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Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources
Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources kigam
Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resource
Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resource kigam
Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resource S

Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resource patents

Recent patent applications related to Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resource. Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resource is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resource may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resource, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17Prestack egs migration seismic wave multi-component data
05/25/17Method for generating secondary data in geostatistics using observed data
04/27/17Dry separation apparatus and dry separation method
04/06/17Foldable-fixing type 3d seismic survey small ship, and seismic survey using the same
04/06/17Electric field sensor for underwater
03/16/17Method for leaching precious metals contained in waste denitrification catalyst using pressure leaching process
02/02/17Recovery useful resources in seawater and brine
01/12/17Pore water extraction kit of seabed sediment
12/08/16Method for crushing hard tungsten carbide scraps
12/01/16Monitoring probe for observing groundwater
11/24/163-dimensional airborne magnetic survey system and 3-dimensional airborne magnetic survey method using the same
11/10/16Automatic reduction pre-treating sample for radiocarbon dating
10/27/16X-ray shielding apparatus and method
09/29/16Coating calcium carbonate film
07/28/16Method of preparing lithium adsorption structure having large surface area
06/30/16Method of removing hydrous silica from bentonite
06/30/16Method of resolving contribution ratio to soil contamination by plurality of polluters through sequential extraction scheme and stable isotope analysis scheme
05/05/16Apparatus and 3d seismic exploration for use in a small ship
04/14/16Method of recovering acid and platinum group metal from leaching solution of spent catalyst
04/07/16Apparatus and measuring salinity of interstitial water collected from soil sample
03/24/16Method for analyzing 2-dimensional geothermal resource data using web-based 3-dimensional sectional view
03/17/16Apparatus for collecting surface seabed sediment and collecting seabed sediment using the same
03/17/16Apparatus for measuring saturated hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated porous media
03/03/16Lithium recovery device and recovery method
03/03/16Metal recovery reactor and metal recovery system
02/25/16Apparatus for detecting infrasound
12/24/15Leaf node ranking method in decision trees for spatial prediction and its recording medium
12/10/15Method of measuring dissolved methane in seawater
12/03/15Recyling pure ammonium sulfate aqueous solution
12/03/15Underwater detector and underwater detection
11/12/15Measurement device for water exchanges across water/sediment interface
10/22/15Automatic sheet grinding apparatus
09/17/15System for acquiring chirp data and acquiring chirp data using the same
08/20/15Method of processing marine magnetic data and a processing the same
08/20/15Method of processing a marine gravity data and a processing the same
07/30/15Leaching rare-earth metals using hydrochloric acid from manganese nodule
07/23/15Method for leaching valuable metals contained in waste denitrification catalyst by using roasting and water leaching
07/02/15Clinometer and measuring strike and dip angle using same
06/11/15Method of calibrating an infrasound detection apparatus and system for calibrating the infrasound detection apparatus
06/11/15Aerial survey plane having cover for protecting lens of infrared camera for aerial survey
06/04/15Method and system for photographing moving image for spill observation of carbon dioxide in deep part of sea floor
06/04/15System for measuring propagation velocity of sound wave and measuring propagation velocity of sound wave
05/28/15Method of pre-treating molybdenite containing copper
05/28/15Method of detoxifying asbestos by using room-temperature recrystallization scheme
05/21/15Coring system considering tilting of coring part and compensating depth of coring part using the same
05/14/15Clinocompass for measuring strike and dip on irregular geological outcrop, and measuring strike and dip by using the same
05/07/15Method of recovering rare earth elements from oxidized scrap of permanent magnet
05/07/15Method of leaching molybdenum from sulfide mineral containing molybdenum and copper through electrolytic oxidation scheme
04/09/15Simplified valuable mineral sorting apparatus and sorting valuable minerals using the same
03/19/15Method of resolving heavy metal contamination source based on sequential extraction scheme and isotope analysis scheme
03/12/15Apparatus and preparing reference solution
03/12/15Apparatus and preparing reference solution
03/12/15Apparatus and processing leaking carbon dioxide
02/19/15Method of preparing calcium carbonate using direct carbonation reaction
02/12/15Method of injecting and reacting super-critical phase carbon dioxide without pressure loss
02/05/15Apparatus for remotely measuring outdoor water quality and method thereof
01/29/15Method of collecting sample using multi-packer and apparatus thereof
01/01/15Apparatus for sampling water in borehole, and method thereof
12/25/14Method of detoxifying asbestos contained in waste slate and detoxified asbestos obtained through the same
12/18/14Method of analyzing contaminant transport under cauchy boundary conditions using improved lagrangian-eulerian method
12/04/14Device for electrowinning europium with channeled cell and method thereof
12/04/14Effect of operating parameters on the performance of electrochemical cell in copper-chlorine cycle
11/20/14Glucose sensor including noble metal-graphene composites
10/30/14Surface modification calcite
09/25/14Method of evaluating final equilibrium ph of contaminated soil on site by using paste ph
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08/28/14Method of removing asbestos from asbestos-containing materials by 99% through low temperature heat treatment
08/07/14Method of treating strong basic aluminum production waste
07/24/14Method of analyzing numeric model for metal hydride tank
06/12/14Sediment coring preventing loss and disturbance of sample in core
06/05/14Method of producing low oxygen-content molybdenum powder by reducing molybdenum trioxide
05/29/14Method of producing low oxygen-content molybdenum powder by reducing molybdenum trioxide
05/29/14Methods of producing carbonate minerals and apparatuses of producing the carbonate minerals
05/22/14Method of synthesizing hollow silica from sodium silicate
05/08/14Method for preparing magnetite nanoparticles from low-grade iron ore using solvent extraction and magnetite nanoparticles prepared by the same
05/01/14Permeameter for in-situ measurement of saturated hydraulic conductivity
04/24/14Apparatus for monitoring hot waste water discharged from power plant by using airborne multispectral scanner system
04/24/14Method of calculating numeric model for interpretation of metal hydride tank
04/17/14Clinometer apparatus
04/17/14Geothermal power generation system and method using heat exchange between working gas and molten salt
04/17/14Carbon-dioxide recovery system
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04/10/14Method of producing carbide and carbon nitride powders containing binder, and cermet obtained from the same
03/27/14Ion-exchange manganese oxide lithium adsorbent using porous structure and preparing the same
03/13/14Method of reducing uncertainty in pressure pulse-decay measurement
01/16/14Method of preparing mesoporous silica particles using spray pyrolysis
11/28/13Method for manufacturing a valuable-metal sulfuric-acid solution from a waste battery, and manufacturing a positive electrode active material
11/28/13Apparatus for marking section for geological survey
11/28/13Unmanned automatic alkalinity measuring system and method
11/14/13Apparatus and analyzing drilled submarine sediment on ship
11/14/13Device for prediction underground behavior by using acoustic emission sensor and producing method thereof
10/31/13Device for tracking position of freshwater-saltwater interface of underground water and installing the same
10/31/13System for monitoring coastal underground water
10/17/13Method for producing silicon chloride from silicon sludge
10/10/13Hydroplaning debris-flow simulation apparatus
10/03/13Debris-flow simulation apparatus having variable flume
09/19/13Apparatus for measuring geologic strike and dip
09/19/13Apparatus for extracting, analyzing, and storing gas in drilled core on ship
09/19/13Portable ultraviolet device for exploring mineral resource
07/25/13Photographing apparatus
06/06/13Apparatus and measuring porosity and permeability of dioxide carbon underground storage medium
06/06/13Method of analyzing 3d geological structure using structure index
05/30/13Method of calculating mud weight in borehole formed in anisotropic rock formation
05/02/13Holder for measuring permeability of unconsolidated sediment
03/14/13Glucose sensor having titanium dioxide-graphene composite
01/17/13Automatic seepage meter
01/03/13Apparatus and adsorbing and desorbing lithium ions using a ccd process
12/27/12Method for preparing high-purity lithium carbonate from brine
10/25/12Method of producing calcite capable of controlling a grain size thereof
08/30/12Method for preparing nanoporous pt/tio2 composite particles
08/23/12Method for detecting structural stability of object area and the same
05/31/12Uranium ion exchange adsorption method using ultrasound
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05/31/12Highly efficient uranium leaching method using ultrasound
05/03/12Method for preparing microtubular halloysite nanopowders
12/08/11Economical sequestration of carbon dioxide by the mixed gas
09/22/11Fabrication calcium carbonate thin film with shape-controlled finestructure pattern using additive
08/25/11Sludge suction offshore structure
04/21/11Sample storage apparatus
12/16/10Method of modifying silica nanopowder surfaces
11/25/10Guiding device of hauling rope for tools in borehole
11/11/10Groundwater radon reduction apparatus
07/22/10Dimples lifting pipe for mining deep-sea mineral resources
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06/04/09Lithium-manganese oxides, preparing the same, and lithium adsorbent using the same
10/05/17Method for recycling byproduct sludge in recycled aggregate producing process from waste concrete
04/13/17Method of restoring arsenic-contaminated soil using alkaline-ultrasonic washing and magnetic separation
02/16/17System for recovering multiple kinds of ions
02/09/17Method for measuring density change of underground material using gravimeter
01/12/17Method for remediating contaminated soil using microorganism strain having ability to produce urease
11/24/16Method and system for measuring total earth's magnetic field for ocean magnetic survey through elimination of geomagnetic disturbance and recording medium therefor
08/25/16Apparatus and system for treating acid mine drainage using electrochemical reaction
05/05/16Particle separation apparatus
05/05/16Sensor for measuring water levels of groundwater and surface water using magnetostriction displacement and multi measurement system for groundwater and surface water by using the same
04/28/16Method for analyzing multi phase and heat flow of fluids in reservoir and recording media therefor
03/12/15Apparatus and solution mining using cycling process
10/30/14Apparatus for soil box experiment applying vibration
10/30/14Apparatus for soil box experiment making shape of variable landslide surface
10/02/14Banking structure using rocks producing acid drainage
05/08/14Method for preparing lithium manganese oxide by solid-phase reaction
10/24/13Method for concentrating and recovering precious metals from spent mobile phone pcbs and spent auto-catalysts using waste nonferrous slag
09/26/13System for measuring sample pore using computed tomography and standard sample and method thereof
08/08/13Magnetite and birnessite aggregate-form mixture, synthesis method therefor, and water-treatment method using mixture
05/09/13Ring shear apparatus considering wall-slip effect
04/25/13Apparatus for dissolution experiment of mineral
02/28/13Apparatus for measuring the amount of snow cover and snowfall using electrical conduction
12/20/12Electrowinning recovering useful metals from aqueous solutions
11/22/12Apparatus for measuring permittivity of rocks and fault clays using permittivity sensor
09/27/12Computed tomography geological resource core analysis
09/13/12Groundwater profile monitoring system
08/30/12Geological carbon dioxide storage system with improved reliability
08/30/12Method for extracting rare earth material from monazite
08/16/12Apparatus and seabed exploration
07/12/12Manufacturing ferromolybdenum from molybdenite
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06/28/12Oxidation pond including neutralizing agent for treating acid mine drainage
06/28/12Oxidation pond including baffles for treating acid mine drainage
02/23/12Method for remediating arsenic-contaminated soil
02/16/12Method of detecting gas leakage in geological gas reservoir by using pressure monitoring and geological gas storage system
02/16/12Method of measuring pumping amount of groundwater by using water level fluctuation and water level measuring sensor
11/03/11Apparatus for measuring flow velocity and flow rate of groundwater leaking from earth surface and monitoring the same
09/29/11Apparatus for collecting marine deposits
09/22/11Oligomer/halloysite composite material and preparing the same, and hydrocarbon adsorbent using the same
09/15/11Measuring apparatus with ae sensor, installing method thereof, and set of the measuring apparatus
09/15/11Reduction apparatus of radon in the groundwater having disinfection means
03/24/11Apparatus for detecting carbon dioxide concentration in unsaturated zone, carbon dioxide concentration monitoring system, and carbon dioxide concentration monitoring method
03/03/11Fabrication zno nano-particle and fabrication zno nano-fluid using thereof
10/28/10Fabrication of plate-like natural crystalline graphite with nano-scale thickness
05/13/10Ground water restoration type terrestrial heat exchanger using auto temperature bypass apparatus
12/24/09Dissolution noble metals
05/21/09Oligomer/halloysite composite material and preparing the same, and hydrocarbon adsorbent using the same
05/14/09Method for making silica nanoparticles by flame spray pyrolysis adopting two-fluid nozzle
05/11/17Pipe-integrated oil well fluid or oilfield fluid separation apparatus, and method thereof
01/05/17Elastic reverse-time migration system and method using absolute value function for improving the quality of subsurface structure imaging
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12/29/16Method for recovering vanadium and tungsten from leach solution of waste denitrification catalyst
10/13/16Method for swell effect and mis-tie correction in high-resolution seismic data using multi-beam echo sounder data
08/11/16Sea water lithium-recovery device and lithium-recovery station using coastal-water-based lithium-adsorption equipment and shore-based lithium-isolation equipment, and lithium desorption device using aeration
07/28/16Underwater holding-type lithium recovering apparatus and method thererof
02/18/16Test early landslide detection fully-connected with pore water pressure, surface displacement and shear surface
01/28/16Dry separation apparatus and dry separation method
05/28/15Induction type broadband 3-component borehole magnetic measuring sensor and borehole electromagnetic tomography method using the same
05/21/15Coring system including tensiometer and deciding accurate coring using the same
03/12/15Apparatus and measuring effective porosity using radon
01/01/15Method of separating and recovering iron from waste non-ferrous slag discharged from process for smelting of non-ferrous metals, including copper, zinc and lead by physical and chemical separation technique
06/12/14Production high-purity calcite and ammonium sulphate by using gypsum
04/17/14Geothermal power generation system and method using heat exchange between working fluid and molten salt
01/09/14Fixture structure for reusing underground micro-seismic sensor
03/14/13Methods of producing carbonate minerals and apparatuses of producing the carbonate minerals
12/13/12Iron oxyhydroxides and methods of synthesizing the iron oxyhydroxides
08/19/10Method for predicting failure of geotechnical structures
06/24/10Method for manufacturing ammonia gas absorbent using fe-zeolite
02/25/10Fabrication caco3 nanoparticles using beads milling
01/12/17Method for simultaneously recovering cobalt and manganese from lithium based battery
06/21/12Method of manufacturing sintered ferromolybdenum alloy from mixed powder of mill scale and molybdenum oxide powder by solid gas reaction
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09/29/11Flexible short pipe having shock absorbing function
09/22/11Method of monitoring behavior of carbon dioxide in porous aquifer by using marine controlled-sources electromagnetic survey
06/03/10Core catcher and corer having it
12/27/12Apparatus and recovery of valuable metals by alkali leaching

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