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Kia Motors Corporation
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Kia Motors Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Kia Motors Corporation. Kia Motors Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kia Motors Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kia Motors Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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09/17/09Carrier cup of planet carrier
11/16/17 new patent  Vehicle system and battery charging method thereof
11/16/17 new patent  Cargo screen assembly, operating the same and releasing the same
11/16/17 new patent  Recharge systems and methods
11/16/17 new patent  Adaptive cruise control apparatus and operating adaptive cruise control in consideration of traffic condition
11/16/17 new patent  Method and system for die compensation and restoration using high-velocity oxy-fuel thermal spray coating and plasma ion nitriding
11/16/17 new patent  Egr cooler for vehicle
11/16/17 new patent  Dual light path forming type projection optical system and head lamp and vehicle to which the same optical system is applied
11/16/17 new patent  Apparatus for controlling engine noise reflecting engine vibration and driving conditions
11/16/17 new patent  Charging cable having flexibility at low tempeature and oil resistance
11/16/17 new patent  Method for manufacturing lighting button key
11/16/17 new patent  Method for configuring stream communication path in network
11/09/17Leg rest apparatus
11/09/17Flow control valve and controlling the same
11/09/17Engine cooling system, electronic thermostat control system and control the same
11/09/17Thrust bearing for vehicle air compressor
11/09/17Coolant control valve unit having sealing structure
11/09/17Device and detecting water level of water trap in fuel cell
11/02/17Circular air filter and air cleaner assembly for vehicle having the air filter
11/02/17Method of manufacturing emergency lamp switch
11/02/17Anti-jerk control system and eco-friendly vehicle
11/02/17Reinforcement unit of engine room
11/02/17Compositions of polypropylene having excellent tactile sensation and dimensional stability
11/02/17Navigation device and traffic information matching method thereof
11/02/17Terminal, vehicle and controlling method therefor
11/02/17Method and controlling operation of side and rear monitoring camera system
10/26/173d printed seat support system
10/26/17Auxiliary seat storage structure
10/26/17Vehicle rollover sensing system using driving information for optimization
10/26/17Non-woven fabric board for exterior of vehicle and manufacturing same
10/26/17Cinching latch assembly for vehicle
10/26/17Split cooling internal combustion engine
10/26/17Fuel injection unit for internal combustion engine
10/26/17Wearable device and vehicle diagnosis apparatus including the same
10/26/17Joint connector with contact retainer
10/26/17Driving motor for environmentally friendly vehicles
10/19/17Fibrous component for vehicle exterior and manufacturing the same
10/19/17Charging device for vehicle and control method thereof
10/19/17Method and system for controlling air flow supplied to vehicle fuel cell
10/19/17Device holder assembly, dashboard and vehicle comprising the same, and holding a mobile electronics device
10/19/17Apparatus and controlling charge of hybrid electric vehicle
10/19/17Transmission for vehicle
10/19/17Power management method in network and the same
10/19/17Door regulating apparatus of vehicle and controlling the same
10/12/17Fuel-mixing prevention filler neck device
10/12/17Multifocal rain sensor
10/12/17Rain sensor with multi-sensitivity region
10/12/17Composition for manufacturing polyurethane foam and molded article thereof
10/12/17Timing belt cover assembly for vehicle
10/12/17Method for controlling startup of fuel cell vehicle
10/05/17Solenoid valve
10/05/17Ev wireless charging adjustable flux angle charger
10/05/17Front airbag for vehicle and controlling the same
10/05/17Limp home mode drive hybrid vehicle
10/05/17Air intake structure for vehicle engine
10/05/17Sprocket structure of engine
10/05/17Compressor control vehicle
09/28/17Reservoir tank of hybid vehicle
09/28/17Knee bolster device for vehicle
09/28/17Vehicle and control method thereof
09/28/17Stitchless steering wheel fitted with leather
09/28/17Front body structure of a vehicle for enhanced crash protection
09/28/17Primary coil circuit for wireless power transfer, ground assembly using the same, and manufacturing method therefor
09/21/17Control battery cooling system for vehicle
09/21/17Air conditioning system for vehicle
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09/21/17Structure for fastening engine mount
09/21/17Enhanced steering system utilizing fixed dab for occupant protection in frontal impacts with laterial loading
09/21/17System for measuring a vehicle gap or step
09/21/17Lubrication device of engine for reducing oil leakage
09/21/17Engine having water jacket
09/21/17Water-jacket structure of cylinder head and operating the same
09/21/17Water jacket for cylinder head
09/21/17Bearing unit for drive motor
09/21/17Apparatus and controlling electric oil pump
09/14/17Alignment wireless power transfer coil and the same
09/14/17Overheat prevention transmission clutch
09/14/17Wireless power transfer pad and ground assembly having the same
09/07/17Gdl cutting system of fuel cell and cutting method
09/07/17Head liner for vehicle
09/07/17Curtain airbag for vehicle
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09/07/17Front airbag for vehicle
09/07/17Pop-up structure of tail gate
09/07/17Engine having water jacket
09/07/17Crankshaft having balance weight
08/31/17Method and system for controlling coolant circulating in engine
08/31/17Joint connector
08/31/17Communication method in divided vehicle network
08/31/17Method of releasing resource reservation in network
08/31/17Method for time synchronization of domain based on time information of vehicle
08/24/17Fuel door opener
08/24/17Control method and apparatus of hybrid electric vehicle
08/24/17Copper clad laminate for vehicle led lamp, printed circuit board including the same, and manufacturing method thereof
08/24/17Separator assembly for fuel cell and manufacturing the same
08/24/17Air shut-off valve fuel cell system
08/24/17Copper clad laminate, printed circuit board including the same, and manufacturing the same
08/17/17Catalyst and preparing catalyst
08/17/17Integral type hot-stamping vehicle body structure and vehicle applying the same
08/17/17Method for preparing zeolite catalyst
08/10/17Long-life air filter for automobiles and manufacturing the long-life air filter
08/10/17Control valve for valve timing adjusting device of internal combustion engine
08/03/17Sealed honeycomb structure
08/03/17Method for controlling regenerative braking of vehicle
08/03/17System and driving mode conversion of hybrid vehicle
08/03/17Polyurethane foam with reduced formaldehyde and acrolein emissions
07/27/17Structure for mounting battery and spare tire
07/27/17Adaptive dual collaborative kalman filtering for vehicular audio enhancement
07/27/17Electrode active material slurry, preparation method thereof, and all-solid secondary battery comprising the same
07/27/17Power divider
07/27/17Method of transmitting data based on priorities in network
07/20/17System for recognizing load capacity change and operating the same
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07/20/17Oil drain structure of valve timing adjusting device for internal combustion engine
07/13/17Apparatus and charging electric vehicle
07/13/17Tgs cable socket including rubber damper and manufacturing the same
07/06/17Drawer type air cleaner having increased maintenance convenience, and intake system and vehicle having the same
07/06/17Valve for controlling coolant flow and fuel cell cooling system using the same
07/06/17Color changeable hydrogen detection sensor based on molybdenum oxide and manufacturing the same
07/06/17Fuel cell
07/06/17Porous panel for separator of fuel cell
07/06/17Method for time synchronization of domain based on time information of vehicle
06/29/17Valve timing adjustment internal combustion engine
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06/29/17Locking structure of valve timing adjustment internal combustion engine
06/29/17Road boundary detection system and method, and vehicle using the same
06/22/17Thermoplastic resin composite and preparation thermoplastic resin composite
06/22/17Support surface for primary airbag in vehicle
06/22/17Multi-area measuring rain sensor
06/22/17Roll over valve for fuel tank
06/22/17Multi-sealed nozzle and pressure vessel including the same
06/15/17Noise absorbent fabric having improved heat and sound insulation property and manufacturing the same
06/15/17Method and controlling compressor
06/15/17Air cleaning vehicle
06/15/17Auxiliary battery recharging control method and apparatus
06/15/17Method and system for controlling voltage of fuel cell in stop-mode of fuel cell vehicle
06/15/17Control cooling water pump of fuel cell vehicle
06/15/17Vehicle instrument panel having three-dimensional illumination effect
06/15/17Vehicle side and rear monitoring system with fail-safe function and method thereof
06/15/17Card holder for vehicles
06/15/17Smartphone holding device of vehicle
06/15/17Insulation fiber composite with excellent formability and surface property, and manufacturing the same
06/15/17Steering column system for vehicle occupant safety
06/15/17Washer-integrated type wiper apparatus
06/15/17Apparatus for controlling hybrid vehicle having engine oil pump and method thereof
06/15/17Apparatus and controlling hybrid electric vehicle including dual clutch transmission
06/15/17Apparatus and controlling hybrid electric vehicle including dual clutch transmission
06/15/17Fuel pump system of hybrid vehicle
06/15/17Method and engine clutch system for stabilizing engine clutch control, and vehicle employing the method and engine clutch system for stabilizing engine clutch control
06/15/17Method of manufacturing a crystallized glass for secondary battery and an electrode comprising sulfide
06/15/17Resin composition of intake hose material for vehicle turbo
06/15/17Method of applying ptfe coating solution and vehicle part coated with ptfe coating solution
06/15/17Engine oil supply system
06/15/17Engine ventilation system
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06/15/17Water jacket for cylinder block
06/15/17Non-negative pressure radiator cap
06/15/17Method of controlling continuously variable valve timing system for limp-home
06/15/17Control fuel injector
06/15/17Water jacket for engine
06/15/17Method and system for preventing misoperation of shift lever
06/15/17Radiator for vehicle
06/15/17Radio-wave-penetrable layer having metallic luster
06/15/17Push lock switch vehicle
06/15/17Antenna mounting unit for vehicle
06/08/17Cooperation robot for vehicle production controlling the same
06/08/17Appratus for simultaneously measuring interior temperature and fine dust in vehicle
06/08/17Apparatus and estimating state of charge of vehicle battery
06/08/17System for controlling rear seat according to seating mode and method therefor
06/08/17System and control preventing interference between front and rear seats for vehicle
06/08/17Apparatus and compensating for angle of seatback for vehicle
06/08/17Locking structure for armrest
06/08/17Apparatus for determining vehicle braking and method using the same
06/08/17Cowl side reinforcement structure in vehicle
06/08/17Oil seal rubber composition having improved freezing resistance and preparing the oil seal rubber composition
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06/08/17Turbocharger structure for vehicle
06/08/17Block insert and cylinder structure of vehicle engine including the same
06/08/17Hydraulic control system for automatic transmission of vehicle
06/08/17Systems and methods for an in-vehicle survey with generated routes
06/08/17Method of preventing hacking of wireless signals
06/08/17Apparatus and supplying fuel cell stack material
06/08/17Power switch capable of preventing reverse connection
06/08/17Device for controlling a motor
06/01/17Mold high pressure casting
06/01/17Vehicle and control method thereof
06/01/17Device for controlling shift of vehicle and controlling shift using the same
06/01/17Hybrid automotive side sill and manufacturing method thereof
05/25/17Automated guided vehicle
05/25/17Apparatus and preventing over-discharge of vehicle battery
05/25/17Low voltage dc-dc converter of eco friendly vehicle
05/25/17Method for controlling battery output
05/25/17Cup holder for vehicle
05/25/17Engine structure for vehicle
05/25/17Antenna apparatus, manufacturing the same, and vehicle having the same
05/18/17Method and arrangement for pre-curing an adhesive layer
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05/18/17Damper pulley assembly for vehicle
05/11/17Vehicle and charging control the vehicle
05/11/17Vehicle and charging control method thereof
05/11/17Method for controlling line pressure of automatic transmission
05/11/17Electrolyte layer for all-solid state battery and manufacturing all-solid state battery using the same
05/04/17Cabin temperature setting and display method and system
05/04/17Electromagnetic field controlling vehicle wireless charging system
05/04/17Washer nozzle for vehicle
05/04/17Cable sponge damper for manual transmission and structure for fastening the same
05/04/17Light guide module for a vehicle lamp and manufacturing such a light guide module
05/04/17Apparatus and controlling opening and closing of vehicle door
05/04/17Method and system for controlling motor
05/04/17In-vehicle network attack detection method and apparatus
04/27/17Vehicle body structure having shock absorber mounting structure
04/27/17Passive hood hinge system for vehicle
04/27/17Noise reduction device for negative pressure line of brake booster
04/27/17Diaphragm valve for vehicle
04/27/17Advanced driver assist system, vehicle including the same, and controlling the same
04/27/17Apparatus and reducing noise of a wireless charging device
04/20/17Variable valve duration system and engine provided with the same
04/20/17Variable valve duration/variable valve lift system and engine provided with the same
04/20/17Apparatus for cooling vehicle engine and cooling method thereof
04/20/17Variable intake system
04/20/17Predictive road hazard identification system
04/13/17Vehicle cluster gauge calibrating the same
04/13/17Power distributing apparatus of vehicle
04/13/17Power control apparatus, vehicle having the same, and controlling vehicle
04/13/17Underbody structure of vehicle
04/13/17Oil pump system for vehicle
04/13/17Stator for synchronous motor
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04/06/17Inverter with thermal conductivity interface material and hybrid vehicle to which the same is applied
04/06/17Control dual clutch transmission for hybrid electric vehicle and control system for the same
04/06/17Apparatus for reclining rear seat for vehicle
04/06/17Vehicle front structure
04/06/17Method and controlling hybrid electric vehicle
04/06/17Launch control vehicle with dry type clutch
04/06/17Clear paint composition for hot stamping film and painting method using the same
04/06/17Method for controlling exhaust gas recirculation system of vehicle
04/06/17Multi-ground connector for vehicle
03/30/17Structure for mounting rear camera for vehicle
03/30/17Battery management system for vehicle and controlling method thereof
03/30/17Backward driving control hybrid vehicle
03/30/17Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the continuous variable valve duration apparatus
03/30/17Canister vehicle
03/30/17System and detecting fusion of relay of battery
03/30/17Fuel cell stack with multilayer type collector plate
03/30/17Fuel cell stack assembly device and control method
03/23/17Air vent for vehicle
03/23/17Urea supplying apparatus
03/23/17Charging control electric vehicle
03/23/17Method for improving distance to empty (dte) of hybrid electric vehicle
03/23/17Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the same
03/23/17Fuel cell stack
03/23/17Apparatus for distributing voltage of low dc/dc converter
03/16/17Method of manufacturing molded product with controlled density and molded product manufactured by the same
03/16/17Air duct for vehicle
03/16/17Method for releasing creep torque control of vehicle before stop
03/16/17Method for intelligent quick bed-in of an automatic transmission
03/16/17Rear side member

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