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Japan Science And Technology Agency patents

Recent patent applications related to Japan Science And Technology Agency. Japan Science And Technology Agency is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Japan Science And Technology Agency may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Japan Science And Technology Agency, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Japan Science And Technology Agency patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/14/17 new patent  Composite, producing composite, ammonia synthesis catalyst, and ammonia synthesis method
11/09/17Method of amplifying circular dna
11/09/17Flow pattern regular expression creating method, regular expression creating apparatus, and computer-executable program
11/02/17Semiconductor device having germanium layer as channel region and manufacturing the same
11/02/17Positive electrode for all-solid secondary battery, manufacturing same, and all-solid secondary battery
10/26/17Bubble jetting chip, local ablation device and local ablation method, and injection device and injection method
10/12/17Anti-influenza virus agent and screening anti-influenza virus agent
10/12/17Gas-bubble spray member, gas-liquid spray member, local ablation device, and local injection device
10/05/17Organic polymer thin membrane, and producing same
10/05/17Method for non-enzymatic combination of nucleic acid chains
09/28/17Triptycene derivative useful as material for forming self-assembled film, manufacturing said triptycene derivative, film using same, manufacturing said film, and electronic device using said method
09/21/17Electric power generation method using electrode catalyst for fuel cell
08/31/17Proton conductor and fuel cell
08/17/17Predicted value shaping system, control system, predicted value shaping method, control method, and predicted value shaping program
08/10/17Method for detecting target molecule and kit for use in said method
08/10/17Memory circuit
08/03/17Nitrate reduction method, nitrate reduction catalyst, nitrate reduction electrode, fuel cell, and water treatment apparatus
08/03/17Algae and producing same, and producing biomass using said algae
08/03/17Diffraction data analysis method, computer program, and recording medium
08/03/17All-solid-state secondary cell
07/27/17Oil/fat-producing yeast and oil/fat production method
07/27/17Thermostabilized mutant-predicting membrane protein, a thermostabilized mutant-predicting method, and computer program product
07/13/17Benzothiazole compound and medicine containing same
07/13/17Inverse photoelectron spectroscopy device
06/29/17Thin film of metal oxide, organic electroluminescent device including thin film, photovoltaic cell including thin film, and manufacturing thin film
06/29/17Light-emitting device, display apparatus and lighting apparatus
06/22/17Resin composition for temperature sensor, element for temperature sensor, temperature sensor, and producing element for temperature sensor
06/22/17Substance sealing method and target molecule detecting method
06/15/17Sheet for pressure sensor, pressure sensor, and producing sheet for pressure sensor
06/15/17Image registration device, image registration method, and image registration program
06/15/17Stretchable conductor, manufacturing same, and paste for forming stretchable conductor
06/01/17Calcium reporter gene
06/01/17Polymer brush
06/01/17Magnetic tunnel junction device
05/11/17Thin film transistor and manufacturing thin film transistor
05/04/17Amorphous oxide and field effect transistor
04/27/17Kit for sealing beads and detecting target molecule
04/06/17Method for producing conductive mayenite compound power
03/30/17Ammonia synthesis catalyst and ammonia synthesis method
03/16/17Mayenite-type compound containing imide anion, and producing same
03/16/17Method for producing perovskite metal oxynitride
03/16/17Thermal emission source and two-dimensional photonic crystal for use in the same emission source
03/09/17Security mark, authentication method therefor, authentication device and manufacturing method as well as security mark ink and manufacturing method therefor
03/09/17A producing an adult-type oligodendrocyte
02/16/17Combined-blade-type open flow path device and joined body thereof
01/26/17Solid catalyst for hydride isomerization reaction in an aqueous medium
01/26/17Method for producing aniline derivative by fermentation from carbon source
01/12/17Peptide/beta-1,3-glucan complex and production method thereof and pharmaceutical composition containing peptide/beta-1,3-glucan complex
01/12/17Block copolymer comprising catechol ,segment and inorganic nanoparticles coated by said block copolymer, as well as producing block copolymer comprising catechol, segment and producing inorganic nanoparticles coated by said block copolymer
01/05/17Bipyridyl compound
01/05/17Cell-seeding and -culturing device
01/05/17Transistor using piezoresistor as channel, and electronic circuit
12/22/16Non-reciprocal transmission apparatus with different backward and forward propagation constants, provided for circularly polarized wave antenna apparatus
12/22/16Optical network
12/15/16Supported metal catalyst and synthesizing ammonia using the same
12/15/164-amino cinnamic acid production method using enzyme
11/24/16Anticancer agent
11/24/16Structure for animal cell, separating animal cell, and adjusting elasticity of surface of structure for animal cell
11/24/16Protective agent for electron microscopic observation of biological sample in water-containing state, kit for electron microscopic observation, methods for observation, diagnosis, evaluation, and quantification by electron microscope, and sample stage
11/17/16Diamond crystal, diamond devices, magnetic sensor, magnetic sensor system, and manufacturing sensor array
11/10/16Method of suppressing formation of photocrosslink, and photoreactive nucleic acid in which auto-crosslink formation is suppressed
10/27/16Motion learning support device and supporting motion learning
10/13/16Amide compound and pharmaceutical comprising same
10/13/16Method for fabricating nanogap electrodes, nanogap electrodes array, and nanodevice with the same
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09/29/16Group iii-v compound semiconductor nanowire, field effect transistor, and switching element
09/29/16Dielectric layer and manufacturing dielectric layer, and solid-state electronic device and manufacturing solid-state electronic device
09/29/16Thin film of metal oxide, organic electroluminescent device including the thin film, photovoltaic cell including the thin film and organic photovoltaic cell including the thin film
09/22/16Substrate for controlling movement direction of animal cells, and cell identification method and cell separation method using the same
09/22/16Semiconductor-substrate manufacturing method and semiconductor-device manufacturing method in which germanium layer is heat-treated
09/15/16Spin control mechanism and spin device
09/08/16Fluid transition route acquisition apparatus, fluid transition route acquisition method, and program
09/08/16Two-dimensional photonic crystal surface-emitting laser
08/25/16Two-dimensional photonic crystal surface-emitting laser
08/18/16Solution for forming layer that contains solid electrolyte for all-solid-state alkali metal secondary batteries, coated active material particles, electrode, all-solid-state alkali metal secondary battery and manufacturing same
08/04/16Method for detecting target molecule
08/04/16Ingaaln-based semiconductor device
07/28/16Semiconductor structure in which film including germanium oxide is provided on germanium layer, and manufacturing semiconductor structure
07/21/16Foam-jetting member for protein crystal device and protein crystal-adsorbing foam-jetting member, protein crystal device and crystallizing protein, and protein crystal cutting device and cutting protein crystal
07/21/16Planar patch clamp device and planar patch clamp system
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07/21/16Wire grid device
07/21/16Reconfigurable delay circuit, delay monitor circuit using said delay circuit, variation compensation circuit, variation measurement method, and variation compensation method
07/14/16Tunnel field-effect transistor, manufacturing same, and switch element
07/07/16Novel composite material, and polymer coating material precursor produced using same
07/07/16Electrode pair, fabricating the same, substrate for device, and device
06/30/16Nucleic acid-encapsulating polymer micelle complex and producing same
06/16/16Ion sensor
06/02/16Biocompatible electrode structure and manufacturing the same, and device and manufacturing the same
05/26/16Optical cross-connect device
05/19/16Oxidized a beta peptide
05/19/16Oxidized a beta peptide
05/19/16Optical cross-connect
04/21/16Nanocluster production device
04/14/16Multi-point probe, electronic contact sheet for configuring the same, multi-point probe array, and manufacturing the same
03/17/16Technique for the growth and fabrication of semipolar (ga,al,in,b)n thin films, heterostructures, and devices
03/03/16Photonic crystal and optical functional device including the same
02/25/16Substance-containing vesicle, and production method therefor
02/18/16Thermal emission source
01/28/16Logical operation element
01/21/16Oxide layer and production oxide layer, as well as capacitor, semiconductor device, and microelectromechanical system provided with oxide layer
01/21/16Electronic element
01/21/16Magnetic tunnel junction device
01/14/16Signal detection device, signal detection method, and manufacturing signal detection device
01/14/16Method for rendering tissue transparent, reagent for rendering tissue transparent, and tissue observation method
01/07/16Artificial bioparticle and manufacturing the same
01/07/16Electronic device using organic thin film, and electronic apparatus containing the same
01/07/16Nonreciprocal transmission line apparatus whose propagation constants in forward and backward directions are different from each other
12/17/15Digital filter for image processing, image processing apparatus, printing medium, recording medium, image processing method, and program
12/03/15Magnetic material and producing magnetic material
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11/12/15Amorphous oxide and field effect transistor
10/29/15Spin valve element
10/29/15Spin valve element
10/22/15Resin for nanoimprinting, laminate containing resin for nanoimprinting, printed board containing resin for nanoimprinting, and producing nanoimprint substrate
10/22/15Cyclic peptide and pharmaceutical product containing same
10/22/15Novel iron-zinc binding control factor, and technique for improving iron deficiency tolerance of plant and enhancing iron and zinc accumulation in edible part thereof by controlling expression of novel iron-zinc binding control factor
10/22/15Detection device, method, and program for assisting network entropy-based detection of precursor to state transition of biological object
10/22/15Cell monitoring device, cell monitoring method and program thereof
10/22/15Multi-quantum well solar cell and manufacturing multi-quantum well solar cell
10/15/15Functional device and manufacturing the same
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10/01/15Signal detection device and signal detection method
10/01/15Reagent for imaging intracellular acetylation
10/01/15Nanodiamond particle and manufacturing the same, and fluorescent molecular probe and analyzing structure of protein
10/01/15Device for detecting a dynamical network biomarker, detecting same, and program for detecting same
09/17/15Scanning tunneling microscope and displaying observation image
09/17/15Illusion analyzing apparatus, generating illusion-considered image for which illusion is taken into consideration to allow perception according to orignial image, illusion analzing method, generating illusion-considered image for which illusion is taken into consideration to allow perception according to original image, and program
09/03/15Method for word representation of flow pattern, word representation, and program
08/27/15Approval prediction apparatus, approval prediction method, and computer program product
08/20/15Catalyst using pd-ru solid solution alloy fine particles
08/20/15Fine solid solution alloy particles and producing same
08/20/15Formation and use of neuronal network, and neuron seeding device
08/13/15Carbon nanomaterial, composition, conductive material, and producing the same
08/13/15Organic polymer thin membrane, and producing same
08/13/15Semiconductor structure having film including germanium oxide on germanium layer and fabricating the same
08/13/15Spin motor and rotary member
08/06/15Guest-compound-enveloping polymer-metal-complex crystal, producing same, preparing crystal structure analysis sample, and determining molecular structure of organic compound
07/16/15Emotion identification device, emotion identification method, and emotion identification program
07/16/15Spin polarization transistor element
07/09/15Method and analyzing biomolecules using raman spectroscopy
06/25/15In vitro membrane protein molecular evolutionary engineering technique
06/18/15Semiconductor structure having aluminum oxynitride film on germanium layer and fabricating the same
06/04/15Point-of-gaze detection device, point-of-gaze detecting method, personal parameter calculating device, personal parameter calculating method, program, and computer-readable storage medium
05/28/15Nucleic acid complex and nucleic acid-polysaccharide complex
05/21/15Plant growth regulator and use thereof
05/14/15Method for etching metal or metal oxide by ozone water, smoothing surface of metal or metal oxide by ozone water, and patterning method using ozone water
05/07/15Catalysts for thermochemical fuel production and producing fuel using thermochemical fuel production
04/30/15Method for constructing functional nucleic acid molecule, and nucleic acid combination to be used in said method
04/23/15Motion guide presentation method and system therefor, and motion guide presentation device
04/16/15Field-effect transistor, single-electron transistor and sensor using the same
04/16/15Method of forming a conductive film
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04/02/15Process for production of functional device, process for production of ferroelectric material layer, process for production of field effect transistor, thin film transistor, field effect transistor, and piezoelectric ink jet head
03/26/15Method for sealing substances, detecting target molecule, array, kit, and target molecule detection device
03/19/15Thin film transistor and manufacturing thin film transistor
03/12/15Memory circuit provided with bistable circuit and non-volatile element
03/12/15Memory circuit
03/05/15Anticancer agent
02/12/15Feature extraction method, object classification method, object identification method, feature extraction device, object classification device, object identification device, feature extracton/object classification/object identification program, and recording medium on which the program is recorded
02/05/15Macroporous titanium compound monolith and producing same
01/29/15Network selection method in wireless communication network and wireless communication network system
01/15/15Nanodevice and fabricating the same
01/08/15Bubble-spraying member and producing same, gas-liquid- spraying member and producing same, local ablation device and local ablation method, injection device and injection method, plasma-bubble-spraying member, and healing device and healing method
01/01/15Thin film transistor and fabricating thin film transistor
01/01/15Device for estimating placement of physical objects
01/01/15Method for producing functional device and producing functional device
12/25/14Nmr imaging device and nmr imaging method
12/25/14Ruthenium nanoparticles with essentially face-centered cubic structure and producing the same
12/18/14Process for forming an amorphous conductive oxide film
12/18/14Oligonucleotide for hiv detection, hiv detection kit, and hiv detection method
12/04/14Raman scattering photoenhancement device, manufacturing raman scattering photoenhancement device, and raman laser light source using raman scattering photoenhancement device
11/27/14Novel polymorphs of n-[2-amino-4-(4-fluorobenzylamino)-phenyl] carbamic acid ethyl ester and processes thereof
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11/13/14Liquid crystalline compound and electrolyte material
10/30/14Management method and management system for biomass at plant harvest
10/23/14Packet data extraction device, control packet data extraction device, control program, and computer-readable recording medium
10/09/14Thermoelectric material, producing the same, and thermoelectric conversion module using the same
10/09/14Analog/digital converter and converting analog signals to digital signals
09/11/14Crystal and laminate
08/28/14Pump probe measuring device
08/21/14Method for forming magnesium oxide thin film and processed plate
08/21/14Method and device for producing microdroplets
08/07/14Polyionic dendrimer and hydrogel comprising same
07/31/14System and evaluating organic material for organic solar cell
07/03/14Metallic probe, and fabricating the same
06/19/14Rectifying device, transistor, and rectifying method
04/17/14Photoresponsive nucleic acid manufacturing method
04/10/14Inhibition of fatty acid and cholesterol uptake by carbon monoxide (co)
03/27/14Method for temperature compensation in sensor, computation program for temperature compensation, computation processing device, and sensor
02/27/14Method for fabricating nanogap electrodes, nanogap electrodes array, and nanodevice with the same
01/30/14Small rna-dependent translational regulatory system in cell or artificial cell model
01/09/14Diamino acid derivative starting material, manufacturing method thereof, and diamino acid derivative manufacturing method
01/02/14Composite material, producing the same, and producing the same
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12/26/13Method for producing graphene, graphene produced on substrate, and graphene on substrate
12/26/13Modeling device, program, computer-readable recording medium, and establishing correspondence
12/26/13Bead sealing method, detecting target molecule, array, kit, and target molecule detection device
12/12/13Multiple substances-responsive gel, producing same, and utilization of same
12/05/13Composite material, producing the same, and producing the same
11/28/13Neuron-specific retrograde transport vector
11/07/13Dependability maintenance system, change accommodation cycle execution device, failure response cycle execution device, controlling dependability maintenance system, control program, and computer-readable storage medium storing the control program
09/26/13Method of inducing a phase transition of a bilayer membrane vesicle
09/19/13Process for production of functional device, process for production of ferroelectric material layer, process for production of field effect transistor, thin film transistor, field effect transistor, and piezoelectric inkjet head
09/05/13Magnetic tunnel junction device
09/05/13Three-dimensional confocal microscopy apparatus and focal plane scanning and aberration correction unit
09/05/13Electrode for microbial fuel cell and microbial fuel cell using the same
08/29/13Modified fluorescent protein
08/29/13Charged particle beam apparatus, thin film forming method, defect correction forming method
08/08/13Substance-encapsulating vesicle and process for producing the same
07/18/13Inhibitor of hmgb protein-mediated immune response activation, and screening method
06/20/13Method for analyzing structure of substance
06/06/13Method of producing iodizing agent, and producing aromatic iodine compound
06/06/13Alga in which production of photosynthetic products is improved, and use for said alga
06/06/13Method of producing iodizing agent, and producing aromatic iodine compound
05/30/13Three dimensional position observation method and apparatus
05/30/13Three-dimensional polymer-metal complex microstructure and producing the same
05/30/13Akt activity specifically inhibiting polypeptide
05/16/13Metallic glass, magnetic recording medium using the same, and manufacturing the magnetic recording medium
05/09/13Precursor composition and forming amorphous conductive oxide film
04/18/13Pharmaceutical multimeric particles, and manufacturing same
04/11/13Physical quantity sensor and process for production thereof
03/21/13Process for producing supramolecular fiber
03/07/13Gold-polymer nanostructure-immobilized scandium catalyst and its use
01/31/13Data conversion method based on negative beta-map
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01/17/13Data conversion method based on scale-adjusted b-map
12/27/12Josephson quantum computing device and integrated circuit using such devices
12/20/12Detection device
12/20/12Composite material comprising silicon matrix and producing the same
12/20/12Antiviral agent, abzyme, primer set, producing polynucleotide, and producing polypeptide
12/20/12Composition for production of plant body having improved sugar content, and use thereof
11/29/12Method for forming patterned conductive film
11/29/12Method for forming crystalline cobalt silicide film
11/29/12Process of making alpha-aminooxyketone/alpha-aminooxyaldehyde and alpha-hydroxyketone/alpha-hydroxyaldehyde compounds and a process making reaction products from cyclic alpha, beta-unsaturated ketone substrates and nitroso substrates
11/22/12Retrograde transport viral vector system having envelope comprising fused glycoprotein
11/22/12Three-dimensional structure and producing the same
11/15/12Field-effect transistor, single-electron transistor and sensor
11/15/12Method of use of a field-effect transistor, single-electron transistor and sensor
11/15/12Probe reagent for measurement of proteolytic activity
11/01/12Protein crosslinking inhibitor and use of the same
10/11/12Nuclear-spin polarization detection device and nuclear-spin polarization detection method
09/27/12Method for screening of therapeutic agent for hyperlipemia
09/06/12Method for producing polymer material
08/30/12Method of measuring properties of an object with acoustically induced electromagnetic waves
08/09/12Fe-based shape memory alloy and its production method
07/12/12Method for measuring autophagy
07/12/12Method for production of optically active epoxy compound, and complex used therefor and process for producing the same
06/28/12Magnetic tunnel junction device
06/21/12Lewis acid catalyzed halogenation of activated carbon atoms
05/31/12Generator of polarization entangled photon pairs and generating the same
05/31/12Chemical analytic apparatus and chemical analytic method
05/24/12Oligonucleotide derivative, labeling agent and use for labeling agent
05/10/12Floatation separation apparatus, floatation separation, and manufacturing products using the same
05/03/12Hydrogen gas generating member and hydrogen gas producing method therefor

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