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Kennametal Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Kennametal Inc. Kennametal Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kennametal Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kennametal Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/31/15Method for producing an axially extending tool tip and tool tip
06/15/17Ceramic cutting insert and making same
06/15/17Setting system and tool
06/15/17Tool for rotary-breaching workpieces
06/08/17Smart cutting drum assembly
05/18/17Milling cutter
05/18/17Cutting tool and its manufacture
05/11/17Methods of making metal matrix composite and alloy articles
05/04/17Double-sided cutting inserts with positive clearance face geometry
04/27/17Rotary tool, particularly a drill, and a cutting head for such a rotary tool
04/27/17Tool coupling between two coupling parts, and coupling part for such a tool coupling
04/20/17Method and center height alignment of a boring bar
04/13/17Modular drill
04/13/17Cutting head, rotary tool and support for the rotary tool and for the accommodation of the cutting head
04/06/17Hybrid nanocomposite coatings and applications thereof
03/23/17Rotary cutting tool having pcd cutting tip
03/16/17Rotary cutting tool with regrindable cutting inserts
03/02/17Toolholder with viscous fluid inertial mass damper
03/02/17Multi axis column module, a swapping tools, and a assembling
03/02/17Cemented carbide with cobalt-molybdenum alloy binder
02/16/17Inverted piloted collet chuck and applications thereof
02/09/17Tool holder assemblies and methods of using the same
02/09/17Cutting tool having at least partially molded body
02/02/17Rotary tool, in particular a drill, and a cutting head for said rotary tool
02/02/17Rotary cutting tool with blades having repeating, unequal indexing and helix angles
01/26/17Method for producing a machining tool and machining tool
01/26/17Evaporator body with titanium hydride coating, the production and usage thereof
01/19/17Double-sided tangential cutting insert and cutting tool system using the same
01/05/17Aqueous slurry for making a powder of hard material
12/29/16Methods of making sintered articles
12/29/16Rotary tool, in particular a drill for such a rotary tool
12/29/16Boring bars and methods of making the same
12/22/16Reducer sleeve with thru coolant flow and a cutting assembly using such reducer sleeve
12/15/16Rotary tool and manufacturing a rotary tool
12/08/16Abrasion-resistant weld overlay
11/24/16Block with coolant delivery
11/17/16Cutting tool made by additive manufacturing
11/17/16Cold formed support block and making the same
11/03/16Low stress hard coatings and applications thereof
10/27/16Cutting tools having microstructured and nanostructured refractory surfaces
10/27/16Rotary cutting tool with anti-rotation feature
10/27/16Cutting tool with enhanced chip evacuation capability and making same
10/20/16Superalloy composite preforms and applications thereof
10/20/16Flowable composite particle and an infiltrated article and making the same
10/20/16Cvd coated cutting insert and making the same
10/13/16Rotary cutting tool with unequal indexing, alternating helix angle and varying helix angle along length of cut
10/13/16Cvd-coated article and cvd process of making the same
09/29/16Prismatic and cylindrical cutting inserts
09/29/16Manufacturing of holemaking tools
09/22/16Cutting tool assembly having clamp assembly comprising a clamp and a coolant plate
09/22/16Endmill with convex ramping edge
09/22/16Tool for machining workpieces
09/22/16Cutting tool assembly including retainer sleeve with retention member
09/15/16Cutting member with coolant delivery
09/15/16Pvd-coated cutting tools and making the same
09/15/16Rotary tool and manufacturing
09/08/16Rotary tool and producing a rotary tool
09/08/16Double-sided, trigon cutting insert with rounded minor cutting edge and cutting tool therefor
09/01/16Composite milling cutter
08/25/16Imparting high-temperature wear resistance to turbine blade z-notches
08/18/16Milling tool and cutting insert for such a milling tool
08/18/16Rotary cutting tool blanks and applications thereof
08/18/16Pvd coated polycrystalline diamond and applications thereof
08/18/16Tool holder and base mounting assembly
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07/28/16Toolholder with tunable passive vibration absorber assembly
07/28/16Low temperature cvd coatings and applications thereof
07/21/16Cutting insert and pocket with uninterrupted and continuous seating surface perimeter
07/21/16Imc evaporator boat assembly
07/21/16Imc evaporator boat-thermal insulation cartridge assembly
07/07/16Cladded articles and methods of making the same
07/07/16Coated body wherein the coating scheme includes a coating layer of tial2o3 and making the same
07/07/16Cam bolts and tool coupling systems employing the same
06/23/16Tool holder for a cutting insert and process for manufacturing the tool holder
06/23/16Cemented carbide articles and applications thereof
06/16/16Collets and tool holder assemblies employing the same
06/09/16Cutting insert with internal coolant passages and making same
06/09/16Inter-anchored multilayer refractory coatings
06/09/16Nanocomposite refractory coatings and applications thereof
06/02/16Coated pelletizing extrusion dies and making the same
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05/26/16Cutting tool and producing a cutting tool
05/19/16Tool holder for a cutting insert
05/19/16Cutting insert
05/19/16Evaporation unit and evaporating an object with said type of evaporation unit
05/05/16Cutting insert with elliptical cutting edge
04/28/16Cutting tool, particularly a boring bar, as well as a process for machining a number of bores
04/21/16Autobalancing system for boring tool and boring tool incorporating same
04/21/16Tool holder assembly with dampening elements
04/21/16Tool for machining workpieces
04/21/16Micro end mill and manufacturing same
04/14/16Cutting tool mounting assembly with elastomeric coated bushing
04/07/16Automatic balancing device for boring heads
04/07/16Cutting insert with asymmetric cutting edge
03/31/16Rotary cutting tool
03/31/16Multilayer structured coatings for cutting tools
03/17/16Rotary cutting tool with high-pressure coolant cap
03/17/16Mounting wrench for a tool head
03/03/16Thread forming taps
02/25/16Twist drill with ceramic inserts
02/18/16Method of making a cutting tap with a correction grind
02/11/16Rotary cutting tool with high-pressure, threaded coolant cap
02/04/16Rotary cutting tool with regrindable cutting inserts
01/28/16Ceramic end mills with coolant holes
01/28/16Cutting tool with shower cap
01/07/16Drill head
12/31/15Vibration absorber with high viscous dampening
12/31/15Optimized vibration absorber
12/31/15Ballnose cutting tool and ballnose cutting insert
12/17/15Expansion chuck
12/17/15Drill bit
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12/17/15Rotary tool and manufacturing a rotary tool
12/17/15Composite wear pad and methods of making the same
12/17/15Drill bit
12/10/15Tool holder having improved internal coolant delivery
12/03/15Cutting assembly with cutting insert having enhanced coolant delivery
12/03/15Knives comprising composite materials for use with pelletizing dies
11/19/15Reaming head interface
11/12/15Cutting insert with micro-channels
11/05/15Cutter heads with improved coupling
10/29/15Hydraulic expansion chuck
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10/22/15Rotating tool, in particular drill, as well as a manufacturing a rotating tool of this type
10/22/15Machining tool and manufacturing a machining tool
10/22/15Machining tool and manufacturing a machining tool
10/22/15Rotating tool and tool head
10/15/15Cutting tool with enhanced chip evacuation capability and making same
10/15/15Rotary tool for precision machining of a drilled hole in a workpiece, and precision machining of a drilled hole
10/08/15Porous coating for surgical orthopedic implants
10/08/15Rotary cutting tool with increased stiffness and assembling same
10/01/15Wedge clamp with fluid port
10/01/15Triangular-shaped cutting insert with twelve cutting edges and tool holder therefor
09/24/15Wedge clamp and insert cartridge for cutting tool
09/17/15"boring bar with improved stiffness"
09/10/15Composite cutting insert and making same
08/20/15Cylindrical grinding process and as-ground part resulting from such process
08/20/15Method and removing material from a cutting insert using electromagnetic radiation
08/13/15Grain mill liner assembly
08/13/15Prismatic and cylindrical cutting inserts
07/30/15Cartridge for a cutting insert
07/23/15Cutting tool having insert pocket with cantilevered member
07/16/15Cutting tool with wedge clamping system
06/25/15Toolholder assembly
06/18/15Cutting insert for profile turning and cassette for receiving a cutting insert
05/28/15Sintered boron nitride body and producing a sintered boron nitride body
05/21/15Purification of tungsten carbide compositions
05/14/15Cutting tool holder extraction device
05/14/15Extrusion die plate assembly for a pelletizer system
05/07/15Cutting tool with closed pocket design
04/30/15Cutting insert and shim for heavy machining operations
04/23/15Modular reamer system
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04/16/15Modular carrier tool and tool head
04/09/15Aqueous slurry for making a powder of hard material
04/09/15Double-sided, nonagon cutting insert
03/26/15Screw head wedge clamp assembly for cutting tool
03/19/15Cutting tool
03/19/15Coupler for a rotatable cuttter assembly
03/12/15Cutting insert with finishing and roughing cutting edges
03/12/15Method to produce a radial run-out tool as well as a radial run-out tool
03/05/15Wear plate assembly
03/05/15Indexable cutting insert with coolant delivery
03/05/15Indexable drill assembly and drill body having coolant supply
03/05/15Refractory coatings for cutting tools
02/26/15Toolholder with externally mounted tunable absorber mass
02/19/15Low stress hard coatings and applications thereof
02/19/15Low stress hard coatings and applications thereof
02/12/15High pressure coolant tube and tool body-high pressure coolant tube assembly
02/05/15Insert with offset apex for a cutter bit and a cutter bit having the same
02/05/15High-speed milling cutter and cutting insert therefor
01/29/15Tool for the turning/turn broaching of workpieces
01/29/15Coupling mechanism for cutting tool
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01/29/15Coupling mechanism for cutting tool
01/29/15Reaming tool and adjusting screw for a fine adjustment mechanism, in particular for a reaming tool
01/22/15Rotary cutting tool having pcd cutting tip
01/22/15Cutting insert with chip dividers
01/22/15System and selecting cutting tools
01/22/15System and apparatus that identifies, captures, classifies and deploys tribal knowledge unique to each operator in a semi-automated manufacturing set-up to execute automatic technical superintending operations to improve manufacturing system performance and the methods therefor
01/15/15Cutting tool mounting assembly
01/15/15System and selecting a tool assembly
12/25/14Dust collecting device for a roof tool
12/18/14Cutting tool assembly having clamp assembly comprising a clamp and a coolant plate
12/18/14Milling cutter with stress reliefs
12/04/14Hydraulic chuck with a reduction sleeve
12/04/14End mill with high ramp angle capability
11/27/14Indexable cutting insert with a triangular shape
11/27/14Coupling part for rotary tool and rotary tool including same
11/20/14Device for the thermal deburring of workpieces
11/20/14Indexable circular cutting insert
11/20/14Functionally graded coating
10/30/14Rotary drill bit with cutting insert for engaging earth strata
10/30/14Rotary drill bit with cutting insert having edge preparation
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10/30/14Two prong rotary drill bit with cutting insert having edge preparation
10/30/14Stump grinding cutter bit with cutting insert having edge preparation
10/30/14Flat cutter bit with cutting insert having edge preparation
10/30/14Radial cutter bit with cutting insert having edge preparation
10/30/14Cutting insert, a cutting insert holder, a system including the cutting insert and cutting insert holder, and a manufacturing thereof
10/30/14Hybrid cutting tool, chip transporting portion and process for producing a cutting tool
10/16/14Drill head
10/09/14Tool cassette for insertion in a cassette seat and tool having a cassette seat for a tool cassette of this type
10/09/14Tool head for rotary cutting tool and rotary cutting tool including same
10/02/14Multilayer structured coatings for cutting tools
10/02/14Tool head and machining a metallic workpiece
09/25/14Coatings for cutting tools
09/25/14Coated body wherein the coating scheme includes a coating layer of tial2o3 and making the same
09/25/14Coatings for cutting tools
09/18/14Multi-piece twist drill head and twist drill including the same
09/18/14Methods of making metal matrix composite and alloy articles
09/18/14Cladded articles and methods of making the same
09/18/14Molten metal resistant composite coatings
09/18/14Hard coatings comprising cubic phase forming compositions
09/11/14Monolithic ceramic end mill
09/11/14Portable adjustable multiple end drill device
09/11/14Rotary cutting tool, replaceable cutting insert and making replaceable cutting insert
08/07/14Round cutting insert with serrated topography
07/31/14Coatings for cutting tools
07/31/14Coolant spray nozzle and cutter with coolant spray nozzle
07/31/14Indexable cutting insert for machining composite materials
07/31/14Green colored refractory coatings for cutting tools
07/17/14Toolholder and cutting insert therefor
07/17/14Cvd coated polycrystalline c-bn cutting tools
07/10/14Rotary cutting tool and tool unit
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06/26/14Expansion chuck
06/26/14Tool holder with nubs for clamping a cutting insert with notches
06/19/14Toolholder assembly with internal coolant delivery system
06/19/14Cutting inserts and cutting tool systems having sinusoidal and helical cutting edges
06/19/14Modular cutting insert and making same
06/19/14Metal-cutting tool, in particular reaming tool
06/19/14Tool for the cutting machining of workpieces and process for coating substrate bodies
06/12/14Cutting tool mounting assembly
06/12/14Rotary cutting tool with effective chip evacuation
06/05/14Cutting tool having replaceable cutting tip, a replaceable cutting tip therefore and a securing a replaceable cutting tip
05/29/14Imparting high-temperature degradation resistance to metallic components
03/27/14Double-sided cutting inserts with anti-rotation features
03/27/14Processes and apparatuses for making cutting tool inserts
03/27/14Double-sided cutting inserts with anti-rotation features
03/27/14Drilling tool
03/20/14Cutting inserts
03/13/14Inert high hardness material for tool lens production
03/13/14Spallation-resistant multilayer thermal spray metal coatings
02/27/14Cutting tool with insert having a tapered bottom
02/27/14Weldable, crack-resistant co-based alloy and overlay method
02/27/14Corrosion and wear-resistant claddings
02/13/14Cutting insert and clamping element for a cutting tool
02/06/14Sintered cemented carbide body, use and process for producing the cemented carbide body
01/16/14Drilling tool
01/16/14Coupling point for a modular rotary tool and tool head carrier for a modular rotary tool
01/02/14Tool adaptor having an integrated damping device
01/02/14Cassette for a milling cutter
12/26/13Slotting cutter, cutting insert and tool therefor
12/19/13Closed impeller with a coated vane

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