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Koninklijke Philips N v
Koninklijke Philips N v A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v Q
Koninklijke Philips N v philips Deutscland Gmbh A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v_20131212


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Koninklijke Philips N v patents

Recent patent applications related to Koninklijke Philips N v. Koninklijke Philips N v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koninklijke Philips N v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Koninklijke Philips N v, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Koninklijke Philips N v patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016002983502/04/16 Apparatus for preparing hot beverages with auto-power-down mechanism
22016002993902/04/16 Visit duration control system and method
32016002995302/04/16 Method and estimating the fluid content of a part of the body of a subject
42016002997102/04/16 Post-hospital-discharge copd-patient monitoring using a dynamic baseline of symptoms/measurement
52016002997302/04/16 Device and determining a partial carbon dioxide pressure in a subject of interest
62016002997502/04/16 System and converting an input signal into an output signal
72016002998102/04/16 Interventional x-ray
82016003013002/04/16 Imaging brachytherapy or biopsy
92016003069102/04/16 Critical care ventilator with mouth piece ventilation
102016003075802/04/16 Monitor defibrillator with touch screen u/i for ecg review and therapy
112016003076702/04/16 Audio-visual summarization system for rt plan evaluation
122016003077002/04/16 Retrospective calculation of radiation dose and improved therapy planning
132016003109102/04/16 Force feedback gripping device with magnetorheological based actuator
142016003309802/04/16 Lighting system, track and lighting module therefore
152016003309902/04/16 Lighting system, track and lighting module therefore
162016003359102/04/16 Multi-element rf transmit coil for magnetic resonance imaging
172016003360602/04/16 Dixon-type water/fat separation mri using high-snr in-phse image and lower-snr at least partially out-of-phase image
182016003464402/04/16 Monitor/defibrillator with barcode reader or optical character reader
192016003508602/04/16 X-ray dose distribution calculation for a computed tomography examination
202016003510302/04/16 Vessel segmentation
212016003622302/04/16 Power management between sources and load
222016003624002/04/16 Power conversion for solar / wind / water energy
232016002216901/28/16 Determination of physiological parameters of tissue from dynamic contrast-enhanced mr data
242016002239201/28/16 Oral care appliance using pulsed fluid flow
252016002239401/28/16 An oral care appliance using pulsed fluid flow and mechanical action
262016002239501/28/16 An oral care appliance using a jet-type fluid flow and mechanical action
272016002293601/28/16 A gas delivery system including a flow generator employing a continuously variable transmission
282016002294401/28/16 Subnasal sealing cushion and patient interface device employing same
292016002438001/28/16 Mixed oxide materials
302016002527401/28/16 Lamp and lighting fixture
312016002529401/28/16 A light emitting diode module with improved light characteristics
322016002530401/28/16 Arrangement for changing the visual appearance of a target object
332016002595801/28/16 Horseshoe magnet for a biosensor
342016002599101/28/16 Transparent display
352016002726501/28/16 An emergency manager for a lighting device
362016002796901/28/16 Led using luminescent sapphire as down-converter
372016002846501/28/16 Efficient cqi signaling in multi-beam mimo systems
382016002847801/28/16 Communication system, lighting system and transmitting information
392016002857301/28/16 Techniques for encoding plcp headers
402016002901201/28/16 Re-targeting a three-dimensional image signal
412016002914101/28/16 Method and determining a position of a microphone
422016002928801/28/16 Radio communication system
432016002945501/28/16 Current feedback for improving performance and consistency of led fixtures
442016002946501/28/16 System and electronic device control in the presence of electrical arcing
452016001521601/21/16 Device for use in a blender
462016001529301/21/16 Interventional system
472016001530801/21/16 Device and monitoring vital signs
482016001532901/21/16 Systems and methods for reducing the impact of alarm sounds on patients
492016001536301/21/16 Systems for measuring force and torque on ultrasound probe during imaging through strain measurement
502016001536701/21/16 Ultrasound imaging of fast-moving structures
512016001536801/21/16 Multi-purpose ultrasound image acquisition device
522016001549101/21/16 An oral care appliance using a jet-type fluid flow
532016001549201/21/16 Force sensor providing continuous feedback for a resonant drive toothbrush using a hall sensor
542016001587601/21/16 Easily assemblable breast interface for a breast pump
552016001592201/21/16 Lower mount flexing oral-nasal mask
562016001592301/21/16 Undirectional flexion clip
572016001592701/21/16 Rainout protection for respiratory therapy including humidification
582016001599001/21/16 Defibrillator and method using limb leads for artifact free ecg
592016001599101/21/16 Method and scoring the reliability of shock advisory during cardiopulmonary resuscitation
602016001600701/21/16 Method for improved surface tracking-based motion management and dynamic planning in adaptive external beam radiation therapy
612016001600901/21/16 Adaptive radiotherapy with spectral tissue of interest imaging and tracking
622016001625601/21/16 Hair cutting device
632016001721901/21/16 New class of green/yellow emitting phosphors based on benzoxanthene derivatives for led lighting
642016001753601/21/16 A treatment plate for a garment treatment appliance
652016001806701/21/16 Led lighting arrangment
662016001806901/21/16 A dimable light emitting arrangement
672016001808701/21/16 A base for an electrical lamp and a assembling a base for an electrical lamp
682016001809201/21/16 Lighting system, track and lighting module therefore
692016001849801/21/16 Automatic optimization of parallel imaging acceleration parameters
702016001849901/21/16 Parallel multi-slice mr imaging using phse-modulated rf pulses
712016001858501/21/16 Product having a luminous surface provided by a light guide
722016001935001/21/16 Visually rendering longitudinal patient data
732016001935901/21/16 Selecting a device to treat disordered breathing
742016001968001/21/16 Image registration
752016002019801/21/16 Method of attaching a light emitting device to a support substrate
762016002037201/21/16 Semiconductor light emitting device with thick metal layers
772016002125801/21/16 Mobile communication device connectable to a vital sign monitoring system
782016002136101/21/16 Autostereoscopic display device
792016000779201/14/16 A making coffee beverage
802016000784101/14/16 Photonic needle with optimal bevel angle
812016000785801/14/16 Imaging system with hyperspectral camera guided probe
822016000787001/14/16 A processing a signal representing a physiological rhythm
832016000788301/14/16 Apparatus and determining a respiration volume signal from image data
842016000789401/14/16 Sensor for determining gas concentration
852016000794801/14/16 Method and system for reducing localized artifacts in imaging data
862016000796201/14/16 Conductor interface for minimally invasive medical sensor assembly and associated devices, systems, and methods
872016000796801/14/16 Determination of the concentration distribution of sonically dispersive elements
882016000797001/14/16 Segmentation of large objects from multiple three-dimensional views
892016000803101/14/16 Microdermabrasion device
902016000808901/14/16 System and minimizing twist for optical shape sensing enabled instruments
912016000852601/14/16 Liner and breast interface ofr a breast pump
922016000856401/14/16 Manifold assembly for respiratory interface device
932016000861301/14/16 External defibrillator with shock activated by cessation of precordial compressions
942016000862901/14/16 Clinical decision support (cds) for radiotherapy in prostate cancer
952016000863001/14/16 Apparatus for determining a number of beams in imrt
962016001081301/14/16 Illumination device
972016001082901/14/16 Low-profile optical arrangement
982016001132101/14/16 Timestamping detected radiation quanta
992016001142901/14/16 Transparent autostereoscopic display
1002016001218301/14/16 Aural enhancments to medical systems
1012016001231901/14/16 A context driven summary view of radiology findings
1022016001258601/14/16 Scan region determining apparatus
1032016001259601/14/16 View classification-based model initialization
1042016001337401/14/16 Hermetically sealed illumination device with luminescent material and manufacturing method therefor
1052016001397501/14/16 Configuring interaction control in multi-controller network
1062016001417201/14/16 Multiple user wireless docking
1072016001439801/14/16 Autostereoscopic display device
1082016001486401/14/16 Lighting configuration apparatus and methods utilizing distance sensors
1092016001489001/14/16 Electronic textile and manufacturing an electronic textile
1102016000001801/07/16 A horticulture lighting device and a method to stimulate plant growth and bio-rhythm of a plant
1112016000038301/07/16 Neurophysiological monitoring for prospective motion gating in radiological imaging
1122016000039801/07/16 Scanning to identify and delimit stationary fluid pools
1132016000040001/07/16 Needle detection in medical image data
1142016000041101/07/16 Consistent sequential ultrasound acquisitions for intra-cranial monitoring
1152016000051901/07/16 Instrument localization in guided high dose rate brachytherapy
1162016000103301/07/16 A valve
1172016000121601/07/16 Oxygen separator and generating oxygen
1182016000341701/07/16 Flat lighting device
1192016000345101/07/16 An arrangement comprising an optical device and a reflector
1202016000345901/07/16 Lighting device comprising a roll
1212016000352501/07/16 System and liquefying a fluid and storing the liquefied fluid
1222016000377001/07/16 Wide dynamic range fluid sensor based on nanowire platform
1232016000393101/07/16 Autonomous direction finding using differential angle of arrival
1242016000440701/07/16 Multi-touch surface authentication using authentication object
1252016000519401/07/16 Method and large field of view imaging and detection and compensation of motion artifacts
1262016000708001/07/16 Wireliss docking system for audio-video
1272016000741501/07/16 Detection of a hazard condition of a load
1282016000742301/07/16 Methods and controlling lighting
1292015037428712/31/15 Hyperthermia for diagnostic imaging
1302015037431412/31/15 X-ray collimator size and postion adjustment based on pre-shot
1312015037434312/31/15 Ultrasound imaging system and method
1322015037457912/31/15 Automated cardio pulmonary resuscitation device with a right angle rope and pulley assembly
1332015037495112/31/15 System and enhanced knowledge consolidation by sleep slow wave induction and sensory context re-creation
1342015037501612/31/15 High-intensity focused ultrasound irradiation
1352015037742212/31/15 Lighting device and a assembling thereof
1362015037742512/31/15 Lighting device
1372015037746912/31/15 Lighting device with improved thermal properties
1382015037921012/31/15 Selecting a set of documents from a health record of a patient
1392015037943312/31/15 Enabling secure handover of information between users
1402015037969412/31/15 Structure propagation restoration for spectral ct
1412015038001012/31/15 Method and generating a speech signal
1422015038020012/31/15 Multiple x-ray beam tube
1432015038039012/31/15 Simple led package suitable for capacitive driving
1442015038061012/31/15 Light emitting structure and mount
1452015038061712/31/15 Semiconductor light emitting device lamp that emits light at large angles
1462015038136512/31/15 Network device configured to derive a shared key
1472015038182112/31/15 Method and audio processing
1482015038190812/31/15 System for hyperspectral imaging in visible light, recording a hyperspectral image and displaying the hyperspectral image in visible light
1492015038196112/31/15 Creating three dimensional graphics data
1502015038243812/31/15 Coded light detector
1512015036977212/24/15 Processing of nucleotide sequences
1522015036622012/24/15 A device and preparing extrudable food products
1532015036640412/24/15 A vacuum flask assembly
1542015036645512/24/15 System and determining vital sign information of a subject
1552015036649212/24/15 Device, determining the concentration of a substance in the blood of a subject
1562015036664512/24/15 Gum detection in a dental hygiene detection apparatus by stream probe blocking
1572015036727512/24/15 Oxygen separation system and generating a flow of oxygen enriched gas
1582015036943412/24/15 Light guiding assembly with adjustable optical characteristics
1592015036945612/24/15 Releasable optical element
1602015036946012/24/15 Tube lamp support structure
1612015036947012/24/15 Floor covering system comprising a lighting system
1622015037130112/24/15 System and methods in a communication network for use in retail applications
1632015037137912/24/15 Eliminating motion effects in medical images caused by physiological function
1642015037197512/24/15 Led module with hermetic seal of wavelength conversion material
1652015037219212/24/15 Method and creating a porus reflective contact
1662015037219912/24/15 Light emitting diode device with luminescent material
1672015037224012/24/15 Green emitting phosphors combined with broad band organic red emitters with a sharp near ir cut off
1682015037277012/24/15 Body coupled communiication system
1692015037308312/24/15 Electronic devices for, a system and a controlling one of the electronic devices
1702015037380612/24/15 Lighting device and lighting system
1712015037381012/24/15 A lighting system having a controller that contributes to a selected light scene, and a controlling such a system
1722015037381212/24/15 Automatic grouping via light and sound
1732015037381312/24/15 Requesting information from lighting devices
1742015035948212/17/15 Sensory stimuli to increase accuracy of sleep staging
1752015035951012/17/15 Design and intravascular catheter
1762015035952012/17/15 Ultrasound probe and ultrasound imaging system
1772015035952512/17/15 Optical guided vacuum assisted biopsy device
1782015035959212/17/15 A cutting head for a device for cutting hair
1792015035970512/17/15 Disposable cover for an extendable element of an automated cpr device
1802015035998212/17/15 System and intra-pulmonary percussive ventilation integrated with a ventilator
1812015036213612/17/15 Lighting assembly and manufacturing a lighting assembly
1822015036214312/17/15 Lighting device for a light guiding assembly
1832015036215012/17/15 A coated luminescent particle, a luminescent converter element, a light source, a luminaire and a manufacturing a coated luminescent particle
1842015036215112/17/15 Light source, luminaire and surgical illumination unit
1852015036217012/17/15 Illumination device
1862015036237812/17/15 Apparatus and determining core temperature of food
1872015036260412/17/15 Detector
1882015036308012/17/15 Displaying a plurality of registerd images
1892015036372812/17/15 System and resource allocation in view of energy footprint considerations
1902015036464712/17/15 A light emitting device and manufacturing a light emitting device
1912015036465412/17/15 Semiconductor light emitting device with light extraction structures
1922015036466512/17/15 A light emitting die component formed by multilayer structures
1932015036485312/17/15 Connector assembly, connector body and lighting system
1942015036488612/17/15 End cap for a tubular light source
1952015036493012/17/15 Inductiive power supply system
1962015036494812/17/15 System and enhanced security for solar powered lighting
1972015036564512/17/15 System for generating intermediate view images
1982015036564612/17/15 System for generating intermediate view images
1992015036601312/17/15 Controller for inserting signaling transitions onto a line voltage
2002015036603812/17/15 Communication via a power waveform
2012015035907312/10/15 A assigning lighting devices to a group
2022015035157712/10/15 Cooker and cooking food
2032015035158012/10/15 Infusion unit for making beverages with a hydraulic closing system
2042015035169312/10/15 Device and sleep monitoring
2052015035273312/10/15 Cutting unit with guard teeth and hair-cutting device
2062015035338912/10/15 Ph adjustor, apparatus including the ph adjustor and adjusting ph
2072015035412812/10/15 Hand-held appliance
2082015035529012/10/15 System and fault management in lighting systems
2092015035530512/10/15 Arterial spin labeling with reduced acoustic noise emissions and operation thereof
2102015035582912/10/15 Enabling a user to control coded light sources
2112015035671812/10/15 Alignment of an ordered stack of images from a specimen
2122015035673312/10/15 Medical image processing
2132015035679812/10/15 Controlling access to a resource
2142015035759612/10/15 Organic electroluminescent device
2152015035786612/10/15 System and distribution of electrical power and control data in temporary lighting installations
2162015035815412/10/15 Random number generator and stream cipher
2172015035840912/10/15 A influence an operation of a device of the system
2182015035858312/10/15 Supporting patient-centeredness in telehealth communications
2192015035864612/10/15 Improved hdr image encoding and decoding methods and devices
2202015035875412/10/15 Binaural audio processing
2212015035875612/10/15 An audio apparatus and method therefor
2222015035906912/10/15 Lighting controlling a light intensity and a color temperature of light in a room
2232015035907412/10/15 Settings for light loads connected to bus
2242015034212512/03/15 A horticulture lighting interface for interfacing at least one lighting system
2252015034253012/03/15 Minimally invasive medical instrument
2262015034253912/03/15 Method and use in monitoring and identifying abnormal values of a physiological characteristic of a subject
2272015034254712/03/15 Ceiling suspension system
2282015034255412/03/15 Method and radiography system for grid-like contrast enhancement
2292015034255612/03/15 Interventional system
2302015034256212/03/15 Ultrasound system control panel and display lift
2312015034257212/03/15 Method of adjusting focal zone in ultrasound-guided medical procedure and system employing the method
2322015034316712/03/15 Subject interface appliance heating system
2332015034316812/03/15 Brain-wave based closed-loop sensory stimulation to induce sleep
2342015034574512/03/15 A color conversion arrangement, a lighting unit, a solid state light emitter package and a luminaire
2352015034602612/03/15 Wrist-worn device for sensing ambient light intensity
2362015034629512/03/15 Automated decoupling of rf receive coil elements
2372015034629812/03/15 Accessible magnetic resonance imaging scanner system and operation thereof
2382015034650512/03/15 Optical system providing polarized light
2392015034752112/03/15 Systems and methods for relation extraction for chinese clinical documents
2402015034767212/03/15 Assessment of cellular signaling pathway activity using linear combination(s) of target gene expressions
2412015034767912/03/15 Predictive outcome assessment for chemotherapy with neoadjuvant bevacizumab
2422015034774412/03/15 Self-authenticating intravascular device and associated devices, systems, and methods
2432015034781712/03/15 System and classification of particles in a fluid sample
2442015034839012/03/15 Wake-up device
2452015034921712/03/15 Process for preparing a semiconductor structure for mounting
2462015034990212/03/15 Method for operating a radio station in a mobile network
2472015035011312/03/15 Air-time fair transmission regulation without explicit traffic specifications for wireless networks
2482015035080112/03/15 Binaural audio processing
2492015035098712/03/15 Delegated channel switching for mesh-type networks

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