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Kyushu University National University Corporation
Kyushu University
Kyushu University National University Corp
Kyushu University Nat l University Corporation
Kyushu University National University Corporatio
Kyushu University Natational University Corporation
Kyushu University Corporation
Kyushu University National Corporation
Kyushu University national University Corporation
Kyushu University National Unversity Corporation
Kyushu University Natioal University Corporation

Kyushu University patents

Recent patent applications related to Kyushu University. Kyushu University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Kyushu University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Kyushu University, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17P2x4 receptor antagonist
03/09/17Prophylactic or therapeutic agent for neuropathic pain associated with guillain-barre syndrome
03/02/17Metal surface coating composition and terminal-equipped covered electrical wire using same
02/23/17Adhesive composition and composite material using same
01/12/17Material for undifferentiated state-maintaining culture
09/29/16Method for evaluating physical properties of polymer compositions
08/25/16P2x4 receptor antagonist
07/21/16Composition having oil film retention function, anticorrosive agent using same, and insulated terminated electric wire
06/02/16Terminated electric wire and manufacturing terminated electric wire
04/28/16Measurement apparatus and measurement method
01/28/16Electric connection structure and terminal
01/21/16Highly sensitive (meth)acrylate and radical curable material
01/07/16Photocurable material combining radical curability and anionic curability
12/31/15Gelator and organogel
11/26/15Curing material, wire harness, and manufacturing method thereof
11/19/15Preventive or therapeutic agent for pain associated with herpes zoster in acute phase
10/22/15Biomolecule-compatible, highly branched polymer and biomolecular-recognition surface
10/08/15Nonaqueous electrolytic capacitor element
09/24/15Surface modification method, surface-modified elastic body, gasket for injector, injector, and tire
08/20/15(meth)acrylate composition
08/13/15Organic luminescent material, producing organic luminescent material and organic luminescent element
06/18/15Curable sensitizer, photocurable material, cured product, and material for wiring harness
05/21/15Reactive ionic liquid, and ion-immobilized metal oxide particle, ion-immobilized elastomer, and transducer using same
05/14/15Polymer composition containing organic nonlinear optical compound
03/26/15Photosensitive thermoplastic resin composition and molded product using same
01/22/15Novel sugar-derived gelator
07/24/14All-solid-state cell
07/24/14All-solid-state cell
05/29/14Preventive or therapeutic agent for pain associated with herpes zoster in acute phase
03/20/14Layered compound-metal particle composite and production method therefor, and suspension, film and flexible solar cell using same
03/13/14Method for producing chlorinated hyperbranched polymer
08/02/12Graphene sheet and producing the same
05/03/12Composite shaped body and silica glass, and producing the same
12/29/11Hyperbranched polymer containing thioester groups
07/28/11Metal fine particle dispersant containing branched polymer compound having ammonium group
05/12/11Measurement device and measurement method
01/13/11Rust inhibitor and surface treatment metal material
11/18/10Novel lipid peptide and hydrogel
11/04/10Novel lipid tripeptide-based hydrogelator and hydrogel
10/14/10Sodium ion secondary battery and negative electrode active material used therein
09/30/10Hyperbranched polymer having nitroxyl group
09/16/10Acid anhydride-introduced polymer, polymer composition, covered electric wire, and wiring harness
12/10/09Methyl aquocobyrinic acid derivative, alkylation composition, and detoxifying a harmful compound by utilizing the composition
09/03/09Organic electroluminescent device
03/05/09Organic electroluminescence device and organic laser diode
11/26/09Electrode material
03/03/16Compound having diazatriphenylene ring structure, and organic electroluminescent device
04/13/17Therapeutic agent for ocular fundus disease
04/13/17Laser irradiation apparatus and laser irradiation method
03/30/17Anti-tim-3 antibody
03/02/17Mononuclear ruthenium complex and organic synthesis reaction using same
01/19/17Cancer detection method using sense of smell of nematode
01/19/17Spiro compound having azafluorene ring structure, light-emitting material, and organic electroluminescent device
01/05/17Method for measuring underground boring position and underground boring position measuring apparatus
12/15/16Method for treatment of blood tumor using anti-tim-3 antibody
12/08/16Bendable treatment instrument
11/24/16Therapeutic agent for ocular fundus disease
11/17/16Method of producing microglial cells
11/10/16Organic electroluminescent device
11/10/16Therapeutic agents for ocular inflammatory disease comprising interleukin 6 receptor inhibitor as active ingredient
11/03/16Second-order nonlinear optical compound and nonlinear optical element comprising the same
10/27/16Marker for early diagnosis of kidney failure
10/27/16Electro-optic element
10/20/16New dna cleavage enzyme
10/20/16New dna cleavage enzyme
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09/22/16Electric or magnetic stimulation device for treatment of circulatory disease
09/15/16Electrical connection structure
09/08/16Electroosmotic pump, manufacturing same, and microfluidic device
09/08/16Electrical current detection system
09/08/16Organic compound and photoelectric conversion element
09/01/16Protein-polymer complex, tgase substrate-containing polymer, tgase substrate-containing monomer, producing protein-polymer complex, and improving protein function at solid-liquid interface or in vicinity of solid-liquid interface
09/01/16Electroosmotic pump
08/25/16Method for doping impurities, manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
08/25/16Organic electroluminescent device
08/18/16Joint- movement assisting device
07/28/16Method for detecting oxidation/reduction reaction in vivo
07/14/16Compound having triphenylene ring structure, and organic electroluminescent device
06/30/16Medicine for preventing or suppressing engraftment of cancer cells including an organic acid polymer as active ingredient
06/30/16Organic metal complex, light emitting material, delayed fluorescent material, and organic light emitting device
06/30/16Sensor, detection method, detection system, and detection apparatus
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06/30/16Organic electroluminescent device
06/16/16Compound, light emitting material, and organic light emitting device
06/09/16Compound, light emitting material, and organic light emitting device
06/02/16Dielectric film, manufacturing the same, and transducer including the same
05/26/16Gene-modified coxsackievirus
05/19/16Method for separating metallic single-walled carbon nanotube from semiconductive single-walled carbon nanotube
05/19/16Light emitting material, delayed fluorescent emitter, organic light emitting device, and compound
04/21/16Flexible conductive material and transducer
04/07/16Method for preparing nk cells
03/31/16Machining machining workpiece with tool
03/17/16Positioning control apparatus
03/17/16Dna-binding protein using ppr motif, and use thereof
03/17/16Reactive ionic liquid, and ion-immobilized metal oxide particle, ion-immobilized elastomer, and transducer using same
03/03/16Anti-tumor dna vaccine
02/18/16Extraction agent for precious metals and rhenium, and extraction precious metals and rhenium using same
02/11/16Compound, optical resolution method, and derivative of an optical isomer of an amino acid
02/04/16Laser annealing apparatus
01/28/16Mononuclear iron complex and organic synthesis reaction using same
01/28/16Mononuclear ruthenium complex and organic synthesis reaction using same
01/21/16Compound, light emitting material, and organic light emitting device
01/21/16Charge transport material, host material, thin film and organic light emitting element
01/21/16Hand exoskeleton device
01/21/16Polishing pad and polishing method
01/14/16Method for separating impurities from an acidic solution containing nickel and cobalt and/or scandium
01/14/16Fuel injection device
01/14/16Photometric analysis method and photometric analysis device using microchip, microchip for photometric analysis device, and processing device for photometric analysis
01/07/16Compound, light emitter, and organic light emitting device
01/07/16Combination of egcg or methylated egcg and a pde inhibitor
01/07/16Ocean exploration apparatus and ocean exploration method
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12/31/15Valuable-metal extraction method
12/24/15Suture technique evaluation apparatus, recording medium storing program for suture technique evaluation apparatus, and suture simulator system
12/24/15Method of forming semiconductor thin film
12/10/15Light emitting material and organic light emitting device using same
12/03/15Method and device for producing composition having disperse phase dispersed in continuous phase
11/05/15Nickel extraction method
10/29/15Structure containing metal microparticles
10/22/15Pharmaceutical composition
10/15/15Cathode active material for lithium batteries, and lithium battery comprising the cathode active material for lithium batteries
10/15/15Cathode active material, lithium battery and producing cathode active material
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10/08/15Method for treatment of blood tumor using anti-tim-3 antibody
10/08/15Method for producing protein-nucleic acid conjugate, and detecting target substance
10/08/15Method for collecting scandium
10/01/15Method for producing multisubstituted biphenyl compound and solid catalyst to be used therein
10/01/15Organic material and photoelectric conversion element
09/17/15Indium extraction agent and indium extraction method
09/17/15Paper-structured catalyst, paper-structured catalyst array body, and solid oxide fuel cell provided with paper-structured catalyst or paper-structured catalyst array body
09/03/15Laser processing apparatus and laser processing method
08/27/15Method for isolating valuable metal
08/27/15Method and system for optical analysis
08/20/15Sirtuin gene potentiator, and pharmaceutical product, cosmetic product, and food product using same
08/20/15Sensor, detection method, detection system, and detection device
08/13/15Metal complex and producing hydrogen peroxide
08/06/15Heterocyclic compound and use thereof
07/30/15Gallium extraction agent and gallium extraction method
07/23/15Conductive material, producing the conductive material, and transducer including the conductive material
07/02/15Liquid-crystal display element and substrate used in same
06/25/15Force sensor and robot having force sensor
06/18/15Fluorescence and delayed fluorescence-type organic light-emitting material and element
06/18/15Magnetic field application device
06/18/15Inter-mode light switch
06/04/15Gas separation device
06/04/15Gas separation device and gas separation method
06/04/15Light measuring apparatus, light measuring method, filter member, and light-induced fluorescent measuring device
05/28/15Image completion system for in-image cutoff region, image processing device, and program therefor
05/21/15Light-emitting material and organic light-emitting device
05/21/15Method for producing hydrogen peroxide
05/21/15Cardiovascular disease primary prevention agent for patients having high blood levels of high-sensitivity c-reactive protein
05/07/15Thermoelectric conversion material using substrate having nanostructure, and producing same
04/30/15Method for producing lactone-enriched oil or fat composition
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04/23/15Separator for electrochemical element and fabrication same
04/16/15Nucleic acid molecule capable of inhibiting expression of periostin gene, inhibiting expression of periostin gene, and use of said nucleic acid molecule
04/16/15Organic light-emitting device, and light-emitting material and compound used therefor
04/16/15Production compound comprising amino group and/or hydroxyl group
03/26/15Light measuring apparatus, light measuring method, filter member, and making filter member
03/19/15Apparatus, analyzing disease sample
03/05/15Method for quantitatively analyzing cysteine and cystine and reagent kit for quantitatively analyzing cysteine and cystine
03/05/15Sensor, detection method, detection system, and detection device
03/05/15Compound, optical resolution method, and derivative of an optical isomer of an amino acid
02/19/15Light-emitting material, and organic light-emitting element
02/19/15Second-order nonlinear optical compound and nonlinear optical element comprising the same
02/12/15Compound, light-emitting material, and organic light-emitting device
01/22/15Catalyst layer constituting body and preparing catalyst layer constituting body
01/22/15Stimulation device and treating cardiovascular disease
01/22/15Stimulation device and treating cardiovascular disease
12/25/14Scandium extraction method
12/25/14Therapeutic agent for ocular fundus disease
12/25/14Separating agent and manufacturing method thereof
12/11/14Novel dna polymerase
11/13/14Method for designing rna binding protein utilizing ppr motif, and use thereof
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11/06/14Magnetic field sensor
10/30/14Novel dna polymerases
10/02/14Method for producing iron oxyfluoride positive electrode active substance and iron oxyflouride positive electrode active substance
10/02/14Solid-state dye laser medium and process for production thereof
10/02/14System, device and generating ion concentration gradient, and temperature-responsive electrolyte material
10/02/14Superconducting magnet and nuclear magnetic resonance device
09/04/14Transparent conductor and producing same
08/21/14Valuable metal extraction agent and valuable metal extraction method using said extraction agent
06/05/14Method for producing ethanol using basidiomycete
05/22/14Delayed-fluorescence material and organic electroluminescence element using same
05/22/14Organic electroluminescence element and compound used therein
05/15/14Novel compound and organic device employing same
05/15/14Semiconductor laser
05/01/14Method for amplifying nk cells
03/27/14Water-soluble drug carrier and process for producing the same
03/13/14Fine crystal particle production having excellent mixing efficiency
02/27/14Novel compound, charge transport material, and organic device
02/20/14Method and device for producing composition having dispersed phase finely dispersed in continuous phase
02/13/14Method of manufacturing olefin having 2 to 4 carbon atoms by fischer-tropsch reaction
01/23/14Transmission period determination method, transmission period determination device and program
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10/24/13Organic el element and manufacturing same
10/17/13Packet communication system, emission control apparatus, antenna control method and computer program
10/10/13Pharmaceutical formulation having neuroprotective activity
09/26/13Method for testing for cerebral infarction via cartilage acidic protein 1
08/15/13Organic semiconductor device and its production method, and compound
08/15/13Reagent for tumor testing and pharmaceutical composition for tumor prevention
08/08/13Method for producing l-lactic acid by lactic acid bacterium under presence of pentose and cellooligosaccharides
07/04/13Process for producing film containing oriented nanotubes or nanoparticles, and the film
07/04/13Novel lactic acid bacterium and producing l-lactic acid using same
07/04/13Combination of egcg or methylated egcg and a pde inhibitor
05/30/13Method of producing composition having continuous phase and disperse phase dispersed finely in the continuous phase and producing the compositon
05/30/13Sensor unit and biosensor
05/09/13Angle detection apparatus
03/21/13Induced hepatocytes
03/21/13Forceps support device
02/21/13System for measuring a peak frequency of a signal for analyzing condition of a subject
01/24/13Bistable element
01/10/13Temperature-, ph- or salt concentration-sensitive separation material and use thereof
12/20/12Communication system, a slave node, a route making method and a program
12/13/12Plasma oxidation-reduction method, promoting plant/animal growth using the same, and plasma-generating device for use in promoting plant/animal growth
12/13/12Peptide inhibiting differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells or hematopoietic precursor cells and use of same
11/01/12Method for detecting endogenous biomolecules
08/30/12Delayed fluorescence material and organic electroluminescence device
08/16/12Water-soluble drug carrier and process for producing the same
07/26/12Method and system for non-destructive testing
07/05/12Insulin-producing cell inducer, glucose intake enhancer, and therapeutic agent for diabetes or diabetes complications
06/28/12Electrical stimulation device for treating cardiovascular disease and treating cardiovascular disease
06/21/12Method for quantifying protein
04/19/12Prophylactic or therapeutic agent for rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis-related diseases
04/12/12Fluid machine, wind turbine, and increasing velocity of internal flow of fluid machine, utilizing unsteady flow
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10/27/11Quinoline compound
08/18/11Method for production of three-dimensional structure of cells
08/18/11Blood pressure stabilization system using transdermal stimulation
08/11/11Signal converter, parameter deciding device, parameter deciding method, program, and recording medium
07/28/11Pasteurizing method and pasteurizing apparatus
07/28/11Enzyme substrate for labeling of protein
05/26/11Thermal responsive molecule
05/19/11Method of predicting drug-induced phospholipidosis
05/12/11Network system, node, packet forwarding method, program, and recording medium
04/21/11Network system, node,packet forwarding method, program, and recording medium
02/24/11Fluid machine, wind turbine, and increasing velocity of internal flow of fluid machine, utilizing unsteady flow
01/20/11Endoscope system and endoscopic operation training system
01/06/11Monitoring of intercellular mitochondorial polarization
12/02/10Filtration apparatus and filtration method
08/19/10Converter, conversion method, program, and recording medium
05/06/10Active electrode material, manufacturing same, and lithium-ion battery using that active electrode material
03/18/10Transmission system, transmission method, transmitter, receiver, decoding method, and decoder
03/11/10Remedy for angiospasm accompanying subarachnoid hemorrhage containing thrombin receptor antagonist as the active ingredient
02/18/10Super-luminescent light emitting diode
02/11/10Cathode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing the same
12/31/09Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal element
12/10/09Novel cultured silkworm cells capable of highly efficient baculovirus production and protein production
12/03/09Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method and wireless communication program
10/08/09Method of solubilizing carbon nanomaterial
05/07/09Heat removal method and heat removal apparatus
04/23/09Analyzing element and analyzing apparatus using same
04/16/09Substrate and substrate assembly for use in raman spectroscopic analysis
04/16/09Biofilm formation inhibitor and treatment device thereof
04/09/09Method of producing strained si-soi substrate and strained si-soi substrate produced by the same

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