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Kennametal Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Kennametal Inc. Kennametal Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kennametal Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kennametal Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Composite refractory coatings and applications thereof

In one aspect, articles are described comprising wear resistant coatings employing one or more composite refractory layers. For example, a coated article described herein comprises a substrate and a coating deposited by CVD adhered to the substrate, the coating including a multiphase refractory layer comprising an alumina phase and a... Kennametal Inc

Tool body for a shell end mill and cutting tool

A tool body (12) for a shell end mill (10) is described with at least one helical chip guiding groove (24) arranged at the circumference of the tool body (12) for chip dissipation and at least two receptacles (28) for indexable cutting inserts (26) arranged at the chip guiding groove... Kennametal Inc

Ultra-precise boring cartridge and adjustment device therefor

An ultra-precise boring cartridge and an adjustment device is disclosed. The boring cartridge includes a cam, a cam follower contacting the cam by a slopped portion, and a spring arrangement exerting a biasing force against the cam follower. The adjustment device includes a graduated dial affixed to an annular sleeve... Kennametal Inc


A reamer has a shank made of steel and a cutting body made of a harder material, wherein the cutting body forms the outer circumference of the reamer in the region of the workpiece side end and has all the cutting ribs.... Kennametal Inc

System and selecting a tool assembly

A method of identifying a multi-component cutting tool assembly to a user includes the steps of: receiving an indication from the user of a desired characteristic of at least one of the cutting tool assembly or of a workpiece to be machined, determining at least a portion of a first... Kennametal Inc

Cutting tool with enhanced chip evacuation capability and making same

A milling cutter having a shank and a cutting head attached to the shank. The cutting head has a plurality of helical teeth, each tooth including a cutting tip, a leading face and a rear face. A flute is defined between the leading face of a trailing tooth, and a... Kennametal Inc

Multilayer structured coatings for cutting tools

Cutting tools are described having coatings which can demonstrate desirable wear resistance and increased cutting lifetimes. A coated cutting tool described herein has a substrate and a coating with a plurality of alternating layers of a first layer of Al2O3 and a second layer of at least one of MeAl2O3... Kennametal Inc

Cladded articles and applications thereof

In one aspect, composite articles are described herein employing cobalt-based alloy claddings exhibiting high hardness and wear resistance while maintaining desirable integrity and adhesion to surfaces of metallic substrates. A composite article, in some embodiments, comprises a metallic substrate and a composite cladding metallurgically bonded to one or more surfaces... Kennametal Inc

Tool holder for a cutting tool and sleeve for a tool holder

A tool holder for a cutting tool having a tool shank includes a receptacle which extends in an axial direction and a sleeve disposed in the receptacle. The sleeve includes a tool receptacle structured to at least partially receive the tool shank and a blocking element that projects radially into... Kennametal Inc

Rotatable cutting tool with cutting insert and bolster

A rotatable cutting tool (10) includes a cutting tool body (12) having an axial forward end (14) and an axial rearward end (16). A bolster (46) at least partially received in a head portion (22) and includes a convex-shaped head portion (56) with a socket (20), a collar portion (58)... Kennametal Inc

Sintered ceramic bodies and applications thereof

In one aspect, sintered ceramic bodies are described herein which, in some embodiments, demonstrate improved resistance to wear and enhanced cutting lifetimes. For example, a sintered ceramic body comprises tungsten carbide (WC) in an amount of 40-95 weight percent, alumina in an amount of 5-30 weight percent and ditungsten carbide... Kennametal Inc

Sintered ceramic bodies and applications thereof

In one aspect, sintered ceramic bodies are described herein which, in some embodiments, demonstrate improved resistance to wear and enhanced cutting lifetimes. For example, a sintered ceramic body comprises tungsten carbide (WC) in an amount of 40-95 weight percent, alumina in an amount of 5-30 weight percent and ditungsten carbide... Kennametal Inc


The drill comprises a base body, which extends in the axial direction along an axis of rotation and rotates about the axis of rotation in a direction of rotation during operation. Into the base body are incorporated flutes and between consecutive flutes is formed a rear surface, which extends, in... Kennametal Inc

Apparatus and cooling a cutting tool using super critical carbon dioxide

A toolholder includes a pocket assembly having a nest section and a clamp section. An inverted nest is mounted in the nest section and includes an insert-receiving pocket for accommodating a cutting insert mounted therein. A clamping wedge is mounted in the clamp section in such a way that the... Kennametal Inc

Cemented carbide articles and applications thereof

In one aspect sintered cemented carbide articles are described herein which, in some embodiments, exhibit enhanced resistance to wear and thermal fatigue. Further, sintered cemented carbide articles described herein can tolerate variations in carbon content without formation of undesirable phases, including eta phase and/or free graphite (C-type porosity). Such tolerance... Kennametal Inc

Double-sided tangential cutting insert

A double-sided tangential cutting insert comprising a pair of cutting rake faces, a pair of major side surfaces and a pair of opposing minor side faces each having a twisted convex shape. Each of the cutting rake faces is defined between a pair of main cutting edges, a pair of... Kennametal Inc

Drilling tool

A drilling tool with: a shaft; a seat at one end of the shaft; a drill bit, which is arranged on the seat; and a clamping section, which is provided on the shaft and can interact with the drill bit. Also provided is a tensioning screw, which is screwed into... Kennametal Inc

Hydraulic expansion chuck and producing such an expansion chuck

Hydraulic expansion chuck with a basic body, with an expansion bush which is received in the basic body and defines a reception space for a tool to be clamped, and with a pressure chamber which is delimited between the expansion bush and the basic body. A securing pin which extends... Kennametal Inc

Cutting tool assembly for milling a rail top

A cutting tool assembly for milling a rail top, includes a first section and a second section mounted to the first section. Each section includes a plurality of insert-receiving pockets for receiving a plurality of different types of cutting inserts. The plurality of different types of cutting inserts are arranged... Kennametal Inc

Cutting insert for a milling cutter and milling cutter

A cutting insert (20) for a milling cutter (10) is described, wherein the cutting insert (20) comprises a first main surface (22) for abutment against a stop surface (24) oriented substantially perpendicular to the direction of rotation of the milling cutter (10), a second main surface (26) which is opposite... Kennametal Inc

Wear resistant and corrosion resistant cobalt-based alloy powders and applications thereof

Cobalt-based alloy compositions are described herein having properties compatible with thermal spray and sintering techniques. Such alloy compositions can provide claddings to a variety of metallic substrates having complex geometries, wherein the claddings exhibit desirable density, hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Briefly, an alloy composition described herein comprises 15-25... Kennametal Inc

Inter-anchored multilayer refractory coatings

In one aspect, articles are described herein comprising refractory coatings employing an inter-anchored multilayer architecture. Articles having refractory coatings described herein, in some embodiments, are suitable for high wear and/or abrasion applications such as metal cutting operations. A coated article described herein comprises a substrate and a coating deposited by... Kennametal Inc

Pvd-coated cutting tools and making the same

A coated cutting insert includes a substrate that is either a ceramic substrate or polycrystalline cubic boron nitride-containing substrate and has a substrate surface. A base coating scheme is applied by chemical vapor deposition to the substrate surface wherein the base coating scheme includes the following coating layers: an inner... Kennametal Inc

Method for producing a rotary tool and rotary tool

A method is specified for producing a rotary tool (2) having a base body (4), which extends in a longitudinal direction (L) and in which at least one flute (6) is ground in by grinding in a first partial flute (12A) with a first helix angle (W1) in a first... Kennametal Inc

Roof drill bit and associated coupler

A coupler for use with a roof drill bit includes an elongate coupler body having a forward end for removably attaching the roof drill bit thereto and a rearward drive end. The elongate coupler body contains an interior bore therein and a dust port formed on an outer surface of... Kennametal Inc

Rotary cutting tool with internal balancing feature

A rotary cutting tool has a central, longitudinal axis. One or more internal balancing features are disposed within a cavity of the rotary cutting tool. Each internal balancing feature includes a balancing mass suspended within the cavity by a spring-like element, and an adjusting screw for effecting radial movement of... Kennametal Inc

Superalloy composite preforms and applications thereof

In one aspect, composite preforms for the repair of superalloy parts and/or apparatus are described herein. For example, a composite preform comprises a nickel-based superalloy powder component, a nickel-based braze alloy powder component and a melting point depressant component disposed in a fibrous polymeric matrix. The fibrous polymeric matrix can... Kennametal Inc

Ceramic cutting insert and making same

A cutting insert includes a body made of a ceramic material. The body has a first surface, a second surface and at least one flank surface extending between the first surface and the second surface. The first surface includes a chip forming feature extending in a radially outwardly direction to... Kennametal Inc

Setting system and tool

A setting system (20) for a tool (10) is described, and in particular for a rotary metal working tool, wherein the setting system (20) aligns at least one insert (14) of the tool (10). The setting system (20) comprises an adjusting unit (22), which cooperates with the insert (14), and... Kennametal Inc

Tool for rotary-breaching workpieces

The invention relates to a tool for rotary-broaching workpieces, having a support (10) which can be directly or indirectly attached to a machine tool and having multiple segments (12) which are secured to the support (10), wherein multiple receiving areas for cutting inserts are provided on each of the segments... Kennametal Inc

Smart cutting drum assembly

A cutting tool mounting assembly adapted for attachment to a surface of a rotatable driving member of a cutting tool machine. The cutting tool mounting assembly includes: a cutting tool; a base having a bottom portion for attachment to the surface of the rotatable driving member and a front portion... Kennametal Inc

Milling cutter

A milling cutter (10), in particular a side milling cutter, is described, having a tool body (12), to which at least one cutting insert (14) is removably secured, said cutting insert being clamped by means of a movable clamping element (16) in the tool body (12) and comprising a cutting... Kennametal Inc

Cutting tool and its manufacture

A cutting tool (2) is specified with a cutting region (4) that comprises a substrate (12) onto which a coating (10) is applied, which coating (10) is subsequently processed, whereby a sharp cutting edge (8) is formed. Furthermore, a corresponding method for the manufacture of the cutting tool (2) is... Kennametal Inc

Methods of making metal matrix composite and alloy articles

In one aspect, methods of making freestanding metal matrix composite articles and alloy articles are described. A method of making a freestanding composite article described herein comprises disposing over a surface of the temporary substrate a layered assembly comprising a layer of infiltration metal or alloy and a hard particle... Kennametal Inc

Double-sided cutting inserts with positive clearance face geometry

A double-sided cutting insert that has a positive clearance face and includes a top portion, a bottom portion substantially identical to the top portion, and a middle portion. The inscribed diameter at the middle portion is larger than the inscribed diameter at each of the top portion and the bottom... Kennametal Inc

04/27/17 / #20170113281

Rotary tool, particularly a drill, and a cutting head for such a rotary tool

A rotary tool comprising two coupling parts, namely a carrier and a cutting head in a front end surface. The carrier comprises a pin receptacle into which a coupling pin of the cutting head is inserted. In order to prevent pulling-out in an axial direction, stop surfaces are provided on... Kennametal Inc

04/27/17 / #20170113282

Tool coupling between two coupling parts, and coupling part for such a tool coupling

A tool coupling used for a clamping connection between two coupling parts, in particular between a cutting head and a carrier of a rotary tool, in particular of a drill. The coupling parts comprise clamping sections, which respectively correspond to one another and which can be clamped against each other... Kennametal Inc

04/20/17 / #20170108327

Method and center height alignment of a boring bar

A method and apparatus for center height alignment of a boring bar is disclosed. The apparatus includes a seat member with a bottom and a back, and a digital angle gauge mounted to the seat member. The method includes the steps of: assembling an apparatus comprising a seat member and... Kennametal Inc

04/13/17 / #20170100783

Modular drill

A drill has a replaceable cutting head mounted to a shank in an interlocking fashion. The shank has a pocket with at least one flat, vertically-angled retention surface located closer to a rotational axis than at least one driving surface. Similarly, the cutting head has at least one vertically-angled retention... Kennametal Inc

04/13/17 / #20170100784

Cutting head, rotary tool and support for the rotary tool and for the accommodation of the cutting head

A cutting head is formed for insertion into a support in a modular rotary tool, in particular a drill. It has a coupling pin onto which outer cover surfaces and torque surfaces are formed as clamping surfaces. The coupling pin has a particular circular groove, which divides the cutting head... Kennametal Inc

04/06/17 / #20170096372

Hybrid nanocomposite coatings and applications thereof

In one aspect, articles are described herein comprising refractory coatings employing alumina-based hybrid nanocomposite architectures. A coated article described herein comprises a substrate and a coating deposited by CVD adhered to the substrate, the coating including a composite refractory layer having a matrix phase comprising alumina and at least one... Kennametal Inc

03/23/17 / #20170080534

Rotary cutting tool having pcd cutting tip

A rotary cutting tool with an elongate body disposed about a longitudinal axis, the elongate body including a helical flute and a polycrystalline-diamond cutting tip. The cutting tip comprises an inner portion having an inner point angle and an outer portion having an outer point angle different from the inner... Kennametal Inc

03/16/17 / #20170072478

Rotary cutting tool with regrindable cutting inserts

A rotary cutting tool includes a cutter body having a plurality of insert-receiving pockets. Each pocket includes a bottom support surface, an axial support surface, a radial support surface, a top clearance surface and an intermediate clearance surface extending between the axial support surface and the top clearance surface. A... Kennametal Inc

03/02/17 / #20170056977

Toolholder with viscous fluid inertial mass damper

A toolholder includes a cutting tool mounted to a head attached to a collar at a first end of the toolholder. A shank is located at a second, opposite end of the toolholder. A central cavity extends inwardly from the first end toward the shank. A viscous fluid inertia mass... Kennametal Inc

03/02/17 / #20170057033

Multi axis column module, a swapping tools, and a assembling

The disclosure relates to column module, more particularly it is relating to a multi-axis column module. The multi axis column module comprising a support structure of predetermined shape; at least one Automatic Tool Changer [ATC] consisting a tool magazine ensconcing a plurality of tools mounted onto the support structure, a... Kennametal Inc

03/02/17 / #20170057878

Cemented carbide with cobalt-molybdenum alloy binder

In one aspect, sintered cemented carbide compositions are described herein exhibiting desirable wear resistance without deleterious losses in fracture toughness. Such cemented carbide compositions can be employed as tooling in a variety of applications including earth boring and mining operations as well as machining various metals and alloys. For example,... Kennametal Inc

02/16/17 / #20170043412

Inverted piloted collet chuck and applications thereof

Collet chucks are described herein having design and architecture for minimizing and/or mitigating collet misalignment during rotary tool coupling operations. For example, a collet chuck comprises a housing for connection and rotation with a spindle about an axis of rotation, wherein the housing defines a socket for receiving a collet.... Kennametal Inc

02/09/17 / #20170036276

Tool holder assemblies and methods of using the same

In one aspect tool holder assemblies are described herein. Such tool holder assemblies can employ outer and inner spring-like members. For example, a tool holder assembly described herein comprises a drawbar having an outer diameter surface and an inner diameter surface defining an interior of the drawbar. The drawbar is... Kennametal Inc

02/09/17 / #20170036277

Cutting tool having at least partially molded body

A cutting tool for performing cutting operations on a workpiece when the cutting tool is rotated about a central axis by a machine tool, the cutting tool includes a generally cylindrical body disposed about the central axis. The generally cylindrical body includes a first end and an opposite second end.... Kennametal Inc

02/02/17 / #20170028480

Rotary tool, in particular a drill, and a cutting head for said rotary tool

The rotary tool (2) is in particular designed as a modular drill and extends in an axial direction (4) along an axis of rotation (6). It comprises two coupling parts, namely a carrier (10) and a cutting head (12) that is attached to the carrier (10) so as to be... Kennametal Inc

02/02/17 / #20170028482

Rotary cutting tool with blades having repeating, unequal indexing and helix angles

A rotary cutting tool with a longitudinal axis includes a shank portion and a cutting portion defining a length of cut. The cutting portion includes a plurality of blades separated by flutes extending along the length of cut. A first blade forms a first helix angle with respect to the... Kennametal Inc

01/26/17 / #20170021434

Method for producing a machining tool and machining tool

In order to achieve a long service life for a machining tool, in particular for a solid carbide drill, it is provided with a special wear protection coating. In a first method step, in order to form this coating, a first layer made of a first material is applied in... Kennametal Inc

01/26/17 / #20170022600

Evaporator body with titanium hydride coating, the production and usage thereof

An evaporator body for a PVD coating system comprises a basic body and an evaporator surface, to which a titanium dihydride layer is applied. A titanium hydride layer comprises an organic carrier agent and titanium hydride as the single inorganic solid. The thickness of the layer is less than or... Kennametal Inc

01/19/17 / #20170014920

Double-sided tangential cutting insert and cutting tool system using the same

A double-sided tangential cutting insert, as well as a tool holder system that carries a plurality of the double-sided tangential cutting inserts, that has a peripheral side shape, as viewed from one of said cutting rake faces, that includes a pair of generally identical opposing main cutting edges wherein each... Kennametal Inc

01/05/17 / #20170001916

Aqueous slurry for making a powder of hard material

An aqueous slurry that is useful upon being spray dried for the formation of a powder of hard material. The aqueous slurry includes starting powder components of the hard material. The slurry further includes an oxidation inhibitor, a surfactant in an amount between about 0.05 weight percent and about 0.30... Kennametal Inc

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