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IBM patents (2010 archive)

Recent patent applications related to IBM. IBM is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: IBM may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with IBM, we're just tracking patents.

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09/09/10Queue message retrieval by selection criteria
02/11/10Participant alerts during multi-person teleconferences
12/30/10Heat sink assembly
12/30/10Condenser fin structures facilitating vapor condensation cooling of coolant
12/30/10Integrated circuit assembly
12/30/10Co-disposal and co-storage of desalination concentrated brine waste product and carbon dioxide waste product
12/30/10Compact millimeter wave packages with integrated antennas
12/30/10Nanofludic field effect transistor based on surface charge modulated nanochannel
12/30/10Ultra-sensitive detection techniques
12/30/10Scaling of bipolar transistors
12/30/10Fet with replacement gate structure and method of fabricating the same
12/30/10Shallow extension regions having abrupt extension junctions
12/30/10Metal high-k transistor having silicon sidewall for reduced parasitic capacitance, and process to fabricate same
12/30/10Design structure and method for buried inductors for ultra-high resistivity wafers for soi/rf sige applications
12/30/10Electrically programmable fuse using anisometric contacts and fabrication method
12/30/10Electrical property altering, planar member with solder element in ic chip package
12/30/10Semiconductor device assembly having a stress-relieving buffer layer
12/30/10Structure of power grid for semiconductor devices and method of making the same
12/30/10Via gouged interconnect structure and method of fabricating same
12/30/10Parallel array architecture for constant current electro-migration stress testing
12/30/10Minimizing non-linearity errors
12/30/10Security with speaker verification
12/30/10Time-to-digital based analog-to-digital converter architecture
12/30/10system and method for establishing correspondence, matching and repairing three dimensional surfaces of arbitrary genus and arbitrary topology in two dimensions using global parameterization
12/30/10Adjustable mount assembly
12/30/10Direct jet impingement-assisted thermosyphon cooling apparatus and method
12/30/10Cooling apparatus with thermally conductive porous material and jet impingement nozzle(s) extending therein
12/30/10Cooled electronic module with pump-enhanced, dielectric fluid immersion-cooling
12/30/10Condenser structures with fin cavities facilitating vapor condensation cooling of coolant
12/30/10Condenser block structures with cavities facilitating vapor condensation cooling of coolant
12/30/10Vlsi hot-spot minimization using nanotubes
12/30/10Piezo-effect transistor device and applications
12/30/10Methods and apparatus for reducing defect bits in phase change memory
12/30/10Phase change memory having one or more non-constant doping profiles
12/30/10Dynamic quadrature clock correction for a phase rotator system
12/30/10Creating emission images of integrated circuits
12/30/10Method and system for display of a video file
12/30/10Ultra-sensitive detection techniques
12/30/10Integrated circuit structure manufacturing methods using hard mask and photoresist combination
12/30/10Method of creating asymmetric field-effect-transistors
12/30/10Electrical fuse having a fully silicided fuselink and enhanced flux divergence
12/30/10Fabrication method for circuit substrate having post-fed die side power supply connections
12/30/10Method for removing threshold voltage adjusting layer with external acid diffusion process
12/30/10Wireless communication device for processing incoming calls on-demand with multiple pre-recorded answering voices and/or pre-defined messages
12/30/10Scheduling method and system for synchronization of material flows in batch process industry
12/30/10Activity based real-time production instruction adaptation
12/30/10Method of multi-segments modeling bond wire interconnects with 2d simulations in high speed, high density wire bond packages
12/30/10Method for translating computer generated log files
12/30/10Dynamically extending the speech prompts of a multimodal application
12/30/10Method and system for monitoring and reporting to an operator greenhouse gas emission from a vehicle
12/30/10Statistical analysis of data records for automatic determination of social reference groups
12/30/10Action-based to-do list
12/30/10Orchestrating the arrival of attendees to a scheduled event
12/30/10Intellectual property component business model for client services
12/30/10System and method for real-time prediction of customer satisfaction
12/30/10Method and system for the supply of data, transactions and electronic voting
12/30/10Detecting factual inconsistencies between a document and a fact-base
12/30/10Multi-pairs shortest path finding method and system
12/30/10Automatic designing system, automatic designing method and automatic designing program for automatically designing architecture for system components
12/30/10Method and system for searching using contextual data
12/30/10Correlating queries issued by applications with their source lines and analyzing applications for problem determination and where used analysis
12/30/10Expressing manageable resource topology graphs as dynamic stateful resources
12/30/10Retrieval of relevant objects in a similarity
12/30/10Method and system for searching numerical terms
12/30/10Marking sought after content items on network media devices
12/30/10Search engine optimization using page anchors
12/30/10Distributed directory environment using clustered ldap servers
12/30/10Disaster recovery for databases
12/30/10Structure based storage, query, update and transfer of tree-based documents
12/30/10System and method to enhance user presence management to enable the federation of rich media sessions
12/30/10Message selector-chaining
12/30/10Method and system for email processing
12/30/10Optimization of application delivery in a virtual universe
12/30/10Method and system for resource management in a computing environment
12/30/10Smart nagling in a tcp connection
12/30/10Wear leveling of solid state disks distributed in a plurality of redundant array of independent disk ranks
12/30/10Maintaining access times in storage systems employing power saving techniques
12/30/10Reconfigurable cache
12/30/10Apparatus, system, and method for cache coherency elimination
12/30/10Updating shared variables atomically
12/30/10Digital processor and method
12/30/10Portable light weight ldap directory server and database
12/30/10Creating and using secure communications channels for virtual universes
12/30/10Method and system for the supply of data, transactions and electronic voting
12/30/10Support for secure objects in a computer system
12/30/10Cache structure for a computer system providing support for secure objects
12/30/10Managing power comsumption in a data storage system
12/30/10Priority-based power capping in data processing systems
12/30/10Minimizing storage power consumption
12/30/10System and method for virtual machine management
12/30/10Method for managing a data storage system
12/30/10Quality of service management of end user devices in an end user network
12/30/10Visual feedback system for users using multiple partitions on a server
12/30/10Embedded device and state display control
12/30/10Determining web analytics information
12/30/10Automated configuration of location-specific page anchors
12/30/10Generic declaration of bindings between events and event handlers regardless of runtime structure
12/30/10Increasing resilience of a network service
12/30/10Method and system for delivering digital content
12/30/10Rule-based content filtering in a virtual universe
12/30/10Collaborative data entry
12/30/10Managing multiple virtual world accounts from a single virtual lobby interface
12/30/10Processing graphical user interface (gui) objects
12/30/10Handheld device, method, and computer program product for user selecting control component of application program
12/30/10Dioramic user interface having a user customized experience
12/30/10Model-based retargeting of layout patterns for sub-wavelength photolithography
12/30/10Method and system of linking on-chip parasitic coupling capacitance into distributed pre-layout passive models
12/30/10Temperature-controlled 3-dimensional bus placement
12/30/10Method for increasing the manufacturing yield of programmable logic devices
12/30/10Software development, deployment and evolution system, method and program product
12/30/10Process-driven feedback of digital asset re-use
12/30/10Static code analysis
12/30/10Time based context sampling of trace data with support for multiple virtual machines
12/30/10Executing platform-independent code on multi-core heterogeneous processors
12/30/10Software asset packaging and consumption method and system
12/30/10Allocation and regulation of cpu entitlement for virtual processors in logical partitioned platform
12/30/10Message selection for inter-thread communication in a multithreaded processor
12/30/10Deadlock detection method and system for parallel programs
12/30/10Adaptive rule loading and session control for securing network delivered services
12/30/10Method and apparatus for spam message detection
12/30/10System, method, and program for determining validity of string
12/23/10Self-aligned nano-scale device with parallel plate electrodes
12/23/10Airgap-containing interconnect structure with improved patternable low-k material and method of fabricating
12/23/10Complexes of carbon nanotubes and fullerenes with molecular-clips and use thereof
12/23/10Strained channel transistor and method of fabrication thereof
12/23/10Planar and non-planar cmos devices with multiple tuned threshold voltages
12/23/10Scavanging metal stack for a high-k gate dielectric
12/23/10Spin-torque magnetoresistive structures with bilayer free layer
12/23/10Electronic fuses in semiconductor integrated circuits
12/23/10Bipolar transistor structure and method including emitter-base interface impurity
12/23/10Methods to mitigate plasma damage in organosilicate dielectrics using a protective sidewall spacer
12/23/10Configurable psro structure for measuring frequency dependent capacitive loads
12/23/10On-chip measurement of signals
12/23/10Voltage level translating circuit
12/23/10Thermal switch for integrated circuits, design structure, and method of sensing temperature
12/23/10Scalable acquisition of telemetry data from instrumented systems enitities over a wireless network
12/23/10Computer method and apparatus providing interactive control and remote identity through in-world proxy
12/23/10Electrostatic discharge structures and methods of manufacture
12/23/10Microstructure modification in copper interconnect structure
12/23/10Detection of failures in a telecommunication system
12/23/10Scheduling cool air jobs in a data center
12/23/10Apparatus, system, and method for efficient use of mirrored storage clouds
12/23/10Transforming generic business measure definitions into executable monitoring specifications
12/23/10Automatically monitoring working hours for projects using instant messenger
12/23/10Apparatus and method to sequentially deduplicate groups of files comprising the same file name but different file version numbers
12/23/10Non-invasive usage tracking, access control, policy enforcement, audit logging, and user action automation on software applications
12/23/10Accuracy measurement of database search algorithms
12/23/10Method, system and computer program product for enhanced shared store buffer management scheme with limited resources for optimized performance
12/23/10Nonvolatile storage thresholding
12/23/10Method for controlling cache
12/23/10Sectored cache replacement algorithm for reducing memory writebacks
12/23/10Write-back coherency data cache for resolving read/write conflicts
12/23/10Apparatus and method to maintain write operation atomicity where a data transfer operation crosses a data storage medium track boundary
12/23/10Detection of zero address events in address formation
12/23/10Method of translating n to n instructions employing an enhanced extended translation facility
12/23/10System and method for authentication of a hardware token
12/23/10Method and system for the supply of data, transactions and electronic voting
12/23/10Method and system for the supply of data, transactions and electronic voting
12/23/10Prioritized workload routing in a data center
12/23/10High availability support for virtual machines
12/23/10Mining a use case model by analyzing its description in plain language and analyzing textural use case models to identify modeling errors
12/23/10Detecting and recovering from silent data errors in application cloning systems
12/23/10Indicating focus in a portal environment
12/23/10Software development tool for providing user context information to improve message quality at development time
12/23/10Apparatus and method for graphically visualizing and configuring patterns
12/23/10Clock gating using abstraction refinement
12/23/10Open systems developer portal
12/23/10Computer method and system for enforcing derived union constraints
12/23/10Graphical modeling tool
12/23/10Selecting a set of candidate code expressions from a section of program code for copying
12/23/10Documentation roadmaps and community networking for developers on large projects
12/23/10Partitioning operator flow graphs
12/23/10Workload scheduling method and system with improved planned job duration updating scheme
12/23/10Queueing messages related by affinity set
12/16/10Liquid-cooled cooling apparatus, electronics rack and methods of fabrication thereof
12/16/10Method and apparatus for single-loop temperature control of a cooling method
12/16/10Method and apparatus for fast and local anneal of anti-ferromagnetic (af) exchange-biased magnetic stacks
12/16/10Differential nitride pullback to create differential nfet to pfet divots for improved performance versus leakage
12/16/10Local metallization and use thereof in semiconductor devices
12/16/10Semiconductor transistors having high-k gate dielectric layers and metal gate electrodes
12/16/103d integrated circuit device having lower-cost active circuitry layers stacked before higher-cost active circuitry layer
12/16/10Hybrid metallic wire and methods of fabricating same
12/16/10Self-aligned dual damascene beol structures with patternable low- k material and methods of forming same
12/16/10Interconnect structure fabricated without dry plasma etch processing
12/16/10Vertical coplanar waveguide with tunable characteristic impedance design structure and method of fabricating the same
12/16/10System and method for instant message analytics of historical conversations in relation to present communication
12/16/10Using motion detection to process pan and zoom functions on mobile computing devices
12/16/10Adaptive viewing of remote documents on mobile devices
12/16/10Optical wavelength switch
12/16/10Apparatus and method to adjust the orientation of a read head to correct for dynamic skew
12/16/10Apparatus and method to rotate a read/write head
12/16/10Low power sensing in a multi-port sram using pre-discharged bit lines
12/16/10Two-layer switch apparatus avoiding first layer inter-switch traffic in steering packets through the apparatus
12/16/10Automatic call completion in a directory assistance system
12/16/10Method and apparatus for providng stream linking in audio/video disk media
12/16/10Multi-chip reticle photomasks
12/16/10Patterning nano-scale patterns on a film comprising unzipping polymer chains
12/16/10Methods for manufacturing a contact grid on a photovoltaic cell
12/16/10Enhanced radio
12/16/10Providing trusted communication
12/16/10System, method, and apparatus for proximity-based authentication for managing personal data
12/16/10Proactive control of mobile communications devices
12/16/10Cyclic carbonyl monomers functionalized with carbohydrates, polymers derived therefrom, and methods of preparation thereof
12/16/10Configuring radiation sources to simultaneously irradiate a substrate
12/16/10Intelligent grid-based hvac system
12/16/10Measurement methodology and array structure for statistical stress and test of reliabilty structures
12/16/10Web service interaction in a dynamically extensible business application
12/16/10Unified inverted index for video passage retrieval
12/16/10Query tree navigation
12/16/10Filter range bound paged search
12/16/10Preservation of digital content
12/16/10Implementing an ephemeral file system backed by a nfs server
12/16/10Generating references to reusable code in a schema
12/16/10File system location verification using a sentinel
12/16/10Systems and methods for efficient live application migration within bandwidth constrained networks
12/16/10Instant messaging monitoring and alerts
12/16/10Expediting adapter failover
12/16/10Content protection continuity through authorized chains of components
12/16/10Multipath-based migration of data across storage controllers
12/16/10Status information saving among multiple computers
12/16/10Differential caching mechanism based on media i/o speed
12/16/10Apparatus and method for data backup
12/16/10Efficient transfer of matrices for matrix based operations
12/16/10Channel-based runtime engine for stream processing
12/16/10Hierarchical services startup sequencing
12/16/10Message handling at a mobile device
12/16/10Storage system power management
12/16/10Bisectional fault detection system
12/16/10System and method for incident management enhanced with problem classification for technical support services
12/16/10Generation of a stimuli based on a test template
12/16/10Production control for service level agreements
12/16/10Apparatus and method to read information from an information storage medium
12/16/10Apparatus and method to read information from an information storage medium
12/16/10Data verification using checksum sidefile
12/16/10User interface customization using evaluation data
12/16/10Model-driven display of metric annotations on a resource/relationship graph
12/16/10Management of test artifacts using cascading snapshot mechanism
12/16/10Resolving inter-page nodes and connectors in process diagrams
12/16/10System and method for device history based delay variation adjustment during static timing analysis
12/16/10Method of integrated circuit chip fabrication and program product therefor
12/16/10System, method, and apparatus for extensible business transformation using a component-based business model
12/16/10Managing componenet coupling in an object-centric process implementation
12/16/10System, method, and apparatus for generation of executables for a heterogeneous mix of multifunction printers
12/16/10Computing system with compile farm
12/16/10Jit compilation with continous apu execution
12/16/10Concurrent upgrade of all components in storage subsystems
12/16/10Method and apparatus for scalable monitoring of virtual machine environments
12/16/10Systems and methods for operating system identification and web application execution
12/16/10Process and system for comprehensive it discovery without credentials
12/16/10Dynamically dispatching workflows in response to workflow rules
12/16/10Using software state tracking information to enact granular update rollback
12/09/10Multi-fluid cooling of an electronic device
12/09/10Cooling infrastructure leveraging a combination of free and solar cooling
12/09/10Heterojunction iii-v photovoltaic cell fabrication
12/09/10Single-junction photovoltaic cell
12/09/10Latching system for multiple nodes of a computer system
12/09/10Electronic device having an electrode with enhanced injection properties
12/09/10Dual damascene processing for gate conductor and active area to first metal level interconnect structures
12/09/10Mosfet on silicon-on-insulator with internal body contact
12/09/10Control of flatband voltages and threshold voltages in high-k metal gate stacks and structures for cmos devices
12/09/103-d single gate inverter
12/09/10Cmos inverter device
12/09/10Isolating faulty decoupling capacitors
12/09/10Structures and methods for automated tuning in wide range multi-band vco with internal reset concept
12/09/10Platform agnostic screen capture tool
12/09/10Automated dynamic reprioritization of presentation materials
12/09/10Low power, single-ended sensing in a multi-port sram using pre-discharged bit lines
12/09/10Transmitting critical table information in databases
12/09/10Apparatus and method for moving heavy equipment
12/09/10Spalling for a semiconductor substrate
12/09/10Copper interconnect structure with amorphous tantalum iridium diffusion barrier
12/09/10Thin substrate fabrication using stress-induced substrate spalling
12/09/10Implementing adaptable three phase modular line filtering
12/09/10Locking connector for engaging a usb receptacle
12/09/10Methods and apparatus for accessing computer network accessible service applications via a mobile terminal
12/09/10Low-k interlevel dielectric materials and method of forming low-k interlevel dielectric layers and structures
12/09/10Maintaining uniform power consumption from an electric utility by a local load in a power distribution system
12/09/10Three dimensional air flow sensors for data center cooling
12/09/10Cross functional area service identification method and system
12/09/10Semi-automatic evaluation and prioritization of architectural alternatives for data integration
12/09/10Method and device for distributing patterns to scanning engines for scanning patterns in a packet stream
12/09/10Data retention using logical objects
12/09/10Managing uncertain data using monte carlo techniques
12/09/10Intelligent performance analysis and isolaton of potential problem queries
12/09/10Ontology-based searching in database systems
12/09/10Service grouping and allocation method and system
12/09/10Servicing query with access path security in relational database management system
12/09/10Displaying relevancy of results from multi-dimensional searches using heatmaps
12/09/10Logically partitioned system having subpartitions with flexible network connectivity configuration
12/09/10Network traffic based power consumption estimation of information technology systems
12/09/10Plug-in provisioning integration in a clustered environment
12/09/10Processing request management
12/09/10Detection of required password authentication in a network
12/09/10Redundant and fault tolerant control of an i/o enclosure by multiple hosts
12/09/10Cache management through delayed writeback
12/09/10Broken-spheres methodology for improved failure probability analysis in multi-fail regions
12/09/10Failure analysis based on time-varying failure rates
12/09/10Detecting an inactive client during a communication session
12/09/10Visual object prioritization
12/09/10Contextual data center management utilizing a virtual environment
12/09/10Automatically correlating transaction events
12/09/10System and method to control heat dissipitation through service level analysis
12/09/10Thermal management using distributed computing systems
12/09/10Unifying heterogeneous directory service systems
12/09/10Automated access control for rendered output
12/02/10Body contact structure for in-line voltage contrast detection of pfet silicide encroachment
12/02/10Method to improve nucleation of materials on graphene and carbon nanotubes
12/02/10Vertical field effect transistor arrays and methods for fabrication thereof
12/02/10Device including high-k metal gate finfet and resistive structure and method of forming thereof
12/02/10Integrated circuit device with deep trench isolation regions for all inter-well and intra-well isolation and with a shared contact to a junction between adjacent device diffusion regions andan underlying floating well section
12/02/10In-line stacking of transistors for soft error rate hardening
12/02/10Reduced soft error rate through metal fill and placement
12/02/10Forming semiconductor chip connections
12/02/10Pattern based security authorization
12/02/10Monitoring patterns of motion
12/02/10Wear reduction methods by using compression/decompression techniques with fast random access
12/02/10Generating and displaying an application flow diagram that maps business transactions for application performance engineering
12/02/10Image modification for web pages
12/02/10Detecting a periodic sequence of servo signals
12/02/10Detection of defective tape drive by aggregating read error statistics
12/02/10Apparatus and method to adjust the positions of a write element and read element disposed on a read/write head
12/02/10Spin-torque magnetoresistive structures
12/02/10Vapor chamber heat sink with cross member and protruding boss
12/02/10Enhanced programmable pulsewidth modulating circuit for array clock generation
12/02/10Two-layer switch apparatus to avoid first layer inter-switch link data traffic in steering packets through bump-in-the-wire service applications
12/02/10Method of fabricating solar cell chips
12/02/10Mosfet structure with multiple self-aligned silicide contacts
12/02/10Method of ring-opening polymerization, and related compositions and articles
12/02/10Simulation system, method, and program
12/02/10Representing group interactions
12/02/10Using service exposure criteria
12/02/10Net-metering in a power distribution system
12/02/10System and method to support codec delivery models for ims networks
12/02/10Household digital description definition (h3d) architecture and method
12/02/10Forming dynamic real-time activity groups
12/02/10Information retrieval method, user comment processing method, and systems thereof
12/02/10Effort estimation using text analysis
12/02/10Non-subscription based service for providing contextually-preferred new content to information system users
12/02/10System and method for efficient allocation of resources in virtualized desktop environments
12/02/10Separating file data streams to enhance progressive incremental processing
12/02/10Rendering a database record in a fixed display space
12/02/10Detecting duplicate documents using classification
12/02/10Document processing method and system
12/02/10Efficient use of peer cache space in large scale file distributions
12/02/10Optimizing publish/subscribe matching for non-wildcarded topics
12/02/10Apparatus, system, and method for efficient content indexing of streaming xml document content
12/02/10Extending configuration management databases using generic datatypes
12/02/10Rebalancing operation using a solid state memory device
12/02/10Galois field multiplier
12/02/10Adding entropy for improved random number generation in a computer system
12/02/10System and method for social bookmarking/tagging at a sub-document and concept level
12/02/10Schedule adjustment assisting apparatus, method and program
12/02/10Selection of email attachment storage location
12/02/10P2p content caching system and method
12/02/10Method and system for displaying and comparing storage zoning configurations
12/02/10Remotely deploying computer programs
12/02/10Network management discovery tool
12/02/10Push-back mechanism for pub/sub brokers
12/02/10System for enabling rich network applications
12/02/10Automatic port conflict resolution during application deployment
12/02/10Server consolidation using virtual machine resource tradeoffs
12/02/10Memory overload protection
12/02/10Creating context-sensitive webpage time-out intervals
12/02/10Message processing to improve server performance
12/02/10Computer-implemented multi-resource shared lock
12/02/10Detecting lost and out of order posted write packets in a peripheral component interconnect (pci) express network
12/02/10D-cache line use history based done bit based on successful prefetchable counter
12/02/10I-cache line use history based done bit based on successful prefetchable counter
12/02/10Cache line use history based done bit modification to d-cache replacement scheme
12/02/10Cache line use history based done bit modification to i-cache replacement scheme
12/02/10Controlling simulation of a microprocessor instruction fetch unit through manipulation of instruction addresses
12/02/10Dynamically allocating limited system memory for dma among multiple adapters
12/02/10Predictors with adaptive prediction threshold
12/02/10Restoring a source file referenced by multiple file names to a restore file
12/02/10Operating computer memory
12/02/10Segmented and overlapped skew tracking method for serdes frame interface level 5
12/02/10Encoding and decoding data
12/02/10Error detection using parity compensation in binary coded decimal and densely packed decimal conversions
12/02/10Pre-fetching items in a virtual universe based on avatar communications
12/02/10Sequential clicked link display mechanism
12/02/10Peer-to-peer based content delivery in a virtual universe
12/02/10Inline variable range and target selector slider control
12/02/10Event monitoring for complex event processing
12/02/10Order independent method of performing statistical n-way maximum/minimum operation for non-gaussian and non-linear distributions
12/02/10Method and apparatus for multi-language software development
12/02/10Method for optimizing processing of character string during execution of a program, computer system and computer program for the same
12/02/10Debugger with audiation
12/02/10Efficient code instrumentation
12/02/10Code partitioning for enhanced performance
12/02/10Virtual solution composition and deployment system and method
12/02/10Enhancing service reuse through extraction of service environments
12/02/10Trust and identity in secure calendar sharing collaboration
12/02/10Autonomous intelligent user identity manager with context recognition capabilities
12/02/10Systems and methods for managing security and/or privacy settings
12/02/10Method and data processing system to prevent manipulation of computer systems
12/02/10Providing notification of spam avatars
12/02/10Parallel segmented index supporting incremental document and term indexing
11/25/10System, method and program for determining compliance with a service level agreement
11/25/10Transmission cable with spirally wrapped shielding
11/25/10Directed self-assembly of block copolymers using segmented prepatterns
11/25/10Phase change memory cells having vertical channel access transistor and memory plane
11/25/10Method for forming a robust top-down silicon nanowire structure using a conformal nitride and such structure
11/25/10Single gate inverter nanowire mesh
11/25/10Nanowire mesh fet with multiple threshold voltages
11/25/10Carbon nanotube based integrated semiconductor circuit
11/25/10Phase change memory cell having vertical channel access transistor
11/25/10Method of forming a planar field effect transistor with embedded and faceted source/drain stressors on a silicon-on-insulator (soi) wafer, a planar field effect transistor structure and a design structure for the planar field effect transistor
11/25/10Programmable pn anti-fuse
11/25/10Structure for symmetrical capacitor
11/25/10Redundant metal barrier structure for interconnect applications
11/25/10Epaper stamp
11/25/10Transmitting a composite image
11/25/10Apparatus and method to align the elements of a holographic information data storage system
11/25/10Dual-chamber fluid pump for a multi-fluid electronics cooling system and method
11/25/10Apparatus and method to store information in a holographic data storage medium
11/25/10Transaction topology discovery using constraints
11/25/10Single dma transfers from device drivers to network adapters
11/25/10System and method for analyzing video from non-static camera
11/25/10Electro-optical memory cell
11/25/10Solar cell panels and method of fabricating same
11/25/10Solar cell assemblies and method of manufacturing solar cell assemblies
11/25/10Nanowire mesh device and method of fabricating same
11/25/10Passive components in the back end of integrated circuits
11/25/10Complexes of carbon nanotubes and fullerenes with molecular-clips and use thereof
11/25/10Implantation using a hardmask
11/25/10Method of forming sub-lithographic features using directed self-assembly of polymers
11/25/10Etching of tungsten selective to titanium nitride
11/25/10Dynamic specification of power supply sources
11/25/10Mapping between stress-test systems and real world systems
11/25/10Method for processing natural language questions and apparatus thereof
11/25/10Speech capabilities of a multimodal application
11/25/10System for processing insurance coverage requests
11/25/10Value network performance comparison analysis
11/25/10Electronic learning synapse with spike-timing dependent plasticity using unipolar memory-switching elements
11/25/10System for electronic learning synapse with spike-timing dependent plasticity using phase change memory
11/25/10Method and system for assuring integrity of deduplicated data
11/25/10Generating structured query language/extensible markup language (sql/xml) statements
11/25/10Indexing provenance data and evaluating provenance data queries in data processing systems
11/25/10Storage system database of attributes
11/25/10System and method for using a same program on a local system and a remote system
11/25/10Multiplexed forms
11/25/10Method and system for detecting and handling message collisions in an instant messaging system
11/25/10User-configured alternate email rendering
11/25/10Switching media streams in a client system based on environmental changes
11/25/10Scaling energy use in a virtualized environment
11/25/10Rotate then operate on selected bits facility and instructions therefore
11/25/10Simulation system, method and program
11/25/10Computing system with power requirement evaluation
11/25/10Data consistency in long-running processes
11/25/10Protection of data on failing storage devices
11/25/10System to improve miscorrection rates in error control code through buffering and associated methods
11/25/10Automatic sash configuration in a gui environment
11/25/10Radial menus with variable selectable item areas
11/25/10Team and individual performance in the development and maintenance of software
11/25/10Determining performance of a software entity
11/25/10Concurrent static single assignment for general barrier synchronized parallel programs
11/25/10Load-time code optimization in a computing environment
11/25/10Live migration of virtual machines in a computing environment
11/25/10Shared file system cache in a virtual machine or lpar environment
11/25/10Identity verification in virtual worlds using encoded data
11/25/10Identifying security breaches caused by web-enabled software applications
11/18/10High-voltage soi mos device structure and method of fabrication
11/18/10Isolation with offset deep well implants
11/18/10Asymmetric semiconductor devices and method of fabricating
11/18/103d integration structure and method using bonded metal planes
11/18/10Enhanced quality of laser ablation by controlling laser repetition rate
11/18/10Process for measuring bond-line thickness
11/18/10Method and mechanism to reduce current variation in a current reference branch circuit
11/18/10System and method for safeguarding wafers and photomasks
11/18/10Rfid-based input device
11/18/10Managing graphics load balancing strategies
11/18/10System, mechanism, and apparatus for a customizable and extensible distributed rendering api
11/18/10Integrated circuit stack
11/18/10Optoelectronic memory devices
11/18/10Discovery and capability exchange management in a virtualized computing platform utilizing a sr-iov adapter
11/18/10Source-based steering data communications packets for transparent, bump-in-the-wire processing among multiple service applications
11/18/10Method for reducing errors while transferring tokens to and from people
11/18/10Implementing single line asynchronous dual watchdog communication for esd immunity
11/18/10Method and system for improving the quality of teaching through analysis using a virtual teaching device
11/18/10Complexes of carbon nanotubes and fullerenes with molecular-clips and use thereof
11/18/10Automatic setting of reminders in telephony using speech recognition
11/18/10Method to audit portable cassettes removeably disposed in a data storage library comprising a pass-through accessor
11/18/10Applied to a continuous egg grader machine
11/18/10System and method for guiding a user through a surrounding environment
11/18/10Application resource model composition from constituent components
11/18/10Dimensional service-oriented architecture solution modeling and composition
11/18/10Method for adaptively modifying the observed collective behavior of individual sensor nodes based on broadcasting of parameters
11/18/10Managing long-lived resource locks in a multi-system mail infrastructure
11/18/10Automatically avoiding unconstrained cartesian product joins
11/18/10Determining configuration parameter dependencies via analysis of configuration data from multi-tiered enterprise applications
11/18/10Resource name reconciliation in a configuration database
11/18/10Resource name reconciliation in a configuration database
11/18/10Configuring classifier trees and classifying data
11/18/10Summarizing system status in complex models
11/18/10Web conference performance monitoring system
11/18/10Multilingual support for an improved messaging system
11/18/10Method and computer program product for receiving an update to a previously received email message
11/18/10Maintaining instant messaging conversations when a recipient is not at their primary workstation
11/18/10Dynamic optimization of mobile services
11/18/10Method and system for monitoring a workstation
11/18/10Efficient message consumption in a point-to-point messaging environment
11/18/10Use tag clouds to visualize components related to an event
11/18/10Dynamically composing data stream processing applications
11/18/10Computer system and method of controlling computer system
11/18/10Cache management
11/18/10Apparatus and method for selecting a position where data is stored
11/18/10Apparatus and method for minimizing data storage media fragmentation
11/18/10Integrity service using regenerated trust integrity gather program
11/18/10Memory downsizing in a computer memory subsystem
11/18/10System for error control coding for memories of different types and associated methods
11/18/10System to improve memory failure management and associated methods
11/18/10System to improve error correction using variable latency and associated methods
11/18/10Assisting document creation
11/18/10Help information for links in a mashup page
11/18/10Notification of additional recipients of email messages
11/18/10Multi-finger touch adaptations for medical imaging systems
11/18/10Webpage magnifier/formatter using css properties and cursor/mouse location
11/18/10Chip design and fabrication method optimized for profit
11/18/10Method and system for design simplification through implication-based analysis
11/18/10Method, system and program product for recording and replaying target service interaction data
11/18/10Profile-driven data stream processing
11/18/10System and method for enabling parallel websphere runtime versions
11/18/10Method and system for web page breadcrumb
11/18/10System to improve cluster machine processing and associated methods
11/18/10Altering access to a fibre channel fabric
11/18/10Information processing apparatus, execution method, and object program
11/18/10Mobile authorization using policy based access control
11/18/10Positional password confirmation
11/18/10Batching heterogeneous database commands
11/18/10Development environment configured to generate application source code from database objects
11/18/10Development environment for managing database aware software projects
11/11/10Structure and method to form edram on soi substrate
11/11/10Electrical fuses and resistors having sublithographic dimensions
11/11/10Interconnect structures with patternable low-k dielectrics and method of fabricating same
11/11/10Non-real-time enhanced image snapshot in a virtual world system
11/11/10Magnifying content on a graphical display
11/11/10High contrast lithographic masks
11/11/10Electronically scannable multiplexing device
11/11/10High density data storage medium, method and device
11/11/10Interactive voice response (ivr) system call interruption handling
11/11/10Importance-based call graph construction
11/11/10Transitioning digital integrated circuit from standby mode to active mode via backgate charge transfer
11/11/10Method to preserve the critical dimension (cd) of an interconnect structure
11/11/10System, method and program for managing disaster recovery
11/11/10Self shopping support by getting contents from electronic shelf labels
11/11/10Inventory management method and program product
11/11/10Maintained symbol table only index
11/11/10Object-relational based data access for nested relational and hierarchical databases
11/11/10Method and system for user-determined attribute storage in a federated environment
11/11/10Ensuring affinity at all affinity domains by folding at each affinity level possible for a partition spanning multiple nodes
11/11/10Method and system for user-determined attribute storage in a federated environment
11/11/10Architecture for building multi-media streaming applications
11/11/10Adjusting processor utilization data in polling environments
11/11/10Demand based partitioning or microprocessor caches
11/11/10Virtual machine tool interface for tracking objects
11/11/10Vsam smart reorganization
11/11/10Dynamic translation in the presence of intermixed code and data
11/11/10Branch prediction path instruction
11/11/10Automated password authentication
11/11/10Two-factor graphical password for text password and encryption key generation
11/11/10System for error decoding with retries and associated methods
11/11/10System to improve memory reliability and associated methods
11/11/10System to improve error code decoding using historical information and associated methods
11/11/10User interface command disambiguation in a multi-window operating environment
11/11/10Assistive group setting management in a virtual world
11/11/10Assistive core content identification determined by web page citations
11/11/10Method and system for anomaly detection in software programs with reduced false negatives
11/11/10Specific debug trace collecting
11/11/10Secure patch updates of a virtual machine image in a virtualization data processing system
11/11/10Runtime dependence-aware scheduling using assist thread
11/11/10Establishment of task automation guidelines
11/11/10Processing serialized transactions in parallel while preserving transaction integrity
11/11/10Device for and method of weighted-region cycle accounting for multi-threaded processor cores
11/11/10Providing access control for a destination in a messaging system
11/11/10Method for managing requests associated with a message destination
11/11/10Assigning user requests of different types or protocols to a user by trust association interceptors
11/11/10interactive checker in a layout editor
11/04/10Method of reworking electrical short in ultra sonic bonder
11/04/10Threshold voltage adjustment through gate dielectric stack modification
11/04/10Sidewall coating for non-uniform spin momentum-transfer magnetic tunnel junction current flow
11/04/10Electronic components on trenched substrates and method of forming same
11/04/10Through substrate vias
11/04/10Reworkable electronic device assembly and method
11/04/10T-connections, methodology for designing t-connections, and compact modeling of t-connections
11/04/10Injection molded soldering process and arrangement for three-dimensional structures
11/04/10Implementing a coded time domain transmission distance meter
11/04/10System and method implementing short-pulse propagation technique on production-level boards with incremental accuracy and productivity levels
11/04/10Three-dimensional chip-stack synchronization
11/04/10Tactile virtual world
11/04/10Layout method and system in a display area for disconnected dynamic networks
11/04/10Method and apparatus of animation planning for a dynamic graph
11/04/10Method for highlighting topic element and system thereof
11/04/10Predictive personal video recorder operation
11/04/10Multiple chip module cooling system and method of operation thereof
11/04/10Increased capacity heterogeneous storage elements
11/04/10Method and system for processing text
11/04/10Method for manufacturing optical coupling element, optical transmission substrate, optical coupling component, coupling method, and optical interconnect system
11/04/10Method for reducing amine based contaminants
11/04/10Land grid array (lga) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
11/04/10Method of preparing cyclic carbonates, cyclic carbamates, cyclic ureas, cyclic thiocarbonates, cyclic thiocarbamates, and cyclic dithiocarbonates
11/04/10Processor cooling management
11/04/10Identifying service oriented architecture shared service opportunities
11/04/10Method for simultaneously considering customer commit dates and customer request dates
11/04/10Method and system for versioning data warehouses
11/04/10Method and apparatus for partial data set recovery
11/04/10Method and system for database partition
11/04/10Method for automatically configuring an interactive device based on orientation of a user relative to the device
11/04/10Semantic data validation of disjoint data
11/04/10Apparatus, system, and method for dynamically defining inductive relationships between objects in a content management system
11/04/10Method and system for processing emails
11/04/10Data retrieval method and system
11/04/10Wear-leveling and bad block management of limited lifetime memory devices
11/04/10Intelligent cache replacement mechanism with varying and adaptive temporal residency requirements
11/04/10Predictive ownership control of shared memory computing system data
11/04/10Shared data prefetching with memory region cache line monitoring
11/04/10Method and system for synchronizing inclusive decision branches
11/04/10Synchronization of swappable module in modular system
11/04/10Method and system for sampling input data
11/04/10Method and system for reconstructing error response messages under web application environment
11/04/10Adaptive endurance coding of non-volatile memories
11/04/10System and method for processing a widget at a web browser
11/04/10Method, apparatus and system for processing graphic objects
11/04/10Computer method and apparatus specifying avatar entrance and exit
11/04/10Method for detecting contradictory timing constraint conflicts
11/04/10Determining system level dependencies
11/04/10Aspect-oriented parallel programming language extensions
11/04/10Generating transaction message
10/28/10Electronic component for an electronic carrier substrate
10/28/10Wear gauge array for head protective coating
10/28/10Adaptive interconnect structure
10/28/10Implementing vertical airgap structures between chip metal layers
10/28/10Implementing at-speed wafer final test (wft) with complete chip coverage
10/28/10Universal inter-layer interconnect for multi-layer semiconductor stacks
10/28/10Real-time annotation of images in a human assistive environment
10/28/10Managing digital video recorder storage for a plurality of users
10/28/10Optical network system and memory access method
10/28/10Method of making integrated circuit chip utilizing oriented carbon nanotube conductive layers
10/28/10Creation of test plans
10/28/10Method and system for real-time estimation and prediction of the thermal state of a microprocessor unit
10/28/10Apparatus for providing feedback of translation quality using concept-bsed back translation
10/28/10Automatically assessing drug interactions while protecting patient privacy
10/28/10System and method for real time support for agents in contact center environments
10/28/10Enhanced calendaring notification
10/28/10Software application generation and implementation method and system
10/28/10Automated purchase assembly conversion process to support a dynamic configure-to-order production operation
10/28/10Soft limits for credit card transactions
10/28/10Method of synchronizing data between databases, and computer system and computer program for the same
10/28/10Accessing snapshots of a time based file system
10/28/10Managing deleted directory entries
10/28/10Information processing apparatus, and information processing method, program, and recording medium
10/28/10Tier-based data management
10/28/10Identifying relevant data from unstructured feeds
10/28/10Message switching
10/28/10Natural ordering in a graphical user interface
10/28/10Managing oversized messages
10/28/10Automated duplicate message content detection
10/28/10Checking destination email addresses against historical address information
10/28/10Direct memory access in a hybrid computing environment
10/28/10Method and system for creation of operating system partition table
10/28/10Automated feed reader indexing
10/28/10Network monitoring system and method
10/28/10Interface for connecting a network element to a session initiation protocol application server
10/28/10Redundant solid state disk system via interconnect cards
10/28/10Data reorganization in non-uniform cache access caches
10/28/10Method for ensuring the validity of recovered electronic documents from remote storage
10/28/10Method for securely transmitting control data from a secure network
10/28/10Cache architecture with distributed state bits
10/28/10Power conservation in vertically-striped nuca caches
10/28/10Synchronous and asynchronous continuous data protection
10/28/10Data storage device in-situ self test, repair, and recovery
10/28/10Preserving references to deleted directory entries
10/28/10Configuration validation system for computer clusters
10/28/10Validation of computer interconnects
10/28/10Context driven arrangement of portlets in a portal
10/28/10Extracting a system modelling meta-model language model for a system from a natural language specification of the system
10/28/10Method of converting program code of program running in multi-thread to program code causing less lock collisions, computer program and computer system for the same
10/28/10Reducing memory usage of kernel memory management structures
10/28/10Copying segments of a virtual resource definition
10/28/10Standalone software performance optimizer system for hybrid systems
10/28/10Making hardware objects and operations thread-safe
10/28/10Scsi persistent reserve management
10/28/10Deterministic serialization of access to shared resource in a multi-processor system for code instructions accessing resources in a non-deterministic order
10/21/10Metal wiring structures for uniform current density in c4 balls
10/21/10Vertical integrated circuit switches, design structure and methods of fabricating same
10/21/10Ring-shaped electrode and manufacturing method for same
10/21/10Chemical vapor deposition method for the incorporation of nitrogen into materials including germanium and antimony
10/21/10Mosfet including epitaxial halo region
10/21/10Anti-reflection structures for cmos image sensors
10/21/10Magnetic tunnel junction transistor
10/21/10High-k metal gate cmos
10/21/10Multiple vt field-effect transistor devices
10/21/10Interconnect structure
10/21/10Metal fill structures for reducing parasitic capacitance
10/21/10Three dimensional integrated circuit integration using dielectric bonding first and through via formation last
10/21/10Spray shield for cooling in computing systems
10/21/10On chip slow-wave structure, method of manufacture and design structure
10/21/10Circuit structure and design structure for an optionally switchable on-chip slow wave transmission line band-stop filter and a method of manufacture
10/21/10Conversion of bit lengths into codes
10/21/10Video capture through hardware
10/21/10Intelligent headlight control using camera sensors
10/21/10Injection molded microlenses for optical interconnects
10/21/10Lateral partitioning for a shingled tape format
10/21/10Robust esd protection circuit, method and design structure for tolerant and failsafe designs
10/21/10Semiconductor memory device
10/21/10Data storage device and method for operating a data storage system
10/21/10System and method for double rate clocking pulse generation with mistrack cancellation
10/21/10Telephone call maintenance with single party for subsequent reconnection
10/21/10Method, program and apparatus for optimizing configuration parameter set of system
10/21/10System level power profiling of embedded applications executing on virtual multicore system-on-chip platforms
10/21/10Improved calendaring system for managing follow-up appointments
10/21/10Workflow model for coordinating the recovery of it outages based on integrated recovery plans
10/21/10Affiliate system on social networking
10/21/10Method and system for the supply of data, transactions and electronic voting
10/21/10Action manager for system management systems
10/21/10Increasing knowledge sharing success rates using real time match making
10/21/10Inappropriate content detection method for senders
10/21/10System and method for optimizing federated and etld databases with considerations of specialized data structures within an environment having multidimensional constraints
10/21/10Method and system for approximate string matching
10/21/10System and method for distributed privacy preserving data mining
10/21/10Virtual controllers with a large data center
10/21/10Processing a plurality of requests simultaneously in a web application
10/21/10Automated server controlled client-side logging
10/21/10Situational application creation based on observed user behavior
10/21/10Preserving a messaging service in a highly available environment
10/21/10Remote asynchronous data mover
10/21/10Complex remote update programming idiom accelerator
10/21/10Programming idiom accelerator for remote update
10/21/10Management of redundant physical data paths in a computing system
10/21/10Management of redundant physical data paths in a computing system
10/21/10Load request scheduling in a cache hierarchy
10/21/10Updating partial cache lines in a data processing system
10/21/10Specifying an access hint for prefetching limited use data in a cache hierarchy
10/21/10Selecting a target number of pages for allocation to a partition
10/21/10Remote update programming idiom accelerator with allocated processor resources
10/21/10On-chip power proxy based architecture
10/21/10Method and system for secure document exchange
10/21/10Optimization of signing soap body element
10/21/10Managing processor power-performance states
10/21/10Using power proxies combined with on-chip actuators to meet a defined power target
10/21/10On-chip power proxy based architecture
10/21/10Delete of cache line with correctable error
10/21/10Multi-node configuration of processor cards connected via processor fabrics
10/21/10Apparatus, system, and method for validating application server replication errors
10/21/10Hardware process trace facility
10/21/10High density high reliability memory module with power gating and a fault tolerant address and command bus
10/21/10User level message broadcast mechanism in distributed computing environment
10/21/10High-speed web server
10/21/10Notifying of an unscheduled system interruption requiring manual intervention and adjusting interruption specifics reactive to user feedback
10/21/10Navigating a plurality of instantiated virtual desktops
10/21/10System, method and graphical user interface for a simulation based calculator
10/21/10Integrating information sources
10/21/10Trace containment detection of combinational designs via constraint-based uncorrelated equivalence checking
10/21/10Analyzing multiple induced systematic and statistical layout dependent effects on circuit performance
10/21/10Method of employing slew dependent pin capacitances to capture interconnect parasitics during timing abstraction of vlsi circuits
10/21/10Automated generation of oxide pillar slot shapes in silicon-on-insulator formation technology
10/21/10Abstracting business logic into centralized database controls
10/21/10Jvm exception debugging
10/21/10Implementing integrated documentation and application testing
10/21/10System and methods for generic data marshalling without object modification
10/21/10Managing threads in a wake-and-go engine
10/21/10Speculative popcount data creation
10/21/10Performance event triggering through direct interthread communication on a network on chip
10/21/10Computer access security
10/21/10Method and apparatus for secure and reliable computing
10/14/10Notifying blind users of live region updates
10/14/10Structures for improving current carrying capability of interconnects and methods of fabricating the same
10/14/10Acoustic cooling muffler for computing systems
10/14/10Magnetic tunnel junction transistor
10/14/10Cmos (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) devices having metal gate nfets and poly-silicon gate pfets
10/14/10Dual metal and dual dielectric integration for metal high-k fets
10/14/10On-chip embedded thermal antenna for chip cooling
10/14/10Bottle-shaped trench capacitor with enhanced capacitance
10/14/10Ball-limiting-metallurgy layers in solder ball structures
10/14/10Detecting open ground connections in surface mount connectors
10/14/10Voltage conversion and integrated circuits with stacked voltage domains
10/14/10Group aware tracking of personal property within a bounded zone
10/14/10System and methods for locating mobile devices using location and presence information
10/14/10Large send support in layer 2 switch to enhance effectiveness of large receive on nic and overall network throughput
10/14/10Electronic endorsement of check images
10/14/10Methods, photomasks and methods of fabricating photomasks for improving damascene wire uniformity without reducing performance
10/14/103d chip-stack with fuse-type through silicon via
10/14/10N-type carrier enhancement in semiconductors
10/14/10Process for wet singulation using a dicing moat structure
10/14/10Spacer linewidth control
10/14/10Mobile address book population using sms polling
10/14/10Method and system for real-time estimation and prediction of the thermal state of a microprocessor unit
10/14/10Blended model interpolation
10/14/10Integrated circuit modeling based on empirical test data
10/14/10Compensating for variations in device characteristics in integrated circuit simulation
10/14/10Methodology for correlated memory fail estimations
10/14/10Operating an electronic advertising device
10/14/10Method and system of preserving purchased on-demand transportation entertainment services across different journey segments or separate trips
10/14/10Incorporating representational authenticity into virtual world interactions
10/14/10Consolidating file system backend operations with access of data
10/14/10Web-browser based state repository
10/14/10Identifying subject matter experts
10/14/10Flexible and extensible framework and model for systems manageable components
10/14/10Managing database object placement on multiple storage devices
10/14/10Garbage collector with eager read barrier
10/14/10System and method of optimizing digital media processing in a carrier grade web portal environment
10/14/10Dynamic data partitioning for hot spot active data and other data
10/14/10Enhanced memory migration descriptor format and method
10/14/10Empirically based dynamic control of transmission of victim cache lateral castouts
10/14/10Loading data to vector renamed register from across multiple cache lines
10/14/10Lateral castout target selection
10/14/10Mode-based castout destination selection
10/14/10Empirically based dynamic control of acceptance of victim cache lateral castouts
10/14/10Barriers processing in a multiprocessor system having a weakly ordered storage architecture without broadcast of a synchronizing operation
10/14/10Effective memory clustering to minimize page fault and optimize memory utilization
10/14/10Tracking effective addresses in an out-of-order processor
10/14/10Partial flush handling with multiple branches per group
10/14/10Managing instructions for more efficient load/store unit usage
10/14/10Detecting and handling short forward branch conversion candidates
10/14/10Detection mechanism for system image class
10/14/10Managing possibly logically bad blocks in storage devices
10/14/10Internally controlling and enhancing logic built-in self test in a multiple core microprocessor
10/14/10Protocols for high performance computing visualization, computational steering and forward progress
10/14/10Dynamic monitoring of ability to reassemble streaming data across multiple channels based on history
10/14/10Management of data on related websites
10/14/10Accurate approximation of resistance in a wire with irregular biasing and determination of interconnect capacitances in vlsi layouts in the presence of catastrophic optical proximity correction
10/14/10Object placement in integrated circuit design
10/14/10Multiprocessor computing device
10/14/10Completion arbitration for more than two threads based on resource limitations
10/14/10Deadlock avoidance
10/14/10Automated workload selection
10/14/10Method for establishing an agency relationship to perform delegated computing tasks
10/07/10Tool-less rack rail system incorporating clamping mechanism
10/07/10Step-down transition of a solder head in the injection molding soldering process
10/07/10High performance dual-in-line memory (dimm) array liquid cooling assembly and method
10/07/10Method for forming an indium cap layer
10/07/10Nanowire devices for enhancing mobility through stress engineering
10/07/10Semiconductor nanowire with built-in stress
10/07/10Gate patterning of nano-channel devices
10/07/10Semiconductor nanowires having mobility-optimized orientations
10/07/10Structurally stabilized semiconductor nanowire
10/07/10Enhanced field effect transistor
10/07/10Trench structure and method of forming the trench structure
10/07/10Cmos diodes with dual gate conductors, and methods for forming the same
10/07/10Method of constructing an approximated dynamic huffman table for use in data compression
10/07/10Printing device and method for parallel processing of data
10/07/10Cooling system for electronic components
10/07/10Latching apparatus for facilitating docking of an electronic component
10/07/10Phase change material based temperature sensor
10/07/10Apparatus and method for forming a mechanical, fluid-tight connection
10/07/10Method to mitigate resist pattern critical dimension variation in a double-exposure process
10/07/10Top-down nanowire thinning processes
10/07/10Systems and methods for fast and memory efficient machine translation using statistical integrated phase lattice
10/07/10Privacy entitlement protocols for secure data exchange, collection, monitoring and/or alerting
10/07/10Flexible sla modelling and validation
10/07/10Managing a service oriented architecture lifecycle
10/07/10Mapping transactions between the real world and a virtual world
10/07/10Method and system for enterprise-wide migration
10/07/10Negotiable information access in electronic social networks
10/07/10Data synchronization and consistency across distributed repositories
10/07/10Client-based index advisor
10/07/10Enhanced identification of relevant database indices
10/07/10Database query optimization using weight mapping to qualify an index
10/07/10Dynamic paging model
10/07/10System and method for providing an option to auto-generate a thread on a web forum in response to a change in topic
10/07/10User engagement during large file uploads
10/07/10A common architecture for administration of client side property settings in a distributed and heterogeneous environment
10/07/10Visibility control of resources
10/07/10Multi-dimensional transform for distributed memory network
10/07/10Generating semi-structured schemas from test automation artifacts for automating manual test cases
10/07/10Multi-dimensional transform for distributed memory network
10/07/10Preferred name presentation in online environments
10/07/10Method, system and article of manufacture for controlling client access
10/07/10Virtual barrier synchronization cache castout election
10/07/10Virtual barrier synchronization cache
10/07/10Cache replacement policy
10/07/10Prioritization of directory scans in cache
10/07/10Dependency matrix with reduced area and power consumption
10/07/10Dependency matrix with improved performance
10/07/10Selective execution dependency matrix
10/07/10Installation and setup instructions with attached media
10/07/10Recycling of cache content
10/07/10Device activity triggered device diagnostics
10/07/10Constraint programming for reduction of system test-configuration-matrix complexity
10/07/10Monitoring and root cause analysis of temporary process wait situations
10/07/10Apparatus, system, and method to provide alert notification with reconcile actions
10/07/10Verification service for dynamic content update
10/07/10Programmatic information transfer
10/07/10Graphical user interface with dynamic toolbar search functionality
10/07/10On-chip leakage current modeling and measurement circuit
10/07/10Effective gate length circuit modeling based on concurrent length and mobility analysis
10/07/10Enhancing formal design verification by reusing previous results
10/07/10Incremental timing optimization and placement
10/07/10Techniques for fast area-efficient incremental physical synthesis
10/07/10Post-routing coupling fixes for integrated circuits
10/07/10Servicing a production program in an integrated development environment
10/07/10Leveraging multicore systems when compiling procedures
10/07/10Automatically recommending an upgrade approach for a customizable software product
10/07/10Ensuring task completion
10/07/10Scheduler penalty for swapping activity
10/07/10Apparatus for receiving and playing back data
10/07/10Managing privacy settings for a social network
10/07/10Serialization of xacml policies
10/07/10Method and apparatus for identifying intrusions into a network data processing system
10/07/10Scheduling jobs of a multi-node computer system based on environmental impact
09/30/10Horizontal micro-electro-mechanical-system switch
09/30/10Enhanced connector cradle having a cooling shell for preferential cooling of wafers
09/30/10Structure and method of fabricating finfet
09/30/10Methods for normalizing strain in semiconductor devices and strain normalized semiconductor devices
09/30/10Strained-silicon cmos device and method
09/30/10Structure and method for latchup improvement using through wafer via latchup guard ring
09/30/10Esd network circuit with a through wafer via structure and a method of manufacture
09/30/10Cmos sige channel pfet and si channel nfet devices with minimal sti recess
09/30/10Method and structure for threshold voltage control and drive current improvement for high-k metal gate transistors
09/30/10Soi radio frequency switch with enhanced electrical isolation
09/30/10On chip verification and consequent enablement of card os operation in smart cards
09/30/10Directional audio viewport for the sight impaired in virtual worlds
09/30/10Variable dynamic range pixel sensor cell, design structure and method
09/30/10Electrical overstress protection circuit
09/30/10Steering data communications packets for transparent bump-in-the-wire processing among multiple data processing applications
09/30/10Enabling creation of converged internet protocol multimedia subsystem services by third-party application developers using session initiation protocol support
09/30/10Administering participant attendance of teleconferences
09/30/10Analysis of leaded components
09/30/10Self-forming top anti-reflective coating compositions and, photoresist mixtures and method of imaging using same
09/30/10Photoresist compositions and process for multiple exposures with multiple layer photoresist systems
09/30/10Multi-bit high-density memory device and architecture and method of fabricating multi-bit high-density memory devices
09/30/10Cmp method
09/30/10Implementing enhanced solder joint robustness for smt pad structure
09/30/10Integrating device functionality into a telecommunications service composition
09/30/10Remote delivery and monitoring of health care
09/30/10Device for monitoring a user's posture
09/30/10Method and system for evaluating a machine tool operating characteristics
09/30/10Portable navigation device point of interest selection based on store open probability
09/30/10Date and time simulation for time-sensitive applications
09/30/10Hybrid system simulation method and simulation program prduct
09/30/10Modeling a composite application
09/30/10Soa policy versioning
09/30/10Technical feasibility exploration for service-oriented architecture environments
09/30/10Soa lifecycle governance and management
09/30/10Calibration framework for effort estimation
09/30/10Capability and maturity-based soa governance
09/30/10Prioritization enablement for soa governance
09/30/10Selecting a service oriented architecture service
09/30/10Method for transforming an enterprise based on linkages among business components, business processes and services
09/30/10Service portfolio approach for soa governance
09/30/10Developing a service oriented architecture shared services portfolio
09/30/10Enabling soa governance using a service lifecycle approach
09/30/10Quorum management of appointment scheduling
09/30/10Service evolution approach in soa
09/30/10Business assessment method
09/30/10Method, system and program product for identifying redundant invoices
09/30/10Demo verification provisioning
09/30/10Network attached storage device and method using same
09/30/10Using a sparse file as a clone of a file
09/30/10Backing-up and restoring files including files referenced with multiple file names
09/30/10Using a heartbeat signal to maintain data consistency for writes to source storage copied to target storage
09/30/10Storage management through adaptive deduplication
09/30/10System and method for parallel computation of frequency histograms on joined tables
09/30/10Adding and processing tags with emotion data
09/30/10Translation system and method for sparql queries
09/30/10One click creation of linkages between master data records
09/30/10Adaptive computing using probabilistic measurements
09/30/10Server-side translation for custom application support in client-side scripts
09/30/10Managing a virtual object
09/30/10Subscriber device and subscription management that supports real-time communication
09/30/10Utilizing e-mail response time statistics for more efficient and effective user communication
09/30/10Automatic conversion of email threads into collaborative workspaces
09/30/10High availability method and apparatus for shared resources
09/30/10Handling meeting invitations and calendar system
09/30/10Managing status information for instant messaging users
09/30/10Selective partial updates of web content
09/30/10Method and apparatus for transferring context information on web server
09/30/10System and method for deploying virtual machines in a computing environment
09/30/10Virtual typing executables
09/30/10Integration of ss7 with an application server
09/30/10Device, method and computer program product for transmitting data within remote application
09/30/10Migrating domains from one physical data processing system to another
09/30/10Interrupt-driven link status feedback mechanism for embedded switches
09/30/10Method and apparatus for mounting files and directories to a local or remote host
09/30/10Prefetch engine based translation prefetching
09/30/10Paging partition arbitration of paging devices to shared memory partitions
09/30/10Incremental backup of source to target storage volume
09/30/10Managing a logically partitioned computing system through a virtual file system
09/30/10Dependency tracking for enabling successive processor instructions to issue
09/30/10Selecting fixed-point instructions to issue on load-store unit
09/30/10Tracking deallocated load instructions using a dependence matrix
09/30/10Concurrent patching of operating systems
09/30/10Wake on lan for blade server
09/30/10Method for security in electronically fused encryption keys
09/30/10External storage device, as well as method, program and information processing apparatus for processing data stored in external storage device
09/30/10Issuing instructions in-order in an out-of-order processor using false dependencies
09/30/10Debugging program function
09/30/10Implementing self-optimizing ipl diagnostic mode
09/30/10Apparatus, system and method for a go/no go link integrity tester
09/30/10Automated dynamic differential data processing
09/30/10Displaying documents on mobile devices
09/30/10Visualization of medical conditions in a virtual universe
09/30/10Scrollbar user interface for multitouch devices
09/30/10Auto-positioning a context menu on a gui
09/30/10Method, system and application for sequential cofactor-based analysis of netlists
09/30/10Method for extracting information for a circuit design
09/30/10System for implementing business transformation in an enterprise
09/30/10Avoiding conflict in update in distributed environment employing multiple clients
09/30/10Framework for variation oriented analysis for service-oriented architecture
09/30/10Mining sequential patterns in weighted directed graphs
09/30/10Apparatus, system, and method for dynamic module flow analysis
09/30/10Tracing objects in object-oriented programming model
09/30/10Managing orphaned requests in a multi-server environment
09/30/10Managing job execution
09/30/10Policy management framework in managed systems environment
09/30/10Serialized access to an i/o adapter through atomic operation
09/30/10Soa policy engine framework
09/30/10Frequency based age determination
09/30/10Selective distribution of objects in a virtual universe
09/30/10Method for creating audio-based annotations for audiobooks
09/30/10User dictionary term criteria conditions
09/30/10Searching documents using a dynamically defined ignore string
09/23/10Semiconductor switching circuit employing quantum dot structures
09/23/10Design structure for heavy ion tolerant device, method of manufacturing the same and structure thereof
09/23/10Ultra-thin semiconductor on insulator metal gate complementary field effect transistor with metal gate and method of forming thereof
09/23/10Through-gate implant for body dopant
09/23/10Gated diode structure and method including relaxed liner
09/23/10Replacement gate cmos
09/23/10High threshold voltage nmos transistors for low power ic technology
09/23/10Method and structure for gate height scaling with high-k/metal gate technology
09/23/10Selectively self-assembling oxygen diffusion barrier
09/23/10Methods and systems involving electrically programmable fuses
09/23/10Chip inductor with frequency dependent inductance
09/23/10Interconnect structures, methods for fabricating interconnect structures, and design structures for a radiofrequency integrated circuit
09/23/10On-chip capacitors with a variable capacitance for a radiofrequency integrated circuit
09/23/10Chip guard ring including a through-substrate via
09/23/10Neutralization of trapped charge in a charge accumulation layer of a semiconductor structure
09/23/10Electromigration resistant aluminum-based metal interconnect structure
09/23/10Signal repowering chip for 3-dimensional integrated circuit
09/23/10Automated rfid reader detection
09/23/10Active/passive rfid transponder control function
09/23/10Alert protocol for indicating a failure condition in a distributed system
09/23/10Apparatus, system, and method for scalable media output
09/23/10Physical rendering with textured bounding volume primitive mapping
09/23/10Identifying spatial locations of events within video image data
09/23/10Coding scheme for identifying spatial locations of events within video image data
09/23/10Accelerated data structure optimization based upon view orientation
09/23/10Accelerated data structure positioning based upon view orientation
09/23/10Digital video recorder broadcast overlays
09/23/10Genre-based video quota management
09/23/10Method for using compositions containing fluorocarbinols in lithographic processes
09/23/10Activating dopants using multiple consecutive millisecond-range anneals
09/23/10Determining component failure rates using accelerated life data
09/23/10Method for improved management of user events scheduled during a user absence period
09/23/10Retaining state information in a publish and subscribe system
09/23/10Method and system for integrating personal information search and interaction on web/desktop applications
09/23/10Transmitting information about distributed group memberships
09/23/10Message brokering in a consuming broker device
09/23/10Method, program and system for efficiently hashing packet keys into a firewall connection table
09/23/10Migrating domains from one physical data processing system to another
09/23/10Reducing storage system power consumption in a remote copy configuration
09/23/10Method and apparatus for managing tlb
09/23/10Processing array data on simd multi-core processor architectures
09/23/10Environment based node selection for work scheduling in a parallel computing system
09/23/10Power adjustment based on completion times in a parallel computing system
09/23/10Dynamic addition of redundant network in distributed system communications
09/23/10Method and apparatus for realizing application high availability
09/23/10Model-based testing of an application program under test
09/23/10Using layout enumeration to facilitate integrated circuit development
09/23/10Formation of masks/reticles having dummy features
09/23/10Enhanced development tool for utilizing a javascript object notation (json) bridge for non-java-based component communication within java-based composite applications
09/23/10Restricting access to objects created by privileged commands
09/23/10Method and system for memory protection and security using credentials
09/23/10Mitigating and managing privacy risks using planning
09/23/10Enhanced thread stepping
09/16/10Method and system for tone inverting of residual layer tolerant imprint lithography
09/16/10Electrical interconnect structure
09/16/10Method and system for tone inverting of residual layer tolerant imprint lithography
09/16/10Electrical interconnect forming method
09/16/10Electrical interconnect forming method
09/16/10Thermal profiling to validate electronic device authenticity
09/16/10Pixel sensor cell including light shield
09/16/10Field effect transistor with air gap dielectric
09/16/10Deep trench capacitor on backside of a semiconductor substrate
09/16/10Self-aligned schottky diode
09/16/10Soi (silicon on insulator) substrate improvements
09/16/10Lateral hyperabrupt junction varactor diode in an soi substrate
09/16/10Array of alpha particle sensors
09/16/10Trench generated device structures and design structures for radiofrequency and bicmos integrated circuits
09/16/10Trench anti-fuse structures for a programmable integrated circuit
09/16/10Testing an electrical component
09/16/10Self-test design methodology and technique for root-gated clocking structure
09/16/10Power management architecture and method of modulating oscillator frequency based on voltage supply
09/16/10On-chip millimeter wave lange coupler
09/16/10Initiating emergency communication in response to detecting bio-feedback satisfying an alert condition
09/16/10System for providing an indication of the proximity of a moveable device
09/16/10Noise immune optical encoder for high ambient light projection imaging systems
09/16/10Video pattern recognition for automating emergency service incident awareness and response
09/16/10Data interleaving in tape drives
09/16/10Split-gate dram with lateral control-gate mugfet
09/16/10Implementing efuse resistance determination before initiating efuse blow
09/16/10Apparatus and method to store information in a holographic data storage medium
09/16/10Moving service control within a mobile telephony service provider network from a channel access domain to an ip domain
09/16/10Automatic analysis of cardiac m-mode views
09/16/10Precision separation of pv thin film stacks
09/16/10Semiconductor chips with crack stop regions for reducing crack propagation from chip edges/corners
09/16/10Method of forming a semiconductor device using a sacrificial uniform vertical thickness spacer structure
09/16/10Centrally managing user-specified configuration data for a configurable device
09/16/10Method to improve requirements, design manufacturing, and transportation in mass manufacturing industries through analysis of defect data
09/16/10System and method for automatically generating test patterns for at-speed structural test of an integrated circuit device using an incremental approach to reduce test pattern count
09/16/10Automated simulation fabric discovery and configuration
09/16/10Automated system latency detection for fabric simulation
09/16/10Human task integration into bpel process via presence driven delivery
09/16/10Method for mirroring a log file by threshold driven synchronization
09/16/10Intelligent deletion of elements to maintain referential integrity of dynamically assembled components in a content management system
09/16/10Apparatus and method to deduplicate data
09/16/10Apparatus and method to sequentially deduplicate data
09/16/10Collaborative search engine system
09/16/10Optimizing questionnaires
09/16/10Distributed file system access
09/16/10Method of retracting an instant message
09/16/10Remotely administering a server
09/16/10Dynamically optimizing delivery of multimedia content over a network
09/16/10Virtual kvm functionality for computer systems
09/16/10Handling castout cache lines in a victim cache
09/16/10Victim cache lateral castout targeting
09/16/10Method and mechanism for delaying writing updates to a data cache
09/16/10Lateral castout (lco) of victim cache line in data-invalid state
09/16/10Method, apparatus or software for processing exceptions produced by an application program
09/16/10Protecting against denial of service attacks using trust, quality of service, personalization, and hide port messages
09/16/10Power supply identification using a modified power good signal
09/16/10Reporting and processing computer operation failure alerts
09/16/10Promotion of a child procedure in heterogeneous architecture software
09/16/10Computer implemented api management mechanism for generating upgrade risk level handling
09/16/10Apparatus, system, and method for efficient code update
09/16/10Cloning image creation using virtual machine environment
09/16/10Power management using dynamic application scheduling
09/16/10Discovering and identifying manageable information technology resources
09/16/10Automated relationship management for electronic social networks
09/16/10Integrity verification using a peripheral device
09/09/10Micro-fluidic injection molded solder (ims)
09/09/10Two-sided semiconductor structure
09/09/10Cmos transistors with silicon germanium channel and dual embedded stressors
09/09/10Partially and fully silicided gate stacks
09/09/10Energy savings when powering a lower voltage device from a higher voltage power source
09/09/10Implementing tamper resistant integrated circuit chips
09/09/10Dispersive element, diffraction grating, color display device, demultiplexer, and diffraction grating manufacture
09/09/10Asymmetric complementary dipole illuminator
09/09/10Dispersive element, diffraction grating, color display device, demultiplexer, and diffraction grating manufacture
09/09/10Dispersive element, diffraction grating, color display device, demultiplexer, and diffraction grating manufacture
09/09/10Dispersive element, diffraction grating, color display device, demultiplexer, and diffraction grating manufacture
09/09/10Dispersive element, diffraction grating, color display device, demultiplexer, and diffraction grating manufacture
09/09/10Temperature control system for an electronic device cabinet
09/09/10Cross-talk processing in serial link buses
09/09/10Detection of frame marker quality
09/09/10Method of informing a teleconference participant that a person-of-interest has become active within the teleconference
09/09/10Magnetic head having selectively defined reader gap thicknesses
09/09/10Enhanced adaptive optimization and presentation of on-line map data
09/09/10System and methods for requirements management and modeling in complex systems integration
09/09/10Aggregate content-based advertising
09/09/10Service oriented architecture lifecycle organization change management
09/09/10Context-aware electronic social networking
09/09/10Method, system and program for archiving files
09/09/10Allocating data sets to a container data set
09/09/10Dynamically redirecting a target location during a file i/o operation
09/09/10Inferring sensitive information from tags
09/09/10Data subset retrieval from a queued message
09/09/10Querying database clients utilizing email messages
09/09/10Resetting of dynamically grown accelerated data structure
09/09/10Semantic document analysis
09/09/10Collaborative session resource allocation
09/09/10Deployment of asynchronous agentless agent functionality in clustered environments
09/09/10Methods and apparatus for dynamic allocation of servers to a plurality of customers to maximize the revenue of a server farm
09/09/10Environmental and computing cost reduction with improved reliability in workload assignment to distributed computing nodes
09/09/10Apparatus, system, and method for real time job-specific buffer allocation
09/09/10Conditional storage of multiple information items
09/09/10Method and apparatus for improved power management of microprocessors by instruction grouping
09/09/10Three stage power up in computer storage system
09/09/10Message producer with message type validation
09/09/10Method for providing a navigation element in an application
09/09/10Swarm intelligence for electrical design space modeling and optimization
09/09/10Detecting program phases with periodic call-stack sampling during garbage collection
09/09/10Method of tracing object allocation site in program, as well as computer system and computer program therefor
09/09/10Converting program code of a multi-threaded program into program code causing less lock contentions
09/09/10Testing operating system isolation using error injection
09/09/10Synchronizing resources in a computer system
09/09/10Moving resources in a computing environment having multiple logically-partitioned computer systems
09/09/10Distribute accumulated processor utilization charges among multiple threads
09/09/10Reducing remote memory accesses to shared data in a multi-nodal computer system
09/09/10Nsmart scheduling of automatic partition migration by the user of timers
09/09/10Presenting data files to an application based on a characteristic of the application and the files
09/09/10Region access authorization in a virtual environment
09/02/10Packaging substrate having pattern-matched metal layers
09/02/10Solar energy alignment and collection system
09/02/10Silicon wafer based structure for heterostructure solar cells
09/02/10Method of controlling the composition of a photovoltaic thin film
09/02/10Holey electrode grids for photovoltaic cells with subwavelength and superwavelength feature sizes
09/02/10Grid-line-free contact for a photovoltaic cell
09/02/10Solar concentration system
09/02/10Multi-layered interconnect structure using liquid crystalline polymer dielectric
09/02/10Method of removing metallic, inorganic and organic contaminants from chip passivation layer surfaces
09/02/10System and method for eliminating the structure and edge roughness produced during laser ablation of a material
09/02/10Asymmetric source/drain junctions for low power silicon on insulator devices
09/02/10Altering avatar appearances based on avatar population in a virtual universe
09/02/10Stochastic synapse memory element with spike-timing dependent plasticity (stdp)
09/02/10Advanced memory device having reduced power and improved performance
09/02/10Method, system, and program for forwarding messages between nodes
09/02/10Method and arrangement for local sychronization in master-slave distributed communication systems
09/02/10Nano/microwire solar cell fabricated by nano/microsphere lithography
09/02/10Low cost soi substrates for monolithic solar cells
09/02/10Connector actuation mechanism
09/02/10Urgent communications that overcome receiving device impediments
09/02/10Method for managing human resources
09/02/10System for monitoring global online opinions via semantic extraction
09/02/10Management of redundant object in storage systems
09/02/10Method, system and computer program product for certifying a timestamp of a data processing system
09/02/10Automatic detection and correction of hot pages in a database system
09/02/10Automatic query execution plan management and performance stabilization for workloads
09/02/10Scaling dynamic authority-based search using materialized subgraphs
09/02/10System and method for an efficient query sort of a data stream with duplicate key values
09/02/10Methods and systems for aggregating content in an instant messaging system
09/02/10Holistic disambiguation for entity name spotting
09/02/10Method and apparatus for discovering application configuration files in a system
09/02/10Server time protocol messages and methods
09/02/10Dynamically managing online communication groups
09/02/10Method and system for user information processing and resource recommendation in a network environment
09/02/10Method for providing an alert indication
09/02/10Coordinating service performance and application placement management
09/02/10Method and apparatus for adaptive bandwidth control with defined priorities for different networks
09/02/10Management system for using host and storage controller port information to configure paths between a host and storage controller in a network
09/02/10Copy circumvention in a virtual network environment
09/02/10Hybrid caching techniques and garbage collection using hybrid caching techniques
09/02/10Computer configuration virtual topology discovery and instruction therefore
09/02/10Method, system and computer program product for certifying software origination
09/02/10Assessing intellectual property incorporated in software products
09/02/10Software table walk during test verification of a simulated densely threaded network on a chip
09/02/10Automated and user customizable content retrieval from a collection of linked documents to a single target document
09/02/10Automating interrogative population of electronic forms using a real-time communication platform
09/02/10Appratus, program and method for assisting a user in understanding content
09/02/10Remote desktop connection to any private desktop to tam e-sso access agent
09/02/10Digital map having user-defined zoom areas
09/02/10Logic design verification techniques for liveness checking with retiming
09/02/10Techniques for parallel buffer insertion
09/02/10Reducing coupling between wires of an electronic circuit
09/02/10Code component level intellectual property remediation
09/02/10Collecting profile-specified performance data on a multithreaded data processing system
09/02/10Virtualization of storage buffers used by asynchronous processes
09/02/10Removing operating system jitter-induced slowdown in virtualized environments
09/02/10Scheduling jobs in a cluster
09/02/10Visualization-centric performance-based volume allocation
09/02/10Non-uniform memory access (numa) enhancements for shared logical partitions
09/02/10Method for pushing work request-associated contexts into an io device
09/02/10System and method for providing a virtual binding for a worm storage system on rewritable media
09/02/10Apparatus, system, and method for start-up authentication
08/26/10Silane coupling agents for printed circuit boards
08/26/10Bath for electroplating a i-iii-vi compound, use thereof and structures containing same
08/26/10Operating an appliance based on cooking instructions embedded in an rfid product tag
08/26/10Method for forming a semiconductor structure to remedy box undercut and structure formed thereby
08/26/10Edram memory cell structure and method of fabricating
08/26/10Semiconductor switching device employing a quantum dot structure
08/26/10Optoelectronic device with germanium photodetector
08/26/10Edram including metal plates
08/26/10Semiconductor module, terminal strip, method for manufacturing terminal strip, and method for manufacturing semiconductor module
08/26/10Switched capacitor voltage converters
08/26/10System and method for varying response amplitude of radio transponders
08/26/10System and method for semi-transparent display of hands over a keyboard in real-time
08/26/10Rendering a three-dimensional time helix in a virtual universe
08/26/10Assisting apparatus, assisting program and assisting method
08/26/10Dual actuator for a read-write data storage device
08/26/10Device and structure for reducing tape motion and static friction
08/26/10Roller guide for magnetic tape with multiple guiding sections
08/26/10Airflow bypass damper
08/26/10Memory programming
08/26/10Implementing boosted wordline voltage in memories
08/26/10Determination of network topology using flow-based traffic information
08/26/10Wireless local area network (lan) system
08/26/10Ethernet link aggregation
08/26/10Callee centric location and presence enabled voicemail using session initiated protocol enabled signaling for ip multimedia subsystem networks
08/26/10System and method of location sensitive caller and callee based call prioritization
08/26/10Administering a time-shifting cache in a media playback device
08/26/10Proximity based smart collaboration
08/26/10System and method to manage power consumption
08/26/10Conservation modeling engine framework
08/26/10Managing service oriented architecture shared services escalation
08/26/10Selecting a service oriented architecture shared service
08/26/10Transitioning to management of a service oriented architecture shared service
08/26/10Management of a service oriented architecture shared service
08/26/10Electronic calendar auto event resolution system and method
08/26/10Dynamic workflow documentation system
08/26/10Data integrity validation in storage systems
08/26/10System and method of enhancing decoding performance of text indexes
08/26/10System for automatic arrangement of portlets on portal pages according to semantical and functional relationship
08/26/10System and method of obfuscating queue management
08/26/10System and method for creating and using service dependency graphs to automate the development and deployment of service oriented applications
08/26/10Microprocessor with software control over allocation of shared resources among multiple virtual servers
08/26/10Method, system, and program for enabling communication between nodes
08/26/10Document source debugger
08/26/10Synchronization optimized queuing system
08/26/10High availability memory system
08/26/10Method and apparatus for facilitating communication between virtual machines
08/26/10Managing processing systems access to control blocks providing information on storage resources
08/26/10Fast context save in transactional memory
08/26/10Indirectly-accessed, hardware-affine channel storage in transaction-oriented dma-intensive environments
08/26/10Dynamic logical partition management for numa machines and clusters
08/26/10Data structure, computer system, method and computer program for searching database
08/26/10Securing computer log files
08/26/10Modular power control system to manage power consumption
08/26/10Time-based storage access and method of power savings and improved utilization thereof
08/26/10Applying power management on a partition basis in a multipartitioned computer system
08/26/10System and method for managing the power-performance range of an application
08/26/10Interactive problem resolution presented within the context of major observable application behaviors
08/26/10Root cause analysis by correlating symptoms with asynchronous changes
08/26/10Distributed runtime diagnostics in hierarchical parallel environments
08/26/10Method of creating signatures for classifying program failures
08/26/10Apparatus and method to generate and collect diagnostic data
08/26/10Secure scan design
08/26/10Implementing enhanced array access time tracking with logic built in self test of dynamic memory and random logic
08/26/10Multi-bit error correction method and apparatus based on a bch code and memory system
08/26/10Lengthening life of a limited life memory
08/26/10Writing a special symbol to a memory to indicate the absence of a data signal
08/26/10Automatically selecting internet browser and providing web page service
08/26/10Autonomic content load balancing
08/26/10Logic for designing portlet views
08/26/10Technique for controlling screen display
08/26/10Method and system for sequential netlist reduction through trace-containment
08/26/10Logic design verification techniques for liveness checking
08/26/10Constructing a service oriented architecture shared service
08/26/10Service specific service oriented architecture shared services solution
08/26/10Optimizing code generation system with input data integration
08/26/10Software protection using an installation product having an entitlement file
08/26/10Policy driven autonomic performance data collection
08/26/10Process mapping in parallel computing
08/26/10Method, apparatus and computer program for supporting determination on degree of confidentiality of document
08/19/10Electromagnetic interference shielding apparatus and method
08/19/10Self orienting micro plates of thermally conducting material as component in thermal paste or adhesive adhesive
08/19/10Asymmetric junction field effect transistor
08/19/10Dynamic random access memory cell including an asymmetric transistor and a columnar capacitor
08/19/10Implementing variable threshold voltage transistors
08/19/10Nanowire mesh device and method of fabricating same
08/19/10Body contacts for fet in soi sram array
08/19/10High power device isolation and integration
08/19/10Highly scalable trench capacitor
08/19/10Method of making an mim capacitor and mim capacitor structure formed thereby
08/19/10Spin-on antireflective coating for integration of patternable dielectric materials and interconnect structures
08/19/10Method for providing rotationally symmetric alignment marks for an alignment system that requires asymmetric geometric layout
08/19/10Charging a portable electrical device
08/19/10Reserving power for electronic devices
08/19/10Contact resistance test structure and method suitable for three-dimensional integrated circuits
08/19/10Ultra-thin soi vertical bipolar transistors with an inversion collector on thin-buried oxide (box) for low substrate-bias operation and methods thereof
08/19/10Lateral gaze angle estimation using relative eye separation
08/19/10Automatic direct gaze detection based on pupil symmetry
08/19/10Polarization monitoring reticle design for high numerical aperture lithography systems
08/19/10Measuring strain of epitaxial films using micro x-ray diffraction for in-line metrology
08/19/10Apparatus, system, and method for visual credential verification
08/19/10Method for selectively adjusting local resist pattern dimension with chemical treatment
08/19/10In-line depth measurement of thru silicon via
08/19/10Self-aligned contact
08/19/10System and methods for geoboundary based traffic monitoring using quick tear down boundaries
08/19/10Apparatus and method for supporting verification of software internationalization
08/19/10System and program product for optimizing usage based pricing and availability for a resource
08/19/10System and method for archiving to a single database table information located across multiple tables
08/19/10Efficient integration between an external workload manager and an rdbms
08/19/10Multi-part record searches
08/19/10Indexing and searching json objects
08/19/10Semantics-based data transformation over a wire in mashups
08/19/10Data model simplification through field fallout
08/19/10Sharing a single instance of a user defined type
08/19/10Apparatus and method to perform a version pre-check of a storage controller command
08/19/10Prioritization of recipient email messages
08/19/10Management of multiple synchronous responses to single question in community-based instant messaging
08/19/10Configuring a blade environment
08/19/10Efficient maintenance of a distributed system membership view
08/19/10Method and system for simulating latency between layers of multi-tier applications
08/19/10Method and system for exclusive access to shared resources in a database
08/19/10Distributed server election with imperfect clock synchronization
08/19/10Method and apparatus for lowering i/o power of a computer system and computer system
08/19/10System and method for caching data on a hard disk drive
08/19/10System for performing hardware calibration during startup, and method of calibration
08/19/10Apparatus and method to manage redundant non-volatile storage backup in a multi-cluster data storage system
08/19/10Disaster recovery based on journaling events prioritization in information technology environments
08/19/10Virtual world viewer
08/19/10Dynamic virtual dashboard
08/19/10Method for displaying a representative of data in conditions of limited visual space
08/19/10Method of performing statistical timing abstraction for hierarchical timing analysis of vlsi circuits
08/19/10Design structure for a redundant micro-loop structure for use in an integrated circuit physical design process and method of forming the same
08/19/10Identifying a software developer based on debugging information
08/19/10intermediate form for bitwidth sensitive applications and uses thereof
08/19/10Processing an object-oriented query to retrieve data from a data source
08/19/10Automated termination of selected software applications in response to system events
08/19/10Practical contention-free distributed weighted fair-share scheduler
08/19/10Method and system for continuous optimization of data centers by combining server and storage virtualization
08/19/10Scheduling and assigning standardized work requests to performing centers
08/19/10Method and apparatus for automated assignment of access permissions to users
08/19/10System, method and program for user authentication, and recording medium on which the program is recorded
08/19/10Secure personal information profile
08/19/10System and method for efficient trust preservation in data stores
08/12/10Liquid cooled compliant heat sink and related method
08/12/10Additives for grain fragmentation in pb-free sn-based solder
08/12/10Modular rack for electronic systems
08/12/10Graphene-based transistor
08/12/10Embedded stress elements on surface thin direct silicon bond substrates
08/12/10Semiconductor-on-insulator substrate and structure including multiple order radio ferquency harmonic supressing region
08/12/10Field effect device includng recessed and aligned germanium containing channel
08/12/10Method and structure for pmos devices with high k metal gate integration and sige channel engineering
08/12/10Method for tuning the threshold voltage of a metal gate and high-k device
08/12/10On-chip heater and methods for fabrication thereof and use thereof
08/12/10Pedestal guard ring having continuous m1 metal barrier connected to crack stop
08/12/10Deep trench crackstops under contacts
08/12/10Grain refinement by precipitate formation in pb-free alloys of tin
08/12/10Lock and key through-via method for wafer level 3d integration and structures produced
08/12/10Vinyl ether resist formulations for imprint lithography and processes of use
08/12/10Detecting asymmetrical transistor leakage defects
08/12/10Critical path redundant logic for mitigation of hardware across chip variation
08/12/10Probe card, method for manufacturing probe card, and prober apparatus
08/12/10Multi-level power supply system for a complementary metal oxide semiconductor
08/12/10Soi radio frequency switch with reduced signal distortion
08/12/10System, method and program product for communicating a privacy policy associated with a radio frequency identification tag and associated object
08/12/10System, method and program product for associating a biometric reference template with a radio frequency identification tag
08/12/10Semiconductor diode structure operation method
08/12/10Rapid safeguarding of nvs data during power loss event
08/12/10Establishing electronically authenticated internet voice connections
08/12/10Automatic generation of audible alert according to ambient sound
08/12/10Link-based dvr scheduling with conflict resolution
08/12/10Group control and messaging for digital video playback sessions
08/12/10Playback of damaged video media using downloaded content
08/12/10Embedded nanoparticle films and method for their formation in selective areas on a surface
08/12/10Photoresist compositions and methods of use
08/12/10Gap capacitors for monitoring stress in solder balls in flip chip technology
08/12/10Semiconductor chips with reduced stress from underfill at edge of chip
08/12/10Finfet transistor and circuit
08/12/10Amorphization/templated recrystallization method for hybrid orientation substrates
08/12/10Cut first methodology for double exposure double etch integration
08/12/10Fin and finfet formation by angled ion implantation
08/12/10System and methods for providing location information using location based queues
08/12/10Method and apparatus for the monitoring of water usage with pattern recognition
08/12/10Connection error avoidance for apparatus connected to a power supply
08/12/10Method and system of commonality analysis for lots with scrapped wafer
08/12/10Techniques for aiding speech-to-speech translation
08/12/10Demand forecasting
08/12/10System and method for providing autonomic management of a networked system for using an action-centric approach
08/12/10Optimizing power consumption and performance in a hybrid computer evironment
08/12/10System and method for content management and determination of search conditions
08/12/10Remote access agent for caching in a san file system
08/12/10File creation utility for deduplication testing
08/12/10Maintaining data integrity
08/12/10System and methods for providing content using customized rss aggregation feeds
08/12/10Distribution of join operations on a multi-node computer system
08/12/10User-guided regular expression learning
08/12/10Correlator system for web services
08/12/10Methods and apparatus for intelligent exploratory visualization and analysis
08/12/10Optimizing migration policy during live virtual memory migration
08/12/10Intelligent discovery of network information from multiple information gathering agents
08/12/10Timestamp synchronization for queries to database portions in nodes that have independent clocks in a parallel computer system
08/12/10Cache-line based notification
08/12/10Memory controller for improved read port selection in a memory mirrored system
08/12/10Backup of deduplicated data
08/12/10Handling complex regex patterns storage-efficiently using the local result processor
08/12/10Introducing encryption, authentication, and authorization into a publication and subscription engine
08/12/10System, method and program product for checking revocation status of a biometric reference template
08/12/10Method and system for generating ciphertext and message authentication codes utilizing shared hardware
08/12/10System, method and program product for communicating a privacy policy associated with a biometric reference template
08/12/10Pre-configuring of encryption bands on a disk for use in a plurality of array configurations
08/12/10Resource integrity during partial backout of application updates
08/12/10System and method for demonstrating the correctness of an execution trace in concurrent processing environments
08/12/10Web widget for enabling screen reader accessibility for a web application
08/12/10Pack ascii zseries instructions
08/12/10System and method for standardized visual indicators in electronic media
08/12/10Program development tool configured to compile source code according to energy consumption requirements
08/12/10Generating parallel simd code for an arbitrary target architecture
08/12/10Fast vector masking algorithm for conditional data selection in simd architectures
08/12/10Presenting energy consumption information in an integrated development environment tool
08/12/10Runtime environment for virtualizing information technology appliances
08/12/10Method, apparatus, and system for applying timed operations to non-timed functions
08/12/10Application workflow integration subsystem
08/12/10Method and system for autonomic application program spawning in a computing environment
08/12/10Environment modification in a hybrid node computing environment
08/12/10System, method and program product for generating a cancelable biometric reference template on demand
08/12/10System, method and program product for recording creation of a cancelable biometric reference template in a biometric event journal record
08/12/10System and method to support identity theft protection as part of a distributed service oriented ecosystem
08/05/10Heat sink apparatus with extendable pin fins
08/05/10Current constricting phase change memory element structure
08/05/10Maskless process for suspending and thinning nanowires
08/05/10Embedded dram memory cell with additional patterning layer for improved strap formation
08/05/10Non-volatile memory device using hot-carrier injection
08/05/10Novel structure of ubm and solder bumps and methods of fabrication
08/05/10method of making 3d integrated circuits and structures formed thereby
08/05/10Implementing cml multiplexer load balancing
08/05/10Circuit and design structure for synchronizing multiple digital signals
08/05/10Compensation of vco gain curve offsets using auto-calibration
08/05/10Auto-calibration for ring oscillator vco
08/05/10Method of operating a memory circuit using memory cells with independent-gate controlled access devices
08/05/10Phase change memory with dual word lines and source lines and method of operating same
08/05/10Switchable element
08/05/10Non-body contacted sense amplifier with negligible history effect
08/05/10Heat flow measurement tool for a rack mounted assembly of electronic equipment
08/05/10Reduced wiring requirements with signal slope manipulation
08/05/10Structures and methods for low-k or ultra low-k interlayer dielectric pattern transfer
08/05/10Developable bottom antireflective coating compositions especially suitable for ion implant applications
08/05/10Multiple crystallographic orientation semiconductor structures
08/05/10Methods of forming semiconductor devices using plasma dehydrogenation and devices formed thereby
08/05/10Apparatus and method for supporting creation of assembly data
08/05/10Mobile phone communication gap recovery
08/05/10Dynamic meeting group organizer
08/05/10Role tailored dashboards and scorecards in a portal solution that integrates retrieved metrics across an enterprise
08/05/10Object organization based on user interactions within a virtual environment
08/05/10Variable road toll predicated on instantaneous point-to-point traffic volume calculation
08/05/10Security system for inventory
08/05/10Automated item pricing
08/05/10Portal performance optimization
08/05/10Updating elements in a data storage facility using a predefined state machine, with serial activation
08/05/10Selective construction of data search result per search request specifying path information
08/05/10Method for order invariant correlated encrypting of data and sql queries for maintaining data privacy and securely resolving customer defects
08/05/10System and method for avoiding duplication of effort in drafting documents
08/05/10Method and system for executing a task and medium storing a program therefor
08/05/10Transferring selected open browser tabs from a host computer to a client computer
08/05/10Message-based technique for sharing distribution list contents within electronic messaging systems
08/05/10Method and system for proactive notification of availability status in email communication
08/05/10Interactive avatar in messaging environment
08/05/10Real-time feedback for policies for computing system management
08/05/10Dynamically provisioning clusters of middleware appliances
08/05/10Direct memory access in a hybrid computing environment
08/05/10System and method for coupling a lth hh tape device with a serial attached scsi connection to a sas-cable
08/05/10Firehose dump of sram write cache data to non-volatile memory using a supercap
08/05/10Systems and methods for optimizing host reads and cache destages in a raid system
08/05/10Expiring virtual content from a cache in a virtual uninerse
08/05/10Proactive technique for reducing occurrence of long write service time for a storage device with a write cache
08/05/10Split vector loads and stores with stride separated words
08/05/10Instruction set architecture with decomposing operands
08/05/10Synchronizing replicas of a database
08/05/10Fanout connectivity structure for use in facilitating processing within a parallel computing environment
08/05/10Web browser extension for simplified utilization of web services
08/05/10Client-side simulated virtual universe environment
08/05/10Method and system for automated use of uninterpreted functions in sequential equivalence checking
08/05/10Method and system for point-to-point fast delay estimation for vlsi circuits
08/05/10Performing optical proximity correction by incorporating critical dimension correction
08/05/10Test case pattern matching
08/05/10Updating firmware without disrupting service
08/05/10Managing the processing of processing requests in a data processing system comprising a plurality of processing environments
08/05/10Method for guaranteeing a single copy of a shared assembly per process in a unix environment
07/29/10Implementing tamper evident and resistant detection through modulation of capacitance
07/29/10Stress enhanced transistor devices and methods of making
07/29/10Transistor devices and methods of making
07/29/10High performance flash memory devices
07/29/10Low cost fabrication of double box back gate silicon-on-insulator wafers with built-in shallow trench isolation in back gate layer
07/29/10Semiconductor device having dual metal gates and method of manufacture
07/29/10Selective nitridation of gate oxides
07/29/10Method to increase strain enhancement with spacerless fet and dual liner process
07/29/10High performance mosfet
07/29/10Method for tuning the threshold voltage of a metal gate and high-k device
07/29/10Semiconductor chips including passivation layer trench structure
07/29/10Voltage controlled duty cycle and non-overlapping clock generation implementation
07/29/10Method and system for efficient data transmission with server side de-duplication
07/29/10Updating ray traced acceleration data structures between frames based on changing perspective
07/29/10User-defined non-visible geometry featuring ray filtering
07/29/10Tree insertion depth adjustment based on view frustrum and distance culling
07/29/10System and method for cleaning a tape drive
07/29/10Implementing enhanced sram stability and enhanced chip yield with configurable wordline voltage levels
07/29/10Implementing enhanced dual mode sram performance screen ring oscillator
07/29/10Setting memory device vref in a memory controller and memory device interface in a communication bus
07/29/10Setting memory controller driver to memory device termination value in a communication bus
07/29/10Setting memory device termination in a memory device and memory controller interface in a communication bus
07/29/10Setting controller vref in a memory controller and memory device interface in a communication bus
07/29/10Calibration of memory driver with offset in a memory controller and memory device interface in a communication bus
07/29/10Streaming direct inter-thread communication buffer packets that support hardware controlled arbitrary vector operand alignment in a densely threaded network on a chip
07/29/10Target and method for mask-to-wafer cd, pattern placement and overlay measurement and control
07/29/10Air permeable material for data center cooling
07/29/10Simple radio frequency integrated circuit (rfic) packages with integrated antennas
07/29/10Phone number encapsulation using token based framework
07/29/10Cellular telephone using multiple accounts
07/29/10System for prediction and communication of environmentally induced power useage limitation
07/29/10Gps location and favorite prediction based on in-vehicle meta-data
07/29/10Quantizing feature vectors in decision-making applications
07/29/10Method, apparatus, and system for exchanging services in a distributed system
07/29/10Framework for delta analysis during automated builds
07/29/10Storing information for dynamically enlisted resources in a transaction
07/29/10Synchronous deletion of managed files
07/29/10Synchronizing access to resources in a hybrid computing environment
07/29/10Apparatus, system, and method for modifying data set names
07/29/10Expected future condition support in an abstract query environment
07/29/10Method for objectclass versioning
07/29/10System and method for client-based instant message monitoring for off-line users
07/29/10Broadcasting data in a hybrid computing environment
07/29/10Data processing in a hybrid computing environment
07/29/10Digital data architecture employing redundant links in a daisy chain of component modules
07/29/10Administering registered virtual addresses in a hybrid computing environment including maintaining a cache of ranges of currently registered virtual addresses
07/29/10Region coherence array having hint bits for a clustered shared-memory multiprocessor system
07/29/10System and computer program product for dynamic queue splitting for maximizing throughput of queue based operations while maintaining per-destination order of operations
07/29/10Optimizing a cache back invalidation policy
07/29/10Administering registered virtual addresses in a hybrid computing environment including maintaining a watch list of currently registered virtual addresses by an operating system
07/29/10Region coherence array for a mult-processor system having subregions and subregion prefetching
07/29/10Data storage performance enhancement through a write activity level metric recorded in high performance block storage metadata
07/29/10Data processing in a computing environment
07/29/10Deferred volume metadata invalidation
07/29/10Implied storage operation decode using redundant target address detection
07/29/10Trigonometric summation vector execution unit
07/29/10Single step mode in a software pipeline within a highly threaded network on a chip microprocessor
07/29/10Setting controller termination in a memory controller and memory device interface in a communication bus
07/29/10Using virtual copies in a failover and failback environment
07/29/10Pseudo random process state register for fast random process test generation
07/29/10Optimizing exception and error propagation through scopes
07/29/10Sematically tagged background information presentation
07/29/10Automatic generation of assent indication in a document approval function for collaborative document editing
07/29/10Client program, terminal, method, server system and server program
07/29/10Controlling scrolling of a document
07/29/10Displaying radial menus in a graphics container
07/29/10Displaying radial menus near edges of a display area
07/29/10Spiraling radial menus in computer systems
07/29/10Method for making a 3-dimensional virtual world accessible for the blind
07/29/10Minterm tracing and reporting
07/29/10Software development for a hybrid computing environment
07/29/10Using atomic sets of memory locations
07/29/10Method and system for analyzing memory leaks occurring in java virtual machine data storage heaps
07/29/10Method and system to improve code in virtual machines
07/29/10Method for presenting candidate for link target to component in web application, as well as computer program and computer system for the same
07/29/10Deployment of remote portlets into a portal
07/29/10Scheduling for parallel processing of regionally-constrained placement problem
07/29/10Extraction of code level security specification
07/29/10Context-sensitive confidentiality within federated environments
07/29/10Caching of private data for a configurable time period
07/29/10Preventing inadvertent lock-out during password entry dialog
07/29/10Virtual service provider systems
07/29/10System and method for automated data retrieval based on data placed in clipboard memory
07/29/10Sandbox web navigation
07/22/10Printing in a medium
07/22/10Structure and method for forming programmable high-k/metal gate memory device
07/22/10Signal and power supply integrated esd protection device
07/22/10Direct contact between high-k/metal gate and wiring process flow
07/22/10Efuse with partial sige layer and design structure therefor
07/22/10Polysilicon pillar bipolar transistor with self-aligned memory element
07/22/10Low compressive force, non-silicone, high thermal conducting formulation for thermal interface material and package
07/22/10System and method of achieving mechanical and thermal stability in a multi-chip package
07/22/10Structure with self aligned resist layer on an insulating surface and method of making same
07/22/10Structure with self aligned resist layer on an interconnect surface and method of making same
07/22/10Motor control mechanism for electric vehicles
07/22/10Programmable through silicon via
07/22/103d chip-stack with fuse-type through silicon via
07/22/10Wavelet based hard disk analysis
07/22/10High areal density tape format and head
07/22/10Method of operating transistors and structures thereof for improved reliability and lifetime
07/22/10Keying mechanism for connector damage prevention
07/22/10Discriminatory mtu fragmentation in a logical partition
07/22/10Recording keys in a broadcast-encryption-based system
07/22/10Machine-printable, pop-out tabbed indexed dividers
07/22/10Machine, system and method for user-guided teaching of deictic references and referent objects of deictic references to a conversational command and control system
07/22/10Compensation of thermal expansion in smt interconnects
07/22/10Three dimensional chip fabrication
07/22/10Performing molecular dynamics simulation on a multiprocessor system
07/22/10Evaluating spoken skills
07/22/10Machine, system and method for user-guided teaching and modifying of voice commands and actions executed by a conversational learning system
07/22/10Collaborative working of business process management methods
07/22/10method and system for turning virtual world participants into real life leads
07/22/10Providing gps-based location and time information
07/22/10Disaster recovery data sync
07/22/10Autonomic information management system (ims) mainframe database pointer error diagnostic data extraction
07/22/10Method and apparatus for optimistic locking using sql select, update, delete, and insert statements
07/22/10Search results embedded in a table-of-contents
07/22/10Data tranformations for a source application and multiple target applications supporting different data formats
07/22/10Data tranformations between a source application and service-oriented target applications supporting different data formats
07/22/10Methods for matching metadata from disparate data sources
07/22/10Autonomic self configuring building-block database index
07/22/10Virtual world identity management
07/22/10Enabling access to information on a web page
07/22/10Multi-dimensional resource fallback
07/22/10Security control of analysis results
07/22/10Query conditions-based security
07/22/10Variable-length record, corruption recovery apparatus, system, and method
07/22/10Data tranformations for applications supporting different data formats
07/22/10Maintaining a data structure with data set names and pointers to a plurality of catalogs
07/22/10Online monitoring of patient for routine checkups
07/22/10Management of a reserve forever device
07/22/10Intelligent cache injection
07/22/10Enabling high-performance computing on non-dedicated clusters
07/22/10Extent consolidation and storage group allocation
07/22/10Method and system for encrypting javascript object notation (json) messages
07/22/10Method and system for signing javascript object notation (json) messages
07/22/10Computer system power management based on task criticality
07/22/10Channel subsystem server time protocol commands
07/22/10Software application cluster layout pattern
07/22/10Failure-specific data collection and recovery for enterprise storage controllers
07/22/10Method and apparatus for fully redundant control of low-speed peripherals
07/22/10Input/output processor (iop) based zseries emulation
07/22/10Method and approach to hosting versioned web services
07/22/10Failure repetition avoidance
07/22/10Contextual and inline error resolution and user community
07/22/10Hamming radius separated deduplication links
07/22/10Tool and method for mapping and viewing an event
07/22/10Tool and method for annotating an event map, and collaborating using the annotated event map
07/22/10Three-dimensional mark-up style sheet provision for virtual worlds
07/22/10Supporting variable data structures and constant data structures in a hardware-based extensible markup language (xml) post processing engine (ppe)
07/22/10Hybrid synchronous/asynchronous means for sharing user interactions across multiple devices
07/22/10Portlet palette with automatic remote portlet integration
07/22/10Method and system for dividing three dimensional space into location based virtual packets
07/22/10Managing radial menus in a computer system
07/22/10Method for scalable derivation of an implication-based reachable state set overapproximation
07/22/10Technology migration for integrated circuits with radical design restrictions
07/22/10Short path customized mask correction
07/22/10Method and apparatus for native method calls
07/22/10Dynamic checking of hardware resources for virtual environments
07/22/10Method and apparatus for implementing a transactional store system using a helper thread
07/22/10Off-loading of processing from a processor bade to storage blades
07/22/10Dynamic resource adjustment for a distributed process on a multi-node computer system
07/22/10Method and system for protecting cross-domain interaction of a web application on an unmodified browser
07/15/10Nanowire multijunction solar cell
07/15/10Enhanced efficiency solar cells and method of manufacture
07/15/10New flux composition and process for use thereof
07/15/10Confinement of fluids on surfaces
07/15/10Polysilicon plug bipolar transistor for phase change memory
07/15/10Structure and method of forming a transistor with asymmetric channel and source/drain regions
07/15/10Low cost fabrication of double box back gate silicon-on-insulator wafers with built-in shallow trench isolation in back gate layer
07/15/10Low cost fabrication of double box back gate silicon-on-insulator wafers
07/15/10Thermoelectric 3d cooling
07/15/10Structure and method for back end of the line integration
07/15/10Structure and method of forming metal interconnect structures in ultra low-k dielectrics
07/15/10Interconnect with recessed dielectric adjacent a noble metal cap
07/15/10Level shifter circuit
07/15/10Dynamically reconfigurable touch screen displays
07/15/10Haptic motion feedback device
07/15/10Haptic motion feedback mechanism
07/15/10Contextual templates for modifying objects in a virtual universe
07/15/10Apparatus and method for enhancing field of vision of the visually impaired
07/15/10Servo pattern architecture to uncouple position error determination from linear position information
07/15/10Apparatus and method to transfer data to and from a sequential information storage medium
07/15/10Rewritable memory device
07/15/10Configurable pre-emphasis driver with selective constant and adjustable output impedance modes
07/15/10Intelligent synchronization of portable video devices
07/15/10Method and apparatus for sub-pellicle defect reduction on photomasks
07/15/10Method for reducing tip-to-tip spacing between lines
07/15/10Method for enhancing lithographic imaging of isolated and semi-isolated features
07/15/10High-yield method of exposing and contacting through-silicon vias
07/15/10Methods of forming dual-damascene metal interconnect structures using multi-layer hard masks
07/15/10Intelligent system to indicate appropriate trajectories in cue sports
07/15/10Test pattern compression
07/15/10Revising content translations using shared translation databases
07/15/10Universal personal medical database access control
07/15/10Computerized personal shopping assistant ordering in a store
07/15/10System and method for creating and expressing risk-extended business process models
07/15/10Method of generating multiple recommendations for multi-objective available-to-sell (ats) optimization problem
07/15/10Providing promotional data to registered wireless communication devices
07/15/10Apparatus, system, and method for aggregating a plurality of feeds
07/15/10Developing system thinkers
07/15/10Classification of data
07/15/10System and methods for tracking processing unit usage
07/15/10Use of hardware to manage dependencies between groups of network data packets
07/15/10Email productivity monitoring facility
07/15/10Preserving message order using a message ordering manager
07/15/10Multi-message triggered subscription notifications
07/15/10System for autonomic monitoring for web high availability
07/15/10Providing network identity for virtual machines
07/15/10Improving scale between consumer systems and producer systems of resource monitoring data
07/15/10Method and system for remote node debugging using an embedded node controller
07/15/10Reducing occurrences of two-phase commits in a multi-node computing system
07/15/10Dynamic load balancing between chassis in a blade center
07/15/10Blade center usb locking
07/15/10Bus access control apparatus and method
07/15/10Managing message signaled interrupts
07/15/10System for emulating and expanding a spi configuration rom for io enclosure
07/15/10Data storage device driver
07/15/10Managing thermal condition of a memory
07/15/10Rapid defragmentation of storage volumes
07/15/10Secure remote password validation
07/15/10Power management mechanism for data storage environment
07/15/10Power system communication management and recovery
07/15/10Apparatus, system, and method for link maintenance
07/15/10Built in self-test of memory stressor
07/15/10Dynamic testing of networks
07/15/10Intelligent dump suppression
07/15/10Managing statistical profile data
07/15/10method, apparatus or software for selectively activating a trace function
07/15/10Forced management module failover by bmc impeachment concensus
07/15/10Freeing a serial bus hang condition by utilizing distributed hang timers
07/15/10Scan chain fail diagnostics
07/15/10Protecting and migrating memory lines
07/15/10Management of rotating browser content
07/15/10Method and apparatus for solving ui style conflicts in web application composition
07/15/10Method and apparatus to provide user interface as a service
07/15/10Predatory behavior detection and alert in virtual worlds based on spatial and temporal criteria
07/15/10Detecting avatar following in a virtual environment
07/15/10Managing interactions in a virtual world environment
07/15/10Editing metadata in a social network
07/15/10Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption of an electronic display
07/15/10Functionality switching in pointer input devices
07/15/10Method and system for efficient validation of clock skews during hierarchical static timing analysis
07/15/10Method of performing timing analysis on integrated circuit chips with consideration of process variations
07/15/10Method for efficiently checkpointing and restarting static timing analysis of an integrated circuit chip
07/15/10Programmable framework for automatic tuning of software applications
07/15/10Weighted code coverage tool
07/15/10Overlay identification of data processing target structure
07/15/10Techniques for placing applications in heterogeneous virtualized systems while minimizing power and migration cost
07/15/10Authenticated identity propagation and translation within a multiple computing unit environment
07/15/10Enabling access to a subset of data
07/08/10Complexes of carbon nanotubes and fullerenes with molecular-clips and use thereof
07/08/10Calibration of lithographic process models
07/08/10Opc model calibration process
07/08/10Semiconductor devices
07/08/10Formation of high-k gate stacks in semiconductor devices
07/08/10Resetting a target device
07/08/10Method and system for controlling and adjusting traffic light timing patterns
07/08/10Enforcing reproduction rights for hard copies of documents
07/08/10Document information acquisition and notification of duplicate document storage
07/08/10Metal clad fiber optics for enhanced heat dissipation
07/08/10Solderless heatsink anchor
07/08/10Dynamic network configuration for a network device
07/08/10Dynamically improving performance of an interactive voice response (ivr) system using a complex events processor (cep)
07/08/10Using a complex events processor (cep) to direct the handling of individual call sessions by an interactive voice response (ivr) system
07/08/10User status management in a voice calling architecture
07/08/10Semiotic system and method with privacy protection
07/08/10Focus-based edge detection
07/08/10Adjusting electrostatic charges used in a laser printer
07/08/10Helical wrapping of single-walled carbon nanotubes by genomic dna
07/08/10Substrate planarization with imprint materials and processes
07/08/10Method and apparatus for fabricating a carbon nanotube transistor
07/08/10Semiconductor wafer structure with balanced reflectance and absorption characteristics for rapid thermal anneal uniformity
07/08/10Dynamic handling of urgent calls in mobile communication devices
07/08/10Distributed grid-interactive photovoltaic-based power dispatching
07/08/10Consumer electronic usage monitoring and management
07/08/10Monitoring nfet/pfet skew in complementary metal oxide semiconductor devices
07/08/10Creating a terms dictionary with named entities or terminologies included in text data
07/08/10Meeting management system with failover and failback capabilities for meeting moderators
07/08/10Gesture exchange via communications in virtual world applications
07/08/10Determining modified data in cache for use during a recovery operation
07/08/10Method, apparatus and computer program product for maintaining file system client directory caches with parallel directory writes
07/08/10Transaction-controlled graph processing and management
07/08/10Agnostic processing of resource requests to message queues and sequential files
07/08/10Enhanced content web browsing
07/08/10Indexing for regular expressions in text-centric applications
07/08/10Filters for shared content in an online community
07/08/10Methods for recommending new individuals to be invited into a confirmed social network based on mined social data
07/08/10Validation and correction in a distributed namespace
07/08/10Creation of date window for record selection
07/08/10Automatic management of single sign on passwords
07/08/10Personal resources organizer with calendar interface and object detection
07/08/10Tracking multi-session meeting statuses
07/08/10Reducing email size by using a local archive of email components
07/08/10Apparatus, system, and method for maintaining a context stack
07/08/10Software inventorying system for a shared file system
07/08/10Reuse of rounder for fixed conversion of log instructions
07/08/10Integrating participant profile information into real-time collaborations
07/08/10Programmatic message forwarding
07/08/10Restful federation of real-time communication services
07/08/10Distributed preboot execution environment (pxe) server booting
07/08/10Prioritization for conflict arbitration in transactional memory management
07/08/10Dynamic data security erasure
07/08/10Using different algorithms to destage different types of data from cache
07/08/10Priority promotion for service requests
07/08/10Dynamic nest level determination for nested transactional memory rollback
07/08/10Method for fast format of a fully allocated volume when copied from a space efficient volume
07/08/10Optimized simultaneous storing of data into deduplicated and non-deduplicated storage pools
07/08/10Runtime checking of dynamic subranges
07/08/10Optimizer mechanism to increase battery length for mobile devices
07/08/10Managing electric power consumption by configuring elements of a distributed computing system
07/08/10File replacement in shared file system
07/08/10Method for debugging a hang condition in a process without affecting the process state
07/08/10Damaged software system detection
07/08/10Method and system to eliminate disruptions in enterprises
07/08/10Test and bring-up of an enhanced cascade interconnect memory system
07/08/10Correlation and overlay of large design physical partitions and embedded macros to detect in-line defects
07/08/10Maintaining data coherency within related multi-perspective user interfaces via session-less queries
07/08/10System and method for dynamically building a web interface per data collecting rules
07/08/10Collaborative documents exposing or otherwise utilizing bona fides of content contributors
07/08/10Integration of collaboration systems in an instant messaging application
07/08/10Method and system for rating exchangeable gestures via communications in virtual world applications
07/08/10Management of virtual discussion threads in a synchronous conferencing system
07/08/10Overflow viewing window
07/08/10Integrated circuit structure incorporating an inductor, an associated design method and an associated design system
07/08/10Efficient isotropic modeling approach to incorporate electromagnetic effects into lithographic process simulations
07/08/10Fast and accurate method to simulate intermediate range flare effects
07/08/10Simplifying selection of targets for installation of composite applications
07/08/10Detection and management of dynamic migration of virtual environments
07/08/10Limiting the availability of computational resources to a device to stimulate a user of the device to apply necessary updates
07/08/10Method for executing a software routine identified in a task object
07/08/10Method for executing a software routine identified in a task object
07/08/10Secure workload partitioning in a server environment
07/08/10Management of credentials used by software applications
07/08/10Management of access authorization to web forums open to anonymous users within an organization
07/08/10Method for notification upon exposure to offensive behavioural patterns in collaboration
07/08/10Three-dimensional imaging and manipulation
07/01/10Inertial stabilizer system
07/01/10Automated generation of a song for process learning
07/01/10Methods of operating a nanoprober to electrically probe a device structure of an integrated circuit
07/01/10Vertical metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor using gate stack, gate spacer and contact via
07/01/10Techniques for enabling multiple vt devices using high-k metal gate stacks
07/01/10Random personalization of chips during fabrication
07/01/10Chip carrier bearing large silicon for high performance computing and related method
07/01/10Trench forming method and structure
07/01/10Structures and methods for improving solder bump connections in semiconductor devices
07/01/10Structures and methods for improving solder bump connections in semiconductor devices
07/01/10Interconnect structure with improved dielectric line to via electromigration resistant interfacial layer and method of fabricating same
07/01/10Electromigration resistant via-to-line interconnect
07/01/10Apparatus, system, and method for a synchronous multiple output power supply
07/01/10Apparatus, system, and method for reducing power consumption on devices with multiple power supplies
07/01/10Apparatus, system, and method for improved fan control in a power supply
07/01/10Apparatus, system, and method for fault tolerant cooling in a redundant power system
07/01/10Apparatus, system, and method for providing high efficiency in a power supply over a range of load conditions
07/01/10Progamable control clock circuit for arrays
07/01/10Pre-fetching virtual content in a virtual universe
07/01/10Facilitating the more natural aiming of telescopes
07/01/10Apparatus, system, and method to prevent smoke in a power supply powered by a current limited source
07/01/10Differentiating blade destination and traffic types in a multi-root pcie environment
07/01/10Adaptive partial character recognition
07/01/10Security screening image analysis simplification through object pattern identification
07/01/10Localized temperature control during rapid thermal anneal
07/01/10Methods of fabricating nanostructures
07/01/10Structures and methods for improving solder bump connections in semiconductor devices
07/01/10Graded topcoat materials for immersion lithography
07/01/10Apparatus, system, and method for precise early detection of ac power loss
07/01/10Heat sink blockage detector
07/01/10General framework to predict parametric costs
07/01/10Insurance policy management in a virtual universe
07/01/10Automated scheduling of to-do items within a calendar
07/01/10Interaction solutions for customer support
07/01/10System and method for using transaction statistics to facilitate checkout variance investigation
07/01/10Communication integration between users in a virtual universe
07/01/10Energy management and quality of service (qos)
07/01/10System and method for scalable cost-sensitive learning
07/01/10Dynamic persistent activities in activity-centric computing
07/01/10Managing data across a plurality of data storage devices based upon collaboration relevance
07/01/10Two phase commit with grid elements
07/01/10System and method for prompting an end user with a preferred sequence of commands which performs an activity in a least number of inputs
07/01/10Search engine service utilizing hash algorithms
07/01/10Search engine service utilizing the addition of noise
07/01/10Document search system which reflects the situation of using documents in the search results
07/01/10Verification of data categorization
07/01/10Search results display for weighted multi-term searches
07/01/10Unifying hetrogenous data
07/01/10Expression tree data structure for representing a database query
07/01/10Expertise referrals using a real-time communication system
07/01/10Master-slave interactions synchronization using instant messaging
07/01/10Method, system and program product for assigning a responder to a requester in a collaborative environment
07/01/10Device, method, and computer program product for supporting creation of reply mail
07/01/10Social user script service by service proxy
07/01/10Directory viewports
07/01/10Resource management tool
07/01/10Data path master/slave data processing device
07/01/10Defer separating children in parallel copying garbage collection
07/01/10System and method for determining availability parameters of resource in heterogeneous computing environment
07/01/10System and method for determining recovery time for interdependent resources in heterogeneous computing environment
07/01/10Attaching audio generated scripts to graphical representations of applications
07/01/10Spell checker that teaches rules of spelling
07/01/10Instant messaging multilingual configuration
07/01/10Collaborative development of visualization dashboards
07/01/10Controlling attribute expression within a virtual environment
07/01/10Extensible definition of interactive system productivity facility (ispf) panels
07/01/10Dynamic point and extend user interface
07/01/10Keyboard based graphical user interface navigation
07/01/10Computer desktop organization via magnet icons
07/01/10Extracting consistent compact model parameters for related devices
07/01/10Dynamic high availability policy creation based upon entries in a configuration management database (cmdb) and a best practices template
07/01/10Selective notifications according to merge distance for software version branches within a software configuration management system
07/01/10Navigation in computer software applications developed in a procedural language
07/01/10Use of name mangling techniques to encode cross procedure register assignment
07/01/10Method and system for efficient image customization for mass deployment
07/01/10Weak password support in a multi-user environment
07/01/10Measuring coverage of application inputs for advanced web application security testing
06/24/10Design structure and method for an electrostatic discharge (esd) silicon controlled rectifier (scr) structure
06/24/10Creating integrated circuit capacitance from gate array structures
06/24/10Body contacted hybrid surface semiconductor-on-insulator devices
06/24/10Band edge engineered vt offset device
06/24/10Silicon interposer testing for three dimensional chip stack
06/24/10Method for forming thin film resistor and terminal bond pad simultaneously
06/24/10Deep trench varactors
06/24/10Bonded semiconductor substrate including a cooling mechanism
06/24/10Method of thinning a semiconductor substrate
06/24/10Semiconductor chip used in flip chip process
06/24/10Start-up circuit and method for high voltage power distribution circuit
06/24/10Implementing power savings in hss clock-gating circuit
06/24/10Soi radio frequency switch for reducing high frequency harmonics
06/24/10Bias voltage generation circuit for an soi radio frequency switch
06/24/10Soi radio frequency switch with enhanced signal fidelity and electrical isolation
06/24/10Millimeter wave transmission line for slow phase velocity
06/24/10Preemptive variable rate travel fees
06/24/10Alternative representations of virtual content in a virtual universe
06/24/10Prioritized rendering of objects in a virtual universe
06/24/10Enhanced visibility of avatars satisfying a profile
06/24/10Non-uniformity evaluation apparatus, non-uniformity evaluation method, and display inspection apparatus and program
06/24/10System and method for detecting and deterring rfid tag related fraud
06/24/10Capacitively isolated mismatch compensated sense amplifier
06/24/10Receiving data in a sensor network
06/24/10Pausing keep-alive messages and roaming for virtual private networks on handheld devices to save battery power
06/24/10Reassembling streaming data across multiple packetized communication channels
06/24/10Location based emergency services dispatching
06/24/10Performing human client verification over a voice interface
06/24/10Performing human client verification over a voice interface
06/24/10Apparatus, system, and method for sequenced biometric authentication
06/24/10Selectively transforming a multi-dimensional array
06/24/10High speed lateral heterojunction misfets realized by 2-dimensional bandgap engineering and methods thereof
06/24/10Silicon germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor structure and method
06/24/10Metal high-k (mhk) dual gate stress engineering using hybrid orientation (hot) cmos
06/24/10Converging segments cooling
06/24/10Telephone handset contact list synchronization
06/24/10Method and system to locate an object
06/24/10Variable energy pricing in shortage conditions
06/24/10Workload performance projection for future information handling systems using microarchitecture dependent data
06/24/10Model generation
06/24/10Huygens' box methodology for signal integrity analysis
06/24/10Managing energy in a data center
06/24/10Application of relationship weights to social network connections
06/24/10System and method for building knowledgebase for software system
06/24/10Variable rate travel fee based upon vehicle occupancy
06/24/10Virtual universe exchanges based on real-world transactions
06/24/10Asset discovery and transfer within a virtual universe
06/24/10Augmenting service oriented architecture governance maturity
06/24/10Sharing virtual space in a virtual universe
06/24/10Vehicle fed accident report
06/24/10Web service indirect channel distribution system over the web for ensuring most favored pricing for purchasers
06/24/10Method and system for identifying graphical model semantics
06/24/10Detecting entity relevance due to a multiplicity of distinct values for an attribute type
06/24/10Maintaining a network connection of a workload during transfer
06/24/10Smart mediation system in a service oriented architecture
06/24/10Data filtering and optimization for etl (extract, transform, load) processes
06/24/10Searching for computer resources based on associations between these resources and external events
06/24/10Browser operation with sets of favorites
06/24/10Computer method and apparatus of information management and navigation
06/24/10Grouping similar values for a specific attribute type of an entity to determine relevance and best values
06/24/10Grouping methods for best-value determination from values for an attribute type of specific entity
06/24/10Best-value determination rules for an entity resolution system
06/24/10Database management
06/24/10Performing predicate-based data compression
06/24/10Searching for a business name in a database
06/24/10System and method for optimizing garbage collection with allocation modifiers
06/24/10Management of process-to-process inter-cluster communication requests
06/24/10Management of application to application communication requests between data processing systems
06/24/10Body-less email for asynchronous chat-like communications and email-chat integration
06/24/10Method and system for accessing data
06/24/10Method and system of administrating a peer-to-peer file sharing network
06/24/10Monitoring user demographics within a virtual universe
06/24/10Multi-protocol authentication and authorization in computer network environments
06/24/10Multithreaded programmable direct memory access engine
06/24/10Programmable direct memory access engine
06/24/10System and method for distributing signal with efficiency over microprocessor
06/24/10Simulator and simulating method for running guest program in host
06/24/10Direct memory access transfer efficiency
06/24/10Method, system, and program for an adaptor to read and write to system memory
06/24/10Pre-fetching virtual environment in a virtual universe based on previous traversals
06/24/10Flash rom programming
06/24/10Preselect list using hidden pages
06/24/10Pack unicode zseries instructions
06/24/10System and method for handling cross-platform system call with shared page cache in hybrid system
06/24/10System and method for handling cross-platform system call in a hybrid system
06/24/10Power management of a spare dram on a buffered dimm by issuing a power on/off command to the dram device
06/24/10Memory system having spare memory devices attached to a local interface bus
06/24/10Fetch operation scheduling
06/24/10System, method and computer program product for testing a boot image
06/24/10System and method for exporting data to web-based applications
06/24/10Method of rapidly creating visual aids for presentation without technical knowledge
06/24/10Degrading avatar appearances in a virtual universe
06/24/10Structure and methodology for fabrication and inspection of photomasks
06/24/10Method and system for automatically adding generic change log to legacy application
06/24/10Modeling tool builder - graphical editor construction
06/24/10Embedding software developer comments in source code of computer programs
06/24/10Visual editor for editing complex expressions
06/24/10Enabling automated real-time metrics during the software development process
06/24/10Workload performance projection via surrogate program analysis for future information handling systems
06/24/10Diagnosing aliasing violations in a partial program view
06/24/10Code motion based on live ranges in an optimizing compiler
06/24/10Using collaborative annotations to specify real-time process flows and system constraints
06/24/10Cross-product refactoring apparatus and method
06/24/10System and method for shifting workloads across platform in a hybrid system
06/24/10Remotely monitoring and scheduling a data integration job
06/24/10System and method for keyboard based logout
06/24/10Management of process-to-process intra-cluster communication requests
06/24/10Management of application to i/o device communication requests between data processing systems
06/24/10Host trust report based filtering mechanism in a reverse firewall
06/24/10System and method in a virtual universe for identifying spam avatars based upon avatar multimedia characteristics
06/24/10Identifying spam avatars in a virtual universe (vu) based upon turing tests
06/24/10Digital rights management (drm) content protection by proxy transparency control
06/17/10Data center cooling energy recovery system
06/17/10Apparatus and method for providing in situ cooling of computer data centers during service calls
06/17/10Soi substrates and soi devices, and methods for forming the same
06/17/10Cmos transistors with differential oxygen content high-k dielectrics
06/17/10Semiconductor device with a high thermal dissipation efficiency
06/17/10Grain growth promotion layer for semiconductor interconnect structures
06/17/10Measurement and control of electromagnetic interference
06/17/10Generating deportment and comportment cohorts
06/17/10Guidance system by detecting tapped location
06/17/10System and method for optimizing power consumption of container tracking devices through mesh networks
06/17/10User defined associations of colors to cartridges for color printers
06/17/10Method and structure for creation of a metal insulator metal capacitor
06/17/10Compact hdd carrier mechanism featuring self actuating emc springs to prevent hdd component shorting
06/17/10System and method for implementing adaptive load sharing to balance network traffic
06/17/10Method and apparatus for conserving transceiver power
06/17/10Digital media usage in response to impact data
06/17/10Secure method and apparatus to verify personal identity over a network
06/17/10Identifying and generating color and texture video cohorts based on video input
06/17/10Generating cohorts based on attributes of objects identified using video input
06/17/10Method to improve storage efficiency of high definition digital video recorders
06/17/10Anisotropic stress generation by stress-generating liners having a sublithographic width
06/17/10Disulphide bond connectivity in protein
06/17/10Selective compilation of a simulation model in view of unavailable higher level signals
06/17/10Random and deterministic travel fees
06/17/10Generating never-event cohorts from patient care data
06/17/10Generating generalized risk cohorts
06/17/10Generating specific risk cohorts
06/17/10Business modeling and algorithms for resolving business days and hours on a calendar
06/17/10Generating retail cohorts from retail data
06/17/10Generating receptivity cohorts
06/17/10Variable toll fee selection from geographic indicia
06/17/10Travel fee rate setting based upon travel mode and convenience
06/17/10Electronic professional mentoring framework
06/17/10Rules based fetching of operating platform status
06/17/10System and method for managing semantic and syntactic metadata
06/17/10Generating predilection cohorts
06/17/10Web search among rich media objects
06/17/10Collaborative bookmarking
06/17/10Generating receptivity scores for cohorts
06/17/10Scoring deportment and comportment cohorts
06/17/10Consolidating tags
06/17/10Method of and apparatus for extraction and analysis of macro operations within query language statement
06/17/10Opening document stored at multiple database replicas
06/17/10Persistent search notification
06/17/10Identifying and generating sensor and actuator cohorts
06/17/10Identifying and generating biometric cohorts based on biometric sensor input
06/17/10Sharing of subscriptions to resource list content in resource list server
06/17/10Creating web services from an existing web site
06/17/10System and method to provide context for an automated agent to service mulitple avatars within a virtual universe
06/17/10System and method for authoring new lightweight web applications using application traces on existing websites
06/17/10Per file system usage of networks
06/17/10Techniques for dynamically assigning jobs to processors in a cluster based on broadcast information
06/17/10Use of peripheral component interconnect input/output virtualization devices to create redundant configurations
06/17/10Transitions between ordered and ad hoc i/o request queueing
06/17/10Generating furtive glance cohorts from video data
06/17/10Redispatching suspended tasks after completion of i/o operations absent i/o interrupts
06/17/10Cache-to-cache cast-in
06/17/10Block driven computation using a caching policy specified in an operand data structure
06/17/10Victim cache line selection
06/17/10Selection of a redundant controller based on resource view
06/17/10Block driven computation with an address generation accelerator
06/17/10Specifying an addressing relationship in an operand data structure
06/17/10Multicore processor and method of use that configures core functions based on executing instructions
06/17/10Method and system to prove identity of owner of an avatar in virtual world
06/17/10Authorized anonymous authentication
06/17/10Method and system for providing immunity to computers
06/17/10Managing by one process state of another process to facilitate handling of error conditions
06/17/10Use of information channels to provide communications in a virtual environment
06/17/10System and method to modify avatar characteristics based on inferred conditions
06/17/10System and method to visualize activities through the use of avatars
06/17/10Determining request destination
06/17/10Methods to obtain a feasible integer solution in a hierarchical circuit layout optimization
06/17/10Model build in the presence of a non-binding reference
06/17/10Configurable unified modeling language building blocks
06/17/10Method and system for topology modeling
06/17/10Method, computer program and computer system for assisting in analyzing program
06/17/10Operating system aided code coverage
06/17/10operand data structure for block computation
06/17/10Computation table for block computation
06/17/10Shared resource service provisioning using a virtual machine manager
06/17/10Multicore processor and method of use that configures core functions based on executing instructions
06/17/10Load balancing of adapters on a multi-adapter node
06/17/10Techniques for dynamically assigning jobs to processors in a cluster using local job tables
06/17/10Automated lamp stack migration
06/17/10Obtain buffers for an input/output driver
06/17/10System and method for classification of unwanted or malicious software through the identification of encrypted data communication
06/17/10Dynamic file access to files of unmapped remote computers
06/17/10Design of virtual machine
06/17/10User impersonation and authentication
06/17/10System and method for identifying malicious activities through non-logged-in host usage
06/10/10Overhead transport service vehicle and method
06/10/10Structure and method to gain substantial reliability improvements in lead-free bgas assembled with lead-bearing solders
06/10/10User-authenticating, digital data recording pen
06/10/10Mosfet with multiple fully silicided gate and method for making the same
06/10/10Metal-gated mosfet devices having scaled gate stack thickness
06/10/10Power distribution in a vertically integrated circuit
06/10/10Vehicle method, system, and program product for managing electrical device power state
06/10/10Directing a movement of visitors in an event venue for maximizing revenue
06/10/10Combining time and gps locations to trigger message alerts
06/10/10Cooling apparatus with cold plate formed in situ on a surface to be cooled
06/10/10Cryptographic encoding and decoding of secret data
06/10/10Optical imaging and analysis of a graphic symbol
06/10/10High aspect ratio electroplated metal feature and method
06/10/10Photosensitive self-assembled monolayer for selective placement of hydrophilic structures
06/10/10Method and system for rendering the scenes of a role playing game in a metaverse
06/10/10Selective placement of carbon nanotubes through functionalization
06/10/10Method, system, and program product for controlling vehicle operations based on object presence
06/10/10Energy and emission responsive routing for vehicles
06/10/10Methods, computer program product, and computer system for language-enhanced programming tools
06/10/10Vertical process merging by reconstruction of equivalent models and hierarchical process merging
06/10/10Automated enterprise architecture assessment
06/10/10Information technology planning based on enterprise architecture
06/10/10Evaluating service oriented architecture governance maturity
06/10/10System and method for product inquiry and incentive for virtual universes
06/10/10System and method for researching virtual markets and optimizing product placements and displays
06/10/10System and method for virtual universe relocation through an advertising offer
06/10/10Automated transactional carbon offsetting
06/10/10Synchronization of artifacts across different domains
06/10/10System and method for indexing, searching and retrieving semantic objects
06/10/10Systems and methods for analyzing electronic text
06/10/10System, method and program product for classifying data elements into different levels of a business hierarchy
06/10/10System and method for adaptive categorization for use with dynamic taxonomies
06/10/10Presentation of websites to a computer user
06/10/10Prioritization of search requests using search templates
06/10/10Querying data and an associated ontology in a database management system
06/10/10Accessing data in a multi-generation database
06/10/10Administering blade servers in a blade center
06/10/10Capturing enterprise architectures
06/10/10Reciprocal tags in social tagging
06/10/10Generic data model for event monitoring integration
06/10/10Automated file relocation
06/10/10Shifter with all-one and all-zero detection
06/10/10Residue calculation with built-in correction in a floating point unit
06/10/10Combined binary/decimal fixed-point multiplier and method
06/10/10Direct decimal number tripling in binary coded adders
06/10/10Selection of transaction managers based on runtime data
06/10/10Method and system for managing electronic mail
06/10/10Use of peripheral component interconnect input/output virtualization devices to create high-speed, low-latency interconnect
06/10/10Differentiating traffic types in a multi-root pci express environment
06/10/10Stored data protection and recovery
06/10/10Method to verify an implemented coherency algorithm of a multi processor environment
06/10/10Method and system for managing out of order dispatched instruction queue with partially de-coded instruction stream
06/10/10Token caching in trust chain processing
06/10/10Optimizing power consumption by tracking how program runtime performance metrics respond to changes in operating frequency
06/10/10Analyzing coverage of code changes
06/10/10System and method for fault mapping of exceptions across programming models
06/10/10Efficient method and apparatus for keeping track of in flight data in a dual node storage controller
06/10/10Soft error protection in individual memory devices
06/10/10Optimize view elements sizes to maximize most data viewed in a multiple view elements gui
06/10/10System and method for virtual environment preservation based on automated item reduction
06/10/10Asynchronous immersive communications in a virtual universe
06/10/10System and method to modify audio components in an online environment
06/10/10System and method for item inquiry and information presentation via standard communication paths
06/10/10Providing controlled access to the use of electronic devices
06/10/10Fast routing of custom macros
06/10/10Automatic copying by ancestor in object-oriented languages
06/10/10Determining deltas in a spatial locality of a function call graph in a source controlled system
06/10/10Automatic collection of diagnostic traces in an automation framework
06/10/10Compiler generator
06/10/10Controlling access to electronic devices by meeting invitees
06/10/10Network driven actuator mapping agent and bus and method of use
06/10/10Selection of transaction managers based on transaction metadata
06/10/10Mechanisms for priority control in resource allocation
06/10/10Test management system and method
06/10/10System and method for a rate control technique for a lightweight directory access protocol over mqseries (lom) server
06/10/10All-to-all comparisons on architectures having limited storage space
06/10/10Conditional supplemental password
06/10/10Unifying related web service ports using port pointers in proxy mediation
06/03/10Mercury release alerting
06/03/10Backside contacting on thin layer photovoltaic cells
06/03/10Cmos-process-compatible programmable via device
06/03/10Thermally programmable anti-reverse engineering interconnects and methods of fabricating same
06/03/10Encoding a gray code sequence for an odd length sequence
06/03/10Rendering avatar details
06/03/10Evaluating an effectiveness of a monitoring system
06/03/10Detecting primitive events at checkout
06/03/10Location-aware event detection
06/03/10Multi-level memory cell utilizing measurement time delay as the characteristic parameter for level definition
06/03/10Communication device
06/03/10System and method for synchronizing communicating entities in a decentralized network
06/03/10Analyzing repetitive sequential events
06/03/10Test fail analysis on vlsi chips
06/03/10On-chip cooling systems for integrated circuits
06/03/10System and method for calculating and disseminating intelligent evacuation routes based on location awareness and integrated analytics
06/03/10Estimating consumer alcohol intake using non-invasive technology
06/03/10Establishing a power profile for generating electrical ratings
06/03/10Fast detection of process outages
06/03/10System and method to dynamically place products in a virtual universe
06/03/10Governing architecture of a service oriented architecture
06/03/10Governing the design of services in a service oriented architecture
06/03/10Governing realizing services in a service oriented architecture
06/03/10Governing exposing services in a service model
06/03/10System and method for product trials in a simulated environment
06/03/10Method and system for processing requisitions
06/03/10Hybrid push/pull execution of continuous sql queries
06/03/10Database access using partitioned data areas
06/03/10System and method for detecting inappropriate content in virtual worlds
06/03/10Memory power control method and memory power control program
06/03/10Clipboard object sharing for instant messaging
06/03/10Exchanging messages during a chat session
06/03/10System and method for managing system resources in a network environment
06/03/10Mapping tool for configuring communications environments
06/03/10Computing component and environment mobility
06/03/10Method and system for data processing
06/03/10System, device, method and computer-readable medium for providing network service information
06/03/10Apparatus, system, and method for transparent ethernet link pairing
06/03/10Method and system for a sharing buffer
06/03/10Network adaptor optimization and interrupt reduction
06/03/10Shielding a sensitive file
06/03/10System and method for authenticating an end user
06/03/10Optimization of data distribution and power consumption in a data center
06/03/10Memory system with dynamic supply voltage scaling
06/03/10Real-time signal handling in guest and host operating systems
06/03/10System and method for dynamic multi-content cards
06/03/10Method and system for providing auto-navigation of a service registry and repository in service-oriented architecture
06/03/10Managing advisories for complex model nodes in a graphical modeling application
06/03/10Paralleling processing method, system and program
06/03/10Type merging technique to reduce class loading during java verfication
06/03/10Method for activating virtual machine, apparatus for simulating computing device and supervising device
06/03/10Token-based client to server authentication of a secondary communication channel by way of primary authenticated communication channels
06/03/10System and method for authenticating an end user
05/27/10Gate electrode stress control for finfet performance enhancement description
05/27/10Internal charge transfer for circuits
05/27/10Cmos-process-compatible programmable via device
05/27/10Switching low noise amplifier
05/27/10Method and system for carbon value tracking and labeling
05/27/10Semiconductor nanowire electromagnetic radiation sensor
05/27/10Semiconductor nanowires charge sensor
05/27/10Multi chip stacking with reliable joining
05/27/10Location based services with multiple transmission methods
05/27/10Method and system for electricity consumption profile management for consumer devices
05/27/10Identifying and generating olfactory cohorts based on olfactory sensor input
05/27/10Fair path selection during simulation of decision nodes
05/27/10Identifying and generating audio cohorts based on audio data input
05/27/10System for effectively estimating project size
05/27/10Resolving incident reports
05/27/10Carbon management for sourcing and logistics
05/27/10Time management method and system
05/27/10Identifying a service oriented architecture shared services project
05/27/10Method and system for smart meter program deployment
05/27/10Gathering and disseminating quality performance and audit activity data in an extended enterprise environment
05/27/10Computing dependent and conflicting changes of business process models
05/27/10Bit-selection for string-based genetic algorithms
05/27/10Arbitration token for managing data integrity and data accuracy of information services that utilize distributed data replicas
05/27/10Detection and utilzation of inter-module dependencies
05/27/10System and method for loading a called class file table with data indicating a highest version of a class file
05/27/10Method and system for managing faceted data
05/27/10User alert if a person will become unavailable
05/27/10Method for presenting personalized, voice printed messages from online digital devices to hosted services
05/27/10System, method and program product for distribution of content contained in an electronic mail message
05/27/10System and method for transferring large amount of data in web service transaction
05/27/10Hardware configuration information system, method, and computer program product
05/27/10Pseudo cache memory in a multi-core processor (mcp)
05/27/10Mounted cache memory in a multi-core processor (mcp)
05/27/10Cache memory sharing in a multi-core processor (mcp)
05/27/10Cache memory bypass in a multi-core processor (mcp)
05/27/10Motion sensor assisted auto-shutdown mechanism in portable audio systems
05/27/10Self-adaptive solution for determining the waiting time on page loading
05/27/10Transforming business process data to generate a virtual world client for human interactions
05/27/10Technology for generating service program
05/27/10Method for generating a uml object diagram of an object-oriented application
05/27/10Selective code coverage instrumentation
05/27/10Graphics hardware resource usage in a fully virtualized computing environment
05/27/10Dynamic processing of embedded compiled programming language code
05/27/10Assistance in performing action responsive to detected event
05/27/10Computer method and apparatus providing brokered privacy of user data during searches
05/27/10Protecting isolated secret data of integrated circuit devices
05/20/10Method and system for annotation based secure caching
05/20/10Method to prevent surface decomposition of iii-v compound semiconductors
05/20/10Reduction of peak current requirements
05/20/10Workload balancing among power switching components in a multiphase switching power supply
05/20/10Rfid security in an rfid-enabled medium
05/20/10Method and system for efficient data transmission with server side de-duplication
05/20/10Integrating capacitors into vias of printed circuit boards
05/20/10System and method of leveraging sip to integrate rfid tag information into presence documents
05/20/10Detecting objects crossing a virtual boundary line
05/20/10System and method for model based people counting
05/20/10Method and apparatus for recording events in virtual worlds
05/20/10Hook end folding electromagnetic compatibilty gasket
05/20/10Emergency alert feature on a mobile communication device
05/20/10Hybrid part installation process combining mass part installation techniques with discrete part number assembly activities
05/20/10System and method for controlling vehicle engine running state at busy intersections for increased fuel consumption efficiency
05/20/10Identifying deterministic performance boost capability of a computer system
05/20/10Relating code with intellectual property assets
05/20/10Environmentally responsive shipping selection
05/20/10Efficient undo-processing during data redistribution
05/20/10Extending distribution lists
05/20/10Obtaining trusted recommendations through discovery of common contacts in contact lists
05/20/10Community-defined and managed communication network
05/20/10Coupling state aware systems
05/20/10Autonomous management of a communication network
05/20/10Dynamic reassignment of devices attached to redundant controllers
05/20/10Method for powerless identification of server i/o slots
05/20/10Recursive logical partition real memory map
05/20/10Logical partition memory
05/20/10Instruction target history based register address indexing
05/20/10Multithreaded processing unit with thread pair context caching
05/20/10Method and system for automatically detecting keyboard layout in order to improve the quality of spelling suggestions and to recognize a keyboard mapping mismatch between a server and a remote user
05/20/10System and method of performing electronic transactions
05/20/10Method for securely merging multiple nodes having trusted platform modules
05/20/10Hardware recovery responsive to concurrent maintenance
05/20/10Presentation of items arranged in a hierarchy
05/20/10Object positioning in a graphical user interface
05/20/10Developing software code using parameterized annotations
05/20/10Mechanisms to detect priority inversion
05/20/10Secure computer architecture
05/13/10Feedback- enhanced thermo-electric topography sensing
05/13/10Injection molded solder method for forming solder bumps on substrates
05/13/10Semiconductor structures incorporating multiple crystallographic planes and methods for fabrication thereof
05/13/10High performance capacitors in planar back gates cmos
05/13/10Deep trench based far subcollector reachthrough
05/13/10Multi-capacity power supply for electronic devices
05/13/10Tuning a switching power supply
05/13/10Dynamically managing power consumption of a computer with graphics adapter configurations
05/13/10Method and system for improving data access time
05/13/10Hybrid immersion cooled server with integral spot and bath cooling
05/13/10Implementing variation tolerant memory array signal timing
05/13/10Methods and systems involving electrically reprogrammable fuses
05/13/10Method for network layer handoff over a wireless lan and an associated access point device
05/13/10Generating secure private keys for use in a public key communications environment
05/13/10Dynamic tunable low latency chromatic dispersion compensator
05/13/10Chemical and particulate filters containing chemically modified carbon nanotube structures
05/13/10Method of positioning patterns from block copolymer self-assembly
05/13/10Method, system, and program product for facilitating vehicle fueling based on vehicle state
05/13/10Real-time personal device transit information presentment
05/13/10Calendar availability assessment
05/13/10Automated compliance checking for process instance migration
05/13/10Business partner collaboration and buy analysis
05/13/10Dynamic web page construction based on determination of client device location
05/13/10Method, hardware product, and computer program product for implementing commerce between virtual worlds
05/13/10System and method for enterprise privacy information compliance
05/13/10Browsing within a virtual environment to determine web content of interest based on interactions with virtual objects
05/13/10Multi-phase synchronization in a content management system
05/13/10Real-time file synchronization
05/13/10Method and apparatus combining revision based and time based file data protection
05/13/10File system with internal deduplication and management of data blocks
05/13/10Cim data quarantine
05/13/10Prioritizing electronic messages based upon geographical location of the recipient
05/13/10Stacked memory array
05/13/10Method and apparatus for supporting multiple high bandwidth i/o controllers on a single chip
05/13/10Systolic networks for a spiral cache
05/13/10Spiral cache power management, adaptive sizing and interface operations
05/13/10Memory system including a spiral cache
05/13/10Storage array tile supporting systolic movement operations
05/13/10Spiral cache memory and method of operating a spiral cache
05/13/10Memory control apparatus, program, and method
05/13/10System and method for managing an electronic storage volume
05/13/10Virtual storage migration technique to minimize spinning disks
05/13/10Tiled storage array with systolic move-to-front reorganization
05/13/10Secure bytecode instrumentation facility
05/13/10Tiled memory power management
05/13/10Physical interface macros (phys) supporting heterogeneous electrical properties
05/13/10Dynamic physical and virtual multipath i/o
05/13/10Internally controlling and enhancing advanced test and characterization in a multiple core microprocessor
05/13/10Method to manage performance monitoring and problem determination in context of service
05/13/10Method for guaranteeing consistency of functional parts across a software installation in a computer
05/13/10Finding workable virtual i/o mappings for hmc mobile partitions
05/13/10Test interface for memory elements
05/13/10Non-contiguous content duplication
05/13/10Method and system for intelligently truncating character strings in a service registry computing environment
05/13/10System and method for providing a web page to a client
05/13/10Browsing within a virtual environment to determine virtual objects of interest based on interactions with web content
05/13/10System for messaging and collaborating in an intranet environment
05/13/10Using accelerators in a hybrid architecture for system checkpointing
05/13/10Accepting a user's selection of sort options for sorting a table
05/13/10System and method for three-dimensional variational capacitance calculation
05/13/10Techniques for computing capacitances in a medium with three-dimensional conformal dielectrics
05/13/10Electrically-driven optical proximity correction to compensate for non-optical effects
05/13/10System and method for reconciling software source code
05/13/10Generating functional artifacts from low level design diagrams
05/13/10On-demand allocation of virtual asynchronous services interfaces
05/13/10Realizing jumps in an executing process instance
05/13/10Establishing future start times for jobs to be executed in a multi-cluster environment
05/13/10Scheduling work in a multi-node computer system based on checkpoint characteristics
05/13/10Preventing delay in execution time of instruction executed by exclusively using external resource
05/13/10Cross - application tag reuse
05/13/10Method for defining television content lineup
05/13/10Method, hardware product, and computer program product for optimizing security in the context of credential transformation services
05/13/10Authenticity ratings based at least in part upon input from a community of raters
05/06/10Techniques for use of nanotechnology in photovoltaics
05/06/10Air barrier for datacenter usage which automatically retracts when fire sprinklers are activated
05/06/10Cable for high speed data communications
05/06/10Method and structure for forming strained si for cmos devices
05/06/10Patterned strained semiconductor substrate and device
05/06/10Method of forming a guard ring or contact to an soi substrate
05/06/10Method for determining the current return path integrity in an electric device connected or connectable to a further device
05/06/10On-chip detection of power supply vulnerabilities
05/06/10Current-mode phase rotator with partial phase switching
05/06/10Automatically calibrating regions of interest for video surveillance
05/06/10Planar bidirectional tape head with planar read and write elements
05/06/10Planar write module and hybrid planar write-vertical read bidirectional tape head
05/06/10Phase change memory program method without over-reset
05/06/10Method, access point and terminal for selecting channel in wireless local area networks
05/06/10Method and system for personalizing a multimedia program broadcasted through ip network
05/06/10Resource allocation in peer-to-peer streaming
05/06/10Trusted environment for communication between parties
05/06/10Dynamically learning attributes of a point of sale operator
05/06/10Low-loss low-crosstalk integrated digital optical switch
05/06/10Optical inspection methods
05/06/10Semiconductor structure and method of forming the structure
05/06/10Thick epitaxial silicon by grain reorientation annealing and applications thereof
05/06/10Cmos structure and method for fabrication thereof using multiple crystallographic orientations and gate materials
05/06/10Electrical adapter for a connector having a retention latch
05/06/10System and methods for location based routing and advertising for streamed media and media blocking
05/06/10Gps driven architecture for delivery of location based multimedia and method of use
05/06/10Geo-boundary triggered messaging and schedule system and method of use
05/06/10Managing multi-player video game input
05/06/10Generating content recommendations from an online game
05/06/10Method and apparatus for hosting a distributed virtual world system
05/06/10Method and apparatus for partitioning virtual worlds using prioritized topic spaces in virtual world systems
05/06/10Vehicle fluid replacement tracking method, system, and program product
05/06/10Location-based vehicle maintenance scheduling method, system, and program product
05/06/10Mechanic certification tracking method, system, and program product
05/06/10Adaptive vehicle configuration
05/06/10Frequency estimation of rare events by adaptive thresholding
05/06/10Speech translation method and apparatus
05/06/10System and method for extracting a specific situation from a conversation
05/06/10Sound envelope deconstruction to identify words in continuous speech
05/06/10Detecting potentially fraudulent transactions
05/06/10Customized transformation of free-form business concepts to semantically rich business models
05/06/10Using detailed process information at a point of sale
05/06/10Method and system for car sharing
05/06/10System and method for making an inference based on cumulative data
05/06/10Creating a training tool
05/06/10Measuring the responsiveness of individuals in a specified collaborative environment
05/06/10Electronic sales and contracting
05/06/10Generating an alert based on absence of a given person in a transaction
05/06/10System and method for automatically distinguishing between customers and in-store employees
05/06/10Name classifier technique
05/06/10Electronic library book
05/06/10Query execution plan efficiency in a database management system
05/06/10System and method for administering data ingesters using taxonomy based filtering rules
05/06/10Collaborative bookmarking
05/06/10Selective home page manager
05/06/10Method, system, and computer program product for implementing automated worklists
05/06/10Method, system, and computer program product for enabling file system tagging by applications
05/06/10Methodology for the automatic capture of process information in federated knowledge systems
05/06/10Apparatus and method for transmitting file and apparatus and method for receiving file
05/06/10Allocation cache premarking for snap-shot-at-the-beginning concurrent mark-and-sweep collector
05/06/10Method and system to space-efficiently track memory access of object-oriented language in presence of garbage collection
05/06/10Journaling database changes using a bit map for zones defined in each page
05/06/10System and method for enabling p2p applications in a wireless mobile network
05/06/10Creating a message readable by a plurality of heterogeneous recipients
05/06/10Server system, server apparatus, program and method
05/06/10Internet small computer systems interface (iscsi) software target boot and dump routing driver
05/06/10Directional optimization for policy evaluation
05/06/10Target routing by initiator
05/06/10Maintaining storage area network ('san') access rights during migration of operating systems
05/06/10Data communications among electronic devices within a computer
05/06/10Non-uniform cache architecture (nuca)
05/06/10Maintaining storage device backup consistency
05/06/10Eliminating synchronous grace period detection for non-preemptible read-copy update on uniprocessor systems
05/06/10Context switching and synchronization
05/06/10Method, system, and computer program product for optimizing runtime branch selection in a flow process
05/06/10Automated firmware recovery
05/06/10Extensible seal management for encrypted data
05/06/10Attributes in cryptographic credentials
05/06/10Method for watermark hiding in designated applications
05/06/10Support of tamper detection for a log of records
05/06/10Method and apparatus for proactive alert generation via equivalent machine configuration determination from problem history data
05/06/10Method for automated processor power management for better energy-efficiency
05/06/10Amending the display property of grid elements
05/06/10Creation and retrieval of global annotations
05/06/10Display and installation of portlets on a client platform
05/06/10Distributed just-in-time compilation
05/06/10Power optimization via virtualization opportunity
05/06/10Computer system, method, and computer program product for managing batch job
05/06/10Mechanism to control hardware multi-threaded priority by system call
05/06/10Method and apparatus for allocating tasks and resources for a project lifecycle
05/06/10Intelligent tv mosaic for ip tv
05/06/10Retrospective policy safety net
05/06/10Method for fault-tolerant user information authentication
04/29/10Using 3d integrated diffractive gratings in solar cells
04/29/10Apparatus and method for facilitating immersion-cooling of an electronic subsystem
04/29/10Liquid cooling apparatus and method for cooling blades of an electronic system chassis
04/29/10Trench memory with self-aligned strap formed by self-limiting process
04/29/10Optimizing delivery of regulated power from a voltage regulator to an electrical component
04/29/10Apparatus, system, and method for a power supply that operates efficiently at high and low line input
04/29/10Apparatus, system, and method for an integrated bias and standby power supply circuit
04/29/10Circular edge detector
04/29/10Method of activating a supplemental visual warning signal based on frequency emitted from a generator of a primary audible warning signal
04/29/10Differential critical dimension and overlay metrology apparatus and measurement method
04/29/10Apparatus and method for immersion-cooling of an electronic system utilizing coolant jet impingement and coolant wash flow
04/29/10Apparatus and method for facilitating pumped immersion-cooling of an electronic subsystem
04/29/10Open flow cold plate for liquid cooled electronic packages
04/29/10Heater and memory cell, memory device and recording head including the heater
04/29/10Video scene matching on return from virtual rendering in a consumer digital video recording device
04/29/10System and method for automatic call segmentation at call center
04/29/10System and method for automatically generating adaptive interaction logs from customer interaction text
04/29/10Novel hash function with provable resistance to differential attacks
04/29/10Data processing for coding
04/29/10Embedding and detecting watermarks
04/29/10User-specified event-based remote triggering of a consumer digital video recording device
04/29/10Soi fet with source-side body doping
04/29/10Ultrathin soi cmos devices employing differential sti liners
04/29/10System and method for identifying a trajectory for each vehicle involved in an accident
04/29/10Power consumption calculation facility
04/29/10Methods and apparatus for context-sensitive information retrieval based on interactive user notes
04/29/10Updating a voice template
04/29/10Intelligent mechanism to automatically discover and notify a potential participant of a teleconference
04/29/10Determining disaster recovery service level agreements for data components of an application
04/29/10Managing meeting calendar entries
04/29/10On-demand access to technical skills
04/29/10Trust index framework for providing data and associated trust metadata
04/29/10Configurable trust context assignable to facts and associated trust metadata
04/29/10Generating composite trust value scores based on assignable priorities, atomic metadata values and associated composite trust value scores
04/29/10Automatic sales assistant for electronic commerce customers
04/29/10System for accessing shared data using multiple application servers
04/29/10Indexing and searching according to attributes of a person
04/29/10System and method for metadata search
04/29/10Reorganizing table-based data objects
04/29/10Disambiguation of tabular data
04/29/10Method for preserving virtual filesystem information across high availability takeover
04/29/10Software architecture for managing a system of heterogenous network processors and for developing portable network processor applications
04/29/10Instant message user management
04/29/10System and method for processing local files using remote applications
04/29/10System and method for managing system resources in a network environment
04/29/10Managing configuration items
04/29/10Dynamic expiration of domain name service entries
04/29/10Apparatus and method to control access to stored information
04/29/10Method and device for upgrading a guest operating system of an active virtual machine
04/29/10Flash presentation (flapre) authoring tool that creates flash presentations independent of a flash specification
04/29/10Second failure data capture problem determination using user selective memory protection to trace application failures
04/29/10Sid management for access to encrypted drives
04/29/10Control apparatus
04/29/10Pretranslating input/output buffers in environments with multiple page sizes
04/29/10Processing unit with operand vector multiplexer sequence control
04/29/10Source code processing method, system and program
04/29/10Method and system for loading status control of dll
04/29/10Adaptive computing responsive to environmental conditions
04/29/10Serdes double rate bitline with interlock to block precharge capture
04/29/10Dynamic generation of data entry metadata
04/29/10Software application for presenting flash presentations encoded in a flash presentation markup language (flml)
04/29/10Web page editing
04/29/10Generation apparatus, program, and generation method
04/29/10Publishing requests for dynamically loaded missing images
04/29/10Indeterminate state logic insertion
04/29/101xn block builder for 1xn vlsi design
04/29/10System and method for transforming a component business model
04/29/10Flash presentation markup language (flml) for textually expressing flash presentations
04/29/10Cooperative unwrapping across intervening wrappers
04/29/10Automated identification of redundant method calls
04/29/10Check-stopping firmware implemented virtual communication channels without disabling all firmware functions
04/29/10Provisioning a suitable operating system environment
04/29/10Computing task carbon offseting
04/29/10Trust event notification and actions based on thresholds and associated trust metadata scores
04/29/10System, method and program product for detecting presence of malicious software running on a computer system
04/22/10Bag holder
04/22/10On demand circuit function execution employing optical sensing
04/22/10Semiconductor device structure having enhanced performance fet device
04/22/10Semiconductor transistors having high-k gate dielectric layers, metal gate electrode regions, and low fringing capacitances
04/22/10Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
04/22/10Providing parcel procurement with acknowledgement of receipt in an intelligent mailbox
04/22/10Insuring personal mail delivery with automatic acknowledgement
04/22/10High efficiency cmos image sensor pixel employing dynamic voltage supply
04/22/10Selective routing traffic controls and automated recovery among parallel multi-access interfaces
04/22/10Redundant intermediary switch solution for detecting and managing fibre channel over ethernet fcoe switch failures
04/22/10Mitigation of plating stub resonance by controlling surface roughness
04/22/10Architecture and method of call routing based on session initiation protocol presence information
04/22/10Telecommunication network
04/22/10Method and system for calculating timing delay in a repeater network in an electronic circuit
04/22/10Information collection and storage for single core chips to 'n core chips
04/22/10Translating source locale input string to target locale output string
04/22/10Visualization interface of continuous waveform multi-speaker identification
04/22/10Method and apparatus for dynamic voice response messages
04/22/10Workflow management in a global support organization
04/22/10Method and system for prioritizing meeting attendees
04/22/10Virtual business object to manage virtual world transactions
04/22/10Virtual world contest, auction, election, sales method for notification and interaction with the real world
04/22/10Rules-based cross-fsm transition triggering
04/22/10Distributed residue-checking of a floating point unit
04/22/10Selective publication of e-mail account access frequency
04/22/10Peer-to-peer module configuration redundancy and recovery management
04/22/10Management of cluster-wide resources with shared variables
04/22/10Interruption facility for adjunct processor queues
04/22/10Managing a region cache
04/22/10Victim cache replacement
04/22/10Victim cache prefetching
04/22/10Exploiting register high-words
04/22/10Adaptively preventing out of memory conditions
04/22/10Data structure for controlling an algorithm performed on a unit of work in a highly threaded network on a chip
04/22/10Multi-execution unit processing unit with instruction blocking sequencer logic
04/22/10Fast floating point compare with slower backup for corner cases
04/22/10Maintaining a primary time server as the current time server in response to failure of time code receivers of the primary time server
04/22/10Backup power source used in indicating that server may leave network
04/22/10Redundancy information for adjusting threshold for component failure in a multi-layer system
04/22/10Software debugger for packets in a network on a chip
04/22/10Automatic software fault diagnosis by exploiting application signatures
04/22/10Serial test mode of an integrated circuit (ic)
04/22/10User specific music in virtual worlds
04/22/10Method to create and use an aspect oriented color coding algorithm for a graphical user interface
04/22/10Mapping a real-world object in a personal virtual world
04/22/10Intelligent shared virtual whiteboard for use with representational modeling languages
04/22/10Method and system for evaluating software quality
04/22/10Accelerating mutual exclusion locking function and condition signaling while maintaining priority wait queues
04/22/10Managing hosted virtualized operating system environments
04/22/10System and method for asynchronously invoking dynamic proxy interface using supplemental interfaces
04/22/10Digital rights management (drm)-enabled policy management for an identity provider in a federated environment
04/22/10Systems and methods for protecting web based applications from cross site request forgery attacks
04/22/10Security methodology to prevent user from compromising throughput in a highly threaded network on a chip processor
04/22/10Rules driven multiple passwords
04/22/10Visual display of website trustworthiness to a user
04/15/10Lateral trench fets (field effect transistors)
04/15/10Method of forming source and drain of a field-effect-transistor and structure thereof
04/15/10Wafer with design printed therein
04/15/10Structure and method for device-specific fill for improved anneal uniformity
04/15/10Micro-electro-mechanical device with a piezoelectric actuator
04/15/10Photo sensor array using controlled motion
04/15/10Radial bragg ring resonator structure with high quality factor
04/15/10Implementing locational fit hex torque pattern with low stress micro planes
04/15/10Method and system for deducing network routes by querying routers
04/15/10Direct inter-thread communication buffer that supports software controlled arbitrary vector operand selection in a densely threaded network on a chip
04/15/10Configuration for messaging multiplexed channel instances with varying connection speeds
04/15/10Managing access to electronic messages
04/15/10Method and system for position determination using image deformation
04/15/10Method and system for managing multiple user locks and deletion requests for a digital video recorder
04/15/10Silicon germanium heterostructure barrier varactor
04/15/10Automated call context notification
04/15/10Electronic map routes based on route preferences
04/15/10Dynamic frequency and voltage scaling for a computer processor
04/15/10Ergonomics-based health facilitator for computer users
04/15/10Apparatus, system, and method for virtual storage access method volume data set recovery
04/15/10Dynamically defining and using a delete cascade trigger firing attribute
04/15/10System and method for inserting a pdf shared resource back into a pdf statement
04/15/10Relationship management for contact staleness
04/15/10Node-level sub-queries in distributed databases
04/15/10Automated query path reporting in distributed databases
04/15/10Automated data conversion and route tracking in distributed databases
04/15/10Method and apparatus for integrated entity and integrated operations of personalized data resource across the world wide web for online and offline interactions
04/15/10Representational state transfer (rest) service import editor
04/15/10Automated propagation of non-conflicting queries in distributed databases
04/15/10Query interface configured to invoke an analysis routine on a parallel computing system as part of database query processing
04/15/10Program invocation from a query interface to parallel computing system
04/15/10Automated data source assurance in distributed databases
04/15/10Representing the allocation of integers
04/15/10Preservation aware fixity in digital preservation
04/15/10Web services response templates
04/15/10System and method for generating exception delay messages when messages are delayed
04/15/10Workload migration using on demand remote paging
04/15/10Method for optmizing a presence enabled managed service
04/15/10automatic discovery framework for integrated monitoring of database performance
04/15/10Efficient selection of a messaging multiplexed channel instance
04/15/10flexible procedure for quiescing multiplexed client
04/15/10Tape drive, tape drive recording system, and method for selecting improved tape speed in response to intermittent read requests
04/15/10Performing a configuration virtual topology change and instruction therefore
04/15/10Distributed file serving architecture system with metadata storage virtualization and data access at the data server connection speed
04/15/10Caching web page elements in accordance with display locations of the elements
04/15/10Mapped offsets preset ahead of process migration
04/15/10On-demand paging-in of pages with read-only file system
04/15/10Data communications through a host fibre channel adapter
04/15/10Dynamically aligning enhanced precision vectors based on addresses corresponding to reduced precision vectors
04/15/10Dynamic data driven alignment and data formatting in a floating-point simd architecture
04/15/10Floating point only single instruction multiple data instruction set architecture
04/15/10Generating and executing programs for a floating point single instruction multiple data instruction set architecture
04/15/10System and method for storing numbers in first and second formats in a register file
04/15/10Checkpointing a hybrid architecture computing system
04/15/10Method and system for secure collaboration using slepian-wolf codes
04/15/10Tunable encryption system
04/15/10Dynamic frequency and voltage scaling for a computer processor
04/15/10Checkpointing a hybrid architecture computing system
04/15/10Method of handling a message
04/15/10Implementing isolation of vlsi scan chain using abist test patterns
04/15/10Implementing diagnosis of transitional scan chain defects using lbist test patterns
04/15/10Credibility of text analysis engine performance evaluation by rating reference content
04/15/10Desktop icon management and grouping using desktop containers
04/15/10Application-aware recording and replay
04/15/10Describing formal end-user requirements in information processing systems using a faceted, tag-based model
04/15/10Faceted, tag-based approach for the design and composition of components and applications in component-based systems
04/15/10Fine-grained software-directed data prefetching using integrated high-level and low-level code analysis optimizations
04/15/10Method for source-related risk detection and alert generation
04/15/10Array reference safety analysis in the presence of loops with conditional control flow
04/15/10Method, system and computer program product for solution replication
04/15/10Balancing a data processing load among a plurality of compute nodes in a parallel computer
04/15/10Managing queues in an asynchronous messaging system
04/15/10Method and system for authentication
04/08/10Prismatic lock and key security
04/08/10Compliant membrane thin film interposer probe for integrated circuit device testing
04/08/10Quantum well gap/si tandem photovoltaic cells
04/08/10Tandem nanofilm solar cells joined by wafer bonding
04/08/10Preserving stopband characteristics of electromagnetic bandgap structures in circuit boards
04/08/10Multi-modal one-dimensional barcodes
04/08/10Dielectric mesh isolated phase change structure for phase change memory
04/08/10Cmos imager photodiode with enhanced capacitance
04/08/10Soi substrate contact with extended silicide area
04/08/10Surface repair structure and process for interconnect applications
04/08/10Discontinuous/non-uniform metal cap structure and process for interconnect integration
04/08/10Liquid exposure detection method, system, and program product
04/08/10Recording storing, and retrieving vehicle maintenance records
04/08/10System and method of damage prevention from weather occurrences
04/08/10Immersion detection method, system, and program product
04/08/10Apparatus, system, and method for automatic unthread and store of data storage device medium
04/08/10Optimizing sram performance over extended voltage or process range using self-timed calibration of local clock generator
04/08/10Global detection of resource leaks in a multi-node computer system
04/08/10Resource leak recovery in a multi-node computer system
04/08/10Self-healing chip-to-chip interface
04/08/10Enforced routing in switch
04/08/10Concurrent enablement of persistent information unit pacing
04/08/10Method and system for using conversational biometrics and speaker identification/verification to filter voice streams
04/08/10Product identification using image analysis and user interaction
04/08/10Digitizing documents
04/08/10Enforced routing in switched network for fru verification
04/08/10Microcavity structure and process
04/08/10Techniques for reducing degradation and/or modifying feature size of photomasks
04/08/10Semiconductor device structures with floating body charge storage and methods for forming such semiconductor device structures
04/08/10Selective chemical etch method for mram freelayers
04/08/10Asynchronous url notification
04/08/10Tracking vehicle maintenance using sensor detection
04/08/10Detection of vehicle operation under adverse conditions
04/08/10Optimization of travel routing
04/08/10Environmentally aware travel routing
04/08/10Flow meter and airflow measurement using an airfoil
04/08/10Method for translating a non-verbal communication within a virtual world environment
04/08/10Providing customized medical information
04/08/10System and method for determining carbon emission-conscious order fulfillment alternatives with multiple supply modes
04/08/10Method and system for integrated short-term activity resource staffing levels and long-term resource action planning for a portfolio of services projects
04/08/10Scheduling sessions of multi-speaker events
04/08/10Scoring supplier performance
04/08/10Method of requesting a customized instance of an object using information contained within an existing instance
04/08/10Method and system for dual layer authentication for electronic payment request in online transactions
04/08/10Encryption of data fragments in a peer-to-peer data backup and archival network
04/08/10Dispersal and retrieval of data fragments in a peer-to-peer data backup and archival network
04/08/10Hsm two-way orphan reconciliation for extremely large file systems
04/08/10Refining collections of entities in a service registry environment
04/08/10Service oriented architecture aggregation
04/08/10Access to electronic social networks
04/08/10Social networking architecture in which profile data hosting is provided by the profile owner
04/08/10Single touch e-mail management
04/08/10Periodic shuffling of data fragments in a peer-to-peer data backup and archival network
04/08/10Controlling filling levels of storage pools
04/08/10Capacity sizing a sip application server based on memory and cpu considerations
04/08/10Fcp command-data matching for write operations
04/08/10Central processing unit measurement facility
04/08/10Method for optimizing cleaning of maps in flashcopy cascades containing incremental maps
04/08/10Method for allowing exclusive access to shared data
04/08/10Total cost based checkpoint selection
04/08/10Single shared power domain dynamic load based power loss detection and notification
04/08/10Functional frequency testing of integrated circuits
04/08/10Functional frequency testing of integrated circuits
04/08/10Method and apparatus for providing inter-version document compatibility
04/08/10Mouse movement using multiple thresholds utilizing linear exponential acceleration and sub-pixel precision
04/08/10Optimized code generation targeting a high locality software cache
04/08/10Comparing and merging structured documents syntactically and semantically
04/08/10Sub-dispatching application server
04/08/10Call stack protection
04/08/10Data isolation in shared resource environments
04/08/10Hardware based mandatory access control
04/08/10System for online compromise tool
04/08/10Cross-domain access prevention
04/08/10Virtualization of a central processing unit measurement facility
04/08/10Method, system and computer-usable medium for early notification of a pending digital video recorder deletion event
04/01/10Optical tandem photovoltaic cell panels
04/01/10Rackmount rear door heat exchanger
04/01/10Dual swivel in-line load node lock mechanism
04/01/10Lock and key through-via method for wafer level 3 d integration and structures produced
04/01/10Latch apparatus
04/01/10Administering offset voltage error in a current sensing circuit
04/01/10Managing condition indicators that use the same physical indicator device in a logically partitioned computer system
04/01/10Intelligent demand loading of regions for virtual universes
04/01/10System and method for hierarchically decomposing process model
04/01/10method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic graph view of multiply connected objects
04/01/10method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic selective view of multiply connected objects
04/01/10method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic culling graph view of multiply connected objects
04/01/10method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic view of bi-directional impact analysis results for multiply connected objects
04/01/10Intuitively connecting graphical shapes
04/01/10Time dependent virtual universe avatar rendering
04/01/10Providing multi-user views
04/01/10Tool-less backplane retention for computer hardware
04/01/10Integrating nonvolatile memory capability within sram devices
04/01/10Pass-through accessor comprising a fixturing apparatus for storing a plurality of portable data storage cassettes
04/01/10Adaptive enterprise service bus (esb) runtime system and method
04/01/10Call processing based on call patterns and other criteria
04/01/10System and method for routing calls
04/01/10Encrypted communication for selectively delivering a message to multiple decrypting devices
04/01/10Method and system for preventing use of a photograph in digital systems
04/01/10Inline low-damage automated failure analysis
04/01/10Tagging images by determining a set of similar pre-tagged images and extracting prominent tags from that set
04/01/10Layer transfer process and functionally enhanced integrated circuits produced thereby
04/01/10Dislocation engineering using a scanned laser
04/01/10Avatar protection within a virtual universe
04/01/10System and method for inferring disease similarity by shape matching of ecg time series
04/01/10System and method to dynamically change data center partitions
04/01/10System and process for adapting vehicle emissions to surrounding pollution level: the "green compliance module"
04/01/10System and methods for providing predictive traffic information
04/01/10Reduction of the number of interoperability test candidates and the time for interoperability testing
04/01/10System and method for dynamically modeling data center partitions
04/01/10Generation of formal specifications of trading partner agreements
04/01/10Risk evaluation of conflicts in separation of duties
04/01/10Inferential business process monitoring
04/01/10System and method for determining temperature of business components for finding business transformation opportunities
04/01/10System and method for finding business transformation opportunities by analyzing series of heat maps by dimension
04/01/10System and method for finding business transformation opportunities by using a multi-dimensional shortfall analysis of an enterprise
04/01/10System and method for financial transformation
04/01/10Automatic determination of selective message caching to support rules in a trading partner collaboration management environment
04/01/10System and method for generating a view of and interacting with a purchase history
04/01/10Method for remote check deposit
04/01/10Configuration rule translation mapper
04/01/10Apparatus, system, and method for processing mdx post-order hierarchize expressions
04/01/10Compression of sorted value indexes using common prefixes
04/01/10Policy-based sharing of redundant data across storage pools in a deduplicating system
04/01/10System impact search engine
04/01/10Method and system for profile typing in batch loading documents into a service registry in a computing environment
04/01/10Context aware search document
04/01/10Automatically tagging software resources with search terms
04/01/10Filter extraction in a service registry environment
04/01/10Method for extracting signature from problem records through unstructured and structured text mapping, classification and ranking
04/01/10Persisting external index data in a database
04/01/10Method for searching a tree structure
04/01/10Utilizing a social network for locating a target individual based upon a proximity search
04/01/10Joining tables in multiple heterogeneous distributed databases
04/01/10System and method for inferring and visualizing correlations of different business aspects for business transformation
04/01/10Configurable transformation macro
04/01/10System and method for optimizing write barrier in garbage collection
04/01/10System and method for improving scalability and throughput of a publish/subscribe network
04/01/10Virtual universe avatar activities review
04/01/10Rapid resource provisioning with automated throttling
04/01/10Virtualize, checkpoint, and restart posix ipc objects during checkpointing and restarting of a software partition
04/01/10Method and system for separating http session
04/01/10Using link send and receive information to select one of multiple links to use to transfer data for send and receive operations
04/01/10Implementing system to system communication in a switchless non-ib compliant environment using infiniband multicast facilities
04/01/10Intelligent extent initialization in storage environment
04/01/10Automated method to configure a data storage system
04/01/10Delegated virtualization across physical partitions of a multi-core processor (mcp)
04/01/10Virtualization across physical partitions of a multi-core processor (mcp)
04/01/10Configuration rule prototyping tool
04/01/10processor performance during power supply failure
04/01/10Power management for clusters of computers
04/01/10Self-optimizing algorithm for real-time problem resolution using historical data
04/01/10Apparatus, system, and method for multi-address space tracing
04/01/10Method and system of providing information during content breakpoints in a virtual universe
04/01/10Managing virtual universe avatar behavior ratings
04/01/10Tiered web conference
04/01/10Systems, methods and computer products for controlling multiple machines using a seamless user-interface to a multi-display
04/01/10Delegation of calendar functions
04/01/10Joint editing of an on-line document
04/01/10Virtual universe supervisory presence
04/01/10Virtual universe avatar companion
04/01/10Method, system, and program product for variable rendering of virtual universe avatars
04/01/10Avatar appearance transformation in a virtual universe
04/01/10Automatically generating user interfaces in a trading partner collaboration management environment
04/01/10Method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic list view of multiply connected objects
04/01/10Modeling system-level effects of soft errors
04/01/10Mapping a class, method, package, and/or pattern to a component
04/01/10Controlling access to physical indicators in a logically partitioned computer system
04/01/10Algorithm for fast list allocation and free
04/01/10Resource property aggregation in a multi-provider system
04/01/10Virtualize, checkpoint, and restart system v ipc objects during checkpointing and restarting of a software partition
04/01/10Verifying and enforcing certificate use
04/01/10Discovery profile based unified credential processing for disparate security domains
04/01/10Managing web single sign-on applications
03/25/10Method for dynamic routing using tunneling
03/25/10Portable electronic device comprising an integrated lock mechanism
03/25/10Cold plate apparatus with a controlled heat transfer characteristic between a metallurgically bonded tube and heat sink for facilitating cooling of an electronics component
03/25/10Method and apparatus for forming planar alloy deposits on a substrate
03/25/10Nanoelectronic device
03/25/10Apparatus and method of charge induction for cable to system testing
03/25/10System and method to model application maturity
03/25/10Optimizing edge crossing computations when creating a drawing of a directed graph having a minimum number of edge crossings
03/25/10Method and apparatus for animating transition among dynamic graph series
03/25/10Method of automatic cropping
03/25/10Recovering servo information from a synchronous servo channel
03/25/10Piezo-driven non-volatile memory cell with hysteretic resistance
03/25/10Method and apparatus for measuring statistics of dram parameters with minimum perturbation to cell layout and environment
03/25/10System and method for detecting a network failure
03/25/10Macro-block video stream encoding
03/25/10Phone call management
03/25/10Methods for manufacturing a contact grid on a photovoltaic cell
03/25/10Method and system for automated content customization and delivery
03/25/10System and method for reducing latency of location based information retrieved from a location service
03/25/10Mass electronic question filtering and enhancement system for audio broadcasts and voice conferences
03/25/10Dialog filtering for filling out a form
03/25/10Modeling, monitoring, and managing system dimensions for a service assurance system
03/25/10Preventing scheduling conflicts when proposing new times for calendar events
03/25/10Classification and policy management for software components
03/25/10Method and system for dynamic contact information management in electronic communication devices
03/25/10Image forming apparatus, information processing system, method of controlling the image forming apparatus, and storage medium
03/25/10System and method for interfacing search request and corresponding search result
03/25/10Service for negotiating a meeting location given multiple user preferences and locations using social networking
03/25/10Abstract records
03/25/10Providing location information within a virtual world
03/25/10System and method for intelligent multi-person chat history injection
03/25/10Modifying environmental chat distance based on avatar population density in an area of a virtual world
03/25/10Method and system for playing video on a mobile device
03/25/10Method and apparatus for redirecting data traffic based on external switch port status
03/25/10Method and system for automatic network connection establishment in case of network address renewal
03/25/10Protocol conversion using facilities and utilities
03/25/10Memory management in a virtual machine based on page fault performance workload criteria
03/25/10Efficiently creating a snapshot of a large consistency group
03/25/10Optimal cache management scheme
03/25/10Logical data set migration
03/25/10Multiple processor core vector morph coupling mechanism
03/25/10System and method for issuing load-dependent instructions in an issue queue in a processing unit of a data processing system
03/25/10Authentication device, authentication system, authentication method, program and recording medium
03/25/10Business energy management based on user network access and calendar data
03/25/10Catalog recovery through system management facilities reverse transversal
03/25/10Generate diagnostic data for overdue thread in a data processing system
03/25/10Computer method and apparatus providing social preview in tag selection
03/25/10Accessing data remotely
03/25/10System and method for enhancing user accessibility in a virtual universe
03/25/10System and method for providing information in a virtual world
03/25/10Providing collaboration
03/25/10Modifying environmental chat distance based on amount of environmental chat in an area of a virtual world
03/25/10Automatically arranging widgets of a model within a canvas using iterative region based widget relative adjustments
03/25/10Providing a hierarchical filtered view of an object model and its interdependencies
03/25/10Method for bounded transactional timing analysis
03/25/10Apparatus, method and computer program product for fast stimulation of manufacturing effects during integrated circuit design
03/25/10Virtualised application libraries
03/25/10Framework for automatically merging customizations to structured code that has been refactored
03/25/10Method to speed up creation of junit test cases
03/25/10System and a method for cross-platform porting of business applications and making them contexually-aware on target platforms
03/25/10Using idempotent operations to improve transaction performance
03/25/10Automated identification of computing system resources based on computing resource dna
03/25/10Method, system, and computer program product for implementing a web service interface
03/25/10Method and apparatus for providing supplemental content with video media
03/25/10Platinum silicide tip apices for probe-based technologies
03/18/10Phase change memory cell in via array with self-aligned, self-converged bottom electrode and method for manufacturing
03/18/10Semiconductor structure including mixed rare earth oxide formed on silicon
03/18/10Methods of forming solder connections and structure thereof
03/18/10Method for preparation of flat step-free silicon carbide surfaces
03/18/10Resorbable hollow devices for implantation and delivery of therapeutic agents
03/18/10Acoustic wave and radio frequency identification device and method
03/18/10Method and system for vehicle mounted infrared wavelength information displays for traffic camera viewers
03/18/10Deploying analytic functions
03/18/10Adjusting read heads based on misregistration calculated from servo patterns
03/18/10Compact size portable computer having a fully integrated virtual keyboard projector and a display projector
03/18/10Novel sensing circuit for pcram applications
03/18/10Implementing precise resistance measurement for 2d array efuse bit cell using differential sense amplifier, balanced bitlines, and programmable reference resistor
03/18/10Middleware components for bundling service invocations
03/18/10Digital content delivery system
03/18/10Modifications of audio communications in an online environment
03/18/10Method, computer program product, and hardware product for implementing lossless image compression by minimizing complex structures using intelligent pixel crawling
03/18/10Method for assembling a furrule for an optical wave guide connector, ferrule, wave guide ribbon and tool for assembling the ferrule
03/18/10Customizing soundtracks
03/18/10Shared space availability by dynamically responding to user utilization behavior of shared space
03/18/10Data warehouse system
03/18/10Information management for information display systems
03/18/10Configuring data collection rules in a data monitoring system
03/18/10Deployment pattern realization with models of computing environments
03/18/10Enhanced synchronization framework providing improved sync granularity
03/18/10Retrieval and recovery of data chunks from alternate data stores in a deduplicating system
03/18/10Dynamic contextual table headers
03/18/10Fast-approximate tfidf
03/18/10Classification of data in a hierarchical data structure
03/18/10Nucleotide sequence screening
03/18/10Business process enablement of electronic documents
03/18/10Method for virtual electronic mail address generation and usage
03/18/10Method and system for dynamic e-mail view conversion
03/18/10Embedding resurfacing triggers in client side recipient electronic mail
03/18/10System and method for utilizing system lag to send facts to an end user
03/18/10System for energy efficient computer management environment via tightly integrated target status and directed work sessions
03/18/10Apparatus and method to preserve one or more logical communication paths in a data processing system
03/18/10Smart profiler
03/18/10Method to monitor read/write status of flash memory devices
03/18/10Techniques for cache injection in a processor system
03/18/10Techniques for cache injection in a processor system using a cache injection instruction
03/18/10Techniques for cache injection in a processor system with replacement policy position modification
03/18/10Network on chip with caching restrictions for pages of computer memory
03/18/10Apparatus and method for provisioning storage to a shared file system in a storage area network
03/18/10Power cap lower bound exploration in a server environment
03/18/10Power management method
03/18/10Shared web 2.0 annotations linked to content segments of web documents
03/18/10Web content management template pages in a portal
03/18/10Method and system for providing suggested tags associated with a target web page for manipulation by a user
03/18/10Method for graphical visualization of multiple traversed breadcrumb trails
03/18/10Animated cloud tags derived from deep tagging
03/18/10method for reading a screen
03/18/10Extendable recommender framework for web-based systems
03/18/10Adaptive technique for sightless accessibility of dynamic web content
03/18/10User interface for improving the use of notes with email messages that provides a static visual relationship between notes and email messages and a note incorporation capability
03/18/10Virtual universe subject matter expert assistance
03/18/10Dynamically linking avatar profiles within a virtual environment
03/18/10Linking avatar profiles within a virtual environment
03/18/10Method for providing a manufacturing execution system (mes) service to third parties
03/18/10User interface including question verification indicators
03/18/10Federated calendar entry presence indicator
03/18/10Expandable area for host table data display in a mobile device
03/18/10Method for automatically constructing pageflows by analysing traversed breadcrumbs
03/18/10Dynamic improved executables
03/18/10Determining the processing order of a plurality of events
03/18/10Securing live migration of a virtual machine within a service landscape
03/18/10Governing service identification in a service oriented architecture ('soa') governance model
03/18/10System, method and program product for dynamically performing an audit and security compliance validation in an operating environment
03/18/10Apparatus, system, and method for detecting tampering of fiscal printers
03/11/10Floor tile and air handling system using tile
03/11/10Device and method for patterning a surface of a polymer layer
03/11/10Cable storage and dispensing system
03/11/10Structure and method to form multilayer embedded stressors
03/11/10method and system for organizing and optimizing electricity consumption
03/11/10Transitioning digital integrated circuit from standby mode to active mode via backgate charge transfer
03/11/10Microphone diagnostic inside system with voip alerting and monitoring
03/11/10Automated traffic synchronization
03/11/10Electromagnetic band gap tuning using undulating branches
03/11/10Animating speech of an avatar representing a participant in a mobile communication
03/11/10Method for determining valued excursion corridors in virtual worlds
03/11/10Method of controlling memory and memory system thereof
03/11/10Flow control in a distributed environment
03/11/10Dedicated call user interface (ui) for organizing collaborative exchange during a telephony or softphone call
03/11/10Spread spectrum controller with bit error rate feedback
03/11/10Method and apparatus for handling of clock information in serival link ports
03/11/10System, method and program product for triggering automatic transmission of emergency data during an emergency
03/11/10Model-operative pattern representation and operational enablement using declarative componential-driven domain-specific programming language
03/11/10Low outgassing photoresist compositions
03/11/10Method of developing and provisioning it state information of complex systems utilizing a question/answer paradigm
03/11/10method for determining traffic conditions
03/11/10Method and structure for vehicular traffic prediction with link interactions and missing real-time data
03/11/10People guidance using kiosk and user id
03/11/10Portable device battery optimization routing system
03/11/10Automated energy transfer calculation and compensation
03/11/10Enhanced conductivity in an airgapped integrated circuit
03/11/10Apparatus, system, and method for advertisement complexity scaling via traffic analysis
03/11/10method to prioritize product requirements
03/11/10Computing environment climate dependent policy management
03/11/10Universal annotation configuration and deployment
03/11/10Method and apparatus for identifying similar sub-graphs in a network
03/11/10Normalizer shift prediction for log estimate instructions
03/11/10Supporting multiple formats in a floating point processor
03/11/10Synchronizing network feeds in high-frequency network events
03/11/10Synchronizing documents by designating a local server
03/11/10Method and apparatus for a common cluster model for configuring, managing, and operating different clustering technologies in a data center
03/11/10Encouraging user attention during presentation sessions through interactive participation artifacts
03/11/10Method, system and apparatus to automatically add senders of email to a contact list
03/11/10Host discovery in multi-blade server chassis
03/11/10Method and system for sharing performance data between different information technology product/solution deployments
03/11/10Usb devices pre-configuration for kvm switch
03/11/10Managing pci-express max payload size for legacy operating systems
03/11/10Component discovery in multi-blade server chassis
03/11/10Dual-issuance of microprocessor instructions using dual dependency matrices
03/11/10method and system for electronic vehicle document display
03/11/10Autonomic component service state management for a multiple function component
03/11/10Method and apparatus for expressing high availability cluster demand based on probability of breach
03/11/10Call-stack pattern matching for problem resolution within software
03/11/10System and method for power reduction through power aware latch weighting
03/11/10System and method for power reduction through power aware latch weighting of complex sub-circuits
03/11/10Automatic personalization of user visualization and interaction in a service-oriented architecture interface
03/11/10Accordion control for user selectable fastpath
03/11/10Toggling window display state by screen in a multi-screened desktop environment
03/11/10Providing users with location information within a virtual world
03/11/10Method to graphically identify registers with unbalanced slack as part of placement driven synthesis optimization
03/11/10Cost-benefit optimization for an airgapped integrated circuit
03/11/10Extracting platform independent models from composite applications
03/11/10Systems and methods for implementing test applications for systems using locks
03/11/10Method, computer program product, and hardware product for handling breakpoints in an asynchronous debug model
03/11/10Data affinity based scheme for mapping connections to cpus in i/o adapter
03/11/10Executing an accelerator application program in a hybrid computing environment
03/11/10Generating information on application tasks for component objects grouped in a composite object
03/11/10Prevention of browser timeout
03/11/10Apparatus and method for managing access among devices
03/11/10Method for creating multiple virtualized operating system environments
03/04/10Method for manufacturing a solar module
03/04/10Ic waper carrier sealed from ambient atmosphere during transportation from one process to the next
03/04/10Continuous metal semiconductor alloy via for interconnects
03/04/10Deep trench capacitor for soi cmos devices for soft error immunity
03/04/10Flash memory gate structure for widened lithography window
03/04/10Soi body contact using e-dram technology
03/04/10Deep trench electrostatic discharge (esd) protect diode for silicon-on-insulator (soi) devices
03/04/10Vertical through-silicon via for a semiconductor structure
03/04/10Method of fabricating copper damascene and dual damascene interconnect wiring
03/04/10Interconnects with improved tddb
03/04/10Increasing tape velocity by dynamic switching
03/04/10In situ verification of capacitive power support
03/04/10High density integrated circuit apparatus, test probe and methods of use thereof
03/04/10Power metadata transfer over power lines
03/04/10Method for environmental sensing
03/04/10Transient state information display in an rfid tag
03/04/10Transient state information display in an rfid tag having a charge-induced pigment release medium
03/04/10Activity pattern based battery charging alerts for mobile devices
03/04/10Creation and application of patterns to diagram elements
03/04/10Network enabled remote controls and method for hierarchical structure
03/04/10Method and system for network enabled remote controls using physical motion detection remote control devices
03/04/10Combining identity-linked images
03/04/10Device and method for processing data recorded on a tape medium
03/04/10Breadth spreading placement of data storage cartridges in multi-cartridge deep slot cells of an automated data storage library
03/04/10Depth spreading placement of data storage cartridges in multi-cartridge deep slot cells of an automated data storage library
03/04/10Cooling system for an electronic component system cabinet
03/04/10Apparatus and method for cluster recovery
03/04/10System and method for network flow traffic rate encoding
03/04/10Method and system for controlling the delivery of messages to a mobile client
03/04/10Optimized method to select and retrieve a contact center transaction from a set of transactions stored in a queuing mechanism
03/04/10Optical coupling device
03/04/10Nanoporous media with lamellar structures
03/04/10method of pe-ald of sinxcy and integration of liner materials on porous low k substrates
03/04/10Noise-reducing side chambers for air exhaust from computer racks and a method of exhausting air and reducing noise by using the same
03/04/10Leveraging location based services for power conservation in multi-mode wireless communication devices
03/04/10Method and system for providing cellular telephone subscription for e-mail threads
03/04/10System and method for dynamically managing blowers and vents
03/04/10System and method for cooperative vehicle diagnostics
03/04/10Method and system for route tracking
03/04/10System and method for item identification, location and navigation instruction thereto
03/04/10Nucleotide sequence screening
03/04/10Pattern discovery techniques for determining maximal irredundant and redundant motifs
03/04/10Systems and methods for structural clustering of time sequences
03/04/10Optimal performance and power management with two dependent actuators
03/04/10Automatically creating manufacturing test rules pertaining to an electronic component
03/04/10Voice activity detection system and method
03/04/10Business process community input
03/04/10Real-time manufacturing routing optimization using content and quality level
03/04/10Effective task distribution in collaborative software development
03/04/10System and method for a collaborative information technology governance
03/04/10Provider-requested relocation of computerized workloads
03/04/10Discovering rarely-planned parts using order proposal data
03/04/10Interactive product maps
03/04/10Automatic loaner part replacement to prevent system callback
03/04/10Negotiation of power rates based on dynamic workload distribution
03/04/10Analysis of energy-related factors for selecting computational job locations
03/04/10Interactive digital video library
03/04/10Creating forms with business logic
03/04/10Intelligent problem tracking electronic system for optimizing technical support
03/04/10Detection rule-generating facility
03/04/10Apparatus and system for reducing locking in materialized query tables
03/04/10Virtual list view support in a distributed directory
03/04/10Search apparatus, search method and search program using public search engine
03/04/10Entity-driven logic for improved name-searching in mixed-entity lists
03/04/10Prevention of a user mimicking another user in a virtual world
03/04/10Collaborative search
03/04/10Contact information querying
03/04/10Automated browser history sorting based upon location
03/04/10Methods and apparatus for obtaining visual insight provenance of a user
03/04/10Enterprise process database
03/04/10Action execution management facility for service configuration items
03/04/10Method, system, and computer program product for cloning of distributed and stateful systems
03/04/10Method, system, and computer program product for implementing back up history cleanup operations for a database management system
03/04/10Field-based similarity search system and method
03/04/10Performing defragment on hard disk of host machine having a virtual machine
03/04/10Method and electronic computing circuit for operand width reduction for a modulo adder followed by saturation concurrent message processing
03/04/10References to history points in a chat history
03/04/10Tracking subject matter in an e-mail discussion
03/04/10Managing urgency indicators in electronic messaging
03/04/10Dynamic email recipients based on entered subject
03/04/10Solution that leverages an instant messaging system to manage ad hoc business process workflows
03/04/10Transferable debug session in a team environment
03/04/10Delivering and replying to email using hidden address
03/04/10Method of routing messages to multiple consumers
03/04/10Migration of a guest from one server to another
03/04/10Concept for trusting client-side storage and distribution of asynchronous includes in an application server environment
03/04/10Extension of lock discipline violation detection for lock wait patterns
03/04/10Loading entries into a tlb in hardware via indirect tlb entries
03/04/10Invoking multi-library applications on a multiple processor system
03/04/10Executing a service program for an accelerator application program in a hybrid computing environment
03/04/10System and method for double-issue instructions using a dependency matrix and a side issue queue
03/04/10Creating register dependencies to model hazardous memory dependencies
03/04/10System and method for double-issue instructions using a dependency matrix
03/04/10Distributed acceleration devices management for streams processing
03/04/10Self-tuning power management techniques
03/04/10Isotropic processor
03/04/10Automatic management of diagram elements
03/04/10Automatic customization of diagram elements
03/04/10Property dependency visualization
03/04/10Method, system, and program product for allocating virtual universe customer service
03/04/10Dynamic hints for gui control modes contingent upon context-defined conditions
03/04/10Supporting role-based access control in component-based software systems
03/04/10Discovering new features in an application gui
03/04/10Co-optimization of embedded systems utilizing symbolic execution
03/04/10Integrated design for manufacturing for 1xn vlsi design
03/04/10Parallel intrusion search in hierarchical vlsi designs with substituting scan line
03/04/103-stack floorplan for floating point unit
03/04/10Uniquification and parent-child constructs for 1xn vlsi design
03/04/10Hierarchy reassembler for 1xn vlsi design
03/04/10Closed-loop 1xn vlsi design system
03/04/10Compiler for closed-loop 1xn vlsi design
03/04/10Top level hierarchy wiring via 1xn compiler
03/04/10Development tooling enablement for audit event generation
03/04/10Guarding code check-in with test case execution results
03/04/10Dynamic test coverage
03/04/10Test coverage analysis method and apparatus
03/04/10Central provider and satellite provider update and diagnosis integration tool
03/04/10Automated deployment of defined topology in distributed computing environment
03/04/10Method and system for providing a homogeneous view of a distributed common information model (cim) within a heterogeneous virtual system environment
03/04/10Assigning threads and data of computer program within processor having hardware locality groups
03/04/10Framework for distribution of computer workloads based on real-time energy costs
03/04/10Data processing in a hybrid computing environment
03/04/10Scoping an alias to a subset of queue partitions
03/04/10Method and apparatus for managing software controlled cache of translating the physical memory access of a virtual machine between different levels of translation entities
03/04/10Placement of data storage cartridges in single cartridge slots and in multi-cartridge deep slot cells of an automated data storage library
03/04/10Method and system for selecting a movie for viewing
03/04/10Hierarchical access control administration preview
03/04/10System and method for authenticating an end user
03/04/10Efficiency of active content filtering using cached ruleset metadata
03/04/10Method for secure access to and secure data transfer from a virtual sensitive compartmented information facility (scif)
02/25/10Power generation system for an electronic system
02/25/10Coolant pumping system for mobile electronic systems
02/25/10Via stub elimination
02/25/10Horizontally split vias
02/25/10Floating cable connector retention module
02/25/10Wireless lan survey carts
02/25/10Serial irradiation of a substrate by multiple radiation sources
02/25/10Method of placing a semiconducting nanostructure and semiconductor device including the semiconducting nanostructure
02/25/10Cmos with channel p-finfet and channel n-finfet having different crystalline orientations and parallel fins
02/25/10Double-sided integrated circuit chips
02/25/10Asymmetric multi-gated transistor and method for forming
02/25/10Dual metal gate corner
02/25/10Metal gates with low charge trapping and enhanced dielectric reliability characteristics for high-k gate dielectric stacks
02/25/103d integrated circuit device fabrication with precisely controllable substrate removal
02/25/10Electronic package with a thermal interposer and method of manufacturing the same
02/25/10High density integrated circuit apparatus, test probe and methods of use thereof
02/25/10High density integrated circuit apparatus, test probe and methods of use thereof
02/25/10High density integrated circuit apparatus, test probe and methods of use thereof
02/25/10High density integrated circuit apparatus, test probe and methods of use thereof
02/25/10High density integrated circuit apparatus, test probe and methods of use thereof
02/25/10High density integrated circuit apparatus, test probe and methods of use thereof
02/25/10Testing of transimpedance amplifiers
02/25/10Vehicle-to-vehicle traffic queue information communication system and method
02/25/10Combined mouse and joystick input device
02/25/10Position input device with anchorage
02/25/10Method for automatically configuring an interactive device based on orientation of a user relative to the device
02/25/10Generation of a hologram pattern
02/25/10Verification of a tape data storage cartridge
02/25/10Magnetic racetrack with current-controlled motion of domain walls within an undulating energy landscape
02/25/10Implementing local evaluation of domino read sram with enhanced sram cell stability
02/25/10Implementing local evaluation of domino read sram with enhanced sram cell stability and enhanced area usage
02/25/10Controlling software distribution or file transfer
02/25/10Tcp connection resource diversity using tunable geometric series
02/25/10Apparatus for thermal characterization under non-uniform heat load
02/25/10Flexible thermal cycle test equipment for concentrator solar cells
02/25/10Extending transmission distance in a high-speed serial network
02/25/10System and method for virtual world biometric analytics through the use of a multimodal biometric analytic wallet
02/25/10Coupling device for use in optical waveguides
02/25/10Optical waveguide with periodic sub-wavelength sized regions
02/25/10Top antireflective coating composition containing hydrophobic and acidic groups
02/25/10Defining a serviceability assessment measure
02/25/103d integrated circuit device fabrication using interface wafer as permanent carrier
02/25/10Semiconductor structure with field shield and method of forming the structure
02/25/10Self-aligned metal-semiconductor alloy and metallization for sub-lithographic source and drain contacts
02/25/10Method of fabricating a high q factor integrated circuit inductor
02/25/10Nanoscale electrodes for phase change memory devices
02/25/10Smooth and vertical semiconductor fin structure
02/25/10Telescopic power connector
02/25/10Dynamic access to radio networks
02/25/10Short messaging service for extending customer service deliver channels
02/25/10Methods for screening and arraying microrganisms such as viruses using subtractive contact printing background
02/25/10Method and apparatus for retrieval of similar heart sounds from a database
02/25/10Retrieving mental images of faces from the human brain
02/25/10Non-intrusive acoustic monitoring for equipment diagnostic and fault reporting
02/25/10Automated dynamic vehicle blind spot determination
02/25/10System for detecting interrupt conditions during an electric vehicle charging process
02/25/10Pattern discovery techniques for determining maximal irredundant and redundant motifs
02/25/10Tracking thermal mini-cycle stress
02/25/10System and method for analyzing effectiveness of distributing emergency supplies in the event of disasters
02/25/10Executing an energy transaction plan for an electric vehicle
02/25/10Dynamic bulk packing and casing
02/25/10Method and system for focused and scalable event enrichment for complex ims service models
02/25/10Services for spontaneous collaboration
02/25/10Services for spontaneous collaboration
02/25/10Smart electric vehicle interface for managing post-charge information exchange and analysis
02/25/10Content provision, distribution, registration, management, and reproduction
02/25/10User context based distributed self service system for service enhanced resource delivery
02/25/10Mapping portal applications in multi-tenant environment
02/25/10Energy transaction broker for brokering electric vehicle charging transactions
02/25/10Pattern discovery techniques for determining maximal irredundant and redundant motifs
02/25/10Methods and apparatus for visual recommendation based on user behavior
02/25/10Probabilistic lossy counting
02/25/10System monitoring control point conversions to pervasive device objects
02/25/10Transactional processing for clustered file systems
02/25/10Compressing xml documents using statistical trees generated from those documents
02/25/10Interactive generation of integrated schemas
02/25/10Efficient predicate evaluation via in-list
02/25/10Energy transaction notification service for presenting charging information of an electric vehicle
02/25/10Method and apparatus for increasing efficiency of data storage in a file system
02/25/10Document handling in a web application
02/25/10Method and system for providing runtime vulnerability defense for cross domain interactions
02/25/10Facilitated help with program function from experienced users
02/25/10Selection and delivery of messages based on an association of pervasive technologies
02/25/10Time-based messaging rules
02/25/10Method, apparatus and computer program for modifying an endpoint reference representing a web service endpoint
02/25/10Allocating resources in a distributed computing environment
02/25/10Listing windows of active applications of computing devices sharing a keyboard based upon requests for attention
02/25/10Dynamically adjusting write cache size
02/25/10Distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
02/25/10Distributed shared memory
02/25/10Executing host data transfer operations during setup of copy services operations
02/25/10Enhancement of data mirroring to provide parallel processing of overlapping writes
02/25/10Enhancement of data mirroring to provide parallel processing of overlapping writes
02/25/10Command sequence numbering apparatus and method
02/25/10Volume record data set optimization apparatus and method
02/25/10Method and system for configuration of componentized software applications
02/25/10Enhanced thermal management for improved module reliability
02/25/10Introducing selective energy efficiency in a virtual environment
02/25/10Error code handling in a storage subsystem
02/25/10Bookmarking internet resources in an internet browser
02/25/10System and method for customizing documentation with constraint-controlled custom values
02/25/10System and methodology for determining layout-dependent effects in ulsi simulation
02/25/10Optimizing a netlist circuit representation by leveraging binary decision diagrams to perform rewriting
02/25/10System, method and program product for correcting semantic errors in code using peer submitted code snippets
02/25/10System, method and program product for guiding correction of semantic errors in code using collaboration records
02/25/10Method, computer program product, and hardware product for providing program individuality analysis for source code programs
02/25/10Using build history information to optimize a software build process
02/25/10System and process for debugging object-oriented programming code
02/25/10System and process for debugging object-oriented programming code leveraging preprocessors
02/25/10System and process for debugging object-oriented programming code leveraging runtime metadata
02/25/10System, method and program product for ranking peer submitted code snippets using execution feedback
02/25/10Automatically detecting non-modifying transforms when profiling source code
02/25/10Method and apparatus to implement software to hardware thread priority
02/25/10Method and system for green computing interchange switching function
02/25/10Context conflict resolution and automatic context source maintenance
02/25/10Validating network security policy compliance
02/25/10Graphical password authentication based on pixel differences
02/25/10Trusting security attribute authorities that are both cooperative and competitive
02/25/10System and method for real world biometric analytics through the use of a multimodal biometric analytic wallet
02/25/10Associating operating system native authorizations with console roles
02/25/10Browser based method of assessing web application vulnerability
02/18/10Patterned structure for a thermal interface
02/18/10Interposer structures and methods of manufacturing the same
02/18/10Magnetic recording head coating and method
02/18/10Thin film transistor liquid crystal display barcodes
02/18/10Four-terminal reconfigurable devices
02/18/10Chemical doping of nano-components
02/18/10Finfet with longitudinal stress in a channel
02/18/10Computing apparatus employing dynamic memory cell structures
02/18/10Field effect device with gate electrode edge enhanced gate dielectric and method for fabrication
02/18/10Thin body silicon-on-insulator transistor with borderless self-aligned contacts
02/18/10Self-aligned borderless contacts for high density electronic and memory device integration
02/18/10Changing effective work function using ion implantation during dual work function metal gate integration
02/18/10Suspended germanium photodetector for silicon waveguide
02/18/10Electrically programmable fuse and fabrication method
02/18/10Structure and method for manufacturing trench capacitance
02/18/10Back-end-of-line resistive semiconductor structures
02/18/10Bond pad for wafer and package for cmos imager
02/18/10Method of making a sidewall-protected metallic pillar on a semiconductor substrate
02/18/10Nitrogen-containing metal cap for interconnect structures
02/18/10Metal cap for back end of line (beol) interconnects, design structure and method of manufacture
02/18/10Redundant barrier structure for interconnect and wiring applications, design structure and method of manufacture
02/18/10Conformal adhesion promoter liner for metal interconnects
02/18/10reliability of wide interconnects
02/18/10Active inductor for asic application
02/18/10Lzw data compression algorithm
02/18/10Non-volatile programmable optical element employing f-centers
02/18/10Dynamic memory cell methods
02/18/10Functional float mode screen to test for leakage defects on sram bitlines
02/18/10Security classes in a media key block
02/18/10Biometric identification assurance method and token retrieval
02/18/10Kinematic based authentication
02/18/10Hydrazine-free solution deposition of chalcogenide films
02/18/10Hydrazine-free solution deposition of chalcogenide films
02/18/10Triple gate and double gate finfets with different vertical dimension fins
02/18/10Methods for forming back-end-of-line resistive semiconductor structures
02/18/10Methods for incorporating high dielectric materials for enhanced sram operation and structures produced thereby
02/18/10System and method of using diameter based signaling to support billing models for visually rendered services
02/18/10Hydrazine-free solution deposition of chalcogenide films
02/18/10Modifying an appearance of a vehicle based on content of the vehicle
02/18/10Platform specific test for computing hardware
02/18/10Monitoring virtual worlds to detect events and determine their type
02/18/10Automated method for validating manufacturing test rules pertaining to an electronic component
02/18/10Service level management in a service environment having multiple management products implementing product level policies
02/18/10Services for spontaneous collaboration
02/18/10Automatic survey request based on ticket escalation
02/18/10Part number set substitution
02/18/10System and method for providing location based services using collaborative networks
02/18/10Method and system for obtaining an invoice outsourcing agreement
02/18/10Context aware solution assembly in contact center applications
02/18/10Methods and systems for cost-sensitive boosting
02/18/10Approximation of a clock gating function via bdd path elimination
02/18/10Method for laying out fields in a database in a hybrid of row-wise and column-wise ordering
02/18/10Method, apparatus, and computer program product for adaptive query parallelism partitioning with look-ahead probing and feedback
02/18/10System and methods for managing complex service delivery through coordination and integration of structured and unstructured activities
02/18/10Method for sorting data
02/18/10Method for partitioning a query
02/18/10Ordering content in social networking applications
02/18/10System and method for managing computer operations according to stored user preferences
02/18/10Apparatus and method to optimize the available storage capacity of a plurality of sequential data storage media disposed in a data storage system
02/18/10System for data logging
02/18/10Method, system and program product for providing selective enhanced privacy and control features to one or more portions of an electronic message
02/18/10Automating application state of a set of computing devices responsive to scheduled events based on historical data
02/18/10Mapping of logical volumes to host clusters
02/18/10Dynamic context-sensitive integration of content into a web portal application
02/18/10Intelligent network information server (nis) server search
02/18/10Remote management of storage controllers
02/18/10Data vaulting in emergency shutdown
02/18/10Snoop-based prefetching
02/18/10Cache injection directing tool
02/18/10Data storage with snapshot-to-snapshot recovery
02/18/10Active-active remote configuration of a storage system
02/18/10Management of recycling bin for thinly-provisioned logical volumes
02/18/10Method to perform lum masking/mapping in a sr-iov enabled sas adapter
02/18/10Method and system for implementing a stream processing computer architecture
02/18/10Data dependent instruction decode
02/18/10Redundant execution of instructions in multistage execution pipeline during unused execution cycles
02/18/10Method, apparatus, and product for providing a scalable trusted platform module in a hypervisor environment
02/18/10System and method for network image propagation without a predefined network
02/18/10Customization and reuse of logged agent activity during remote take over help session
02/18/10Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
02/18/10Verification of software applications
02/18/10Region selection control for selecting browser rendered elements
02/18/10Application window area change surveillance
02/18/10Method of minimizing early-mode violations causing minimum impact to a chip design
02/18/10Method and system for scalable reduction in registers with sat-based resubstitution
02/18/10Computer method and apparatus for automating translation to a modeling language
02/18/10Build optimization with applied static analysis
02/18/10Selective execution of trace mechanisms for applications having different bit structures
02/18/10Business-in-a-box integration server and integration method
02/18/10Utilization management
02/18/10Transactional quality of service in event stream processing middleware
02/18/10System resource management moderator protocol
02/18/10Method for tracking local storage of web pages
02/18/10System, method, and apparatus for modular, string-sensitive, access rights analysis with demand-driven precision
02/18/10Federating policies from multiple policy providers
02/18/10Authentication of user database access
02/18/10Trusted electronic communication through shared vulnerability
02/18/10Single sign-on for web applications
02/18/10Authorized authorization set in rbac model
02/18/10Methods and systems for deadlock-free allocation of memory
02/11/10Augmented track to facilitate removal of stiffening layers from a cable retained in the track
02/11/10Ion implantation for suppression of defects in annealed sige layers
02/11/10Electrical antifuse having a multi-thickness dielectric layer
02/11/10Integrated circuits comprising an active transistor electrically connected to a trench capacitor by an overlying contact and methods of making
02/11/10self-aligned soi schottky body tie employing sidewall silicidation
02/11/10Implementing decoupling capacitors with hot-spot thermal reduction on integrated circuit chips
02/11/10Metal wiring structure for integration with through substrate vias
02/11/10Circuit structures and methods with beol layers configured to block electromagnetic edge interference
02/11/10Ic having viabar interconnection and related method
02/11/10Brownout solution for electromechanical automatic transfer switch
02/11/10Worldwide adaptive multi-coil automatic transfer switch
02/11/10Integrated millimeter wave antenna and transceiver on a substrate
02/11/10Method for visualizing monitoring data
02/11/10System and method for iterative interactive ray tracing in a multiprocessor environment
02/11/10Mixed polarization state monitoring
02/11/10Multi nozzle proximity sensor employing common sensing and nozzle shaping
02/11/10Apparatus and method for writing data on a tape medium
02/11/10Method for direct heat sink attachment
02/11/10Robust jitter-free remote clock offset measuring method
02/11/10Integrated millimeter wave antenna and transceiver on a substrate
02/11/10Method of forming a high performance fet and a high voltage fet on a soi substrate
02/11/10Structure and method for fabricating self-aligned metal contacts
02/11/10Pattern independent si:c selective epitaxy
02/11/10Apparatus and method protecting against attack by particulate chemical or biological agents
02/11/10Real-time assembly and part validation and auto-disposition
02/11/10Geoboundaries using rectangular fencing and coupling of gps/lbs systems
02/11/10System and method for evaluating high frequency time domain in embedded device probing
02/11/10Subtitle generation and retrieval combining document processing with voice processing
02/11/10Service scheduling
02/11/10Phase driven modeling services
02/11/10Charging resource usage in a distributed computing environment
02/11/10Method and system for allocating requirements in a service oriented architecture using software and hardware string representation
02/11/10Method and system for automatic optimal advertising determination within a virtual universe
02/11/10Immersive advertisements in a virtual universe
02/11/10Triggering immersive advertisements in a virtual universe
02/11/10Maintained and reusable i/o value caches
02/11/10System maintainable and reusable i/o value caches
02/11/10Method and apparatus for integrating relational and hierarchical data
02/11/10Content analysis simulator for improving site findability in information retrieval systems
02/11/10Extendable and pluggable method for validating xml data
02/11/10Content personalization for web distributed content
02/11/10Method and system of tagging email and providing tag clouds
02/11/10Maintaining data integrity in data servers across data centers
02/11/10Efficient transfer of deduplicated data
02/11/10Method and system for managing tags
02/11/10Representation of system clock changes in time based file systems
02/11/10Facilitating an extended im session in a secure way
02/11/10Contextual awareness in real time collaborative activity alerts
02/11/10Modification of social networks via design codes
02/11/10Web browser security
02/11/10Data processing in a hybrid computing environment
02/11/10Load balancing using replication delay
02/11/10Repeat ccw count argument for device command word processing
02/11/10Ckd partial record handling
02/11/10Embedded locate records for device command word processing
02/11/10Interrogate processing for complex i/o link
02/11/10Method and apparatus for preventing bus livelock due to excessive mmio
02/11/10Method and system for cascaded flashcopy zoning and algorithm and/or computer program code and method implementing the same.
02/11/10Systems and methods for selectively closing pages in a memory
02/11/10Generating an executable version of an application using a distributed compiler operating on a plurality of compute nodes
02/11/10Dynamic core pool management
02/11/10Input/output control and efficiency in an encrypted file system
02/11/10Method for authenticated communication in dynamic federated environments
02/11/10Method, system and program product for securing data written to a storage device coupled to a computer system
02/11/10Apparatus and method for selective power reduction of memory hardware
02/11/10Method and apparatus for maintaining time in a computer system
02/11/10Self-healing capabilities in a directory server
02/11/10Application failure recovery
02/11/10Terminate operations for complex i/o link
02/11/10Memory controller for reducing time to initialize main memory
02/11/10Enhancing user interaction by displaying images from a network
02/11/10System and method for human identification proof for use in virtual environments
02/11/10Presenting and filtering objects in a virtual world
02/11/10Method and system for generating universal graphical user interface element and relation
02/11/10Managing gui control auto-advancing
02/11/10Managing ephemeral locations in a virtual universe
02/11/10Transparent windows
02/11/10Host screen transformation for mobile devices having a reduced display size
02/11/10Methods and systems for on-the-fly chip verification
02/11/10Port assignment in hierarchical designs by abstracting macro logic
02/11/10Dynamic highlighting of related artifacts in a uml diagram
02/11/10handle based method for side-by-side assemblies in a unix environment
02/11/10Generating functional test scripts
02/11/10Method and system for mpi_wait sinking for better computation-communication overlap in mpi applications
02/11/10Computer program product for evaluating the workloads of installation plans in quantity by building a pre-requisite relation knowledge-base
02/11/10System and method for creating and associating a virtual pseudo tty with a running process
02/11/10Workload routing based on greenness conditions
02/11/10Grouping and dispatching scans in cache
02/11/10Method for providing inline service-oriented architecture application fragments
02/11/10Inherited access authorization to a social network
02/11/10User-centric resource architecture
02/11/10Network intrusion detection
02/04/10Apparatus and method of direct water cooling several parallel circuit cards each containing several chip packages
02/04/10Systems and methods for controlling the position of a charged polymer inside a nanopore
02/04/10Method and apparatus for remotely activating destruction of a glass window
02/04/10method and system for verifying election results
02/04/10Doped implant monitoring for microchip tamper detection
02/04/10Isolated high performance fet with a controllable body resistance
02/04/10Programmable precision resistor and method of programming the same
02/04/10Integrated circuit interconnect method and apparatus
02/04/10Shielded wirebond
02/04/10Method and apparatus for distribution of a voltage reference in integrated circuits
02/04/10Capacitance structures for defeating microchip tampering
02/04/10Resistance sensing for defeating microchip exploitation
02/04/10Device and method for sensing a position of a probe
02/04/10False connection for defeating microchip exploitation
02/04/10Interdependent microchip functionality for defeating exploitation attempts
02/04/10High-density logic techniques with reduced-stack multi-gate field effect transistors
02/04/10All digital frequency-locked loop circuit method for clock generation in multicore microprocessor systems
02/04/10Bias circuit for a mos device
02/04/10Capacitance-based microchip exploitation detection
02/04/10Method for providing parallel augmented functionality for a virtual environment
02/04/10Method, apparatus, and product for efficient print operations
02/04/10Magnetic recording head having reinforcing islands
02/04/10Information handling system with sram precharge power conservation
02/04/10Refresh controller and refresh controlling method for embedded dram
02/04/10Constructing scalable overlays for pub-sub with many topics: the greedy join-leave algorithm
02/04/10Spread spectrum clocking with transmitted modulation
02/04/10Low k dielectric cvd film formation process with in-situ imbedded nanolayers to improve mechanical properties
02/04/10Methods for real-time contamination, environmental, or physical monitoring of a photomask
02/04/10Method and apparatus for angular high density plasma chemical vapor deposition
02/04/10Method for preventing air recirculation and oversupply in data centers
02/04/10Dynamic determination of a minimal configured product to achieve desired test coverage
02/04/10Method for displaying software applications in a secondary language while interacting and viewing the default language version
02/04/10Deriving ontology based on linguistics and community tag clouds
02/04/10System and method for processing rating data tagged to expense report items
02/04/10Estimation mechanisms that utilize a complexity matrix
02/04/10Intelligent system and fuzzy logic based method to determine project risk
02/04/10Publishing advertisements based on presence information of advertisers
02/04/10During an e-commerce transaction sending a postal package to a recipient based upon a recipients email address
02/04/10Method and system for mitigating impact of user errors in data stores
02/04/10System and method to create process reference maps from links described in a business process model
02/04/10Management of symbolic links
02/04/10Model entity operations in query results
02/04/10Method and apparatus for generating partitioning keys for a range-partitioned database
02/04/10Synchronization of locations in real and virtual worlds
02/04/10Propagating information from a trust chain processing
02/04/10Bursting in a content management system
02/04/10Production-alternate system including production system for processing transactions and alternate system as a backup system of the production system
02/04/10Determination of index block size and data block size in data sets
02/04/10Virtual environment module bundle
02/04/10Testing a network system
02/04/10Method for prioritizing e-mail messages based on the status of existing e-mail messages
02/04/10Failover in proxy server networks
02/04/10Automated discovery of a topology of a distributed computing environment
02/04/10Transport control channel program chain linked branching
02/04/10Transport control channel program message pairing
02/04/10Transport control channel program chain linking
02/04/10Encoded chip select for supporting more memory ranks
02/04/10Methods of cache bounded reference counting
02/04/10Consistency model for object management data
02/04/10Adaptive spill-receive mechanism for lateral caches
02/04/10Cache directed sequential prefetch
02/04/10Method of clustering shared access hybrid hard drives
02/04/10Initializing of a memory area
02/04/10Method and apparatus for applying database partitioning in a multi-tenancy scenario
02/04/10Virtual memory management
02/04/10Method and apparatus for partitioning and sorting a data set on a multi-processor system
02/04/10Thread completion rate controlled scheduling
02/04/10Floating point execution unit for calculating a one minus dot product value in a single pass
02/04/10Method and apparatus for optimized method of bht banking and multiple updates
02/04/10Method for improved key management for atms and other remote devices
02/04/10Method and system for processing information
02/04/10Self-healing factory processes in a software factory
02/04/10Hardware diagnostics determination during initial program loading
02/04/10System and methods for dynamic creation of symptom databases from social bookmarks
02/04/10Method for generating simple object access protocol messages and process engine
02/04/10Apparatus, system, and method for contextual visual search
02/04/10Parallel visual radio station selection
02/04/10Dynamically mapping and maintaining a customized method set of tags particular to an extention point
02/04/10Method for providing a virtual world layer
02/04/10System and method for web browsing using placemarks and contextual relationships in a data processing system
02/04/10Web page push to new window
02/04/10Connecting standard operating system windows with a visual tack
02/04/10System and method for improved placement in custom vlsi circuit design with schematic-driven placement
02/04/10System and method for automated placement in custom vlsi circuit design with schematic-driven placement
02/04/10Via structure to improve routing of wires within an integrated circuit
02/04/10Via density change to improve wafer surface planarity
02/04/10Systems for real-time contamination, environmental, or physical monitoring of a photomask
02/04/10Work packet delegation in a software factory
02/04/10Structured representation of integration scenarios of software products
02/04/10Method of automatic pattern based editing of business models
02/04/10Supporting a work packet request with a specifically tailored ide
02/04/10Methods for detecting inter-module dependencies
02/04/10Method and apparatus for locating memory leak in a program
02/04/10Simplified deployment modeling
02/04/10Method for policy based enforcement of business requirements for software install
02/04/10Estimating power consumption of a virtual server
02/04/10System and method for determining a number of threads to maximize utilization of a system
02/04/10Lock contention reduction
02/04/10Detection of duplicate memory pages across guest operating systems on a shared host
02/04/10System and method for loose ordering write completion for pci express
02/04/10Policy based control of message delivery
02/04/10Method for policy based and granular approach to role based access control
02/04/10System access log monitoring and reporting system
02/04/10User policy manageable strength-based password aging
02/04/10Defending smart cards against attacks by redundant processing
02/04/10System and method for identification and blocking of malicious use of servers
02/04/10Method and system for user defined local storage of information and objects in a virtual world
02/04/10Signal quality monitoring to defeat microchip exploitation
02/04/10Continuity check monitoring for microchip exploitation detection
01/28/10Mushroom type memory cell having self-aligned bottom electrode and diode access device
01/28/10Fully self-aligned pore-type memory cell having diode access device
01/28/10Hydrazine-free solution deposition of chalcogenide films
01/28/10Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing
01/28/10Semiconductor chip shape alteration
01/28/10Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing
01/28/10Segmentation of a die stack for 3d packaging thermal management
01/28/10Implementing reduced hot-spot thermal effects for soi circuits
01/28/10Dynamically configuring current sharing and fault monitoring in redundant power supply modules
01/28/10Variable input voltage regulator
01/28/10Cable tracing system and method for cable management
01/28/10Micro-phase adjusting and micro-phase adjusting mixer circuits designed with standard field effect transistor structures
01/28/10Low power level shifting latch circuits with gated feedback for high speed integrated circuits
01/28/10Circuit structure and method of fabrication for facilitating radio frequency identification (rfid)
01/28/10Method for avatar wandering in a computer based interactive environment
01/28/10Method and system for display monitor electric power consumption optimization
01/28/10Method for extending a virtual environment through registration
01/28/10Performing real-time analytics using a network processing solution able to directly ingest ip camera video streams
01/28/10Method of pressure detection for selective scanning of a document
01/28/10Lid edge capping load
01/28/10System and method of using diameter based signaling to activate and deactivate subscriber centric, visually rendered, services
01/28/10Conversion of voice-over-ip media control messaging into mobile control channel signaling using a voice-over ip gateway
01/28/10Link services in a communication network
01/28/10Sharing buffer space in link aggregation configurations
01/28/10Transitioning compression levels in a streaming image system
01/28/10Picture processing via a shared decoded picture pool
01/28/10Low leakage metal-containing cap process using oxidation
01/28/10Multiple exposure and single etch integration method
01/28/10Ambient information for usage of wireless communication devices
01/28/10Reconfiguration of assets for reuse during manufacturing
01/28/10Personalized map display generator
01/28/10Personalized map display generator
01/28/10Characterization of phenotypes by gene expression patterns and classification of samples based thereon
01/28/10Techniques for electrically characterizing tunnel junction film stacks with little or no processing
01/28/10Model-driven feedback for annotation
01/28/10Speed podcasting
01/28/10Method and system for evaluating product substitutions along multiple criteria in response to a sales opportunity
01/28/10Remotely taking real-time programmatic actions responsive to health metrics received from worn health monitoring devices
01/28/10Management of business process key performance indicators
01/28/10System for enabling both a subjective and an objective evaluation of supplier performance
01/28/10System and method for prioritization of rendering policies in virtual environments
01/28/10Transaction authorization
01/28/10Method and system for validating xml document
01/28/10Location/event based dictionaries to facilitate communication in a virtual world location
01/28/10Optimized bulk computations in data warehouse environments
01/28/10Processing data from diverse databases
01/28/10Relationship management in a data abstraction model
01/28/10Protecting information in search queries
01/28/10System and method for managing locks across distributed computing nodes
01/28/10Embedded change logging for data synchronization
01/28/10Xml/database/xml layer analysis
01/28/10Method for supporting unchecked classification within a service registry
01/28/10Optimizing grace period detection for preemptible read-copy update on uniprocessor systems
01/28/10Data restoration in a storage system using multiple restore points
01/28/10Dynamic range adjusting floating point execution unit
01/28/10Efficient forcing of corner cases in a floating point rounder
01/28/10Method, system and article for mobile metadata software agent in a data-centric computing environment
01/28/10Privileged and restricted email processing to multiple recipients based on sender definded visibility settings
01/28/10System and method for correlating questions and answers in an instant messaging environment
01/28/10System for controlling retention of data messages
01/28/10Processing data access requests among a plurality of compute nodes
01/28/10Inspecting web browser state information from a synchronously-invoked service
01/28/10Swapping pprc secondaries from a subchannel set other than zero to subchannel set zero using control block field manipulation
01/28/10Caching dynamic contents and using a replacement operation to reduce the creation/deletion time associated with html elements
01/28/10Victim cache replacement
01/28/10Testing real page number bits in a cache directory
01/28/10Dynamically maintaining coherency within live ranges of direct buffers
01/28/10Variable-length code (vlc) bitstream parsing in a multi-core processor with buffer overlap regions
01/28/10Asymmetric double buffering of bitstream data in a multi-core processor
01/28/10Paging memory contents between a plurality of compute nodes in a parallel computer
01/28/10Generation and update of storage groups constructed from storage devices distributed in storage subsystems
01/28/10Method and system for in-place multi-dimensional transpose for multi-core processors with software-managed memory hierarchy
01/28/10Optimizing non-preemptible read-copy update for low-power usage by avoiding unnecessary wakeups
01/28/10Computer program product and computer system for peer-to-peer communications
01/28/10Transitional replacement of operations performed by a central hub
01/28/10Method and system for disaster recovery based on journaling events pruning in a computing environment
01/28/10Asynchronous communication apparatus using jtag test data registers
01/28/10Asynchronous communication using standard boundary architecture cells
01/28/10Morphing a data center in a virtual world
01/28/10Automatic rendering of user interface elements
01/28/10System and method for reducing bandwidth requirements of a presentation transmitted across a network
01/28/10Conversation detection in a virtual world
01/28/10Providing an ad-hoc 3d gui within a virtual world to a non-virtual world application
01/28/10Method for ic wiring yield optimization, including wire widening during and after routing
01/28/10Open marketplace for distributed service arbitrage with integrated risk management
01/28/10Application/service event root cause traceability causal and impact analyzer
01/28/10Intelligent job artifact set analyzer, optimizer and re-constructor
01/28/10Software factory semantic reconciliation of data models for work packets
01/28/10Linking uml activity diagram nodes to uml class diagram nodes by using properties from applied stereotypes
01/28/10Call graph dependency extraction by static source code analysis
01/28/10Efficient software cache accessing with handle reuse
01/28/10Maintenance assessment management
01/28/10Interface for processing client-server method calls within a single virtual machine
01/28/10Suspend profiles and hinted suspending
01/28/10User-level read-copy update that does not require disabling preemption or signal handling
01/28/10Method of using xpath and ontology engine in authorization control of assets and resources
01/28/10Securing blade servers in a data center
01/28/10Method and system for securing access to an unsecure network utilizing a transparent identification member
01/28/10Reactive biometric single sign-on utility
01/28/10Automatic and adjustable system and method for synchronizing security mechanisms in database drivers with database servers
01/21/10Methods for forming dense dielectric layer over porous dielectrics
01/21/10Crackstop structures and methods of making same
01/21/10Stressed dielectric devices and methods of fabricating same
01/21/10High performance stress-enhance mosfet and method of manufacture
01/21/10Integrated circuits comprising resistors having different sheet resistances and methods of fabricating the same
01/21/10Crackstop structures and methods of making same
01/21/10Integrated circuit hard mask processing system
01/21/10Intrinsically balanced direct current uninterruptible power supply
01/21/10Dc ups with auto-ranging backup voltage capability
01/21/10Dc ups configured as intrinsic power transfer switch
01/21/10Extending backup times of uninterruptible power supplies
01/21/10Apparatus, system, and method for safely connecting a device to a power source
01/21/10method for controlling the supply voltage for an integrated circuit and an apparatus with a voltage regulation module and an integrated circuit
01/21/10Controllable voltage reference driver for a memory system
01/21/10Circuits and methods for high-efficiency on-chip power detection
01/21/10Presence recognition control of electronic devices using a multi-touch device
01/21/10Decoding variable-length code (vlc) bitstream information
01/21/10Preprocessing variable-length code (vlc) bitstream information
01/21/10System and method for enabling multiple-state avatars
01/21/10Automatically calibrating picture settings on a display in accordance with media stream specific characteristics
01/21/10Pixel sensor cell with frame storage capability
01/21/10Apparatus and method for reading out data recorded on tape
01/21/10Apparatus for display movement of a laptop computer
01/21/10Apparatus for display movement of a laptop computer
01/21/10Speculative credit data flow control
01/21/10Discovering network topology from routing information
01/21/10Providing point to point communications among compute nodes in a global combining network of a parallel computer
01/21/10Methods, systems, and computer program products for an n-port network adaptor interchangeable between a network switch/router and a network adaptor
01/21/10Identifying an optimized test bit pattern for analyzing electrical communications channel topologies
01/21/10Tty translation for voip
01/21/10Methods involving optimizing and mapping images
01/21/10Method and apparatus for real time fault detection in high speed semiconductor processes
01/21/10Semiconductor chip repair by stacking of a base semiconductor chip and a repair semiconductor chip
01/21/10Tic as a thermally stable p-metal carbide on high k sio2 gate stacks
01/21/10System and method for scheduling and reservations using location based services
01/21/10System for monitoring multi-orderable measurement data
01/21/10Monitoring a process sector in a production facility
01/21/10Detecting a fouled air filter in a computer equipment enclosure
01/21/10Generating worst case bit patterns for simultaneous switching noise (ssn) in digital systems
01/21/10Random initialization of latches in an integrated circuit design for simulation
01/21/10Event scheduling forecasting for a calendaring system using historically collected event data
01/21/10Power standard compliance method and system
01/21/10Method for organizing processes
01/21/10Work packet enabled active project schedule maintenance
01/21/10Method and system for viral marketing within a virtual world
01/21/10Dynamic advertising systems and methods for virtual universes
01/21/10Multiple financial account transaction processing
01/21/10Method and apparatus for automatically structuring free form heterogeneous data
01/21/10Leveraging multilevel hierarchical associations to find cross-boundary issues
01/21/10System and method for performing advanced search in service registry system
01/21/10Defining a data structure for pattern matching
01/21/10Method and apparatus to elegantly and automatically track emails and its attachments for enhanced user convenience
01/21/10System and method for improving non-exact matching search in service registry system with custom dictionary
01/21/10Performing an all-to-all data exchange on a plurality of data buffers by performing swap operations
01/21/10Efficient identity mapping with self-correction for cascaded server systems
01/21/10Form attachment metadata generation
01/21/10Multilevel hierarchical associations between entities in a knowledge system
01/21/10System, method, and computer readable media for identifying and rating virtual universe objects
01/21/10Method and apparatus of distributing data in partioned databases operating on a shared-nothing architecture
01/21/10Information management server, information processing system, communication method and program
01/21/10Managing garbage collection in a data processing system
01/21/10Device and method for updating code
01/21/10Assymetric dynamic server clustering with inter-cluster workload balancing
01/21/10performance and reduce network traffic for remote hardware data scan operations
01/21/10Dynamic grouping of email recipients
01/21/10Method and system for providing proxy functionality in a message client
01/21/10Recipient side grouping of addresses
01/21/10Method and system for location aware electronic communication
01/21/10E-mail response time estimation on compose or send
01/21/10Enforcing conformance in email content
01/21/10Network system with initiator subnetwork communication to target subnetwork communication including fibre channel over ethernet to fibre channel over internet protocol conversion
01/21/10Method and system for improvements in or relating to off-line virtual environments
01/21/10Method and apparatus for audit logging and role based security using one way proxy architecture
01/21/10Bus access moderation system
01/21/10Data transference to virtual memory
01/21/10Call stack sampling for a multi-processor system
01/21/10Call stack sampling for a multi-processor system
01/21/10Provision of remote system recovery services
01/21/10Managing power-consumption
01/21/10Byzantine fault tolerant dynamic quorum using a trusted platform module
01/21/10Error recovery during execution of an application on a parallel computer
01/21/10Method and device to detect failure of static pervasive control signals
01/21/10Automatic data recovery system
01/21/10Visual macro showing how some icon or object or text was constructed
01/21/10Integrating an applet into a multi-page or multi-tasking web application to enable applet state to be automatically saved and restored
01/21/10Intelligent preloads of views and asynchronous loading of models using the mvc design pattern
01/21/10Asynchronous partial page updates based on dynamic dependency calculation
01/21/10Assistant for manually proofreading text documents
01/21/10Command line interface browser
01/21/10Using an alternate user interface to a drag and drop interface for rearranging configurable web page components
01/21/10Multicast file viewing and editing
01/21/10Multicast file viewing and editing
01/21/10Method and system to reduce workload and skills required in usage of mouse or other pointing devices
01/21/10Implementing integrated circuit yield estimation using voronoi diagrams
01/21/10Method for minimizing impact of design changes for integrated circuit designs
01/21/10Differential alternating phase shift mask optimization
01/21/10Configuring design centers, assembly lines and job shops of a global delivery network into "on demand" factories
01/21/10System and process for automatic calculation of orthogonal defect classification (odc) fields
01/21/10Selectively obtaining call stack information based on criteria
01/21/10Method, computer program product, and hardware product for supporting virtual machine guest migration overcommit
01/21/10Thread-to-processor assignment based on affinity identifiers
01/21/10Methods, systems and computer program products for application name and client id pairing in a message connection
01/21/10Method for inserting advertisements into a traffic camera image
01/21/10Verifying certificate use
01/21/10System and method for selecting a web service from a service registry based on audit and compliance qualities
01/21/10Secure user interaction using virtualization
01/21/10Method and system for location-aware authorization
01/21/10Access control and entitlement determination for hierarchically organized content
01/21/10Precise web security alert
01/14/10Electrical fuse having sublithographic cavities thereupon
01/14/10Air vent dust scrubber
01/14/10Transmission electron microscopy sample etching fixture
01/14/10Server system, method, and computer program product for managing printable media that include electronic tags
01/14/10Semiconducting device having graphene channel
01/14/10Methods for forming high performance gates and structures thereof
01/14/10Metal high-k transistor having silicon sidewall for reduced parasitic capacitance, and process to fabricate same
01/14/10Wafer scale membrane for three-dimensional integrated circuit device fabrication
01/14/10Formation of soi by oxidation of silicon with engineered porosity gradient
01/14/10Apparatus, system, and method for error detection in a stand alone power supply
01/14/10Apparatus, system, and method for an integrated winding structure for a magnetic core
01/14/10Apparatus and method for recognizing information held by an ic tag
01/14/10Method and apparatus for tactile haptic device to guide user in real-time obstacle avoidance
01/14/10System and method for monitoring a location of a mobile rfid reader
01/14/10Detector system for detecting cargo items falling during transport and method for retrieval thereof
01/14/10Method of advanced person or object recognition and detection
01/14/10Detection of defective tape drive by aggregating read error statistics
01/14/10Apparatus, system, and method for detecting a power system component failure
01/14/10Apparatus, system, and method for lossless reverse voltage protection
01/14/10Tubular memory module
01/14/10Adaptive fast retransmit threshold to make tcp robust to non-congestion events
01/14/10Efficient probabilistic duplicate packet detector in computer networks
01/14/10Methods, systems and computer program products for packet prioritization based on delivery time expectation
01/14/10Queue management based on message age
01/14/10Method for clock jitter stress margining of high speed interfaces
01/14/10Method and system for position detection of a sound source
01/14/10In-situ molded fastener
01/14/10Self-segregating multilayer imaging stack with built-in antireflective properties
01/14/10Process for chemical vapor deposition of materials with via filling capability and structure formed thereby
01/14/10Forming sub-lithographic patterns using double exposure
01/14/10Dual-damascene process to fabricate thick wire structure
01/14/10System and method for providing privacy and limited exposure services for location based services
01/14/10Differential diagnosis of neuropsychiatric conditions
01/14/10Determination of neuropsychiatric therapy mechanisms of action
01/14/10System and method to control data center air handling systems
01/14/10System & method for dynamic structuring of process annotations
01/14/10System and method for constructing flexible ordering to improve productivity and efficiency in process flows
01/14/10System and method for user skill determination
01/14/10Enhancing media playback with speech recognition
01/14/10Automatically developing neuropsychiatric treatment plans based on neuroimage data
01/14/10Automatically determining ideal treatment plans for complex neuropsychiatric conditions
01/14/10Technique that utilizes a monte carlo method to handle the uncertainty of input values when computing the net present value (npv) for a project
01/14/10System and method for solution ordering by federation of order management systems and use of solution records
01/14/10Method and system for allocating dependent tasks to teams through multi-variate optimization
01/14/10System and method for social network routing for request matching in enterprise environments
01/14/10Resolving demand and supply imbalances
01/14/10Software-as-a-service ad content
01/14/10Auto-adjusting order configuration rules using parts supply
01/14/10Traceability verification system, method and program for the same
01/14/10Method and apparatus for generating context-aware generic workflow applications
01/14/10Distributed directories
01/14/10Query management systems
01/14/10Vector space lightweight directory access protocol data search
01/14/10Apparatus and method of semantic service correlation system
01/14/10Reduced volume precision data quality information cleansing feedback process
01/14/10Context sensitive term expansion with dynamic term expansion
01/14/10Technique for enhancing a set of website bookmarks by finding related bookmarks based on a latent similarity metric
01/14/10Simplifying complex data stream problems involving feature extraction from noisy data
01/14/10Method and system for dynamically collecting data for checkpoint tuning and reduce recovery time
01/14/10Method and system for handling reallocated blocks in a file system
01/14/10Apparatus and system for identifying and filtering emails based on content
01/14/10Method and system for future defined email recipient
01/14/10Controlling email distribution lists using policies
01/14/10Method and system for providing collaborative moderation and correction of message history in an instant messaging session
01/14/10Method and system of reporting conformance violations in web-services messages
01/14/10Method for placing composite applications in a federated environment
01/14/10Service providing device, program, method, and system
01/14/10Method and apparatus for hierarchical selective personalization
01/14/10Design structure for automated means for determining internet access on a system on a chip
01/14/10Method for migration of synchronous remote copy service to a virtualization appliance
01/14/10Simplifying complex data stream problems involving feature extraction from noisy data
01/14/10Watermark signal generating apparatus
01/14/10System and method for measurement-based power and energy accounting for virtual machines
01/14/10Apparatus, system, and method for reducing idle power in a power supply
01/14/10Light weight and high throughput test case generation methodology for testing cache/tlb intervention and diagnostics
01/14/10Verifying data integrity of a non-volatile memory system during data caching process
01/14/10Minimizing the copying of an extensible markup language (xml) tree when referencing tree nodes during extensible stylesheet language transformations (xslt) processing
01/14/10Rfid reader integration to virtual world monitoring
01/14/10Method for assignment of a user-defined shortcut key for an application window to switch to it quickly
01/14/10Methods and tools for data-driven application engineering
01/14/10Single instruction multiple data (simd) code generation for parallel loops using versioning and scheduling
01/14/10Method, system, and apparatus for dynamically injecting logging statements into web 2.0 javascript applications
01/14/10Service interface creation and modification for object-oriented services
01/14/10Remote product invocation framework
01/14/10Efficient and self-balancing verification of multi-threaded microprocessors
01/14/10Modifying an information technology architecture framework
01/14/10Matching plugins to users
01/14/10System and method for garbage collection in a virtual machine
01/14/10Lock windows for reducing contention
01/14/10Controlling a computer system having a processor including a plurality of cores
01/14/10Invocation channel
01/14/10Implementing organization-specific policy during establishment of an autonomous connection between computer resources
01/14/10Policy-based usage of computing assets
01/14/10Managing logical sockets
01/14/10Enabling authentication of openid user when requested identity provider is unavailable
01/14/10Role-based privilege management
01/14/10Computer security intrusion detection system for remote, on-demand users
01/07/10Land grid array (lga) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
01/07/10Solder standoffs for injection molding of solder
01/07/10Transaction override using radio frequency identification
01/07/10Method for delineation of phase change memory cell via film resistivity modification
01/07/10Organic light emitting device, method for producing thereof and array of organic light emitting devices
01/07/10Controlling for variable impedance and voltage in a memory system
01/07/10Detecting and sharing road traffic condition information
01/07/10Geometric and texture modifications of objects in a virtual universe based on real world user characteristics
01/07/10Method and system for remote visualization client acceleration
01/07/10Liquid cooling apparatus and method for facilitating cooling of an electronics system
01/07/10Column selectable self-biasing virtual voltages for sram write assist
01/07/10Array data input latch and data clocking scheme
01/07/10Method and system to manage multiple ivrs
01/07/10Method and system for discerning learning characteristics of individual knowledge worker and associated team in service delivery
01/07/10Method and system for encryption of blocks of data
01/07/10Graphical retail item identification with point-of-sale terminals
01/07/10system and method for projection lithography with immersed image-aligned diffractive element
01/07/10Chip-level underfill process and structures thereof
01/07/10Bipolar transistor with silicided sub-collector
01/07/10276-pin buffered memory module with enhanced memory system interconnect and features
01/07/10System and method for gathering and submitting data to a third party in response to a vehicle being involved in an accident
01/07/10Use of defining ignorable rectangles to assist with iterative translation testing
01/07/10Auto-generated to-do list
01/07/10Method and system for automatically generating reminders in response to detecting key terms within a communication
01/07/10Social profile assessment
01/07/10Method and apparatus for generating customized provisioning workflows from one flow models
01/07/10System and method for intelligently rerouting stranded travelers
01/07/10Providing real-time test ahead work direction for manufacturing optimization
01/07/10Systems engineering process
01/07/10Method and system for generating one flow models from runtime service delivery process
01/07/10Pattern-based policy application mechanism for sca
01/07/10Method and structure for implementing b2b trading partner boarding
01/07/10Method and apparatus for interconnecting a plurality of virtual world environments
01/07/10Multi-tenancy data storage and access method and apparatus
01/07/10Cascaded address books on mobile phones within a social network
01/07/10System and method for socially derived, graduated access control in collaboration environments
01/07/10Assisting users in searching for tagged content based on historical usage patterns
01/07/10Function in a relational database
01/07/10Dynamic information systems
01/07/10Record level fuzzy backup
01/07/10Configurable e-mail regions that allow recipient read permissions
01/07/10Method, system and computer program product for server selection, application placement and consolidation
01/07/10Enhanced streaming operations in distributed communication systems
01/07/10Pacing network traffic among a plurality of compute nodes connected using a data communications network
01/07/10Dynamic segment sparing and repair in a memory system
01/07/10Method of merging and incremantal construction of minimal finite state machines
01/07/10Automatic read data flow control in a cascade interconnect memory system
01/07/10Providing a variable frame format protocol in a cascade interconnected memory system
01/07/10Access table lookup for bus bridge
01/07/10Enhancing bus efficiency in a memory system
01/07/10Enhanced cascade interconnected memory system
01/07/10276-pin buffered memory module with enhanced memory system interconnect and features
01/07/10276-pin buffered memory module with enhanced memory system interconnect and features
01/07/10Optimizing virtual memory allocation in a virtual machine based upon a previous usage of the virtual memory blocks
01/07/10Finding the source statement of the definition of a storage location
01/07/10Method for isolating objects in memory region
01/07/10Technique for estimating the size of an in-memory cache
01/07/10Power-on initialization and test for a cascade interconnect memory system
01/07/10Resource scheduling in workflow management systems
01/07/10Branch trace methodology
01/07/10Profiling an application for power consumption during execution on a compute node
01/07/10Microprocessor interface with dynamic segment sparing and repair
01/07/10Automatic detection and notification of test regression with automatic on-demand capture of profiles for regression analysis
01/07/10Bit shadowing in a memory system
01/07/10Enhanced microprocessor interconnect with bit shadowing
01/07/10Error correcting code protected quasi-static bit communication on a high-speed bus
01/07/10Cascade interconnect memory system with enhanced reliability
01/07/10Ensuring data consistency
01/07/10Cyclical redundancy code for use in a high-speed serial link
01/07/10Method and system for recording asset installations
01/07/10System and apparatus for whispering in group chats
01/07/10Notched slider control for a graphical user interface
01/07/10Color modifications of objects in a virtual universe based on user display settings
01/07/10Policy application rules for automated configuration of software components
01/07/10Managing software dependencies during software testing and debugging
01/07/10Method of reducing logging code in a computing system
01/07/10Method, system, and program for automatically changing keyboard layout settings
01/07/10Methods, systems, and computer program products for asynchronous resumption of a dataflow
01/07/10Black-box performance control for high-volume throughput-centric systems
01/07/10Method and system for defining one flow models with varied abstractions for scalable lean implementations
01/07/10Prioritized resource scanning
01/07/10Method for virtual world event notification
01/07/10Administering digital media streams
01/07/10Method of automating and personalizing systems to satisfy securityrequirements in an end-to-end service landscape
01/07/10Method of dynamically updating network security policy rules when new network resources are provisioned in a service landscape
01/07/10Method and system for secure agent-less enterprise infrastructure discovery

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