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Koninklijke Philips N v A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v A Corporporation Organized And Existing Under The Laws
Koninklijke Philips N v philips Deutscland Gmbh A Corporation
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Koninklijke Philips N v patents

Recent patent applications related to Koninklijke Philips N v. Koninklijke Philips N v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koninklijke Philips N v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Koninklijke Philips N v, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Modular sieve and juicing apparatus
10/19/17 new patent  Liquid volume measurement device
10/19/17 new patent  System and detecting when a sensor is worn
10/19/17 new patent  Ultrasound visualization of curved structures
10/19/17 new patent  Tace navigation guidance based on tumor viability and vascular geometry
10/19/17 new patent  Patient sleep therapy self management tool
10/19/17 new patent  Patient sleep therapy self management tool
10/19/17 new patent  Patient sleep therapy self management tool
10/19/17 new patent  Automated anatomy delineation for image guided therapy planning
10/19/17 new patent  Mri birdcage coil with distributed excitation
10/19/17 new patent  Digital receiver coil with built-in received phase noise indicator
10/19/17 new patent  Imaging system for single voxel spectroscopy
10/19/17 new patent  Illumination in digital pathology scanning
10/19/17 new patent  Image report annotation identification
10/19/17 new patent  System for real-time organ segmentation and tool navigation during tool insertion in interventional therapy and opeperation thereof
10/19/17 new patent  Image compounding based on image information
10/19/17 new patent  Analyzing aortic valve calcification
10/19/17 new patent  Modification arrangement for an x-ray generating device
10/19/17 new patent  Glueless light emitting device with phosphor converter
10/19/17 new patent  Chip scale light emitting device package with dome
10/19/17 new patent  Vertical cavity surface emitting laser
10/19/17 new patent  Flat cable strain relief with controlled mechanical resistance
10/12/17Brewing unit
10/12/17System, s for navigated flexible endoscopy
10/12/17Non-invasive blood pressure monitor, a operating the same, and a computer program implementing said method
10/12/17Automatic tracking and registration of ul trasound probe using optica shape sensing without tip fixation
10/12/17Patient interface device having multi-chamber adjustable cushion, and adjusting same
10/12/17Nasal pillow patient interface including the same
10/12/17Bobbin assembly and producing a bobbin assembly
10/12/17Wireless inductive power transfer
10/12/17High voltage generator and supplying an x-ray tube
10/05/17Optical shape sensing for instrument tracking in orthopedics
10/05/17Capsule-type consumable for use in a dispenser for the preparation of foodstuff products and processing unit for such a dispenser
10/05/17Latching mechanism for x-ray tube assembly and x-ray imaging system
10/05/17Contrast arrival detection
10/05/17Device for visualizing a 3d object
10/05/17User feedback to controls ischemia monitoring ecg algorithm
10/05/17Shape sensing for orthopedic navigation
10/05/17Processing system arranged to cooperate with an optical-shape-sensing-enabled interventional device
10/05/17Cpap pressurized gas permeable mask cushion
10/05/17Device for providing supplemental oxygen to a subject
10/05/17Torque devices for use with intravascular devices and associated systems and methods
10/05/17X-ray detector, imaging apparatus and calibration method
10/05/17X-ray detector device for inclined angle x-ray radiation
10/05/17Methods and systems for visualizing gene expression data
10/05/17Classified truncation compensation
10/05/17Illumination device
10/05/17Light emitting device package
09/28/17Guidewire for optical shape sensing
09/28/17Systems and methods for grating modulation of a spectra and intensity in computed tomography
09/28/17Spectral projection extension
09/28/17Acoustic streaming for fluid pool detection and identification
09/28/17Device and automatic pneumothorax detection
09/28/17Quality metric for multi-beat echocardiographic acquisitions for immediate user feedback
09/28/17Side-looking lung biopsy device
09/28/17Optical shape sensing for soft tissue balancing in orthopedics
09/28/17Attachment with identification for personal care appliance and method
09/28/17Attachment with resonant structure for personal care appliance method
09/28/17Sapphire collector for reducing mechanical damage during die level laser lift-off
09/28/17A steam iron head
09/28/17Hand-held steaming device
09/28/17Accessory for a steaming device
09/28/17Heat sensitive actuator device
09/28/17Quantum dots in enclosed environment
09/28/17Led disposed in a body including a socket
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09/28/17A magnetic resonance transmit and/or receive antenna system and radiotherapy planning computer program product
09/28/17Method of generating multi-band rf pulses
09/28/17Time of flight calibration in digital positron emission tomography
09/28/17Data-driven performance based system for adapting advanced event detection algorithms to existing frameworks
09/28/17Spectral imaging
09/28/17Method of forming a composite substrate
09/28/17Luminance pattern shaping using a back-emitting led and a reflective substrate
09/28/17Wireless inductive power transfer
09/28/17Body coupled communication devices and systems as well as a design tool and designing the same
09/28/17Method and controlling the heating of food ingredients
09/21/17Endorectal prostate coil with open access for surgical instruments
09/21/17Breathlessness and edema symptom assessment
09/21/17Motion triggered vital sign measurement
09/21/17Minimum background estimation for peripheral equalization
09/21/17Registration of optical shape sensing tool
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09/21/17A tongue advancer implant or removal tool for a tongue manipulation system
09/21/17A tongue advancer assembly for a tongue manipulation system
09/21/17Shape sensed robotic ultrasound for minimally invasive interventions
09/21/17System and adjusting humidification during pressure support therapy
09/21/17Guard element for use in a hair cutting unit
09/21/17Steam iron
09/21/17A steam generator for a steaming device
09/21/17Steam iron head
09/21/17Magnetic resonance imaging system with infrared thermometry sensors
09/21/17Optical data cable handling on patient table of mri system
09/21/17Ultrasound transducer arrays with variable patch geometries
09/21/17Antibiotic resistance causation identification
09/21/17Virtual interactive definition of volumetric shapes
09/21/17Frame element positioning in frames of a bitstream representing audio content
09/21/17Public-key encryption system
09/21/17Autostereoscopic display device and driving method
09/21/17Methods and system for efficient self-coexistence of wireles regional area networks
09/14/17Hair removal apparatus
09/14/17Consumable for a dispenser and processing unit for a dispenser
09/14/17System and assessing eyesight acuity and hearing ability
09/14/17Heart rate monitor device
09/14/17Imaging system
09/14/17System for generating spectral computed tomography projection data
09/14/17X-ray imaging apparatus
09/14/17Protection system for protecting a person against x-ray scatter radiation
09/14/17A multi-sensor ultrasound probe and related methods
09/14/17Shape based initialization and qa of progressive auto-planning
09/14/17Dispersion and accumulation of magnetic particles in a microfluidic system
09/14/17Blade set, hair cutting appliance, and related manufacturing method
09/14/17A garment care device for drying and sanitizing garments
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09/14/17Steam device
09/14/17Zero echo time mr imaging
09/14/17Dixon magnetic resonance imaging using prior knowledge
09/14/17Secure transmission of genomic data
09/14/17System and facilitating a user interface via device-on premise detection and event generation based thereon
09/14/17Digital subtraction angiography
09/14/17Superconducting magnet with cryogenic thermal buffer
09/14/17Wireless docking system for audio-video relay
09/07/17Method for controlling a process of roasting coffee beans and device for use in a process for roasting coffee beans
09/07/17Air-based fryer preparing food
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09/07/17A light-based collagen measurement system and a skin treatment system
09/07/17Ultrasound imaging apparatus
09/07/17Inhibition of maturation of dental biofilm and cariogenic properties
09/07/17Magnetic resonance imaging receive coil with reduced radiation attenuation
09/07/17Lighting system
09/07/17Sensor system and sensing method
09/07/17System and recommending a discharge moment
09/07/17Ii-vi based light emitting semiconductor device
09/07/17A light emitting device
09/07/17Light source
09/07/17Wide band through-body ultrasonic communication system
09/07/17Image recording and 3d information acquisition
08/31/17Juice exxtractor
08/31/17Apparatus and preparing food
08/31/17Device and displaying image information
08/31/17Processing processing cardiac data of a living being
08/31/17Ultrasound tracking disposable biopsy needles
08/31/17Blade set, cutting appliance, and related manufacturing method
08/31/17Led device with flexible thermal interface
08/31/17Mri protocol for segmentation of an image detail using images acquired at two different magnetic field strengths
08/31/17Cross platform transformation of gene expression data
08/31/17Adaptive light source
08/24/17Coffee roasting apparatus, coffee brewing apparatus and coffee roasting method
08/24/17Method for oscillatory non-invasive blood pressure (nibp) measurement and control unit for an nibp apparatus
08/24/17Medical imaging system with needle detection capability
08/24/17Method of visualizing a sequence of ultrasound images, computer program product and ultrasound system
08/24/17Transfer method and apparatus and computer program product
08/24/17Skin-contact product having moisture and microclimate control
08/24/17Leds mounted on curved lead frame
08/24/17Docking system
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08/24/17Gaze-tracking driven region of interest segmentation
08/24/17Texture analysis map for image data
08/24/17Device and iterative reconstruction of images recorded by at least two imaging methods
08/24/17Start image for spectral image iterative reconstruction
08/24/17Dynamic configuration of body coupled communication devices
08/24/17Communication device and system for performing data communication using a human or animal body as transmission medium
08/24/17Data sharing using body coupled communication
08/24/17Transferring of three-dimensional image data
08/17/17Detection of surface contact with optical shape sensing
08/17/17Floor cleaning device
08/17/17Vital signs monitoring system
08/17/17Patient monitoring system and method
08/17/17Cardiac reconstruction for photon counting ct for heart and lung images
08/17/17Handling undetermined quantifiable lesions
08/17/17Concurrent acquisition of harmonic and fundamental images for screening applications
08/17/17Tooth whitening system and method
08/17/17Supervised 4-d dose map deformation for adaptive radiotherapy planning
08/17/17Heat sensitive actuator device
08/17/17Method for detecting a spatial proximity of a first and a second epitope
08/17/17Spatially resolved metal detector
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08/17/17Method and hardware rf receiver channel reduction
08/17/17Pet detector scintillator arrangement with light sharing and depth of interaction estimation
08/17/17Window-based spectrum measurement in a spectral ct detector
08/17/17Ultrasound image display set-up for remote display terminal
08/17/17Systems and methods for tracking and identifying infection transmission
08/17/17System and the distribution of diagnostic imaging
08/17/17Image processing apparatus and method
08/17/17Substrate with reflective coating including silicate or alkylsilicate network
08/10/17Rotatable stabilizer for use of catheter inside an endoscope
08/10/17Device and detecting vital sign information of a subject
08/10/17Device and determining image quality of a radiogram image
08/10/17Adjustable assembly and nozzle for providing various liquid/air output flow patterns
08/10/17Method and biofilm disinfection
08/10/17Apparatus and targeted drug delivery
08/10/17Sensor device and imaging system for detecting radiation signals
08/10/17Systems and methods for identifying and flagging samples of concern
08/10/17Visualization of spectral image data
08/10/17Wireless inductive power transfer
08/10/17Wireless inductive power transfer
08/10/17Radio communication system
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08/03/17Coffee roasting apparatus, coffee brewing apparatus and coffee roasting method
08/03/17Hair styling device
08/03/17Oral care device having a pump-free fluid delivery system
08/03/17Floor cleaning device
08/03/17Optical vital signs sensor
08/03/17System and etecting slow waves
08/03/17Recognizer of staff or patient body parts using markers to prevent or reduce unwanted irradiation
08/03/17Esophageal electrocardiogram for transesophageal echocardiography
08/03/17Triggering with optical shape sensing fiber
08/03/17Translating respiratory therapy parameters
08/03/17Wear-out indicator for a patient interface
08/03/17Active valve for ventilators
08/03/17Steam device with a noise generator
08/03/17Calculating power loss for inductive power transmission
08/03/17Prospective respiratory triggering with retrospective validation for 4d-magnetic resonance imaging
08/03/17Electronic calculating device for performing obfuscated arithmetic
08/03/17Method and hierarchical data analysis based on mutual correlations
08/03/17Multi-structure atlas and/or use thereof
08/03/17Siloxane ligands to be used for dispersing quantum dots in silicone hosts to obtain color converters for led lighting
08/03/17Detection of the presence of television signlas embedded in noise using cyclostationary toolbox
08/03/17Processing a disparity of a three dimensional image
08/03/17Saturation processing specification for dynamic range mappings
07/27/17Robotic control of an endoscope from blood vessel tree images
07/27/17Grating device for phase contrast and/or dark-field imaging of a movable object
07/27/17Automatic configuration detection for sensor equipped needle
07/27/17Connection tool for a tongue manipulation system
07/27/17Ultrasound transducer arrangement and assembly, coaxial wire assembly, ultrasound probe and ultrasonic imaging system
07/27/17Rotary shavers, with improved drive and support structure for the shaving heads
07/27/17Method and system for preventing fouling of surfaces
07/27/17Silica coated quantum dots with improved quantum efficiency
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07/27/17Vehicle lighting module
07/27/17Gradient amplifer system for driving a gradient coil and configuration method
07/27/17Image data pre-processing
07/27/17Model-based segmentation of an anatomical structure
07/27/17Quantitative dark-field imaging in tomography
07/27/17Method for communicating in a network, radio stations and a system therefor
07/20/17Monitoring monitoring the hemodynamic status of a subject
07/20/17Optical vital signs sensor
07/20/17Device and noninvasively determining the hematocrit value of a subject
07/20/17Unobtrusive skin tissue hydration determining device and related method
07/20/17Grating device for an x-ray imaging device
07/20/17Treatment device using r.f. electrical current for heating a first inner region and a second inner region of skin
07/20/17Intelligent real-time tool and anatomy visualization in 3d imaging workflows for interventional procedures
07/20/17Cushion element for a patient interface
07/20/17System and providing a patient with personalized advice
07/20/17Protective cradle and modular pouches
07/20/17Phototherapy blanket temperature determination
07/20/17Grid calibration system for interventional procedures
07/20/17Characterization characterizing scintillator material
07/20/17Irecon: intelligent image reconstruction system with anticipatory execution
07/20/17Iterative reconstruction spectral, phase-contrast imaging
07/20/17Light emitting diodes and reflector
07/20/17Quantum dots with reduced saturation quenching
07/20/17Brightness region-based apparatuses and methods for hdr image encoding and decoding
07/13/17Ultrasound system for cerebral blood flow imaging and microbubble-enhanced blood clot lysis
07/13/17System and adjusting the intensity of sensory stimulation during sleep based on sleep spindles
07/13/17Circadian phase detection system
07/13/17Imaging apparatus and method
07/13/17Ultrasound imaging system and method

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