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Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba 1 1
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Tec
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Corporation
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba And Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba 1 Shibaura 1 chomominatoku
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Toahiba Materials Co Ltd
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba And Toshiba Solutions Corporation
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Toshiba Solutions Corporation
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20100128
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20131212
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20100121
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20100114
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20100107
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba1 1


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Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba patents

Recent patent applications related to Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba. Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015023814908/27/15  new patent  Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
22015023815708/27/15  new patent  Novel ordered subset scheme in spectral ct
32015023816108/27/15  new patent  Registration of 4th generation detectors relative to the 3rd generation ct system coordinates using 4th generation sinogram data
42015023901508/27/15  new patent  Goods sorting apparatus
52015023906508/27/15  new patent  Laser processing apparatus and laser processing method
62015023909308/27/15  new patent  Grinding apparatus, and grinding method
72015023973708/27/15  new patent  Ozone generating apparatus
82015023975008/27/15  new patent  Iodine adsorbent, water treatment tank and iodine adsorbing system
92015023975408/27/15  new patent  Treatment system and treatment method
102015024015408/27/15  new patent  Phosphor, light-emitting device and producing phosphor
112015024083808/27/15  new patent  Vibration suppression device for jet pump and jet pump
122015024105508/27/15  new patent  Nuclear power plant and non-condensable gas extraction method therefor
132015024128208/27/15  new patent  Imaging device
142015024136908/27/15  new patent  Charged particle beam apparatus, image acquiring method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
152015024153708/27/15  new patent  Magnetic resonance imaging with consistent geometries
162015024153808/27/15  new patent  Motion correction for magnetic resonance angiography (mra) with 3d radial acquisitions
172015024155608/27/15  new patent  Beam information generating device, radar receiver, and radar receiving method
182015024178508/27/15  new patent  Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
192015024189608/27/15  new patent  Energy management device, energy management system, and energy management method
202015024193708/27/15  new patent  Electronic apparatus and method
212015024195208/27/15  new patent  Memory system
222015024211408/27/15  new patent  Electronic device, method and computer program product
232015024212408/27/15  new patent  Nand raid controller
242015024213508/27/15  new patent  Storage device including flash memory and capable of predicting storage device performance based on performance parameters
252015024214108/27/15  new patent  Memory device and data storing method
262015024216008/27/15  new patent  Memory system, control memory system, and controller
272015024218708/27/15  new patent  Division circuit and microprocessor
282015024220708/27/15  new patent  Program information generation system, generating program information, computer-readable program product, and program information display system
292015024270908/27/15  new patent  Learning apparatus, density measuring apparatus, learning method, computer program product, and density measuring system
302015024299608/27/15  new patent  Image processing apparatus and image processing method
312015024302208/27/15  new patent  Characteristic x-ray escape correction in photon-counting detectors
322015024306508/27/15  new patent  Medical information display apparatus
332015024330808/27/15  new patent  Magnetic recording and reproducing device
342015024330908/27/15  new patent  Head gimbal assembly and disk device with the same
352015024331208/27/15  new patent  Clock accuracy determining method and clock accuracy determining device
362015024331508/27/15  new patent  Magnetic recording device
372015024335808/27/15  new patent  Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
382015024338708/27/15  new patent  Photocatalyst injection method and photocatalyst injection system
392015024342408/27/15  new patent  Magnetic device
402015024351108/27/15  new patent  Method of forming pattern and photo mask used therein
412015024351208/27/15  new patent  Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
422015024363808/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor device
432015024365608/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor device
442015024367008/27/15  new patent  Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having element isolating region of trench type
452015024370008/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor device
462015024376908/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
472015024377108/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor device
482015024378608/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
492015024382808/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
502015024388708/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor memory device and a manufacturing the same
512015024397908/27/15  new patent  Titanium-niobium composite oxide-based electrode active material and lithium secondary battery using the same
522015024418708/27/15  new patent  Electronic device
532015024420708/27/15  new patent  Dc/dc converter, controlling the dc/dc converter and data storage apparatus
542015024422508/27/15  new patent  Method of manufacturing rotor coil and rotary electrical machine
552015024424008/27/15  new patent  Power generator and turbine coupling method
562015024437308/27/15  new patent  Nonvolatile programmable logic switch
572015024442208/27/15  new patent  Memory device including wireless communication function
582015024495108/27/15  new patent  Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing solid-state imaging device
592015024495808/27/15  new patent  Solid-state imaging device
602015024515208/27/15  new patent  Sound source direction estimation apparatus, sound source direction estimation method and computer program product
612015023076308/20/15 X-ray diagnosis apparatus and control method
622015023076908/20/15 Image diagnosis apparatus, contrast agent injector, contrast enhanced imaging aiding apparatus, and image diagnosis system
632015023077208/20/15 X-ray computed tomography apparatus
642015023189308/20/15 Erasing and sorting apparatus
652015023299008/20/15 Film formation apparatus and film formation method
662015023357008/20/15 Illuminating device
672015023370608/20/15 Deflection measuring device and deflection measuring method
682015023397208/20/15 Capacitance detection device
692015023413608/20/15 Optical communication module
702015023426808/20/15 Mask pattern correction method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium containing a mask pattern correction program
712015023428508/20/15 Developing apparatus and developing method
722015023428708/20/15 Resist placing method and resist placing program
732015023432808/20/15 Image processing operating image processing apparatus
742015023444808/20/15 Information processing system and storage device
752015023451708/20/15 Display apparatus and method and computer program product
762015023459508/20/15 Storage device
772015023459608/20/15 Card and host device
782015023459808/20/15 Memory device and host device
792015023460508/20/15 Memory system and controlling memory system
802015023460708/20/15 Disk drive and data save method
812015023470508/20/15 Semiconductor memory device
822015023474008/20/15 Memory system
832015023475208/20/15 Memory chip
842015023478208/20/15 Calculation device and method, and computer program product
852015023502008/20/15 Storage device, storage system, and authentication method
862015023527908/20/15 Information processing apparatus and image data transmitting method
872015023536108/20/15 Medical image processing apparatus and medical image processing method
882015023570908/20/15 Semiconductor memory apparatus, data transmission device, and recording method
892015023587808/20/15 Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing semiconductor device
902015023591108/20/15 Pattern inspection method, pattern formation control method, and pattern inspection apparatus
912015023596608/20/15 Wiring board and semiconductor device using the same
922015023606008/20/15 Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing solid-state imaging device
932015023607208/20/15 Semiconductor memory device
942015023609708/20/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
952015023609808/20/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
962015023609908/20/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
972015023610308/20/15 Nitride-based semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
982015023610408/20/15 Semiconductor device
992015023617108/20/15 Organic molecular memory
1002015023619708/20/15 Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing the same
1012015023620008/20/15 Semiconductor light emitting device, nitride semiconductor layer growth substrate, and nitride semiconductor wafer
1022015023621108/20/15 Semiconductor light emitting device
1032015023628808/20/15 Polymer, organic thin-film solar cell using the same, and electronic product comprising the cell
1042015023633008/20/15 Electricity storage device
1052015023661108/20/15 Electric power conversion apparatus
1062015023662908/20/15 Brushless motor driving circuit and brushless motor driving system
1072015023663508/20/15 Inverter output circuit
1082015023666108/20/15 Amplification circuit, amplification device, afe circuit, and signal processing system
1092015023668808/20/15 Power-on reset circuit
1102015023670708/20/15 Voltage controlled oscillator circuit and frequency synthesizer
1112015023671608/20/15 Memory system and controlling memory system
1122015023681108/20/15 Wireless communication device
1132015023685208/20/15 Quantum key distribution device, quantum key distribution system, and quantum key distribution method
1142015023704308/20/15 Image processing apparatus, and authentication processing method in the same
1152015023728108/20/15 Semiconductor integrated circuit and image sensor
1162015023728708/20/15 Solid-state imaging apparatus and camera system
1172015023736408/20/15 Video encoding/decoding motion compensation prediction
1182015023739108/20/15 Electronic device, method and storage medium
1192015023753408/20/15 Wireless communications method and apparatus
1202015023764308/20/15 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
1212015022376908/13/15 Medical image display apparatus and x-ray diagnosis apparatus
1222015022377608/13/15 Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and controlling ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
1232015022377808/13/15 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and image processing method
1242015022378108/13/15 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
1252015022378208/13/15 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
1262015022453608/13/15 Pattern forming method
1272015022462208/13/15 Polish cloth and manufacturing polish cloth
1282015022470208/13/15 Pattern inspection member, pattern inspection method, and pattern inspection apparatus
1292015022476408/13/15 Ink jet head
1302015022519208/13/15 Paper sheet taking-out and separating device and paper sheet handling apparatus
1312015022664808/13/15 Sample processing apparatus and method
1322015022681808/13/15 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and gradient coil
1332015022686108/13/15 X-ray computer-tomography apparatus
1342015022686308/13/15 Radiation detection apparatus
1352015022700708/13/15 Gradient refractive index liquid crystal optical apparatus and image display apparatus
1362015022704508/13/15 Pattern formation method and semiconductor device
1372015022705408/13/15 Extreme ultraviolet radiation exposure apparatus and lithography thereby
1382015022710508/13/15 Image forming apparatus
1392015022732008/13/15 Storage system
1402015022741908/13/15 Error correction decoder based on log-likelihood ratio data
1412015022745808/13/15 Controller, solid state drive and control method
1422015022747208/13/15 Memory system, controller, and method
1432015022748408/13/15 Nand switch
1442015022756208/13/15 Database device
1452015022772108/13/15 Semiconductor device with copyright protection function
1462015022804708/13/15 Data processing device, semiconductor device, display device, control method and program product
1472015022811508/13/15 Medical-image processing apparatus and medical-image diagnostic apparatus
1482015022825508/13/15 Electronic apparatus and control the same
1492015022827108/13/15 Speech synthesis dictionary generation apparatus, speech synthesis dictionary generation method and computer program product
1502015022828008/13/15 Voice conversation support apparatus, voice conversation support method, and computer readable medium
1512015022829608/13/15 Magnetic recording head and disk device with the same
1522015022833508/13/15 Organic molecular memory
1532015022833708/13/15 Semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
1542015022834708/13/15 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and data erase method thereof
1552015022836708/13/15 Radioactive material processing method
1562015022838508/13/15 Permanent magnet, motor, and generator
1572015022841708/13/15 Operating mechanism and power switching device provided with operating mechanism
1582015022853108/13/15 Integrated circuit device and manufacturing same
1592015022853808/13/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
1602015022859208/13/15 Millimeter wave bands semiconductor package and millimeter wave bands semiconductor device
1612015022864208/13/15 Semiconductor element, manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device
1622015022866208/13/15 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device provided with charge storage layer in memory cell
1632015022868408/13/15 Solid-state imaging device
1642015022868808/13/15 Image sensor and manufacturing method thereof
1652015022869508/13/15 Magnetic memory device
1662015022872608/13/15 Semiconductor device
1672015022878708/13/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
1682015022878908/13/15 Stressed channel bulk fin field effect transistor
1692015022885108/13/15 Semiconductor light emitting device
1702015022889208/13/15 Storage device
1712015022891908/13/15 Organic photovoltaic cell and manufacturing the same
1722015022901408/13/15 Millimeter wave bands semiconductor package and millimeter wave bands semiconductor device
1732015022901508/13/15 Millimeter wave bands semiconductor package and millimeter wave bands semiconductor device
1742015022912008/13/15 Over-voltage prevention device
1752015022912508/13/15 Electrostatic protection circuit
1762015022930408/13/15 Semiconductor device
1772015022973708/13/15 Communication device, communication method, and terminal device
1782015022987708/13/15 Multi-format output device, control multi-format output device
1792015022992908/13/15 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
1802015023027108/13/15 Communication apparatus, communication method, and communication system
1812015021642808/06/15 Background suppression by time dependent flip angle of saturation pulses
1822015021642908/06/15 Non-contrast mri with differentiation of ischemic, infarct and normal tissue
1832015021648608/06/15 Nuclear medical imaging apparatus and controlling method
1842015021650808/06/15 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus and image processing method
1852015021650908/06/15 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
1862015021750408/06/15 Imprint template and manufacturing the same
1872015021758808/06/15 Color erasing apparatus and controlling temperature of heat source in color erasing apparatus
1882015021874508/06/15 Electronic device, computer program product, and controlling display
1892015021936608/06/15 Cold head, superconducting magnet, examination apparatus, and cryopump
1902015021967908/06/15 Automatic analyzer
1912015021973508/06/15 Enhancement of mt effect and/or cest effect
1922015021973808/06/15 Calculating specific absorption rate (sar) with magnetic resonance signals
1932015021991208/06/15 Image display device
1942015022007208/06/15 Information processing device, computer program product, and information processing method
1952015022007408/06/15 Conversion device, pattern recognition system, conversion method, and computer program product
1962015022028008/06/15 Tiered storage system, storage controller and substituting data transfer between tiers
1972015022039408/06/15 Memory system and controlling memory system
1982015022084608/06/15 Process conversion difference prediction device, process conversion difference prediction method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium containing a process conversion difference prediction program
1992015022108908/06/15 Image processing apparatus, medical image diagnosis apparatus, and image processing method
2002015022109108/06/15 Medical image processing apparatus and medical image diagnostic apparatus
2012015022109908/06/15 Image processing device, image processing method, and imaging device
2022015022118908/06/15 Discrimination object and medical device
2032015022133208/06/15 Laser controller for heat-assisted magnetic recording device
2042015022136808/06/15 Semiconductor memory device
2052015022139008/06/15 Semiconductor memory device
2062015022142208/06/15 Permanent magnet, and motor and generator using the same
2072015022150108/06/15 Imprint method, template, and imprint apparatus
2082015022158008/06/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
2092015022158108/06/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
2102015022158208/06/15 Connector frame and semiconductor device
2112015022159308/06/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
2122015022164108/06/15 Semiconductor device
2132015022166508/06/15 Semiconductor memory device
2142015022166708/06/15 Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing the same
2152015022172808/06/15 Nitride semiconductor device, nitride semiconductor wafer, and forming nitride semiconductor layer
2162015022173608/06/15 Semiconductor device
2172015022182808/06/15 Semiconductor light emitting device
2182015022202308/06/15 Antenna apparatus and radar apparatus
2192015022211308/06/15 Interconnected system switching device and power control system
2202015022224008/06/15 Reception device and reception method
2212015022229108/06/15 Memory controller, storage device and memory control method
2222015022292008/06/15 Image processing device, imaging device, and image processing method
2232015022295808/06/15 Data display apparatus and data display method
2242015020900607/30/15 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
2252015020972407/30/15 Heat-stable salt removing system, carbon dioxide recovering system and heat-stable salt removing method
2262015021091107/30/15 Rare earth regenerator material particle, rare earth regenerator particle group, and cold head, superconducting magnet, examination apparatus, and cryopump using the same
2272015021138707/30/15 Steam turbine pipe
2282015021178307/30/15 Refrigerator
2292015021214707/30/15 Testing testing semiconductor chips
2302015021246407/30/15 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
2312015021257207/30/15 Control system, control method, and computer program product
2322015021257707/30/15 Display device and gaze estimating device
2332015021274607/30/15 Memory system and control method thereof
2342015021278507/30/15 Extension device and extension method
2352015021288407/30/15 Memory controller, storage device, and memory control method
2362015021288807/30/15 Memory system
2372015021292207/30/15 Data analysis apparatus, method and program
2382015021292307/30/15 Nontransitory processor readable recording medium having fault injection program recorded therein and fault injection method
2392015021321507/30/15 Medical work support system, surgical clothing, and medical apparatus
2402015021321807/30/15 Medical information management apparatus
2412015021332007/30/15 Electronic device and processing handwritten document
2422015021387007/30/15 Semiconductor storage device
2432015021388607/30/15 Memory system
2442015021388707/30/15 Semiconductor memory device
2452015021389407/30/15 Semiconductor device
2462015021389907/30/15 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device which performs improved erase operation
2472015021390307/30/15 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
2482015021390507/30/15 Signal processing circuit and a/d converter
2492015021410307/30/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

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