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International Business Machines Corporation
International Business Machines
International Business Machines Corp
International Business Machines Coporation
International Business Machiness Corporation
International Business Machines Corporations
International Business Machines Corportion
International Business Machines Incorporated
International Business Machines Cororation
International Business Machines Inc
International Business Machines Corporaton
International Business Machines Corporaiton
International Business Machines Corproation
International Business Machines Coproration
International Business Machines Corportation
International Business Machines Corpration
International Business Machines Corpoation
International Business Machines Corporation ibm
International Business Machines Corporatin
International Business Machines Corporaion
International Business Machines Company
International Business Machines Corporation yt
International Business Machines Corpporation
International Business Machines Croporation
International Business Machines corporation

International Business Machines patents

Recent patent applications related to International Business Machines. International Business Machines is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: International Business Machines may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with International Business Machines, we're just tracking patents.

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01/07/16Providing a regional channel in a digital broadcast environment
07/30/15Role-relative social networking
07/09/15Integrated photodetector waveguide structure with alignment tolerance
06/18/15Managing data flows in software-defined network using network interface card
05/21/15Embedded charge trap multi-time-programmable-read-only-memory for high performance logic technology
05/14/15Geospatial based management of configuration profiles
11/06/14Application of text analytics to determine provenance of an object
09/18/14Migration of network connection under mobility
09/18/14Enhanced remote presence
05/29/14Wafer debonding using long-wavelength infrared radiation ablation
09/19/13Coordinating the management of the layout and design of portal pages with the management of its associated web content
07/04/13Detecting, compiling, and updating a new locale object in real time
01/17/13Dynamically extending the speech prompts of a multimodal application
07/05/12Apparatus and handling failed processor of multiprocessor information handling system
09/29/11File index, metadata storage, and file system management for magnetic tape
09/29/11Linear bit counting implementations
08/18/11Hierarchical aggregation system for advanced metering infrastructures
08/04/11Multiple identity management in an electronic commerce site
06/16/11Port tapping for secure access
11/11/10Profiling application performance according to data structure
01/14/10Method for and retrieving username and password in an authentication protocol
12/31/09System, method and computer program product for performing a data protection operation
06/25/09Remotely booting computing nodes in a switching domain
06/25/09Method and system for improving client-servlet communication
03/05/09Write protection of subroutine return addresses
01/14/10Method for and retrieving username and password in an authentication protocol
09/28/17Method and system for forecasting using an online analytical processing database
06/22/17Intelligent persona agents for design
06/22/17Integrated die paddle structures for bottom terminated components
10/29/15Timed and variable duration for multiple device synching
10/08/15Smart pen system to restrict access to security sensititive devices while continuously authenticating the user
09/25/14Method and system for load balancing of large file transfers on a wireless network
04/03/14Efficient selection of queries matching a record using a cache
04/03/14Dynamic output selection using highly optimized data structures
03/06/14Memory operation upon failure of one of two paired memory devices
03/06/14Method and accessing data in a data storage system
02/27/14Node validation in a network
12/26/13Mechanism of supporting sub-communicator collectives with o(64) counters as opposed to one counter for each sub-communicator
11/21/13Borderless contact for an aluminum-containing gate
11/21/13Representing incomplete and uncertain information in graph data
11/21/13Representing incomplete and uncertain information in graph data
11/21/13Power shifting in multicore platforms by varying smt levels
11/21/13Power shifting in multicore platforms by varying smt levels
10/17/13Scalable common infrastructure for information collection from networked devices
10/17/13Scalable common infrastructure for information collection from networked devices
09/19/13Efficient loading of data into memory of a computing system
09/19/13Method, apparatus, and system for a redundant and fault tolerant solid state disk
09/19/13Verifying synchronization coverage in logic code
07/18/13Rule-driven runtime customization of keyword search engines
07/18/13Rule-driven runtime customization of keyword search engines
07/18/13Selective display of past instant messages
06/20/13Method, system and program for constructing a controller
05/30/13Multithreaded data merging for multi-core processing unit
03/21/13Digital test value based data
01/24/13Reduction of light induced degradation by minimizing band offset
01/17/13Personalized tag ranking
01/17/13Policy-driven capacity management in resource provisioning environments
01/10/13Reflexive iris template
01/10/13System and self-optimizing traffic flow using shared vehicle information
01/10/13Synchronization coverage in logic code
01/03/13Method and system for speaker diarization
01/03/13Search tool that utilizes scientific metadata matched against user-entered parameters
01/03/13Concurrent data processing using snapshot technology
01/03/13Using reverse time for coverage analysis
12/27/12Device, method and computer program product for evaluating a debugger script
Patent Packs
12/27/12Vectorization of program code
11/29/12Lifeline-based global load balancing
11/08/12Built-in automated electrostatic discharge monitor for computing units
11/08/12Item randomization with item relational dependencies
11/08/12Requesting computer data assets
11/01/12Searching with topic maps of a model for canonical model based integration
10/18/12System providing resources based on licensing contract with user by correcting the error between estimated execution time from the history of job execution
09/20/12Method to change instant messaging status based on text entered during conversation
08/30/12Identifying potential lock conditions in transactional software applications
08/09/12Method, apparatus and computer program product implementing anonymous biometric matching
08/09/12Autonomic computing system with model transfer
07/26/12Method and system of mobile virtual desktop and virtual trackball therefor
07/19/12Component lock tracing
05/03/12Method and avoiding denial of service in web-service based systems
01/26/12Method to change instant messaging status based on text entered during conversation
Patent Packs
12/29/11Management of multipurpose command queues in a multilevel cache hierarchy
11/17/11Photo sensor array using controlled motion
08/11/11System and handling telephone interruptions
06/30/11Method and regression testing selection for a framework-based application
06/23/11Structure and a silicon controlled rectifier (scr) structure for soi technology
05/19/11Central database server maintaining databases on application servers
05/12/11System, server, method, and computer program for relaying electronic mail
04/07/11Detecting impact of operating system upgrades
03/31/11Single stage power conversion unit with circuit to smooth and holdup dc output voltage
03/31/11Cooling system
03/31/11Business process error handling through process instance backup and recovery
03/17/11Virtual world embedded security watermarking
03/03/11System, method, and management of media objects
02/10/11Reflexive iris template
02/03/11Filtering application sounds
01/20/11Method and system for encapsulation and re-use of models
12/23/10Dynamic dual permissions-based data capturing and logging
10/21/10Method for security and market surveillance of a virtual world asset through interactions with a real world monitoring center
09/30/10Component lock tracing
07/08/10Regulating power consumption
06/10/10System and photorealistic imaging using ambient occlusion
06/10/10System and photorealistic imaging workload distribution
06/10/10Photograph authorization system
06/03/10System and converting between cml signal logic families
04/01/10Xml streaming parsing with dom instances
04/01/10Accessing a shared data structure in parallel by multiple threads
03/25/10Calculating multi-tenancy resource requirements and automated tenant dynamic placement in a multi-tenant shared environment
03/11/10Method, apparatus and computer program for processing a message using a message processing node
03/11/10Identifying optimal multi-scale patterns in time-series streams
02/04/10High performance magnetic tunnel barriers with amorphous materials
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01/21/10Creating and managing reference elements of deployable web archive files
01/14/10Method for improving semiconductor surfaces
12/31/09System and creating an internationalized web application
12/31/09Method and preventing phishing attacks
12/10/09Method, system and computer programing for maintaining bookmarks up-to date
12/03/09Method and apparatus to minimize stress during reflow process
12/03/09Team-based task invitations
11/26/09System, method, and computer readable media for identifying a log file record in a log file
11/12/09Network on chip with partitions
10/29/09Testing a grammar used in speech recognition for reliability in a plurality of operating environments having different background noise
Patent Packs
10/29/09Records disambiguation in a multimodal application operating on a multimodal device
09/10/09Power saving computer system
08/27/09Negative coefficient of thermal expansion particles and forming the same
07/02/09Enabling symptom verification
07/02/09Enterprise resource planning with asynchronous notifications of background processing events
06/25/09Device, system, and collaborative insurance
06/11/09Aligner connecting optical waveguides
06/11/09Entering data into a webpage
06/04/09Identifying potential lock conditions in transactional software applications
05/21/09Storing information with a description logic file system
05/21/09Preventing trivial character combinations
02/19/09Stream processing based intelligent transport systems
01/21/10Creating and managing reference elements of deployable web archive files
01/14/10Method for improving semiconductor surfaces
02/05/09Level shifting circuit with symmetrical topology
05/19/11Monitoring computer system performance
12/31/09Automatically creating contact groups and for suggesting an e-mail sending list
05/21/09Using different groups of query graph transform modules to generate execution plans for queries for different database types
07/04/13Titanium-nitride removal
06/04/09Display of document data
03/30/17Scalable architecture for implementing maximization algorithms with resistive devices
03/30/17Scalable architecture for analog matrix operations with resistive devices
03/30/17Multiple pre-clean processes for interconnect fabrication
12/13/12Database table comparison
04/28/16Intelligent meeting enhancement system
01/14/16Enhancing presentation content delivery associated with a presenation event
02/12/15Predicting immediate build targets
07/24/14Dynamic configuration of virtual appliances
12/12/13Process identifier-based cache data transfer
05/02/13Rule generation for event processing system
Patent Packs
04/18/13Transformation of complex data source result sets to normalized sets for manipulation and presentation
08/16/12Semiconductor structure having varactor with parallel dc path adjacent thereto
04/19/12Shared media experience distribution and playback
03/17/11Semiconductor structure having varactor with parallel dc path adjacent thereto
12/12/13Process identifier-based cache data transfer
05/22/14Method to improve reliability of replacement gate device
05/01/14Method to improve reliability of high-k metal gate stacks
07/05/12Synaptic weight normalized spiking neuronal networks
06/14/12Integrate and fire electronic neurons
03/22/12Desired font rendering
02/16/12Incentivizing content-receivers in social networks
09/01/11System and call flow generation via real-time tracking of guided problem resolution
06/09/11Systems and methods for detecting sentiment-based topics
05/13/10Caller identification using voice recognition
05/27/10System and segmenting items in a shopping cart by carbon footprint
06/11/09Design structure for a high-speed level shifter
02/26/15Node interconnect architecture to implement high-performance supercomputer
08/27/15Enhancing collaboration in real-time group chat system and method
04/14/16Level shifting an i/o signal into multiple voltage domains
03/13/14Considering user needs when presenting context-sensitive information
Social Network Patent Pack
11/14/13Communications security management
11/14/13Communications security management
12/22/11Multi-source electronic forms with concealed fields
12/23/10Updating programmable logic devices
03/18/10Resource reclamation in data storage
05/11/17Quantized congestion notification for computing environments
03/13/14Programmatic load-based management of processor population
11/25/10Cruncher - an mip solver accelerator
08/27/09Method and diagnostic recording using transactional memory
06/04/15Structure and method to reduce crystal defects in epitaxial fin merge using nitride deposition
07/01/10Processing recurring events within personal information management clients
06/22/17Dynamic data compression
06/01/17Method and system for upgrading a set of replicated state machine processes
12/22/16Data quality management using business process modeling
09/10/15High performance cartridge format
08/13/15Semiconductor device including nanowire transistors with hybrid channels
11/06/14Quasi-statically oriented, bi-directional tape recording head
10/23/14Butt-coupled buried waveguide photodetector
05/15/14Biometric-based wireless device association
04/25/13Microfluidic device with interconnects
Social Network Patent Pack
12/20/12Virtual machine load balancing
07/19/12System and capturing an image of a software environment
08/05/10Securing premises using surfaced-based computing technology
06/15/17Spoof detection for facial recognition
03/17/16Logical data shuffling
01/21/16Networked high availability and redundancy among vending devices
12/17/09Structure and method to form e-fuse with enhanced current crowding
02/26/09On-chip frequency response measurement
09/07/17Acceleration of real time computer vision processing on uavs through gps attitude estimation
06/11/15Files having unallocated portions within content addressable storage
08/07/14Buffer layer for high performing and low light degraded solar cells
02/28/13Synchronizing time across a plurality of devices connected to a network
01/17/13Soi cmos structure having programmable floating backplate
07/21/11Through silicon via lithographic alignment and registration
04/30/09Method for correlating periodically aggregated data in distributed systems
02/19/09Method and device for calculating a forward price for using links in a network
02/16/17Early pts with buffer for channel doping control
01/19/17Silicon germanium fin channel formation
06/09/16Network security processing
05/19/16Influence personal benefit from dynamic user modeling matching with natural language statements in reviews
06/25/15Buried local interconnect in finfet structure
06/13/13Multi-ecu simiulation by using 2-layer peripherals with look-ahead time
09/09/10Queue message retrieval by selection criteria
02/11/10Participant alerts during multi-person teleconferences
10/29/09Branch prediction in a computer processor
08/27/09Transferring messages to a directory
07/30/09Magnetic tape security
07/02/09Implementing a serialization construct within an environment of parallel data flow graphs
12/07/17 new patent  Wearable device for monitoring bodily fluids
12/07/17 new patent  Modified polycationic polymers
Social Network Patent Pack
12/07/17 new patent  Solder paste misprint cleaning
12/07/17 new patent  Solder paste misprint cleaning
12/07/17 new patent  Cargo vehicle loading control
12/07/17 new patent  Degradable polyurethanes containing thioaminal groups
12/07/17 new patent  Reduction of surface nucleotide hybridization by optimizing a biosensor sensing surface area
12/07/17 new patent  System and dynamic camouflaging
12/07/17 new patent  Wearable device for tracking real-time ambient health conditions and destination selection based on tracked real-time ambient health conditions
12/07/17 new patent  Route planning based on connectivity of nodes
12/07/17 new patent  Sunscreen effectiveness monitoring
12/07/17 new patent  Biosensor for optical detection of nucleotide sequence
12/07/17 new patent  Diagnostic test device with patterned material spots
12/07/17 new patent  Biosensor for electrical detection of a nucleotide sequence
12/07/17 new patent  Duty cycle measurement
12/07/17 new patent  Partition-able storage of test results using inactive storage elements
12/07/17 new patent  Cloud coverage estimation by dynamic scheduling of a distributed set of cameras
12/07/17 new patent  Polymer with blue light absorbing units chemically bonded to a polymeric backbone of the polymer
12/07/17 new patent  Single-mode polymer waveguide connector
12/07/17 new patent  Optical waveguides in circuit board substrates
12/07/17 new patent  Feed-forward optical equalization using an electro-optic modulator with a multi-segment electrode and distributed drivers
12/07/17 new patent  Controller profile based control of a cargo vehicle
12/07/17 new patent  Mobile audio input device controller
12/07/17 new patent  Cargo-based vehicle control
12/07/17 new patent  Energy efficient hot water distribution
12/07/17 new patent  Dynamic device sensitivity control
12/07/17 new patent  Dynamic device sensitivity control
12/07/17 new patent  Dynamic optimization of raid read operations
12/07/17 new patent  Invoking input/output (i/o) threads on processors to demote tracks from a cache
12/07/17 new patent  Data loss recovery in a secondary storage controller from a primary storage controller
12/07/17 new patent  Sharing alias addresses among logical devices

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