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Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials patents

Recent patent applications related to Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials. Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Thin metal film substrate and preparing the same
05/04/17Blood vessel connecting apparatus
05/04/17Trocar, manufacturing the same, and continuously manufacturing the same
05/04/17Apparatus and manufacturing blade
05/04/17Method for manufacturing electrode structure for flexible energy storage device, electrode structure manufactured thereby, and energy storage device including same
04/13/17Extra-large excavator hydraulic pump drive gear box lubrication and noise attenuation device
03/16/17Method of manufacturing wire grid polarizer
03/16/17Sic powder, sic sintered body, sic slurry and manufacturing the same
03/09/17Sound wave metamaterial
03/02/17Apparatus for processing surface of workpiece
02/16/17Detachable device for loading unit of robot, robot, and controlling robot using the same
01/26/17Linear expander and cryogenic cooling system including the same
01/19/17Crystal grain refiner for magnesium alloy, containing aluminum, a preparing magnesium alloy, and magnesium alloy manufactured by same method
12/01/16Device and forming counterfeiting preventing pattern, and device and detecting counterfeiting preventing pattern
11/24/16Ion concentration measuring method and apparatus
11/10/16Method for forming quantum dot thin film
08/11/16Remotely controlled echographic apparatus
08/04/16Separating nanoparticles and separating apparatus using the same
08/04/16Substrate for surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy and producing same
06/30/16Apparatus for manufacturing of micro-channel and manufacturing of micro-channel using the same
06/30/16Ti-included oxide dispersion strengthened copper alloy and manufacturing dispersed copper
06/23/16Ni-base superalloy and manufacturing method thereof
06/09/16Anti-loosening bolt assembly
05/26/16Titanium-aluminum-based alloy
05/26/16Substrate for surfaced enhanced raman scattering, fabrication the same and analyzing method using the same
04/28/16Organic semiconductor element, fabrication method thereof, woven and non-woven fabric structures therewith, and semiconductor device therewith
04/21/16Method and apparatus of moment calibration for resonance fatigue test
04/21/16Method for analyzing measured signal in resonance fatigue test and apparatus using the same
04/21/16Method and apparatus of multi-axis resonance fatigue test
04/21/16Method for calculating damping based on fluid inertia effect and fatigue test method and apparatus using the same
04/14/16Vehicle air purifying simultaneously reducing harmful gas and particles
04/14/16Yttria based conductive plasma-resistant member and methods thereof
03/31/16Apparatus and synchronizing a roll-to-roll transfer device
03/31/16Method for alloy design combining response surface method and artificial neural network
03/03/16Liquid filtering structure
02/18/16Metal precursor powder, manufactuirng conductive metal layer or pattern, and device including the same
01/21/16Cochlear implant active feedback control, and same
12/10/15Metal composite comprising aligned precipitate and preparation method therefor
11/12/15Lamellar-structure titanium-aluminum based alloy having a beta-gamma phase
11/05/15Plasma reactor for abatement of hazardous material
11/05/15Thrust magnetic bearing for bias compensation
10/29/15Plasma reactor for abating hazardous material
10/29/15Intergrated carbon dioxide conversion system for connecting oxyfuel combustion and catalytic conversion process
10/15/15Quantum dot stabilized by halogen salt and manufacturing the same
09/24/15Apparatus and liquid transfer imprint lithography using a roll stamp
08/20/15Method of manufacturing hybrid scaffold and hybrid scaffold manufactured by the same
08/20/15Reactor for solid ammonium salt, a controlling the reactor, and nox emission purification system using solid ammonium salt and selective catalytic reduction
08/06/15Apparatus and attenuation of vibration in machine tool
08/06/15Method for preparing aluminum matrix composite using no pressure infiltration
07/30/15Normal pressure-type multiple-effect desalination device using solar heat and multiple heat sources
07/02/15Method of stabilizing alph-sialon phosphor raw powder, alph-sialon phosphor composition obtained therefrom, and manufacturing alpha-sialon phosphor
06/04/15Method for preparing recycled low-nickel magnesium alloy using magnesium scraps
05/28/15Beta-type titanium alloy having low elastic modulus and high strength
05/14/15Mems microphone having dual back plate and manufacturing same
05/07/15Current collector for battery comprising metal mesh layer and manufacturing method therefor
04/30/15Device and measuring distribution of atomic resolution deformation
04/16/15Convergence machining apparatus based on turning
04/02/15Built-in type vision based inspection tool for autonomous setting of initial origin
03/26/15Transparent conductive substrate, and manufacturing same
03/26/15Air-foil bearing
03/19/15Composite heat-dissipation substrate and manufacturing the same
02/05/15Nano-grained multilayer copper alloy sheet having high strength and high electrical conductivity, and manufacturing same
01/08/15Electronic device and fabricating the same
01/01/15Titanium-nickel alloy thin film, and preparation titanium-nickel alloy thin film using multiple sputtering method
12/18/14Aerostatic air bearing, assembling method thereof, and aerostatic lead screw actuator using the same
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12/11/14Metal precursor powder, manufactuirng conductive metal layer or pattern, and device including the same
11/20/14Display device
11/20/14Ti-al-based alloy ingot having ductility at room temperature
11/13/14Apparatus and measuring web feeding velocity by using single field encoder
11/06/14Diagnosis device for joint of sheet metal and diagnosing defect of joint of sheet metal using the same
10/30/14Split combo bearing
10/23/14Method for fabricating an embedded pattern using a transfer-based imprinting
10/16/14Manufacturing titanium alloy with high-strength and high-formability and its titanium alloy
10/02/14Electrode composition for supercapacitor, electrode including cured material, and supercapacitor including electrode
09/25/14Cartridge-type inline heater and system for controlling working fluid temperature using same
08/28/14Linear flow rate adjusting infusion
08/21/14Convergence machining apparatus based on turning
08/21/14Apparatus for manufacturing scaffold and scaffold manufactured by the same
08/14/14Remote plasma generation apparatus
08/07/14Plasma generator, manufacturing rotating electrode for plasma generator, performing plasma treatment of substrate, and forming thin film having mixed structure by using plasma
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07/17/14Printing measuring and compensating for synchronization error
07/17/14Thrust bearing and combo bearing
07/17/14Detection method using colorimetric analysis
07/10/14Method of stabilizing alph-sialon phosphor raw powder, alph-sialon phosphor composition obtained therefrom, and manufacturing alpha-sialon phosphor
06/19/14Acoustic emission diagnosis device for gas vessel using probabilistic neural network and diagnosing defect of cylinder using the same
05/08/14Display device
05/01/14Machining magnesium alloy capable of being heat treated at high temperature
04/24/14Capsule type reconfigurable multifunctional machining apparatus
04/24/14Beta-based titanium alloy with low elastic modulus
04/10/14Apparatus for manufacturing compound powder, manufacturing iron-boron compound powder by using the apparatus, boron alloy powder mixture, manufacturing the boron alloy powder mixture, combined powder structure, manufacturing the combined powder structure, steel pipe, and manufacturing the steel pipe
03/27/14Precision overprinting printed electronics rotary printing where location can be adjusted in real time
03/20/14Actively compensated stage having 5-dof motion error compensation and motion error compensating method thereof
03/20/14Integrated coating system
02/13/14Combustion apparatus
02/06/14Method of manufacturing porous sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitride ceramics from granular si mixture powder and porous sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitride ceramics manufactured thereby
02/06/14Method of preparing aluminum matrix composites and aluminum matrix composites prepared by using the same
01/30/14Method for manufacturing conductive fiber and/or fabrics, conductive fiber and/or fabric, and manufacturing circuit board
01/23/14Variable machine tool capable of multi-axis machining
01/16/14Pattern-printing device
01/09/14Thin film solar cell and manufacturing the same
01/09/14Thin film solar cell and manufacturing the same
12/26/13Method of manufacturing stamp for plasmonic nanolithography apparatus and plasmonic nanolithography apparatus
12/05/13Active control type of vibration absorbing device
10/31/13Apparatus for self-extracting cells using magnetic field and self-extracting cells using the same
10/31/13Wastewater hydrocarbon extraction and environmental treatment method and system
10/31/13Apparatus for separating cells using magnetic force and cell separation method using the same
10/24/13Magnesium alloy with excellent ignition resistance and mechanical properties, and manufacturing the same
10/10/13Method of manufacturing roll for roll printing/roll imprinting
10/03/13Hollow driving module
10/03/13Reverse offset printing partial off type
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10/03/13Semiconductor chip stack package and manufacturing method thereof
10/03/13Exhaust gas purification system
09/12/13Method of post-correction of 3d feature point-based direct teaching trajectory
08/22/13Composite heat-dissipation substrate and manufacturing the same
08/15/13Magnesium alloy sheet having improved formability at room temperature, and manufacturing same
07/18/13Non-flammable magnesium alloy with excellent mechanical properties, and preparation method thereof
06/27/13Probe card and manufacturing same
06/27/13Fixed angle hybrid centrifuge rotor
06/13/13C+n austenitic stainless steel having good low-temperature toughness and a fabrication method thereof
06/06/13Waveband electromagnetic wave absorber and manufacturing same
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05/23/13Multilayered metal including titanium, and manufacturing method same
05/16/13Ultrasonic precision cleaning apparatus
05/16/13Device for automatically analyzing nucleic acid
05/09/13Rotating unit-based micro-sized bubble generator
04/11/13Plasma reactor for removal of contaminants
02/28/13Injection mold
02/07/13Method for burying conductive mesh in transparent electrode
01/24/13Method of manufacturing film product using thermal roll imprinting and blade coating, and security film and film integral electric device using the same
01/10/13Reverse gravure offset printing method and apparatus using disposable cliche
01/10/13Magnetic bearing structure and turbo machine having the same
01/03/13Apparatus and lithography
12/20/12Apparatus and manufacturing cell culture scaffold
11/22/12Method of forming metal interconnection line on flexible substrate
11/15/12Fuel cell-engine hybrid system
09/20/12Magnesium - aluminium magnetic powder and making same
09/20/12Tool holder using shape memory alloy and tool holding method
09/20/12Ni-base single crystal superalloy with enhanced creep property
08/16/12Roll imprinting apparatus
08/02/12Method of manufacturing pre-sintered si-mixture granule for porous sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitride, porous pre-sintered granule manufactured by the method, and manufacturing porous sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitride
07/05/12Open type fuel cell system
06/28/12Printing device using thermal roll imprinting and patterned plate, microfluodic element using the same, film laminating device for sensor, and printing method
06/21/12Tsv for 3d packaging of semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
05/31/12Photoelectric conversion device using semiconductor nanomaterial
04/26/12Apparatus for manufacturiing transparent electrode using print-based metal wire
04/26/12Method for manufacturiing transparent electrode using print-based metal wire and transparent electrode manufactured thereby
04/26/12Organic light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
03/22/12Device for preparing bio-oil, system for preparing bio-oil and preparing bio-oil using the same
03/22/12Closed loop type fuel cell system
02/23/12Cleaning apparatus using ultrasonic waves
01/19/12Apparatus for osmotic power generation and desalination using salinity difference
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12/22/11Open type fuel cell system with unreacted material removing function
12/01/11Closed loop type fuel cell system with unreacted material removing function
11/24/11Thermoelectric material and composites made from thermoelectric material and a fabricating thereof
11/24/11Apparatus and fabricating 3d scaffold
10/20/11Ni-based single crystal superalloy with good creep property
07/14/11Patterning metal oxide thin film using nanoimprinting, and manufacturing light emitting diode
05/12/11Method of manufacturing porous sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitride ceramics from granular si mixture powder and porous sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitride ceramics manufactured thereby
04/28/11Method for fabricating fine conductive patterns using surface modified mask template
04/07/11Hierarchical structure and manufacturing method thereof
03/24/11Vision assistance device having conductive transparent thin film
03/03/11Patterning metal oxide thin film using nanoimprinting, and manufacturing light emitting diode
12/02/10Integrated supplying ink and regulating pressure
07/29/10Printing head for nano patterning
07/15/10Self-aligned organic thin film transistor and fabrication method thereof
06/03/10Luminous advertisement sheet
05/27/10Cantilever-type micro contact probe with hinge structure
04/29/10Hollow actuator-driven droplet dispensing apparatus
04/15/10High speed optical monitoring system
03/25/10Static bearing conveying apparatus having magnetically preloading and motional error correcting functions
12/24/09Sialon having magnetic properties and manufacturing the same
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12/17/09Heat treatment a ni-based superalloy for wave-type grain boundary and a ni-based superalloy produced accordingly
12/17/09Self-reciprocating energy recovery device
11/12/09Megasonic cleaning module
10/08/09Photoelectric conversion device using semiconductor nanomaterials and manufacturing the same
09/24/09Plasma scrubber
09/17/09Ultrasonic piezoelectric pump
09/10/09Cleaning apparatus using ultrasonic waves
08/13/09Compressed-air-storing electricity generating system and electricity generating method using the same
05/21/09Organic light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
04/30/09Frequency analyzer for mems based cochlear implant with self power supply
04/16/09Syringe pump
03/05/09Planar stage moving machine
03/05/09Heating substrate equipped with conductive thin film and electrode, and manufacturing the same
02/05/09Plasma burner and diesel particulate filter trap
02/05/09Organic solar cell using conductive polymer transparent electrode and fabricating method thereof

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