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Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho_20100121
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho_20131212

Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho patents

Recent patent applications related to Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho. Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho, we're just tracking patents.

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10/26/17Diffraction structure, diffraction grating, diffraction grating array, optical phased array, optical modulator, optical filter, laser source
09/14/17Electronic device
09/07/17Method for producing nanoheterostructured permanent magnet
09/07/17Carbon porous body, producing the same, electrode for storage device, and storage device
08/24/17Heat exchanger and heat storage system
08/24/17Electron emission device and transistor provided with the same
08/17/17Internal combustion engine
07/27/17Heat storage device
07/20/17Thermoelectric element and thermoelectric generation system
07/13/17Yeast terminator and use therefor
06/29/17Iron compound particles, producing the iron compound particles, and oxidation catalyst using the iron compound particles
05/04/17Information processing device, information storage device, and control device of rotary electric machine
03/16/17Power supply system having two dc power supplies
02/09/17Wear-resistant copper-based alloy, cladding alloy, cladding layer, and valve system member and sliding member for internal combustion engine
02/09/17Vertical semiconductor device
02/02/17Thermoplastic resin composition, producing same, and molded body
01/12/17Rare earth material-binding peptide and use thereof
01/12/17Drive power transmission device and control program therefor
01/12/17Variable magnetic coupling reactor having two integrated reactor elements, power supply system including the same, and use of composite magnetic component having two integrated reactor elements
11/24/16Thermal transpiration flow heat pump
11/03/16Heat pump
10/27/16Bicompatible liquid and screening same
09/29/16Catalyst for purification of exhaust gas, nox storage-reduction catalyst, and purifying exhaust gas
09/29/16Method for producing expression product of exogenous gene in yeast, regulator of expression in yeast, and use thereof
09/29/16Engagement device and automatic transmission
09/29/16Information processing device, computer readable storage medium, and map data updating system
09/15/16Time measuring circuit and temperature sensor circuit
09/08/16Driving power distribution device
09/08/16Heat pump and cooling power generation method
09/08/16Nonaqueous electrolyte air battery and use of the same
07/07/16Metal-resin composite material, producing the same, and aluminum substrate having aluminum oxide coating
06/30/16Forming thermal insulation film and internal combustion engine
06/23/16Method for separation of rare earth ion
06/09/16Controller for free piston generator
05/19/16Vehicle position estimation device, method and computer readable recording medium
05/12/16Forming thermal insulation film
05/12/16Antireflection member, transfer member, and producing antireflection member
03/31/16Power conversion device
03/10/16Igbt with a built-in-diode
02/11/16Protein having xylose isomerase activity and use of same
02/11/16Clutch mechanism and transmission
02/11/16Apparatus and manufacturing the same
02/04/16Predicted arrival point presentation device and computer readable medium
02/04/16Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
01/14/16Sliding machine
01/07/16Material for trapping target substance, filter for trapping target substance, container for liquid organic compound, and engine oil
01/07/16Power supply system
12/31/15Nanoheterostructure and producing the same
12/31/15Adsorption heat pump system and cooling generation method
12/03/15Hydrogen storage heat pump and hydrogen storage heat pump system
11/26/15Use of ethanolamine phosphate
11/19/15Composite magnetic member and manufacturing same
11/19/15Integrated device
11/12/15Gas storage/supply system
10/29/15Sic single crystal, sic wafer, sic substrate, and sic device
10/15/15Electrode for use in gas sensor and gas sensor element using the same
10/01/15Seed crystal for sic single-crystal growth, sic single crystal, and manufacturing the sic single crystal
10/01/15Deformation analysis apparatus
10/01/15Semiconductor device
09/24/15Catalyst support for purification of exhaust gas, catalyst for purification of exhaust gas using the same, and producing the catalyst support for purification of exhaust gas
09/24/15Sliding member and sliding machine
09/24/15Adsorption heat pump system and cooling generation method
09/24/15Jointed structure and manufacturing same
09/17/15Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
09/03/15Thermal storage device
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08/27/15Electric power conversion circuit system
08/13/15Austenite heat-resisting cast steel
08/13/15Bearing structure for internal combustion engine
08/06/15Resin composition
08/06/15Semiconductor device
07/23/15Information processing device, method and program
07/16/15N-type thermoelectric material
07/02/15Radar apparatus and determining sign of velocity
06/18/15Lubricant oil, friction member, and gear-type differential with differential limiting function
03/26/15Thermal rectification device
03/26/15Oil degradation prevention device
03/26/15Magnetic component, power converter and power supply system
03/19/15Antireflection film and producing the same
03/12/15Manufacturing casting, manufacturing device thereof, and casting
03/12/15Plant suitable for increasing production of phloem tissue and use of same
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02/26/15Layered substrate with a miscut angle comprising a silicon single crystal substrate and a group-iii nitride single crystal layer
02/26/15Single photon avalanche diode
02/26/15Garnet-type ion conducting oxide, complex, lithium secondary battery, manufacturing garnet-type ion conducting oxide and manufacturing complex
02/12/15Jointed body, manufacturing same and jointed member
01/22/15Hypoid gear design method and hypoid gear
12/25/14Thermistor material for a short range of low temperature use and manufacturing the same
12/18/14Nanoheterostructured permanent magnet and producing the same
12/18/14Thermoplastic resin composition, producing same, and molded body
10/23/14Internal combustion engine
10/23/14Drive torque distribution apparatus
10/02/14Press-formed product, hot press-forming method and hot press-forming apparatus
09/25/14Heat exchange reactor and adsorption heat pump
09/25/14Adsorption heat pump
09/18/14Method for increasing production of plant biomass
08/28/14Organic polymer porous body
08/14/14Heat recovery-type heating device
06/26/14Thermal conductive stress relaxation structure
06/12/14All-solid-state lithium secondary battery and producing the same
05/29/14Battery and mixed molten liquid
05/22/14Dynamic quantity sensor and dynamic quantity sensor system
05/15/14Vehicle steering apparatus, method and non-transitory computer readable medium
04/17/14Light detector
03/13/14Local map generating device, local map generating system, global map generating device, global map generating system, and program
03/06/14Electrode for photovoltaic device
02/27/14Ferrite particle and production method thereof
02/20/14Diode, semiconductor device, and mosfet
12/26/13Bearing structure for internal combustion engine
12/19/13Rare earth magnet and process for producing same
12/12/13Electromagnetic coupling
11/28/13Rare earth magnet and producing the same
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11/28/13Sliding member and production same
10/24/13Photochemical reaction device
10/24/13Electrode active material, nonaqueous secondary battery electrode, and nonaqueous secondary battery
10/03/13Catalyst deterioration diagnosis method, purification of exhaust gas using the diagnosis method, catalyst deterioration diagnosis apparatus, and purification of exhaust gas using the diagnosis apparatus
10/03/13Spark ignition type internal combustion engine
09/26/13Photovoltaic device
09/19/13Compound semiconductor
08/08/13Resin composite material
08/08/13Motor-driving system
07/18/13Nitrogen-containing graphene structure and phosphor dispersion
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07/18/13Light emitting body
07/04/13Free casting method, free casting apparatus, and casting
06/06/13Ionic compound, producing the same, and ion conductive material
06/06/13Resin composite material
05/30/13Dc-dc converter comprising dc power sources to be connected in parallel or in series
05/30/13Positioning device and storage medium
05/30/13Nonaqueous secondary battery electrode, nonaqueous secondary battery including the same, and assembled battery
05/23/13Resin composition and electrically insulating part obtained from the same
05/16/13Traction drive mechanism
05/16/13Fine graphite particles, graphite particle-dispersed liquid containing the same, and producing fine graphite particles
04/25/13Semiconductor device
04/18/13Xylose isomerase and use thereof
04/04/13Electrode material for lithium secondary battery, producing the same, and lithium secondary battery including the same
03/28/13Chemical thermal energy storage material structure, producing the same, and chemical heat accumulator
03/14/13High heat-resistant member, producing the same, graphite crucible and producing single crystal ingot
03/07/13Battery temperature adjustment device
02/28/13Semiconductor device
02/14/13Nanoheterostructure and producing the same
01/10/13Surface treatment apparatus
12/13/12Material for trapping target substance, filter for trapping target substance, container for liquid organic compound, and engine oil
11/01/12Electric power storage system
10/11/12Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery
10/04/12Sheet-like tactile sensor system
10/04/12Surface modified material, sulfonimide compound for surface modification, and fuel cell
10/04/12Touch sensor system
09/27/12Steering apparatus, steering method, and computer readable storage medium
08/09/12Sensor device and producing sensor device
07/19/12Light energy conversion material
07/19/12Oriented amorphous carbon film and process for forming the same
07/05/12Hydrogen generator and internal combustion engine provided with hydrogen generator
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07/05/12Tabular member swinging device
07/05/12Steering apparatus
06/21/12Recycled magnesium alloy, process for producing the same, and magnesium alloy
06/14/12Copper brazing filler metal
06/07/12Porous composite metal oxide, catalyst using the same, and methods for producing the porous composite metal oxide and the catalyst
05/24/12Resistance welding method, resistance welder, and for evaluating resistance welding
05/10/12Rare earth magnet material and producing the same
03/08/12Transition metal silicide-si composite powder and manufacturing the same, and casiy-based powder for manufacturing transition metal silicide-si composite powder and manufacturing the same
03/01/12Surface-coated metal nanoparticles, producing the same, and metal nanoparticle paste comprising the same
03/01/12Nanocomposite and dispersion comprising the same
02/02/12Electrolyte, and fuel cell, li secondary battery, secondary battery and primary battery using the electrolyte
12/22/11Method and forming film
12/15/11Sulfide and photoelectric element
11/24/11Vehicle body structure
10/13/11Protein for constructing protein complex from clostridium thermocellum, and use thereof
10/06/11Garnet-type lithium ion-conducting oxide and all-solid-state lithium ion secondary battery containing the same
10/06/11Catalyst for purification of automobile exhaust gas and manufacturing the same
09/29/11Laminated structure provided with movable portion
09/29/11Light scanning apparatus and separation distance measurement apparatus
09/29/11Position estimation apparatus and computer readable medium storing position estimation program
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09/08/11Mems structure and manufacturing method thereof
06/23/11Resin composition
06/16/11Negative electrode active material for nonaqueous secondary battery, nonaqueous secondary battery, and using method
06/16/11Photocatalyst and reducing catalyst using the same
04/14/11Aqueous secondary battery
03/24/11Gas battery and use of gas battery
03/03/11Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable storage medium
02/24/11Process for synthesizing organic/inorganic composite
01/13/11Organic luminescent device and manufacturing method thereof
12/23/10Photovoltaic device
10/07/10Heat exchanger heat-utilization device and manufacturing the same
09/30/10Thermal fatigue testing device and recording medium recorded with a program
09/23/10Apparatus having a movable body
09/23/10Vehicle mounted converter
09/23/10Drive unit for rotating electrical machine
09/23/10Hydride composite and preparation process of hydrogen gas
09/23/10High temperature-resistant article, producing the same, and high temperature-resistant adhesive
09/16/10Hydrogen storage alloy, preparation process thereof, and hydrogen storage device
09/02/10Power transmission apparatus
09/02/10Micro device having a movable structure
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08/26/10Cell culture support and production method and uses thereof
08/26/10Obstacle avoidance control device and recording medium
08/12/10Conductive film, corrosion-resistant conduction film, corrosion-resistant conduction material and process for producing the same
07/29/10Secondary battery system and vehicle having secondary battery system
06/17/10Thermoelectric material and manufacturing the material
06/03/10Water based lithium secondary battery
05/06/10Vehicle safety device
04/22/10Casted aluminum alloy and producing the same as well as aluminum alloy material and producing the same
02/04/10Gas detecting method and gas detecting apparatus
01/21/10Use of cellobiohydrolase from phanerochaete
12/03/09Acid-resistance endoglucanase and the use of thereof
11/26/09Joined body and process for manufacturing the same
09/24/09Alkali metal air battery
08/20/09Composite material, composite material substrate, composite material dispersed fluid, and manufacturing methods thereof
08/13/09Metal separator for fuel cell and producing the same
07/30/09Vehicle, vehicle control device, and vehicle manufacturing method
07/02/09Method of producing solid-phase body having immobilized microobject and the use thereof
07/02/09Amorphous carbon film, process for forming amorphous carbon film, conductive member provided with amorphous carbon film, and fuel cell separator
07/02/09Catalyst for purification of exhaust gas, regeneration the catalyst, and purification of exhaust gas using the catalyst
06/25/09Angular velocity sensor
06/04/09Method for producing a nanostructured material
05/28/09Robot equipped with a gyro and gyro calibration apparatus, program, and method
04/23/09Structure having strong contact with solid particles, substrate having strong contact with solid particles, and manufacturing methods thereof
04/09/09Crosslinked type layered metal phosphonate compound, production process therefor, non-crosslinked type layered metal phosphonate compound, production process therefor, as well as stock solution
03/05/09Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
02/05/09Mobile radio communication system
02/05/09Road division line detector
12/12/13Electromagnetic coupling
01/21/10Use of cellobiohydrolase from phanerochaete

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