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Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba 1 1
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Tec
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Corporation
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba And Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba 1 Shibaura 1 chomominatoku
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Toahiba Materials Co Ltd
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba And Toshiba Solutions Corporation
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Toshiba Solutions Corporation
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20100128
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20131212
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20100121
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20100114
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba_20100107
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba1 1


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Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba patents

Recent patent applications related to Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba. Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba, we're just tracking patents.

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Air conditioning apparatus and air conditioning control method


Air conditioning apparatus and air conditioning control method

Air conditioning apparatus and air conditioning control method


Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof

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Count Application # Date Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014034643411/27/14 new patent  Nonvolatile variable resistance element
22014034643911/27/14 new patent  Semiconductor light emitting device
32014034658511/27/14 new patent  Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
42014034660111/27/14 new patent  Semiconductor device
52014034667711/27/14 new patent  Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
62014034674111/27/14 new patent  Stationary part sealing structure
72014034729311/27/14 new patent  Method for controlling device, device controller, computer program product, and electronic device
82014034734511/27/14 new patent  Circuit and television apparatus
92014034767111/27/14 new patent  Sagnac interferometer-type fiber-optic current sensor
102014034776111/27/14 new patent  Data decoding control apparatus, data storage apparatus and data decoding method
112014034779911/27/14 new patent  Electronic apparatus
122014034782811/27/14 new patent  Electronic apparatus
132014034782911/27/14 new patent  Electronic apapratus
142014034791111/27/14 new patent  Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
152014034828511/27/14 new patent  Control rod-driving control apparatus and a method thereof
162014034839811/27/14 new patent  Electronic apparatus and display control method
172014034921911/27/14 new patent  Exposure method, reflection type mask, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
182014034942111/27/14 new patent  Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
192014034955411/27/14 new patent  Polish pad, polish method, and method manufacturing polish pad
202014034956311/27/14 new patent  Air conditioning apparatus and air conditioning control method
212014035036611/27/14 new patent  Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof
222014035092211/27/14 new patent  Speech processing device, speech processing method and computer program product
232014035093611/27/14 new patent  Electronic device
242014035134911/27/14 new patent  Network system, management server, and update notification method
252014035149711/27/14 new patent  Memory system and control method thereof
262014035149911/27/14 new patent  Memory device, host device, and sampling clock adjusting method
272014035151411/27/14 new patent  Card and host device
282014035160411/27/14 new patent  Electronic device and encryption control method
292014035177811/27/14 new patent  Lsi design apparatus and method of designing lsi
302014035184711/27/14 new patent  Electronic device, and method and storage medium
312014035187611/27/14 new patent  Broadcast receiver and computer program product
322014035187911/27/14 new patent  Electronic apparatus, control method and storage medium
332014033839411/20/14Carbon dioxide separating and capturing apparatus and method of operating same
342014033909711/20/14Electrolysis device and refrigerator
352014033949211/20/14Non-volatile memory device
362014033950011/20/14Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
382014033961311/20/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
392014033962211/20/14Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
402014033962311/20/14Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
412014033990511/20/14Foreign object detection device and non-contact power transfer device
432014034006111/20/14Dc-dc converter control circuit and dc-dc converter
452014034016011/20/14Semiconductor power amplifier
462014034029211/20/14Liquid crystal optical device and image display device
472014034032611/20/14Drawing apparatus and drawing system
482014034032811/20/14Drawing apparatus and drawing system
492014034037111/20/14Image processing device, image processing method, and computer program product
502014034040011/20/14Image processing device, image processing method, and stereoscopic image display device
512014034051311/20/14Image sensor system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
522014034077911/20/14Data storage apparatus and data storage control method
532014034082911/20/14Electronic device
542014034095611/20/14Memory device and method of controlling memory device
552014034133311/20/14Apparatus and method for collimating x-rays in spectral computer tomography imaging
562014034157511/20/14Signal manipulator for a quantum communication system
572014034247511/20/14Semiconductor test method and semiconductor test apparatus
582014034264011/20/14Polishing apparatus and polishing method
592014034418911/20/14Electricity rate managing system
602014034462411/20/14Operation data analysis apparatus, method and non-transitory computer readable medium
612014034462711/20/14Voice recognition virtual test engineering assistant
622014033250411/13/14Weld bead shaping apparatus and weld bead shaping method
632014033281611/13/14Semiconductor device
642014033289511/13/14Random number generation device
652014033317011/13/14Armature windings of rotating electrical machines
662014033358511/13/14Electronic apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
672014033370611/13/14Image forming apparatus and image forming method
682014033376611/13/14Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
692014033380711/13/14Manufacturing method of solid-state image pickup device and solid-state image pickup device
702014033390611/13/14Projector and portable terminal
712014033400811/13/14Image display device and head mounted display
722014033402911/13/14Magnetoresistive element, magnetic head, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
732014033404111/13/14Magnetoresistive element, magnetic head, magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus, and method of manufacturing magnetoresistive element
742014033404611/13/14Semiconductor circuit
752014033410211/13/14Power conversion apparatus
762014033422111/13/14Resistance change memory
772014033423111/13/14Semiconductor memory device and system having the same
782014033423411/13/14Semiconductor device including memory cell having charge accumulation layer
792014033454111/13/14Video compression device
802014033459711/13/14Medical system, server apparatus, and power management method
812014033462211/13/14Authentication device, output device, verification device and input device
822014033485111/13/14Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus
832014033491911/13/14Steam turbine bearing support structure and steam turbine thereof
842014033500311/13/14Carbon dioxide recovery system and operating method thereof
852014033568211/13/14Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
862014033568411/13/14Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of semiconductor device
872014033679411/13/14Duplexed control system and control method thereof
882014033683211/13/14Information issuance apparatus, information issuance method and program
892014033739511/13/14Semiconductor memory device and random number generator
902014033740311/13/14Computing device, computing method, and computer program product
912014033754211/13/14Memory system having high data transfer efficiency and host controller
922014033756711/13/14Storage device including flash memory and capable of predicting storage device performance based on performance parameters
932014033762611/13/14Content reproducing device, content reproducing method, and content reproducing system
942014033780511/13/14Information processor and computer program product
952014032627811/06/14Reticle chuck cleaner and reticle chuck cleaning method
962014032693911/06/14Method for manufacturing semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device
972014032694011/06/14Semiconductor memory device and production method thereof
982014032702711/06/14Semiconductor light emitting element and semiconductor light emitting device
992014032750011/06/14Filter and resonator
1002014032770611/06/14Display device and method for adjusting display device
1012014032806811/06/14Lighting apparatus
1022014032810711/06/14Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
1032014032810911/06/14Semiconductor memory device
1042014032811011/06/14Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
1052014032812911/06/14Non-volatile semiconductor storage device
1062014032845111/06/14Apparatus and method for dynamic calibration of spectral ct with rotating x-ray source and stationary energy discriminating detectors
1072014032852611/06/14Medical imaging data processing apparatus and method
1082014032867311/06/14Steam turbine control device
1092014033044211/06/14Operation planning system and method for creating operation plan
1102014033100511/06/14Memory system and bus switch
1112014031823710/30/14Reactor water-level measurement system
1122014031940610/30/14Magnetic material, method for producing magnetic material, and inductor element
1132014031944210/30/14Resistance random access memory device
1142014031945710/30/14Semiconductor light emitting device, nitride semiconductor wafer, and method for manufacturing nitride semiconductor layer
1152014031945810/30/14Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
1162014031946010/30/14Semiconductor light emitting device, nitride semiconductor layer growth substrate, and nitride semiconductor wafer
1172014031959410/30/14Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing the same
1182014031960310/30/14Semiconductor device
1192014031967510/30/14Semiconductor memory system
1202014031970010/30/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
1212014031970410/30/14Steam valve apparatus
1222014032006810/30/14Battery charger, battery charging method and electronic appartus
1232014032019310/30/14Semiconductor device
1242014032022610/30/14Synthesizer for transmitter and digital amplitude modulator
1252014032030710/30/14Electronic apparatus and communication control method
1262014032030910/30/14Cardiac electricity and impedance monitoring mobile network terminal device having function of micro current release
1272014032034810/30/14Position estimating device, position estimating method, and wireless communication system
1282014032042610/30/14Electronic apparatus, control method and storage medium
1292014032042810/30/14Information processing apparatus, method of adjusting sensitivity of touchpad, and storage medium
1302014032046110/30/14Electronic apparatus, calibration method and storage medium
1312014032049810/30/14Terminal device, information processing method, and computer program product
1322014032071310/30/14Solid-state imaging device
1332014032074610/30/14Television receiver and electronic device
1342014032074910/30/14Electronic device, display method, and storage medium
1352014032075210/30/14Television and electronic apparatus
1362014032106810/30/14Electronic apparatus
1372014032118710/30/14Semiconductor device
1382014032119410/30/14Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
1392014032174910/30/14System and handwriting search method
1402014032175110/30/14Character input apparatus and method
1412014032186210/30/14Photon detector and a photon detection method
1422014032193710/30/14Jet pump and bolt fixing device of jet pump beam
1432014032200410/30/14Axial flow water turbine
1442014032257810/30/14Battery with wound electrode group and positive and negative electrode insulating covers
1452014032303710/30/14Wireless communication device and method, and program
1462014032422310/30/14Water treatment control apparatus and water treatment system
1472014032479910/30/14Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer program product
1482014032492110/30/14Electronic device, method, and storage medium
1492014032509410/30/14Information processor and display control method
1502014032515010/30/14Wireless apparatus
1512014032517410/30/14Access control apparatus, access control method, and computer program product
1522014032527110/30/14Terminal device, information processing method, and computer program product
1532014032535010/30/14Target area estimation apparatus, method and program
1542014032535110/30/14Electronic device and handwritten data processing method
1552014032563910/30/14Electronic device and authentication method
1562014031445610/23/14Fixing device and image forming apparatus
1572014031154210/23/14Thermoelectric conversion element
1582014031229510/23/14Memory device
1592014031238410/23/14Semiconductor device
1602014031250910/23/14Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
1612014031319910/23/14Image processing device, 3d image display apparatus, method of image processing and computer-readable medium
1622014031342610/23/14Television receiver and electronic device
1632014031360110/23/14Optical device and display system
1642014031381310/23/14Semiconductor memory device and operation method thereof
1652014031382910/23/14Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
1662014031419610/23/14Tilted detector array for medical imaging systems including computed tomography
1672014031421110/23/14Pileup correction method for a photon-counting detector
1682014031429010/23/14Positioning anatomical landmarks in volume data sets
1692014031430510/23/14Template inspection device
1702014031433710/23/14Image display method
1712014031445710/23/14Fixing device and image forming apparatus
1722014031733510/23/14Data storage device, storage controller, and data storage control method
1732014031736210/23/14Interface control apparatus, data storage apparatus and interface control method
1742014031765110/23/14Electronic device, information processing method, and information processing program
1752014030498110/16/14Manufacturing method of electrode and manufacturing method of non-aqueous electrolyte battery
1762014030498210/16/14Manufacturing method of electrode and manufacturing method of non-aqueous electrolyte battery
1772014030498810/16/14Method for manufacturing channel-type brush seal
1782014030584610/16/14Fluorescence and afterglow detection device and sheet processing apparatus
1792014030617410/16/14Memory device and method of manufacturing memory device
1802014030623910/16/14Semiconductor device
1812014030628110/16/14Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method for manufacturing the same
1822014030631610/16/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
1832014030632910/16/14Semiconductor package
1842014030633410/16/14Semiconductor package
1852014030697710/16/14Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing system, and computer readable storage medium
1862014030716510/16/14Information processing apparatus and output control method
1872014030735410/16/14Esd protection circuit
1882014030738010/16/14Electronic apparatus
1892014030738210/16/14Semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing the same
1902014030758110/16/14Device and method of communicating, and computer readable medium for communicating
1912014030775810/16/14Transmission line protective relay device
1922014030787410/16/14Communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and communication method
1932014030797910/16/14Electronic apparatus and image processing method
1942014030811910/16/14Hydraulic machinery
1952014030843410/16/14Manufacturing method of electrode and manufacturing method of non-aqueous electrolyte battery
1962014030854910/16/14Battery and production method thereof
1972014030878910/16/14Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
1982014030979910/16/14Request control device, request control method, and computer program product
1992014030999710/16/14Information processing apparatus and control method
2002014031046010/16/14Card and host apparatus
2012014031052410/16/14Data management device, power usage calculation system, data management method, and computer program product
2022014031057510/16/14Semiconductor memory device
2032014031057610/16/14Semiconductor memory device
2042014031080210/16/14Electronic apparatus and control method
2052014029890310/09/14Water-level and temperature measurement apparatus
2062014029972410/09/14Traversing incore probe valve support and traversing incore probe system
2072014029985310/09/14Organic electroluminescent device
2082014029990410/09/14Light emitting device
2092014029990910/09/14Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of forming the same
2102014029994610/09/14Semiconductor device
2112014030001810/09/14Pattern forming method and pattern forming apparatus
2122014030004710/09/14Paper post-processing apparatus
2132014030055810/09/14Electronic apparatus, method of controlling electronic apparatus, and program for controlling electronic apparatus
2142014030062910/09/14Electronic device, handwritten document processing method, and storage medium
2152014030099110/09/14Magnetic disk apparatus and control method of magnetic heads
2162014030099610/09/14Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic head assembly, and magnetic recording and reproducing device
2172014030113610/09/14Magnetic memory, spin element, and spin mos transistor
2182014030114110/09/14Semiconductor memory device and data write method thereof
2192014030114410/09/14Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
2202014030118910/09/14Information providing apparatus and wireless communication apparatus
2212014030162110/09/14Image processing apparatus, image processing method and medical imaging device
2222014030192710/09/14Carbon dioxide capturing system and method of operating same
2232014030192810/09/14Carbon dioxide recovery apparatus and carbon dioxide recovery method
2242014030262510/09/14Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
2252014030377210/09/14Sheets processing apparatus and sheets processing method
2262014030397410/09/14Text generator, text generating method, and computer program product
2272014030411810/09/14Product comparison apparatus and method
2282014030416810/09/14Data managing apparatus, meter apparatus and data managing method
2292014030449610/09/14Electronic device
2302014030453310/09/14Memory device, host device, memory system, memory device control method, host device control method and memory system control method
2312014030456710/09/14Method of controlling a semiconductor storage device
2322014030458610/09/14Electronic device and data processing method
2332014029024410/02/14Binary power generation system
2342014029072710/02/14Solar cell
2352014029173610/02/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
2362014029174410/02/14Spin fet and magnetoresistive element
2372014029174810/02/14Semiconductor memory device
2382014029179510/02/14Cable connecting structure and cable connecting method
2392014029179810/02/14Semiconductor memory device
2402014029192210/02/14Sheet processing apparatus
2412014029224110/02/14Motor control device
2422014029230210/02/14Semiconductor switch circuit
2432014029238210/02/14Impulse voltage generation device
2442014029277610/02/14Electronic apparatus and control method
2452014029309210/02/14Information processing apparatus, information processing method and computer program product
2462014029332610/02/14Image display device and printing method
2472014029364510/02/14Illumination device and light-guiding member
2482014029365410/02/14Illuminating device
2492014029367510/02/14Nonvolatile semiconductor device and method for driving same

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