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Kone Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Kone Corporation. Kone Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kone Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kone Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Method for the call allocation in an elevator group

A method for the call allocation in an elevator group uses a call allocation unit of an elevator group control. In the call allocation unit, passenger flow data of the elevator group is used to adapt call allocation parameters to improve the performance of the elevator group. The public traffic... Kone Corporation

Elevator brake controller

a brake safety circuit which is connected between the brake supply circuit and the brake control circuit, which brake safety circuit comprises a first safety switch being connected in series with the brake coil as well as a second safety switch which is connected in parallel to the brake coil,... Kone Corporation

Solution for displacing an elevator car

An apparatus for displacing an elevator car from its pathway includes a rotational vehicle configured to rotate around an axis of rotation and at least one guide rail section mounted with the rotational vehicle along, which at least one guide rail section the at least one elevator car is arranged... Kone Corporation

Roller guide assembly and elevator system

A roller guide assembly for an elevator device, the roller guide assembly comprising a base member having a mounting means for mounting to the elevator device, the base member comprising a shaft support member; a roller wheel for engaging a guide rail to be rolled on the guide rail; a... Kone Corporation

Impact detection in an elevator door

The disclosure relates to a method for detecting an impact on an elevator door. The method is characterized in that it comprises detecting a break in an elevator door safety circuit; comparing characteristics of the break to a set of parameters; and performing an action when the characteristics of the... Kone Corporation

Passenger conveyor with deep sleep mode

in which conveyor the intermediate DC circuit forms the power supply for the conveyor control. During the activation of the deep sleep mode the conveyor control is configured to open the relay, whereby at least one signal circuit of the conveyor is configured to remain powered at least during the... Kone Corporation

Motor drive

characterized in that the motor drive comprises a charging circuit being connected between the mains and the rectifier bridge and/or intermediate DC circuit, which charging circuit comprises at least one charging switch connected in series with at least one current limiting component, and which motor drive comprises a voltage sensor... Kone Corporation

Passenger transport system

which transport system comprises at least one first wireless interface, which first interface is configured to input data regarding at least one stored parameter or parameter set for the function of the related transport system component(s). The passenger transport system comprises mobile devices carried by users, which mobile devices are... Kone Corporation


The invention relates to an elevator comprising a hoistway, a vertically movable elevator car, a vertically movable counterweight at least one first rope interconnecting the car and counterweight and passing around one or more rope wheels mounted in proximity of the upper end of the hoistway, the weight of the... Kone Corporation

Elevator safety arrangement having earth fault detection

A safety arrangement of an elevator and a method for monitoring electrical safety in an elevator system is disclosed. The safety arrangement of an elevator includes a motor drive of the elevator, which motor drive includes a main circuit, an accessible conducting part, which is earthed, an insulator, which is... Kone Corporation


The invention relates to an elevator comprising an elevator control having a motor drive of an elevator motor driving an elevator car on an movement path, which motor drive comprising a frequency converter with a rectifier bridge designed to be connected to mains, a converter bridge for feeding the elevator... Kone Corporation

Rope for a hoisting device, elevator and use

A hoisting device rope has a width larger than a thickness thereof in a transverse direction of the rope. The rope includes a load-bearing part made of a composite material, the composite material including non-metallic reinforcing fibers, which include carbon fiber or glass fiber, in a polymer matrix. An elevator... Kone Corporation

Method, elevator control unit, and elevator system for dynamically adjusting a levelling speed limit of an elevator car

A method for dynamically adjusting a levelling speed limit of an elevator car during a levelling operation includes obtaining an indication that the elevator car is detected to arrive to a zone; obtaining at least one value indicating the speed of the elevator car, in response to detecting that the... Kone Corporation

Elevator landing door leaf

The invention refers to an elevator door leaf comprising a door panel and a support structure having at least one profile. The door leaf comprises a vertically extending expansion member which is fixed to the door leaf only at one vertical level, whereby the expansion member consists of a material... Kone Corporation

Pulley wheel rack

A pulley wheel rack includes a first rack part and a second rack part; a pulley wheel space between the first rack part and the second rack part; a first frame arranged to the first rack part, and a second frame arranged to the second rack part; an axle configured... Kone Corporation

Arrangement for adjusting the tautness of a traction member of an elevator

The object of the invention is an arrangement for adjusting the tautness of a traction member of an elevator, which arrangement comprises an elevator car and a compensating weight, which are for their part connected to support the elevator car by the aid of a suspension member, such as a... Kone Corporation

Arrangement for the allocation of destination calls

The invention refers to an arrangement for the allocation of destination calls in an elevator system with at least two elevators, comprising a wireless transmitter device connected with an allocation control of the elevator system. The transmitter device interacts within a certain mutual distance with a wireless ID device carried... Kone Corporation

Brake control apparatus and a controlling an elevator brake

The invention concerns a brake control apparatus and a method of controlling an elevator brake. The brake control apparatus comprises a first switch and a second switch connected in series with each other for selectively supplying current from a power source to an electrically operated actuator of an elevator brake.... Kone Corporation


An elevator includes a hoistway; an elevator car vertically movable in the hoistway, the passage to and/or from the elevator car being provided in depth direction of the hoistway; a counterweight vertically movable in the hoistway beside the elevator car in width direction of the hoistway; one or more ropes... Kone Corporation

Redundant safety circuit

In modern elevators, safety circuits are used for preventing the operation of an elevator having possibly safety related problems. Sometimes the problem is in the safety circuit itself, and the operation could be continued. In a disclosed arrangement, groups of at least two independent safety circuits are used. The operation... Kone Corporation


The elevator comprises guide rails extending along a height of a shaft, a car and/or a counterweight moving upwards and downwards in the shaft and being glidingly supported on the guide rails. A stop block is attached to at least one guide rail in order to prevent movement of the... Kone Corporation

Detection device for conveyor, a conveyor, and an associated method

A detection device, a conveyor and an associated method are provided. The detection device includes: an attaching member for fixating the detection device to the conveyor; an axle coupled to the attaching member; a roller rotatably disposed around the axle and abutting against a pedal of the conveyor and being... Kone Corporation

Brake, and elevator system

A brake, which includes a frame part of the brake, an armature part movably supported on the frame part, and attached to the frame part a limit switch, the switching state of which changes when movement is exerted on the limit switch in the operating direction of the limit switch.... Kone Corporation

Elevator brake release monitoring

Brake release sensors for an elevator can be replaced by an arrangement wherein the brake release is determined from the force caused by the brake. This is achieved by providing measuring device for measuring the weight of an elevator car between the brake and the motor body so that the... Kone Corporation

Emergency button

An emergency button for an escalator or a moving sidewalk, wherein the emergency button comprises a button main body and a stripe plate; the button main body is mounted in a stripe plate hole of the stripe plate; the stripe plate is embedded between two adjacent supporting side plates of... Kone Corporation

Elevator door panel

The elevator door panel is formed of a composite material based on reinforcement fibres embedded in a polymer matrix material, the reinforcement fibres being arranged in the polymer matrix material so that the elevator door panel is stiff in a vertical plane, but can be bent to a curve around... Kone Corporation

Rescue apparatus and an elevator

A rescue apparatus for an elevator includes a brake control unit having input terminals for connecting to a power supply, output terminals for connecting to a magnetizing coil of an electromagnetic brake, at least one controllable brake opening switch associated with at least one of the input terminals and adapted,... Kone Corporation

Solution for compensating an effect of temperature change in a proximity sensor in a machinery brake of an elevator

A machinery brake of an elevator includes a frame part including an electromagnet, an armature part, an inductive proximity sensor indirectly mounted to one of the following: the frame part, the armature part, and a target mounted to another of the following: the frame part, armature part. The machinery brake... Kone Corporation

Solution for monitoring an elevator brake

The present invention relates to a machinery brake for an elevator. The machinery brake comprises a frame part comprising an electromagnet and an armature part, wherein the machinery brake further comprising an inductive proximity sensor mounted to one of the following: the frame part, the armature part and a target... Kone Corporation

Rescue apparatus and an elevator

The invention concerns a rescue apparatus, an elevator as well as a retrofit kit. The rescue apparatus comprises a brake control unit having input terminals for connecting to a power supply, output terminals for connecting to a magnetizing coil of an electromagnetic brake, at least one controllable brake opening switch... Kone Corporation

Energizing circuit of a magnetizing coil of an operational brake, a passenger conveyor, and a energizing the magnetizing coil of the operational brake of a passenger conveyor

characterized in that the energizing circuit comprises at least one reduced voltage circuit or external DC supply, whose outputs are connectable via to the to the input points of the magnetizing coil via a controllable operation switch of the energizing circuit. The patent application also comprises claims for a passenger... Kone Corporation

Elevator operating panel comprising touch screen

There is provided cancelling elevator calls via a touch screen. An elevator operating panel comprises a touch screen for displaying destination floor information and receiving input from a user. A selection of a destination floor for an elevator call is obtained from the user. The selected destination floor is displayed.... Kone Corporation

Access door arrangement of an elevator shaft

An access door arrangement of an elevator shaft, wherein at least one elevator car is moving, includes a door lock, whereby in connection with the door lock a reset switch of an inspection mode resetting device is located, whereby the door lock has a lock part movable between a lock... Kone Corporation

Method and predicting floor information for a destination call

According to one aspect, there is provided a method for predicting floor information for a destination call. The method comprises storing, in a memory, destination call history entries about destination calls made by a user, each destination call history entry comprising a time stamp and a source and destination floor... Kone Corporation

Elevator arrangement with multiple cars in the same shaft

The invention relates to an elevator arrangement with multiple elevator cars in the same elevator shaft, the arrangement at least an uppermost elevator with its operating system, hoisting machinery and elevator car, and a lowermost elevator with its operating system, hoisting machinery and elevator car, which elevator cars are arranged... Kone Corporation

09/21/17 / #20170267496

Configuration apparatus and main safety circuit for an elevator system and an elevator system

According to an aspect of the invention there is provided a configuration apparatus for an elevator system. The configuration apparatus comprises a communication interface configured to enable communication with a main safety circuit of the elevator system via a communication channel; at least one memory configured to store safety configuration... Kone Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170260022

Method for determining speed of an electric motor, an elevator control unit utilizing the method thereof and a computer program product

A method for determining a speed of an electric motor of an elevator comprising a plurality of phases for supplying electric current to the electric motor. The method comprises forming an effective short-circuit between at least two of the plurality of phases of the electric motor, determining a short-circuit current,... Kone Corporation

09/14/17 / #20170261959

Evacuation controller

Modern large buildings and public places are equipped with a plurality of elevators, exits and points of interest for fluent movement. The passenger flows in a building or public place can be traced and modelled by using statistics and information regarding current state of the modelled building or public place.... Kone Corporation

09/07/17 / #20170253460

Fully adjustable brake controller without need of dc-link

a brake holding mode wherein the first and second control signals have a different specified pattern.... Kone Corporation

09/07/17 / #20170253463

System for the generation of call advance data

A system for the generation of call advance data for an elevator control, which system is going to be installed in an elevator car moving in an elevator shaft and includes at least one acceleration sensor outputting current acceleration data and/or magnetometer outputting a magnetic flux signal which includes current... Kone Corporation

08/17/17 / #20170233222


An elevator includes an elevator car; a counterweight; one or more ropes interconnecting the car and counterweight, one end of each rope being fixed to the counterweight, and each rope comprising one or more electrically conductive load bearing members that extend unbroken throughout the length of the rope embedded in... Kone Corporation

08/03/17 / #20170217729

Hoisting rope and hoisting apparatus

A hoisting rope for a hoisting apparatus has a longitudinal direction, a thickness direction and a width direction, and includes a group of load bearing members made of composite material comprising reinforcing fibers embedded in polymer matrix; and a coating encasing the group of load bearing members; wherein the load... Kone Corporation

08/03/17 / #20170217730

Rope terminal device, rope terminal arrangement and elevator

The invention relates to a rope terminal device for fixing rope ends of ropes of an elevator, comprising a rope terminal body comprising one or more cavities for accommodating one or more rope ends; one or more fixing members for fixing the one or more rope ends immovably into the... Kone Corporation

08/03/17 / #20170217733

Elevator counterweight

A counterweight module, a locking element, a counterweight and a method for assembling a counterweight are disclosed. The counterweight module includes a first part and a second part, between which a straight joint is arranged at right angle in relation to the longitudinal direction of the counterweight module. The counterweight... Kone Corporation

08/03/17 / #20170217734

Passenger conveyor system

The invention refers to a Passenger conveyor system comprising a longitudinal conveyor frame having at its longitudinal ends mounting points, a conveyor unit mounted to the conveyor frame and comprising an endless conveyor means comprising an upper conveyor track and a lower return track and turnover means at the conveyor... Kone Corporation

08/03/17 / #20170219352

Local navigation system

whereby the client control means obtains the route ID to a chosen destination from a destination input device of the local navigation system and/or of the mobile device, and which client control means is configured provide said navigation guide data in interaction with the beacons sending said route IDs of... Kone Corporation

07/13/17 / #20170197804

Method and elevator

A method for testing operation of an elevator including an elevator car includes starting movement of the elevator car; and thereafter starting a stopping sequence for stopping movement of the elevator car; and monitoring movement of the elevator car, the monitoring preferably including monitoring acceleration of the elevator car; and... Kone Corporation

07/06/17 / #20170189952

Method for manufacturing a rope terminal equipment, manufacturing a rope terminal arrangement and elevator

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a rope terminal equipment of a hoisting device, comprising extruding a profile bar; and cutting a wedge shaped piece from the extruded profile bar; and providing a rope terminal frame comprising a tapering nest suitable for accommodating an end of a rope... Kone Corporation

06/22/17 / #20170174470

Elevator arrangement, method and computer program product

An elevator arrangement comprises an elevator group. A connection to a remote elevator system group controller is monitored. Traffic is served by the elevator group as controlled by a local elevator system group controller, when the connection is down. Traffic is served by the elevator group as controlled by the... Kone Corporation

06/22/17 / #20170174471

Wireless communication in an elevator

A data communication arrangement for elevators is disclosed. In the arrangement a directional antenna is used for transmitting data from elevator car. Correspondingly, the counterpart antenna in the end of the elevator shaft is transmitting with a directional antenna. In the elevator a further omnidirectional antenna is used to communicate... Kone Corporation

06/22/17 / #20170174474

Method and an arrangement for maintenance operation of an elevator

The method comprises unlocking and opening a landing door (25) at a lowermost landing (L1) manually, activating a first stop button (P1) in the shaft (20), whereby a safety circuit (S1, S2) of the elevator is opened so that operation of the car (10) is completely prevented, entering into the... Kone Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170166417

Display language arrangement

Public displays are used for various purposes. They are used for displaying any kind of information and even for controlling devices such as elevators. In order to provide best possible benefit the public display should be displaying information in a language that the viewer understands and in a manner that... Kone Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170166418

Overspeed governor for an elevator

The invention concerns an overspeed governor and an elevator comprising the same. The overspeed governor comprises a governor sheave, a permanent magnet rotor coupled to the governor sheave, a stator arranged to interact with the permanent magnet rotor, a safety gear for braking movement of an elevator car and a... Kone Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170166419

Method and arrangement for installing an elevator

The invention relates to a method and arrangement for installing an elevator, which comprises an elevator car arranged to run in an elevator shaft along the guide rails, a balancing weight connected to the elevator car with suspension ropes and with a traction member, the elevator comprising further a hoisting... Kone Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170158459

Call allocation in an elevator system

According to an example embodiment there is provided a method for allocating an elevator in an elevator system. The method comprises constructing passenger batch size distributions for each pair of floors in a building based on passenger batch journeys, each passenger batch journey defining at least the origin and destination... Kone Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170158460

Elevator control controlling an elevator group

According to one aspect, there is provided a method for controlling an elevator group including at least a first elevator and a second elevator, wherein a counterweight balance of the first elevator differs from a counterweight balance of the second elevator, the method including: controlling the elevator group comprising at... Kone Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170158466

Elevator car arrangement and dampening vibrations

An elevator car arrangement includes an elevator car body and an elevator car sling. The elevator car arrangement further includes a hanging damper arranged to connect the elevator car body and the elevator car sling together for dampening vibrations coming from guide rails through the elevator car sling to the... Kone Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170159236

Method for manufacturing a hoisting rope, hoisting rope and elevator using the same

solidifying the polymer material wherein the composite members are embedded. The invention relates also to a hoisting rope obtained with the method and an elevator comprising the hoisting rope.... Kone Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170121149

Method, rope, arrangement and elevator

A method for providing a rope end block on an end of a coated rope includes providing a rope including one or more elongated load bearing members embedded in a coating; and processing an end section of the rope, said processing including removing from the end section of the rope... Kone Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170121153

Elevator car

The invention relates to an elevator car comprising a support frame, a floor structure and a ceiling structure, as well as at least one car door, and side walls extending between the floor structure and the ceiling structure, wherein the side walls are formed from several wall elements, which are... Kone Corporation

04/27/17 / #20170115122

Allocation of facilities on a route

Elevators and other facilities in buildings and other constructed environments can be controlled remotely. In an advanced controlling method at least one person is guided through constructed environment along a predetermined route. When the route is known facilities, such as elevators, may be called or activated in advance so that... Kone Corporation

04/20/17 / #20170107079

Rope lifting tool and a rope lifting arrangement

A rope lifting tool for belt-shaped ropes provided with an uneven surface pattern on one or both of its opposing wide sides, includes a first guide for guiding the rope lifting tool along a first guide rail; a second guide for guiding the rope lifting tool along a second guide... Kone Corporation

04/13/17 / #20170101289

Method for controlling an elevator

An elevator includes an elevator car and lifting machinery including a traction sheave, an electromechanical machinery brake, and an electric motor having a rotor. The traction sheave, the electromechanical machinery brake and the rotor of the electric motor are connected via a shaft, whereby the lifting machinery moves the elevator... Kone Corporation

04/13/17 / #20170101290

Sensor connecting unit, safety system and elevator

A sensor connecting unit includes a safety input for connecting with a sensor; a power supply that is controllable through a controllable power switch; and a first I/O processing unit and a second I/O processing unit being connected to each other through a reciprocal comparison communication channel. The first I/O... Kone Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170081148

Method for controlling a passenger transport system

whereby the passenger flow reference value is input to the transport model and in an optimization process the system operating parameters are optimized under use of the transport model to meet the passenger flow reference value under consideration of at least one significant system control parameter from said set of... Kone Corporation

Patent Packs
03/16/17 / #20170073185

Call panel and manufacturing a call panel

A call panel of an elevator system includes at least one touch-sensitive display. On the surface of the touch-sensitive display are embossed marks, e.g. Braille characters, and embossed lines connecting them, as well as function buttons associated with the embossed marks.... Kone Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170073186

Device and method providing traffic forecasts for elevator systems

The invention further relates to a method providing traffic forecasts.... Kone Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170073188

Method for using an elevator system and elevator system

The invention relates to a method for using an elevator system in a building having several vertically spaced floors served by an elevator system, particularly by one or more vertically traveling elevator cars of an elevator system, said floors comprising at least a first floor, a second floor, and a... Kone Corporation

03/09/17 / #20170066624

System, machinery brake and controlling the machinery brake

b) the measuring and control circuit is configured to use the modulation reference (UGE) produced by the estimation and control loop for connecting the voltage (U9) to be connected over the magnetizing coil.... Kone Corporation

03/09/17 / #20170067943

Elevator brake release monitoring

It is desired that elevators are not operated when the brake is not completely released. Thus, the disengaging of brakes must be monitored or guaranteed otherwise. For providing guaranteed opening, the current for opening the brake is determined and then an additional current is provided to the brakes in order... Kone Corporation

03/02/17 / #20170057788

Method, arrangement and elevator

A method for monitoring a condition of a belt-shaped rope of an elevator, which rope is connected with one or more elevator units of an elevator, includes monitoring lateral positions of successive rope locations, which rope locations pass during use of the elevator via a monitoring zone located in proximity... Kone Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170050821

Method for moving an elevator car

A method is provided for moving an elevator car in a rescue operation after at least one electric elevator brake have been actuated, whereafter the brake is re-opened via a manual brake opening device and operated to allow a movement of the elevator car to a next landing. The manual... Kone Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170043977

Rope and rope groove monitoring

Modern elevators involve a plurality of ropes and wheels for ropes in a variety of different functions related to the operation and security of an elevator. The wearing of a rope and a wheel may be inspected by scanning a profile of a wheel or ropes on a wheel. When... Kone Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170043978


wherein said one or more predefined actions include at least actions for stopping movement of the elevator car.... Kone Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170044830

Pit ladder with safety device

A ladder support bracket has a support shoulder for creating a support contact with a complementary backup. The bracket includes at least one jaw for joining the bracket to an upstanding rail of a ladder, the jaw having also a retainer mechanism by means of which the bracket—when being attached... Kone Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170036890

Guide rail arrangement and installing guide rails

A guide rail arrangement for an elevator shaft includes two guide rails guiding the movement of an elevator car or a counterweight. Each guide rail guides the movement of a different elevator car or counterweight, the guide rails are connected to each other by a plurality of connector beams positioned... Kone Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170036891

Method, a rope terminal arrangement and an elevator

The invention furthermore relates to a rope terminal arrangement fabricated with the method, as well as to an elevator implementing the rope terminal arrangement.... Kone Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170038204

Arrangement and a measuring the position of an installation platform in an elevator shaft

An arrangement includes an installation platform arranged to be movable upwards and downwards in a first direction in the elevator shaft, and two laser transmitters arranged at a bottom of the elevator shaft. Each of the two laser transmitters produce a vertical upwards directed laser plane in the elevator shaft,... Kone Corporation

01/19/17 / #20170015523

Elevator guide rail bracket and securing a guide rail

The invention concerns an elevator guide rail bracket for securing a guide rail section to a base via a counterpart, the guide rail bracket comprising a face, a pair of fixed claws arranged into the face, and a fastening part with fastening elements. The claws form a claw coupling with... Kone Corporation

01/19/17 / #20170019528

Processing test calls from elevator emergency telephones

The invention allows utilizing Caller Line Identification (CLI) feature in receiving test emergency calls from any kind of elevator emergency telephones. A call attempt including CLI information from an elevator emergency telephone is received at an elevator emergency call receiver unit. The CLI information is detected. Then, one of the... Kone Corporation

Patent Packs
01/12/17 / #20170008730

Method and automatic elevator drive configuration

The invention relates to a method and an apparatus the invention is a method for automatic configuration of an elevator drive in a traction elevator comprising an elevator car, a counterweight, a traction sheave, an electrical motor and a plurality of elevator ropes arranged to hoist the elevator car in... Kone Corporation

01/05/17 / #20170001830

Elevator biasing elevator movements

An elevator system includes a destination control system and an input system. An elevator car is called by an identification-device of a passenger being read by the input system. The destination control system is designed to recognize a signal-pattern that is produced by the passenger moving the respective identification device... Kone Corporation

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