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Kla tencor Corporation
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Kla tencor Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Kla tencor Corporation. Kla tencor Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kla tencor Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kla tencor Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Increasing dynamic range of a height sensor for inspection and metrology
03/23/17 new patent  Adaptive automatic defect classification
03/23/17 new patent  Spectroscopic beam profile overlay metrology
03/23/17 new patent  Backscattered electrons (bse) imaging using multi-beam tools
03/23/17 new patent  Multi-beam dark field imaging
03/23/17 new patent  Method and system for noise mitigation in a multi-beam scanning electron microscopy system
03/23/17 new patent  Method and system for focus adjustment of a multi-beam scanning electron microscopy system
03/23/17 new patent  Systems and methods for controlling an etch process
03/16/17Method and inspecting a substrate
03/16/17Compressive sensing for metrology
03/16/17Wafer defect discovery
03/09/17Method of improving lateral resolution for height sensor using differential detection technology for semiconductor inspection and metrology
03/09/17Techniques and systems for model-based critical dimension measurements
03/09/17Photocathode including silicon substrate with boron layer
03/09/17Cw duv laser with improved stability
03/02/17System and imaging a sample with an illumination source modified by a spatial selective wavelength filter
03/02/17Determining one or more characteristics of a pattern of interest on a specimen
03/02/17Verification metrology targets and their design
03/02/17Imaging performance optimization methods for semiconductor wafer inspection
03/02/17Model-based metrology using images
03/02/17193nm laser and inspection system
02/23/17Broadband and wide field angle compensator
02/23/17Monitoring changes in photomask defectivity
02/16/17System, method and computer program product for calibration of metrology tools
02/16/17Process-sensitive metrology systems and methods
02/16/17Polygon-based geometry classification for semiconductor mask inspection
02/16/17Method and system for edge-of-wafer inspection and review
02/16/17Determining a position of a defect in an electron beam image
02/16/17Electron source
02/16/17Dark-field inspection using a low-noise sensor
02/09/17Periodic patterns and technique to control misalignment between two layers
02/09/17Range-based real-time scanning electron microscope non-visual binner
01/26/17Metrology target design for tilted device designs
01/26/17Automated metrology system selection
01/26/17Passivation of nonlinear optical crystals
01/19/17Optical metrology tool equipped with modulated illumination sources
01/19/17Statistical overlay error prediction for feed forward and feedback correction of overlay errors, root cause analysis and process control
01/12/17Front quartersphere scattered light analysis
01/12/17Methods and speckle suppression in laser dark-field systems
01/05/17Measurement of multiple patterning parameters
01/05/17Apparatus, method and computer program product for inspection of at least side faces of semiconductor devices
01/05/17Power-scalable nonlinear optical wavelength converter
12/29/16Methods and measuring height on a semiconductor wafer
12/29/16Determining multi-patterning step overlay error
12/29/16System and defect detection and photoluminescence measurement of a sample
12/29/16System and production line monitoring
12/29/16System and dynamic care area generation on an inspection tool
12/29/16High efficiency laser-sustained plasma light source
12/22/16Method and system for process control with flexible sampling
12/22/16System and monitoring parameters of a semiconductor factory automation system
12/22/16Process-induced asymmetry detection, quantification, and control using patterned wafer geometry measurements
12/22/16Automated image-based process monitoring and control
12/22/16Pre-layer defect site review using design
12/22/16Self directed metrology and pattern classification
12/22/16Method and system for charged particle microscopy with improved image beam stabilization and interrogation
12/22/16Overlay and semiconductor process control using a wafer geometry metric
12/15/16Inspection system using 193nm laser
12/08/16Method and system for iterative defect classification
12/08/16System and providing a clean environment in an electron-optical system
12/08/16Laser repetition rate multiplier and flat-top beam profile generators using mirrors and/or prisms
12/01/16High-speed hotspot or defect imaging with a charged particle beam system
11/24/16Voltage contrast based fault and defect inference in logic chips
11/24/16Multi-oscillator, continuous cody-lorentz model of optical dispersion
11/24/16Photocathode including field emitter array on a silicon substrate with boron layer
11/17/16Optical metrology with small illumination spot size
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11/17/16Sensor with electrically controllable aperture for inspection and metrology systems
11/17/16System and reducing radiation-induced false counts in an inspection system
11/17/16System and focus determination using focus-sensitive overlay targets
11/17/16Machine learning inspecting reticles
11/10/16System and oblique incidence scanning with 2d array of spots
11/10/16Model-based hot spot monitoring
11/10/16Method and system for defect classification
11/10/16Method and system for aberration correction in an electron beam system
11/03/16Metrology system, method, and computer program product employing automatic transitioning between utilizing a library and utilizing regression for measurement processing
11/03/16Computationally efficient x-ray based overlay measurement
11/03/16Multiple pin probes with support for performing parallel measurements
11/03/16Hybrid phase unwrapping patterned wafer measurement
11/03/16Intra-die defect detection
11/03/16Method and system for controlling convective flow in a light-sustained plasma
11/03/16Multi-model metrology
Patent Packs
10/27/16Apparatus for measuring overlay errors
10/27/16Systems and methods for run-time alignment of a spot scanning wafer inspection system
10/27/16Apparatus, method and computer program product for defect detection in work pieces
10/27/16Methods of analyzing and utilizing landscapes to reduce or eliminate inaccuracy in overlay optical metrology
10/27/16Outlier detection on pattern of interest image populations
10/27/16Image sensor, an inspection system and a inspecting an article
10/20/16Spectral control system
10/13/16Photomultiplier tube, image sensor, and an inspection system using a pmt or image sensor
10/06/16Method and system for determining in-plane distortions in a substrate
10/06/16Feed forward of metrology data in a metrology system
10/06/16Back-illuminated sensor with boron layer
10/06/16Optical die to database inspection
10/06/16Interleaved acousto-optical device scanning for suppression of optical crosstalk
10/06/16Sub-pixel and sub-resolution localization of defects on patterned wafers
09/29/16Model-based single parameter measurement
09/29/16Method for shape classification of an object
09/29/16Methods and determining focus
09/29/16System and method to emulate finite element model based prediction of in-plane distortions due to semiconductor wafer chucking
09/29/16Semiconductor inspection and metrology system using laser pulse multiplier
09/22/16Adaptive sampling for process window determination
09/22/16Systems and methods for enhancing inspection sensitivity of an inspection tool
09/22/16Sub-pixel alignment of inspection to design
09/15/16Method and apparatus to fold optics in tools for measuring shape and/or thickness of a large and thin substrate
09/15/16Wafer and reticle inspection selecting illumination pupil configurations
09/15/16Device metrology targets and methods
09/15/16Continuous-wave laser-sustained plasma illumination source
09/15/16Apparatus and chucking warped wafers
09/08/16All reflective wafer defect inspection and review systems and methods
09/08/16Adaptive nuisance filter
09/08/16Method and system for reducing charging artifacts in scanning electron microscopy images
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09/08/16Method and inspection of scattered hot spot areas on a manufactured substrate
09/01/16End effectors and reticle handling at a high throughput
09/01/16Metrology using overlay and yield critical patterns
09/01/16Alignment of multi-beam patterning tool
08/25/16Optical metrology with reduced focus error sensitivity
08/25/16Optimizing computational efficiency by multiple truncation of spatial harmonics
08/25/16Plasma-based light source
08/18/16Prediction based chucking and lithography control optimization
08/11/16Quality estimation and improvement of imaging metrology targets
08/11/16System and high throughput work-in-process buffer
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08/04/16Design based sampling and binning for yield critical defects
08/04/16Method and system for imaging of a photomask through a pellicle
07/28/16Flipping apparatus, processing articles
07/28/16Symmetric target design in scatterometry overlay metrology
07/21/16Rotated boundaries of stops and targets
07/21/16Wafer inspection with focus volumetric method
07/21/16Visual feedback for inspection algorithms and filters
07/14/16System and semiconductor wafer inspection and metrology
07/14/16Measurement system optimization for x-ray based metrology
07/14/16System and inhibiting radiative emission of a laser-sustained plasma source
07/07/16Low noise, high stability, deep ultra-violet, continuous wave laser
06/30/16Alignment of inspection to design using built in targets
06/23/16Polarization measurements of metrology targets and corresponding target designs
06/23/16Line scan knife edge height sensor for semiconductor inspection and metrology
06/23/16Compound imaging metrology targets
06/16/16Passivation of nonlinear optical crystals
06/16/16Apparatus and methods for aberration correction in electron beam based system
06/09/16Spectroscopic beam profile metrology
06/09/16Lens array-based illumination for wafer inspection
06/09/16Predicting and controlling critical dimension issues and pattern defectivity in wafers using interferometry
06/09/16Automatic defect classification without sampling and feature selection
06/09/16Open plasma lamp for forming a light-sustained plasma
06/09/16Determining critical parameters using a high-dimensional variable selection model
06/09/16Chucking warped wafer with bellows
06/09/16Generating a wafer inspection process using bit failures and virtual inspection
06/02/16Inspection systems and techniques with enhanced detection
06/02/16Method and system for adaptively scanning a sample during electron beam inspection
05/26/16Dual wavelength dual interferometer with combiner-splitter
05/26/16Virtual inspection systems for process window characterization
05/19/16Method and system for measuring radiation and temperature exposure of wafers along a fabrication process line
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05/19/16Inspection system and method using an off-axis unobscured objective lens
05/19/16System and enhanced defect detection with a digital matched filter
05/19/16Photomultiplier tube (pmt) having a reflective photocathode array
05/19/16System, method and computer program product for combining raw data from multiple metrology tools
05/12/16Optimizing the utilization of metrology tools
05/05/16Illumination system, inspection tool with illumination system, and operating an illumination system
05/05/16Measurement systems having linked field and pupil signal detection
05/05/16Wafer defect discovery
05/05/16Apparatus and methods for optics protection from debris in plasma-based light source
04/28/16Automated pattern fidelity measurement plan generation
04/28/16Automated decision-based energy-dispersive x-ray methodology and apparatus
04/28/16Image based signal response metrology
04/28/16Signal response metrology for image based and scatterometry overlay measurements
04/21/16Metrology of multiple patterning processes
04/21/16Measurement of small box size targets
04/21/16Dynamic binning for diversification and defect discovery
04/21/16Critical dimension uniformity enhancement techniques and apparatus
04/14/16Focus measurements using scatterometry metrology
04/14/16Defect detection using structural information
04/07/16Tdi sensor in a darkfield system
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04/07/16183nm laser and inspection system
03/31/16Wafer edge inspection with trajectory following edge profile
03/31/16Integrated multi-pass inspection
03/31/16Laser assembly and inspection system using monolithic bandwidth narrowing apparatus
03/24/16Periodic patterns and technique to control misalignment between two layers
03/24/16Metrology imaging targets having reflection-symmetric pairs of reflection-asymmetric structures
03/24/16Wafer notch detection
03/17/16Method for correcting position measurements for optical errors and determining mask writer errors
03/10/16Detecting defects on a wafer using defect-specific information
03/10/16Enhanced patterned wafer geometry measurements based design improvements for optimal integrated chip fabrication performance
03/03/16Repeater detection
03/03/16Array mode repeater detection
03/03/16Breakdown analysis of geometry induced overlay and utilization of breakdown analysis for improved overlay control
03/03/16Scanning electron microscope and methods of inspecting and reviewing samples
03/03/16Method and system for controlling convection within a plasma cell
02/25/16System and apodization in a semiconductor device inspection system
02/25/16193nm laser and an inspection system using a 193nm laser
02/18/16Apparatus and methods for detecting overlay errors using scatterometry
02/18/16Image acquisition system, image acquisition method, and inspection system
02/11/16Target and process sensitivity analysis to requirements
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02/04/16Inspection for multiple process steps in a single inspection process
01/28/16System and simultaneous dark field and phase contrast inspection
01/28/16Compressive sensing with illumination patterning
01/28/16Virtual inspection systems with multiple modes
01/28/16Determining coordinates for an area of interest on a specimen
01/28/16Detecting defects on a wafer using defect-specific and multi-channel information
01/28/16High resolution high quantum efficiency electron bombarded ccd or cmos imaging sensor
01/21/16Identifying registration errors of dsa lines
01/14/16System for electron beam detection
01/14/16Apparatus and methods for predicting wafer-level defect printability
01/07/16Signal response metrology based on measurements of proxy structures
01/07/16Structured illumination for contrast enhancement in overlay metrology
12/31/15Method, apparatus and system for generating multiple spatially separated inspection regions on a substrate
12/31/15Defect detection using surface enhanced electric field
12/31/15Determining a configuration for an optical element positioned in a collection aperture during wafer inspection
12/24/15Confocal line inspection optical system
12/24/15Wafer inspection
12/24/15In-line wafer edge inspection, wafer pre-alignment, and wafer cleaning
12/24/15Automated inline inspection of wafer edge strain profiles using rapid photoreflectance spectroscopy
12/24/15Laser repetition rate multiplier and flat-top beam profile generators using mirrors and/or prisms
12/17/15Automatic recipe stability monitoring and reporting
12/17/15Extracting comprehensive design guidance for in-line process control tools and methods
12/17/15Semiconductor inspection and metrology system using laser pulse multiplier
12/10/15Miniaturized imaging wafer edge
12/10/15Broadband light source including transparent portion with high hydroxide content
11/26/15Pillar-supported array of micro electron lenses
11/26/15Electron beam imaging with dual wien-filter monochromator
11/19/15Library expansion system, method, and computer program product for metrology
11/19/15Method and producing and measuring dynamically focused, steered, and shaped oblique laser illumination for spinning wafer inspection system
11/19/15Defect sampling for electron beam review based on defect attributes from optical inspection and optical review
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11/19/15Wafer edge detection and inspection
11/19/15High power broadband light source
11/12/15Signal response metrology for scatterometry based overlay measurements
11/12/15Apparatus, techniques, and target designs for measuring semiconductor parameters
11/12/15Automatic calibration sample selection for die-to-database photomask inspection
11/12/15Reticle inspection using near-field recovery
11/12/15Inspection recipe setup from reference image variation
11/12/15Using high resolution full die image data for inspection
11/05/15Method and system for intrinsic led heating for measurement
11/05/15Removing process-variation-related inaccuracies from scatterometry measurements
11/05/15Light-emitting device test systems
11/05/15Apodization for pupil imaging scatterometry
10/29/15Target element types for process parameter metrology
10/29/15Method, system and computer program product for generating high density registration maps for masks
10/22/15Patterned wafer geometry measurements for semiconductor process controls
10/22/15Pick and place device with automatic pick-up-height adjustment and a method and a computer program product to automatically adjust the pick-up-height of a pick and place device
10/22/15Multi-stage ramp-up annealing for frequency-conversion crystals
10/22/15Periodic patterns and techniques to control misalignment between two layers
10/22/15Scatterometry-based imaging and critical dimension metrology
10/22/15On-product derivation and adjustment of exposure parameters in a directed self-assembly process
10/22/15Predictive modeling based focus error prediction
10/15/15Estimating and eliminating inter-cell process variation inaccuracy
10/15/15Pattern suppression in logic for wafer inspection
10/08/15Multiple angles of incidence semiconductor metrology systems and methods
10/01/15Variable image field curvature for object inspection
10/01/15Delta die and delta database inspection
10/01/15Production sample shaping that preserves re-normalizability
10/01/15Notched magnetic lens for improved sample access in an sem
10/01/15Open plasma lamp for forming a light-sustained plasma

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