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Korea Research Institute Of Standards And Science
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Korea Research Institute Of Standards And Science patents

Recent patent applications related to Korea Research Institute Of Standards And Science. Korea Research Institute Of Standards And Science is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Korea Research Institute Of Standards And Science may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Korea Research Institute Of Standards And Science, we're just tracking patents.

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09/21/17Apparatus for manufacturing large scale single crystal monolayer of hexagonal boron nitride and manufacturing the same
09/14/17Monoclonal antibody based online phosphoprotein proteomics analysis method using microbore hollow fiber enzymatic reactor-tandem mass spectrometry
07/27/17Flexible thin multi-layered thermoelectric energy generating module, voltage boosting module using super capacitor, and portable thermoelectric charging apparatus using the same
07/06/17Time delay estimation apparatus and time delay estimation method therefor
07/06/17Radiosonde provided a plurality of temperature sensors measuring temperature using it, correction system thereof, and correction method
06/15/17Cryocooled squid measurement apparatus
06/08/17Method for controlling magnetic domain wall of magnetic structure and magnetic memory device using same
05/18/17Head-integrated atomic force microscope and composite microscope including same
05/04/17Method for measuring vibration displacement using state variation principle
05/04/17Process for fabricating vertically-aligned gallium arsenide semiconductor nanowire array of large area
04/20/17Apparatus for dipping substrate
04/13/17High-speed 3d imaging system using continuous-wave thz beam scan
03/16/17Capacitive force sensor and preparing the same
03/02/17Dual cap for protecting humidity sensor of radiosonde
03/02/17Quantum-dot photoactive-layer and manufacture thereof
02/23/17Measuring atomic force microscope
02/16/17Method of manufacturing reference material using plant cultured cell lines
01/19/17Apparatus and dispersing and mixing fluids by focused ultrasound and fluid feeder for dispersing and mixing fluids by focused ultrasound
01/12/17Method for manufacturing monocrystalline graphene
01/05/17Apparatus for real-time non-contact non-destructive thickness measurement using terahertz wave
12/29/16Quantitative analysis method using microorganism 16s rdna gene having single nucleotide polymorphism
12/15/16Electrostatic levitation crystal growth solution and crystal growing method using the same
12/15/16Ir photodetector using metamaterial-based on an antireflection coating to match the impedance between air and sp resonator
09/29/16Unit block for multiple purposes and multiple images, and multi-module medical phantom using unit block
09/29/16Apparatus for quantitatively analyzing gas components with automatic feed control function of gas
09/29/16Nanosecond pulse laser device and alternate laser wavelength output method thereof
09/22/16Gonio-spectroradiometer and measuring method thereof
09/22/16Gas permeability measurement apparatus and gas permeability measurement method
09/15/16High-speed and high-resolution pan-tilt device capable of changing height
08/11/16Method of screening drugs
08/04/16Squid sensor module and magnetoencephalography measuring apparatus
08/04/16Ion source, and mass analysis apparatus including same
07/28/16Fbg sensor for measuring maximum strain, manufacturing method and using method
07/21/16Low magnetic field, ultra-low magnetic field nuclear magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance image apparatus
07/21/16Inspection thermo-hygrometer based on phase change and methods for controlling and inspecting the same
07/14/16Thickness measuring apparatus and thickness measuring method
06/23/16Magnetoencephalography measuring apparatus and magnetoencephalography measuring method
06/23/16Thin film superconducting acceleration measuring apparatus
06/16/16Rotating-element spectroscopic ellipsometer and measurement precision prediction of rotating-element spectroscopic ellipsometer, recording medium storing program for executing the same, and computer program stored in medium for executing the same
06/09/16Electromagnetic wave power sensing apparatus and system comprising thereof
06/02/16Optical element rotation type mueller-matrix ellipsometer and measuring mueller-matrix of sample using the same
05/19/16Standard plasmid for assaying genetically modified organism, and analysis method and assay kit using same
05/19/16Ultraviolet index measuring method and apparatus
04/28/16Phantom for measuring thickness of thin layer using ultrasonic imaging device and using thereof
04/28/16Atomic magnetometer and operating the same
02/25/16Two-dimensional liquid chromatography system for heart-cut method
01/28/16Sample loading device for electrostatic levitation apparatus
01/14/16Shielding apparatus, shielding method and demagnetizing for measuring magnetic field
12/24/15Monochromator and charged particle apparatus including the same
12/10/15Coil having multi-layer structure
12/03/15Quantification sulfur-containing organic compound
12/03/15Combustion pretreatment-isotope dilution mass spectrometry
11/19/15Method of determining surface orientation of single crystal wafer
11/12/15Apparatus and measuring nonlinear parameters
11/05/15Anisotropic, transparent, electroconductive, and flexible thin film structure including vertically aligned nanolines and preparing same
10/22/15Digital signal transmitting adjusting multi-channel superconducting quantum interference device
09/24/15Apparatus and indirectly cooling superconducting quantum interference device
09/10/15Apparatus and simultaneously measuring characteristics of molecular junctions and refractive index of buffer solution
08/13/15Low-temperature cooling apparatus and superconducting quantum interference device sensor module
07/30/15Method for expression, extraction and purification of soluble recombinant protein
07/30/15Apparatus and stabilizing pulse laser output
06/25/15Superconducting accelerometer, acceleration measuring apparatus, and acceleration measuring method
05/28/15Operating first derivative measuring apparatus
05/07/15Levitation apparatus and levitation method
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03/26/15Method of forming upper electrode of nanowire array and nanowire array with upper electrode formed
03/12/15Absolute position measurement method, absolute position measurement apparatus and scale
01/22/15Signal processing device and initializing the same
01/08/15Transparent substrate monitoring apparatus and transparent substrate method
01/08/15Thickness measuring apparatus and thickness measuring method
11/27/14Data synchronization apparatus
11/20/14Free fatty acid particle dispersion solution and preparation method thereof
10/23/14Rotating-element ellipsometer and measuring properties of the sample using the same
10/09/14Enzyme treatment proteins using a hollow fiber membrane, and on-line proteomics method using same
08/21/14Object discrimination method using ultra-low magnetic field nuclear magnetic resonance and an object discrimination apparatus of the same
08/21/14Method for non-invasive mapping of myocardial electric activity
07/03/14Flight time based mass microscope system for ultra high-speed multi mode mass analysis
05/29/14Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
05/08/14Fusion measurement apparatus
02/13/14Composition containing inorganic nanoparticles as an active ingredient for preventing or treating of angiogenesis-related diseases
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01/09/14Photo active layer by silicon quantum dot and the fabrication method thereof
01/02/14Non-destructive inspection device for pressure containers using leakage-flux measurement
11/07/13Bio-chip for secondary ion mass spectroscopy and fabricating the same
11/07/13Method and kit for the quantification of nucleic acids
09/19/13Ultra-low-field nuclear-magnetic-resonance direct myocardial electrical activity detection method and ultra-low-field nuclear-magnetic-resonance device
09/12/13Apparatus and manufacturing fine pattern using interferogram of optical axis direction
08/15/13Device and measuring via hole of silicon wafer
08/01/13Apparatus for forming fine patterns capable of switching direction of polarization interference pattern in laser scanning method and forming fine patterns using the same
07/25/13Method and locating a source of damage in a large composite material structure
07/04/13Structure and attaching tactile sensor to curved surface
06/27/13Electrical-mechanical complex sensor for nanomaterials
06/20/13Optic fiber distributed temperature sensor system with self-correction function and temperature measuring method using thereof
06/13/13Magnetostrictive phased array transducer for transducing shear horizontal bulkwaves
05/30/13Camera tracing and surveillance security using thermal image coordinate
05/30/13System and management of surveillance devices and surveillance footage
05/16/13High-density p-doped quantum dot solar cell obtained by the active doping of inp and a production method therefor
04/25/13Integrating sphere photometer and measuring the same
04/18/13Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method thereof
04/18/13Disease marker detection kit and disease marker detection method
03/14/13Disease diagnosis method, marker screening method and marker using tof-sims
02/21/13Rotating-element ellipsometer and measuring properties of the sample using the same
11/08/12Method of manufacturing reference material using plant cultured cell lines
09/20/12System and measuring magnetocardiogram of small animal
09/20/12Digital image storage system and human body data matching algorithm for medical aesthetic application
09/13/12Integrating sphere photometer and measuring the same
08/30/12Rotational vibration exciter
08/02/12Multi probe unit for ultrasonic flaw detection apparatus
07/05/12Method for manufacturing a silicon nanowire array using a porous metal film
03/08/12Surface plasmon resonance sensor using beam profile ellipsometry
03/08/12Method and determining phase sensitivity of an accelerometer based on an analysis of the harmonic components of the interference signal
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03/01/12System for diagnosing pathological change of lipid in blood vessels using non-linear optical microscopy
01/19/12System and acquiring data of multi-channel squid signal
12/01/11System and acquiring data of multi-channel signal
10/13/11Apparatus for collecting gas sample in foam, and analysis method using the same
09/22/11Flexible force or pressure sensor array using semiconductor strain gauge, fabrication method thereof and measurement method thereof
09/08/11Multi-channel surface plasmon resonance sensor using beam profile ellipsometry
08/18/11Spm nanoprobes and the preparation method thereof
07/21/11Hydrogen penetration barrier
07/14/11Fluid transfer apparatus
07/07/11Quantification functional groups of organic layer
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06/30/11Method for screening drug candidates by using domain protein
06/23/11Solar cell having quantum dot nanowire array and the fabrication method thereof
06/23/11Quantum dot photovoltaic device and manufacturing method thereof
06/23/11Quantification biochemical substances using ion scattering spectroscopy and specific-binding efficiency quantification biochemical substances using ion scattering spectroscopy
06/09/11Spectrophotometer using medium energy ion
05/05/11Mass spectrometric matrix-free laser desorption/ionization of self-assembled monolayers
04/28/11Disease diagnosis method, marker screening method and marker using tof-sims
03/31/11Measurement of fourier coefficients using integrating photometric detector
12/30/10Ultra-sensitive susceptibility detection apparatus of anharmonic resonance measurement type using atomic magnetometer, and using same
12/30/10Brightness controllable led illumination device with tactile sensor sensing intensity of force or intensity of pressure, flat panel display having the same, mobile terminal keypad having the same, robot eye and robot nose having the same, and operating the same
12/23/10Brightness controllable electroluminescence device with tactile sensor sensing intensity of force or intensity of pressure, flat panel display having the same, mobile terminal keypad having the same and operating the same
12/23/10Minute measuring instrument for high speed and large area and the thereof
12/23/10Measurement distinguishing dew and frost point using quartz crystal microbalance dew-point sensor in low temperature
12/02/10Tactile sensor module having uwb wireless communication function and uwb communication method using the tactile sensor module
11/25/10Single-polarizer focused-beam ellipsometer
11/11/10Apparatus for detecting nano particle having nano-gap electrode
10/21/10Touch screen using tactile sensors, manufacturing the same, and algorithm implementing the same
10/07/10Slim mouse for mobile appliance and manufacturing the same
09/30/10Method and monitoring wall thinning of a pipe using magnetostrictive transducers and variation of dispersion characteristics of broadband multimode shear horizontal (sh) waves
07/22/10Shape measurement apparatus and method
07/15/10Tactile sensor for curved surface and manufacturing method thereof
07/15/10Apparatus and stabilizing frequency of laser
06/17/10Method for implementing mouse algorithm using tactile sensor
05/20/10Detection airborne noxious substance
05/20/10Touch input device and acquiring contact location and intensity of force using the same
05/20/10Input module with capacitance sensors, manufacturing the input module and constructing algorithm for processing touch input applied to the input module
05/20/10Super-resolution lithography apparatus and method based on multi light exposure method
03/25/10Apparatus using focused ultrasound wave by controlling electronic signals and using method thereof
03/11/10Fret probes for fluorescent detection of the esps gene
02/11/10Laser processing method and processing apparatus based on conventional laser-induced material changes
Patent Packs
02/11/10Method and system for predicting acoustic fields based on generalized moving frame acoustic holography
01/28/103-color multiplex cars spectrometer
01/14/10Method and system for providing mobile telephone call termination service over open sea
12/24/09Tactile sensor having membrane structure and manufacturing method thereof
11/12/09Apparatus for measuring pressure using acoustic impedance variation
11/12/09Apparatus for measuring pressure in a vessel using magnetostrictive acoustic transducer
10/22/09Apparatus for measuring pressure by using diaphragm and pressure measurement by using diaphragm
10/08/09Dynamic balancing apparatus and method using linear time varying angular velocity model
10/01/09Apparatus and providing interface depending on action force, and recording medium thereof
09/10/09Tactile transmission method and system using tactile feedback apparatus
09/10/09Optical frequency synthesizer and optical frequency synthesizing method using femtosecond laser optical injection locking
09/10/09Full-browsing display touch screen apparatus using tactile sensors, and recording medium thereof
07/23/09Absorber with hole for metallic magnetic cryogenic detector and aligning method thereof
07/23/09Method and isotope identification and radioactivity measurement of alpha-emitting-radionuclides using a low temperature detector
04/23/09Method for fabricating spm and cd-spm nanoneedle probe using ion beam and spm and cd-spm nanoneedle probe thereby
03/19/09Analogue-digital converter using josephson dac and method thereof
03/12/09Vacuum gauge calibration apparatus capable of calibrating and testing without displacement and operating method thereof
01/28/103-color multiplex cars spectrometer
01/14/10Method and system for providing mobile telephone call termination service over open sea

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