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Johnson Controls Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Johnson Controls Inc., listed under Johnson Controls Inc. as Agent/Assignee. Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Johnson Controls Inc.. Updates: Johnson Controls Inc. RSS RSS

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Application # Date Johnson Controls Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20150113175 04/23/15 System and method of synchronizing an in-vehicle control system with a remote source
20150111680 04/23/15 Method and device for controlling and/or regulating the electromechanical actuator of a planetary gear assembly
20150108933 04/23/15 Systems and method for speed and torque control of a dc motor
20150104715 04/16/15 Electrode plate of an electrochemical battery and electrochemical battery comprising such electrode plate
20150102755 04/16/15 Device and method for operating an electromechanical adjustment device
20150096714 04/09/15 Systems and methods for air conditioning a building using an energy recovery wheel
20150092278 04/02/15 Display device
20150076884 03/19/15 Locking device for a headrest
20150072177 03/12/15 Battery module lid assembly system and method of making the same
20150072176 03/12/15 System and method for establishing connections of a battery module
20150072175 03/12/15 System and method for venting pressurized gas from a battery module
20150072174 03/12/15 Layered battery module system and method of assembly
20150070021 03/12/15 Battery module printed circuit board assembly system and method
20150069829 03/12/15 Systems, methods, and devices for pre-charge control of a battery module
20150069810 03/12/15 Pressure-distributing foam and vehicle seat assembly having pressure-distributing foam
20150069807 03/12/15 Device for electrically driving a longitudinal adjustment mechanism for a vehicle seat
20150072187 03/12/15 Bladed fuse connectors for use in a vehicle battery module
20150072188 03/12/15 Systems, methods, and devices for constant current relay control of a battery module
20150072824 03/12/15 Deceleration device for a directly electromechanically actuated planetary gear assembly in a seat adjustment mechanism and method for operating a deceleration device
20150072209 03/12/15 Bus bar link for battery cell interconnections in a battery module
20150072207 03/12/15 Battery terminal post system and method of manufacture
20150072208 03/12/15 Battery cell interconnect with stress distribution over a geometric form
20150072206 03/12/15 Battery module housing and method of making the same
20150072196 03/12/15 High current interconnect system and method for use in a battery module
20150072195 03/12/15 System for providing voltage measurements of battery cells to a pcb within a battery module
20150072193 03/12/15 Battery module lid system and method
20150054337 02/26/15 Dc-dc converter for vehicle
20150054325 02/26/15 Inclination-adjustable head restraint
20150054320 02/26/15 Locking unit for a vehicle seat
20150047384 02/19/15 Heat pump system with a flow directing system
20150048601 02/19/15 Tear preventer on a side air cushion outlet seam of a vehicle seat covering and vehicle seat covering with a tear preventer
20150050527 02/19/15 Dual storage system and method with lithium ion and lead acid battery cells
20150050548 02/19/15 Recycling of products
20150045962 02/12/15 Systems and methods for controlling energy use during a demand limiting period
20150045168 02/12/15 Planetary gear arrangement for a seat adjustment mechanism and method for operating such a planetary gear arrangement
20150042142 02/12/15 Device for fixing a headrest to a vehicle seat and vehicle seat having a headrest
20150037640 02/05/15 System and method for roller interconnection of battery cells
20150037634 02/05/15 Printed circuit board interconnect for cells in a battery system
20150037626 02/05/15 Pouch frame with integral circuitry for battery module
20150037616 02/05/15 Lithium ion battery with lead acid form factor
20150035370 02/05/15 Dc-dc convertor for batteries having multiple positive terminals
20150037641 02/05/15 System and method for clamping interconnection of battery cells
20150037642 02/05/15 System and method for crimping interconnection of battery cells
20150037646 02/05/15 Battery cell with integrated heat fin
20150037647 02/05/15 Battery module with cooling features
20150037648 02/05/15 Battery module with phase change material
20150037649 02/05/15 Remanufacturing methods for battery module
20150037662 02/05/15 System and method for sealing a battery cell
20150017502 01/15/15 Assembly with a first and a second component and method for producing such an assembly
20140375423 12/25/14 Portable authentication means and vehicle security system for a motor vehicle
20140377498 12/25/14 Method for producing a component and component
20140361137 12/11/14 Adjusting device for a seat
20140354705 12/04/14 Display device, in particular for a motor vehicle
20140349599 11/27/14 System and method for searching stored audio data based on a search pattern
20140348615 11/27/14 Fastening element and method for mounting same
20140339863 11/20/14 Device for selectively controlling and reducing the backward displacement of a vehicle seat in the event of an accident
20140340599 11/20/14 Method for integrating a liquid crystal screen into a carrier and liquid crystal screen arrangement
20140340612 11/20/14 Device for positioning and securing a display element and display device
20140333097 11/13/14 Vehicle panel
20140331478 11/13/14 Method for joining workpiece layers and connecting element and joining device
20140329427 11/06/14 Infrared welding process for bonding portions of a vehicle interior assembly
20140328614 11/06/14 Hybrid component and method for producing a hybrid component
20140328011 11/06/14 System for spreading a spectrum linked to the usage of a switching regulator used in a receiver or display of a dashboard of an automobile
20140327823 11/06/14 Display system
20140318162 10/30/14 System and method for reducing noise within a refrigeration system
20140319895 10/30/14 Device and method for adjusting a seat position
20140309911 10/16/14 Lead acid state of charge estimation for auto-stop applications
20140309341 10/16/14 Injection-molded part, compound and production method
20140307179 10/16/14 Interactive display unit
20140305199 10/16/14 System for monitoring tire pressures of a plurality of wheels of a motor vehicle and pressure monitoring method
20140292056 10/02/14 Head restraint for a vehicle seat and method for producing said head restraint
20140284953 09/25/14 Interior fitting part having plant-based natural products
20140284985 09/25/14 Height- and/or inclination-adjustable head restraint for a vehicle seat
20140286029 09/25/14 Lighting device for a vehicle interior
20140287195 09/25/14 Production method and tool for producing an equipment part, and equipment part for a vehicle
20140260376 09/18/14 Subcooling system with thermal storage
20140260391 09/18/14 Refrigeration system with free-cooling
20140260414 09/18/14 Infinitely variable vi in screw compressors using proportional valve control
20140262005 09/18/14 Method and apparatus for partially laminating a component, in particular a motor vehicle component
20140269227 09/18/14 Timepiece device and method of operation thereof
20140271232 09/18/14 System and method for controlling compressor motor voltage
20140277773 09/18/14 Systems and methods for damper performance diagnostics
20140278165 09/18/14 Systems and methods for analyzing energy consumption model data
20140282458 09/18/14 Systems and methods for provisioning equipment
20140252839 09/11/14 Connection element of the headrest poles on a seat structure
20140252839 09/11/14 Connection element of the headrest poles on a seat structure
20140253405 09/11/14 Antenna of inverted f antenna type integrated into a printed card, and system
20140253405 09/11/14 Antenna of inverted f antenna type integrated into a printed card, and system
20140257528 09/11/14 Systems and methods for adaptive sampling rate adjustment
20140257528 09/11/14 Systems and methods for adaptive sampling rate adjustment
20140249680 09/04/14 Systems and methods for controlling energy use in a building management system using energy budgets
20140245071 08/28/14 Automated fault detection and diagnostics in a building management system
20140234687 08/21/14 Battery module having a cell tray with thermal management features
20140234676 08/21/14 Electrochemical cell having a fixed cell element
20140232164 08/21/14 Tailor welded seat and components
20140232160 08/21/14 Head restraint having an anti-turn mechanism
20140232158 08/21/14 Seat back frame for vehicle and method for manufacturing same
20140224353 08/14/14 Valve mounting adaptor
20140225413 08/14/14 Height-adjustable head restraint for a vehicle seat and vehicle seat with a height-adjustable head restraint
20140225428 08/14/14 Vehicle battery monitoring system
20140225620 08/14/14 Battery monitoring system with on demand diagnostic activation
20140225811 08/14/14 Head-up display for a vehicle
20140226289 08/14/14 Vehicle interior panel with integral wire harness
20140229129 08/14/14 Battery monitoring network
20140222394 08/07/14 Systems and methods for evaluating a fault condition in a building
20140214214 07/31/14 Systems and methods for rapid disturbance detection and response
20140212630 07/31/14 Stamping method and components produced thereby
20140202572 07/24/14 Air-flow channel for a ventilation device of a motor vehicle, and a method for producing same
20140203612 07/24/14 Adjustment means for a vehicle seat
20140207290 07/24/14 Devices, systems, and methods for communicating with rooftop air handling units and other hvac components
20140207318 07/24/14 Energy storage control system and method
20140207759 07/24/14 Query engine for building management systems
20140196490 07/17/14 System and method for controlling a variable speed drive of a compressor motor
20140196829 07/17/14 Joining process for the cohesive connection, in sections, of at least two components
20140197671 07/17/14 Head restraint which is movable in the x direction
20140199569 07/17/14 Predicted sensor information for a battery
20140200755 07/17/14 System and method for controlling voltage on a power network
20140200756 07/17/14 System and method for optimizing the storing of vehicular energy
20140200763 07/17/14 Vehicle accessory load controller and method
20140195096 07/10/14 Apparatus and method for contactlessly detecting objects and/or persons and gestures and/or operating procedures made and/or carried out thereby
20140195251 07/10/14 System and method for customized prompting
20140186723 07/03/14 Systems and methods for wide temperature operation for lithium-ion battery cells
20140186694 07/03/14 Cathode formed using aqueous slurry
20140186693 07/03/14 Polymerized lithium ion battery cells and modules with permeability management features
20140186687 07/03/14 Polymerized lithium ion battery cells and modules with thermal management features
20140186683 07/03/14 Welding techniques for polymerized lithium ion battery cells and modules
20140186669 07/03/14 Polymerized lithium ion battery cells and modules with overmolded heat sinks
20140184393 07/03/14 Wireless control system and method
20140183939 07/03/14 Dual function battery system and method
20140176397 06/26/14 Display device for a vehicle, and a method for operating such a display device
20140168570 06/19/14 Display device and method of manufacture
20140167968 06/19/14 Method and apparatus for monitoring and control alertness of a driver
20140167435 06/19/14 Movable interior trim component having a retaining feature
20140164579 06/12/14 Systems and methods for providing network-based content to an in-vehicle telematics system
20140162097 06/12/14 Current collector for an electromechanical cell
20140159438 06/12/14 Vehicle seat comprising a head restraint
20140156097 06/05/14 Smart building manager
20140154455 06/05/14 Component for a vehicle
20140152178 06/05/14 Lighting devices
20140145053 05/29/14 Adjusting device, in particular for a vehicle seat
20140142905 05/22/14 Systems and methods for building energy use benchmarking
20140142904 05/22/14 Systems and methods for generating an energy use model for a building
20140142760 05/22/14 Systems and methods for statistical control and fault detection in a building management system
20140141317 05/22/14 Cell terminal seal system and method
20140136005 05/15/14 Systems and methods for measuring and verifying energy savings in buildings
20140132054 05/15/14 Method for producing a cushion element and method and tool for the production thereto
20140131983 05/15/14 Airbag deployment system for a fabric wrapped vehicle interior panel
20140124057 05/08/14 Methods and systems for determining flow direction using a bidirectional pressure sensor
20140124984 05/08/14 Method and device for producing multi-color molded skins
20140127587 05/08/14 Battery and battery plate assembly
20140129044 05/08/14 Systems and methods for sensing dew point in a building space

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