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Koninklijke Philips N v
Koninklijke Philips N v A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v Q
Koninklijke Philips N v philips Deutscland Gmbh A Corporation
Koninklijke Philips N v_20131212


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Koninklijke Philips N v patents

Recent patent applications related to Koninklijke Philips N v. Koninklijke Philips N v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koninklijke Philips N v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Koninklijke Philips N v, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Koninklijke Philips N v patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
08/25/16 new patent  Hair dryer with air outlet arrangement
08/25/16 new patent  Device for dental plaque detection
08/25/16 new patent  An evaluating multichannel ecg signals
08/25/16 new patent  Promoting physical activity
08/25/16 new patent  Empirical beam hardening correction for differential phase contrast ct
08/25/16 new patent  Ultrasound automated fetal heartbeat identification
08/25/16 new patent  Temperature monitoring monitoring a temperature within a tissue
08/25/16 new patent  Device for cutting hair
08/25/16 new patent  Artifact removal using shape sensing
08/25/16 new patent  Acoustic 3d tracking of interventional tool
08/25/16 new patent  Light treatment device
08/25/16 new patent  New nitridoalumosilicate phosphor for solid state lighting
08/25/16 new patent  Illumination sensor for distinguishing between different contributions to a sensed light level
08/25/16 new patent  Radiation detector and detection method having reduced polarization
08/25/16 new patent  Relief layer and imprint making the same
08/25/16 new patent  Task assignment method, computer program product and task assignment system
08/25/16 new patent  Method of bonding a semiconductor device to a support substrate
08/25/16 new patent  System for capacitively driving a load
08/25/16 new patent  Multiple spatial channel transmission with rate control
08/25/16 new patent  Estimating control feature from remote control with camera
08/18/16System for cleaning a shaving unit
08/18/16Liquid heating device
08/18/16Thermal monitoring and control
08/18/16Automatic camera adjustment for remote photoplethysmography
08/18/16System and myocardial perfusion pathology characterization
08/18/16Device, processing a physiological signal
08/18/16Optimization of x-ray imaging during mammographic examination
08/18/16Estimating position of an organ with a biomechanical model
08/18/16A personal care device
08/18/16Blade set and hair cutting appliance
08/18/16Blade set and hair cutting appliance
08/18/16Blade set and hair cutting appliance
08/18/16Lighting device with a thermally conductive fluid
08/18/16Mri with improved segmentation in the presence of susceptibility artifacts
08/18/16A unique methodology combining user roles and context aware algorithms for presenting clinical information, audio, video and communication controls to safely capture caregiver attention, reduce information overload, and optimize workflow and decision support
08/18/16System and method enabling the efficient management of treatment plans and their revisions and updates
08/18/16Method and system for monitoring the development of neonates
08/18/16Simultaneously displaying video data of multiple video sources
08/18/16Optical data storage medium and use of such medium
08/18/16Top emitting semiconductor light emitting device
08/18/16Led module with high index lens
08/18/16Frame based package for flip-chip led
08/18/16Laser device comprising optically pumped extended cavity laser
08/18/16Multiple antenna transmission with variable diversity gain
08/18/16Method and generating drive signals for loudspeakers
08/18/16Light emitting diode driver with differential voltage supply
08/11/16Radiation griall
08/11/16Processing apparatus, processing processing a physiological signal
08/11/16Automatic device-footprint-free roadmapping for endovascular interventions
08/11/16Image guidance system with uer definable regions of interest
08/11/16Tgc controls for an ultrasonic diagnostic imaging systme
08/11/16Method of calculating a surgical intervention plan
08/11/16Multipurpose lumen design for optical shape sensing
08/11/16Device tracking using longitudinal encoding
08/11/16Medical treating cells with vibrations
08/11/16System and controlling exsufflation pressure during in-exsufflation
08/11/16Overmolded swivel with angular interlock
08/11/16Bio-medical electrode pad
08/11/16Treatment device for the skin using radio-frequency electric current
08/11/16Promoting physical activity
08/11/16Blade set and hair cutting appliance
08/11/16Blade set, hair cutting appliance, and related manufacturing method
08/11/16Clamp mechanism for clamping an optical shape sensing fiber
08/11/16Mr imaging with dixon-type water/fat separation
08/11/16Mri using a modified dixon sequence with reduction of fold-over artifacts
08/11/16Gesture control device, method, system and storage medium
08/11/16Enabling review of a medical image
08/11/16Patient health state compound score distribution and/or representative compound score based thereon
08/11/16System for reminding a user
08/11/16System and content-based medical macro sorting and search system
08/11/16Registration of tissue slice image
08/11/16Phosphor in inorganic binder for led applications
08/11/16Phosphor in inorganic binder for led applications
08/11/16Semiconductor light emitting device with thick metal layers
08/11/16Body coupled communication devices and systems as well as a design tool and designing the same
08/11/16Methods and apparatuses for processing or defining luminance/color regimes
08/11/16Means for creating an ambient experience
08/11/16Autostereoscopic display device
08/11/16Methods and apparatuses for processing or defining luminance/color regimes
08/04/16Stand for supporting a garment hanger
08/04/16Improved signal selection for obtaining a remote photoplethysmographic waveform
08/04/16Fall detection system and method
08/04/16System and determining timing of sensory stimulation during sleep
08/04/16Lighting arrangement having a resilient element
08/04/16Coil arrangement of mpi system or apparatus
08/04/16Magnetization transfer contrast technique for chemical exchange saturation transfer (cest) mri by localized steam and oeration thereof
08/04/16Metal resistant mr imaging
08/04/16Histogram smoothing in positron emission tomography (pet) energy histograms
08/04/16Launch fixture for optical shape sensing
08/04/16Multi-view display device
08/04/16System and context-aware imaging
08/04/16Remapping a depth map for 3d viewing
08/04/16Method for local adjustment of regularization parameters for image quality optimization in fully 3d iterative ct reconstruction
08/04/16Recommendation engine interface and method
08/04/16Vibration resistant automotive front lighting lamp
08/04/16Led retrofit lamp
07/28/16Surface cleaning device
07/28/16A vacuum cleaner head
07/28/16Ultrasound transducer assembly and transmitting and receiving ultrasound waves
07/28/16Hub design and methods for optical shape sensing registration
07/28/16Medical instrument for external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy
07/28/16Alignment of the coordinate systems of external beam radiotherapy and magnetic resonance imaging systems
07/28/16Luminaire with selectable emission pattern
07/28/16Dixon magnetic resonance imaging
07/28/16Push-button vessel wall mri with 3d scout scan
07/28/16Panel luminaire
07/28/16System, method and computer program product for patient triage
07/28/16Quantitative imaging
07/28/16Support supporting a user in a diagnosis process
07/28/16Registration of medical images
07/28/16Joint reconstruction of electron density images
07/28/16Vibration resistant automotive front lighting lamp
07/28/16Method for communicating in mobile system
07/28/16Networked lighting such lighting apparatus to identify itself and communicate its network address
07/21/16Device, skin detection
07/21/16System and estimating cardiovascular fitness of a person
07/21/16Method and device for generating an energy-resolved x-ray image with adapted energy threshold
07/21/16Image data z-axis coverage extension for tissue dose estimation
07/21/16Processing processing cardiac data
07/21/16Navigation system
07/21/16Interventional tool stepper for electromagnetic tracking
07/21/16System and minimizing fiber twist in optical shape sensing enabled devices
07/21/16Releasable elbow connector
07/21/16Ultrasound transducer assembly and manufacturing an ultrasound transducer assembly
07/21/16Hair clipping device
07/21/16Multimodal imaging apparatus
07/21/16Laser etched scintillation crystals for increased performance
07/21/16A scatter reject method via energy calibration
07/21/16Lung measurements
07/21/16Method and system for spine position detection
07/21/16Motion compensated iterative reconstruction
07/21/16Electrical gas-discharge lamp with discharge-coupled active antenna
07/21/16Lighting device comprising at least two sets of leds
07/21/16Lighting system
07/21/16Apparatus for driving load via converter
07/21/16System for remotely controlling a controllable device
07/14/16Modular processing of magnetic resonance data
07/14/16Fetal heart rate extraction from maternal abdominal ecg recordings
07/14/16Dual mode cmut transducer
07/14/16Bedrail mount
07/14/16Cardio pulmonary resuscitation quality feedback system
07/14/16Safety valve
07/14/16Controlling a medication nebulizer through a smartphone
07/14/16High-dose rate brachytherapy system
07/14/16Shaving device with improved contour following
07/14/16Steamer with filter unit, filter cartridge and conveying steam
07/14/16Sound controller for optical shape sensor
07/14/16Mr-based attenuation correction in pet/mr imaging with dixon pulse sequence
07/14/16Improved ecg-based triggering for magnetic resonance imaging
07/14/16Method for detecting falls and a fall detection system
07/14/16Capacitive micro-machined ultrasound transducer cell
07/14/16Passivation for a semiconductor light emitting device
07/14/16Efficient address assignment in coded lighting positioning systems
07/14/16System comprising a controlling device and a controlled device
07/07/16Microfluidic device with valve
07/07/16Coffee machine for providing coffee brew with reduced caffeine content
07/07/16Apparatus for preparing food having a drawer with a sliding mechanism
07/07/16Method and display for long term physiological signal quality indication
07/07/16A hybrid method based on simulation and experimental data to normalize pet data
07/07/16Medical instrument with multiple displays for controlling a treatment system
07/07/16Medical robotic and/or catheter control system
07/07/16Automated battery indication and feedback system based on environmental conditions and use data for improved management and reliability
07/07/16Portal imaging for brachytherapy
07/07/16Printer head for 3d printing
07/07/16Hand-held steamer head
07/07/16Microfluidic device with valve
07/07/16Holder for holding a carrier, a lighting module, a luminaire and a manufacturing a holder for a lighting module
07/07/16A magnetic resonance imaging system without integrated body coil
07/07/16Mri using spatially adaptive regularization for image reconstruction
07/07/16Autonomous mobile robot and operating the same
07/07/16Gesture enabled simultaneous selection of range and value
07/07/16Segmentation interactively segmenting blood vessels in angiographic image data
07/07/16Despensing dispensing a food product
07/07/16P-contact with more uniform injection and lower optical loss
07/07/16Method of attaching a light emitting device to a support substrate
07/07/16White emitting light source and luminescent material
07/07/16Liquid immersion transfer of electronics
06/30/16Illumination enhancing growth of aquatic animals
06/30/16A bio-medical electrode
06/30/16Processing apparatus and processing determining a respiratory signal of a subject
06/30/16Detection and compensation monitoring the place of activity on the body
06/30/16Pet system with crystal or detector unit spacing
06/30/16X-ray detection
06/30/16Method and system for localizing body structures
06/30/16Micromanipulator-controlled local view with stationary overall view
06/30/16A treatment device for area and line fractional laser treatment
06/30/16Robotic system
06/30/16Detecting the fit of a patient interface device
06/30/16Fluid coupling member including valve member
06/30/16Power charging for modular medical devices
06/30/16A visualizing information in a procedure of placing sources
06/30/16Sound absorbing lighting panel and modular surface system
06/30/16Universal daytime running lamp for automotive vehicles
06/30/16Light-emitting arrangement with organic phosphor
06/30/16Lighting device
06/30/16Pixel identification for small pitch scintillation crystal arrays
06/30/16Patient user interface for controlling a patient display
06/30/16Modeling of patient risk factors at discharge
06/30/16Healthcare decision support system for tailoring patient care
06/30/16System and providing customized triage
06/30/16Imaging system operational property monitoring
06/30/16Disc spin speed profile for an optical disc
06/30/16Method and device for controlling cooling loop for superconducting magnet system in response to magnetic field
06/30/16Shaped phosphor to reduce repeated reflections
06/30/16Enhanced emission from plasmonic coupled emitters for solid state lighting
06/30/16Power distribution system
06/30/16Compact power conversion device with continuous output regulation range
06/30/16Power negotiation in daisy-chained systems
06/30/16Patient monitoring involving receiving multiple asynchronous data streams with antenna diversity
06/23/16Hair care device
06/23/16System and extracting physiological information and medical instrument for use in the system
06/23/16Long term harm detection wearable device
06/23/16Adjustable bow-tie filter for achieving optimal snr in helical computed tomography
06/23/16Method and system for medical imaging and information display
06/23/16A device for fractional laser-based-treatment
06/23/16Method and system for automatic estimation of utility of adaptive radiation therapy re-planning
06/23/16Massaging device
06/23/16Method and shipping and storage of cryogenic devices
06/23/16Room organizing system
06/23/16Light emitting device
06/23/16Adapter device for retrofitting in lighting arrangements
06/23/16Reheating cooked food such as meat
06/23/16Mobile healthcare hub
06/23/16System and providing dynamic content
06/23/16Processing a search result from a medical query-based search
06/23/16Spectral projection data de-noising with anti-correlation filter
06/23/16Granting control of a shared system
06/23/16Reducing solder pad topology differences by planarization
06/23/16Apparatus and manufacturing an integrated circuit
06/23/16Light output device and manufacture
06/23/16Wireless inductive power transfer
06/23/16Radio communication system, operating a communication system, and a mobile station
06/23/16Mitigation of control channel interference
06/23/16Methods and applying lighting to an object
06/23/16A lighting device and luminaire comprising an integrated antenna
06/16/16Monitoring apparatus
06/16/16Multifunction modular motor mount bumper
06/16/16Apparatus and evacuating a system
06/16/16Monitoring of nebulizer usage
06/16/16Monitoring respiratory parameters through ultrasonic measurements indicating flow changes in respiratory drug delivery devices
06/16/16Ultrasonic measurements for monitoring patients using respiratory therapy delivery devices
06/16/16Monitor defibrillator with multi-angle positioning
06/16/16Therapy planning
06/16/16Automation of therapy planning
06/16/16An gas cleaning
06/16/16Steaming device
06/16/16Color rendering index tunable lamp and luminaire
06/16/16Led h4 retrofit lamp unit
06/16/16Thermal function of headlight sealing cap

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