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Korea Institute Of Science And Technology
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology Information
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Korea Institute Of Science And Technology kist
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology_20100121
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology_20131212
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology_20100128

Korea Institute Of Science And Technology patents

Recent patent applications related to Korea Institute Of Science And Technology. Korea Institute Of Science And Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Korea Institute Of Science And Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Motion capture system using fbg sensor
12/14/17 new patent  Quinoline derivatives for inhibiting histone methyltransferases and use thereof
12/14/17 new patent  Membrane distillation system which is capable of real-time monitoring on membrane scaling
12/14/17 new patent  Carrier including ammonium oxidizing bacteria immobilized therein and preparing same
12/07/17Quantum dot light emitting device including ligand-substituted quantum dot light emitting layer with polymer having amine groups and fabricating the same
11/30/17Method for improving intestinal health using extracts of codonopsis lanceolata
11/23/17Method of classifying mesenchymal stem cells by controlling cell adhesion, and protein-coated culture container therefor
11/16/17Optical control system for lower urinary tract dysfunctions
11/16/17Device for upper-limb rehabilitation
11/16/17Compound for labeling mitochondria and producing the same
11/09/17Porous matrix comprising nucleic acid primer-carbon material composites and pcr using the same
11/09/17Single pulse laser apparatus
11/02/17Neural probe structure comprising coil embedded therein and manufacturing the same
11/02/17Metal nanolaminates and manufacturing method thereof
11/02/17Method of producing lithium ion conductive sulfides comprising simple substances
10/26/17Method for the body fluid-based neurodegenerative disease diagnosis using high sensitive immunoassay of aggregated proteins by photooxidation-induced amplification
10/19/17Multi-scaled oxygen storage material based on ceria-zirconia having high oxygen storage and releasing ability and a preparation method thereof
10/19/17Alpha-aminoamide derivative compound and pharmaceutical composition comprising same
10/19/17Spin control electronic device operable at room temperature
10/12/17Oil sealing device for a bearing
10/05/17Transformed synechococcus elongatus strain having capability of producing squalene from carbon dioxide and producing squalene using the same
10/05/17Device and generational social communication
10/05/17Organic solar cell and fabricating the same
10/05/17Electron transport layer for flexible perovskite solar cell and flexible perovskite solar cell including the same
09/28/17Shell-and-multi-triple concentric-tube reactor and heat exchanger
09/28/17Shell-and-multi-double concentric-tube reactor and heat exchanger
09/21/17Filterless color image sensor
09/14/17Methods of inhibiting pathological angiogenesis with doppel-targeting molecules
09/14/17Transparent emi shielding/absorbing film
09/07/17Tear collection device
09/07/17Methods for manufacturing carbon fiber reinforced aluminum composites using stir casting process
09/07/17Apparatus and manufacturing channel-coupled scaffold
08/24/17Preparation calcium carbonate with high purity from inorganic materials containing alkali metals or alkali earth metals
08/17/17Carbon nanotube structure and preparation method thereof
08/17/17Method for manufacturing electrode, electrode manufactured according to the method, supercapacitor including the electrode, and rechargable lithium battery including the electrode
08/10/17Reusable polymeric material for removing siloxane compounds in biogas, method thereby and apparatus therefor
08/10/17Method for improving memory using ccny inhibitor
08/10/17Hydrogel-based interdigitated microelectrode biosensor
08/10/17Method and creating virtual joint sensation
08/10/17Method of manufacturing multicolor quantum dot pattern
08/03/17Glycopeptide for contrast agent targeting cancer cells and contrast agent kit containing the same
08/03/17Apparatus and bioenergy production using regenerated acid solution
08/03/17Non-invasive ion responsive urine sensor
07/27/17Multifunctional polymeric nanoparticle for diagnosis or treatment of cerebral diseases and a preparation method thereof
07/27/17Neurovascular unit(nvu)-on-a-chip and fabricating the same
07/27/17Furnace for transmission mode x-ray diffractometer and transmission mode x-ray diffractometer using thereof
07/20/17Autostereoscopic 3d image display apparatus having modified sub-pixel structure
07/13/17Method and generating hydrogen from formic acid
07/06/17Method and container for culturing undifferentiated induced pluripotent stem cell
07/06/17Bacterium producing monophosphoryl lipid a and producing monophosphoryl lipid a by using bacterium
06/29/17Methods of inhibiting pathological angiogenesis with doppel-targeting molecules
06/29/17Silicon-based active material for lithium secondary battery and preparation method thereof
06/29/17Reversible fuel cell oxygen electrode, reversible fuel cell including the same, and preparing the same
06/29/17Anode for molten carbonate fuel cell having improved creep property, preparing the same, and molten carbonate fuel cell using the anode
06/22/17Apparatus for decomposing low concentration of volatile organic compounds by high flow
06/22/17Composition and depolymerization of cured epoxy resin materials using transition metal salts
06/15/17Method and recovering fiber assembly from thermosetting resin composite materials and recovered fiber assembly thereby
06/15/17Lithium ion-conductive sulfide-based solid electrolyte comprising nickel sulfide and all-solid state battery using the same
06/08/17Ultra-high-strength spring steel for valve spring
06/08/17Colorimetric detection sensor and colorimetric detection detecting cyanide anion by etching of gold nanorods
06/01/17Nonvolatile resistance random access memory device with low and reliable operating voltage and long-term stability and fabrication method thereof
06/01/17Communication apparatus and communication successive quantum key distribution
05/11/17High strength polymer filament for fdm 3d printer including graphene coated metal nanoparticles, nanocarbons for 3d printer, and preparation the same
05/11/17Ultra-highly sensitive electrochemical biosensor using beads and manufacturing the same
05/11/17Optical film with quantum dots embedded in nano patterns, a preparation method thereof and solar cell comprising the same
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05/11/17Negative electrode for secondary battery and manufacturing method therefor
05/11/17Porous carbon materials and methods of manufacturing the same
05/04/17Carbon molecular sieve membranes based on fluorine-containing polymer/polysilsesquioxane blending precursors and fabricating the same
05/04/17Nickel supported catalyst for combined steam and carbon dioxide reforming with natural gas
05/04/17Robot control planning driving path of robot
05/04/17Lignin-containing coating composition and ultrafine fibers including the same
04/27/17Protein nanoparticle linked with cancer specific epitope and composition for cancer immunotherapy comprising the same
04/27/17Transformed synechococcus elongatus having capability of producing biodiesel from carbon dioxide and producing biodiesel using the same
04/27/17Carbon fiber composition including graphene nano-powder and fabrication carbon fiber using the same
04/27/17Method for automatic facial impression transformation, recording medium and device for performing the method
04/27/17Flexible secondary battery
04/20/17N-doped nanocarbon materials and manufacturing the same
04/13/17Food container having nanostructured hydrophobic surface and manufacturing method thereof
04/06/17Apparatus for converting a plurality of linear movement into two degree of freedom movement
04/06/17Method and composition for swelling pretreatment before decomposition of cured theremosetting resin materials
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04/06/17Heat insulation composites having aerogel with preserving aerogel pores using volatile solvent and preparing the same
04/06/17Phosphor powder and manufacturing the same
04/06/17Apparatus and stablizing quantum cryptography system
03/30/17Spatiotemporally multicontrollable inteligent drug-eluting stent
03/30/17Shape changeable material having inherent shapes using hierarchical structure and electrode having same
03/23/17Method for sensitively and selectively sensing sugars using terahertz electromagnetic waves and device used therefor
03/23/17Brain to brain interface system applied to single brain
03/23/17Porous silicon dioxide-carbon composite and preparing high-purity granular beta-phase silicon carbide powder with using the same
03/23/17Method for sensitively and selectively sensing avian influenza virus using terahertz electromagnetic waves and device used therefor
03/23/17Method for sening residues using terahertz electromagnetic waves with high sensitivity and device used therefor
03/23/17Gas sensor and fabricating the same
03/23/17Method for forming 3d maxillofacial model by automatically segmenting medical image, automatic image segmentation and model formation server performing the same, and storage medium storing the same
03/23/17Method for facial age simulation based on age of each part and environmental factors, recording medium and device for performing the method
03/16/17Hydrogen storage material and manufacturing method thereof
03/16/17Method for preparing ultrahigh-purity silicon carbide powder
03/16/17Method for preparing modified biodegradable polylmer, modified biodegradable polymer prepared therefrom, and biodegradable stent using the same
03/16/17Capacitive force sensor and preparing the same
03/09/17Neural probe structure comprising cover element where fluid delivery channel is formed
03/09/17Modified catalyst for converting ortho-hydrogen to para-hydrogen and preparing the same
03/09/17Ink composition for powder bed and inkjet head 3d printing
03/09/17Apparatus and hand gesture recognition based on depth image
03/02/17Apparatus and measuring electrocardiogram using wireless communication
03/02/17Recognition human walking speed intention from surface electromyogram signals of plantar flexor and walking speed control a lower-limb exoskeleton robot
03/02/17Method for protecting neuronal cells comprising administering an effective amount of a centipeda minima extract
03/02/17Forward osmosis-based separation membrane based on multilayer thin film, using crosslinking between organic monomers, and preparation method therefor
03/02/17Catalyst filter comprising nano metallic catalyst sprayed on the surface of support
03/02/17Carbon nanostructure and preparing the same
02/23/17Pharmaceutical composition including three-dimensional cell cluster and angiopoietin for preventing and treating ischemic disease
02/23/17Apparatus and coating inner wall of metal tube
02/23/17Ultral-low loading of pt-decorated ni electrocatalyst, manufacturing the same and anion exchange membrane water electrolyzer using the same
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02/16/17Catalyst for selective catalytic reduction and preparation method therefor
02/16/17Collecting extracellular vesicles and using the same
02/09/17Screw coupling structure for preventing loosening and producing screw coupling structure for preventing loosening
02/09/17Selective colorimetric detection sensor and selective colorimetric detection detecting hexavalent chromium ions using size controlled label-free gold nanoparticles
02/02/17Core-shell cobalt catalysts for fischer-tropsch synthesis reaction and preparing method thereof
02/02/17Apparatus and graphene wet transfer
02/02/17Composition or kit for diagnosing colorectal cancer incluidng cxcl7-measuring agent and diagnosing colorectal cancer using the same
01/26/17Neural probe array of high performance and for minimized damage of neuron
01/26/17Method and composition for depolymerization of cured epoxy resin materials
01/19/17Air conditioning system and control method thereof
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01/19/17Method and system for controlling virtual model formed in virtual space
01/19/17Transistor including topological insulator
01/12/17Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating skin cancer comprising panax spp. plant extract and preventing or treating skin cancer in a subject using the same
01/12/17Bead immobilized with absorbent and microorganisms, and fabricating the same
01/12/17Apparatus for precooling and purifying hydrogen
01/12/17Vectors and strains for producing myrcene and producing myrcene using the same
01/12/17Method for deblurring video using modeling blurred video with layers, recording medium and device for performing the method
01/05/17Transfer materials by using petroleum jelly
01/05/17Carbon support for fuel cell catalyst and preparation method thereof
01/05/17Electrolyte membrane for fuel cell comprising polymer blend, and membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell comprising the same
12/29/16Tube continuum robot having a tube body capable of linear control and robot system for operation using thereof
12/22/16Bearing steel having improved fatigue durability and manufacturing the same
12/22/16Method for manufacturing lithium ion conductive sulfide compound, lithium ion conductive sulfide compound manufactured by the same, and solid electrolyte and all solid battery comprising the same
12/22/16Gel polymer electrolyte and secondary battery comprising the same
12/15/16Composite electric wire structure and manufacturing the same
12/15/16Curved piezoelectric device
12/08/16Method and quantum cryptographic communication
12/08/163-dimensional image display device and designing 3-dimensional image display device
12/01/16Nanocarbon composite carbon fiber with low cost and high performance and their preparation method
12/01/16Method of manufacturing multicolor quantum dot pattern, multicolor quantum dot pattern formed by the method, and quantum dot light-emitting device for the method
12/01/16Single pulse laser apparatus
11/24/16Method of producing cross-linked polyvinylalcohol-extracelluar matrix composite and polyvinylalcohol-extracelluar matrix composite produced thereby
11/24/16Method for manufacturing semiconductor device using high speed epitaxial lift-off and template for iii-v direct growth and semiconductor device manufactured using the same
11/10/16Low reflective and superhydrophobic or super water-repellent glasses and fabricating the same
11/10/16Entropy-controlled bcc alloy having strong resistance to high-temperature neutron radiation damage
11/10/16Cathode active material coated with fluorine-doped lithium metal manganese oxide and lithium-ion secondary battery comprising the same
10/27/16Method for preventing, improving or treating cornea damages using extracts of diospyros kaki
10/27/16Device and representing html elements having 3-dimensional information on web
10/27/16Cigsse thin film for solar cell, preparation method thereof and its application to thin film solar cell
10/27/16Moisture barrier film for organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite photovoltaic cell including ionic polymer, photovoltaic cell including the moisture barrier film and fabricating the photovoltaic cell
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10/20/16Low heat loss cryogenic liquid container
10/20/16Multi-metabolites platform for diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome
10/20/165-(5-(2,6-dioxyphenyl)tetrazole containing polymer, membrane containing the same, electrochemical device including the membrane and preparing the same
10/13/16Multi-functional sensor assembly
10/13/16Highly active self-recoverable composite oxide catalyst for reverse water gas shift reaction
10/13/16Large-area carbon nanomesh from polymer and preparing the same
10/13/16Hydrolysate of mixture of seaweed biomass and lignocellulosic biomass to improve biochemical and biofuel production, and preparation using the same
10/13/16Nanostructured hybrid particle, manufacturing method thereof, and device including the nanostructured hybrid particle
10/06/16Pressure sensor including hybrid electronic sheet and wearable device including the pressure sensor
10/06/16Drug carrier having l-dna nanocage structure
10/06/16Paenibacillus sp. caa11 capable of saccharification and fermentation of cellulose and transformed strain thereof
10/06/16Inorganic nanomaterial-based hydrophobic charge carriers, preparing the charge carriers and organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cell including the charge carriers
09/29/16Cyclic citrullinated peptide, rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis composition including the same, rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis method using the peptide or the composition, and method of screening diagnostic marker for rheumatoid arthritis
09/15/16Apparatus and water treatment using in-situ activation of manganese dioxide catalyst
09/15/16Porous structure and manufacturing same
09/15/16Method for determining optimum reference data number for smoothing measured data and correcting measured data
09/08/16Transformed synechococcus elongatus having capability of producing acetone from carbon dioxide
08/25/16Ultrafine continuous fibrous ceramic filter and manufacturing same
08/25/16Carbazole derivatives acting on 5-ht7 receptor
08/25/16Method for preparing glycidol using glycerol and glycidol obtained thereby
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08/11/16Low heat loss cryogenic fluid storage equipment using multilayered cylindrical support
08/11/16Hydrogen liquefaction device
08/04/16High temperature oxidation resistant boron carbide thin film, cutting tools using the thin film and manufacturing the same
08/04/16Catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction and preparation the same
08/04/16Manganese tin oxide based transparent conducting oxide and transparent conductive film and fabricating transparent conductive film using the same
08/04/16Organic-inorganic hybrid photoelectric conversion device including conductive organic semiconductor compound and manufacturing the same
07/21/16Rna/dna nanoparticle for sirna target-specific delivery and vehicle including the same
07/21/16Device and sound classification in real time
07/21/16Heat radiation sheet, light emitting device, and heat radiation back sheet for photovoltaic module, each including boron nitride heat dissipation layer
07/14/16Non-precious metal based water electrolysis catalyst for oxygen evolution at anode and hydrogen evolution at cathode and preparation the same
07/14/16Coating compositions comprising polyorgano-silsesquioxane and a wavelength converting agent, and a wavelength converting sheet using the same
07/14/16Multiplexing detection system of dual gate ion-sensitive field-effect transistor sensor
07/14/16Extremely deformable structure and lithium secondary battery made therefrom
07/14/16Porous nafion membrane and preparing the same
06/30/16Anticancer prodrugs activated by radiation or ultraviolet treatment and use thereof
06/30/16Method for preparing synthetic fuel from natural gas of stranded gas field and associated gas from oil & gas fields by gtl-fpso process
06/30/16Wavelength converting structure for near-infrared rays and solar cell comprising the same
06/30/16Spintronic wireless communication system for simultaneously modulating multi-band frequency and amplitude
06/30/16Apparatus for generating extreme ultra-violet beam using multi-gas cell modules
06/23/16Method and culture of anaerobic ammonium oxidizer
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06/16/16Expression vector for cyanobacteria
06/09/16Method and mashing up heterogeneous sensors, and recording medium thereof
06/09/16System and measuring viewing zone characteristics of autostereoscopic 3d image display
06/02/16Method for isolating highly furfural resistant strain and strain isolated by the method
06/02/16Stretching aligning microfibrils
06/02/16Method and controlling fuel concentration of liquid fuel cell by sensor-less and voltage amplitude-control based feed-back control, and liquid fuel cell apparatus using the same
05/26/16Photocatalyst using semiconductor-carbon nanomaterial core-shell composite quantum dot and preparing the same
05/26/16Heteroarylamine derivatives as protein kinase inhibitors
05/26/16Desiccant cooling system
05/26/16Method for face recognition through facial expression normalization, recording medium and device for performing the method
05/26/16Conductive organic semiconductor compound, preparing the same and organic thin-film transistor including the same
05/19/16Modified sulfur, preparing same, preparing same, and use thereof
05/19/16Gtl-fpso system for conversion of stranded gas in stranded gas fields and associated gas in oil-gas fields, and process for production of synthetic fuel using the same
05/12/16Coating material of metal-phosphate-based ceramic complex having heat and abrasion resistance and low friction characteristics and coating method thereof
05/12/16Biocatalyst for simultaneously degrading lignin and cellulose, and manufacturing hydrolysate and biofuel using the same
05/12/16Hybrid electrochemical cell
05/12/16Method of fabricating cathode for thin film battery using laser, cathode fabricated thereby, and thin film battery including the same
05/05/16Lignin microcapsule and producing the same
05/05/16Labelling agent, and composition for labelling a protein, labelling a protein, and detecting a protein
05/05/16Aa' stacked graphite
05/05/16Method for manufacturing thin film solar cell and module structure of thin film solar cell
05/05/16Zso-based perovskite solar cell and its preparation method
04/28/16Method for preparing a hydrosilane using hetero atom containing activated carbon
04/28/16Shuttle vector for corynebacterium or e. coli
04/21/16Gas separation membrane with ladder-structured polysilsesquioxane and fabricating the same
04/21/16Multicolor tunable nanophosphor and its synthesis method and transparent polymer composite including the nanophosphor
04/14/16Biosensor and wearable device for detecting bioinformation including hybrid electronic sheet
04/14/16Carbon nanofibers with sharp tip ends and a carbon nanofibers growth method using a palladium catalyst
04/14/16Novel peptide selectively binding to volatile organic compounds
04/14/16Diagnostic kit for diagnosis of abnormal protein aggregation- or misfolding-related diseases using dissociation of protein aggregates
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04/14/16Apparatus and generating facial composite image, recording medium for performing the method
04/07/16Intraocular lens with fine pattern
04/07/16Photoreactive smart window
03/31/16Flexible heat-dissipating composite sheet including filler and low-viscosity polymerizable thermoplastic resin and cost effective mass producible preparing the same
03/31/16Water-insoluble metal hydrate containing an alkali metal and preparation methods thereof
03/24/16Mercapto-based polysilsesquioxane and preparing functional polysilsesquioxane using the same
03/24/16Light stabilizer, organic photovoltaic cell containing the same and preparing the same
03/10/16Transparent and heat-insulating material including polymer capsule and preparing the same
02/25/16Drug carrier having self-assembled 3-d nucleic acid nanostructure
02/25/16Robot motion data processing system using motion data reduction/restoration compatible to hardware limits
02/25/16Marker for diagnosing age-related macular degeneration, and diagnosing age-related macular degeneration by using same
02/25/16Anti-reflection nano-coating structure
02/25/16Terminal and supporting 3d printing, and computer program for performing the method
02/25/16Three-dimensional image display apparatus using laser beam scanning projection optical systems
02/18/16Carbon nanotube composite and manufacturing the same
02/18/16Biodegradable polymer with enhanced physical properties including stereocomplex organic filler and producing the same
02/11/16Composition for detection or diagnosis of diseases containing transcription activator-like effector
02/04/16Peptide selectively binding to graphitic materials and volatile organic compounds
02/04/16Solid oxide cell manufacturing the same
02/04/16Core-shell structured electrocatalysts for fuel cells and production method thereof
01/28/16Electrochemical detoxification wood-based hydrolysate for producing biochemicals or biofuels, and detoxified wood-based hydrolysate
01/28/16Bearing test testing durability of bearing
01/28/16Content management device and content management method
01/28/16Electrolyte for magnesium rechargeable battery and preparation method thereof
01/21/16Stimulation apparatus using low intensity focused ultrasound for pain management and muscle strengthening
01/21/16Cnt-polymer complex capable of self-doping by external stimuli and process for preparing the same
01/21/16Image display apparatus using transflective electro-optic device
01/21/16Plasmonic all-optical switch and light control method using the same
01/21/16Low band gap polymer compound, synthesis of thereof, and organic photovoltaic cell containing the same

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