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Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V_20100107
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V_20100114
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V_20100121
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V_20100128

Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V patents

Recent patent applications related to Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V. Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V, we're just tracking patents.

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06/11/15Supervision circuit for organic light emitting diode
12/04/14Electric lamp with pin safety arrangement
09/18/14Positron emission tomography and/or single photon emission tomography detector
11/21/13Pet/mr scanners for simultaneous pet and mr imaging
11/07/13Organic electroluminescent device
05/23/13Removing an object support from imaging data
09/13/12Strengthened counter electrode of electroluminescent devices
08/16/12Pet/mr scanners for simultaneous pet and mr imaging
06/07/12Reconstruction of a region-of-interest image
03/01/12Continuous time-of-flight scatter simulation method
03/01/12Automatic assessment of confidence in imaging data
02/16/12Imaging measurement system with a printed organic photodiode array
02/09/12Drive with curved linear induction motor
12/22/11Multi-source encoded x-ray imaging
08/04/11Respiration-gated cardiography
07/07/11Integrated assessments, workflow, and reporting
06/16/11Advanced computer-aided diagnosis of lung nodules
06/02/11Multi-channel magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
05/19/11Method and detecting low and high x-ray flux
05/05/11Electronic textile
05/05/11Rear projection system and rear projection screen
04/14/11User interface device for controlling a consumer load and light system using such user interface device
12/23/10Apparatus, method and computer program for producing a corrected image of a region of interest from acquired projection data
12/16/10Fast radiation detectors
12/16/10Computer assisted therapy monitoring
11/25/10High-frequency saddle-trajectory for axial cardiac ct
11/18/10Adaptation circuit for controlling a conversion circuit
11/18/10Antennas for shielded devices
11/18/10Deflection compensating mechanism for patient imaging table
11/11/10Door for a cold storage device such as a refrigerator or freezer
11/04/10Resonant driver with low-voltage secondary side control for high power led lighting
10/28/10Image reconstruction using data ordering
10/21/10Motion compensation in quantitative data analysis and therapy
10/21/10Charged particle cancer therapy beam path control method and apparatus
10/07/10Simultaneous multinuclear magnetic resonance imaging
09/23/10Flat and thin led-based luminary providing collimated light
09/23/10Artifact correction for motion artifacted images
09/23/10Imaging system, imaging method and computer program for imaging a region of interest
09/16/10Illumination system having an array of light sources
09/16/10Lighting device including a plurality of light sources for generating multiple lighting patterns
09/16/10Method of measuring and/or judging the afterglow in ceramic materials and detector
09/16/10Computed tomography image acquisition
09/16/10Computed tomography reconstruction for two tilted circles
09/16/10Dynamic optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio of dual-energy attenuation data for reconstructing images
09/09/10Apparatus and generating steam
09/09/10Identification and visualization of regions of interest in medical imaging
09/09/10External device that continuously monitors for osdb and delivers audio stimulation therapy
09/02/10Ferromagnetic shield for magnetic resonance imaging
09/02/10Detector array for spectral ct
08/26/10Method, a system, and a computer program for diagnostic workflow management
08/19/10Motion compensation in energy-sensitive computed tomography
08/19/10System and fusing real-time ultrasound images with pre-acquired medical images
08/05/10Gantry mounted patient table and exchanger for medical imaging
07/29/10Radiation detector with multiple electrodes on a sensitive layer
07/29/10Magnetic resonance device and method
07/29/10Battery system for mri compatable wireless patient monitor
07/29/10Method of transferring software and patient data in an mri wireless patient monitor system
07/15/10Route determining methods for a network
07/15/10Gantry x-ray transmissive element
07/08/10Illumination system for luminaires and display devices
07/08/10Radiation detector with counting electronics
07/01/10Shielded multix coil array for parallel high field mri
07/01/10Effective dual-energy x-ray attenuation measurement
07/01/10Multi-tube x-ray detection
07/01/10Hot axial pressing method
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06/24/10Magnetic resonance device and method
06/17/10Automated diagnosis and alignment supplemented with pet/mr flow estimation
06/10/10Radiation sensitive detector
06/10/10Multiple nozzle transdermal drug delivery system
06/10/10Biomimetic neurostimulation device
06/03/10System for determining a distribution of radioactive agents in a subject
06/03/10Motivational systems for remote patient management
05/13/10Sinusoidally resonant radio frequency volume coils for high field magnetic resonance applications
05/13/10Imaging system for imaging an object in an examination zone
05/13/10Method and system for error compensation
05/13/10Wireless sensor resident annotations
05/13/10Device for measuring core temperature
05/13/10Patient data record and user interface
05/13/10Filter by example
05/06/10Apparatus, imaging device and counting x-ray photons
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05/06/10Patient entertainment system with supplemental patient-specific medical content
04/29/10Pet/mr scanners for simultaneous pet and mr imaging
04/29/10Image viewing window
04/29/10Projection system for producing attenuation components
04/29/10Motion correction in a pet/mri hybrid imaging system
04/29/10Low cost system for remote patient audio/video content delivery
04/22/10Spectrum-preserving heel effect compensation filter made from the same material as anode plate
04/22/10Light detection in a pixelated pet detector
04/15/10Method and device for composing a lighting atmosphere from an abstract description and lighting atmosphere composition system
04/15/10System for selecting and controlling light settings
04/15/10Power supply for rf coils
04/15/10Transmission line for rf signals without matching networks
04/15/10System and obtaining physiological data of a patient
04/15/10Display module of led light pillar of hemomanometer and the hemomanometer with led light pillar
04/15/10Patient health care network guided encounter
04/08/10Apparatus, imaging device and detecting x-ray radiation
04/08/10The present invention is directed to a feeding tube in particular for total parental nutrition and/or medicine dosing
04/01/10Fibre tracking on the basis of macroscopic information
04/01/10Smart patient-monitoring chair
04/01/10System, method, computer-readable medium, and use for planning combined therapy
03/25/10System and generating light by color mixing
03/25/10Optical irradiation device
03/25/10Beam filter, particularly for x-rays
03/25/10Visualizing a vascular structure
03/25/10Method and hands-free ultrasound
03/25/10Iontophoretic device
03/18/10Energy resolved imaging
03/18/10Prevention quench in a magnetic resonance examination system
03/18/10Time management in a healthcare facility
03/18/10Network configuration via a wireless device
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03/11/10Three-dimensional asymmetric transverse gradient coils
03/11/10Detuning a radio-frequency coil
03/11/10Ct imaging system
03/11/10Radiation-and-detection system
03/11/10Detector head proximity sensing and collision avoidance apparatuses and methods
03/11/10Grid for selective transmission of electromagnetic radiation with structural element built by selective laser sintering
03/11/10Method, an apparatus and a computer program for data processing
03/11/10Noise reduction of an image signal
03/11/10Rf ablation planner
03/04/10Sample-dependent amplification of magnetic resonance signal
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03/04/10Color selection input device and method
03/04/10Motion estimation in treatment planning
03/04/10Image generation based on limited data set
03/04/10System and providing verbal and graphical instruction from a remote healthcare monitoring service helpdesk
03/04/10Detecting quench in a magnetic resonance examination system
03/04/10Ultrasonic apparatus, a therapeutic system and a increasing a workflow
02/25/10Cardiac spect system with trajectory optimization
02/25/10Protocol converter for wireless patient monitoring
02/25/10System for fall prevention and a fall prevention using such a system
02/18/10Wireless interventional device and a system for wireless energy transmission
02/18/10Crystal identification for high resolution nuclear imaging
02/18/10Rf coil for use in an mr imaging system
02/18/10Detuning circuit and detuning an mri system
02/18/10Magnetic resonance imaging system with display
02/18/10Qos sceduling methods for wlans with heterogenous applications
02/18/10Gated computed tomography
02/18/10Swept annode ct scanner
02/18/10Large bore pet and hybrid pet/ct scanners and radiation therapy planning using same
02/18/10Feedback loop for focused ultrasound application
02/18/10Electrically isolated catheter with wireless sensors
02/11/10Locating reference nodes for positioning devices in a wireless network
02/11/10Composite scintillator including a micro-electronics photo-resist
02/11/10Miniaturized threshold sensor
02/11/10Method and system for time synchronization in a sensor network
02/11/10Method and correcting artifacts in circular ct scans
02/11/10Feeding tube
02/11/10Methods for feature selection using classifier ensemble based genetic algorithms
02/04/10Primary resonant inverter circuit for feeding a secondary circuit
02/04/10Event sharing restoration for photon counting detectors
02/04/10Doubly resonant high field radio frequency surface coils for magnetic resonance
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02/04/10Medical video communication systems and methods
02/04/10Spectral computed tomography using correlated photon number and energy measurements
02/04/10Apparatus and determiining a detector energy weighting function of a detection unit
02/04/10Temporal registration of medical data
02/04/10Distributed device revocation
01/28/10Foldable nuclear medicine gantry
01/28/10Apparatus and spectral computed tomography
01/28/10Apparatus, imaging device and counting x-ray photons
01/28/10Digitized mr signal data encoding with variable bit rate
01/28/10Methods and devices for measuring core body temperature
01/28/10Auto registration of network devices
01/21/10Light emitting device with tension relaxation
01/21/10Energy-resolving detection system and imaging system
01/21/10Transmission line for use in magnetic resonance system
01/21/10Patient monitoring system and method
01/21/10Smart install
01/21/10Ballistocardiographic sensor system with a sensor arrangement and ballistocardiographic detection of body movements
01/21/10Mri rf encoding using multiple transmit coils
01/21/10Ecg-gated temporal sampling in cardiac kinetic modeling
01/21/10Care plan change propagation
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01/14/10Electrically powered modular furniture system
01/14/10Split gradient coil for mri
01/14/10Sample concentration detector with temperature compensation
01/14/10Spectrally resolving x-ray imaging device
01/14/10Device for ambulatory monitoring of brain activity
01/14/10Electrically activated gel array for transdermal drug delivery
01/14/10Apparatus for thermal treatment of tissue
01/07/10Multi-cap detectors for nuclear medicine
01/07/10Mri system with direct digital receiver using resampling
01/07/10Stereo tube computed tomography
01/07/10Apparatus and indicating likely computer-detected false positives in medical imaging data
01/07/10Determination of susceptibility-induced magnetic field gradients by magnetic resonance
01/07/10Displaying anatomical tree structures
01/07/10Interventional device for rf ablation for use in rf fields
01/07/10Distributed shared data space for personal health systems
12/31/09Solid-state light source with color feedback and combined communication means
12/31/09Stacked electro-optically active organic diode with inorganic semiconductor connection layer
12/31/09Grid for selective absorption of electromagnetic radiation and its manufacture
12/31/09Method and system for improved tof pet reconstruction
12/31/09Interactive patient forums
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12/24/09Composite light source
12/24/09Methods for mounting an electro-optical component in alignment with an optical element and related structures
12/24/09Black-blood steady-state free precession magnetic resonance imaging
12/24/09Moulded cable traps
12/17/09Method of controlling the colour of the light output of a lamp
12/17/09Micelle solution to reduce dielectric resonance effects in mri phantoms
12/17/09Imaging system for imaging a region of interest comprising a moving object
12/17/09Efficient user interaction with polygonal meshes for medical image segmentation
12/10/09Illumination system
12/10/09Coil element selection device for selecting elements of a receiver coil array of a magnetic resonance imaging device
11/26/09Power supply for an x-ray generator system
11/26/09Dynamic computed tomography imaging
11/26/09Magnetic resonance device and method
11/26/09Apparatus, method, computer-readable medium, and use for therapy planning in treatment of a patient
11/26/09Medical workflow systems and methods with process workflow recordation
11/19/09Light emitting diode circuit and arrangement and device
11/12/09Light module package
11/12/09Wave-propagation based estimation of coil sensitivities
11/12/09Radio-frequency surface coils comprising on-board digital receiver circuit
11/12/09Method and simultaneously acquiring multiple slices/slabs in magnetic resonance system
11/12/09Multi-tube imaging system scatter correction
11/12/09Point subselection for fast deformable point-based imaging
11/05/09Ip based monitoring and alarming
11/05/09Virtual lesion quantification
11/05/09Continuous computer tomography performing super-short-scans and stronger weighting of most recent data
11/05/09Background magnetic resonance imaging
10/29/09System and performing an illumination copy and paste operation in a lighting system
10/29/09Imaging system for imaging an object
10/29/09Multi-surface modelling
10/29/09Energy distribution reconstruction in ct
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10/29/09Reconstruction helical cone-beam ct
10/22/09Cone beam computed tomography with multiple partial scanning trajectories
10/22/09Automatic transfer and identification of monitored data with hierarchical key management infrastructure
10/22/09Biology guided adaptive therapy planning
10/15/09Transmission path for use in rf fields providing reduced rf heating
10/15/09Artifact suppression in multi-coil mri
10/15/09System for providing expert care to outpatients from a remote location
10/08/09Integrated multi-channel time-to-digital converter for time-of-flight pet
10/01/09Cognitive monitoring wireless device for healthcare equipment
09/24/09Time of flight measurements in positron emission tomography
09/24/09Apparatus, a system and a enabling electromagnetic energy transfer
09/24/09Molecular imaging apparatus and method
09/24/09Fly-by scanning
09/17/09Display of trends and anticipated trends from mitigation
09/17/09Reconstruction of an image of a moving object from volumetric data
09/17/09Mr spatially-resolved determination of relaxation parameters
09/10/09Gated ct with irregular sampling for slow ct acquisition
09/10/09Device and automatically testing the temperature sensitivity of a patient
09/03/09Conducting wallpaper
08/27/09Rules-based system for maternal-fetal care
08/20/09Magnetic resonance receive coil array integrated into wall of scanner bore
08/20/09Dual x-ray tube gating
08/20/09Error adaptive functional iimaging
08/20/09Imaging system
08/20/09Method, an apparatus, a system and a computer program for transferring scan geometry between subsequent scans
08/20/09Mri gradient coil assembly with reduced acoustic noise
08/20/09Patient bed for pet/mr imaging systems
08/13/09Control device for controlling the hue of light emitted from a light source
08/13/09Mr involving high speed coil mode switching between i-channel linear, q-channel linear, quadrature and anti-quadrature modes

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