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Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology kaist
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology_20100121
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology_20100128
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Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology patents

Recent patent applications related to Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology. Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/07/17 new patent  Optical package using v-shaped or curved reflector, and manufacturing the same
12/07/17 new patent  Multiphase power supply having single comparator
12/07/17 new patent  Method and determining communication method between base station and terminal in wireless communication system
11/30/17Method for preparing recombinant proteins through reduction of rnpa gene expression
11/30/17Method and processing mri images
11/23/17Semiconductor nanocrystal-siloxane composite resin composition and preparation method thereof
11/23/17Method for detecting and quantifying biomaterials by using activity of nucleic acid polymerase regulated by target material
11/16/17Optical spectroscopy system using pipeline-structured matched filter and dual-slope analog digital converter and controlling the optical spectroscopy system
11/16/17Method and system for correcting field of view using user terminal information upon playback of 360-degree image
11/16/17Plasma processing system using electron beam and capacitively-coupled plasma
11/16/17Lithium-air battery catalyst having 1d polycrystalline tube structure of ruthenium oxide - manganese oxide complex, and manufacturing method thereof
11/16/17Trust evaluation method and system in internet of things
11/16/17Method and managing internet-of-things service
11/09/17Apparatus and removing strands of hair from near-infrared spectroscope
11/09/17Time division spread spectrum code-based optical spectroscopy system capable of controlling irradiation power and controlling the optical spectroscopy system
11/09/17Waveguide having bi-directional optical transmission structure
11/02/17Mobile and expandable firmware-based optical spectroscopy controlling same
11/02/17Optical spectroscopy system using matched filter-based broadband signal receiver for stable data extraction, and controlling the optical spectroscopy system
11/02/17Method for manufacturing catalyst for diesel autothermal reformer and catalyst manufactured by the same
11/02/17Microfluidic device for detecting target gene, manufacturing same, and detecting using same
11/02/17High-strength and ultra heat-resistant high entropy alloy (hea) matrix composites and preparing the same
11/02/17Model predictive control method and model predictive control apparatus
11/02/17Method for providing rigging tool and providing rigging tool
11/02/17Method for detecting network anomaly in distributed software defined networking environment, apparatus therefor, and computer program therefor
11/02/17Random access technique in mobile communication system using beamforming
10/26/17Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of cancer comprising rna oligonucleotide
10/26/17Data transmission and reception using caching in wireless communication system performing comp
10/26/17Modular controller in software-defined networking environment and operating method thereof
10/26/17Method for analyzing performance of network application program in software defined networking environment, apparatus therefor, and computer program therefor
10/19/17Ultra-low power flexible piezoelectric audio recognition sensor for internet of things
10/19/17Method and analyzing protein-protein interaction on single-molecule level within the cellular environment
10/19/17Method of removing ghost artifacts from magnetic resonance image, and magnetic resonance apparatus therefor
10/19/17Language delay treatment system and control the same
10/19/17Semiconductor device manufacturing method
10/19/17Wireless power transmitter utilizing phase and amplitude control algorithm and wireless power receiver
10/12/17Photonic radiator for radiating light wave to free space
10/05/17Camera and camera calibration method
10/05/17Receiver for simultaneously transferring energy and data and signal processing method thereof
10/05/17Method and device for transmitting/receiving data using cache memory in wireless communication system supporting relay node
09/28/17Wireless power supply apparatus
09/28/17Method for forming a reversible protein nanocluster using light in a cell
09/28/17High-frequency signal predistortion device and nonlinear distortion correcting device for power amplifier
09/21/17Memory system and operating method thereof
09/14/17Colorimetric sensor material for detecting hydrogen sulfide gas, which includes one-dimensional polymer nanofiber coupled to lead acetate particles obtained by high temperature stirring and quenching, and the same
09/14/17Envelope tracking power amplifying apparatus and method
09/07/17Flavonoid-poly(ethylene glycol) complex comprising flavonoid compounds and poly(ethylene glycol) and preparation method thereof
08/31/17Semiconductor package and manufacturing the same
08/31/17Template-based watermarking depth-image-based rendering based 3d image and apparatus thereof
08/24/17Method of preparing silylative-reduced n-heterocyclic compound using organoboron catalyst
08/24/17Antiviral agent comprising rna oligonucleotide
08/24/17Laser ultrasonic imaging system for a rotating object and method thereof
08/24/17Method of allocating resources in pattern/polarization beam division multiple access-based transmitting apparatus, transmitting channel information by receiving apparatus and receiving apparatus based on pattern/polarization beam division multiple access
08/24/17Communication method using outdated channel state information in two-cell, k-user cellular network
08/24/17Flat plate pulsating heat pipe applicable at various angles and manufacturing same
08/17/17Junctionless transistor based on vertically integrated gate-all-round multiple nanowire channels and manufacturing the same
08/10/17Synthesis of ordered microporous activated carbons by chemical vapor deposition
08/10/17Synthesis of ordered microporous activated carbons by chemical vapor deposition
08/10/17Optimized battery charging method based on thermodynamic information of battery
08/10/17Communication apparatus and method using random access procedure
08/03/17Electrocardiogram (ecg) signal based authentication apparatus and method
08/03/17Novel polypeptide for binding to complement protein c5a, and use of same
08/03/17Gesture classification apparatus and method using emg signal
07/27/17Method and device for controlling mri noise
07/27/17Cantilever set for atomic force microscopes, substrate surface inspection apparatus including the same, analyzing surface of semiconductor substrate by using the same, and forming micropattern by using the same
07/27/17Low dropout voltage (ldo) regulator including a dual loop circuit and an application processor and a user device including the same
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07/27/17Three-dimensional mesh model watermarking method using segmentation and apparatus thereof
07/20/17Method for analyzing activation state of signaling pathway and selecting personalized medicine using same
07/20/17High-temperature structure for measuring properties of curved thermoelectric device, and measuring properties of curved thermoelectric device using the same
07/20/17Material for electrode in energy storage device using metal organic frameworks with element with unshared electron pair, energy storage device comprising the same, and analyzing the same
07/20/17Printed circuit board structure having electromagnetic-tunnel embedded architecture and manufacturing the same
07/13/17Magnetic memory device
07/06/17Method for preparing carbonate
07/06/17Method of manufacturing graphene using doped carbon materials
07/06/17Tunneling field-effect transistor with a plurality of nano-wires and fabrication method thereof
07/06/17Ultrathin digital camera and manufacturing the same
06/29/17Transparent flexible hard coated film and producing the same
06/22/17Method and restoring image
06/22/17Method and establishing group cell on basis of measurement signal variation
06/22/17Beacon device using gs1 code, operating method thereof and service providing method using the same
06/22/17Method and efficient mobility management in heterogeneous network environment
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06/22/17Scheduling method and apparatus in mobile communication system
06/15/17System for compensating for disturbance of motor for motor driven power steering
06/08/17Carcass disposal system
06/08/17Method for manufacturing metallic nanowire transparent electrode
06/08/17Method for manufacturing of multi-level pore zeolite and utilization as catalyst for hydroisomerization of normal paraffins of multi-level pore zeolite prepared thereby
06/08/17Multi bit capacitorless dram and manufacturing method thereof
06/08/17Poreless separator for lithium air battery
06/08/17Conductive single crystal silicon particles coated with highly conductive carbon containing nanopores and ultrathin metal film, high capacity lithium anode material including the same, and preparing method thereof
06/08/17Method and controlling wireless power transmission
06/08/17Method and transmitting and receiving in communication system
06/08/17Method and transmitting signal in communication system
06/01/17Apparatus and providing augmented reality interaction service
06/01/17Memory system and operation method thereof
06/01/17Amplifier circuit and recovering input signal in the amplifier circuit
05/25/17Siloxane hard-coating resin composition
05/25/17Method of dynamically extracting entropy of battery
05/25/17System and predicting collapse of structure using throw-type sensor
05/25/17Class-d amplifier, audio processing apparatus and driving class-d amplifier
05/25/17User centric cache allocation method in infrastructure wireless mesh network and apparatus therefor
05/18/17Wall and floor structure for reducing inter-floor noise
05/18/17Apparatus and detecting microbes or bacteria
05/18/17Query processing method, electronic device, and server
05/18/17Apparatus and estimating hand position utilizing head mounted color depth camera, and bare hand interaction system using same
05/18/17Microstrip circuit and chip-to-chip interface comprising the same
05/18/17Millimeter wave antenna for diagonal radiation
05/18/17Method and carrying out cooperative cell clustering-based cooperative communication and handover
05/11/17Method for preparing recombinant glycoprotein having high sialic acid content, through glycosphingolipid synthesis cycle control
05/11/17Cell culture substrate, manufacturing method therefor, and use thereof
05/11/17Method for fine-tuning gene expression levels using synthetic regulatory srna
05/11/17Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
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05/11/17Photonic phased array antenna
05/11/17System and wireless power transfer without data communication channel
05/04/17Transition metal-noble metal complex oxide catalyst for dehydrogenation prepared by one-pot synthesis and use thereof
05/04/17A novel glycosylation of ginsenoside using a glycosyltransferase derived from panax ginseng
05/04/17Wall-climbing aerial robot mechanism and controlling the same
05/04/17Method and device for managing multimedia data
04/27/17Monomeric avidin-like proteins with stable biotin binding ability
04/27/17Recombinant microorganism producing 1,3-diaminopropane and producing 1,3-diaminopropane using the same
04/27/17Conductor including nano-patterned substrate and manufacturing the conductor
04/20/17Rna oligonucleotide and immune system enhancer comprising same
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04/20/17Method of producing polarizing light-emitting film using photoluminescent ferroelectric liquid crystal molecules and liquid crystal display comprising the same
04/20/17Motor control compensating disturbance
04/20/17Method for encoding/decoding block information using quad tree, and device for using same
04/13/17Sensor coordinate calibration in an ultrasound system
04/13/17Food packaging material having uniform coating of oil, manufacturing the same, mold for manufacturing the same
04/06/17Backlight unit capable of local dimming
04/06/17Operating memory system
04/06/17Method and system for mediating uses of smart devices of group users by utilizing location-based virtual self-control space
03/30/17Multi-reference correlated double sampling detection method and microbolometer using the same
03/23/17Metal catalysts for selective formation of cyclic carbonates, process for preparing cyclic carbonate using the same and use of cyclic carbonate
03/23/17Novel polypeptide binding to extracellular domain of epidermal growth factor receptor
03/23/17Method for managing access points in wifi network
03/16/17Metal-organic framework composite with nano metal-organic frameworks embedded in host metal-organic framework, producing the metal-organic framework composite and gas storage including the metal-organic framework composite
03/16/17Memory network and system including the same
03/16/17Organometallic compound and organic light emitting device including the same
03/16/17Apparatus and adjusting camera exposure
03/09/17Graphene-nanomaterial complex, flexible and stretchable complex comprising the same and methods for manufacturing complexes
03/02/17Piezocapacitive type pressure sensor with porous dielectric layer
03/02/17Method and processing magnetic resonance image
03/02/17Method and interpolating video frame by using supplemental information
02/23/17Electromagnetic wave oscillator, plasma wave power extractor and electromagnetic wave detector
02/23/17Novel chiral metal complex and use thereof for analyzing chirality of charged compound by 1h nmr spectroscopy
02/23/17Immune hepatotoxicity screening method using hepatocytes derived from human stem cells
02/23/17Ultra-high output power and extremely robust cycle life negative electrode material for lithium secondary battery and manufacturing the same, using layer structure of metal oxide nanoparticles and porous graphene
02/16/17Biosignal detecting apparatus and method therefor
02/16/17Method and robust localization in outdoor environments
02/02/17Bilirubin nanoparticle, use thereof, and preparation method therefor
01/26/17Method and measuring 3d refractive-index tomograms using high-speed wavefront shaper
01/26/17Non-contact durability diagnosis apparatus and method
01/19/17Induced pluripotent stem cell model of noonan syndrome and use thereof
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01/19/17Method for improving solar energy conversion efficiency using metal oxide photocatalysts having energy band of core-shell for ultraviolet ray and visible light absorption and photocatalysts thereof
01/19/17Method and smart device manipulation utilizing sides of device
01/19/17Power supply power amplifier
01/12/17Sensor coordinate calibration in an ultrasound system
01/12/17Video encoding encoding division block, video decoding decoding division block, and recording medium for implementing the same
01/12/17Method and system for providing video content based on image
01/12/17Apparatus and interference control in heterogeneous network-multi cell mobile communication system
01/05/17Method and relocation of mobile robot in indoor environment
01/05/17Apparatus for measuring micro-cracks in a membrane electrode assembly and predicting generation of micro-cracks in the same
01/05/17Porous semiconductor metal oxide complex nanofibers including nanoparticle catalyst functionalized by nano-catalyst included within metal-organic framework, gas sensor and member using the same, and manufacturing the same
01/05/17Flash memory system and operating method thereof
12/29/16Pharmaceutical composition for prevention and treatment of mental disease with enhanced nmdar function
12/29/16Method for improving solar energy conversion efficiency of semiconductor metal oxide photocatalysis using h2/n2 mixed gas plasma treatment
12/29/16Suspended type nanowire array and manufacturing method thereof
12/29/16Method and discovering target protein of targeted therapy
12/29/16Method and system for layout optimization of secondary coil for wireless power transfer
12/29/16Video encoding encoding division block, video decoding decoding division block, and recording medium for implementing the same
12/29/16Video encoding encoding division block, video decoding decoding division block, and recording medium for implementing the same
12/29/16Video encoding encoding division block, video decoding decoding division block, and recording medium for implementing the same
12/29/16Video encoding encoding division block, video decoding decoding division block, and recording medium for implementing the same
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12/22/16Display device and driving method thereof
12/22/16Data driver and organic light emitting display device having the same
12/15/16High efficiency hollow cathode and cathode system applying same
12/15/16Remote node configuration for providing upgraded services in a passive optical network and a passive optical network having the same
12/08/16Pattern/polarized antenna device and beamforming method
12/08/16Composition for preventing and treating acetaminophen inducing hepatotoxicity containing tnp(n2-(m-trifluorobenzyl), n6-(p-nitrobenzyl)purine) as an effective ingredient
12/08/16Method of fabricating array of nanoparticle clusters using thermal transformation of sublimable liquid crystal film
12/08/16Induced pluripotent stem cell model for cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome and uses thereof
12/08/16Prismatic pressure tank having lattice structure
12/08/16Novel diagnostic gastric cancer
12/08/16Unmanned aerial vehicle detection method using global positioning system leakage signal and system therefor
12/08/16Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
12/01/16Bimetallic catalyst for high nitrate nitrogen reduction and selectivity and manufacturing methods thereof
12/01/16Odor sensors
12/01/16Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
12/01/16Electronic device and accessing kernel data
12/01/16Pvc method using visual recognition characteristics
12/01/16Scheduling method and apparatus of wireless communication system
12/01/16Method and scheduling for wireless packet network
11/17/16Member for gas sensor, having a metal oxide semiconductor tube wall with micropores and macropores, gas sensor, and manufacturing same
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11/17/16Method and processor for implementing thread and recording medium thereof
11/17/16Referenceless and masterless global clock generator with a phase rotator-based parallel clock data recovery
11/17/16Method and generating secret key in wireless communication network
11/17/16Motion picture encoding apparatus and method thereof
11/10/16Method and analyzing protein-protein interaction on single-molecule level within the cellular environment
11/10/16Development of iterative reconstruction framework using analytic principle for low dose x-ray ct
11/03/16Transfer line for cryogenic liquid
11/03/16Fluid storage tank
10/27/16Cell coating method using compound comprising gallate group and lanthanoid metal salt or transition metal salt
10/27/16Apparatus and forming localized vibration field, and disposing exciters
10/27/16Hardware based security apparatus and security method using the same
10/20/16Dendrimer particles and related mixed matrix filtration membranes, compositions, methods, and systems
10/06/16Biopsy needle with sensing electrode array and manufacturing the same
09/29/16Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) apparatus and generating mr image
09/29/16Method and device for transmitting and receiving signal by using multiple beams in wireless communication system
09/22/16Method of motion segmentation in video using randomized voting and system having the same
09/22/16Ldpc decoder, semiconductor memory system and operating method thereof
09/22/16Power amplifier
09/22/16Power amplifier
09/15/16Method for analyzing protein-protein interaction on single-molecule level in cell environment, and measuring density of protein activated in cytosol
09/15/16Method and reconstructing image using low rank fourier interpolation scheme
09/08/16Composition for preventing or treating non-alcoholic liver disease or insulin resistance comprising ginsenoside f2
09/08/16Apparatus and performing user terminal selection operation and beam forming operation in wireless communication system supporting mimo technology
09/01/16Apparatus and concentrating magnetic field at high resolution and magnetic field receiving device for same
09/01/16Nerve regenerating or nerve growth-promoting pharmaceutical composition containing vax protein as active ingredient
08/25/16Filtration membranes and related compositions, methods and systems
08/25/16Apparatus and measuring precipitation in the atmosphere using k-band frequency-modulated continuous wave (fmcw) weather radar system
08/25/16Stretchable supercapacitor and manufacturing the same
08/25/16Phase locked loop using received signal
08/18/16Adding apparatus using time information and a method thereof
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08/18/16Multi-pattern matching algorithm and processing apparatus using the same
08/18/16Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
08/11/16Treatment of metabolic diseases by inhibtion of htr2a or htr3
08/11/16Catalyst for preferential oxidation and manufacturing the same
08/11/16Hydrogen sensor element for measuring concentration of hydrogen gas dissolved in liquid and measuring concentration of hydrogen gas using same
08/11/16Apparatus for scanning nano structure with plural afm probes and method thereof
08/11/16Memory controller
08/11/16Bio-inspired algorithm based p2p content caching wireless mesh networks and system thereof
08/04/16Inverted f-type array antenna having structure for isolation improvement
07/28/16Array antenna implementing predetermined beam width using predetermined number of antenna elements
07/28/16Beam modulation and demodulation method and apparatus based on beam-space multiple input multiple output (mimo) antenna system
07/28/16Joint pattern beam sectorization method and apparatuses performing the same
07/21/16Terahertz receiver and terahertz imaging sensor high data rate
07/21/16Flash memory system and operating method thereof
07/21/16Method and system for determining advertisement to be displayed based on price bid for peripheral sensing information
07/21/16Negative capacitance logic device, clock generator including the same and operating clock generator
07/14/16Method for fabricating columnar or lamellar structures of organic molecules aligned into large-area single domain
07/14/16Nanotransfer printing method and surface-enhanced raman scattering substrate, surface-enhanced raman scattering vial and surface-enhanced raman scattering patch manufactured using the same
07/14/16Direct envelope detection receiver from resonance antenna using maximum voltage transfer technique and receivers thereof
07/14/16Method and generating optical polar return-to-zero amplitude modulation signal using reflective semiconductor optical amplifier and wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical network system using the same
07/14/16Method and system for transceiving data over on-chip network
07/14/16Method for providing telepresence using avatars, and system and computer-readable recording medium using the same
07/14/16Handover method and apparatus in mobile communication system
07/07/16Novel polyamideimide having low thermal expansion coefficient
06/30/16Spintronic wireless communication system for simultaneously modulating multi-band frequency and amplitude
06/30/16Method for manufacturing antifogging porous silica thin film
06/30/16Effective specific gene silencing using artificial small rna
06/30/16Data billing system in mobile communication network
06/30/16Conductive polymer composition, and conductive polymer thin film, electronic device and organic light-emitting device using the same

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