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International Business Machines Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to International Business Machines Corporation. International Business Machines Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: International Business Machines Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with International Business Machines Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Decrypting files for data leakage protection in an enterprise network

International Business Machines

Decrypting files for data leakage protection in an enterprise network

Virtualizing storage systems and managing data independently

International Business Machines

Virtualizing storage systems and managing data independently

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Count Application # Date International Business Machines Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12013015122006/13/13Multi-ecu simiulation by using 2-layer peripherals with look-ahead time
22010022876609/09/10Queue message retrieval by selection criteria
32010003436602/11/10Participant alerts during multi-person teleconferences
42009027159710/29/09Branch prediction in a computer processor
52009021677908/27/09Transferring messages to a directory
62009019025907/30/09Magnetic tape security
72009017248407/02/09Method for implementing a serialization construct within an environment of parallel data flow graphs
82014033913111/20/14 new patent  Solid state storage media cartridge
92014033950211/20/14 new patent  Elemental semiconductor material contact for high indium content ingan light emitting diodes
102014033950311/20/14 new patent  Elemental semiconductor material contact for gan-based light emitting diodes
112014033950611/20/14 new patent  Formation of large scale single crystalline graphene
122014033950711/20/14 new patent  Stacked semiconductor nanowires with tunnel spacers
132014033955811/20/14 new patent  Alternating open-ended via chains for testing via formation and dielectric integrity
142014033961111/20/14 new patent  Stacked semiconductor nanowires with tunnel spacers
152014033963811/20/14 new patent  Integrating channel sige into pfet structures
162014033964911/20/14 new patent  Finfet type device using ldmos
172014033969911/20/14 new patent  Under ball metallurgy (ubm) for improved electromigration
182014034040511/20/14 new patent  Crowd movement prediction using optical flow algorithm
192014034040711/20/14 new patent  Graphical user interface for efficiently visualizing multiple messages of different severities in a tabular format
202014034079711/20/14 new patent  Direct current ground fault interrupter
212014034212711/20/14 new patent  Formation of large scale single crystalline graphene
222014034233711/20/14 new patent  Pervasive training over different locations or devices as a function of presence
232014034248511/20/14 new patent  Elemental semiconductor material contact for high indium content ingan light emitting diodes
242014034248611/20/14 new patent  Elemental semiconductor material contact for gan-based light emitting diodes
252014034258011/20/14 new patent  High speed network cable transceiver connector
262014034266111/20/14 new patent  Social network based wi-fi connectivity
272014034323211/20/14 new patent  Resin composition eliminating volatile loss of initiating species for the preparation of printed circuit board laminates
282014034379611/20/14 new patent  Detect driver persona in a vehicle
292014034383211/20/14 new patent  Using pass code verification to organize a vehicle caravan
302014034392111/20/14 new patent  Analyzing documents corresponding to demographics
312014034399711/20/14 new patent  Information technology optimization via real-time analytics
322014034400611/20/14 new patent  Analytics based service catalog management
332014034402511/20/14 new patent  Annotation-based voting for e-readers and social networking enabled browsers
342014034410111/20/14 new patent  Automated guidance for selecting components of an it solution
352014034412311/20/14 new patent  Dynamically modifying workload patterns in a cloud
362014034419611/20/14 new patent  Adaptive cataclysms in genetic algorithms
372014034419711/20/14 new patent  Adaptive cataclysms in genetic algorithms
382014034420111/20/14 new patent  Providing transposable access to a synapse array using column aggregation
392014034420611/20/14 new patent  Verifying legitimate followers in social networks
402014034421211/20/14 new patent  Intelligent indexing
412014034425711/20/14 new patent  Detecting a preferred implementation of an operation
422014034426011/20/14 new patent  Two-directional biometric matching
432014034427011/20/14 new patent  Data clustering and user modeling for next-best-action decisions
442014034429211/20/14 new patent  Population of context-based data gravity wells
452014034430011/20/14 new patent  Efficient logging of processing peaks in control systems
462014034431411/20/14 new patent  Optimizing storage in a publish / subscribe environment
472014034432811/20/14 new patent  Data collection and distribution management
482014034432911/20/14 new patent  Communication system employing subnet or prefix to determine connection to same network segment
492014034434811/20/14 new patent  Annotation-based voting for e-readers and social networking enabled browsers
502014034434911/20/14 new patent  Orchestration of electronic meetings
512014034435111/20/14 new patent  Displaying user's desired content based on priority during loading process
522014034435311/20/14 new patent  Relevant commentary for media content
532014034435711/20/14 new patent  Communication traffic management
542014034436011/20/14 new patent  Orchestration of electronic meetings
552014034436911/20/14 new patent  Electronic mail read receipt processing
562014034437011/20/14 new patent  Establishing social network connections
572014034437211/20/14 new patent  Embedding actionable content in electronic communication
582014034437311/20/14 new patent  Embedding actionable content in electronic communication
592014034444011/20/14 new patent  Managing network utility of applications on cloud data centers
602014034444211/20/14 new patent  Adaptive data collection
612014034448711/20/14 new patent  Auto-switching interfaces to device subsystems
622014034452611/20/14 new patent  Metadata management
632014034453511/20/14 new patent  Accidental shared volume erasure prevention
642014034454011/20/14 new patent  Cluster families for cluster selection and cooperative replication
652014034454111/20/14 new patent  Virtualizing storage systems and managing data independently
662014034454811/20/14 new patent  Stored data analysis
672014034457311/20/14 new patent  Decrypting files for data leakage protection in an enterprise network
682014034460311/20/14 new patent  Remotely awakening an electronic device
692014034462811/20/14 new patent  Certification of non-native data layout in a managed runtime system
702014034462911/20/14 new patent  Arranging data handling in a computer-implemented system in accordance with reliability ratings based on reverse predictive failure analysis in response to changes
712014034466411/20/14 new patent  Webpage display system leveraging osgi
722014034471511/20/14 new patent  Temporal promotion of content to a project activity
732014034477511/20/14 new patent  Project modeling using iterative variable defect forecasts
742014034477611/20/14 new patent  Project modeling using iterative variable defect forecasts
752014034478011/20/14 new patent  Declarative configuration and execution of card content management operations for trusted service manager
762014034478411/20/14 new patent  Controlling access to variables protected by an alias during a debugging session
772014034478511/20/14 new patent  Automatic generation of a resource reconfiguring test
782014034478911/20/14 new patent  Step over operation for machine code function calls
792014034479011/20/14 new patent  Evaluation of statement-level breakpoints
802014034480811/20/14 new patent  Dynamically modifying workload patterns in a cloud
812014034481411/20/14 new patent  Scheduling homogeneous and heterogeneous workloads with runtime elasticity in a parallel processing environment
822014034482311/20/14 new patent  Interruption of chip component managing tasks
832014034482811/20/14 new patent  Assigning levels of pools of resources to a super process having sub-processes
842014034484511/20/14 new patent  Real-time new event detection on video streams
852014034488711/20/14 new patent  Inheriting social network information
862014034491211/20/14 new patent  Firewall based botnet detection
872014034493611/20/14 new patent  Software vulnerability notification via icon decorations
882014034493811/20/14 new patent  Progressive static security analysis
892014034493911/20/14 new patent  Progressive static security analysis
902014034494811/20/14 new patent  Automated management of private information
912014033275711/13/14Graphene photodetector
922014033281011/13/14Temporary liquid thermal interface material for surface tension adhesion and thermal control
932014033281511/13/14Semiconductor device including finfet and diode having reduced defects in depletion region
942014033285111/13/14Reduced short channel effect of iii-v field effect transistor via oxidizing aluminum-rich underlayer
952014033285511/13/14Reduced short channel effect of iii-v field effect transistor via oxidizing aluminum-rich underlayer
962014033286011/13/14Stacked carbon-based fets
972014033286111/13/14Fin structure with varying isolation thickness
982014033286211/13/14Stacked carbon-based fets
992014033288811/13/14Semiconductor device including finfet structures with varied epitaxial regions, related method and design structure
1002014033289011/13/14Stringer-free gate electrode for a suspended semiconductor fin
1012014033289211/13/14Stringer-free gate electrode for a suspended semiconductor fin
1022014033290011/13/14Low extension resistance iii-v compound fin field effect transistor
1032014033290311/13/14Integrated circuit having raised source drains devices with reduced silicide contact resistance and methods to fabricate same
1042014033291311/13/14Micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) structures and design structures
1052014033292311/13/14E-fuse with hybrid metallization
1062014033292411/13/14E-fuse with hybrid metallization
1072014033292711/13/14Self-aligned bipolar junction transistor having self-planarizing isolation raised base structures
1082014033292911/13/14Forming semiconductor chip connections
1092014033296011/13/14Interconnect structures containing nitrided metallic residues
1102014033296311/13/14Interconnect with hybrid metallization
1112014033296411/13/14Interconnect structures containing nitrided metallic residues
1122014033296511/13/14High performance refractory metal / copper interconnects to eliminate electromigration
1132014033297311/13/14Inline measurement of through-silicon via depth
1142014033345711/13/14Random extraction from compressed data
1152014033364511/13/14Interpreting texture in support of mobile commerce and mobility
1162014033403311/13/14Quasi-statically oriented head for recording non-legacy formats
1172014033403711/13/14Magnetic write head having electrically biasable structures
1182014033422411/13/14Reference voltage modification in a memory device
1192014033422511/13/14Prioritizing refreshes in a memory device
1202014033429011/13/14Implementing redundancy on infiniband (ib) networks
1212014033468911/13/14Infrastructure assessment via imaging sources
1222014033565011/13/14Graphene photodetector
1232014033566511/13/14Low extension resistance iii-v compound fin field effect transistor
1242014033590411/13/14Chat interaction between mobile phone and non-mobile phone devices
1252014033686911/13/14Automating predictive maintenance for automobiles
1262014033701011/13/14Interactive acquisition of remote services
1272014033701111/13/14Controlling language tense in electronic content
1282014033701211/13/14Controlling language tense in electronic content
1292014033702611/13/14Method, apparatus, and program for generating training speech data for target domain
1302014033707611/13/14Managing support team inquiries
1312014033712911/13/14Content recommendation based on uniqueness of individuals in target audience
1322014033724511/13/14Generation of shipment tracking report using text analytics
1332014033724911/13/14Ratings from communication sessions
1342014033725411/13/14Recommending actions for social media engagements
1352014033727311/13/14Upper merged ontology for it architecture
1362014033728311/13/14Comparing database performance without benchmark workloads
1372014033731611/13/14Informative communication history
1382014033732911/13/14Providing answers to questions using multiple models to score candidate answers
1392014033733111/13/14Discovery of linkage points between data sources
1402014033733411/13/14Altering relevancy of a document and/or a search query
1412014033734311/13/14Method, computer program and computer for detecting communities in social media
1422014033735711/13/14Document tagging and retrieval using per-subject dictionaries including subject-determining-power scores for entries
1432014033737711/13/14Managing support team inquiries
1442014033737911/13/14Distributed multi-system management
1452014033738311/13/14Partial match derivation using text analysis
1462014033738511/13/14Managing file usage
1472014033742111/13/14Query-driven virtual social network group
1482014033742811/13/14Facilitation of social interactions
1492014033743911/13/14Electronic mail delivery negotiation and rejection
1502014033744011/13/14Historical context for communication
1512014033744311/13/14Using the distance from a forum posting as criteria to selectively convey email notifications or not
1522014033745311/13/14Snmp request processing within distributed device architecture
1532014033749411/13/14Transferring services in a networked environment
1542014033752611/13/14Location-based domain name system service discovery
1552014033760211/13/14Execution of an instruction for performing a configuration virtual topology change
1562014033767211/13/14Reducing false-positive errors in a software change-impact analysis
1572014033767711/13/14Merging result from a parser in a network processor with result from an external coprocessor
1582014033769511/13/14Presenting a link label for multiple hyperlinks
1592014033770211/13/14Presenting a link label for multiple hyperlinks
1602014033771811/13/14Graphical marking to indicate edited data
1612014033777011/13/14Generating a user interface for activating multiple applications
1622014033778111/13/14Optimized non-grid based navigation
1632014033778211/13/14Representation and control of the scope of impact in inherited settings
1642014033782111/13/14Generating test scripts through application integration
1652014033784411/13/14Virtual machine deployment planning method and associated apparatus
1662014033785511/13/14Termination of requests in a distributed coprocessor system
1672014033791411/13/14Policy-based automated consent
1682014033791611/13/14Evaluating security of data access statements
1692014033795311/13/14Cross-platform authentication from within a rich client
1702014033800211/13/14Facilitation of social interactions
1712014032604711/06/14Techniques for fabricating janus sensors
1722014032648311/06/14Printed circuit boards fabricated using congruent molds
1732014032661311/06/14Techniques for fabricating janus sensors
1742014032669811/06/14Interconnect structure and method of making same
1752014032695411/06/14Integrated nanowire/nanosheet nanogap and nanopore for dna and rna sequencing
1762014032704411/06/14Method to make dual material finfet on same substrate
1772014032705411/06/14Raised source/drain and gate portion with dielectric spacer or air gap spacer
1782014032708411/06/14Dual shallow trench isolation (sti) field effect transistor (fet) and methods of forming
1792014032708811/06/14Finfet semiconductor device with a recessed liner that defines a fin height of the finfet device
1802014032708911/06/14Finfet devices having recessed liner materials to define different fin heights
1812014032710611/06/14Bipolar junction transistors with self-aligned terminals
1822014032711111/06/14Trench isolation structures and methods for bipolar junction transistors
1832014032731111/06/14Intelligent power strip
1842014032746811/06/14Physical unclonable function generation and management
1852014032746911/06/14Physical unclonable function generation and management
1862014032753811/06/14Cable tracing in a datacenter
1872014032753911/06/14Cable tracing in a datacenter
1882014032772511/06/14Real-time advisor system with projected augmentable annotations
1892014032776911/06/14Multifunctional sky camera system for total sky imaging and spectral radiance measurement
1902014032798411/06/14Magnetic head having canted arrays
1912014032798511/06/14Adjusting tension in a tape media to counter tape dimensional stability (tds) errors in a tape media
1922014032798711/06/14Magnetic head and system having offset arrays
1932014032810311/06/14Implementing computational memory from content-addressable memory
1942014032812211/06/14Reduced stress high voltage word line driver
1952014032813211/06/14Memory margin management
1962014032820711/06/14Discovering network topology from routing information
1972014032834011/06/14Virtual data center bridging exchange (vdcbx) protocol
1982014032848611/06/14Analyzing and transmitting environmental sounds
1992014032851111/06/14Summarizing salient events in unmanned aerial videos
2002014032921111/06/14Providing location-relevant goal fulfillment recommendations while inside a non-residential location
2012014032935111/06/14Fabricating a small-scale radiation detector
2022014032938011/06/14Formation of semiconductor structures with variable gate lengths
2032014033054811/06/14Simulation of online social network
2042014033055311/06/14Verifying the terms of use for access to a service
2052014033060011/06/14Performance driven municipal asset needs and sustainability analysis
2062014033064711/06/14Application and service selection for optimized promotion
2072014033066911/06/14Leveraging reader performance to provide a publication recommendation
2082014033068011/06/14E-commerce system that allows for seller restrictions based on social media account characteristics
2092014033074511/06/14Analytic solution integration
2102014033074611/06/14Stochastic investment planning system
2112014033074711/06/14Asset lifecycle management
2122014033074811/06/14Stochastic investment planning system
2132014033074911/06/14Asset lifecycle management
2142014033075711/06/14Selecting strangers for information spreading on a social network
2152014033077511/06/14Comparing markup language files
2162014033079911/06/14Automating generation of messages in accordance with a standard
2172014033080411/06/14Automatic suggestion for query-rewrite rules
2182014033080811/06/14Retrieving information using a graphical query
2192014033081111/06/14Retrieving information using a graphical query
2202014033081711/06/14Tape drive system server
2212014033082311/06/14Storing changes made toward a limit
2222014033083411/06/14Comparing markup language files
2232014033083511/06/14Document order management via relaxed node indexing
2242014033093511/06/14Managing file transfer commands
2252014033096111/06/14Comprehensive bottleneck detection in a multi-tier enterprise storage system
2262014033097311/06/14Brokering and provisioning in high-speed networks
2272014033097511/06/14Enhanced command selection in a networked computing environment
2282014033098911/06/14Intelligent power strip
2292014033100911/06/14Selectively securing a hot-swappable data storage device to prevent data corruption
2302014033101011/06/14Software performance by identifying and pre-loading data pages
2312014033101511/06/14Recovering from uncorrected memory errors
2322014033101611/06/14Application-directed memory de-duplication
2332014033107011/06/14Dynamically adjusting power disturbance hold up times
2342014033107711/06/14Node failure management
2352014033108911/06/14Enabling remote debugging of virtual machines running in a cloud environment
2362014033109011/06/14Enabling remote debugging of virtual machines running in a cloud environment
2372014033109711/06/14Managing redundancy repair using boundary scans
2382014033112011/06/14Document order management via binary tree projection
2392014033112711/06/14Template based copy and paste function
2402014033119611/06/14Analyzing sparse wiring areas of an integrated circuit design
2412014033119911/06/14Detecting corresponding paths in combinationally equivalent circuit designs
2422014033120311/06/14Analysis of source code changes
2432014033121011/06/14Inserting implicit sequence points into computer program code to support debug operations
2442014033121511/06/14Inserting implicit sequence points into computer program code to support debug operations
2452014033122011/06/14Live application mobility from one operating system level to an updated operating system level
2462014033122611/06/14Reconfiguring a snapshot of a virtual machine
2472014033127511/06/14Context-aware permission control of hybrid mobile applications
2482014033128711/06/14Authentication policy enforcement
2492014033129211/06/14Abstracted authenticated client connectivity application programming interface (api)

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