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Koninklijke Philips N v
Koninklijke Philips N v A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v_20131212


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Koninklijke Philips N v patents

Recent patent applications related to Koninklijke Philips N v. Koninklijke Philips N v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koninklijke Philips N v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Koninklijke Philips N v, we're just tracking patents.

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Portable handheld blending gas enriched pressure support system and method

Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Portable handheld blending gas enriched pressure support system and method

Wafer and  manufacturing the same

Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Wafer and manufacturing the same

Nebulizer and a  manufacturing a nebulizer

Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Nebulizer and a manufacturing a nebulizer

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Count Application # Date Koninklijke Philips N v patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015014541205/28/15 new patent  Lamp with electrical components embedded in an insulation compound
22015014400405/28/15 new patent  Beverage producing device witha dual-position water container
32015014412805/28/15 new patent  Nebulizer and a manufacturing a nebulizer
42015014413905/28/15 new patent  Patient interface device having a residual leak seal cushion
52015014414005/28/15 new patent  Sealing cushion and patient interface device employing same
62015014483905/28/15 new patent  Optical composition
72015014497105/28/15 new patent  Chip scale light emitting device with metal pillars in a molding compound formed at wafer level
82015014497205/28/15 new patent  Matrix leadframe for led packaging
92015014537205/28/15 new patent  Wafer and manufacturing the same
102015014541905/28/15 new patent  Methods and automatically adapting light output of a lighting unit
112015014569105/28/15 new patent  Method of redering hemodynamic instability index indicator information
122015014596805/28/15 new patent  Embolization volume reconstruction in interventional radiography
132015014640705/28/15 new patent  Lighting device having a remote wavelength converting layer
142015014642905/28/15 new patent  Lighting device with optical reflector, luminaire having such lighting device and manufacturing a compact optical reflector
152015014649705/28/15 new patent  Interface for a handheld kitchen appliance
162015014681405/28/15 new patent  Method for communicating in a network
172015014684305/28/15 new patent  Live 3d x-ray viewing
182015014694605/28/15 new patent  Overlay and registration of preoperative data on live video using a portable device
192015014695105/28/15 new patent  Method and system for quantitative evaluation of image segmentation
202015014700205/28/15 new patent  System and registering an image sequence
212015014727305/28/15 new patent  Radiolabeled analog(s) of compound 0118 and use thereof in connection with pet and/or spect imaging to determine whether a pharmaceutical containing compound 0118 is a candidate cancer treatment for a patient
222015014865905/28/15 new patent  Magnetic resonance imaging along energy-delivering device axis
232015014866005/28/15 new patent  Dedicated user interface for mr-guided interstitial interventions
242015014866305/28/15 new patent  Oscillation applicator for mr rheology
252015014867205/28/15 new patent  Ultrasound tranducer assembly and driving an ultrasound transducer head
262015014867905/28/15 new patent  Ultrasonic color flow map for analysis of mitral regurgitation
272015014921505/28/15 new patent  System and method to detect and visualize finding-specific suggestions and pertinent patient information in radiology workflow
282015014176205/21/15Apparatus and the detection of the body position while sleeping
292015014179605/21/15Imaging system subject support
302015013603705/21/15Illumination system for cultivation of aquatic animals
312015013612905/21/15Portable handheld blending gas enriched pressure support system and method
322015013613405/21/15Cough assistance and measurement system and method
332015013613505/21/15System and controlling flow during exhalation in a respiratory support system
342015013613705/21/15Anti-asphyxia valve assembly
352015013613805/21/15Headgear assembly with improved stabiization
362015013613905/21/15Patient interface device including deformable nasal prong
372015013708805/21/15Radiation detector with an organic photodiode
382015013768605/21/15Lighting configuration apparatus and methods utilizing distance sensors
392015013779205/21/15Power consumption monitoring apparatus
402015013781005/21/15Switching-frequency-controlled switch-mode power supply unit for powering magnetic resonance system gradient coils
412015013845705/21/15Autostereoscopic display device and driving method
422015013877705/21/15Lighting device having a light source heat sink arranged separate from a driver
432015013902705/21/15Method of communicating information between nodes
442015013938305/21/15Dark-field imaging
452015013939105/21/15Voltage multiplier
462015013939205/21/15X-ray detector pixel layout
472015013940105/21/15Method of treating a surface layer of a device consisting of alumina and respective device, particularly x-ray tube component
482015013950305/21/15Motion parameter estimation
492015013952005/21/15Scan region determining apparatus
502015014071105/21/15Method of separating a wafer of semiconductor devices
512015014173305/21/15Automatic plan optimization for changing patient anatomy in the presence of mapped delivered dose from delivered fractions
522015014176405/21/15Distributed sensing device for referencing of physiological features
532015014179105/21/15Magnetic resonance safe electrode for biopotential measurements
542015014179205/21/15Magnetic resonance safe cable for biopotential measurements
552015014180805/21/15Fiber optic sensor guided navigation for vascular visualization and monitoring
562015014203405/21/15High intensity focused ultrasound targeting
572015014208705/21/15Radio-frequency system for skin treatment including a roller with an electrode and a skin treatment
582015014242105/21/15Providing assistance with reporting
592015014245305/21/15Encoding and decoding of audio signals
602015012848805/14/15Lighting device capable of providing horticulture light and illuminating horticulture
612015012866405/14/15Garment steamer and the same
622015012877605/14/15Shaver having adaptive surface
632015012880005/14/15Oxygen separator and generating oxygen
642015012880105/14/15Oxygen separator and generating oxygen
652015012894705/14/15Portable handheld pressure support system and method
662015012895205/14/15Patient interface assembly with conduits on each side of the head
672015012895605/14/15Neck extension device and use
682015012991605/14/15Light emitting device with remote nanostructured phosphor
692015013028205/14/15System and emergency lighting
702015013036605/14/15Led driver with external temperature-compensated illumination control signal modulator
712015013037305/14/15Lighting application for an interactive electronic device
722015013046405/14/15Power converter for powering an mri gradient coil and operating a power converter
732015013046605/14/15Tem resonator system especially for use in an mri system
742015013093205/14/15Apparatus and profiling a depth of a surface of a target object
752015013126005/14/15Light-emitting device comprising a hollow retro-reflector
762015013380905/14/15Patient sleep therapy self management tool
772015013382205/14/15Cavity determination apparatus
782015013382605/14/15Medical heating a heating volume defined by a surface
792015013384805/14/15Skin treatment system and method
802015013390605/14/15Skin treatment method and apparatus
812015013392005/14/15Ablation probe with fluid-based acoustic coupling for ultrasonic tissue imaging
822015013414405/14/15System and guiding a robot cleaner along a path
832015013434805/14/15Method and system for selecting the frequency of arterial blood gas testing for neonates
842015013434905/14/15System and quality review of healthcare reporting and feedback
852015013496005/14/15Determination of cryptographic keys
862015013512105/14/15User-interface for entering alphanumerical characters
872015012201505/07/15Capacitive level sensor
882015012213105/07/15Method and device for grinding coffee beans
892015012226205/07/15Patient interface device having tightening indicator
902015012284805/07/15Garment treatment stand
912015012315505/07/15Phosphors, such as new narrow-band red emitting phosphors for solid state lighting
922015012354605/07/15Methods for adaptively controlling lighting based upon traffic in an outdoor lighting network
932015012354905/07/15Led lighting system
942015012356005/07/15Methods and interpolating low frame rate transmissions in lighting systems
952015012356105/07/15Control of lighting devices
962015012366305/07/15Integrated electronics module with cooling structure
972015012376905/07/15Interventional information brokering medical tracking interface
982015012426405/07/15System and stabilizing optical shape sensing
992015012445605/07/15Light emitting arrangement
1002015012493105/07/15Cathode filament assembly
1012015012493705/07/15X-ray tube rotor with carbon composite based material
1022015012505105/07/15Device and extracting information from remotely detected characteristic signals
1032015012583705/07/15Training garment for person suffering from upper limb dysfunction
1042015012620005/07/15Enhanced lighting network to serve mobile cellular users and operation thereof
1052015012679905/07/15Magnetic resonance guided therapy with interleaved scanning
1062015012680605/07/15Lighting system, particularly for delirium reduction in intensive care units
1072015012682005/07/15Monitoring of cardiac output
1082015012685905/07/15Guided incision planning for endoscopic minimally invasive surgery
1092015012686405/07/15Image generation apparatus
1102015012687205/07/15System and determining vital sign information of a subject
1112015012691005/07/15Calculating the ultrasonic intensity estimate using an incoherent sum of the ultrasonic pressure generated by multiple transducer elements
1122015012691205/07/15Negative pressure on neck to treat obstructive sleep apnea
1132015012691305/07/15Method and system for skin treatment
1142015012698105/07/15Hair treatment device with light-based hair detector
1152015012725105/07/15Streetwise navigation system using infrastructure elements
1162015011376104/30/15Robotic vacuum cleaner with removable dust container
1172015011439804/30/15Motion limiting coupling assembly for a patient interface
1182015011583104/30/15Conversion circuit between fluorescent ballast and led
1192015011596304/30/15Channel by channel artifact reduction in parallel mri
1202015011611204/30/15Device and routing a medical alert to a selected staff member
1212015011701304/30/15Light conversion assembly, a lamp and a luminaire
1222015011759804/30/15Grating-based differential phase contrast imaging
1232015011760404/30/15Balancing in an x-ray tube
1242015011779104/30/15Brightness region-based apparatuses and methods for hdr image encoding and decoding
1252015011836704/30/15Coffee bean packaging cartridge and coffee beverage system including the same
1262015011962804/30/15Brachytherapy apparatus
1272015011969104/30/15Automated non-magnetic medical monitor using shape memory actuators
1282015011970104/30/15Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and a imaging a specular object and a target anatomy in a tissue using ultrasond
1292015012024604/30/15Apparatus and methods for gathering and using operating data from a lighting product
1302015010759304/23/15Systems and methods to determine the fraction of inhaled oxygen during ventilation
1312015010837104/23/15Lighting apparatus
1322015010889304/23/15Ground connection to a lamp housing
1332015010891904/23/15Light source circuitry
1342015010892104/23/15Tunable lighting system
1352015010919604/23/15Gesture control
1362015010976504/23/15Light-emitting acoustic building element
1372015010977004/23/15Internal envelope infrastructure for electrical devices
1382015010978104/23/15Controllable lighting assembly
1392015010978904/23/15Color correcting optical element
1402015010990504/23/15Routing messages over a network of interconnected devices of a networked control system
1412015011014604/23/15Optically pumped solid state laser device with self-aligning pump optics
1422015011034604/23/15Spectral imaging based decision support, treatment planning and/or intervention guidance
1432015011036904/23/15Image processing apparatus
1442015011037104/23/15Optimized detector readout for biosensor
1452015011037404/23/15Mri assigning individual pixels or voxels tissue-specific pet attenuation values
1462015011037504/23/15Segmentation highlighter
1472015011212604/23/15Enhanced visualization of blood vessels using a robotically steered endoscope
1482015011219704/23/15Elasticity imaging-based methods for improved gating efficiency an dynamic margin adjustment in radiation therapy
1492015010650804/16/15Method and device for commissioning of nodes of a network
1502015010120104/16/15Cutting head for a device for cutting hair
1512015010222604/16/15Passive infrared sensor system for position detection
1522015010273204/16/15Methods and sensing light output and controlling light output
1532015010274504/16/15Lighting controller, lighting system and lighting control method
1542015010274704/16/15Methods and operating a lighting network according to energy demand and energy supply
1552015010352104/16/15Lighting module and manufacturing a lighting module
1562015010353804/16/15Lighting device
1572015010397204/16/15Motion layer decomposition calibration of x-ray ct imagers
1582015010408804/16/15Method and system for obtaining a first signal for analysis to characterize at least one periodic component thereof
1592015010478404/16/15Magnetic and/or electric label assisted detection system and method
1602015010567004/16/15System for camera-based vital sign measurement
1612015010636904/16/15System for messaging a user
1622015009997804/09/15Ultrasonic matrix array probe with thermally dissipating cable and backing block heat exchange
1632015009656404/09/15Heart rate coherence using respiratory therapy devices
1642015009748204/09/15Segmented electroluminescent device with distributed load elements
1652015009749604/09/15Device and time multiplexing switchable optical elements for controllable lighting
1662015009791404/09/15Lighting providing light for processing an object
1672015009820704/09/15High luminance solid state light source
1682015009849404/09/15Method of determining the position of a device and a device that implements the method
1692015009854804/09/15Blanking of electron beam during dynamic focal spot jumping in circumferential direction of a rotating anode disk of an x-ray tube
1702015009864004/09/15Attenuation map with scattered coincidences in positron emission tomography
1712015009997804/09/15Ultrasonic matrix array probe with thermally dissipating cable and backing block heat exchange
1722015009999404/09/15Method and system for monitoring the lung function of a patient
1732015009088704/02/15Imaging detector with per pixel analog channel well isolation with decoupling
1742015009300404/02/15Fast scatter estimation in pet reconstruction
1752015009067304/02/15Apparatus and purifying liquid
1762015009089104/02/15Spect/pet imaging system
1772015009143104/02/15High-pressure gas discharge lamp
1782015009157504/02/15System and locating a gradient coil
1792015009212604/02/15Lenticular device for an autostereoscopic display apparratus and producing the same
1802015009280204/02/15Optically pumped vertical external-cavity surface-emitting laser device
1812015009290604/02/15Multiple imaging modality imaging apparatus
1822015009291704/02/15X-ray beam shaper
1832015009299904/02/15Determination of a fractional flow reserve (ffr) value for a stenosis of a vessel
1842015009375004/02/15Magnetically assisted processing of a medium
1852015009456104/02/15Reduction of mri interference from the electrocardiogram using lead information
1862015009461704/02/15Physiological sensor
1872015009482704/02/15Apparatus and methods for external programming of processor of led driver
1882015009485604/02/15Uncalibrated visual servoing using real-time velocity optimization
1892015009505104/02/15Automated algorithm and framework for multi-patient treatment plan access in radiation therapy
1902015008789903/26/15Nested cannula starter alignment
1912015008312403/26/15Respiratory patient interface device and headgear connection apparatus
1922015008313103/26/15Gas delivery conduit for a respiratory therapy system
1932015008313603/26/15Gas carrying headgear with porous boundary membranes
1942015008322103/26/15Light collector device
1952015008405803/26/15Light emitting device grown on a silicon substrate
1962015008407003/26/15Pre-rotated overmoulded bidirectional spreading lens for stretched leadframe architecture
1972015008444003/26/15Energy harvesting device
1982015008450703/26/15Discharge lamp with contact paths within the base
1992015008507003/26/15Depth helper data
2002015008507303/26/15Quality metric for processing 3d video
2012015008509103/26/15Auto-stereoscopic display device and driving method
2022015008548203/26/15Remote beam shaping
2032015008551303/26/15Lighting arrangement
2042015008561703/26/15Ultrasound transducer arrays with variable patch geometries
2052015008588703/26/15Separately controllable array of radiation elements
2062015008600503/26/15Audio signal processing in a communication system
2072015008602803/26/15Method and system for checking an acoustic transducer
2082015008695103/26/15Device and priming a person
2092015008695203/26/15Device and supporting a behavior change of a person
2102015008733203/26/15Method of controlling a device implementing the same
2112015008792703/26/15Voxel tagging using fiber optic shape sensing
2122015008799903/26/15Single scan multi-procedure imaging
2132015008844903/26/15Quality assurance magnetic resonance based radiation therapy planning
2142015008853603/26/15Healthcare adjusting a personalized care plan of a user
2152015007552903/19/15System and pressure support therapy with shaped airflow
2162015007554103/19/15Airway implants and methods and devices for insertion and retrieval
2172015007635703/19/15Advanced temperature compensation and control circuit for single photon counters
2182015007653803/19/15Sealed semiconductor light emitting device
2192015007699403/19/15Digital communication interface circuit for line-pair with individually adjustable transition edges
2202015007732103/19/15Auto-stereoscopic display device and drive method
2212015007798603/19/15Methods and controlling lighting
2222015007798903/19/15Lighting assembly for providing a neutral color appearance, a lamp and a luminaire
2232015007835003/19/15Duty-cycle control in wireless network
2242015007835503/19/15Medium access control (mac) protocol for body area networks
2252015007851403/19/15Imaging system subject support
2262015007874303/19/15Method and device for visible light communication
2272015007958503/19/15Dna sequencing with reagent recycling on wiregrid
2282015007990803/19/15Measurement device
2292015008064203/19/15System and a wakeful sleep detection alarm
2302015008070703/19/15Perfusion imaging
2312015008071103/19/15Photonic needle system with measurement integration times depending on needle displacement speed
2322015008071203/19/15Integration delayed optical feedback in image guidance
2332015008072003/19/15Spectral ct visualization of imageable drug eluting beads
2342015008086603/19/15Device for cutting hair
2352015008129903/19/15Method and system for assisting patients
2362015007328303/12/15Method and monitoring movement and breathing of multiple subjects in a common bed
2372015006990303/12/15Electric lamp and assembling method therefore
2382015006992003/12/15Failure detection in lighting system
2392015006992503/12/15Led light source
2402015007013303/12/15Identification sensor for gate identification of a person
2412015007089203/12/15Lighting system and a lighting device and base member
2422015007089303/12/15Led grid device and a manufacturing a led grid device
2432015007122403/12/15Resource allocation in a communication network
2442015007132003/12/15Vcsel module and manufacture thereof
2452015007140403/12/15Gradual x-ray focal spot movements for a gradual transition between monoscopic and stereoscopic viewing
2462015007140503/12/15Direct control of x-ray focal spot movement
2472015007164403/12/15Protocols for visible light communications
2482015007261403/12/15Wireless docking automatic configuration and optimization system
2492015007326103/12/15Modification of a treatment plan using magnetic resonance data acquired during a cooling period

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