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Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20100121
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha_20131212


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Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Recent patent applications related to Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha. Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015027401310/01/15  new patent  Electric vehicle
22015027401910/01/15  new patent  Regenerative brake control system of electric vehicle
32015027402010/01/15  new patent  Regenerative brake control system of electric vehicle
42015027432610/01/15  new patent  Assembling mandrel used for manufacturing composite material structure and assembling apparatus of mandrel
52015027574010/01/15  new patent  Exhaust apparatus
62015027574510/01/15  new patent  Engine supercharger
72015027575510/01/15  new patent  Multi-fuel-capable gas turbine combustor
82015027583010/01/15  new patent  Supercharging system for engine
92015027583310/01/15  new patent  Saddled vehicle
102015028018810/01/15  new patent  Battery pack for electric vehicle
112015028046710/01/15  new patent  Electric vehicle, and battery pack
122015028052110/01/15  new patent  Cooling medium supply/discharge device and superconducting rotary machine including cooling medium supply/discharge device
132015028083910/01/15  new patent  Visible light communication system
142015026763109/24/15 Fuel supply controlling device for divided-chamber gas engine
152015026607709/24/15 Stretch forming system and stretch forming method
162015026638609/24/15 Electric vehicle
172015026641009/24/15 Headlight device for motorcycle
182015026670609/24/15 Conveyance system and conveyance conveyance system
192015027076909/24/15 Field rotor of superconducting rotating machine
202015025888809/17/15 Motorcycle fuel tank cover
212015025889809/17/15 Regenerative brake control system of electric vehicle
222015025901909/17/15 Saddled vehicle
232015025154009/10/15 Assembling management system of electric vehicle and assembling electric vehicle
242015025167009/10/15 Railcar bogie including axle spring
252015025171609/10/15 Assembling method and assembling management electric vehicle
262015025276309/10/15 Fuel pump
272015024660709/03/15 Electric vehicle
282015024778209/03/15 Load measurement method and apparatus, railcar provided with load measurement apparatus, and load management system
292015024093308/27/15 Vehicle transmission
302015023173408/20/15 Friction stir spot welding device and friction stir spot welding method
312015023215008/20/15 Saddle type electric vehicle
322015023730808/20/15 Imaging inspection apparatus, control device thereof, and controlling imaging inspection apparatus
332015022467908/13/15 Disassembling mandrel used for manufacturing composite material structure and disassembling apparatus of mandrel
342015022611908/13/15 Sunlight-utilizing gas turbine power generation system provided with hydrogen-generating unit
352015022619008/13/15 Variable displacement pump regulator
362015022916808/13/15 Superconducting field pole
372015021740308/06/15 Laser machining device for use in patterning
382015021782708/06/15 Straddle-type vehicle
392015021921508/06/15 Piston of axial piston pump motor, cylinder block of axial piston pump motor, and axial piston pump motor
402015020999107/30/15 Spinning forming method and spinning forming apparatus
412015021150107/30/15 Tilting angle control device
422015020267707/23/15 Spinning forming apparatus and forming method
432015020312907/23/15 Railcar
442015020421607/23/15 Waste heat recovery power generation plant for sintering facility
452015020663507/23/15 Magnetic field generating device and superconducting rotary machine comprising magnetic field generating device
462015019221307/09/15 Valve device with excess flow prevention function
472015018305307/02/15 Process for spot-joining stacked metal foils
482015018305407/02/15 Welding tool for use in double-acting friction stir welding or double-acting friction stir spot welding and welding apparatus using the same
492015018338507/02/15 Electric system stabilizing system for aircraft
502015018458507/02/15 Supercharger equipped engine
512015018458607/02/15 Engine with supercharger
522015017504706/25/15 Utility vehicle
532015017511306/25/15 Utility vehicle
542015017517406/25/15 Lid body locking apparatus of railcar
552015017517606/25/15 Railcar bogie
562015017932606/25/15 Oil-immersed solenoid
572015016599006/18/15 Electric system stabilizing system for aircraft
582015016769306/18/15 Gas turbine device
592015016781906/18/15 Planetary gear device
602015017160406/18/15 Connection structure between main transformer and high-voltage device box and railcar including same
612015015850606/11/15 Plate spring unit and railcar bogie using same
622015015952506/11/15 Lubrication system for vehicle engine
632015014421205/28/15 Cushion valve
642015013598705/21/15 Railcar and door pocket post
652015013606405/21/15 Oil strainer and oil storage device for vehicle
662015013219405/14/15 System for low-concentration-methane gas oxidation equipped with multiple oxidizers
672015012189105/07/15 Oxidation system for treatment of low-concentration methane gas provided with multiple oxidizers
682015012223205/07/15 Air intake duct of saddle-ridden vehicle
692015012257305/07/15 Utility vehicle
702015011425204/30/15 Carbody support device and railway vehicle
712015011433604/30/15 Lubrication system for vehicle engine
722015011436404/30/15 Supercharger mounting structure for engine
732015011436504/30/15 Engine with supercharger
742015011459904/30/15 Air intake duct of saddle-ridden vehicle
752015011474404/30/15 Saddle-ridden-vehicle engine
762015011474504/30/15 Saddle-ridden vehicle engine
772015011475004/30/15 Exhaust muffler for vehicle
782015011802504/30/15 Engine supercharger
792015011802604/30/15 Engine with supercharger
802015011803604/30/15 Fan case for aircraft engine
812015010740004/23/15 Parking brake apparatus
822015010756304/23/15 Air intake duct of saddle-ridden vehicle
832015009646004/09/15 Railcar and manufacturing the same
842015009645604/09/15 Railcar truck
852015009646004/09/15 Railcar and manufacturing the same
862015009015204/02/15 Railcar bodyshell and railcar including same
872015009488404/02/15 Regenerative braking emergency stop system
882015008279703/26/15 Fuel injection device
892015008301903/26/15 Railcar bogie
902015008302303/26/15 Step device and railcar including step device
912015007513303/19/15 Gas turbine engine system that uses organic medium
922015006822203/12/15 Method for re-liquefying boil-off gas generated at liquid hydrogen storage tank
932015006824603/12/15 Liquid hydrogen production device
942015006843803/12/15 Biomass-mixed, pulverized coal-fired burner and fuel combustion method
952015006902703/12/15 Optical scanning device and laser machining device
962015005934103/05/15 Gas turbine engine system equipped with rankine cycle engine
972015005961303/05/15 Dual-structure storage box of railcar and railcar including same
982015005961403/05/15 Driver's cab and railcar including driver's cab
992015006020703/05/15 Lubricating rotating shaft
1002015005312402/26/15 Biomass-mixed, pulverized coal-fired burner and fuel combustion method
1012015005316602/26/15 Cover structure of plug hole
1022015005382502/26/15 High-lift device of air vehicle
1032015005785802/26/15 Electric vehicle
1042015004752902/19/15 Railcar bogie and railcar including same
1052015004753002/19/15 Railcar
1062015004079502/12/15 Railcar
1072015004216002/12/15 Electric vehicle and operation control device in electric vehicle
1082015003716302/05/15 Blades for axial flow compressor and manufacturing same
1092015002059401/22/15 Determination assist system of ultrasonic testing, determination assist ultrasonic testing, determination assist program of ultrasonic testing, and computer-readable storage medium for storing determination assist program of ultrasonic testing
1102015002070801/22/15 Railcar bogie
1112015002198501/22/15 Electric vehicle and operation control device in electric vehicle
1122015001495801/15/15 Body frame of motorcycle and manufacturing the body frame
1132015001693501/15/15 Substrate retaining device
1142015001821901/15/15 Field rotor of superconducting rotary machine
1152015000774501/08/15 Railcar door apparatus and railcar
1162015000805301/08/15 Straddle electric vehicle
1172015000806101/08/15 Straddle electric vehicle
1182015000051301/01/15 Axial piston motor
1192015000055301/01/15 Railcar bogie plate spring
1202014037915112/25/14 Grid controller for use in smart grid system, smart grid system including the same, and controlling smart grid system
1212014037920912/25/14 Method and system for diagnosing electric vehicle
1222014036652112/18/14 Hydraulic drive system
1232014036718312/18/14 Straddle electric vehicle
1242014036718412/18/14 Electric motorcycle
1252014036821112/18/14 Ground leakage detector, and detecting ground leakage in electric vehicle
1262014037079612/18/14 Air-conditioning duct in passenger car and railcar
1272014035281712/04/14 Fuel tank valve
1282014034582711/27/14 Straddle electric vehicle
1292014033831211/20/14 Device and estimating ideal air-fuel ratio in internal combustion engine, estimating oxygen storage capacity of catalyst, internal combustion engine device and motorcycle incorporating internal combustion engine device
1302014033900811/20/14 Straddle electric vehicle
1312014033974011/20/14 Mechanism for and correcting yawing of conveyed workpiece
1322014033164011/13/14 Lean fuel intake gas turbine engine
1332014033685811/13/14 Electric vehicle
1342014030512610/16/14 Flow velocity distribution equalizing apparatus
1352014030817410/16/14 Catalytic combustor in gas turbine engine
1362014030817510/16/14 Catalytic combustor in gas turbine engine
1372014029880910/09/14 Power generation system
1382014029881810/09/14 Control method and control device for lean fuel intake gas turbine
1392014029882010/09/14 Gas turbine engine and starting same
1402014029882110/09/14 Gas turbine engine provided with heat exchanger, and starting same
1412014029939310/09/14 Straddle electric vehicle
1422014029025210/02/14 Gas turbine engine provided with scroll
1432014029112210/02/14 Conveyance system
1442014029199310/02/14 Method for operating lean fuel intake gas turbine engine, and gas turbine power generation device
1452014029207510/02/14 Straddle electric vehicle
1462014029223510/02/14 Electric vehicle and driving electric vehicle
1472014029708610/02/14 Electric vehicle
1482014028349809/25/14 Gas turbine system
1492014026032209/18/14 Support mechanism for heavy structure
1502014026127509/18/14 Air intake four wheeled utility vehicle
1512014026256809/18/14 Straddle electric vehicle
1522014026256909/18/14 Straddle electric vehicle
1532014027451509/18/14 Structure for coupling v-belt type continously variable transmission with engine
1542014025085709/11/14 Low-concentration methane gas oxidation system using exhaust heat from gas turbine engine
1552014025089209/11/14 Lean fuel intake gas turbine
1562014023799408/28/14 Exhaust four wheeled utility vehicle
1572014024313808/28/14 Power switching device for vehicle
1582014023071308/21/14 Underwater mobile inspection apparatus and underwater inspection equipment
1592014023493508/21/14 Method for producing ethanol using cellulosic biomass as raw material
1602014023493608/21/14 Method for producing ethanol using cellulosic biomass as raw material
1612014022898008/14/14 Adaptive control device and adaptive control method, and control device and control injection molding machine
1622014022944808/14/14 Management method and management system for maintenance and inspection information
1632014021626308/07/14 Carbon dioxide recovery device and carbon dioxide recovery system
1642014021689808/07/14 Plate member conveying apparatus and conveying plate member
1652014021904808/07/14 Fluid mixer and heat exchange system using same
1662014020982607/31/14 Proportional solenoid control valve
1672014021022407/31/14 End effector device and substrate conveying robot including end effector device
1682014021230107/31/14 Electric motorcycle
1692014020215507/24/14 Solar thermal electric power generation system
1702014019768107/17/14 Electric system stabilizing system for aircraft
1712014018227607/03/14 Utility vehicle
1722014018229407/03/14 Gas turbine combustor
1732014018296407/03/14 Vehicle body frame of utility vehicle
1742014018332707/03/14 Utility vehicle
1752014018383607/03/14 Steering vehicle
1762014018383707/03/14 Swingarm supporting structure for motorcycle
1772014018388207/03/14 Panel locking structure for cargo bed of vehicle
1782014018389407/03/14 Utility vehicle
1792014018390307/03/14 Utility vehicle
1802014018390607/03/14 Utility vehicle
1812014018736507/03/14 V-belt type continuously variable transmission
1822014018736607/03/14 V-belt type continuously variable transmission
1832014018737207/03/14 Power unit for utility vehicle
1842014018737607/03/14 Utility vehicle
1852014017409506/26/14 Heating medium supply system, integrated solar combined cycle electric power generation system and controlling these systems
1862014017485706/26/14 Transmission lubricating structure
1872014017583606/26/14 Number plate mounting structure in motorcycle
1882014017786506/26/14 Audio unit mountable in personal watercraft
1892014016738106/19/14 Front wheel supporting structure for straddle-type vehicle
1902014016738206/19/14 Front wheel supporting structure for straddle-type vehicle
1912014016745206/19/14 Motorcycle rear body structure
1922014016992506/19/14 System for and transferring plate-shaped member with interleaving paper thereon
1932014015068806/05/14 Railcar
1942014015211006/05/14 Electric power converter for combined power generation system
1952014015211206/05/14 Control method and control system for parallel operation of different types of power generation apparatuses
1962014014434705/29/14 Railcar bogie
1972014013776505/22/14 Railcar bogie
1982014014280805/22/14 Power supply unit control device for internal combustion engine driven vehicle and internal combustion engine driven vehicle equipped with power supply unit control device
1992014013398605/15/14 Turbine engine rotor, producing the same, joining ni-based superalloy member and steel member, and junction structure of ni-based superalloy member and steel member
2002014012387005/08/14 Railcar bogie
2012014012391905/08/14 Cooling device of v-type engine
2022014012547505/08/14 Meter display device for vehicle
2032014011679405/01/14 Straddle vehicle
2042014011270904/24/14 Dissimilar material joint, structure in which dissimilar material joint is used, and producing the same
2052014010224004/17/14 Multiple-joint industrial robot
2062014010240304/17/14 Gas engine, control system and control gas engine
2072014010580904/17/14 Co2 recovery method and apparatus
2082014009668404/10/14 Carbon dioxide separating and capturing apparatus
2092014009091904/03/14 Saddle-riding type automotive vehicle
2102014009160204/03/14 Seat assembly for saddle riding type automotive vehicle
2112014008310503/27/14 Gas turbine combustor
2122014008332103/27/14 Railway car comprising heat-resistant floor
2132014008461803/27/14 Motorcycle fairing
2142014008144303/20/14 Plate member reversing system and reversing/transfer method thereof
2152014006952903/13/14 Relief valve
2162014006998503/13/14 Friction stir spot welding device and friction stir spot welding method
2172014006998603/13/14 Friction stir spot welding device and friction stir spot welding method
2182014007012303/13/14 Operating device
2192014007170503/13/14 Head lamp unit for vehicle
2202014006096303/06/14 Exhaust system for a motorcycle
2212014005359802/27/14 Liquefier system
2222014005499202/27/14 Canned type rotating electrical machine
2232014005860902/27/14 Electric motorcycle, vehicle controller and vehicle control method
2242014004786102/20/14 Turbo refrigerator
2252014003633102/06/14 Optical scanning device and laser machining device
2262014003877002/06/14 Generating device for aircraft
2272014002658901/30/14 Aircraft engine
2282014002842101/30/14 Oil immersed solenoid
2292014003093701/30/14 Personal watercraft
2302014003093801/30/14 Personal watercraft
2312014003200201/30/14 Electric system stabilizing system for aircraft
2322014002099901/23/14 Circuit breaking unit and railcar including the same
2332014000800901/09/14 Mold, molding jig and molding method
2342014000816901/09/14 High voltage device system of railcar and railcar
2352014000389001/02/14 Transfer robot, its substrate transfer method and substrate transfer relay device
2362013034431512/26/13 Mold
2372013034586612/26/13 Control system and teaching seven-axis articulated robot
2382013032720812/12/13 Swash plate type hydraulic rotating machine
2392013033174412/12/13 Wearable motion supporting device
2402013033203612/12/13 Drive control operating machine
2412013031928212/05/13 Interior equipment installation structure for railcar
2422013031978212/05/13 Saddle-type electric vehicle
2432013032007012/05/13 Friction stir welding apparatus and method
2442013031328611/28/13 Movable discharge device for use in particle/bulk material storage silo and particle/bulk material storage silo
2452013031021311/21/13 Planetary gear reducer
2462013031097311/21/13 Method of controlling seven-axis articulated robot, control program, and robot control device
2472013029885811/14/13 Valve gear
2482013029947511/14/13 Arc welding control system and method
2492013030023611/14/13 Starting assist method and starting assist system of electric vehicle

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