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IBM patents (2009 archive)

Recent patent applications related to IBM. IBM is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: IBM may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with IBM, we're just tracking patents.

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10/29/09Branch prediction in a computer processor
08/27/09Transferring messages to a directory
07/30/09Magnetic tape security
07/02/09method for implementing a serialization construct within an environment of parallel data flow graphs
12/31/09Land grid array (lga) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
12/31/09Techniques for enhancing performance of photovoltaic devices
12/31/09Plastic land grid array (plga) module and printed wiring board (pwb) with enhanced contact metallurgy construction
12/31/09Three-terminal cascade switch for controlling static power consumption in integrated circuits
12/31/09Band gap modulated optical sensor
12/31/09Cmos devices incorporating hybrid orientation technology (hot) with embedded connectors
12/31/09Structures, fabrication methods, and design structures for multiple bit flash memory cells
12/31/09Structures, fabrication methods, design structures for strained fin field effect transistors (finfets)
12/31/09Partially depleted soi field effect transistor having a metallized source side halo region
12/31/09Vertical profile finfet gate formed via plating upon a thin gate dielectric
12/31/09High performance cmos devices comprising gapped dual stressors with dielectric gap fillers, and methods of fabricating the same
12/31/09High-k/metal gate mosfet with reduced parasitic capacitance
12/31/09Production of integrated circuit chip packages prohibiting formation of micro solder balls
12/31/09Structure to facilitate plating into high aspect ratio vias
12/31/09Method and apparatus for on-chip testing of high speed frequency dividers
12/31/09Smi memory read data capture margin characterization circuits and methods
12/31/09System for self-service checkout inventory control
12/31/09Optical touch panel having smt components as optical gates
12/31/09Video analysis, archiving and alerting methods and apparatus for a distributed, modular and extensible video surveillance system
12/31/09Controlling an airflow passing into an electronic component cabinet
12/31/09High performance read bypass test for sram circuits
12/31/09Dual mode memory system for reducing power requirements during memory backup transition
12/31/09Reducing retransmission of out of order packets
12/31/09Method and system for low-complexity slepian-wolf rate estimation in wyner-ziv video encoding
12/31/09Method for data synchronization
12/31/09Notification to absent teleconference invitees
12/31/09Pseudo public key encryption
12/31/09System, method, and service for performing unified broadcast encryption and traitor tracing for digital content
12/31/09System and method of decoupling and exposing computing device originated location information
12/31/09System and method for protecting data in a secure system
12/31/09Retrieving scenes from moving image data
12/31/09Fraud detection in seals
12/31/09Cmos compatible integrated dielectric optical waveguide coupler and fabrication
12/31/09Mgo tunnel barriers and method of formation
12/31/09Band gap modulated optical sensor
12/31/09Method of reducing dislocation-induced leakage in a strained-layer field-effect transistor
12/31/09Attenuation of an electrostatic charge on a cable prior to coupling the cable with an electronic system
12/31/09Marking locations with a portable communications device
12/31/09System and method for tracking transports in a production process
12/31/09Processing lots through a cluster tool having multiple processing chambers
12/31/09Protecting secret data entry from infrared and audio eavesdropping
12/31/09Method, computer program and system for optimising routes provided by navigation systems
12/31/09Temperature-profiled device fingerprint generation and authentication from power-up states of static cells
12/31/09Clock duty cycle measurement with charge pump without using reference clock calibration
12/31/09Techniques for thermal modeling of data centers to improve energy efficiency
12/31/09Techniques to predict three-dimensional thermal distributions in real-time
12/31/09Client side reconciliation of typographical errors in messages from input-limited devices
12/31/09Managing a company's compliance with multiple standards and performing cost/benefit analysis of the same
12/31/09Defining and implementing configuration standards for facilitating compliance testing in an information technology environment
12/31/09Automated workflow for content localization management
12/31/09Meeting scheduling system
12/31/09Calendar based personalized recommendations
12/31/09Systems for structural clustering of time sequences
12/31/09Dynamic ontology-driven template selection
12/31/09Automatic categorization of email in a mail system
12/31/09Method and apparatus for ontology-based classification of media content
12/31/09Discovering transformations applied to a source table to generate a target table
12/31/09Cloning objects in a virtual universe
12/31/09Meeting room and resource scheduling and prioritization based on attendee location
12/31/09Management of deletion requests for related documents in a content management system
12/31/09Apparatus and method for supporting document data search
12/31/09Hybrid data model and user interaction for data sets in a user interface
12/31/09Integrating data resources by generic feed augmentation
12/31/09Dynamic ontology-driven template selection
12/31/09System and method for managing data using a hierarchical metadata management system
12/31/09Time based file system for continuous data protection
12/31/09Method for performing memory leak analysis inside a virtual machine
12/31/09Stateful business application processing in an otherwise stateless service-oriented architecture
12/31/09Tiny file transfer protocol (tftp) relay agent
12/31/09Managing user personal information across web sites
12/31/09Protecting web application data
12/31/09Cross domain interaction of a web application
12/31/09Dynamic network link selection for transmitting a message between compute nodes of a parallel comput
12/31/09Method, system and program product for managing assignment of mac addresses in a virtual machine environment
12/31/09Load balanced data processing performed on an application message transmitted between compute nodes
12/31/09Interactive remote command execution over a stateless client/server network protocol
12/31/09Adaptive data throttling for storage controllers
12/31/09Common resource management in a server cluster
12/31/09Parsing contents of an e-form
12/31/09Implementing bus interface calibration for enhanced bus interface initialization time
12/31/09Flash sector seeding to reduce program times
12/31/09Access speculation predictor with predictions based on a domain indicator of a cache line
12/31/09System and method for a software managed cache in a multiprocessing environment
12/31/09Access speculation predictor with predictions based on a scope predictor
12/31/09Shared object control
12/31/09Access speculation predictor with predictions based on memory region prior requestor tag information
12/31/09Managing metadata for data blocks used in a deduplication system
12/31/09System, method and computer program product for copying data
12/31/09Software configuration item back-up facility
12/31/09Information handling system including dynamically merged physical partitions
12/31/09Method of handling duplicate or invalid node controller ids in a distributed service processor environment
12/31/09Compare, swap and store facility with no external serialization
12/31/09Selecting a random processor to boot on a multiprocessor system
12/31/09Updating a basic input/output system ('bios') boot block security module in compute nodes of a multinode computer
12/31/09Certificate distribution using secure handshake
12/31/09System, method, and service for tracing traitors from content protection circumvention devices
12/31/09Methods for supplying cryptographic algorithm constants to a storage-constrained target
12/31/09Secure apparatus and method for protecting integrity of software system and system thereof
12/31/09Key encryption and decryption
12/31/09Method for using a compact disk as a smart key device
12/31/09Managing power consumption of a computer
12/31/09Managing power consumption of a computer
12/31/09User imposed power constraints on web server based on user preferences
12/31/09Energy conservation in multipath data communications
12/31/09Apparatus, system and method for providing error protection for data-masking bits
12/31/09Method to recover from a boot device failure during reboot or system ipl
12/31/09Techniques for performing a logic built-in self-test in an integrated circuit device
12/31/09Web content correction method and device, web content correction service method and apparatus
12/31/09Pipeline optimization based on polymorphic schema knowledge
12/31/09Object editing including layout modes during drag and drop operations
12/31/09Method and apparatus for highlighting diverse aspects in a document
12/31/09Adapting a network topology
12/31/09Automatic gui reconfiguration based on user preferences
12/31/09Eliminating duplicate and invalid calendar items from end user calendars using a unique entry identifier (ueid)
12/31/09Computer program product for maintaining an object path within a view window
12/31/09Preserving a complete history of a set of application actions when non-linear interactions are permitted
12/31/09Methods, systems and computer program products for layout device matching driven by a schematic editor
12/31/09Method to collaboratively resolve java program errors within an integrated development environment
12/31/09Memory leak diagnosis
12/31/09System and method for platform-independent, script-based application generation for spreadsheet software
12/31/09Systems and methods for maintaining crtm code
12/31/09Automatically managing versioning of mashup widgets
12/31/09Establishing a bi-directional grid computing network
12/31/09Deterministic real time business application processing in a service-oriented architecture
12/31/09Determining real time stateful business application processing in an otherwise stateless service-oriented architecture
12/31/09Transfer of event logs for replication of executing programs
12/31/09Software appliances not requiring virtual machines
12/31/09Customizing policies for process privilege inheritance
12/31/09Using exclusion based security rules for establishing uri security
12/31/09User established group-based security for user created restful resources
12/24/09Cooling apparatus and method of fabrication thereof with jet impingement structure integrally formed on thermally conductive pin fins
12/24/09Three-terminal cascade switch for controlling static power consumption in integrated circuits
12/24/09Cmos devices having reduced threshold voltage variations and methods of manufacture thereof
12/24/09Work function engineering for edram mosfets
12/24/09Method and structure for soi body contact fet with reduced parasitic capacitance
12/24/09Through board stacking of multiple lga-connected components
12/24/09Silicon-on-insulator structures for through via in silicon carriers
12/24/09High density integrated circuit apparatus, test probe and methods of use thereof
12/24/09Methods and systems for rfid tag geographical location using beacon tags and listening tags
12/24/09Method, apparatus and program product for automatically turning on or off multiple devices with a remote control
12/24/09Method for enumerating cliques
12/24/09On-the-fly creation of virtual places in virtual worlds
12/24/09Method and apparatus for failure detection in lighting systems
12/24/09Cooling apparatus and method of fabrication thereof with a cold plate formed in situ on a surface to be cooled
12/24/09Method and apparatus of changing pcb pad structure to increase solder volume and strength
12/24/09Futile neighbor state loop prevention in high availability networks
12/24/09Methods, systems and computer program products for dynamic selection and switching of tcp congestion control algorithms over a tcp connection
12/24/09Method for providing enhanced audio conferencing services in a telephony system
12/24/09Descriptive audio channel for use with multimedia conferencing
12/24/09System and method for automated validation and execution of cryptographic key and certificate deployment and distribution
12/24/09Volume adjustment for multiple voice over internet protocal streams
12/24/09Mapping of literature onto regions of interest on neurological images
12/24/09Determining efficacy of therapeutic intervention in neurosychiatric disease
12/24/09Spin-current switched magnetic memory element suitable for circuit integration and method of fabricating the memory element
12/24/09Method for optimizing the routing of wafers/lots based on yield
12/24/09Microfluidic selection of library elements
12/24/09Microfluidic selection of library elements
12/24/09Method for compensating for tool processing variation in the routing of wafers/lots
12/24/09Vehicle macro recording and playback system able to operate across subsystem boundaries
12/24/09System and method for reducing energy consumption over a broad geographic area using aircraft contrails
12/24/09Delay-based bias temperature instability recovery measurements for characterizing stress degradation and recovery
12/24/09Adaptive traitor tracing
12/24/09Topology modeling application that handles abstract entities through the realization of conceptual objects
12/24/09Method and system for voice ordering utilizing product information
12/24/09Or relating to a method and system for testing
12/24/09Multiple event calendar processing
12/24/09Dynamically managing electronic calendar events based upon key performance indicators (kpis) within a business process monitoring (bpm) system
12/24/09Authorizing an electronic payment request
12/24/09Maintaining privacy for transactions performable by a user device having a security module
12/24/09Simplifying the creation of user-defined custom elements for use in a graphical modeling application
12/24/09Optimizing scalar search in a text indexing and search server
12/24/09Method and system for generating analogous fictional data from non-fictional data
12/24/09Providing relevant sponsored links based on user interface data
12/24/09Method and apparatus for variable privacy preservation in data mining
12/24/09Mechanism for unequivocally referencing content in web 2.0 applications
12/24/09Online table move
12/24/09Non-disruptive file system element reconfiguration on disk expansion
12/24/09Optimized message format for synchronization flows between transaction processing systems
12/24/09User value transport mechanism across multiple virtual world environments
12/24/09Method and system for the optimization of electronic mail delivery
12/24/09Header compression in messages
12/24/09Composing, browsing, replying, forwarding e-mail
12/24/09Composing, browsing, replying, forwarding e-mail
12/24/09Centrally managed inventory and entitlement data
12/24/09Portable device integrated with a provisioning application to aid in discovery of non-network attached resources and provide suggestions for physical setup of the resources based on data center needs
12/24/09System and method for hosting one or more versions of a service using a service proxy
12/24/09Server configuration management method
12/24/09Management of duplicate tcp connections using sequence and acknowledgment numbers
12/24/09Automated wireless device pairing
12/24/09Preventing loss of access to a storage system during a concurrent code load
12/24/09Using device status information to takeover control of devices assigned to a node
12/24/09Methods, systems and computer program products for detection of frequent improper removals of and changing writing policies to prevent data loss in memory sticks
12/24/09Efficient region coherence protocol for clustered shared-memory multiprocessor systems
12/24/09Virtualized sas adapter with logic unit partitioning
12/24/09System and method for aggregating transmit completion interrupts
12/24/09Space efficient de-allocation for cascade/multiple target flash copy cleaning
12/24/09System, method and computer program product for storing transient state information
12/24/09Selectively retaining a topmost subpool expansion to prevent thrashing
12/24/09Semantic digital signatures
12/24/09Apparatus and method to minimize performance degradation during communication path failure in a data processing system
12/24/09Run-time fault resolution from development-time fault and fault resolution path identification
12/24/09Method and apparatus of effective functional test data generation for web service testing
12/24/09Method for spell check based upon target and presence of avatars within a virtual environment
12/24/09Method for generating role-based user interfaces utilizing uml models
12/24/09Calendaring system able to assign delegates to calendar events of an absent user
12/24/09Flexible configuration item reconciliation based on data source prioritization and persistent ownership tracking
12/24/09Integrated multi tabbing
12/24/09Context sensitive paging
12/24/09Interface for using desired state commands on a copy services mangement system
12/24/09System and method for selective and dynamic elaboration of secure form content
12/24/09Aggregating service components
12/24/09User selected grid for logically representing an electronic circuit
12/24/09System and method for generating implementation artifacts for contextually-aware business applications
12/24/09Enhancing source code debugging and readability using visual symbols
12/24/09System, method and program product for monitoring changes to data within a critical section of a threaded program
12/24/09Multi-scenerio software deployment
12/24/09Method and system for optimising a virtualisation environment
12/24/09System and method for load-adaptive mutual exclusion with waiting process counts
12/24/09Method for management of timeouts
12/24/09Reducing instability within a heterogeneous stream processing application
12/24/09Reducing instability of a job within a heterogeneous stream processing application
12/24/09Application state detector and inducer
12/24/09Methods, systems and computer program products for dynamic categorized event cool off for cim indications
12/24/09Authentication of user interface elements in a web 2.0 environment
12/24/09Traitor detection for multilevel assignment
12/24/09System and method for securing data within a storage system
12/17/09Modified hexagonal perforated pattern
12/17/09Method and apparatus for depositing coplanar microelectronic interconnectors using a compliant mold
12/17/09Non-volatile resistance switching memory
12/17/09Assembly including plural through wafer vias, method of cooling the assembly and method of fabricating the assembly
12/17/09In-situ silicon cap for metal gate electrode
12/17/09Printed circuit board with reduced signal distortion
12/17/09Monolithic high aspect ratio nano-size scanning probe microscope (spm) tip formed by nanowire growth
12/17/09Multiple attitude low paper sensor mechanism
12/17/09Sea-of-fins structure of a semiconductor substrate and method of fabrication
12/17/09Asymmetric gate electrode and method of manufacture
12/17/09Pixel sensor cell, methods and design structure including optically transparent gate
12/17/09Method and system for patterning of magnetic thin flims using gaseous transformation
12/17/09Semiconductor structure including gate electrode having laterally variable work function
12/17/09Strained-silicon-on-insulator single-and double-gate mosfet and method for forming the same
12/17/09Method and structure for enhancing both nmosfet and pmosfet performance with a stressed film and discontinuity extending to underlying layer
12/17/09Structure and method to integrate dual silicide with dual stress liner to improve cmos performance
12/17/09Interconnect layers without electromigration
12/17/09Interconnect structure for electromigration enhancement
12/17/09Method for forming self-aligned metal silicide contacts
12/17/09Semiconductor device and method of making semiconductor device
12/17/09Automatically determining optimal pulse duration for a stepper motor
12/17/09Techniques for electrically characterizing tunnel junction film stacks with little or no processing
12/17/09Electronic circuit for measurement of transistor variability and the like
12/17/09Method and apparatus to limit circuit delay dependence on voltage
12/17/09Pattern-driven communication architecture
12/17/09System and method to provide intelligent lighting through registration and execution logic
12/17/09Method, design structures, and systems for current mode logic (cml) differential driver esd protection circuitry
12/17/09Methods for characterizing device variation in electronic memory circuits
12/17/09Method and structure for ultra-high density, high data rate ferroelectric storage disk technology using stabilization by a surface conducting layer
12/17/09Packet classification
12/17/09Future forwarding zones in ad hoc networking service
12/17/09Social network based call management
12/17/09Monitoring participants in a conference call
12/17/09Enhanced message security
12/17/09Method and system for implementing pattern matching of integrated circuit features using voronoi diagrams
12/17/09Chemical trim of photoresist lines by means of a tuned overcoat material
12/17/09Multi-exposure lithography employing differentially sensitive photoresist layers
12/17/09Surface emitting laser and manufacturing method thereof
12/17/09Pixel sensor cell, methods and design structure including optically transparent gate
12/17/09Assembly including plural through wafer vias, method of cooling the assembly and method of fabricating the assembly
12/17/09Nanowire mosfet with doped epitaxial contacts for source and drain
12/17/09Methods of separating integrated circuit chips fabricated on a wafer
12/17/09Nonvolatile memory device using semiconductor nanocrystals and method forming same
12/17/09Programmable via structure and method of fabricating same
12/17/09Dynamic user-to-user address book sharing in a mobile station
12/17/09Method and system for signal field strength prediction in communication systems
12/17/09Intelligent wireless power charging system
12/17/09Method and system for self-service manufacture and sale of customized virtual goods
12/17/09Method and system for the detection of atypical sequences via generalized compositional methods
12/17/09Molecular manipulator, a method of making the same, and a method of moving a nanostructure
12/17/09Self-learning of the optimal power or performance operating point of a computer chip based on instantaneous feedback of present operating environment
12/17/09Maintaining energy principal preferences in a vehicle
12/17/09Alignment correction system and method of use
12/17/09Method for assured lingual translation of outgoing electronic communication
12/17/09Automatic playback of a speech segment for media devices capable of pausing a media stream in response to environmental cues
12/17/09Methods and systems for sight impaired wireless capability
12/17/09Maintaining energy principal preferences for a vehicle by a remote preferences service
12/17/09Generating energy transaction plans
12/17/09Generating dynamic energy transaction plans
12/17/09Method and system for administering compliance with international shipping requirements
12/17/09Method and system for administering compliance with international shipping requirements
12/17/09Managing access to job-specific information, applications, and physical locations
12/17/09Method and apparatus for providing symbolic mode checking of business application requirements
12/17/09Enhanced viewing/updating of calendar entries based upon relationships between a viewer and a calendar owner and a relative importance value of the calendar entries
12/17/09Resolving demand and supply imbalances
12/17/09Method and apparatus for providing symbolic mode checking of business application requirements
12/17/09collective transportation system and process
12/17/09Network based energy preference service for managing electric vehicle charging preferences
12/17/09Electric vehicle charging transaction interface for managing electric vehicle charging transactions
12/17/09Managing incentives for electric vehicle charging transactions
12/17/09Allocating carbon offsets for printing tasks
12/17/09Data charging system, content generator, data charging apparatus, and data charging method
12/17/09Method and system for linking an anonymous electronic trade order to an identity of a trader
12/17/09Approving energy transaction plans associated with electric vehicles
12/17/09System and method for international partner collaboration
12/17/09Data pattern generation, modification and management utilizing a semantic network-based graphical interface
12/17/09System and method for best-fit lookup of multi-field key
12/17/09Method for associating configuration items to incidents
12/17/09Expansion of search result information
12/17/09Automated management of software images for efficient resource node building within a grid environment
12/17/09Method of editing recipient header fields based on email content
12/17/09Method and apparatus for block size optimization in de-duplication
12/17/09Systems and methods for reaching resource neighborhoods
12/17/09Managing multi-node multi-version systems
12/17/09Compress transaction data using serial micro-trends
12/17/09Method and apparatus for managing storage
12/17/09Method and apparatus for using selective attribute acquisition and clause evaluation for policy based storage management
12/17/09Method, computer program product and system for dynamically determining actions associated to operations on rich media objects
12/17/09Method and apparatus for comparing process designs
12/17/09Method of enhancing de-duplication impact by preferential selection of master copy to be retained
12/17/09System and method for dynamic partitioning of applications in client-server environments
12/17/09Methods, systems and computer program products for communication of information in electronic conferences
12/17/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for collaborative junk mail filtering
12/17/09Instant messenger conversation topic tabs
12/17/09Transmission of instant messages according to availability
12/17/09Message processing in a messaging service client device
12/17/09Keeping conversations confidential
12/17/09System and method for building network model in network management application
12/17/09Dynamic management of resource utilization
12/17/09Domain specific domain name service
12/17/09System and method for correct routing and enforcement policy in a network having address or port translation
12/17/09Resource sharing expansion card
12/17/09Automatically identifying available storage components
12/17/09Method and system for storing memory compressed data onto memory compressed disks
12/17/09Method and system for providing multiple paths to user data stored on a scsi disk
12/17/09Using asymmetric memory
12/17/09Managing coherence via put/get windows
12/17/09Method of memory management for server-side scripting language runtime system
12/17/09System and method for processing low density parity check codes using a deterministic caching apparatus
12/17/09Methods involving branch prediction
12/17/09Federated identity brokering
12/17/09Certificate renewal using secure handshake
12/17/09Using a portable computing device as a smart key device
12/17/09Non-transferable anonymous digital receipts
12/17/09System and method for reconstructing lost data in a storage system
12/17/09Containment and recovery of software exceptions in interacting, replicated-state-machine-based fault-tolerant components
12/17/09Email communications that include a thread status indicator
12/17/09Outage management portal leveraging back-end resources to create a role and user tailored front-end interface for coordinating outage responses
12/17/09Method and system for automated content generation through selective combination
12/17/09Systems and methods involving favicons
12/17/09Advisory warning and workaround indications to user when stopped between load and store conditional instructions while using source level debuggers
12/17/09Dynamically patching computer code using breakpoints
12/17/09Method for high-performance data stream processing
12/17/09Policy-based program optimization to minimize environmental impact of software execution
12/17/09Estimating recovery times for data assets
12/17/09Method and system for managing a workload in a cluster of computing systems with multi-type operational resources
12/17/09Executing an application on a parallel computer
12/17/09Method and system for preferential reply routing
12/17/09Service oriented architecture infrastructure for business process verification and systems integrated testing
12/17/09Web user interface component coordination
12/17/09Method and system for providing access to adapters
12/17/09Mathematical definition of roles and authorizations in rbac system
12/17/09Authenticating serialized commodities
12/17/09Calculating a password strength score based upon character proximity and relative position upon an input device
12/17/09Molecular manipulator, a method of making the same, and a method of moving a nanostructure
12/10/09Methods and apparatus for interactive specification of context-sensitive service level agreements; for provisioning of resources required during service delivery events regulated by service level agreements; and for monitoring compliance with service level agreements during service delivery events
12/10/09Metallized elastomeric electrical contacts
12/10/09Selective placement of carbon nanotubes through functionalization
12/10/09Flexible nozzle for injection molded solder
12/10/09System and method to redirect and/or reduce airflow using actuators
12/10/09Formation of nanostructures comprising compositionally modulated ferromagnetic layers by pulsed ecd
12/10/09Method and apparatus to inventory portable data storage cartridges disposed in a storage library
12/10/09Chip carrier substrate including capacitor and method for fabrication thereof
12/10/09Techniques for arranging solder balls and forming bumps
12/10/09Techniques for arranging solder balls and forming bumps
12/10/09System and method to route airflow using dynamically changing ducts
12/10/09Self-constrained anisotropic germanium nanostructure from electroplating
12/10/09Stress enhanced transistor devices and methods of making
12/10/09Structures containing electrodeposited germanium and methods for their fabrication
12/10/09High density stable static random access memory
12/10/09Amplifiers using gated diodes
12/10/09Structure and design structure having isolated back gates for fully depleted soi devices
12/10/09Fin field effect transistor devices with self-aligned source and drain regions
12/10/09Soi transistor having a carrier recombination structure in a body
12/10/09Integrated circuit chip with fets having mixed body thicknesses and method of manufacture thereof
12/10/09Method for fabricating super-steep retrograde well mosfet on soi or bulk silicon substrate, and device fabricated in accordance with the method
12/10/09Structure and method to fabricate metal gate high-k devices
12/10/09Using metal/metal nitride bilayers as gate electrodes in self-aligned aggressively scaled cmos devices
12/10/09Method for forming slot via bitline for mram devices
12/10/09Delamination and crack resistant image sensor structures and methods
12/10/09Carrier mobility enhanced channel devices and method of manufacture
12/10/09Programmable electrical fuse
12/10/09Structure and method to form dual silicide e-fuse
12/10/09Method of accessing semiconductor circuits from the backside using ion-beam and gas-etch
12/10/09Heat sink with thermally compliant beams
12/10/09Atomic laminates for diffucion barrier applications
12/10/09Method and apparatus for signal probe contact with circuit board vias
12/10/09Dual gate transistor keeper dynamic logic
12/10/09Phase frequency detector circuit for implementing low pll phase noise and low phase error
12/10/09Methods and apparatus for varying a supply voltage or reference voltage using independent control of diode voltage in asymmetrical double-gate devices
12/10/09Amplifiers using gated diodes
12/10/09Method and apparatus for disabling a data tag device
12/10/09Method and apparatus for disabling active mode operation of a data tag device
12/10/09Method and device for configuring functional capabilities in a data processing system
12/10/09Method and apparatus for self-expiration of a passive data tag device
12/10/09Method and apparatus for disabling an active data tag device
12/10/09Algorithms for identity anonymization on graphs
12/10/09Interlevel conductive light shield
12/10/09Same wrap backhitchless write method to encode data on a tape storage medium
12/10/09Servo pattern architecture and method using same to improve lpos encoding efficiency
12/10/09Coined-sheet-metal heatsinks for closely packaged heat-producing devices such as dual in-line memory modules (dimms)
12/10/09Systems and methods for cooling an electronic device
12/10/09Methods and apparatus for varying a supply voltage or reference voltage using independent control of diode voltage in asymmetrical double-gate devices
12/10/09Switch array circuit and system using programmable via structures with phase change materials
12/10/09Key evolution method and system of block ciphering
12/10/09Method and apparatus for implementing optical deflection switching using coupled resonators
12/10/09Ultralow dielectric constant layer with controlled biaxial stress
12/10/09Fast p-i-n photodetector with high responsitivity
12/10/09Programmable via devices with air gap isolation
12/10/09Compact multi-port cam cell implemented in 3d vertical integration
12/10/09System and method for thermal optimized chip stacking
12/10/09Microbump seal
12/10/09Isolating back gates of fully depleted soi devices
12/10/09Thin silicon single diffusion field effect transistor for enhanced drive performance with stress film liners
12/10/09Strained-silicon cmos device and method
12/10/09Non-volatile resistance switching memory
12/10/09Vertical field effect transistor arrays and methods for fabrication thereof
12/10/09Adopting feature of buried electrically conductive layer in dielectrics for electrical anti-fuse application
12/10/09Intralevel conductive light shield
12/10/09Integrated circuit with upstanding stylus
12/10/09System and method to route airflow through dynamically changing ducts
12/10/09Methods and apparatus for implementing manual and hybrid control modes in automated graphical indicators and controls
12/10/09Method for using real-time apc information for an enhanced lot sampling engine
12/10/09Multidimensional process window optimization in semiconductor manufacturing
12/10/09Determining request destination
12/10/09Hydrophobic moment of multi-domain proteins
12/10/09Simulation method, system and program
12/10/09System and method to provide warnings associated with natural language searches to determine intended actions and accidental omissions
12/10/09Method of collaborative evaluation infrastructure to assess the quality of healthcare clnical decision actors
12/10/09Priority-based system for netting available coverage
12/10/09Budget-based power consumption for application execution on a plurality of compute nodes
12/10/09System and method for creation of data feeds based on calender meeting participants
12/10/09Network-based supply chain management method
12/10/09Methods and apparatus for interactive specification of context-sensitive service level agreements; for provisioning of resources required during service delivery events regulated by service level agreements; and for monitoring compliance with service level agreements during service delivery events
12/10/09System and method for optimization of meetings based on subject/participant relationships
12/10/09System to defer and refer advertisements presented in conjunction with media device control interfaces
12/10/09Network-based supply chain management method
12/10/09Facilitating procurement functions over a computer network
12/10/09Method and system for automated integrated server-network-storage disaster recovery planning
12/10/09Distributable serializable finite state machine
12/10/09Connection of value networks with information technology infrastructure and data via applications and support personnel
12/10/09Parallel pattern matching on multiple input streams in a data processing system
12/10/09Incremental crawling of multiple content providers using aggregation
12/10/09Systems and methods for user-constructed hierarchical interest profiles and information retrieval using same
12/10/09Method, device and system for processing, browsing and searching an electronic documents
12/10/09Method and system for generating analogous fictional data from non-fictional data
12/10/09Optimizing complex path endpoint resolution
12/10/09Encoding and decoding of xml document using statistical tree representing xsd defining xml document
12/10/09Uninterrupted data access during the migration of data between physical file systems
12/10/09Autonomic correction of incorrect identities in repositories
12/10/09System for improving access efficiency in database and method thereof
12/10/09Dynamic backup window optimization apparatus and method
12/10/09Optimizing service processing based on business information, operational intelligence, and self-learning
12/10/09Method for server side aggregation of asynchronous, context - sensitive request operations in an application server environment
12/10/09Facilitating correction of incorrect identities in propagated electronic communications
12/10/09Minimizing incorrectly addressed communications when working with ambiguous recipient designations
12/10/09Automatically modifying distributed communications
12/10/09Administering instant messaging ('im') chat sessions
12/10/09Apparatus and method for supporting setting of destination of email
12/10/09Method for moving operating systems between computer electronic complexes without loss of service
12/10/09Fault tolerance in a client side pre-boot execution
12/10/09Automated digital media content filtration based on relationship monitoring
12/10/09Requester-side autonomic governor
12/10/09Requester-side autonomic governor method
12/10/09Method for semantic resource selection
12/10/09Inbound message rate limit based on maximum queue times
12/10/09Hypervisor to i/o stack conduit in virtual real memory
12/10/09Hypervisor page fault processing in a shared memory partition data processing system
12/10/09Automated paging device management in a shared memory partition data processing system
12/10/09Dynamic control of partition memory affinity in a shared memory partition data processing system
12/10/09Transparent hypervisor pinning of critical memory areas in a shared memory partition data processing system
12/10/09Controlled shut-down of partitions within a shared memory partition data processing system
12/10/09Shared memory partition data processing system with hypervisor managed paging
12/10/09Managing migration of a shared memory logical partition from a source system to a target system
12/10/09Maintaining information of a relationship of target volumes comprising logical copies of a source volume
12/10/09Migrating memory data between partitions
12/10/09Virtual real memory exportation for logical partitions
12/10/09Selectively mark free frames as unused for cooperative memory over-commitment
12/10/09Mark page-out pages as critical for cooperative memory over-commitment
12/10/09Performing an allreduce operation on a plurality of compute nodes of a parallel computer
12/10/09Generating a test case micro generator during processor design verification and validation
12/10/09Methods, systems and computer program products for fault tolerant applications
12/10/09Mapping computers and ports of power distribution units in a data center
12/10/09Managing paging i/o errors during hypervisor page fault processing
12/10/09System and method for personalized presentation of web pages
12/10/09Categorizing electronic messaging communications
12/10/09Solution efficiency of genetic algorithm applications
12/10/09Optimized scalar promotion with load and splat simd instructions
12/10/09Assisting debug memory tracing using an instruction array that tracks the addresses of instructions modifying user specified objects
12/10/09Software problem identification tool
12/10/09Optimization of system performance through scenario evaluation
12/10/09Reliably updating computer firmware while performing command and control functions on a power/thermal component in a high-availability, fault-tolerant, high-performance server
12/10/09Managing package dependencies
12/10/09Method, arrangement, computer program product and data processing program for deploying a software service
12/10/09Selective memory donation in virtual real memory environment
12/10/09Virtual cluster proxy to virtual i/o server manager interface
12/10/09Managing assignment of partition services to virtual input/output adapters
12/10/09System and method to dynamically manage applications on a processing system
12/10/09System and method to dynamically manage applications on a processing system
12/10/09Scheduling applications for execution on a plurality of compute nodes of a parallel computer to manage temperature of the nodes during execution
12/10/09Dynamically setting the automation behavior of resources
12/10/09System and method for dynamically adaptive mutual exclusion in multi-threaded computing environment
12/10/09Thread selection during context switching on a plurality of compute nodes
12/10/09Integrating computation and communication on server attached accelerators
12/10/09Hypervisor-based facility for communicating between a hardware management console and a logical partition
12/10/09Network on chip with an i/o accelerator
12/10/09Indexing of security policies
12/10/09Method to automatically map business function level policies to it management policies
12/10/09System to establish trust between policy systems and users
12/10/09Detecting spam email using multiple spam classifiers
12/10/09Real-time dynamic and synchronized captioning system and method for use in the streaming of multimedia data
12/03/09Method, apparatus and system for reducing power consumption involving data storage devices
12/03/09Mold shave apparatus and injection molded soldering process
12/03/09Wall plate with a multiple flexible member covered opening
12/03/09Phase change memory cell with reduced switchable volume
12/03/09Hybrid fet incorporating a finfet and a planar fet
12/03/09Optical sensor including stacked photosensitive diodes
12/03/09Optical sensor including stacked photodiodes
12/03/09Three-dimensional integrated circuits and techniques for fabrication thereof
12/03/09Method to tailor location of peak electric field directly underneath an extension spacer for enhanced programmability of a prompt-shift device
12/03/09Halo-first ultra-thin soi fet for superior short channel control
12/03/09Ge/xe implants to reduce junction capacitance and leakage
12/03/09Field effect structure and method including spacer shaped metal gate with asymmetric source and drain regions
12/03/09Method for deposition of an ultra-thin electropositive metal-containing cap layer
12/03/09Integrated circuit having localized embedded sige and method of manufacturing
12/03/09Structure and method of forming electrically blown metal fuses for integrated circuits
12/03/09Structure and method for reducing threshold voltage variation
12/03/09Mechanically robust metal/low-k interconnects
12/03/09Deep trench in a semiconductor structure
12/03/09Cooling device with a preformed compliant interface
12/03/09Suppression of localized metal precipitate formation and corresponding metallization depletion in semiconductor processing
12/03/09Electroless nickel leveling of lga pad sites for high performance organic lga
12/03/09Interconnect structure for integrated circuits having improved electromigration characteristics
12/03/09Interconnect structures with ternary patterned features generated from two lithographic processes
12/03/09Three-dimensional integrated heterogeneous semiconductor structure
12/03/09Formation of vertical devices by electroplating
12/03/09Voltage island performance/leakage screen monitor for ip characterization
12/03/09Cmos back-gated keeper technique
12/03/09Duty cycle measurement circuit for measuring and maintaining balanced clock duty cycle
12/03/09Using an rfid device to enhance security by determining whether a person in a secure area is accompanied by an authorized person
12/03/09System and method for detecting and broadcasting a critical event
12/03/09Identifying a locale for controlling capture of data by a digital life recorder based on location
12/03/09Apparatus and method for writing data onto tape medium
12/03/09System and method for controlling traveling of tape
12/03/09Reducing maximum power consumption using environmental control settings
12/03/09System, method and program for determining failure in network communication
12/03/09Method and apparatus for end-to-end network congestion management
12/03/09Affinity-based transaction processing
12/03/09Concept for securing and validating client-side storage and distribution of asynchronous includes in an application server environment
12/03/09Pattern scanner and editor for security audit systems
12/03/09Techniques for three-dimensional circuit integration
12/03/09Reticle storage pod (rsp) transport system utilizing foup adapter plate
12/03/09Materials containing voids with void size controlled on the nanometer scale
12/03/09Stress locking layer for reliable metallization
12/03/09Methods for forming improved self-assembled patterns of block copolymers
12/03/09Ultra low k (ulk) sicoh film and method
12/03/09Surface treatment
12/03/09Techniques for coupling in semiconductor devices
12/03/09Optoelectronic device manufacturing
12/03/09Imagers having electrically active optical elements
12/03/09Self-aligned in-contact phase change memory device
12/03/09Integrated module for data processing system
12/03/09Mobility enhanced fet devices
12/03/09Low power circuit structure with metal gate and high-k dielectric
12/03/09Field-enhanced programmable resistance memory cell
12/03/09Resistor with improved switchable resistance and non-volatile memory device
12/03/09Quasi-hydrophobic si-si wafer bonding using hydrophilic si surfaces and dissolution of interfacial bonding oxide
12/03/09Structures having lattice-mismatched single-crystalline semiconductor layers on the same lithographic level and methods of manufacturing the same
12/03/09Metal high-k transistor having silicon sidewall for reduced parasitic capacitance, and process to fabricate same
12/03/09Structure and method for creating reliable via contacts for interconnect applications
12/03/09Interconnect structure with high leakage resistance
12/03/09Processing for overcoming extreme topography
12/03/09Dual stress memorization technique for cmos application
12/03/09Enhancement for a video game controller to allow private interaction with the user
12/03/09Sip based voip multiplayer network games
12/03/09Method of automatically detecting offside in soccer using fixed and wireless sensors and central server
12/03/09Method for monitoring and communicating biomedical electromagnetic fields
12/03/09Controlled cancellation for production flow and physical assets
12/03/09Method for minimizing productivity loss while using a manufacturing scheduler
12/03/09Method of releasing units in a production facility
12/03/09Hydropathy plots and fourier analysis with ellipsoidal distance metric
12/03/09Hydropathy plots and fourier analysis with ellipsoidal distance metric
12/03/09Qualifying data produced by an application carried out using a plurality of pluggable processing components
12/03/09Method of adaptively selecting chips for reducing in-line testing in a semiconductor manufacturing line
12/03/09Method for emulating operating system jitter
12/03/09Deep tag cloud associated with streaming media
12/03/09Method and system for localizing a software product
12/03/09Methods and system for creating and editing an xml-based speech synthesis document
12/03/09Pre-processed annotation of street grammar in speech enabled navigation systems
12/03/09Method and system for defeating the man in the middle computer hacking technique
12/03/09Computer program product, system and method for providing social services to individuals by employing bi-objective optimization
12/03/09System and method for optimizing medical treatment planning and support in difficult situations subject to multiple constraints and uncertainties
12/03/09Method for managing inventory under price protection
12/03/09Profile management and creation method and apparatus in a catalog procurement system
12/03/09Variance management
12/03/09Method and apparatus for demand and/or skill hedging
12/03/09System and method to allow an end user to create and maintain a sub workflow
12/03/09Assessing personality and mood characteristics of a customer to enhance customer satisfaction and improve chances of a sale
12/03/09Method for selecting, ordering and accessing copyrighted information from physical documents
12/03/09Server, information communication terminal, product sale management method, and storage medium and program transmission apparatus therefor
12/03/09Time phase work pool management for returned inventory asset routing
12/03/09Converting assets for reuse during manufacturing
12/03/09Change management using collective data
12/03/09Integrated method of ensuring instant messaging security on confidential subject matter
12/03/09Problem shooting process intelligently adapted to fit user's skills
12/03/09Distributed rule processing for ubiquitous computing environments
12/03/09Data warehouse system
12/03/09Social network for mail
12/03/09Partial data model exposure through client side caching
12/03/09Query templates with functional template blocks
12/03/09Method and system for improved search relevance in business intelligence systems through networked ranking
12/03/09Data processing system and method of handling requests
12/03/09Table partitioning and storage in a database
12/03/09System, method, and computer readable media for replicating virtual universe objects
12/03/09File synchronization between multiple nodes
12/03/09System and apparatus to ensure a low-latency read of log records from a database management system ("dbms")
12/03/09Scheduling and performing garbage collection in a real-time system with guaranteed space bounds
12/03/09Reducing bandwidth requirements for matrix multiplication
12/03/09Server for dynamically generating web contents
12/03/09Method, device and system for transmitting text message
12/03/09Message handling
12/03/09Managing performance of a job performed in a distributed computing system
12/03/09Mechanism for adaptive profiling for performance analysis
12/03/09Distributed joint admission control and dynamic resource allocation in stream processing networks
12/03/09Method and apparatus for template-based provisioning in a service delivery environment
12/03/09Reducing idle time due to acknowledgement packet delay
12/03/09Heuristics processing
12/03/09Method for coordinating updates to database and in-memory cache
12/03/09Mechanism for maintaining detailed trace information relevant to the current operation being processed
12/03/09Memory preserved cache to prevent data loss
12/03/09Protection and security provisioning using on-the-fly virtualization
12/03/09Reserve pool management in virtualized storage systems
12/03/09System and method for optimizing interrupt processing in virtualized environments
12/03/09Method and apparatus to minimize metadata in de-duplication
12/03/09Data processing method and system based on pipeline
12/03/09Concept for client identification and authorization in an asynchronous request dispatching environmnet
12/03/09Method for receiving/sending multimedia messages
12/03/09Reducing power consumption while performing collective operations on a plurality of compute nodes
12/03/09Reducing power consumption while synchronizing a plurality of compute nodes during execution of a parallel application
12/03/09Reducing power consumption during execution of an application on a plurality of compute nodes
12/03/09Reducing power consumption during execution of an application on a plurality of compute nodes
12/03/09Profiling power consumption of a plurality of compute nodes while processing an application
12/03/09Performing a perform timing facility function instruction for sychronizing tod clocks
12/03/09Memory preserved cache failsafe reboot mechanism
12/03/09Testing a virtualised storage system in response to disk exercising commands
12/03/09Synchronizing device error information among nodes
12/03/09Difference only document segment quality checker
12/03/09Method to assist users in preventing errors when using type-ahead
12/03/09Intelligent agenda object for a presentation application
12/03/09Apparatus for navigation and interaction in a virtual meeting place
12/03/09Providing user control of historical messages in electronic mail chain to be included in forwarded or replied electronic mail message
12/03/09Apparatus for navigation and interaction in a virtual meeting place
12/03/09Individual information element access for unopened objects
12/03/09Method and system for formal verification of an electronic circuit design
12/03/09Design structure for out of band signaling enhancement for high speed serial driver
12/03/09Determining competence levels of factory teams working within a software factory
12/03/09Identifying structured data types as requiring designated initializers
12/03/09Staged automated validation of work packets inputs and deliverables in a software factory
12/03/09Method for generating a distributed stream processing application
12/03/09Tracking data processing in an application carried out on a distributed computing system
12/03/09Managing the performance of an application carried out using a plurality of pluggable processing components
12/03/09Method and system for scheduling and controlling backups in a computer system
12/03/09Method to detect a deadlock condition by monitoring firmware inactivity during the system ipl process
12/03/09Apparatus and system for producing atom feeds with j2ca adapters
12/03/09Generating a combined video stream from multiple input video streams
12/03/09Method and apparatus for displaying interactions with media by members of a social software system
12/03/09Method and system of operating content streams
12/03/09Method for improving comprehension of information in a security enhanced environment by representing the information in audio form
12/03/09Automated correction and reporting for dynamic web applications
12/03/09Granting server/workstation access using a telephone system
12/03/09Method and system for defeating the man in the middle computer hacking technique
12/03/09Grid security intrusion detection configuration mechanism
12/03/09System and method for identification and blocking of malicious code for web browser script engines
11/26/09Curvilinear wiring structure to reduce areas of high field density in an integrated circuit
11/26/09Price guarantee tracking service
11/26/09Operating a tape drive during and after a transition to a stand-by mode
11/26/09Phase change memory with tapered heater
11/26/09Soi deep trench capacitor employing a non-conformal inner spacer
11/26/09Ultra-thin soi cmos with raised epitaxial source and drain and embedded sige pfet extension
11/26/09Fast p-i-n photodetector with high responsitivity
11/26/09Structure and process for conductive contact integration
11/26/09Interconnect structure having enhanced electromigration reliabilty and a method of fabricating same
11/26/09Microwave readout for flux-biased qubits
11/26/09Bandgap reference generator utilizing a current trimming circuit
11/26/09Rfid badge with authentication and auto-deactivation features
11/26/09Residential security cluster with associated alarm interconnects
11/26/09Simulation of writing on game consoles through the use of motion-sensing technology
11/26/09Force-sensing mouse pointing device for computer input
11/26/09Method and system for improving ion beam alignment for liquid crystal displays by a grooving under layer
11/26/09Modular chip stack and packaging technology with voltage segmentation, regulation, integrated decoupling capacitance and cooling structure and process
11/26/09Modular racks and methods of use
11/26/09Placement and optimization of process dummy cells
11/26/09High performance metal gate polygate 8 transistor sram cell with reduced variability
11/26/09Controlling access to a destination in a data processing network
11/26/09Methods and apparatus for secure and adaptive delivery of multimedia content
11/26/09Upper troposphere and lower stratosphere wind direction, speed, and turbidity monitoring using digital imaging and motion tracking
11/26/09Junction field effect transistor geometry for optical modulators
11/26/09Methods for seperating carbon nanotubes by enhancing the density differential
11/26/09Method and apparatus providing fine alignment of a structure relative to a support
11/26/09Photopatternable dielectric materials for beol applications and methods for use
11/26/09Wet developable bottom antireflective coating composition and method for use thereof
11/26/09Method for creating wafer test pattern
11/26/09Programmable via devices
11/26/09Threshold adjustment for high-k gate dielectric cmos
11/26/09Simulation of writing on game consoles through the use of motion-sensing technology
11/26/09System and method for assessing operational risk employing market-based information processing
11/26/09Method for optimal demanufacturing planning
11/26/09Method and apparatus for determining data center resource availability using multiple time domain segments
11/26/09Technical support routing among members of a technical support group
11/26/09Ambient project management
11/26/09Server, information communication terminal, product sale management method, and storage medium and program transmission apparatus therefor
11/26/09Server, information communication terminal, product sale management method, and storage medium and program transmission apparatus therefor
11/26/09Server, information communication terminal, product sale management method, and storage medium and program transmission apparatus therefor
11/26/09Method and apparatus for network marketing of financial securities
11/26/09Method and apparatus for network marketing of financial securities
11/26/09Method and apparatus for network marketing of financial securities
11/26/09System for notification of group membership changes in directory service
11/26/09Disambiguating tags in folksonomy tagging systems
11/26/09System and method for providing question and answers with deferred type evaluation
11/26/09Text searching method and device and text processor
11/26/09Efficient support of consistent cyclic search with read-copy update and parallel updates
11/26/09Adaptive lazy merging
11/26/09Optimized corner turns for local storage and bandwidth reduction
11/26/09Selecting email signatures
11/26/09Method and system for supervising electronic text communications of an enterprise
11/26/09Method and apparatus for enabling associated portlets of a web portlet to collaborate for synchronized content display
11/26/09Registering a common information model provider to a common information model object manager
11/26/09Method and apparatus for in-kernel application-specific processing of content streams
11/26/09Stabilization of host to storage subsystem ownership
11/26/09System enabling transactional memory and prediction-based transaction execution method
11/26/09Performing an allreduce operation on a plurality of compute nodes of a parallel computer
11/26/09Modifying connection records
11/26/09Automated microcode detected error index generation
11/26/09System for repeated unmount attempts of distributed file systems
11/26/09Method and system for testing an electronic circuit
11/26/09Method and system for testing an electronic circuit to identify multiple defects
11/26/09Methods and apparatus for monitoring abnormalities in data stream
11/26/09Inputting data to a web page
11/26/09Formatting selected content of an electronic document based on analyzed formatting
11/26/09Automated content tracking and conversion
11/26/09Method for compressing topological information pertaining to managed resources to enhance visualization
11/26/09System and method for migrating from a first application to a second application
11/26/09Method and system for page navigating user interfaces for electronic devices
11/26/09System and method to assist in tagging of entities
11/26/09Reducing runtime coherency checking with global data flow analysis
11/26/09Computer analysis and runtime coherency checking
11/26/09System and method for changing variables at runtime
11/26/09Method for dynamically freeing computer resources
11/26/09Minimization of read response time
11/26/09Synchronizing shared resources in an order processing environment using a synchronization component
11/26/09Method and system for user management of authentication tokens
11/26/09System for protecting a computing system from harmful active content in documents
11/26/09Security system to prevent tampering with a server blade
11/26/09Monolithic high aspect ratio nano-size scanning probe microscope (spm) tip formed by nanowire growth
11/19/09System to automatically move physical infrastructure to optimize geothermal cooling
11/19/09Techniques for arranging solder balls and forming bumps
11/19/09Verification of a biometric identification
11/19/09Bipolar transistor with low resistance base contact and method of making the same
11/19/09Anti-reflection structures for cmos image sensors
11/19/09Finfet with a v-shaped channel
11/19/09Dual metal gate self-aligned integration
11/19/09Cmos structure including protective spacers and method of forming thereof
11/19/09Fabrication of self-aligned cmos structure
11/19/09Metal gate integration structure and method including metal fuse, anti-fuse and/or resistor
11/19/09Electrochemical method to make high quality doped crystalline compound semiconductors
11/19/09Structure replication through ultra thin layer transfer
11/19/09Electromagnetic interference shield for semiconductors using a continuous or near-continuous peripheral conducting seal and a conducting lid
11/19/09Identity verification badge and method for utilizing same in a security system
11/19/09Method and system for reducing required storage during decompression of a compressed file
11/19/09Processing computer graphics generated by a remote computer for streaming to a client computer
11/19/09System and apparatus for a multi-point touch-sensitive sensor user interface using distinct digit identification
11/19/09Differential resource applications in virtual worlds based on payment and account options
11/19/09Method for monitoring focus on an integrated wafer
11/19/09Apparatus and methods for packaging electronic devices for optical testing
11/19/09Nested fin integral heat sink assembly for multiple high power electonic circuit board modules
11/19/09Gated diode memory cells
11/19/09Method and apparatus for locally generating a virtual ground for write assist on column selected sram cells
11/19/09Network on chip with minimum guaranteed bandwidth for virtual communications channels
11/19/09Phase locked loop with temperature and process compensation
11/19/09System and method for providing awareness of and context for phone conversations across multiple personal devices
11/19/09System for managing wait queues in a high volume system
11/19/09Generating subimages of an image to use to represent the image
11/19/09Method for reducing bandwidth loss in data center applications with multilple fiber type connectivity
11/19/09Method and apparatus for reconfigurable key positioning on a keyboard
11/19/09Fused aromatic structures and methods for photolithographic applications
11/19/09Methods for forming anti-reflection structures for cmos image sensors
11/19/09Nonvolatile memory cell comprising a chalcogenide and a transition metal oxide
11/19/09Apparatus and methods for packaging electronic devices for optical testing
11/19/09Comprehensive tsunami alert system via mobile devices
11/19/09Apparatus and method for estimating location using multi-antenna radio receiver
11/19/09System and method of using location based systems for providing services
11/19/09System and method of deterministic teleportation within a virtual world
11/19/09Method for distributing translated resources from a unified source
11/19/09Method and system for extracting information from unstructured text using symbolic machine learning
11/19/09Method and system for improved speech recognition
11/19/09Analysis of individual and group healthcare data in order to provide real time healthcare recommendations
11/19/09Method and system for automating insurance claims processing
11/19/09Automatically updating records of corporate expense systems using category specific payment mechanisms based on point of sale acquired data
11/19/09Dynamic transferring of avatars between virtual universes
11/19/09Maintaining and utilizing copy histories
11/19/09Context based script generation
11/19/09Database system, method, program for the database system, and a method for updating indexing tables in a database system
11/19/09Partitioning of measures of an olap cube using static and dynamic criteria
11/19/09Method for enhancing search and browsing in collaborative tagging systems through learned tag hierachies
11/19/09System and method for providing answers to questions
11/19/09Evaluation of tamper resistant software system implementations
11/19/09Query evaluation using ancestor information
11/19/09Privacy and confidentiality preserving reporting of urls
11/19/09Method to manage inventory using degree of separation metrics
11/19/09Speculative stream scanning
11/19/09Tag along shopping
11/19/09Memory allocator for optimistic data access
11/19/09Method for enabling on-demand communication services
11/19/09Apparatus, system and method for healthcheck of information technology infrastructure based on log data
11/19/09Apparatus, system, and method for dynamic database driven document synchronization
11/19/09Method and apparatus for content pre-fetching and preparation
11/19/09Method and system for file relocation
11/19/09Creating a virtual universe data feed and distributing the data feed beyond the virtual universe
11/19/09Cached message distribution via http redirects
11/19/09Method and apparatus for enabling associated portlets of a web portlet to collaborate for synchronized content display
11/19/09Off-line smartphone file system snapshots
11/19/09Method and apparatus for context-sensitive exchange of electronic information
11/19/09Management of email threads
11/19/09Grouping messages using patterns in a messaging system
11/19/09Topic based loop detection in a publish/subscribe network
11/19/09System & method for non-http session based publish/subscribe support using pre-emptive subscriptions
11/19/09Method, system, and product for comparative efficiency decisions in print operations
11/19/09Automated display of an information technology system configuration
11/19/09Administering non-cacheable memory load instructions
11/19/09Virtual computing memory stacking
11/19/09System and method for content replication detection and elimination in main memory
11/19/09System and method to enforce allowable hardware configurations
11/19/09Processor pipeline architecture logic state retention systems and methods
11/19/09Predication support in an out-of-order processor by selectively executing ambiguously renamed write operations
11/19/09Managing passwords used when detecting information on configuration items disposed on a network
11/19/09Mapping power domains in a data center
11/19/09System and method of controlling an operating frequency in an electronic system
11/19/09Managing power domains in a data center
11/19/09Methods, systems and computer program products for cpu signaturing to aide in performance analysis
11/19/09Solution for automatically incorporating diagnostic data within screen capture images
11/19/09Method and apparatus for testing a random access memory device
11/19/09Correcting errors in longitudinal position (lpos) words
11/19/09Presenting tag clouds based on user information
11/19/09Trigger event based data feed of virtual universe data
11/19/09Establishing a graphical user interface ('gui') theme
11/19/09Locating and identifying controls on a web page
11/19/09Method, system, and program product for controlling a display on a data editing screen
11/19/09Methods for statistical slew propagation during block-based statistical static timing analysis
11/19/09Predication supporting code generation by indicating path associations of symmetrically placed write instructions
11/19/09Automatic tests of product documentation
11/19/09Method and apparatus for deploying applications
11/19/09Method and system for dynamic virtual environment migration
11/19/09Method for prioritized event processing in an event dispatching system
11/19/09Method and system for optimizing a job scheduler in an operating system
11/19/09Method and apparatus for processing access requests for a disk drive
11/12/09Method and apparatus of water cooling several parallel circuit cards each containing several chip packages
11/12/09Control of carbon nanotube diameter using cvd or pecvd growth
11/12/09Device structures for a memory cell of a non-volatile random access memory and design structures for a non-volatile random access memory
11/12/09Electrode arrays and methods of fabricating the same using printing plates to arrange particles in an array
11/12/09Structure for conductive liner for rad hard total dose immunity and structure thereof
11/12/09Efficient interconnect structure for electrical fuse applications
11/12/09Through substrate via including variable sidewall profile
11/12/09Interconnect structure with a mushroom-shaped oxide capping layer and method for fabricating same
11/12/09Redundancy design with electro-migration immunity and method of manufacture
11/12/09Method of and system for controlling access to an automated media library
11/12/09Managing use limitations in a virtual universe resource conservation region
11/12/09Simplifying the presentation of a visually complex semantic model within a graphical modeling application
11/12/09Controlling display resolution of a computer display
11/12/09Prioritizing print requests for a configurable shared network printer
11/12/09Joint specification of servo format and servo reader parameters for tape drive systems
11/12/09Head design for writing servo patterns on magnetic tape
11/12/09Disk drive carrier and cage preventing installation of incompatible disk drives
11/12/09Hard disk drive carrier latch apparatus
11/12/09Latch for securing a hardware component into a component bay
11/12/09Stacked magnetic devices
11/12/09Systems, methods and computer program products for controlling high speed network traffic in server blade environments
11/12/09Secure shell used to open a user's encrypted file system keystore
11/12/09Methods of fabricating a device structure for use as a memory cell in a non-volatile random access memory
11/12/09Method for fabricating semiconductor device having conductive liner for rad hard total dose immunity
11/12/09Finfet structure with multiply stressed gate electrode
11/12/09Optimal tungsten through wafer via and process of fabricating same
11/12/09Game console control to initiate system directives
11/12/09Liquid thermal interface having mixture of linearly structured polymer doped crosslinked networks and related method
11/12/09Local transmission of point of interest data to a global positioning system receiver
11/12/09Detecting an increase in thermal resistance of a heat sink in a computer system
11/12/09Method and apparatus for generating adaptive noise and timing models for vlsi signal integrity analysis
11/12/09Systems and methods for predicting wait time for service transactions
11/12/09Quality of service aware scheduling for composite web service workflows
11/12/09Method for automating insurance claims processing
11/12/09Method and apparatus of constructing and exploring kpi networks
11/12/09Consolidated business service for integrating service oriented architecture services with customer resources
11/12/09Method and apparatus for integrated multiple factors into a unified optimization model for retail network configuration
11/12/09Using virtual environment incentives to reduce real world energy usage
11/12/09Indicating physical site energy usage through a virtual environment
11/12/09Method and system for enterprise portfolio optimization
11/12/09System and method for classifying data streams with very large cardinality
11/12/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for viewing file information
11/12/09System and business process method for delivering distributed sensor based content to consumers
11/12/09Method to identify exact, non-exact and further non-exact matches to part numbers in an enterprise database
11/12/09System and method for social inference based on distributed social sensor system
11/12/09System and method for building a datastore for storing and retrieving regression testing data for a complex application
11/12/09System and method for converting and storing data values
11/12/09Method and system for low-redundancy e-mail handling
11/12/09Automatically changing tags
11/12/09Method and system for ensuring consistency over time of data gathered by distinct software applications
11/12/09Adaptive electronic introductions
11/12/09Customizable dynamic e-mail distribution lists
11/12/09Emulating a computer run time environment
11/12/09Semi-hierarchical system and method for administration of clusters of computer resources
11/12/09Bounded starvation checking of an arbiter using formal verification
11/12/09network on chip
11/12/09Method for resolving memory leak problems resulting from loitering objects
11/12/09Network on chip with low latency, high bandwidth application messaging interconnects that abstract hardware inter-thread data communications into an architected state of a processor
11/12/09Horizontal scaling of stream processing
11/12/09Preferential dispatching of computer program instructions
11/12/09Dynamic virtual software pipelining on a network on chip
11/12/09Context switching on a network on chip
11/12/09Monitoring software pipeline performance on a network on chip
11/12/09Conditional inclusion of resources in a computer system configuration
11/12/09System, method and program product for consolidated authentication
11/12/09Managing power consumption in a data center
11/12/09Method and system for efficient web page rendering
11/12/09Interlacing responses within an instant messaging system
11/12/09Method and system for enhanced management of meeting cancellations
11/12/09System and program product for providing computing-environment control of a resource to be accessed by program code
11/12/09Optimizing the handling of source code requests between a software configuration management (scm) system and a software integrated development environment (ide) using projected ancillary data
11/12/09Multi-component software application installation facility
11/12/09Method, system and program product for grouping related program sequences
11/12/09Scalable scheduling of tasks in heterogeneous systems
11/12/09Vital product data collection during pre-standby and system initial program load
11/12/09Ordered and unordered network-addressed message control with embedded dma commands for a network on chip
11/12/09System and method for authenticating an end user
11/12/09Methods, hardware products, and computer program products for implementing introspection data comparison utilizing hypervisor guest introspection data
11/12/09Method of managing and mitigating security risks through planning
11/12/09Mehtod and system for managing electronic messages
11/12/09Method and system for managing electronic messages
11/12/09Method and system for securing electronic mail
11/05/09Three-dimensional structures and methods of fabricating the same using a printing plate
11/05/09Pentacene-carbon nanotube composite, method of forming the composite, and semiconductor device including the composite
11/05/09Metal-oxide-semiconductor device including an energy filter
11/05/09High performance schottky-barrier-source asymmetric mosfets
11/05/09Transistor with high-k dielectric sidewall spacer
11/05/09Metal high dielectric constant transistor with reverse-t gate
11/05/09System and method for adjusting a seat using biometric information
11/05/09Architecture for maintaining constant voltage-controlled oscillator gain
11/05/09System and method for adjusting components within an office space
11/05/09Enhancing computer screen security using customized control of displayed content area
11/05/09User interface screen layout analysis using hierarchical geometric features
11/05/09Computer lock system
11/05/09Self-detecting electronic connection for electronic devices
11/05/09System for providing on-die termination of a control signal bus
11/05/09Circuit and methods to improve the operation of soi devices
11/05/09Method, hardware product, and computer program product for performing high data rate wireless transmission
11/05/09Phase change material with filament electrode
11/05/09Complementary metal oxide semiconductor device with an electroplated metal replacement gate
11/05/09Method for fabricating a metal high dielectric constant transistor with reverse-t gate
11/05/09System and method for predictive caching of data for a mobile computing device
11/05/09Interleaving continuity related audio fragments between segments of an audio file
11/05/09Performance monitor unit for sampling all performance events generated by a processor
11/05/09Method and apparatus for evaluating integrated circuit design performance using basic block vectors, cycles per instruction (cpi) information and microarchitecture dependent information
11/05/09Method and apparatus for integrated circuit design model performance evaluation using basic block vector clustering and fly-by vector clustering
11/05/09Non-destructive simulation of a failure in a virtualization environment
11/05/09Reducing spam email through identification of source
11/05/09Method and system for robust pattern matching in continuous speech
11/05/09Method and system for job and career guidance, planning, strategy and workforce development
11/05/09Method for computing an enterprise process compliance index
11/05/09Method, system, and computer program product for effective task management
11/05/09Measuring product consumability
11/05/09Method, system and program product for displaying advertising content on a music player
11/05/09User alerts for monitored transactions at automatic teller machines
11/05/09System and method for identifying document structure and associated metainformation and facilitating appropriate processing
11/05/09Detection of unknown scenarios
11/05/09Rules generation for it resource event situation classification
11/05/09System and method of load balancing using fuzzy logic
11/05/09Obtaining a plan for executing a query in a relational database
11/05/09Adaptive methodology for updating solution building block architectures and designs
11/05/09Adaptive methodology for updating solution building block architectures and associated tooling
11/05/09Parallel transformation of files
11/05/09Performing de-duplication for at least one computer file in a computer system
11/05/09Adaptive workflows derived from updates to solution building block architectures and designs
11/05/09Method for transactional behavior extaction in distributed applications
11/05/09Message send version management in network
11/05/09Message receipt version management in network
11/05/09Systems, methods and computer program products for building a user's buddy list through public group membership
11/05/09Specifying during meeting establishment when respondents are to be prompted for attendance intentions
11/05/09Bios selection for plurality of servers
11/05/09Policy control architecture for servers
11/05/09Method and system for achieving better efficiency in a client grid using node resource usage and tracking
11/05/09Connecting external devices to a gaming voice chat service
11/05/09Conversational asyncronous multichannel communication through an inter-modality bridge
11/05/09Mapping a virtual address to pci bus address
11/05/09Native and non-native i/o virtualization in a single adapter
11/05/09Arrangements for operating in-line memory module configurations
11/05/09Backup copy enhancements to reduce primary version access
11/05/09Retaining an association between a virtual address based buffer and a user space application that owns the buffer
11/05/09Method and system for parallel histogram calculation in a simd and vliw processor
11/05/09Test case generation with backward propagation of predefined results and operand dependencies
11/05/09Implementation of sparing policies for servers
11/05/09Quad-state power-saving virtual storage controller
11/05/09Method, system, and product for computational device power-savings
11/05/09Systems and methods for implementing fault tolerant data processing services
11/05/09Automated user interface adjustment
11/05/09Test pattern based process model calibration
11/05/09System and method for computing proxy slack during statistic analysis of digital integrated circuits
11/05/09Method for communicating collaborative software development information
11/05/09Osgi dynamic bundle generation at runtime
11/05/09Method to apply persistence to selected attributes of static and dynamic operating system components
11/05/09Testing internationalized software using test resource file and test font
11/05/09Compiler driven mechanism for registration and deregistration of memory pages
11/05/09Systems, methods and computer program products for automating packaging and provisioning of j2ee web modules to eclipse-based rich clients
11/05/09Multi-root i/o virtualization using separate management facilities of multiple logical partitions
11/05/09Pci function south-side data management
11/05/09System and method for multi-level preemption scheduling in high performance processing
11/05/09Resource data management
11/05/09Method and apparatus for triggering expiration of a data tag device
11/05/09Pass-through hijack avoidance technique for cascaded authentication
11/05/09Detecting malicious behavior in a series of data transmission de-duplication requests of a de-duplicated computer system
11/05/09Statistical worm discovery within a security information management architecture
11/05/09License management facility
11/05/09Process and method for classifying structured data
10/29/09Optimization of metallurgical properties of a solder joint
10/29/09Process for preparing a solder stand-off
10/29/09Hvac system with energy saving modes set using a security system control panel
10/29/09Solder mold plates used in packaging process and method of manufacturing solder mold plates
10/29/09Layer transfer of low defect sige using an etch-back process
10/29/09Method for forming carbon silicon alloy (csa) and structures thereof
10/29/09Structure and process integration for flash storage element and dual conductor complementary mosfets
10/29/09Source/drain junction for high performance mosfet formed by selective epi process
10/29/09Device structures including dual-depth trench isolation regions and design structures for a static random access memory
10/29/09Device structures for active devices fabricated using a semiconductor-on-insulator substrate and design structures for a radiofrequency integrated circuit
10/29/09System for power performance optimization of multicore processor chip
10/29/09Semiconductor structure including trench capacitor and trench resistor
10/29/09High performance 3d fet structures, and methods for forming the same using preferential crystallographic etching
10/29/09Intermetallic diffusion block device and method of manufacture
10/29/09Method of enabling triggering an oscilloscope
10/29/09Techniques for electrically characterizing tunnel junction film stacks with little or no processing
10/29/09I/o driver for integrated circuit with output impedance control
10/29/09Low power programmable clock delay generator with integrated decode function
10/29/09Floating transitions
10/29/09Object based avatar tracking
10/29/09Fixed path transitions
10/29/09Color modification of objects in a virtual universe
10/29/09Methods for enhancing quality of pixel sensor image frames for global shutter imaging
10/29/09Electrostatic discharge power clamp with improved electrical overstress robustness
10/29/09Printed circuit assembly with determination of storage configuration based on installed paddle board
10/29/09Energy efficient apparatus and method for cooling an electronics rack
10/29/09Flexible heat sink installation for early blade board manufacturing
10/29/09Portable data storage assembly having a holographic data storage layer and an optical tracking layer
10/29/09Methods and apparatus for content delivery via application level multicast with minimum communication delay
10/29/09Method and system for integrating noise filtering in predictive video coding
10/29/09Dual clock spread for low clock emissions with recovery
10/29/09Dynamically publishing directory information for a plurality of interactive voice response systems
10/29/09System and method to handle phone line services during modem dial-up connection
10/29/09Securing wireless body sensor networks using physiological data
10/29/09Securing wireless body sensor networks using physiological data
10/29/09Portable device for fibre channel configuration and analysis
10/29/09Methods of fabricating dual-depth trench isolation regions for a memory cell
10/29/09Methods for fabricating active devices on a semiconductor-on-insulator substrate utilizing multiple depth shallow trench isolations
10/29/09Polygrain engineering by adding impurities in the gas phase during chemical vapor deposition of polysilicon
10/29/09Non-plasma capping layer for interconnect applications
10/29/09Slurryless mechanical planarization for substrate reclamation
10/29/09Method and insulin pump for providing a bolus alert
10/29/09Emulating a computer run time environment
10/29/09Multilingual administration of enterprise data with user selected target language translation
10/29/09Multilingual administration of enterprise data with default target languages
10/29/09Multilingual asynchronous communications of speech messages recorded in digital media files
10/29/09Dictionary for textual data compression and decompression
10/29/09Dictionary for textual data compression and decompression
10/29/09Adjusting a speech engine for a mobile computing device based on background noise
10/29/09Solution utilizing commodity-oriented correction guidelines to correct defective electronic business transactions
10/29/09Method and system for strategic headcount planning with operational transition management of workforce
10/29/09Method and system for obtaining a combination of faulty parts from a dispersed parts tree
10/29/09Methods and systems for improving hash table performance
10/29/09Computer method and system of visual representation of external source data in a virtual environment
10/29/09Method for deriving context for data disclosure enforcement
10/29/09System and method for maintaining and utilizing bernoulli samples over evolving multisets
10/29/09Object size modifications based on avatar distance
10/29/09System and method for collaborative information development
10/29/09Signaling correspondence between a meeting agenda and a meeting discussion
10/29/09Method for detecting data attribute dependencies
10/29/09System, method, and computer readable media for identifying a user-initiated log file record in a log file
10/29/09Collaborative document versioning
10/29/09Enhanced method and system for assuring integrity of deduplicated data
10/29/09Method for republication of published messages as appends on a separate retained topic
10/29/09Method, system and program product for providing server security via a security sensor application shared by multiple operating system partitions
10/29/09Method and system for providing end-to-end content-based load balancing
10/29/09Apparatus and method for writing data to recording medium
10/29/09Apparatus and method to set a communication speed for a sas/sata distance extender
10/29/09Method and apparatus for obtaining trace information of multiple processors on an soc using a segmented trace ring bus to enable a flexible trace output configuration
10/29/09Method for improving frequency-based caching algorithms by maintaining a stable history of evicted items
10/29/09Configuring an application for execution on a parallel computer
10/29/09Executing an application on a parallel computer
10/29/09Apparatus, system, and method for adapter code image update
10/29/09Method and system for providing non-proxy tls/ssl support in a content-based load balancer
10/29/09Attestation of computing platforms
10/29/09Securing wireless body sensor networks using physiological values for nonces
10/29/09Method and system for reducing latency in data transfer between asynchronous clock domains
10/29/09Method for monitoring dependent metric streams for anomalies
10/29/09Apparatus and method for improved test controllability and observability of random resistant logic
10/29/09Automated relationship management for darwin information typing architecture
10/29/09Identifying mutual friends in online environments
10/29/09Method for deriving intelligence from activity logs
10/29/09Method and system for graphically emphasizing a path through a diagram
10/29/09Method of circuit power tuning through post-process flattening
10/29/09Legalization of vlsi circuit placement with blockages using hierarchical row slicing
10/29/09Data correcting hierarchical integrated circuit layout accommodating compensate for long range critical dimension variation
10/29/09Method for protecting user-managed memory using an exception
10/29/09Methods, systems and computer program products for improving program performance by anti-refactoring
10/29/09Discriminating program code updates after merging for live review
10/29/09Detecting irregular performing code within computer programs
10/29/09Method, system, and computer program product for generating unit testing scripts
10/29/09Using hardware interrupts to drive dynamic binary code recompilation
10/29/09Optimizing just-in-time compiling for a java application executing on a compute node
10/29/09Executing a distributed java application on a plurality of compute nodes
10/29/09System for virtualisation monitoring
10/29/09Executing a distributed java application on a plurality of compute nodes
10/29/09System and computer program product for deriving intelligence from activity logs
10/29/09Method for providing dynamic information with a mouse pointer in a graphical user interface
10/29/09Methods, hardware products, and computer program products for implementing zero-trust policy in storage reports
10/22/09Coolant distribution system for a rack having a rear-door heat exchanger
10/22/09Metal-gate thermocouple
10/22/09Low profile heat sink for semiconductor devices
10/22/09Adapter card electromagnetic compatibility shielding
10/22/09Biased air baffle for computer rack
10/22/09Toolless rail mounting for a computer system rack
10/22/09Cable management system
10/22/09Securing and managing electronic cables in a modular, rack-mounted computer system
10/22/09Memory cell having a buried phase change region and method for fabricating the same
10/22/09Lateral diffusion field effect transistor with drain region self-aligned to gate electrode
10/22/09System and methods to extend the service life of portable devices
10/22/09Skewed double differential pair circuit for offset cancelllation
10/22/09Dynamic creation of virtual regions
10/22/09Test method for determining reticle transmission stability
10/22/09Duct system for high power adapter cards
10/22/09Rack with integrated rear-door heat exchanger
10/22/09Multilayer storage class memory using externally heated phase change material
10/22/09Method for new resource to communicate and activate monitoring of best practice metrics and thresholds values
10/22/09Method for dispatching service requests
10/22/09Gesture recognition from co-ordinate data
10/22/09Generating an optimized analytical business transformation
10/22/09Blind docking electrical connector
10/22/09Method and system for setting rates and targets in a range management system
10/22/09Organic substrate with asymmetric thickness for warp mitigation
10/22/09Preemptive thermal control by processor throttling in a modular computing system
10/22/09Integrated system and method for mobile audio playback and dictation
10/22/09System and method for managing a chaotic event
10/22/09Method and system for match making in virtual currency exchange
10/22/09Access speculation predictor implemented via idle command processing resources
10/22/09Intellectual property subscribe and publish notification service
10/22/09System and method of data caching for compliance storage systems with keyword query based access
10/22/09Automated latent star schema discovery tool
10/22/09Systems, methods and computer program products for automatic network-based persistent xml storage and management
10/22/09Method and apparatus for rapid tagging of elements in a facet tree
10/22/09Space recovery with storage management coupled with a deduplicating storage system
10/22/09Method, system and computer program product for shrinking a file system
10/22/09Endorsing e-mail messages using social network verification
10/22/09System, method, and program for filtering emails
10/22/09Dynamic volume compare for asynchronous remote copy verification
10/22/09System power capping using information received from the installed power supply
10/22/09Method, apparatus and system for reducing power consumption involving data storage devices
10/22/09Collaboration widgets with user-modal voting preference
10/22/09System administration discussions indexed by system components
10/22/09Intersect area based ground rule for semiconductor design
10/22/09Methods for identifying failing timing requirements in a digital design
10/22/09System and method of predicting problematic areas for lithography in a circuit design
10/22/09Method for transforming data from a model into a secondary model to optimize code generation
10/22/09System and method for updating initialization parameters for application software from within a software development environment
10/22/09Granular measurement of processor performance in executing sections of software code
10/22/09Method and system for test run prioritization for software code testing in automated test execution
10/22/09Method and system for test failure analysis prioritization for software code testing in automated test execution
10/22/09Method of reinstalling a computer based on frequency of application utilization
10/22/09Firewall methodologies for use within virtual environments
10/22/09Method to enhance platform firmware security for logical partition data processing systems by dynamic restriction of available external interfaces
10/15/09Self-adjusting music scrolling system
10/15/09Device formed by probe-based lithography utilizing thermomechanically activated polymers
10/15/09Double poppet quick connect
10/15/09Method and apparatus for displaying embedded chip states and embedded chip end-user application states
10/15/09Complementary field effect transistors having embedded silicon source and drain regions
10/15/09Device structures for a high voltage junction field effect transistor manufactured using a hybrid orientation technology wafer and design structures for a high voltage integrated circuit
10/15/09Metallized conductive strap spacer for soi deep trench capacitor
10/15/092-t sram cell structure and method
10/15/09Finfet devices from bulk semiconductor and methods for manufacturing the same
10/15/09Metal gate compatible flash memory gate stack
10/15/09Structure and method for manufacturing device with a v-shape channel nmosfet
10/15/09Continuously referencing signals over multiple layers in laminate packages
10/15/09Structure and method for hybrid tungsten copper metal contact
10/15/09Thermomechanically-activated tip shape and registry restoration for probe array devices utilizing thermomechanically-activated polymers
10/15/09Spray shielding and thermal isolation method and apparatus for quick connects used in a computing system environment
10/15/09Plurality of configurable independent compute nodes sharing a fan assembly
10/15/09Nanoelectromechanical digital inverter
10/15/09Radio frequency (rf) integrated circuit (ic) packages with integrated aperture-coupled patch antenna(s) in ring and/or offset cavities
10/15/09Structural support module to prevent common interface deflection
10/15/09Coordinated timing network having servers of different capabilities
10/15/09Managing document access
10/15/09Keyboard having a back-to-back position
10/15/09Reduced-impedance cooling system with variable pitch blade and hot-swappable spare
10/15/09Device and method for patterning structures on a substrate
10/15/09Interactive recipe preparation using instructive device with integrated actuators to provide tactile feedback
10/15/09Interactive recipe preparation using instructive device with integrated actuators to provide tactile feedback
10/15/09Method of minimizing beam bending of mems device by reducing the interfacial bonding strength between sacrificial layer and mems structure
10/15/09Methods for manufacturing a high voltage junction field effect transistor using a hybrid orientation technology wafer
10/15/09Automatic fail-over for gaming controllers
10/15/09Distance metrics for universal pattern processing tasks
10/15/09Method for negotiating information technology service processes
10/15/09Estimating future grid job costs by classifying grid jobs and storing results of processing grid job microcosms
10/15/09Proximity-based broadcast virtual universe system
10/15/09Methods, computer devices, and computer program products for regression from interval target values
10/15/09Methods involving tagging
10/15/09Method and system for identifying partial order patterns in sequences of data
10/15/09Data retrieval and data feed generation from data sources
10/15/09Flexible connector framework for data feed generation
10/15/09Optimization of extensible markup language path language (xpath) expressions in a database management system configured to accept extensible markup language (xml) queries
10/15/09Automated avatar creation and interaction in a virtual world
10/15/09Identifying entities of interest
10/15/09Aggregating information sources to dynamically update a calendar and to notify users of changes
10/15/09System and method for extensible data interface for shared service module
10/15/09Interactive recipe preparation using instructive device with integrated actuators to provide tactile feedback
10/15/09Interactive recipe preparation using instructive device with integrated actuators to provide tactile feedback
10/15/09Interactive recipe preparation using instructive device with integrated actuators to provide tactile feedback
10/15/09Service for receiving obsolete web page copies
10/15/09Novel massively parallel supercomputer
10/15/09Collaborative accountability in meeting workflow
10/15/09Method and system for previewing of forwarding file attachments received during a chat session
10/15/09Dynamically calculating an inbound blocking factor using operating-system-level conditions
10/15/09Dynamic distributed adjustment of maximum use of a shared storage resource
10/15/09Specializing support for a federation relationship
10/15/09Dynamic component placement in an event-driven component-oriented network data processing system
10/15/09Serviceability level indicator processing for storage alteration
10/15/09Method and system for determining multiple unused registers in a processor
10/15/09Defining memory indifferent trace handles
10/15/09Store clock and store clock fast instruction execution
10/15/09Failsafe recovery facility in a coordinated timing network
10/15/09Cost-reduced redundant service processor configuration
10/15/09Dynamically selecting properties to display in a table based user interface
10/15/09User-selectable hide option for a user interface, which is not persisted, and which is not dependent upon intra-document controls
10/15/09Varying an audio characteristic of an audible notice based upon a placement in a window stack of the application instance issuing the notice
10/15/09Dynamic spawning of focal point objects within a virtual universe system
10/15/09Method, system and computer program product for visualizing data
10/15/09Seamless drag and drop operation with multiple event handlers
10/15/09Methods for designing a product chip a priori for design subsetting, feature analysis, and yield learning
10/15/09Class selectable design sharing
10/15/09Method, system and computer program product for recommending components based on common usage patterns
10/15/09Using a menu slideshow framework for generating a custom menu-driven slideshow containing definable content
10/15/09Testing notification-based software applications
10/15/09Method, system and computer program for identifying and reusing component aggregates
10/15/09Provisioning storage-optimized virtual machines within a virtual desktop environment
10/15/09Electronic device workspace restriction
10/15/09Workload scheduling
10/15/09Computer processors with plural, pipelined hardware threads of execution
10/15/09Workflow managed composite applications
10/15/09Providing multiple television channel previewing of commercial free content
10/15/09Real-time online communications management
10/15/09Efficient, peer-to-peer captcha-based verification and demand management for online services
10/15/09Executable content filtering
10/15/09System for displaying an annotated programming file
10/08/09Methods of fabricating coplanar waveguide structures
10/08/09System and method for determining air density based on temperature sensor data
10/08/09Design structure for alpha particle sensor in soi technology and structure thereof
10/08/09Pixel sensor with reduced image lag
10/08/09Pixel with asymmetric transfer gate channel doping
10/08/09Simultaneous buried strap and buried contact via formation for soi deep trench capacitor
10/08/09Methods of forming high-k/metal gates for nfets and pfets
10/08/09Subgroundrule space for improved metal high-k device
10/08/09Surface treatment for selective metal cap applications
10/08/09Ultra-thin diffusion-barrier layer for cu metallization
10/08/09Array-based early threshold voltage recovery characterization measurement
10/08/09Methods and apparatus for monitoring power gating circuitry and for controlling circuit operations in dependence on monitored power gating conditions
10/08/09Coplanar waveguide structures and design structures for radiofrequency and microwave integrated circuits
10/08/09Using physical objects to control enablement/disablement of device functionality
10/08/09Slide based technique for inputting a sequence of numbers for a computing device
10/08/09Design structure for metal-insulator-metal capacitor using via as top plate and method for forming
10/08/09Silicon based microchannel cooling and electrical package
10/08/09Memory circuits with reduced leakage power and design structures for same
10/08/09Integration of lbist into array bisr flow
10/08/09System and method for providing a non-power-of-two burst length in a memory system
10/08/09Detection of an unresponsive application in a high availability system
10/08/09Method of securing typed conversation using encryption keys in a virtual world
10/08/09Method and structure for ballast resistor
10/08/09Replacement clip and method for repairing a modular cable connector having a broken locking clip
10/08/09Polishing compositions and use thereof
10/08/09Method for redirecting text messages and mobile phone calls
10/08/09Apparatus of calculating a navigation route based on estimated energy consumption
10/08/09Method for virtualization of input devices for parallel execution of test automation scripts
10/08/09Translation method, translation output method and storage medium, program, and computer used therewith
10/08/09Automated voice enablement of a web page
10/08/09Proactive completion of input fields for automated voice enablement of a web page
10/08/09Free form input field support for automated voice enablement of a web page
10/08/09Use of historical data in a computer-assisted technical solution design tool
10/08/09Method and system for routing a task to an employee based on physical and emotional state
10/08/09On-demand virtual storage capacity
10/08/09Method and system for anonymous electronic transactions using a mobile device
10/08/09Method for verifying virtual physical space representing a transaction context in a virtual world
10/08/09Method and system for automated expertise extraction
10/08/09Adaptive information technology solution design and deployment
10/08/09Handling requests for data stored in database tables
10/08/09System and method for synchronizing data record with web document in a content management system
10/08/09Frequency partitioning: entropy compression with fixed size fields
10/08/09Search engine to improve product recall traceability activities
10/08/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for social based assistance in a source code control system
10/08/09Optimistic locking in online and offline environments
10/08/09Deploying directory instances
10/08/09Methods and apparatus for constructing declarative componentized applications
10/08/09Client side caching of synchronized data
10/08/09Apparatus, system, and method for managing collaborative sharing by invitees to a meeting of their meeting status
10/08/09Notifying co-recipients of others currently replying to communications
10/08/09Method of defining email importance based on recipient
10/08/09Virtual array site configuration
10/08/09Server-managed power saving method for automated tape libraries and drives
10/08/09Method and system for using presence in a system management environment
10/08/09High availability of internet protocol addresses within a cluster
10/08/09Resource correlation prediction
10/08/09I/o hub-supported atomic i/o operations
10/08/09Bus attached compressed random access memory
10/08/09Method and system for approximating object sizes in an object-oriented system
10/08/09Reducing cache pollution of a software controlled cache
10/08/09Coordinated remote and local machine configuration
10/08/09Method and system to manage memory accesses from multithread programs on multiprocessor systems
10/08/09Memory pacing
10/08/09Enabling memory module slots in a computing system after a repair action
10/08/09Dynamically controlling a prefetching range of a software controlled cache
10/08/09Communication relay device, information processing system, control method and program
10/08/09Method, system, and computer program product for providing e-token based access control for virtual world spaces
10/08/09Optimizing preemptible read-copy update for low-power usage by avoiding unnecessary wakeups
10/08/09Extending and scavenging super-capacitor capacity
10/08/09Method for enabling faster recovery of client applications in the event of server failure
10/08/09Digital reliability monitor having autonomic repair and notification capability
10/08/09Method for providing user-definitions of terms
10/08/09Adaptive parsing of sparse xml data
10/08/09Enhanced spell checking utilizing a social network
10/08/09Method, system and user interface for providing inline spelling assistance
10/08/09Hi-efficiency wizard framework system and method
10/08/09Metadata-integrated debugger
10/08/09Testing software applications with progress tracking
10/08/09Debug tours for software debugging
10/08/09Just-in-time dynamic instrumentation
10/08/09Compiler optimized function variants for use when return codes are ignored
10/08/09Prefetching irregular data references for software controlled caches
10/08/09Mechanism that provides more efficient event handler processing
10/08/09Method, system, and computer program product for virtual world access control management
10/08/09Intrusion detection using a network processor and a parallel pattern detection engine
10/08/09Mediated access of software dumped data through specialized analysis modules
10/01/09Privacy screen for a display device
10/01/09Method and tool for repositioning solder fill head
10/01/09Memory array with diode driver and method for fabricating the same
10/01/09Strained ultra-thin soi transistor formed by replacement gate
10/01/09Structure and method for manufacturing device with a v-shape channel nmosfet
10/01/09Asymmetric source and drain field effect structure and method
10/01/09Method of forming an inverted lens in a semiconductor structure
10/01/09Cmos image sensor with reduced dark current
10/01/09Shallow trench capacitor compatible with high-k / metal gate
10/01/09Structure and method to control oxidation in high-k gate structures
10/01/09Structure for reduction of soft error rates in integrated circuits
10/01/09Underbump metallurgy for enhanced electromigration resistance
10/01/09Method to quickly estimate inductance for timing models
10/01/09Optimal local supply voltage determination circuit
10/01/09Varactor bank switching based on negative control voltage generation
10/01/09Multiple status e-fuse based non-volatile voltage control oscillator configured for process variation compensation, an associated method and an associated design structure
10/01/09Varactor bank switching based on anti-parallel branch configuration
10/01/09Media passport system
10/01/09Electronic device with intelligent keyboard illumination
10/01/09Infrastructure and method for geography based vehicle alert
10/01/09Apparatus for real-time contamination, environmental, or physical monitoring of a photomask
10/01/09Print system for optimizing size based on remaining pages
10/01/09Print method for optimizing document size based on pages remaining
10/01/09Multi-layer magnetic random access memory using spin-torque magnetic tunnel junctions and method for write state of the multi-layer magnetic random access memory
10/01/09System and method for providing voltage power gating
10/01/09System for preventing excessive skipping on audio disks
10/01/09Voice over internet protocol clarity during degradation
10/01/09Methods, systems and computer program products for detecting flow-level network traffic anomalies via abstraction levels
10/01/09Broadcasting a message in a parallel computer
10/01/09Virtual fibre channel over ethernet switch
10/01/09Network on chip
10/01/09Efficient synchronization of a sliding buffer window to prevent packet re-injection in an internet protocol (ip) network
10/01/09Ordering telephone messages left for a user
10/01/09Apparatus and method for executing agent
10/01/09Method, system, and program product for asymmetric key generation
10/01/09Fast key-in for machine-printed ocr-based systems
10/01/09Three-dimensional stacked optical device
10/01/09Three-dimensional stacked optical device
10/01/09Methods and apparatus for optical modulation amplitude measurement
10/01/09Semiconductor devices having tensile and/or compressive strain and methods of manufacturing and design structure
10/01/09Method for removing residues from a patterned substrate
10/01/09Predictive mobile phone service disruption service
10/01/09Automated many-sorted theorem prover
10/01/09Facilitating language learning during instant messaging sessions through simultaneous presentation of an original instant message and a translated version
10/01/09Method for automating an internationalization test in a multilingual web application
10/01/09Rule based apparatus for modifying word annotations
10/01/09System and methods for using short-hand interpretation dictionaries in collaboration environments
10/01/09Speech recognition and statistics-based call route determination
10/01/09Meeting management software that distinguishes staff from other meeting invitees and permits staff based programmatic actions
10/01/09Apparatus and methods for decomposing service processes and for identifying alternate service elements in service provider environments
10/01/09Systems, methods and computer products for a personal portable advertising and messaging agent
10/01/09Secure online banking transaction apparatus and method
10/01/09Exploiting double resolutions for proof optimizations
10/01/09System and method for constructing targeted ranking from multiple information sources
10/01/09Supporting unified querying over autonomous unstructured and structured databases
10/01/09Method and device for indexing resource content in computer networks
10/01/09System and method for balancing workload of a database based application by partitioning database queries
10/01/09Method and system for a metadata driven query
10/01/09Method for generating a robust software signature
10/01/09Method for evaluating a conjunction of equity and range predicates using a constant number of operations
10/01/09System and method for retrieving information from the internet by means of an intelligent search agent
10/01/09System and method for determining preferences from information mashups
10/01/09System to delegate virtual storage access method related file operations to a storage server using an in-band rpc mechanism
10/01/09Redirecting file access through a http web server
10/01/09Clustering analytic functions
10/01/09Compressability estimation of non-unique indexes in a database management system
10/01/09System and method for scalable processing of multi-way data stream correlations
10/01/09Method and apparatus for signal transformation for positioning systems
10/01/09Systems, methods and computer program products for hardware assists for microcoded floating point divide and square root
10/01/09Method for preventing use of multiple application instances
10/01/09Object-oriented systems and methods for controlling storage management services in a content management system
10/01/09Automatic change detection and notification system and method
10/01/09Instant message session transfers
10/01/09Email routing
10/01/09Methods for sending an email and distributing an email and an email server
10/01/09Theme-based instant messaging communications
10/01/09Method for tagging and tracking non-hypertext markup language based e-mail
10/01/09Using a proxy to redirect downloads
10/01/09Hybrid profile management for electronic social networks
10/01/09Deploying analytic functions
10/01/09Method for monitoring web page statistics
10/01/09Staged integration of distributed system and publishing of remote services
10/01/09Distance extender for serial attached scsi and serial ata
10/01/09Export of metadata streams to applications
10/01/09Serial attached scsi and serial ata wide port tunnelling through a fibre channel connection
10/01/09Determining a path for network traffic between nodes in a parallel computer
10/01/09Determining a path for network traffic between nodes in a parallel computer
10/01/09Command line completion using invoked command
10/01/09Using priority to determine whether to queue an input/output (i/o) request directed to storage
10/01/09Interrupt dispatching method in multi-core environment and multi-core processor
10/01/09Information handling system including a plurality of multiple compute element smp processors with primary and secondary interconnect trunks
10/01/09Information handling system including multiple compute element processor with primary and secondary interconnect trunks
10/01/09Optimizing operational requests of logical volumes
10/01/09Method and device for performing copy-on-write in a processor
10/01/09Data transfer optimized software cache for regular memory references
10/01/09System and method for providing a backup/restore interface for third party hsm clients
10/01/09Apparatus and method to establish a logical configuration for a data storage library
10/01/09Applying various hash methods used in conjunction with a query with a group by clause
10/01/09Multi-cycle register file bypass
10/01/09Method and system for relative multiple-target branch instruction execution in a processor
10/01/09Method and system for authenticating users with a one time password using an image reader
10/01/09Design structure for selecting processors for job scheduling using measured power consumption
10/01/09Managing writes received to data units that are being transferred to a secondary storage as part of a mirror relationship
10/01/09Method and system for autonomic verification of hdl models using real-time statistical analysis and layered feedback stages
10/01/09Automatically extensible addressing for shared array built-in self-test (abist) circuitry
10/01/09Fault tolerant self-correcting non-glitching low power circuit for static and dynamic data storage
10/01/09Method of approximate document generation
10/01/09Method for visual structuring of multivariable data
10/01/09Multi-pass validation of extensible markup language (xml) documents
10/01/09Method for adaptive transcription of web pages
10/01/09Interacting with multiple browsers simultaneously using linked browsers controlled from a primary browser interface
10/01/09System and method for displaying published electronic documents
10/01/09Facilitating search for items in 3d simulations
10/01/09Automated directing of data to an application
10/01/09User directed refinement of search results while preserving the scope of the initial search
10/01/09Generating a user defined page having representations of content in other pages
10/01/09Methods for practical worst test definition and debug during block based statistical static timing analysis
10/01/09Method and system for implementing a complete sap system landscape on ibm system i
10/01/09Method for dynamically streaming an xslt transformation
10/01/09Rebuildable service-oriented applications
10/01/09Method to transfer annotation across versions of the data
10/01/09Defining workflow processing using a static class-level network in object-oriented classes
10/01/09Method and apparatus for testing soft error rate of an application program
10/01/09Random access to historical program state for enhanced debugging
10/01/09Code instrumentation method and code instrumentation apparatus
10/01/09Sharing a native module of compiled code using an abstraction module of interpreted code in a virtual machine environment
10/01/09Combining static and dynamic compilation to remove delinquent loads
10/01/09Data transfer optimized software cache for irregular memory references
10/01/09Method for metering an extensible license for java applications
10/01/09Method and a computing device
10/01/09Managing the progress of a plurality of tasks
10/01/09Power-efficient thread priority enablement
10/01/09Computer operations control based on probablistic threshold determinations
10/01/09Method for goal based modality
10/01/09Video episode order adherence
10/01/09Dynamic rebroadcast scheduling of videos
10/01/09Managing acquisition of fee based videos
10/01/09Governing the transfer of physiological and emotional user data
10/01/09System and method for adjusting the security level of a removable medium
09/24/09Apparatus and method for the rapid thermal control of a work piece in liquid or supercritical fluid
09/24/09Method for fabricating an inorganic nanocomposite
09/24/09Method and structure for reducing induced mechanical stresses
09/24/09High efficiency cmos image sensor pixel employing dynamic voltage supply
09/24/09Guard ring structures for high voltage cmos/low voltage cmos technology using ldmos (lateral double-diffused metal oxide semiconductor) device fabrication
09/24/09Structure and method to make high performance mosfet with fully silicided gate
09/24/09Embedded interconnects, and methods for forming same
09/24/09Deep trench (dt) metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor
09/24/09Apparatus, system, and method for a switching power supply with high efficiency near zero load conditions
09/24/09Apparatus, system, and method for an adaptive high efficiency switching power supply
09/24/09Image sensor monitor structure in scribe area
09/24/09Minimizing clock uncertainty on clock distribution networks using a multi-level de-skewing technique
09/24/09Error correction coding of longitudinal position information
09/24/09Determining cartridge conflicts with deep slot technology
09/24/09Flexible paddle card for installation on a motherboard of a computing system
09/24/09Method, system and computer program product involving congestion and fault notification in ethernet
09/24/09Method, system, and computer program product for implementing stream processing using a reconfigurable optical switch
09/24/09Ethernet virtualization using a network packet alteration
09/24/09Ethernet virtualization using assisted frame correction
09/24/09Method, system and computer program product involving congestion detection in ethernet
09/24/09Method and apparatus for defect detection in a cold plate
09/24/09Telecom web browsers, and methods for defining a telecom web browser
09/24/09Fabrication of heterojunction structures
09/24/09Integrated circuit chip design flow methodology including insertion of on-chip or scribe line wireless process monitoring and feedback circuitry
09/24/09Electrode formed in aperture defined by a copolymer mask
09/24/09High performance tapered varactor
09/24/09Enhanced wireless access point communications while traveling
09/24/09Ethernet virtualization using hardware control flow override
09/24/09Indentifying sequential functional paths for ic testing methods and system
09/24/09System and computer program product for automatic logic model build process with autonomous quality checking
09/24/09Computer program product and computer system for language-enhanced programming tools
09/24/09Optimizing cluster based cohorts to support advanced analytics
09/24/09Optimizing pharmaceutical treatment plans across multiple dimensions
09/24/09System and method for determining order fulfillment alternative with multiple supply modes
09/24/09Automating responses by grid providers to bid requests indicating criteria for a grid job
09/24/09Anticipating merchandising trends from unique cohorts
09/24/09Business event triggered, policy-driven payment management
09/24/09Generating a recipient list for propagating contact information changes based on contact metrics involving a user and the recipients on the list
09/24/09Computer method and apparatus for using social information to guide display of search results and other information
09/24/09Graph search system and method for querying loosely integrated data
09/24/09Unique cohort discovery from multimodal sensory devices
09/24/09Method, system, and program product for migrating data from one data base management system to another data base management system
09/24/09Event driven input data validation
09/24/09Transaction log management
09/24/09Method, hardware product, and computer program product for using a decimal floating point unit to execute fixed point instructions
09/24/09Method and apparatus for collaborative selection of proposals
09/24/09Method and system for protecting messaging consumers
09/24/09Ethernet virtualization using automatic self-configuration of logic
09/24/09An on demand message based financial network integration middleware
09/24/09Content push service
09/24/09Thin-provisioning adviser for storage devices
09/24/09Quality of service for network connected clients
09/24/09Broadcasting a message in a parallel computer
09/24/09System and method for distributing virtual input/output operations across multiple logical partitions
09/24/09Method, system, and computer program product for cross-invalidation handling in a multi-level private cache
09/24/09Method, system and computer program product for data buffers partitioned from a cache array
09/24/09Filtering processor requests based on identifiers
09/24/09Recycling long multi-operand instructions
09/24/09Broadcasting collective operation contributions throughout a parallel computer
09/24/09Method, computer program product, and hardware product for eliminating or reducing operand line crossing penalty
09/24/09Processor and method for synchronous load multiple fetching sequence and pipeline stage result tracking to facilitate early address generation interlock bypass
09/24/09Method, system and computer program product for supporting partial recycle in a pipelined microprocessor
09/24/09Method, system, computer program product, and hardware product for implementing result forwarding between differently sized operands in a superscalar processor
09/24/09Method, system and computer program product for reduced overhead address mode change management in a pipelined, recyling microprocessor
09/24/09Executing an application on a parallel computer
09/24/09Method, system and computer program product for hard error detection
09/24/09Determining an underlying cause for errors detected in a data processing system
09/24/09Method and apparatus for improving random pattern testing of logic structures
09/24/09Sharing syndicated feed bookmarks among members of a social network
09/24/09Managing graphical user interface objects in a computing environment
09/24/09Method and computer program product for implementing automatic avatar status indicators
09/24/09Methods for conserving memory in statistical static timing analysis
09/24/09Method and system for achieving power optimization in a hierarchical netlist
09/24/09Method, system and computer program product for exploiting orthogonal control vectors in timing driven systems
09/24/09System and method for implementing optical rule checking to identify and quantify corner rounding errors
09/24/09Creating graphical models representing control flow of a program manipulating data resources
09/24/09Call stack sampling for threads having latencies exceeding a threshold
09/24/09Dynamic software tracing
09/24/09Detecting applications in a virtualization environment
09/24/09Context agent injection using virtual machine introspection
09/24/09Method for integrating flow orchestration and scheduling for a batch of workflows
09/24/09Selecting a number of processing resources to run an application effectively while saving power
09/24/09Method, apparatus, and computer program product for scheduling work in a stream-oriented computer system with configurable networks
09/24/09Service and commerce based cookies and notification
09/24/09Controlling navigation of application logic using annotated application code
09/24/09System and methods for protecting confidential information on network sites based on security awareness
09/24/09Secure password entry
09/17/09Underfill air vent for flipchip bga
09/17/09Cable for high speed data communications
09/17/09Plugin hybrid electric vehicle with v2g optimization system
09/17/09Phase change materials for applications that require fast switching and high endurance
09/17/09Semiconductor devices having tensile and/or compressive stress and methods of manufacturing
09/17/09Selective nitridation of trench isolation sidewall
09/17/09Structure and method for manufacturing memory
09/17/09Trench memory with self-aligned strap formed by self-limiting process
09/17/09Soi protection for buried plate implant and dt bottle etch
09/17/09Tungsten liner for aluminum-based electromigration resistant interconnect structure
09/17/09Method of underfill air vent for flipchip bga
09/17/09Method and apparatus for extending the lifetime of a semiconductor chip
09/17/09Resistor and design structure having resistor material length with sub-lithographic width
09/17/09Resistor and design structure having substantially parallel resistor material lengths
09/17/09Guided video feed selection in a vehicle-to-vehicle network
09/17/09Virtual hand: a new 3-d haptic interface and system for virtual environments
09/17/09Novel tactile input/output device and system to represent and manipulate computer-generated surfaces
09/17/09Virtual web store with product images
09/17/09Exact geometry operations on shapes using fixed-size integer coordinates
09/17/09Informing a driver or an owner of a vehicle of visible problems detected by outside video sources
09/17/09Displayed view modification in a vehicle-to-vehicle network
09/17/09View selection in a vehicle-to-vehicle network
09/17/09Scene selection in a vehicle-to-vehicle network
09/17/09Dynamic optimization of memory use in a digital recording device
09/17/09Memory system with low current consumption and method for the same
09/17/09Network discovery tool
09/17/09Telecom web browsers, and methods for defining a telecom web browser
09/17/09Unified and persistent system and method for automatic configuration of encryption
09/17/09Detecting behavioral deviations by measuring eye movements
09/17/09Self-encapsulated silver alloys for interconnects
09/17/09Techniques for layer transfer processing
09/17/09Photopatternable dielectric materials for beol applications and methods for use
09/17/09Method for fabricating self-aligned nanostructure using self-assembly block copolymers, and structures fabricated therefrom
09/17/09Semiconductor devices having tensile and/or compressive stress and methods of manufacturing
09/17/09Method of performing measurement sampling of lots in a manufacturing process
09/17/09Automated analysis of datacenter layout using temperature sensor positions
09/17/09Diagnostic method for root-cause analysis of fet performance variation
09/17/09Variable performance server system and method of operation
09/17/09Management of a user attribute in a service provider data structure
09/17/09Navigation system and program
09/17/09Order processing analysis tool
09/17/09System and method for predicting profit leakage
09/17/09Methods, apparatus, and program products to optimize semiconductor product yield prediction for performance and leakage screens
09/17/09Method and apparatus for location evaluation and site selection
09/17/09Limiting deduplcation based on predetermined criteria
09/17/09Collecting interest data from conversations conducted on a mobile device to augment a user profile
09/17/09Efficient processing of queries in federated database systems
09/17/09Computer program product for database query optimization
09/17/09Sorted search in a distributed directory environment using a proxy server
09/17/09Displaying search results using software development process information
09/17/09Sensor and actuator based validation of expected cohort
09/17/09Systems and methods for efficient data searching, storage and reduction
09/17/09Browser use of directory listing for predictive type-ahead
09/17/09Method and apparatus for semantic assisted rating of multimedia content
09/17/09Smart sensor based environment for optimizing a selection of meal plans
09/17/09Image search using face detection
09/17/09Browser use of directory listing for predictive type-ahead
09/17/09Systems and methods for efficient data searching, storage and reduction
09/17/09Swarm creation in a vehicle-to-vehicle network
09/17/09Faceted search on assets packaged according to the reusable asset specification (ras)
09/17/09Ordering compression and deduplication of data
09/17/09System and methods for providing product metrics
09/17/09Method and system for assuring integrity of deduplicated data
09/17/09Method and system for collaborative learning
09/17/09Dyanmic domain based electronic mail signature lines
09/17/09Method and system for message delivery
09/17/09Dual-band communication of management traffic in a blade server system
09/17/09Managing database connections
09/17/09Server-side protocol configuration of accessing clients
09/17/09Performance counters for virtualized network interfaces of communications networks
09/17/09Peripheral device enabling enhanced communication
09/17/09Peripheral device enabling enhanced communication
09/17/09System and method for storage subsystem port reassignment in storage area networks
09/17/09Enhanced throughput communication with a peripheral device
09/17/09Message signal interrupt efficiency improvement
09/17/09Apparatus and method to select a deduplication protocol for a data storage library
09/17/09Computer program instruction architecture, system and process using partial ordering for adaptive response to memory latencies
09/17/09Method and apparatus for qr-factorizing matrix on a multiprocessor system
09/17/09Coordinating rendezvous of multiple virtual users across multiple distributed devices
09/17/09Test pattern customization of high speed sas networks in a manufacturing test system
09/17/09Text file interface support in an object oriented application
09/17/09Presentation summary slide thumbnails
09/17/09Method and system for context aware collaborative tagging
09/17/09Method, system, and computer program for performing verification of a user
09/17/09Integrated masking for viewing of data
09/17/09Gridded glyph geometric objects (l3go) design method
09/17/09Method to identify timing violations outside of manufacturing specification limits
09/17/09Graphical modelization of user interfaces for data intensive applications
09/17/09Condensing pattern matcher generation for intermediate language patterns
09/17/09Method for jit compiler to optimize repetitive synchronization
09/17/09Systems, methods and computer program products for improving placement performance of message transforms by exploiting guided replication
09/17/09Method and system for cost avoidance in virtualized computing environments
09/17/09Consolidated display of resource performance trends
09/17/09Optimization of thread wake up for shared processor partitions
09/17/09Apparatus and method for task count control
09/17/09Method for discovering a security policy
09/17/09Methods, systems, signals and media for encouraging users of computer readable content to register
09/10/09Monitoring method and system for determining airflow rate through and heat removal rate of an air-conditioning unit
09/10/09Method of forming solid vias in a printed circuit board
09/10/09Mobility enhancement in sige heterojunction bipolar transistors
09/10/09Soft error protection structure employing a deep trench
09/10/09Vertical soi trench sonos cell
09/10/09Field effect transistor with reduced shallow trench isolation induced leakage current
09/10/09Image sensor including spatially different active and dark pixel interconnect patterns
09/10/09Semiconductor chip stacking for redundancy and yield improvement
09/10/09System and method for de-embedding a device under test employing a parametrized netlist
09/10/09Method to reduce test probe damage from excessive device leakage currents
09/10/09Cmos back-gated keeper technique
09/10/09Conditioning input buffer for clock interpolation
09/10/09Apparatus, system, and method for providing authentication and activation functions to a computing device
09/10/09Magazine access restriction with deep slot technology
09/10/09Method and apparatus for managing aggregate bandwidth at a server
09/10/09Method, system, computer program product, and hardware product for ethernet virtualization using an elastic fifo memory to facilitate flow of unknown traffic to virtual hosts
09/10/09Method for managing resources in a multi-channeled customer service environment
09/10/09Method and system for coding mode selection in video compression systems
09/10/09Interactive voicemail message selection to refuse an incoming call
09/10/09Enlivening conference calls to make conference calls more interesting for participants
09/10/09Alerting a participant when a topic of interest is being discussed and/or a speaker of interest is speaking during a conference call
09/10/09Non-interactive hierarchical identity-based key-agreement
09/10/09Positional audio in a vehicle-to-vehicle network
09/10/09Detecting behavioral deviations by measuring respiratory patterns in cohort groups
09/10/09Systems and methods for metadata embedding in streaming medical data
09/10/09Optical transceiver module with optical windows
09/10/09Fiber optic communications using hue based encoding
09/10/09Instructional design tool
09/10/09Method of forming ring electrode
09/10/09Low-capacitance contact for long gate-length devices with small contacted pitch
09/10/09Large scale supply planning
09/10/09Providing route alternatives based on radio strength
09/10/09Photomask image inspection
09/10/09Methods for utilizing human perceptual systems for processing event log data
09/10/09Method for characterizing a software application
09/10/09Use of test protection instruction in computing environments that support pageable guests
09/10/09Method and system for a calendaring tool for claim code and workload determination
09/10/09Method and system for determining service area of supply chain by simulating service cycle time
09/10/09Accelerated service delivery service
09/10/09Project assessment using project yield determination
09/10/09Risk profiling for enterprise risk management
09/10/09Platform for capturing knowledge
09/10/09Solution for augmenting a master data model with relevant data elements extracted from unstructured data sources
09/10/09System and method for multiple distinct aggregate queries
09/10/09System and method for validating data record
09/10/09Systems and methods for efficient data searching, storage and reduction
09/10/09Systems and methods for efficient data searching, storage and reduction
09/10/09Systems and methods for efficient data searching, storage and reduction
09/10/09Systems and methods for efficient data searching, storage and reduction
09/10/09Method and system of providing multi-user access in a single-user based client-server environment with distributed repositories
09/10/09Methods for utilizing human perceptual systems for processing event log data
09/10/09Relationship based tree structure with scoped parameters
09/10/09Efficient storage for finite state machines
09/10/09Method for converting mof files for compatibility with incompatible cim implementations
09/10/09User/browser state information sharing between browser applications
09/10/09Node level hash join for evaluating a query
09/10/09Dynamically extending a plurality of manageability capabilities of it resources through the use of manageability aspects
09/10/09Supporting sub-document updates and queries in an inverted index
09/10/09Transitioning an archived file to write-once-read-many
09/10/09Automated contact list determination based on collaboration history
09/10/09Rating system for instant messaging (im)
09/10/09Computing environment sensitive data synchronization
09/10/09Intelligent performance monitoring based on user transactions
09/10/09Server and storage-aware method for selecting virtual machine migration targets
09/10/09Method and system for routing service requests based on throughput of teams of servers
09/10/09Memory compression implementation using non-volatile memory in a multi-node server system with directly attached processor memory
09/10/09High performance disk array rebuild
09/10/09Performing a least recently used (lru) algorithm for a co-processor
09/10/09Load register instruction short circuiting method
09/10/09Dynamically updating barcode data
09/10/09Method and system for cache-based dropped write protection in data storage systems
09/10/09Method to optimize power by tuning the selective voltage binning cut point
09/10/09Method of modeling and employing the cmos gate slew and output load dependent pin capacitance during timing analysis
09/10/09Methods for configuring software package
09/10/09On-demand monitoring of memory usage
09/10/09Maintaining application operations within a suboptimal grid environment
09/10/09Dynamic heat and power optimization of resource pools
09/10/09Data event sending method and apparatus and event processing system
09/10/09Methods, systems and computer program products for creating secured access codes via continuous information
09/03/09Fastening apparatus
09/03/09Integrated thermoelectric cooling devices and methods for fabricating same
09/03/09Porous silicon quantum dot photodetector
09/03/09Photovoltaic devices with enhanced efficiencies using high-aspect-ratio nanostructures
09/03/09Techniques for enhancing efficiency of photovoltaic devices using high-aspect-ratio nanostructures
09/03/09Variable flow computer cooling system for a data center and method of operation
09/03/09Transition plate position sensor for safe check-out counter conveyor operation
09/03/09Field effect device structure including self-aligned spacer shaped contact
09/03/09Sram cell having asymmetric pass gates
09/03/09Cmos structure including non-planar hybrid orientation substrate with planar gate electrodes and method for fabrication
09/03/09Optimized passivation slope for solder connections
09/03/09Bilayer metal capping layer for interconnect applications
09/03/09Low contact resistance metal contact
09/03/09Assembly and method for enhancing structural integrity and improving serviceability of electronic card disposed in a computing environment
09/03/09Fast three-dimensional visualization of object volumes without image reconstruction by direct display of acquired sensor data
09/03/09Providing position information to computing equipment installed in racks of a datacenter
09/03/09Determining angular position of a tape reel using timing based servo format
09/03/09Determining a reel motor angle using an estimated interval to degrees translation factor
09/03/09Apparatus and method to decode linear position information encoded in a sequential information storage medium
09/03/09Multiple chip module cooling system and method of operation thereof
09/03/09Back-gate decode personalization
09/03/09Optimizing a physical data communications topology between a plurality of computing nodes
09/03/09Using personalized tones to indicate when a participant arrives and/or leaves a conference call
09/03/09Method and apparatus for mapping encrypted and decrypted data via a multiple key management system
09/03/09Adaptive ocr for books
09/03/09Pre-alignment marking and inspection to improve mask substrate defect tolerance
09/03/09Structure for an integrated circuit that employs multiple interfaces
09/03/09Using gender analysis of names to assign avatars in instant messaging applications
09/03/09Risk reduction
09/03/09System and method for composite pricing of services to provide optimal bill schedule
09/03/09Data mining method for automatic creation of organizational charts
09/03/09System and method for calculating potential maximal price and share rate
09/03/09Supply consumption optimization and multiple component utilitzation
09/03/09System and method for calculating piecewise price and incentive
09/03/09System and method for generating optimal bill/payment schedule
09/03/09Change analysis system, method and program
09/03/09Adaptive multi-levels dictionaries and singular value decomposition techniques for autonomic problem determination
09/03/09Problem isolation through weighted search of knowledge bases
09/03/09System, method and computer program product for performing unstructured information management and automatic text analysis, including a search operator functioning as a weighted and (wand)
09/03/09Prefetching remote files on local disk space
09/03/09Method and apparatus for converting legacy programming language data structures to schema definitions
09/03/09Method for encoding, traversing, manipulating and querying a tree
09/03/09Using gender analysis of names to assign avatars in instant messaging applications
09/03/09Dynamic portal assembly
09/03/09Method and system for integrated deployment planning for virtual appliances
09/03/09Method, apparatus and computer program product implementing session-specific urls and resources
09/03/09Apparatus and method for supporting connection establishment in an offload of network protocol processing
09/03/09Managing the allocation of task control blocks
09/03/09Mechanism for visualizing memory fragmentation
09/03/09Merge operations of data arrays based on simd instructions
09/03/09Method and apparatus for detecting processor behavior using instruction trace data
09/03/09Method and apparatus for reducing test case generation time in processor testing
09/03/09Display of blade server operating system information
09/03/09Aggregate power display for multiple data processing systems
09/03/09System and method for detecting non-reproducible pseudo-random test cases
09/03/09Dynamic functional testing coverage based on failure dependency graph
09/03/09Method, apparatus and computer program product for capturing and viewing stored web resource interactions
09/03/09Zoning of devices in a storage area network with lun masking/mapping
09/03/09Method for recommending short-cuts in order to ease and fasten navigating within navigation topology
09/03/09System and method for generating integrated ticker display for broadcast media content
09/03/09Integrated circuit (ic) design method, system and program product
09/03/09Compiler for a declarative event-driven programming model
09/03/09Virtual machine and programming language for event processing
09/03/09Debugger for a declarative event-driven programming model
09/03/09Viral trace
09/03/09Operating a network monitoring entity
08/27/09Method and assembly for extracting and installing dual in-line memory module cardlets
08/27/09Method and system for improving alignment precision of parts in mems
08/27/09Latching and securing mechanism for bill presenter of a currency dispensing machine
08/27/09Aligning polymer films
08/27/09Super hybrid soi cmos devices
08/27/09Field effect transistor with reduced overlap capacitance
08/27/09Semitubular metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor
08/27/09Soi field effect transistor with a back gate for modulating a floating body
08/27/09Contact scheme for finfet structures with multiple fins
08/27/09Gate effective-workfunction modification for cmos
08/27/09High-z structure and method for co-alignment of mixed optical and electron beam lithographic fabrication levels
08/27/09Structure and process for metallization in high aspect ratio features
08/27/09Fluorine depleted adhesion layer for metal interconnect structure
08/27/09Method and system for changing circuits in an integrated circuit
08/27/09Interacting with a computer via interaction with a projected image
08/27/09Graphical display of cpu utilization
08/27/09Guided attachment of accelerators to computer systems
08/27/09Apparatus and method to display information using an information layer laminate
08/27/09Apparatus and method for writing data onto a tape
08/27/09Efficient method to detect disk write errors
08/27/09Method and system for servo stripe width detection and compensation
08/27/09Pass-through mechanism for linear tape library
08/27/09On-chip adjustment of mimcap and vncap capacitors
08/27/09Variable position dampers for controlling air flow to multiple modules in a common chassis
08/27/09Emc shielding for printed circuits using flexible printed circuit materials
08/27/09Subnet management in virtual host channel adapter topologies
08/27/09Method, system, computer program product, and hardware product for ethernet virtualization using an elastic fifo memory to facilitate flow of broadcast traffic to virtual hosts
08/27/09Reliable link layer packet retry
08/27/09Inbound blocking of data received from a lan in a multi-processor virtualization environment
08/27/09Tracking individuals using voice verification
08/27/09Selectively-expandable speakerphone system and method
08/27/09Hierarchal control of teleconferences
08/27/09Category based organization and monitoring of customer service help sessions
08/27/09Unified broadcast encryption system
08/27/09Unified broadcast encryption system
08/27/09Methods for aligning polymer films and related structures
08/27/09Photoresist compositions and methods related to near field masks
08/27/09Photoresists and methods for optical proximity correction
08/27/09Large array surface mount technology connector cradle assembly
08/27/09Connector actuation mechanism
08/27/09Method, apparatus or software for locating a mobile node relative to one or more other nodes
08/27/09Method, system and computer program product for generating trace data
08/27/09Emulated multi-tasking multi-processor channels implementing standard network protocols
08/27/09Stored phrase reutilization when testing speech recognition
08/27/09Rating virtual world merchandise by avatar visits
08/27/09System, methods and computer products to manage an individual meeting with a team
08/27/09Method for predicting problematic configurations and recommending safe configurations
08/27/09File resource usage information in metadata of a file
08/27/09Optimized collection of just-in-time statistics for database query optimization
08/27/09Automatic creation of pre-condition queries for conflict detection in distributed processing systems
08/27/09Systems, methods and computer program products for generating metadata and visualizing media content
08/27/09Systems, methods and computer program products for indexing, searching and visualizing media content
08/27/09Systems, methods and computer program products for the use of annotations for media content to enable the selective management and playback of media content
08/27/09Search engine, search system, search method, and search program product
08/27/09Managing service processes
08/27/09Discovering topical structures of databases
08/27/09Systems, methods and computer program products for the creation of annotations for media content to enable the selective management and playback of media content
08/27/09Method for updating databases
08/27/09System and method for utilizing generational file names for diagnostic data files
08/27/09Method, system and computer program product for verifying floating point square root operation results
08/27/09Method, system and computer program product for verifying floating point divide operation results
08/27/09Method, system and computer program product for determining required precision in fixed-point divide operations
08/27/09Method, system and computer program product for detecting errors in fixed point division operation results
08/27/09Method for user-specified error correction in an instant messaging system
08/27/09Subnet management discovery of point-to-point network topologies
08/27/09Communication of offline status between computer systems
08/27/09Managing escalating resource needs within a grid environment
08/27/09Buffer discovery in a parrallel multi-tasking multi-processor environment
08/27/09Reduction of message flow between bus-connected consumers and producers
08/27/09Method, system, and computer program product for merging data
08/27/09Managing recovery of a link via loss of link
08/27/09Managing recovery and control of a communications link via out-of-band signaling
08/27/09System, method and computer program product for providing a new quiesce state
08/27/09System, method and computer program product for providing a programmable quiesce filtering register
08/27/09Method, system, and computer program product for pipeline arbitration
08/27/09Efficient validation of writes for protection against dropped writes
08/27/09System, method and processor for accessing data after a translation lookaside buffer miss
08/27/09Method and system for a multi-level virtual/real cache system with synonym resolution
08/27/09System, method and computer program product for handling shared cache lines in a multi-processor environment
08/27/09Method, system, and computer program product for managing cache memory
08/27/09Method, system and computer program product for lru compartment capture
08/27/09System, method and computer program product for enhancing timeliness of cache prefetching
08/27/09System, method and computer program product for providing a shared memory translation facility
08/27/09Method, system and computer program product for storing external device result data
08/27/09Optimizations of a perform frame management function issued by pageable guests
08/27/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for dynamic selective memory mirroring
08/27/09Method and apparatus to combine scattered buffer addresses into a contiguous virtual address space
08/27/09Dynamic address translation with translation exception qualifier
08/27/09Processor, method and computer program product for fast selective invalidation of translation lookaside buffer
08/27/09System, method and computer program product for providing quiesce filtering for shared memory
08/27/09System and method for providing asynchronous dynamic millicode entry prediction
08/27/09Method, system, and computer program product for reducing cache memory pollution
08/27/09Method, system, and computer program product for selectively accelerating early instruction processing
08/27/09Discovery of a virtual topology in a multi-tasking multi-processor environment
08/27/09System, method and computer program product for translating storage elements
08/27/09Microarchitecture, method and computer program product for efficient data gathering from a set of trace arrays
08/27/09System and method for controlling restarting of instruction fetching using speculative address computations
08/27/09System and method for search area confined branch prediction
08/27/09Method, system and computer program product for minimizing branch prediction latency
08/27/09Method and system for implementing a diagnostic or correction boot image over a network connection
08/27/09Structure for detecting clock gating opportunities in a pipelined electronic circuit design
08/27/09System for modulating signals over power lines to understand the power distribution tree
08/27/09Signal phase verification for systems incorporating two synchronous clock domains
08/27/09Method, system, and computer program product for processor error checking
08/27/09Method, system, and computer program product for connection state recovery after fault
08/27/09Diagnosing communications between computer systems
08/27/09Managing use of storage by multiple pageable guests of a computing environment
08/27/09Logical to physical connectivity verification in a predefined networking environment
08/27/09System and methods for recording, displaying, and reconstructing computer-based system and user events
08/27/09Method, system and computer program product for processing error information in a system
08/27/09Method, system and computer program product involving error thresholds
08/27/09Ac abist diagnostic method, apparatus and program product
08/27/09Method for optimizing scan chains in an integrated circuit that has multiple levels of hierarchy
08/27/09Diagnosable general purpose test registers scan chain design
08/27/09Method, system, and computer program product for address generation checking
08/27/09On-demand service reconciliation, audit, and alert apparatus and method
08/27/09Systems and methods for document annotation
08/27/09Internet services and methods thereof
08/27/09Method for storing localized xml document values
08/27/09Online navigation of choice data sets
08/27/09System and method to optimize semiconductor power by integration of physical design timing and product performance measurements
08/27/09Wire structures minimizing hostile neighbors and coupling affects
08/27/09Incorporating state machine controls into existing non-state machine environments
08/27/09Method and implementation for constructing of corrected java native code
08/27/09Method, system and computer program product for providing filtering of guest2 quiesce requests
08/27/09Streaming attachment of hardware accelerators to computer systems
08/27/09System, method and computer program product for providing multiple quiesce state machines
08/27/09Negating initiative for select entries from a shared, strictly fifo initiative queue
08/27/09Pipelining hardware accelerators to computer systems
08/27/09System utilization through dedicated uncapped partitions
08/27/09Passing initiative in a multitasking multiprocessor environment
08/27/09Adjunct processor load balancing
08/27/09Federation of composite applications
08/27/09Routing workloads based on relative queue lengths of dispatchers
08/27/09Performance neutral heartbeat for a multi-tasking multi-processor environment
08/27/09Single program call message retrieval
08/27/09Communicating with a processor event facility
08/27/09System startup with applications using configurable options
08/27/09System, method and program product for customizing presentation of television content to a specific viewer and location
08/27/09Controlling access of a client system to access protected remote resources supporting relative urls
08/20/09Method of providing flexible heat sink installations for early blade board manufacturing
08/20/09Monitoring method and system for determining rack airflow rate and rack power consumption
08/20/09Dynamic tape drive calibration
08/20/09Hybrid orientation scheme for standard orthogonal circuits
08/20/09Cmos integration scheme employing a silicide electrode and a silicide-germanide alloy electrode
08/20/09Dual metal gate structures and methods
08/20/09Method of forming coplanar active and isolation regions and structures thereof
08/20/09Method and structure for relieving transistor performance degradation due to shallow trench isolation induced stress
08/20/09Microstructure modification in copper interconnect structure
08/20/09Novel structure and method for metal integration
08/20/09Through substrate annular via including plug filler
08/20/09Dual damascene metal interconnect structure having a self-aligned via
08/20/09System, method and apparatus for enhancing reliability on scan-initialized latches affecting functionality
08/20/09Radio frequency (rf) integrated circuit (ic) packages with integrated aperture-coupled patch antenna(s)
08/20/09Method and system for remote three-dimensional stereo image display
08/20/09Tape heads for use with multiple tape formats
08/20/09Temperature-based monitoring method and system for determining first and second fluid flow rates through a heat exchanger
08/20/09Ducted air temperature sensor
08/20/09Method and air-cooling unit with dynamic airflow and heat removal adjustability
08/20/09Automated control of rotational velocity of an air-moving device of an electronics rack responsive to an event
08/20/09Apparatus for stabilizing convergence of an adaptive line equalizer
08/20/09Apparatus and method to communicate information within a data storage library
08/20/09Method, system and computer program product for an even sampling spread over differing clock domain boundaries
08/20/09Method and system for voice mail pausing
08/20/09Method for managing communication events in a communication system
08/20/09Validation of encryption key
08/20/09Photolithography focus improvement by reduction of autofocus radiation transmission into substrate
08/20/09Method and system for deploying a wireless repeater
08/20/09User-defined environments for exercise machine training
08/20/09Methods to select golden devices for device model extractions
08/20/09Method, system and computer program product for event-based sampling to monitor computer system performance
08/20/09Selecting a language encoding of a static communication in a virtual universe
08/20/09Methods, systems and computer program products for a decision framework for valuating business transformation alternatives
08/20/09Cost management of software application portfolio
08/20/09Method for simultaneously considering customer support dates and customer request dates
08/20/09Method for automatic optimized price display
08/20/09Systems, methods and computer program products for supervised dimensionality reduction with mixed-type features and labels
08/20/09Methodology and computer program product for effecting rule evaluation in policy based data management
08/20/09Methodology and computer program product for effecting rule evaluation in policy based data management
08/20/09Alert management system and method
08/20/09System and method for performing dependency management in support of human reasoning in collaborative reasoning networks
08/20/09Creation of pre-filters for more efficient x-path processing
08/20/09Visualization of code units across disparate systems
08/20/09System and method for providing a common instruction table
08/20/09Asset adviser intelligence engine for managing reusable software assets
08/20/09Method and system for role based situation aware software
08/20/09Storage and retrieval of variable data
08/20/09Configuration item management tool
08/20/09Method authoring method
08/20/09Method and system for optimizing data access in a database using multi-class objects
08/20/09Document synchronization solution
08/20/09Ascii to binary floating point conversion of decimal real numbers on a vector processor
08/20/09Method, system and computer program product for identifying decimal floating point addition operations that do not require alignment, normalization or rounding
08/20/09Dynamic mashup creation from a set of resources and resource relationships
08/20/09Selective instant messaging (im) notifications based on sender/receiver relationships
08/20/09Method and apparatus for scoring unsolicited e-mail
08/20/09Asynchronous automated routing of user to optimal host
08/20/09Determining extended capability of a channel path
08/20/09Processing a variable length device command word at a control unit in an i/o processing system
08/20/09Cancel instruction and command for determining the state of an i/o operation
08/20/09Processing of data to perform system changes in an input/output processing system
08/20/09Processing communication data in a ships passing condition
08/20/09Providing indirect data addressing for a control block at a channel subsystem of an i/o processing system
08/20/09Processing of data to suspend operations in an input/output processing system
08/20/09Extended measurement word determination at a channel subsystem of an i/o processing system
08/20/09Processing of data to monitor input/output operations
08/20/09Computer command and response for determining the state of an i/o operation
08/20/09Computer command and response for determining the state of an i/o operation
08/20/09Open host issued statesave to attached storage
08/20/09Providing indirect data addressing in an input/output processing system where the indirect data address list is non-contiguous
08/20/09Open exchange limiting in an i/o processing system
08/20/09Early termination of an i/o operation in an i/o processing system
08/20/09Bi-directional data transfer within a single i/o operation
08/20/09Providing extended measurement data in an i/o processing system
08/20/09Reserved device access contention reduction
08/20/09Exception condition determination at a control unit in an i/o processing system
08/20/09Processing of data to suspend operations in an input/output processing log-out system
08/20/09Method and system for implementing store buffer allocation
08/20/09Network on chip with a low latency, high bandwidth application messaging interconnect
08/20/09Managing pci express devices during recovery operations
08/20/09Apparatus and method to allocate resources in a data storage library
08/20/09System and article of manufacture for storing data
08/20/09Method, system and computer program product for cache coherency protocol with built in avoidance for conflicting responses
08/20/09Method and system for handling cache coherency for self-modifying code
08/20/09Method, system and computer program product for selectively purging cache entries
08/20/09Method and apparatus for prefetching data from a data structure
08/20/09Microprocessor and method for deferred store data forwarding for store background data in a system with no memory model restrictions
08/20/09Facilitating intra-node data transfer in collective communications, and methods therefor
08/20/09System, method and computer program product for generating a consistent point in time copy of data
08/20/09Method for serializing translation lookaside buffer access around address translation parameter modification
08/20/09System and method for obtaining data in a pipelined processor
08/20/09Processor, method and computer program product including specialized store queue and buffer design for silent store implementation
08/20/09Method and system for overlapping execution of instructions through non-uniform execution pipelines in an in-order processor
08/20/09Processor and method for workaround trigger activated exceptions
08/20/09Method, system and computer program product for an implicit predicted return from a predicted subroutine
08/20/09Microprocessor, method and computer program product for direct page prefetch in millicode capable computer system
08/20/09Method and system for early instruction text based operand store compare reject avoidance
08/20/09Processor and method for store data forwarding in a system with no memory model restrictions
08/20/09Method, system and computer program product for millicode store access checking instructions
08/20/09Method and apparatus of handling instruction rejects, partial rejects, stalls and branch wrong in a simulation model
08/20/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for recovering from branch prediction latency
08/20/09Method and system for purging pattern history tables as a function of global accuracy in a state machine-based filtered gshare branch predictor
08/20/09Method and system for encrypted file access
08/20/09Apparatus and method to manage power in a computing device
08/20/09Method and system for power conservation in a hierarchical branch predictor
08/20/09Method, system and computer program product for sampling computer system performance data
08/20/09Analog testing of ring oscillators using built-in self test apparatus
08/20/09Automated system and processing for expedient diagnosis of broken shift registers latch chains using jtag
08/20/09Exception condition handling at a channel subsystem in an i/o processing system
08/20/09Multiple crc insertion in an output data stream
08/20/09Method, system and computer program product for end to end error checking in ethernet
08/20/09Method and system for instruction address parity comparison
08/20/09Automatically modifying communications in a virtual universe
08/20/09Method and system for predictive browsing
08/20/09Apparatus and method for generating and using a customized uniform resource locator
08/20/09System, method, and program for executing applications
08/20/09Cmos circuit leakage current calculator
08/20/09Verification of spare latch placement in synthesized macros
08/20/09Method and apparatus for efficient power region checking of multi-supply voltage microprocessors
08/20/09Automated method and apparatus for very early validation of chip power distribution networks in semiconductor chip designs
08/20/09Timing closure using multiple timing runs which distribute the frequency of identified fails per timing corner
08/20/09Optimization method of integrated circuit design for reduction of global clock load and balancing clock skew
08/20/09Automated method for buffering in a vlsi design
08/20/09Method of automating creation of a clock control distribution network in an integrated circuit floorplan
08/20/09Systems and methods involving designing integrated circuits
08/20/09Computer program product, apparatus, and method for inserting components in a hierarchical chip design
08/20/09Accurate parasitics estimation for hierarchical customized vlsi design
08/20/09Method for simplifying tie net modeling for router performance
08/20/09Automated merging in a software development environment
08/20/09Static code analysis
08/20/09Automated merging in a software development environment
08/20/09System and methods for replacing software application classes using transparent object adapters
08/20/09Re-tasking a managed virtual machine image in a virtualization data processing system
08/20/09System and methods for asynchronously updating interdependent tasks provided by disparate applications in a multi-task environment
08/20/09Network on chip low latency, high bandwidth application messaging interconnect
08/20/09Processing of data to determine compatability in an input/output processing system
08/20/09System & method for controlling the disposition of computer-based objects
08/20/09Utilizing previous password to determine authenticity to enable speedier user access
08/20/09Remote computer rebooting tool
08/13/09Circuit substrate having post-fed die side power supply connections
08/13/09Flash memory structure with enhanced capacitive coupling coefficient ratio (cccr) and method for fabrication thereof
08/13/09Vertical fin-fet mos devices
08/13/09Sub-lithographic dimensioned air gap formation and related structure
08/13/09Highly tunable metal-on-semiconductor trench varactor
08/13/09Interconnect structure with high leakage resistance
08/13/09Enhanced interconnect structure
08/13/09Via bottom contact and method of manufacturing same
08/13/09Structure and method of forming transitional contacts between wide and thin beol wirings
08/13/09Interconnect structures with partially self aligned vias and methods to produce same
08/13/09System and methods for scheduling power usage
08/13/09Phase interpolator system and associated methods
08/13/09Rfid tag with user-controlled kill mechanism
08/13/09Methods and systems involving diurnal computing
08/13/09Graphics rendering on a network on chip
08/13/09Moving magnet actuation of tape head
08/13/09Balanced linkage actuation of tape head
08/13/09Magnetically biased tilting roller bearing tape guidance
08/13/09Friction engaged tilting roller bearing tape guidance
08/13/09Tape guide rollers
08/13/09Noise-reducing attachment apparatus for heat exchanger door of an electronics rack of a data center
08/13/09Multiwalled carbon nanotube memory device
08/13/09Holographic disk with optical-notch-filter label
08/13/09Apparatus and method to set a rotation rate for an optical and holographic data storage medium
08/13/09Apparatus and method to store and retrieve information using an optical holographic data storage medium
08/13/09Method of optimizing a flow of value in a network
08/13/09System, method, and computer program product for improved distribution of data
08/13/09Controlling external communication of embedded device using proxy server
08/13/09Method, system, and computer program product for data exchange
08/13/09Apparatus for transmitting data and additional information simultaneously within a wire-based communication system
08/13/09Communications system via data scrambling and associated methods
08/13/09Minutiae mask
08/13/09Coupling element alignment using waveguide fiducials
08/13/09Sublithographic patterning method incorporating a self-aligned single mask process
08/13/09Gate patterning scheme with self aligned independent gate etch
08/13/09Sicoh film preparation using precursors with built-in porogen functionality
08/13/09Mobile device peer volume polling
08/13/09Method and system for redundant management of fans within a shared enclosure
08/13/09Methods for distributing a random variable using statistically-correct spatial interpolation
08/13/09Method and system for workforce optimization
08/13/09Method and system for workforce optimization
08/13/09Storage medium for storing a program for executing the product purchasing method, and a server used therefor
08/13/09Learning-based method for estimating costs and statistics of complex operators in continuous queries
08/13/09Method and system for identifying companies with specific business objectives
08/13/09Method for providing access to data stored in a database to an application
08/13/09System and method for preferred services in nomadic environments
08/13/09Access controller using tree-structured data
08/13/09Content acquisition system and method of implementation
08/13/09Generating a value associated with one of a plurality of leaf nodes by implicitly randomly climbing an implicit tree having the leaf nodes
08/13/09Finite harmonic oscillator
08/13/09Dynamic creation of an application's xml document type definition (dtd)
08/13/09Method and apparatus for measuring web site performance
08/13/09Content based routing of misaddressed e-mail
08/13/09System and method for enabling collaboration among invitees
08/13/09Managing a networked storage configuration
08/13/09Method, system and computer program for managing collaborative working sessions
08/13/09System for object retransmission without a continuous network connection in a digital media distributor system
08/13/09Identifying a cable with a connection location
08/13/09Method, system and computer program product for enhanced shared store buffer management scheme with limited resources for optimized performance
08/13/09Method for protecting exposed data during read/modify/write operations on a sata disk drive
08/13/09On-line volume coalesce operation to enable on-line storage subsystem volume consolidation
08/13/09Self test apparatus for identifying partially defective memory
08/13/09System and method for avoiding deadlocks when performing storage updates in a multi-processor environment
08/13/09Method, system, and computer program product for handling errors in a cache without processor core recovery
08/13/09Method, system and computer program product for generalized lru in cache and memory performance analysis and modeling
08/13/09System for limiting the size of a local storage of a processor
08/13/09Distributing parallel algorithms of a parallel application among compute nodes of an operational group in a parallel computer
08/13/09Raw hazard detection and resolution for implicitly used registers
08/13/09Methods computer program products and systems for unifying program event recording for branches and stores in the same dataflow
08/13/09Method, system and computer program product for verifying address generation, interlocks and bypasses
08/13/09Method and system for mitigating lookahead branch prediction latency with branch presence prediction at the time of instruction fetching
08/13/09Method and system for reducing branch prediction latency using a branch target buffer with most recently used column prediction
08/13/09Architecture and design for central authentication and authorization in an on-demand utility environment
08/13/09Reducing the boot time of a tcpa based computing system when the core root of trust measurement is embedded in the boot block code
08/13/09Minimization of power consumption in server environment
08/13/09Method for monitoring data processing system availability
08/13/09File error identification, reporting, and replacement of media files
08/13/09Managing white space in a portal web page
08/13/09Management of recorded data for online simulations
08/13/09Method and system for navigation of web sites and applications
08/13/09Method, system and computer program product for failure analysis implementing automated comparison of multiple reference models
08/13/09Iphysical design system and method
08/13/09Intelligent software code updater
08/13/09Method and system for correlating trace data
08/13/09Method, apparatus, and computer program product for detecting thread starvation
08/13/09System, method and program product for dynamically adjusting trace buffer capacity based on execution history
08/13/09Method, system and computer program product for template-based vertical microcode instruction trace generation
08/13/09Multiple-mode software license enforcement
08/13/09Saving unsaved user process data in one or more logical partitions of a computing system
08/13/09Authenticating a processing system accessing a resource
08/13/09Method and system for providing preemptive response routing
08/13/09System and method of reconstructing complex custom objects
08/13/09Controlling access to a process using a separate hardware device
08/13/09Section based security for a sectioned surface-based computing device
08/06/09Article extraction / insertion tool and assembly
08/06/09Amorphous nitride release layers for imprint lithography, and method of use
08/06/09Phase change element extension embedded in an electrode
08/06/09Cmos structures and methods using self-aligned dual stressed layers
08/06/09Cmos (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) devices having metal gate nfets and poly-silicon gate pfets
08/06/09Integrated module for data processing system
08/06/09High purity cu structure for interconnect applications
08/06/09Interconnect structure and method for cu/ultra low k integration
08/06/09Design structure of implementing power savings during addressing of dram architectures
08/06/09One or more multiport systems to facilitate servicing of asyncrhonous communications events
08/06/09System and computer program product for protecting audio content
08/06/09Method for configuring camera-equipped electronic devices using an encoded mark
08/06/09Holographic disk with 2p track-bearing layer
08/06/09Matching learning objects with a user profile using top-level concept complexity
08/06/09System and methods for sequencing learning objects based upon query and user relevancy
08/06/09Lock and key structure for three-dimentional chip connection and process thereof
08/06/09Kid's cell phone button that calls the closest parent or relative
08/06/09Computer program product, apparatus and system for managing a manual assembly sequence
08/06/09Response time when using a dual factor end of utterance determination technique
08/06/09Resource conservative transformation based unsupervised speaker adaptation
08/06/09Acknowledging receipt of delivered article by intended receiver
08/06/09Automated solution for managing ancillary working relationships in an organization
08/06/09Method and system for discovering dependencies in project plans of distributed system
08/06/09Method and tool for business process adaptation using goal modeling and analysis
08/06/09Governing a service oriented architecture
08/06/09Defining service funding for a service oriented architecture
08/06/09Method and system for vendor-neutral subcontractor enablement
08/06/09Defining an soa strategy for a service oriented architecture
08/06/09License compliance management
08/06/09Defining service ownership for a service oriented architecture
08/06/09Methodologies and analytics tools for identifying potential licensee markets
08/06/09Method and system for generating an ontology
08/06/09Method for exploitation of social networks to derive a location of employees
08/06/09Systems, methods and computer program products for an algebraic approach to rule-based information extraction
08/06/09Method and system for restricting access rights on user profile information using a new notion of peer
08/06/09Remote space efficient repository
08/06/09Remote space efficient repository
08/06/09Method for creating a process nomenclature
08/06/09Trace-based database schema evolution method and system
08/06/09Generating, and updating calendar events from non-calendar sources
08/06/09Ascii to binary decimal integer conversion in a vector processor
08/06/09Method for sign-extension in a multi-precision multiplier
08/06/09Solution that optimizes a websphere core group bridge to handle peer core group messaging for a distributed computing system with a large topology
08/06/09Method of remote configuration of automatic response settings for a first email address using an email sent from a second email address
08/06/09Method and apparatus for connection exploration in a network
08/06/09Transparent pci-based multi-host switch
08/06/09Power conservation in a composite array of data storage devices
08/06/09Fully asynchronous memory mover
08/06/09Computer system with addressable storage medium
08/06/09Method, system, and computer program product for out of order instruction address stride prefetch performance verification
08/06/09Methods for conflict-free, cooperative execution of computational primitives on multiple execution units
08/06/09Facilitating processing in a computing environment using an extended drain instruction
08/06/09Method for protecting audio content
08/06/09Data transmission system and method of correcting an error in parallel data paths of a data transmission system
08/06/09Avatar cloning in a virtual world
08/06/09Automated gui test recording/playback
08/06/09Systems and methods for inputting graphical data into a graphical input field
08/06/09System and method for auto-generating threads on web forums
08/06/09Method for automatically organizing toolbars for a software application
08/06/09Electrically driven optical proximity correction
08/06/09Method and apparatus for efficient and precise datarace detection for multithreaded object-oriented programs
08/06/09Debugger assistance for locating values at runtime
08/06/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for internationalizing user interface control layouts
08/06/09Concurrent execution of multiple primitive commands in command line interface
08/06/09Wake-and-go mechanism with dynamic allocation in hardware private array
08/06/09Interacting with applications via an instant messaging client to perform application specific tasks
08/06/09Systems and methods for constructing protocol state machines to determine the validity of an implementation of a service interface
08/06/09Global, dynamic, remote and central system for database driver configuration
08/06/09Method and system of managing user access in a computing system
08/06/09System and methods for granular access control
07/30/09System and method for implementing a front door air to water heat exchanger
07/30/09Construction of reliable stacked via in electronic substrates - vertical stiffness control method
07/30/09Vertically mounted product load sensor for a retail checkout station
07/30/09Fill-in etching free pore device
07/30/09Pore phase change material cell fabricated from recessed pillar
07/30/09Method for non-selective shallow trench isolation reactive ion etch for patterning hybrid-oriented devices compatible with high-performance highly-integrated logic devices
07/30/09Noble metal cap for interconnect structures
07/30/09Embedded constrainer discs for reliable stacked vias in electronic substrates
07/30/09Clustered stacked vias for reliable electronic substrates
07/30/09Power supply insensitive ptat voltage generator
07/30/09High performance pseudo dynamic pulse controllable multiplexer
07/30/09Circuits and design structures for monitoring nbti (negative bias temperature instability) effect and/or pbti (positive bias temperature instability) effect
07/30/09Generation of a vector graphic from a hand-drawn diagram
07/30/09System and method for spotlight identification of audience members during question and answer sessions
07/30/09Method and system for aspect ratio control
07/30/09Double-reverse total-internal-reflection-prism optical engine
07/30/09Method for saving printer paper
07/30/09Circuits, methods and design structures for adaptive repair of sram arrays
07/30/09General multi-link interface for networking environments
07/30/09Overhead reduction for multi-link networking environments
07/30/09Virtual web service
07/30/09Apparatus, system, and method for detecting fan rotation direction in electronic devices
07/30/09System and computer program product for predicting churners in a telecommunications network
07/30/09System and method for a device sound interface manager
07/30/09Method and system for assigning independent audio volume settings to components, channels, and media content
07/30/09Local stress engineering for cmos devices
07/30/09Enhanced messaging collaboration
07/30/09Method and system of monitoring manufacturing equipment
07/30/09Techniques for filtering systematic differences from wafer evaluation parameters
07/30/09Hardware emulation using on-the-fly virtualization
07/30/09Systems and methods for analyzing electronic documents to discover noncompliance with established norms
07/30/09Grammer checker
07/30/09Method and system for capabilities learning
07/30/09Method for predicting churners in a telecommunications network
07/30/09Initiating a service call for a hardware malfunction in a point of sale system
07/30/09Systems and method for continuous health monitoring
07/30/09Computer programs, methods, apparatus and systems providing improved evaluation of business processes
07/30/09System for performing schedule management, schedule management method and program
07/30/09Vertically mounted product load sensor for a retail checkout station
07/30/09Electronic payment system
07/30/09Adapting media storage based on user interest as determined by biometric feedback
07/30/09Content and context based handling of instant messages
07/30/09Multi-objective optimization using weight adjustment of initial and corrected solutions
07/30/09Method and apparatus for reducing storage requirements of electronic records
07/30/09Method for estimating the number of distinct values in a partitioned dataset
07/30/09Method, system, and program product for enhanced search query modification
07/30/09Searching navigational pages in an intranet
07/30/09Method and apparatus for collecting entity aliases
07/30/09Service search system, method, and program
07/30/09Viewing time of search result content for relevancy
07/30/09Method and system for reducing complex tree structures to simple tree structures based on relevance
07/30/09Method for storing messages in a directory
07/30/09Method and system for controlling accesses to a database
07/30/09Collaborative document management
07/30/09Method for automated design of row compression on tables in a relational database
07/30/09System and computer program product for automated design of row compression on tables in a relational database
07/30/09Exchanging data using programmatic conversion to emulated html form data
07/30/09Method for facilitating a real-time virtual interaction
07/30/09System and computer program product for facilitating a real-time virtual interaction
07/30/09Method and system for message delivery in messaging networks
07/30/09Message delivery using a plurality of queue managers
07/30/09System and product for role-based tag management for collaborative services integrated within an soa
07/30/09Autonomic storage provisioning to enhance storage virtualization infrastructure availability
07/30/09Method for monitoring transaction instances
07/30/09System and computer program product for monitoring transaction instances
07/30/09Methods and systems for migrating network resources to improve network utilization
07/30/09System and method for throttling host throughput
07/30/09Interfacing devices that include device specific information to a device receiving unit
07/30/09Interrupt mitigation on multiple network adapters
07/30/09Design structure for an embedded dram having multi-use refresh cycles
07/30/09Optimizing execution of i/o requests for a disk drive in a computing system
07/30/09Method and process for expediting the return of line exclusivity to a given processor through enhanced inter-node communications
07/30/09Method for expediting return of line exclusivity to a given processor in a symmetric multiprocessing data processing system
07/30/09Method, system and computer program product for preventing lockout and stalling conditions in a multi-node system with speculative memory fetching
07/30/09Dynamic address translation with frame management
07/30/09Mechanism for avoiding check stops in speculative accesses while operating in real mode
07/30/09Parsing-enhancement facility
07/30/09Secure request handling using a kernel level cache
07/30/09Design structure for implementing speculative clock gating of digital logic circuits
07/30/09Reducing data loss and unavailability by integrating multiple levels of a storage hierarchy
07/30/09Methods and computer program products for defing synchronous replication devices in a subchannel set other than subchannel set zero
07/30/09System and method of fault detection, diagnosis and prevention for complex computing systems
07/30/09Method and an apparatus for controlling an unreliable data transfer in a data channel
07/30/09Data bus system, its encoder/decoder and encoding/decoding method
07/30/09Socially-authored context-initiated processes
07/30/09Visualization of meeting invitee status as a method of collaboration
07/30/09Method for avoiding virtual world fatigue by maintaining avatar characteristics in an avatar wallet
07/30/09Apparatus and method to improve a graphical user interface
07/30/09Gantt chart map display and method
07/30/09Representing multiple computing resources within a predefined region of a graphical user interface for displaying a single icon
07/30/09Auto-router performing simultaneous placement of signal and return paths
07/30/09Shift-enabled reconfigurable device
07/30/09Methodology and system for determining numerical errors in pixel-based imaging simulation in designing lithographic masks
07/30/09Automatically generating rest clients from rest resources
07/30/09System and method for integrated artifact management
07/30/09Performance improvements for nested virtual machines
07/30/09Dynamic creation of client-side environment for problem analysis
07/30/09Method and apparatus for inlining native functions into compiled java code
07/30/09Method and system for a grid-enabled virtual machine with movable objects
07/30/09Method and system for batch processing form data
07/30/09Method for determining the impact of resource consumption of batch jobs within a target processing environment
07/30/09Method of processing instructions in pipeline-based processor and corresponding processor
07/30/09Method and system of managing resource lease duration for on-demand computing
07/30/09Managing parallel data processing jobs in grid environments
07/30/09Method to identify unique host applications running within a storage controller
07/30/09Method, system, and program product for tracking interactive text-message communications
07/30/09Service-oriented architecture component processing model
07/30/09Method for information tracking in multiple interdependent dimensions
07/30/09Managing actions of virtual actors in a virtual environment
07/30/09System and methods for efficiently classifying and selecting among security policy alternatives for outbound network communications
07/30/09Methods, devices, and computer program products for discovering authentication servers and establishing trust relationships therewith
07/30/09Systems, methods and computer program products for generating anonymous assertions
07/23/09Method of connecting a series of integrated devices utilizing flexible circuits in a semi-stacking configuration
07/23/09Full-field solder coverage
07/23/09Adjustable rack apparatus
07/23/09Laser annealing for 3-d chip integration
07/23/09Deep trench capacitor in a soi substrate having a laterally protruding buried strap
07/23/09Finfet devices and methods for manufacturing the same
07/23/09Anisotropic stress generation by stress-generating liners having a sublithographic width
07/23/09Structure and method to fabricate mosfet with short gate
07/23/09Method and structure for forming trench dram with asymmetric strap
07/23/09Via gouging methods and related semiconductor structure
07/23/09Method to recover underfilled modules by selective removal of discrete components
07/23/09Optical measurement using fixed polarizer
07/23/09Monitoring stage alignment and related stage and calibration target
07/23/09Enhanced static random access memory stability using asymmetric access transistors and design structure for same
07/23/09Method of storing data using a micro-electromechanical system based data storage system
07/23/09Automated advance link activation
07/23/09Detecting outbound nagling on a tcp network connection
07/23/09Small form factor pluggalbe (sfp) status indicator
07/23/09Reestablishing communication by a mobile node upon recovery from an abrupt shut down
07/23/09Trust session management in host-based authentication
07/23/09Delivering enhanced multimedia content on physical media
07/23/09Solution for locally staged electronic software distribution using secure removable media
07/23/09Calculating image intensity of mask by decomposing manhattan polygon based on parallel edge
07/23/09Method and material for a thermally crosslinkable random copolymer
07/23/09Method to control semiconductor device overlay using post etch image metrology
07/23/09Reusable ad hoc self-posed questions and answers for social network profiles
07/23/09Characterizing films using optical filter pseudo substrate
07/23/09Method to enhance performance of complex metal oxide programmable memory
07/23/09Disposable metallic or semiconductor gate spacer
07/23/09Anneal sequence integration for cmos devices
07/23/09Structure and method for improved sram interconnect
07/23/09Authentication of pharmaceuticals using molecular computational identification
07/23/09Test apparatus and methods thereof
07/23/09Adjusting left-to-right graphics to a right-to-left orientation or vice versa using transformations with adjustments for line width and pixel orientation
07/23/09Arrangements for using voice biometrics in internet based activities
07/23/09Computer program product for efficient scheduling of meetings
07/23/09Market segmentation analyses in virtual universes
07/23/09Method and apparatus for end-to-end retail store site optimization
07/23/09Predictive monitoring for events at computer network resources
07/23/09Adaptive method and system with automatic scanner installation
07/23/09Collaborative reasoning in a cognitive tool
07/23/09Modifier management within process models
07/23/09Transaction prediction modeling method
07/23/09Solution providing navigation-independent access to elements of a software integrated development environment (ide) using uniform resource locators (urls)
07/23/09Computer method and system for contextual management and awareness of persistent queries and results
07/23/09Managing a hierarchy of databases
07/23/09Method, system and computer program product for duplicate detection
07/23/09Comprehension of digitally encoded texts
07/23/09Specifying weighted search terms for a search engine
07/23/09Computer method and apparatus for graphical inquiry specification with progressive summary
07/23/09String pattern conceptualization method and program product for string pattern conceptualization
07/23/09Apparatus for controlling subscriptions
07/23/09Representing models in systems development lifecycle (sdlc) tools using a network of internet resources
07/23/09Tag syndicates
07/23/09Integrated view of multi-sourced information objects
07/23/09Efficient update methods for large volume data updates in data warehouses
07/23/09Method and system for creation and reuse of concise business schemas using a canonical library
07/23/09Managing configuration items
07/23/09Managing configuration items
07/23/09Automation process system and method to upgrade from non-unicode transformation support to unicode data transformation support
07/23/09Efficient update methods for large volume data updates in data warehouses
07/23/09Handling transfer of bad data to database partitions in restartable environments
07/23/09Technique of controlling access to database
07/23/09Article of manufacture and system for fast reverse restore
07/23/09User pivot navigation of shared social media
07/23/09Embedding a unque serial number into the content of an email for tracking information dispersion
07/23/09Message processing control in a publish/subscribe system
07/23/09In-flight information system
07/23/09Inferred discovery of devices of a data communications network
07/23/09Method, system, and apparatus for scheduling pattern based web services
07/23/09Transmitting information across firewalls
07/23/09Adaptive link width control
07/23/09Handling concurrent address translation cache misses and hits under those misses while maintaining command order
07/23/09Dynamic address translation with frame management
07/23/09Method and data processing system for generating and applying patches to a computer program code concurrently with its execution
07/23/09Dynamic address translation with change recording override
07/23/09Method for address translation in virtual machines
07/23/09Dynamic address translation with dat protection
07/23/09Method and device for configuring functional capabilities in a data processing system
07/23/09Transfer of data from positional data sources to partitioned databases in restartable environments
07/23/09Method of automatic regression testing
07/23/09Effective method to perform memory test using multiple processor unit, dma, and simd instruction
07/23/09System and method for providing a memory device having a shared error feedback pin
07/23/09Method and system of interface comment mapping
07/23/09Automated solution that detects configuration problems in an eclipse-based software application
07/23/09Aggregation and visualization of reused shared lists
07/23/09Virtual world integration with a collaborative application
07/23/09Deploying a virtual world within a productivity application
07/23/09Game determination of tag relevance for social bookmarking
07/23/09Electronic mail display program product, method, apparatus and system
07/23/09System for viewing information underlying lists and other contexts
07/23/09Site-wide navigation element for user activity in a social networking site
07/23/09Placement driven routing
07/23/09Customized networked-based commerce system packages
07/23/09Difference log production for model merging
07/23/09Method and system for guided inconsistency resolution in a model-driven software environment
07/23/09Refining tail call optimizations at link-time
07/23/09Method for singleton process control
07/23/09Method and system for inconsistency resolution with cycle detection in a model-driven software environment
07/23/09Verification of input/output hardware configuration
07/23/09Method, apparatus or software for identifying dependencies between components for a given build of a componentised product
07/23/09Compiler device, program, and recording medium
07/23/09Method for intelligent patch scheduling using historic averages of virtual i/o utilization and predictive modeling
07/23/09Optimized methodology for dispositioning missed scheduled tasks
07/23/09Ordering multiple resources
07/23/09System and method for load shedding in data mining and knowledge discovery from stream data
07/23/09Transfer of data from transactional data sources to partitioned databases in restartable environments
07/23/09Distributing event processing in event relationship networks
07/23/09Method and system for providing a data exchange service provider interface
07/23/09Methods, devices, and computer program products for policy-driven adaptive multi-factor authentication
07/23/09System and method for verifying an attribute in records for procurement application
07/23/09Systems for authenticating a user's credentials against multiple sets of credentials
07/23/09Authentication server, authentication method and authentication program
07/16/09Silicon carrier including an integrated heater for die rework and wafer probe
07/16/09Semiconductor automation buffer storage identification system and method
07/16/09Method of use of epoxy-containing cycloaliphatic acrylic polymers as orientation control layers for block copolymer thin films
07/16/09Method of forming polymer features by directed self-assembly of block copolymers
07/16/09Removing material from defective opening in glass mold
07/16/09Photo detector device
07/16/09Device and design structures for memory cells in a non-volatile random access memory and methods of fabricating such device structures
07/16/09Device structures for a metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor and methods of fabricating such device structures
07/16/09Semiconductor-on-insulator high-voltage device structures, methods of fabricating such device structures, and design structures for high-voltage circuits
07/16/09Design structures for high-voltage integrated circuits
07/16/09Metal gate electrode stabilization by alloying
07/16/09Programmable electronic fuse
07/16/09Electronic package method and structure with cure-melt hierarchy
07/16/09Local area semiconductor cooling system
07/16/09Barrier sequence for use in copper interconnect metallization
07/16/09Wireless display panel having light status indicators
07/16/09Semiconductor device defect type determination method and structure
07/16/09Performance inversion detection circuit and a design structure for the same
07/16/09Determining angle of incidence with respect to workpiece
07/16/09Shunt for magnetoresistive transducer heads for electrostatic discharge protection
07/16/09Fibre channel link initialization
07/16/09Insertion of null packets to mitigate the effects of interference in wireless communications
07/16/09Diagnostic method and apparatus for non-destructively observing latch data
07/16/09Rendering a mask using coarse mask representation
07/16/09Reducing introduction of foreign material to wafers
07/16/09Method of controlling orientation of domains in block copolymer films
07/16/09Sicoh dielectric material with improved toughness and improved si-c bonding, semiconductor device containing the same, and method to make the same
07/16/09Method of fabricating solder bumps
07/16/09Aromatic fluorine-free photoacid generators and photoresist compositions containing the same
07/16/09Fluorine-free heteroaromatic photoacid generators and photoresist compositions containing the same
07/16/09Photoresist compositions and methods of use in high index immersion lithography
07/16/09Photoresist compositions and methods of use in high index immersion lithography
07/16/09Methods for forming a composite pattern including printed resolution assist features
07/16/09Assembly method for reworkable chip stacking with conductive film
07/16/09Method and structure for nfet with embedded silicon carbon
07/16/09Integration scheme for extension of via opening depth
07/16/09Alignment verification for c4np solder transfer
07/16/09Charging-free electron beam cure of dielectric material
07/16/09Mobile call routing based on detected wireless personal area network devices
07/16/09Location identification
07/16/09Method of controlling orientation of domains in block copolymer films
07/16/09Method to improve wettability by reducing liquid polymer macromolecule mobility through forming polymer blend system
07/16/09Support device and palpation device and methods of use
07/16/09Method of establishing a lot grade system for product lots in a semiconductor manufacturing process
07/16/09Method to check model accuracy during wafer patterning simulation
07/16/09Determining signal quality of optical metrology tool
07/16/09Simulating an operation of a digital circuit
07/16/09Text analysis method
07/16/09Limiting proxy subscription propagation in a publish/subscribe message broker network
07/16/09Automated risk assessments using a contextual data model that correlates physical and logical assets
07/16/09Method and system of analyzing choices in a value network
07/16/09Method and system for planning of services workforce staffing using hiring, contracting and cross-training
07/16/09Provisioning web services
07/16/09Determining data feed usage
07/16/09Automated surfacing of tagged content in vertical applications
07/16/09Method and system for navigation of a data structure
07/16/09System and method for generating tag cloud in user collaboration websites
07/16/09Methods and apparatus for specifying and processing descriptive queries for data sources
07/16/09Methods for address book restoration from call logs
07/16/09Systems and arrangements of text type-ahead
07/16/09Just-in-time publishing system and program product for a publish/subscribe messaging system using a subscribe-event model
07/16/09String pattern analysis
07/16/09Method and system for using fine-grained access control (fgac) to control access to data in a database
07/16/09Automatically persisting data from a model to a database
07/16/09Method and system for discovery and modification of data cluster and synonyms
07/16/09Database system testing
07/16/09Method for automatically computing proficiency of programming skills
07/16/09System and computer program product for automatically computing proficiency of programming skills
07/16/09Avoiding database related joins with specialized index structures
07/16/09Method and apparatus for information boosting in related but disconnected databases
07/16/09Recovery point identification in cdp environments
07/16/09Browser-based proxy server for customization and distribution of existing applications
07/16/09Eliminating redundant notifications to sip/simple subscribers
07/16/09Social collaborative scoring for message prioritization according to an application interaction relationship between sender and recipient
07/16/09Social collaborative scoring for message prioritization according to a social networking relationship between sender and recipient
07/16/09Method and system for providing source information of data being published
07/16/09Social collaborative scoring for message prioritization according to a temporal factor between sender and recipient
07/16/09Social collaborative scoring for message prioritization based upon an organizational relationship between sender and recipient
07/16/09Browser-based proxy server for customization and distribution of existing applications
07/16/09Centralized social network response tracking
07/16/09Source updating for streaming based servers
07/16/09Automated classification of computer configuration using rule set
07/16/09Performing a configuration virtual topology change and instruction therefore
07/16/09Extract cache attribute facility and instruction therefore
07/16/09Cache line replacement techniques allowing choice of lfu or mfu cache line replacement
07/16/09Using multiple sidefiles to buffer writes to primary storage volumes to transfer to corresponding secondary storage volumes in a mirror relationship
07/16/09Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for protecting pre-staged provisioned data in a storage system
07/16/09Dynamic address translation with format control
07/16/09Dynamic address translation with frame management
07/16/09Dynamic address translation with fetch protection
07/16/09Dynamic address translation with format control
07/16/09Dynamic address translation with load real address
07/16/09Dynamic address translation with access control
07/16/09Dynamic address translation with load page table entry address
07/16/09Real-time cpu dispatcher affinity re-balancing
07/16/09Computer configuration virtual topology discovery and instruction therefore
07/16/09Rotate then operate on selected bits facility and instructions therefore
07/16/09Rotate then insert selected bits facility and instructions therefore
07/16/09Compare and branch facility and instruction therefore
07/16/09Execute relative long facility and instructions therefore
07/16/09Move facility and instructions therefore
07/16/09Compare relative long facility and instructions therefore
07/16/09Load relative and store relative facility and instructions therefore
07/16/09Methods and computer program products for swapping synchronous replication secondaries from a subchannel set other than zero to subchannel set zero using dynamic i/o
07/16/09Method and apparatus for applying digital signatures to translated content
07/16/09adaptive dynamic buffering system for power management in server clusters
07/16/09Autonomous diagnosis and repair of storage components
07/16/09Checkpointing and restoring user space data structures used by an application
07/16/09Ramped error logging system
07/16/09Diagnostic interface architecture for memory device
07/16/09Communications channel interposer, method and program product for verifying integrity of untrusted subsystem responses to a request
07/16/09System and method of integrating a plurality of form related workflow tools
07/16/09Perspective based tagging and visualization of avatars in a virtual world
07/16/09Automated surfacing of tagged content adjunct to vertical applications
07/16/09Method and system for optimizing bandwidth usage in remote visualization
07/16/09Apparatus and method for transferring files from one machine to another using adjacent desktop displays in a virtual network
07/16/09Technique for supporting user data input
07/16/09Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing a gauge for displaying data that includes historical-based data
07/16/09Method for annotating a process
07/16/09Taskonomic categorization palettes
07/16/09Method, system, and program product for automated verification of gating logic using formal verification
07/16/09Structure for semiconductor on-chip repair scheme for negative bias temperature instability
07/16/09Design structure for identifying and implementing flexible logic block logic for easy engineering changes
07/16/09Structure for a programmable interpolative voltage controlled oscillator with adjustable range
07/16/09Application program development assisting method, program, and information processing apparatus
07/16/09Method and system for providing a componentized resource adapter architecture
07/16/09Determining a priority value for a thread for execution on a multithreading processor system
07/16/09Algorithm to share physical processors to maximize processor cache usage and topologies
07/16/09Gathering state information for an application and kernel components called by the application
07/16/09Client side social network response tracking
07/16/09Gathering pages allocated to an application to include in checkpoint information
07/16/09Declarative instance based access control for application resources with persisted attributes and state
07/16/09Computer grid access management system
07/16/09Accelerated reevaluation of authorization rules
07/09/09Land grid array site geometry for electronic assemblies
07/09/09Fire-code-compatible, collapsible partitions to prevent unwanted airflow between computer-room cold aisles and hot aisles
07/09/09Rotational stabilizer
07/09/09Rail car sensor network
07/09/09Method for fabricating a semiconductor structures and structures thereof
07/09/09Method of fabricating hetero-junction bipolar transistor (hbt) and structure thereof
07/09/09Providing isolation for wordline passing over deep trench capacitor
07/09/09Mosfet having a high stress in the channel region
07/09/09Structure and method of creating entirely self-aligned metallic contacts
07/09/09Method and structure to protect fets from plasma damage during feol processing
07/09/09Sram device structure including same band gap transistors having gate stacks with high-k dielectrics and same work function
07/09/09Dram having deep trench capacitors with lightly doped buried plates
07/09/09Bump pad metallurgy employing an electrolytic cu / electorlytic ni / electrolytic cu stack
07/09/09In-plane silicon heat spreader and method therefor
07/09/09Airgap-containing interconnect structure with patternable low-k material and method of fabricating
07/09/09Simultaneous grain modulation for beol applications
07/09/09Via offsetting to reduce stress under the first level interconnect (fli) in microelectronics packaging
07/09/09Apparatus, system, and method determining voltage, current, and power in a switching regulator
07/09/09Thermal sensing circuit using bandgap voltage reference generators without trimming circuitry
07/09/09Method for compressed data with reduced dictionary sizes by coding value prefixes
07/09/09System and method of adjusting viewing angle for display based on viewer positions and lighting conditions
07/09/09Digital life recorder implementing enhanced facial recognition subsystem for acquiring face glossary data
07/09/09Method and system for secure data storage
07/09/09Servo channel for tape drive systems
07/09/09Sram device, and sram device design structure, with adaptable access transistors
07/09/09Phase change memory dynamic resistance test and manufacturing methods
07/09/09Apparatus for implementing efuse sense amplifier testing without blowing the efuse
07/09/09Apparatus for and method of current leakage reduction in static random access memory arrays
07/09/09Flexible network processor scheduler and data flow
07/09/09System for measuring an eyewidth of a data signal in an asynchronous system
07/09/09Method for managing transient telephone contacts
07/09/09Digital life recorder implementing enhanced facial recognition subsystem for acquiring a face glossary data
07/09/09Method and apparatus for matching of bracketed patterns in test strings
07/09/09Finding structures in multi-dimensional spaces using image-guided clustering
07/09/09Modifying spaces in virtual universes
07/09/09Digital life recorder with selective playback of digital video
07/09/09Method and structure to control thermal gradients in semiconductor wafers during rapid thermal processing
07/09/09Electrically conducting gasket, method of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
07/09/09Ionic, organic photoacid generators for duv, muv and optical lithography based on peraceptor-substituted aromatic anions
07/09/09Multiple exposure photolithography methods and photoresist compostions
07/09/09Photoacid generators for extreme ultraviolet lithography
07/09/09Hybrid orientation substrate compatible deep trench capacitor embedded dram
07/09/09Integration of ion gettering material in dielectric
07/09/09Structure and method to improve mosfet reliability
07/09/09Connector with a dismount latch configured to separate unlatching from cable separation and method of release
07/09/09Audio selection control for personal communication devices
07/09/09Precursors to fluoroalkanol-containing olefin monomers, and associated methods of synthesis and use
07/09/09Method for vehicle fault diagnosis using audio sensors
07/09/09Feedback loop system for passenger safety
07/09/09Method to identify the vessel a container is loaded on
07/09/09Design structure for an apparatus for monitoring and controlling heat generation in a multi-core processor
07/09/09Compact model methodology for pc landing pad lithographic rounding impact on device performance
07/09/09Duration estimation of repeated directed graph traversal
07/09/09Validation framework for service oriented architecture (soa) application adoption
07/09/09Market demand estimation method, system and apparatus
07/09/09Dynamic, subscriber driven charging models for media distribution
07/09/09Systems, methods and computer products for profile based identity verification over the internet
07/09/09Method and system for analyzing capabilities of an entity
07/09/09Smart data caching using data mining
07/09/09Term-driven records file plan and thesaurus design
07/09/09Data mining using variable rankings and enhanced visualization methods
07/09/09Automated configuration updater
07/09/09Correlation and parallelism aware materialized view recommendation for heterogeneous, distributed database systems
07/09/09Establishing usage policies for recorded events in digital life recording
07/09/09Method to avoid malconnections with respect to voltage levels of electronic components of circuit boards during circuit board design
07/09/09Preservation management of digital content
07/09/09System, method and computer program product for managing a group of copies of a data entity
07/09/09Managing watcher information in a distributed server environment
07/09/09Virtual state machine for managing operation requests in a client server environment
07/09/09Mailing list expansion trace
07/09/09Status and time-based delivery services for instant messengers
07/09/09Retained publish/subscribe system
07/09/09Multiple network shared disk servers
07/09/09Light weight portal proxy
07/09/09Remote active window sensing and reporting feature
07/09/09Systems, methods and computer program products for extracting port-level information of web services with flow-based network monitoring
07/09/09Machine-processable semantic description for resource management
07/09/09System and method for communicating with tools in a closed, secure production network
07/09/09Subscriber driven media agnostic content delivery across networks
07/09/09Reset method for application specific integrated circuits (asic)
07/09/09Synchronous bus controller system
07/09/09Device, system, and method of handling transactions
07/09/09Apparatus and method to access data in a raid array
07/09/09Method of efficiently choosing a cache entry for castout
07/09/09System and method for handling overflow in hardware transactional memory with locks
07/09/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for preemptive page eviction
07/09/09Backing up a de-duplicated computer file-system of a computer system
07/09/09Apparatus and method for managing data storage
07/09/09Method, system, and program for write process management
07/09/09Remote bios for servers and blades
07/09/09Dynamic redundancy for microprocessor components and circuits placed in nonoperational modes
07/09/09Context sensitive detection of failing i/o devices
07/09/09Visual wizard launch pad
07/09/09Automatic manipulation of conflicting media presentations
07/09/09Method and system for disappearing ink for text messaging
07/09/09Calendar entry display method
07/09/09Generating data queries using a graphical selection tree
07/09/09Populating dynamic navigational content in disparate application environments
07/09/09Methodology for improving device performance prediction from effects of active area corner rounding
07/09/09Heuristic clustering of circuit elements in a circuit design
07/09/09Method and system for reducing turn around time of complicated engineering change orders and asic design reutilization
07/09/09Method for quantifying the manufactoring complexity of electrical designs
07/09/09Creating customized applications using templates having points of variability
07/09/09Method, computer program product, and system for merging multiple same class instance states
07/09/09Dependent object framework for junit testing
07/09/09System, method and program for executing a debugger
07/09/09Simplifying the deployment and serviceability of commercial software environments
07/09/09Method for implementing dynamic lifetime reliability extension for microprocessor architectures
07/09/09Latency-aware thread scheduling in non-uniform cache architecture systems
07/09/09Collaborative planning actions and recipes
07/09/09Specifying and enforcing at least one run-time policy for at least one computer process executing on a computer system
07/09/09Access control policy conversion
07/02/09Monitoring access to controlled areas using electronic monitors
07/02/09Cable for high speed data communications
07/02/09Method of fabricating gate electrode for gate of mosfet and structure thereof
07/02/09Design methodology for guard ring design resistance optimization for latchup prevention
07/02/09Apparatus, system, and method for a high voltage, high frequency redundant bus power system
07/02/09Apparatus, system, and method for a high efficiency redundant power system
07/02/09Method and apparatus for dynamic characterization of reliability wearout mechanisms
07/02/09Design structure for regulating threshold voltage in transistor devices
07/02/09Optical touch panel
07/02/09System and method to improve mouth disease diagnosis
07/02/09Simultaneous recording of a live event and third party information
07/02/09Apparatus, system, and method for a low cost fault-tolerant power supply
07/02/09Apparatus, system, and method for a low cost self-healing power supply
07/02/09Method and apparatus for jitter compensation in receiver circuits using nonlinear dynamic phase shifting technique based on bit history pattern
07/02/09Dynamic item-space allocation and retrieval
07/02/09Amorphous oxide release layers for imprint lithography, and method of use
07/02/09Negative coefficient thermal expansion engineered particles for composite fabrication
07/02/09Method of forming a bottle-shaped trench by ion implantation
07/02/09Binding cache support in a load balanced sysplex
07/02/09Bone repositioning apparatus and system
07/02/09Method and system for synchronizing playing of an ordered list of auditory content on multiple playback devices
07/02/09Ca resistance variability prediction methodology
07/02/09Method for assessing pronunciation abilities
07/02/09Reducing a size of a compiled speech recognition grammar
07/02/09Use of multi-level state assessment in computer business environments
07/02/09Management based on computer dynamically adjusted discrete phases of event correlation
07/02/09Defining and using templates in configuring information technology environments
07/02/09Computer pattern system environment supporting business resiliency
07/02/09Recovery segments for computer business applications
07/02/09Using templates in a computing environment
07/02/09Live intention management
07/02/09Non-disruptively changing scope of computer business applications based on detected changes in topology
07/02/09Use of graphs in managing computing environments
07/02/09Non-disruptively changing a computing environment
07/02/09Dynamic selection of actions in an information technology environment
07/02/09Automated kitting for short build manufacturing
07/02/09Bsm problem analysis programmable apparatus
07/02/09Accounting for spatial and environmental factors in equipment order configurations
07/02/09Attribute based inventory usage and stocking
07/02/09Method and system for hosting an in-store electronic auction
07/02/09Method and apparatus for modifying a process based on closed-loop feedback
07/02/09Processing algebraic expressions for keyed data sets
07/02/09Data deduplication by separating data from meta data
07/02/09System and method for leveraging tag context
07/02/09Processing structured documents stored in a database
07/02/09Method for providing a real time view of heterogeneous enterprise data
07/02/09System and program products for efficiently locking resources of a global data repository
07/02/09Annotating collaborative information structures
07/02/09Associative object model for composite entity information
07/02/09Method and system for obtaining user data having user-defined data types
07/02/09Templating virtual views in an on-demand portal infrastructure
07/02/09Personalized information filter based on social tags
07/02/09Telephone menu selection
07/02/09Method and system to synchronize updated versions of a document edited on a collaborative site that are under document management control
07/02/09System and method for archiving portions of an output of a web application
07/02/09System and method for representation of multiple related objects within a web feed
07/02/09System and method for reading a web feed that represents multiple related objects
07/02/09Virtual space system, method and program
07/02/09Technique for previously providing estimate of time required for processing
07/02/09Detecting exceptions for collaborative object addressing
07/02/09Deriving and communicating attention spans in collaborative applications
07/02/09Instant messenger subset management
07/02/09Roaming instant messaging
07/02/09Instant messaging transcript sharing for added participants to an instant messaging session
07/02/09Instant messaging based social introductions
07/02/09System and method for server-side interruption management
07/02/09Methods for using message queuing telemetry transport for sensor networks to support sleeping devices
07/02/09Managing participants in an instant messaging meeting
07/02/09System and methods for recommending network content based upon social networking
07/02/09Balanced management of scalability and server loadability for internet protocol (ip) audio conferencing based upon monitored resource consumption
07/02/09Real-time information technology environments
07/02/09Coordinated deep tagging of media content with community chat postings
07/02/09Heterogeneous two-phase commit test engine
07/02/09Method for autonomic detection and repair of broken links in web environments
07/02/09Method and system for monitoring, communicating, and handling a degraded enterprise information system
07/02/09System and program products for facilitating input/output processing by using transport control words to reduce input/output communications
07/02/09Hardware based runtime error detection
07/02/09System and method for service virtualization using a mq proxy network
07/02/09Method and system for managing the display of sensitive content in non-trusted environments
07/02/09Core dump privacy during application failure
07/02/09Apparatus, system, and method for an integrated power supply efficient in high and low power conditions
07/02/09Defining a computer recovery process that matches the scope of outage
07/02/09Conditional actions based on runtime conditions of a computer system environment
07/02/09Method for providing deferred maintenance on storage subsystems
07/02/09Managing processing of a computing environment during failures of the environment
07/02/09Remote resolution of software program problems
07/02/09Portable media device that automatically configures itself and/or an external media presentation device using previously-captured presentation data
07/02/09Methods involving text attribute recognition
07/02/09Methods and systems involving object attribute recognition
07/02/09Tactile two-way feedback to remote presentation controller device to indicate slide animation status
07/02/09Gui screen sharing between real pcs in the real world and virtual pcs in the virtual world
07/02/09Dynamically added navigation widget for loose integration of web pages across different web applications
07/02/09Activity centric resource recommendations in a computing environment
07/02/09Location independent communication in a virtual world
07/02/09Technique that enhances the manipulation of an html tree presentation by using an array representation of the hierarchical path of a tree node
07/02/09Avoiding device stressing
07/02/09Method and apparatus for on-the-fly minimum power state transition
07/02/09Design structure for a clock system for a plurality of functional blocks
07/02/09System and method for comparing partially decompiled software
07/02/09Adding a profiling agent to a virtual machine to permit performance and memory consumption analysis within unit tests
07/02/09Conditional computer runtime control of an information technology environment based on pairing constructs
07/02/09Use of redundancy groups in runtime computer management of business applications
07/02/09Dynamic generation of processes in computing environments
07/02/09Adaptive computer sequencing of actions
07/02/09Managing the computer collection of information in an information technology environment
07/02/09Discovery directives
07/02/09Serialization in computer management
07/02/09Management of computer events in a computer environment
07/02/09Managing execution within a computing environment
07/02/09Adaptive business resiliency computer system for information technology environments
07/02/09Parallel processing of triggering rules in sip event notification filters
07/02/09Managing contact list status notifications in collaboration systems to reduce network traffic
07/02/09Method, system and program product for broadcasting services available to consumers at a location when relevant
07/02/09Programmatic validation in an information technology environment
07/02/09Apparatus, system, and method for asynchronous java script and xml (ajax) form-based authentication using java 2 platform enterprise edition (j2ee)
07/02/09Method for dynamic discovery of code segments in instrumented binary modules
06/25/09Field effect device with reduced thickness gate
06/25/09Simplified vertical array device dram/edram integration
06/25/09Trench metal-insulator metal (mim) capacitors
06/25/09Battery charge management system for charging a battery bank that includes a plurality of batteries
06/25/09Multimedia article management facility
06/25/09High speed resistor-based digital-to-analog converter (dac) architecture
06/25/09Digital to analog converter having fastpaths
06/25/09Emulating a keyboard on a touch screen monitor of a computer system
06/25/09Temporal ranking in virtual worlds
06/25/09Virtual contact groups
06/25/09System for providing read clock sharing between memory devices
06/25/09Multichip package, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
06/25/09Automatic shutdown or throttling of a bist state machine using thermal feedback
06/25/09Mini time key creation memory medium and system
06/25/09Method, system, and computer program product for encryption key management in a secure processor vault
06/25/09Reducing incident infrared radiation received by one or more infrared detectors in a self checkout point of sale system
06/25/09Forming robust solder interconnect structures by reducing effects of seed layer underetching
06/25/09Monitoring method and system using collective intelligence and rating propagation in virtual world community
06/25/09Vehicle-mounted tool for monitoring road surface defects
06/25/09Method and apparatus for network performance management
06/25/09Methodology for thermal modeling of on-chip interconnects based on electromagnetic simulation tools
06/25/09Method for transforming overlapping paths in a logical model to their physical equivalent based on transformation rules and limited traceability
06/25/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing an information storage management system
06/25/09Method and structure for risk-based resource planning for configurable products
06/25/09Employing organizational context within a collaborative tagging system
06/25/09Auto-cascading clear to build engine for multiple enterprise order level parts management
06/25/09Device, system, and method of dynamic modification of sale terms of electronic transactions
06/25/09Auto-cascading clear to build engine for multiple location order level parts management
06/25/09Method for autonomic workload distribution on a multicore processor
06/25/09Content searching for portals having secure content
06/25/09System for controlling concurrent access to data in a database system
06/25/09Method and system for li-based robust distribution clustering of multinomial distributions
06/25/09Technique for finding rest resources using an n-ary tree structure navigated using a collision free progressive hash
06/25/09Reporting model generation within a multidimensional enterprise software system
06/25/09Method and system using prefetching history to improve data prefetching performance
06/25/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for accessing a multi-format data object
06/25/09System for representing and recreating object dependencies from one database system to another
06/25/09Method and apparatus for mapping encrypted and decrypted data via key management system
06/25/09Initiating execution of server-controlled tasks
06/25/09Systems and methods for transparently accessing web applications remotely and locally
06/25/09Redundant systems management frameworks for network environments
06/25/09Method for forming ad hoc social networks in two dimensional collaboration
06/25/09Controlling instant messaging settings based on calendar application entries
06/25/09Deriving overlay information from a user input for a base message schema associated with a node in a message flow
06/25/09Program product and system for performing multiple hierarchical tests to verify identity of sender of an e-mail message and assigning the highest confidence value
06/25/09Monitoring instant messaging usage
06/25/09Utilizing a single agent on a non-origin node for measuring the roundtrip response time of web pages with embedded html frames
06/25/09Automatic intranet and internet detection for enhanced browsing and information discovery within collaborative applications
06/25/09Transferring a logical partition ('lpar') between two server computing devices based on lpar customer requirements
06/25/09Computer memory subsystem for enhancing signal quality
06/25/09Livelock resolution
06/25/09Throttling a point-to-point, serial input/output expansion subsystem within a computing system
06/25/09Protecting against stale page overlays
06/25/09Method and apparatus for fast processing memory array
06/25/09Optimizing execution of single-threaded programs on a multiprocessor managed by compilation
06/25/09Method and apparatus for performing out of order instruction folding and retirement
06/25/09Execution of single-threaded programs on a multiprocessor managed by an operating system
06/25/09Determining thermal characteristics of instruction sets
06/25/09Cipher message assist instruction
06/25/09Apparatus, system, and method for a high efficiency redundant power architecture
06/25/09Administering power supplies in a data center
06/25/09System and method for managing root file system
06/25/09Method and system for enterprise memory management of memory modules
06/25/09Fault injection in dynamic random access memory modules for performing built-in self-tests
06/25/09Preemptive thermal management for a computing system based on cache performance
06/25/09Method for scrubbing storage in a computer memory
06/25/09Apparatus for pipelined cyclic redundancy check circuit with multiple intermediate outputs
06/25/09Collecting failure information on error correction code (ecc) protected data
06/25/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for automatic parsing of markup language documents
06/25/09Efficient method of migrating lotus domino documents to a non-domino web server, while preserving sections, using portable javascript
06/25/09Method and apparatus for setting output image including image processing information and program for controlling the same
06/25/09Systems, methods and computer program products for a dynamic display of saved bookmarks based on browsing activity
06/25/09Systems, methods and computer program products for creating parent/child entries for a calendar event to enable customization for calendar-event attendees
06/25/09System and method for interaction between users of an online community
06/25/09Large tree view navigation
06/25/09Spotlight cursor
06/25/09Design structure for glitchless clock multiplexer optimized for synchronous and asynchronous clocks
06/25/09Design structure for a system for controlling access to addressable integrated circuits
06/25/09Convention based uml modeling tool
06/25/09Quality measure tool for a composite application
06/25/09Multi-threaded debugger support
06/25/09Extensible and unobtrusive script performance monitoring and measurement
06/25/09Method and system for providing post-mortem service level debugging
06/25/09Method for parallelizing execution of single thread programs
06/25/09Method, system, and computer program product for data security policy enforcement
06/25/09Directory infrastructure for social networking web application services
06/25/09Network security management for ambiguous user names
06/25/09Systems, methods and computer program products for firewall use of certified binaries
06/18/09Method of forming an actuating mechanism for a probe storage system
06/18/09Cutter blade apparatus and method for cutting receipt paper
06/18/09High performance compliant thermal interface cooling structures
06/18/09Compliant thermal interface design and assembly method
06/18/09Rack system providing flexible configuration of computer systems with front access
06/18/09Design structure for an on-demand power supply current modification system for an integrated circuit
06/18/09High yield, high density on-chip capacitor design
06/18/09High-k/metal gate stack using capping layer methods, ic and related transistors
06/18/09Dual oxide stress liner
06/18/09Selective implementation of barrier layers to achieve threshold voltage control in cmos device fabrication with high-k dielectrics
06/18/09Structure and method for manufacturing device with planar halo profile
06/18/09High-k dielectric and metal gate stack with minimal overlap with isolation region and related methods
06/18/09Electrostatic discharge protection for bipolar semiconductor circuitry
06/18/09Interconnect structure and method of making same
06/18/09Ic interconnect for high current
06/18/09Compact low paper sensor mechanism
06/18/09Structure for indicating status of an on-chip power supply system
06/18/09Universal serial bus wakeup circuit
06/18/09Voltage comparator having improved kickback and jitter characteristics
06/18/09Io driver circuit with output stage configurable as a thevenin terminator
06/18/09Structure for improving fuse state detection and yield in semiconductor applications
06/18/09Method and apparatus for changing a display mode for a graphical user interface
06/18/09Hermetic seal for a scanner assembly of a probe storage device
06/18/09Device for embedding information into data
06/18/09Design structures for electrostatic discharge protection for bipolar semiconductor circuitry
06/18/09Apparatus and method for facilitating cooling of an electronics system
06/18/09One-dimensional hierarchical nested channel design for continuous feed manufacturing processes
06/18/09Light source for illuminating an electronics rack to facilitate servicing thereof
06/18/09Floating body control in soi dram
06/18/09Design structure for improving performance of sram cells, sram cell, sram array, and write circuit
06/18/09Managing redundant memory in a voltage island
06/18/09System for blocking multiple memory read port activation
06/18/09Probe storage device
06/18/09Scanning system for a probe storage device
06/18/09Scanning system for a probe storage device
06/18/09Probe storage device scanner chip having a multi-layer media support table
06/18/09Method for providing multiple streams in digital media and to select viewable content based on geography
06/18/09Method and system for reducing the cost of sampling a moving image
06/18/09Method and apparatus for adjusting a gap in a printer
06/18/09Ultraviolet uv photo processing or curing of thin films with surface treatment
06/18/09Ic chip package substrate having outermost glass fiber reinforced epoxy layers and related method
06/18/09Photoresist compositions and method for multiple exposures with multiple layer resist systems
06/18/09Photoresist compositions and method for multiple exposures with multiple layer resist systems
06/18/09Method of forming a flat media table for probe storage device
06/18/09Protection of sige during etch and clean operations
06/18/09Inhibition of metal diffusion arising from laser dicing
06/18/09Inhibition of metal diffusion arising from laser dicing
06/18/09Plating seed layer including an oxygen/nitrogen transition region for barrier enhancement
06/18/09Coupler assembly for a scalable computer system and scalable computer system
06/18/09Apparatus and method for facilitating air cooling of an electronics rack
06/18/09Gilbert mixers with improved isolation
06/18/09Centralized display for mobile devices
06/18/09Exercise regime management tool
06/18/09Method and system for automated energy usage monitoring within a data center
06/18/09Method and system for multiprocessor emulation on a multiprocessor host system
06/18/09Language converter with enhanced search capability
06/18/09Providing speech recognition data to a speech enabled device when providing a new entry that is selectable via a speech recognition interface of the device
06/18/09Using partial information to improve dialog in automatic speech recognition systems
06/18/09Method for calendar driven decisions in web conferences
06/18/09System and methods for process analysis, simulation, and optimization based on activity-based cost information
06/18/09Collaborative project management
06/18/09Apparatus, system, and method for appointment scheduling
06/18/09Processing electronic rebates
06/18/09Method and apparatus for model-shared subspace boosting for multi-label classification
06/18/09Method of organizing software design decision instances
06/18/09System for converting message data into relational table format
06/18/09Federated pagination management
06/18/09Framework for dynamic analysis of varying structured data using multiple analysis techniques
06/18/09Systems, methods, and computer products for information sharing using personalized index caching
06/18/09Digital content searching tool
06/18/09Search supporting apparatus and method utilizing exclusion keywords
06/18/09Method and system for enablement of social networking based on asset ownership
06/18/09Managing maintenance tasks for computer programs
06/18/09System and method for preserving filehandles across file system migrations on a best effort basis
06/18/09Filename segmentation based client server file management system
06/18/09Generating unique object identifiers for network management objects
06/18/09Systems, methods and computer products for name disambiguation by using private/global directories, and communication contexts
06/18/09Mechanism for converting after image data to a delta level change
06/18/09System and method for expressing xml schema validation using java in a declarative manner
06/18/09Discovery and management of configuration data contained within mashups
06/18/09Data object copy/paste transfer method and apparatus
06/18/09Administering a digital media file having one or more potentially offensive portions
06/18/09Failure tolerant transaction processing system
06/18/09Database management method, apparatus and system
06/18/09Character pattern-based file storage tool
06/18/09Repartitioning live data
06/18/09Method and system for delivering information with caching based on interest and significance
06/18/09Using an unsynchronized event pool to improve performance of an event driven im gateway
06/18/09Email change tracking
06/18/09System and method for high efficiency tunnelling for agile meetings
06/18/09How to enable "out of box" messages tracking in messaging system
06/18/09Controlling shared access of a media tray
06/18/09Migrating port-specific operating parameters during blade server failover
06/18/09Systems, methods and computer program products for capacity on-demand server mechanism for seamless 3d virtual worlds
06/18/09Managing virtual addresses of blade servers in a data center
06/18/09System and method of enforcing hierarchical management policy
06/18/09System and method for real-time graphic monitoring of differing graphics resolutions using a single graphics buffer
06/18/09Network connection failover during application service interruption
06/18/09Generic remote connection to a command line interface application
06/18/09Content provisioning system and method
06/18/09Dynamically allocating communication lanes for a plurality of input/output ('i/o') adapter sockets in a point-to-point, serial i/o expansion subsystem of a computing system
06/18/09Managing virtual addresses of blade servers in a data center
06/18/09Tracking load store ordering hazards
06/18/09Tracking store ordering hazards in an out-of-order store queur
06/18/09Two-sided, dynamic cache injection control
06/18/09Cache injection using clustering
06/18/09Method and apparatus for active software disown of cache line's exlusive rights
06/18/09Cache injection using speculation
06/18/09Pre-fetch data and pre-fetch data relative
06/18/09Cache memory with extended set-associativity of partner sets
06/18/09Method and system for intelligent and dynamic cache replacement management based on efficient use of cache for individual processor core
06/18/09Memory-centric page table walker
06/18/09Data transfer to memory over an input/output (i/o) interconnect
06/18/09Target computer processor unit (cpu) determination during cache injection using input/output (i/o) adapter resources
06/18/09Target computer processor unit (cpu) determination during cache injection using input/output (i/o) hub/chipset resources
06/18/09Dynamic memory management in an rdma context
06/18/09Method and system for auto parallelization of zero-trip loops through the induction variable substitution
06/18/09Computer program code size partitioning system for multiple memory multi-processing systems
06/18/09Image processing apparatus for checking unauthorized access to information and method of performing the same
06/18/09System and method for interchangeably powering single or multiple motherboards
06/18/09Selecting between high availability redundant power supply modes for powering a computer system
06/18/09Synchronization of independent clocks
06/18/09Failover of blade servers in a data center
06/18/09Rules-based profile switching in metaverse applications
06/18/09Method, system, and computer program product for generating a front end graphical user interface for a plurality of text based commands
06/18/09System for scheduling and transmitting messages
06/18/09Method for visual depiction of audiences for viewing items in blogs and other electronic repositories
06/18/09Managing icon integrity
06/18/09Method and apparatus for a computer simulated environment
06/18/09Complex operation execution tool
06/18/09Adaptive weighting method for layout optimization with multiple priorities
06/18/09High-density, trench-based non-volatile random access sonos memory cells for soc applications
06/18/09Method and system for calculating high frequency limit capacitance and inductance for coplanar on-chip structure
06/18/09Determining allowable antenna area as function of total gate insulator area for soi technology
06/18/09Design structure for a redundant micro-loop structure for use in an integrated circuit physical design process and method of forming the same
06/18/09Method and apparatus for the design and development of service-oriented architecture (soa) solutions
06/18/09Method and apparatus for modeling and managing quality of service (qos) in a service-oriented architecture (soa) environment
06/18/09Method and system for the efficient unrolling of loop nests with an imperfect nest structure
06/18/09Systems, methods and computer program products for operation history management for hpc programs optimization
06/18/09Method and system for automatically identifying the source of copied software
06/18/09Deterministic pseudo-random fault event recordation and injection tool
06/18/09Configuring a shared library to accommodate relocatable data in a pervasive device
06/18/09Deployment tool for increasing efficiency in a production computer system
06/18/09Software distribution method and system
06/18/09Software configuration based on entitlement records
06/18/09Facility for scheduling the execution of jobs based on logic predicates
06/18/09Dynamic critical path update facility
06/18/09Dynamic critical-path recalculation facility
06/18/09Method and apparatus for handling files containing confidential or sensitive information
06/18/09Apparatus, system, and method for user authentication based on authentication credentials and location information
06/18/09System and methods for credentialing on-line information providers
06/18/09Method and device for integrating multiple threat security services
06/18/09Software license reconciliation facility
06/18/09Method and apparatus for efficient multiple-pattern based matching and transformation of intermediate language expression trees
06/11/09Package fastening clip with tamper evident feature
06/11/09Apparatus, system, and method for opening a security lock slot of an electronic device
06/11/09Radio frequency identification system for inventory handling, tracking, and checkout
06/11/09Structure for implementing secure multichip modules for encryption applications
06/11/09Method of patterning semiconductor structure and structure thereof
06/11/09Process and method to lower contact resistance
06/11/09Structure and method to increase effective mosfet width
06/11/09Ultra low k plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition processes using a single bifunctional precursor containing both a sicoh matrix functionality and organic porogen functionality
06/11/09Flip-chip assembly with organic chip carrier having mushroom-plated solder resist opening
06/11/09Wire bonding personalization and discrete component attachment on wirebond pads
06/11/09Systems and arrangements to provide input offset voltage compensation
06/11/09System and method for automatically adjusting traffic light
06/11/09Conversion of two dimensional image data into three dimensional spatial data for use in a virtual universe
06/11/09Arrangements for controlling activites of an avatar
06/11/09Novel sram cell design to improve stability
06/11/09Memory elements and methods of using the same
06/11/09Apparatus for reducing leakage in global bit-line architectures
06/11/09Memory circuit with decoupled read and write bit lines and improved write stability
06/11/09System for controlling memory power consumption in integrated devices
06/11/09Apparatus and method to visually indicate the status of a data storage device
06/11/09Enhanced surface-emitting photonic device
06/11/09Method for exploitation of location proximity to derive a location of employees utilizing instant messaging
06/11/09Dynamic, selective obfuscation of information for multi-party transmission
06/11/09Magnetic ink character recognition ('micr') signal generation for a micr
06/11/09Method for extracting text from a compound digital image
06/11/09Allowing users to automatically change typographical letter case using application independent functionality
06/11/09Optical link module, optical interconnection method, information processor including the optical link module, signal transfer method, prism and method of manufacturing the prism
06/11/09Hinge with sliding pivot transfer
06/11/09High aspect ratio electroplated metal feature and method
06/11/09Patterning method using a combination of photolithography and copolymer self-assemblying lithography techniques
06/11/09Management and delivery of embedded ide learning content
06/11/09Method of making a finfet device structure having dual metal and high-k gates
06/11/09Method of reducing embedded sige loss in semiconductor device manufacturing
06/11/09Structures and methods for manufacturing of dislocation free stressed channels in bulk silicon and soi mos devices by gate stress engineering with sige and/or si:c
06/11/09Method for intelligent data handling for mobile call billing using ims
06/11/09Run-time dispatch system for enhanced product characterization capability
06/11/09Method, system, and program product for airport traffic management
06/11/09Method and system for performing programmatic actions based upon vehicle appropximate locations
06/11/09System and method for detection and prevention of influx of airborne contaminants
06/11/09Method of laying out a data center using a plurality of thermal simulators
06/11/09Computer method and apparatus for chaining of model-to-model transformations
06/11/09Apparatus and method for simulating heated airflow exhaust of an electronics subsystem, electronics rack or row of electronics racks
06/11/09Apparatus and method for simulating one or more operational characteristics of an electronics rack
06/11/09Efficient stemming of semitic languages
06/11/09Hiring process by using social networking techniques to verify job seeker information
06/11/09Method to disable use of selected applications based on proximity or user identification
06/11/09Systems, methods and computer program products for business transformation of business performance indicators
06/11/09Electronic coupon validation for a point of sale ('pos') transaction
06/11/09Virtual web store with product images
06/11/09System for enhancing payment security, method thereof and payment center
06/11/09Method and apparatus for purchasing items in a program
06/11/09Dynamic asset monitoring using electronic markers
06/11/09Dynamic asset monitoring using automatic updating of rules
06/11/09In-context collaboration tool for resource management systems
06/11/09Policy driven memory management of pool of cursors in database management system
06/11/09Computer method and apparatus for tag pre-search in social software
06/11/09Managing data produced from discoveries conducted against systems
06/11/09Supporting creation of search expressions employing a plurality of words
06/11/09System, method and program product for detecting sql queries injected into data fields of requests made to applications
06/11/09System and method for handling data access
06/11/09Incremental cardinality estimation for a set of data values
06/11/09Dynamic updating of personal web page
06/11/09Method and system for categorizing topic data with changing subtopics
06/11/09Method of attaching documents to one or more objects
06/11/09Systems, methods and computer program products for maintaining a state of a document in a document-centric model to maintain a task across systems with the document
06/11/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for disaster recovery planning
06/11/09Highly available multiple storage system consistency heartbeat function
06/11/09Method for non-disruptively associating applications and middleware components with information technology infrastructure
06/11/09Methods involving archiving chat sessions
06/11/09Just-in time mailing list traffic indicator
06/11/09Automated translator for system-generated prefixes
06/11/09Method for sharing information over an instant messaging network
06/11/09Method and system for cookie expiration based on user idle and presence detection
06/11/09Real-time mining and reduction of streamed data
06/11/09System and method of using threads and thread-local storage
06/11/09System and method for handling data requests
06/11/09Multistage virtual memory paging system
06/11/09Determining whether to use a full volume or repository for a logical copy backup space
06/11/09Determining whether to use a repository to store data updated during a resynchronization
06/11/09Memory subsystem with positional read data latency
06/11/09Mobile smartcard based authentication
06/11/09Method of controlling power to a plurality of servers
06/11/09Reducing inefficiencies of multi-clock-domain interfaces using a modified latch bank
06/11/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for disaster recovery planning
06/11/09Method for monitoring and managing a client device in a distributed autonomic computing environment
06/11/09Automatically freezing functionality of a computing entity responsive to an error
06/11/09Utilizing a potentially unreliable memory module for memory mirroring in a computing system
06/11/09Method and system for extending the useful life of another system
06/11/09Method, system, and computer program product for integrated circuit recovery testing using simulation checkpoints
06/11/09Methods for deforming map widgets on the browser
06/11/09Method and apparatus for a document annotation service
06/11/09Structured document processor
06/11/09Systems, methods and computer program products for applying styles from elements included in an existing page
06/11/09Composition-based application user interface framework
06/11/09Method of organizing application specific documents based on document attributes
06/11/09Delegation of data entry tasks
06/11/09System and method to handle vandalism in a virtual world
06/11/09Rendering of real world objects and interactions into a virtual universe
06/11/09Method and apparatus for an in-context auto-arrangable user interface
06/11/09Methods and computer program products for excluding variations attributable to equipment from split analysis procedures
06/11/09Returning passed objects in a surface based computing environment using a virtual bungee
06/11/09Method and apparatus for generating adaptable pull down menus
06/11/09Identifying parasitic diode(s) in an integrated circuit physical design
06/11/09Critical path selection for at-speed test
06/11/09Method of actively managing software design decisions
06/11/09Uml profile transformation authoring method and system
06/11/09Extensible context based user interface simplification
06/11/09Dynamic validation of models using constraint targets
06/11/09Method and system for combining quality assurance and model transformations in a business-driven development environment
06/11/09System and method of monitoring dynamic scopes in synchronous and asynchronous calls
06/11/09Method and apparatus for defining and instrumenting reusable java server page code snippets for website testing and production
06/11/09Binary programmable method for application performance data collection
06/11/09Efficient object profiling for optimizing object locality
06/11/09Sharing files among different virtual machine images
06/11/09Building and installing dynamic installation packages using a declarative authoring tool
06/11/09Responsive task scheduling in cooperative multi-tasking environments
06/11/09Systems, methods and computer program products for supporting transformation to a shared on-demand infrastructure
06/11/09Managing operation requests using different resources
06/11/09Mashup delivery community portal market manager
06/11/09Multiple identity management in an electronic commerce site
06/11/09User authorization using an automated turing test
06/11/09Application protection from malicious network traffic
06/11/09System, method and program product for detecting computer attacks
06/11/09Method for identity theft protection with self-destructing information
06/11/09Auto-configuration of an internal vlan network interface
06/04/09Process of monitoring dispensing of process fluids in precision processing operations
06/04/09High end robust computer frame with improved load balancing design
06/04/09Electronic inventory tracking system
06/04/09Structure for a method and structure for screening nfet-to-pfet device performance offsets within a cmos process
06/04/09Self-alignment scheme for a heterojunction bipolar transistor
06/04/09Lateral diffusion field effect transistor with a trench field plate
06/04/09Semiconductor structure including self-aligned deposited gate dielectric
06/04/09Lithography for printing constant line width features
06/04/09High-density 3-dimensional resistors
06/04/09Edge seal for thru-silicon-via technology
06/04/09Hermetic seal and reliable bonding structures for 3d applications
06/04/09Soft error rate mitigation by interconnect structure
06/04/09Underbump metallurgy employing sputter-deposited nickel titanium alloy
06/04/09Air gap structure having protective metal silicide pads on a metal feature
06/04/09Load balancing robust computer frame
06/04/09System and method for shopping cart security
06/04/09Method for intrusion detection via changes in the presence of short range rf devices
06/04/09Voice operated reminder system and method thereof
06/04/09Apparatus and method for detecting tampering of a printer compartment
06/04/09Light-sensitive keyboard
06/04/09Apparatus and method for operating a symmetric cipher engine in cipher-block chaining mode
06/04/09Electronic touch screen device providing signature capture and touch activation
06/04/09Method to predict edges in a non-cumulative graph
06/04/09Virtual world communication display method
06/04/09High dynamic range imaging cell with electronic shutter extensions
06/04/09Removable cooling duct with interlocking dovetail connections for an air tight thermal seal
06/04/09Method and a system having a flexible gasket and a gliding connector aligner
06/04/09Collapsible emc gasket
06/04/09Design structure for implementing matrix-based search capability in content addressable memory devices
06/04/09Structure for implementing enhanced content addressable memory performance capability
06/04/09Metal gate compatible electrical antifuse
06/04/09Structure for a configurable sram system and method
06/04/09Voltage controlled static random access memory
06/04/09Structure for implementing memory array device with built in computation capability
06/04/09System and method for enabling efficient small writes to worm storage
06/04/09Method and apparatus for managing flow control in a data processing system
06/04/09Valley-free shortest path method
06/04/09Identification of the configuration topology, existing switches, and miswires in a switched network
06/04/09Algortihm and system for selecting acknowledgments from an array of collapsed voq's
06/04/09Voice response system
06/04/09Method and system for visually representing telephone call tree interface
06/04/09System and article of manufacture for using a reentry data stet to decode compressed data
06/04/09Pen tether compressive disconnect
06/04/09Method for reducing side lobe printing using a barrier layer
06/04/09Maskless stress memorization technique for cmos devices
06/04/09Reduced electromigration and stressed induced migration of cu wires by surface coating
06/04/09Electrical contact structures and methods for use
06/04/09hexafluoroalcohol-based monomers and processes of preparation thereof
06/04/09Real time system for monitoring the commonality, sensitivity, and repeatability of test probes
06/04/09System and computer program product to predict edges in a non-cumulative graph
06/04/09Post initial microcode load co-simulation
06/04/09Methods involving translating text emphasis
06/04/09Method, apparatus, and program for certifying a voice profile when transmitting text messages for synthesized speech
06/04/09System and method for generating a web podcast service
06/04/09Methods and systems for performing horological functions in commercial transactions using time cells
06/04/09Apparatus, method and program product for dynamically changing advertising on an avatar as viewed by a viewing user
06/04/09Range forecasting of demand for order configurations for configurable products
06/04/09Dynamic time-dimension-dependent physical management on diverse media of very large event-recording data-store
06/04/09System and method for adding search keywords to web content
06/04/09Method for automated design of range partitioned tables for relational databases
06/04/09Methods involving measuring user feedback in information retrieval
06/04/09Aggregate scoring of tagged content across social bookmarking systems
06/04/09Method of operating a search application
06/04/09Access control with decomposable values and it's application for virtual worlds
06/04/09Service node, network, and method for pre-fetching for remote program installation
06/04/09Web 2.0 system and method for dynamic categorization of heterogeneous and regulated enterprise assets
06/04/09Contributor characteristic based tag clouds
06/04/09System and computer program product for automated design of range partitioned tables for relational databases
06/04/09System and method for providing interactive multimedia services
06/04/09System and article of manufacture for consistent copying of storage volumes
06/04/09Memory management
06/04/09Use of template messages to optimize a software messaging system
06/04/09Smart nodes for web services
06/04/09Incorporating user emotion in a chat transcript
06/04/09Split transcript view for business object integration into messaging
06/04/09Correlating messaging text to business objects for business object integration into messaging
06/04/09Indexing a messaging session for business object integration into messaging
06/04/09Apparatus and method for providing remote access redirect capability in a channel adapter of a system area network
06/04/09Business object action justification for business object integration into messaging
06/04/09Ip network management
06/04/09Method and device for user management in presence system and presence system
06/04/09Method and system for optimally allocating a network service
06/04/09Method and apparatus for multimodal voice and web services
06/04/09System and method for dynamic negotiation of device name with wildcard character
06/04/09Enabling remote locale specific operations in multiple locale and user environments
06/04/09Technique for addressing a cluster of network servers
06/04/09Service oriented integration server architecture
06/04/09Implementing conditional packet alterations based on transmit port
06/04/09Method and system for fully trusted adapter validation of addresses referenced in a virtual host transfer request
06/04/09Usage of persistent information unit pacing protocol in fibre channel communications
06/04/09Method and system for adding or removing a logical unit of a usb mass storage device
06/04/09Structure for implementing dynamic refresh protocols for dram based cache
06/04/09Structure for implementing refreshless single transistor cell edram for high performance memory applications
06/04/09Memory device
06/04/09Apparatus and method for implementing refreshless single transistor cell edram for high performance memory applications
06/04/09Method and system for handling transaction buffer overflow in a multiprocessor system
06/04/09Simd code generation for loops with mixed data lengths
06/04/09Computer system security using file system access pattern heuristics
06/04/09Data encryption interface for reducing encrypt latency impact on standard traffic
06/04/09System and program products for facilitating access to status and measurement data associated with input/output processing
06/04/09Method and apparatus for displaying text information and numerical information in association with each other
06/04/09Sequence detection and automation for complex portal environments
06/04/09Autonomic workspace establishment through social network discovered relationships
06/04/09Methods for the creation of multiple email messages from a singular email message
06/04/09Autonomic workspace establishment through directory discovered relationships
06/04/09Systems, methods and computer program products for graphical user interface presentation to implement filtering of a large unbounded hierarchy to avoid repetitive navigation
06/04/09Method and arrangement for enhancing process variability and lifetime reliability through 3d integration
06/04/09Automated optimization of device structure during circuit design stage
06/04/09Partial good schema for integrated circuits having parallel execution units
06/04/09Design structure for a circuit and method to measure threshold voltage distributions in sram devices
06/04/09Method and on-chip control apparatus for enhancing process reliability and process variability through 3d integration
06/04/09Structure for a voltage detection circuit in an integrated circuit and method of generating a trigger flag signal
06/04/09System and program product for determining java software code plagiarism and infringement
06/04/09Multi-attribute dynamic link library packaging
06/04/09Method and apparatus for transforming java native interface function calls into simpler operations during just-in-time compilation
06/04/09Method and implementation of automatic processor upgrade
06/04/09Performance evaluation of algorithmic tasks and dynamic parameterization on multi-core processing systems
06/04/09Dynamic switching of multithreaded processor between single threaded and simultaneous multithreaded modes
06/04/09Method, system and computer program to optimize deterministic event record and replay
06/04/09Automated cluster member management based on node capabilities
06/04/09Metadata management for a data abstraction model
05/28/09Accelerometer module for use with a touch sensitive device
05/28/09Capturing air samples for forensic investigation
05/28/09Underbump metallurgy employing sputter-deposited nickel titanium copper alloy
05/28/09Multilevel logic ballistic deflection transistor
05/28/09Transistor structure with minimized parasitics and method of fabricating the same
05/28/09Strained semiconductor-on-insulator (ssoi) by a simox method
05/28/09High performance mosfet comprising a stressed gate metal silicide layer and method of fabricating the same
05/28/09Apparatus, system, and method for a low cost multiple output redundant power supply
05/28/09Apparatus and method for recycling and reusing charge in an electronic circuit
05/28/09Apparatus and method for hardening latches in soi cmos devices
05/28/09Time monitoring system
05/28/09Display element
05/28/09Portable computer apparatus with thermal enhancements and multiple modes of operation
05/28/09Electromigration-programmable semiconductor device with bidirectional resistance change
05/28/09Duplicate internet protocol address resolution in a fragmented switch stack environment
05/28/09Method and apparatus for negotiated message delivery
05/28/09Multicast enabled web-based application data distribution
05/28/09Apparatus and program product for obtaining multiple port addresses by a fibre channel from a network fabric
05/28/09Multi-layered thermal sensor for integrated circuits and other layered structures
05/28/09System and method for scanning sequential logic elements
05/28/09System and method for processing telecommunication calls
05/28/09Compressive nitride film and method of manufacturing thereof
05/28/09Method for storing data associated with a video game
05/28/09Toy with memory and usb ports
05/28/09Tuning order configurator performance by dynamic integration of manufacturing and field feedback
05/28/09Estimating power consumption of computing components configured in a computing system
05/28/09Detection of airflow anomalies in electronic equipment
05/28/09Run-time characterization of on-demand analytical model accuracy
05/28/09Linked decision nodes in a business process model
05/28/09Defining operational elements in a business process model
05/28/09Systems and methods for transforming a business process into reusable services
05/28/09Privacy management system using user's policy and preference matching
05/28/09Driving software product changes based on usage patterns gathered from users of previous product releases
05/28/09Solution that automatically recommends design assets when making architectural design decisions for information services
05/28/09Method for providing dynamic phone advertisements
05/28/09Optimizing managed business processes
05/28/09Time monitoring system
05/28/09Time monitoring system
05/28/09Virtual web store with product images
05/28/09Presenting protected content in a virtual world
05/28/09Sructure based storage, query, update and transfer of tree-based documents
05/28/09Method for assembly of personalized enterprise information integrators over conjunctive queries
05/28/09System and computer program product for assembly of personalized enterprise information integrators over conjunctive queries
05/28/09Processing database queries by returning results of a first query to subsequent queries
05/28/09Disabling query conditions in an abstract query environment
05/28/09Disabling subsets of query conditions in an abstract query environment
05/28/09Method for discovering design documents
05/28/09System and computer program product for discovering design documents
05/28/09Apparatus and system for communicating with multiple data stores
05/28/09Attribute presenter of object attributes and method for presenting object attributes using the attribute presenter
05/28/09Structure based storage, query, update and transfer of tree-based documents
05/28/09Electronic calendar scheduling method
05/28/09Automated playback control for audio devices using environmental cues as indicators for automatically pausing audio playback
05/28/09Maintaining and replicating chat histories
05/28/09Asynchronous response processing in a web based request-response computing system
05/28/09Method, apparatus and system for business performance monitoring and analysis using metric network
05/28/09Selection of real time collaboration tools
05/28/09Delegation of e-mail return receipts
05/28/09Automated methods for the handling of a group return receipt for the monitoring of a group delivery
05/28/09E-mail management for hidden recipients
05/28/09Network on chip with partitions
05/28/09Three-dimensional networking design structure
05/28/09Coordinating the monitoring, management, and prediction of unintended changes within a grid environment
05/28/09Utilizing informed throttling to guarantee quality of service to i/o streams
05/28/09Utilizing programmable channels for allocation of buffer space and transaction control in data communications
05/28/09Data processing system, method and interconnect fabric supporting concurrent operations of varying broadcast scope
05/28/09Device, system, and method of handling delayed transactions
05/28/09Write set boundary management in support of asynchronous update of secondary storage
05/28/09Multifunction hexadecimal instruction form system and program product
05/28/09Method for processing a graph containing a set of nodes
05/28/09Partitioning processor resources based on memory usage
05/28/09tamper-resistant trusted java virtual machine and method of using the same
05/28/09Apparatus, method and program product for adaptive real-time power and perfomance optimization of multi-core processors
05/28/09Apparatus and method for micro performance tuning of a clocked digital system
05/28/09Redundant 3-wire communication system and method
05/28/09De-centralized nodal failover handling
05/28/09Method and system to execute recovery in non-homogeneous multi processor environments
05/28/09Computer-implemented method of performance testing software applications
05/28/09Billing adjustment for power on demand
05/28/09Enforcing context model based policies with forward chaining
05/28/09System for character validation and method therefor
05/28/09Cascading definition and support of edi rules
05/28/09Discovery and visualization of common social context
05/28/09Method for improving queue experience in a three-dimensional virtual environment
05/28/09Method of flexibly blocking out busy-time in calendars
05/28/09Method of flexibly blocking out busy-time in calendars
05/28/09Implementing enhanced wiring capability for electronic laminate packages
05/28/09Structure for a duty cycle measurement circuit
05/28/09Automated defect classification
05/28/09System and method for debugging
05/28/09Method and apparatus for automatic second-order predictive commoning
05/28/09Method and system of managing resources for on-demand computing
05/28/09Prevention of deadlock in a distributed computing environment
05/28/09Prevention of deadlock in a distributed computing environment
05/28/09Method and apparatus for processing video stream in a digital video broadcasting system
05/28/09Method for enforcing context model based service-oriented architecture policies and policy engine
05/28/09Transaction method in 3d virtual space, program product and server system
05/28/09Dynamic cache lookup based on dynamic data
05/21/09System and method for facilitating cooling of a liquid-cooled electronics rack
05/21/09Method and apparatus for electroplating on soi and bulk semiconductor wafers
05/21/09Election system enabling coercion-free remote voting
05/21/09Semiconductor structure with field shield and method of forming the structure
05/21/09Stress-generating shallow trench isolation structure having dual composition
05/21/09Product and method for integration of deep trench mesh and structures under a bond pad
05/21/09Undercut-free blm process for pb-free and pb-reduced c4
05/21/09Interconnect structure and method of making same
05/21/09Structure of an apparatus for programming an electronically programmable semiconductor fuse
05/21/09Modulation coding
05/21/09Augmenting reality for a user
05/21/09Topology determination, decomposable shape generation, and structured mesh generation
05/21/09Inter-rack airflow arresting apparatus and method for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack of a data center
05/21/09Acoustically absorptive anti-recirculation panel for one or more electronics racks of a data center
05/21/09Airflow arresting apparatus and method for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack of a data center
05/21/09integrated non-isolated vrm and microprocessor assembly
05/21/09Structure for sram voltage control for improved operational margins
05/21/09Design structure for low overhead switched header power savings apparatus
05/21/09Surreptitious web server bias towards desired browsers
05/21/09Cluster bring-up in a distributed topology liveness system
05/21/09Structure for transmitter bandwidth optimization circuit
05/21/09System and computer program product for creating a telecommunications application
05/21/09Method, system and apparatus for sharing media content in a private network
05/21/09Editing device, information processing device, editing method, and editing program product
05/21/09Magnetic attachment of printer cutter blade
05/21/09Portable end-to-end installation and removal service lift tool for rack mounted it equipment
05/21/09Photoresist compositions and process for multiple exposures with multiple layer photoresist systems
05/21/09Direct electrodeposition of copper onto ta-alloy barriers
05/21/09Allowing an alternative action in a virtual world
05/21/09Controlling interaction between protected media
05/21/09Striped on-chip inductor
05/21/09Automated solution for generating architectural design models for service-oriented architecture (soa) information services
05/21/09Method for creating a telecommunications application
05/21/09Verification of highly optimized synchronous pipelines via random simulation driven by critical resource scheduling system and program product
05/21/09Technique for creating simulated servicing applications from data captured by a configurable software probe
05/21/09Generation of a three-dimensional virtual reality environment from a business process model
05/21/09Meeting scheduling to minimize inconvenience of meeting participants
05/21/09System for matching pattern-based data
05/21/09System and method for providing user-tailored views
05/21/09Three-dimensional data structure for storing data of multiple domains and the management thereof
05/21/09Methods and apparatus for integration of visual and natural language query interfaces for context-sensitive data exploration
05/21/09Implementing service requests from a common database in a multiple dhcp server environment
05/21/09Data classification by kernel density shape interpolation of clusters
05/21/09Method for reconstructing evolutionary data
05/21/09Data classification by kernel density shape interpolation of clusters
05/21/09Developing enterprise information life cycle management policies and solutions
05/21/09Online system and method for restoring electronic media on electronic storage devices
05/21/09Method and system for detecting difference between plural observed results
05/21/09Method for performing decimal floating point addition
05/21/09Method for performing decimal division
05/21/09Method for providing a decimal multiply algorithm using a double adder
05/21/09Context-based dynamic policy assignment in a distributed processing environment
05/21/09Enhancing collaboration opportunities for a reply to an electronic message
05/21/09Forwarding un-responded to instant messages to electronic mail
05/21/09Active removal of e-mail recipient from replies and subsequent threads
05/21/09Apparatus for post delivery instant message redirection
05/21/09Method and computer program for a mediation processing node to update a message
05/21/09Switch apparatus for a remote boot sequence of a network device
05/21/09Generic method for resource monitoring configuration in provisioning systems
05/21/09Verifying resource functionality before use by a grid job submitted to a grid environment
05/21/09Federated transaction path and service level agreement monitoring across service oriented application partner domains
05/21/09Method and system for assigning or creating a resource
05/21/09Automatically determining management information base modules for a device
05/21/09Universal peripheral processor system for soc environments on an integrated circuit
05/21/09Structure for universal peripheral processor system for soc environments on an integrated circuit
05/21/09Replication management system and method with undo and redo capabilities
05/21/09Complier assisted victim cache bypassing
05/21/09System and method for recovering from a hang condition in a data processing system
05/21/09Managing computer power consumption in a computer equipment rack
05/21/09Timeout request scheduling using grouping and nonsynchronized processing to enhance performance
05/21/09Anamorphic codes
05/21/09Method to reformat regions with cluttered hyperlinks
05/21/09Method, apparatus and computer program product for interactive surveying
05/21/09Apparatus, program and method for accepting a request from a client computer via a network and executing a web application
05/21/09Systems, methods and computer program products for automatic dissemination of spelling rules within working groups
05/21/09Appending hover help to hover help for a user interface
05/21/09Method, device and program for automatically generating reference mark in virtual shared space
05/21/09Message flow interactions for display in a user interface
05/21/09Modifying hover help for a user interface
05/21/09Method and apparatus for a floating island for user navigation in an interactive environment
05/21/09Adding accessibility to drag-and-drop web content
05/21/09Solution for providing real-time validation of text input fields using regular expression evaluation during text entry
05/21/09Tree widget data population
05/21/09Distinct groupings of related objects for display in a user interface
05/21/09Method and system for modifying properties of graphical user interface components
05/21/09Method to enhance navigation and scalability in table and tree viewers
05/21/09Structure for a circuit obtaining desired phase locked loop duty cycle without pre-scaler
05/21/09Design structure of an integration circuit and test method of the integrated circuit
05/21/09Method for optimizing an unrouted design to reduce the probability of timing problems due to coupling and long wire routes
05/21/09Driving values to dc adjusted/untimed nets to identify timing problems
05/21/09Design structure for on-chip electromigration monitoring system
05/21/09Method for validation of binary code transformations
05/21/09Scheduling a workload based on workload-related variables and triggering values
05/21/09System for on demand task optimization
05/14/09Offline analysis of packets
05/14/09Stacked multiple electronic component interconnect structure
05/14/09Forming a three-dimensional stackable die configuration for an electronic circuit board
05/14/09Land grid array (lga) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
05/14/09High tin solder etching solution
05/14/09Using cameras to monitor actual inventory
05/14/09solution-based deposition process for metal chalcogenides
05/14/09Field effect transistor containing a wide band gap semiconductor material in a drain
05/14/09Structure and method for compact long-channel fets
05/14/09Design structure for a trench capacitor
05/14/09Method and structure for reducing induced mechanical stresses
05/14/09Carbon nanotube structures for enhancement of thermal dissipation from semiconductor modules
05/14/09Design structure for bridge of a seminconductor internal node
05/14/09Charging a portable electrical device
05/14/09Method for tracking containers using a low-rate wireless personal area network system
05/14/09Water-assisted air cooling for a row of cabinets
05/14/09System of facilitating cooling of electronics racks of a data center employing multiple cooling stations
05/14/09Apparatus for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack through the use of an air-to-liquid heat exchanger
05/14/09Apparatus and method for handling calendar dates in a non-calendar system specific manner
05/14/09Data transfer in a messaging system
05/14/09Limiting extreme loads at session servers
05/14/09Managing bursts of traffic in such a manner as to improve the effective utilization of session servers
05/14/09Voip adapter, ip network device and method for performing advanced voip functions
05/14/09System and article of manufacture for data transmission
05/14/09Method and system for efficient video compression with low-complexity encoder
05/14/09Method, apparatus and computer program product implementing anonymous biometric matching
05/14/09Method and system for obtaining bounds on process parameters for opc-verification
05/14/09Apparatus and method for moving a cover
05/14/09Pen retention apparatus
05/14/09Pen retention apparatus
05/14/09Pen retention apparatus
05/14/09Methods involving marking molds
05/14/09Damascene gate field effect transistor with an internal spacer structure
05/14/09Methods of selective deposition of fine particles onto selected regions of a substrate
05/14/09Method of forming narrow fins in finfet devices with reduced spacing therebetween
05/14/09Automatic generation of distractors for special-purpose speech recognition grammars
05/14/09Method, system and computer program for enhanced speech recognition of digits input strings
05/14/09Method of deriving a business process from a set of paths
05/14/09Data validation within materials requirements planning
05/14/09Configuring individual classifiers with multiple operating points for cascaded classifier topologies under resource constraints
05/14/09System for locating documents a user has previously accessed
05/14/09Method, apparatus and computer program for key word searching
05/14/09System for remotely searching a local user index
05/14/09Design of self-adapting meta descriptors based upon real use scenarios and experiences
05/14/09Structure for deleting leaves in tree table structures
05/14/09Methods and systems involving checking memory integrity
05/14/09Method for managing retention of data on worm disk media based on event notification
05/14/09Reconnection to and migration of electronic collaboration sessions
05/14/09E-mail role templates for classifying e-mail
05/14/09Electronic messaging systems having time-critical messages
05/14/09Automatic priority adjustment for incoming emails
05/14/09Third party, broadcast, multicast and conditional rdma operations
05/14/09Autonomic definition and management of distributed appication information
05/14/09Dynamic http load balancing
05/14/09Inter-integrated circuit (12c) slave with read/write access to random access memory
05/14/09Dynamically scalable queues for performance driven pci express memory traffic
05/14/09System and article of manufacture for providing an address format compatible with different addressing formats used for addressing different sized address spaces
05/14/09Design structure for dynamically selecting compiled instructions
05/14/09Managing power consumption in a computer
05/14/09Power management of an electronic system
05/14/09Structure for a system and method of predicting power events in an intermittent power environment and dispatching computational operations of an integrated circuit accordingly
05/14/09Methods for the support of jtag for source synchronous interfaces
05/14/09Methods for the support of jtag for source synchronous interfaces
05/14/09Method to support selective graphical display of system configurations using view filters
05/14/09System and method for sharing data
05/14/09Automated yield split lot (ewr) and process change notification (pcn) analysis system
05/14/09Tab control with type ahead and thumbnail images
05/14/09Bandwidth usage and latency reduction of remote desktop software based on preferred rendering of a user selected area
05/14/09Providing suitable menu position indicators that predict menu placement of menus having variable positions depending on an availability of display space
05/14/09Selectively locking gui controls to prevent accidental operations in a computing environment
05/14/09Methods and apparatus for boolean equivalency checking in the presence of voting logic
05/14/09Design structure for an absolute duty cycle measurement circuit
05/14/09Multilayer opc for design aware manufacturing
05/14/09System and method for workflow-driven data storage
05/14/09Breakpoint management and reconciliation for embedded scripts in a business integration language specified program process
05/14/09Method and system for monitoring code change impact on software performance
05/14/09Re-using legacy libraries in software
05/14/09Configuring a software product
05/14/09System and apparatus for real-time dynamic modification of service-oriented systems using annotations to specify real-time system constraints
05/14/09Method, apparatus and computer program for modifying a message
05/14/09Context switch data prefetching in multithreaded computer
05/14/09Extension point application and configuration of a login module
05/14/09Method for protecting against keylogging of user information via an alternative input device
05/14/09Communication between a human user and a computer resistant to automated eavesdropping
05/14/09Using object based security for controlling object specific actions on a surface based computing device
05/07/09Ceramic substrate grid structure for the creation of virtual coax arrangement
05/07/09Dual carbon nanotubes for critical dimension metrology on high aspect ratio semiconductor wafer patterns
05/07/09Packaging substrate having pattern-matched metal layers
05/07/09Combined magnetic shield member and pressure pad for a magnetic reader
05/07/09Test structure and methodology for three-dimensional semiconductor structures
05/07/09Interconnect components of a semiconductor device
05/07/09Cmos eprom and eeprom devices and programmable cmos inverters
05/07/09Electrical fuse and method of making
05/07/09Truck bed lifting device and method
05/07/09Design structure for an integrated circuit having state-saving input-output circuitry and a method of testing such an integrated circuit
05/07/09Design structure for an automatic driver/transmission line/receiver impedance matching circuitry
05/07/09Method and system for reducing power consumption with configurable latches and registers
05/07/09Circuit design methodology to reduce leakage power
05/07/09Association of rack mounted equipment with rack position
05/07/09Modulation coding and decoding
05/07/09Modulation coding and decoding
05/07/09Data communications and power distribution in a computer equipment rack
05/07/09Controlling airflow in a computer chassis
05/07/09Circuit module and manufacturing method thereof
05/07/09Apparatus for implementing sram cell write performance evaluation
05/07/09Scanned memory testing of multi-port memory arrays
05/07/09On-chip characterization of noise-margins for memory arrays
05/07/09Circuit for providing automatic adaptation to frequency offsets in high speed serial links
05/07/09Low latency counter event indication
05/07/09Space and power efficient hybrid counters array
05/07/09Inhibition of telephony based phishing
05/07/09Mechanisms for reducing a size of a color bitmap
05/07/09Access to multilingual textual resource
05/07/09Selective placement of carbon nanotubes on oxide surfaces
05/07/09Self-assembled material pattern transfer contrast enhancement
05/07/09Nanowire based non-volatile floating-gate memory
05/07/09Strained semiconductor-on-insulator by si:c combined with porous process
05/07/09Solution for enhancing the user experience of an electronic game by making user-created game data available in context during gameplay
05/07/09Automated process for holding products at predefined points during manufacturing
05/07/09Automated test system
05/07/09Method, apparatus and full-system simulator for speeding mmu simulation
05/07/09Method and system to parse addresses using a processing system
05/07/09Method, system and program product for optimal project selection and tradeoffs
05/07/09System and method for enhancing productivity
05/07/09Method and device for tracing and locating web services changes during updating process
05/07/09System and method for transferring funds to recipients of electronic messages
05/07/09Management of exchange of virtual goods for online games
05/07/09Method and system for providing a unified model for candidate service assets
05/07/09System and method for extracting entities of interest from text using n-gram models
05/07/09Method and system for predicting resource usage of reusable stream processing elements
05/07/09Tracking premature termination of a database query
05/07/09Method and apparatus for presenting a summary of selected values
05/07/09Method of monitoring electronic media
05/07/09Microhubs and its applications
05/07/09Computer method and system for determining individual priorities of shared activities
05/07/09Transitioning of database srvice responsibility responsive to server failure in a partially clustered computing environment
05/07/09Systems, methods, and computer products for in-place model attribute comparison
05/07/09System for detecting migration differences of a customized database schema
05/07/09Methods and computer program products for implementing low-cost pointer compression and decompression
05/07/09Methods and computer program products for efficient conflict detection in a replicated hierarchical content repository using replication anchors
05/07/09Methods and computer program products for transaction consistent content replication
05/07/09Method, system, and program implementing retention policies to archive records
05/07/09Advanced correlation and process window evaluation application
05/07/09Cache management for parallel asynchronous requests in a content delivery system
05/07/09Routing incoming call requests
05/07/09System and method for gathering conversation information
05/07/09System and method for dynamic tagging in email
05/07/09Synchronization of questions and answers in a collaborative messaging environment
05/07/09Adaptive instant messaging awareness
05/07/09Adaptive resource management method and system
05/07/09Targeted web page redirection
05/07/09Composite resource models
05/07/09Method and system using arp cache data to enhance accuracy of asset inventories
05/07/09Apparatus and method for scaleable expanders in systems management
05/07/09Method and apparatus for performing maintenance operations on peripheral devices
05/07/09Self-configuring bus for connecting electronic devices
05/07/09Managing write-to-read turnarounds in an early read after write memory system
05/07/09Methods for program directed memory access patterns
05/07/09Computer memory accessible in either power state of the computer
05/07/09System and article of manufacture for dumping data in processing systems to a shared storage
05/07/09Dynamic loading of virtual volume data in a virtual tape server
05/07/09Systems for providing performance monitoring in a memory system
05/07/09Design structure for predictive decoding
05/07/09Reference monitor for enforcing information flow policies
05/07/09Managing power consumption based on historical average
05/07/09System and program for error handling in a dual adaptor system where one adaptor is a master
05/07/09Ghost agents within a grid environment
05/07/09System and article of manufacture for handling a fabric failure
05/07/09System for automatically collecting trace detail and history data
05/07/09Broadcast of shared i/o fabric error messages in a multi-host environment to all affected root nodes
05/07/09Microcomputer and method of testing the same
05/07/09Managing source annotation metadata
05/07/09System and method for evaluating response patterns
05/07/09Method and system for controlling the arrangements of windows on a display
05/07/09structure for system architectures for and methods of scheduling on-chip and across-chip noise events in an integrated circuit
05/07/09Design structure including transistor having gate and body in direct self-aligned contact
05/07/09Arrangements for developing integrated circuit designs
05/07/09Method and apparatus for providing project development environment and project development system
05/07/09System and article of manufacture for integration of data management operations into a workflow system
05/07/09Method, system and computer-usable medium for tracking and recording modifications to a software solution
05/07/09System for boundary trace with reproduction facility
05/07/09Generating sequence diagrams using call trees
05/07/09Computer program functional partitioning system for heterogeneous multi-processing systems
05/07/09Compiler for optimizing program
05/07/09Micro installation process for software packaging and distribution
05/07/09Apparatus for cooperative distributed task management in a storage subsystem with multiple controllers using cache locking
05/07/09Dynamic feasibility analysis for event based programming
05/07/09System and article of manufacture for duplicate message elimination during recovery when multiple threads are delivering messages from a message store to a destination queue
05/07/09Credential verification using credential repository
05/07/09Credential verification using credential repository
05/07/09Apparatus and computer program product for password generation
05/07/09File level security for a metadata controller in a storage area network
05/07/09Display apparatus
04/30/09Method, apparatus and computer program product for rule-based directed problem resolution for servers with scalable proactive monitoring
04/30/09Method for reducing noise coupling in high speed digital systems
04/30/09Design structure for an on-chip real-time moisture sensor for and method of detecting moisture ingress in an integrated circuit chip
04/30/09Mechanically decoupled opto-mechanical connector for flexible optical waveguides embedded and/or attached to a printed circuit board
04/30/09Methods and systems for reducing noise coupling in high speed digital systems
04/30/09Methods for forming surface features using self-assembling masks
04/30/09Thermal gradient control of high aspect ratio etching and deposition processes
04/30/09Debris minimization and improved spatial resolution in pulsed laser ablation of materials
04/30/09One-transistor static random access memory with integrated vertical pnpn device
04/30/09Design structure for uniform triggering of multifinger semiconductor devices with tunable trigger voltage
04/30/09Hybrid orientation semiconductor structure with reduced boundary defects and method of forming same
04/30/09Multiple crystallographic orientation semiconductor structures
04/30/09Uniform recess of a material in a trench independent of incoming topography
04/30/09Embedded dram integrated circuits with extremely thin silicon-on-insulator pass transistors
04/30/09Semiconductor fin based nonvolatile memory device and method for fabrication thereof
04/30/09Finfet memory device with dual separate gates and method of operation
04/30/09Metal-gated mosfet devices having scaled gate stack thickness
04/30/09Soi cmos circuits with substrate bias
04/30/09Integration scheme for multiple metal gate work function structures
04/30/09Dual workfunction silicide diode
04/30/09Sram cell having a rectangular combined active area for planar pass gate and planar pull-down nfets
04/30/09Techniques for enabling multiple vt devices using high-k metal gate stacks
04/30/09High density sram cell with hybrid devices
04/30/09Structure and method for fabricating self-aligned metal contacts
04/30/09Low temperature bi-cmos compatible process for mems rf resonators and filters
04/30/09Electrical fuse having a fully silicided fuselink and enhanced flux divergence
04/30/09Anti-fuse structure including a sense pad contact region and methods for fabrication and programming thereof
04/30/09Techniques for modular chip fabrication
04/30/09Self-assembled stress relief interface
04/30/09Interconnect structure and method of making same
04/30/09Ceramic substrate grid structure for the creation of virtual coax arrangement
04/30/09Wafer-level underfill process using over-bump-applied resin
04/30/09Versatile materials probe
04/30/09Design structure for a flexible multimode logic element for use in a configurable mixed-logic signal distribution path
04/30/09Limited switch dynamic logic cell based register
04/30/09Structure for a limited switch dynamic logic cell based register
04/30/09Design structure for cmos differential rail-to-rail latch circuits
04/30/09Method and system for managing voltage swings across field effect transistors
04/30/09Structure for precision integrated phase lock loop circuit loop filter
04/30/09Structure for managing voltage swings across field effect transistors
04/30/09Using a physical object and its position on a surface to control an enablement state of a surface based computing device
04/30/09Arrangements for identifying users in a multi-touch surface environment
04/30/09System for supporting recognition of an object drawn in an image
04/30/09Reducing a display quality of an area in a virtual universe to conserve computing resources
04/30/09On demand calibration of imaging displays
04/30/09Chip cooling system with convex portion
04/30/09Design structure for sram active write assist for improved operational margins
04/30/09Design structure for initializing reference cells of a toggle switched mram device
04/30/09Determining history state of data in data retaining device based on state of partially depleted silicon-on-insulator
04/30/09Determining relative amount of usage of data retaining device based on potential of charge storing device
04/30/09Bolometric on-chip temperature sensor
04/30/09Single pass variable bit rate control strategy and encoder for processing a video frame of a sequence of video frames
04/30/09Receiver termination circuit for a high speed direct current (dc) serial link
04/30/09Providing telephone services based on a subscriber voice identification
04/30/09Apparatus and method for operating a symmetric cipher engine in cipher-block chaining mode
04/30/09Schryption method and device
04/30/09Method and system for displaying image based on text in image
04/30/09System and method for compiling images from a database and comparing the compiled images with known images
04/30/09Methods for passive micrometer-range alignment of components using removable reference structures
04/30/09Method and apparatus for exposing printable media in a printer
04/30/09High resistivity soi base wafer using thermally annealed substrate
04/30/09Modular chip integration techniques
04/30/09Cmos structure and method including multiple crystallographic planes
04/30/09Self aligned ring electrodes
04/30/09Techniques for impeding reverse engineering
04/30/09Surface mount array connector leads planarization using solder reflow method
04/30/09Phone messaging using audio streams
04/30/09Auto-deploying an application from a mobile device to a host in a pervasive computing environment
04/30/09Equivalent gate count yield estimation for integrated circuit devices
04/30/09System and program for virtualization of data storage library addresses
04/30/09Executing an overall quantity of data processing within an overall processing period
04/30/09Test bench, method, and computer program product for performing a test case on an integrated circuit
04/30/09Reconstruction of data from simulation models
04/30/09User guided generation of network link optimization profiles
04/30/09Design structure for maintaining memory data integrity in a processor integrated circuit using cache coherency protocols
04/30/09Testing applications within a grid environment using ghost agents
04/30/09Automated generation of executable deployment code from a deployment activity model
04/30/09Preliminary data representations of a deployment activity model
04/30/09Method for segmenting communication transcripts using unsupervised and semi-supervised techniques
04/30/09Method for segmenting communication transcripts using unsupervsed and semi-supervised techniques
04/30/09Repeatable and standardized approach for deployment of a portable soa infrastructure within a client environment
04/30/09Method of arranging supplemental meeting services
04/30/09Method, system and program product for distribution of feedback among customers in real-time
04/30/09Management tool for efficient allocation of skills and resources
04/30/09Errata notification for printed material
04/30/09Systems and methods for cross-category wedding vendor recommendations
04/30/09Method and system of associating a runtime event with a component
04/30/09Method and apparatus for generating presentation configuration file of document content
04/30/09Intelligent content assistance
04/30/09Methods and systems involving text analysis
04/30/09Document searching using contextual information leverage and insights
04/30/09System and method for providing differentiated service levels for search index
04/30/09Method for ordering a search result and an ordering apparatus
04/30/09Efficient method of using xml value indexes without exact path information to filter xml documents for more specific xpath queries
04/30/09Solution that utilizes access queues for automatically managing access to an electronic document
04/30/09System and program for implementing scrollable cursors in a distributed database system
04/30/09Automated generation of modeling language profiles
04/30/09System and article of manufacture for defining and generating a viewtype for a base model
04/30/09Database log capture that publishes transactions to multiple targets to handle unavailable targets by separating the publishing of subscriptions and subsequently recombining the publishing
04/30/09Method for performing a backup by querying a backup infrastructure
04/30/09Low latency optimization for generational garbage collection
04/30/09A robust spectral analyzer for one-dimensional and multi-dimensional data analysis
04/30/09System and method for providing a double adder for decimal floating point operations
04/30/09Method to perform a subtraction of two operands in a binary arithmetic unit plus arithmetic unit to perform such a method
04/30/09System and method for publishing and subscribing to calendar events information via categorical mapping methodology
04/30/09Instant conversation in a thread of an online discussion forum
04/30/09Machine readable storage medium and system for communicating in a computing system
04/30/09Method, apparatus and computer program product implementing multi-tenancy for network monitoring tools using virtualization technology
04/30/09Computing device location
04/30/09System for performing a serial communication between a central control block and satellite components
04/30/09Differential transmitter circuit
04/30/09Highly available removable media storage network environment
04/30/09Preferred write-mostly data cache replacement policies
04/30/09Synchronous memory having shared crc and strobe pin
04/30/09Mechanism for data cache replacement based on region policies
04/30/09Storing data blocks
04/30/09Method, apparatus and program product for managing memory in a virtual computing system
04/30/09Method, apparatus, and program for pinning internal slack nodes to improve instruction scheduling
04/30/09Method and system for hiding information in the instruction processing pipeline
04/30/09Gathering operational metrics within a grid environment using ghost agents
04/30/09Expedient preparation of memory for video execution
04/30/09Multiprocessor electronic circuit including a plurality of processors and electronic data processing system
04/30/09Method of operation of a portable computer apparatus with thermal enhancements and multiple modes of operation
04/30/09Method of operations of a portable computer apparatus with thermal enhancements and multiple modes of operation
04/30/09Portable computer apparatus with thermal enhancements and multiple modes of operation
04/30/09Determining a high contrast display setting on a client device to process a web document
04/30/09Method for automatically creating transforms
04/30/09Role tailored portal solution integrating near real-time metrics, business logic, online collaboration, and web 2.0 content
04/30/09Technique for controlling display images of objects
04/30/09Collapsing areas of a region in a virtual universe to conserve computing resources
04/30/09Method for computing the sensistivity of a vlsi design to both random and systematic defects using a critical area analysis tool
04/30/09Design structure for an automated real-time frequency band selection circuit for use with a voltage controlled oscillator
04/30/09Apparatus and computer program product for semiconductor yield estimation
04/30/09Extending unified process and method content to include dynamic and collaborative content
04/30/09Aggregation of constraints across profiles
04/30/09Automated deployment implementation with a deployment topology model
04/30/09System and apparatus for graphically building business rule conditions
04/30/09Soa software components that endure from prototyping to production
04/30/09Validating software in a grid environment using ghost agents
04/30/09Managing the tracing of the execution of a computer program
04/30/09Using annotations to reuse variable declarations to generate different service functions
04/30/09Single stream processing with multi-version support of application operating environments
04/30/09System for importing calendar data from a computer screen into a calendar application
04/30/09Using smart objects in a virtual universe to conserve computing resources
04/30/09Registering a resource that delegates commit voting
04/30/09Method, system and computer program for distributing a plurality of jobs to a plurality of computers
04/30/09Transactional memory computing system with support for chained transactions
04/30/09Processing event notifications with an event sink
04/30/09Processing event notifications with an event sink
04/30/09Virtual universe account protection
04/30/09Method and system for a single-sign-on operation providing grid access and network access
04/30/09Accessing password protected devices
04/30/09System and method to analyze software systems against tampering
04/30/09System and method to analyze software systems against tampering
04/30/09Method and system for hiding information in the instruction processing pipeline
04/23/09Method and system for adjusting software settings
04/23/09Land grid array (lga) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
04/23/09Selective etching bath methods
04/23/09Wrapped gate junction field effect transistor
04/23/09Planar field effect transistor structure and method
04/23/09Embedded trench capacitor having a high-k node dielectric and a metallic inner electrode
04/23/09Simplified method of fabricating isolated and merged trench capacitors
04/23/09Method of fabricating a gate structure and the structure thereof
04/23/09Trilayer resist scheme for gate etching applications
04/23/09Metal gate compatible electrical fuse
04/23/09High-temperature stable gate structure with metallic electrode
04/23/09Process for fabrication of finfets
04/23/09Design structure incorporating vertical parallel plate capacitor structures
04/23/09Controlled doping of semiconductor nanowires
04/23/09Semiconductor-on-insulator substrate with a diffusion barrier
04/23/09On-chip temperature gradient minimization using carbon nanotube cooling structures with variable cooling capacity
04/23/09Alignment marks on the edge of wafers and methods for same
04/23/09Apparatus and method to provide power to battery-backup assemblies disposed in an information storage and retrieval system
04/23/09Method and structure for variable pitch microwave probe assembly
04/23/09Method for validating printed circuit board materials for high speed applications
04/23/09Design structure for shutting off data capture across asynchronous clock domains during at-speed testing
04/23/09Shifting inactive clock edge for noise reduction
04/23/09Apparatus and method for determining asset location via local triangulation
04/23/09Detecting and processing corrupted video recordings
04/23/09Performance digital image sensing
04/23/09Method for an equalizer computation in a media system using a data set separator sequence
04/23/09Apparatus for securing heat sinks to a device under test
04/23/09Three dimensional twisted bitline architecture for multi-port memory
04/23/09Method and system for topology discovery in an sip network
04/23/09Method and system for reducing look-up time in packet forwarding on computer networks
04/23/09Rules-driven hash building
04/23/09Pen retention apparatus
04/23/09Process of multiple exposures with spin castable film
04/23/09Methods for forming nested and isolated lines in semiconductor devices
04/23/09Method and apparatus for managing ring tones in a mobile device
04/23/09Method of optimizing queue times in a production cycle
04/23/09Automated integration of feedback from field failure to order configurator for dynamic optimization of manufacturing test processes
04/23/09Automatic destination determination for multiple travelers departing from multiple source locations based on user specified criteria
04/23/09Reconstruction of data from simulation models
04/23/09System and method for developing and deploying sensor and actuator applications over distributed computing infrastructure
04/23/09Automated tuning of speech recognition parameters
04/23/09Progressive vendor data management and verification in a multi-node supply network
04/23/09System and method for resiliency planning
04/23/09Facilitating in-transit meetings using location-aware scheduling
04/23/09Referential interface to enable commercial interaction between entities
04/23/09System for processing conditional payment request in an electronic financial transaction
04/23/09Method and apparatus for privacy negotiation
04/23/09Search criteria control system and method
04/23/09Discovering interestingness in faceted search
04/23/09Access control system, access control device, program and recording medium
04/23/09System and method for maintaining persistent links to information on the internet
04/23/09Secure search of private documents in an enterprise content management system
04/23/09Creating reference objects
04/23/09Apparatus, system, and method for processing hierarchical data in disparate data repositories
04/23/09Customized roll back strategy for databases in mixed workload environments
04/23/09Controlling execution of transactions
04/23/09Commitment chains for conflict resolution between disconnected data sharing applications
04/23/09Storage system with improved multiple copy targeting
04/23/09Method and structure for producing high performance linear algebra routines using composite blocking based on l1 cache size
04/23/09Identification of root cause for a transaction response time problem in a distributed environment
04/23/09Conditional reminders for conveyed electronic messages
04/23/09Processing electronic messages according to sender classification
04/23/09Method and apparatus for increasing personability of instant messaging with user images
04/23/09Ghost agents for application domains within a grid environment
04/23/09Method and apparatus for model-based pageview latency management
04/23/09Data transmission and reception system with accurate time information
04/23/09Method and apparatus for model-based pageview latency management
04/23/09Design structure for piggybacking multiple data tenures on a single data bus grant to achieve higher bus utilization
04/23/09System and method for managing metrics table per virtual port in a logically partitioned data processing system
04/23/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for file relocation on a data storage device
04/23/09Controlling asynchronous clock domains to perform synchronous operations
04/23/09Methods and systems for digitally controlled multi-frequency clocking of multi-core processors
04/23/09Method and apparatus for parallel and serial data transfer
04/23/09Method and device for log events processing
04/23/09Automatically populating symptom databases for software applications
04/23/09Automated interaction diagram generation using source code breakpoints
04/23/09Method and apparatus for sram macro sparing in computer chips
04/23/09Customizing email subjects for subscription generated email messages
04/23/09Dividing a surface of a surface-based computing device into private, user-specific areas
04/23/09Differential dynamic content delivery with a session document recreated in dependence upon an interest of an identified user participant
04/23/09Method and apparatus for virtual world based product design
04/23/09Drag and drop object attribute assignment for objects in a graphical user interface (gui)
04/23/09Method and apparatus for displaying status of hierarchical operations
04/23/09Method and system for dynamically providing scroll indicators
04/23/09Structure for reduced area active above-ground and below-supply noise suppression circuits
04/23/09Method for optimizing of pipeline structure placement
04/23/09Design structure incorporating semiconductor device structures that shield a bond pad from electrical noise
04/23/09Methods and system for analysis and management of parametric yield
04/23/09Methods and systems for layout and routing using alternating aperture phase shift masks
04/23/09Framework to access a remote system from an integrated development environment
04/23/09Software engineering system and method for self-adaptive dynamic software components
04/23/09Method and apparatus for optimizing software program using inter-procedural strength reduction
04/23/09Dynamic class loading
04/23/09Autonomic application installation
04/23/09Scheduling threads in a multiprocessor computer
04/23/09Associating jobs with resource subsets in a job scheduler
04/23/09Workload periodicity analyzer for autonomic database components
04/23/09Typicality filtering of event indicators for information technology resources
04/23/09Detecting and processing corrupted video recordings
04/23/09Method for mapping privacy policies to classification labels
04/23/09System and method for user password protection
04/16/09Transaction management
04/16/09Microjet module assembly
04/16/09Multilayer pillar for reduced stress interconnect and method of making same
04/16/09Method and system for identifying unsafe synthetic transactions and modifying parameters for automated playback
04/16/09Electrode design for euv discharge plasma source
04/16/09Phase change materials and associated memory devices
04/16/09Method of forming strained mosfet devices using phase transformable materials
04/16/09Semiconductor cell structure including buried capacitor and method for fabrication thereof
04/16/09Method of fabricating high voltage fully depleted soi transistor and structure thereof
04/16/09Partially and fully silicided gate stacks
04/16/09On-chip cooling systems for integrated circuits
04/16/09Fuse structure including monocrystalline semiconductor material layer and gap
04/16/09Bridge for semiconductor internal node
04/16/09Conductor structure including manganese oxide capping layer
04/16/09Structure and methods of forming contact structures
04/16/09Test structure and method for resistive open detection using voltage contrast inspection
04/16/09Io driver with slew rate boost circuit
04/16/09Scheduler design to optimize system performance using configurable acceleration engines
04/16/09Packaging a semiconductor wafer
04/16/09Point of sale security system
04/16/09Confirming security of personal items during a point of sale transaction
04/16/09Animating speech of an avatar representing a participant in a mobile communication
04/16/09Optical inspection methods
04/16/09Method and apparatus for redundant memory configuration in voltage island
04/16/09Chip package assembly using chip heat to cure and verify
04/16/09Electrical fuse and method of making
04/16/09Method of patterning multilayer metal gate structures for cmos devices
04/16/09Routing telecommunications to a user in dependence upon device-based routing preferences
04/16/09Method for creating wafer batches in an automated batch process tool
04/16/09Protein structure analysis
04/16/09Thermal interrupt generation
04/16/09Sensor subset selection for reduced bandwidth and computation requirements
04/16/09Diagnostic method for root-cause analysis of fet performance variation
04/16/09Creating a voice response grammar from a presentation grammar
04/16/09Method and apparatus for preparing a document to be read by text-to-speech reader
04/16/09Vocal command directives to compose dynamic display text
04/16/09Dynamic business process prioritization based on context
04/16/09System and method for workflow delinquency remediation
04/16/09System and method for managing electronic advertising responsive to traffic congestion
04/16/09Weight based upselling
04/16/09Using visual images transferred from wireless computing device display screens
04/16/09Item position indicator and optimized item retrieval for a sensor equipped storage unit
04/16/09System and method for cortical simulation
04/16/09Efficient delivery of cross-linked reports with or without live access to a source data repository
04/16/09Acquisition and expansion of storage area network interoperation relationships
04/16/09Methodology for file identification and retrieval in directories for categorized files
04/16/09Performing searches for a selected text
04/16/09Method and system for collecting, normalizing, and analyzing spend data
04/16/09Accessing a data structure
04/16/09Controlling and using virtual universe wish lists
04/16/09Management of resource identifiers
04/16/09Apparatus and method to archive log entries formed by a data storage system
04/16/09Transaction log management
04/16/09Method and system for hoarding content on mobile clients
04/16/09Slow-dynamic load balancing system and computer-readable medium
04/16/09Instant messaging priority filtering based on content and hierarchical schemes
04/16/09System and method for interruption management
04/16/09Data server administration using a chatbot
04/16/09System and method for managing communications
04/16/09Providing a user of an instant message client with an over-shoulder status
04/16/09Detection of missing recipients in electronic messages
04/16/09Protecting context sensitive information from being transmitted from an instant message client
04/16/09Autonomic service routing using observed resource requirement for self-optimization
04/16/09Generic shared memory barrier
04/16/09Pulse-per-second attachment for stp
04/16/09Method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for migrating virtual adapters from source physical adapters to destination physical adapters
04/16/09High performance, lock-free virtual storage manager
04/16/09Method and apparatus for detecting component removal while operating in a battery backup mode
04/16/09Method for switching between two redundant oscillator signals within an alignment element
04/16/09System and method for path saturation for computer storage performance analysis
04/16/09End-to-end cyclic redundancy check protection for high integrity fiber transfers
04/16/09Retrieving data relating to a web page prior to initiating viewing of the web page
04/16/09Help option enhancement for interactive voice response systems
04/16/09Ic layout optimization to improve yield
04/16/09Method, apparatus, and computer program product for automatically waiving non-compute indications for a timing analysis process
04/16/09Method, apparatus, and computer program product for stale ndr detection
04/16/09Buffer placement with respect to data flow direction and placement area geometry in hierarchical vls designs
04/16/09Structure for performing iterative synthesis of an integrated circuit design to attain power closure
04/16/09Design structure for partitioned dummy fill shapes for reduced mask bias with alternating phase shift masks
04/16/09System and method for supporting data driving a software process using objects of arbitrary data types
04/16/09Method and apparatus for autonomic test case feedback using hardware assistance for code coverage
04/16/09Interrupt avoidance in virtualized environments
04/16/09Dynamic business process prioritization based on context
04/16/09Display of data used for system performance analysis
04/16/09Providing links between application programs
04/16/09Broadcasting for browsing the web
04/16/09Method of processing data of a host in an internet protocol television (iptv) system and the apparatus thereof
04/16/09Method and system for analyzing policies for compliance with a specified policy using a policy template
04/16/09Authentication for shared wireless peripherals having an internal memory store for sharing digital content across multiple hosts
04/16/09System and method for representing multiple security groups as a single data object
04/16/09Latches-links as virtual attachments in documents
04/16/09Scanning probe-based lithography method
04/09/09Method and apparatus for controlling size and alignment of precision ground plates
04/09/09Providing item bagging advisements to baggers
04/09/09Providing a duplicate test signal of an output signal under test in an integrated circuit
04/09/09Channel stress engineering using localized ion implantation induced gate electrode volumetric change
04/09/09Self-assembled sidewall spacer
04/09/09Dual stress liner structure having substantially planar interface between liners and related method
04/09/09Integrated circuit system employing fluorine doping
04/09/09Resistor and fet formed from the metal portion of a mosfet metal gate stack
04/09/09High performance mosfet
04/09/09Fully and uniformly silicided gate structure and method for forming same
04/09/09Single crystal fuse on air in bulk silicon
04/09/09Electromigration fuse and method of fabricating same
04/09/09System and method for multiple sense point voltage regulation
04/09/09Circuits and methods for characterizing device variation in electronic memory circuits
04/09/09System and method to minimize transition time between circuit operating modes
04/09/09Rendering display content on a floor surface of a surface computer
04/09/09Remotely controlling computer output displayed on a screen using a single hand-held device
04/09/09Sending a document for display to a user of a surface computer
04/09/09Non-intrusive capture and display of objects based on contact locality
04/09/09Assembly and method for ruggedizing computer racks and/or electronic cage assemblies
04/09/09Method and device for rejecting redundantly retransmitted sip messages
04/09/09Call-initiated social information acquisition and exchange
04/09/09Mixed lithography with dual resist and a single pattern transfer
04/09/09Fabrication of soi with gettering layer
04/09/09Sprocket opening alignment process and apparatus for multilayer solder decal
04/09/09Self-assembled sidewall spacer
04/09/09Techniques for linking non-coding and gene-coding deoxyribonucleic acid sequences and applications thereof
04/09/09Method and apparatus for using design specifications and measurements on manufactured products in conceptual design models
04/09/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for automating process and equipment qualifications in a manufacturing environment
04/09/09Method, system and program product for on demand data mining server with dynamic mining models
04/09/09Predictive monitoring method and system
04/09/09Database query language transformation method, transformation apparatus and database query system
04/09/09Dynamic graphical database query interface
04/09/09Off-loading star join operations to a storage server
04/09/09Generating bpel control flows
04/09/09Archiving tool for managing electronic data
04/09/09Reroute of a web service in a web based application
04/09/09System and methods for technology evaluation and adoption
04/09/09Solution for managing multiple related discussion threads in an online collaboration environment
04/09/09Method and apparatus for automated monitoring of system status
04/09/09Email system for sending messages to multiple groups
04/09/09Recognizing spam email
04/09/09System and method for freezing portions of a chat conversation in an instant messaging system
04/09/09Method and apparatus for a secure network install
04/09/09Integrated capacity and architecture design tool
04/09/09Coordinated quiesce of a distributed file system
04/09/09System and method for dynamically inserting prefetch tags by the web server
04/09/09Varying access parameters for processes to access memory addresses in response to detecting a condition related to a pattern of processes access to memory addresses
04/09/09Providing a process exclusive access to a page including a memory address to which a lock is granted to the process
04/09/09Monitoring patterns of processes accessing addresses in a storage device to determine access parameters to apply
04/09/09Perform floating point operation instruction
04/09/09Method and apparatus to prevent vulnerability to virus and worm attacks through instruction remapping
04/09/09Resource configuration in multi-modal distributed computing systems
04/09/09Double authentication for controlling disruptive operations on storage resources
04/09/09Deriving clocks in a memory system
04/09/09Recovery of application faults in a mirrored application environment
04/09/09Alternatively activating a replaceable hardware unit
04/09/09Method of maintaining task sequence within a task domain across error recovery
04/09/09System and method for monitoring application availability
04/09/09Apparatus and method for supporting creation of an electronic document
04/09/09Displaying documents to a plurality of users of a surface computer
04/09/09Dynamic meeting agenda generation based on presenter availability
04/09/09Alternate progress indicator displays
04/09/09Enhancements to prevent split entries in the event of a window focus shift
04/09/09Displaying personalized documents to users of a surface computer
04/09/09Method and system for enhanced verification by closely coupling a structural satisfiability solver and rewriting algorithms
04/09/09Design structure for chip identification system
04/09/09Generating data access operations based on a data model using a data services model
04/09/09System and method for testing computer programs
04/09/09Non-intrusive asset monitoring framework for runtime configuration of deployable software assets
04/09/09System and method for replacing an application on a server
04/09/09Method, system and program products for a dynamic, hierarchical reporting framework in a network job scheduler
04/09/09Method and system for automated processor reallocation and optimization between logical partitions
04/09/09Method and apparatus for automatic determination of authorization requirements while editing or generating code
04/09/09Email privacy system and method
04/09/09Method for reducing the time to diagnose the cause of unexpected changes to system files
04/09/09Method for evaluating and accessing a network address
04/09/09Authentication method and system
04/09/09On-demand physically secure data storage
04/02/09Slip ring positive z force liquid isolation fixture permitting zero net force on workpiece
04/02/09Techniques for cooling solar concentrator devices
04/02/09Methods to prevent ecc (edge chipping and cracking) damage during die picking process
04/02/09Semiconductor fuse structure and method
04/02/09Electronic components on trenched substrates and method of forming same
04/02/09Structures and methods for reduction of parasitic capacitances in semiconductor integrated circuits
04/02/09Multiplexor with leakage power regulator
04/02/09High frequency differential voltage level shifter
04/02/09Low pass metal powder filter
04/02/09Apparatus and method to encode information holographically
04/02/09Stacked power clamp having a bigfet gate pull-up circuit
04/02/09Split- and collapsible-top hat frame height reduction features
04/02/09Automatic air blockage assembly and method for computing environments
04/02/09Docking station with hybrid air and liquid cooling of an electronics rack
04/02/09Docking station with closed loop airlfow path for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack
04/02/09Method, system, and apparatus for flow control management in a data center ethernet network over an extended distance
04/02/09Method, system, and apparatus for accelerating resolution of network congestion
04/02/09Condensation detector utilizing a wet bulb and dry bulb temperature differential
04/02/09Compact optical transceivers including thermal distributing and electromagnetic shielding systems and methods therefor
04/02/09Photomask and method of making thereof
04/02/09Formation of carbon and semiconductor nanomaterials using molecular assemblies
04/02/09Method of minimizing via sidewall damages during dual damascene trench reactive ion etching in a via first scheme
04/02/09Method for horizontal installation of lga socketed chips
04/02/09Locking receptacle for engaging a usb device
04/02/09Global management of local link power consumption
04/02/09Managing contact status updates in a presence management system
04/02/09Method and system for subject-adaptive real-time sleep stage classification
04/02/09Enhancement for navigation systems for using weather information when predicting a quickest travel path
04/02/09Computer readable medium and method of improving ras characteristics relating to calibration algorithms in an automated robotic system
04/02/09Huygens' box methodology for signal integrity analysis
04/02/09Spoken language grammar improvement tool and method of use
04/02/09System, method and architecture for control and multi-modal synchronization of speech browsers
04/02/09Configuration management database (cmdb) which establishes policy artifacts and automatic tagging of the same
04/02/09Method and system for selecting shared service centers
04/02/09Integration of financial models into workflow software to enable activity based costing
04/02/09Consumer representation rendering with selected merchandise
04/02/09Method of dynamically providing a compound object's source information during it's development
04/02/09Using user provided structure feedback on search results to provide more relevant search results
04/02/09Systems, methods and computer products for a monitoring context generator
04/02/09Method and apparatus for assigning a cultural classification to a name using country-of-association information
04/02/09Method and apparatus for automatically differentiating between types of names stored in a data collection
04/02/09Method, system and article of manufacture for improving execution efficiency of a database workload
04/02/09Mapping online contact information into a contacts list
04/02/09Transaction log management
04/02/09Automating user's operations
04/02/09System and method for providing dynamic email content
04/02/09Controlling expiration of electronic mail single store attachments
04/02/09Dynamic email content update process
04/02/09Reducing overhead in component interactions
04/02/09Autonomically co-locating first and second components on a select server
04/02/09Systems and media for sharing session data on a network
04/02/09Remote visualization of a graphics application
04/02/09Overlay instruction accessing unit and overlay instruction accessing method
04/02/09Multi-threaded processing
04/02/09Method of managing data movement and cell broadband engine processor using the same
04/02/09Applying firmware updates to servers in a data center
04/02/09System, method and program for protecting communication
04/02/09Providing customizable, process-specific just-in-time debugging in an operating system
04/02/09Data storage systems
04/02/09Cache function overloading
04/02/09Differential dynamic content delivery to alternate display device locations
04/02/09Folding text in side conversations
04/02/09Generating test scenarios using reusable triggers indicating graphical user interface (gui) elements and actions
04/02/09Structure for a stacked power clamp having a bigfet gate pull-up circuit
04/02/09Detection method for identifying unintentionally forward-biased diode devices in an integrated circuit device design
04/02/09Layout quality gauge for integrated circuit design
04/02/09Systems for using relative positioning in structures with dynamic ranges
04/02/09Method and system for generating application data editors
04/02/09Computer program product of code coverage utilizing efficient dynamic mutation of logic (edml)
04/02/09Method, system and computer program for debugging software applications in a web environment
04/02/09Method of code coverage utilizing efficient dynamic mutation of logic (edml)
04/02/09Arrangement for scheduling jobs with rules and events
04/02/09System and method for handling resource contention
04/02/09Resource allocation unit queue
04/02/09Prioritization for online contact status updates
03/26/09Accessing objects in a service registry and repository using a treat as function
03/26/09Actuation device having combined mechanisms to match a desired connector plugging curve and method for actuating a power supply therewith
03/26/09Method of system maintenance planning based on continual robot parameter monitoring
03/26/09Dual metal gate finfets with single or dual high-k gate dielectric
03/26/09Method and structure for improving device performance variation in dual stress liner technology
03/26/09Stress-generating structure for semiconductor-on-insulator devices
03/26/09Shallow trench isolation structure compatible with soi embedded dram
03/26/09Forming soi trench memory with single-sided buried strap
03/26/09Interconnect structures with patternable low-k dielectrics and method of fabricating same
03/26/09Patternable dielectric film structure with improved lithography and method of fabricating same
03/26/09Interconnect structure with a via gouging feature absent profile damage to the interconnect dielectric and method of fabricating same
03/26/09Apparatus, system, and method for integrated component testing
03/26/09System for automatic notification in a sequential process
03/26/09Method and apparatus for displaying overlapping markers
03/26/09Sensor for imaging inside equipment
03/26/09Technique for allowing the modification of the audio characteristics of items appearing in an interactive video using rfid tags
03/26/09Method and system of making digital image transfer thermoformed objects
03/26/09Method of controlling movements of a position of a microscanner
03/26/09Mechanically-assisted insertion and removal of modular device
03/26/09Vapor-compression heat exchange system with evaporator coil mounted to outlet door cover of an electronics rack
03/26/09Edram hierarchical differential sense amp
03/26/09Method, system, and computer program product for adaptive congestion control on virtual lanes for data center ethernet architecture
03/26/09Frame alteration logic for network processors
03/26/09Service for providing speaker voice metrics
03/26/09Methods and apparatus for filtering video packets for large-scale video stream monitoring
03/26/09Image compression and expansion technique
03/26/09Junction field effect transistor geometry for optical modulators
03/26/09Spin-on antireflective coating for integration of patternable dielectric materials and interconnect structures
03/26/09Functionalized carbosilane polymers and photoresist compositions containing the same
03/26/09Functionalized carbosilane polymers and photoresist compositions containing the same
03/26/09Functionalized carbosilane polymers and photoresist compositions containing the same
03/26/09Functionalized carbosilane polymers and photoresist compositions containing the same
03/26/09Method of forming cmos with si:c source/drain by laser melting and recrystallization
03/26/09High speed ge channel heterostructures for field effect devices
03/26/09Method of producing land grid array (lga) interposer groups of different heights utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
03/26/09Method and user interface for creating an audio recording using a document paradigm
03/26/09Warehouse management system based on pick velocity
03/26/09Method and apparatus for analyzing idle states in a data processing system
03/26/09Alternate task processing time modeling
03/26/09Interactive debugging and tuning of methods for ctts voice building
03/26/09Automatically updating contingent events in electronic calendar systems
03/26/09Method and system for strategic global resource sourcing
03/26/09Enterprise system having a smart distance among artifacts, and apparatus and method for providing the smart distance among the artifacts
03/26/09Automated event modification in electronic calendar systems
03/26/09Multi-field classification dynamic rules updates
03/26/09System and method for executng multiple concurrent index-driven table access operations
03/26/09System and method for estimating and storing skills for reuse
03/26/09System and article of manufacture for efficient evaluation of index screening predicates
03/26/09Managing variants of artifacts in a software process
03/26/09System and program for handling anchor text
03/26/09System and method for estimating distances between multiple index-driven scan operations
03/26/09Using an incrementing time element to selectively add list items to either the start or the end of an ordered list
03/26/09Performing synchronization among relational database tables with minimal contention
03/26/09Ensuring that the archival data deleted in relational source table is already stored in relational target table
03/26/09Cancellation of individual logical volumes in premigration chains
03/26/09Memory management using garbage collection of objects in child scoped memory areas
03/26/09Memory management for garbage collection of critical real time threads
03/26/09System and method to control collaboration participation
03/26/09Collaborative email with hierachical signature authority
03/26/09System for information capture
03/26/09Method and interface for multi-threaded conversations in instant messaging
03/26/09Maximizing application availability during automated enterprise deployments
03/26/09Method and apparatus for automatically conducting hardware inventories of computers in a network
03/26/09Control of information units in fibre channel communications
03/26/09Power conservation in a raid array
03/26/09Storage system and associated methods
03/26/09Cost-conscious pre-emptive cache line displacement and relocation mechanisms
03/26/09Cancellation of individual logical volumes in premigration chains
03/26/09Memory management using garbage collection of scoped memory
03/26/09Method, system, and article of manufacture for returning physical volumes
03/26/09Memory switching data processing system
03/26/09Method and device for configuring functional capabilities in a data processing system
03/26/09Search reporting apparatus, method and system
03/26/09Generating a local clock domain using dynamic controls
03/26/09Replacing a failing physical processor
03/26/09Method of testing server side objects
03/26/09Testing functional boundary logic at asynchronous clock boundaries of an integrated circuit device
03/26/09Apparatus for blind checksum and correction for network transmissions
03/26/09Creating documents from graphical objects in a virtual universe
03/26/09Creating documents from objects with text in a virtual universe
03/26/09Apparatus for interoperation between legacy software and screen reader programs
03/26/09Method for violating the logical function and timing behavior of a digital circuit decision
03/26/09Gridded-router based wiring on a non-gridded library
03/26/09System and method for graphically building business rule conditions
03/26/09Method and system for aspect scoping in a modularity runtime
03/26/09Employing identifiers provided by an operating system of a processing environment to optimize the processing environment
03/26/09Flattening hierarchically structured flows
03/26/09Method and system for securely installing patches for an operating system
03/26/09Restricting resources consumed by ghost agents
03/26/09Communicating with remote objects in a data processing network
03/26/09Broadcast content screening service
03/26/09System and method for circumventing instant messaging do-not-disturb
03/26/09Method and system providing extended and end-to-end data integrity through database and other system layers
03/19/09Method for establishing a high speed mezzanine connection
03/19/09Method of producing a land grid array (lga) interposer structure providing for electrical contacts on opposite sides of a carrier plane
03/19/09Method of electrodepositing germanium compound materials on a substrate
03/19/09Programmable via structure for three dimensional integration technology
03/19/09Phase-change memory cell and method of fabricating the phase-change memory cell
03/19/09Phase change memory cell in via array with self-aligned, self-converged bottom electrode and method for manufacturing
03/19/09Phase change memory cell array with self-converged bottom electrode and method for manufacturing
03/19/09Soi cmos compatible multiplanar capacitor
03/19/09Hardened transistors in soi devices
03/19/09Microelectronic structure by selective deposition
03/19/09Dual shallow trench isolation structure
03/19/09Planar array contact memory cards
03/19/09Curvilinear heat spreader/lid with improved heat dissipation
03/19/09Techniques for forming solder bump interconnects
03/19/09Contact forming in two portions and contact so formed
03/19/09Methods to mitigate plasma damage in organosilicate dielectrics using a protective sidewall spacer
03/19/09Interconnect structure with improved electromigration resistance and method of fabricating same
03/19/09Interconnect structures incorporating air-gap spacers
03/19/09Microelectronic circuit structure with layered low dielectric constant regions
03/19/09Start-up circuit and method for high voltage power distribution circuit
03/19/09Auto-locating system and method for data center mapping and monitoring
03/19/09Method and system for dynamically configurable tactile feedback for navigational support
03/19/09Hand activated input device with horizontal control surface
03/19/09Dynamic reconfiguration of solid state memory device to replicate and time multiplex data over multiple data interfaces
03/19/09Memory array peripheral structures and use
03/19/09Method for inventory of an automated data storage library
03/19/09High density data storage medium
03/19/09Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing mutual failover and load-balancing between interfaces in a network
03/19/09Arrangements for auto-merging and auto-partitioning processing components
03/19/09Method and system for digital communication through infrastructure network with receiving stations according to their geographical status
03/19/09Low latency multicast for infinibandr host channel adapters
03/19/09Adaptive low latency receive queues
03/19/09Resource adaptive spectrum estimation of streaming data
03/19/09System for preparing a multimedia stream
03/19/09Personal video recording with storage space distributed among remote personal video recorders
03/19/09Process for preparing a film having alternating monolayers of a metal-metal bonded complex monolayer and an organic monolayer by layer-by layer growth
03/19/09Tapered edge bead removal process for immersion lithography
03/19/09Microelectronic structure by selective deposition
03/19/09Method for manufacturing interconnect structures incorporating air-gap spacers
03/19/09Methods to mitigate plasma damage in organosilicate dielectrics
03/19/09Planar array contact memory cards
03/19/09Missed call notification and management interface that associates and displays images with missed calls
03/19/09Model independent simulation
03/19/09Speech recognition apparatus, speech recognition apparatus and program thereof
03/19/09Method and system of building a grammar rule with baseforms generated dynamically from user utterances
03/19/09Online auction propagation
03/19/09Shopping and approval process
03/19/09Computer implemented method for automatically evaluating and ranking service level agreement violations
03/19/09System and method for cortical simulation
03/19/09System and method for storage, management and automatic indexing of structured documents
03/19/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for user-driven targeted query re-optimizations using delta values
03/19/09Flexible access of data stored in a database
03/19/09Tag valuation within a collaborative tagging system
03/19/09Propagating a query in a federated database
03/19/09System and method for accessing non-compatible content repositories
03/19/09Querying markup language data sources using a relational query processor
03/19/09Data query and location through a central ontology model
03/19/09Management of logical statements in a distributed database environment
03/19/09Fast path for grace-period detection for read-copy update system
03/19/09Policy-based method for configuring an access control service
03/19/09System for estimating a first access time of transactions accessing a database object
03/19/09Method and infrastructure for storing application data in a grid application and storage system
03/19/09System for handling asynchronous database transactions in a web based environment
03/19/09Service for providing periodic contact to a predetermined list of contacts using multi-party rules
03/19/09Configurable flat file data mapping to a database
03/19/09Handling denormal floating point operands when result must be normalized
03/19/09Modifying time progression rates in a virtual universe
03/19/09Obtaining location information of a server
03/19/09Method and system for sequencing of electronic mail to derive a specified response trajectory
03/19/09Methods and systems involving monitoring website content
03/19/09Remote activity monitoring
03/19/09Balancing access to shared resources
03/19/09Protocol for enabling dynamic and hierarchical interconnection of autonomous federations of enterprise service buses
03/19/09Method and system for file transfer over a messaging infrastructure
03/19/09System and method for synchronization between servers
03/19/09Low latency multicast for infiniband host channel adapters
03/19/09Dimm ejection mechanism
03/19/09Method for optimized data record verification
03/19/09Bus controller initiated write-through mechanism with hardware automatically generated clean command
03/19/09Apparatus and method for managing storage systems
03/19/09Method and system for automated memory reallocating and optimization between logical partitions
03/19/09Performance of an in-order processor by no longer requiring a uniform completion point across different execution pipelines
03/19/09Workflow management to automatically load a blank hardware system with an operating system, products, and service
03/19/09Managing reboot operations
03/19/09Failover of blade servers in a data center
03/19/09Querying encrypted data in a relational database system
03/19/09Resource scheduling in workflow management systems
03/19/09Authenticating software using protected master key
03/19/09Workload apportionment according to mean and variance
03/19/09Administering a system dump on a redundant node controller in a computer system
03/19/09Apparatus, system, and method for server failover to standby server during broadcast storm or denial-of-service attack
03/19/09Apparatus and program storage device for providing triad copy of storage data
03/19/09Monitoring system with trusted corrective actions
03/19/09Storing parity information for data recovery
03/19/09Arrangements for managing processing components using a graphical user interface
03/19/09Canceling window close commands
03/19/09Method, apparatus and program for facilitating selection of objects on display screens
03/19/09Creation of a help file
03/19/09Generating constraints in a class model
03/19/09Method of constrained aggressor set selection for crosstalk induced noise
03/19/09Derived level recognition in a layout editor
03/19/09Method for assisting a user in the process of creating software code
03/19/09System and computer program product for assisting a user in the process of creating software code
03/19/09method of automatically generating test cases to test command line interfaces
03/19/09Method, system and program product for optimizing emulation of a suspected malware
03/19/09Method, apparatus and systems thereof for implementing non-function logic extensibly
03/19/09Method, system, and storage medium for providing search and reference functions for a messaging system
03/19/09System providing resources based on licensing contract with user by correcting the error between estimated execution time from the history of job execution
03/19/09Pipeline processing method and apparatus in a multi-processor environment
03/19/09Method and apparatus for optimizing web services binding
03/19/09Adaptive low latency receive queues
03/19/09Visually indicating a calendar event among different time zones
03/19/09Method and apparatus for efficient performance monitoring of a large number of simultaneous events
03/19/09Associating information related to components in structured documents stored in their native format in a database
03/19/09Method and apparatus for the reliability of host data stored on fibre channel attached storage subsystems
03/12/09Precision corner post cutter
03/12/09Method for enhancing the racking (bending) strength of low cost plastic pallets
03/12/09Selective rework apparatus for surface mount components
03/12/09Bipolar transistor with low resistance base contact and method of making the same
03/12/09Dielectric spacer removal
03/12/09Structure for imagers having electrically active optical elements
03/12/09Imagers having electrically active optical elements
03/12/09Orientation-optimized pfets in cmos devices employing dual stress liners
03/12/09Full silicide gate for cmos
03/12/09Memory cell
03/12/09Emergency machine off feature with safety control interface
03/12/09Security system for inventory
03/12/09Id tag package and rfid system
03/12/09Method for implementing dynamic pseudorandom keyboard remapping
03/12/09Device and method for providing a user interface
03/12/09Display unit, drive circuit, amorphous silicon thin-film transistor, and method of driving oled
03/12/09Track-based support system for electronic cards
03/12/09Electronic board arrangement and electronic interconnect board of an electronic board arrangement
03/12/09Computer-readable medium encoding a back-gate controlled asymmetrical memory cell and memory using the cell
03/12/09Memory column redundancy scheme
03/12/09Structure for improved memory column redundancy scheme
03/12/09Systems, methods and computer products for a tcp/ip stack to notify an application of a state change made to all routes over a single ipv4 interface
03/12/09Structures having lattice-mismatched single-crystalline semiconductor layers on the same lithographic level and methods of manufacturing the same
03/12/09System and method for incorporating customer hang-ups and web submissions into a phonecall-based support workflow
03/12/09Configuring host settings to specify an encryption setting and a key label referencing a key encyrption key to use to encrypt an encryption key provided to a storage drive to use to encrypt data from the host
03/12/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for a multi-resolution storage scheme for historical data
03/12/09Tactile surface inspection during device fabrication or assembly
03/12/09Across reticle variation modeling and related reticle
03/12/09Line ends forming
03/12/09Socially based station navigation
03/12/09Using proximity information to dynamically change greeting messages on a mobile telephony device
03/12/09Intelligent mass production planning and routing system
03/12/09Gps traffic load balancing system congestion prevention
03/12/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for spoken language grammar evaluation
03/12/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for spoken language grammar evaluation
03/12/09Speech synthesis system, speech synthesis program product, and speech synthesis method
03/12/09Real time self adjusting test process
03/12/09Method, system and program product for managing fulfillment of orders
03/12/09Business domain level specification of a marketing campaign
03/12/09Method for performance bottleneck diagnosis and dependency discovery in distributed systems and computer networks
03/12/09Generalized partition pruning in a database system
03/12/09Low-overhead built-in timestamp column for relational database systems
03/12/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for a multi-resolution storage scheme for historical data
03/12/09Method and system for capturing and applying changes to a data structure
03/12/09Transitioning between historical and real time data streams in the processing of data change messages
03/12/09Methods and systems involving social bookmarking
03/12/09Method and system for classifying information
03/12/09Idempotent storage replication management
03/12/09Distributed environment controlled access facility
03/12/09Managing presence information of a presentity
03/12/09System for maintaining state information on a client
03/12/09Administering feeds of presence information of one or more presentities
03/12/09Multicast group management in infiniband
03/12/09Instant message user management
03/12/09Protocol for enabling dynamic and scalable federation of enterprise service buses
03/12/09System and computer program for monitoring performance of applications in a distributed environment
03/12/09Preliminary classification of events to facilitate cause-based analysis
03/12/09Autonomic content load balancing
03/12/09Priority based ldap service publication mechanism
03/12/09Method and apparatus for an improved bulk read socket call
03/12/09Serial redirection through a service processor
03/12/09Apparatus and program product for storing fibre channel information on an infiniband administration data base
03/12/09Dynamic data transfer control method and apparatus for shared smp computer systems
03/12/09Automated file recovery based on subsystem error detection results
03/12/09Multiplexing per-probepoint instruction slots for out-of-line execution
03/12/09Concurrent physical processor reassignment
03/12/09Grid mutual authorization through proxy certificate generation
03/12/09Transient on-demand data security control
03/12/09System for implementing dynamic pseudorandom keyboard remapping
03/12/09Managing computer power consumption in a data center
03/12/09System and method for calibrating a tod clock
03/12/09Multi nodal computer system and method for handling check stops in the multi nodal computer system
03/12/09Fail-over cluster with load-balancing capability
03/12/09System and article of manufacture for transparent file restore
03/12/09Hybrid event prediction and system control
03/12/09Administering correlated error logs in a computer system
03/12/09Design structure for a processor system with background error handling feature
03/12/09Facilitating navigation of voice data
03/12/09System and method for collecting and aggregating information
03/12/09Displaying and managing inherited values
03/12/09Method and system for rapid access to frequently used or searched objects
03/12/09Method, system, and program product for controlling a display on a data editing screen
03/12/09Scroll bar control
03/12/09Method for eliminating negative slack in a netlist via transformation and slack categorization
03/12/09Method and system for generating coverage data for a switch frequency of hdl or vhdl signals
03/12/09Methodology for placement based on circuit function and latchup sensitivity
03/12/09Logic block timing estimation using conesize
03/12/09System to identify timing differences from logic block changes and associated methods
03/12/09Graphical editor with incremental development
03/12/09System for storing and managing objects
03/12/09System for adding code commentary to source code during software debugging
03/12/09Method and system for optimization of an application
03/12/09Increase the coverage of profiling feedback with data flow analysis
03/12/09Methods, systems and computer products for a dynamic repository
03/12/09Dynamic workload balancing in a thread pool
03/12/09Ordering provisioning request execution based on service level agreement and customer entitlement
03/12/09Inter process communications in a distributed cp and np environment
03/12/09Enhanced browsing of messages in a message queue
03/12/09Using a state machine embedded within a session initiation protocol (sip) servlet to implement an application programming interface (api)
03/12/09Method and system for optional suppression of television broadcast low-priority graphic interruptions
03/12/09Security policy validation for web services
03/12/09Method for securely enabling dynamic instrumentation
03/05/09Techniques for fabricating nanowire field-effect transistors
03/05/09Methods for manufacturing a semi-buried via and articles comprising the same
03/05/09Apparatus and method for electrochemical processing of thin films on resistive substrates
03/05/09Protection of optically encoded content using one or more rfid tags embedded within one or more optical medias
03/05/09Dna-based functionalization of single walled carbon nanotubes for directed assembly
03/05/09Methods for forming self-aligned borderless contacts for strain engineered logic devices and structure thereof
03/05/09Nanowire field-effect transistors
03/05/09Finfet structure using differing gate dielectric materials and gate electrode materials
03/05/09Finfet structure including multiple semiconductor fin channel heights
03/05/09Threshold voltage compensation for pixel design of cmos image sensors
03/05/09Methods and systems involving electrically programmable fuses
03/05/09Sandwiched organic lga structure
03/05/09Latch apparatus to an enclosure for an electronic device
03/05/09Method and apparatus to test electrical continuity and reduce loading parasitics on high-speed signals
03/05/09Redundant critical path circuits to meet performance requirement
03/05/09Circuit combining level shift function with gated reset
03/05/09Active pre-emphasis for passive rc networks
03/05/09Self-powered voltage islands on an integrated circuit
03/05/09Common mode feedback amplifier with switched differential capacitor
03/05/09System and method for rfid dynamic content presentation
03/05/09Methods and systems involving faceted browsing with tags
03/05/09Method and apparatus for providing a video image having multiple focal lengths
03/05/09Method for manufacturing a thin closure magnetic head
03/05/09Drive conversion enclosure
03/05/09Technique for cooling a device
03/05/09Electronic module packaging
03/05/09Optimization of electronic package geometry for thermal dissipation
03/05/09Linear voltage regulator
03/05/09Method for regulating a voltage using a linear voltage regulator
03/05/09Multi-port dynamic memory methods
03/05/09Method and structure for improved lithographic alignment to magnetic tunnel junctions in the integration of magnetic random access memories
03/05/09Single-ended read and differential write scheme
03/05/09Sram having active write assist for improved operational margins
03/05/09Sram active write assist method for improved operational margins
03/05/09Securing rfid encoded content contained in rfid tags that are embedded in optical media based upon a spin rate of the optical media
03/05/09Monitoring and analyzing the storage quality and the drive hardware performance of a media library
03/05/09Systems, methods and computer products for providing a gradient driven mesh-network establishment
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for implementing failover in a polling adapter without support from an application server
03/05/09Method, system, and apparatus for reliable data packet recovery in a link layer of a data center ethernet network
03/05/09Information polling method, apparatus and system
03/05/09Single chip protocol converter
03/05/09Low-power, low-area high-speed receiver architecture
03/05/09Method and system for providing for security in communication
03/05/09Method and apparatus for providing secured communication connections using a secured communication connection object
03/05/09Device certificate based appliance configuration
03/05/09System and computer readable medium for the scaling down of data
03/05/09Method and apparatus for aggregating and presenting user playback data indicating manipulation of media clips by a plurality of users
03/05/09Point of sale printer including an automated cover opening apparatus
03/05/09Low k porous sicoh dielectric and integration with post film formation treatment
03/05/09Process of making a lithographic structure using antireflective materials
03/05/09Low k porous sicoh dielectric and integration with post film formation treatment
03/05/09Grounding one or more cables
03/05/09System and method of creating and providing sms http tagging
03/05/09System validation using validation programs depicted using markup language
03/05/09Method and system for blind spot identification and warning utilizing visual indicators
03/05/09Monitoring degradation of circiut speed
03/05/09Numerical test data reporting in an image file and subsequent analysis
03/05/09Method, computer program product, and system for rapid resultant estimation performance determination
03/05/09System for performing a co-simulation and/or emulation of hardware and software
03/05/09Systems, methods and computer products for database cluster modeling
03/05/09Time multiplexed interface for emulator system
03/05/09Method for globalizing support operations
03/05/09System and article of manufacture for filtering content using neural networks
03/05/09Method for automatically identifying sentence boundaries in noisy conversational data
03/05/09Methods and systems involving business process management
03/05/09Transformational method
03/05/09Optimized wireless network coverage
03/05/09Organizational design approach to transition cost assessment for business transformation
03/05/09Business transformation
03/05/09System and method for providing automatic task assignment and notification
03/05/09Trusted statement verification for data privacy
03/05/09Method and system for automatically adjusting inventory based on loaner parts and order demands
03/05/09Apparatus and method for problem determination and resolution
03/05/09Apparatus and method for streamlining index updates in a shared-nothing architecture
03/05/09Mapping log sets between different log analysis tools in a problem determination environment
03/05/09Statistics collection for database tables
03/05/09Index selection for xml database systems
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for improving update performance for indexing using delta key updates
03/05/09Systems and computer program products to identify related data in a multidimensional database
03/05/09Selection of a set of optimal n-grams for indexing string data in a dbms system under space constraints introduced by the system
03/05/09Managing user ratings in a web services environment
03/05/09System and method of sensing and responding to service discoveries
03/05/09Propagation of updates for attributes of a storage object from an owner node of the storage object to other nodes
03/05/09Article of manufacture and system for merging metadata on files in a backup storage
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for command manager support for pluggable data formats
03/05/09Updating retrievability aids of information sets with search terms and folksonomy tags
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for executing a distributed spatial data query
03/05/09Method and system for tracking, evaluating and ranking results of multiple matching engines
03/05/09method and system for minimizing sorting
03/05/09Method and apparatus for restricting a fan-out search in a peer-to-peer network based on accessibility of nodes
03/05/09System for compiling word usage frequencies
03/05/09Creating playback definitions indicating segments of media content from multiple content files to render
03/05/09Securing transfer of ownership of a storage object from an unavailable owner node to another node
03/05/09Accessing data entities
03/05/09Systems, methods and computer products for generating policy based fail over configuration for darabase clusters
03/05/09Web-based content abstraction based on platform agnostic containers able to be exported to platform specific, user customizable portal pages
03/05/09System and method for generating files having categorization architectures for digital images
03/05/09Optimization model for processing hierarchical data in stream systems
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for executing a distributed spatial data query
03/05/09Processing of database statements with join predicates on range-partitioned tables
03/05/09Method of supporting multiple extractions and binding order in xml pivot join
03/05/09Data lineage in data warehousing environments
03/05/09Method for maintaining parallelism in database processing using record identifier substitution assignment
03/05/09Program for capturing data changes utilizing data-space tracking
03/05/09Common configuration framework for applications to configure database objects and resources
03/05/09Method and device for analyzing cause of constraint violation based on constraint pattern
03/05/09Apparatus and system for performing semi-automatic dataset maintenance
03/05/09Management of data needed to resolve pointer errors in heirarchical database management systems
03/05/09Managing and coordinating savepoint functionality in a distributed database system
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for hierarchical rollback of business operations
03/05/09Maintaining message versions at nodes in a network
03/05/09Compilation model for processing hierarchical data in stream systems
03/05/09Apparatus and method to decouple large object data processing from main-line data processing in a shared-nothing architecture
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for deterministic file allocations for parallel operations
03/05/09Computer system memory management
03/05/09Apparatus and method for time-series storage with compression accuracy as a function of time
03/05/09Efficiently distributing class files over a network without global file system support
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for controlling a processing system
03/05/09Systems, methods and computer products for throttling client access to servers
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for cooperation between a browser and a server to package small objects in one or more archives
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for cooperation between a browser and a server to package small objects in one or more archives
03/05/09Determining connection information to use to access an artifact from an application on a remote server
03/05/09System and method for providing message status in chat messaging
03/05/09Managing collections of appliances
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for xml based disconnected data access for multivalued/hierarchical databases
03/05/09Arrangements for auto-merging processing components
03/05/09Network and method for the configuration thereof
03/05/09Transfer of ownership of a storage object in response to an original owner node becoming available after a period of unavailability
03/05/09Monitoring of computer network resources having service level objectives
03/05/09End-to-end (e2e) service level agreement (sla) compliance across both managed and unmanaged network segments
03/05/09System and method for active transcoding of content in a distributed system
03/05/09Combined layer 2 virtual mac address with layer 3 ip address routing
03/05/09Shared resource support for internet protocols
03/05/09System for generating a data logout in a computing environment
03/05/09Method for generating a data logout in a computing environment
03/05/09Tracking data updates during memory migration
03/05/09Migrating contents of a memory on a virtual machine
03/05/09Method for migrating contents of a memory on a virtual machine
03/05/09Utilizing data access patterns to determine a data migration order
03/05/09Method for utilizing data access patterns to determine a data migration order
03/05/09Allocation of heterogeneous storage devices to spares and storage arrays
03/05/09Structure for reducing coherence enforcement by selective directory update on replacement of unmodified cache blocks in a directory-based coherent multiprocessor
03/05/09High performance pseudo dynamic 36 bit compare
03/05/09Method and appartaus to trigger synchronization and validation actions upon memory access
03/05/09Method and system for enhanced data storage management
03/05/09Data redistribution in shared nothing architecture
03/05/09Quad aware locking primitive
03/05/09Method, system, computer program product and data processing program for verifying a processor design
03/05/09Fault discovery and selection apparatus and method
03/05/09Multi-operating system document editing mode for battery powered personal computing devices
03/05/09Low power data transfer mode for battery powered personal computing devices
03/05/09Device certificate based appliance configuration
03/05/09Method, apparatus, and product for prohibiting unauthorized access of data stored on storage drives
03/05/09Document viewing mode for battery powered computing devices
03/05/09Propogation by a controller of reservation made by a host for remote storage
03/05/09System and method for providing dram device-level repair via address remappings external to the device
03/05/09Processor instruction retry recovery
03/05/09Preliminary classification of events to facilitate cause-based analysis
03/05/09System and method for error checking of failed i/o open calls
03/05/09Method, apparatus and program storage device for extending dispersion frame technique behavior using dynamic rule sets
03/05/09Method and apparatus for implementing sram cell write performance evaluation
03/05/09Differential dynamic content delivery with indications of interest from non-participants
03/05/09Synchronization of media presentation software
03/05/09Anchor store for transmitting multiple dynamic anchors
03/05/09Method for validating unique particle attribution constraints in extensible markup language schemas
03/05/09Fine-grained, label-based, xml access control model
03/05/09Depth indicator for a link in a document
03/05/09Apparatus and system for an automated bidirectional format transform
03/05/09Preparing a display document for analysis
03/05/09System and method for verifying an electronic document
03/05/09System and method for workflow to allow meeting invitees to subscribe as dependents of other invitees
03/05/09Methodology and process for suppressing de-focusing activities during selective scheduled meetings
03/05/09Systems, methods and computer products to automatically complete a gui task
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for xml based disconnected data access for multivalued/hierarchical databases
03/05/09Method for diffusion based cell placement migration
03/05/09System and computer program product for diffusion based cell placement migration
03/05/09Systems, methods and computer products for schematic editor mulit-window enhancement of hierarchical integrated circuit design
03/05/09Systems, methods and computer products for traversing schematic hierarchy using a scrolling mechanism
03/05/09Process for managing complex pre-wired net segments in a vlsi design
03/05/09Method for custom register circuit design
03/05/09System and method for autonomic software price variation via application virtualization and streaming technology
03/05/09System for navigating beans using filters and container managed relationships
03/05/09Lock reservation using cooperative multithreading and lightweight single reader reserved locks
03/05/09Static analysis of reachable methods and fields in object-oriented applications using object instantiation
03/05/09Method and system for navigationally displaying http session entry and exit points
03/05/09Accessing a erp application over the internet using strongly typed declarative language files
03/05/09Token transformation profiles and identity service mediation node for dynamic identity token
03/05/09Methods, systems, and computer products for evaluating robustness of a list scheduling framework
03/05/09Method and system for dynamic loop transfer by populating split variables
03/05/09Systems, methods, and computer products for automated injection of java bytecode instructions for java load time optimization via runtime checking with upcasts
03/05/09Constructor argument optimization in object model for folding multiple casts expressions
03/05/09Systems, methods, and computer products for compiler support for aggressive safe load speculation
03/05/09Systems, methods, and computer products for implementing shadow versioning to improve data dependence analysis for instruction scheduling
03/05/09Evaluating computer driver update compliance
03/05/09Updating a workflow when a user reaches an impasse in the workflow
03/05/09Utilizing system configuration information to determine a data migration order
03/05/09Apparatus, system, and method for gathering transaction statistics data for delivering transaction statistics data as java objects via jmx notification
03/05/09Intelligent retry method using remote shell
03/05/09Subscribing to progress indicator treshold
03/05/09Transaction aggregation to increase transaction processing throughout
03/05/09Method for integrating job execution scheduling, data transfer and data replication in distributed grids
03/05/09Systems, methods and computer products for cross-thread scheduling
03/05/09Computer program product and method for capacity sizing virtualized environments
03/05/09Asynchronous data structure pull application programming interface (api) for stream systems
03/05/09Mechanisms for creation/deletion of linear block address table entries for direct i/o
03/05/09Updating workflow nodes in a workflow
03/05/09Configurable dynamic audit logger
03/05/09Method for data delivery in a network
03/05/09Unobtrusive port and protocol sharing among server processes
03/05/09Pre-population of meta data cache for resolution of data marshaling issues
03/05/09High-performance xml processing in a common event infrastructure
03/05/09Ontology driven contextual mediation
03/05/09Managing collections of appliances
03/05/09Method for using snmp as an rpc mechanism for exporting the data structures of a remote library
03/05/09Enhanced on-line collaboration system for broadcast presentations
03/05/09Filtering policies for data aggregated by an esb
03/05/09Database authorization rules and component logic authorization rules aggregation
03/05/09Method for organizing activities in activity-centric computing networks
03/05/09System and program for access control
03/05/09System, method and program for protecting information on computer screen
03/05/09Adaptive autonomic threat detection and quarantine
03/05/09Virus detection in a network
03/05/09Proximity sensitive blade server security
02/26/09Methods for insertion and retraction of a connector
02/26/09Land grid array (lga) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
02/26/09Seatbelt safety system
02/26/09Apparatus and method for providing a control panel that reduces overall size while providing integrated button protection for functional advantage
02/26/09Alignment film forming apparatus and methos
02/26/09Enhanced magnetic plating method and apparatus
02/26/09point of sale terminal network implementation for transmitting data indicative of terminal changes upon switching of open close state of cash drawer
02/26/09Efficient access rules enforcement mechanism for label-based access control
02/26/09Self-aligned super stressed pfet
02/26/09Electrical fuse having a thin fuselink
02/26/09Methods and structures involving electrically programmable fuses
02/26/09Process for forming metal film and release layer on polymer
02/26/09Intrinsic rc power distribution for noise filtering of analog supplies
02/26/09Methods and systems to improve rfid inventory polling accuracy
02/26/09Maintaining rfid information for virtual machines
02/26/09Method, system and program product for tonal audio-based monitoring of network alarms
02/26/09Countermeasure system triggered by movement of a display of a computing device
02/26/09Decommissioning bin for automatic decommissioning of electronic tags
02/26/09Monitoring user attention in a computer-simulated environment
02/26/09System and method for detecting a faulty object in a system
02/26/09Microphone expansion unit for teleconference phone calls
02/26/09Invoking multiple sip based services during a single communication session using resource lists
02/26/09Automatically routing session initiation protocol (sip) communications from a consumer device
02/26/09Method for dynamically adjusting hardware event counting time-slice windows
02/26/09Providing speaker identifying information within embedded digital information
02/26/09Using a surface based computing device for verification of an identification document
02/26/09Embedded nanoparticle films and method for their formation in selective areas on a surface
02/26/09Methods and systems for normalizing error
02/26/09Metalized elastomeric electrical contacts
02/26/09Future location determination using social networks
02/26/09System and method of locating wireless connection among a plurality of wireless connections
02/26/09Precursors to fluoroalkanol-containing olefin monomers, and associated methods of synthesis and use
02/26/09Arbitration system for redundant controllers, with output interlock and automatic switching capabilities
02/26/09Pictorial navigation method, system, and program product
02/26/09Method of and system for simulating a light-emitting device
02/26/09Method and system for generating application simulations
02/26/09Apparatus and method for integrated phrase-based and free-form speech-to-speech translation
02/26/09Technology for supporting modification of messages displayed by program
02/26/09Dynamic mixed-initiative dialog generation in speech recognition
02/26/09Method to voice id tag content to ease reading for visually impaired
02/26/09Establishing call-based audio sockets within a componentized voice server
02/26/09System and methods for scheduling meetings by matching a meeting profile with virtual resources
02/26/09system and method for assisted handling of cascading meeting changes
02/26/09System and method for evaluating likelihood of meeting attendance
02/26/09Method and apparatus for distributed application execution
02/26/09Pay at the table system
02/26/09Pay at the table system
02/26/09Method and apparatus for model-based testing of a graphical user interface
02/26/09Dynamic cluster database architecture
02/26/09Aggregate query optimization
02/26/09Methods of cost estimation using partially applied predicates
02/26/09System and computer program product for performing an inexact query transformation in a heterogeneous environment
02/26/09Accessing objects in a service registry and repository using subclass inference
02/26/09System and program products for pruning objects in a service registry and repository
02/26/09Multi-dimensional access control list
02/26/09Apparatus, system, and method for customized event processing using a jdbc resource adapter
02/26/09Method for pruning objects in a service registry and repository
02/26/09Method and system for model-based replication of data
02/26/09Privacy ontology for identifying and classifying personally identifiable information and a related gui
02/26/09Accessing objects in a service registry and repository
02/26/09Recording a log of operations
02/26/09Method, apparatus, and program for capturing data changes utilizing data-space tracking
02/26/09Half width counting leading zero circuit
02/26/09Data correction circuit
02/26/09Selectively delivering cached content or processed content to clients based upon a result completed percentage
02/26/09Re-using asynchronous server-side results generated for a request context of one client to satisfy a request context of a different client
02/26/09Automatically generated subject recommendations for email messages based on email message content
02/26/09Administration of time-sensitive email
02/26/09Administration of time-sensitive email
02/26/09Business to business event communications
02/26/09Data subscription management system
02/26/09Non-programmatic access to data and to data transfer functions
02/26/09Section identification and distribution system monitoring system, method and program product
02/26/09Administering devices including allowed action lists
02/26/09Deploying resources in target server environments
02/26/09Method, device and system for sharing application session information across multiple-channels
02/26/09Providing kiosk service offerings in a personal area network
02/26/09Method for providing low-level hardware access to in-band and out-of-band firmware
02/26/09Segmentation of logical volumes
02/26/09Storing redundant segments and parity information for segmented logical volumes
02/26/09Performing useful computations while waiting for a line in a system with a software implemented cache
02/26/09Adjusting parameters used to prefetch data from storage into cache
02/26/09Efficient sharing of memory between applications running under different operating systems on a shared hardware system
02/26/09Converting backup copies of objects created using a first backup program to backup copies created using a second backup program
02/26/09Systems for dynamically resizing memory pools
02/26/09Maintaining consistency for remote copy using virtualization
02/26/09Memory tuning for garbage collection and central processing unit (cpu) utilization optimization
02/26/09Maintaining reserved free space for segmented logical volumes
02/26/09Apparatus, system, and method for dynamically allocating main memory among a plurality of applications
02/26/09Method and apparatus for supporting shared library text replication across a fork system call
02/26/09Method and apparatus for register renaming using multiple physical register files and avoiding associative search
02/26/09Computer processing system employing an instruction reorder buffer
02/26/09Masking a hardware boot sequence
02/26/09Secure entry of a user-identifier in a publicly positioned device
02/26/09Power control of servers using advanced configuration and power interface (acpi) states
02/26/09Recovery of a redundant node controller in a computer system
02/26/09Intra-disk coding scheme for data-storage systems
02/26/09Server side logic unit testing
02/26/09Systems, methods, and computer products for coordinated disaster recovery
02/26/09Microcontroller for logic built-in self test (lbist)
02/26/09System and method for annotation
02/26/09System and method for flexibly selecting and visualizing configuration changes over time
02/26/09Doubly linked visual discussions for data visualization
02/26/09Solution for automatically generating software user interface code for multiple run-time environments from a single description document
02/26/09Methods, systems, and computer program products for editing using an interface
02/26/09System and method for implementing data navigation interface
02/26/09Simultaneous power and timing optimization in integrated circuits by performing discrete actions on circuit components
02/26/09Design structure for on chip shielding structure for integrated circuits or devices on a substrate
02/26/09Method and computer program product for viewing extendible models for legacy applications
02/26/09System and method for source code sectional locking for improved management
02/26/09Modular integration of distinct type systems for the compilation of programs
02/26/09Method and system for testing software
02/26/09Fast image loading mechanism in cell spu
02/26/09Load time resolution for dynamic binding languages
02/26/09Reducing the run-time cost ofinvoking a server page
02/26/09Eliminate maximum operation in loop bounds with loop versioning
02/26/09Method for supporting, software support agent and computer system
02/26/09Systems, methods, and computer products for just-in-time compilation for virtual machine environments for fast application startup and maximal run-time performance
02/26/09Polling adapter providing high performance event delivery
02/26/09System, method and computer program product for evaluatng a test of an alternative system</