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Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba 1 1
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Tec
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Corporation
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba And Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba 1 Shibaura 1 chomominatoku
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Toahiba Materials Co Ltd
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba And Toshiba Solutions Corporation
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Toshiba Solutions Corporation
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20100128
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20131212
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20100121
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20100114
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20100107
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba1 1


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Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba patents

Recent patent applications related to Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba. Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016018387406/30/16  new patent  Attachment device for attaching an electronic device
22016018391706/30/16  new patent  Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
32016018514706/30/16  new patent  Decoloring apparatus and method
42016018514806/30/16  new patent  Decoloring apparatus and method
52016018524606/30/16  new patent  Charging management device, charging management system, and charging management method
62016018529006/30/16  new patent  Navigation device, navigation method, and computer program product
72016018633506/30/16  new patent  Electrode unit, electrolytic cell comprising electrode unit, electrolytic device and manufacturing electrode of electrode unit
82016018633606/30/16  new patent  Electrode unit, electrolytic cell comprising electrode unit and electrolytic device
92016018633706/30/16  new patent  Electrolytic device and electrode
102016018634206/30/16  new patent  Chemical reaction device
112016018659706/30/16  new patent  Turbine cooling apparatus
122016018717506/30/16  new patent  Electronic device, calculating in-housing airflow, and computer program product
132016018729406/30/16  new patent  Measurement device
142016018729506/30/16  new patent  Semiconductor micro-analysis chip and manufacturing the same
152016018733506/30/16  new patent  Method and device for detecting sample
162016018737006/30/16  new patent  Sensor and its manufacturing method
172016018743106/30/16  new patent  Storage battery, storage-battery evaluating device, and storage-battery evaluating method
182016018744606/30/16  new patent  Magnetic resonance image reconstruction for undersampled data acquisitions
192016018746706/30/16  new patent  Axle detection apparatus
202016018822006/30/16  new patent  Memory system and information processing system
212016018826006/30/16  new patent  Print job management apparatus
222016018826606/30/16  new patent  Image processing apparatus and image processing apparatus system
232016018842906/30/16  new patent  Memory control circuit, cache memory and memory control method
242016018845806/30/16  new patent  Cache memory device and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
252016018845906/30/16  new patent  Memory device and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
262016018846006/30/16  new patent  Information processing device and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
272016018870606/30/16  new patent  System, server, and electronic device
282016018890806/30/16  new patent  Information processing system and semiconductor device
292016018907206/30/16  new patent  Operation-plan scheduling device and its method
302016018934606/30/16  new patent  Electronic device, method, and computer program product
312016018943106/30/16  new patent  Virtual try-on system, virtual try-on terminal, virtual try-on method, and computer program product
322016018970406/30/16  new patent  Voice selection supporting device, voice selection method, and computer-readable recording medium
332016018974606/30/16  new patent  Magnetic recording and reproducing device
342016018976106/30/16  new patent  Memory control circuit and cache memory
352016018977006/30/16  new patent  Semiconductor memory device and memory system
362016018977606/30/16  new patent  Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and controlling the same
372016018977706/30/16  new patent  Semiconductor storage device and memory system
382016018979006/30/16  new patent  Semiconductor storage device, and reading stored data
392016018980106/30/16  new patent  Semiconductor storage device
402016019003206/30/16  new patent  Wiring board and semiconductor package including wiring board
412016019014706/30/16  new patent  Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing the same
422016019015206/30/16  new patent  Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing same
432016019023106/30/16  new patent  Semiconductor switch
442016019023406/30/16  new patent  Semiconductor device
452016019027506/30/16  new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
462016019039306/30/16  new patent  Semiconductor light emitting element and manufacturing the same
472016019056906/30/16  new patent  Positive electrode active material, nonaqueous electrolyte battery and battery pack
482016019058106/30/16  new patent  Nonaqueous electrolyte battery and battery pack
492016019058606/30/16  new patent  Electrode, nonaqueous electrolyte battery, and battery pack
502016019058706/30/16  new patent  Nonaqueous electrolyte battery and battery pack
512016019065106/30/16  new patent  Nonaqueous electrolyte battery and battery pack
522016019082706/30/16  new patent  Charging device and the same, and discharging device and the same
532016019090806/30/16  new patent  Power conversion device and control method thereof
542016019107706/30/16  new patent  Magic state generation apparatus, magic state generation method, and quantum gate operation method
552016019136406/30/16  new patent  Communication device, server device, communication method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
562016019167606/30/16  new patent  Information processing system, server apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
572016019182206/30/16  new patent  Heart rate detection device and facial recognition system with the heart rate detection device
582016019183306/30/16  new patent  Imaging element, imaging device and semiconductor device
592016019183406/30/16  new patent  Transmission system
602016019202206/30/16  new patent  Electronic device, method, and storage medium
612016019215306/30/16  new patent  Wireless communication apparatus, connection control method, and non-transitory recording medium recording connection control program
622016019251406/30/16  new patent  Electronic apparatus having a molded resin housing
632016017561406/23/16 Medical image processing apparatus, treatment system, medical image processing method, and medical image processing program
642016017561506/23/16 Apparatus, method, and program for movable part tracking and treatment
652016017620006/23/16 Printing apparatus, printing method and image processing apparatus
662016017621606/23/16 Image forming apparatus
672016017871106/23/16 Systems and methods for improved and efficient determination of the specific absorption rate (sar) in mri
682016017876206/23/16 Non-uniform photon-counting detector array on a fourth-generation ring to achieve uniform noise and spectral performance in z-direction
692016017882906/23/16 One-sided emission type transparent light guide plate, and surface-emitting apparatus using this light guide plate
702016017890306/23/16 Head mounted display
712016017896506/23/16 Display device and manufacturing the same
722016017903806/23/16 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
732016017913506/23/16 Electronic apparatus having two circuit boards electrically connected to each other
742016017917606/23/16 Semiconductor integrated circuit
752016017918206/23/16 System
762016017921506/23/16 Electronic device and method
772016017940206/23/16 Memory system
782016017940806/23/16 Information processing system, server device, information processing method, and computer program product
792016017943106/23/16 Individual identification device, storage device, individual identification system, individual identification, and program product
802016017956206/23/16 Resource control apparatus, method, and storage medium
812016017972206/23/16 Electronic device and communicating with usb device
822016017984606/23/16 Method, system, and computer readable medium for grouping and providing collected image content
832016018052506/23/16 Medical image data processing system and method
842016018052806/23/16 Interface identification apparatus and method
852016018086106/23/16 Electronic apparatus, control method, and computer program
862016018086706/23/16 Microwave-assisted magnetic recording head and magnetic recording apparatus including the same
872016018087306/23/16 Magnetic disk device and determining crossing a zone boundary
882016018093006/23/16 Semiconductor storage device
892016018093806/23/16 Memory system
902016018094906/23/16 Memory device and operating the same
912016018097706/23/16 Neutron measurement apparatus and neutron measurement method
922016018114806/23/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
932016018119906/23/16 Semiconductor device
942016018131906/23/16 Resistance change memory
952016018180106/23/16 Electronic apparatus
962016018183606/23/16 Storage battery device
972016018204106/23/16 Semiconductor device and semiconductor system
982016018206606/23/16 Auto frequency control circuit and receiver
992016018248306/23/16 Information recording apparatus
1002016018286406/23/16 Camera system and refrigerator
1012016018286806/23/16 Camera device for refrigerator and refrigerator comprising same
1022016018291906/23/16 Transmitting device and receiving device
1032016018307806/23/16 Wireless communication device and wireless communication control method
1042016018322906/23/16 Ip phone network system, server apparatus, ip exchange and resource capacity expansion method
1052016018325806/23/16 Communication processing device, and wireless communication method
1062016018328506/23/16 Communication processing device
1072016016623706/16/16 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and image processing apparatus
1082016016737806/16/16 Inkjet head and printing apparatus
1092016016741706/16/16 Image forming apparatus
1102016016900906/16/16 Erosion resistant material and turbine blade
1112016016905406/16/16 Exhaust chamber cooling apparatus and steam turbine power generating facility
1122016016957706/16/16 Power-consumption output device
1132016016981906/16/16 Semiconductor inspection apparatus, semiconductor inspection method, and recording medium
1142016016999106/16/16 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
1152016017043006/16/16 Reference circuit
1162016017064206/16/16 Memory system
1172016017064306/16/16 Memory system and driving method thereof
1182016017089106/16/16 Disk apparatus and control method
1192016017090306/16/16 Information processing device, non-transitory computer readable recording medium, and information processing system
1202016017092106/16/16 Semiconductor integrated circuit and data transfer processing the same
1212016017094506/16/16 Information processing device, information processing method, and computer program product
1222016017107306/16/16 Database system, computer program product, and data processing method
1232016017121806/16/16 Memory device and script-execution control method
1242016017130806/16/16 Electronic device and image processing method
1252016017131206/16/16 Vehicle monitoring apparatus and vehicle monitoring method
1262016017169806/16/16 Method of, and , registration and segmentation of medical imaging data
1272016017199306/16/16 Magnetic head with plural read elements having pinned layers magnetic disk device comprising the same and reading method using magnetic head
1282016017199706/16/16 Recording/reproducing apparatus
1292016017201606/16/16 Semiconductor device and electronic device
1302016017203206/16/16 Semiconductor memory device and controlling semiconductor memory device
1312016017206106/16/16 Storage medium management device, storage medium management method, storage medium, and storage medium management system
1322016017214906/16/16 X-ray tube assembly
1332016017221006/16/16 Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing method
1342016017233506/16/16 Semiconductor device
1352016017240106/16/16 Solid-state imaging device, camera module, and manufacturing solid-state imaging device
1362016017240606/16/16 Semiconductor device and solid-state imaging device
1372016017244906/16/16 Semiconductor device
1382016017296706/16/16 Switching power supply circuit
1392016017297406/16/16 Power supply circuit and control method thereof
1402016017313706/16/16 Receiver and voltage controlled oscillator
1412016017315106/16/16 Receiving device, communication system, and interference detection method
1422016017330306/16/16 Wireless communication device, integrated circuitry, and wireless communication method
1432016017373306/16/16 Decoloring apparatus
1442016017383006/16/16 Imaging system and imaging device
1452016017439806/16/16 Electronic apparatus
1462016015778406/09/16 Electronic device
1472016015868806/09/16 Carbon dioxide capturing system and operating the same
1482016015879006/09/16 Dip coating holder tool and dip-coating a substrate
1492016015879506/09/16 Spin coating apparatus and method
1502016015909506/09/16 Ink-jet head and printer
1512016015912906/09/16 Image erasing apparatus and image erasing method
1522016015913006/09/16 Image erasing apparatus and image erasing method
1532016015960206/09/16 Delivery processing apparatus and delivery processing method
1542016016083406/09/16 Hydraulic machine
1552016016161606/09/16 Radiation detector
1562016016191006/09/16 Image forming apparatus
1572016016217406/09/16 Electronic apparatus, method and storage medium
1582016016217506/09/16 Electronic apparatus
1592016016225506/09/16 Electronic device
1602016016244006/09/16 Retrieval apparatus, retrieval method, and computer program product
1612016016244606/09/16 Electronic device, method and storage medium
1622016016256206/09/16 Database system, computer program product, and data processing method
1632016016259306/09/16 Information communication method and information communication apparatus
1642016016275206/09/16 Retrieval apparatus, retrieval method, and computer program product
1652016016317906/09/16 Plant monitoring system, plant monitoring method, and program storage medium
1662016016333006/09/16 Electronic device and control method
1672016016333106/09/16 Electronic device and visualizing audio data
1682016016334006/09/16 Microwave-assisted magnetic head and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
1692016016337006/09/16 Memory device
1702016016349906/09/16 X-ray tube device
1712016016358106/09/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1722016016371906/09/16 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
1732016016380306/09/16 Nitride semiconductor element and nitride semiconductor wafer
1742016016398106/09/16 Semiconductor memory device and controlling the same
1752016016401506/09/16 Organic molecular memory
1762016016405406/09/16 Connection structure of secondary battery and secondary battery apparatus comprising same
1772016016407606/09/16 Active material for nonaqueous electrolyte battery, electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte battery, nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery pack
1782016016423606/09/16 Rotor of rotating electric machine
1792016016470706/09/16 Ofdm signal transmission method and apparatus
1802016016512606/09/16 Image processing device, imaging device, image processing method, and computer program product
1812016016520706/09/16 Electronic device, method, and computer program product
1822016016528006/09/16 Content player device and content playing method
1832016016530506/09/16 Electronic device and control method
1842016016531206/09/16 Electronic device, and method and storage medium
1852016016537806/09/16 Ran overload control for m2m communications in lte networks
1862016015102506/02/16 Couch device, x-ray ct apparatus, and medical image diagnostic apparatus
1872016015103106/02/16 Dose distribution display apparatus and an x-ray diagnostic apparatus
1882016015103306/02/16 X-ray diagnostic apparatus and image processing apparatus
1892016015103406/02/16 X-ray diagnostic apparatus
1902016015103906/02/16 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
1912016015174206/02/16 Carbon dioxide capture system
1922016015206106/02/16 Color erasing apparatus, color erasing system and color erasing control method
1932016015206206/02/16 Image forming apparatus
1942016015206306/02/16 Image erasing apparatus, and image erasing method
1952016015305706/02/16 Method of obtaining epigenetic information of cell, determining characteristics of cell, determining drug sensitivity or selecting type of drug or immunotherapeutic agent, diagnosing disease, self-replicating vector, assay kit and analytic device
1962016015393506/02/16 Microanalysis chip
1972016015407406/02/16 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
1982016015408406/02/16 Information processing apparatus, positioning method, and storage medium
1992016015415206/02/16 Lens device and image capturing device
2002016015417106/02/16 Lighting device
2012016015433206/02/16 Toner containing aromatic materials and forming an image using the same
2022016015434006/02/16 Toner container
2032016015435206/02/16 Fixing apparatus that controls current for driving an induction heater
2042016015443806/02/16 Electronic apparatus
2052016015444806/02/16 Electronic device and power control method between electronic devices
2062016015447306/02/16 Electronic apparatus and method
2072016015448706/02/16 Electronic apparatus, method and storage medium
2082016015458006/02/16 Electronic apparatus and method
2092016015458906/02/16 Information processing method, information processing apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium
2102016015461406/02/16 Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and image forming system with decolorable printing and non-decolorable printing
2112016015461906/02/16 Facsimile printing facsimile
2122016015473206/02/16 Semiconductor storage device and control method thereof
2132016015474506/02/16 Memory device and host device
2142016015476906/02/16 Electronic device and handwriting
2152016015490306/02/16 Information processor, information processing method and computer-readable storage medium
2162016015495506/02/16 Communication system, electronic device and method
2172016015522006/02/16 Medical image processing apparatus
2182016015522806/02/16 Medical image generation apparatus, method, and program
2192016015522906/02/16 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and medical image processing method
2202016015523606/02/16 Apparatus and registering virtual anatomy data
2212016015528206/02/16 Magnetic detecting device and sheet processing apparatus
2222016015528406/02/16 Money processing apparatus and money processing method
2232016015544006/02/16 Generation device, recognition device, generation method, and computer program product
2242016015546706/02/16 Magnetic disk device and operating method thereof
2252016015548606/02/16 Resistance change memory
2262016015554806/02/16 Permanent magnet, motor, and generator
2272016015574906/02/16 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing same
2282016015575006/02/16 Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing the same
2292016015577806/02/16 Magnetic memory element and magnetic memory
2302016015581206/02/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
2312016015617506/02/16 Current-limiting reactor apparatus
2322016015634706/02/16 Semiconductor device
2332016015646806/02/16 Content management system, host device and content key access method
2342016015675606/02/16 Communication device
2352016015695206/02/16 System, method, and computer program product
2362016015735006/02/16 Electronic device module including a printed circuit
2372016015739206/02/16 Electronic device module having a shield layer
2382016014360505/26/16 Image processing device and x-ray diagnostic apparatus
2392016014362505/26/16 Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
2402016014362805/26/16 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
2412016014439905/26/16 Coated article having hairline pattern and producing the same
2422016014452505/26/16 Paper processing apparatus
2432016014464505/26/16 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
2442016014464605/26/16 Image forming apparatus
2452016014506005/26/16 Image forming apparatus
2462016014618805/26/16 Wind farm, wind power generation system
2472016014691405/26/16 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and medical image processing method
2482016014691605/26/16 Magnetic resonance imaging method, magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging system
2492016014691705/26/16 Magnetic resonance imaging method and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus

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