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Koninklijke Philips N v
Koninklijke Philips N v A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v A Corporporation Organized And Existing Under The Laws
Koninklijke Philips N v philips Deutscland Gmbh A Corporation
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Koninklijke Philips N v patents

Recent patent applications related to Koninklijke Philips N v. Koninklijke Philips N v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koninklijke Philips N v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Koninklijke Philips N v, we're just tracking patents.

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08/17/17 new patent  Detection of surface contact with optical shape sensing
08/17/17 new patent  Floor cleaning device
08/17/17 new patent  Vital signs monitoring system
08/17/17 new patent  Patient monitoring system and method
08/17/17 new patent  Cardiac reconstruction for photon counting ct for heart and lung images
08/17/17 new patent  Handling undetermined quantifiable lesions
08/17/17 new patent  Concurrent acquisition of harmonic and fundamental images for screening applications
08/17/17 new patent  Tooth whitening system and method
08/17/17 new patent  Supervised 4-d dose map deformation for adaptive radiotherapy planning
08/17/17 new patent  Heat sensitive actuator device
08/17/17 new patent  Method for detecting a spatial proximity of a first and a second epitope
08/17/17 new patent  Spatially resolved metal detector
08/17/17 new patent  Method and hardware rf receiver channel reduction
08/17/17 new patent  Pet detector scintillator arrangement with light sharing and depth of interaction estimation
08/17/17 new patent  Window-based spectrum measurement in a spectral ct detector
08/17/17 new patent  Ultrasound image display set-up for remote display terminal
08/17/17 new patent  Systems and methods for tracking and identifying infection transmission
08/17/17 new patent  System and the distribution of diagnostic imaging
08/17/17 new patent  Image processing apparatus and method
08/17/17 new patent  Substrate with reflective coating including silicate or alkylsilicate network
08/10/17Rotatable stabilizer for use of catheter inside an endoscope
08/10/17Device and detecting vital sign information of a subject
08/10/17Device and determining image quality of a radiogram image
08/10/17Adjustable assembly and nozzle for providing various liquid/air output flow patterns
08/10/17Method and biofilm disinfection
08/10/17Apparatus and targeted drug delivery
08/10/17Sensor device and imaging system for detecting radiation signals
08/10/17Systems and methods for identifying and flagging samples of concern
08/10/17Visualization of spectral image data
08/10/17Wireless inductive power transfer
08/10/17Wireless inductive power transfer
08/10/17Radio communication system
08/03/17Coffee roasting apparatus, coffee brewing apparatus and coffee roasting method
08/03/17Hair styling device
08/03/17Oral care device having a pump-free fluid delivery system
08/03/17Floor cleaning device
08/03/17Optical vital signs sensor
08/03/17System and etecting slow waves
08/03/17Recognizer of staff or patient body parts using markers to prevent or reduce unwanted irradiation
08/03/17Esophageal electrocardiogram for transesophageal echocardiography
08/03/17Triggering with optical shape sensing fiber
08/03/17Translating respiratory therapy parameters
08/03/17Wear-out indicator for a patient interface
08/03/17Active valve for ventilators
08/03/17Steam device with a noise generator
08/03/17Calculating power loss for inductive power transmission
08/03/17Prospective respiratory triggering with retrospective validation for 4d-magnetic resonance imaging
08/03/17Electronic calculating device for performing obfuscated arithmetic
08/03/17Method and hierarchical data analysis based on mutual correlations
08/03/17Multi-structure atlas and/or use thereof
08/03/17Siloxane ligands to be used for dispersing quantum dots in silicone hosts to obtain color converters for led lighting
08/03/17Detection of the presence of television signlas embedded in noise using cyclostationary toolbox
08/03/17Processing a disparity of a three dimensional image
08/03/17Saturation processing specification for dynamic range mappings
07/27/17Robotic control of an endoscope from blood vessel tree images
07/27/17Grating device for phase contrast and/or dark-field imaging of a movable object
07/27/17Automatic configuration detection for sensor equipped needle
07/27/17Connection tool for a tongue manipulation system
07/27/17Ultrasound transducer arrangement and assembly, coaxial wire assembly, ultrasound probe and ultrasonic imaging system
07/27/17Rotary shavers, with improved drive and support structure for the shaving heads
07/27/17Method and system for preventing fouling of surfaces
07/27/17Silica coated quantum dots with improved quantum efficiency
07/27/17Vehicle lighting module
07/27/17Gradient amplifer system for driving a gradient coil and configuration method
07/27/17Image data pre-processing
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07/27/17Model-based segmentation of an anatomical structure
07/27/17Quantitative dark-field imaging in tomography
07/27/17Method for communicating in a network, radio stations and a system therefor
07/20/17Monitoring monitoring the hemodynamic status of a subject
07/20/17Optical vital signs sensor
07/20/17Device and noninvasively determining the hematocrit value of a subject
07/20/17Unobtrusive skin tissue hydration determining device and related method
07/20/17Grating device for an x-ray imaging device
07/20/17Treatment device using r.f. electrical current for heating a first inner region and a second inner region of skin
07/20/17Intelligent real-time tool and anatomy visualization in 3d imaging workflows for interventional procedures
07/20/17Cushion element for a patient interface
07/20/17System and providing a patient with personalized advice
07/20/17Protective cradle and modular pouches
07/20/17Phototherapy blanket temperature determination
07/20/17Grid calibration system for interventional procedures
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07/20/17Characterization characterizing scintillator material
07/20/17Irecon: intelligent image reconstruction system with anticipatory execution
07/20/17Iterative reconstruction spectral, phase-contrast imaging
07/20/17Light emitting diodes and reflector
07/20/17Quantum dots with reduced saturation quenching
07/20/17Brightness region-based apparatuses and methods for hdr image encoding and decoding
07/13/17Ultrasound system for cerebral blood flow imaging and microbubble-enhanced blood clot lysis
07/13/17System and adjusting the intensity of sensory stimulation during sleep based on sleep spindles
07/13/17Circadian phase detection system
07/13/17Imaging apparatus and method
07/13/17Ultrasound imaging system and method
07/13/17Ultrasound imaging apparatus
07/13/17A device for cutting hair
07/13/17Image ntegration and robotic endoscope control in x-ray suite
07/13/17Controller definition of a robotic remote center of motion
07/13/17System for the administration of an oral care composition
07/13/17A tongue treatment electrode and a device using the same
07/13/17System for anti-biofouling
07/13/17Retrofit lamp for automotive headlights
07/13/17Mr imaging using multi-echo k-space acquisition
07/13/17Visual anonymization of medical datasets against 3d volume rendering
07/13/17Led light source for automotive application
07/13/17Low warpage wafer bonding through use of slotted substrates
07/06/17Radio frequency skin treatment device
07/06/17Ultrasound shear wave elastography featuring therapy monitoring
07/06/17Centrosymmetric radio frequency electrode configuration for skin treatment
07/06/17Radiotherapy planning system and method
07/06/17Hair clipping device
07/06/17Cutting head and hair cutting appliance
07/06/17Anti-fouling system using energy harvested from salt water
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07/06/17Radiation detector with heating device
07/06/17Imprinting method, computer program product and the same
07/06/17Evaluating clinician
07/06/17Electroluminescent device
07/06/17Driver with open output protection
06/29/17Central cavity perfusion calculation
06/29/17System and predicting circadian phase
06/29/17Contrast agent dose simulation
06/29/17Multi-focal spot imaging system
06/29/17Haptic feedback for ultrasound image acquisition
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06/29/17Ultrasound imaging apparatus
06/29/17Resonance tuning of the bristle structure for a power toothbrush
06/29/17Breast pump
06/29/17Determining patient interface device optimal hardness
06/29/17Steamer head
06/29/17Aerosol particle mass sensor and sensing method
06/29/17Apparatus for obtaining trigger signals from ultrasound systems
06/29/17System and acoustic imaging with coherent compounding using intercostal spaces
06/29/17A flash module containing an array of reflector cups for phosphor-converted leds
06/29/17Method and system for guiding patient self-care behaviors
06/29/17Imaging data statistical testing including a stereotactical normalization with a personalized template image
06/29/17Iterative image reconstruction with a sharpness driven regularization parameter
06/29/17Visualization of tissue of interest in contrast-enhanced image data
06/29/17Modular imaging detector asic
06/22/17Physiological property determination apparatus
06/22/17Projection data acquisition apparatus
06/22/17Computed tomography (ct) hybrid data acquisition
06/22/17Ultrasonic tracking of ultrasound transducer(s) aboard an interventional tool
06/22/17Needle with thin film piezoelectric sensors
06/22/17Needle with piezoelectric polymer sensors
06/22/17Spatial visualization of internal mammary artery during minimally invasive bypass surgery
06/22/17A bodycare device
06/22/17Compact electro-mechanical chest compression drive
06/22/17Patient interface assembly with self-adjusting anchor points
06/22/17Efficient treatment plan trade-off analysis
06/22/17Receive coils with low-loss detune circuits for magnetic resonance (mr) systems and operation thereof
06/22/17Wireless clock synchronization system for magnetic resonance imaging systems and operation thereof
06/22/17Method of operating a control system and control system therefore
06/22/17Method and system for visualization of patient history
06/22/17Device, quality assessment of medical images
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06/22/17Device, segmenting an image of a subject
06/22/17Silhouette display for visual assessment of calcified rib-cartilage joints
06/22/17System and effectuating dynamic selection and presentation of questions during presentation of related content
06/22/17Methods and apparatuses for encoding hdr images
06/22/17Optimizing message forwarding in a wireless mesh network
06/22/17Method for transmitting data in a network
06/15/17System for performing a therapeutic procedure
06/15/17Identifying initial roasting degree of coffee beans
06/15/17Centrifugal juicer
06/15/17Continuous outpatient ecg monitoring system
06/15/17Device and obtaining pulse transit time and/or pulse wave velocity information of a subject
06/15/17Image registration and guidance using concurrent x-plane imaging
06/15/17Distal protection systems and methods with pressure and ultrasound features
06/15/17Tiled cmut dies with pitch uniformity
06/15/17Reconfigurable robot architecture for minimally invasive procedures
06/15/17Steam iron
06/15/17Synchronized phased array data acquisition from multiple acoustic windows
06/15/17Health coaching system based on user simulation
06/15/17Inserting structured content in itemized reports
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06/15/17Motion adaptive visualization in medical 4d imaging
06/15/17Detecting a movement and/or a position of an object to be monitored
06/15/17Rotating anode and producing a rotating anode
06/15/17Wireless inductive power transfer
06/15/17Antenna configuration for co-operative beamforming
06/08/17Ccontrolling a roasting process of coffee beans
06/08/17Coffee dispensing apparatus
06/08/17Eye condition determination system
06/08/17System and adaptive and patient-specific magnetic resonance imaging
06/08/17Apparatus, system, method and computer program for assessing the risk of an exacerbation and/or hospitalization
06/08/17Apparatus, system, method and computer program for assessing the risk of an exacerbation and/or hospitalization
06/08/17X-ray imaging device
06/08/17A device for cutting hair
06/08/17Tissue sealing device with optical feedback
06/08/17Power toothbrush with added inertia resonant system
06/08/17Compensation for deflection in an automated cardiopulmonary compression device
06/08/17Cardiopulmonary compression device receiving flip-up legs
06/08/17Oral care formulation system providing amorphous calcium phosphate
06/08/17Patient interface device with auto-adjusting cushion
06/08/17Mr receive coil with detune circuit and energy harvesting circuit
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06/08/17Mri involving the acquisition of an angiography weighted image and of a perfusion weighted image
06/08/17Led based device with wide color gamut
06/08/17Light emitting device with nanostructured phosphor
06/08/17Wireless communication system
06/01/17Imaging system for a vertebral level
06/01/17Lesion signature to characterize pathology for specific subject
06/01/17Rehabilitation system and method
06/01/17Garment sanitizer
06/01/17Structured finding objects for integration of third party applications in the image interpretation workflow
06/01/17Air quality alert system and method
06/01/17Acoustical lens and ultrasound transducer probe
06/01/17Shorts prevention in organic light-emitting diodes
06/01/17Device for determining a shared key
06/01/17Generation of drive values for a display
05/25/17Domestic appliances with power control
05/25/17Rehabilitation system and method
05/25/17Method and providing a visual representation of sleep quality based on ecg signals
05/25/17Compression and shielding device
05/25/17Portable ultrasound interface for ultrasound workstations
05/25/17Bio-orthogonal drug activation
05/25/17Cleaning device for cleaning an air-ionizing part of an electrode
05/25/17Shaving device
05/25/17Blade set, hair cutting appliance, and related manufacturing method
05/25/17Multi-shot magnetic-resonance (mr) imaging system and operation thereof
05/25/17Critical care patient monitoring service recommendation using data and text mining techniques
05/25/17System and facilitating health monitoring based on a personalized prediction model
05/25/17Imaging device for registration of different imaging modalities
05/25/17Wireless inductive power transfer
05/25/17Method and generating a three dimensional image
05/25/17Autostereoscopic display system
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05/25/17Medical body area network (mban) with key-based control of spectrum usage
05/18/17Method and arrangement for preventing unintended spill of liquid from a vessel
05/18/17Magnetic resonance imaging system with integrated photon detector ring
05/18/17Light-based measurement system and a collagen denaturation measurement and a skin treatment system
05/18/17Automatic or assisted region of interest positioning in x-ray diagnostics and interventions
05/18/17Modular patient interface device with chamber and nasal pillows assembly
05/18/17A skin treatment device for locally treating skin
05/18/17Device and absorbing organic constituents in ambient air
05/18/17Ic die, ultrasound probe, ultrasonic diagnostic system and method
05/18/17An actuating mechanism for controlling the cutting length of a hair trimmer
05/18/17Led package and manufacturing the led package
05/18/17Optical lens package for automotive lighting application
05/18/17Sample holder for biological samples
05/18/17Radiation detector and producing a radiation detector
05/11/17Method and controlling a cooking process of food
05/11/17Animal vital sign detection system
05/11/17System and determining and displaying sleep restoration levels
05/11/17Medical electrode
05/11/17Non-invasive monitoring of pulmonary conditions
05/11/17Hemoglobin detection and photoplethysmography using spectral modulation
05/11/17Heart rate monitor system and determining a warming-up status of a user
05/11/17Translation of ultrasound array responsive to anatomical orientation
05/11/17Determining information about a patients face
05/11/17Patient interface device and maintaining apparatus and maintaining member therefor
05/11/17Hair clipping device
05/11/17Bore region lighting unit for magnetic resonance scanner
05/11/17A method estimating a pseudo hounsfield unit value
05/11/17Integrating and/or adding longitudinal information to a de-identified database
05/11/17Face location detection

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