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Korea Institute Of Science And Technology
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Korea Institute Of Science And Technology_20100128
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Korea Institute Of Science And Technology patents

Recent patent applications related to Korea Institute Of Science And Technology. Korea Institute Of Science And Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Korea Institute Of Science And Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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Method for producing hexagonal boron nitride film using borazine oligomer as a precursor

Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

Method for producing hexagonal boron nitride film using borazine oligomer as a precursor

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12015008321603/26/15 new patent  Method of preparing counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cell
22015008646003/26/15 new patent  Method for producing hexagonal boron nitride film using borazine oligomer as a precursor
32015007898303/19/15Method of preparing carbon fiber from wood waste including adhesive
42015008061703/19/15Method for preparing metal fluoride catalysts and dehydrofluorination method using the same
52015007248203/12/15Method of manufacturing thin film transistor
62015007307203/12/15Elastomer-conductive filler composite for flexible electronic materials and preparing same
72015007308803/12/15Composite of filler and polymer resin and preparing the same
82015006435803/05/15Coating material for thermal spray coating, preparing the same, and coating with the same
92015006460703/05/15Catalyst for hydrocarbon-fueled solid oxide fuel cell and production method thereof
102015006476103/05/15Process of producing bioenergy with low carbon dioxide emissions and zero-waste of biomass
112015006549403/05/15Aminostyrylbenzofuran derivatives as inhibitors against beta-amyloid fibril formation, and pharmaceutical composition comprising same
122015006590703/05/15Apparatus and method for selectively collecting electroencephalogram data through motion recognition
132015005385202/26/15Method for diagnosing stomach cancer using change of tryptophan metabolism
142015005398002/26/15Photodetector using surface plasmon resonance and image sensor having the same
152015005738502/26/15Preparation flexible polylactide stereocomplex and the compound thereof
162015004917402/19/15System and non-invasive patient-image registration
172015004977502/19/15Pulse laser apparatus
182015005213702/19/15Apparatus for collecting contents using social relation character and method thereof
192015004101202/12/15Device for controlling particles
202015004466502/12/15Target-specific probe comprising t7 bacteriophage and detecting for biomarker using the same
212015004558902/12/15Carbon-based palladium catalyst obtained by using ionic liquid, preparing the same and hydrogenation of hydrofluorocarbon using the same
222015003869002/05/15Gelatin-based nanoparticle complex for tumor-targeted delivery of sirna and preparing the same
232015002789601/29/15Method for producing cu2znsns4-xsex (0 less than-equal to x less than-equal to 4) thin film by one step electrodeposition in electrolytic bath containing ionic liquid
242015002931701/29/15Device for displaying multi-view 3d image using dynamic viewing zone expansion applicable to multiple observers and same
252015003211701/29/15Tube insertion device having end effector capable of changing direction
262015001466301/15/15Organic light emitting display apparatus and the manufacturing the same
272015001511701/15/15Multidirectional vibration generator using single vibrator and the same
282015001568101/15/15Autostereoscopic 3d image display device for flattening viewing zone and minimizing dynamic crosstalk
292015001602401/15/15Cathode active material having core-shell structure and producing method thereof
302015000877101/08/15Motor having cooling means
312015000254901/01/15Transparent display device and providing user interface thereof
322015000530601/01/15Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating cognitive impairment-related disease comprising morpholine or piperazine based compounds, and donepezil
332014037685012/25/14Cage for rolling bearing
342014036763212/18/14Fabricating carbon nanotube-based field effect transistor and carbon nanotube-based field effect transistor fabricated thereby
352014036117512/11/14Device for extracting depth information using infrared light and method thereof
362014036121612/11/14Cathode active material for lithium ion secondary battery including lithium manganese borate compound and manganese oxide, and producing the same
372014036308812/11/14Method of establishing database including hand shape depth images and of recognizing hand shapes
382014036373912/11/14Sodium vanadium oxide anode material for sodium ion secondary battery, preparation method thereof and sodium ion secondary battery having the same
392014036470312/11/14Wearable electromyogram sensor system
402014035278412/04/14Photoluminescence wavelength tunable material and energy harvesting using metal nanoparticle-graphene oxide composite
412014034917711/27/14Magnesium hybrid battery and its fabrication method
422014034983611/27/14Process for preparing nickel based catalysts for scr of natural gas
432014034984511/27/14Process for preparing cobalt based catalysts for fischer-tropsch synthesis
442014033947511/20/14Alkaline earth metal co-precipitated nickel-based catalyst for steam carbon dioxide reforming of natural gas
452014034067811/20/14Photoreceptor protein-based spectrophotometer, manufacturing the same and light detection using the same
462014034246711/20/14Apparatus and continuously monitoring subaqueous target harmful substances
472014034329511/20/14Novel 6-pyrazolylamido-3-substituted azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane compounds as calcium channel inhibitors
482014034346511/20/14Gait rehabilitation robot having passive mechanism for shifting center of gravity
492014033314311/13/14Electromagnetic coil system for driving control of micro-robot
502014033367811/13/14Display switching 2d mode and 3d mode
512014033500411/13/14Scr catalyst for removal of nitrogen oxides
522014033544211/13/14Method of preparing nickel-aluminum alloy powder at low temperature
532014033564811/13/14Manufacturing solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells and electrolyte filling device used therefor
542014032916911/06/14Sulfonated polyethersulfone copolymer containing hydroxyl groups and preparation method thereof, polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cells and membrane electrode assembly comprising the same
552014031836910/30/14Dehumidification apparatus, and air conditioning apparatus and air conditioning system having the same
562014032096910/30/14Methods for fabrication of stable ultra-low reflective surface and the ultra-low reflective surface itself
572014032390110/30/14Robot-based autism diagnosis device using electroencephalogram and method therefor
582014031511810/23/14Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell including complex catalyst and producing the complex catalyst
592014030800510/16/14Optical element using multicore optical fiber grating and processing optical signal using the same
602014030821310/16/14Color tunable multifunctional nanophosphor, synthesis method thereof, and polymer composite including the nanophosphor
612014030912610/16/14Peptide binding to graphitic materials and phage including same
622014030958710/16/14Tube continuum robot and manufacturing tube having anisotropic patterns
632014029983310/09/14Chalcogenide switching device using germanium and selenium and manufacturing method thereof
642014030252710/09/14Target-specific probe comprising ferritin protein and detection for biomarker using the same
652014029471810/02/14Novel sulfur dioxide and/or sulfur dioxide hydrate absorbent
662014028471809/25/14Method of reducion graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide obtained by the method, and thin film transistor including the reduced graphene oxide
672014028552609/25/14Apparatus and managing level of detail contents
682014028830009/25/14Drug-fluorophore complex for specific detection of tumor cells
692014028960709/25/14Apparatus and method providing augmented reality contents based on web information structure
702014026426909/18/14Tunable light emitting diode using graphene conjugated metal oxide semiconductor-graphene core-shell quantum dots and its fabrication process thereof
712014026451409/18/14Complementary spin device and operation
722014027133409/18/14Biodegradable mg based alloy and implant
732014027144409/18/14Fractionation of 2-dimensional plate particles by size selective adhesion with spherical particles
742014027229109/18/14Fabrication hydrophilic aluminum surface and hydrophilic aluminum surface body
752014027626609/18/14Gait rehabilitation apparatus having lateral entry mechanism and lateral entry method using the same
762014025488309/11/14Apparatus and tracking the position of each part of the body for golf swing analysis
772014025528609/11/14Method for manufacturing cubic boron nitride thin film with reduced compressive residual stress and cubic boron nitride thin film manufactured using the same
782014025530709/11/14Contrast medium composition and bio imagination using the same
792014025577609/11/14Method for manufacturing electrode, electrode manufactured according to the method, supercapacitor including the electrode, and rechargable lithium battery including the electrode
802014025578609/11/14Preparation hollow carbon sphere and carbon shell-sulfur composite, hollow carbon sphere, and carbon shell-sulfur composite for secondary lithium sulfur battery
812014025819209/11/14Apparatus for training recognition capability using robot and same
822014024257808/28/14Simultaneous detection of multiple mirnas using capillary electrophoresis system equipped with plural laser-induced fluorescence detectors
832014023263708/21/14Head mounted display apparatus and contents display method
842014023264808/21/14Display apparatus and contents display method
852014023283708/21/14Multi-view 3d image display apparatus using modified common viewing zone
862014023487808/21/14Composition for diagnosing acute myocardial infarction, kit for diagnosing acute myocardial infarction comprising same, and diagnosing acute myocardial infarction
872014022412408/14/14Cardo copolybenzimidazoles, gas separation membranes and preparation method thereof
882014022716208/14/14Large-area carbon nanomesh from polymer and preparing the same
892014022852308/14/14Method for preparing furanic copolyamide derived from biomass using solid-state polymerization
902014022856508/14/14Thienopyrimidinone derivatives as mglur1 antagonists
912014022856808/14/14Biphenyl derivatives, pharmaceutical composition comprising the same, and preparation method thereof
922014022872008/14/14Pelvis support device for gait rehabilitation robot
932014021740408/07/14Low power consumption type gas sensor and manufacturing the same
942014021886708/07/14Passive layer for attenuation of near-field electromagnetic waves and heatdissipation including graphene, and electromagnetic device including the same
952014021989108/07/14Separation zirconium and hafnium by solvent extraction process
962014022064008/07/14Method for manufacturing detoxificated lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysate with decreased or eliminated toxicity and manufacturing organic or and biofuel using the same
972014022119208/07/14Process of preparing carbon-supported metal catalyst by physical deposition
982014022170608/07/14Method for synthesis of molybdenum carbide catalyst for hydrodeoxygenation
992014020897607/31/14Driving wheel of robot moving along the wire and robot having the same
1002014021237407/31/14Antibacterial imidazolium compound and antibacterial photocurable thiol-ene compositions comprising the same, and antibacterial polymer coatins prepared therefrom
1012014020599807/24/14Method for enhancing extraction efficiency of mirna from cells by the addition of triton x-100
1022014019677507/17/14Synthesis cu(in,ga)se2 nanorod or nanowire and materials including the same
1032014019116507/10/14Post-treatment carbon materials for improving the electrical conductivity and mechanichal properties via dehydrocyclization reaction and polymer composite materials comprising the treated carbon materials
1042014019427807/10/14Porous silicon carbide nanocomposite structure comprising nanowires and preparing the same
1052014018340507/03/14Floating type adsorbent for removal of phosphate in aqueous solution and fabricating the same and regeneration of the same
1062014018685107/03/14Method of analyzing binding efficiency of adhesive nanoparticles
1072014017423806/26/14Device for regulating stiffness
1082014017996606/26/14Method of manufacturing high-carbon number saturated hydrocarbons from biomass-derived benzyl phenyl ethers using acid-metal complex catalyst
1092014016781406/19/14Magnetic field controlled reconfigurable semiconductor logic device and controlling the same
1102014017076706/19/14Method for diagnosing biomarkers and biomarker diagnosis kit
1112014016334806/12/14Neural tube for recovering function of injured nerve
1122014015129506/05/14Plants for advanced treatment of wastewater and treating wastewater using thereof
1132014015459906/05/14Method and simultaneous controlling of fuel concentration and temperature of liquid fuel by sensor-less and temperature-control based feed-back control, liquid fuel cell apparatus using the same
1142014015563506/05/14Resorcylic acid lactone compounds
1152014015621806/05/14Method of motion tracking
1162014014451305/29/14Apparatus and generating wave functional pulsatile microflows by applying fourier cosine series and hydraulic head difference
1172014014483905/29/14Apparatus and cultivating microalgae using effluent from sludge treatment
1182014014705605/29/14Depth image noise removal apparatus and method based on camera pose
1192014014749305/29/14Pcr-based gene delivery carrier and preparing the same
1202014014768405/29/14Gas barrier film and preparing the same
1212014014860605/29/14Anti-tumor effects of allosteric focal adhesion kinase inhibitor, methyl violet derivatives
1222014014037205/22/14Probe sensor capable of measurement for temperature with stimulus
1232014014092005/22/14Vanadium-based hydrogen permeation alloy for membrane, manufacturing the same, and using the membrane
1242014014093405/22/14Liver tumor-targeting ultrasound contrast agent and preparing the same
1252014014132405/22/14Electrolyte for magnesium secondary battery and preparation method thereof
1262014014135805/22/14Solid oxide fuel cell comprising post heat-treated composite cathode and preparing same
1272014014208905/22/14Pharmaceutical compositions for preventing or treating degenerative brain disease and screening the same
1282014014275005/22/14Device and dynamic reconfiguration of robot components
1292014013128205/15/14Magnetic particle control system and a controlling magnetic particle using thereof
1302014013172805/15/14Cigs- or czts-based film solar cells and preparing the same
1312014013250005/15/14Method and recognizing location of moving object in real time
1322014013521005/15/14Cu/zn/al catalyst and preparing the same
1332014013551205/15/14Method for producing glycidol
1342014012998905/08/14Apparatus and method for generating cognitive avatar
1352014011693605/01/14Manufacturing nano porous material and nano porous material by the same
1362014011693705/01/14Apparatus and sewage sludge treatment and advanced sewage treatment
1372014012003005/01/14Carbon materials based on organic nanofilm using thermal evaporation and preparing the same
1382014012018805/01/14Composition for preventing and/or alleviating hangover comprising extracts of sophora flavescens
1392014012135005/01/14Polyimide-graphene composite material and preparing same
1402014010996604/24/14Bifacial thin film solar cell fabricated by paste coating method
1412014010996704/24/14Thin film solar cells for windows based on low cost solution process and fabrication method thereof
1422014011406704/24/14Benzimidazole derivatives as mitochondrial function modulators
1432014011414904/24/14Lung cancer diagnosing device using pulse wave and method thereof
1442014010233204/17/14Functional reinforcing fillers modified with alkenylalkoxysilane and preparing the same
1452014009709404/10/14Recovery nickel from spent electroless nickel plating solutions by electrolysis
1462014009955204/10/14Nanocomposite cathode active material for lithium secondary batteries, preparing the same and lithium secondary batteries comprising the same
1472014009963304/10/14Detection of mirna using capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection
1482014010010604/10/14Catalyst for decomposing nitrogen oxide and preparation method thereof
1492014010063904/10/14Nerve electrode provided with anti-inflammatory drug and manufacturing the same
1502014009349004/03/14Glutamate release from astrocyte
1512014008700803/27/14Composition for preventing or treating dementia comprising extracts of monsonia species
1522014008818603/27/14Composition containing arylnaphthalene lignan derivative for preventing and/or treating dementia
1532014007679703/20/14Fiber-based filter with nanonet layer and preparation method thereof
1542014007680903/20/14Apparatus for recovery of magnetic nanoparticles and forward osmosis membrane filtration using the same
1552014007034703/13/14Methods for producing chalcopyrite compound thin films for solar cells using multi-stage paste coating
1562014007102503/13/14Head mounted display and displaying contents using the same
1572014006154603/06/14Nanoparticles, manufacturing nanoparticles, and electronic device including the same
1582014005717502/27/14Cathode active materials for lithium secondary battery and preparation method thereof
1592014004879602/20/14Oxide electronic device and manufacturing the same
1602014004519202/13/14Single-stranded nucleic acid aptamers specifically binding to e. coli and detecting e. coli using the same
1612014003786302/06/14Device and forming roll-to-roll pattern
1622014003938702/06/14Guide tube for microsurgical instruments
1632014003053201/30/14Method of forming metal thin film using electroless deposition and thin film device fabricated using the method
1642014003087201/30/14Nano-structure manufacturing method using sacrificial etching mask
1652014003128901/30/14Poly(organophosphazene) containing degradation controllable ionic group, preparation method thereof and use thereof
1662014002073601/23/14Method for producing cis-based thin film, cis-based thin film produced by the method and thin-film solar cell including the thin film
1672014002427001/23/14Connecting device using shape memory alloy
1682014002498101/23/14Wearable vibratory stimulation device and operational protocol thereof
1692014001823701/16/14Vanadia-titania catalyst for removing nitrogen oxides and manufacturing the same
1702014000757101/09/14Actuator using shape memory alloy
1712014000941101/09/14Tactile display device and method
1722014001231101/09/14Bio-implantable devices having super-hydrophobic surface and manufacturing thereof
1732014001252901/09/14Mobile terminal capable of measuring altitude and altitude measurement method using the same
1742014001279301/09/14System and predicting surgery progress stage
1752014000444601/02/14Ceria-based composition including bismuth oxide, ceria-based composite electrolyte powder including bismuth oxide, sintering the same and sintered body made thereof
1762014000702001/02/14User customizable interface system and implementing method thereof
1772013033414312/19/13Apparatus and phosphorous removal from waste water using dolomite
1782013033452212/19/13Method of fabricating oxide thin film device using laser lift-off and oxide thin film device fabricated by the same
1792013033493012/19/13Method of manufacturing flexible piezoelectric energy harvesting device and flexible piezoelectric energy harvesting device manufactured by the same
1802013033682612/19/13Fluid pumping device, fuel cell device and fuel gas recirculation method using the same
1812013033842212/19/13Anticancer prodrug activated by radiation or ultraviolet treatment and use thereof
1822013032680012/12/13Shock-absorbing device for human body
1832013032738712/12/13Se or s based thin film solar cell and fabricating the same
1842013033008312/12/13Underwater communication apparatus and method
1852013032129912/05/13Electronic device having tactile display using squeeze film effect
1862013032162012/05/13Method and recognizing object material
1872013032349612/05/13Perfluorinated sulfonic acid polymer membrane having porous surface layer and preparing the same
1882013032376012/05/13Composition of diagnostic biomarker for stomach cancer and diagnosing stomach cancer using the composition
1892013032427912/05/13System and posture correcting
1902013032442812/05/13Specific biomarker for identification of exposure to lower aliphatic saturated aldehydes and the identification using the same
1912013032442912/05/13Micrornas for identification of exposure to lower aliphatic saturated aldehydes and the identification using thereof
1922013031348511/28/13Method of fabricating lifepo4 cathode electroactive material by recycling, and lifepo4 cathode electroactive material, lifepo4 cathode, and lithium secondary battery fabricated thereby
1932013031416611/28/13Oscillator using spin transfer torque
1942013031484211/28/13Thin film condenser for high-density packaging, manufacturing the same, and high-density package substrate including the same
1952013031609711/28/13Lithium-manganese-tin oxide cathode active material and lithium secondary cell using the same
1962013031049511/21/13Elastomer composite with improved dielectric properties and production method thereof
1972013029973511/14/13Method of producing nanocomposite cathode active material for lithium secondary battery
1982013030259211/14/13Method for growth of carbon nanoflakes and carbon nanoflake structure
1992013030269011/14/13Method for coating carbon on lithium titanium oxide-based anode active material nanoparticles and carbon-coated lithium titanium oxide-based anode active material nanoparticles produced by the method
2002013030335711/14/13Method of preparing magnesium oxide structure with meso-macro pores
2012013029266811/07/13P-type transparent oxide semiconductor, transistor having the same, and manufacture the same
2022013029497511/07/13Fiber optic oxygen sensing
2032013029538711/07/13Method for synthesis of cubic boron nitride and cubic boron nitride structure
2042013029659611/07/13Preparation hydrophobic monolith type silica aerogel
2052013029720511/07/13System and indoor navigation
2062013028589810/31/13System and implementing user interface
2072013028770310/31/13Core/shell multifunctional magnetic nanophosphor having core/shell structure and synthetic method thereof
2082013028033510/24/13Biomedical implants comprising surface-modified ceramic particles and biodegradable stereo complex polymers, its use for suppressing inflammation and improvement of mechanical property, and preparation method thereof
2092013028131110/24/13Specific biomarker for identificaton of exposure to propionaldehyde and the identification using the same
2102013026978110/17/13Polymer gel electrolyte composition, preparing the composition and dye-sensitized solar cell including the composition
2112013027339510/17/13Two-dimensional nanostructured tungsten carbide and fabricating the same
2122013026674210/10/13Chemical vapor deposition synthesizing diamond film and synthesizing diamond film using the same
2132013026685510/10/13Method of fabricating cathode for lithium ion secondary battery by recycling cathode active material and lithium ion secondary battery fabricated thereby
2142013026189110/03/13Method and projecting navigation information onto front of vehicle
2152013026098210/03/13Cement-free high strength unshaped refractory
2162013026016010/03/13Methods for manufacturing of cobalt boride coating layer on surface of steels by using a pack cementation process
2172013026098110/03/13Alumina-coated spinel-silicon carbide refractory composition with high corrosion resistance to coal slag and manufacturing the same
2182013026114710/03/13Composition for preventing or treating dementia
2192013024797809/26/13Titanium dioxide nanoparticles for fabricating photo-electrode for efficient, longlasting dye-sensitized solar cell and fabrication method thereof
2202013025178409/26/13Method for in vivo targeting of nanoparticles via bioorthogonal copper-free click chemistry
2212013025206809/26/13Manufacturing high-performance silicon based electrode using polymer pattern on current collector and manufacturing negative electrode of rechargeable lithium battery including same
2222013025239409/26/13Preparation resistance switchable conductive filler for reram
2232013024368209/19/13Method for manufacturing sic powders with high purity
2242013023379109/12/13Separation membrane for water treatment and manufacturing method thereof
2252013023407509/12/13Triphenylamine derivatives and organic photovoltaic cells including the derivatives
2262013023503309/12/13Three dimensional montage generation system and method based on two dimensional single image
2272013022122108/29/13Single photon detector in the near infrared using an ingaas/inp avalanche photodiode operated with a bipolar rectangular gating signal
2282013022223308/29/13System and implementing 3-dimensional user interface
2292013022490808/29/13Method of manufacturing pram using laser interference lithography
2302013021441108/22/13Metal interconnect of semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
2312013021542908/22/13Apparatus for gas sensing by using fiber fabry-perot interferometer
2322013021693508/22/13Poly(benzimidazole-co-benzoxazole) and preparing the same
2332013020653508/15/13Device for generating limit torque with function of yielding torque change in real time
2342013020928608/15/13Hydrogen pump system operable without external electric power supply
2352013020935208/15/13Apparatus and manufacturing composite nano particles
2362013020998608/15/13Method for enhancing butyrate production by clostridium tyrobutyricum
2372013020998708/15/13Oligonucleotide sets for detection of human papillomavirus
2382013019961208/08/13Hydrophobic substrate with anti-reflective property manufacturing the same, and solar cell module including the same
2392013019997608/08/13Membrane distillation module
2402013020216208/08/13Method of reconstructing three-dimensional facial shape
2412013020284908/08/13Polycrystalline diamond for drawing dies and fabricating the same
2422013020358508/08/13Composite medium for simultaneous removal of cationic and anionic heavy metals and manufacturing the same
2432013019250008/01/13Fire grate type incineration apparatus
2442013019722708/01/13Method of preparing tetrabenazine and dihydrotetrabenazine
2452013018960507/25/13Ceria-based composition, ceria-based composite electrolyte powder, sintering the same and sintered body made thereof
2462013018035307/18/13Robot arm having a weight compensation mechanism
2472013017447507/11/13Method for producing renewable fuel using supercritical fluid
2482013017843607/11/13Composition for preventing, improving, or treating renal disease including maillard browning reaction products of panax species plant extract
2492013017868007/11/13Catalyst for oxidative coupling of methane, preparing the same, and oxidative coupling reaction of methane using the same

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