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Korea Institute Of Energy Research
Korea Institute Of Energy Research A Corporation Of The Republic Of Korea
Korea Institute Of Energy Research_20131212

Korea Institute Of Energy Research patents

Recent patent applications related to Korea Institute Of Energy Research. Korea Institute Of Energy Research is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Korea Institute Of Energy Research may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Korea Institute Of Energy Research, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Flight simulation and control a unmanned aerial vehicle with regenerative fuel cells and solar cells for high altitude long endurance, and a control apparatus thereof
11/02/17Circulation type space-based solar power system
10/26/17Accelerated lifetime test device for redox flow battery
10/12/17Electrode structure, manufacturing thereof and use thereof, and stack structure of redox flow battery
09/28/17Method for manufacturing tubular co-electrolysis cell
09/21/17Apparatus and measuring height of solid bed in high-temperature and high-pressure fluidized bed system
09/21/17Cathode for metal-air battery, manufacturing the same, and metal-air battery comprising the same
09/07/17Carbon dioxide trapping device and method capable of producing electricity
08/17/17Direct synthesis nanostructured catalyst particles on various supports and catalyst structure produced by the same
08/17/17Flight path calculating and searching a unmanned aerial vehicle with regenerative fuel cells and solar cells for high altitude long endurance, and a searching apparatus thereof
08/17/17High-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stack having independent cooling plate and producing the same
08/03/17Bag filters having controlled air permeability and dust collectors using the same
08/03/17A shell-and-tube type reactor for reforming natural gas and a preparation syngas or hydrogen gas by using the same
07/27/17Non-oxidation heat treatment system having internal rx gas generator
07/20/17High-temperature structure for measuring properties of curved thermoelectric device, and measuring properties of curved thermoelectric device using the same
07/13/17Method for forming metal oxide coating layer on catalyst substrate, catalyst substrate including metal oxide coating layer and catalyst apparatus
06/29/17Hybrid solar heat absorption cooling system
06/22/17Reinforced composite membranes and manufacturing the same
06/01/17Method for manufacturing porous graphene filter, porous graphene filter manufactured using same, and filter apparatus using porous graphene filter
06/01/17Porous graphene member, manufacturing same, and manufacturing same using the method
05/18/17Reverse electrodialysis device having enhanced maximum power density with ultra-thin ion exchange membranes
05/18/17Method for manufacturing silicon using silica and silicon manufactured using the same
05/18/17Method of forming chalcogen compound light-absorption layer thin film for solar cell
05/18/17Lithium-ion conducting solid electrolyte, manufacturing the same, and lithium battery including the same
05/11/17Thin plate bonding method and thin plate assembly
05/04/17High-voltage and high-power supercapacitor having maximum operating voltage of 3.2 v
05/04/17Forming acigs film at low temperature and manufacturing solar cell by using the forming method
05/04/17Battery packing module and battery pack
04/27/17Preparation particle size-controlled, chromium oxide particles or composite particles of iron oxide-chromium alloy and chromium oxide
04/20/17Metal-organic frameworks and process of preparing the same
04/20/17Method and treating heavy hydrocarbon oil using liquid phase of hydrocarbon oil
04/13/17Energy saving combustion device for burning refractory hazardous gas and operating the same
03/23/17Method of carbon coating on nanoparticle and carbon coated nanoparticle produced by the same
03/16/17Carbon dioxide collecting apparatus and method using independent power generation means
03/09/17Low energy-type acid gas capture system and method using recirculation of absorbent
03/09/17Porous iron-silicate with radially developed branch, and iron-carbide/silica composite catalyst prepared therefrom
03/09/17Metal oxide-carbon nanomaterial composite, preparing the same, catalyst, preparing the same, and catalyst layer for fuel cell electrodes
03/02/17Cell for felt electrode characterization
03/02/17Photovoltaic system having fault diagnosis apparatus, and fault diagnosis photovoltaic system
02/23/17Method of manufacturing graphene composite including ultrasonic-wave pulverization post-treatment process and manufacturing active material using the same
02/23/17Method for preparing metal bipolar plate of fuel cell and metal bipolar plate prepared by the same
02/16/17High temperature dry desulfurization system and method using multi regeneration rector
02/16/17Crucible for electron-beam evaporator
02/02/17Method for manufacturing light absorption layer of thin film solar cell and thin film solar cell using the same
01/19/17Acid gas capture system and method saving energy by cooling absorbent, which has passed reboiler, by means of steam condensate
01/19/17Engery system
01/19/17Poly-generation system
01/12/17Hybrid type heating system capable of supplying heat and hot water
01/12/17Synthesis of boron nitride and coating the same
01/12/17Dehumidification system
01/12/17Dehumidification system
01/05/17Egg-shell type hybrid structure of highly dispersed nanoparticle-metal oxide support, preparation method thereof, and use thereof
01/05/17Preparation catalyst comprising a ruthenium-containing catalyst layer formed on the body surface
01/05/17Methane steam reforming, using nickel/alumina nanocomposite catalyst or nickel/silica-alumina hybrid nanocomposite catalyst
01/05/17High permeability oxygen separation membrane coated with electroactive layer on both sides and fabrication method thereof
12/22/16Supercritical carbon dioxide power generation system
12/15/16Apparatus for producing silicon nanoparticle using inductive coupled plasma
12/15/16System and preventing catalyst from overheating
12/08/16Thermal storage material containing hexanary composition
12/01/16Apparatus for separating co2 from combustion gas using multi-stage membranes
12/01/16Method of forming nitrogen-doped porous graphene envelope
12/01/16Ejector capable of being preheated, injection mold having the ejector, and manufacturing molded part using the injection mold
12/01/16Arc detection apparatus, arc detecting method, and power system
11/17/16Sealing material, manufacturing flexible thin-film type super-capacitor device using the same, and super-capacitor device manufactured by the method
11/10/16Method of preparing active carbon and active carbon prepared by the same
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10/27/16Gasification combined generation system through coal and industrial waste water
10/20/16Device for controlling sample temperature during photoelectric measurement and solar cell measurement device using same
10/20/16Energy-saving acid gas capture system and method
10/20/16Cobalt-based catalyst on metal structure for selective production of synthetic oil via fischer-tropsch reaction, preparing the same, and selectively producing synthetic oil using the same
10/20/16Flow type energy storage device and reaction cell for the device
10/13/16System and separation and recovery of acid gas
09/29/16Method of manufacturing ci(g)s-based thin film including aging of slurry comprising binary nanoparticles, and ci(g)s-based thin film manufactured thereby
09/15/16Energy-saving acidic gas capture system and method using condensed water
09/15/16Energy-saving system and capturing acidic gas by using separated water
09/01/16Complex type dryer for high viscous materials
08/18/16Gas collecting plant and gas condensing device with reflux separator
08/18/16Gas capture plant
08/18/16Absorption tower having absorption separator
08/04/16Trigeneration energy supply system
08/04/16Solar power generation system
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07/14/16Cobalt metal foam catalyst, making same, thermal-medium-circulating heat-exchange reactor using same, and producing a liquid fuel by means of a fischer-tropsch synthesis reaction using thermal-medium-circulating heat-exchange reactor
07/14/16Cobalt metal foam catalyst, making same, thermal-medium-circulating heat-exchange reactor using same, and producing a liquid fuel by means of a fischer-tropsch synthesis reaction using thermal-medium-circulating heat-exchange reactor
07/14/16Cathode catalyst for metal-air battery, manufacturing same, and metal-air battery comprising same
06/30/16Distributed generation system and method using a rental article having a flexible thin film solar cell
06/30/16Hybrid dc-dc converter with llc converter and full-bridge converter
06/09/16Mesoporous cellular foam impregnated with iron-substituted heteropolyacid, preparation method therefor, and carbon dioxide separation method using same
06/02/16Apparatus for producing si nanoparticles using microwave plasma and production method using the same
05/26/16Heat exchange reactor using thin plate provided with flow path therein and manufacturing the same
05/19/16Bioelectrochemical system having polyvalent ion removing function
05/19/16Apparatus for synthesizing ammonia
05/19/16Redox flow battery
05/12/16Virus hybrid separation film and manufacturing same
05/12/16Carbide-derived carbon manufactured by using heat treatment at vacuum and method thereof
05/12/16Block-type supercapacitors and fabricating the same, graphene oxide-metal oxide composite and synthesizing the composite
05/05/16Carbon electrode and manufacturing thereof
04/28/16Absorbent for acidic gas separation and acidic gas separation
04/07/16Metal carbide/carbon composite body having porous structure by three-dimensional connection of core-shell unit particles, preparation method thereof, and use of the composite body
04/07/16Solar cell module and manufacturing the same
03/31/16High-capacity slurry electrode and flow energy storage system based on same
03/24/16Metal oxalate hydrate body having a certain shape, preparation method thereof, and metal oxide/carbon composite body prepared from the same
03/17/16Potential energy-based power generation system
03/17/16Potential energy-based power generation system
03/17/16Carbon paper with conducting polymers and polyols for fuel cell and preparation method thereof
03/03/16Combined heat and power system for greenhouse carbon dioxide enrichment with unified transmission pipes for hot water and carbon dioxide
03/03/16Unit cell of solid oxide fuel cell, stack using the unit cell, and methods of manufacturing the unit cell and the stack
02/18/16Iron-based catalyst and preparing the same and use thereof
02/18/16System and preventing catalyst from overheating
02/18/16Method of forming chalcopyrite light-absorbing layer
02/11/16Tube-type solid-oxide secondary battery
02/04/16Apparatus and managing fuel cell vehicle system
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01/21/16Apparatus for manufacturing si-based nano-particles using plasma
01/21/16Silicon wafer slicing device using wire discharge machining
01/21/16Manufacturing apparatus of high purity mox nanostructure and manufacturing the same
01/07/16Large-scale composite synthesis system, reactor and composite synthesis method using the same
01/07/16Siox nanoparticle manufacturing apparatus including crucible for silicon melting having sliding type tapping structure and manufacturing siox nanoparticle using the same
01/07/16Solar cell having rear buffer layer and manufacturing the same
12/17/15Converter system using efficient map and controlling same
12/10/15Solar power generation system
12/03/15Metal-carbon hybrid composite having nitrogen-doped carbon surface and manufacturing the same
12/03/15Double flow channel open-type solar heat absorber having porous plate arrangement
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11/26/15Method for inhibiting structure ii gas hydrate formation
11/26/15System and liquefying natural gas
11/19/15Electrode-support type of gas-separation membrane module, tubular structure of same, production tubular structure, and hydrocarbon reforming method using same
11/19/15Hydrogen separation membrane module for capturing carbon dioxide
11/19/15Hydrogen separation membrane, and manufacturing same
11/05/15Bop system of solid oxide fuel cell, solid oxide fuel cell stack module, and operating the solid oxide fuel cell
10/29/15Intergrated carbon dioxide conversion system for connecting oxyfuel combustion and catalytic conversion process
10/22/15Composite body in which first metal-containing particles and second metal-containing particles are supported on carbon material or connected by carbon material, and producing same
10/22/15Hydrogen production module by integrated reaction/separation process, and hydrogen production reactor using same
10/22/15Supply pipe and pipe system for thermal energy network based on bilateral heat trade
10/22/15Numerical simulation system and numerical simulation atmospheric flow by computational fluid dynamics
10/22/15Method of forming cigs absorber layer for solar cell and cigs solar cell
10/15/15Carbon dioxide absorbing composition including antisolvent, and absorbing carbon dioxide using the same
10/15/15Method for preparing granulated bentonite formed body and granulated bentonite formed body prepared thereby
10/08/15Method of fabricating a(c)igs based thin film using se-ag2se core-shell nanoparticles, a(c)igs based thin film fabricated by the same, and tandem solar cells including the a(c)igs based thin film
10/08/15Ultra thin hit solar cell and fabricating the same
10/01/15Method for optimization of fuel cells operating conditions using hybrid model
09/24/15Duplex calorimeter
08/20/15Sealing material, manufacturing flexible thin-film type super-capacitor device using the same, and super-capacitor device manufactured by the method
08/06/15Integrated complex electrode cell having inner seal structure and redox flow cell comprising same
07/23/15Variable volume receiver for refrigerating cycle, refrigerating cycle comprising the variable receiver, and controlling the refrigerating cycle
07/23/15Method for predicting wind power density
07/16/15Reboiling device and regeneration tower
06/25/15Fluidized bed reactor capable of varying flow velocity
06/25/15Stack-type flow energy storage system and charging and discharging energy using the same
06/25/15Manifold for redox flow battery for reducing shunt current and redox flow battery comprising same
06/11/15Plate-type heat exchanger reactor and producing the same
06/11/15Method of manufacturing ci(g)s-based thin film having reduced carbon layer, thin film manufactured by the method, and solar cell comprising the thin film
05/21/15Method of manufacturing porous ceramic body and composition for porous ceramic body
05/14/15System for absorbing and separating acid gases
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05/14/15Method of preparing graphene and anode mixture for lithium secondary battery including graphene prepared thereby
05/07/15Method for generating information for power grid optimization, and agent device
04/30/15Heat pump system
04/30/15Cigs solar cell having flexible substrate based on improved supply of na and fabrication method thereof
04/30/15Power-sharing charging system, charging device, and controlling the same
04/30/15Absorbent for desulfurization of combustion gas and treating combustion gas using the same
04/16/15Method for separating water/ethanol using naa zeolite separator
04/16/15Method for producing carbon paper for fuel cell diffusion layer by addition of conducting polymer and carbon paper for fuel cell diffusion layer produced by the method
04/09/15Carbon dioxide absorbing composition including tertiary alkanolamine, and absorbing carbon dioxide using the same
04/09/15Carbon dioxide absorbing composition including sterically hindered alkanolamine, and absorbing carbon dioxide using the same
04/02/15Method for disassembling photovoltaic module
03/19/15Antimicrobial filter adopting optical fibers and air cleaner comprising same
03/19/15Method for preparing iron-based catalyst and iron-based catalyst prepared by the same
03/05/15Suspended combustion type power steam generator capable of rapid and high-temperature pyrolysis using frdf for extending residence time of high-temperature gas
02/26/15Compound including oxalate, carbon dioxide absorbent including the same, preparing carbon dioxide absorbent and removing carbon dioxide
02/26/15Compound including activated metal and ligand, carbon dioxide absorbent including the compound, preparing the carbon dioxide absorbent, and removing carbon dioxide
02/19/15Continuous oxygen production method and continuous oxygen adsorption and desorption device using oxygen adsorbing agent
02/19/15Metal complex of fluorinated tin oxide and titanium oxide and preparation method thereof
01/29/15Method for preparing hydrogen separation membrane and device for prepariing hydrogen separation membrane
01/22/15Heat pump system capable of adjusting amount of refrigerant stored in liquid receiver
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01/22/15Heat resistant hydrogen separation membrane and manufacturing same
01/22/15Unit cell for solid-oxide fuel cell and solid-oxide fuel cell using same
01/08/15Internal current collection structure of thermal to electric converting cell and manufacturing the same
01/08/15Chemical looping combustion solid fuels using different oxygen carriers
01/01/15Oxygen selective adsorbent for easy desorption and preparation method thereof
12/18/14Method for reforming coal using palm residue
11/13/14Alkali metal thermal to electric converter system including heat exchanger
11/13/14Serial and parallel connection structures of thermal to electric converting cells using porous current collecting material and application of the same
11/06/14Method of preparing alloy catalyst for fuel cells and alloy catalyst for fuel cells prepared by the same
10/23/14Cathode for lithium-air battery, manufacturing the same, and lithium-air battery comprising the same
10/09/14Multilayer module for hydrogen separation
10/09/14Manufacturing methods of materials powder for performance improved electrode and using the same electrode and its application
10/09/14Apparatus for preparing silicon nanoparticle using icp
10/09/14Apparatus for a hydrocarbon reforming using a micro-channel heater
09/11/14Amtec cell and manufacturing the amtec cell
08/28/14Fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material honeycomb and preparing the same
08/28/14Purification methods for betulonic acid and boc-lysinated betulonic acid, and organic synthesis of betulonic acid amides with piperazine derivatives
08/21/14Apparatus and softsensing fuel cell system
08/14/14Beta-alumina and alpha-alumina bonding method using alpha-alumina and calcium oxide and thermal to electric converter using the same
08/07/14Method for manufacturing ci(g)s-based thin film comprising cu-se thin film using cu-se two-component nanoparticle flux, and ci(g)s-based thin film manufactured by the method
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07/24/14Amtec unit cell with partially opened internal electrode and manufacturing the amtec cell
07/24/14Method for separating ethylene or ethane from mixed gas
07/10/14Thermal to eletric converting cell
06/26/14Micro-channel water-gas shift reaction device having built-in flow-through-type metal catalyst
05/29/14Method and recovering ethylene from fluidized catalytic cracking (fcc) off-gas
05/15/14Method for preparing carbide-derived carbon-based anode active material and anode active material prepared by the same
05/08/14Heat-electricity combined production system that utilizes solar energy and geothermal heat
04/17/14Method for producing metal catalyst for preparing alcohol and metal catalyst produced thereby
04/10/14Single-crystal apatite nanowires sheathed in graphitic shells and synthesis method thereof
04/10/14Carbon fiber-reinforced silicon carbide composite material and preparing the same
04/10/14Hydrocarbon advancement method
04/03/14Solid oxide fuel cell stack with uniform flow distribution structure and metal sealing member
03/27/14Transparent conducting film having double structure and manufacturing the same
03/20/14Apparatus and managing fuel cell vehicle system
03/20/14Apparatus and managing stationary fuel cell system
03/13/14Hydrogen sulfide and carbonyl sulfide removal apparatus using microwave plasma, and method thereof
03/06/14Method of forming zinc oxide prominence and depression structure and manufacturing solar cell using thereof
02/27/14Adiabatic compressed air energy storage for automotive vehicle and energy storage method using the same
02/27/14Fluidized bed heat exchange recovering heat of flue gas for producing high temperature water
02/27/14Apparatus and rapidly producing synthetic gas from bio-diesel by-product using microwave plasma
02/20/14Microactuator using bubble growth and destruction
01/30/14Hydrocarbon reforming device using micro channel heater
01/23/14Method for preparing catalyst layer by in-situ sol-gel reaction of tetraethoxysilane in nafion ionomer solution
01/23/14Catalysts having metal nano-particle catalyst supported on surface-treated natural cellulose fibers and preparation method thereof
01/02/14Multifunctional exhaust gas purifying filter, and exhaust gas purifying apparatus using the same
12/26/13Gasifying apparatus with variable gasifier and used as both power generator and combustion boiler, and driving the same
12/12/13Flat tubular solid-oxide fuel cell, and flat tubular solid-oxide water electrolysis apparatus
12/05/13Method of producing high purity siox nanoparticles with excellent volatility and producing the same
11/14/13Thermal energy network system
11/14/13Oxygen-selective adsorbent having fast adsorption rate and preparation method thereof
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11/07/13Apparatus for manufacturing high purity polysilicon using electron-beam melting and manufacturing high purity polysilicon using the same
11/07/13Apparatus for manufacturing polysilicon based electron-beam melting using dummy bar and manufacturing polysilicon using the same
11/07/13System and converting electric power, and controlling the system
10/31/13Apparatus and controlling a plurality of power converting modules and analyzing power quantity imbalance
10/31/13Method and synthetizing composite using simultaneous vaporization, vaporizer for composite synthesis apparatus, vaporizer heater, and composite
10/31/13Method for preparing metal-carbon composite of core-shell structure through simultaneous vaporization and metal-carbon composite of core-shell structure prepared thereby
10/24/13Method of manufacturing anode active material, and anode and lithium battery using the anode active material
10/17/13Evaporative desalination device of multi stage and multi effect using solar heat
10/17/13Flat tubular or plate type solid oxide fuel cell
10/10/13Apparatus for manufacturing silicon substrate
10/10/13Flat-tubular solid oxide cell stack
10/10/13Unit cell for flat-tubular solid oxide fuel cell or solid oxide electrolyzer, and flat-tubular solid oxide fuel cell and flat-tubular solid oxide electrolyzer using the same
09/12/13Method for producing porous carbon materials having mesopores and catalyst support for a fuel cell produced using same
09/12/13Method for manufacturing iron catalyst
08/22/13Separation of olefins from olefins/paraffins mixed gas
08/15/13Production of high purity butene-1 from c4 olefins/paraffins mixed gas
08/15/13Displacement desorption process for light olefin separation
08/15/13Method for preparing carbon dioxide absorbent based on natural biomass and carbon dioxide absorbent based on natural biomass prepared by the same
08/15/13Continuous flow-electrode system, and high-capacity power storage and water treatment method using same
07/04/13Apparatus and measuring concentration of liquid-state refrigerant of nonazeotrope refrigerant mixture, and absorption type, 1-stage compressing-absorbing type and 2-stage compressing-absorbing type heat pump including the apparatus
07/04/13Dehumidifier for a compressor, 1-stage compressing-absorbing type heat pump system and 2-stage compressing-absorbing type heat pump system
07/04/13Dry carbon dioxide capturing device using multi sorbents
06/27/13Flameless steam reformer
06/20/13Dry carbon dioxide capturing device with multistage supply structure
06/13/13Device for solid oxide fuel cell or solid oxide electrolysis cell comprising integral one-piece current collector and manifold
05/23/13Device and measuring dynamic thermal conductivity of micro-structure fluid
05/23/13Micro-channel reactor for producing synthetic natural gas
05/09/13Composition and inhibiting gas hydrate formation
05/02/13Method of preparing silica aerogel granules

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