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Koninklijke Philips N v
Koninklijke Philips N v A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v Q
Koninklijke Philips N v philips Deutscland Gmbh A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v_20131212


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Koninklijke Philips N v patents

Recent patent applications related to Koninklijke Philips N v. Koninklijke Philips N v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koninklijke Philips N v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Koninklijke Philips N v, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Koninklijke Philips N v patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011343604/28/16  new patent  Device for frothing a liquid
22016011344204/28/16  new patent  Air fryer
32016011355104/28/16  new patent  Fall detection system and method
42016011357204/28/16  new patent  Determination of tgf-beta pathway activity using unique combination of target genes
52016011359104/28/16  new patent  Method and determining the risk of a patient leaving a safe area
62016011359504/28/16  new patent  Processing status information of a medical device
72016011359704/28/16  new patent  Imaging apparatus
82016011359804/28/16  new patent  Imaging system subject support tabletop deflection delta correction
92016011360304/28/16  new patent  Photon-counting detector calibration
102016011361704/28/16  new patent  Calibration of imagers with dynamic beam shapers
112016011411904/28/16  new patent  Patient interface devices with adhesive attachnment
122016011418404/28/16  new patent  Mattress for providing phototherapy to a subject
132016011612004/28/16  new patent  Lighting device and manufacturing a lighting device
142016011640804/28/16  new patent  Correction for osmotic pressure variations in chemo-optical sensor spots
152016011656004/28/16  new patent  Mr imaging with enhanced susceptibility contrast
162016011666804/28/16  new patent  Light emitting device
172016011743904/28/16  new patent  Superior bioinformatics process for identifying at risk subject populations
182016011744304/28/16  new patent  Bioinformatics process for identifying at risk subject populations
192016011744804/28/16  new patent  System for managing access to medical data
202016011746904/28/16  new patent  Healthcare support system and method
212016011753904/28/16  new patent  Image visualization
222016011795204/28/16  new patent  Modifying a person's eating and activity habits
232016011855404/28/16  new patent  Chip scale light emitting device package with dome
242016011876804/28/16  new patent  Cooling device for cooling a laser arrangement and laser system comprising cooling devices
252016011877004/28/16  new patent  Mounting layer for cooling structure
262016011880804/28/16  new patent  Wireless inductive power transfer with temperature control of the receiver
272016011954804/28/16  new patent  A device reader and means of generating an image therefor
282016011998704/28/16  new patent  Driver with open output protection
292016011999804/28/16  new patent  Apparatus for controlling light module
302016012000204/28/16  new patent  Led lamp comprising a safety module for safe operation on various ballasts
312016012000904/28/16  new patent  Device with a graphical user interface for controlling lighting properties
322016010625704/21/16 A beverage producing machine with a jug
332016010631704/21/16 Rf shielded exam room of a magnetic resonance imaging system
342016010632404/21/16 Aural heart monitoring apparatus and method
352016010635204/21/16 Flexible optical source for pulse oximetry
362016010637904/21/16 Sp02 tone modulation with audible lower clamp value
372016010646804/21/16 Easy glide abrasive tip for a microdermabrasion device
382016010650504/21/16 Skin treatment apparatus with adaptive motion feedback
392016010662204/21/16 Medicine containaer, housing and display for medicine container
402016010685904/21/16 Bio-orthogonal drug activation
412016010699004/21/16 Automatic power management for external defibrillators
422016010732304/21/16 Device and system for treatinghair and/or skin
432016010906804/21/16 Tubular lighting device
442016010909304/21/16 Lighting device, lighting kit and luminaire
452016010911004/21/16 Light source assembly and producing the same
462016010949904/21/16 Device and investigating a cable system
472016010954504/21/16 Visual pre-scan patient information for magnetic resonance protocol
482016010958704/21/16 Gamma radiation detection device
492016011049404/21/16 Medical prognosis and prediction of treatment response using multiple cellular signalling pathway activities
502016011086904/21/16 Cortical bone segmentation from mr dixon data
512016011167504/21/16 Organic light-emitting device
522016011212604/21/16 Detecting coded light
532016011268104/21/16 System, for monitoring light and sound impact on a person
542016011309104/21/16 Retrofit light emitting diode tube
552016010071004/14/16 Brew beverage device with pressure release
562016010071304/14/16 Air-based fryer
572016010076504/14/16 Non-invasive blood pressure monitor and operating the same
582016010080504/14/16 Non-invasive blood pressure monitors and methods of operating the same
592016010125104/14/16 Ventilator with integrated blower to provide negative or positive pressure in a ventilator system
602016010152904/14/16 Personal care device like a shaving device, a head structure and a base structure for such a personal care device, as well as a coupling structure
612016010153004/14/16 Stationary cutting blade for a hair clipping device
622016010282204/14/16 Method of manufacturing a lighting device
632016010282304/14/16 Light-emitting panel
642016010284304/14/16 An optical element for obtaining a skylight appearance and a luminaire
652016010296904/14/16 Optical shape sensing with a plurality of optical fibers
662016010319404/14/16 System for simultaneous pet/mr imaging
672016010326804/14/16 Lighting device and luminaire
682016010396704/14/16 Monitoring information providing device and method
692016010428004/14/16 Linking breast lesion locations across imaging studies
702016010522504/14/16 Transform-domain feedback signaling for mimo communication
712016009674804/07/16 Optical fluid treatment device
722016009749004/07/16 Illumination device and manufacturing an illumination device
732016009749204/07/16 A lighting device assembly and a mounting a lighting device assembly
742016009751504/07/16 Illumination device providing polarized light
752016009771104/07/16 Device and a sensing characteristics of a food material and a machine and a brewing coffee
762016009782904/07/16 Single coaxial interface for magnetic resonace (mr) coils
772016009852704/07/16 Predicted and tracked personalized patient treatment effects on body functions
782016009858404/07/16 A coded light device, and a product information system comprising such a coded light device
792016009860904/07/16 A video analysis device and a operating a video analysis device
802016009862104/07/16 Method and system for multi-modal tissue classification
812016009898404/07/16 Ultrasound probe with acoustical lens
822016009914204/07/16 Double-filament incandescent lamp for automotive vehicle front lighting
832016010002804/07/16 A network system, a lighting system, and a caching information from a resource-constrained device
842016010047104/07/16 Lighting device
852016010047204/07/16 Color emphasis and preservation of objects using reflection spectra
862016009518903/31/16 Systems and methods for lighting control
872016008880203/31/16 Dynamic light recipe for horticulture
882016008903003/31/16 Remote patient management system
892016008950703/31/16 Cartridge for substance delivery module
902016008950903/31/16 Pressure support system for breath stacking therapy
912016008954903/31/16 An interactive dose gradient based optimization technique to control imrt delivery complexity
922016008955103/31/16 High-intensity focused ultrasound therapy system with cooling
932016009118203/31/16 Housing for securing a recessed fixture
942016009121703/31/16 Systems and methods for managing environmental conditions
952016009186803/31/16 Tap sensitive alarm clock
962016009219803/31/16 Systems and methods for lighting control
972016009264503/31/16 Patient interface device selection system and method based on three-dimensional modelling
982016009265303/31/16 Nutritional intake viewer (nutriweb)
992016009377003/31/16 Iii-nitride light emitting device with double heterostructure light emitting region
1002016009377503/31/16 Side interconnect for light emitting device
1012016009378203/31/16 Led with scattering features in substrate
1022016009470403/31/16 Alarm reporting fail over mechanism
1032016009479803/31/16 Imaging detector
1042016009495303/31/16 Mobile help buttons with multiple location technologies
1052016009496603/31/16 In home transition for data and power management of personal emergency response system (pers) device
1062016009496703/31/16 End to end design of personal emergency service utilizing m2m cellular, xmpp/xml technologies on mobile help button
1072016009518803/31/16 Systems and methods for managing environmental conditions
1082016009519003/31/16 Lighting device
1092016009519103/31/16 System and autonomous restore point creation and restoration for luminaire controllers
1102016009519203/31/16 Automatic and decentralized commissioning of replacement lighting units
1112016008221503/24/16 Stabilized mask
1122016008157903/24/16 Apparatus and influencing and/or detecting magnetic particles comprising bridge unit
1132016008160503/24/16 Use of a barrier contact medium for chemo-chemo-optical sensors in transcutaneous applications
1142016008163603/24/16 Collimation for distanced focal spots
1152016008176003/24/16 Assisting assisting a user during an interventional procedure
1162016008188403/24/16 Teat for an infant feeding bottle
1172016008220903/24/16 System and respiration appliance for supporting the airway of a subject
1182016008221503/24/16 Stabilized mask
1192016008222103/24/16 System and respiration appliance for supporting the airway of a subject
1202016008222203/24/16 Adjustment of sensory stimulation intensity to enhance sleep slow wave activity
1212016008224603/24/16 Defibrillator electrode having adult and pediatric graphics
1222016008228703/24/16 Device for determining illumination distributions for imrt
1232016008228803/24/16 Radiation therapy system with real-time magnetic resonance monitoring
1242016008228903/24/16 New tissue compensator thickness visualization and modification tool for use in radiation treatment planning
1252016008229303/24/16 Hifu treatment optimization in vicinity of sensitive zones
1262016008444503/24/16 Retrofit organic light emitting diode (oled) light source
1272016008445203/24/16 Multi-staged lighting device
1282016008447603/24/16 Encapsulated quantum dots in porous particles
1292016008470303/24/16 Detection of radiation quanta using an optical detector pixel array and pixel cell trigger state sensing circuits
1302016008496303/24/16 Large-area scintillator element and radiation detectors and radiation absorption event locating systems using same
1312016008496803/24/16 Direct conversion radiation detector digital signal processing electronics
1322016008497403/24/16 Apparatus and the evaluation of gamma radiation events
1332016008541503/24/16 Multi-parameter, risk-based early warning and alarm decision support with progressive risk pie visualizer
1342016008592003/24/16 System and transferring a group of related files as one logical unit
1352016008647603/24/16 Processing an alert signal of a medical device
1362016008678903/24/16 Automotive front lighting lamp with baffle
1372016008717103/24/16 A light emitting diode component
1382016008717403/24/16 Light emitting device with an optical element and a reflector
1392016008721003/24/16 Organic light emitting device with increased light out coupling
1402016008769103/24/16 Wireless inductive power transfer
1412016008771903/24/16 Receiving coded visible light in presence of interference
1422016008772003/24/16 Recovering timing from a self-clocking coded light signal
1432016008822603/24/16 Camera system comprising a camera, camera, operating a camera and deconvoluting a recorded image
1442016008828103/24/16 Method of encoding a video data signal for use with a multi-view rendering device
1452016008847903/24/16 Authentication and authorization of cognitive radio devices
1462016008865403/24/16 Method for access to a medium by a multi-channel device
1472016008870003/24/16 Method and digital detection of the phase-cut angle of a phase-cut dimming signal
1482016008870703/24/16 Methods and controlling lighting based on user manipulation of a mobile computing device
1492016008871403/24/16 Controlling a function of a space
1502016008871503/24/16 Lighting system
1512016008871603/24/16 Systems and methods for managing interaction with controllable lighting networks
1522016008872103/24/16 Circuit board comprising at least one fold
1532016007863303/17/16 Method and system for mesh segmentation and mesh registration
1542016007382503/17/16 Multiple-compartment coffee mill hopper for a coffee mill
1552016007385303/17/16 Imaging a patient's interior
1562016007397303/17/16 Imaging system rotating component alignment with iso-center
1572016007399903/17/16 X-ray beam shaping
1582016007400303/17/16 Tube-detector alignment using light projections
1592016007411603/17/16 Non-invasive device for treatment of the skin using laser light
1602016007461103/17/16 Patient interface device
1612016007461203/17/16 Portable patient interface system
1622016007485803/17/16 Fluidic system for processng a sample fluid
1632016007671103/17/16 Solid state lighting device
1642016007673603/17/16 Light source with adapted spectal output
1652016007675103/17/16 Integrated micro-light-emitting-diode module with built-in programmability
1662016007675403/17/16 A light emitting diode module
1672016007693503/17/16 Pulse processing circuit with correction means
1682016007717203/17/16 A detachable connector and splittable rf coil housings
1692016007719703/17/16 Mitigating disturbance in sensing
1702016007759903/17/16 User interface with position awareness
1712016007852103/17/16 Systems and methods for recommending a service for use by a particular user
1722016007868703/17/16 3d modeled visualisation of a patient interface device fitted to a patient's face
1732016007949003/17/16 Light emitting device comprising wavelength converter
1742016007949803/17/16 Light emitting device on a mount with a reflective layer
1752016008011603/17/16 Method for communicating a network, a secondary station and a system therefor
1762016008062003/17/16 Apparatus and imaging a subject
1772016008088603/17/16 An audio processing apparatus and method therefor
1782016008114503/17/16 Led lighting circuit
1792016008115703/17/16 Luminaire for road illumination with sensor
1802016008116403/17/16 Camera-based calibration of an ambience lighting system
1812016006676803/10/16 Robotic control of an endoscope from anatomical features
1822016006679503/10/16 Stenosis therapy planning
1832016006680103/10/16 Pulse transmit time measurement device and method
1842016006697903/10/16 Photonic probe apparatus with integrated tissue marking facility
1852016006698703/10/16 Inductive disturbance reduction device
1862016006743603/10/16 Method and device for sizing masks
1872016006958503/10/16 User interface with adaptive extent of user control based on user presence information
1882016006978603/10/16 An optical system and a real-time analysis of a liquid sample
1892016007067003/10/16 Wireless docking device
1902016007085803/10/16 Visualizing genomic data
1912016007085903/10/16 Fast and secure retrieval of dna sequences
1922016007086103/10/16 Generating and/or employing finding unique identifiers
1932016007086703/10/16 Method and system to automatically generate meaningful statements in plain natural language from quantitative personalized content for patient centric tools
1942016007088303/10/16 Supporting execution of a clinical trial
1952016007129303/10/16 Artifact-reduction for x-ray image reconstruction using a geometry-matched coordinate grid
1962016007201403/10/16 Surface treatment of a semiconductor light emitting device
1972016007217603/10/16 A lighting device and luminaire comprising an antenna
1982016007263903/10/16 Lighting control
1992016007321503/10/16 An audio apparatus and method therefor
2002016007335703/10/16 Format adaptation of a control channel for discontinuous data transmission
2012016007341903/10/16 Packet data transmission in a mimo system
2022016007347403/10/16 Apparatus and methods for activatable lighting devices
2032016007347503/10/16 Calibration operation of a lighting device
2042016005824403/03/16 Method of operating a grinder
2052016005831703/03/16 System and mehtod for biventricular pacemaker pulse detection in surface ecg
2062016005836203/03/16 Acquiring cervical images
2072016005838603/03/16 Apparatus and ecg motion artifact removal
2082016005850903/03/16 Skin treatment apparatus
2092016005897003/03/16 System and sleep session management based on slow wave sleep activity in a subject
2102016005902603/03/16 Defibrillator with protocol for selectively interrupting cpr
2112016006138803/03/16 Lighting device and luminaire
2122016006142003/03/16 Lamp
2132016006159703/03/16 Determination of a room dimension estimate
2142016006191603/03/16 Detachable receiver block comprising a digitizer for a family of local rf coils
2152016006192103/03/16 Amide proton transfer (apt) and electric properties tomography (ept) imaging in a single mr acquisition
2162016006295603/03/16 Image visualization
2172016006372603/03/16 Model-based segmentation of an anatomical structure
2182016006374503/03/16 Delineation and/or correction of a smooth stiff line in connection with an independent background image
2192016006639003/03/16 Illumination system, illumination method and lighting controller
2202016006639103/03/16 Anti-tampering daylight harvesting system
2212016006639803/03/16 Decision support system for a lighting network
2222016005107702/25/16 Method and device for cooking food such as rice
2232016005108202/25/16 Beverage-producing machine comprising a removable ingredient container
2242016005115002/25/16 Method and measuring blood pressure using an acoustic signal
2252016005120602/25/16 Usage of observed alarm settings for alarm management
2262016005177602/25/16 System and monitoring usage of a respiratory medication delivery device
2272016005178302/25/16 Faceplate and faceplate sizing method
2282016005178402/25/16 Nasal prong and patient interface device including the same
2292016005184502/25/16 Therapy system for depositing energy
2302016005215302/25/16 Shaving head with pivotable shaving unit
2312016005343002/25/16 A hand-held steamer head
2322016005390902/25/16 Linear digital proportional piezoelectric valve
2332016005396302/25/16 Lighting device
2342016005440402/25/16 Multi-zone radio-frequency coil array for variable patient sizes
2352016005440502/25/16 Radio frequency antenna device for generating a digital magnetic resonance information signal
2362016005441602/25/16 Detection of bone tissue using magnetic resonance imaging
2372016005450102/25/16 Light emitting device comprising wavelenght converter
2382016005549102/25/16 Object opinion registering device for guiding a person in a decision making situation
2392016005563402/25/16 Concurrent display of medical images from different imaging modalities
2402016005781002/25/16 Electrochemical descaling by pulsed signal reversal
2412016004752202/18/16 Lighting device
2422016004511202/18/16 Reducing interference in a combined system comprising an mri system and a non-mr imaging system
2432016004526902/18/16 Localization of robotic remote center of motion point using custom trocar
2442016004570102/18/16 Storage device for a ventilation mask
2452016004570602/18/16 System and enhancing sleep slow wave activity based on cardiac activity
2462016004575302/18/16 Prevention of inadvertent battery depletion in an automatic external defibrillator
2472016004577102/18/16 Energy deposition zone determination for a catheter with an ultrasound array
2482016004751402/18/16 Lighting device with remote wavelength converting element
2492016004753102/18/16 Lighting device and luminaire

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