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Koninklijke Philips N v
Koninklijke Philips N v A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v_20131212


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Koninklijke Philips N v patents

Recent patent applications related to Koninklijke Philips N v. Koninklijke Philips N v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koninklijke Philips N v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Koninklijke Philips N v, we're just tracking patents.

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Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Wireless docking link efficiency improvement system

Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Shape sensing devices for real-time mechanical function assessment of an internal organ

Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Excitation schemes for low-cost transducer arrays

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Count Application # Date Koninklijke Philips N v patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014023840708/28/14 new patent  Patient interface device including a coating adhesive layer
22014024129108/28/14 new patent  Method for signalling a precoding in a cooperative beamforming transmission mode
32014024150708/28/14 new patent  Electrical energy supply system
42014024291108/28/14 new patent  Wireless docking link efficiency improvement system
52014024364808/28/14 new patent  Marker with light emitting area for use in determining vital sign information
62014024367308/28/14 new patent  Excitation schemes for low-cost transducer arrays
72014024368208/28/14 new patent  Device and method for monitoring movement and orientation of the device
82014024368708/28/14 new patent  Shape sensing devices for real-time mechanical function assessment of an internal organ
92014024373608/28/14 new patent  Ultrasound mediated delivery with critial-organ protection
102014024511208/28/14 new patent  Methods and apparatus for improved dmx512 communication
122014023082008/21/14Adjustable locking forehread support for a patient interface device
132014023165508/21/14Modelling of tof-doi detector arrays
142014023220108/21/14Wireless inductive power transfer
152014023226008/21/14Discharge lamp
162014023229808/21/14A light control system for use within a hospital environment
172014023240308/21/14Method and system for quantifying hepatic fat in humans
182014023240608/21/14Rt table top filler
192014023323208/21/14Modular lighting system
202014023324608/21/14Pivoting thermal transfer joint
212014023392008/21/14Method and apparatus for editing a program on an optical disc
222014023500208/21/14Surface treatment of a semiconductor light emitting device
232014023603608/21/14Device for obtaining respiratory information of a subject
242014023698908/21/14Automatic generation of rating requests from a recommender system
252014022412608/14/14Portable oxygen concentrator with integrated manifold
262014022413008/14/14System for the production of beverages
272014022424608/14/14Proportional oxygen conserving device wiht flow sensing
282014022425508/14/14Forhead gas supply assembly for a patient interface system
292014022551208/14/14Electric light and daylight control system with a dual-mode light sendor
302014022558708/14/14Electrical device and power grid system
312014022561308/14/14Wireless local transmit coils and array with controllable load
322014022592908/14/14Zooming of medical images
332014022633708/14/14Led light source
342014022636008/14/14Light-emitting panel with transparent cellular support panel
352014022678608/14/14Image-based determination of compression element deflection
362014022768208/14/14System and method for the detection of abnormalities in a biological sample
372014022867208/14/14Mode splitter/combiner for noise figure minimization and control of power in rf coil arrays
382014022868808/14/14Method and apparatus for automated ultrasonic doppler angle and flow velocity estimation
392014022883508/14/14Ablation planning with lesion coverage feedback
402014022911408/14/14Genomic/proteomic sequence representation, visualization, comparison and reporting using bioinformatics character set and mapped bioinformatics font
412014022949508/14/14Method for processing genomic data
422014022988108/14/14Status-indicator for sub-volumes of multi-dimensional images in guis used in image processing
432014021645108/07/14Pressure based gas leak testing
442014021726708/07/14Method and device for coupling a light beam into a foil
452014021959108/07/14Apparatus for preparing a food stuff
462014022019908/07/14Device and method for decaffeinating a liquid
472014021581708/07/14Method for manufacturing a component interconnect board
482014021645308/07/14Oxygen concentrator supply line oberpressure protection
492014021646108/07/14Oxygen concentrator with dynamic noise control
502014021726108/07/14Ambient lighting control system
512014021726808/07/14Optical biosensor with a plurality of sensors regions
522014021738508/07/14Outcoupling device and light source
532014021744508/07/14High efficiency plastic light conversion components by incorporation of phosphor in a polymer by adding to monomers before polymerisation
542014021791308/07/14Led driver
552014021803008/07/14Mr receive coil platform with selective engagement between receive coil and patient table top
562014021921508/07/14Method of exchanging data between a base station and a mobile station
572014021953408/07/14Interactive live segmentation with automatic selection of optimal tomography slice
582014021953708/07/14Vascular outlining with ostia visualization
592014022071608/07/14Method of attaching a light emitting device to a support substrate
602014022172808/07/14Incubator illumination
612014022181608/07/14Magnetic resonance imaging of bone tissue
622014022318108/07/14Management of group secrets by group members
632014022326808/07/14Methods and apparatus for improved dmx512 communication
642014020972207/31/14An apparatus and method for processing a food stuff
652014021298507/31/14Preparation of reaction chambers with dried proteins
662014021385807/31/14Device and method for estimating the heart rate during motion
672014021386107/31/14Distortion reduced signal detection
682014020909707/31/14Apparatus and method for relieving dyspnoea
692014020994207/31/14Method and device of a led matrix
702014020996707/31/14Flexible lighting assembly, a luminaire, and a method of manufacturing a flexible layer
712014021026807/31/14Batery charging with dynamic current limiting
722014021027907/31/14Laminate surface for wireless capacitive power
732014021036707/31/14Driving a light emitting diode circuit
742014021037107/31/14Digitally controlled electronic ballast with anti-striation control and method of operation thereof
752014021047207/31/14Reducing the radio-frequency transmit field in a predetermined volume during magnetic resonance imaging
762014021084707/31/14Apparatus and method for dynamic range transforming of images
772014021121307/31/14Optical monitoring device for monitoring curvature of a flexible medical instrument
782014021232907/31/14Incubator with air purification
792014021272507/31/14Flexible handle assembly for a battery
802014021388607/31/14Integrated mr imaging and interventional coil device, method and system
812014020312707/24/14Lid for a food processor
822014020313007/24/14Apparatus for processing a food stuff
832014020696507/24/14Distortion reduced signal detection
842014020233807/24/14Coffee maker for brewing coffee powder contained in a cartridge
852014020254807/24/14Method for attenuating noise produced by pipes and pipe arrangement
862014020264307/24/14Light control panel
872014020325007/24/14Fabrication apparatus for fabricating a patterned layer
882014020366307/24/14Receiver electrodes of a capacitive wireless powering system
892014020371607/24/14Electronic ballast-compatible lighting driver for light-emitting diode lamp
902014020373407/24/14Apparatus and method for coupling power source to lamp
912014020380407/24/14Dynamic modification of rf array coil/antenna impedance
922014020412407/24/14Vascular treatment outcome visualization
932014020424207/24/14Exam review facilitated by clinical findings management with anatomical tagging
942014020458107/24/14Lighting device with rf antenna
952014020458607/24/14Led-based lighting unit with optical component for mixing light output from a plurality of leds
962014020459307/24/14Light scattering and conversion plate for leds
972014020459607/24/14Theftproof lamp
982014020460607/24/14Candle light led light bulbs
992014020488407/24/14Method for communicating in a network and radio stations associated
1002014020505707/24/14Differential phase contrast imaging with energy sensitive detection
1012014020505907/24/14Imaging system gantry tilt support
1022014020516507/24/14Data administration system and method
1032014020615007/24/14Apparatus and method for manufacturing an integrated circuit
1042014020698307/24/14Pet/mr scanners for simultaneous pet and mr imaging
1052014020698807/24/14Medical device insertion and exit information using distributed fiber optic temperature sensing
1062014020699407/24/14Accurate visualization of soft tissue motion on x-ray
1072014020818607/24/14Device for encoding and decoding using smaller block of symbols
1082014019661307/17/14Masticating separator for separating fruit or vegetable juice from fruit or vegetable pulp
1092014019933107/17/14Bio-orthogonal drug activation
1102014019660707/17/14Heat exchange in fluid degassing
1112014019672007/17/14Nasal cushion including a confortable septum/nare seal
1122014019739007/17/14Organic light emitting device with improved light extraction
1132014019769507/17/14Conductive layer of a large surface for distribution of power using capacitive power transfer
1142014019774007/17/14Led light source
1152014019775507/17/14An acoustic ceiling for a capacitive power transfer system
1162014019776007/17/14Power control unit and method for controlling electrical power provided to a load, in particular an led unit, and voltage control unit for controlling an output voltage of a converter unit
1172014019821607/17/14Imaging service using outdoor lighting networks
1182014019850407/17/14Lighting system, space with a lighting system, and method of providing an illumination profile using such a lighting system
1192014019861907/17/14Ultrasound measurement assembly for multidirectional measurement
1202014019871007/17/14Feedback signalling for multicast data transmission
1212014019889607/17/14Adapting a scan motion in an x-ray imaging apparatus
1222014019896407/17/14Follow up image acquisition planning and/or post processing
1232014019920607/17/14Air treatment device
1242014020072507/17/14Device and method for disaggregating a periodic input signal pattern
1252014020166907/17/14Ablation planning system
1262014020167007/17/14Integration of user inputs and correction of deformation vector field in deformable image registration workflow
1272014018997807/10/14Cleaning device for cleaning a surface comprising a brush and a squeegee element
1282014019004807/10/14Ironing board cover
1292014019476707/10/14Non-invasive ventilation measurement
1302014019127307/10/14Light-emitting arrangement
1312014019158707/10/14Transparent capacitive wireless powering system
1322014019159207/10/14Electro-mechanical energy harvesting switch
1332014019164707/10/14Electric lamp having reflector for transferring heat from light source
1342014019166507/10/14Daylight sensing arrangement for a hybrid luminaire
1352014019166607/10/14Auto commissioning and energy saving lighting system
1362014019166807/10/14Retractable lighting fixture
1372014019168307/10/14Device for improving compatibility of solid state light sources with phase-cut dimmers
1382014019174607/10/14Method and system for localisation on a dc lighting and power grid
1392014019181807/10/14Dynamic resonant matching circuit for wireless power receivers
1402014019186307/10/14Apparatus for use in a fall detector or fall detection system, and a method of operating the same
1412014019217707/10/14Camera for generating a biometrical signal of a living being
1432014019269607/10/14Mac enhancement to support multi-periodic gts allocation for personal area network (pan) systems
1442014019272307/10/14Device and method for controlling a node of a wireless network
1452014019305307/10/14System and method for automated initialization and registration of navigation system
1462014019305407/10/14Apparatus and method for generating an attenuation correction map
1472014019305807/10/14Method to estimate interfractional and intrafractional organ motion for adaptive external beam radiotherapy
1482014019330507/10/14Device for franmenting molecules in a sample by ultrasound
1492014019393107/10/14Method of bonding a substrate to a semiconductor light emitting device
1502014019472807/10/14Real time control of high intensity focused ultrasound using magnetic resonance imaging
1512014019475307/10/14Electrically isolated catheter with wireless sensors
1522014019475707/10/14System for distributed blood flow measurement
1532014019475907/10/14Method and apparatus for selecting differential input leads
1542014019584207/10/14System comprising a main electrical unit and a peripheral electrical unit
1552014019598607/10/14Contactless remote control system and method for medical devices
1562014018207907/03/14Cleaning device for cleaning a surface comprising a brush and a squeegee element
1572014018337107/03/14Photon counting detector
1582014018385707/03/14Over-molded rotationally coupled assemblies
1592014018410107/03/14Controller for light-emitting devices
1602014018464707/03/14Device and method to support the operating of the display of image data
1612014018681107/03/14Apparatus and methods for medical patient role playing / simulation activity
1622014018697407/03/14Measurement device and method for vapour deposition applications
1632014018791407/03/14Interventional or non-interventional instrument for use in an mri apparatus
1642014018791907/03/14Mpr slice selection for visualization of catheter in three-dimensional ultrasound
1652014017415406/26/14Gas sensing apapratus
1662014017390406/26/14Hair trimmer with cutting guide
1672014017444706/26/14Patient interface assembly with self-adjusting anchor points
1682014017491306/26/14Target for barium-scandate dispenser cathode
1692014017529406/26/14Position-sensitive readout modes for digital silicon photomultiplier arrays
1702014017546606/26/14Led mixing chamber with reflective walls formed in slots
1712014017600806/26/14System and method for implementing mains-signal-based dimming of solid state lighting module
1722014017601206/26/14Current determination apparatus
1732014017721806/26/14Luminaire emitting light of different colours
1742014017778206/26/14Dynamic collimation
1752014017778306/26/14Terbium based detector scintillator
1762014018011406/26/14Method and device for detecting occlusion/reopening of an artery and system for measuring systolic blood pressure
1772014016668606/19/14Device for orienting capsules in a beverage producing machine
1782014016965506/19/14Method for automatically adjusting a focal plane of a digital pathology image
1792014016601906/19/14Headgear apparatus for nasal interface
1802014016702306/19/14Oled device in contact with a conductor
1812014016752506/19/14Techniques for efficient power transfers in a capacitive wireless powering system
1822014016763206/19/14Light source comprising a led strip
1832014016840106/19/14System and method for remote measurement of optical focus
1842014016883306/19/14Surge protection device
1852014016894306/19/14Light converter and lighting unit comprising such light converter
1862014016897406/19/14Wire-based lighting module with 3d topography
1872014016950506/19/14Space-time/space-frequency coding for multi-site and multi-beam transmission
1882014016965206/19/14Scan plan field of view adjustor, determiner, and/or quality assessor
1892014016965306/19/14Frequency dependent combination of x-ray images of different modalities
1902014015795606/12/14Domestic appliance comprising an actuator
1912014015958906/12/14Control unit and method for lighting control
1922014015961106/12/14Driver device and driving method for driving a load, in particular an led unit
1932014015972606/12/14Helium vapor magnetic resonance magnet
1942014015972806/12/14Position marker for use in an mri apparatus
1952014016071906/12/14Lighting system for providing a daylight appearance and a luminaire
1962014016072006/12/14Optical element, a lighting system and a luminaire for providing a skylight appearance
1972014016075206/12/14Light output device and method of manufacture
1982014016077306/12/14Modular lighting assembly adapter part
1992014016141806/12/14Apparatus and a record carrier for, and a method of recording a sequence of video data signals
2002014016238906/12/14Light emitting device grown on a relaxed layer
2012014016337206/12/14Ablation apparatus
2022014015019106/05/14Drive coupling for high-speed rotating brush
2032014015066606/05/14Brewing unit with a water heater
2042014015129106/05/14Centrifugal separator for separating fruit or vegetable juice from fruit or vegetable pulp
2052014015135906/05/14Washable electric kitchen appliance
2062014015574306/05/14Imaging using sets of carbon nanotubes
2072014015620006/05/14Assessment of cellular signaling pathway activity using probabilistic modeling of target gene expression
2082014015053006/05/14Method of enhancing the detectability of a height change with an air pressure sensor and a sensor unit for determining a height change
2092014015209406/05/14Capacitive wireless power inside a tube-shaped structure
2102014015324706/05/14Wavelength converting element
2112014015326106/05/14Illumination device with carrier and envelope
2122014015369606/05/14Generation of multiple x-ray energies
2132014015380006/05/14Method and system for obtaining a first signal for analysis to characterize at least one periodic component thereof
2142014015380906/05/14Image generation apparatus
2152014015572406/05/14Wearable device and a method of manufacturing the same
2162014015573706/05/14Curved multi-planar reconstruction using fiber optic shape data
2172014015575406/05/14Hair treatment device with hair detector
2182014015575906/05/14Device and method for obtaining vital sign information of a living being
2192014015621606/05/14Estimating velocity in a horizontal or vertical direction from acceleration measurements
2202014014834405/29/14Association markers for beta thalassemia trait
2212014014401205/29/14Halibut release liner for a defibrillator electrode pad
2222014014521905/29/14Light output device and method of manufacture
2232014014631905/29/14Presence detection system and a lighting system
2242014014677405/29/14Methods for transmitting data in a mobile system and radio stations therefor
2252014014694505/29/14Phase contrast imaging apparatus
2262014014702705/29/14Intra-operative image correction for image-guided interventions
2272014014756505/29/14Liquid extractor with vanes
2282014014788305/29/14Filter support with a phase-changing medium
2292014014867705/29/14System for providing an electrical activity map using optical shape sensing
2302014014870205/29/14Method, device and system for determining the open/closed switch moment of an artery of interest under a changing pressure
2312014014905605/29/14Multi-modal data improvement for power disaggregation systems
2322014013774905/22/14Device for preparing a beverage
2332014014155205/22/14Method of bonding a semiconductor device to a support substrate
2342014014030305/22/14Method for signalling random access channels
2352014013732605/22/14Clinical ambient control system
2362014013775305/22/14Seal guard for whisk type milk frother
2372014013921805/22/14Magnetic resonance imaging system with a multi-channel impedance matching network
2382014013965605/22/14Device and method for obtaining and processing measurement readings of a living being
2392014014009605/22/14Glowing luminaire housing with phosphor
2402014014046905/22/14Imaging system detector calibration
2412014014047205/22/14Field limiting device synchronized with scan motion
2422014014246005/22/14Method for detecting potential falls and a fall detector
2432014014246205/22/14Peripheral temperature measuring
2442014014256305/22/14Energy application planning apparatus
2452014014297405/22/14System and method for simple pairing of wired and wireless healthcare devices to a gateway
2462014014371605/22/14System and method for processing a medical image
2472014014385505/22/14Methods, devices and systems for establishing end-to-end secure connections and for securely communicating data packets
2482014013774905/22/14Device for preparing a beverage
2492014014155205/22/14Method of bonding a semiconductor device to a support substrate

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