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Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven K u Leuven R x26 d
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Ku Leuven R x26 d
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven K u leuven R x26 d
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven K u Leuven R x26 D
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Ku Leuven Research x26 Development
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven_20100114
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven_20100107
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven K u leuven R x26 D
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven kul

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven patents

Recent patent applications related to Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, we're just tracking patents.

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04/13/17Strategies to prevent and/or treat immune responses to soluble allofactors
03/09/17Solvent resistant thin film composite membrane and its preparation
02/02/17Preform, sheet material, and composite sheet material
01/19/17Oxidative stress and cardiovascular disease events
01/12/17Biomarker panel for assessment of mucosal healing
12/22/16Nanopore biosensors for detection of proteins and nucleic acids
12/01/16Dual targeting of tafi and pai-1
11/24/16Prebiotic oral care compositions containing carboxylic acids
11/24/16Prebiotic oral care compositions containing an alkyl glycoside
11/10/16Prebiotic oral care compositions containing amino acids
11/10/16Methods for pancreatic islet transplantation
11/03/16Prebiotic oral care methods using a saccharide
10/20/16Pharmaceutical composition
10/13/16Novel viral replication inhibitors
10/13/16Monitoring dna amplification
09/29/16Complexity-reduced simulation of circuit reliability
09/22/16Plasma etching of porous substrates
09/15/16An intra-module dc-dc converter and a pv-module comprising same
08/25/16New pradimicin derivatives for the treatment of diseases caused by kinetoplastids
07/21/16Bacterial artificial chromosomes
07/21/16Haplotyping and copy number typing using polymorphic variant allelic frequencies
07/07/16Immunogenic peptides and their use in immune disorders
06/23/16Organic photovoltaic cells with enhanced photocurrent
06/02/16System and heart rate detection
05/26/16Methods for differentiating cells into hepatic stellate cells and hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells, cells produced by the method, and methods for using the cells
05/26/16Low voltage supply amplifier and amplification method
05/19/16Method for the treatment of dravet syndrome
05/05/16Novel gak modulators
04/28/163-carboxy substituted coumarin derivatives with a potential utility for the treatment of cancer diseases
04/21/16A determining the plunger load of a baler
04/21/16Method for forming thin film chalcogenide layers
02/25/16Automated monitoring of animal nutriment ingestion
02/25/16Nanopore biosensors for detection of proteins and nucleic acids
12/24/15Method for manufacturing objects by selective sintering
12/10/15An generating motion around a remote centre of motion
11/26/15Hybrid self-reinforced composite material
11/26/15Novel antiviral compounds
11/19/15Exercise system and method
10/29/15Growth factor cocktail to enhance osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal cells
10/15/15Phosphonucleosides useful in the treatment of viral disorders
10/15/15Solvent resistant polymeric membranes
10/01/15Method and system for distributing and/or controlling an energy flow taking into account constraints relating to the electricity network
09/17/15Pharmaceutical composition of an antigenic tau peptide reconstituted in a liposome and related antibodies and cell lines
09/03/15High-throughput genotyping by sequencing low amounts of genetic material
08/20/15Method for synthesis of thin film composite membranes
08/13/15Method and examining eggs
08/06/15Elimination of immune responses to viral vectors
07/16/15Bottles with means to prevent gushing
07/02/15Probe configuration and fabrication thereof
06/25/15Humanized tau antibody
06/25/15Nano-electro-mechanical based memory
06/25/15Magnetic multilayer stack
05/21/15Discrimination container generation device and pattern detection device
05/07/15Methods for induction of antigen-specific regulatory t cells
05/07/15Novel anti-cancer compounds
04/23/15Immunogenic control of tumours and tumour cells
04/09/15Selector for rram
03/19/15Compositions for the treatment or prophylaxis of viral infections
02/19/15Novel viral replication inhibitors
12/25/14Patterning device
12/18/14Modified epitopes for boosting cd4+ t-cell responses
10/30/14Cell therapy for myelodysplastic syndromes
08/28/14Anticonvulsant activity of turmeric oil and bisabolene sesquiterpenoids
08/07/14Cancer phospholipidome
07/31/14Non-invasive in-situ radiation dosimetry
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07/24/14Poly oligosiloxysilane
07/03/14Optimized methods for differentiation of cells into cells with hepatocyte and hepatocyte progenitor phenotypes, cells produced by the methods, and methods for using the cells
06/12/14Antibodies to phosphorylated tau aggregates
04/03/14Alpha synuclein toxicity
03/20/14Novel treatment of pain
01/30/14Vibro-acoustic attenuation or reduced energy transmission
12/19/13Compositions for the treatment or prophylaxis of viral infections
12/05/13Agents for increased resistance against oxidative stress conditions
09/19/13Novel antiviral compounds
08/22/13Bionic eye lens
08/15/13Sensor for detecting hydraulic liquids in aircraft
05/16/13Adiabatic scanning calorimeter
05/09/13Sensor for detecting liquid spilling
05/09/13Compositions and methods for removal or destruction of amyloid fibril or amyloid adhesin comprising aggregates
05/09/13Phospholipid profiling and cancer
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04/04/13Methods for haplotyping single cells
02/21/13Ion conductor and solid state battery
01/31/13Compounds, compositions, and methods for controlling biofilms
12/13/12Novel antiviral compounds
09/27/12Novel phosph(on)ate- and sulf(on)ate-based phosphate modified nucleosides useful as substrates for polymerases and as antiviral agents
05/24/12Novel viral replication inhibitors
03/15/12Variability resilient sense amplifier with reduced energy consumption
03/08/12Thieno [2, 3-b] pyridine derivatives as viral replication inhibitors
03/01/12Hepatocellular carcinoma
11/03/11Deposition from ionic liquids
10/20/11Secreted modular calcium binding protein for intracellular modulation of bone morphogenetic protein signaling
09/29/11Method for performing parallel stochastic assembly
08/11/11Large time constant steering circuit and instrumentation amplifier implementing same
07/21/11Response characterization of an electronic system under variability effects
06/16/11Scalable quantum well device and manufacturing the same
05/12/11Stem cell aggregates and methods for making and using
05/12/11Method for determining a data format for processing data and device employing the same
04/14/11Method for enhancing the reliability of a p-channel semiconductor device and a p-channel semiconductor device made thereof
03/17/11Memory circuit with multi-sized sense amplifier redundancy
03/03/11Gene signatures
03/03/11Method and device for reducing power consumption in application specific instruction set processors
02/03/11Method for insertion bonding and device thus obtained
02/03/11Citrullinated cytokines
01/13/11Method and device for multiple input-multiple output detection
12/16/10Frequency domain equalization continuous phase modulated signals
12/16/10Method for generating a data block for transmission using a cpm scheme
12/09/10Near full-genome assay of hcv drug resistance
12/02/10Method for resolving network contention
11/04/10Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccines
09/23/10Method and determining the junction depth of a semiconductor region
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09/16/10Organic light-emitting device with field-effect enhanced mobility
08/05/10Light-emitting materials for electroluminescent devices
07/29/10Method and system for operating in hard real time
06/10/10Method and real-time/on-line performing of multi view multimedia applications
05/06/10Method for fabricating a dual work function semiconductor device and the device made thereof
04/15/10Imidazo [1, 2-a] pyrrolo [3, 2-c] pyridine compounds useful as pestivirus inhibitors
01/14/10Oligonucleotide arrays
01/07/10Method for determining the doping profile of a partially activated doped semiconductor region
12/24/09Process for release of biologically active species
12/03/09Method for forming a group iii nitride material on a silicon substrate
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11/19/09Scalable quantum well device and manufacturing the same
09/10/09Method and system for code compilation
08/06/09Large time constant steering circuit and instrumentation amplifier implementing same
03/26/09Method of operating quantum-mechanical memory and computational devices
01/14/10Oligonucleotide arrays
01/07/10Method for determining the doping profile of a partially activated doped semiconductor region
07/22/10Method for improving mechanical properties of polymer particles and its applications
03/09/17Solvent resistant thin film composite membrane and its preparation
03/20/14Inhibition and treatment of biofilms
03/16/17Magnetic topological soliton detection
03/02/17Analysis and sorting of objects in flow
02/23/17Method for verifying a pattern of features printed by a lithography process
01/26/17Novel antiviral and antitumoral compounds
01/19/17Method for designing a lithographic mask
01/05/17Sensing device with array of microelectrodes
11/10/16Method for fabricating solid-state thin film batteries
10/20/16Digital frontend system for a radio transmitter and a method thereof
07/14/16Solid-state batteries and methods for fabrication
07/07/16Group iii-n lateral schottky barrier diode and manufacturing thereof
06/23/16Decreasing the critical dimensions in integrated circuits
06/23/16Method and real-time monitoring of plasma etch uniformity
06/23/16Conductive bridging memory device
06/02/16Method for operating a conductive bridging memory device
05/19/16Molybdenum disulfide film formation and transfer to a substrate
04/21/16Error resilient digital signal processing device
04/21/16Method for dissolving chalcogen elements and metal chalcogenides in non-hazardous solvents
04/21/16System and compressed sensing
03/17/16Simulation of photovoltaic modules
11/26/15Hyperdrive and neuroprobes for stimulation purposes
11/26/15Use of compounds that selectively modulate astrocytic release of substances through hemichannels of connexins and pannexins, without influencing gap junctions, for the treatment of psychiatric disorders
Patent Packs
10/01/15Quality assessment of directed self-assembling method
09/03/15High-throughput genotyping by sequencing low amounts of genetic material
08/13/15Plasma reducing post-lithography line width roughness
08/06/15Implantable sers sensing device and method to fabricate
06/25/15Method for aligning micro-electronic components
06/18/15Integrated fluorescence detection
06/18/15Plasmonic wavelength selective switch
06/18/15Method for activating a porous layer surface
06/18/15Bilayer graphene tunneling field effect transistor
05/07/15Method for cleaning and passivating chalcogenide layers
04/23/15Module-level processing of silicon photovoltaic cells
04/16/15Electrical polynucleotide mapping
03/26/15Method for the extraction of recombination characteristics at metallized semiconductor surfaces
01/29/15Iii-v semiconductor device with interfacial layer
01/22/15Method for fabricating photovoltaic cells with plated contacts
12/25/14Pinned photodiode (ppd) pixel architecture with separate avalanche region
12/25/14Analysis and sorting of objects in flow
12/04/14Optical stimulation device
05/01/14Method and determining the myocardial inotropic state
01/12/17Inhibition of neat1 for treatment of solid tumors
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11/10/16Indole amide derivatives and related compounds for use in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
10/27/16Adam10 inhibition to treat fragile x syndrome
10/20/16Specific alleles important for ethanol tolerance
09/22/16Inhibition of a lncrna for treatment of melanoma
07/07/16Therapeutically active pyrazolo-pyrimidine derivatives
04/28/16Single domain antibodies against sod1 and their use in medicine
03/10/16Yeast alleles involved in maximal alcohol accumulation capacity and tolerance to high alcohol levels
02/04/16Antiviral activity of novel bicyclic heterocycles
10/29/15Identification of thermotolerance genes in yeast
10/22/15Restoring phosphorylation of a novel pink1 substrate to treat parkinson's disease
10/01/15Therapeutically active oxazoline derivatives
09/17/15Modulating transendothelial migration and recruitment of granulocytes by modulating c-met pathway
08/13/15Mutant yeast strain with decreased glycerol production
03/19/15Means and methods for generating improved proteins
02/05/15Thiazolopyrimidine modulators as immunosuppressive agents
10/02/14Autoimmune and inflammatory disorder therapy
03/06/14Indole amide derivatives and related compounds for use in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
07/25/13Antiviral activity of novel bicyclic heterocycles
10/04/12Antifungal compounds
09/20/12Bace1 inhibitory antibodies
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05/03/12Novel phosphate modified nucleosides useful as substrates for polymerases and as antiviral agents
02/23/12Thiazolopyrimidine modulators as immunosuppressive agents
06/16/11Functional layers of biomolecules and living cells, and a novel system to produce such
02/17/11Targeted radiotherapy
09/09/10Tools and methods for genetic tests using next generation sequencing
09/10/09Method and preventing galvanic corrosion in semiconductor processing
11/26/15Novel compound, pharmaceutically acceptable salt or optical isomer thereof, preparing the same, and pharmaceutical composition for prevention or treatment of viral diseases containing same as active ingredient
10/27/16Mutant nnk1 allele and its use
08/18/16Single domain antibodies capable of modulating bace activity
06/16/16Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 inhibitors for inhibition of pathological angiogenesis
06/09/16Pyrimidine hydroxy amide compounds for treating peripheral neuropathy
01/14/16Endolysin obpgplys
10/22/15Means and diagnosis and treatment of alzheimer's disease
07/16/15Plasma membrane isolation
04/30/15Antimicrobial agents
03/12/15Single domain antibodies capable of modulating bace activity
01/22/15Endolysin obpgplys
01/15/15Monocyte biomarkers for cancer detection
07/31/14Viral replication inhibitors
03/27/14Anti-cancer activity of novel bicyclic heterocycles
01/16/14Novel endolysin
06/27/13System and implementing a multiplication
03/28/13Method and device for thermal insulation of micro-reactors
11/22/12Banana promoters
05/31/12Screening for compounds that modulate gpr3-mediated beta-arrestin signaling and amyloid beta peptide generation
09/15/11Novel inhibitors of flavivirus replication
07/28/11Method for manufacturing a micromachined device and the micromachined device made thereof
07/28/11Thin film wafer level package
06/02/11Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and semiconductor devices resulting therefrom
04/28/11Method of forming mono-crystalline germanium or silicon germanium
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03/17/11Anti-cancer combination therapy
03/10/11Process for release of biologically active species
02/10/11Two layer transformer
01/20/11Active interface device
01/13/11Fabrication of porogen residues free and mechanically robust low-k materials
12/23/10Method for forming mems devices having low contact resistance and devices obtained thereof
09/23/10Novel immunotherapy strategy
08/19/10Method for encapsulating a device in a microcavity
04/15/10Surface treatment and passivation of aigan/gan hemt
12/17/09Inhibition of vwf - gpib/v/ix interaction and platelet-collagen interaction for prevention and treatment of cerebral attacks
10/01/09Synthesis of zeolite crystals and formation of carbon nanostructures in patterned structures
08/13/09Msmb-gene based diagnosis, staging and prognosis of prostate cancer
07/30/09Process for release of biologically active species
03/12/09Cleaning of plasma chamber walls using noble gas cleaning step
03/12/09Quantification of hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties of materials
10/13/16Indanone derivatives, pharmaceutically acceptable salts or optical isomers thereof, preparation same, and pharmaceutical compositions containing same as active ingredient for preventing or treating viral diseases
09/22/161,3-di-oxo-indene derivative, pharmaceutically acceptable salt or optical isomer thereof, preparation method thereof, and pharmaceutical composition containing same as an antiviral, active ingredient
02/07/13Intensity normalization in imaging mass spectrometry
08/12/10Oligonucleotide compositions for the treatment of alzheimer's disease

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