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Koninklijke Philips N v
Koninklijke Philips N v A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v_20131212
Koninklijke Philips N v Q


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Koninklijke Philips N v patents

Recent patent applications related to Koninklijke Philips N v. Koninklijke Philips N v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koninklijke Philips N v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Koninklijke Philips N v, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Koninklijke Philips N v patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015027247210/01/15  new patent  Position determination apparatus
22015027244410/01/15  new patent  Compact laser and efficient pulse delivery for photoacoustic imaging
32015027248910/01/15  new patent  Device, tumor detection and/or monitoring
42015027252810/01/15  new patent  Differential phase contrast imaging device with movable grating(s)
52015027253110/01/15  new patent  Roi painting
62015027316410/01/15  new patent  Nebulizer
72015027322410/01/15  new patent  Automatic external defibrillator for adult and pediatric patients
82015027323810/01/15  new patent  Automatic optimal imrt/vmat treatment plan generation
92015027324510/01/15  new patent  Medical determining a maximum energy map
102015027338310/01/15  new patent  Strip, fiter with the strip, producing the strip
112015027508010/01/15  new patent  Scintillator material
122015027616610/01/15  new patent  Optical cover for a light emitting module
132015027666710/01/15  new patent  Integrated circuit with sensing transistor array, sensing apparatus and measuring method
142015027666810/01/15  new patent  Integrated circuit with nanowire chemfet-sensors, sensing apparatus, measuring method and manufacturing method
152015027682810/01/15  new patent  Device and determining an individual power representation of operation states
162015027689710/01/15  new patent  Radio frequency (rf) birdcage coil with separately controlled ring members and rungs for use in a magnetic resonance (mr) imaging system
172015027689810/01/15  new patent  Z-segmented radio frequency antenna device for magnetic resonance imaging
182015027693910/01/15  new patent  Imaging detector
192015027742010/01/15  new patent  Sensor for moving equipment
202015027748710/01/15  new patent  Housing with releasable locking element
212015027786510/01/15  new patent  Compiler generating operator free code
222015027847010/01/15  new patent  Combined use of clinical risk factors and molecular markers fro thrombosis for clinical decision support
232015027889610/01/15  new patent  Assisting a user in selecting a lighting device design
242015027900510/01/15  new patent  Projection data de-noising
252015027901310/01/15  new patent  Bone suppression in x-ray imaging
262015028008310/01/15  new patent  Wavelength converted light emitting device
272015028075010/01/15  new patent  Device for encoding and decoding using smaller block of symbols
282015028178910/01/15  new patent  Communicating media related messages
292015026495409/24/15 Soymilk maker and making soymilk
302015026507909/24/15 Cover device for a drink container
312015026521209/24/15 Stress-measuring system
322015026522409/24/15 Method of determining distribution of a dose in a body
332015026523809/24/15 Radiographic imaging apparatus and method
342015026524009/24/15 Ultrasonic measuring or detecting flow behavior of a non-sinusoidal periodicity
352015026524109/24/15 Ultrasound data visualization apparatus
362015026525609/24/15 System with photonic biopsy device for obtaining pathological information
372015026538409/24/15 Discrete fluid burst oral cleaning appliance
382015026578709/24/15 Adaptive patient circuit compensation with pressure sensor at mask apparatus
392015026579509/24/15 Patient interface devices
402015026584409/24/15 Adaptive self-testing and stress analysis of medical devices
412015026832109/24/15 Adaptive specific absorption rate (sar) control for magnetic resonance imaging
422015026836209/24/15 Adaptive persistent current compensation for photon counting detectors
432015026972809/24/15 Accurate and rapid mapping of points from ultrasound images to tracking systems
442015027071609/24/15 Multi frequency power driver for a wireless power transfer system
452015027089609/24/15 Method, light module and receiving unit for light coding
462015027161609/24/15 Method and audio interference estimation
472015027166709/24/15 Wireless communication system
482015027188709/24/15 Calibrating a light sensor
492015025758109/17/15 Beverage producing machine with a connector for a removable ingredient container
502015025765909/17/15 Device and obtaining vital sign information of a living being
512015025771609/17/15 Compact technique for visualization of physiological clinical and bedside device data using fishbone representation for vitals
522015025782909/17/15 Skin treatment device
532015025826709/17/15 Plasma separation using a drop of blood
542015025835309/17/15 Multi-foci sonications for hyperthermia treatments using magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound
552015025915209/17/15 Extruder for use in a dispenser of a loose product for the preparationof beverages
562015026038809/17/15 Heat transfer device, luminaire, and assembling a luminaire
572015026065209/17/15 Arrangement for an analysis system, analysis system having the arrangement and use of the arrangement
582015026080809/17/15 Rf amplifier control in parallel rf transmission based on power requirements
592015026085709/17/15 Virtual frames for distributed list-mode time-of-flight reconstruction with continuous bed movement
602015026090109/17/15 Thin and efficient light guide system
612015026107609/17/15 Wavelength converting element comprising ceramic capsule
622015026192409/17/15 Healthcare system and method
632015026232909/17/15 Combined sample examinations
642015026242209/17/15 System for accessing data of a face of a subject
652015026353209/17/15 Wireless inductive power transfer
662015026357009/17/15 Electrical breakdown protection for a capacitive wireless powering system
672015026380409/17/15 Optical frequency domain reflectometry (ofdr) system
682015026386109/17/15 Verifying the authenticity of a lighting device
692015026475709/17/15 Methods and compensating a removal of leds from an led array
702015026476709/17/15 Apparatus for controlling light emitting diode lamp
712015025036709/10/15 Nozzle arrangement with brush and squeegee
722015025039209/10/15 System and breathing rate measurements
732015025042509/10/15 Motion robust vital signal monitoring
742015025042609/10/15 Device and method to improve dependability of physiological parameter measurements
752015025043809/10/15 Medical imaging providing an enhanced x-ray image
762015025045309/10/15 Automated biplane-pw workflow for ultrasonic stenosis assessment
772015025093209/10/15 Breast pump system
782015025096409/10/15 Automatic pressure titration
792015025097209/10/15 Respiratory mask having a magnetically supported cushion
802015025098309/10/15 X-ray imaging system for a catheter
812015025102409/10/15 Spatial configuration determination apparatus
822015025298409/10/15 Lighting device
832015025299609/10/15 Lighting device with integrated lens heat sink
842015025336009/10/15 Dc power distribution system
852015025339309/10/15 Birdcage body coil for parallel transmit mri
862015025340209/10/15 Metabolite detection system and operation thereof
872015025340609/10/15 Metal resistant mr imaging reference scan
882015025440809/10/15 Personalizing patient pathways based on individual preferences, lifestyle regime, and preferences on outcome parameters to assist decision making
892015025441209/10/15 Caregiver centric and acuity adapting multi-patient system
902015025452609/10/15 Three dimensional polyline registration using shape constraints
912015025480809/10/15 Real-time image processing for optimizing sub-images views
922015025500409/10/15 Clinical decision support and training system using device shape sensing
932015025593809/10/15 Power distribution track system
942015025597709/10/15 System and automatically ramping down a superconducting persistent magnet
952015025638409/10/15 Method and dynamic address assignment
962015025696909/10/15 Tracking rfid objects with integrated communication link
972015025724009/10/15 System and providing alternative communication path for management of lighting network elements
982015024565109/03/15 Juice extractor
992015024569609/03/15 Epilator with exposed tweezer portion
1002015024573309/03/15 Beverage producing system and capsule
1012015024580409/03/15 Doctor aware automatic collimation
1022015024581609/03/15 Ultrasound imaging device operated by mobile display device and ultrasound imaging system
1032015024619909/03/15 Articulating full face mask
1042015024620009/03/15 Patient interface device with frame and clips
1052015024624709/03/15 A treatment device and a treatment system
1062015024624909/03/15 Reduced heating in overlapping near field regions of high intensity focused ultrasound
1072015024700809/03/15 Chelating amphiphilic polymers
1082015024762309/03/15 Light emitting assembly, a lamp and a luminaire
1092015024819709/03/15 Visualizing image data
1102015024822809/03/15 Assisting a user in selecting a lighting device design
1112015024878209/03/15 Quantitative spectral imaging
1122015024933909/03/15 Wireless inductive power transfer
1132015024949609/03/15 Light detection system and method
1142015025003309/03/15 Lighting device suitable for multiple voltage sources
1152015023798608/27/15 Epilating device having open configuration
1162015023804008/27/15 Coffee grinder and coffee machine containing a coffee grinder
1172015023804208/27/15 Multi-functional jug and beverage producing machine using same
1182015023809608/27/15 Devices, systems, and methods and associated display screens for assessment of vessels
1192015023812008/27/15 Device and processing data derivable from remotely detected electromagnetic radiation
1202015023816808/27/15 Mobile 3d wireless ultrasound image acquisition device and ultrasound imaging system
1212015023825808/27/15 Skin treatment method and apparatus
1222015023827508/27/15 Volume mapping using optical shape sensors
1232015023835008/27/15 Temperature controller for controlling body temperature
1242015023866908/27/15 Breast pump
1252015023867008/27/15 Breast pump system
1262015023871908/27/15 Customizable cushion utilizing fitted plug inserts
1272015023889508/27/15 Oxygen separation device for a pressure swing adsorption system
1282015023917108/27/15 Silicone rubber material for soft lithography
1292015024139708/27/15 Two dimensional ultrasound transducer arrays operable with different ultrasound systems
1302015024141608/27/15 Method of detecting label particles
1312015024154008/27/15 Measurement of magnetic resonance rheology transducer vibrations using navigators
1322015024160908/27/15 Optical device, lens, lighting device, system and method
1332015024302608/27/15 Multi-structure atlas and/or use thereof
1342015024384208/27/15 Light emitting device including shaped substrate
1352015024471008/27/15 Secure data handling by a virtual machine
1362015024509608/27/15 Making hdr viewing a content owner agreed process
1372015024543008/27/15 Light emitting diode lamp and driver
1382015024544408/27/15 Illumination system with automatic adaptation to daylight level
1392015024544508/27/15 Method of self-calibrating a lighting device and a lighting device performing the method
1402015023089808/20/15 Resonantly driven power toothbrush having a pressure-sensing capability using a hall effect sensor
1412015023040908/20/15 Horticulture lighting system and horticulture production facility using such horticulture lighting system
1422015023058008/20/15 Epilating device
1432015023059408/20/15 Position sensing toothbrush
1442015023067508/20/15 Exhaust grille
1452015023073008/20/15 Pulmonary plethysmography based on optical shape sensing
1462015023076808/20/15 Camera-based visual adjustment of a movable x-ray imaging system
1472015023131608/20/15 Breast pump system
1482015023134808/20/15 Synchronizing mechanical in-exsufflation and diaphragmatic pacing
1492015023353308/20/15 Led based line illumination luminaire and system
1502015023354008/20/15 Optical device, lens, lighting device, system and method
1512015023356808/20/15 Lamp with a heat sink
1522015023356908/20/15 Heat dissipation structure with splitted chimney structure
1532015023375108/20/15 Optical fill detection
1542015023382708/20/15 Method and testing optical films
1552015023389208/20/15 White blood cell monitoring during treatment cycles
1562015023390808/20/15 A sensor device and a sampling
1572015023405908/20/15 Photon counting x-ray detector
1582015023436808/20/15 Handheld information processing device with remote control output mode
1592015023436908/20/15 Unified controller for integrated lighting, shading and thermostat control
1602015023499608/20/15 Method and a device for use in a patient monitoring system to assist a patient in completing a task
1612015023500708/20/15 System and generating a report based on input from a radiologist
1622015023535408/20/15 Multifunctional interface for medical imaging
1632015023536508/20/15 Multi-study medical image navigation
1642015023588708/20/15 Positioning device, control device and control method
1652015023662108/20/15 Rotary position device
1662015023674008/20/15 Device and extracting physiological information
1672015023685908/20/15 Controlling access to clinical data analyzed by remote computing resources
1682015023770308/20/15 System and managing lighting systems
1692015023029708/13/15 Lighting device with tetrahedral opto-electronic modules
1702015022340208/13/15 Method for enhancing the nutritional value in an edible plant part by light, and lighting device therefore
1712015022362908/13/15 Beverage producing unit and machine
1722015022370008/13/15 Device, determining vital signs of a subject based on reflected and transmitted light
1732015022372808/13/15 Low dead space liquid trap
1742015022377908/13/15 Ultrasonic volume flow measurement for ablation therapy
1752015022434108/13/15 Magnetic resonance guided linac
1762015022465408/13/15 Rotary shaving head having a locking retainer
1772015022640608/13/15 Methods and adjusting a lighting parameter in a light management system based on user action
1782015022665208/13/15 Centrifugal microfluidic device and methods of use
1792015022673208/13/15 Use of antioxidants in methods and means for detection of target molecules in a blood sample
1802015022673308/13/15 Carrier for detecting label particles
1812015022676408/13/15 Fall prevention
1822015022769408/13/15 Method and managing an annotated record of a medical treatment event
1832015022770108/13/15 Guideline-based decision support
1842015022807108/13/15 Patient-specific and automatic x-ray system adjustment based on optical 3d scene detection and interpretation
1852015022863408/13/15 Led circuit
1862015022883808/13/15 Photon counting semiconductor detectors
1872015022884908/13/15 Laser de-bond of carrier wafer from device wafter
1882015022912708/13/15 Dc power distribution system
1892015023028008/13/15 Method and devices for pairing within a group of wireless devices
1902015023031608/13/15 Color emphasis and preservation of objects using reflection spectra
1912015023032008/13/15 Controlling light source(s) via a portable device
1922015023032108/13/15 Apparatus and interpreting received control commands
1932015021636008/06/15 Safety system for household food-processing device
1942015021633408/06/15 Pillow system providing sound suppression
1952015021633708/06/15 Pillow system for use with positive airway pressure systems
1962015021635408/06/15 Beverage making appliance, comprising at least one tube for transporting a liquid
1972015021643708/06/15 Neurofeedback system
1982015021644008/06/15 Prediction, scoring, and classification of magnetic resonance contrast using contrast signal scoring equation
1992015021644408/06/15 Patient bed with magnetic resonance radio frequency antenna, particularly for use in a magnetic resonance imaging guided therapy system
2002015021648908/06/15 Emergency activation of a medical x-ray imaging system
2012015021649908/06/15 Aligning source-grating-to-phase-grating distance for multiple order phase tuning in differential phase contrast imaging
2022015021661908/06/15 Interventional guidance system with integrated tracking setup
2032015021707108/06/15 Leak correction for a patient interface device
2042015021707708/06/15 Sidestream respiratory gas sampling system with flexible accessories and removable water trap
2052015021713208/06/15 System and method to selectively illuminate an infant during phototherapy
2062015021746308/06/15 Hair clipping device
2072015021777608/06/15 Detection system using photo-sensors
2082015021929008/06/15 Stabilized wavelength converting element
2092015021930508/06/15 Lighting device, lens, system and method
2102015021930808/06/15 Lighting device with a led and an improved reflective collimator
2112015021932608/06/15 Modular led array grid and providing such modular led array grid
2122015021954208/06/15 Device for home monitoring of haematological parameters of patients
2132015021966508/06/15 Analysis of saliva proteome for biomarkers of gingivitis and periodontitis using ft-icr-ms/ms
2142015022070508/06/15 Method and device for generating an exercise plan
2152015022108208/06/15 Dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging based permeability metric
2162015022108308/06/15 Method for determining the distribution of an imaging agent
2172015022128008/06/15 Luminance changing image processing with color constraints
2182015022149308/06/15 High intensity discharge lamp
2192015022183308/06/15 Phosphor in water glass for leds
2202015022218908/06/15 Rectifying circuit and an unbalanced two phase dc grid
2212015022287608/06/15 Breast surgery guidance based on breast mr images and radioactive markers
2222015022315208/06/15 Network discovery with touchlink option
2232015022330608/06/15 Digital communication interface circuit for line-pair with duty cycle imbalance compensation
2242015022334708/06/15 Method of soldering an electronic component with a high lateral accuracy
2252015021746308/06/15 Hair clipping device
2262015022260508/06/15 Attribute-based encryption
2272015020949707/30/15 Actuator control in a breast pump system
2282015021341507/30/15 System and providing adaptive measurement and coordinated maintenance of outdoor lighting systems
2292015020894407/30/15 Endorectal prostate coil with open access for surgical insruments
2302015020896807/30/15 System and assessment of patient health based on recovery responses from oxygen desaturation
2312015020898707/30/15 Device and extracting physiological information
2322015020911507/30/15 Ultrasonic volume flow measurement for ablation planning
2332015020911707/30/15 Lumen design for optimal fiber integration for optical shape sensing
2342015020954007/30/15 Patient interface with cushion for red mark prevention
2352015020959807/30/15 Led-based phototherapy panel capable of fitting in an x-ray cassette tray of an incubator
2362015020960007/30/15 3d imaging accurate in-plane tracking of lesion to be treated using mrgrt
2372015020996907/30/15 Hair clipping device
2382015021171607/30/15 Lighting device, a controlling the same, for selectively emitting light along or against traffic direction
2392015021201707/30/15 Handling misalignment in differential phase contrast imaging
2402015021218007/30/15 Iterative sense denoising with feedback
2412015021218207/30/15 Magnetic resonance imaging system with navigator-baed motion detection
2422015021218307/30/15 Propeller with dixon water fat separation
2432015021225807/30/15 Illumination device based on thermally conductive sheet with light diffusing particles
2442015021320007/30/15 Flexible care plan methods and apparatuses
2452015021320507/30/15 Method and system for determining patient status
2462015021321207/30/15 Method and the real time annotation of a medical treatment event
2472015021322707/30/15 The modeling techniques for predicting mortality in intensive care units
2482015021360807/30/15 Tubular structure tracking
2492015021361307/30/15 Coupled segmentation in 3d conventional ultrasound and contrast-ehhanced ultrasound images

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