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Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20100121
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20131212


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Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Recent patent applications related to Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha. Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
08/25/16 new patent  Multi-axis robot power shut-off device and multi-axis robot
08/25/16 new patent  Motorcycle
08/25/16 new patent  Robot and control robot
08/18/16Electric vehicle
08/11/16Truck for railcar
08/04/16Carbody of railcar
08/04/16Side entrance and railcar including same
08/04/16Hydraulic drive system
08/04/16Electric vehicle
07/28/16Railcar bogie
07/28/16Engine supercharger
07/21/16Rotary unit of supercharger for engine and balance adjustment method thereof
07/21/16Supercharger for engine
07/21/16Motive-power transmission device for supercharger
07/21/16Rotary unit
07/21/16Planetary gear device
07/21/16Valve device
07/21/16Ultrasonic flaw detector
07/21/16Ultrasonic flaw detector and operating ultrasonic flaw detector
07/14/16Method of producing plate spring for railcar bogie
07/14/16Panel locking device for vehicle cargo bed
07/14/16Lubricating structure for power transmitting system
07/07/16Gasket for electrical junction box of railcar and electrical junction box of railcar
07/07/16High-lift device of flight vehicle
07/07/16Gasket for electrical junction box of railcar and electrical junction box of railcar
06/30/16Door of utility vehicle and utility vehicle with the door
06/30/16Utility vehicle
06/30/16Utility vehicle
06/30/16Utility vehicle
06/30/16Utility vehicle
06/30/16Utility vehicle
06/30/16Air spring and railcar
06/30/16Utility vehicle
06/30/16Cargo bed and utility vehicle with the cargo bed
06/30/16Utility vehicle
06/30/16Straddle-type vehicle
06/30/16Cooling fan
06/30/16Utility vehicle
06/30/16Oil level detector
06/23/16Gas mixer
06/23/16Sliding structure for vehicle seat
06/23/16Accessory mounting structure to vehicle dashboard
06/23/16Straddle-type vehicle
06/23/16Supercharger for engine
06/16/16Railcar head structure
06/16/16Front cover assembly of utility vehicle
06/16/16High-lift device of flight vehicle
06/16/16Fuel injection device for gas turbine
06/16/16Fuel injection device for gas turbine
06/09/16Vehicle, straddle-type vehicle, and driving throttle valve
06/02/16Method of and dividing plate member made of brittle material
06/02/16Railcar collision energy absorbing device and railcar
05/26/16Tightening structure for cylinder head bolt
05/26/16Control device and control microgrid
05/19/16Carbon dioxide separation and recovery system and method
05/19/16Double-shell tank and liquefied gas carrier ship
05/12/16Hydraulic circuit for controlling continuously variable transmission
05/05/16Construction machine energy regeneration apparatus
05/05/16Exhaust device for combustion engine
05/05/16Component assembly work support system and component assembly method
04/28/16Turbine blade cooling structure
04/28/16Heat receiving tile formed of carbon fiber composite material and manufacturing the same
04/21/16Arc welding control system and method
04/21/16Robot having end effector and operating the same
04/21/16Saccharification reaction apparatus
04/21/16End effector
04/14/16Spinning thickening forming method and spinning thickening forming apparatus
04/14/16Straddle-type vehicle and seat structure thereof
04/14/16Rotating body provided with blades
04/14/16Toroidal-type stepless transmission
03/31/16Coupler system and railcar
03/31/16Meter display device for vehicle
03/24/16Railcar bogie
03/24/16Exhaust muffler device for combustion engine
03/17/16Friction stir welding apparatus and friction stir welding method
03/17/16Off-road vehicle
03/17/16Railcar bogie
03/17/16Heat-shielding structure for periphery of ignition switch
03/17/16Double-shell ship tank structure and liquefied gas carrier
03/17/16Piston included in liquid-pressure rotating device and liquid-pressure rotating device
03/17/16Workpiece machining work support system and workpiece machining method
03/17/16Component mounting work support system and component mounting method
03/10/16Harness support structure of motorcycle
03/10/16Exhaust pipe side cover for motorcycle
03/10/16Double-jet film cooling structure and manufacturing same
03/10/16Air cleaner for motorcycle
03/10/16Centrifugal clutch
03/10/16Support structure of ship tank, and liquefied gas carrier
03/03/16Exhaust chamber for saddle-riding type vehicle
03/03/16Air intake chamber for saddled vehicle
03/03/16Air intake chamber for saddled vehicle
03/03/16Air intake chamber for saddled vehicle
02/25/16Guide device for guide rail-type vehicle, and guide rail-type vehicle
02/25/16Supporting structure for rear parts of motorcycle
02/25/16Exhaust device of motorcycle
02/25/16Vehicle gear-type speed changer and motorcycle speed reducer
02/18/16Straddle-type vehicle
02/18/16Component mounting structure of vehicle
02/18/16Heat storage mechanism of heat exchanger
02/11/16Air intake device for motorcycle
02/11/16Drive control system of operating machine, operating machine including drive control system, and drive control operating machine
02/04/16Motorcycle immobilizer amplifier mount structure
02/04/16Side stand of motorcycle
02/04/16Breather device for combustion engine
02/04/16Multifuel gas turbine combustor
01/28/16Parallel cardan driving system steering bogie
01/28/16Guide device for rail-guided vehicle, and rail-guided vehicle
01/14/16Car air conditioning duct and railcar
01/14/16Hinged door
01/14/16Fuel evaporative gas treatment device for fuel tank
01/14/16Fusible plug type pressure relief valve
01/07/16Railcar bodyshell
01/07/16Grid-interconnected power converter
12/31/15Hydraulic rotary apparatus
12/24/15Floor structure of railcar and railcar including same
12/17/15Multifuel gas turbine combustor
12/10/15Surgical robot
12/10/15Mist separator
12/10/15Railcar bogie and railcar including same
12/10/15Method for producing concentrated saccharified solution
12/10/15End effector device
12/10/15Combined power generation system having power converting apparatus
12/03/15Vehicle air-conditioning system and railroad vehicle equipped with same
12/03/15Surgical robot and controlling the same
12/03/15Vehicle air-conditioning system and railroad vehicle equipped with same
12/03/15Railcar bogie
12/03/15Railcar bogie
12/03/15Electric vehicle
12/03/15Separation mechanism of space structure
12/03/15Damper structure for clutch
12/03/15Damper for use in clutch
12/03/15Sliding seal and seal structure
11/26/15Method for removing bacterial contaminants from saccharified solution and fermentation system
11/26/15Nursing bed and shape change method thereof
11/19/15Spinning forming device
11/19/15Electric vehicle
11/19/15Straddle-type vehicle
11/19/15Electric vehicle
11/19/15Electric vehicle
11/19/15Electric vehicle
11/19/15Method for recovering saccharide from saccharified slurry, and washing device for washing residue
11/19/15Saccharified solution production method and saccharified solution production apparatus that use cellulosic biomass as starting material
11/19/15Control method and control system for parallel operation between different types of power generator
11/12/15Joint seal structure of robot
11/12/15Automatic cell detachment device and cell detachment system
11/05/15Electric vehicle
11/05/15Control device of electric vehicle
11/05/15Electric vehicle
11/05/15Cell detachment device
10/29/15Curved plate for railcar bodyshell, front car bodyshell, and manufacturing curved plate for railcar bodyshell
10/29/15Side mirror for straddle vehicle
10/29/15Oil level detection mechanism
10/29/15Transmission apparatus
10/29/15V-belt type continuously variable transmission
10/29/15V-belt type continuously variable transmission
10/29/15Speed change apparatus of vehicle
10/29/15Speed change apparatus of vehicle
10/29/15Substrate conveying system
10/29/15Power generation unit of integrated gearbox design for aircraft engine
10/22/15Vehicle and electric power supply device thereof
10/22/15Method of manufacturing formed component for aircraft use made of aluminum alloy and formed component for aircraft use
10/22/15Gear structure of transmission
10/15/15Straddle electric vehicle
10/15/15Electric vehicle and carrying out battery for electric vehicle
10/15/15Side bodyshell of railcar
10/15/15Liquid-pressure control device
10/15/15Stator of superconducting rotating machine, and superconducting rotating machine
10/08/15Electric vehicle
10/01/15Electric vehicle
10/01/15Regenerative brake control system of electric vehicle
10/01/15Regenerative brake control system of electric vehicle
10/01/15Assembling mandrel used for manufacturing composite material structure and assembling apparatus of mandrel
10/01/15Exhaust apparatus
10/01/15Engine supercharger
10/01/15Multi-fuel-capable gas turbine combustor
10/01/15Supercharging system for engine
10/01/15Saddled vehicle
10/01/15Battery pack for electric vehicle
10/01/15Electric vehicle, and battery pack
10/01/15Cooling medium supply/discharge device and superconducting rotary machine including cooling medium supply/discharge device
10/01/15Visible light communication system
09/24/15Fuel supply controlling device for divided-chamber gas engine
09/24/15Stretch forming system and stretch forming method
09/24/15Electric vehicle
09/24/15Headlight device for motorcycle
09/24/15Conveyance system and conveyance conveyance system
09/24/15Field rotor of superconducting rotating machine
09/17/15Motorcycle fuel tank cover
09/17/15Regenerative brake control system of electric vehicle
09/17/15Saddled vehicle
09/10/15Assembling management system of electric vehicle and assembling electric vehicle
09/10/15Railcar bogie including axle spring
09/10/15Assembling method and assembling management electric vehicle
09/10/15Fuel pump
09/03/15Electric vehicle
09/03/15Load measurement method and apparatus, railcar provided with load measurement apparatus, and load management system
08/27/15Vehicle transmission
08/20/15Friction stir spot welding device and friction stir spot welding method
08/20/15Saddle type electric vehicle
08/20/15Imaging inspection apparatus, control device thereof, and controlling imaging inspection apparatus
08/13/15Disassembling mandrel used for manufacturing composite material structure and disassembling apparatus of mandrel
08/13/15Sunlight-utilizing gas turbine power generation system provided with hydrogen-generating unit
08/13/15Variable displacement pump regulator
08/13/15Superconducting field pole
08/06/15Laser machining device for use in patterning
08/06/15Straddle-type vehicle
08/06/15Piston of axial piston pump motor, cylinder block of axial piston pump motor, and axial piston pump motor
07/30/15Spinning forming method and spinning forming apparatus
07/30/15Tilting angle control device
07/23/15Spinning forming apparatus and forming method
07/23/15Waste heat recovery power generation plant for sintering facility
07/23/15Magnetic field generating device and superconducting rotary machine comprising magnetic field generating device
07/09/15Valve device with excess flow prevention function
07/02/15Process for spot-joining stacked metal foils
07/02/15Welding tool for use in double-acting friction stir welding or double-acting friction stir spot welding and welding apparatus using the same
07/02/15Electric system stabilizing system for aircraft
07/02/15Supercharger equipped engine
07/02/15Engine with supercharger
06/25/15Utility vehicle
06/25/15Utility vehicle
06/25/15Lid body locking apparatus of railcar
06/25/15Railcar bogie
06/25/15Oil-immersed solenoid
06/18/15Electric system stabilizing system for aircraft
06/18/15Gas turbine device
06/18/15Planetary gear device
06/18/15Connection structure between main transformer and high-voltage device box and railcar including same
06/11/15Plate spring unit and railcar bogie using same
06/11/15Lubrication system for vehicle engine
05/28/15Cushion valve
05/21/15Railcar and door pocket post
05/21/15Oil strainer and oil storage device for vehicle
05/14/15System for low-concentration-methane gas oxidation equipped with multiple oxidizers
05/07/15Oxidation system for treatment of low-concentration methane gas provided with multiple oxidizers
05/07/15Air intake duct of saddle-ridden vehicle

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