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Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute And Korea Hydro x26 Nuclear Power Co Ltd


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Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016014573005/26/16  new patent  Production alloy 690 ordered alloy of improved thermal conductivity, and alloy 690 ordered alloy produced thereby
22016012100405/05/16 Novel grp-r agonistic 177-lutetium-labeled bombesin derivatives for diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer
32016010850704/21/16 Chromium-aluminum binary alloy having excellent corrosion resistance and manufacturing thereof
42016008673703/24/16 Electrode for dye-sensitized solar cell and manufacturing method therefor
52016006978803/10/16 Prediction corrosion rate of steam generator tube using eddy current testing
62016005296202/25/16 Method for isolating collagen from jellyfish by using radiation
72016004281602/11/16 Reactor and operating the reactor
82016004282102/11/16 Voloxidizer with double reactor for spent fuel rods decladding and double reactor for use in the same
92016001132201/14/16 Symmetrical-type mono-sensor three-dimensional radiation detection and visualization system and method thereof
102015026566709/24/15 Composition comprising centipede grass extracts or fractions thereof as active ingredients
112015025245809/10/15 Ferritic/martensitic oxide dispersion strengthened steel with enhanced creep resistance and manufacturing the same
122015025246209/10/15 Nickel-based super heat resistant alloy and manufacturing the same
132015025520109/10/15 Variable-cycle permanent-magnet undulator
142015024139508/27/15 Apparatus and measuring nonlinearity parameter using laser
152015024125708/27/15 Heteronuclear radioisotope nanoparticle of core-shell structure and preparation method thereof
162015024136708/27/15 Radiation imaging device capable of matter-element information acquisition and image based selection
172015024338208/27/15 Passive containment air cooling device and system with isolated pressure boundary
182015024338308/27/15 Water-air combined passive feed water cooling apparatus and system
192015024338408/27/15 Cooling water supply tank having heat mixing prevention function and passive high-pressure safety injection system and method using the same
202015024413508/27/15 Ultra-short terahertz pulse generator having multiple foils
212015022541608/13/15 Novel rotenone derivatives and a use thereof
222015022139908/06/15 In-vessel control rod drive mechanism and nuclear reactor with the same
232015022140308/06/15 Facility for reducing radioactive material and nuclear power plant having the same
242015019137607/09/15 Mineralogical removal highly concentrated iodine in radioactive wastewater
252015018518607/02/15 Apparatus for detecting pipe wall thinning and method thereof
262015018753207/02/15 Film target for laser-induced particle acceleration and manufacturing the same
272015015101106/04/15 Preparation of technetium-99m tricarbonyl labeled glycine monomer or oligomer containing probes that have biomolecules and its application as imaging complex-composition
282015013938005/21/15 Control rod drive mechanism built in nuclear reactor
292015013357005/14/15 Crosslinked speek cation exchange membrane having improved chemical stability by radiation and preparing the same
302015010812804/23/15 Combustion controller for combustible gas
312015007604503/19/15 Purification radioactive wastewater containing iodine radionuclides
322015006410803/05/15 Method of preparing radioisotope hybrid nanocomposite particles using sol-gel reaction and radioisotope hybrid nanocomposite particles prepared using the same
332015005081602/19/15 Method of electrochemically preparing silicon film
342014037465312/25/14 Apparatus and separating radioactive nuclides and recovering refined salt from licl waste salt or licl-kcl eutectic waste salt
352014037667912/25/14 Cooling system of nuclear reactor containment structure
362014037873312/25/14 Oxidation decontamination reagent for removal of the dense radioactive oxide layer on the metal surface and oxidation decontamination method using the same
372014033459011/13/14 Cooling system of emergency cooling tank and nuclear power plant having the same
382014033459111/13/14 Passive containment spray system
392014031253610/23/14 Epoxy resin composition for neutron shielding, and preparing the same
402014031466810/23/14 Technetium-99m labeled complex of gold nanoparticle-gold binding peptides, and making and using the same
412014030193810/09/14 Method and separating carbon and oxygen isotopes by using optical fiber laser
422014029465310/02/14 Martensitic oxide dispersion strengthened alloy with enhanced high-temperature strength and creep property, and manufacturing the same
432014023432608/21/14 Method for decreasing radioresistance and growth, metastasis and infiltration of cancer cells through regulating expression or activity of tm4sf4 in non-small cell lung cancer
442014022553408/14/14 Multi-joint radiotherapy apparatus using flexible and rotary coupling waveguide pipe
452014022677808/14/14 Multi stage safety injection device and passive safety injection system having the same
462014021940908/07/14 Multi stage safety injection device and passive safety injection system having the same
472014020227507/24/14 Two-far end supported actuator module for snake robot using inner wire
482014020505207/24/14 Chelate free chemical decontamination reagent for removal of the dense radioactive oxide layer on the metal surface and chemical decontamination method using the same
492014018573007/03/14 Uranium dioxide nuclear fuel pellet having ceramic microcells and fabricating method thereof
502014018573107/03/14 Uranium dioxide nuclear fuel pellet having metallic microcells and fabricating method thereof
512014015051506/05/14 Horizontal type slitting decladding of a fuel rod
522014015121506/05/14 Separation and recovery device for liquid waste including radionuclide, and separation and recovery method using the same
532014014742305/29/14 Pharmaceutical composition containing fibulin-3 protein as an active ingredient for inhibiting the growth of cancer stem cells
542014013228805/15/14 Method for measuring electrical conductivity and electrical conductivity measuring system using the same
552014012136105/01/14 Novel n3s1 chelator-folate derivatives, preparation method thereof and composition for diagnosis or treatment of cancer containing the same as an active ingredient
562014011243604/24/14 Security checking system using x-rays and neutrons
572014011411204/24/14 Ceramic ingot of spent filter having trapped radioactive cesium and preparing the same
582014009664604/10/14 Treatment spent uranium catalyst
592014009373304/03/14 Porous uo2 sintered pellet for electroreduction process, and preparation method thereof
602014008021703/20/14 Uranium analysis using luminescence enhancing oxidant and oxidant composition
612014005559702/27/14 Remote attaching and detaching device including cell camera
622014005029202/20/14 Separate type safety injection tank and integral type reactor having the same
632014002050801/23/14 Method for manufacturing metal nanoparticles having a core-shell structure with good oxidation stability
642014001387301/16/14 Cam-locking dissimilar material sleeve
652014001673201/16/14 Apparatus and controlling control rod of nuclear reactor for nuclear power plant
662014001921501/16/14 System for assessing procedure compliance level of human operators in nuclear power plants and method thereof
672014000540701/02/14 Method of preparing radioisotope nanostructure with ligand-metal framework and application
682013034350412/26/13 Heat exchanger for passive residual heat removal system
692013034434812/26/13 Zirconium alloy with coating layer containing mixed layer formed on surface, and preparation method thereof
702013029916111/14/13 Double packer apparatus
712013029947011/14/13 Method for oxide dispersion strengthening of metallic material using laser
722013030224411/14/13 Method of preparing iodine seed for treating eye disease or cancer, and iodine seed prepared thereby
732013030263911/14/13 Zirconium alloy for improving resistance to oxidation at very high temperature and fabrication method thereof
742013028932910/31/13 Decontamination cladding hull wastes generated from spent nuclear fuel and apparatus thereof
752013026699210/10/13 Composition for increasing saccharification efficiency of biomass, increasing saccharification efficiency of biomass and preparing bioethanol derived from biomass on a large scale using chaperone protein
762013026422210/10/13 Monitoring method and system of metal ions or oxygen ions applicable to high concentration non-aqueous electrolyte
772013025918810/03/13 Reverse conical lower end plug for an annular nuclear fuel rod
782013024396509/19/13 Method of preparing graphene from organic material using radiation technique and graphene prepared using the same
792013024080509/19/13 Uranium dioxide nuclear fuel containing mn and al as additives and fabricating the same
802013022049308/29/13 Zirconium alloys for a nuclear fuel cladding having a superior oxidation resistance in a reactor accident condition, zirconium alloy nuclear fuel claddings prepared by using thereof and methods of preparing the same
812013022049408/29/13 Zirconium alloys for a nuclear fuel cladding having a superior corrosion resistance by reducing an amount of alloying elements and methods of preparing a zirconium alloy nuclear fuel caldding using thereof
822013022049508/29/13 Zirconium alloys for a nuclear fuel cladding having a superior oxidation resistance in a severe reactor operation condition and methods of preparing a zirconium alloy nuclear cladding by using thereof
832013022358208/29/13 Fabrication burnable absorber nuclear fuel pellets and burnable absorber nuclear fuel pellets fabricated by the same
842013020207508/08/13 Water-spray residual heat removal system for nuclear power plant
852013017571907/11/13 Method for fabricating porous uo2 sintered pellet for electrolytic reduction process for recovering metallic nuclear fuel using continuous process of atmospheric sintering and reduction, and porous uo2 sintered pellet fabricated by the same
862013017060307/04/13 Nuclear fuel rod for fast reactor
872013014644006/13/13 Preparation chromenone derivatives using radiation
882013014877406/13/13 Porous uo2 sintered pellets and fabricating porous uo2 sintered pellets and electrolytic reduction using same
892013013622305/30/13 Method for treating neutrons generated from spent nuclear fuel
902013007088703/21/13 Reactor adapted for mitigating loss-of-coolant accident and mitigation method thereof
912013004386202/21/13 Biosensor detecting thiol group and preparing the biosensor
922013004485302/21/13 Feed water and steam header and nuclear reactor having the same
932012030476012/06/12 Apparatus and monitoring flow of liquid in pipe
942012026326810/18/12 Passive high pressure safety injection tank system (hpsit) for responding to station blackout (sbo) and loss-of-coolant accidents (loca)
952012024404109/27/12 Apparatus for recovering residual salt from the reduced uranium metal
962012024405509/27/12 Adsorbents for radioisotopes, preparation method thereof, and radioisotope generators using the same
972012018311107/19/12 Prompt gamma-ray detection analyzing chemical materials using femtosecond pulse laser-induced neutrons
982012017660307/12/12 Method of quantitatively analyzing uranium in aqueous solutions
992012016863607/05/12 Method for processing 3d distribution image of radiation source and system using the same
1002012016559406/28/12 Solidification radioactive waste accompanying chloride recycling or radioactive iodide removing and the device thereof
1012012015309106/21/12 Apparatus for cable management synchronized with telescopic motion
1022012014528706/14/12 Zirconium alloy compositions having excellent corrosion resistance by the control of various metal-oxide and precipitate and preparation method thereof
1032012013515705/31/12 Coating and ion beam mixing apparatus and method to enhance the corrosion resistance of the materials at the elevated temperature using the same
1042012012372105/17/12 Electronic scale having function of compensating for air pressure changes in glove box
1052012010669305/03/12 High cr ferritic/martensitic steels having an improved creep resistance for in-core component materials in nuclear reactor, and preparation method thereof
1062012008113304/05/12 Method of detecting impurities in high temperature aqueous solution and apparatus of detecting impurities for the same
1072012006356203/15/12 Dual-cooled fuel rod's spacer grids with upper and lower cross-wavy-shape dimple
1082012005610803/08/12 Surface modification fluoropolymers by electron beam irradiation and the fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces using the same
1092012005197803/01/12 Prefabricated vol-oxidizer for spent nuclear fuel for convenient operation and maintenance
1102012005385703/01/12 Cable for inspecting heat tubes and analyzing insertion force of cable
1112012004346902/23/12 Radiation detecting device to measure gamma-ray and neutron discriminately
1122012004347202/23/12 Charged particle beam acceleration and extraction method and apparatus used in conjunction with a charged particle cancer therapy system
1132012002649502/02/12 Device for on-site measurement of concentration of uranium in high temperature molten salts
1142012001450601/19/12 Stereo x-ray inspection forming three-dimensional image through volume reconstruction of image acquired from the same
1152011029964512/08/11 Breeding nuclear fuel mixture using metallic thorium
1162011022134709/15/11 Exit light and emergency light which have function to indicate residual charge of battery
1172011016471507/07/11 System and detecting leakage of nuclear reactor coolant using laser induced emission spectrum
1182011014482906/16/11 Countermeasure system for birds
1192011011140005/12/11 Method for enhancing chemical sensitivity or radiosensitivity of cancer cells by inhibiting expression of tspyl5
1202011009899504/28/11 Method for designing concentric axis double hot gas duct for very high temperature reactor
1212011009100104/21/11 High current solid target for radioisotope production at cyclotron using metal foam
1222011006418403/17/11 Unit spacer grid strap, unit spacer grid, and spacer grid for nuclear fuel rods
1232011003145002/10/11 Conductive nanocomplex and manufacturing the same
1242011002020601/27/11 Adsorbent, preparation method thereof and sr-90/y-90 generator using the same
1252010030185112/02/10 Apparatus and searching eddy current of electric heat tube using measuring magnetic permeability in steam generator
1262010029216611/18/10 Pharmaceutical composition for treating malignant tumors containing human p31 genes
1272010027261610/28/10 System and apparatus of separating remaining power of hull
1282010024895509/30/10 Adsorbents for radioisotopes, preparation method thereof, and radioisotope generators using the same
1292010023906209/23/10 Coolant with dispersed neutron poison micro-particles, used in scwr emergency core cooling system
1302010022647009/09/10 Direct vessel injection (dvi) nozzle for minimum emergency core cooling (ecc) water bypass
1312010015523606/24/10 Corrosion resistant structural alloy for electrolytic reduction equipment for spent nuclear fuel
1322010010227904/29/10 Radiation shielding members including nano-particles as a radiation shielding material and preparing the same
1332010009243704/15/10 Radiation inducible promoter
1342010008805904/08/10 Abnormal simulation signal analysis methods and abnormal signal simulation analysis module for 4˜20ma instrumental system
1352010002773402/04/10 Spacer grid for dual-cooling nuclear fuel rods using intersectional support structures
1362010002950702/04/10 The biochip for the detection of phosphorylation and the detection method using the same
1372009031784912/24/09 Biochip for the detection of phosphorylation and the detection method using the same
1382009028695911/19/09 High molecular weight fibroin having improved antioxidant activity, tyrosinase inhibitory ability and/or cytotoxicity to cancer cells by irradiation, and methods of making and using the same
1392009027782811/12/09 Adsorbents for radioisotopes, preparation method thereof, and radioisotope generators using the same
1402009027425911/05/09 Radioisotope production gas target having fin structure
1412009026926110/29/09 Process for recovering isolated uranium from spent nuclear fuel using a highly alkaline carbonate solution
1422009026097110/22/09 Method of preparing fluoroalkyl compounds using radiation
1432009026390610/22/09 Method of antioxidative functional estimation using animal model
1442009024612810/01/09 Composition and detection of pre-metastatic sites
1452009022752609/10/09 Cytoprotective composition comprising hesperidin or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof as an active ingredient
1462009022752709/10/09 Pharmaceutical composition for preventing and/or treating bone disease, functional food or health food and pharmaceutical preparation comprising thereof as active ingredient
1472009014826306/11/09 Cable-driven manipulator
1482009005260702/26/09 Spacer grid for close-spaced nuclear fuel rods
1492009004820802/19/09 Method for producing the low molecular weight beta-glucan by irradiation and low molecular weight beta-glucan produced by the method
1502009003520102/05/09 Preparation tc-99m-labeled iron oxide nanoparticle and diagnostic imaging or therapeutic agent for cancer diseases comprising the same
1512009012952705/21/09 Refueling sodium-cooled fast reactor and the same

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