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Korea University Research And Business Foundation patents

Recent patent applications related to Korea University Research And Business Foundation. Korea University Research And Business Foundation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Korea University Research And Business Foundation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Korea University Research And Business Foundation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Light-emitting diode device for enhancing light extraction efficiency and current injection efficiency
12/07/17Highly sensitive and selective gas sensing material to methylbenzene, methods for preparing the gas sensing material and gas sensor including the gas sensing material
12/07/17Method for controlling structural member design considering constructability of formwork
12/07/17Light-emitting diode with multiple n contact structure
12/07/17Quantum dot light emitting device including ligand-substituted quantum dot light emitting layer with polymer having amine groups and fabricating the same
11/30/17Method for controlling mobile robot based on bayesian network learning
11/30/17Signal processing device and signal processing method
11/23/17Microorganism having improved ability to produce n-acetylglucosamine as a result of modulating glycolytic flux
11/23/17Immunobiosensor and sensor system including the same
11/23/17Material of negative electrode for lithium secondary battery
11/16/17Carbon dioxide adsorbent including alkali metal double salts and methods for preparing the same
11/16/17Dual gate semiconductor memory device with vertical semiconductor column
11/09/17Activated macrophage targetable drug carrier for treatment of atherosclerosis and methods of preparing the same
11/02/17Metal nanolaminates and manufacturing method thereof
11/02/17Magnetic memory device
10/26/17Method for detecting toxic metal ions in sample
10/26/17Real-time imaging sensor for measuring cellular thiol level
10/26/17Apparatus for measuring fluid speed
10/26/17Apparatus for measuring fluid speed
10/26/17Apparatus and detecting code cloning of software
10/19/17Method for manufacturing nonvolatile memory thin film device by using neutral particle beam generation apparatus
10/12/17Variant microorganism producing 5-aminolevulinic acid and preparing 5-aminolevulinic acid using thereof
10/12/17Refrigeration cycle and refrigerator having the same
10/05/17Core-shell nanoparticle, manufacturing same and producing hydrogen peroxide using same
10/05/17Device for correcting multi-phase clock signal
10/05/17Bch decorder in which folded multiplier is equipped
10/05/17Method and estimating channel communication quality of wireless communication technology
09/28/17Fusion protein comprising albumin and retinol-binding protein
09/28/17Capacitive sensor and manufacturing method thereof
09/28/17Method and collecting traffic information from big data of outside image of vehicle
09/28/17Apparatus for encryption and search and method thereof
09/21/17Antiviral composition and controlling plant viruses using the same
09/21/17Memory device and operation the same
09/14/17Apparatus and receiving signal in communication system supporting low density parity check code
09/07/17Vaginal endoscopic port unit module
09/07/17High frequency signal generation apparatus
09/07/17Apparatus and controlling channel access adaptively in wireless communication system
08/31/17Device for integrity verification of image data and integrity verification using the same
08/24/17Ultrahigh-sensitivity two-dimensional chromatography-based biosensor
08/10/17Method and generating projection image, mapping between image pixel and depth value
08/03/17Superconductive coil module including a shaking coil
07/20/17Apparatus for treating radioactive material using multiple separation membranes
07/13/17Method for providing chip-to-chip wireless communication and electronic device thereof
07/13/17Method for transmitting signal through energy efficiency optimization and base station
06/29/17Memory system
06/29/17Method and device for generating depth map
06/22/17Dual online liquid chromatography device and control method thereof
06/22/17Method and server for providing online collaborative learning using social network service
06/22/17Apparatus for multiple resonance antenna
06/15/17Pharmaceutical composition containing verbenone derivative for treating or preventing neurodegenerative disease
05/18/17Respirator without breathing resistance
05/11/174-substituted-2-(5-substituted-1h-indol-2-yl)phenol derivatives, methods for preparing the phenol derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting cell proliferation and migration including the phenol derivatives
05/04/17Method of expanding nk cell and composition for culturing
04/27/17Protein nanoparticle linked with cancer specific epitope and composition for cancer immunotherapy comprising the same
04/27/17Method for rendering terrain
04/20/17Block copolymer and manufacturing integrated circuit device using the same
04/13/17Memory device based on domain wall memory and reading and writing method thereof, and digital signal processing using the same
04/06/17Composition for target substance detection comprising magnetic nanoparticle having a curie temperature which is within biocompatible temperature range and system for target substance detection
04/06/17Low drop-out regulator and display device including the same
04/06/17Light emitting device having transparent electrode and manufacturing light emitting device
04/06/17Cathode unit for ceramic fuel cell, cathode structure for ceramic fuel cell including the same, and forming cathode structure for ceramic fuel cell
03/23/17Vertical type light emitting device having transparent electrode and manufacturing the same
03/16/17Method for preparing 3,6-anhydro-l-galactose, and use thereof
03/16/17Device for measuring antimicrobial activity of gas and measuring antimicrobial activity of gas
03/16/17Microgrid control the same
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03/09/17Composition for imaging atherosclerosis and diagnosing atherosclerosis by using same
03/02/17Sensor for detection of zinc oxide nanowires and detection of zinc oxide nanowires in water using the sensor
03/02/17Method for detecting floor obstacle using laser range finder
03/02/17Design of dvb-s2 ldpc decoder using overlapped decoding scheme
02/23/17Data processing accommodating legacy network service in 4g or next generation network
02/16/17Method for pretreating lignocellulose by using acid-base mixture catalyst
02/16/17Method for inducing ectodermal differentiation of embryoid bodies derived from human pluripotent stem cells by cxcr2 stimulation
02/16/17Method for inducing endodermal and mesodermal differentiation from human pluripotent stem cells by cxcr2 suppression
02/16/17Organic electrolyte for supercapacitor, containing redox active material
02/16/17Omnidirectional high resolution tracking and recording appratus and method
02/02/17Method for manufacturing anodic metal oxide nanoporous templates
01/26/173-dimensional printing apparatus
01/26/17Method and selecting channel in wireless communication system
01/19/17Automated guided vehicle system based on autonomous mobile technique and a controlling the same
01/19/17Method and server for providing image captcha
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01/05/17Antimicrobial composition including phytic acid and electrolytes
01/05/17Method for evaluating type of distance measured by laser range finder and estimating position of mobile robot by using same
12/29/16Peptide capable of silica deposition and use thereof
12/15/16Mapping ablation catheter
12/15/16Method for searching candidate material for anti-cancer drug using localized surface plasmon resonance
12/01/16Apparatus for measuring cell activity and analyzing cell activity
12/01/16Flexible pressure sensor using amorphous metal and flexible bimodal sensor for simultaneously sensing pressure and temperature
12/01/16Use of protein nanoparticle based hydrogel
12/01/16Method for enhancing penetration property of wave and performing previously set function by introducing wave into random medium
11/24/16Magnet terminal with solderless connection structure and jumper wire including the same
11/17/16Multi-degree of freedom torque-free linkage unit
11/10/16Cell strain having increased virus production ability and production method therefor
11/10/16Method for extracting outer space feature information from spatial geometric data
11/10/16Method for detecting detoured connection via anonymous network using changes in round trip times
11/10/16Image sensor for extracting edge information
11/03/16Device, server and providing secret key encryption and restoration
10/27/16Simultaneous pretreatment and saccharification of biomass using fungal consortium and preparing biofuel using the same
10/27/16Method, device, computer program and computer readable recording medium for determining opinion spam based on frame
10/13/16Method of measuring transmission characteristics of optical transfer medium and image acquisition device using the same
10/06/16Method of controlling fleet of drones
10/06/16Method of measuring state of drone
10/06/16Oscillator for high-frequency signal generation
10/06/16Method and selecting beam in wireless communication system supporting beamforming scheme
09/29/16Composition for preventing or treating colon cancer, containing 3,6-anhydrol-galactose
09/15/16Agarooligosaccharide hydrolase and producing 3,6-anhydro-l-galactose and galactose from agarose by using same
09/15/16Method and device for determining similarity between sequences
09/15/16Method for selecting network and electronic device therefor
09/08/16Method of determining a filter of a relay and relay for performing the same
09/01/16Nucleic acid aptamer capable of specifically binding to tebuconazole, mefenacet and inabenfide, and use therof
09/01/16Flexible thermoelectric generator module and producing the same
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09/01/16Double dead band tab switch for transformer and control method
08/25/16Endoscope, handpiece of endoscope, calibration the endoscope, using the endoscope
08/18/16Counterbalancing linkage mechanism
08/18/16Apparatus and encrypting data in near field communication system
08/11/16Method and grouping antennas in multiple-input multiple-output antenna system
08/04/16Education kit for open hardware
07/28/16System and inspecting emotion recognition capability using multisensory information, and training emotion recognition using multisensory information
07/28/16Bread board, bread-board specific jumper wire, and education kit
07/28/16Method and distributive mobility management
07/21/16Method and selecting power preference information in a wireless communication system network
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07/14/16Fusion protein comprising albumin and retinol-binding protein
07/14/16Aptamers screening method based on graphene without target immobilization and the aptamers obtained from the method
07/14/16Aptamers screening method based on graphene without target immobilization and the aptamers obtained from the method
07/07/16Eeg-based brain-machine interface recognizing human-intention using flickering visual stimulus
06/30/16Composition containing a dpp-iv inhibitor for preventing or treating renal diseases
06/30/16Ejector and cooling apparatus having the same
06/30/16Software vulnerability analysis
06/16/16Method and apparatus of allocating resources for terminal in wireless communication system
06/09/16Tube for breath-inducing and breath-inducing using the same
06/09/16Composition for maintaining chromosomal stability of pluripotent stem cells, containing small-molecule compound
06/02/16Method for encryption authentication and decryption verification and electronic apparatus suitable for small memory implementation environment
05/19/16Porous diacetylene particles, synthesis method thereof
05/19/16Method for preparing metal nanostructure based on biomolecules
05/05/16Method for diagnosing cancer using secreted ribosomal protein s3
04/28/16Recombinant microorganism metabolizing 3,6-anhydride- l-galactose and a use thereof
04/14/16Device and denoising of electroencephalography signal using segment-based principal component analysis
04/14/16Method of inspecting quality of organic light-emitting diode and inspecting system for performing the method
04/14/16Method for manufacturing permanent magnet
04/07/16Novel recombinant cellulase and use thereof
04/07/16Multilayered magnetic thin film stack and nonvolatile memory device having the same
03/31/16Block copolymer, forming the same, and forming pattern
03/31/16Flash memory physical unclonable function and embodying the same
03/24/16Composition for stimulating hair growth or preventing hair loss which includes extract neural stem cell and producing same
03/24/16Device and information processing using virtual keyboard
03/17/16Use of human small leucine zipper protein in adipocyte differentiation procedure
03/17/16Recombinant self-assembling protein comprising target-oriented peptide and use thereof
03/17/16Method and providing prefrontal activity game
03/17/16Thermoelectric generator module and manufacturing the same
03/17/16Energy harvesting apparatus and method
03/17/16Apparatus and generating ramp signal
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03/17/16Apparatus and detecting network congestion based on destination node
03/10/16Use of human small leucine zipper protein in osteogenesis procedure
03/10/16Nanofiber-based thermoelectric generator module, manufacturing the same, and electrospinning manufacturing nanofibers therefore
03/03/16Method for densitometric analysis of computed tomography image
03/03/16Nano-catalyst filter and production same
03/03/16Device for optical coherence tomography
03/03/16Method and device for removing haze in single image
02/18/16Complex of mannosyl serum albumin, preparing the same, optical imaging probe and kit comprising the same
02/18/16Small interference rna for inhibiting intracellular expression of ribosomal protein
02/18/16Method and detecting lane of road
02/18/16Method for eliminating artifact of computed tomography image
02/11/16Regulation of differentiation into dopaminergic neurons by metalloprotease
02/11/16Memory device including reference voltage generator
02/11/16Semiconductor device and fabricating same
02/04/16Novel gene ibenod93 and transgenic plants using the same
02/04/16Broadband light absorber and display apparatus including the same
02/04/16Hologram generation apparatus and method
02/04/16Power grid frequency flexible operation system and method using the same
01/28/16Spinning nanowires and inducing cell eradication using the same
01/28/16Apparatus and detecting and counting rare cells in blood
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01/28/16Probe station for the simultaneous measurement of thermal and electrical characteristics of thermoelectric module
01/14/16Mapping ablation catheter
01/14/16Method for extracting curb of road using laser range finder and localizing of mobile robot using curb informaiton of road
01/14/16Vision inspection apparatus and detecting mura thereof
01/07/16Vertical type light emitting device having transparent electrode and manufacturing the same
12/31/15Method for screening mutant microorganism overproducing target metabolite using synthetic suicide genetic circuit
12/31/15Light receiving device including transparent electrode and manufacturing light receiving device
12/10/15Discrimination mutation-induced unicellular organism and microfluidic device used therefor
12/10/15Apparatus and testing multi-function and drug response of centrifugal microfluidic-based platelets
12/10/15Digital signal processor and data inputting/outputting method
12/10/15Method for eliminating interference between cells in wireless communication system and apparatus thereof
12/03/15System and hiding reversible information
11/26/15Devices for carbon nanotube length control
11/26/15Device for monitoring biofilm
11/26/15Apparatus and platelet function and drug repsonse testing based on microfluidic chip
11/19/15Apparatus and microparticle separation based on microfluidic chromatography using surface acoustic wave
11/19/15Multisensing platform using nanoporous cantilever sensor
11/19/15Error correction processing circuit in memory and error correction processing method
11/12/15Method for controlling hand-over in drone network
11/12/15Method and selecting mobility anchor in mobile communication system
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10/29/15Two-photon probe for detecting copper(ii) ion and quantitative estimation of copper(ii) ion in human tissue using the same
10/29/15Carbon dioxide adsorbent including alkali metal double salts and methods for preparing the same
10/22/15Transgenic tree induced by rabg3bca and use thereof
10/22/15Fabrication rare earth-based sintered magnet
10/22/15Apparatus and detecting anomaly of network
10/08/15High-purity gas production apparatus and production method therefor
10/01/15Apparatus and recovering data in oracle database
10/01/15Method and device for transmitting/receiving feedback signal in multi-cell cooperative communication system
09/24/15Method of manufacturing metal powders and manufacturing metal powders realizing the same
09/24/15Apparatus and extracting semantic topic
09/17/15Method and device for manufacturing biodiesel from sewage sludge
09/17/15Method and selecting user terminal in mobile communication system
09/10/15Nanomaterial-induced cytotoxicity detection composition and kit, and nanomaterial-induced cytotoxicity detection method
09/03/15Magnetic resonance imaging generating conductivity distribution image using magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography
08/27/15Magnetic resonance imaging device and magnetic resonance imaging method using the same device
08/27/15Apparatus and magnetic resonance image processing
08/20/15Method for determining abnormal gait
08/20/15Variable pin-hole type collimator and radiation imaging device using the same
08/20/15Magnetic memory device using in-plane current and electric field
08/20/15Apparatus and connecting access point in a wireless communication system
08/13/15Sentiment-based query processing system and method
08/06/15Method for preparing 3,6-anhydro-l-galactose, and use thereof
08/06/15Real-time transportation network topology control-combined traffic flow control and dynamic route guidance system using in-vehicle navigator with bidirectional communication and parking guidance and reservation system using the same
07/30/15Vaginal endoscopic port unit module
07/30/15Horizontal magnetic memory element using inplane current and electric field
07/30/15Organic light emitting device having transparent electrode where conducting filaments formed and manufacturing the same
07/30/15Efficient information reconciliation method using turbo codes over the quantum channel
07/30/15Method for correcting error of imperfect entangled qubit in receiver
07/30/15Method and estimating communication channel in mobile communication system
07/23/15Biosynthetic gene cluster for chejuenolide of marine microorganism hahella chejuensis
Social Network Patent Pack
07/23/15Complex spatial light modulator and 3d image display including the same
07/23/15Device and calculating dynamic variation of object
07/16/15Method for controlling flowering time by regulating of svp-flm-beta protein complex formation
07/16/15Apparatus and detecting congestion of wireless network in communication system
07/09/15Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus capable of acquiring selective gray matter image, and magnetic resonance image using same
07/02/15Ph sensitive fluorescent polydiacetylene liposome and delivery vehicle comprising same
06/18/15Light emitting device having transparent electrode and manufacturing light emitting device
06/18/15Apparatus and avoiding message collision between v2v communication
06/11/15Transparent electrode and forming transparent electrode
06/11/15Device and detecting bypass access and account theft
06/04/15Method for the induction and expansion of natural killer cells derived from peripheral blood mononuclear cells
05/28/15Pharmaceutical composition containing verbenone derivative for treating or preventing neurodegenerative disease
05/21/15Magnetic resonance imaging device and generating image using same
05/21/15Frequency assignment method and transmission apparatus therefor
05/14/15Three dimensional stretchable electronic device and manufacturing method comprising the same
05/14/15Method and encoding image and decoding image
05/07/15Method and generating hierarchical saliency images detection with selective refinement
05/07/15Suturing bead, suturing needle, side suction cap and endoscopic organ suturing implement using same
04/30/15Two-photon fluorescent probes for imaging of total sulfide in live cell and tissue, and quantitative estimation of total sulfide concentration using the same
04/30/15Pharmaceutical use of fam19a5 involved in regulating gliogenesis
04/30/15Portable pocket-sized biosensor
04/23/15High-purity gas production apparatus and production method therefor
04/23/15Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
04/23/15Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
04/23/15Optical biosensor
04/16/15Apparatus, method, and processor for measuring change in distance between a camera and an object
04/16/15Method and controlling topology
04/16/15Method for generating cancer stem cells from immortalized cell lines
04/09/15Method and controlling power in wireless communication system

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