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Lear Corporation
Lear Corporation Gmbh

Lear Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Lear Corporation. Lear Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Lear Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Lear Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Vehicle airbag panel and producing same
11/09/17Apparatus and performing high voltage impedance analysis and short circuit diagnosis for a vehicle
11/02/17Actuator assembly
10/12/17Comfort system for seating backs with reduction in pur volume and environmentally friendly construction
10/12/17Hvil signal generator and detector with loop diagnostics
10/05/17Vehicle seat assembly and occupant accommodation
10/05/17Vehicle seat assembly and storage
10/05/17Attachment port
09/28/17Trim cover perforating apparatus and method
09/28/17Vehicle seating manufacturing
09/28/17Electrical unit and header retention system therefor
08/31/17Vehicle seat assembly
08/31/17Rear backrest lever with remote control
08/31/17Electrical unit
08/24/17Track adjuster
08/17/17Seat assembly having structural foam with intergrated frame support and making the same
08/03/17Clip and clip arrangement
08/03/17Battery diagnostic sensor unit
07/13/17Low power proximity detection apparatus
07/06/17Seat assemblies with adjustable side bolster actuators
06/29/17Eco loop closure fabric
06/29/17System and assembling a trim cover assembly
06/29/17Assembly having internally configurable solid-state switch arrangement for use as one or more disconnection switches in electrical systems and having external package common to the electrical systems
06/15/17Pelvic and sacral bladder assembly
06/15/17Sacral air bladder assembly
06/15/17Track assembly
06/15/17Track assembly
05/11/17Press fit electrical terminal having a solder tab shorter than pcb thickness and using same
04/27/17Layered seating system with attachments
04/27/17Electrical terminal block
04/27/17Vented electrical terminal block
04/13/17Thoracic support assembly for a seat back
04/13/17Adjustable seat assembly
04/13/17Airbag system for a vehicle
03/30/17Air bladder assembly for seat bottoms of seat assemblies
03/30/17Trim cover assembly with elastically deformable fasteners
03/23/17Adjustable seat assembly
03/23/17High voltage pre-charge system
03/16/17Vertical twisting system and method
03/09/17Vehicle seat assembly with entertainment system
02/23/17Seat assembly having a headrest and assembly
02/02/17Seat cushion length extender with sensor
01/26/17Recliner mechanism
01/19/17Vehicle armrest structure with organic fibers
01/12/17Seat assembly having a pivot mechanism
01/12/17Shared memory architecture autoupdater
01/12/17Multiple voltage battery pack with common battery management system
01/05/17Stowable vehicle seat with slotted guide linkage
01/05/17Vehicle seat with foldable stow position
01/05/17Vehicle authentication system
01/05/17Spring and damper producing same
12/29/16Vehicle seat latching mechanism
12/22/16Method for updating vehicle ecus using differential update packages
12/22/16Method for wireless remote updating vehicle software
12/22/16Optimized high current connector pattern for pdb
12/15/16Centralized system for software updating vehicle components
12/15/16Telematics control unit comprising a differential update package
12/15/16Method for ota updating vehicle electronic control unit
11/24/16Adjustable seat assembly
11/24/16Adjustable seat assembly
11/24/16Loop antenna for portable remote control device
11/17/16Passive entry passive start (peps) system with relay attack prevention
11/17/16Electrical terminal and circuit board assembly containing the same
11/03/16Easy entry seat assembly having an object detection feature
10/20/16Wireless charging magnetic structure
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10/06/16Movable guide for a sewing machine
10/06/16Printed circuit board mounted terminal headers
10/06/16Mobile router with session proxy
09/15/16Cold plate having separable flow directing baffle
09/01/16Apparatus and diagnosing hardware in an insulation resistance monitoring system for a vehicle
09/01/16Cooling planar electrical power transformer
09/01/16Planar transformer
09/01/16Connector assembly and terminal retainer
08/25/16Side bolster assembly having an airbag
08/25/16L-shaped pcb terminal
08/04/16Mobile router valet mode
07/21/16Thoracic air bladder assembly
06/30/16Seat assembly having a side airbag module
06/30/16High side switch for selectively supplying power from a power supply to a load
06/23/16Printed circuit board assembly having improved terminals
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06/23/16Apparatus and detecting location of wireless device to prevent relay attack
06/09/16Thoracic region comfort seating system
05/19/16Press fit electrical terminal having a solder tab shorter than pcb thickness and using same
05/12/16Seat assembly having an inflatable bladder and a assembly
04/21/16Seat assembly having a latch mechanism
04/21/16Vehicle seat assembly
04/21/16Wiring carrier
04/21/16Vehicle gateway module configured to provide wireless hotspot
04/14/16Vehicle gateway module having cellular data network connectivity
04/07/16Proximity detection circuit having short protection
04/07/16Vehicle seating assembly with aesthetic leather trim cover assembly
03/31/16Easy entry seat track adjuster
03/24/16Traction battery heater control
03/24/16In-vehicle wireless charging system
03/17/16Housing with air chamber for battery monitor manufacturing same
03/10/16Power distribution box
03/03/16System and controlling adjustment of vehicle seats
03/03/16Flexible power limit inverter
03/03/16Optimizing uwb satellite antenna in-vehicle positioning
02/18/16Manual service disconnect with screw cover
02/04/16Hidden tie down method
02/04/16Thoracic support assembly for a seat back
01/28/16Electric terminal assembly
01/28/16Fuse terminal for use with an electrical fuse assembly
01/21/16Hands-free trunk release and vehicle entry
12/24/15Seat track assembly having load absorption features
12/24/15Vehicle seat with airbag module
12/24/15Passive entry a vehicle
12/24/15Cordset assembly
12/17/15Seat assembly having a tiltable front cushion module
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12/17/15Renewable fiber trim laminate
12/17/15Excitation signal generator for resolver
12/17/15Gate drive power supply for inverter
12/10/15Adjustable seat assembly
12/10/15Adjustable seat assembly
12/10/15Adjustable seat assembly
11/19/15Vehicle seating system
11/19/15Electric connector with a terminal interface
11/19/15Coldplate with integrated electrical components for cooling thereof
11/19/15Coldplate with integrated dc link capacitor for cooling thereof
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11/12/15Recliner mechanism
11/12/15Powered stowable vehicle seat and associated seat frame assembly
10/15/15Seat track memory with sled lock
10/15/15Wireless device with accelerometer for optimizing polling
10/15/15Polling between wireless device and vehicle transceivers
10/01/15Thoracic region comfort seating system
10/01/15Seal for an electric terminal
10/01/15Electric connector with contact protection
09/10/15Wall plug system for electric vehicle
09/10/15Modular battery connector assembly
09/10/15Electrical connector assembly
09/10/15Electrical terminal
09/03/15Electrical connector assembly
08/27/15Thoracic region comfort seating system
08/27/15Seat track assembly having selectable end stop positions
08/20/15Seat cushion length extender with sensor
08/20/15Vehicle seat assembly having a hardness gradient via "a" surface intrusions and/or protrusions
08/20/15Member mounting bracket
08/20/15Semi-compliant terminals
08/20/15Electromagnetic shield termination device
08/06/15Thoracic region comfort seating system
07/30/15Method for controlling light-emitting diodes
07/23/15Seat assembly having an actuator member
07/23/15Key fob having electrical port concealed by removable key
07/23/15Apparatus and diagnostics of a capacitive sensor with plausibility check
07/23/15Wireless device localization
07/02/15Seat foam tool lid groove venting
06/25/15Seat assembly having improved trim appearance and method and tool for making the same
06/18/15Seat assembly having a trim cover assembly
05/28/15Seat assembly having a cross member
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05/28/15Seat assembly having a cross member
05/21/15Method of forming an interface for an electrical terminal
05/21/15System and monitoring relay contacts
05/21/15Power module cooling system
05/07/15Adjustable head restraint assembly for vehicle seats
04/30/15Battery charger module for charging a vehicle battery and determining a state of an ac power supply at a battery charger module
03/26/15Housing with air chamber for battery monitor manufacturing same
03/26/15Easy entry adjustable end stop
03/26/15On-board charger housekeeping power supply with automatic source transition
03/26/15Inverter with dual-range load sensing
03/19/15Method of assembling an electrical terminal assembly
03/19/15Electric connector with wire retainer tube
03/19/15Electrical terminal assembly
03/12/15Vehicle charger system with safety guardian
03/05/15Backrest stopper mechanism for an easy entry seat assembly
03/05/15Fixed thigh extender trim closeout
02/26/15Electric vehicle supply equipment (evse) assembly convertible between a cord set and a charge station
02/05/15Electrical cable assembly for electric vehicle
02/05/15Electrical device for use in an automotive vehicle and cooling same
02/05/15Sealed battery charger housing
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02/05/15Converter with transformer flux walk protection controller
02/05/15Electrical terminal assembly
02/05/15Electrical terminal assembly
02/05/15Electrical terminal assembly
01/15/15Adjustable head restraint assembly
01/15/15Power distribution box
12/25/14Movable head restraints for vehicle seats
11/13/14Headrest fastening system
11/13/14Head and neck protection vehicle
11/06/14Seat assembly having a foldable seat back
11/06/14Battery monitoring assembly having battery monitor module and cable for connection to a shunt of the module
10/30/14Power distribution box and producing same
10/23/14Remote control systems for vehicles
10/16/14Vehicle system for detecting a three-dimensional location of a wireless device
10/02/14Seat track end cap and travel stop seat position sensor
09/18/14Seat recliner with breakaway connector rod
09/18/14Vehicle seat adjustment assembly
09/18/14Thoracic region comfort vehicle seating system with pneumatic adjustment
09/18/14Replaceable adapter for use with vehicular battery charging system
09/18/14Terminal with front end protection
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09/18/14Polyurethane foam forming composition including triglycerides, polyurethane foam made from the composition, and making polyurethane foam
09/18/14System and controlling vehicle seat movement
09/11/14Vehicle remote function effectuating vehicle operations based on vehicle fob movement
09/11/14Vehicle remote function determining vehicle fob locations using adaptive filtering
09/04/14Apparatus and preventing a relay from freezing
09/04/14System and detecting a location of a wireless device
08/28/14Plastic j-hook retainer with rubber
08/28/14Vehicle seat memory track assembly with memory adjustment compensation
08/21/14Female electrical connector with terminal arm extension protection
08/21/14Cylindrical electric connector with biased contact
08/14/14Electric connector with a lock to retain a terminal within a housing
08/14/14Female electric terminal with gap between terminal beams
07/31/14System for controlling a vehicle seat assembly
07/31/14Adjustable head restraint assembly
07/24/14Adjustable head restraint assembly
07/24/14Electrically conducting terminal
07/17/14Power distribution box having interlocking support modules
07/17/14Vehicle seat latching mechanism
07/17/14Electrical busbar, electrical connector assembly and power converter
07/10/14Vehicle seat assembly with side air bag and guide panel with spaced forward ends for creating a shearing force
07/10/14Vehicle seat assembly having a permeable cushion with a colored coating and making the same
07/03/14Vehicle seat trim closeout slide system
06/26/14Remote function fob for enabling communication between a vehicle and a device and same
06/12/14Vehicle seat assembly and method
06/12/14Method and device for synthetic generation of an acoustic signal
06/05/14Electrical center and connector assembly system
05/29/14Electrical terminal retainer and receptacle assembly
05/22/14Method of processing leather material
05/22/14Remote release seat with damped forward folding
05/08/14Dual cam recliner
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05/01/14Vehicle seat assembly with air bag guide secured to an air bag
04/24/14Apparatus and detecting a phase sequence in a vehicle
04/24/14Remote function fob for a vehicle passive entry passive start operating same
04/10/14Recliner mechanism having a brake
04/10/14Apparatus and age-compensating control for a power converter
03/27/14Seat assembly having a fold assist mechanism
03/27/14Electrical terminal
03/27/14Electrical terminal
03/20/14Cordset assembly
03/20/14Airbag module for a vehicle seat assembly
03/13/14Seat trim retention clip
03/06/14Apparatus for providing concentrated inductive power transfer
03/06/14Multi-mode battery charger
02/27/14Vehicle seat head restraint actuation
02/20/14Seat cushion assembly
02/13/14Apparatus and dual range detection in a vehicle
01/09/14Side air bag assembly for vehicle seat having external rigid deflector sleeve
01/09/14Connector with integrated fuse
01/02/14Stick-slip elimination device for seat recliner mechanism
01/02/14Recliner mechanism
01/02/14Connector position assurance device for a connector assembly
12/26/13Power return folding head restraint
12/26/13Electrical connector
12/19/13Vehicle seat memory track assembly with external release
12/05/13Seat adjuster assembly
12/05/13Seat adjuster assembly
12/05/13Discontinuous recliner with movable internal memory stop
12/05/13Wake-by-control pilot circuit for onboard battery charger
12/05/13Printed circuit board assembly and solder validation method

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