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Lam Research Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Lam Research Corporation. Lam Research Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Lam Research Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Lam Research Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Systems and methods enabling low defect processing via controlled separation and delivery of chemicals during atomic layer deposition
06/22/17 new patent  Methods and apparatuses for etch profile matching by surface kinetic model optimization
06/22/17 new patent  Impedance-based adjustment of power and frequency
06/22/17 new patent  Determining a malfunctioning device in a plasma system
06/22/17 new patent  Variable temperature hardware and methods for reduction of wafer backside deposition
06/22/17 new patent  Directional deposition on patterned structures
06/22/17 new patent  Self limiting lateral atomic layer etch
06/22/17 new patent  Technique to tune sidewall passivation deposition conformality for high aspect ratio cylinder etch
06/15/17Methods and apparatuses for showerhead backside parasitic plasma suppression in a secondary purge enabled ald system
06/15/17Silicon or silicon carbide gas injector for substrate processing systems
06/15/17Showerhead assembly
06/15/17Bubble and foam solutions using a completely immersed air-free feedback flow control valve
06/15/17Multi-plane heater for semiconductor substrate support
06/15/17Apparatuses and methods for avoiding electrical breakdown from rf terminal to adjacent non-rf terminal
06/15/17Conformal doping using dopant gas on hydrogen plasma treated surface
06/15/17Technique to deposit metal-containing sidewall passivation for high aspect ratio cylinder etch
06/15/17Adjustment of vuv emission of a plasma via collisional resonant energy transfer to an energy absorber gas
06/15/17Wafer support pedestal with wafer anti-slip and anti-rotation features
06/15/17Multilayer film including a tantalum and titanium alloy as a scalable barrier diffusion layer for copper interconnects
06/08/17Surface coating treatment
06/08/17Impedance matching circuit for operation with a kilohertz rf generator and a megahertz rf generator to control plasma processes
06/08/17Design for storing and organizing minimum contact area features and wafer transfer pins during system maintenance
06/08/17Interlevel conductor pre-fill utilizing selective barrier deposition
06/01/17Control of the incidence angle of an ion beam on a substrate
05/25/17Cable power loss determination for virtual metrology
05/25/17Euv photopatterning of vapor-deposited metal oxide-containing hardmasks
05/25/17Matched tcr joule heater designs for electrostatic chucks
05/18/17Apparatus for uv flowable dielectric
05/18/17Pneumatic exhaust system
05/18/17Low k dielectric deposition via uv driven photopolymerization
05/18/17Systems and methods for controlling plasma instability in semiconductor fabrication
05/18/17Systems and methods for detection of plasma instability by electrical measurement
05/18/17Systems and methods for detection of plasma instability by optical diagnosis
05/18/17Systems and methods for frequency modulation of radiofrequency power supply for controlling plasma instability
05/11/17Interface engineering during mgo deposition for magnetic tunnel junctions
05/11/17Computer addressable plasma density modification for etch and deposition processes
05/11/17Method for depositing extremely low resistivity tungsten
05/11/17Stacked wafer cassette loading system
05/11/17Lift pin assembly and associated methods
05/11/17Sensor and adjuster for a consumable
05/04/17Systems and methods for tilting a wafer for achieving deposition uniformity
05/04/17Systems and methods for filtering radio frequencies from a signal of a thermocouple and controlling a temperature of an electrode in a plasma chamber
05/04/17Methods and systems for independent control of radical density, ion density, and ion energy in pulsed plasma semiconductor device fabrication
05/04/17Systems and methods for calibrating conversion models and performing position conversions of variable capacitors in match networks of plasma processing systems
05/04/17Methods and systems for plasma etching using bi-modal process gas composition responsive to plasma power level
05/04/17Methods and systems for advanced ion control for etching processes
05/04/17Wafer transfer microclimate techniques and apparatuses, including horizontal slot implementations and/or travelling showerheads
04/27/17Automated replacement of consumable parts using end effectors interfacing with plasma processing system
04/27/17Systems for removing and replacing consumable parts from a semiconductor process module in situ
04/27/17Selective inhibition in atomic layer deposition of silicon-containing films
04/27/17Method of forming low resistivity fluorine free tungsten film without nucleation
04/27/17Integrating atomic scale processes: ald (atomic layer deposition) and ale (atomic layer etch)
04/27/17Front opening ring pod
04/27/17Automated replacement of consumable parts using interfacing chambers
04/27/17Multiple-output radiofrequency matching module and associated methods
04/20/17Temperature controlled substrate support assembly
04/20/17Systems and methods for ultrahigh selective nitride etch
04/20/17Service tunnel for use on capital equipment in semiconductor manufacturing and research fabs
04/20/17Load lock interface and integrated post-processing module
04/20/17Wafer transport assembly with integrated buffers
04/20/17Electrostatic chuck design for cooling-gas light-up prevention
04/20/17Mutually induced filters
04/13/17Chemical deposition chamber having gas seal
04/13/17Uniformity control circuit for use within an impedance matching circuit
04/13/17Systems and methods for tuning an impedance matching network in a step-wise fashion for multiple states of an rf generator
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04/13/17Temperature control in rf chamber with heater and air amplifier
04/13/17Methods for formation of low-k aluminum-containing etch stop films
04/06/17Dynamic precursor dosing for atomic layer deposition
04/06/17Purge and pumping structures arranged beneath substrate plane to reduce defects
04/06/17Substrate holder having integrated temperature measurement electrical devices
04/06/17Electrostatic chuck with thermal choke
04/06/17Virtual collaboration systems and methods
03/30/17Electroless plating solution with at least two borane containing reducing agents
03/30/17Modular system layout utilizing three-dimensions
03/30/17Method for encapsulating a chalcogenide material
03/30/17Bromine containing silicon precursors for encapsulation layers
03/23/17Apparatus for determining process rate
03/23/17Ion energy control by rf pulse shape
03/23/17Multiple control modes
03/23/17Plasma etching systems and methods using empirical mode decomposition
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03/23/17Method and determining process rate
03/16/17Method for a non-aqueous electroless polyol deposition of metal or metal alloy in features of a substrate
03/16/17Durable low cure temperature hydrophobic coating in electroplating cup assembly
03/16/17Method for treating a nonhomogenous surface
03/16/17Cycle-averaged frequency tuning for low power voltage mode operation
03/16/17Metrology methods to detect plasma in wafer cavity and use of the metrology for station-to-station and tool-to-tool matching
03/16/17Mask shrink layer for high aspect ratio dielectric etch
03/16/17Technique to deposit sidewall passivation for high aspect ratio cylinder etch
03/16/17Systems and methods for performing in-situ deposition of sidewall image transfer spacers
03/16/17Social network service for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and users
03/09/17Method of casting internal features
03/09/17Plasma excitation for spatial atomic layer deposition (ald) reactors
03/09/17Ale smoothness: in and outside semiconductor industry
03/09/17Systems and methods for selectively etching tungsten in a downstream reactor
03/02/17Liquid phase bonding of a silicon or silicon carbide component to another silicon or silicon carbide component
03/02/17Monolithic manifold mask and substrate concepts
03/02/17Edge flow element for electroplating apparatus
03/02/17Use of ion beam etching to generate gate-all-around structure
03/02/17Methods for detecting endpoint for through-silicon via reveal applications
02/23/17Radical generator and generating ammonia radicals
02/23/17Ammonia radical generator
02/23/17Multi-station chamber having symmetric grounding plate
02/23/17Application of powered electrostatic faraday shield to recondition dielectric window in icp plasmas
02/23/17Method of densifying films in semiconductor device
02/23/17Self limiting lateral atomic layer etch
02/23/17Atomic layer etching of tungsten and other metals
02/23/17Pulsing rf power in etch process to enhance tungsten gapfill performance
02/23/17Wear detection of consumable part in semiconductor manufacturing equipment
02/23/17Edge ring assembly for improving feature profile tilting at extreme edge of wafer
02/16/17Magnetized edge ring for extreme edge control
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02/16/17Shadow trim line edge roughness reduction
02/16/17Annular edge seal with convex inner surface for electrostatic chuck
02/09/17Plasma etching device with plasma etch resistant coating
02/09/17Systems comprising silicon coated gas supply conduits and methods for applying coatings
02/09/17Hollow rf feed with coaxial dc power feed
02/09/17Systems and methods for separately applying charged plasma constituents and ultraviolet light in a mixed mode processing operation
02/09/17Systems and methods for reverse pulsing
02/09/17Systems and methods for reverse pulsing
02/09/17High-hardness-material-powder infused elastomer for high friction and compliance for silicon wafer transfer
02/09/17Atomic layer etching of tungsten for enhanced tungsten deposition fill
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02/09/17Methods for directly bonding silicon to silicon or silicon carbide to silicon carbide
02/02/17System and wafer alignment and centering with ccd camera and robot
02/02/17System, real time control of rapid alternating processes (rap)
02/02/17Time multiplexed chemical delivery system
02/02/17Vision-based wafer notch position measurement
02/02/17Gas plenum arrangement for improving etch non-uniformity in transformer-coupled plasma systems
02/02/17Electrostatic chuck including embedded faraday cage for rf delivery and associated methods for operation, monitoring, and control
02/02/17Time varying segmented pressure control
02/02/17Using modeling to determine wafer bias associated with a plasma system
02/02/17Gas delivery system
01/26/17Fluid mixing hub for semiconductor processing tool
01/19/17Systems and methods enabling low defect processing via controlled separation and delivery of chemicals during atomic layer deposition
01/19/17Methods and systems for determining a fault in a gas heater channel
01/19/17Use of sintered nanograined yttrium-based ceramics as etch chamber components
01/19/17Extreme edge sheath and wafer profile tuning through edge-localized ion trajectory control and plasma operation
01/12/17Multi-cycle ald process for film uniformity and thickness profile modulation
01/12/17Chemical deposition apparatus having conductance control
01/12/17Integrated elastomeric lipseal and cup bottom for reducing wafer sticking
01/12/17Smart window for semiconductor processing tool
01/12/17Systems and methods for removing particles from a substrate processing chamber using rf plasma cycling and purging
01/12/17Pretreatment photoresist wafer processing
01/05/17Separation of plasma suppression and wafer edge to improve edge film thickness uniformity
01/05/17System for instantaneous radiofrequency power measurement and associated methods
12/29/16Use of atomic layer deposition coatings to protect brazing line against corrosion, erosion, and arcing
12/29/16Selective removal of boron doped carbon hard mask layers
12/29/16Controlling ion energy within a plasma chamber
12/29/16Use of plasma-resistant atomic layer deposition coatings to extend the lifetime of polymer components in etch chambers
12/29/16Low roughness euv lithography
12/29/16Capped ald films for doping fin-shaped channel regions of 3-d ic transistors
12/22/16Flexible temperature compensation substrate processing systems
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12/22/16Systems and methods for calibrating scalar field contribution values for a limited number of sensors including a temperature value of an electrostatic chuck and estimating temperature distribution profiles based on calibrated values
12/22/16System and determining field non-uniformities of a wafer processing chamber using a wafer processing parameter
12/22/16Systems and methods for reducing backside deposition and mitigating thickness changes at substrate edges
12/22/16Auto-correction of electrostatic chuck temperature non-uniformity
12/22/16System and reducing temperature transition in an electrostatic chuck
12/15/16Apparatus and modulating azimuthal uniformity in electroplating
12/15/16Component of a plasma processing apparatus having a protective in situ formed layer on a plasma exposed surface
12/15/16Systems and methods for forming ultra-shallow junctions
12/15/16Plasma etching device with doped quartz surfaces
12/08/16Polarization stabilizer additive for electroplating
12/08/16Plasma etching device with plasma etch resistant coating
12/08/16Systems, methods and choked flow element extraction
12/08/16Large dynamic range rf voltage sensor and voltage mode rf bias application of plasma processing systems
12/08/16Atomic layer etching of gan and other iii-v materials
12/08/16Plasma-enhanced etching in an augmented plasma processing system
12/08/16Hybrid 200 mm/300 mm semiconductor processing apparatuses
12/01/16Anti-transient showerhead
12/01/16Electrolyte delivery and generation equipment
12/01/16Arrangement for plasma processing system control based on rf voltage
12/01/16Deposition of low fluorine tungsten by sequential cvd process
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12/01/16Residue free oxide etch
12/01/16Tungsten films having low fluorine content
12/01/16Lightup prevention using multi-layer ceramic fabrication techniques
11/24/16Deposition apparatus including edge plenum showerhead assembly
11/24/16Low volume showerhead with faceplate holes for improved flow uniformity
11/24/16Systems and methods for providing characteristics of an impedance matching model for use with matching networks
11/24/16Technique to deposit sidewall passivation for high aspect ratio cylinder etch
11/24/16Corrosion resistant gas distribution manifold with thermally controlled faceplate
11/24/16Feature fill with multi-stage nucleation inhibition
11/24/16Interface passivation layers and methods of fabricating
11/17/16Substrate pedestal module including backside gas delivery tube and making
11/17/16Apparatus and electodeposition of metals with the use of an ionically resistive ionically permeable element having spatially tailored resistivity
11/17/16Adjustment of power and frequency based on three or more states
11/17/16Plasma assisted atomic layer deposition of multi-layer films for patterning applications
11/17/16High temperature substrate pedestal module and components thereof
11/10/16Methods of modulating residual stress in thin films
11/10/16Highly selective deposition of amorphous carbon as a metal diffusion barrier layer
11/10/16Isotropic atomic layer etch for silicon oxides using no activation
11/10/16Inhibitor plasma mediated atomic layer deposition for seamless feature fill
11/03/16Gas inlet valve with incompatible materials isolation
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11/03/16Apparatus for thermal control of tubing assembly and associated methods
11/03/16Apparatus with a spectral reflectometer for processing substrates
11/03/16Mixed mode pulsing etching in plasma processing systems
11/03/16Edge ramping
11/03/16Systems and methods for using one or more fixtures and efficiency to determine parameters of a match network model
11/03/16Inter-electrode gap variation methods for compensating deposition non-uniformity
10/27/16Long lifetime thermal spray coating for etching or deposition chamber application
10/27/16Plasma etching systems and methods using empirical mode decomposition
10/27/16Gap fill using carbon-based films
10/27/16Cobalt etch back
10/20/16End effector assembly for clean/dirty substrate handling
10/20/16Systems and methods for reducing reflected power during state transitions by using radio frequency values
10/20/16Systems and methods for controlling a plasma edge region
10/20/16Control of impedance of rf delivery path
10/20/16Chamber with vertical support stem for symmetric conductance and rf delivery
10/20/16Ion injector and lens system for ion beam milling
10/20/16Measuring individual layer thickness during multi-layer deposition semiconductor processing
10/20/16Dry plasma etch method to pattern mram stack
10/20/16Systems and methods for reducing power reflected towards a higher frequency rf generator during a period of a lower rf generator and for using a relationship to reduce reflected power
10/13/16Monitoring electrolytes during electroplating
10/13/16Eliminating first wafer metal contamination effect in high density plasma chemical vapor deposition systems
10/13/16Substrate support with thermal zones for semiconductor processing
10/06/16Plasma processing systems and structures having sloped confinement rings
10/06/16Apparatus for thermal control of tubing assembly and associated methods
10/06/16Systems and methods for reversing rf current polarity at one output of a multpile output rf matching network
10/06/16Fault detection using showerhead voltage variation
10/06/16Deposition of conformal films by atomic layer deposition and atomic layer etch
10/06/16Cyclical, non-isobaric, pore sealing method to prevent precursor penetration into the substrate
10/06/16Sulfur and fluorine containing etch chemistry for improvement of distortion and bow control for har etch
10/06/16Gas reaction trajectory control through tunable plasma dissociation for wafer by-product distribution and etch feature profile uniformity
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10/06/16Method and detecting defects on wafers
10/06/16Plasma assisted atomic layer deposition titanium oxide for patterning applications
10/06/16Radio frequency generator having multiple mutually exclusive oscillators for use in plasma processing
09/29/16Minimizing radical recombination using ald silicon oxide surface coating with intermittent restoration plasma
09/29/16Deposition of metal dielectric film for hardmasks
09/29/16Method for forming stair-step structures
09/22/16Two-step deposition with improved selectivity
09/22/16Chemistry additives and process for cobalt film electrodeposition
09/22/16Control of electrolyte flow dynamics for uniform electroplating
09/22/16Control of current density in an electroplating apparatus
09/22/16Sub-pulsing during a state
09/22/16Ground state hydrogen radical sources for chemical vapor deposition of silicon-carbon-containing films
09/22/16Ultrathin atomic layer deposition film accuracy thickness control
09/15/16Dynamic modulation of cross flow manifold during electroplating
09/15/16Methods and synchronizing rf pulses in a plasma processing system
09/15/16Technique to deposit sidewall passivation for high aspect ratio cylinder etch
09/15/16Copper interconnect device including surface functionalized graphene capping layer and fabrication method thereof
09/08/16Clean resistant windows for ultraviolet thermal processing
09/08/16Pretreatment of nickel and cobalt liners for electrodeposition of copper into through silicon vias
09/08/16Systems and methods for tuning an impedance matching network in a step-wise fashion
09/08/16Impedance matching circuit for operation with a kilohertz rf generator and a megahertz rf generator to control plasma processes
09/08/16Method and apparatus to minimize seam effect during teos oxide film deposition
09/08/16Technique to deposit sidewall passivation for high aspect ratio cylinder etch
09/08/16Technique to deposit sidewall passivation for high aspect ratio cylinder etch
09/01/16Systems and methods for synchronizing execution of recipe sets
09/01/16Method for coating surfaces
09/01/16Image reversal with ahm gap fill for multiple patterning
09/01/16Metallization of the wafer edge for optimized electroplating performance on resistive substrates
08/25/16Method for achieving ultra-high selectivity while etching silicon nitride

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