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Kone Corporation
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Kone Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Kone Corporation. Kone Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kone Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kone Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Energizing circuit of a magnetizing coil of an operational brake, a passenger conveyor, and a energizing the magnetizing coil of the operational brake of a passenger conveyor
10/19/17 new patent  Elevator operating panel comprising touch screen
10/19/17 new patent  Access door arrangement of an elevator shaft
10/19/17 new patent  Method and predicting floor information for a destination call
09/21/17Elevator arrangement with multiple cars in the same shaft
09/21/17Configuration apparatus and main safety circuit for an elevator system and an elevator system
09/14/17Method for determining speed of an electric motor, an elevator control unit utilizing the method thereof and a computer program product
09/14/17Evacuation controller
09/07/17Fully adjustable brake controller without need of dc-link
09/07/17System for the generation of call advance data
08/03/17Hoisting rope and hoisting apparatus
08/03/17Rope terminal device, rope terminal arrangement and elevator
08/03/17Elevator counterweight
08/03/17Passenger conveyor system
08/03/17Local navigation system
07/13/17Method and elevator
07/06/17Method for manufacturing a rope terminal equipment, manufacturing a rope terminal arrangement and elevator
06/22/17Elevator arrangement, method and computer program product
06/22/17Wireless communication in an elevator
06/22/17Method and an arrangement for maintenance operation of an elevator
06/15/17Display language arrangement
06/15/17Overspeed governor for an elevator
06/15/17Method and arrangement for installing an elevator
06/08/17Call allocation in an elevator system
06/08/17Elevator control controlling an elevator group
06/08/17Elevator car arrangement and dampening vibrations
06/08/17Method for manufacturing a hoisting rope, hoisting rope and elevator using the same
05/04/17Method, rope, arrangement and elevator
05/04/17Elevator car
04/27/17Allocation of facilities on a route
04/20/17Rope lifting tool and a rope lifting arrangement
04/13/17Method for controlling an elevator
04/13/17Sensor connecting unit, safety system and elevator
03/23/17Method for controlling a passenger transport system
03/16/17Call panel and manufacturing a call panel
03/16/17Device and method providing traffic forecasts for elevator systems
03/16/17Method for using an elevator system and elevator system
03/09/17System, machinery brake and controlling the machinery brake
03/09/17Elevator brake release monitoring
03/02/17Method, arrangement and elevator
02/23/17Method for moving an elevator car
02/16/17Rope and rope groove monitoring
02/16/17Pit ladder with safety device
02/09/17Guide rail arrangement and installing guide rails
02/09/17Method, a rope terminal arrangement and an elevator
02/09/17Arrangement and a measuring the position of an installation platform in an elevator shaft
01/19/17Elevator guide rail bracket and securing a guide rail
01/19/17Processing test calls from elevator emergency telephones
01/12/17Method and automatic elevator drive configuration
01/05/17Elevator biasing elevator movements
12/29/16Destination call control for different traffic types
12/22/16Control arrangement and a method
12/08/16Rope terminal arrangement and an elevator
12/01/16Arrangement and a installing or uninstalling elevator ropes
11/24/16Group call management
11/24/16Verification of authenticity of a maintenance means connected to a controller of a passenger transportation/access device of a building and provision and obtainment of a license key for use therein
11/17/16Arrangement and a parallel transport and installation of elevator components
11/17/16Arrangement and a transporting material in an elevator shaft
11/10/16Elevator provided with a safety apparatus arrangement, and a safety apparatus
11/10/16Elevator provided with a safety device arrangement
11/10/16Apparatus and aligning guide rails and landing doors in an elevator shaft
11/03/16Displaying information in elevator arrangement
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11/03/16Method for handling and modernizing ropes in an elevator and arrangement for dismantling ropes of an elevator
10/27/16Arrangement and a measuring the position of an installation platform in an elevator shaft
10/27/16Adaptive remote monitoring reporting
10/27/16Elevator guide rail fixing clip
10/27/16Method and an arrangement for automatic elevator installation
10/27/16Arrangement and aligning guide rails in an elevator shaft
10/27/16Method and an arrangement for installing elevator guide rails
10/27/16Structure including a passageway
10/20/16Method for the position detection of an elevator car
09/29/16Elevator rescue system
09/22/16Elevator system comprising a destination control system
09/22/16Rope terminal arrangement and an elevator
09/22/16Validity check of a license of a maintenance unit for accessing a controller of a passenger transportation/access device of a building
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09/15/16Moving walk
09/08/16Diverting pulley adapter
09/01/16Method for an allocation of elevators in elevator systems
09/01/16Elevator system
09/01/16Rope load detecting device for detecting the total rope load in multiple elevator ropes
09/01/16Bearing block cover, axial flux motor, elevator and compensating manufacturing tolerances in an axial flux motor
08/25/16Destination control system
08/18/16Elevator door arrangement
08/18/16Arrangement and elevator
08/18/16Monitoring module and escalator/autowalk including the monitoring module
08/11/16Method and device for checking the integrity of load bearing members of an elevator system
08/04/16Elevator and the use of an elevator control system in monitoring the load of a car and/or to determine the load situation
08/04/16Rope terminal arrangement, arrangement for condition monitoring of an elevator rope and elevator
07/28/16Electronic safety device and a conveyor system
07/28/16Method of eliminating a jerk arising by accelerating an elevator car
07/28/16Elevator car
07/21/16System and a elevator allocation based on a determination of walker speed
07/21/16Rope terminal assembly and an elevator
07/21/16Rope lifting tool and a rope lifting arrangement
07/14/16Escalator lifting frame and using the same
06/30/16Interface unit, conveying system and method
06/30/16Rope terminal assembly and a hoisting apparatus
06/30/16Aluminium alloy, mechanical parts made therefrom, and use thereof
06/16/16Method for performing an emergency stop, and a safety arrangement of an elevator
06/16/16Elevator car
06/16/16Elevator car arrangement and a connection element
06/16/16Elevator landing door arrangement
06/09/16Elevator car
06/09/16Door arrangement of an elevator
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06/09/16Support an elevator car
06/02/16Method for allocating and serving destination calls in an elevator group
06/02/16Method and arrangement
06/02/16Apparatus, system, and controlling a handrail of an escalator
05/26/16Multi-deck elevator allocation control
05/26/16Method for controlling an elevator and elevator
05/26/16Elevator installation and a controlling elevators
05/26/16Arrangement and method
05/12/16Landing cover system for escalator floor and escalator system
04/28/16Drive unit
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04/21/16Safety system for elevator
04/14/16Brake controller and an elevator system
04/07/16Arrangement for reducing displacement of an elevator car caused by a change in loading
03/31/16Elevator group controller, elevator group, a allocating calls in an elevator group, and application executable in a remote service centre or in the elevator group
03/31/16Method and system for generating destination calls for an elevator system
03/31/16Method and elevator arrangement
03/24/16Method in allocation of an elevator and an elevator
03/24/16Overspeed governor tension sheave assembly
03/24/16Guide rail alignment systems for elevators
03/24/16Elevator system
03/24/16Method in the installation of an elevator and tool for use in the method
03/24/16Transportation system
03/17/16Drive machine for an elevator and an elevator
03/10/16Method and performing a rescue run
03/10/16Apparatus and aligning guide rails in an elevator shaft
03/03/16Guide rail installation arrangement and a installing guide rails
02/25/16Method and arrangement for closing doors of an elevator
02/11/16Elevator control panel, and an elevator
02/11/16Positioning apparatus, elevator and a determining the position of an elevator car
02/11/16Method and test system for testing failure of a machinery brake of an elevator
02/04/16Personalization of an elevator service
02/04/16Arrangement for serving passenger-specific destination calls in an elevator system
01/21/16Elevator group control with destination control system
01/21/16Mechanism for passenger flow management
01/21/16Installation arrangement for an elevator
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01/21/16Building automation system control apparatus, method and computer program for providing control signalling
01/14/16Elevator having a safety chain with a series connection of safety switch arrangements
12/31/15Brake, and elevator system
12/24/15Oil collector for guide rails
12/17/15Elevator, light curtain for monitoring the opening of a moving door of a floor level and/or the opening of a moving door of an elevator car, and giving a door-open command or a door-close command in an elevator
12/17/15Apparatus and alignment of elevator guide rails
12/17/15Method and an arrangement in condition monitoring of an elevator rope
12/10/15Elevator structure test
12/03/15Doorway of an elevator
11/26/15Method and adjusting landing door rollers
11/19/15Method for determining the balancing weight difference in an elevator
11/19/15Method and arrangement for monitoring the safety of a counterweighted elevator
11/12/15Apparatus and a elevator allocation using a magnetic field map in an elevator system
11/12/15Elevator and means for forming a safety space
11/12/15Elevator with adjustable buffer length
11/05/15Elevator system
11/05/15Elevator installing an elevator
10/29/15Travelling cable clamp assembly, an elevator arrangement, and a method
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10/29/15Method of initiating a regenerative converter and a regenerative converter
10/15/15Pre-allocation of an elevator call
10/08/15Elevator, and improvement for reducing elongation of the roping or belting of the elevator in a loading situation of the car of the elevator, and the use of pretensioning for bracing the roping or belting of the elevator
10/01/15Method and system for modernizing an elevator installation
10/01/15People mover
10/01/15Bidirectional switched mode power supply
09/24/15Call-giving system of an elevator and giving elevator calls in the call-giving system of an elevator
09/10/15Method and a system for automatic generation of elevator calls
09/03/15Call-giving device, elevator system, method and computer program product
08/13/15Method for controlling an alternating current electric machine, and a frequency converter
08/06/15Guide rail straightness measuring system for elevator installations
07/30/15Safety arrangement, elevator system, frequency converter and a monitoring electrical safety in an elevator system
07/30/15Tensioning system for the traction belt of an elevator and an elevator
07/30/15Elevator and modernizing an elevator
07/16/15Elevator arrangement
07/09/15Rope for an elevator, elevator and method
06/25/15Method and system for increasing the availability of an elevator standing unused at a landing
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06/18/15Elevator system
06/18/15Method for giving destination calls in an elevator system and an elevator system
06/18/15Safety circuit and elevator system
06/18/15Axial flux motor intended for fixing to a machine and fixing the axial flux motor to a machine
06/11/15Arrangements for maintaining favorite floor lists in elevator systems
06/11/15Method in the management of data relating to an elevator
06/04/15Rope terminal assembly and an elevator
06/04/15Method in the management of data relating to an elevator
05/28/15Method for installing ropes of an elevator and a pulley arrangement of an elevator
05/28/15Printed circuit arrangement
05/28/15Elevator implementing a sound system for an elevator
05/14/15Apparatus for alignment of an elevator guide rail
05/14/15Hoisting machine, an elevator assembly, and improvement in vibration damping of a hoisting machine and in an elevator assembly
05/14/15Method for condition monitoring of elevator ropes and arrangement for the same
05/07/15Brake assembly for an elevator
04/30/15Stall condition detection
04/30/15Damping arrangement for damping the opening noise of a machinery brake of an elevator hoisting machine; an elevator hoisting machine, and an elevator
04/30/15Inspection tests for an elevator without additional test weights
04/23/15Safety device for a passenger transport installation
04/16/15Power transmission system for people mover
04/16/15Rope for a hoisting device and elevator
04/16/15Rope terminal assembly and an elevator
04/02/15Method and monitoring the lubricant content of elevator ropes
03/26/15Method for monitoring the movement of an elevator component, and a safety arrangement for an elevator
03/19/15Method for installing an elevator car sling
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03/19/15Drive device of an elevator
03/19/15Call panel for an elevator
03/12/15Method and measuring the load of a car of a traction sheave elevator
03/12/15Method for handling erroneous calls in an elevator system and an elevator system
03/12/15Position and load measurement system for an elevator
03/12/15Method and system for measuring traffic flow in a building
03/05/15Elevator line bridge filter for compensating reactive power in a grid
03/05/15Rope storage unit, a installing elevator and a fabricating rope storage unit
02/26/15Brake controller, elevator system and a performing an emergency stop with an elevator hoisting machine driven with a frequency converter
02/26/15Safety arrangement of an elevator
02/05/15Elevator arrangement and method
02/05/15Testing apparatus and safety arrangement
01/15/15Obtaining parameters of a transport system
12/25/14Method and controlling an electric motor of an elevator
12/18/14Method and elevator arrangement
12/11/14Truss device and an escalator or moving walk
11/20/14Arrangement and monitoring condition of automatic door
11/13/14Elevator system including monitoring arrangement to activate emergency braking procedure based on deceleration and operating the same
11/13/14Apparatus for fixing a hoisting machine of an elevator and a fixing arrangement
11/06/14Arrangement for fixing the compensating weight guide rails of an elevator, and guide rail bracket used in the arrangement
10/30/14Method for manufacturing a rope, a rope and an elevator
10/23/14Platform assembly and a manufacturing an elevator car and an elevator car
10/16/14Fixing arrangement for a light curtain in an elevator
10/16/14Elevator car and an elevator
10/16/14Elevator car and elevator
10/09/14Method and arrangement for monitoring the operating condition of a transport system
10/02/14Brake and an elevator

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