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Kia Motors Corp patents

Recent patent applications related to Kia Motors Corp. Kia Motors Corp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kia Motors Corp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kia Motors Corp, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Method and controlling wireless power transfer to electric vehicle using object detection sensor

A wireless power transfer (WPT) control method using an object detection sensor, performed at a WPT apparatus, may include detecting whether or not an object exists between a transmission pad and a reception pad mounted on an electric vehicle (EV) using an object detection sensor; in response to detecting that... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  Vehicle air conditioning system for separately controlling flow of inside/outside air

Provided is an intake system of an air conditioning system for a vehicle, which is configured for simultaneously satisfying two conflict conditions of improving heating performance by increasing the inflow of inside air and of reducing the generation of moisture on a window glass, wherein a scroll case, in which... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  Method and wireless power transfer to electric vehicle using a plurality of transmission coils

A WPT method using a plurality of transmission coils may comprise checking an alignment state between a reception coil mounted on an electric vehicle (EV) and each of the plurality of transmission coils, may include selecting a transmission coil satisfying a predetermined alignment constraint among the plurality of transmission coils;... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  Diagnostic methods and apparatuses in vehicle network

A diagnostic method performed by a gateway in a vehicle network, wherein the gateway comprises a controller and a physical (PHY) layer which manages ports and is connected to the controller, may comprise receiving, by the controller, a diagnostic request message from an external diagnostic apparatus connected to a first... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  High heat resistant steel with low nickel

The present invention provides high heat resistant steel with low Ni, in which a value of X/Y is 0.44 to 0.47, wherein the X is a value calculated by Equation 1, [Equation 1 is X=wt % of Cr+wt % of 1.5×Si+wt % of 0.5×Nb], and the Y is a value... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  Latch apparatus of tailgate for vehicle

A latch apparatus of a tailgate for a vehicle is disclosed. The apparatus includes a base supporting a driving motor for supplying power and having an insertion groove for inserting a striker. A latch lever is rotatably disposed close to the insertion groove of the base. The latch lever is... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  Flow accelerating ventilation type head cover and engine thereby

A flow accelerating ventilation type head cover may include a baffle separating a lower space which is opened such that blow-by gas containing an oil particle generated from an engine is collected thereto and an upper space which is closed such that the blow-by gas is flowed out to an... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  Engine structure for vehicle

An engine structure for a vehicle includes: a turbocharger rotating by a flow of exhaust gas and compress intake air; a first runner communicating with at least one of a plurality of combustion chambers which are formed in an engine and communicating with the turbocharger; a second runner communicating with... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  Water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation cooler

A water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler, which receives exhaust gas from an exhaust line, and recirculates cooled exhaust gas to an intake line, includes: a housing having an exhaust gas inlet, into which exhaust gas flows, and an exhaust gas outlet, from which exhaust gas is discharged, and further... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  Condenser for vehicle

A condenser for a vehicle includes an integrally formed receiver-drier and a plurality of stacked plates. The condenser may be used in an air conditioning having an expansion valve expanding liquid refrigerant, an evaporator evaporating the refrigerant expanded at the expansion valve through heat-exchange with air, and a compressor receiving... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  Apparatus for inspecting driver assistance system of vehicle and controlling the same

Disclosed herein is an apparatus for inspecting driver assistance systems provided in a vehicle, including: a multi-joint robot; a first inspection unit mounted on the multi-joint robot and inspecting some of the driver assistance systems inside the vehicle; and a second inspection unit separably mounted from the multi-joint robot or... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  Apparatus for manufacturing membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell and membrane-electrode assembly manufactured using the same

An apparatus for manufacturing a membrane-electrode assembly for a fuel cell is provided. The apparatus includes a sub-gasket feeding unit that forms first electrode windows, unrolls a first sub-gasket sheet, and supplies the sheet to a transfer line. An electrode membrane loading unit installed over the transfer line forms electrode... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  Communication method based on automotive safety integrity level in vehicle network and the same

An operation method of a first communication node supporting communications between an Ethernet-based network and a controller area network (CAN) includes: receiving an Ethernet message from a second communication node belonging to the Ethernet-based network; performing an integrity verification on first automotive safety integrity level (ASIL) authentication information included in... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  System for verification of unregistered device based on information of ethernet switch and the same

An operation method of a first communication node among a plurality of communication nodes constituting an Ethernet-based vehicle network may comprise receiving a message from a second communication node; determining whether a source address of the message exists in a first address table stored in a memory of the first... Kia Motors Corp

 new patent  Led compensation system and control method thereof

An LED compensation system and a method of controlling the system are provided, wherein in the system, when errors occur in some of a plurality of LED members included in an LED package, an adjacent LED device is substituted for the LED device having the error and performs the same... Kia Motors Corp

Structure of power train for vehicle

A structure of a powertrain for a vehicle according to the present invention includes: a first clutch connecting or disconnecting power from an engine; a driving motor disposed between the first clutch and a transmission, including a stator and a rotor, and having a recess, such that a center of... Kia Motors Corp

Mounting device for cooling module of vehicle

A mounting device for a cooling module of the vehicle, serving to install a cooling module of the vehicle to a front end module (FEM), may include a mounting bracket and having a fastening portion provided in a lower portion thereof, an assembling portion provided in an upper portion thereof,... Kia Motors Corp

Optimization method and apparatus of power control logic for entering into isg mode

An optimization method of a power control logic for entering into an idle stop & go (ISG) mode comprises steps of: monitoring a state of charge (SOC) of a battery to detect a parasitic current of the battery by a battery sensor of a vehicle; transmitting a parasitic current flag... Kia Motors Corp

Vehicle and controlling the same

A vehicle includes a low frequency (LF) transmitter, a high frequency receiver, and a control unit. The low frequency (LF) transmitter may be configured to transmit a LF signal in order to search for a remote control device. The high frequency receiver may be configured to receive a signal having... Kia Motors Corp

Main buck unit for vehicle body assembling system and control the same

A vehicle body assembling system forms a pre-buck section and a main buck section set along a transfer path of a floor assembly. A main buck unit is set at opposite sides of the transfer path in the main buck section, controls an upper portion of a side assembly in... Kia Motors Corp

Bicycle frame structure having a drop-out

A bicycle frame structure has a drop-out and includes: a fixing bracket having a rail groove formed in a frontward and rearward direction and fixed to one side of the frame; a movement member mounted to the fixing bracket to be movable forward and backward along the rail groove; a... Kia Motors Corp

Bicycle frame having a battery housing unit

The present disclosure provides a bicycle frame formed in a tube structure by bonding a left panel and a right panel together along a length direction, where the left panel and the right panel are molded into a predetermined shape, including: a battery housing unit and a reinforcement panel having... Kia Motors Corp

Control method and control system of turbocharger for vehicle

A control method of a turbocharger for a vehicle includes a cold control step of controlling, by a controller, a closing amount of a turbocharger to be a cold closing amount preset for a cold control when a vehicle condition satisfies a cold control condition, and a cold data map... Kia Motors Corp

Method for guaranteeing driving performance of engine and hybrid electric vehicle thereof

A method for guaranteeing starting performance of an engine for maintaining driving performance is provided. The method includes executing a quasi-failure mode in which the engine is changed to a driving state when an engine cranking apparatus state is maintained equal to or less than a threshold for a predetermined... Kia Motors Corp

Sound control device for vehicle and controlling the same

A sound control device includes a sound collector for collecting a first sound signal generated from a noise source and deformed along a primary path between the noise source and a sound input unit, and a second sound signal generated through a speaker and deformed along a secondary path between... Kia Motors Corp

System and vehicular and mobile communication device connectivity

A method includes: establishing a connection between a mobile communication device and a controller area network (CAN) bus in a CAN of a vehicle; receiving, via the established connection, information from the mobile communication device, including image information acquired by a camera of the mobile communication device; displaying vehicle information... Kia Motors Corp

Apparatus and size correction for hot stamping component

An apparatus of size correction for a hot stamping component is provided. The apparatus includes a jig frame and a plurality of attaching units disposed on the jig frame to rotate in an anteroposterior direction and support a hot stamping component including a quenched component which is partially quenched along... Kia Motors Corp

Resin composition for making inside door handle with skin-core structure, manufacturing inside door handle using the same, and article thereof

A resin composition useful for making an inside door handle with a skin-core structure made by using co-injection, an inside door handle manufactured using the resin composition, and a method for manufacturing such a door handle are provided herein.... Kia Motors Corp

Method for coating surface of moving part of vehicle and moving part of vehicle manufactured by the same

A method for coating a surface of a moving part of a vehicle may include a coating preparation process of disposing a screen having a plurality of meshes to be distanced from a surface of the moving part of the vehicle to be coated depending on a predetermined spaced distance;... Kia Motors Corp

Method and device for controlling output of low voltage dc-dc converter in environmentally friendly vehicle

A method for controlling an output of an LDC in an environmentally friendly vehicle is provided. The method includes determining whether the vehicle travels in the regenerative braking mode and when the vehicle does, transmitting a first slope signal to the LDC to increase an output voltage of the LDC... Kia Motors Corp

Cleaning apparatus

A cleaning apparatus is provided. The cleaning apparatus includes a housing assembly having an exterior housing connected with a vacuum intake unit and an interior housing fixed to the exterior housing at a preset interval from an interior surface of the exterior housing. A brush assembly is disposed within the... Kia Motors Corp

System and controlling engine clutch engagement during tcs operation of hybrid vehicle

A system and method of controlling engine clutch engagement during TCS operation of a hybrid vehicle are provided. The method includes determining whether a TCS is operating and upon determining that the TCS is operating, determining a compensation value for early engagement of an engine clutch during the TCS operation... Kia Motors Corp

Heat exchanger and manufacturing the same

Disclosed are a heat exchanger and a method of manufacturing a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger may include a plurality of three-step tubes, each having a three-layered section and each having a liquid passage at a middle portion and module insertion spaces at opposite sides of the liquid passage, a... Kia Motors Corp

Apparatus and implementing lcdas

The present invention relates to a vehicle and a control method thereof, and more particularly, to an apparatus and a method for implementing a lane change decision aid system (LCDAS). The LCDAS apparatus according to the present invention includes: a sensing unit sensing whether there is a target vehicle in... Kia Motors Corp

Vehicle and manufacturing the vehicle

A vehicle includes a suspension system, a sensor for measuring a vibration signal produced from the suspension system, and a microphone for measuring a noise signal in an interior of the vehicle caused by the vibration signal, wherein the sensor is installed at an interior sensor position determined based on... Kia Motors Corp

03/01/18 / #20180062187

Humidifier for fuel cell

A humidifier for a fuel cell includes a membrane module which accommodates therein a humidifying membrane, a first cap unit coupled to one side of the membrane module and supplies supply air to the membrane module, a second cap unit coupled to another side of the membrane module and discharges... Kia Motors Corp

02/22/18 / #20180050377

Smart active control roller hemming device and system

A smart active control hemming device is provided. The device includes a robot arm and a hemming roller unit that is disposed at a front end portion of the robot arm. The hemming roller unit includes a plurality of hemming rollers, a control motor that is driven with an electric... Kia Motors Corp

02/22/18 / #20180050683

Method of controlling engine driving force during operation of traction control system of hybrid vehicle

A method of controlling an engine driving force during operation of a traction control system (TCS) of a hybrid vehicle includes: calculating a driver-demanded torque based on a detection signal of an accelerator position sensor (APS), determining whether the TCS is operating, and, upon determining that the TCS is operating,... Kia Motors Corp

02/22/18 / #20180050723

Control apparatus and motor driven power steering system

A control apparatus and a method of a motor driven power steering (MDPS) system are provided. The control apparatus includes: a predetermined MDPS logic device configured to determine and output a motor control value using driver steering input information and vehicle state information; a state determination device configured to determine... Kia Motors Corp

02/22/18 / #20180051611

Electric valve

An electric valve may include a valve housing, a valve plate disposed in the exhaust gas passage of the valve housing by a rotation shaft, a heat shield being connected to the valve housing by a bracket and forming a penetration opening to be penetrated by an upper end portion... Kia Motors Corp

02/22/18 / #20180051621

Engine system having coolant control valve

An engine system having a coolant control valve unit includes a valve housing in which a passage having a coolant supplied from one side of the passage and exhausted to another side of the passage is formed, a valve configured to rotate with reference to a rotation center shaft, in... Kia Motors Corp

02/22/18 / #20180051801

System and electric oil pump control of hybrid electric vehicle

A system and method for electric oil pump control of hybrid electric vehicle are provided. The system includes a driving information detector that is configured to detect driving information according to driving of the hybrid vehicle and an operation type transmission of an electric oil pump (EOP) that receives and... Kia Motors Corp

02/22/18 / #20180054609

System and generating disparity map by matching stereo images

A system for generating a disparity map includes: an image obtainer obtaining a left image and a right image; a matching cost calculator calculating a matching cost for each of a plurality of pixels of the left image and the right image; an accumulation and summation calculator calculating an accumulation... Kia Motors Corp

02/15/18 / #20180043475

Vehicle body assembly system

A vehicle body assembly system defines a preset pre-buck section and a preset main-buck section along a conveying route of a floor assembly, and may include: i) pre-buck units which are installed at both sides of the conveying route in the pre-buck section, respectively, restrict lower portions of side assemblies,... Kia Motors Corp

02/15/18 / #20180043753

Apparatus and controlling compressor

A compressor control apparatus may include a data detector detecting status data including at least one of vehicle speed, engine speed, accelerator pedal location value, and slope way measurement value; and controller that determines whether engine speed and accelerator pedal location value of the status data satisfy oscillation acceleration entering... Kia Motors Corp

02/15/18 / #20180043818

Method of automatically adjusting leveling of pixel light headlamp for vehicle

Disclosed is a method of automatically adjusting the leveling of a pixel light headlamp for a vehicle, which may automatically adjust the leveling of a headlamp that is configured for implementing a pixel light using a DMD optical system.... Kia Motors Corp

02/15/18 / #20180043877

System and controlling hybrid electric vehicle using driving tendency of driver

A system and method for controlling a hybrid electric vehicle using a driving tendency are provided. The method includes determining a driving tendency level based on data to determine a driving tendency of a driver and determining a target engine torque using an engine torque map based on a vehicle... Kia Motors Corp

02/15/18 / #20180045371

High pressure tank

A high pressure tank is provided. The high pressure tank provides improved strength and stiffness by optimizing a laminating pattern and a structure of a fiber reinforced plastic that forms a dome portion of the high pressure tank used in a fuel tank of a fuel cell vehicle. The fiber... Kia Motors Corp

02/08/18 / #20180037124

Electric vehicle parallel charging method and apparatus

An electric vehicle (EV) parallel charging method may comprise determining whether a parallel charging input is detected or not, the parallel charging input being an input that both a conductive charging input and an inductive charging input are sensed; in response to determining that the parallel charging input is detected,... Kia Motors Corp

02/08/18 / #20180037126

Wireless charging control electric vehicle, and wireless charging electric vehicle

A wireless charging control apparatus may include at least one horizontal detector configured for detecting an inclination of an electric vehicle (EV); a suspension control device controlling a plurality of suspensions disposed near wheels of the EV to adjust a height or inclination of the EV; and a controller measuring... Kia Motors Corp

02/08/18 / #20180037247

Steering wheel for a vehicle

A steering wheel for a vehicle is provided. The steering wheel includes a steering wheel rim with an operating member formed as a ring segment of the steering wheel rim and has an exterior shell with at least a first shell part and a second shell part. The exterior shell... Kia Motors Corp

02/08/18 / #20180037730

Low gloss asa-based resin composition having excellent weatherability and heat resistance

A low gloss ASA-based resin composition having excellent weatherability and heat resistance is provided. The low gloss ASA-based resin composition is obtained by blending a general SAN copolymer, a heat-resistant SAN copolymer, a crosslinked aromatic vinyl compound-cyanide vinyl compound copolymer, and an amorphous inorganic material with large diameter and extra-large... Kia Motors Corp

02/01/18 / #20180029439

Heating control plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

A heating control apparatus for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle utilizing an engine and a drive-motor as power sources includes a temperature detecting device for detecting temperature data used to control indoor heating of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, where an indoor temperature of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle may... Kia Motors Corp

02/01/18 / #20180031642

System and managing battery on the basis of time required for charging

Provided are a weighted least square (WLS)-based state of health (SOH) estimating system and method. A battery management system according to an aspect of the present invention includes a measurer measuring a time required for charging at each of preset voltage intervals within a preset voltage range in which a... Kia Motors Corp

01/25/18 / #20180022302

Integrated knee bolster device for vehicle

An integrated knee bolster device for a vehicle is configured to restrict the depth of penetration of the knees of a seat occupant which strike a lower crash pad panel when a vehicle collision occurs, thus minimizing injury to the seat occupant, and enhancing safety performance for the seat occupant.... Kia Motors Corp

01/25/18 / #20180022314

Vehicle key control apparatus, vehicle having the same and vehicle key control method

A vehicle key control apparatus includes a communicator receiving a response signal from a vehicle key receiving a search signal transmitted from a vehicle, wherein the response signal comprises an x-axis reception strength, a y-axis reception strength, and a z-axis reception strength; and a controller determining a position of the... Kia Motors Corp

01/25/18 / #20180023156

Lightweight door beam, composition thereof and manufacturing the same

A steel composition, a reinforcement part of a vehicle using the steel composition and a method of manufacturing the reinforcement part using the steel composition are provided. In particular, the steel composition includes increased content of carbon components and the steel composition is processed by rapid heating and immediate quenching.... Kia Motors Corp

01/25/18 / #20180023456

Car intercooler pipe having low vibration properties

A car intercooler pipe includes an inlet of the intercooler pipe positioned at an upper side of the car intercooler pipe, an upper corrugated portion having upper corrugated bodies protruding in a rib shape from a surface of a pipe body extending in a direction toward the inlet, an outlet... Kia Motors Corp

01/25/18 / #20180026274

Method for manufacturing electrode for fuel cell and electrode manufactured thereby

A method for manufacturing an electrode for a fuel cell includes a mixing step of producing a first mixed solution by mixing a carbon support, a metal catalyst, a binder and a first dispersion solvent, a drying step of producing a first mixed solution dried body by drying the first... Kia Motors Corp

01/25/18 / #20180026282

Restarting system, controller and restarting fuel cell vehicle

A restarting system, a controller, and a restarting method for a fuel cell vehicle are provided. The restarting system includes a consumption resistor connected in parallel to a high voltage line that connects between a fuel cell and a high voltage battery and a relay that adjusts the connection between... Kia Motors Corp

01/25/18 / #20180026543

Apparatus and controlling synchronizing rectifier of ldc

An apparatus for controlling a synchronizing rectifier of a low voltage direct current (DC)-DC converter (LDC) may include a receiver receiving an LDC output command voltage, and a controller controlling an operation of the synchronizing rectifier based on the received LDC output command voltage.... Kia Motors Corp

01/18/18 / #20180015496

Primer device and application system applying the device

An application system is provided and includes a primer device configured to apply a primer, a sealer unit configured to apply a sealer and a change tool selectively connected to the primer device and the sealer unit. The application system further includes a connecting portion that is coupled to the... Kia Motors Corp

01/18/18 / #20180016951

Control stability of intermediate phase continuously variable valve timing system

A control method for stability of an intermediate phase Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT) system may include comparing an oil temperature of the intermediate phase CVVT system with a predetermined value, and interrupting an operation of controlling the CVVT system when the oil temperature is lower than the predetermined value,... Kia Motors Corp

01/18/18 / #20180019507

Integration battery for vehicle

An integration battery for a vehicle includes: a housing in which an inlet duct from which air is introduced and an outlet duct through which the air is discharged are mounted; a high voltage battery mounted in the housing and disposed between the inlet duct and the outlet duct; and... Kia Motors Corp

01/11/18 / #20180009093

Sensor cap exchange tool device

A sensor cap exchange tool device may include a support bolt; a support bracket that is fixed to a front end portion of the support bolt; a mover that has a second screw thread that is engaged with the first screw thread at of the support bracket; a tool guide... Kia Motors Corp

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01/11/18 / #20180009317

Apparatus for preventing overcharge of battery in eco-vehicle

An apparatus for preventing overcharge of a battery in an eco-vehicle includes: a detector detecting the overcharge of the battery; and a signal processor controlling a high voltage relay according to an output signal output from the detector to block a charge of the battery.... Kia Motors Corp

01/11/18 / #20180009325

Charging control electric vehicle and billing system using the same

An EV charging control apparatus may include a controller receiving a charging approval message for an EV from a charging management server, starting a charging to the EV in response to the charging approval message, measuring and accumulating an amount of energy charged to the EV, recognizing a charging termination... Kia Motors Corp

01/11/18 / #20180009338

Height adjustment vehicle seat

A height adjustment apparatus for a vehicle seat may include a pinion gear mounted in a side frame having a front portion and a rear portion are connected to a seat bracket by links; a rack gear engaged with a top end of the pinion gear and coupled with the... Kia Motors Corp

01/11/18 / #20180009387

Multi-link knob type armrest and armrest console and vehicle using the same

An armrest may include an armrest module, a sliding knob to be rotated by a manipulating force provided thereon, a hook knob facilitating rotation of the sliding knob to be converted into rotation for releasing console locking force for binding the armrest module, and a multi-link at which sloping angle... Kia Motors Corp

01/11/18 / #20180009439

P-range engagement vehicle and control device thereof

A P-range engagement method of the vehicle and a device thereof are disclosed. The P-range engagement method is applied to the vehicle equipped with an electronic shift lever, and the method includes performing the vehicle stopping process based on detection of stopping of a traveling vehicle through a control device,... Kia Motors Corp

01/11/18 / #20180010537

Fuel supply device for lpdi engine and start control lpdi engine having the fuel supply device

A fuel supply device for a liquefied petroleum direct injection (LPDI) engine in which liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is directly injected into a combustion chamber and a start control method of an LPDI engine having the fuel supply device, wherein the high pressure fuel pump receives and compresses fuel to... Kia Motors Corp

01/11/18 / #20180010686

Method of diagnosing malfunction in dual clutch transmission

Disclosed is a method of diagnosing a malfunction in a dual clutch transmission (DCT) attributable to a gear synchromesh failure, without an output shaft speed sensor. The method includes: calculating, a difference (referred to as a first difference) between a first input shaft speed and the product of a wheel... Kia Motors Corp

01/11/18 / #20180011032

Door inspection system for vehicle and inspection the same

An inspection system for a vehicle includes a vision inspection device including a plurality of vision camera and a plurality of laser device which move along exterior and sides of a door, which will be inspected, and inspect segmented sections respectively, a hanger device clamping the hemmed door on a... Kia Motors Corp

01/11/18 / #20180013157

Valve device and system for controlling air flow of fuel cell stack

A valve device for controlling an air flow of a fuel cell stack includes: a housing connected to the fuel cell stack and including a plurality of manifolds formed therein; a disk rotatably provided in the housing to control the air flow of the fuel cell stack; and a central... Kia Motors Corp

01/11/18 / #20180013872

Apparatus and controlling transmission of personal information

The present disclosure provides a control method of an Audio Video Navigation AVN system for vehicles. The control method may include: connecting the AVN system to a terminal through a wired connection based on a first protocol, transmitting an activation signal to the terminal through the wired connection, receiving address... Kia Motors Corp

01/04/18 / #20180001736

Air conditioning control vehicles

An air conditioning control system and method for a vehicle may include: an alternate control entering temperature difference excess determination step of determining whether a difference in temperature between a side vent temperature sensor and a shower duct temperature sensor exceeds an alternate control entering temperature difference; and an alternate... Kia Motors Corp

01/04/18 / #20180001771

Plug-in vehicle and controlling the same

A plug-in vehicle is provided which prevents impossibility of driving even when a charging connector is not connected to the vehicle and a method of controlling the same. The method includes determining whether the vehicle is stopped and determining whether recognition of a connection of the charging connector to the... Kia Motors Corp

01/04/18 / #20180001772

Wireless power transfer electric vehicle based on auxiliary battery status and electric vehicle for the same

A wireless power transfer (WPT) method based on a state of an auxiliary battery and an electric vehicle (EV) for the same includes receiving, by an EV charging apparatus, a wireless jump start request message from a user terminal; transmitting, by the EV charging apparatus, a primary jump start power... Kia Motors Corp

01/04/18 / #20180001776

In-cable control box mounted on electric vehicle charging cable and charging electric vehicle using the same

An in-cable control box (ICCB) mounted on an electric vehicle (EV) charging cable, which performs conductive charging for an EV as connected to a power outlet and an inlet of the EV, includes at least one processor, a first communication module, a second communication module, and a memory storing instructions... Kia Motors Corp

01/04/18 / #20180001811

Cup holder and manufacturing the same

A cup holder may include a holder body having a holding groove opened at an upper portion thereof, and provided such that a container is inserted into the holding groove, a guide integrally or monolithically formed in the holder body with an elastic adjustment body interposed therebetween, so as to... Kia Motors Corp

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01/04/18 / #20180001892

Control improving fuel efficiency in cacc system

Disclosed herein is a control apparatus and method for improving fuel efficiency in a CACC system, which can improve fuel efficiency through control of a vehicle speed so that a vehicle travels using an optimized cost in consideration of a target vehicle speed, current vehicle speed, minimum driving speed set... Kia Motors Corp

01/04/18 / #20180005789

System and controlling power of high speed vehicle

There are provided a system and a method for controlling power of a high speed vehicle. The system for controlling power of a vehicle includes: a latch relay configured to supply power to a vehicle load or to block power to the vehicle; a communication part configured to output a... Kia Motors Corp

01/04/18 / #20180006321

Apparatus and supplying component of fuel cell stack

An apparatus for supplying a component of a fuel cell stack includes a cartridge in which a plurality of components is stacked, a gripper for vacuum-adsorbing an uppermost component among the plurality of components stacked in the cartridge, and a lift generating unit for generating a lift force to lift... Kia Motors Corp

01/04/18 / #20180006381

Electromagnetic wave absorber

An electromagnetic wave absorber that improves an electromagnetic wave absorption rate in a specific frequency is provided. The electromagnetic wave absorber includes a dielectric layer; a first metal conductive layer disposed on a first surface of the dielectric layer and having a slot positioned symmetrical about a center of the... Kia Motors Corp

12/28/17 / #20170367635

Apparatus and detecting a state of a driver based on biometric signals of the driver

An apparatus and a method is provided for detecting biometric signals of a driver and classifying the driver into a normal state or a fatigued state based on the biometric signals. An apparatus may include: a biometric signal measuring part configured to measure the biometric signals including a blood flow... Kia Motors Corp

12/28/17 / #20170368737

Method of duplicating texture and pattern of natural material using low temperature embossing process

A method of duplicating texture and pattern of a natural material using a low temperature embossing process is provided. More particularly, in the method of duplicating texture and pattern of a natural material using a low temperature embossing process, a polymer resin having low glass transition temperature is coated on... Kia Motors Corp

12/28/17 / #20170368924

Under body for electric vehicle

An under body may include a side sill inside front panel bent similar to the side sill inside panel to connect a front end portion of the side sill inside panel with a dash panel to be bonded to each other; a front side member connecting member connected with a... Kia Motors Corp

12/28/17 / #20170368929

Hybrid vehicle including battery and fuel tank

A hybrid vehicle may include a battery and a fuel tank, wherein the battery is mounted in a space defined under a body floor, on which a double seat is disposed, and the fuel tank is disposed over an upper end portion of a rear-wheel suspension and a rear of... Kia Motors Corp

12/28/17 / #20170368952

Charging control electric vehicle

A charging control method for an electric vehicle is provided. The method uses a vehicle charging device that includes a power factor correction circuit (PFC) and a DC/DC converter. The method includes receiving, by a PFC controller, a control pilot (CP) signal from an external charging device and restricting by... Kia Motors Corp

12/28/17 / #20170369102

Front vehicle body reinforcing structure

A front vehicle body reinforcing structure may include a dash panel, a front side member extending along a length direction of a vehicle for coupling to a lower part of the dash panel, a fender apron member extending along the length direction of the vehicle and coupled to an upper... Kia Motors Corp

12/28/17 / #20170370271

Exhaust side block insert, cylinder block assembly including the same, and heat management system of engine including the same

A cylinder block assembly may include a cylinder block, a cylinder body disposed in the cylinder block, with a plurality of cylinder bores formed in the cylinder body, a fluid jacket, which is formed between an inner circumferential surface of the cylinder block and an outer circumferential surface of the... Kia Motors Corp

12/28/17 / #20170370464

Differential carrier case with inserted pipe for high pressure casting

A differential carrier case with an inserted pipe for high pressure casting may include a mold core into which a first end of a pipe is inserted, a mold core pin fixed to the mold core to fix the mold core and the first end of the pipe, a drive... Kia Motors Corp

12/28/17 / #20170372599

System and guiding result of remote control using mobile device

Provided are a system and a method for guiding a result of remote control using a mobile device, and particularly, a system and a method for guiding a result of remote control, which determines a scheme that feeds back the remote control result of a vehicle to a mobile device... Kia Motors Corp

12/21/17 / #20170361724

Coil alignment method in wireless power transfer system and apparatus using the same

A coil alignment method performed in a vehicle-side coil alignment apparatus coupled to a vehicle assembly (VA) controller includes: moving a light-blocking unit protruding from a vehicle parked in a wireless charging area in a first direction toward the ground facing one side of a vehicle-side wireless power transfer pad... Kia Motors Corp

12/21/17 / #20170361725

Coil alignment method and electric vehicle wireless power transfer apparatus using the same

A coil alignment method performed in a coil alignment apparatus coupled to a VA controller includes: sensing magnetic field intensities induced from a ground assembly (GA) coil through a first auxiliary coil and a second auxiliary coil which are fixedly coupled to a VA coil; comparing a first magnetic field... Kia Motors Corp

12/21/17 / #20170361737

Seat device for vehicle

A seat device for a vehicle includes: a seat cushion and a seat base of a rear row seat, the seat base mounted on a floor of a vehicle standing upward from the floor and forming a support structure of the seat cushion; a movable cushion portion forming a sitting... Kia Motors Corp

12/21/17 / #20170361791

Battery management system of vehicle

A battery management system of a vehicle is provided to prevent a lithium battery from being overcharged and over-discharged and to safely protect the lithium battery from various conditions degrading the lithium battery when the lithium battery is used as a low-voltage battery in the vehicle. The battery management system... Kia Motors Corp

12/21/17 / #20170361796

Method for integratedly operating active and manual safety devices

A method for controlling operations of safety devices of a vehicle includes determining whether there is a possibility of a collision with a preceding vehicle on the basis of vehicle driving information, determining occupancy information of a passenger or a type of a passenger or determining whether a passenger has... Kia Motors Corp

12/21/17 / #20170362989

Nitrogen oxide purification system and control the same

A nitrogen oxide purification system includes an exhaust line exhausting exhaust gas from a combustion chamber. A first nitrogen oxide purification device is mounted at an upstream side of the exhaust line to primarily purify nitrogen oxides (NOx) included in the exhaust gas, and a second nitrogen oxide purification device... Kia Motors Corp

12/21/17 / #20170363141

Center bearing bush unit for propeller shaft

A center bearing bush unit for a propeller shaft can effectively decrease the amount of large/small displacement that occurs in the propeller shaft during driving of a vehicle. A center bearing bush unit for a propeller shaft includes an inner pipe; an outer pipe disposed on a common axis as... Kia Motors Corp

12/21/17 / #20170363142

Center bearing bush unit for propeller shaft

A center bearing bush unit for a propeller shaft can effectively decrease the amount of large/small displacement that occurs in the propeller shaft during driving of a vehicle. A center bearing bush unit for a propeller shaft includes an inner pipe; an outer pipe disposed on a common axis as... Kia Motors Corp

12/21/17 / #20170365917

Roof antenna for vehicles and watertight structure for roof antenna for vehicles

A roof antenna attached to a vehicle includes an adhesive applied to a designated thickness, an upper case formed in a streamlined dome shape having an opened lower surface, and a lower case combined with the upper case, the lower case shielding the opened lower surface of the upper case... Kia Motors Corp

12/21/17 / #20170366049

Device and detecting an object within a wireless charging region

An assembly and method are provided for detecting an object within a wireless charging region of an electric vehicle. The method includes applying by a controller, a voltage to the wireless charging region to generate a capacitance value and measuring by the controller, the capacitance value of an electromagnetic shield... Kia Motors Corp

12/21/17 / #20170366430

Operation communication node for detecting link errors in network

An operation method of a first communication node in an Ethernet-based vehicle network includes identifying a link status between the first communication node and each of a plurality of communication nodes included in the vehicle network; receiving a first frame from a second communication node whose link status is normal... Kia Motors Corp

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