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International Engine Intellectual Property Company Llc
International Engine Intellectual Property Company Llc_20100121
International Engine Intellectual Property Company Llc_20131212

International Engine Intellectual Property Company Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to International Engine Intellectual Property Company Llc. International Engine Intellectual Property Company Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: International Engine Intellectual Property Company Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with International Engine Intellectual Property Company Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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09/07/17Limiting nox emissions using two catalysts
08/17/17Scr after-treatment of engine exhaust gas
08/17/17Scr after-treatment of engine exhaust gas
07/20/17Compressed air intake engine inlet booster
12/08/16Locating pin
12/08/16Locating pin
11/10/16Life of intake air heater
09/22/16Rotary engine
07/28/16Thermal screen for an egr cooler
07/28/16Thermal screen for an egr cooler
06/02/16Conversion of nox in exhaust gas
05/12/16Selective catalytic reduction warmup system
05/12/16Automated assembly of ecu calibrations
05/05/16Harness clip and system for clipping wiring harness
05/05/16Engine braking
05/05/16Upstream nox estimation
05/05/16Electric-electronic actuator
04/28/16Injector waveform
04/21/16Turbocharger control
04/21/16Hydrogen rich egr system and method
04/14/16Engine nox model
03/31/16Controller selection of engine brake activation type
03/24/16Gaseous fluid metering unit
03/24/16Reductant storage
03/24/16Gaseous fluid metering unit
03/17/16Nh3 flow measurement
03/17/16Coolant heating releasing reductant
03/17/16Fuel injector
03/17/16Throttle valve having a pressure relief valve
03/17/16Portable vehicle diagnostic tool
03/10/16Engine exhaust after-treatment system and method
03/10/16Flexible conduit with tapered members
02/11/16Vehicle wire installation devices and methods
02/04/16Ic engine cylinder and piston
12/31/15Temporary rental of engine recalibration
12/17/15Thermal management of engine charge air
11/26/15Control variable geometry exhaust turbine
11/19/15Engine starting control strategy
11/19/15Engine cooling fan control strategy
10/22/15Power modulation for ammonia delivery system
10/22/15Ammonia estimation method
10/15/15Tubular member alignment device
09/24/15Ammonia abatement system for exhaust systems
09/24/15Venturi egr pump
08/20/15Adaptive shift scheduling system
07/23/15Modular coolant core-cylinder head
07/09/15Selective internal distribution of engine motor oil
07/09/15Catalytic hydrogen combustor
06/25/15Modulating bypass valve
06/18/15System and controlling fuel injection droplet size in an engine having an in cylinder pressure
06/11/15Wear plate between canister and electric heating elements
05/28/15Injector control
05/28/15Method for analyzing injector performance
05/28/15Reducing turbocharger ice damage
05/21/15Control strategy for engine-operated compressor
05/21/15Egr cooler header casting
05/14/15Rotational filter assembly with orientation structure
05/07/15Rankine cycle mid-temperature recuperation
04/30/15Carbon scraping ring with abradable coating
04/30/15Diesel engine nox reduction
04/30/15Ammonia flow modulator to prevent moisture build-up
04/23/15Engine braking
04/23/15Centralized actuator control module
04/23/15Variable exhaust mixing device
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04/16/15Positive connection indicator (visual or sound)
04/09/15Engine liquid cooling system
04/09/15Decoupled needle control assembly
04/09/15Injector cavitation detection test
04/09/15Nh3 storage setpoint temperature algorithm
04/09/15Humidity based maf compensation
03/26/15Turbocharger turbine booster
03/26/15Line break indicator (wire in ammonia lines)
03/26/15Swirl-inducing intake valve arrangement
03/19/15Derate strategy for egr cooler protection
03/19/15High pressure eletrohydraulic valve actuator
03/19/15Reductant delivery performance diagnostics system
03/19/15Oil property management internal combustion engine fuel economy and minimum wear rates
03/19/15Natural gas engine aftertreatment system
03/12/15Hybrid drive train control method
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03/12/15Multi-fuel engine with variable valve timing
02/26/15Mixing plate as stabilizer for ammonia gas injector
02/19/15Ammonia dosing cartridge and method
02/19/15Ammonia dosing cartridge and method
02/12/15Apparatus for controlling needle valve leakage
02/12/15Fuel injector needle sleeve
01/22/15Fuel injector nozzle
01/22/15Egr cooler
01/22/15Control of passive soot oxidation
01/22/15Exhaust flow estimation
01/22/15Trapped soot measurement
01/15/15Control valve
01/08/15Modular water pump
01/01/15Injector boss and system and injecting liquid into a gas stream
12/25/14Multi-fuel engine
12/18/14Coordinating variable valve actuation and turbocharger operation in an internal combustion engine
12/18/14Control for engine driven compressor
12/18/14Cross style (4 port) ammonia gas injector
12/11/14Post thermal control device for use with a nox slip catalyst
12/04/14Egr cooler header design
12/04/14Internal combustion engine operating on different reactivity fuels
11/20/14Diesel fuel injector circlip and ferrule ring removing tool
11/13/14Disassembly station
11/13/14System and controlling a transmission
11/13/14Mass airflow sensor calibration evaluation
11/06/14Ammonia gas pressure booster
10/30/14Nox model
10/09/14Ic engine cylinder and piston
08/28/14Cold start startup unit for urea-based systems
08/21/14Trapped soot estimator
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08/14/14Pulse turbine turbocharger and egr system
08/07/14Turbocharger operation to increase brake effectiveness
07/31/14Catalytic burner system for dpf regeneration
07/31/14System and protecting an engine from condensation at intake
07/24/14Waste heat recovery system for controlling egr outlet temperature
07/24/14Controlling cylinder usage during reduced load on an internal combustion propulsion engine
07/17/14Vva control of nox in a low ap area of an engine operating map
03/27/14Methods for controlling engine idle speed
03/27/14Methods for controlling engine idle speed
03/27/14Nox reduction
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03/13/14Strategy for fueling a diesel engine
03/06/14Method of compensating for injector aging
02/27/14System and controlling combustion in an engine having an in-cylinder pressure sensor
01/23/14Main cartridge heating jacket
01/02/14Hydraulic seal with a dynamic clearance for a fuel injector
01/02/14Injector nozzle coking compensation strategy
12/12/13Egr cooler and method
09/05/13Aftertreatment burner air supply system
08/22/13Control valve for controlling compression ratio and combustion rate
08/22/13Catalytic fuel vaporizer and fuel reformer assembly
08/22/13Controlling variable valve actuation system
08/15/13Recharge device and nh3 cartridge
08/08/13Exhaust gas throttle valve
08/08/13Reduction of fouling in after treatment components
08/08/13Dual function breather bypass system
08/01/13Nox control
08/01/13Engine controlling emissions during transient operations
08/01/13Oxygen concentration setpoint modification
08/01/13Turbocharger control
08/01/13Soot accumulation model for setpoint modification
08/01/13Setpoint bank control architecture
07/25/13Mitigation of fuel pressure spikes in a fuel injector having independently controlled pressure intensification and injection
07/25/13Unit fuel injector having check valve body and spring cage forming a reverse flow check cavity
07/18/13System and controlling an amount of condensation in an engine air intake system
07/18/13Method of controlling engine shut down
07/18/13Engine with engine oil viscosity control and controlling the same
07/04/13Diesel particulate fllter having three way catalyst coating
06/27/13Limiting nox emissions
06/27/13Limiting nox emissions
06/27/13System and generating selective catalyst reduction dosing estimate for a diesel engine
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06/20/13Status indicator for amonia cartridge
06/06/13Two-way needle control valve
01/10/13Pre-installation turbocharger bench test
10/04/12Insulated main nh3 cartridge system with separate start-up unit
09/13/12In-flow air injection housing
08/16/12Dual mode fuel injector
07/26/12High pressure fuel pump piston assembly
07/26/12Electric-actuated control valve of a unit fuel injector
07/12/12Engine brake camshaft lobe lubrication method
05/03/12Boundary edge filter of a unit fuel injector
01/26/12Method, system and liquid injection into a gas system
01/19/12Method for heating solid ammonia to release gaseous ammonia in exhaust aftertreatment system
01/05/12Method for injecting ammonia into an exhaust gas stream
12/22/11Direct side pour riser sleeve
12/22/11Battery back up for electronic modules
12/01/11Method for operating an exhaust valve for diesel particulate filter regeneration
12/01/11Quick connect valve with integral backflow valve
11/03/11Diesel fuel injector circlip and ferrule ring removing tool
10/20/11Exhaust throttle valve diesel particulate filter regeneration
10/20/11Method for diesel particulate filter regeneration in a vehicle equipped with a hybrid engine background of the invention
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09/29/11Internal combustion engine having compressor with first and second tributary inlets
09/15/11Disassembly station
09/15/11Method and gaseous mixing in a diesel exhaust system
09/15/11Cone nut inside diameter cleaning
09/01/11Connector position assurance lock
08/25/11Exhaust valve actuation system for diesel particulate filter regeneration
08/25/11Method for automatically determining engine oil change frequency based on fuel injected
08/18/11Device and storage tank restraint on a vehicle
08/18/11System for disabling diesel particulate filter regeneration during electric operation
08/11/11Intake air/egr mixing system configuration
08/11/11Engine with remote oil fill assembly
08/11/11Fuel injector nozzle
07/28/11Alignment clamp
06/23/11Control limiting engine torque based on engine oil pressure and engine oil temperature data
06/09/11System and mitigating potential for formation of urea deposits in an engine exhaust system during cold ambient conditions
06/09/11Egr cooler cleaning system and method
05/26/11Low pressure turbine waste gate for diesel engine having two stage turbocharger
05/26/11Urea scr diesel aftertreatment system
05/26/11Solenoid control for valve actuation in engine brake
05/26/11Crankcase blow-by gas treatment assembly and treating blow-by gas
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05/12/11Exhaust gas recirculation valve with bypass capability and method
05/05/11System and controlling an amount of condensation in an engine air intake system
05/05/11Unintended exothermal reactions monitoring for diesel after-treatment systems
05/05/11Reductant spray injector boss
05/05/11Method of stationary regeneration of an engine exhaust particulate filter
05/05/11Forced convection egr cooling system
05/05/11High-temperature-flow engine brake with valve actuation
05/05/11Three-way throttle valve
05/05/11Emission control system for an engine having a two-stage turbocharger
05/05/11Engine with electronically controlled starting method
04/21/11Telemetry-based regeneration strategy for an engine exhaust after-treatment device
04/14/11Compressed air intake engine inlet booster
04/14/11Flex dual stage egr cooling
04/07/11System and condensate removal from egr system
03/31/11Electrically heated diesel oxidation catalyst
03/31/11Fuel injector clamp
03/03/11Crankcase and main bearing cap construction
03/03/11Method and de-sulfurization on a diesel oxidation catalyst
03/03/11Post injection bucketing strategy to avoid hardware cavitation
03/03/11Partial coating of platinum group metals on filter for increased soot mass limit and reduced costs
03/03/11Breather air - oil seperator
03/03/11Intake manifold oxygen control
03/03/11Expansion tank for vehicle cooling system
02/24/11Apparatus and protecting against fouling of an exhaust gas recirculation valve
02/24/11Mount for exhaust system components
02/17/11Method for urea injection control
02/17/11Valve lift control apparatus
02/17/11Hybrid intake system for superatmospheric charging of an engine intake manifold using lowpressure egr/fresh air blending
02/17/11Engine exhaust system having filter before turbocharger
02/17/11Supercharged boost-assist engine brake
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02/17/11Intake valve closing hydraulic adjuster
02/10/11Engine crankcase firing deck having anti-distortion projections
02/10/11Core wash recirculating tank system
02/10/11Quick-heating of a urea supply conduit for an engine exhaust after-treatment system
02/10/11System using supplemental compressor for egr
02/10/11Bridge and pivot foot arrangement for operating engine cylinder valves
02/10/11Fuel injector nozzle for reduced coking
02/10/11Throttle loss recovery and supercharging system for internal combustion engines
02/10/11Strategy for enabling intake air heater to clean up white smoke during warm engine re-start in cold weather
02/10/11Turbocharger lubrication feed adapter
02/03/11Turbocharger with integrated centrifugal breather
02/03/11Method of monitoring hydrocarbon levels in a diesel particulate filter
02/03/11Exhaust aftertreatment system with heated device
02/03/11Heating exhaust gas for diesel particulate filter regeneration
02/03/11Adaptive egr cooling system
02/03/11Exhaust gas cooler
02/03/11Fitting with audible misassembly indicator
02/03/11Method and reducing blow-by coking
01/13/11Form in place gasket membrane
12/16/10Preventing soot underestimation in diesel particulate filters by determining the restriction sensitivity of soot
10/14/10Flow regulation mechanism for turbocharger compressor
07/29/10Heating systems to prevent freezing of condensation in breather tubes
06/17/10Oil pan
06/17/10Engine intake air compressor and method
06/10/10System and indicating apparent vehicle service brake application without apparent operation of service brack actuator
05/06/10Combustion chamber with double convex surfaces and double concave surfaces
04/08/10Lower valve cover and intake manifold assembly
04/08/10System and liquid injection into a gas stream
03/11/10Model for inferring temperature of exhaust gas at an exhaust manifold using temperature measured at entrance of a diesel oxidation catalyst

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