solution deposition processes
1562014014447105/29/14Contamination control, rinsing, and purging methods to extend the life of components within combinatorial processing systems
1572014014451205/29/14Dispensing different liquids for high productivity combinatorial processing
1582014014477105/29/14Cooling efficiency method for fluid cooled sputter guns
1592014014735005/29/14Cleaner for reactor component cleaning
1602014014758705/29/14Combinatorial spin deposition
1612014014759305/29/14Liquid cooled sputter apertured shields
1622014014153405/22/14Dielectric doping using high productivity combinatorial methods
1632014013860205/22/14Controlled localized defect paths for resistive memories
1642014013484905/15/14Combinatorial site isolated plasma assisted deposition
1652014013092205/15/14Control methods and hardware configurations for ozone delivery systems
1662014013326505/15/14Contactless magnetically driven agitation systems
1672014012403805/08/14Reactor cell isolation using differential pressure in a combinatorial reactor
1682014012435905/08/14New magnet design which improves erosion profile for pvd systems
1692014012472505/08/14Resistive random access memory cells having doped current limiting layers
1702014012478805/08/14Chemical vapor deposition system
1712014012481705/08/14Contact layers
1722014012742205/08/14High-k gate performance improvement and combinatorial processing
1732014012788705/08/14Chemical vapor deposition system
1742014012797405/08/14Combinatorial tool for mechanically-assisted surface polishing and cleaning
1752014011076404/24/14Method to control amorphous oxide layer formation at interfaces of thin film stacks for memory and logic components
1762014011340304/24/14High efficiency cztse by a two-step approach
1772014011081304/24/14Absorbers for high efficiency thin-film pv
1782014010328204/17/14Diffusion barrier layer for resistive random access memory cells
1792014010328404/17/14Reram cells including taxsiyn embedded resistors
1802014010248804/17/14Improving performance and preventing corrosion in multi-module cleaning chamber
1812014010656104/17/14Graphene barrier layers for interconnects and methods for forming the same
1822014010903004/17/14Method of determining electromigration (em) lifetimes and lifetime criteria
1832014009978504/10/14Sacrificial low work function cap layer
1842014009059604/03/14Methods of combinatorial processing for screening multiple samples on a semiconductor substrate
1852014009066804/03/14In-situ cleaning assembly
1862014009246204/03/14Electrochromic device with improved transparent conductor and method for forming the same
1872014009403704/03/14Preventing native oxide regrowth
1882014008423603/27/14Ald processing techniques for forming non-volatile resistive switching memories
1892014008494803/27/14Test vehicles for evaluating resistance of thin layers
1902014008749003/27/14Improving particle performance
1912014007714703/20/14Methods for selective etching of a multi-layer substrate
1922014007733603/20/14Leakage reduction in dram mim capacitors
1932014007733703/20/14High temperature ald process for metal oxide for dram applications
1942014007880803/20/14Embedded nonvolatile memory elements having resistive switching characteristics
1952014008023303/20/14Combinatorial optimization of interlayer parameters
1962014008025003/20/14Method of fabricating high efficiency cigs solar cells
1972014008028203/20/14Leakage reduction in dram mim capacitors
1982014008028403/20/14High temperature ald process of metal oxide for dram applications
1992014008032203/20/14Emissivity profile control for thermal uniformity
2002014007310703/13/14Atomic layer deposition of metal oxide materials for memory applications
2012014007021303/13/14Methods for discretized processing and process sequence integration of regions of a substrate
2022014007143503/13/14High throughput quantum efficiency combinatorial characterization tool and method for combinatorial solar test substrates
2032014006578803/06/14Combinatorial approach for screening of ald film stacks
2042014006579903/06/14Low resistance contact formation
2052014006581903/06/14Low resistance contact formation
2062014005737102/27/14High productivity combinatorial workflow for post gate etch clean development
2072014005453102/27/14Defect enhancement of a switching layer in a nonvolatile resistive memory element
2082014005515202/27/14Circular transmission line methods compatible with combinatorial processing of semiconductors
2092014005121002/20/14Nonvolatile memory elements
2102014004801302/20/14Seed layer for zno and doped-zno thin film nucleation and methods of seed layer deposition
2112014005091402/20/14Antireflective coatings with controllable porosity and refractive index properties using a combination of thermal or chemical treatments
2122014004238402/13/14Resistive-switching nonvolatile memory elements
2132014004172202/13/14Method of fabricating high efficiency cigs solar cells
2142014003835202/06/14Non-volatile resistive-switching memories
2152014003838002/06/14Multifunctional electrode
2162014003495702/06/14Index-matched insulators
2172014003784102/06/14Antireflective coatings with controllable porosity and durability properties using controlled exposure to alkaline vapor
2182014003885502/06/14High pressure parallel fixed bed reactor and method
2192014003088701/30/14Sputtering and aligning multiple layers having different boundaries
2202014001468101/16/14Calibration of a chemical dispense system
2212014001489201/16/14Resistive-switching memory element
2222014000793801/09/14Laser annealing for thin film solar cells
2232014000876301/09/14Distributed substrate top contact for moscap measurements
2242014000983401/09/14Novel antireflective coatings with graded refractive index
2252014001136701/09/14Low temperature etching of silicon nitride structures using phosphoric acid solutions
2262014000143001/02/14Surface treatment to improve resistive-switching characteristics
2272014000143101/02/14Reduction of forming voltage in semiconductor devices
2282014000433401/02/14Antireflective coatings with self-cleaning, moisture resistance and antimicrobial properties
2292013034223012/26/13High throughput current-voltage combinatorial characterization tool and method for combinatorial solar test substrates
2302013034064812/26/13Electroless deposition of platinum on copper
2312013034080512/26/13Methods of building crystalline silicon solar cells for use in combinatorial screening
2322013034158412/26/13Resistive-switching memory elements having improved switching characteristics
2332013034464612/26/13Absorbers for high-efficiency thin-film pv
2342013033449112/19/13Methods for forming nickel oxide films for use with resistive switching memory devices
2352013033830512/19/13Methods for coating a substrate with an amphiphilic compound
2362013032816812/12/13Manufacturable high-k dram mim capacitor structure
2372013033090312/12/13Manufacturable high-k dram mim capacitor structure
2382013033090212/12/13Enhanced non-noble electrode layers for dram capacitor cell
2392013033129612/12/13Combinatorial electroplating and characterization
2402013032389012/05/13Aqua regia and hydrogen peroxide hcl combination to remove ni and nipt residues
2412013031984712/05/13Methods and apparatuses for low resistivity ag thin film using collimated sputtering
2422013032049512/05/13Integration of non-noble dram electrode
2432013032386312/05/13Method for generating graphene structures
2442013031356611/28/13Gan epitaxy with migration enhancement and surface energy modification
2452013031365611/28/13Methods of atomic layer deposition of hafnium oxide / erbium oxide bi-layer as advanced gate dielectrics
2462013031365711/28/13Methods of forming fluorinated hafnium oxide gate dielectrics by atomic layer deposition
2472013031497411/28/13Bipolar resistive-switching memory with a single diode per memory cell
2482013031647211/28/13High productivity combinatorial oxide terracing and pvd/ald metal deposition combined with lithography for gate work function extraction
2492013031654611/28/13Methods of atomic layer deposition of hafnium oxide as gate dielectrics

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