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Khs Gmbh
Khs Gmbh A Corporation
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Khs Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Khs Gmbh. Khs Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Khs Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Khs Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Gaiter seal and working head of a device or machine for producing and/or treating containers, said working head comprising such a gaiter seal

A gaiter seal for shielding a functional element of a container-processing machine extends between parts of a working head of the container-processing machine includes axially-adjacent gaiter modules that extend along an axis and support-and-sliding elements at interfaces between adjacent gaiter modules. The support-and-sliding elements radially support and guide the first... Khs Gmbh

Method and device for stabilizing polyphenol-containing liquids

A process for stabilizing a liquid that contains a first type of polyphenol includes measuring the liquid's spectrum, comparing it to a reference spectrum, based on the comparison, estimating an amount of the first type of polyphenol, based on the amount, adding a specified quantity of an insoluble stabilizing agent... Khs Gmbh

Container gripper and transporting device for transporting containers

A container gripper has pivotable gripper arms and a blocking element that comprises a spring element with first and second regions that preloads the gripper arms into a closing position. The blocking element moves between a releasing position and a blocking position such that a closing force exerted in the... Khs Gmbh

Fillling-element assembly and filling machine

A filling-element assembly for both pressurized and open-jet filling of containers includes a filling element having a filling-element housing, a liquid valve, a return-gas channel, and a seal. The housing has a fixed first segment, a vertically movable second segment, and an extendable segment between them to surrounds the valve... Khs Gmbh

Device for treating packages, and holding-and-centering unit for packages

An apparatus includes pucks and holding positions. Each puck has a primary part and a reconfigurable secondary part, as a result of which the secondary part is adaptable for processing packages that have different package-formats. When the puck holds a package, the first holding position holds the primary part and... Khs Gmbh

Method and treatment station for heating and sterilized kegs in particular reuseable kegs

A pressurized phase for vapor treating a reusable metal keg includes filling the keg with pressurized water vapor through an inlet and then interrupting the connection, thus initiating a dwell time. During this dwell time, condensate forms on the inner surfaces of the keg. Meanwhile, one causes relative movement between... Khs Gmbh

Inspection device for container closures

An inspection device for inspecting screw-closures on bottles includes a rotationally-symmetric lens disposed above a bottle's screw-closure and having a convex portion and a flat aspheric portion, a first lighting-unit for illuminating the screw-closure, and a camera located above the lens and connected to an image processor.... Khs Gmbh

Treatment head and container treatment machine comprising a treatment head

A treatment head for cleaning a container that has a valve arrangement that includes a tappet that is configured to move relative to the treatment head's housing to open the valve arrangement and fluid channels leading into the container. A first channel of the fluid channels has an annular fluid... Khs Gmbh

Measuring calibrating printing stations

A measurement system includes a measurement device to detect measurement information relating to a position-modifiable component of a printing station during movement thereof. A calculation unit receives the measurement information from the measurement device. The calculation unit determines actual-position data of the position-modifiable component from the measurement data received and... Khs Gmbh

Container-treatment machine

A method for treating kegs in a container-treatment machine includes passing a first keg through a first set of treatment stations on the container-treatment machine and passing a second keg through a second set of treatment stations on the container-treatment machine. The first and second sets depend on a condition... Khs Gmbh

Multipack having adhesively bonded containers and a carrying handle

A pack includes at least four containers, each of which is in one of two container groups. Intragroup bonds hold containers in the same container group together. Intergroup bonds hold together the first and second groups. A carrying handle spans at least two containers from different groups.... Khs Gmbh

Container treatment machine

A container-treatment machine includes a frame, transport devices for conveying containers, and intermediate conveyors. Treatment stations, some of which are treatment modules, are arranged between the first and second transport-devices. The intermediate conveyors convey containers to corresponding ones of the treatment stations. The intermediate conveyors extend transversely between the transport... Khs Gmbh

Detection segment as well as device and printing containers

A detection segment for use in a device for printing on containers includes an image-capturing device that optically detects a container feature and a sensor interface that interfaces with a sensor that uses a code provided on a retaining-and-centering unit that holds a container to determine a rotational position of... Khs Gmbh

Cluster pack comprising containers having a reinforced wall section

A cluster pack comprises at least two containers connected by a glued joint. One of the containers has a thickened wall region in the region of the glued joint. This region acts as a well reinforcement to reduce the risk of tearing a container during detachment from the cluster pack.... Khs Gmbh

Method and device for the printing of containers

A method for printing on at least partially transparent containers, wherein, in a first printing step, a first printing image is printed onto the container by the application of at least one printing ink, and wherein, in a second printing step, a second printing image is printed onto the container... Khs Gmbh

Printing device and printing containers

An apparatus for printing on containers includes a transport arm and a lift that cooperate to form a first container-transport device that moves a container at a container-loading position into a printing position. The transport arm is arranged on the lift and pivotable about a pivot axis thereof. The lift... Khs Gmbh

Filling valve

A filling valve includes a valve seat, an axially-movable valve tappet extending through the valve seat and having an axial portion that defines a product-delivery space through which filling product flows, and axially-displaced first and second seal-seats disposed so that liquid product flows from the first seal-set, through the product-delivery... Khs Gmbh

Hold and centering device, container treatment device and treating containers

The invention relates to a holding and centering device for containers, comprising a fixing section (3) which enables the holding and centering device to be fixed to a transport element of a container treatment device, and at least one holding section (4, 4′) which is designed to pick up and... Khs Gmbh

Method and device for frothing a liquid product with which bottles are filled

A method for frothing beer in a bottle includes introducing, into the bottle of beer, a predetermined quantity of pressurized aqueous chlorine dioxide solution.... Khs Gmbh

Device and transporting preforms in the region of a blow-molding machine

The invention relates to devices and to methods for transporting preforms in the region of a blow-molding machine, in particular a sorting device (10) for transporting preforms (20) composed of a thermoplastic material in the region of a blow-molding machine for the blow-molding of containers, comprising a transportation wheel (12),... Khs Gmbh

Cluster pack comprising labelled containers

A cluster pack with at least two containers, each of which each container carries a label. One or more glued joints interconnect the containers. At least one of the glued joints is applied in a cut-out section of a label.... Khs Gmbh

Device for shaping a narrow container stream into a wide container stream

An apparatus that shapes a narrow container stream into a wider container stream includes a shaping region in which a deceleration segment follows the container inlet and a shaping segment, which forms the container outlet, follows the deceleration segment. Within the shaping region, laterally adjacent transport bands define a transport... Khs Gmbh

Method for controlling a labeling machine, labeling unit and container handling system

A process for using a first labeling system that is a constituent of a block-form first container-handling includes, before switching between said labeling and non-labeling modes of a labeling unit thereof, providing a control signal to a control unit that controls the labeling machine, the control signal being indicative of... Khs Gmbh

Filling system for filling bottles or similar containers

A filling system includes filling elements, each of which has a channel formed in its housing. During filling, filling material, under a liquid valve's control, passes through the channel and exits through an opening and into a container held on a vertically displaceable container carrier. During pressure filling, the container... Khs Gmbh

Thermal treatment device and a thermal treatment method

A thermal treatment apparatus includes a pair of heat exchangers and an intake that receives a main flow of filling material and a branch that diverts filling material to form a branch flow. The branch flow takes a part of the heat energy used in a primary process for use... Khs Gmbh

Filling device

A filling device includes a product space that ends in a filling valve with first and second valve elements disposed in a region thereof and moved by an actuator, a sealing face, a valve stem, a valve housing having a reduced-diameter edge, and a profiled plastic sleeve that runs over... Khs Gmbh

Device and the controlled orientation and/or controlled rotation of containers

A container-orienting device includes container-holder groups, each having rotatable container-holders separated from each other by at least one rotatable container-holder from another container-holder group such that no two rotatable container-holders from a particular container-holder group are next to each other. The device also has a plurality of drives, each of... Khs Gmbh

Container treatment machine

A container-treatment machine includes a rotatable transport element having container holders and arranged to be pivotable by a pivoting device about a horizontal axis to pivot the container holders between feeding and treatment positions. In the feeding position, container openings of containers held by the container holders point upward. In... Khs Gmbh

Filling element and filling machine

A filling element for filling containers includes a tulip that moves, under the influence of a controller, between two positions, one of which seals the container. A first seal seals a junction between the tulip and a filling-element housing. First and second filling-element regions are respectively outside and inside a... Khs Gmbh

Bag forming apparatus

A bag forming apparatus includes a pair of opposed sealing bars arranged on opposite sides of a forming plane, a pair of guide arms, each extending from a first arm end through the forming plane to a second arm end and carrying a respective one of the pair of opposed... Khs Gmbh

Treatment head and container treatment machine having a treatment head

A treatment head for filling a container that has a valve arrangement having an external valve-part and a fastening region includes a housing, a plunger, first and second fluid-ducts, a seal, and a shielding section. The plunger is held so as to be displaced for opening said valve arrangement. The... Khs Gmbh

Container treatment machine and supplying and discharging containers to and from the container treatment machine

A container-treatment machine having plural treatment stations for treating containers includes a transport element that rotates about a vertical machine axis, thereby moving the treatment stations circumferentially. A first transfer star supplies untreated containers simultaneously to corresponding treatment stations that are next to each other in the circumferential direction. A... Khs Gmbh

Filling element comprising a spray nozzle or spray nozzle assembly, container treatment machine comprising a spray nozzle or spray nozzle assembly and cleaning machine elements

A treatment head for use in a container-treatment machine includes two channels with a spray nozzle connecting to one of the channels. The channel connected to the spray nozzle carries a cleaning medium. The spray nozzle sprays the cleaning medium away from the filling machine... Khs Gmbh

Filling apparatus

An apparatus for filling containers with a product, includes a product supply, a pre-filling chamber having a controlled outlet, a movable sealing arrangement having a closed position for isolating the product supply from the pre-filling chamber, and a displacer arrangement that extends into the pre-filling chamber and that has an... Khs Gmbh

Method for operating a closing station and closing station

A method of operating a closing station includes decoupling a first closing element from a working position of the closing station and moving it away from the working position, bringing a second closing element into the working position, and coupling it into the container transport path at the working position.... Khs Gmbh

03/02/17 / #20170057801

Method and filling system for filling containers

A method for filling a container with spirit or wine includes using a valve to control flow of filling material into a container sealed against a plant from. Once the container has been filled, and while the valve is closed, pressurized Trinox gas drives surplus fluid out of the container.... Khs Gmbh

02/16/17 / #20170043991

Container-processing machine and processing containers

A processing station of a container-processing machine includes an electromagnetic linear drive that raises and lowers a container carrier. The linear drive includes a tubular guide element having a stack of magnets extending through it. This guide element guides the motion of a guided element that has coils. Current through... Khs Gmbh

02/09/17 / #20170036790

Pack of bonded containers, production method, and device for producing the pack

A method for producing a pack from containers includes arranging containers into a container group, applying adhesive to the containers, placing an opening thread in the adhesive, attaching an engagement element to the opening thread, and joining the containers, the adhesive, the opening thread, and the engagement element, thereby forming... Khs Gmbh

01/05/17 / #20170001450

Device and drying printed containers

A container-handling station includes a drying-and-curing device that dries a printed region on a container. A sensor is configured detects heat energy from this reaction during a sensing interval that is between 50 milliseconds and 1 millisecond per angular degree of the container surface.... Khs Gmbh

01/05/17 / #20170001748

Method and fitting carrying handles on packs or multipacks

A method for fitting carrying handles to packages includes, prior to receiving a package at a first carrying-handle applicator, drawing off and severing a length of carrying-strap material, retaining the strap's ends, causing the band to guide the carrying strap along the carrying-strap conveying stretch such that the carrying-strap forms... Khs Gmbh

01/05/17 / #20170001847

Receptacle treatment machine comprising a shielding system

A shield next to a receptacle-processing machine transforms kinetic energy from shards of burst containers into potential energy, and then dissipates that potential energy. The shield is made of cladding segments that can be moved so as to transition the shield between open and closed states.... Khs Gmbh

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