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Koninklijke Philips N v
Koninklijke Philips N v_20131212


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Koninklijke Philips N v patents

Recent patent applications which may be related to Koninklijke Philips N v. They are listed under Koninklijke Philips N v because the company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koninklijke Philips N v may have other listings under a different name/spelling, and it's possible similarly-named companies could have patents on this list. Also, we're not affiliated with Koninklijke Philips N v, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Koninklijke Philips N v patents (updated weekly))
12014010302504/17/14 new patent  Seal for use in an electrically heated vessel
22014010245404/17/14 new patent  Configuration of respiratory therapy modes
32014010245504/17/14 new patent  Unlocking a respiratory therapy mode
42014010319404/17/14 new patent  Coded-light detection system including a camera, light sensor and augmented information display
52014010321804/17/14 new patent  Concentrating light towards a target element
62014010381304/17/14 new patent  Multichannel lighting unit and driver for supplying current to light sources in multichannel lighting unit
72014010382304/17/14 new patent  Led light source
82014010382504/17/14 new patent  Led light source
92014010427704/17/14 new patent  Color subtractive display
102014010482104/17/14 new patent  Solar-powered lighting arrangement
112014010482704/17/14 new patent  Optical assembly for a lighting fixture
122014010497604/17/14 new patent  Kitchen appliance
132014010506604/17/14 new patent  Method for configuring a network
142014010536104/17/14 new patent  Multiple focal spot x-ray radiation filtering
152014010676204/17/14 new patent  Format adaptation of a control channel for discontinuous data transmission
162014010747604/17/14 new patent  Spatial sampling improvement for list-mode pet acquisition using planned table/gantry movement
172014010793604/17/14 new patent  Cross-modal application of combination signatures indicative of a phenotype
182014009774204/10/14Phosphor enhanced light source for presenting a visible pattern and a luminaire
192014009784704/10/14Optical angular momentum induced hyperpolarisation in interventional applications
202014009796304/10/14Identification system for a surface
212014010119104/10/14Performing a search for a document
222014009774204/10/14Phosphor enhanced light source for presenting a visible pattern and a luminaire
232014009784704/10/14Optical angular momentum induced hyperpolarisation in interventional applications
242014009796304/10/14Identification system for a surface
252014010119104/10/14Performing a search for a document
262014009352204/03/14Bio-orthogonal drug activation
272014009019704/03/14Position sensing toothbrush
282014009209504/03/14Timeline display tool
292014009213704/03/14Method of video information transmission, as well as an information carrier, a device for receiving and a device for transmitting video information
302014009258204/03/14Socket, a lighting module and a luminaire
312014009260404/03/14Led-based lighting fixture with textured lens
322014009262204/03/14Lighting strip
332014009345004/03/14Pretargeting kit for imaging or therapy comprising a trans-cyclooctene dienophile and a diene
342014009468304/03/14Device producing test sonications for high intensity focused ultrasound
352014009469504/03/14Three-dimensional needle localization with a two-dimensional imaging probe
362014009487904/03/14Light-emitting device and photo-therapy device comprising a light-emitting device
372014009625304/03/14Avoidance of hostile attacks in a network
382014008399203/27/14Apparatus for preparing food
392014008646303/27/14Generating a slicing scheme for slicing a specimen
402014008704303/27/14Apparatus and method for preparing a beverage from a solvent and ingredients
412014008342703/27/14Patient interface device including pressure relief for deformable compenents
422014008342803/27/14Flexible member adjustable forehead support
432014008342903/27/14Headgear attachment mechanism for a patient interface device
442014008343603/27/14System subject support accessory
452014008417003/27/14Optimized scintilator crystals for pet
462014008492603/27/14Correcting the static magnetic field of an mri radiotherapy apparatus
472014008535203/27/14Stereoscopic display with improved vertical resolution
482014008540303/27/14Interactive patient forums
492014008563503/27/14Determining a flow characteristic of an object being movable in an element
502014008646203/27/14Device and method for processing data derivable from remotely detected electromagnetic radiation
512014008774503/27/14Method for communicating in a network, radio stations and a system therefor
522014008795503/27/14Devices and methods for efficient capture of nucleic acids
532014008837703/27/14Dynamic constraining with optical shape sensing
542014008841303/27/14Optical fiber sensing for determining real time changes in applicator geometry for interventional therapy
552014008841803/27/14Functional-imaging-based ablation monitoring
562014008843003/27/14Ultrasonic image guidance of transcutaneous procedures
572014008844303/27/14Fever detection apparatus
582014008877203/27/14Methods for automatically commissioning of devices of a networked control system
592014008902403/27/14Control device for resource allocation
602014008114803/20/14Hair treatment device having a light-based hair detector
612014007631703/20/14Pulse oximetry in respiratory therapy patient interface
622014007632303/20/14Patient interface device including a pneumatically adjusting forehread support
632014007724603/20/14Light emitting device bonded to a support substrate
642014007724703/20/14Phosphor-enhanced lighting device, retrofit light bulb and light tube with reduced color appearance
652014007781103/20/14Wireless prospective motion marker
662014007827403/20/14Autostereoscopic display device
672014007830103/20/14Method and system for monitoring the skin color of a user
682014007911303/20/14High dynamic range image signal generation and processing
692014007933003/20/14Image compression and decompression
702014008112903/20/14User-steered on-the-fly path planning
712014008113203/20/14Myocardial clusterification and orientation
722014007269003/13/14Apparatus and method for preparing a beverage from a solvent and ingredients
732014006942903/13/14Sensor and valve integrated into a patient interface
742014006943303/13/14Low profile mask attachment element
752014006943403/13/14Lever arm cushion attachment mechanism
762014007010903/13/14Ionizing radiation detection
772014007069303/13/14White emitting light source and luminescent material
782014007080403/13/14Mri method of faster channel-by-channel reconstruction without image degradation
792014007080503/13/14Mr imaging with b1 mapping
802014007080803/13/14Fet switch as detune circuit for mri rf coils
812014007105103/13/14Method of controlling a control point position on a command area and method for control of a device
822014007125403/13/14Three dimensional imaging data viewer and/or viewing
832014007134803/13/14Method for converting input image data into output image data, image conversion unit for converting input image data into output image data, image processing apparatus, display device
842014007169903/13/14Lens retention clip for luminaire
852014007210503/13/14Orientation reference system for medical imaging
862014007212103/13/14Audio system and method therefor
872014007212803/13/14Audio pacing device
882014007219403/13/14Motion compensated imaging
892014007227203/13/14Method and system for generating data for controlling a system for rendering at least one signal
902014007231003/13/14Lighting device and receiver
912014007391203/13/14Tip reflection reduction for shape-sensing optical fiber
922014007443403/13/14Methods and apparatus for end-of-life estimation of solid state lighting fixtures
932014006171403/06/14P-n separation metal fill for flip chip leds
942014006097503/06/14V-spring configuration and end attachment assemblies therefor for use in a personal care appliance
952014006229503/06/14Sealing compound and ceramic discharge vessel comprising such sealing compound
962014006233603/06/14Light emitting device with ceramic conversion material
972014006287903/06/14User interface system based on pointing device
982014006405403/06/14Detection of data in burst cutting area of optical disk
992014006459203/06/14Method and system for image acquisition workflow
1002014006484603/06/14Fastening element for clamping sheets
1012014006597203/06/14Mban channel use regulation scheme and adaptive channelization for ieee 802.15.4j standardization
1022014005703202/27/14Device and method for producing a beverage
1032014005502902/27/14Tubelamp retrofit pin safety implementation using existing ballast and fixture
1042014005526302/27/14Infant monitor
1052014005528502/27/14Remote patient management system
1062014005545602/27/14Medical image system and method
1072014005599802/27/14Led lighting device with lower heat dissipating structure
1082014005599902/27/14Led lighting device with upper heat dissipating structure
1092014005650302/27/14Multi-energy imaging
1102014005651002/27/14Face location detection
1112014005658802/27/14Light module, illumination system and method incorporating data in light emitted
1122014005824802/27/14Mr imaging guided therapy system
1132014004766902/20/14Vacuum cleaning device
1142014005005502/20/14Wake up alarm providing device
1152014005118702/20/14Evaluating assays which optical inhomogeneities
1162014004771402/20/14Nozzle plate fabrication
1172014004840902/20/14Method and arrangement for generating oxygen
1182014004916102/20/14Instant start ballast system
1192014004917402/20/14Driving device and method for driving a load, in particular an led assembly
1202014004917502/20/14Power supply circuit for a pfc converter
1212014004918902/20/14Led lighting device with incandescent lamp color temperature behavior
1222014004930102/20/14Semiconductor switch with reliable blackout behavior and low control power
1232014004938802/20/14Method and system for managing an alarm signal, alarm clock comprising such a system
1242014004955502/20/14Correlated image mapping pointer
1252014004995902/20/14Optical device for forming a light beam
1262014004996002/20/14Led lighting device with improved light distribution
1272014004998002/20/14Solid state lighting strip for mounting in or on a panel support element of a modular panel system
1282014005030402/20/14Medical imaging device with separate button for selecting candidate segmentation
1292014005190402/20/14Energy application apparatus
1302014005200302/20/14Apparatus and method for controlling radiation source variability for optical gas measurement systems
1312014005201402/20/14Mainstream gas analyzer configurable to removably couple with a sidestream gas sampling component
1322014005205702/20/14Breast pump
1332014005224102/20/14Guided delivery of prosthetic valve
1342014005327902/20/14Authentication method for authenticating a first party to a second party
1352014004115302/13/14Device comprising a movably arranged functional body and a safety mechanism for stopping movement of the functional body
1362014004146202/13/14Sensor system with an exchangeable cartridge and a reader
1372014004288902/13/14Discharge lamp with high color temperature
1382014004290802/13/14Connector with surge protection structure
1392014004291302/13/14System and methods for daylight-integrated illumination control
1402014004302102/13/14Simultaneous non-contrast mr angiography and intraplaque hemorrhage (snap) mr imaging
1412014004302202/13/14Contrast enhanced magnetic resonance angiography with chemical shift encoding for fat suppression
1422014004302502/13/14Black blood mri using a stimulated echo pulse sequence with flow sensitization gradients
1432014004308902/13/14Digitally controlled high speed high voltage gate driver circuit
1442014004316402/13/14Stepped alarm method for patient monitors
1452014004379102/13/14User interface and method for control of light system
1462014004395102/13/14Device for and method of recording information
1472014004420902/13/14Method for signalling a precoding in a cooperative beamforming transmission mode
1482014004421002/13/14Efficient cqi signaling in multi-beam mimo systems
1492014004432902/13/14Medical image processing system and method
1502014004437202/13/14Apparatuses and methods for hdr image encoding and decodng
1512014004612102/13/14System and method to trigger breathing response for the reduction of associated anxiety
1522014004617802/13/14Real-time medical device visualization using nanomaterials
1532014004618402/13/14Contactless sleep disorder screening system
1542014004619702/13/14Classification of tumor tissue with a personalized threshold
1552014004679702/13/14Computer systems and a related method for enabling a prospective buyer to browse a vendor's website to purchase goods or services
1562014003405702/06/14Face mask
1572014003546802/06/14Illumination system with automatic adaptation to daylight level
1582014003558102/06/14Interleaved black and bright blood dynamic contrast enhanced (dce) mri
1592014003558202/06/14Magnetic resonance imaging of object in motion
1602014003647402/06/14Lighting assembly and socket
1612014003649402/06/14Luminaire and illumination system
1622014003664202/06/14Wake-up appliance with snooze function
1632014003704602/06/14Dynamic perfusion imaging
1642014003705002/06/14Patient localization system
1652014003709602/06/14Seal-quality estimation for a seal for an ear canal
1662014003716602/06/14Device and method for extracting information from characteristic signals
1672014003720602/06/14Method and apparatus for generating an image coding signal
1682014003929702/06/14Motion triggered mr imaging using apt/cest
1692014003930602/06/14Shape sensing assisted medical procedure
1702014003968402/06/14Ambience rendering control system
1712014004014302/06/14Method and device for controlling distribution and use of digital works
1722014003169601/30/14Device and method for vital sign measurement of a person
1732014002688801/30/14Adjustment mechanism for headgear for use in patient interface system
1742014002773901/30/14Multilayered protective layer, organic opto-electric device and method of manufacturing the same
1752014002831701/30/14Fail-safe and easy access lock for mri receiver coil
1762014002923501/30/14Optical element for obtaining a daylight appearance, a lighting system and a luminaire
1772014002924701/30/14End cap for a tubular light source
1782014002966501/30/14Video encoding and decoding
1792014002972401/30/14Imaging detector
1802014003167101/30/14Mri involving a local rf coil being movable relative to a pediatric patient carrier
1812014003167601/30/14Embedded 3d modelling
1822014003168101/30/14Diagnostic brain imaging
1832014003170401/30/14Stress-measuring device and method
1842014002568701/23/14Analyzing a report
1852014002068801/23/14Methods to transition adjacent to or in conjunction with a secondary airway perssure therapy
1862014002135601/23/14Detector array with time-to-digital conversion having improved temporal accuracy
1872014002178701/23/14Load adjustment sharing system and method
1882014002185701/23/14Luminescent converter for a phosphor enhanced light source
1892014002186601/23/14Adaptive integrated daylight and electric light control with multi-sensor for controlled-light distribution
1902014002187101/23/14Interface circuit
1912014002224201/23/14Image processing system and method
1922014002278001/23/14Led-based lighting unit with a high flux density led array
1932014002286501/23/14Temperature compensation in a cmut device
1942014002323501/23/14Method of controlling a function of a device and system for detecting the presence of a living being
1952014002325001/23/14Medical imaging systen and method for providing an image representation supporting accurate guidance of an intervention device in a vessel intervention procedure
1962014002333701/23/14Media rendering device providing uninterrupted playback of content
1972014002431701/23/14Determining the distance and/or acoustic quality between a mobile device and a base unit
1982014002521601/23/14Controlling device and method for controlling power consumption in a system of power consuming devices
1992014001363601/16/14Steam iron
2002014001411101/16/14Methods and systems to manage central sleep apnea by controlling accumulated retrograde volume
2012014001482801/16/14Adaptive calibration for tomographic imaging systems
2022014001508101/16/14Spectral imaging detector
2032014001539601/16/14Gas-discharge lamp
2042014001540301/16/14Ceramic discharge metal halide (cdm) lamp and method ofmanufacture thereof
2052014001541801/16/14Device and method for illumination control of a plurality of light sources
2062014001542801/16/14Led light source
2072014001543001/16/14Led light source
2082014001543601/16/14Dimmer control of angular distribution of light
2092014001544101/16/14Driver device and driving method for driving a load, in particular an led assembly
2102014001544501/16/14Device and method for adjusting electricity consumption of a plurality of lighting devices of a lighting system
2112014001630701/16/14Carpet unit arrangement and carpet unit
2122014001674001/16/14Pre-scan imaging with rotating gantry
2132014001684901/16/14Contrast-dependent resolution image
2142014001768701/16/14Method for performing molecular reactions by using immiscible intermediate fluids
2152014001866401/16/14Magnetic resonance guidance of a shaft to a target zone
2162014001867001/16/14X-ray pose recovery
2172014001915201/16/14System and method for determining thresholds of range of values used to allocate patients to a treatment level of a treatment program
2182014000868501/09/14Patterned uv sensitive silicone-phosphor layer over leds
2192014001236001/09/14Defibrillator electrode pad with two peel tabs
2202014000787701/09/14Childbirth labor coach with paced breathing
2212014000805001/09/14Thermal interface pad material with perforated liner
2222014000906901/09/14Multi-zone light controller
2232014000915101/09/14Reduction of peak electrical power consumption in magnetic resonance imaging systems
2242014000915601/09/14Compressed sensing mr image reconstruction using constraint from prior acquisition
2252014000928201/09/14Personal alarm system
2262014000967001/09/14Camera system comprising a camera, camera, method of operating a camera and method for deconvoluting a recorded image
2272014000992501/09/14End cap for a tubular light source
2282014000992701/09/14Luminaire lens assembly having a thermal compensation unit and method thereof
2292014001043201/09/14Image acquisition and/or image related parameter recommender
2302014001259501/09/14Methods and systems to promote targeted inter-patient interactions to increase patient adherence
2312014001282101/09/14Reliable profiling for monitoring systems
2322014001319901/09/14Generating a report based on image data
2332014000149701/02/14Method for providing a reflective coating to a substrate for a light emitting device
2342014000573801/02/14Defibrillator with protocol for selectively interrupting cpr
2352014000059901/02/14System and method of remotely monitoring and/or managing the treatment of a plurality of subjects with aerosolized medicament
2362014000060001/02/14Humidifier with liquid ingress protection
2372014000061701/02/14Patient interface device including a moveable wedge forehead adjustment assembly
2382014000061801/02/14Helical forehead support adjustment mechanism
2392014000149801/02/14Substrate for mounting a plurality of light emitting elements
2402014000187901/02/14Calculating power loss for inductive power transmission
2412014000195601/02/14Lighting device
2422014000196001/02/14System and method for controlling a lighting system with a plurality of light sources
2432014000208001/02/14Restriction of the imaging region for mri in an inhomogeneous magnetic field
2442014000247901/02/14Apparatuses and methods for analyzing image gradings
2452014000289701/02/14Autostereoscopic display device
2462014000340901/02/14Communication between a client device and a wireless peripheral unit
2472014000368801/02/14Multiple modality cardiac imaging
2482014000369701/02/14Method and system for intelligent linking of medical data
2492014000369801/02/14Tracking brain deformation during neurosurgery

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