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King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals Of Saudi Arabia

King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals patents

Recent patent applications related to King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals. King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17 new patent  Gas separation device with nanocomposite membrane
12/07/17 new patent  System with branched optical fibers
12/07/17 new patent  Apparatus for detecting an analyte with surface enhanced raman scattering
11/30/17Cross-linked polymeric resin and methods for wastewater treatment
11/30/17Method for deploying a mobile robot using radio frequency communications
11/23/17Method of forming a surface-modified nanocomposite
11/23/17Graphene/polystyrene nanocomposite composition
11/23/17Silver nanoparticle method on zinc oxide films
11/23/17Nickel-based electrochemical cell cathode with an alumina-coated co-deposit
11/16/17Metal organic frameworks as catalysts and hydrocarbon oxidation methods thereof
11/16/17Sulfur extended asphalt modified with crumb rubber for paving and roofing
11/16/17Continuous adsorption cooling system with air-cooled heat rejection unit
11/16/17Method for robotic localization
11/09/17Method for forming light olefins from methanol
11/09/17Methods for synthesizing acryloyl-based copolymers, terpolymers
11/09/17Succinimide-based copolymers and use as hydrate inhibitors
11/09/17Method for reducing thiophene in diesel fuel
11/09/17Method for correcting electricity meter readings
11/02/17Carbon nanotube membranes
11/02/17Process for forming a sintered iron oxide impregnated carbon nanotube membrane
11/02/17Single downcomer bubble column
11/02/17Solar assisted gas turbine desalination and carbon capture system
11/02/17Radiant cooling apparatus and system
11/02/17Rare earth metal incorporated zeolite modified electrodes for detection and quantification of heavy metal ions in aqueous solution
11/02/17Method and generating a refactored code
10/26/17Mixed ligand gold(i) complexes as anti-cancer agents
10/19/17Fluidizable alkane dehydrogenation catalyst
10/12/17Process for making a nio-doped aluminogallate nanocomposite
10/12/17Method for sulfur removal with a uranyl-containing carbonaceous adsorbent
10/12/17Solar driven refrigeration system
10/12/17N-nitrosamine determination in aqueous samples with sonication and microextraction
10/05/17Structural lightweight concrete with superior thermal insulation
10/05/17Olefin polymerization method using barium ferrite-containing catalyst nanoparticles
10/05/17Oxy-fuel combustion system having monolith membrane
10/05/17Power turbine system
10/05/17Gas-assisted liquid fuel oxygen reactor
10/05/17Multiphase meter calibration system and methods thereof
09/28/17Method for forming aluminum oxide/carbon nanotubes by ultrasonic atomization and chemical vapor deposition
09/28/17Solid-supported palladium (ii) complex as a heterogeneous catalyst for cross coupling reactions and methods thereof
09/28/17Chemical vapor deposition reactor with preheating, reaction, and cooling zones
09/28/17Method for downhole leak detection
09/28/17Evaporative condenser cooling system
09/28/17Fluorescent schiff base conjugate cu(ii) chemosensors and methods thereof
09/28/17Flow cell for batch and continuous simultaneous electrochemical and epr measurements and a method thereof
09/28/17Switched beam antenna system and hand held electronic device
09/21/17Sialon ceramics and a preparation thereof
09/21/17Method of forming ceramic material containing aluminum particles
09/21/17Method for desulfurizing diesel fuel
09/21/17Cognitive radio antenna assembly
09/21/17Id-based routing protocol for wireless network with a grid topology
09/14/17Method of steam methane reforming
09/14/17Stacked hydromagnetic desalination cell
09/14/17Process for converting calcium bentonite to sodium bentonite
09/14/17Method for hydrophobicizing a zirconia surface
09/14/17Method for polymerizing ethylene to form a high density polyethylene nanocomposite
09/14/17Clay soil site preparation for building structures
09/14/17Absorption cooling system with solar collector
09/14/17Compact tube and plate condenser with cooling fins
09/14/17Method for determining phenol concentration by using graphite pencil electrode system
09/14/17Automated dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction technique for the analysis of n-nitrosamines in water
08/31/17Apparatus and sensor deployment
08/31/17Low complexity relay selection and power allocation scheme for cognitive mimo buffer-aided decode-and-forward relay networks
08/24/17Aluminum oxide supported gas permeable membranes
08/24/17Composite adsorbent for adsorption chiller
08/24/17Process for synthesizing a metal-doped aluminogallate nanocomposite and methods of use thereof
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08/24/17Treatment of water with uv/chlorine advanced oxidation
08/24/17Nanoclay-enhanced cement composition for deep well treatment
08/24/17Method for preparing a gallium-doped zinc oxide electrode decorated with densely gathered palladium nanoparticles
08/24/17Combustor with adjustable swirler and a combustion system
08/24/17Software model stability metrics
08/24/17Apparatus and methodologies for code refactoring
08/24/17Method for forming a nanoporous grain boundary structure
08/24/17Single-input single-output two-box polar behavioral model for envelope tracking power amplifiers
08/24/17Efficient routing for energy harvest and quality of service in wireless sensor networks
08/17/17Gold(i) complexes with anticancer properties and methods of use thereof
08/17/17Method for removing cationic dyes from an aqueous solution using an adsorbent
08/17/17Fluidizable catalyst for oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes to olefins in an oxygen free environment
08/17/17Drilling mud composition with aloe vera particles and a fracking process using the same
08/17/17Method for desulfurizing diesel fuel
08/17/17System, device, and controlling smart windows
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08/17/17Combustion system with an ion transport membrane assembly and a using thereof
08/17/17Method, device, and computer-readable medium for correcting at least one error in readings of electricity meters
08/17/17Route repair of ad hoc on-demand distance vector routing protocol in a wireless sensor network
08/10/17Method for cooperatively deploying robots and cooperative system of robots
08/10/17Method for treating ovarian cancer and/or hodgkin lymphomia with a gold(iii) complex
08/10/17Superhydrophobic and self-cleaning substrate and a coating
08/10/17Method for removing single ring aromatic hydrocarbons
08/10/17Non-load bearing masonry block containing crumb rubber
08/10/17Method of fault tolerance in combinational circuits
08/10/17Arabic handwriting synthesis system and method
08/03/17System and operation of twin-tiltrotor helicopter
08/03/17Method for methanol conversion to propylene over a monolithic catalyst system
08/03/17Catalytic hydrocracking of light olefins
08/03/17Uncatalyzed sigmatropic rearrangement of tyrosine-based compounds
08/03/17Gold(iii) anti-cancer agents
08/03/17Method of covalently bonding a polymer/surface modified graphene nanocomposite
08/03/17Crumb rubber coating composition and protecting a surface
08/03/17Method for drilling a well with reduced infiltration
08/03/17Fluorosurfactant extraction process for carbonate reservoirs
08/03/17Compositions for corrosion inhibition
08/03/17Multi-motor steerable drilling system and method
08/03/17Method and system for hydraulic fracturing based on skin factor analysis
08/03/17Turbine connected hybrid solar-syngas power system
08/03/17Solar refrigeration system with a closed refrigerant loop
08/03/17Multi-core compact executable trace processor
08/03/17Multi-camera spatial sign language recognition method and system
08/03/17Solar cells with enhanced solar capture
07/27/17Co-supported catalysts for the tandem trimerization and polymerization of ethylene to produce linear low density polyethylene
07/27/17Method and measuring a local acceleration of gravity
07/20/17Wearable embedded control system, apparatus and method
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07/20/17Nanocomposite films and methods of preparation thereof
07/13/17Cyclopolymeric zwitterion-dianionic resin and synthesis and uses thereof
07/13/17Gold(i) complexes with anticancer properties and methods of use thereof
07/13/17Method for removing iron sulfide scale
07/13/17Monodispersed carboxylate functionalized gold nanoparticles and their size controlled preparation using pamoic acid as a reducing and capping reagent
07/13/17Apparatus and deploying sensors
07/06/17Sulfur asphalt in roofing, damp-proofing and water proofing
07/06/17Corrosion resistant coating composition of ni and a phosphate corrosion inhibitor and an electrodeposition the manufacture thereof
07/06/17Method of fracturing a subterranean formation using micronized barite particles
07/06/17Method of fracturing a subterranean formation using micronized barite particles
Patent Packs
06/29/17Methods of making antimicrobial poly(methyl methacrylate) /silver nanocomposites and inhibiting bacterial growth with poly(methyl methacrylate) /silver nanocomposites
06/29/17Process for inhibiting scale formation with uv light
06/29/17Polypropylene-asphaltene composite and methods thereof
06/29/17Method of making sulfur extended asphalt modified with crumb rubber
06/29/17Method for reducing swell potential of expansive clayey soil with nano-level constitutive modeling
06/29/17Method for reducing swell potential of expansive clay mineral and expansive clayey soil with molecular level simulation
06/29/17Fault ride-through and power smoothing system
06/22/17Pneumatic valve system, controlling an actuator in a pneumatic valve system, and non-transitory computer readable medium
06/22/17Beam splitting of solar light by reflective filters
06/15/17Method for the adsorptive removal of para-xylene and toluene from waste water using modified carbon nanotubes
06/15/17Anti-icing apparatus and system
06/15/17Hydromagnetic desalination cell, brine desalination system, and desalinating brine water using the desalination cell
06/08/17Cross-linked polymeric resin and methods for wastewater treatment
06/08/17Method of treating cancer and gold(iii) complexes as anti-cancer agents
06/01/17Method of producing sodium bentonite
06/01/17Apparatuses and methodologies for blind equalization in a communication system
05/25/17Functionalized asphaltenes and methods thereof
05/25/17Barite filter cake removing composition and method
05/25/17Two-phase flow detector using heat transfer in cross flow
05/25/17Floating immittance emulator
05/25/17Floating immittance emulator
05/25/17Floating immittance emulator
05/25/17Method of routing for wireless ad hoc and sensor networks
05/25/17Capacitor-less led drive
05/18/17Platinum complexes as anticancer agents
05/18/17Sealing agent for ion transport membranes
05/18/17Laser ablation treating a zirconia containing ceramic surface
05/18/17High-density polyethylene-graphene nanocomposites and methods thereof
05/18/17System for measuring multi-phase fluid flow characteristics
05/18/17Method for evaluating the effectiveness of matrix acidizing in a subterranean formation
Patent Packs
05/18/17Integrated solar absorption heat pump system
05/18/17Control multi-vehicle systems
05/18/17Methods for treating a polycarbonate glass surface and forming directed hierarchical nanopatterning and increasing hydrophobicity
05/18/17Integrated microwave-millimeter wave antenna system with isolation enhancement mechanism
05/18/17Four element reconfigurable mimo antenna system
05/11/17Solar-powered libr-water absorption air conditioning system using hybrid storage
05/11/17Functionalized gold nanoparticles and methods thereof
05/04/17Device with flat membranes for water purification
05/04/17Oil-based drilling fluid employing jojoba oil
05/04/17Method for removing sulfur compounds from a hydrocarbon fluid using an adsorbent
05/04/17Dielectric resonator antenna array system
04/27/17Si-y nanocomposite membrane and methods of making and use thereof
04/27/17Fabrication of carbon nanotube membranes
04/27/17Modified activated carbon preparation and methods thereof
04/27/17Method for removing heavy metals from an aqueous solution with cross-linked copolymers
04/27/17Synthesis of (s)-2-acetamido-3-(4-hydroxy-3-(3-methylbut-2-enyl) phenyl) propanoic acid derivatives
04/27/17Anisotropic monolayer gold nanoassembly: a highly sers-active substrate for molecular detection
04/27/17Method and system for power amplifier characterization and digital predistortion
04/20/17Vertical wind turbine
04/13/17Method for treating prostate cancer and/or gastrointestinal cancer
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04/13/17Method for preparing multi-wall carbon nanotubes using chemical vapor deposition with an atomization system
04/13/17Methods and apparatus to design collaborative automation systems based on data distribution service middleware
04/13/17Clustered automation platform based on data distribution service middleware
04/13/17Distributed autonomous process interface systems based on data distribution service middleware
04/13/17Nanocomposite films with conducting and insulating surfaces
04/13/17Autonomous process interface systems based on data distribution service middleware
04/06/17Reconfigurable mimo and sensing antenna system
03/30/17System for determining thermal transmittance and thermal resistance of building walls assemblies under dynamic weather conditions
03/23/17Method for detecting l-tyrosine by using graphene-modified graphite pencil electrode system
03/23/17Device to measure the corrosive sulfur species formation rate in power transformers and a using the same
03/16/17Well-bore and reservoir monitoring process by logging temperature and resistivity
03/16/17Method for treating a cancer with a mixed ligand gold(iii) complexes as anti-cancer agents
03/16/17Thione-platinum(ii) complexes and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
03/16/17Bandwidth efficient cooperative two-way amplify-and- forward relaying method
03/09/17Titanium alloys for biomedical applications and fabrication methods thereof
03/09/17Alumina-coated co-deposit and an electrodeposition the manufacture thereof
03/09/17System for preventing contaminant intrusion in water supply networks
03/09/17Solar powered water pumping system with photovoltaic system that tracks a maximum power point
03/02/17Adsorption of aromatic hydrocarbons from water using metal oxide impregnated carbon nanotubes
03/02/17Environmentally safe filtration control agents for drilling fluids
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03/02/17Method for removing sulfur compounds from fuel using an adsorbent
03/02/17Ultra-low frequency bio-medical active-rc lowpass filters
02/23/17Method for detecting and quantifying haloether contamination in aqueous samples
02/23/17Microwave-assisted headspace liquid-phase microextraction of an analyte
02/16/17Removal of benzene from water using aluminum oxide impregnated carbon nanotubes enhanced
02/16/17Method and partially desalinating produced water to form extraction fluid used for fossil fuel extraction
02/16/17Process for making a poly(zwitterion/dianion)
02/16/17Enhanced oil recovery processes
02/16/17Permeability and inflow performance determination for horizontal wells
02/16/17Weighted memory polynomial power amplifiers predistortion
02/16/17Apparatuses and methodologies for decision feedback equalization using particle swarm optimization
02/09/17Liquid purification system
01/19/17Sodium-calcium-aluminosilicate column for adsorbing co2
01/19/17Isothermal co2 adsorption column
01/19/17Laser ablation treating a copper alloy containing metallic surface and increasing hydrophobicity
01/19/17Process for making a polyzwitterion or polyzwitterionic acid
01/19/17Method of estimating an inflow performance relationship an oil well
01/19/17Parking lot shade for generating electricity having a photovoltaic system that tracks a maximum power point
01/12/17Fluidizable catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons
01/12/17Method for polymerizing ethylene using bafe12o19 nanoparticles, and a polyethylene-barium ferrite nanocomposite made therefrom
01/12/17High-density polyethylene preparation methods
01/12/17Hybrid solar thermal enhanced oil recovery system with oxy-fuel combustor
12/29/16Nanofluids containing carbon nanotubes and metal oxide nanoparticle composites with enhanced heat transfer and heat capacity properties
12/29/16Floating memristor emulator
12/22/16Primary channel selection relay networks
12/15/16Coolant heat exchanger having a scraper for each heat exchange interface surface
12/15/16Heat exchanger
12/08/16Method for disinfecting a fluid with a palladium-doped tungsten trioxide photo-catalyst
12/08/16System and applying adaptive frequency-domain rls dfe for uplink sc-fdma
12/01/162-(p-alkoxyphenyl)-2-imidazolines and their use as corrosion inhibitors
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11/24/16Steam methane reforming reactor with hydrogen selective membrane
11/24/16Organic dyes incorporating the oxadiazole moiety for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
11/24/16Oxadiazole based photosensitizers for use in dye-sensitive solar cells and photodynamic therapy
11/24/16Silver nanoparticles on conducting electrode as plasmonic scattering nanomaterial and related photovoltaic cells
11/17/16Synthesis and characterization of a new series of cross-linked (phenol, formaldehyde, alkyldiamine) terpolymers for the removal of toxic metal ions from wastewater
11/17/16Passive edge-tone suppression method
11/17/16Multi-agent deployment protocol coverage of cluttered spaces
11/17/16Reconfigurable integrator/differentiator circuit using current follower based simulated inductor
11/17/16Spectrum-efficient secondary users grouping two-tier cognitive radio networks
11/10/16N-heterocyclic carbene gold complexes with anticancer properties and methods of use thereof
11/10/16Method and estimation of center of gravity using accelerometers
11/10/16System and acquisition and processing of seismic data using compressive sensing
11/10/16Processing hexagonally sampled seismic data
11/10/16Systems and associated methods for arabic handwriting synthesis and dataset design
11/10/16Inflow performance relationship for multilateral wells
11/10/16Systems and associated methods for arabic handwriting using synthetic extension concatenation and synthesis
11/10/16Ferrite-loaded circular waveguide antenna for 3d scanning
11/03/16Method of dye removal from wastewater
11/03/16Method and device using productivity index in drill guidance for drilling slanted water injection wells
11/03/16Fluid supply system with temperature control for fluid conservation
11/03/16Piggable plate heat exchanger assembly
10/27/16Methods and systems for selenocyanate removal from contaminated aqueous media
10/27/16Epoxy composite resins and sol-gel compositions thereof
10/27/16Method for estimating inflow performance relationship (ipr) of snaky oil horizontal wells
10/27/16Solar powered cooling system
10/27/16Method and system for characterization of subsurface cavities using joint inversion of gravity and ground penetrating radar data
10/27/16Method, system and computer program product for breast density classification using parts-based local features
10/27/16High performance and grid computing with liveliness and deadlines fault tolerant data distributor quality of service
10/13/16Method for permeability prediction of shale gas

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