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Kaneka Corporation
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Kaneka Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Kaneka Corporation. Kaneka Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kaneka Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kaneka Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17Affinity separation matrix for purifying protein containing immunoglobulin k chain variable region
11/16/17Method for producing cell aggregates
11/09/17White light emitting organic el panel and producing same
11/02/17Led lamp heat sink
10/26/17Fab region-binding peptide
10/26/17Modified polyaspartic acid ester and curable resin composition
10/26/17Polyester resin composition and polyester resin formed article
10/19/17Arc resistant acrylic fiber, fabric for arc-protective clothing, and arc protective clothing
10/19/17Clip device for endoscope and installing indwelling clip
10/19/17Micro forceps
10/19/17Expandable thermoplastic resin particles, thermoplastic pre-expanded particles, and thermoplastic expansion-molded article
10/12/17Expandable methyl methacrylate resin particles, pre-expanded particles, expansion molded article, and evaporative pattern
10/05/17Medical clip device, producing medical clip device and operating thereof
10/05/17Photocurable and thermosetting resin composition, cured product, and laminate
10/05/17Conductive-layer-integrated flexible printed circuit board
09/28/17Epoxy resin composition for casting
09/28/17Expanded polypropylene resin particle
09/28/17Planar light-emitting panel and elastic jacket
09/21/17Injection needle device for endoscope
09/21/17Thermal interface materials made from graphite sheets under high vacuum condition
09/21/17Vector containing centromere dna sequence and use thereof
09/21/17Insulating coating material having excellent wear resistance
09/14/17Insulating coating material having excellent wear resistance
09/07/17Acrylic-fiber manufacturing method
08/17/17Novel lactic acid bacterium
08/17/17Method for priming hollow-fiber membrane module
08/17/17Alkoxysilane-modified polyamic acid solution, laminate and flexible device using same, and laminate manufacturing method
08/10/17Method for producing hydrophobic peptide
08/10/17Modified silicone resin foamed body
08/10/17Cell culture medium and culture method using the same
08/03/17Operating handle and stent delivery system
08/03/17Polypropylene resin foamed particles, in-mold foam molded body of polypropylene resin, and manufacturing same
08/03/17Method for producing polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer from saccharide raw material
08/03/17Battery pack and power storage unit including plurality of same
07/27/17Method for producing recombinant proteins using recombinant brevibacillus
07/27/17Method for producing gamma-glutamylcysteine and glutathione
07/20/17Method for producing siloxane resin
07/20/17Actinic radiation curable composition
07/20/17Polyolefin-based resin pre-expanded particle, in-mold foamed article, process for producing the polyolefin-based resin pre-expanded particle, and process for producing the in-mold foamed article
07/20/17Flowability improver for polycarbonate and polyarylate, polycarbonate resin composition, polyarylate resin composition, and molded article thereof
07/20/17Solar cell, solar cell module, manufacturing solar cell, and manufacturing solar cell module
07/13/17Polyester resin composition, molded article formed from such resin composition, and manufacturing such molded article
07/13/17Microorganism having multiple genes encoding pha synthase and producing pha using same
07/13/17Capacitive touch panel
07/13/17Sample transfer system and solar cell production method
07/13/17Sample-holding device, manufacturing solar cell, and manufacturing solar cell module
07/13/17Solar cell, manufacturing same, solar cell module, and manufacturing same
07/13/17Method for making crystalline silicon-based solar cell, and making solar cell module
07/06/17Thermoplastic resin composition and molded article thereof
07/06/17Alkoxysilane-modified polyamic acid solution, laminate and flexible device using same, polyimide film, and production laminate
06/29/17Method for producing extruded polystyrene foam
06/22/17Method for producing tri-carbobenzoxy-arginine
06/15/17Automotive led lamp heat sink
06/08/17Carrying support for medical tube, medical tube manufacturing system using such carrying support, medical tube manufacturing device using such carrying support and medical tube manufacturing method using such carrying support
06/08/17Conductive polypropylene-based foamed resin particles, production thereof, and polypropylene-based foamed molding article
06/08/17Light emission module, connector, and mounting structure for light emission module
06/01/17Varnish including 2-phenyl-4,4'-diaminodiphenyl ether, imide resin composition having excellent moldability, cured resin molded article having excellent breaking elongation, prepreg thereof, imide prepreg thereof, and fiber-reinforced material thereof having high heat resistance and excellent mechanical strength
06/01/17Solar cell module and manufacturing same
06/01/17Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and battery pack obtained by connecting plurality of non-aqueous electrolyte secondary batteries
06/01/17Composite solar cell, solar cell module, and concentrating solar cell
05/25/17Method for producing oxidized gamma-glutamylcysteine and oxidized glutathione
05/18/17Mold for in-mold foam-molding of polyolefin-based resin, manufacturing in-mold foam-molded article, and in-mold foam-molded article
05/18/17Method for producing b cell population
05/18/17Agrobacterium and producing transformed plant using the same
05/04/17Solar cell module and manufacturing same
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05/04/17Solar cell module and roof structure
04/20/17In vivo indwelling member and producing same
04/20/17Method for producing graphite film, rewinding same, and producing graphite composite film and graphite die-cutting product
04/20/17Optical resin composition and film
04/20/17Curable composition and cured object obtained therefrom
04/20/17Method for manufacturing compound semiconductor solar cell
04/13/17Method for manufacturing elastic tubular body
04/13/17Method for manufacturing coagulated particles from latex prepared by emulsion polymerization, aggregates from latex prepared by emulsion polymerization, and coagulated particles from latex prepared by emulsion polymerization
03/30/17Method for producing transparent conductive film
03/30/17Electronic terminal equipment and assembling same
03/23/17Transparent conductive film and producing same
03/23/17Crystalline silicon-based solar cell, crystalline-silicon solar cell module, and manufacturing methods therefor
03/16/17Method for manufacturing polyolefin resin in-mold-foam-molded article
03/16/17Graphite film and process for producing graphite film
03/02/17Inorganic nanoparticle dispersion liquid and producing same
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03/02/17Mold for in-mold foam molding of polyolefin-based resin, manufacturing in-mold foaming molded article, and in-mold foaming molded article
03/02/17Film obtained by laminating coating layer made of fluorine-containing acrylic resin on base film
02/23/17Graphite film and producing graphite film
02/23/17(meth)acryloyl-terminated polyisobutylene polymer, producing the same, and active energy ray-curable composition
02/23/17Polymer having terminal structure including plurality of reactive silicon groups, manufacturing same, and use for same
02/23/17Highly oriented graphite
02/16/17Process for producing graphite film and graphite film produced thereby
02/16/17Polymer having terminal structure including plurality of reactive silicon groups, manufacturing same, and use for same
02/09/17Lacrimal duct tube
02/09/17Attachment structure for light-emitting panels, aligned-arrangement structure for light-emitting panels, and light-emitting panel
02/02/17Method for manufacturing fermented food composition
02/02/17Polypropylene-based resin sheet and formed object
02/02/17Optical resin composition and film
02/02/17Thermoplastic polyurethane resin composition, conductor covering material, and manufacturing these
01/26/17Optical resin composition and film
01/26/17Positive photosensitive composition, thin film transistor, and compound
01/19/17Touch panel, display device, and touch panel manufacturing method
01/12/17Polyolefin resin composition for hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive film, and laminate
01/12/17Curable composition
01/12/17Microorganism having regulated expression of (r)-specific enoyl-coa hydratase gene and producing polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer using same
01/05/17Method for producing graphite film
12/29/16Curable composition
12/29/16Cell culture medium and culture method using the same
12/15/16Method for reducing critical micelle concentration, and surfactant composition
12/15/16Short-chain rna detection method
12/08/16Transgenic avian which has foreign gene containing sequence encoding feline-derived protein and production thereof
12/01/16Substrate with transparent electrode and producing same
12/01/16Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery pack of same
12/01/16Light emission module, connector, and mounting structure for light emission module
11/24/16Method of producing polyester resin composition and polyester resin molded article
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11/10/16Lacrimal duct tube
11/10/16Method of producing film
11/10/16Method for manufacturing optical film
11/10/16Optical thermoplastic resin and formed body
11/10/16Curable composition and cured product thereof
11/10/16Aliphatic polyester resin composition and aliphatic polyester resin molded article
11/10/16I-v measurement device for solar cell, manufacturing solar cell, and solar cell module
11/03/16Polyolefin resin foam particles, and polyolefin resin in-mold expansion molded article
11/03/16Optical resin composition and molded article
10/20/16Polyethylene resin foamed particles, polyethylene resin in-mold foam-molded article, and production methods thereof
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10/20/16Flame-retardant polybutylene terephthalate resin composition
10/20/16Highly-thermally-conductive resin composition, and resin material for heat dissipation/heat transfer and thermally conductive film comprising same
10/20/16Process for producing coenzyme q10
10/20/16Solar cell and production method therefor, and solar cell module
10/13/16Resin material and film thereof
10/06/16Reduced coenzyme q10 crystal having excellent stability
10/06/16Fab region-binding peptide
09/22/16Extruded polystyrene foam and manufacturing same
09/22/16Retardation film, and optical compensation layer, optical compensation polarizing plate, liquid crystal display device and organic el display device each using said retardation film
09/15/16Novel cell separation filter material and filter obtained by layering same
09/15/16Tetrapeptide compound and producing same
09/01/16Coating layer, coating solution, forming coating layer, and producing medical tool
09/01/16Production porous cellulose beads, and adsorbent employing same
09/01/16Aliphatic polyester resin composition and aliphatic polyester resin molded article
09/01/16Core-shell polymer-containing epoxy resin composition, cured product thereof and preparing the same
09/01/16Method for producing hydrocarbon fluid from hydrocarbon fluid-rich shale
08/25/16Method for producing porous cellulose beads and adsorbent employing same
08/25/16Process for producing porous cellulose beads using alkali aqueous solution, carrier for ligand immobilization, and adsorbent
08/25/16Polymer fine particle-containing curable resin composition having improved storage stability
08/25/16Method for preparing a small-diameter chromatography column
08/25/16Graphite sheet, producing same, laminated board for wiring, graphite wiring material, and process for producing wiring board
08/18/16Method for producing porous cellulose beads
08/18/16Novel antibody purification method, antibody obtained therefrom, novel antibody purification method using cation exchanger, and antibody obtained therefrom
08/18/16High molecular weight pha-producing microbe and producing high molecular weight pha using same
08/11/16Method for producing amniotic mesenchymal stromal cell composition, cryopreserving the same, and therapeutic agent
08/11/16Bulk-density measuring device for pre-expanded particles and manufacturing pre-expanded particles
08/11/16Polyester fiber
08/04/16Method for inducing differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells and selecting the same
07/28/16Composition containing reduced coenzyme q10 and production method thereof
07/28/16Dissociation capacity-boosted ligand for affinity dissociation matrix
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07/28/16Polyester resin composition and molded article comprising resin composition
07/21/16Extruded polystyrene foam and producing same
07/21/16Nucleic acid detection method, and device and kit for use in same
07/14/16Surfactant composition
07/14/16Flame-retardant fabric, producing same and fireprotective clothes comprising same
07/07/16Method for reducing surface free energy and composition having reduced surface free energy
07/07/16Graphite film
07/07/16Method for producing graphite film
06/30/16Anti-glare film for solar cell module, solar cell module provided with anti-glare film, and manufacturing same
06/23/16Phosphazene containing rubber graft copolymer and thermoplastic resin composition thereof
06/23/16Soft thermoplastic resin composition
06/23/16Method for screening for pluripotent stem cell growth-promoting factor
06/23/16Solar cell, manufacturing method therefor, solar-cell module, and manufacturing method therefor
06/23/16Method for producing film and flexible metal-clad laminate
06/16/16Protein ligand for affinity isolation matrix
06/16/16Method for producing cell concentrate, and cell suspension treatment system
06/16/16Novel glucose dehydrogenase
06/09/16Soft thermoplastic resin composition
06/02/16Novel polypeptide, and use thereof
06/02/16High thermal conductivity thermoplastic resin composition with excellent injection moldability
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06/02/16Active energy-ray-curable resin composition for coating organic or inorganic substrate
06/02/16Heat dissipating structure
05/26/16Method for producing liquid food composition
05/26/16Liquid food composition
05/26/16Active energy ray-curable composition
05/26/16Protein having nadh and/or nadph oxidase activity
05/19/16Polypropylene resin foamed particles and polypropylene resin in-mold foam molded article having excellent flame retardancy and electric conductivity
05/19/16Curable composition
05/19/16Electroconductive polypropylene resin foamed particles and electroconductive polypropylene resin in-mold foam molded article having excellent flame retardancy and electric conductivity
05/19/16Solar cell module and producing solar cell module
05/12/16Solar cell module and producing solar cell module
05/12/16Solar cell and manufacture thereof, and solar cell module
05/12/16Method for manufacturing crystalline silicon-based solar cell and manufacturing crystalline silicon-based solar cell module
05/05/16Stent, producing same and device for producing same
05/05/16Fd chain gene or l chain gene capable of increasing secretion amount of fab-type antibody
05/05/16Curable resin composition, structural adhesive, coating material or fiber reinforced composite material using the same, foam body using the same, laminate using the same, and cured material thereof
05/05/16Method for evaluating arc-resistance performance and arc-resistance performance evaluation device
05/05/16Solar cell, manufacturing method therefor, solar cell module, and manufacturing method therefor
05/05/16Solar cell, production method therefor, and solar cell module
05/05/16Solar cell, solar cell module, manufacturing solar cell, and manufacturing solar cell module
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04/28/16Coating compositions and coating products made therefrom
04/21/16Curable composition, and cured product thereof
04/14/16Method for producing poly-3-hydroxyalkanoic acid and agglomerates thereof
04/14/16Solar cell module and producing same
03/31/16Fiber for artificial hair and hair ornament product including same
03/31/16Polyester resin composition and formed article including resin composition
03/24/16Polyimide resin composition and varnish produced from terminal-modified imide oligomer prepared using 2-phenyl-4,4'-diaminodiphenyl ether and thermoplastic aromatic polyimide prepared using oxydiphthalic acid, polyimide resin composition molded article and prepreg having excellent heat resistance and mechanical characteristic, and fiber-reinforced composite material thereof
03/17/16Insulating coating material and use of same
03/03/16Medical tubular body
03/03/16Curable composition
02/25/16Resin composition and film thereof
02/18/16Method for producing carbonaceous film, producing graphite film, roll of polymer film, and roll of carbonaceous film
02/18/16Cleaning agent for washing out silicone stain
02/18/16Solar cell module and solar cell array
02/11/16Modified carbonyl reducing enzyme and gene
02/11/16Production copolymer polyhydroxyalkanoate using genetically modified strain of fatty acid ß-oxidation pathway
02/11/16Conductive film substrate, transparent conductive film, and producing transparent conductive film
02/04/16Moisture-curable reactive hot-melt adhesive agent composition
01/28/16Polymer production method
01/28/16Optical resin material and optical film
01/21/16Method and device of manufacturing compound-semiconductor thin-film
01/14/16Method for manufacturing foamed polypropylene-resin particles
12/31/15Method for producing resin molded body and graphite sheet laminate
12/31/15Rna preparation method
12/24/15Alkoxysilane-modified polyamic acid solution, laminate and flexible device each produced using same, and producing laminate
12/24/15Polyester resin composition, and molded article containing said resin composition
12/24/15Water-resistant regenerated collagen fiber containing zirconium salt and phosphorus compound, producing the same, and fiber bundle for hair containing the same
12/24/15Solar cell and manufacturing same, and solar cell module
12/17/15Formyl group-containing porous support, adsorbent using same, producing same, and producing the adsorbent
12/10/15Lacrimal duct tube
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12/10/15Resin composition, resin molded article, and methods respectively for producing these products
12/03/15Substrate with transparent electrode and manufacturing same
12/03/15Heat dissipation structure
11/26/15Film manufacturing method, film manufacturing device, and jig
11/05/15Heat insulating sheet, heat insulating material, manufacturing heat insulating sheet, and manufacturing heat insulating material
11/05/15Process for producing optically active bicyclic urea compound
11/05/15Current collector for battery and battery using same
10/29/15Reduced coenzyme q10 derivative and production thereof
10/22/15Heat storage material composition, heat storage material and transport container
10/22/15Collector for bipolar lithium ion secondary batteries, and bipolar lithium ion secondary battery
10/15/15Method for producing in-vivo indwelling member
10/15/15Aliphatic polyester resin composition and molded article containing this resin composition
10/08/15Method for producing reduced coenzyme q10
10/08/15Polypropylene resin foamed particles, polypropylene resin in-mold foam molded article, and producing same
09/24/15Structural body
09/24/15Method for producing crystalline silicon solar cell, producing solar cell module, crystalline silicon solar cell, and solar cell module
09/17/15Curable composition
09/10/15Lacrimal duct tube
09/10/15Polyester resin composition and molded article containing this resin composition
09/03/15Acrylic resin film
09/03/15Solar cell module with anti-glare film and manufacturing same, anti-glare film for solar cell modules and manufacturing same, and coating solution for forming anti-glare film
08/27/15Lactic acid bacterium-containing preparation
08/27/15Polyethylene-based resin foamed particles, polyethylene-based resin in-mold-foam-molded body, and producing polyethylene-based resin foamed particles
08/27/15Pile fabric and manufacturing the same
08/20/15Process for producing graphite film
08/20/15Polyester resin composition and producing same
08/13/15Mixed-mode antibody affinity separation matrix and purification method using the same, and the target molecules
08/13/15Method for producing substrate with transparent electrode, and substrate with transparent electrode

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