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International Rectifier Corporation
International Rectifier Corporation el Segundo Ca
International Rectifier Corporation_20100107


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International Rectifier Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to International Rectifier Corporation. International Rectifier Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: International Rectifier Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with International Rectifier Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date International Rectifier Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016015403706/02/16 Circuit connectivity and conveyance of power status information
22016011135504/21/16 Compact single-die power semiconductor package
32016011135604/21/16 Compact multi-die power semiconductor package
42016010466504/14/16 Power converter package with integrated output inductor
52016010468804/14/16 Robust and reliable power semiconductor package
62016010469704/14/16 Compact high-voltage semiconductor package
72016010476604/14/16 Power semiconductor device with source trench and termination trench implants
82016010477304/14/16 Semiconductor structure having integrated snubber resistance and related method
92016010598304/14/16 Insertable power unit with mounting contacts for plugging into a mother board
102016010598404/14/16 Power unit with conductive slats
112016008742203/24/16 Fault and short-circuit protected output driver
122016006515603/03/16 Methods and circuitry to provide common mode transient immunity
132016006518703/03/16 Multi-level pulse generator circuitry
142016003632602/04/16 Power supply control and current emulation
152016002027901/21/16 Edge termination using guard rings between recessed field oxide regions
162016002030801/21/16 Edge termination structure having a termination charge region below a recessed field oxide region
172016002069301/21/16 Power converter utilizing a resonant half-bridge and charge pump circuit
182016001316801/14/16 Semiconductor package with integrated semiconductor devices and passive component
192016001316901/14/16 Passive component integrated with semiconductor device in semiconductor package
202016000581601/07/16 Group iii-v transistor with voltage controlled substrate
212016000582101/07/16 Group iii-v lateral transistor with backside contact
222016000584501/07/16 Group iii-v transistor utilizing a substrate having a dielectrically-filled region
232015038049712/31/15 Group iii-v device with a selectively modified impurity concentration
242015038051812/31/15 Fabrication of iii-nitride power device with reduced gate to drain charge
252015037198212/24/15 Composite group iii-v and group iv transistor having a switched substrate
262015037198612/24/15 Group iii-v hemt having a selectably floating substrate
272015037198712/24/15 Group iii-v hemt having a diode controlled substrate
282015035718212/10/15 Fabrication of iii-nitride power semiconductor device
292015035745812/10/15 Iii-nitride device with improved transconductance
302015034888412/03/15 Power semiconductor package with multi-section conductive carrier
312015034888712/03/15 Method for fabricating a semiconductor package with conductive carrier integrated heat spreader
322015034888812/03/15 Semiconductor package with integrated heat spreader
332015034030411/26/15 Power semiconductor package
342015034048311/26/15 Group iii-v device including a shield plate
352015033298811/19/15 Semiconductor package with multiple dies
362015033316511/19/15 Enhancement mode iii-nitride transistor
372015032556611/12/15 Composite device with integrated diode
382015032568511/12/15 Power semiconductor device with low rdson and high breakdown voltage
392015031114510/29/15 Semiconductor package with switch node integrated heat spreader
402015029505410/15/15 Transistor with elevated drain termination
412015028779210/08/15 Iii-nitride based semiconductor structure
422015027982110/01/15 Power semiconductor package with a common conductive clip
432015027994610/01/15 Power semiconductor device with embedded field electrodes
442015027020209/24/15 Semiconductor package with integrated die paddles for power stage
452015027024909/24/15 Semiconductor package with via-coupled power transistors
462015026296009/17/15 Power semiconductor package with conductive clips
472015025537609/10/15 Power semiconductor package
482015025538209/10/15 Semiconductor package with conductive clip
492015025538409/10/15 Electrical connectivity of die to a host substrate
502015023593208/20/15 Compact power quad flat no-lead (pqfn) package
512015022861008/13/15 Semiconductor package including a power stage and integrated output inductor
522015022158808/06/15 Surface mountable power components
532015020743207/23/15 System on chip with power switches
542015020749507/23/15 Power converter with split voltage supply
552015019436907/09/15 Semiconductor package with conductive clips
562015018788007/02/15 Semiconductor structure with compositionally-graded transition layer
572015017117206/18/15 High performance iii-nitride power device
582015016226106/11/15 Power semiconductor package with integrated heat spreader and partially etched conductive carrier
592015016229706/11/15 Power converter package with an integrated output inductor
602015016230306/11/15 Array based fabrication of power semiconductor package with integrated heat spreader
612015016232106/11/15 Composite power device with esd protection clamp
622015016283206/11/15 Group iii-v voltage converter with monolithically integrated level shifter, high side driver, and high side power switch
632015015527506/04/15 Enhancement mode iii-nitride switch
642015015535806/04/15 Group iii-v transistor with semiconductor field plate
652015013714105/21/15 Gallium nitride devices
662015013003605/14/15 Semiconductor package with low profile switch node integrated heat spreader
672015013293305/14/15 Iii-nitride semiconductor device fabrication
682015012363005/07/15 Voltage converter with vcc-less rdson current sensing circuit
692015011532704/30/15 Group iii-v device including a buffer termination body
702015011591104/30/15 Adaptive off time control scheme for semi-resonant and hybrid converters
712015010849504/23/15 Gallium nitride devices with discontinuously graded transition layer
722015009719604/09/15 Integrated device including silicon and iii-nitride semiconductor devices
732015007707403/19/15 Circuit and producing an average output inductor current indicator
742015005456402/26/15 Level shifter utilizing a capacitive isolation barrier
752015003512002/05/15 Wafer scale package for high power devices
762015003796502/05/15 Fabrication of iii-nitride semiconductor device and related structures
772015002161901/22/15 Iii-nitride semiconductor device with reduced electric field between gate and drain
782015001469801/15/15 Integrated iii-nitride d-mode hfet with cascoded pair half bridge
792015001470101/15/15 Iii-nitride semiconductor device with reduced electric field
802015001470301/15/15 Iii-nitride device with solderable front metal
812015001474001/15/15 Monolithic composite iii-nitride transistor with high voltage group iv enable switch
822015000844501/08/15 Iii-nitride device and fet in a package
832015000857201/08/15 Power semiconductor package with multiple dies
842015000159901/01/15 Power semiconductor package with non-contiguous, multi-section conductive carrier
852015000172201/01/15 Semiconductor device with reduced contact resistance
862014037482512/25/14 Power semiconductor device with contiguous gate trenches and offset source trenches
872014037524212/25/14 Depletion mode group iii-v transistor with high voltage group iv enable switch
882014036774412/18/14 Monolithic integrated composite group iii-v and group iv semiconductor device and ic
892014035368012/04/14 Gallium nitride semiconductor structures with compositionally-graded transition layer
902014035372312/04/14 High voltage durability iii-nitride device
912014033965111/20/14 Semiconductor device with a field plate double trench having a thick bottom dielectric
922014033966911/20/14 Semiconductor device with a field plate trench having a thick bottom dielectric
932014033967011/20/14 Semiconductor device with a thick bottom field plate trench having a single dielectric and angled sidewalls
942014033968611/20/14 Group iii-v device with a selectively modified impurity concentration
952014033287911/13/14 Power semiconductor device with reduced on-resistance and increased breakdown voltage
962014031966510/30/14 Power semiconductor package
972014026437309/18/14 Iii-nitride heterojunction device
982014025237509/11/14 Delamination and crack prevention in iii-nitride wafers
992014025321709/11/14 Rf switch gate control
1002014023934908/28/14 Drain pad having a reduced termination electric field
1012014022440908/14/14 Sintering utilizing non-mechanical pressure
1022014022516208/14/14 Integrated half-bridge circuit with low side and high side composite switches
1032014022516308/14/14 Inverter circuit including short circuit protected composite switch
1042014021009207/31/14 Refractory metal nitride capped contact
1052014021051907/31/14 Combined sense signal generation and detection
1062014021076807/31/14 Single layer touch sensor
1072014021304607/31/14 Fabrication of iii-nitride layers
1082014020329407/24/14 Gallium nitride devices
1092014020329507/24/14 Integrated power device with iii-nitride half bridges
1102014020341907/24/14 Half-bridge package with a conductive clip
1112014019746107/17/14 Semiconductor structure including a spatially confined dielectric region
1122014019746207/17/14 Iii-nitride transistor with high resistivity substrate
1132014019133707/10/14 Stacked half-bridge package
1142014019244107/10/14 Dc/dc converter with iii-nitride switches
1152014017563006/26/14 Semiconductor package with multiple conductive clips
1162014016711206/19/14 Cascode circuit integration of group iii-n and group iv devices
1172014016715206/19/14 Reduced gate charge trench field-effect transistor
1182014016715306/19/14 Trench fet having merged gate dielectric
1192014016905206/19/14 Iii-nitride power conversion circuit
1202014015911606/12/14 Iii-nitride device having an enhanced field plate
1212014014799805/29/14 Ion implantation at high temperature surface equilibrium conditions
1222014013165905/15/14 Gallium nitride devices with aluminum nitride intermediate layer
1232014013170905/15/14 Semiconductor package with temperature sensor
1242014013176705/15/14 Dual compartment semiconductor package
1252014012489005/08/14 Semiconductor package having multi-phase power inverter with internal temperature sensor
1262014012625605/08/14 Semiconductor package having an over-temperature protection circuit utilizing multiple temperature threshold values
1272014012786105/08/14 Semiconductor packages utilizing leadframe panels with grooves in connecting bars
1282014011751705/01/14 Power quad flat no-lead (pqfn) package having control and driver circuits
1292014011751805/01/14 Control and driver circuits on a power quad flat no-lead (pqfn) leadframe
1302014011803205/01/14 Buck converter power package
1312014011077604/24/14 Semiconductor package including conductive carrier coupled power switches
1322014011078804/24/14 Power converter package including top-drain configured power fet
1332014011079604/24/14 Semiconductor package with conductive carrier integrated heat spreader
1342014011086304/24/14 Power converter package including vertically stacked driver ic
1352014010339304/17/14 Surface mountable power components
1362014010351404/17/14 Power quad flat no-lead (pqfn) package having bootstrap diodes on a common integrated circuit (ic)
1372014010654804/17/14 Fabrication of iii-nitride semiconductor device and related structures
1382014009744604/10/14 Gallium nitride devices with gallium nitride alloy intermediate layer
1392014009747104/10/14 Active area shaping of iii-nitride devices utilizing a field plate defined by a dielectric body
1402014009749804/10/14 Open source power quad flat no-lead (pqfn) leadframe
1412014009753104/10/14 Power quad flat no-lead (pqfn) package in a single shunt inverter circuit
1422014009144904/03/14 Power quad flat no-lead (pqfn) semiconductor package with leadframe islands for multi-phase power inverter
1432014008443103/27/14 Semiconductor package with heat spreader
1442014007722203/20/14 Gallium nitride devices with aluminum nitride alloy intermediate layer
1452014007027803/13/14 Active area shaping of iii-nitride devices utilizing multiple dielectric materials
1462014007027903/13/14 Active area shaping of iii-nitride devices utilizing a source-side field plate and a wider drain-side field plate
1472014007028003/13/14 Active area shaping of iii-nitride devices utilizing steps of source-side and drain-side field plates
1482014007062703/13/14 Integrated group iii-v power stage
1492014007078603/13/14 Power converter including integrated driver providing overcurrent protection
1502014006188503/06/14 Power quad flat no-lead (pqfn) package
1512014005460702/27/14 Group iii-v device with strain-relieving layers
1522014005510902/27/14 Power converter including integrated driver for depletion mode group iii-v transistor
1532014004892302/20/14 Semiconductor package for high power devices
1542014003495902/06/14 Iii-nitride semiconductor device with stepped gate
1552014003500502/06/14 Monolithic integrated group iii-v and group iv device
1562014003839102/06/14 Iii-nitride wafer fabrication
1572014002836901/30/14 Level shifter utilizing bidirectional signaling through a capacitive isolation barrier
1582014003085401/30/14 High voltage cascoded iii-nitride rectifier package
1592014003085801/30/14 Enhancement mode iii-nitride device
1602014000866301/09/14 Integrated composite group iii-v and group iv semiconductor device
1612014000161401/02/14 Thermally enhanced semiconductor package
1622013033457412/19/13 Monolithic integrated composite group iii-v and group iv device
1632013033761112/19/13 Thermally enhanced semiconductor package with conductive clip
1642013033762612/19/13 Monolithic group iii-v and group iv device
1652013031652711/28/13 Multi-chip-scale package
1662013029987711/14/13 Integrated iii-nitride and silicon device
1672013027736210/24/13 Power converter with over-voltage protection
1682013027771110/24/13 Oscillation free fast-recovery diode
1692013027818110/24/13 Reverse rotation of a motor configured for operation in a forward direction
1702013027120110/17/13 System on chip for power inverter
1712013026457910/10/13 Iii-nitride heterojunction device
1722013026463610/10/13 Trench fet with ruggedness enhancement regions
1732013026496810/10/13 Power converter having an advanced control ic
1742013025674410/03/13 Igbt with buried emitter electrode
1752013025674510/03/13 Deep gate trench igbt
1762013025680710/03/13 Integrated dual power converter package having internal driver ic
1772013025685910/03/13 Dual power converter package using external driver ic
1782013025689410/03/13 Porous metallic film as die attach and interconnect
1792013025690510/03/13 Monolithic power converter package with through substrate vias
1802013024888409/26/13 Iii-nitride power device
1812013024907209/26/13 Direct contact package for power transistors
1822013024950809/26/13 Voltage regulator having an emulated ripple generator
1832013024089809/19/13 Group iii-v and group iv composite switch
1842013024091109/19/13 Iii-nitride multi-channel heterojunction device
1852013023420809/12/13 Composite semiconductor device with active oscillation prevention
1862013022879409/05/13 Stacked half-bridge package with a common leadframe
1872013022912609/05/13 Electronic ballast with power factor correction
1882013021428308/22/13 Power transistor having segmented gate
1892013021433008/22/13 Transistor having increased breakdown voltage
1902013020712008/15/13 Power device with solderable front metal
1912013019649008/01/13 Method and growing a iii-nitride layer
1922013018247007/18/13 Power module package having a multi-phase inverter and power factor correction
1932013017554207/11/13 Group iii-v and group iv composite diode
1942013017569007/11/13 Power semiconductor device with reduced contact resistance
1952013016180306/27/13 Semiconductor package with conductive heat spreader
1962013014701606/13/13 Semiconductor package having internal shunt and solder stop dimples
1972013014060206/06/13 Power semiconductor package with conductive clip
1982013014068406/06/13 Semiconductor device assembly utilizing a dbc substrate
1992013014070106/06/13 Solderable contact and passivation for semiconductor dies
2002013014339906/06/13 Method for forming a reliable solderable contact
2012013013443705/30/13 Method for forming gallium nitride devices with conductive regions
2022013013452405/30/13 Multi-transistor exposed conductive clip for semiconductor packages
2032013012689505/23/13 Gallium nitride devices with vias
2042013011299005/09/13 Gallium nitride devices with compositionally-graded transition layer
2052013011574605/09/13 Method for fabricating a vertical ldmos device
2062013010581405/02/13 Active area shaping for iii-nitride devices
2072013010595805/02/13 Compact wirebonded power quad flat no-lead (pqfn) package
2082013009957904/25/13 System and providing active power balancing
2092013009335604/18/13 Flyback driver for use in a flyback power converter and related method
2102013007631103/28/13 System for actively managing energy banks during energy transfer and related method
2112013006920803/21/13 Group iii-v device structure having a selectively reduced impurity concentration
2122013004907902/28/13 Small-outline package for a power transistor
2132013004981602/28/13 Power saving resonant gate driver and related method
2142013002682201/31/13 Energy storage system and related method
2152013001549501/17/13 Stacked half-bridge power module
2162013001549901/17/13 Composite semiconductor device with a soi substrate having an integrated diode
2172013001550101/17/13 Nested composite diode
2182013001590501/17/13 Nested composite switch
2192013000164801/03/13 Gated algan/gan schottky device
2202012031310612/13/12 Enhancement mode group iii-v high electron mobility transistor (hemt) and fabrication
2212012031437212/13/12 Power semiconductor package with double-sided cooling
2222012030607212/06/12 Semiconductor wafer with reduced thickness variation and fabricating same
2232012029275211/22/12 Thermally enhanced semiconductor package with exposed parallel conductive clip
2242012029275311/22/12 Multi-transistor exposed conductive clip for high power semiconductor packages
2252012029275411/22/12 Common drain exposed conductive clip for high power semiconductor packages
2262012029314711/22/12 Monolithic group iii-v power converter
2272012028024511/08/12 High voltage cascoded iii-nitride rectifier package with stamped leadframe
2282012028024611/08/12 High voltage cascoded iii-nitride rectifier package with etched leadframe
2292012028024711/08/12 High voltage cascoded iii-nitride rectifier package utilizing clips on package support surface
2302012027436611/01/12 Integrated power stage
2312012027512111/01/12 Power module with press-fit clamps
2322012026210010/18/12 Bondwireless power module with three-dimensional current routing
2332012025618810/11/12 Stacked composite device including a group iii-v transistor and a group iv lateral transistor
2342012025618910/11/12 Stacked composite device including a group iii-v transistor and a group iv vertical transistor
2352012025619010/11/12 Stacked composite device including a group iii-v transistor and a group iv diode
2362012024856410/04/12 Dual compartment semiconductor package with temperature sensor
2372012024175609/27/12 High voltage composite semiconductor device with protection for a low voltage device
2382012024181909/27/12 Composite semiconductor device with turn-on prevention control
2392012024182009/27/12 Iii-nitride transistor with passive oscillation prevention
2402012023520909/20/12 High voltage rectifier and switching circuits
2412012022917609/13/12 Integrated semiconductor device
2422012022332109/06/12 Iii-nitride transistor stacked with fet in a package
2432012022332209/06/12 Iii-nitride transistor stacked with diode in a package
2442012022332709/06/12 Programmable gate iii-nitride semiconductor device
2452012022336509/06/12 Iii-nitride semiconductor structures with strain absorbing interlayer transition modules
2462012022341509/06/12 Igbt power semiconductor package having a conductive clip
2472012021182508/23/12 Trench mosfet and fabricating same
2482012020027508/09/12 Integrated high-voltage power supply start-up circuit
2492012020054708/09/12 Gate driver with multiple slopes for plasma display panels

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