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Koninklijke Philips Electronics N v
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N v Et Al
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N v_20100114
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N v_20100107
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N v_20100121
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N v_20131212
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N v_20100128

Koninklijke Philips Electronics N v patents

Recent patent applications related to Koninklijke Philips Electronics N v. Koninklijke Philips Electronics N v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Koninklijke Philips Electronics N v, we're just tracking patents.

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10/06/16Authentication authenticating a first party to a second party
08/25/16Reflector device and lighting device comprising such a reflector device
03/10/16Instrument systems and methods utilizing optical fiber sensor
12/31/15Eye-safe laser-based lighting
11/12/15Mri with motion correction using navigators acquired using a dixon technique
07/23/153d scanner using structured lighting
06/18/15Solid state light emitting devices based on crystallographically relaxed structures
04/30/15Iii-nitride light emitting device
04/23/15Fractional flow reserve (ffr) index with adaptive boundary condition parameters
03/26/15Energy harvesting device
03/19/15High-intensity focused ultrasound for heating a target zone larger than the electronic focusing zone
03/19/15Vessel annotator
02/26/15Method and arrangement for generating nitric oxide
02/05/15Wearable and breathable photo therapy patch
01/22/15Detection using transmission notification
12/25/14Stage system and a lithographic apparatus
12/25/14Stage system and a lithographic apparatus
10/23/14Anatomical tagging of findings in image data of serial studies
09/25/14Sensor guide wire
09/18/14Device and determining the blood oxygen saturation of a subject
09/04/14System for providing biofeedback
08/28/14Imaging system rotating gantry and subject support motion control
08/28/14Apparatus and determining vital sign information from a subject
08/21/14A capacitive contactless powering system
08/21/14Gesture-based user-interface with user-feedback
08/07/14Teat for a feeding bottle
08/07/14Ultrasound system with automated doppler flow settings
07/31/14Spect motion-correction
07/31/14Automatic online registration between a robot and images
07/31/14Ultrasound system with dynamically automated doppler flow settings as a sample volume is moved
07/24/14Ultrasound probe with an acoustical lens
07/24/14Mapping of health data
07/17/14Apparatus for optical analysis of an associated tissue
07/10/14Light emitting devices with improved light extraction efficiency
07/10/14Integrated led-based luminaire for general lighting
07/03/14Wireless power converter utilized as a capacitive power transfer system
06/26/14Method of processing a semiconductor structure
06/26/14System and extracting physiological information from remotely detected electromagnetic radiation
06/26/14Personalized healing sounds database
06/19/14Cardio pulmonary resuscitation device with means for initial setup
06/19/14Clinical support system and method
06/05/14Patient interface arrangement with adjustable forehead support
06/05/14Method of storing a real time stream of information signals on a disc like record carrier
05/29/14Nebulizer, a control unit for controlling the same, and a controlling a nebulizer
05/29/14Stimulated emission depletion (sted) microscopy system
05/29/14Device and extracting physiological information
05/29/14Medical device with ultrasound transducers embedded in flexible foil
05/29/14Electrode apparatus
05/29/14Report viewer usign radiological descriptors
05/29/14Information carrier comprising access information
05/22/14Ultrasound transducer assembly and manufacturing the same
05/22/14Multi-treatment planning apparatus and method
05/08/14Efficient user interaction with polygonal meshes for medical image segmentation
05/08/14Extension of clinical guidelines based on clinical expert recommendations
05/08/14Method and device for generating and detecting a fingerprint functioning as a trigger marker in a multimedia signal
05/01/14Device comprising a plurality of audio sensors and a operating the same
05/01/14Two dimensional ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with two beamformer stages
04/17/14Universal tiltable luminaire support
04/10/14Ultrasound-image-guide system and volume-motion-base calibration method
04/03/14Product purchase multiplier
03/13/14Illuminated curtain wall
03/06/14Split gradient coil and hybrid systems using same
03/06/14Rotating an object on a screen
03/06/14Optical system for leds for controlling light utilizing reflectors
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02/27/14Multichannel rf volume resonator for mri
02/27/14Ariadne wall taping for bronchoscopic path planning and guidance
02/27/14Sensor device for magnetically actuated particles
02/27/14Matrix ultrasound probe with passive heat dissipation
02/27/14Spherical ultrasonic hifu transducer with modular cavitation sense element
02/27/14System and probabilistic ablation planning
02/20/14Low power tdc-adc and anger logic in radiation detection applications
02/20/14Light emitting device with improved extraction efficiency
02/20/14Single scan multi-procedure imaging
02/13/14Slip ring assembly
02/13/14Remote command center for patient monitoring
02/13/14Gesture based control of element or item
02/06/14Iii-v light emitting device with thin n-type region
02/06/14Image guided radiation therapy
01/30/14Oln light change/optimization system
Patent Packs
01/30/14Position indicator for 3d display
01/30/14Light output panel and device having the same
01/23/14Multi-cardiac sound gated imaging and post-processing of imaging data based on cardiac sound
01/16/14System and generating and displaying a 2d projection from a 3d or 4d dataset
01/16/14Collimator arrangement and method
01/16/144d contrast enhanced computed tomography (ct)
01/16/14System and determining thresholds or a range of values used to allocate patients to a treatment level of a treatment program
01/09/14Hidden user interface panel for personal care appliances and making same
01/09/14Nested key assembly
01/09/14Device and guiding latch-on
01/09/14Illumination system with light source, radiation converting element and filter
01/09/14Multi-view display device
01/09/14Oral hygiene appliance with formable substrate
01/02/14Volume visualization
01/02/14Catheter comprising capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers with an adjustable focus
01/02/14Ultrasonic acoustic radiation force excitation for ultrasonic material property measurement and imaging
01/02/14Automated cpr device
01/02/14Defibrillator paddles with lighted shock buttons
12/19/13Oral hygiene appliance with bristle characteristics for effective cleaning
12/19/13Process and resulting product for matching a mouthpiece for cleaning teeth to a user's oral geometry
12/19/13Sleep disturbance monitoring apparatus
12/12/13Ultrasonic cmut with suppressed acoustic coupling to the substrate
12/05/13Gesture recognition system
12/05/13Lighting control system
12/05/13Low-cost multi functional heatsink for led arrays
12/05/13Adaptive roadmapping
12/05/13Endoscopy-guided deployment of vessel punch
11/28/13System and customizable automated control of fraction of inspired oxygen and/or positive end expiratory pressure to maintain oxygenation
11/28/13Method and testing luminescent films
11/28/13Estimating control feature from remote control with camera
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11/28/13Method to use auxiliary channel to achieve fast and power-efficient association in wireless networks
11/28/13Shear wave velocity estimation using center of mass
11/21/13Air bearing dynamic z-axis balancing
11/21/13Spectral imaging
11/21/13Detection values processing apparatus
11/21/13Method and device for preparing beverages
11/21/13Breath pacing device and packing the respiratory activity of a subject
11/14/13Device for making a beverage, adapted to accurately setting a dispense temperature of the beverage
11/14/13Multi-channel transmit mr imaging
11/14/13Lighting device and a luminaire comprising the lighting device
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11/14/13Contour delineation for radiation therapy planning with real-time contour segment impact rendering
11/14/13Detection of bifurcations using traceable imaging device and imaging tool
11/07/13Multi-layer horizontal computed tomography (ct) detector array with at least one thin photosensor array layer disposed between at least two scintillator array layers
11/07/13Automatically configuring of a lighting
11/07/13Light system and method
11/07/13Assress initialization of lighting device units
11/07/13Patient monitoring monitoring the physiological status of a patient
11/07/13Truncation compensation for iterative cone-beam ct reconstruction for spect/ct systems
11/07/13Battery adapter with flex circuit and silicone spring
11/07/13Diverse radio receiver system
11/07/13Adjusting measurements of the effects of acoustic radiation force for background motion effects
11/07/13Barcode scanning device for determining a physiological quantity of a patient
11/07/13Therapeutic apparatus, computer program product, and determining an achievable target region for high intensity focused ultrasound
11/07/13Resource metering system and method using such a system for smart energy consumption
11/07/13Vehicle positioning and guidance system
11/07/13Learning and optimizing care protocols
11/07/13System and providing medical caregiver and equipment management patient care
10/31/13Detection device for detecting photons emitted by a radiation source
10/31/13Organic electroluminescent device
10/31/13Led package comprising encapsulation
10/31/13Illumination system, illumination method and lighting controller
10/31/13State space feedback controller in the digital domain for an mri gradient coil power supply
10/31/13Choosing anatomical variant model for image segmentation
10/31/13Illumination device
10/31/13Computed tomography (ct) data acquisition
10/31/13Method and apparatus to detect and correct motion in list-mode pet data with a gated signal
10/31/13Dual-energy tomographic imaging system
10/31/13Method and decocting ingredients in a solvent
10/31/13Method and decocting ingredients in a solvent
10/31/13Method of simultaneously cleaning and whitening teeth
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10/31/13Automatic quantification of asymmetry
10/31/13Method and diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea with an awake patient
10/31/13Device and determining actual tissue layer boundaries of a body
10/31/13Disaggregation apparatus
10/31/13Patient condition detection and mortality
10/24/13Ventilator with integrated blower to provide negative or positive pressure in a ventilator system
10/24/13Active valve for ventilators
10/24/13Light-emitting apparatus and lighting appliance provided with the same
10/24/13Device and controlling current to solid state lighting circuit
10/24/13Method and apparatus with lighting system for brewing ingredients in a solvent
10/24/13Passive b1 field shimming
10/24/13Parallel mri method using calibration scan, coil sensitivity maps and navigators for rigid motion compensation
10/24/13Imaging system for imaging an object
10/24/13Computed tomography tracking a bolus
10/24/13Imaging system for imaging a region of interest
10/24/13Rapid parallel reconstruction for arbitrary k-space trajectories
10/24/13Methods and devices for cooking rice
10/24/13Intraoperative camera calibration for endoscopic surgery
10/24/13Photo-acoustic signal enhancement with microbubble-based contrast agents
10/24/13Detachment tool for decoupling a shape sensor from an implantable device
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10/17/13Apparatus for generating steam
10/17/13System and identifying breathing transitions
10/17/13System and providing feedback to a subject receiving respiratory therapy via a client device associated with the subject
10/17/13Device and extracting information from characteristic signals
10/17/13Collimator comprising a prismatic layer stack, and lighting unit comprising such collimator
10/17/13Lighting device with polymer containing matrices
10/17/13Audio system and operation therefor
10/17/13Coded light emitting device
10/17/13Agents for clearing biomolecules from circulation
10/17/13Analysis of mitral regurgitation by ultrasonic imaging
10/17/13Automated doppler velocimetry using a low-cost transducer
10/17/13Generation of pictorial reporting diagrams of lesions in anatomical structures
10/17/13System and providing medical caregiver and equipment management patient care
10/17/13System and distributing meaningful clinical alerts
10/10/13Humidifier system for humidifying gas delivered to a patient
10/10/13System and administering humidified gas to a ventilated patient
10/10/13Device for controlling the alarm limit of an alarm device
10/10/13Magnetic resonance examination system with preferred settings based on data mining
10/10/13Visualization of flow patterns
10/10/13Lighting device and manufacturing a lighting device
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10/10/13Real-time quality control of em calibration
10/10/13Fast dual contrast mr imaging
10/10/13Image registration apparatus
10/10/13Strip for transferring a therapeutic composition to a tooth
10/10/13Apparatus for ct-mri and nuclear hybrid imaging, cross calibration, and performance assessment
10/10/13Radiation therapy planning and follow-up system with large bore nuclear and magnetic resonance imaging or large bore ct and magnetic resonance imaging
10/10/13System and determining one or more breathing parameters of a subject
10/10/13System and determining carbon dioxide excreted during non-invasive ventilation
10/10/13Light therapy device
10/03/13Power toothbrush and brushhead therefor, with multiple motion brush member
10/03/13Brushhead for a power toothbrush with a wedge and spring handle interface
10/03/13Steam ironing device
10/03/13Pet detector modules utilizing overlapped light guides
10/03/13Radiation detector with photodetectors
10/03/13Direct conversion x-ray detector
10/03/13Illumination apparatus and a assembling the illumination apparatus
10/03/13Method of manufacturing an electrode for a gas discharge lamp
10/03/13Rinsing glass and charger combination for a power toothbrush
10/03/13Led-based assembly
10/03/13Method of commanding wireless devices
10/03/13Post-patient dynamic filter for computed tomography (ct)
10/03/13Anode disk element with refractory interlayer and vps focal track
10/03/13Contour guided deformable image registration
10/03/13Volumetric rendering of image data
10/03/13Therapeutic apparatus comprising a radiotherapy apparatus, a mechanical positioning system, and a magnetic resonance imaging system
10/03/13Interventional apparatus activated computed tomography (ct)
10/03/13Integrated work-flow for accurate input function estimation
10/03/13Automated identification of the location of a regurgitant orifice of a mitral valve in an ultrasound image
10/03/13Analysis of mitral regurgitation from slit orifices by ultrasonic imaging
10/03/13System and identifying breaths based solely on capnographic information
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10/03/13Gesture control for monitoring vital body signs
10/03/13Analyzing an action
10/03/13Clinical documentation debugging decision support
09/26/13Method of calibrating an air sensor
09/26/13Obesity hypventilation syndrome treatment system and method
09/26/13Patient interface device with multi-axis elbow conduit
09/26/13Sensor device with double telecentric optical system
09/26/13Method for increasing the content of ce3+ in laser materials
09/26/13Highly reflective coating on led submount
09/26/13Electroluminescent device with adjustable color point
09/26/13Linear driver for reduced perceived light flicker
09/26/13Adaptable driver circuit for driving a light circuit
09/26/13Mr imaging using a multi-point dixon technique
09/26/13Mr imaging using a multi-point dixon technique
09/26/13Method and system for managing imaging data
09/26/13Transferring of 3d image data
09/26/13Breast density assessment
09/26/13Power supply unit for an x-ray tube
09/26/13Ultrasound imaging system and method with peak intensity detection
09/26/13Iterative reconstruction algorithm with a constant variance based weighting factor
09/26/13Devices and methods for dehulling beans and making soymilk
09/26/13Passivation for a semiconductor light emitting device
09/26/13Apparatus and influencing and/or detecting magnetic particles
09/26/13Ultrasound imaging system with patient-specific settings
09/19/13Apparatus comprising rotatable member
09/19/13Brewing unit with horizontal motion
09/19/13Humidification system with signal transmission optimization
09/19/13Pet calibrations with varying coincidence windows
09/19/13Ceramic non-cubic fluoride material for lasers

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