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Koninklijke Philips N v
Koninklijke Philips N v A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v Q
Koninklijke Philips N v philips Deutscland Gmbh A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v_20131212


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Koninklijke Philips N v patents

Recent patent applications related to Koninklijke Philips N v. Koninklijke Philips N v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koninklijke Philips N v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Koninklijke Philips N v, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Koninklijke Philips N v patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033512111/26/15  new patent  Hair straightener
22015033523111/26/15  new patent  An optical probe system
32015033524411/26/15  new patent  Monitor defibrillator telemedicine server
42015033527111/26/15  new patent  A evaluating range of motion of a subject
52015033530911/26/15  new patent  Intravascular devices, systems, and methods having drive cables with a lubricious coating and/or radiopaque markers
62015033531311/26/15  new patent  Push/tracking sequences for shear wave dispersion vibrometry
72015033583811/26/15  new patent  Power control in a medical ventilator
82015033584011/26/15  new patent  System and controlling airway gas parameters during high frequency positive pressure ventilation
92015033584511/26/15  new patent  Mask with red mark alleviating pocket
102015033584811/26/15  new patent  Auto-adjusting headgear for a patient interface device
112015033585011/26/15  new patent  Control of neonatal oxygen supply
122015033590211/26/15  new patent  Intuitive overlaid readiness indicator for defibrillators
132015033681911/26/15  new patent  Ion absorption/desorption device and a method thereof as well as a ph adjustor
142015033748411/26/15  new patent  A water chamber for a steam generating device
152015033806011/26/15  new patent  Shaving or hair trimming device
162015033806811/26/15  new patent  A luminaire with a connection device
172015033811911/26/15  new patent  Evaporative humidifier and indoor climate controlling system comprising the same
182015033827111/26/15  new patent  Light sensing system, and calibrating a light sensing device
192015033834011/26/15  new patent  Method and monitoring a level of a gaseous species of interest
202015033847511/26/15  new patent  Phantom based mr field mapping of the polarizing magnetic field
212015033851011/26/15  new patent  Controlling transmission of pulses from a sensor
222015033851111/26/15  new patent  Acoustic probe with components of acoustic elements having different pitches than each other
232015033856011/26/15  new patent  Optical device and in situ treating an euv optical component to enhance a reduced reflectivity
242015034004311/26/15  new patent  Multichannel encoder and decoder with efficient transmission of position information
252015034055711/26/15  new patent  Shaped led for enhanced light extraction efficiency
262015034055911/26/15  new patent  Ii-vi based light emitting semiconductor device
272015034056311/26/15  new patent  Control of p-contact resistance in a semiconductor light emitting device
282015034056411/26/15  new patent  Protective composition
292015034056611/26/15  new patent  Led with shaped growth substrate for side emission
302015034085811/26/15  new patent  System and quench protection of a cryo-free super conducting magnet
312015034108511/26/15  new patent  Wireless inductive power transfer
322015034117211/26/15  new patent  Key sharing network device and configuration thereof
332015034122211/26/15  new patent  Commissioning a network system
342015034136011/26/15  new patent  Method and managing a transaction right
352015034199911/26/15  new patent  Dimmer compatible light emitting diode driver
362015034200311/26/15  new patent  Detecting a presence of an operating dimmer
372015032796611/19/15 Plaque detection using a stream probe
382015032758811/19/15 A increasing the solubility of fat-soluble nutrient in water
392015032774311/19/15 Nozzle arrangement of a cleaning device for cleaning a surface
402015032807411/19/15 Method and system for tilting an infant-care medical device
412015032808311/19/15 Lightweight electro-mechanical chest compression device
422015032841911/19/15 Inspiratory pressure control in volume mode ventilation
432015032842211/19/15 Motion stabilizer system for respiratory interface device
442015032843111/19/15 A compact humidifier
452015032878511/19/15 Cutting assembly for a hair clipping device
462015033001411/19/15 A garment steaming device
472015033001511/19/15 A device for guiding a flex extending from an appliance
482015033060511/19/15 Lighting unit, especially for road illumination
492015033103411/19/15 Problem detection in cable system
502015033109311/19/15 Controlling transmission of pulses from a sensor
512015033245911/19/15 Scanning device and positioning a scanning device
522015033436911/19/15 Method of encoding a video data signal for use with a multi-view stereoscopic display device
532015033438311/19/15 3d mode selection mechanism for video playback
542015032025211/12/15 Cooker
552015032032511/12/15 Devices, systems, and methods for vessel assessment
562015032033811/12/15 Detection of respiratory disorders
572015032035311/12/15 Plaque detection using a stream probe
582015032036311/12/15 Device, extracting physiological information
592015032043911/12/15 Ultrasonically guided biopsies in three dimensions
602015032053111/12/15 Plaque detection using a stream probe
612015032094911/12/15 Respiratory measurement apparatus having integrated filter
622015032095511/12/15 Handheld pressure support system for treating hyperinflation
632015032095811/12/15 Ear-driven air pump for patient interfaces
642015032096511/12/15 Scent system for ambient experience
652015032102011/12/15 Environment and use monitoring system for advanced life support devices
662015032136511/12/15 Programmable hair trimming system
672015032250511/12/15 Barrier coated nano structures
682015032271211/12/15 Control unit for controlling the color of a window
692015032314011/12/15 Retrofit lighting device
702015032331111/12/15 Determining a propagation velocity for a surface wave
712015032352311/12/15 Processing of fluids containing interfering particles
722015032362511/12/15 Resonant trap with axial channel
732015032362611/12/15 Low-loss persistent current switch with heat transfer arrangement
742015032363611/12/15 Interleaved black and bright blood imaging for interleaved dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging
752015032419911/12/15 Computer processor and system without an arithmetic and logic unit
762015032444611/12/15 System and searching a labeled predominantly non-textual item
772015032452311/12/15 System and indicating the quality of information to support decision making
782015032453111/12/15 System and scheduling events
792015032454111/12/15 Health monitoring system for calculating a total risk score
802015032463411/12/15 Monitoring a waiting area
812015032735011/12/15 A controlling a lighting system and a lighting system
822015031347911/05/15 Device, system, and assessing intravascular pressure
832015031335311/05/15 An adaptive system for modifying user brushing system
842015031347311/05/15 Reusable mr safe temperature probe for surface and body temperature measurement
852015031355211/05/15 Method and estimating the fall risk of a user
862015031369711/05/15 Plaque detection using a stream probe
872015031409111/05/15 System and limiting flow and/or pressure compensation during limited flow respiratory therapy
882015031409511/05/15 Patient interface cushion with integral straps
892015031409611/05/15 Respiratory interface device customization utilizing a generic cushion template
902015031428311/05/15 Fluidic system with fluidic stop
912015031428811/05/15 Cartridge for uptake and processing of a sample
922015031440611/05/15 Heat exchange sytem and producing the same
932015031621311/05/15 Flat lighting device
942015031636811/05/15 Laser device for projecting a structured light pattern onto a scene
952015031645411/05/15 Cartridge and preparing a biological sample
962015031663511/05/15 Motion detection and correction magnetic resonance diffusion weighted imaging (dwi)
972015031666311/05/15 Method and image correction of x-ray image information
982015031670711/05/15 Lighting strip, lighting system, panel support element and modular panel system
992015031744111/05/15 Intelligent nuclear medicine patient workflow scheduler
1002015031757811/05/15 Method and system for determining patient status
1012015031777711/05/15 Image processing filtering an image
1022015031779211/05/15 Computer-aided identification of a tissue of interest
1032015031785111/05/15 Biometric system with body coupled communication interface
1042015031789011/05/15 Detecting changes in position of a device in a horizontal or vertical direction
1052015031845911/05/15 Light emitting device with reduced epi stress
1062015031865611/05/15 Optically pumped solid state laser device with self aligning pump optics and enhanced gain
1072015031970411/05/15 Power ramping for rach
1082015031981811/05/15 Circuit arrangement and led lamp comprising the same
1092015031982911/05/15 Monitoring of operational status of street devices
1102015030570810/29/15 Catheter with integrated controller for imaging and pressure sensing
1112015030571610/29/15 Ultrasound transducer array apparatus and imaging using transducer arrays
1122015030554010/29/15 Citrus fruit pressing device and pressing juice from a piece of citrus fruit
1132015030562610/29/15 Drive noise tolerant plaque detection
1142015030567010/29/15 Gum detection using an optical detector in a dental hygiene detection apparatus
1152015030568410/29/15 System and method to detect significant arrhythmic events through a photoplethysmogram (ppg) and accelerometer
1162015030568910/29/15 Patient monitoring for sub-acute patients based on activity state and posture
1172015030569210/29/15 4d contrast enhanced computed tomography (ct)
1182015030569810/29/15 Radiation beam intensity profile shaper
1192015030571010/29/15 Pre-doped solid substrate for intravascular devices
1202015030572010/29/15 Ultrasonic synthetic transmit focusing with motion compensation
1212015030632510/29/15 System for providing pressure pulses to the airway of a subject
1222015030633210/29/15 Inline adapter for a respiratory therapy device
1232015030633510/29/15 Humidity control liquid maximization pressure support device
1242015030639310/29/15 An electrical multichannel system, particularly for neural stimulation
1252015030640910/29/15 Defibrillation wireless data exchange with a patient monitoring apparatus
1262015030642310/29/15 Real-time adaptive dose computation radiation therapy
1272015030642510/29/15 Calibration apparatus
1282015030642610/29/15 Assisting assisting in performing a brachytherapy
1292015030918810/29/15 Detector unit with pulse shaper
1302015030973410/29/15 Multiple layer optical disc, and device for writing such disc
1312015031058110/29/15 Anatomically intelligent echocardiography for point-of-care
1322015031058610/29/15 Digital ruler and reticule for renal denervation
1332015031063210/29/15 Integrated phenotyping employing image texture features
1342015031073310/29/15 A mthod and system to reduce the nuisance alarm load in the clinical setting
1352015031147610/29/15 Light emitting device with improved internal out-coupling and providing the same
1362015031248110/29/15 Vision analysing images taken by image sensors
1372015030263810/22/15 Automatic positioning of standard planes for real-time fetal heart evaluation
1382015029702010/22/15 Jug for the preparation of beverages and beverage producing system
1392015029704710/22/15 Cleaning device for cleaning a surface
1402015029707810/22/15 System and optimizing the frequency of data collection and thresholds for deterioration detection algorithm
1412015029708510/22/15 Dental apparatus and utilizing the same
1422015029708910/22/15 Dental apparatus and utilizing the same
1432015029711910/22/15 Medical device or system for measuring hemoglobin levels during accidents using a camera-projector system
1442015029713110/22/15 Sleep apnea diagnosis system and generating information using non-obtrusive audio analysis
1452015029713810/22/15 Intravascular devices, systems, and methods having separate sections with engaged core components
1462015029714210/22/15 Device and extracting physiological information
1472015029715110/22/15 Positioning tool
1482015029716110/22/15 Method of determining the blood flow through coronary arteries
1492015029717610/22/15 Ultrasound head frame for emergency medical services
1502015029717810/22/15 Interventional device, assembling, and assembling system
1512015029718310/22/15 Ultrasound transducer probe with microbeamformer for multiline imaging
1522015029719810/22/15 Spiral biopsy device
1532015029731210/22/15 Spatial dimension determination device for determining a spatial dimension of a target element within an object
1542015029732710/22/15 Pressure sensing electric toothbrush
1552015029784910/22/15 An apparatus and a supporting an airway of a subject
1562015029785310/22/15 Respiratory patient interfaces
1572015029785410/22/15 Pediatric total facemask
1582015029790110/22/15 Apparatus and method relating to an electrostimulation device
1592015029825410/22/15 Laser hair cutter
1602015029934810/22/15 Optical composition
1612015030006410/22/15 Enhanced hinge and pivotally and removably connecting a member with a structure
1622015030057710/22/15 Light emitting assembly, a lamp and a luminaire
1632015030057810/22/15 Light conversion materials based on luminescent metal atomic nanoclusters
1642015030059710/22/15 Lighting device and lighting system
1652015030060210/22/15 Light emitting arrangement with controlled spectral properties and angular distribution
1662015030087510/22/15 Light sensing device for sensing ambient light intensity
1672015030098710/22/15 Removal of background in mpi
1682015030113210/22/15 Rheology unit for mri with integrated oscillator and rf antenna
1692015030117310/22/15 Communication channel through presence detection
1702015030134210/22/15 Autostereoscopic display device
1712015030134310/22/15 Autostereoscopic display device
1722015030207010/22/15 Method and system for making multisite performance measure anonymous and for controlling actions and re-identification of anonymous data
1732015030216110/22/15 Systsem for monitoring a user
1742015030221410/22/15 Federated patient guaranteed unique identificaiton (guid) matching
1752015030255510/22/15 Automated cardiopulmonary resuscitation device with a display
1762015030258010/22/15 Generating a key-image from a medical image
1772015030259210/22/15 Generation of a depth map for an image
1782015030260210/22/15 Image processing device and method
1792015030261610/22/15 Local artifact reduction with insignificant side effects
1802015030263410/22/15 Real-time scene-modeling combining 3d ultrasound and 2d x-ray imagery
1812015030272010/22/15 Method and identifying transitions between sitting and standing postures
1822015030272210/22/15 Electronic switch for controlling a device in dependency on a sleep stage
1832015030289610/22/15 Method of storing a real time stream of information signals on a disc like record carrier
1842015030294610/22/15 Translating x-ray beam transmission profile shaper
1852015030361910/22/15 Magnetic connector assembly
1862015030368710/22/15 Signal-level based control of power grid load systems
1872015030380310/22/15 Power converter with separate buck and boost conversion circuits
1882015030381710/22/15 Driver device and driving driving a load
1892015030399510/22/15 Wireless inductive power transfer
1902015030400210/22/15 Method for communicating in a mimo network
1912015030452210/22/15 Use of ambience light for copy protection of video content displayed on a screen
1922015030510110/22/15 Device for controlling a storage device
1932015030510410/22/15 Power converter between halogen transformer and led
1942015030511710/22/15 Method for creating ambience lighting effect based on data derived from stage performance
1952015028994410/15/15 Devices, authenticated intravascular device use and reuse
1962015028973510/15/15 Nozzle arrangement for a cleaning device
1972015028982610/15/15 Imaging system subject support
1982015028993910/15/15 Magnetic device for use in an mpi apparatus
1992015029074610/15/15 Composition of a solder, and manufacturing a solder connection
2002015029181510/15/15 Composition, imprinting ink and imprinting method
2012015029187610/15/15 Pdms-based ligands for quantum dots in silicones
2022015029214310/15/15 Treatment of a fabric article
2032015029270710/15/15 Light-shaping optical element
2042015029272610/15/15 Lighting device comprising an improved heat transferring arrangement
2052015029305410/15/15 Integrated circuit with nanowire sensors comprising a shielding layer, sensing apparatus, measuring method and manufacturing method
2062015029305610/15/15 Method and device for sensing a liquid
2072015029318910/15/15 Transmit/receive switching circuitry with improved radio frequency isolation
2082015029336510/15/15 Reflective or transflective autostereoscopic display with reduced banding effects
2092015029336910/15/15 Autostereoscopic display device having a transparent mode of operation
2102015029391110/15/15 Computing device configured with a table network
2112015029406310/15/15 Diagnostic genetic analysis using variant-disease association with patient-specific relevance assessment
2122015029407810/15/15 Scheduling instruction items
2132015029445410/15/15 Enhancing ultrasound images
2142015029449710/15/15 Ultrasound imaging image guidance procedure
2152015029466310/15/15 Capacitive micro-machined transducer and manufacturing the same
2162015029514410/15/15 Led based device with wide color gamut
2172015029563010/15/15 Antenna configuration for co-operative beamforming
2182015029655010/15/15 Multi function docking module for a pressure support therapy system
2192015028694810/08/15 Occupancy detection method and system
2202015028269310/08/15 Tube and steerable introduction element comprising the tube
2212015028271210/08/15 Device for measuring a physiological parameter of a user
2222015028272610/08/15 Diagnostic representation and interpretation of ecg leads on a digital display
2232015028276510/08/15 Fractional flow reserve (ffr) index
2242015028278610/08/15 Temperature distribution determining apparatus
2252015028287810/08/15 Electromagnetic skin treatment device
2262015028291210/08/15 Plaque detection using a stream probe
2272015028333910/08/15 Handheld dyspnea treatmeent device with drug and gas delivery
2282015028334810/08/15 Headgear and patient interface device employing same
2292015028462710/08/15 Pdms-based ligands for quantum dots in silicones
2302015028545010/08/15 Lighting device for indirect illumination
2312015028546310/08/15 Lighting device for indirect illumination having prism elements
2322015028567610/08/15 Sub-band infra-red irradiation for detector crystals
2332015028672410/08/15 Assisting a user in selecting a lighting device design
2342015028718510/08/15 Tissue surface roughness quantification based on image data and determination of a presence of disease based thereon
2352015028788910/08/15 Surface mountable semiconductor device
2362015028827310/08/15 Power converter stage, controller, and providing power to controller
2372015028851910/08/15 Secure threshold decryption protocol computation
2382015028908510/08/15 Automatic pairing of wireless peripherals in a system such as pressure support respiratory therapy system
2392015028928510/08/15 Method for communicating in a network and radio stations associated
2402015028932610/08/15 Led package with capacitive couplings
2412015028934710/08/15 Lighting methods for providing personalized lighting to users positioned proximal to one another
2422015028935010/08/15 System and remote control of electrical appliance using reflected light
2432015027247210/01/15 Position determination apparatus
2442015027244410/01/15 Compact laser and efficient pulse delivery for photoacoustic imaging
2452015027248910/01/15 Device, tumor detection and/or monitoring
2462015027252810/01/15 Differential phase contrast imaging device with movable grating(s)
2472015027253110/01/15 Roi painting
2482015027316410/01/15 Nebulizer
2492015027322410/01/15 Automatic external defibrillator for adult and pediatric patients

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