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Kyoto University patents

Recent patent applications related to Kyoto University. Kyoto University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kyoto University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kyoto University, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Culture medium for pluripotent stem cells
04/20/17Mechanochemical platform and sensing methods using dna origami nanostructures
04/13/17Electrolytic solution for electrochemical devices and electrochemical device in which the electrolytic solution is used
03/16/17Anode current collector, conductive material, and fluoride ion battery
03/09/17Image processing apparatus, magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
03/02/17Relationship graph evaluation system
03/02/17Fluoride ion battery
02/23/17Translational control system using rna-protein interaction motif
02/16/17Active-ester-group-containing composition for producing fibers, and cell culture scaffold material using fibers produced from active-ester-group-containing composition
02/09/17Skin barrier function improving agent
02/02/17Pain-related compound and medical composition
02/02/17Alloy for medical use, and producing same
02/02/17Storage battery
02/02/17Alkaline storage battery
02/02/17Secondary battery
02/02/17Proton conductor, producing proton conductor, and fuel cell
01/26/17Method for producing surface-modified base material, producing joined body, new hydrosilane compound, surface treatment agent, surface treatment agent kit, and surface-modified base material
01/26/17Method for producing rare fatty acid using novel enzyme, and novel rare fatty acid
01/26/17Rna microarray for detecting interaction between protein and rna containing a higher-order structure
01/26/17Method of screening atp11c or cdc50a inhibitor
01/19/17Spheroid-producing device, recovering spheroids, and producing spheroids
01/19/17Method for testing for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease and screening agent for treatment of the disease
01/19/17Method for determining desired cell type using expression of mirna as indicator
01/19/17Liquid electrolyte for fluoride ion battery and fluoride ion battery
01/12/17Metabolism-improving agent comprising rare fatty acid
01/12/17Culture medium composition
01/12/17Method for screening therapeutic and/or prophylactic agents for alzheimer's disease
01/12/17Semiconductor laser module
01/05/17Anti-inflammatory agent containing rare fatty acid
01/05/17Nuclear medicine diagnostic imaging agent
01/05/17Nuclear medicine diagnostic imaging agent
01/05/17Polymer dispersant for cellulose, aqueous dispersion treatment agent containing same, readily dispersible cellulose composition, cellulose dispersion resin composition, and dispersant-containing resin composition for cellulose dispersion
01/05/17Puroduction readily dispersible cellulose composition, readily dispersible cellulose composition, cellulose dispersion resin composition, and prodaction water-based dispersant for cellulose
01/05/17Method for producing culture medium composition
12/22/16T cell inducing vaccine containing an interepitope sequence that promotes antigen presentation
12/22/16Alloy for medical use and process for manufacturing same
12/22/16Crosslinked polymer, producing the same, molecular sieve composition and material separation membranes
12/22/16Microfluid device and three-dimensional microculture cell
12/15/16Porous coordination polymer and application therefor
12/01/16Living radical polymerization catalyst, and polymer production method using same
12/01/16Cell assessment method, cell assessment device, and cell assessment program
11/10/16Cockroach attraction-aggregation substance, cockroach aggregation attractant and cockroach controlling agent
11/10/16Therapeutic agent for cancer, and determining prognosis of cancer
11/10/16Prophylactic and therapeutic agents for fgfr3 diseases and screening the same
11/03/16Hydrogen production method and hydrogen production system
11/03/16Method for promoting expression of calreticulin, and synthetic peptide for use in promoting expression of calreticulin
11/03/16Method and device for evaluating porosities inside composite material
10/27/16Novel alkylating agent for alkylating target with driver oncogene mutation
10/20/16Compound pertaining to neuropoiesis and drug composition
10/20/16Medicinal composition improving leptin resistance
10/20/16Method for forming an immune-tolerant site and attracting immunosuppressive cells
10/20/16Method for producing pseudoislet
10/13/16Radical polymerization initiator and producing polymers
10/06/16Method for generating pancreatic hormone-producing cells
10/06/16Electrolyte for fluoride ion battery and fluoride ion battery
09/29/16Seamless capsule for extermination of harmful insects
09/29/16Electrochemical energy storage device
09/29/16Method for manufacturing fluoride ion conducting electrolyte solution and manufacturing fluoride ion battery
09/08/16Compositions and methods for the treatment of metabolic disorders
09/08/16Liquid electrolyte for fluoride ion battery and fluoride ion battery
09/01/16Novel chondrocyte induction method
09/01/16Method for removing genomically unstable ips cells and synthetic peptide used therefor
09/01/16Battery parameter estimation device and parameter estimation method
08/11/16Therapeutic method using cardiac tissue-derived pluripotent stem cells
08/11/16Device and immunosuppressant-free transplantation, and usage thereof
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08/11/16Electrochemical energy storage device
08/04/16Compositions and methods for the treatment of metabolic disorders
08/04/16Test evaluating the risk of anti-thyroid drug-induced agranulocytosis, and evaluation kit
07/28/16Method for inducing dopaminergic neuron progenitor cells
07/28/16Methods for generating 3d cell culture model in high respiration environments for high-content analyses and screening
07/21/16Omega3 unsaturated fatty acid enzyme and producing eicosapentaenoic acid
07/14/16Wind power generating system
07/14/16Solar cell manufacturing method
07/14/16Liquid electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery
07/14/16Communication control method and communication device
07/07/16Method for creating endometriotic cells and endometriosis model animal
06/23/16Branched amphipathic block polymer and molecular aggregate and drug delivery system using same
06/23/16Preventive and therapeutic drug for cartilaginous hyperplasia and screening for the same
06/16/16Composition for maintaining platelet function
06/16/16Methods for identifying autoimmune arthritis and for screening for inhibitor of activation of autoimmune arthritogenic t cells
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06/09/16Electrode for fuel cells
06/09/16Alkaline storage battery
06/02/16Method for screening substance capable of inhibiting abnormal splicing causative of onset or progress of disease
05/26/16Method for screening drugs for treating/preventing myelodysplastic syndrome, etc.
05/19/16Induced pluripotent stem cell selection method and inducing differentiation to blood cells
05/19/16Method for producing renal progenitor cells, and drug comprising the same
05/19/16Glycated hexapeptide oxidase and use thereof
05/05/16Radiograph analysis device, radiation treatment system, marker area detection method and program
05/05/16Transplant site-forming agent, transplant site-forming device, angiogenic agent and angiogenic device
05/05/16Method for producing liquid dispersion of ceramic microparticles
05/05/16Method of efficiently inducing cardiomyocytes
05/05/16Method of efficiently establishing induced pluripotent stem cells
05/05/16Method for measuring glycated hemoglobin
05/05/16Molten salt battery
04/28/16Medicinal composition for inhibiting formation and/or enlargement of cerebral aneurysm or shrinking same
04/21/16Method for producing fluorine-containing substituted compound and fluorine-containing substituted compound
04/21/16Method for inducing exocrine pancreatic cells
04/21/16Method and producing nanostructures, and substrate structure including nanostructures
04/21/16Relationship graph interlinkage system
04/14/16Method for determining prognosis of cancer
04/07/16Conjugated diene polymer and producing same
03/31/16Microscope system for surgery
03/31/16Power packet generation device, power router, and power network
03/24/16Liquid electrolyte for fluoride ion battery and fluoride ion battery
03/24/16Gate driver
03/10/16Method for inducing alveolar epithelial progenitor cells
03/03/16Culture system for pluripotent stem cells and subculturing pluripotent stem cells
02/18/16Pluripotent stem cell for neuronal differentiation induction
02/18/16Film formation method
02/18/16Apparatus for forming metal oxide film, forming metal oxide film, and metal oxide film
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02/18/16Polycyclic aromatic compound
02/11/16Lsd1-selective inhibitor having lysine structure
02/11/16Liquid electrolyte for fluoride ion battery and fluoride ion battery
02/11/16Liquid electrolyte for fluoride ion battery and fluoride ion battery
02/04/16Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
02/04/16Laser rangefinder
02/04/16Scanner apparatus
01/28/16Floating offshore wind power generation facility
01/21/16Method for manufacturing electrolytic copper
01/21/16Air cathode for air batteries and air battery
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01/21/16Laser device
01/21/16Semiconductor laser element
01/14/16Method of inducing differentiation from pluripotent stem cells to germ cells
01/14/16Laser scanner
01/07/16Intestinal tract-protecting agent containing hydroxylated fatty acid
01/07/16Pharmaceutical composition for use in prevention or treatment of cancer
01/07/16Method for treating eye diseases
01/07/16Composition containing cellulose and dispersant
01/07/16Production methods for megakaryocytes and platelets
01/07/16Composition for promoting cardiac differentiation of pluripotent stem cell comprising egfr inhibitor
01/07/16Laser rangefinder and measuring distance and direction
01/07/16Relational graph database system
12/31/15Modified nanocellulose, and resin composition containing modified nanocellulose
12/24/15Therapy planning device, system for planned therapy, making therapy plan, and program
12/24/15Two-dimensional photonic crystal laser and producing the same
12/10/15Polypeptide and imaging method
12/10/15Method for inducing astrocytes
12/03/15Metabolism-improving agent comprising rare fatty acid
12/03/15Recombinant microorganism and producing a substance using the same
12/03/15Recombinant microorganism and producing a substance using the same
11/26/15Hydrogen production process
11/26/15Culture method and culture system for microalgae
11/26/15Method for producing induced pluripotent stem cells, cardiomyocytes or precursor cells thereof
11/26/15Reprogrammed stem cell
11/12/15Fibrotic non-human animal, and use thereof
11/12/15Electrochemical energy storage device
10/29/15Gyro sensor and composite sensor comprising gyro sensor
10/29/15Compound design device, compound design method, and computer program
10/22/15Method of screening modulator of xkr8
10/22/15Electrolytic solution for fluoride ion battery and fluoride ion battery
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10/22/15Electrolytic solution for fluoride ion battery and fluoride ion battery
10/15/15Porous polymer metal complex, gas adsorbent, and gas separation device and gas storage device using same
10/15/15Method to compute the barycenter of a set of histograms
10/01/15Upper body motion measurement system and upper body motion measurement method
09/24/15Vaccine for treatment of tautopathy
09/24/15Component analysis device
09/17/15Device for estimating parameters of battery, and estimation method
09/17/15Turbostratic material, active material for electricity storage devices, electrode, and electricity storage device
09/10/15Method of efficiently establishing induced pluripotent stem cells
09/10/15Electrochemical energy storing device
08/27/15Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis by microrna
08/20/15Molecular probe for imaging of pancreatic islet and the precursor, and use of the same
08/20/15Metal nanoparticle complex and producing same
08/13/15Compound and pharmaceutical composition for neuropsychological disorder or malignant tumor
08/13/15Solar cell
08/13/15Molten salt composition and secondary battery using the molten salt composition
08/06/15Cell evaluation method
07/30/15Electrode cell and battery comprising the same
07/23/15Molecular assembly using branched amphiphilic block polymer, and drug transportation system
07/23/15Electricity-generating layer of solar cell, producing same, and solar cell
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07/09/15Filaggrin production promoter, therapeutic agent for diseases associated with reduction in production of filaggrin, and screening for said therapeutic agent
07/09/15Nuclear material detection device and nuclear material detection method
07/02/15Novel cardiomyocyte marker
07/02/15Translational control system using rna-proten interaction motif
06/25/15Highly efficient establishing induced pluripotent stem cell
06/25/15Image processing device and endoscope device
06/18/15Method for producing ruthenium catalyst and producing alkyl group- or alkenyl group-substituted compound using ruthenium catalyst
06/18/15Modified cellulose nanofiber and resin composition including modified cellulose nanofiber
05/28/15Discharge plasma machining device and manufacturing discharge plasma machined product
05/21/15Method of producing induced pluripotent stem cells using a dominant negative mutant of p53
05/14/15Screening method, protein instability and/or stability inducers, and protein activity assessment
05/07/15Method for producing oxo fatty acid and rare fatty acid
04/30/15Fundus observation apparatus and fundus image analyzing apparatus
04/30/15Composition for promoting bifidobacteria growth
04/16/15Method for production of eosinophil from pluripotent stem cell
04/16/15Method for producing resin composition comprising modified microfibrillated plant fibers, and same resin composition
04/16/15Composite composition of inorganic oxide particles and silicone resin, manufacturing the same, transparent composite, and manufacturing the same
04/09/15Material for organic electroluminescent elements, organic electroluminescent element, display device, and lighting device
03/26/15Method and device for measuring unoccupied states of solid
03/26/15Method for inducing erythropoietin-producing cell
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03/19/15Method for preparing hydrogen
03/19/15Method for screening a modulator of a tmem16 family member
03/12/15Method of nuclear reprogramming
03/05/15Method for screening therapeutic and/or prophylactic agents for alzheimer's disease
03/05/15Urinary biomarker for use in test for prostate cancer
03/05/15Treatment planning device, treatment planning method, and program therefor
02/26/15Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and image processing apparatus
02/26/15Continuous production hydrogen
02/26/15Bone cement composition
02/19/15Production mayenite
02/19/15Pterosin derivative-containing therapeutic preparation for disease associated with cartilage loss, cartilage degeneration and/or cartilage thinning
02/12/15Solid electrolyte laminate, manufacturing solid electrolyte laminate, and fuel cell
02/12/15Solid electrolyte, manufacturing solid electrolyte, solid electrolyte laminate, manufacturing solid electrolyte laminate, and fuel cell
02/12/15Prophylactic and therapeutic drug for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and screening therefor
02/05/15Semiconductor light emitting element
02/05/15Radiotherapy equipment control device, radiotherapy equipment control method, and program executed by computer for radiotherapy equipment
01/29/15Method for sorting of pluripotent cells
01/15/15Method for inducing cardiac differentiation of pluripotent stem cell
01/08/15Substrate cleaning method, substrate cleaning device, and vacuum processing device
01/08/15Microcrystal structure analysis device, microcrystal structure analysis method, and x-ray shield device
01/08/15Method of transferring gene into algal cell involving utilizing multiple square-wave pulses in three steps
01/01/15Porous coordination polymer-ionic liquid composite
12/11/14Method for inducing differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into intermediate mesoderm cells
11/20/14Frozen dessert and frozen dessert material
11/20/14Skin barrier function improving agent
11/13/14Observation system, observation program, and observation method
11/13/14Therapeutic agent for cancer, and determining prognosis of cancer
10/16/14Method for screening induced pluripotent stem cells
10/09/14Catalyst for living radical polymerization and polymerization method
10/02/14Material having pores on surface, and manufacturing same
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09/11/14Preparation comprising hexose-6-phosphate-modified cholesterol derivative
09/04/14End-face-emitting photonic crystal laser element
08/28/14Condensed tannin-containing composition to be cured by applying heat/pressure thereto
08/28/14Method for producing pyruvic acid from alginic acid
08/21/14Acute hepatic insufficiency depressant and evaluating drug efficacy thereof
08/07/14Porous scaffold material, and producing same
07/24/14Human pluripotent stem cells induced from undifferentiated stem cells derived from a human postnatal tissue
07/10/14Novel markers for dopaminergic neuron progenitor cells
07/10/14Use of myelin basic protein as a novel genetic factor for rheumatoid arthritis
07/03/14Metal nanoparticle-pcp complex and manufacturing method therefor
07/03/14Radioactive quinolinone derivative and pharmaceutical drug comprising the same
05/15/14Method for accumulating a protein in plant cell
05/08/14Molecular probe for imaging of pancreatic islets and use of the same
05/08/14Method for promoting differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into cardiac muscle cells
04/10/14Photosensitive resin composition for forming biochip, and biochip
03/27/14Radioactive fluorine-labeled quinoxaline compound
03/20/14Dtm estimation method, dtm estimation program, dtm estimation device, and creating 3-dimensional building model, and region extraction method, region extraction program, and region extraction device
02/27/14Nmr detection module
02/27/14Nmr detection probe
02/27/14Novel cardiomyocyte marker
02/06/14Edge-emitting semiconductor laser element
01/30/14Method for producing epithelial stem cells
01/23/14Organic dye material and dye-sensitized solar cell using same
01/09/14Method of efficiently establishing induced pluripotent stem cells
01/09/14Method for producing fluorine-containing substituted compound and fluorine-containing substituted compound
01/02/14Polycyclic aromatic compound
12/12/13Method for producing dendritic cells from pluripotent stem cells
11/07/13Porous silicon material
10/31/13Sic ceramic material, sic ceramic structure, and their fabrication methods

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